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2018Jul31, updated Oct14: Verification that Taekwondo and Moonie cult joined at hip; Putin is Taekwondo enthusiast; implications for possibly increasing Moonie cult, sham "faith-based", front/subversion operations in US Pacific states, New York, and possibly inland:

    Geodetics indicate that Taekwondo, known for years as a front for covert East Asian intelligence and subversion operations, is likely fused with Sun Myung Moonie cult, confirmed in the 2011 book "Killing Art" by Alex Gillis.  Note that this does Not mean Taekwondo practitioners are necessarily Moonies, but that the organization running many of the schools may be fused with the Moonie cult network. This has profound implications for US national security issues, especially in relation to the Moonie affiliated "Kahr Arms" operations and a Moonie branch church that "blesses" guns.  Putin's affiliation with Taekwondo, plus nesting in the transnationally and possibly former-nazi-manipulated "GDR" in eastern Germany, backs the idea that not only could Putin be a neo-fascist puppet, but that his regime may have facilitated a flood of East Asian and German agents into Russia -- just as Taekwondo may have ushered covert Asian operations into the USA and elsewhere. This could have been exacerbated by recent revived Japanese military operations on the US Pacific coast, and long-time Moonie infusions into Hawaii as well and the Pacific coast of North America.  It has profound implications for the new "Korematsu" school campuses set up in California. (Note that Korematsu was endorsed as some sort of hero by an official measure/abuse enacted by ditzy Sony-promoted Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger (who once reported Adolf Hitler as the man he admired most) while posing as California governor).  Such an overall picture fits interestingly with the repeated interpretation of Nostradamus forecasts of a Russian-Asian alliance that could threaten most of Europe in the early 21st century -- although Putin might not be the only manipulee of foreign interests in Moscow.  The question should be considered that the Putin circle in Russia could be manipulated into facilitating Asian subversion into Europe, via Moonie cult persuasions, and thus provoke a Euro-Russian world-war type conflict that would benefit East Asian interests.  Such influences appear to be having a subversive and divisive impact in the USA via political 'leaders' who are pathetically naive to the machinations of international espionage.  This is of critical significance due to Vulkanus not only over Peterburg, Kiev, Istanbul, and Cairo, but simultaneously also over Shanghai and Taipei and Manila, as well as Durban... and Anchorage (a Moonie cult shipping fleet hub where Harry Harris recently presided over the US Navy's Pacific Fleet to defend the USA against Pacific rim subversion or national security violations).  The situation with Putin is critical indeed, but risk functioning as a 'red herring' while East Asian Mafia, which ran the WW2-era Pan-Pacific "Prosperity Sphere" operations (including military, intelligence, subversion, psychological warfare) grows and thrives in US Pacific states, almost 'taking over', while attempts to curtail or sabotage FBI investigations on East Asian crime and subversion have been stifled or short-circuited by those claiming that scrutiny of mafia networks from Asia is racist or racial-profiling.  Does this mean that if organized crime networks are not 'white' that they must not be scrutinized?  There needs to be more objectivity, and detachment from foreign-based lobbies, in Washington before the current global messes can be resolved. Legitimate US civil rights laws must not be abused by foreign agencies to subvert detection of their operations when the agencies are not 'white'. As indicated before, the Hades factor fused via 22.5 angle into the picture may be similarly critical -- i.e. crime networks in the Shan States, the Tuva region in Siberia and Mongolia, E Qinghai and Tibet/Qamdo, transnational paramilitary cults in Florida and the Appalachians; the Benelux-Germany, France-Germany/Switz/Italy and Algeria/Tunisia border regions; central and SE Nigeria, Sao Tome & Principe; Caspian Sea area and central Iran, Emirates, central British Columbia coastline and northward into Yukon and NT -- in addition to their overt allies at Vulkanus locations like Peterburg, Shanghai, and Anchorage.  Americans, including those in Washington and Sacramento, had best be just as worried about the Moonie cult network as they are about Putin, because the Moonies are fused into US politics and economics like a festering cancer, and may be fanning the flames of some sort of civil war in the USA via cult manipulation of all major political parties.  Is Putin complicit?  The parallels with the influence of Rasputin in early 20th century Russia are noteworthy.  Americans have a lot to learn from Russians, regardless of who the head honcho is at the moment.  Clinton tried to open lines of communications, but that was sabotaged, and the reasons for that sabotage need to be considered.  America has had enough Hoovervilles already, created by the ignorance of fools making top national political decisions.  And turning California real estate over to the East Asia Prosperity Sphere is not a likely solution, unless fools want more creepy Moonie takeovers via all major political parties, now infiltrated and manipulated by them.  Moonie moles are in most every organization, apparently including both Anti-Trump 'resistance' and also Pro-Trump organizations, and the implication is intent to incite some sort of civil war in the USA -- 'Unificationing' East Asia while throwing the USA into schismatic chaos, not to mention Moonie (origins in Japanese intelligence covert ops) control of the Washington Times and, at one time and maybe still, United Press International.  Are Japan-rooted 2chan and 4chan 'Anonymous' operations relevant?  Wendy Deng's fusion into Fox media?  Don't get blindsided by an obsession with Putin Only, and pay attention to who's taking over the US economy while Washington is in confusion, and Taiwan-born Chao's plan to Privatize America... for whom???  China Trade mafia?  Californians need to be alert to Asian mafia participation in taking over school systems, sometimes via voucher system diversions, and the actions and associations of the Asian mafia network involving in the Leland Yee investigations. Racial profiling should neither incriminate people, nor exclude them from investigations of criminal networks based in countries that are not 'white'.

    Not enough people are apparently yet paying attention to the trend in China to quietly reunify China and Japanese interests (dubbed the 'Asian Century' plan) and attempt to annex India as well, initiated by Xiaoping Deng, whose footsteps the current Chinese leader Xi Jinping has vowed to follow while announcing a 'Prosperity' program in China.  Deng's plan is dedicated to essentially reunify the Communist and Kuomintang party elements into a Greater Chinese political force, and actively collaborate with Japan and co-opt Korea, and no doubt attempt to co-opt the Philippines.  Meanwhile, fools in Washington still believe in the Cold War theatrics of the Chinese, which were never really authentic in the first place, and were manipulated in part from Japan.  In short, East Asian political leaders see Americans as naive fools... which is why all the laughs.  Take a look at how many bank boards Taiwan/China's Chao family sit on, or how CAPAC is turning California into an expensive hotel owned by Asian landlords, now taking over California schools as well while pushing for the voucher system, replete with Asian immigrants teaching European languages to American students mostly because they have connections in city hall or in the state capital, and claim racial profiling or xenophobia if students complain.  Transnational legal lobbying networks know all the loopholes to get their agents into positions of influence, and no one can touch Chinatown crime.  That may be much more of a problem that Putin.  As clearly are double-agents in US national security investigative agencies.... read "Tiger Trap" by David Wise, keeping in mind the rampant issuance of fake passports for agents from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, by skilled counterfeiters, and moles in US govt agencies and contractors.


2018Jul12: NATO, Russia, and USA (updated Jul28):

    Vulkanus now over Peterburg and Kiev, at 22.5 and intimately linked to Benelux-Germany border area, which includes Bilderberg location and key German military installations.  Even those unsympathetic to Trump may need to admit that his questioning of German intentions is in order.  This does not mean a rejection of the NATO alliance, but a questioning of Germany's role in it... not the same thing.  Media has been equating the Atlantic alliance with Truman rather than Roosevelt.  The Atlantic alliance started between the US and UK under Roosevelt and Churchill.  After Hitler was driven from power, NATO manifest with a shift from alliance with Russia against Germany to an eventual alliance with Germany against Russia.  Germany played and inflamed the Cold War for years, as did Japan and allies.  Germany played both sides alternately with the USA and Russia and may still be doing so.  Americans are wise to question this issue thoroughly, as much is at risk to America if Germany covertly plays duplicitous games with Russia over control of Eastern Europe, and/or manipulates US military or foreign policy -- or if similar dynamics unfold in East Asia.  I remain of the view that German policy at this time is highly duplicitous both toward the USA and Russia, as recent events are confirming.  The USA does not need Russian land or resources, but Germany and Japan still do, still as they did 75 years ago.  Several years ago, some on the UK were also leary of covert provocation of Russia via NATO and potential military blowback for those NATO members operating overtly.  Much is to be learned by studying such authors as T H Tetens on German manipulation of Russian, US, and Cold War relations; Tony Matthews on Japanese covert operations; and David Wise in "Tiger Trap" on the extent over duplicitous covert subversion operations inside the USA by Chinese agents whose allegiances to Beijing and Taipei blur routinely due to prolific manufacture of phony identity papers and citizenship claims.  While America reaches out in trust, duplicitous treachery is coming from the other direction.  Merkel made reference to Russian occupation of eastern Germany without explaining that it was due to the WW2 Atlantic alliance with NATO to defeat Germany and its allies. Merkel cherry-picks routinely her history and facts, no doubt per instructions from the BND.  NATO must not serve German intentions for expansion into Russia, or the rest of NATO is at grave risk of retaliation from the Russian giant.  NATO policy must be guided by the interests of all member states and not German nationalist ambitions, which is and has been likely, mostly through diplomatic intrigue and covert operations.  The Vulkanus power of St-Peterburg remains directed at New York and Ottawa, as well as Seattle, if Russia (or China) feels threatened.  Russia has often sought buffer states/zones between it and Germany throughout much of history.  Turkey is at risk of allying with Russia, which would manifest the most common interpretations of Nostradamus, along with the existing Russia-China-India SCO allliance.... Asia versus Europe is what Nostradamus predicted the odds of, prior to a World War 3.  If there is no reason for a WW3, that may not manifest, as Nostradamus implied nothing was set in granite, that wise choices avoid disasters, and he was warning of the likely disasters if wisdom does not rule.  Trump is human not always right and not always wrong, and was put in office by others, as Pres Gore said... when you see a turtle on a fencepost, you know he didn't get there by himself.  Why is no one scrutinizing the foreign ties and interests of Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao?  Those may explain more of the problems now in Washington DC than Trump's appearances on the camera do... and the Democratic Party had better not be mesmerized by the CAPAC Asian nationalist lure any more than German or Russian games. Russia hacked into US govt data, and German and Greater China have been give carte blanche to do so for years. Don't ignore the thieves already in the kitchen for years for the one sneaking around outside the front door.  Is too much emphasis on legitimate Russia issues functioning as a distraction from East Asia and German (via Siemens Deutschebank etc) foreign interest now woven into US infrastructure, government and private both .  Where's the Chao network and sneaky Moonie and Falun cults in the middle of all this?  And Schwarzenegger and friends including Merkel?  Putin's only one more to add to the list, and not be be made the distractor.

    At this point, there are so many double-agents and foreign cult operants (like the Moonies and affiliated cults) that Washington DC could be dismantled from within by foreign, and it looks like it's already started.  Trump can wave all the flags he wants, but look at the foreign agents woven throughout his advisory cabinet and govt agencies.  The cries of 'xenophobia' are starting to look like crocodile tears manufactured by foreign manipulated media inside the USA, clues about which may come from studying Chinese Wendy Deng's connections accumulated via Fox, Austrogerman Schwazenegger's sallies across the oceans in connection with his weird 'foreign policy institute', German Peter Thiel's inaccessible family history and connections, and the foreign financial connections and driving forces of the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC eagerly worming into US infrastructure.  Could they kill America?  Would 'redefinition' amount to murder and 'reincarnation' of the USA as a colony of foreign corporate interests?  This is what naive fishin-hole Hoover, employee of Schroderbank and the Chinese and Japanese Imperial Banks, created before the Great Depression and the 1929 US economic crash, where America was being eased into colonial status, shamed for recognizing it, and quietly led down a path to internal destruction by Germany and Japan and their duplicitous Chinese covert allies. Russia is, by far, not the only problem people in Washington should be concerned about. People in Washington may be all gathered to watch Putin at the front door while the Chinese and Japanese are quietly sacking the country at the back door, and officials are concealing vital facts, the full truth, about the Middle East in order to appease marauding terrorist cults that may be manipulated from other parts of the globe just as they were when the jihadist network was created in the early 20th century.  There are too many people in Washington 'believing' the lies of foreign interests often using 'faith-based' organizations and pseudo-religious cults as halloween costumes to play trick-or-treat with America's core national foundations. Washington seems to have forgotten why the founding institutions of the USA accepted the existence of a God, but were adamant that religion be kept out of government infrastructure due to the grave risks of religious pretense and hypocrisy used to mask covert operations and subversion.  Time to review that lesson... urgently... and flush out the Moonies once and for all, for they are about to overtake California, using internet data to cleverly manipulate all of America.  Watch the Chao banking/realestate/trade network with intense vigilance, as Vulkanus now wields its power from Shanghai and Qingdao and Sino-Japanese Taipei, all coveting strategic Manila -- and all tied critically via 22,5 angle to the insidiously corrupt Shan States narcotrafficking empire and Chinese military bases north of there.  Similarly, watch for ties between Russia's Peterburg naval power base and covert operations in the Rhine river valley, the Algeria-Tunisia border region, central and SE Nigeria, central Iran, and the Emirates (fused into control of US ports?).  The 22.5 angle shows possible direct connections or alliances between current global power and covert underworld operations... and this will endure for a few more years, until the extreme corruption of locations like the Shan States and the Emirates are routed out, and the truth about Iran's hidden resources, plus those of Russia just west of the Urals, as well as in Florida (with known Chinese-run paramilitary training centers) and the remote Appalachians (and their connections to the other current global Hades-power locations) recognized and dealt with justly.  This may necessitate further investigation of foreign interests manipulating paramilitary training centers in the USA, including those politically naive and isolated locations in the southern USA.  Similar messes could be brewing in the remote locations between the longitudes of the Queen Charlotte Islands and north Vancouver Island in Canada (in BC, YT, or NT) possibly tied to weird secretive or cultish political elements around Anchorage, Fairbanks, or the Arctic Beechey Point in Alaska (areas including substantial Moonie cult presence via their shipping lines).

    The issue of rampant identity and passport fraud may be critical to resolving issues, and they have been problematic in transnational subversion for decades, including calculated migration and citizenship application by covert and double-agents, a common trick, and sometimes strategically mixed in among all the more numerous legitimate and innocuous immigration cases... but there, nonetheless.


2018Jun26: Geodetics on coming 2018 US elections (edited & updated Jul12).

    Later I hope to summarize points made clear through the geodetic table study data, which verifies observations of Americans who monitor international media daily... The old WW2 Axis powers alliance has revived again with a new facade, and this explains the horrible global economic gentrification going on.  Geodetics verify that many of the rich/gentry class in China did indeed side with Japan, while China was in civil war and the Pro-Axis elements (powerful within the now globally uber-rich and dominant Kuomintang Party) hid out in Chongqing and the Shanghai and Hongkong and Macau Axis-collaboration sectors, as well as Manchukuo, and let the Imperial Japanese Army slaughter the poor of China while fighting an anti-communist war not sympathetic to the US-Russia wartime alliance.  That Chinese element was ushered by the Japanese military to Japanese-controlled Taiwan after 1945, and aligned with the Manchurian John Birch Society cult and World Anti-Communist League paramilitary network. Geodetics confirm the likelihood that Japan backed the Qing dynasty during the Chinese revolution of 1911, which Imperial Germany did as well, and so the WW2-era alliance was a natural.

    As Washington DC is a crazed mess now, indicators are clear that the duplicitous Moonie-cult network, now armed and promoting "church-blessed guns" while "Asian-Pacific" CAPAC elements in the US Pacific states are often sounding militant calls almost like civil war threats, and attempting to gain control of various political parties, including both the Republican (long Moonie-infested) and now also the Democratic (with Moonies fused into the heavily-real-estate-invested CAPAC network and making strange calls for high-risk Pan-Asian immigration policy, as well as independence movements in US-associated Pacific island territories that would naturally re-align with Asian powers instead).

    All fits with Vulkanus over Shanghai-Qingdao-Taiwan (as well as Manila), 22.5 and intimately linked to Hades over the opium/crime-infested Burmese/Myanmar Shan States and heading across the border into Chiangmai and western Thailand.

    Into the present, US national infrastructure (whose transport component Taiwan-born Elaine Chao has already strategically mentioned privatizing) is today controlled by computers, all-pervasive.  Pay attention not only to the widely-publicized Chinese interests in Google, but also Chinese Jerry Yang's fusion into the core technology of Yahoo, plastics & tech billion-heiress Cher Wang's involvement in the US nationwide cellphone network, Synnex technology fusion into US govt and school computer networks, and foreign involvement in the Homeland Security Panjiva databases (whether still officially in use, or US national security data now sold off now to private interests). This brings the Shanghai-Taipei axis squarely in focus and already fused into controlling positions in US internet and telephone networks, possibly including the ability to intercept and manipulate communications among, to, and from, officials in the USA from coast to coast including DC.  In other words, "Got America by the Cojones".  No wonder Chao, present in 2 Bush and a Trump administration, gloated, puffed up, over her pet McConnell victory in 2014, and again next to Trump in 2016, and alongside the announcement of an Asian-tech-money dependent "Space Force Dept" that would get the $$$ taken away from US public education and social services.  Big bombs in little packages... and Asian money set to privatize US infrastructure after a disastrous Corporate Tax cut pushed by her obedient "evil-old-white-man" pit-bull-terrier husband.  Since then, the California Democratic Party is no less manipulated by the "Asian Pacific CAPAC" Asian nationalist Transpacific network, which the old Moonie network is fused heavily into, with Pramila Jayapal MBA as a temporarily distracting appendage.

    It was the over-emphasis on immigrant-lobbying and foreign-fusion alliances that lost Clinton many votes in 2016, alliances that also exist in the Trump camp but hidden under big waving American flags, including those over nationwide stores selling Chinese goods and with Chinese and German stockholders.

    There is no less risk from the German nationalist network represented by Merkel or whomever is being lined up to replace her. Geodetically, this puts power in now-German-run Romania, Odessa in the new Ukrainian state, long German-controlled Finland, and today's eastern South Africa oligarchy, which if still Broederbond, is still fused with the German radical-right (including the old Nazi network).  And that points to Siemens-Deutschebank, in turn historically linked to the old Czarist network in Russia and neighboring countries.

    Other current key global power bases include Turkey, Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood base, with old Gadafi elements fled eastward, and increasing Saudi control related to the newly-rebuilt Suez Canal and its global trade moneys).  Then the intrigue of Argentine, Paraguay, and Guyana politics.

    A key point should perhaps be, "Confucius say, he who control internet and phone lines, roads and seaports, control country, ha ha ha" and Elaine Chao, SOB Woo, and their friends in CAPAC know this all quite well, but as Sun Tzu says, "attack at night while enemy sleeps", and so the ever-spreading opiates and marijuana serve that purpose.  As the Wicked Witch said, "Poppies will make them sleep", and they have.  So far.

    Add a Guru or two at the helm, as Canada has done, or another phony 'faith-based' 'preacher' of sorts here and there, and America is drugged with poison darts, ready for the final Kahr Arms gunshots and the internal butchering process.  Will China, Japan, Germany, or Russia get the head, the tail, the thigh, leg, breast, or gizzard as America flounders into a slow death, its native population increasingly stressed over debt, hunger, homelessness, or worried if the kids can afford to go to school or not (even high school after "privatization") in a viciously competitive corporatist global economy.  Vulkanus is at 0 Leo, where Pluto was with the rise of Fascism.  History is repeating at the moment since the lessons were not learned.

    Like every other profession, effective political administration requires experience, while rookies make a mess, and rich foreigners turn into pirates in a new land, as can be seen if only people will open their eyes and look instead of 'believing' with 'faith' in 'dreams' that are not real as multi-generational Americans groan in grief to see America Privatized by Invaders.  Take a look too see how many Privatization bills and laws in US Congress are indicated geodetically to be aligned with Chinese and Japanese and German banks and corporations, and there should be no more mystery about how things got where they are now.  The descendants of Sun Tzu and Metternich both have conspired and succeeded where they supposedly failed in 1945.  As for Russia, she will side with whomever appears to be the winner, and already has the Shanghai SCO alliance with Kuomintang-Communist China-Taiwan economically reunified, and India, on the brink of an 'Asian Century Dream'.  France is now a German-occupied puppet state, replete with German-installed quisling and party, and the Euro Union is a German affair, which Brexit advocates see regardless of their various domestic political interests or leanings.  Europe could still unite and realign with Canada and the USA, which competing interests have used most every dirty trick to undermine, Merkel and Barroso hustling across the Atlantic to cut a fast and timely deal with Canada.  The French people will ultimately reject German quislings (including the German-built UMP) once they realize who's in charge at the moment, but be temporarily suppressed by EuroUnion regulations and controls, and the drive to reformulate a Pan-European alliance, while the drive for Brexit is coming from all across the political spectrum, neither exclusively right nor left, despite what highly-deceptive Euro-Union censored media and sham political show-parties portray.

    The United States needs healthy and peaceful nationalism now, as the corporate globalist games are sophisticated and seasoned by centuries of old-world political banking intrigue and seductive charm, but no nation will survive when its population is gentrified into to rich masters and poor servants.  Foreign-run colonial governments could proliferate , and the USA risks becoming one (or more) if not already, run by German or Chinese or Japanese banks and corporations.  Canada runs the same risks if its leaders don't wake up from the guru's dreamworld illusions.  The now rich and overpopulated old world nations want 'Lebensraum' for their teeming masses, as usual, and cheap labor for their transnational factories, anywhere it can be found on a coveted piece of empty soil.

    America needs a president and legislators who won't let the Merkels, the Shinzos, the Moonies, the Chao family, the Thiels, the Kissingers, or any other 'foreign experts' tell them what to do.  Canada faces the same issues.  The WW2 Fascist Axis dream was Corporate Globalism.  What sort of fools have allowed it to manifest?  Look for roots in the G7 founded by German oligarchs, and in the Bandung Conference masquerade created by the East Asia Prosperity Sphere reformulated into a so-called "third world non-aligned" Asia-centric neo-colonial hoax, now decorated with dazzling high-tech gimmicks and dehumanizing robotics "A.I." fantasies.

    America, both parties, needs an all-new direction led by experience and American global knowledge, not global exploitation of American ignorance and naivete -- by real and authentic American 'Smart Power' not enslaved to foreign interests or manipulation/trickery.  The Greens and Libertarians are run by foreign interests even more than the Dems or Reps are, and Ron Paul is a fool on drugs.  Clinton had to have private emails to avoid continual subversion and sabotage by opponents out to make her fall on her face if they could, and then gloat over it.  As the Hades=Vulkanus goes out of orb in a few years from now, a lot of still-uncovered or unbelieved facts about political intrigue will surface, and the world can then move forward less impeded by the kind of stupidity and corruption that is now creating havoc across North America and elsewhere.  It will require recognizing that Dreams are not Real, and that Faith is a pre-literate historical concept manifest in the dangerous absence of facts or literacy or understanding of reality.  Hades on the MC (locations indicated below) indicates sources of the worst deceit and covert operations aligned with Vulkanus on the MC (where the political power operates more overtly; and that includes Golden Triangle aligned with Shanghai-Qingdao-Taiwan and maybe some in Manila) and Mediterranean and North Sea Mafia aligned with Peterburg, Odessa, Ukraine, and/or Alexandria-Cairo-Istanbul or eastern South Africa.

    To recover national integrity, the USA needs to pick up threads abandoned in 2001 in favor of a weirdly bi-partisan praise for the Ronald Reagan movie-screen fantasy (Not Real, and hoisted into office in part by the Moonie Asian political cult network), public school privatization, and naive manipulation by the Moonie network fused with both Chao and CAPAC in an Asian Hell World that increasingly resembles a Halloween House of Horrors on one side, and imported German nationalist Nazism with a facelift on the other.  Where's the America in the middle of it all?  Murdered already?  Notice the Chao shipping fleets sitting pretty throughout it all, and a Europe crippled by the same German banks that have stolen the American homes that the Asian mafia haven't.  Russia should be only one item among several on a list of American global concerns. German and the East Asian revived Fascist banks and corporations are out for global economic dominance, and have are getting there steadily, quietly tripping up America by some very devious lobbying and propaganda tricks every bit as treacherous as anything generated from Russia... and with Merkel in the middle, as she was trained to do by her German oligarch masters/controllers.  Why America would ignore this would be explained by German and East Asian control of information on world affairs, and their manipulation via foreign policy offices sometimes disguised as "Think Tanks", including those based in foreign-manipulated private universities inside the USA aimed to serve foreign interests.  Like Stanford, as one example.  Are US intelligence agencies foolishly relying on foreign data?  Or being manipulated by foreign double-agents?  Seems very likely. And that's one thing that does need to Change, and Change Fast.  The move to let the Japanese 'Anonymous' teen cult meddle in US national security issues was the stupid blunder of the century that only just started -- as was overlooking actor Schwarzenegger's self-declared admiration for Adolf Hitler at age 30, like that doesn't matter anymore.  Any money forwarded to Wiesenthal could have been a petty cash bribe from the German BND as an image re-make and enemy access to records on post-war Nazi underworld activities  For those skeptical of these assessments, wait until around 2022 when the Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 cluster is finally outside a 2-degree orb of contact. Many around the world are likely to have a very different view of global power and politics by then... especially those who only skip across the surface or trip over their instant-gratification cellphone hypno-toys and facebook/fakebook fantasy worlds that already have millions paying no attention to where they are headed, lost in so-called "virtual reality", where everything is just a movie with actors.


2018Jun20: Polarization to ideological extremes usually a sign of illogic, and/or of lack of objectivity; 2018 US elections.

    The Vulkanus lingering near the Ascendants of Seattle, Portland, New York, and Ottawa are significant, and yet the horrific separations of children of parents at border sites are inhumane and reprehensible.  Numerous US governors have spoken up and refused to support such policies. Immigration control is vital for national stability, but cruel and dehumanizing policies to do so is inexcusable and to be stopped.  The entire situation is out of balance, and in rectifying it, policies at the other extreme (legislation to allow extended families virtual automatic residency or citizenship after one individual or couple gets in the door, especially via means like politically-arranged-and-motivated transnational Moonie and Falungong cult marriages) should also be blocked -- noting that they too appeal with the theme of family unification and disgustingly fake 'faith-based' religious-type claims.  The public needs to remain calm and rational over these issues and address each case thoroughly and fairly for authenticity of claims, as the risks of subversion are real and already manifest.

    The 2016 elections were likely tilted due to extreme and irrational approaches to immigration issues, by both major parties, and the same risks happening again.  Except for Native Americans, America is indeed a nation of immigrants, but one of immigrants who like America and its values and institutions... not immigrants who dislike American values and institutions, insist on perpetuation of the prior national identities and traditions, or advocate more for the interests of the land of their origin, except where serious problems have ensued.  Add to that the labor-market manipulation and labor-union busting factors that long have been, and still are, significant.  Some sincerely advocate for the human rights of migrant populations, and others want cheap labor to prune the bushes, clean the house, and otherwise replace American employees for lower wages.  It's always been that way, and it still is.

    A few years ago, the United Nations was to launch an education program on the history of global slavery, but the project was halted. An objective study would have pointed to slave-trade carried out on every continent by various nations, not all European as is commonly portrayed.  Moreover, it would have to include what is now euphemistically called 'human trafficking' to make it sound nicer and more 'modern'.  This, too, certainly enters the picture in assessments of immigration issues.  The Greed at the top is out of control, and the sociopathy of greed is trickling down in dysfunctional manifestations that are dehumanizing society, until stopped.  How will that fit with robotics and "artificial intelligence"?

    The good news is that the current 16th-harmonic Hades=Vulkanus cluster will be over in a few years.  Meanwhile, the positive manifestation is continued scrutiny of abuse of power, so keep the positive manifestations going until then.  As indicated before, when that cluster goes out of 2 degrees (secondary) orb, the power will be in the hands of Canadian, Israeli, Australian, New Zealand, and Mexican intelligence services no doubt eager to resolve its own seacoast security problems, and US intelligence services in Alaska and areas east of the eastern Colorado border, in the remote US interior.  It may be 2022 before some major current messes get cleaned up, but the process has started as the cluster begins to "wane" after 2018 elections.  The mess started with Vulkanus political power outside the USA, based in Shanghai and Taipei, as well as Peterburg, Kiev, Cairo, and Durban -- coupled with Hades underworld money in Chicago, Honduras-Nicaragua-Costarica, Algeria, the Benelux-Germany border, Nigeria, and Bangladesh-Assam-Burma-Andamans, all likely fused with narcotrafficking or pharmaceutical corruption -- that will spread slowly about 8 degrees of longitude eastward from those locations until 2022 -- into the Shan States and Chiangmai, and the Miami-Asheville-Pittsburgh longitude.  Political power in China and Taiwan is far more significant in the situation than is usually acknowledged in the media because of transnational media buy-ups and censorship and deceptive propaganda campaigns, which Asian mafia (dense along the East China Sea coast) is very talented at, and exercises stealth in politics as a rule. Watch for its tentacles in Washington (via the foreign-based Chao/Moonie  as well as CAPAC/SOBWoo 'Asian Pacific' Democratic/Bipartisan networks)  and every state capital. 45 degrees to the west of there also brings in Kashmir, the India-Pakistan border regions, and southwest India, as well as areas of Central Asia and Russia to the north of there, all long areas of covert stealth-politics globally, and also near the Central Asian Opium Triangle, and showing it with possible links directly to the Southeast Asian Opium/Golden Triangle.  Thailand's new King may be facing the decades-old corruption of the Burmese Shan states migrating increasingly into Thailand, with Chiangmai already showing symptoms.  Related problems will spread eastward from there, unless contained with vigilance. Drug and contraband problems in Chicago may spread to states east of Illinois and into Ohio before being contained.  Political corruption (including organized crime, of course) likely involved in each situation.  Michigan risks going through a period of underworld corruption chaos, and Great Lakes ports will need intensive surveillance by agencies known and proven to serve unquestionably American interests, with an eye to any possible foreign subversion via allowance of imported contraband into American (or Canadian) cities.  Relaxation of marijuana laws could allow for importation of 'spiked' varieties mixed with opiates or amphetamines to increase addictive factors -- and this issue also may need to be addressed especially along the Pacific coast from Petersburg Alaska southward through the Queen Charlotte Islands, and from Vancouver BC southward through Seattle to Portland, and to a lesser degree around San Diego, including offshore.  US and Canadian Coast Guard operations will need ample domestic support, with a clear eye on possible foreign subversion.  Similar issues may arise in Alaska in the Pribilofs, Bristol Bay locations, and/or the eastern Aleutians.  This is No Time to put the US Pacific coast at any risk, of any sort, of further foreign subversion operations.  That includes Yakuza and Moonies and Moonie-run "faith-based" fishing fleets and sushi operations, including their 'Pacific Restaurant Corporation' network... and Moonies mixed into the slippery "CAPAC" network propagating steadily for an "Asian Pacific", while the Pacific actually borders far more of Australia, New Zealand, North America, and South America than Asia.  It's time to Take Back the Pacific. Now. Asia has far, far more than its share of the Pacific now, via heavily-practiced stealth and strategic political gaming, to which Canada probably needs to pay more attention, lest it end up like the USA has been recently... floundering in chaos while the rich Asian Pacific lobbies rise to increasing political and economic power and influence wherever the Merkel-affiliate German lobbies haven't.  Hitler and Tojo are getting what they wanted while all eyes are turned to Putin.  Some people in Washington are asleep to the larger global political picture, too preoccupied with the fleeting economic advantages of trade games  Germany, Japan, and China have highly sophisticated espionage networks, and they are increasingly fused into controlling positions in internet technology and working with elements from India now.  America risks being jumped and stabbed in the back even moreso while focused too exclusively on what Russia and hobbling, dying Mexico are doing. Watch the Republican Elaine Chao affiliated network, and the Democratic CAPAC network closely and attentively at every move, and study their historical unfoldment, including fusions with mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, the Moonies, Falungong, and the historical WW2 Axis,, and possible ties to the SCO Shanghai Treaty alliance.  Vulkanus global power is now accumulated at Shanghai, Taipei, Peterburg, Kiev, Durban, Cairo, Turkish naval bases, Buenos Aires, Paraguay Chaco, Guyana. Tahiti may be under German control due to Macron's surrender to Berlin's will.  The Philippines will become a global power-balance point; and control of Western Australia's mining riches will be vital to the world's future.  Note increasing Asian mafia control of the tune-in-turn-on-dropout marijuana distribution pothead trend in California.  Let's hope the Wow Man guards don't fall asleep at the guardposts.  America appears to be set up for collapse and Termination unless Real Americans take charge and push the rookie wannabees and imported actors to the side. California appears to be already primarily under Asian control, with Schwarzenegger's Revived Axis help, and even remote interior states are under substantial control from the same element via Walmart and Moonie-Fundamentalist-alliance contracts with Homeland Security.  Walmart may not really be primarily American anymore.  And Trudeau obedient to some sort of Hindu cult is not helping the situation much... like a cheap replay of the 70s without the substance.  Some sort of State of Emergency controlled by the Pentagon but minus the Kissinger and Moonie-enamed-Bush set, may be necessary to keep America from collapsing.  Putin may be a neo-fascist, working with governments only pretending to be US allies now.  Control of the internet by the Thiel and the Asian neo-fascist networks keeps heads in Washington DC spinning, and continued unregulated influx of immigration only contributes to a situation resembling the Hun and Mongol invasions, almost tangible in some of America's major cities, and facilitated by Trudeau's strange infatuation with Orientalia as he welcomes pot to flood in put Canadians asleep.  Dude!  Wake up!

 The US Democratic Party needs to back away from the manipulative bipartisan mole CAPAC-run network, which may probably lost Clinton the last election, may have been central in undermining Clinton foreign policy, and take a more moderate path focused on the needs of mainstream America rather than so exclusively on issues affecting "outsiders".  The USA will need a Congress representing All of America as a whole, not bits and pieces scattered across the land, or outside the land, and not willing to ignore human rights and America's founding Age of Reason/Enlightenment principles to do it.  For all its good qualities, and effective opposition to inhumane greed promoted by its opponents, the Obama political model its not stable or pragmatic enough to take America into the future.  It's going to take a more middle-of-the-road approach that leaves the Mammonist Narcissists less room to criticize. Rushed hothouse Change is Never a wise approach.  At this point in time, all major political parties are too far off at the fringes.  The 'Asian Pacific' lobbies are about Asia more than America, as their name implies, and they do not belong at the core of American politics, because they aren't at the core of America, and yet they aren't weak or marginally insubstantial any more -- and may have gained a tunnel into US national security loopholes via Homeland Security offices in largely-Kuomintang-run Honolulu.  On the other hand, the Deutschebank-Merkel crowd isn't about America, either.  It's annoying to see the revived Euro and Asian fascist machines yank America back and forth while people in Washington have forgotten America's history lessons because they are too preoccupied with their stockmarket returns and the slippery lobbyists flooding their emails and charming and buying them off at or outside the office.  Most significantly, America can't be led in a positive direction by any more narcissistic materialists who understand nothing about the political system and think 'business can run the country.  Hoover already proved that illusion wrong.  Politics is like every other profession.. it requires knowledge and experience to develop successfully, and rookies will usually only make huge messes, as is evident.


2018Jun10:  The New Fascism (sugar-coated with lollipops, gingerbread, and fortune cookies with fake messages about "prosperity"); the Sun Myung Moonie cult network (UpdatedJun16).

    1) re: Statements of the Chamber of Commerce on United States foreign policy -- it should be noted (verified by researching its history) that the "US" Chamber of Commerce has been a branch of the German Chamber of Commerce founded decades before, and began as an arm of German banking/corporate interests imported into the USA from the 'Kommerzkammer/Handelskammer', fused before World War II with East Asian interests, and this is directly related to the formation of the WW2 Axis alliance... concentration camps, slave labor, etc, concealed until the lid was blown off.  So much for the Good Ship Lollipop, the Witch's Gingerbread House, and the Fortune Cookie BS that has disguised the successful attempts to revive components of 20th century Fascism (which is primarily about dehumanized greed and financial hoarding, with pragmatically variable/adjustable race policy as a vehicle for that... and which rushes into Washington to lobby every incoming president and congressperson. Starting with the imported Hoovernomics disaster, there were promises of "a chicken in every pot", but the results only being an Elephant in every Room.

    2) Time has not yet permitted for another, deeper analysis of the chart of Adolf Hitler, particularly for its relevance to current times and events.  Most thorough biographies of Hitler, and photographs of historical events, indicate that rather than being an intelligent mastermind of a vast empire, he was a dim-witted but lively and charismatic puppet of the old Austro-German military machine that put him in power, in collaboration with ethnic German Czarist elements from Russia.  Any Austrian resistance at that time was for 2 logical reasons.  One was the schism in Austria between the old Habsburg imperial line and genuine advocates of Austrian democracy, and the other was to let the Nazi cult mess unfold in Germany and not Austria; and this plan failed with the Anschluss of 1938, possibly in part to stop Austrian oligarchs from manipulating northern Germany from outside its borders. Geodetics brings into the spotlight the old German naval/military hub at Stettin/Szeczin (hometown of German Czarina Katharina von Anhalt aka Catherine the Great) in both the events of WW2, including the invasion of Poland, and the policies of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor/Prime Minister/Queen of the European Union.  The treaties, violations, and and events of WW2 are seen in a more global and objective perspective with these considerations in mind, elucidated by geodetics, and the brutal and cataclysmic events of WW2 begin to seem more logical, even if deadly, in sequence. There is grave risk of NATO policy in Europe being harnessed to German nationalist objectives and potentially catastrophic clashes with Russia that could affect All of Europe and even North America where obligated by NATO agreements and commands issued by German military officers.  There is also the risk of a temporary German-Russian alliance, formidable but not likely to survive due to deep-rooted differences.

    3) The pseudo-religious (and now openly armed) Sun Myung Moonie family cult was created post-WW2 by the remainder of the highly devious and dehumanizing wing of Japanese military intelligence, experts in mind-control and psychological warfare (and inventors of the hypnotized model of the "Manchurian candidate"), and warning lights should be twirling with sirens over the importation of Japanese troops into California, and over the supervision of the US Pacific Fleet by a native of Japan raised in Japan, a country where intense social indoctrination and oppressive regimentation are among the most radical on our planet. Moreover, note that the importation of Japanese troops coincided (time-wise and therefore also geodetically) with Donald Trump's announcement of a "'New American' Moment". When I first began to internet-publish information on the Moonie cult, web-pages on anything relating to East Asian issues, Moonies and Kuomintang underworld in particular, were pirate-downloaded and altered temporarily by skillful hackers.  At that time I was not attentive to the geodetic indicators that there may be overlaps between the Moonies and the Sokagakkai/Nichiren/NSA cult (nominally Buddhist, and highly political and active in global politics)... I still assumed that the Nichiren/Gakkai was primarily a spiritual organization rather than a front for Japanese and Japan-allied covert operations.  Similarly I was not yet aware that various Wicca branches also serve as fronts for transnational covert operations and involve brainwashing and mind-control, including control of programmed assassins, one of which directed at me and one of my housemates in the early 2000s, involving in downloading files from my computer via phone-line tap. Some Wiccan chapters also find cultish recreation in "hypno-sex" programming and manipulation, with hypnotic mind control integral, often initiated with S&M games.  Moonie permutations and Wicca apparently qualify as 'faith-based' organizations, and the Falwell network is long fused with the Moonies and manipulative interests in Asia, including a "New Cultural Revolution" and various immigration- and sanctuary-advocate organizations.  The Moonie network appears to probably be heavily fused into the CAPAC network now, as well as Falungong controllers, meaning the Moonies have crossed from the Republican into the Democratic party, at the same time that they are going into the (Kahr) weapons-trafficking business -- thus capable of inciting Civil War in the USA, pitting elements of the "Resistance" they control against hard-line Trump fanatics -- after which they will watch the fireworks, grief, and maybe bloodflow from Asia.  Where Russia and Germany do or don't fit in is another question for study... as are Japanese treaties being negotiated, overtly or covertly.  Tokyo Tinkertoys like the Moonie cult zombies, apparently now fused into S&M cults, could be in the picture. In northern California, for example, the Moonie cult was turned loose by their adoring Bush-family devotees for Cold War objectives, only to implement their true objectives, which are Asian Nationalist and Lebensraum-expansionist in essence and goals.  Thus, organizations that bend civil rights laws to the disadvantage of American minorities and instead toward the interests of ambitious Asian immigrant populations (now making spurious archaeological claims to be the ancestors of indigenous populations, and this is now happening in Australia, as well.  Asian Mafia loves the money in Native American casinos, and the wide-open real-estate potential of Australia and the Pacific Islands.)  Watch carefully how they operate as Vulkanus power amasses along the East China Sea, and US Pacific states fall to control by Asian-based financial and political interests, including via every accessible American political party, and now going for policing and US national security agencies, Sun Tzu / Viet Cong style (advance in retreat, retreat in advance, infiltrate, wear enemy uniforms, and attack at night, sneak invasion matching the current Vulkanus over Shanghai and Taipei 22.5 to Hades along the Burma-Thailand border and northward into Yunnan and Sichuan -- Chiangmai risks becoming a hotbed of international espionage and intrigue, if it isn't already, and one that could overcome and overthrow Thailand, Malaya, and/or Sumatra. Long-time Singapore ties to Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao need to be scrutinized thoroughly.  And the stability of Philippine democracy is of global interest and significance -- Manila to Australia to Hawaii and mainland USA.)  There is an abundance of direct ties between the USA and the East China Sea nations, reaching all the way to Homeland Security offices in the US heartland states, even, and the American Security Council in Chicago.  The term "China Syndrome" may take on a new meaning, not to mention geodetic indicators of possible German and Japanese collaboration the the development of China's nuclear arsenal under the controversial Liu Shaoqi as the schismatic and chaotic "Cultural Revolution" unfolded in China and across the globe via covert operations from both Beijing and Taipei, as well as Tokyo in-direct, "Sun Tzu style".  Is there a "Korean CIA" headquarters hypno-trance dance for that, too?  Whirling Dervish and Fakebuddhist "refugees" per the Bandung Conference plan and/or "Their Shangri-La" network?  It still smells of Deng Xiaoping's "Asian Century" China-Taiwan-Japan-Korea "prosperity" reunification speech now open echoed like a robot by Xi Jinping, carrying out the plans for an East Asian Unification fusion that Japan will find alluring, if it's not secretly involved already... probably is.

    4) Many political leaders in Washington seem disturbingly ignorant of unbiased East Asian history, as well as of the history of Angela Merkel's years-long preparatory grooming as a 'Christian Democratic' Prime Minister, via methods similar to those used to groom Hitler for his post as 'Fuhrer', by the so-called "Christian Democratic" oligarchy that absorbed more Nazis than any other party after WW2.  These issues were covered routinely in the German media, which most American politicians probably ignore, and by historical references, until the radical media clampdown initiated at the onset of the Merkel-headed administration, arranged in large part by Helmut Kohl.  A man as brilliant as Timothy Leary could be brainwashed and controlled to manipulate young Americans to cause themselves brain-damage via Nazi-invented LSD experimentation (unrecognized by Americans for decades), and so Angela Merkel's brilliant PhD-Chemistry mind is just as capable of manipulation by sociopathic psychological manipulation and warfare methods.  The alignment of geodetic indicators for Merkel at Stettin/Szeczin should be considered with the current context of East European affairs, as well as her curious relationship with Putin, and thus possible designs on Russia.  Also note Putin's extended stays in East Germany, which geodetics indicate was as much or more under the sway of nearby Vienna, or possible naval ports in Sweden, than of distant Moscow, in some or many ways.  A close study of the geodetic tables on this website may explain many of the mysteries of the Cold War, as well as most any ambiguous event of the past or present.

    5) Merkel is no unassistedly 'evil lady', but she has been so heavily programmed, for decades, that 'Mummy' may enact sinister policies out a pure sense of devoted service to her beloved German Fatherland.  Achtung.  Already, the so-called 'Lisbon Treaty' (named significantly for the German, today more than the widely-assumed British, influence in Portugal) has assured a German-dominated European Union.  Merkel is not 'evil', but she would commit 'evil' if it was part of the mission she was assigned to carry out.  Most significantly for Americans, neither she nor any other foreign-born (particularly German- or Austrian- or any regionally-born) politician should be allowed to determine US policy toward Russia. In the pre-internet era, there might have been some excuse for people in Washington DC basing US policy decisions on the intelligence gathered by foreign governments assumed to be allies, but this is no longer the case... and so Kissinger may please retire and take Sarah Palin with him for entertainment purposes only.  Internet data (the parts of it that are authentic and verifiable) have truly revolutionized international affairs, mostly in positive ways, with the exception of the intentional manufacture of internet propaganda and censorship.  This is another of the main reasons for the vital continuation of freedom-of-expression on the internet, even when it gets stupid or mean.  Humanity is capable of evolving to eventually sort out truth from lies, even if there are (already obviously manifest) detours along the way.  It is my sincere hope that the geodetic tables I have provided will assist in that discovery of real truth, which I think is far more likely to come from scientific study of astrology than it is from selected sensational blurbs released by hackers motivated or controlled by most anything or anyone, or from some of the traditional mundane astrology methods that yield rather vague and useless, impressionistic results. There is an element in American astrology that has gone to extremes to keep me isolated or under their control because they have lucrative CIA or other govt contracts they don't want to lose... and were likely behind the data theft and murder attempt that I was targeted by in 2005.  Let this be a warning to astrologers that such elements exist within certain astrology organizations. (Explanations may be found in the geodetic indicators for the 'uranianastrologyinstitute' in the 'curtain' tables on this website, noting that the armed but unsuccessful assassins behaved like sleeper-cells and frequently discussed involvements with Wicca while Wiccans were continually following me in public settings and also talked openly of hypnotic mind-control methods used in some Wiccan chapters, as if thought cute.  Note that while many published sources indicate Wicca rooted in England, geodetics indicate is more likely rooted earlier in Germany, and with recent branches affiliated with Japan and possibly the Moonie network, and possible via their colonies in Micronesia or the Marshall Islands... or that various branches of the Wiccans are controlled by different transnational networks.  This has interesting parallels with Aleister Crowley being a double agent, and at one point "knowing too much", and thus possibly encouraged into drug experimentation and subsequent psychological degeneration.. and thus the related controversies of his addiction-affiliated actions.

    6) Most significantly for the USA, at this point, is the alarm clock that should be going off about the past and current activities, and origins, of the Sun Myung Moonie "family" cult.  Geodetics seem to indicate that they were intricately involved in the Watergate frame-ups and scandals, and this explains them rallying to stop the investigations into Nixon's activities that would have uncovered their sleazy and hypocrisy-filled infiltration of US politics. In other words, the cessation of the Watergate investigation may have done more to 'save face' for the Moonies than for Nixon.  This is significant now in that geodetics and other recent events indicate that the Moonie cult network has now spread from the Republican to the Democratic Party and is wormed into both, particularly in the CAPAC/Korematsu network, and seeking to control and manipulate the People of Color alliances (and in some cases doing so already).  This points to what looks like an attempt of to create some sort of civil-war-type environment in US politics where a Moonie-manipulated Republican element (including Elaine Chao) dukes it out with a Moonie-manipulated Democratic element (including the CAPAC/Korematsu network), while the ashes of the WW2 Axis (possibly including Russian elements, as it also did historically) butcher America into colonial status and call for its 'redefinition'.  While the Elaine Chao family dynasty network wing of the Asian national lobbying network pushed for reduction of taxes on foreign investors followed by foreign privatization of US infrastructure coupled with extensive offshore banking intrigue, the CAPAC wing has pushed for some sort of civil war to break the US Pacific States away from the rest of the United States and put them under control from Asia.  The equally dismal situation in Canada, where Trudeau appears to be under the spell of the Aga Khan cult, could lead to Canada being 'redefined' as the new Rajneeshpuram (an event in Oregon of transnational and not just local significance, and one which geodetics may help explain a lot about).

    7) Short on time and mental focus to publish, in timely manner, an article containing a list of events in the unfoldment of the Moonie cult, I am herewith providing a list of events that deserve thorough and urgent study, with an eye to understanding their significance in Watergate, the initial Moonie influence in the Republican Nixon, Reagan, and Bush administrations, and now their additional infestation of the Democratic party via the CAPAC/Korematsu network.  This is URGENT and time-sensitive, before 2018 elections take place.  I can only regret I did not have this information published prior to the 2014 elections, when the insidious Moonie-cult-affiliated Chao network shamelessly financed its puppets (e.g. McConnell) into control of US Congress. Deeper history is rooted in the 'China Lobby' machinations of the Soong and Kung families in Washington DC (using sex and bribery and blackmail on a scale previously unknown and unfamiliar in America).. detailed in the Lasher biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, and 'The Soong Dynasty' by Sterling Seagrave, possibly detailed in articles by silenced-by-murder California journalist Henry Liu yet to be published in English translation.  These issues need to be Thoroughly studied by US foreign-policy-makers before any further 'Asian Pacific' alliances with the USA or Canada, unless North America is ready to resign the Pacific Rim to Asia and its supposed 'Century' of imperial reign with the Sun Myung Moonie cult network or controllers as royalty.  In fact, all of Sterling Seagrave's books deserve study.  Relinquishing US defense operations to control of Anyone or any organization identifying with an 'Asian-Pacific' label is pure stupidity. Just as much as is letting Angela Merkel's closet-nazi club determine US (or Canadian) policy in Europe.  Now for the Moonie data, preceded by prior Japanese and Chinese interfaces with the USA, keeping in mind that Korea and Taiwan were provinces of the Japanese Empire and under its militantly oppressive rule from about 1895 and 1945, i.e. throughout World Wars 1 and 2. Most all these dates are registered in the 'Curtain' geodetic article for study of correlations. Geodetics show Falun Gong to have same general roots as Moonie cult, with both cults replicating interesting religious and governance themes from the historic Taiping Revolution, which may have had backing from Japan and thus possibly designed to increase Japanese control over China.


    1894Nov24: Kuomintang Party founded in Honolulu Hawaii as 'Revive China Society', noteworthily including both Chinese and Japanese joint interests.

    1905Aug20: 'Revive China Society' merged into Tongmenghui alliance in Tokyo Japan.

    1906Apr06: Singapore branch of Japan-China merged Tongmenhui 'Revive China Society' founded in Singapore.

    1912Aug25: 'Revive China Society' Tongmenghui alliance renamed Kuomintang Party to participate in new Republic of China government.

    1914Jul08: Kuomintang Party structure reorganized in Tokyo Japan.

    1917Jul01: Germany backs Qing Imperial General Chang Tsolin in attempt to restore Qing Dynasty in Beijing and overthrow Republic of China govt. 

    1918Sep29: Japan War Minister office of Baron Giichi Tanaka.

    1925Jul01: Monarchist/pseudo-leftist Wang Chingwei sets up North China government in Beijing.

    1927Apr20: Japan Prime Minister office of Baron Giichi Tanaka.

    1927Jul25: Purported "Tanaka Declaration/Memorial" of plan for Japanese imperial global expansion.

    1930Jul21: 1st Pan-Pacific Young Buddhists Conference in Honolulu Hawaii. 

    1932Mar09: State of Manchukuo declared, successfully restoring Qing Dynasty in northern China, backed by Japan, Germany, and Hoover administration in USA.

    1932Jun11: Central Bank of Manchukuo established in Hsinking/Changchun.

    1933Nov12: East Turkistan Islamic State govt set up inside Xinjiang.

    1936Oct23: Berlin-Tokyo Fascist Axis pact drafted and signed.

    1936Nov25: Berlin-Tokyo Fascist Axis pact in effect.

    1937Apr12: Turkic Islamic Uighur Jihad launched in Xinjiang from offices in Kashmir.

    1937Sep27: First anniversary of Fascist Axis alliance celebrated in Tokyo with "World Peace" rally.

    1937Nov06: Italy and Spain join the Berlin-Tokyo Fascist Axis pact.

    1937Dec12: Asian Fascist Axis "World Peace" Rally in Tokyo, 18 days before Rape of Nanjing.

    1938Dec18: Monarchist pseudo-leftist poseur Wang Chingwei sets up pro-Axis Fascist regional government in Kunming Sichuan China.

    1939Feb13: Asian Fascist Axis government on Hainan island in South China.

    1939Aug23: Hitler-Stalin/Molotov-Ribbentrop Axis-Russian alliance pact against Western Europe and suspected US alliance in progress.

    1939Dec30: Monarchist/pseudo-leftist Wang Chingwei signs mutual non-aggression pact with Japan Fascist government in Tokyo..

    1940Feb01: Kuomintang Transnational Chinese Postal Workers Federation.

    1940Mar30: Monarchist/pseudo-leftist Wang Chingwei sets up pro-Axis Japan-collaborator "Nationalist China" government in Nanjing.

    1941Apr13: Japan-Stalin Soviet-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact to stop Russian assistance to Allied troops fighting Japan in the Pacific.

    1941Apr17: US China Lend-Lease Act initiated to attempt to buy Chinese alliance in East Asia via Chongqing govt of Chiang Kaishek.

    1941Jun18: Turkey joins Axis Fascist pact as "observer"/collaborator.

    1941Nov25: Wang Chingwei "Nationalist China" government in Nanjing officially joins WW2 Fascist Axis alliance against USA/Britain/France/Australia.

    1941Nov06: Mufti of Palestine signs pact with Fascist Axis "to rid Palestine of Jews" and "solve similar problems in Arab countries".

    1941Nov28: Mufti of Palestine meets with Adolf Hitler in Berlin; gets funding for an Arab Legion.

    1941Dec04: "America First" and "American Security Council" in Chicago leak US war contingency plans in case of Asian attack in Chicago Tribune.

    1941Dec07: 1st Asian Axis military air attack on USA at Midway Islands and Pearl Harbor, sinking about 1/2 of US Pacific fleet.

    1941Dec25: Asian Axis government network established in Hongkong.

    1942Feb02: 2nd round of heavy Asian Axis submarine shelling attacks on Midway Islands US Pacific territory.

    1942Feb15: Asian Axis government network established in Singapore.

    1942Feb19: Months-long repeated Asian Axis bombing attacks on Darwin Australia begin.

    1942Feb23: Asian Axis submarine shelling of Elwood California coastal oil refinery.

    1942Jun08: Asian Axis invasion and occupation of Attu and Kiska islands in Alaska USA.

    1942Jun20: Asian Axis submarine shelling attack on Vancouver Island lighthouse in Canada.

    1942Jun21: Asian Axis submarine shelling attack on Fort Stevens Oregon USA.

    1942Jul21: Asian Axis military attacks on Australian New Guinea begin, penetrating gradually from north to south.



    1957Jan31: Japan Prime Minister office of Nobusuke Kishi-Sato, Economics Minister of Fascist Axis Manchukuo government during WW2, and brother of Japan Prime Minister Eisaku Sato (grandfather of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)... East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan continued.

    1959Oct02: So-called "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" founded in Tokyo, with Sun Myung Moon in a Leadership position.

    1964JunXX: Sun Myung Moon, Bo Hi Pak, and Kim Jong-pil of the Korean CIA found the "Free Asia Youth Alliance" as an overt affiliate branch of  William Buckley's "Young Americans for Freedom" or "YAF".

    1964Nov23: Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Kuomintang sign military agreements at the 10th anniversary "World Anticommunist League" conf in Taipei.

    1965Jan14: China's weird "Cultural Revolution" waving pictures of Chairman Mao but run by opponents of his policy aligned with Japanese interests. 

    1965Apr23: Kuomintang Hajj delegation from from Taiwan attends World Muslim Congress conference in Saudi Arabia.

    1970Oct16: First "World Peace" conference of Rissho Kosei Kai in Tokyo, endorsing World Muslim Congress.

    1971May04: Moonie cult founds "International Re-Education Foundation" at 44 Page Street in San Francisco.

    1971Jul15: Palestinian-aligned "Japanese Red Army" cult founded.

    1972Jul07: Japan Prime Minister office of Kakuei Tanaka.

    1972May30: "Japanese Red Army" kamikaze murders at Lod Airport in Israel.

    1973Mar05: Strange "Symbionese Liberation Army" cult formed in USA.

    1973FebXX: Lease for Jonestown colony in Arthur Chung "Cooperative Republic" government in Guyana applied for.

    1974Jul24: Moonie Unification Church files "Charitable Trusts Registration Form" in Berkeley California, investing in real estate and delicatessens and a resort at nearby Aetna Springs (which hosted Ronald Reagan campaign launch), running "NEDS/New Education Development Foundation" at 6052 Dana in Oakland California, and overlapping with the Moonie "International Re-Education Foundation" on 44 Page Street in San Francisco.

    1976FebXX: Jonestown colony lease granted by Arthur Chung "Cooperative Republic" government in Guyana.

    1976Oct22: Moonie cult registers "News World Communications" as a New York state corporation, address at 111 8th Avenue; umbrella of Times-Tribune Corporation and Washington Times newspaper, eventually controlling UPI/United Press International substantially.

    1981Sep24: Moonie cult's "Saeilo Machinery Inc" firearms manufacturers registered in state of New York, with branch in Wetzlar-Blaschbach Germany -- eventually linked to Kahr Arms firearms manufacturers/importers..

    1983May20: Moonie cult re-registers "News World Communications" as Times-Tribune Corporation (umbrella of Washington Times newspaper) in Greater New York (Soong & Chao dynasties power hub in USA), eventually controlling UPI/United Press International substantially.

    1983Nov25: Sun Myung Moonie announces "New Cultural Revolution" for USA at Chicago Marriott Hotel.

    1984Jan31: Moonie cult registers "Pacific Restaurant Corporation" as coordinating office in San Leandro California (site of first CAPAC/Korematsu school campus) for extensive Moonie-run US Pacific-coast restaurants (including many Sushi and Chinese and Korean food restaurants).

    1984Sep03: Sun Myung Moonie again announces "New Cultural Revolution" for USA at Washington DC Marriott Hotel.

    1988Mar22: China free-market reformer and East Asia unificationist PM and "Paramount Leader" Deng Xiaoping meets with India's Rajiv Gandhi to announce "Asian Century".

    1988JunXX: Sun Myung Moonie's son Kook Jin "Justin" Moon founds Tongil Industries in Changwon Korea as the "Jin Heung Machinery Company" initially for auto parts, heaters, and machine tools; Tongil later branches into "Kahr Arms", importing or manufacturing weapons in the USA by the 2000s.

    1988Dec21: China free-market reformer and East Asia unificationist PM Deng Xiaoping announces "New International Order".

    1992Apr10: Sun Myung Moonie declares himself "The New Messiah" at the Assembly or World Religions opening conference in San Francisco USA, while the "Women's Federation for World Peace" is founded on the same day in Seoul Korea.

    1993Dec11: Falun Gong's Hong Zhi Lee's "Asian Health Expo".

    1995Jan28: Moonie-backed "Christian Heritage Foundation" stages near full takeover of Falwell "Liberty University" in Lynchburg Virginia.

    1995Mar09: Moonie cult's "Sanctuary Ministries church" (Kahr Arms affiliate) registered in Concord California.

    1995Sep04: "Asian Pacific" Center for "Security Studies" in Hawaii.

    1996Apr26: Chinese-India-Russian "Shanghai Cooperation Organisation" Pact.

    2000Feb13: Moonie cult mass wedding in Seoul Korea of 20,000 new couples including North Koreans, and calling for "Spiritual Unification of Korea"; 40,000 loyal couples also "renew vows" at ceremony.

    2000Oct16: "Million Family March" in Washington DC fuses the Sun Myung Moonie network with Louis Farrakhan's branch of the Nation of Islam under the People of Color banner.  Includes a mass marriage ceremony of 10,000 politically-arranged couples.

    2001Mar10: Sun Myung Moonie holds "ecumenical rally" in Salt Lake City Utah, calling for a Mormon-Moonie alliance.

    2013Feb17: Sun Myung's widow Hak Jahan continues mass wedding after his death in Gapyeong Korea.

    2013Feb22: Unification Church celebrates first "Foundation Day" after death of Sun Myung Moon, in Seoul Korea, reorganizing the central "church" theme and motto as "World Peace" (also used by Japan Fascist Party during attacks on Pearl Harbor).

    2015Mar03: Further mass wedding of cult-arranged couples by widow Hak Jahan Moon in Korea.    

    2016Apr26: Additional mass wedding of cult-arranged couples by widow Hak Jahan Moon in Korea.

    2016Aug30: Moonie cult's Kahr Arms/"Sanctuary Church"s "Tommy Gun Warehouse" opens in Greeley Pennsylvania..

    2017Dec24: Moonie cult's "Family Federation for World Peace" meets for a "Heavenly Tribal Messiah Peace Blessing Festival" in Battambang Cambodia, near the Angkor Wat temple, organized by Chu Song Yong of the "Universal Peace Federation" under the post-1990 government installed in Cambodia.


2018May30 (edited and updated Jun05): Current summary of general observations on Geodetic 'Men Behind the Curtain' table (including insights into power struggles in US astrological organizations):

    1) Perhaps mentioned before, the current wave of global political corruption and confusion (noting that the WW2 Axis powers took control via political cults and oligarch-puppet 'leaders' appearing as dictators) correlating with the current HA=VU in 22.5/H16 within 2 degree (secondary) orb will go out of orb and likely be resolved largely through global Vulkanus power based in the original Atlantic Alliance (Pre-GermanNATO), Australia, and Israel (since a major part of the corruption comes from Germany despite the smiley-face games).

    2) Numerous indicators for Israeli and Palestinian organizations are listed in the 'Curtain' geodetic tables, and those should help the world public get clear on just who's really doing what to whom in the Israel/Palestine conflicts, which can result in peace if the wrong decisions are not made.  Much of the current problem is the refusal, during international negotiations, to allow the airing of all fact-based histories of the Israel-Palestine region and all (not just some) related international treaties (including those involving Iran and Arabia and Turkey) to be considered; and this has resulted in widespread misconceptions about what is going on and why.  Hopefully the geodetic tables will lead to peaceful solutions, which cannot be obtained by advocating false conceptions of history that will eventually surface as false or inaccurate.

    3) Perhaps I did not earlier stress the possible current significance of Vulkanus over the geodetic MC (in 4th harmonic) of Odessa Ukraine as well as St-Peterburg Russia, and over Durban South Africa as well as Cairo Egypt and Istanbul Turkey... or the significant Japanese corporate and possible military presence along the Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao axis along the East China Sea coast.  Why Odessa Ukraine could be of critical significance of a historic and ongoing drive for German control of Ukraine that started in part with German Czarina Katarina von Anhalt (Catherine the Great)'s drive to Germanize Russia, followed by German focus on control of Ukraine in both WW1 and WW2, in addition of the presence of German royalty on the thrones of Romania.  There could be more than just token German control over the Romania-Ukraine region now, and it is Vital that US policy in that region be guided by American interests, not German intelligence data and interests (including Siemens, long fused with German military intelligence as well as Deutschebank), precisely because Russia's intercontinental missiles are long directed at the USA in case of 'blowback', and Germany knows that very well, even if it is not officially acknowledged.  Cold War analysts like the brilliant scholar T H Tetens and others warned Americans many times of systematic German attempts to manipulate US policy with Russia, in the drive to see a German-Russian alliance, and fear of an overshadowing US-Russia alliance of any sort.  Franklin Roosevelt probably understood the historical roots of this, and geodetics indicate that he was probably in touch with Russian forces for democratic change that would have precluded the ugly and dangerous politics of the late 1940s and 1950s and 1960s.  But Roosevelt died at an interestingly critical time in a spa run by Prince Bernhard von Bisterfeld, and his opponents within the USA took control while Truman stood in critical scrutiny of the Axis fusions into the CIA, narrowly winning over the known Axis-friendly New York/Wallstreet governor Thomas Dewey in the 1948 elections. Much of the Wall Street oligarchy liked the Nazis, as it profited handsomely from their concentration camp labor operations.  America must be on guard as to not risk falling into such a trap again.  The technology of the 1950s gave Washington DC the excuse to rely on foreign intelligence data, while the technology of day provides no such excuse.

   4) Severely and problematically overlooked in the USA, although not in Europe, due probably to the powerful and wealthy China Lobbies in the USA, is the substantial collaboration with Germany by powerful political blocs in China during both World War 1 and World War 2, thus in opposition to the US government and wartime military operations.  Chinese collaboration with the Central and Axis powers manifest primarily among the old imperial dynastic rulers and their agents (often duplicitously disguised as members of various political parties, true to Chinese political tradition, where disguise and pretense are the rule rather than the exception).  Understanding this is complicated by the continual state of overt or covert civil war of sorts (or literally) across China at least since the various dates of the nominal resignation and re-enthronment of Qing dynasty Empress Tzu Hsi (Cixi) and her child/heir Pu Yi, who had various power-agreements with the governments of Germany as well as of Japan.  This may sound like old history to some, while in fact the Qing oligarchy still survives, woven into both the Communist and Kuomintang parties (now again largely unified, and with a global presence blotting the cities of the globe).  The American maps of WW1&2 territorial claims and controls are oversimplified, often with wishful thinking about desired alliances that rarely existed to any substantial degree, as the proud East Asian empires saw 'Western' politics as a necessary evil to have to work Around more than With.  Meanwhile, East Asian society and politics were decorated with noble images of the Buddha (who was from South Asia, not East Asia, and whose Chinese and Japanese permutations are often distorted perversions aligned with local politics and business interests).  In short, Buddha is not Chinese or Japanese, and never was... any more than Sun Myung Moon and his descendants (now literally weaponized) are Christian, or that the greedy Falungong real-estate vulture cult (led by the cocky narcissist Li Hongzhi who thinks he is Buddha reincarnated) are Buddhist.

    5) The madness and mistakes within current US foreign policy are caused in part by Obama making the mistake of choosing advisors from Stanford, whose infestation by Axis agents since the 1940s has cultivated influence in Washington sympathetic to the interest of the WW2 Axis powers (not to mention Hoover's Axis fascist pre-WW2 chums) -- while the Univ of Chicago, also founded by a Republican Party co-founder, has similar problems.  In short, Obama had a moderate Republican foreign policy, which wisely avoided a World War 3, but was not aligned with the values or interests of the US Democratic Party, or of Americans as a whole (other than to avoid a potentially deadly world war). Clinton, as Secretary of State, was run around by that machine, but won't admit it for fear of being accused of scapegoating or incapable of managing the situation that was largely a manifestation of her goodwill trust in dubious and untrustworthy bi-partisan operations. Stanford advisors for Obama were programmed with carefully psy-crafted Stanford Research Institute neofascist pseudoliberalism (inaccurately called 'neoliberalism'), designed to fuse social-liberal themes into corporate fascist policy, and rooted in the early guidance of Nazi agent Otto von Bolschwing (a figure All Americans should study, along with the prolific German sabotage and propaganda agent in the USA Franz von Papen).  Nor should possibly more carefully concealed post-1945 Asian fascist (which includes the pseudoreligious Moonie cult) fusions into Stanford be ignored, while the history of the Nazi 'Zen Buddhist' movement founded by Gestapo agent Karlfried Durckheim should also be studied as the dirty and sneaky side of Asian politics slithers increasingly into the USA from across the Pacific (including martial arts schools used as Asian espionage and programming fronts).  Another of Obama's mistakes was to form an alliance that includes remnants of WW2 Asian Axis fascism without being aware of it -- one that has fused into the Trump adminstration by other avenues, via the Elaine Chao network.  These both have roots in the Moonie cult network, so that Asian fascism has America both coming and going, in all major parties including the German-conservative-manipulated Greens, until Americans (and some in Canada as well) get more realistic about global power politics.  Angela Merkel is firmly rooted in the old Nazi machine, despite the various orchestrated coverups issued by the party that controls her; and Shinzo Abe is even more overtly linked directly to the WW2 Asian Fascist Axis network via his own family political dynasty.  Any Fascism manifesting in America is due to American naivete and lack of understanding of the scheming and complex treachery of old-world imperial politics that produced the WW2 Axis Fascist machine.  The problem will not be solved by unrestricted immigration and open borders -- in fact, those only worsen the problem daily, as does abandonment of the requirement that US politicians be native-born.  Any shame on such issues should be that of those who refuse to honor the wisdom of choosing native-born leaders, not those who see the real risk of invaders taking over via political office -- regardless of ridiculous EuroUnion policies that are finally being questioned, as they should be, on both right and left, all across the political spectrum.  People out of touch with the people they 'rule' is the recipe for dictatorship or else hostile takeover from afar (i.e. colonial rule from overseas, whether European or Asian or any other continent).  "Think globally and act locally" was and still is a wise phrase and guideline.  Throw the Moonies out of America, before they sell or shoot even more Kahr Arms guns to or at Americans. 


2018May27 (original draft May08): Bush Family Legacy and the Man in the Moon:

    Geodetic indicators reveal that George Bush Sr could make a positive mark on history by admitting that one of  the biggest mistakes he ever made was to endorse the media empire of the Sun Myung Moonie cult now taking over America with the help of the Elaine Chao network that he and his son and Trump appointed to 5 presidential terms as a White House cabinet member spinning our American government around like a dizzy top on a global stage with psychological warfare and subversion games that began with Watergate and Kakuei Tanaka's visit to America to dupe Nixon and introduce the Moonie Cult programs designed to pave the way for Asian colonization and the 'Asian Pacific' agenda that is now manipulating both the Republican and Democratic parties both, and apparently some of the 'third parties' (e.g. Libertarian, Green), by systematically, over the years, pushing for lower taxes on transnational corporations followed by foreign privatization of US infrastructure.  Asian nationalist Sun Tzu would be proud of little Elaine's and the Moonie network's manipulative skills.  How long does it take the Bushes to figure out they have been the fools of a nasty foreign subversion cult?

    Yet, there is overlap with the radical-right 'World Anticommunist League' network that also included post-war Nazis and other Fascist ideologues. And so following WW2, again, a second layer of subversion comes from the Merkel-decorated German network, represented inside America by German-born agent Peter Thiel and the Austrian Oaf, Arnold Schwarzenegger, admonishing Americans to not go 'nationalist' when the German/Austrian oligarchy behind them have such a good toehold on the US economy and political system (via Siemens, for example).  Those warning loudest about American nationalism, so far, are rooted in the political machines of the WW2 Axis, both Euro and Asian (while Macron in France is a German puppet with German backing), who began aggressively courting Obama the day his campaigns began, Hope-ing he wouldn't know or remember the history of World War 2 Fascism.   Note also how chummy Germany has been with Putin, who appears to melt like a subservient puppet in the presence of key German officials. It should be seriously considered that Putin might "roll over" like his trained puppies should Germany invade Russia, noting the German General Laubenthal giving orders to US troops in Eastern Europe due to Germany pouting and shaming NATO for not letting them play 'Fuhrer' again.  In the event of an invasion, the Russian people would just see US uniforms on Russian soil, even if they were sent by Germany (including via 'Halifax Conference' planning), and guess who would get the ICBM missile retorts (already long aim at America's defense bastions)?  American lives sacrificed for German imperial expansionist objectives, just as was the case in 1918-1920, so easy to do when Deutschebank controls the Republican Party in Washington.  100 years ago, or even 60 years ago, there might have been an excuse for American policy manipulated by German military intelligence... but today, such a situation manifesting again would be not only pure folly, but American national suicide -- which looks like it's already in progress. Clearly the solution is not to switch to (possibly still covertly allied) Asian intel sources, but rather the USA should make All American intelligence and defense an exclusively American affair, with All foreign input and data scrutinized for verification from various verifiable sources before proceeding.

    Numerous books have been written about how the fusion of German nationalist intelligence into US government functions have manipulated Americans like fools into enacting German nationalist objectives in Europe, and this is complicated by the presence of German (and allied) bases and military operations in the USA, and Microsoft and "The Cloud" increasingly controlled by Siemens, a corporation intimately fused with the German Wehrmacht military machine since the days of the Kaisers, before Hitler.. and thus with Deutschebank, instrumental in creating the Republican Party in suburban Chicago in the 1850s.  The recent Asianist fusion into both the Republican and Democratic parties is No Less Problematic and risky.

    Neofascist Putin appears to join in with the foreign delight to see how dumbed-down "No Child Are Left Behind" uninventive rote-memory 'just believe' Americans can sometimes be when public education is destroyed.  The toll is on the streets of America now, with foreign-funded, proliferating idiot-run private schools teaching worthless garbage so American kids will be unable to compete for America in an inevitably global economy one cannot fully avoid. As a result of unwise immigration policies, transnational corporations bring in imported technicians and specialists from overseas, coupled with the gutting of US public education and funding to make good science and knowledge readily accessible to young American minds to apply to keeping America strong and smart and thus globally competitive.  The Bushes need to smell the coffee before they are blamed for fully selling America off to the Global Takeover due to the mesmerized fascination with hypnotic and charming but self-interested orientalisms.  George Bush should retract his endorsement of the Moonies, for the good of the USA, and announce that a healthy, balanced, and rational dose of American nationalism is a good thing for America.... just as should, simultaneously, Democrats who have been bribed and duped (sometimes via Moonie cult permutations, and the CAPAC Asian Law Caucus lobby) into salivating over Asian goodies while a so-called, tacky nouveau-riche "Asian Pacific" lobby overtakes the economies and governments of US Pacific states.

    What is manifesting is the WW2 Axis plan for global conquest, continued from 1945, always run by German and East Asian (including some Chinese during their concurrent civil war) banks and corporations, now dominant in the Global Economy that Merkel is admonishing Americans to not undermine with 'nationalism', while she is echoed by the Pathetic German puppy/puppet Macron, German-funded UMP party in Paris, et al, fused with the 'global policy' sallies and forays of Schwarznegger the Terminator. Plus the slippery Japanese treachery that appears to maybe be the source of the 'Anonymous' masked anarchist movement, early promoted on the Japanese 2chan and 4chan websites.  It is logical that the Wiesenthal Center, near the time of Simon Wiesenthal's death, was possibly duped by bribe-money relayed to them via Schwarzenegger, logically to get Austro-German access to Wiesenthal records on post-WW2 Nazi underworld activities and affiliations.  These probably explain a large part of the current chaos in Washington, along with an addition to any Russian meddling, that in such a case may be in collaboration, symbolized via Merkel and Schroeder's chumminess with the long-German-resident Putin.

    America now needs more internal cohesion, and the willingness of the rich and poor, the strong and the fearful, to come together as American neighbors and not be swayed by the machination of foreign agents and manipulations as the global corporatists and confused idealists push insistently to Force Change too fast for the public to notice what's happening and its impact, as Merkel and her CDU/IDU entourage have consistently and openly done in Europe and then North America, while the old East Asian Axis has done the same in its more subtle Sun-Tzu-style ways.  My fellow Americans, the Fascism you smell is coming from overseas. Go back and study the Axis subversion programs and cults in the USA and that will be clear... and you will also see clearly the roots of the recent so-called "Tea Party" mockery of the old pre-revolutionary one of the 1700s.  A study of the Axis-backed "Silvershirts" and "Liberty League" subversion cults of the 1930s-40s in the USA, and of the Japanese espionage and subversion activities in US Pacific states And territories during the same time (maybe overlapping) is highly instructive, almost like a clear example of how history is 'repeating itself' with its normal readjustments to the new conditions of the times.  As many of us were told in American high schools but maybe forgot, Fascism took and maintained control via cults and mass psychology for social control and manipulation (irrational groupthink) displacing critical and rational thinking.  God/the Universe gave us all a brain and meant for us to use it.  And that means keeping it exercised, not smoking pot, taking opiates, getting drunk and surrendering to materialistic power-trippers for whom the rest of us are like ants to be squished and buried in the ground like the victims of meat-grinding totalitarianism were once before.  It could happen again.  Remain alert, and think, so you don't wake up to a nightmare come true.  And don't give up in the face of sociopathic dysfunction and political corruption and deceit that can border on what's sometimes been called 'evil'.  The Hades=Vulkanus 22.5/H16 remains still within 2 degrees orb in the current annual 'universal' chart for Capricorn ingress, and it is also = Pluto and Mercury and the AR/AD and SU/AD and NO/KR and CU/AD midpoints for the whole world, through 2018.  Potent covert politics and potential fascism is a "movement afoot" now already for several years. The spirit of Franklin Roosevelt and his peers had the wisdom and skill to stop it before, but recently all where hear is that Roosevelt isn't happening again, and that he was supposedly evil for confining people considered potential agents of foreign subversion.  Beware such views as history repeats itself in spiraling and very real natural cycles.   As long as it's not violent or dehumanizing, there's nothing wrong with a little healthy dose of nationalism in times of the rampant global political intrigue and deceit symbolized by Hades=Vulkanus cluster, and Merkel, and Shinzo, Putin, and the robotic-looking Xi Jinping-affiliated machine along the East China seacoast that may be more collaborative with Japanese interests than either of them want outsider "western foreign devils" to know.  Hades=Vulkanus can be and often includes Potent Stealth Politics, and those of us who look beyond the surface of life can see and smell them daily.  Another low manifestation of HA=VU is to let down guard and destroy defenses.  The high manifestation is to meticulously scrutinize all balance-of-power and defense issues, and always resist the temptation to let people fall asleep or be drugged at the defense posts.  Vulkanus is power, potent defense, and alert guarding.... or potentially destabilizing attacks, and crumbling defenses if Hades undermines it.  Hades is often calculatingly secretive and prone to act in the deep of the night, underground, or underwater as in submarine activity, or the bottom/hull of ships. Hades warfare tactics likely to be underwater/submarine, underground tunnels, late at night, or somehow masked.  The young and innocent are not smart to wear the masks, at risk of being implicated without realizing it, to be used as go-fors by covert operations, unaware... including operations that may pay the unwary to facilitate the plans. Anarchy results in nothing but chaos and more misery than before. And chemical drugs kill far more lives than they save.  The crazy among the politicians in Washington are backed by foreign money, and manipulated like puppets by foreign advisors.... Take a close look.

    As for Moonie-type cults... it's nearly impossible to find a verified birth-date for Rasputin, as many are circulated.  Like Sun Myung Moonie, he manipulated St-Peterburg as its government fell.  Event dates like his arrival there, or his first introduction to the Russian rulers, however, show geodetic indicators. Some histories indicate that people in St-Peterburg believed Rasputin might be a Japanese agent, because of the ongoing wars with Japan over control of eastern Siberia. Geodetics for those events indicate that there may, possibly, have been something to it.  If there was, the parallels with the Japanese-created Moonie network cults and their use as tools to undermine superpowers via cult psychological warfare are interesting.  The Moonie cult has proliferated for years in the USA, and mutated into branch cults with other names, and geodetics show Falun Gong to possibly be a direct branch of the Moonies, their cult newspapers may fuse at the roots. The "Men Behind the Curtain" article shows the several geodetic alignments of the Moonies, their news outlets, and the Falungong... where the power-bases have been located for each unfoldment/event, and other organizations with power-bases possibly in the same cities.  Interesting insights therefrom.  Shinzo Abe comes from a political power family and his grandfather with power based in the same sector as the early Moonie manifestations and efforts to unify China and Japan as planned in WW2 via the East Asia Prosperity Sphere and the Manchukuo Sino-Japanese-Russian 'Pan Asian' fascist hub.  While recent news indicates Japanese-created Moonie fusions into North Korea.  Thus the Prosperity Sphere as planned in the 1930s may be taking shape, regardless of official foreign diplomacy announcements emanating from the Sun Tzu empires of the Far East. Californians would be wise to pay far more close attention to political and financial connections to the ancestral lands of aspiring political candidates. Nationalist, visceral ancestral, and patriotic feelings are often still quite deep in cultures with roots and continuity much deeper and older than what the USA has been from its inception.  Awareness of such cultural divergences remains important despite idealistic policies hoping to eradicate nationalism overnight... it's not going to happen even close to that fast, and it's often not happening now, despite pretenses to the contrary.  Take a real close look at the manifestations of reality instead of the dream clouds that look and sound pretty, but aren't real.  Moderate idealism is a good thing as long as it doesn't go overboard.. but it has, to the point of groundless fantasy. Time for a reality check.  Wait for 2019 for that to happen globally, because in 2018 Mercury is less than 2 degrees from Neptune on 90 dial, and people around the world are highly a risk of getting lost in the clouds of pot and opium smoke.. and = Hades as well, meaning serious risks of miscommunication due to drugged minds.  The worst possible calculated deceit is likely to come from those locations with geodetic MC at 7 Cardinals... Shan States Opium Triangle, Chinese bases in and around E Qinghai, Tuva district in Siberia; German and Swiss and Italian borderlands with Benelux and France; far western Norway; eastern Algeria; central and SE Nigeria; Samoa; and the Appalachian regions of the USA plus E coastal GA and FL and Miami; west central Cuba and Panama; western tips of Ecuador and NW Peru.  Hades can be chemical/hard drugs, among other things; also oil money.  France at high risk from transnational drug mafia problems seeping in.  USA at risk of transnational underworld cults hiding out in the Appalachians, or similar problems escalating in Florida.  Vulnerability of all of these infiltrating/seeping/slipping in elsewhere with 7 Cardinals (or 29 Cardinals to 0 Fixed) on the Ascendant.  Seattle and Puget Sound vulnerable to substantial drug influx from Opium Triangle.  Same for Miami, possibly via Cuba or Panama. Drugs may seep into Spain via the southern Balearics or Galicia, longtime fascist hubs.  Americans need close attention to foreign-manipulated or foreign-funded cults hiding out in the Appalachians, and around Detroit as Jacksonville and Savannah. The St-Lawrence Seaway needs close monitoring for contraband.  Who's controlling North America's ports?????  Americans need clear answers to that Now.


2018May04 (updated May19):  Geodetics on China indicators:

    A first very interesting geodetic indicator is the series of alignments of Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus in the chart of Rupert Murdoch's former wife Wendi Deng with other influential 'Asian Pacific' politicians now in vogue, in both the USA and Australia.  These are shown in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article.  People thinking there is going to be some sort of loyal alliance with Japan against China had better look more closely into what's going on as well as the true history of WW2 in East Asia, including the civil warring factions in China and official and later unofficial Chinese alliances with Japan and Germany, and how those alliances continued until today.  The latest Xi Jinping posture to display pictures and statues of Karl Marx may be little more than a 'diplomatic' ploy. Xi pledged to continue the policies of Deng Xiaoping, which were to reinforce alliances with Japan, unify China with Taiwan, and promote an 'Asian Century' and 'New International Order' (echoed in the USA by programmed dupes)... and that matches more the with realities unfolding in China, not so much the typical propaganda, shadow-puppet games, and theatrics of Chinese politics globally.

    Australian media is reporting, while American media has largely ignored or censored, a wave of aggressive moves to create an 'Asian Pacific', including Chinese or Japanese backing for independence movements in New Caledonia, Guam, within Micronesia, and extensive foreign aid projects to woo and charm Pacific island countries.  While US tax cuts pushed by politicians put in office by the Chao shipping dynasty network limit US capacity for such projects, and also pave the way for privatization of US infrastructure by Asian money interests, something touted by Chao (on the board of several major banks in the USA) as soon as she took office in the 3rd presidential administration she's been appointed into... that would include something approaching 5 presidential terms, something no American President would be able to pull off, but with the Moonies all over Washington like maggots on the flesh of American democracy and national sovereignty, trying to kill them both, it has manifest.

    Look for geodetic alignments of Moonie organizations and personalities with Watergate, and even Jonestown, for some interesting insights. The first Moonie colonies were very near the first Jonestown hubs in California, and it may be no accident at all.  Look further at both their links to post-WW2 Axis colonies and Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and the Fujimori dictatorship... all of which have further interesting ties to post-WW2 Nazi networks in Germany, Austria, and Spain.  There also numerous overlapping geodetic indicators for Chao and the supposedly mostly Democratic CAPAC network -- global politics may again be overriding US domestic concerns and political parties.

    As for China, as mentioned before, Pro-Axis governments were set up in the most populous regions of northern China by the early 1940s, starting in Manchuria in the 30s, spreading gradually southward into the 'North China' state, then the Wang Chingwei Nationalist Chinese government in Nanjing and Shanghai, and Hongkong and Macau.  And forget not that Taiwan was a Japanese province during WW2 (as was Korea), and Japan Fascist forces from Singapore placed the Kuomintang government in Taiwan after WW2. While various flags flew and various official posturings and shadow-puppet shows took place, the centuries-old ties between Chinese and Japanese maritime mafia networks (fused together in Shanghai, Qingdao, and Manchuria) continued to flourish after 1945, and are now uber-rich from China trade and excited about a restoration of an East Asia Prosperity Sphere and an 'Asian Pacific' now stretching into mainland North America.  Australian media is recently quite aware of these issues, and American media needs to be much more so.  Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to prevent Japan from bombing the USA first by using technology lent them by the German Nazis after they 'surrendered' underground in May 1945. Americans are no more guilty of atrocities toward Japanese in WW2 than was Japan of often far more vicious and stealthy war crimes against the USA and its allied nations and parties, and this included two Japanese sneak attacks on Pearl Harbor, the first while Japanese diplomats were mouthing their 'world peace' rhetoric in the USA to put the US Pacific Fleet off guard in order to make the December 1941 attack neutralize something close to half of the US Pacific Fleet, today under Japanese joint control for odd reasons to be scrutinized thoroughly. 

    As for Russia, it's hard for many to believe that Russia could go from being Communist to being Fascist within a couple of decades, without recognizing that Fascist organization remained woven throughout Russia during the Soviet period, even fusing in an out of the Communist Party covertly or overtly. Geodetic alignments of Putin and his party show links to the old Russian Fascist parties and to today's Germany.  Merkel continues to play the duplicitous game she was long coached in, with subtle but powerful lobbying in other countries, according to instructions given to her from skilled and crafty German and Austrian military intelligence agencies.  The latest little game was to help install Macron as a Petain-type Quisling in Paris (with her close friend and frequent confidant Schwarzenegger's help), and this may give control of the now-critical Vulkanus-reinforced French bases in Tahiti to Germany.  "Jawohl Herr Kommandant", says Macron to Kohl's Little Girl, Angie and their German imperial controllers still dreaming of a Greater German Reich manifest by stealth through EuroUnion machinery.

    Germany wants Russian minerals and wheat-fields, as always, and Putin may roll over and hand them obediently to Germany if they should invade.  It was the dream of Hitler and his post-1945 successors to see a Grand German-Russian Reich in the future (as evidenced in German publications after 1945, and manifesting the aspiration of Czarina Katarina von Anhalt).  If most interpretations of Nostradamus are correct, Germany will again try to invade and overtake Russia, and the blowback will be a horrendous Russian-alliance invasion of a German-led Europe, and the results will be disastrous for European civilization, and Putin may fall in infamy as a fool of traditional German military trickery and duplicity. Whatever Russia is ruled by now, it is not weak, it has vast resources, and it will ultimately pummel whoever trespasses on its territory into the ground, as it has done time and again throughout history, even if slowly. If Americans were paying more attention to international media reports on international affairs, rather than biased foreign intelligence reports and domestic media concerned only with corporate profits, or owned by foreign corporations (like Moonies, for example), America might be in better shape now.. but instead, the nation (and maybe Canada too for now) is in a dream-state, imagining prosperity that is only dwindling daily and being sold off to German and East Asian banks acquiring American banks and Rental Real Estate for exported profits.  The 'Orient' is finally losing its charm slowly as these realities are recognized, and the Nazis are restless and crawling out from under Merkel's skirt and into the open, unable to conceal their identity anymore under calculatingly hypocritical social-liberal (including some 'green') rhetoric and imagery.  Maybe more people will see reality when they throw down their hypnotic 'cellphone' 'texting' baby toys ('Hi. Eating lunch. LOL.') and ditch the 'Facebook' social-control spiderweb of mesmerizing sophomoric and narcissistic trivia, which are functioning like hallucinatory cyber-drugs on millions of people almost sleep-walking into disaster... while half of Washington DC still seems duped by the various Moonie cults and their affiliated lobbies, doing what Hitler and Tojo only tried to do.

    Donald Trump's MC for 10h54am EDT/4hW = MA/NEZEKRPO, meaning he is guided by some sort of illusory ideology.  His Kronos (official involvements) are based at 20:56 fixed signs, which is Nowhere inside the continental USA or Hawaii or Alaska.  It could include some strange network in in his family's financial roots in the Yukon, or in Tokyo or Sendai (where the Bushes and the Moonies have congregated, and possibly invested in Yukon gold), Emirates, Iran, or the Russian Urals near the  Volga German hubs set up by Czarina Katarina von Anhalt (whose power-bases Merkel's indicators interestingly align with).  His Neptune blind-spots are at 05:51 Cardinals, near Brussels and Amsterdam, inside the USA around Tallahassee, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Lansing; in East Asia in the powerful Asian-drug-mafia Shan States Opium Triangle now seething with Hades sewage pushed out from Burma; as well as the Chukhotsky Peninsula in Siberia across from Alaska.  Any of those locations are possible, even in combination.  Will the movie be over before the real conditions of real people out on the streets is dealt with realistically?  The corporate 'tax cuts' gave Elaine Chao's Transpacific network just exactly what they wanted and evidently planned for... cuts for foreign investors, and the opportunity to privatize and take over even More of America.  Look at geodetic alignments for the various US govt privatization bills over time (as well as relatively meek Phil Gramm's "Chinese Free Market" Economist wife's financial connections), and much may be learned about why so many Americans now reel in insecurity and uncertainty about the future.  At the time of the Pluto opposition to the USA Sun, the global money is in Chongqing, Singapore, and Jakarta and Vietnam (and by 22.5 extension in Pusan Korea).... and America's financial future on the horizon will depend on whether we control those economies, or they control us (and Australia), while Shinzo was pushing the TPP and lamenting Japanese Pearl Harbor kamikaze losses.  Chongqing and the Singapore global banking/investment hub are longtime power hubs of the joint Chinese-Japanese-created Kuomintang network, which is what Elaine Chao's family comes from.  The other currently reigning Pluto financial power-hubs are around Vienna and Capetown, which points to the Thiel-Schwarzenegger network and the 'Austrian School' dupes of Liechtenstein banks. While America is also at risk of financial badgering by the Colombia cocaine cartel network.  Either we take control of them, or they will control us for many years to come.  Decision time.  Death-ray action movies and puerile narcissism are Not what made America great.  It was Franklin Roosevelt's policies that made America the pre-eminent global superpower, and the envy of the world for several recent decades, and the knight in shining armor to most of the world as Hitler and Tojo's genocide machines trampled, burned, gassed, and bayoneted millions of people for Fascism.  It's time for Americans to figure out just who re-wrote American history to turn Roosevelt into a demon who persecuted suspected Japanese war criminals, and his foreign detractors into new heroic "immigrants" who have revived and begun marching toward the goals of Hitler and Tojo after all, backed by the same German and Japanese and Chinese banks and corporations that hoisted them into power.  Washington DC is now at as much risk as it was in 1945 and 1948 of giving Global Axis Fascism what it wanted after all, when Harry Truman stopped them again... until 1980 when America slammed on the brakes, and rammed into reverse until it got to where it is now, via the disastrous Gramm-Rudman Act, paving the way for today's rich immigrants Thiel and Chao and Schwarzenegger and their transnational Homeland Security databases to take over America while Trump babbles his foolish utterances and humiliates a crumbling America falling into the hands of smarmy, greedy, narcissistic invaders that the American public are getting fed up with as they take over the great 'empire' Americans built.  Globalism is making America look like Thirteen Colonies again, or a Civil War battlefield armed with Moonie cult Kahr Arms guns, and that's Not Progress. 'Alien' invaders of the human sort?  Overseas Vulkanus is now parked powerfully in 4th harmonic, on the Ascendants of Seattle and Portland and Greater New York City, and less substantially, in 8th harmonic, around the border around Laredo Texas... while sometimes stealthy Pluto is at the doorstep of El Paso and Miami and central British Columbia coastline and Nunivak Island Alaska. This means that too much focus on the Mexico border and Florida risks ignoring far more significant problems coming from across the Pacific as well as around the port of New York.  All this while potentially fiery Zeus is entering America along the southern Carolina coastlines, in the mountains south of Pecos Texas, near the northern tip of Vancouver Island, around Atka in the Aleutians and around the Bethel Alaska coastline.  Is that xenophobic or just reality?  Those are potent energies along North America's coastlines and borders.  Focus on border security is important, but it is being misdirected by foreign-based biases in DHS offices in Honolulu, with friends-and-family policies that would be worsened by the 'Family Reunification' bills being pushed and shoved through Congress by special interests?

    American politicians must not be pulled into a 'globalism' that further sells out Americans, seeks to 'redefine' us according to the interest of wealthy immigration and transnational corporate lobbies, and is enacting what the WW2 Axis powers had planned for North America.  Canadian leaders would be wise to consider the very same issue before jumping on any seductive Asian merry-go-rounds to an 'Asian Century' or 'Asian Pacific' that are manifesting little more than a dismantling and takeover of America... and yet are equally vulnerable to similar games emanating from the old German military machine that trained and placed Merkel in her hot seat to swing Europe around like one giant purse all revolving around imperial Deutschebank.  None of the major plans in motion now in Washington are truly the American Way, while Canada seems to have fallen temporarily to sleep in the Dream Land, lulled by turbaned snake-charmers in command of deadly cobras.  The Asian 'dreams' are not real, and likely to end up as disastrous nightmares accompanying the inflows of opiates and meth/ecstasy and proliferating pot.  It's not for no reason that the phrase "Opium Wars in Reverse" has surfaced, just as Pluto consolidates global financial power in the Opium Triangle. "Poppies will make them sleep", say the Witches, and indeed the poppies are doing so to America, with global Vulkanus in Shanghai and Taipei clustered via 22.5 angle with Hades now in the Opium Triangle and heading into Chiangmai to maybe put Thailand to sleep as well, and make Singapore and the East China Sea mafia network even more Rich and in control of the world as the Transpacific and Transatlantic shipping lines grow to the point of drying up America's water supply and everything else with it.  Australians should be alert to the same issue.  The Asian sweatshop economy could drown the rest of the world.  It's already flooding the streets of California, overtaking entire cities and ports.  Pay attention to the 32nd harmonic impact of Vulkanus on the US-national-security critical port of San Diego, recent training ground for the revived Japanese Marine Corps that probably also has bases along the East China Sea coast.  Meanwhile, be sure to note the revival of the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan, First and 'Foremost' in Washington. Chao Chao Chao ready to Privatize America after mesmerizing McConnell and his dizzy cohorts asleep.  Has the Empress Dowager Cixi reincarnated in America, alongside the Ohio River of the Bush family's beloved formerly American National Association of Manufacturers empire now drowned under the Chinese junk and sweatshops while Shinzo Abe recently celebrates the dead "of all nations" in the port of Pearl Harbor?  It looks like the Transpacific Dream is actually a Transpacific Nightmare.. for Americans, and as goes California goes the rest of the country.  You can't say you weren't warned ahead of time, no matter how charming the Spells of Elaine and family, SoB Woo, and related friends trotting dizzily around Washington, fused in CAPAC 'across the aisle', peddling the charms of the Great Fallen Empire of the Orient that could suck the rest of the world into the bottom of the seas.  German corporations also rich largely due to sweatshops all across the fallen International Communist empire whose factories and farms they took over, and will add on Russia's if they can, as Merkel smooches with Puton in the closet.  Wake up and smell the fascism brewing.  It smells like the Ayn Rand of the starry-eyed ideologically-deluded Paul Ryan parked across the river from Elaine and her friends in Frankfort and also Vanderbilt's sleepy millions in Nashville. Sorry to tell you, but the appealing little messages in the fortune cookies are mass-manufactured fabrications that lead to nothing but more and more self-perpetuating fortune cookies with more mass-manufactured fabrications, endlessly on an on and on until the Good Ship Lollipop sinks, with No American Child Left Behind to buy its sugary sweets. Asia's number one product is overpopulation and its results. Should America be redefined to match that?  Is it already happening?  Are most of the National Association of Manufacturers' factories now in China and neighboring countries?  Where are the Americans in this bad plan?  Does Trump really understand any of it?  Does Elaine Chao dictate his policy under hypnosis, from the 5 or more US national bank boards she has sat on?  Welcome to the low side of 21st Century Sun Tzu guerrilla warfare sleaze politics as Vulkanus over Shanghai and Taipei is clustered at 22.5 with Hades in the seedy Opium Triangle.... and Vulkanus over St-Peterburg with Hades in western Germany and Davos.  Note that the Hades sleaze factor in the USA runs through about 82W00, i.e. in orb of Miami, Jacksonville, Asheville, and Cleveland, also highly vulnerable to transnational underworld narcotrafficking corruption.  Canada is similarly vulnerable via underworld corruption along the longitude of north Vancouver Island, and in cities between Lake Huron and Lake Erie.


2018May02: The Merkel machine and the Shanghai mob:

    As noted earlier, the ties between Germany, China, and Japan (incl Korea as a colony) via Deutschebank Asia (formerly Deutsch Asiatische Bank) may light up a key component of the corporatist globalist plan advanced desperately now by German Agent Merkel and her pathetic quisling Macron-Petain in Paris as they trounce into Washington DC and 'give advice' to the naive in US Congress. Meanwhile, the Merkel-Schwarzenegger team dallies with its longtime Asian Axis Fascist counterpart and lobbies and schmoozes to influence where it can. Geodetic alignments of the power factors like Vulkanus and Pluto and Zeus elucidate where likely connections and interfaces are, and where the power-bases are located.  It's not impossible that the liberation of Ukraine has actually installed a German puppet state, while Finland has been under German sway since the date of its indpendence in the early 20th century, including under Karl Mannerheim.

    Much about the current powerful 'Transpacific' and 'Asian Pacific' financial and political undertow shows to revolve substantially, at least in part, around Wendy Deng, whose marriage to Rupert Murdoch may have been arranged for the objectives of power centers where Deng's chart shows political and financial power alignments in the Uranian Institute "Men Behind the Curtain" table. This drew the attention of the author when Murdoch was "put on trial" and Wendy nearly flew over the seats to interrupt what was about to be revealed about her former hubby and potentially her role in the mess.  Interesting parallels with the Moonie cult taking over United Press International, their control of most of the Bush family, and their joint Japan-Korea-China intel fusion in to various fake "churches" and "faith-based" organizations all across the USA that were enhanced in influence by the "Faith-Based Initiative" launched under the Chao-manipulated Bush Jr administration.  Mooniemerica???  Note also the establishment of the new 'Homeland Security' department under Bush-Chao and involvement of Asian interests in creating and maintaining its databases. Asian Century leaks into US security?  Sure looks like it.  Ashcroft at the helm, asleep in his religious dreams of imaginary flying eagles while the Chao machine sunk its claws into US national security records and functions?  Ashcroft's Evangel College shows possible historic ties to the Moonie network and the radical-right so-called 'American Security Council' in Chicago that is not to be confused with the legitimate National Security Council in Washington DC.

    The Moonies were created by Japan Fascist intelligence psy-ops that also ran human experimentation labs in Manchuria/'Manchukuo', using a fake Korean preacher as their mascot, with key offices in Taiwan, and fused heavily also with Korean CIA and Kuomintang Secret Police operations.  For years, one of their missions was to displace Communism and Beijing and North Korea, which they did gradually and now are in control'. Geodetically, this implies that Japan has powerful bases in islands in the East China Sea, Qingdao, Shanghai, Taiwan and island possessions, and/or Manchuria, and maybe in the Philippines as well.  Domestically in the USA, these have fused in and tried (apparently successfully in some cases) to co-opt various 'People of Color' organizations, sometimes posing as left-wing organizations actually controlled by radical-right remnants of the old East Asian Fascist 'Prosperity' network.  Anti-communist though they may have once been, the Moonies have always been rooted in the old WW2 Asian Axis network, with alliances with the Nazis of WW2 and surviving afterward in the form of paramilitary networks in part under control of the 'World Anti Communist League' (now called 'World League for Freedom and Democracy') and thus the 'American Security Council' in Chicago. It's the norm for the Moonie organizations to shape-shift with the times and adapt to passing momentary trends in terms of current fads, using the resources of Japan intelligence and allied services.  Even fake Communist/Maoist organizations run by them were created as early as the 1970s, and the so-called "Japanese Red Army" may be nothing more than a Japan Fascist psy-op with hammer-and-sickle pasties.

    Such covert operations are rooted in the family political dynasty of Shinzo Abe, his grandfather being Japan PM when the Moonie Unification Church was set up for the purpose of unifying not just Korea, but also Japan and Korea and China, as per the WW2 plan of the East Asia Prosperity Sphere.  These are little Sun-Tzu tricks used to dupe naive Americans while the Japanese and Koreans and Chinese cut back-room deals that may be nearly opposite to the 'diplomatic' posturings they present to North America.  German, and probably Russian, intelligence services are likely aware of these issues while North American services too often put blind trust in the lies dishes out from East Asia... the kind that created the Korea and Vietnam/Indochina meat-grinder messes that killed thousands of Americans, made China and Japan rich, and made America look like the 'evil imperialist power' that Japan and China (and Germany and Russia) actually aspire to be.  Their latest trick is to use ambitious Hindus as their fall-guys, helping facilitate the Asian takeover of US tech industries, explaining the recent changes in Silicon Valley and Seattle, while the 'People of Color' are pitted against the 'Evil Old White Men' in an Asian-orchestrated political drama that amounts to an Asian takeover trying to disfranchised US minorities as vehicles  This was a game that Asian Fascist intel services also played during WW2, and including trying to enlist Native Americans as 'long-lost relatives' of the Far East separated by the washing away of the Bering Strait 'land bridge'.  There are signs that the Obama administration was skillfully lured into the game, facilitate by the Merkel machine's equally manipulative strategizing -- and both redecorated post-WW2 Axis games equally inimical to US interests, poised to take over US industries, natural resources, and real estate holdings, in fact already substantially underway.  No doubt facilitated by the Bush family (and 'Fundamentalist Christian') network's foolish trust in the Moonies (incl via Falwell, Roberts, Heritage/Carolina networks), and the Moonie fusion into the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus network now manipulating the Democratic Party as well, and the end results is an Asian takeover of American finances and national assets, including via fake 'faith-based' organizations of which the Moonies were a prototype.

    The Merkel machine is no better, is Nazi-rooted, and plays similar games quite skillfully, and uses Thiel and Schwarznegger and others to facilitate.  American nationalism is OK as long as it remains peaceful and yet ready for legitimate self-defense against legitimate threats. If the most common interpretations of Nostradamus are correct, the USA and Canada will come to their senses and realize that the corporatist globalism now being proposed is little more than the plan the Axis powers had for North America in 1945, that Russia could swing either way, just as it did during WW2, and that friendly, respectful, and equitable relations with Latin America are vital to the security of North America and the Western Hemisphere as a whole.  Nostradamus, per most interpretations, indicated an overpowering Asian invasion of Europe, with an ultimately victory for America (as understood to be in his era, before a USA or Canada or today's nation states of Latin America).  The world should study the record of Asian colonization methods... and the world should ask why the UN study of global slavery proposed a few years ago was put on the shelf, as it would have revealed that the slave trade involved Arab slave traders, and Asian slave trade that existed both then and now.   Not all the slave traders where 'white' people of European ancestry, and one should not ignore the slave-trade of today while focusing only on the slave-trade of history... and how extensively it is integrated into highly-profitable 'free immigration' policy!!

    America must unite against the Asian Mafia Games and turn a deaf ear to the Merkel machine's Schwarzwald gingerbread-house shenanigans while watching Putin and what he does like a hawk.  Germany and Japan did NOT rise from the ashes of WW2 to become spiritual paragons, but rather have continued the same old plans redecorated with gobs of sugar-filled icing and fortune cookies from the friends in Greater China.  Meanwhile, Putin strategizes and watches as the global corporatist chameleons flip and change colors.... as long as he's still All-Russian and not a puppet of Germany programmed in Leipzig, which he could be. Don't be surprised that, as popular as Putin is, he may not be the head honcho forever.  And yet, a German or Japanese controlled Russia would be Hitler's and Tojo's dreams come true.  The geodetic parallels between Angediabla Merkel and Katharina von Anhalt (Catherine the Great) are repeatedly noteworthy.  The WW2 Axis alliance might be far more likely that the Communist International to manifest again, and both Canada and the USA would probably be wise to stick with a healthy dose of nationalism and remember who we were and who we are, which is a nation rooted in the imperfectly manifest ideals of the European Enlightenment, evolved far beyond the decrepit Feudal institutions of Asia that Never Died and hover still on the horizon, pretty in the picture-books but not pretty in practice.  They haven't given up on the 'Asian Century' idea, regardless of the propaganda dispensed Transpacifically.     


2018Apr17: Asian Century and " Fwd.US" Technician Import Program:

    This vital issue must be considered -- for years, international university students entering the USA have often been required to take prerequisite exams again in America due to rampant exam cheating and "bought scores" obtained prior to immigration. 


2018Apr14: North Korea, the Moonies, Shanghai-Taipei mafia, Anchorage, and Vulkanus -- and Shadow-Puppet East Asian Prosperity Sphere Politics with America (updated Apr27):

    The following linked article is one of many indicating close links between the Moonie cult's 'Unification Church' network and the North Korean govt despite the cult claiming to be 'anti-communist'.  Note, geodetically, that one of the key hubs of the Moonie Unification Church is in Taipei (where Vulkanus is now), long fused with both Kuomintang intelligence and the Sino-Japanese East China Sea maritime mafia (incl old 'Green Gang' and sea-pirate networks); and that one of the key shipping fleets of the Moonies almost surrounds the ports of Anchorage Alaska (where Vulkanus also is now, while Japanese-born Harry Harris controls the US Pacific Naval Fleet).  The linked 2012 article indicates a virtual mega-gift from the Unification church to the North Korean government.  And a branch of the Moonies now openly sells weapons in the USA -- to whom, exactly? -- via Kahr Arms and Tong-il Industries.  And the Kuomintang has long had transnational paramilitary training operations all over the globe, including inside the USA, and in Paraguay.

    Note that these locations are also where the power is held if TPP is signed again.  The longitudes of Denver CO and Regina SK in Canada will only have secondary, 8th harmonic, influence weaker than that of 4th or 1st harmonic in Shanghai or Taipei (or Manila)... or Anchorage, now at grave risk of being controlled by Asian-based interests affiliated with Harris. Will Vulkanus also allow Russia into the TPP picture via the Amur riverports around 120E longitude.. or Siberian Arctic ports at at the mouths of the Lena and Olensk rivers?  Is anyone paying attention to the men behind the curtain there? A pseudochristian faith-based Asian thug global order (Including Moonie-run "Sanctuary Church" providing asylum for sympathetic or programmed immigrants) with Chao-privatized US infrastructure takeover on one side while Mooonie-friendly North Korea shoots missiles at what remains of California and the Pacific states?  How much does the Greater New York Moonie network fuse with the Chao family empire drooling for McConnell's Fort Knox in the Year of the Dog?  One wealthy American oligarch said the recent Trump tax cuts actually benefit foreign investors more than American... maybe why they can buy up all the US real estate and then send the rent to Asia, like Deutschebank has done in eastern US states for several years now.  Deutschebank was fused at birth with the US Republican Party as 'Robber Barons', and then diversified via Deutschebank Asia (formerly Deutsch-Asiatische Bank), and the 'Unification' sought by the Moonies is the reunification of the WW2 Pan-Asia Prosperity sphere and the unification of the global Chinese and Japanese and Korean diaspora into a single economic-political unit, apparently with missiles shot from Pyongyang... Note the geodetic alignments of the China-Japan unity treaties and Chinese constitutional reforms dating:

- 1871Sep13: China-Japan joint trade treaty.

- 1934Apr17: China-Japan East Asia Prosperity Sphere pact signed (includes Korea and Taiwan as Japanese provinces).

- 1957Jun02: China-Japan Alliance proposed by Chiang Kaishek (installed on Taiwan by Japanese military) and Shinzo Abe's grandfather Nobusuko Sato.

- 1978Mar05: Deng Xiaoping's China Third Constitution opens China to more foreign investment replacing the former state-owned economy..

- 1983Sep06: China-Japan Prosperity Treaty signed as China allows for more Japanese investment in Chinese infrastructure.

- 1988Mar22: Deng Xiaoping meets India PM for China-India-Taiwan-Japan 'Asian Century' pact for a 'New International Order'..

- 1992Oct16: Chinese govt reforms allow further Japanese and German/Austrian investment in Chinese national infrastructure.

- 2012Dec15: Xi Jinping announces "national rejuvenation" via a "Chinese Dream" Act.

- 2015May05: (Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang and Communist-remnant leaders meet in Beijing for reconciliation and fusion.

   Vulkanus now along the East China Sea coast amasses power (since the early 2000s) precisely where the old Sino-Japanese mafia (Green Gang and descendant) alliances have converged for decades. As Walter Mondale often said, "Who's in charge???" when the pathetically Moonie-manipulated Reagan walked on stage -- did he know the full answer to that question yet, as Reagan was about to begin privatizing US infrastructure and turn it over to foreign investment banks and corporations, leading to today's mess?  Is anyone finally understanding what the Asian-fascist-created "Moonies" "Unification" was really all about?:  Moonies and North Korea.


2018Apr12: Hades on geodetic MC of Burma-Thailand Border Area while 22.5 to Vulkanus over East-China-Taiwan seacoasts.

    The globally critical nature of Vulkanus over the East China and Taiwan seacoasts has been covered already, including its 22.5 angle to Hades over the Burma-Thailand Border including Shan States in the north.  For those familiar with the history of Chinese and Japanese organized crime (detailed in books by Sterling Seagrave), this should be of clearly critical significance, as there are long-time ties between the Burma-Thailand border regions and old drug mafia networks in the Shanghai and Taiwan regions (Taiwan under control of Japan 1895-1945).  This should be of especially critical significance now for Thailand as a nation.  In essence, the low side of Hades that has built up in the Burmese Shan States (longtime opium-growing/trafficking then converting to methamphetamine and 'ecstasy') for decades, and now often fused with weapons and human trafficking and even organized crime paramilitaries, is now moving into Thailand as it is in a transitional state to a new government.  Amid this, in particular, is the city of Chiangmai, long a hub for organized crime in northern Thailand and linked to the Shan States crime across the Burmese border.  It's possible that efforts in Burma/Myanmar to contain the criminal network is pushing them across the border into Thailand instead, closer still to sea outlets for their contraband. As the prolific regional narcotrafficking is on a global scale while there is increasing public concern about opiate and meth addiction, the problem should probably be addressed by an international team of criminal investigation, and one not risking coverups from colluding interests along the East China or Taiwan seacoasts. There is a possibility of collusion at location at all locations 22.5, 45, or 90 degrees away from all the aforemetioned.  This could include Asian mafia operations throughout the Florida peninsula, coastal Georgia, Appalachian areas of the Carolinas and the Virginias and Kentucky, east Ohio, and areas of Ontario north of there; western border areas of Germany, far western Norway; Algeria-Tunisia/Libya border; southeast Nigeria; and other areas mentioned below.  Thailand, in particular, is at risk of a takeover by Shan States mafia -- which could have profound, problematic transnational impact in terms of drug and human and weapons trafficking.  A thorough study of the old Shanghai/Taipei (both Chinese and Japanese) Green Gang mafia network and its underworld remnants is needed, as they may be close to a position of global dominance, and could fuse with Russian elements in Peterburg, Ukrainian oligarchs, Egyptian infrastructure, or South African elements in Natal and east Transvaal, or Zimbabwe, Lake Tanganyika shorelands, or the Sudans; or western Cuba and Panama and Ecuador.  The critical dangers of Asian mafia proliferation must not be overlooked or censored, and that includes their fusion with Moonie and Falungong and similar phony 'faith-based' cults that seem to be proliferating rapidly in the USA, especially since 2017 and signing of Transpacific treaties. Otherwise, Asia's criminal gangster class is poised to take over the world, if it can.  Symptoms are already obvious in US Pacific states, dominating entire cities and headed for control of state governments.  This issue may be every bit, or more, critical than Mexico border issues, and it is already shown on maps of transnational drug routeS into Mexico that many drugs coming through Mexico into the USA originate in the Shan States region, as was as from NW South America.  Mexico may be primarily a conduit rather than a source, with intent to wreak havoc in Mexico and sow tensions between the USA and Mexico... and old trick played by the enemies of the USA in WW1 and WW2.... and even the Civil War... to keep North America disunited, weakened, and less competitive in global markets.  Vulkanus over Shanghai and Taipei at the time of recent TPP (and in any during the next couple of years) signings put the Shanghai-Taipei axis in a dominant position overstepping prior trade agreements that gave North America greater advantages.  The only leverage the US and Canada have now are via the US Pacific Fleet in Anchorage (now in control of a Japanese-born commander and surrounded by a Moonie-cult shipping fleet) and the Canadian Atlantic fleet around Glace Bay or Goose Bay, and subject to CETA transatlantic impact via Halifax port controls.   The recent TPP and TTIP-related agreements give Asia the advantage over America, and the possibility of European advantage over Canada.  What little clout the USA has afterward/otherwise is via the Denver longitude, and Mexico via the Guadalajara longitude.  Secret clauses with the trade agreements may also actually be to Russia's advantage via St-Peterburg, and France will have clout in the Pacific via Tahiti unless Deutschebank and German interests run France via the EuroUnion/Merkel.  The same will hold true for any planned agreements for the next few years, since Vulkanus moves so slowly.  The USA is most likely better off to stick with prior agreements that gave it more clout globally, and may have had fewer hidden clauses, and needs to target for control of criminal operations in the Hongkong region on its own and without meddling from self-interested Asian-nationalist transnational organizations along the East China Sea, now uber-rich and globally pervasive (including the Chao empire).  The Kuomintang needs to be seen for what it is... highly corrupt, shifty, untrustworthy, and now again fused into the Beijing govt and Communist Party remnants, and the US govt via the Moonies and Falungong and Chao family network abusing the 'Faith Based Initiative'.  Treacherous.  Treachery within Washington and some key state capitals, with much of America asleep in dreamland, and about to smoke up the view with pot, where the opiates aren't already.


2018Apr09: The reality beyond the pipe dreams -- Competitive globalism and university/college campuses:

    This is most obvious to people who have worked with international students in academic settings, and while it certainly does Not apply to the majority of international students, by any means, it does apply to a small percentage: Espionage on US university campuses, and more detail in video Foreign influence operations and counterintelligence.


2018Apr02:Coming to a City Near You:

    Related to planned Asian corporate privatization of US infrastructure proposed by the transnationally uber-rich and powerful Chao network in Washington? Chinese Social Credit System


2018.Mar.28: Poland, the 'Cordon Sanitaire', Halifax conferences, and recent talk about a 'World War 3':

    Merkel visits new Poland PM Morawiecki Mar19, and on Mar28, Poland signs up to buy US missiles to install on Polish soil.  This brings the USA even more into the line of fire/blowback/counterattack in the event of a reversal of relations and confrontation between Germany and Russia, which is a logical event reflective of repeated historical events over the last 100 years and the centuries-old chess-game between German and Russian oligarchs:  What does this have to do with German General Laubenthal in command of US forces in Eastern Europe, Merkel's recent visit to Poland, Merkel's and other German agents' involvement in the Ukraine situation?  The Vulkanus over Peterburg and Kiev geodetically are now pointed at the geodetic Ascendant of the German Rheinland as well as France via Strasbourg, and along the dead center of Holland and Italy, who would be the most vulnerable points of Russian or Ukrainian (or Turkish or Chinese) counterattacks, as would be Seattle and New York City and Canada's capital in Ottawa.  The question arises again -- does Germany want the USA (and Poland) to be targets or cannon-fodder in case of a war that would benefit Germany probably more than any other country (in terms of Lebensraum and access to Russia's rich mineral, agricultural, and real estate assets)?  The move is controversial among Poles, who realize clearly what the risks are, and who would know from the events of 1939. Why does the USA need to be so involved at this time in a German-Russian chess game?  Are German/Austrian nationals (Thiel, Kissinger, Schwarzenegger) involved in the implementation of related US policy?  How would a domestically-destabilized and internally chaotic USA deal with a global war and potential Russian (and possible SCO alliance meaning China and India) counter-attacks in the event of a 'World War 3' that was discussed even in recent US presidential elections?  More Americans had best think more carefully about the potential counterstrikes to America's largest metropolis and one of its key high-tech hub cities if Russia goes to war in response to moves by any country that the USA is obligated to defend due to mutual defense treaties.  Note again the current and possibly relevant 22.5 link between potentially stealthy Hades now overhead around 7 Cardinals (military and intelligence offices in western Germany incl BND Bonn; any covert German operations in the USA along the Detroit-Cleveland-Macon-Tampa longitudes, or the slithering and insidious Shan States longitudes along the Burma-Thailand border, or Medan Indonesia; Chinese military bases/covert operations to the north including military bases in Sichuan and Qinghai; Russian covert operations along the Bering Strait; non-US bases in western Cuba and Panama; covert operations in (once German-administered) Samoa.  There are too many foreign-born politicos in Washington now for Americans to feel certain that Americans cannot be dragged into an international conflict initiated by double-agents of supposed allies who continually scheme and plot to manipulate US foreign policy. This points, in particular, to German, Chinese, and Japanese interests whose banks and corporations also appear to be overtaking the US economy, and it should be asked if they would turn the populations of the USA into punching-bags and missile-targets as they surge into territories gained by them as treaty allies.  Consider the fools in Washington who would let foreign agents or stacked intelligence data determine potentially catastrophic US international policy... specifically, dead bodies and decimated infrastructure in New York and Seattle and Ottawa in exchange for the increased global power of Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao and Dalian, or Durban South Africa, or the Caliphate's Cairo.  Which foreign representatives in Washington DC would seek the victory of these cities in the event of a global war???  This question must be asked repeatedly before making potentially catastrophic decisions, and don't believe for a minute that the "Asian Century" plan has been abandoned, because it hasn't, and in fact it's unfolding like a steamroller in US Pacific states, aided by the "Asian Pacific dream" network, where American casualties are already seen on American streets daily.  Wake up, finally, and smell the two-faced and now armed Sun Myung Moonie and Falungong robo-dupes in the mix .. treacherous moles in America, and how does this fuse with the Chao network ready to privatize (by what countries?) US infrastructure???  US ports overrun by foreign interests, and some maybe controlled by them.. will they reach next for trucking industries, train lines, or airlines through companies like Evergreen shipping and.air lines, or Neptune-Orient that has arranged for 'APL/American President Lines' sold off to it at the chopping block for an 'Orient-American President' merger while a Japanese-born commander oversees the US Pacific Fleet and 'Asian-Pacific' politicians storm the legislatures of nearly every Pacific coast state in the USA with slick lobbyists.  Vulkanus is Conjunct the geodetic MCs over Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao... don't ignore that, while Hades linked via 22.5 hovers over the uber-rich Shan States drug-and-gun-running mafia empire.  While the cameras focus only on Putin as the world's only problem, others (and possible accomplices) quietly bustle up and down the East China Sea coast and its many occupied territories and tentacles, protected in the USA by special privileges including White House staff appointments and access to top US national security discussions, not to mention offices strategically stationed across the street from US federal office buildings with rich potential for 'Asian Pacific' camera snooping and wiretapping, and apparent possible infiltration via psy-op cult couriers and puppets, including the Falun Gong flood and its long-entrenched Kahr-Arms-affiliated Sun Myung Moonie cult friends who knew how to put Nixon and the Bushes under their hypnotic spell long ago. One of their key power-hubs on the US east coast is scattered around Greater New York and includes the Chao family financial empire base there, tied directly to Sino-Japanese Kuomintang military and espionage operations, increasingly fused with the Chinese government in Beijing. At 22.5 angle to Shanghai and 45 angle to the grossly corrupt narco-economy Shan States are eastern Japan/s naval bases. In the event of, or preparations for, a 'World War 3', whose 'side' would they be on?  It should be asked now, before it's too late, and you can be sure that preparations are being made all over the world for such an event, including among double-agents with direct access to US security data via government agencies.  Note that any postal service inside the USA will also carry critical US national security documents and communications, and that control of postal services by foreign agents can facilitate distribution of counterfeit identification documents further facilitated by privatization of government functions by foreign corporations.  This is only part of why America's domestic defense capabilities are now like Swiss cheese with holes that are too big to do much except collapse under outside pressure, while US troops are stationed outside the country.  This is how great empires of the past fell while all their troops were absorbed overseas in superfluous wars while enemy agents undermined from within.  Scoff at the idea of nativism if you will, but please don't do it for too long, as you should be able to see what's already unfolding on America's streets.  Per geodetics, yes, there is probably foreign infiltration and sabotage involved, and anyone who can't see it must be blinded by some sort of ideological delusion, or foreign-run subversion cult, such as the Moonies (Made in Japan) are.  The Neptune-Orient takeover of American President Lines, initiated by bid of 1997.Apr.13, and no longer owned primarily by the US President, might say a lot about what's happening now, and note the alignment of Vulkanus with the site of the Bandung Conference offices in Indonesia, and Chinese bases on Hainan -- as well as Vienna Austria and Capetown South Africa, at that time.  Who owns those lines, that clog US Pacific ports along with the Evergreen corporation ships and planes, now?  And, by the way, for those who don't know, the Moonies are Asian spies and their dupes, disguised as Christians, who have flourished since the 1970s and further proliferated since the 'Faith-Based Initiative' was made law under Bush Jr with Elaine Chao at his side, and Elaine and the Moonies are linked via the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang network which was founded in part in Singapore, Tokyo, and Homeland Security's Honolulu, while Japan ran Taipei and Taiwan.  How's that for an 'Asian Pacific'?  Go figure. Also note Kuomintang Elaine's handy role in setting up US Peace Corps programs along the Russian border... all for Greater China (and the Kuomintang-Communist Asian Century SCO?).  Has America been Shanghaied indeed?  Note Chao's role in the 2016 elections, after which she literally pushed McConnell to the podium, as well as her quintuplet bank-board positions and cabinet positions next to Three US Presidents, plus arms-reach access to Fort Knox and driving distance to the Moonie cult hub in 'Culture Wars' Lynchburg Virginia, conveniently on the way back and forth to Washington DC.  Empress Dowager ready to 'privatize' US national transportation infrastructure for her mammoth global political and financial network and its old allies in the Siemens Deutsch-Asiatische banking network that may also now have offices in post-1990 Russia.  Riches beyond the Dream Act, proposed in 2001 under Bush and Chao, and echoed by Xi Jinping along with a China-Taiwan Unification plan, and then echoed back to America across party lines to increase Asian immigration into the USA along with aggressive pushes to capture political offices, including via CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus.  Vulkanus-22.5-Hades in action.  Hades correlates with issues of the deep and collective subconscious, and Vulkanus is often interpreted as "Act", as in a major action of widespread impact.  Hades=Vulkanus may thus correlate with a deep-level 'Dream Act', maybe involving psy-ops of sorts.  Psy-ops may continue to proliferate while HA=VU is in orb, but they may also be exposed as the angle/aspect finally separates and dissipates. 2018 is still in the middle of it, ready to dissipate gradually when the time is right.  Note that, amid all this, the internet is at much of a grave risk from a CAPAC/AsianCaucus/Dream Act takeover as it is from a Siemens Cloud takeover, both of which shallow or naive politicians in Washington may have facilitated, for they are both deeply rooted in the old WW2 Axis Fascist Powers bankcorp network, and are just as likely to want to destroy America as they did starting 1941 with Pearl Harbor, Operation Pastorius, and the machinations of the diabolical Wang Chingwei and Franz von Papen and scheming Japanese military operations and social-manipulation cults.  America risks becoming cannon-fodder in a German war to overtake Russia and a Japanese war to overtake China, in which case Russian and Chinese missiles would be, per Vulkanus, pointed right at America's largest Atlantic port, one of America's largest Pacific ports, and Canada's national parliament. Every deep-rooted American in Washington DC needs to think about what America has to gain or lose in a World War 3, and everyone else in Washington should not be determining US policy.  America's soul is at risk of dying, as precessed Pluto remained within 2 degrees of the USA 1776 Sun on 2017Jul04.. and that Pluto points to 18 Cardinals, i.e. the money of Xian-Guangxi-Hainan China, Bandung/Golden Lily Indonesia, Bogota Colombia and Santiago Chile, Stockholm Sweden and Budapest Hungary, and Capetown South Africa all pulling and tugging at the USA to 'redefine' it in their terms -- while it is the banks of Boston and Quebec are the financial powers that decide America's future if the foreign locations don't...  in interesting proximity to the Real Tea Party opposed to George von Hanover's foreign colonial taxes, not Ron Paul's historical-revisionist fake John-Birch-cult-cloned one. Boston is capable of better, and the taxes go improve America this time, not foreign colonial masters, unless they've taken over Washington.  Chao (Chinese network)?  Thiel (including South African Broederbond connections)?  Look at the geodetics and their transnational financial connections.  Claim America for rock-solid Americans before it's auctioned off by the transnational privatizers or pushy and greedy immigrant advisors in the White House ready to 'redefine' America to their political and economic objectives..


2018.Mar.21 (edited Mar.25): Stormy Daniels Chart; Revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere issues not silenced in Australian press, unlike USA so far:

    A time for Stormy (Stephanie) Daniels published on website... people might contact them the ask them to indicate data sources.  Chart shows 1979.Mar.17 at 01h10am in Baton Rouge, USA-Louisiana.  Note extremely powerful Sun=Mercury=Mars=Uranus=Pluto=Vulkanus cluster in 32nd harmonic, showing in 4th harmonic as Sun=Pluto =ME/MA=MA/UR=MA/VU, Stormy may be exceptionally fearless, a bold fighter, and yet also =AR/MO=MO/VE=VE/CU and its balancing implications including genuine love of the public.

    Recent Australian media scrutiny of the current situation in China is balanced when recognizing the Kuomintang-Communist parties fusion of recent years including joint attendance of leaders at Chinese national holiday parades in Beijing, increasing Kuomintang and Japanese investment in nominally Communist China, and the history of gross duplicity of East Asian politics going back at least as far as World War II, when Chinese allegiance to the Allied Powers was continually questioned, and quiet meetings with Japan Fascist leaders were noted -- added to ready collusion by Qing Dynasty remnants to ally with Japan including via the Manchukuo agreements.  The reality is that China and Japan may ally with each other before any 'western' power, and have done so repeatedly.  Add to this the recent revival of the 'Prosperity'-themed campaigns echoing WW2 Fascist politics. Whose Prosperity?

   This matches precisely with the current Vulkanus power amassing in the East China Sea, noting that the Kuomintang-Communist fusion must not be ignored in order to see the larger picture... and their connections to the CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus lobbies and the Chao transnational shipping and banking network, as well as the history and current manifestations of the Sun Myung Moonie cult (and branch affiliates) in the USA. Immigration/refugee/sanctuary programs appear to have been infiltrated and harnessed to covert transnational political and global economic objectives.  The 1980s speeches of Deng Xiaoping, held up as a model by recent official statements from Beijing, may explain much of what is transpiring... including the references to a "New International Order" and an "Asian Century", plans which may not have been abandoned in reality, despite recent diplomatic pronouncements. These, moreover, need to be studied in relation to the "SCO/Shanghai Cooperation Organization" and alliances with Russia, where Vulkanus is now over St-Peterburg and over Yakutia, and in 8th harmonic (at 15 Mutable MC) over possible branch operations around Marshall Islands, Komandorskie Islands, Kashmir-Punjab-Goa in India, and moving toward Delhi.  There is increasingly more info in international media on the revival of the Indian Fascist (Bose et al) network that allied with Japan and Chinese Fascist elements in World War II, when they controlled Taiwan, Qingdao, Dalian, and Shanghai, where Vulkanus is now in 1st harmonic on the MC at 0 Leo... and any lingering allies elements in Burma/Myanmar or the Andaman Islands or Shan-states Thailand border regions.

    Also interesting to note are Vulkanus entering Leo while Hades recently entered Cancer and the male/female issues in the media now including the Me Too movement -- and note that Hades will also be in Leo starting around the year 2040.  Until then, will we see more organized feminist populism in its positive sense?  Maybe include nuns in the mix, women in every social class and situation.

    All the world might be wise to pay attention to the SCO/Shanghai treaty Greater China-Russia-India.alliance's parallels with the commonly-agreed-on interpretations of Nostradamus in case the latter matter..... match up current realities with the Nostradamus texts written centuries ago to see how they make sense or not in today's world and context.  North and South America will need to be careful to not empower an obnoxious Asian alliance that could destroy Europe, and Europe careful to not empower an Asian alliance that could destroy the USA and/or Canada or Latin America.  It may be important to know what what sort of international alliances unfold in Argentina, Paraguay, East Bolivia, Guyana, and the Brazilian Amazon states.  British control of the Falklands will be a determining factor in what unfolds... as will who controls the Canadian Navy and US Pacific Fleet, with the SCO Treaty and Sino-Japanese alliances in mind, including the Sino-Japanese roots of the Kuomintang and its power in Hawaii and other US Pacific States, including CAPAC, the Asian Law Caucus, and other "Asian Pacific" organizations".  These matter every bit as much as Putin and Russia, and may even collaborate in the back rooms as Hades=Vulkanus now, and politics and intrigue and conspiracy are sometimes One, globally as well as domestically.  Americans in particular need to review the covert political strategies of the WW2 Axis as well as the Communist Bloc to see how they pertain to what is unfolding now -- and need to remember that the Old World has traditions of political intrigue and strategizing that have outsmarted and could outsmart US as well as Canadian policy if not on guard and thinking critically at all times.  No time for dreaming, drugging, or denial when Hades=Vulkanus, and that lasts for a couple more years from now within 2-degree orb.  You are almost sure to uncover explanations of what's going on in Washington and globally by studying where Hades and Vulkanus now align geodetically.  The "Silent Invasion" mentioned by Australian authors may be going on in North America as well, even may have already started and gained ground.  Stay awake, and don't take Golden Triangle opiates.  Read TA Bisson's "Japan in China" and Tony Matthews' "Spies for Nippon", Mark Felton's "Fujita Plan", and Sterling Seagrave's "Lords of the Rim" and other books to learn how Asian Fascism operates when it comes to guerrilla warfare and invasion tactics.  And pay attention to the "SCO" Russia-India-China alliance provisions.  There's more to what's going on than just Putin or Russia alone.  Americans should not be stupid by opening the domestic floodgates to foreign invasion.  And note how control of electronic media, internet, phone lines/towers, and even postal systems could strangle a country overnight.  Americans need to note impact of the transnational Chinese Postal Workers Federation founded 1940.Feb.01 in Nanjing/Nanking, the fact that DHL is the German Post Office after privatization and spreading for global control, and past German fusions into UPS.  The US Post Office is at risk of falling under foreign control via any or all of the above.  While the troops are sent overseas, America is at risk of turning into Swiss Cheese with too many holes, ready to collapse from too much outside pressure, and the guards all out on foreign missions, or infiltrated (or even controlled?) by foreign agents.  The "Asian Pacific" needs to be contained to the coastal regions of the massive Asian continent, and not foray into the Pacific lands of America -- or even more serious corruption and encroachment problems in Washington DC may await.  Remember the Moonies and Watergate, along with 911 and Pearl Harbor -- and they may even all be interrelated, based on recent events a review of historical facts.  The Fascism is smelling from both directions.

    Californians need to watch for CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus elements that fuse more with Asian Fascist remnants and apologism, and US bi-partisan economic alliances than they do with progressive/left interests despite claims to represent progressive interests -- in particular, the fusion of real-estate gouging/monopolization-related gross socioeconomic gentrification and termination of the 'American Dream' of home ownership in favor of imported dream acts... to note the recent "Chinese Dream Act" espoused from Beijing, aggressive transpacific one-way family reunification programs, Falungong celebrations of "Dream Homes" in America that Americans can no longer afford, Falungong fusions with the Sun Myung Moonie cult network, and DACA propaganda that features the legitimate tragedies of working-class poor from Mexico while turning heads away from the rather different Rich Foreign Yuppie influx from elsewhere, with associated privatized passport/license counterfeiting problems. All part of HA=VU global political & economic intrigue, the hidden side of political gaming.

    Any election fraud issues should have been resolved several years ago by offering of low-cost, verifiable identification cards from US federal agencies that must by law be accepted in all US states at voting polls, and mandatory exclusion of computerized "voting machines" so easily manipulated during data transfer, and the radical differences in voting rights issues and demographic composition among the US 50 states -- but now, it's too late to do this for 2018, and of questionable efficacy due to the current climate in Washington DC, run by pseudo-nationalists having foreign-born advisors creating and implementing their policies.  Which is more of an "Unreal TV Show" than a "TV Reality Show".  Whose news is the most "fake"?  Americans had better think critically and quit the robo-groupthink cults and replace blind faith with Reason.  After all, the USA was born of the Age of Reason/Enlightenment with Separation of Church and State.  Who changed that and how is a question for thorough review.  Fake Religion, Fake Patriotism, Fake Internet reports, and Fake immigration policies disguising invasion and labor-exploitation programs are just as problematic as Fake News.

    Another apparent problem is emails to political representatives intercepted to the point where responses are returned from their own opposition.  That problem seemed to appear in the mid 2000s, also a HA=VU problem involving transnational and domestic subversion both.  Thus we saw Clinton, logically aware of it, using private email servers.  A way out of the mess can and must be found, and that may manifest after Hades is beyond the 22.5 angle to Vulkanus years from now, in 2025.  Meanwhile, keep a clear mind and your thinking-caps wound up and on alert.... no artificial highs or school drop-outs unless you want to Lose Big, as HA=VU global competition is often covert and stealthy.  2025 may bring the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Lastly, as some have noted, the warnings from scientists about the risks of Artificial Intelligence may be just as much about the Artificial Intelligence industry and who runs it as it is about the phenomenon itself.  Science is "evil" only when in the hands of the "evil"; science should be taught in fusion with related practical ethics studies, and religion has never guaranteed ethical behavior before and so is not likely to do so in the future.  Critical thinking needs to extend to and include awareness of universal karmic Law of Cause and Effect, long term.  Spirituality and metaphysics are no longer the province of illiterate populations led like sheep by supposedly priestly "shepherds", as was the case before public education and the printing press.

    Interestingly, the Universal Chart for 2025 will also include ME=MA=VU... .sharp minds =MO/NE able to penetrate past public delusions and confusion.  Something to look forward too.  It's a 7-year long wait beyond the HA=VU mire of more covert politics and guerrilla warfare that may "shape-shift" before the world's engines are out of the mire and purring again.  Meanwhile, HA=VU demands critical thinking of the public... no time for anything else.. no time for smoking dope or taking opiates or getting drunk, which only prolong messes.  The marijuana may need to be restricted to medical use only, just so a another generation of kids isn't wasted and (Hades) intoxicated.  Running or aerobics, hiking, daily walks, or active sports are a lot more fun and make a person's future far brighter and happier, the mind clearer, and the body stronger to "roll with the punches" of life.  America is at risk of rotting, otherwise. And the Nazis invented LSD to test on prisoners as if they were guinea-pigs, so go figure.


2018.Mar.19: Vulkanus and current global power grabs:

    In case this is not clear from earlier posts, I am here summarizing that while data from Russia is considered by US govt agents and agencies to show evidence of meddling in US politics, the impact from the China coast (possibly including Japanese as well as Chinese agents, and maybe attempting to use Filipino mercenaries), is most clearly interfering in US Pacific coast politics, quite substantially, including via "Asian Pacific" organizations who clearly state by their very title an intent to claim the US Pacific for Asia.  Roots of a lot of this go back to the Japan-intel-created Moonie cult, although maybe not exclusively, and the Falungong cults shows geodetically to possibly be a branch of the Moonies, has a remarkably similar format and mode of operation, although more overtly aggressive, and is one of maybe other foreign organizations seeking to infiltrate US infrastructure and economy via 'refugee' and 'sanctuary' claims.  Note overlaps with CAPAC and other Asian Pacific campaigns.

    Also consider the possibility that the Trump Administration is in effect a cultish puppet administration of Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel, with a weird Russian Fascist fusion via Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand cult enthusiasms, and Schwarzenegger's many forays across the oceans acting as though he is some kind of self-appointed representative of the USA.  Note all are rich immigrants with ambitions on steroids, which should matter.

    Note also Chao's family connections, including (Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang military, its overbearing power in Hawaii and now possibly Alaska via the Harry Harris appointment, and her occupation of cabinet appointments now in 3 US presidental administrations plus board of directors positions in at least 5 major banks in key positions in the US economy.

    So, while all eyes are on Putin and Russia, forget not the Sun Tzu moves of a rich and powerful East Asian network taking over the US Pacific coast states steadily.

    Along with this are the Metternichian stealth games of the German machine decorated with Merkel and strategically posted German consuls in the USA pushing German American Business Association colonial investment interests in the 'Ausland'.

    Chao's geodetics show affiliations with Japanese interests, and her family's power network also has been joint Sino-Japanese just as it was in Shanghai and Taipei before immigration.  These may possibly be of far greater impact than anything Russian on US politics now, as may be the German machine represented by Merkel.  And both put together have many similarities to a revied WW2 Axis global strategy, cleverly redecorated to play on current global pop political themes, ironically to install a brutal patriarchal economic order using female ambassadors... echoes of the Thatcher game, recycled.

    Perhaps most significantly for America is to remain unified as a nation, stop the screaming radicalism, groupthink rallies and political buzzwords, obnoxious media blares, and anything that feeds irrationality in facing the current critical national state of being.  Need to drop excessive partisan cliquishness and focus on specific policy issues, and think about their impact on the nation as a whole and not selfish interests, and avoid a Trump vs Antitrump polarization/schism, a "Color" versus "White" polarization schism, a Male vs Female schism, and balance out the extremes to finalize the Pluto opposition USA Sun as national unity, evolution, and progress, not redefinition or alteration of boundaries to comply with the interests and objectives of outside countries.  Because there is already evidence of the impact of such on the rest of the world.... the dysfunction of a slow Japanese takeover of the Chinese economy, subjugation of Europe to either German nationalist or Russian nationalist interests (resulting in undermining of social and economic democracy), and a Pan-Islamism that is similarly trying to shove all the Middle East into a single, conformist mold.

    Foreign interests, especially since 2000, have been undermining and destroying US infrastructure, and review of events around 911 as well as reaction to them may explain a lot of current problems.  Geodetic indicators of Homeland Security should be studied in relation to possible ironically foreign influence, manipulation, or data siphoning.  That alone could solve a lot of mysteries in the current problems in Washington DC, and note again the presence of the Chao and Thiel and Schwarzenegger networks and their foreign connections, past and present and familial -- for much may be learned from that study.  Was America sold off to foreign control in or around 2000?  What role has privatization played in it.. and how smart is the very idea of privatization itself?

    Americans, including US security agencies, must be able to discuss Asian mafia influx, infiltration, and sabotage without being accused of being racist, and without insistence on risks of mafia surveillance of the investigations.  Organized crime and fascism can come from any continent, in any 'color' or nationality, and all fascists are not "old white men", nor are all "old white men" fascists -- and there are more in Asia than many people apparently realize, while "cultural differences" is no excuse.

    Lastly, northern Thailand, the Chiangmai region, is now at Grave Risk of becoming a new, potent and treacherous global organized crime hub as the Shan States mafia is pushed out of Burma/Myanmar and resettles in Thailand, now possibly particularly vulnerable due to the unsettledness of changes in its constitutional monarchy.  This should be of global concern due to the Hades overhead there 22.5 to the East China Sea Vulkanus, with possibly direct links, the history of which is in many histories of China and Japan and Southeast Asia, including the informative books of Sterling Seagrave, expert investigator of Asian organized crime and political and economic corruption.  Hew wrote several specialist books, the summary book being "Lords of the Rim", which explains details of the global/international organized crime networks, their history, and their mode of operation.  They may have more Vulkanus power now than ever, within the last 663 years (Vulkanus full cycle), and may possibly be aligned with similar forces in St-Peterburg, Odessa, Kiev, Instanbul, or Cairo -- with their colonies in the South American Chaco region possibly more potent than ever, with branches also possible in the Guyana of Bandung Arthur Chung's Jonestown, a topic that FBI astrologer Al Morrison used to say was in need of careful study.  Possibly of equal importance is the role of the Moonie cult in Watergate, before and during its manifestation, and explaining their interest in silencing their role in it afterward.


2018.Mar18: East China Sea Vulkanus and the Japan Factor:

    There are several indicators of possible Japanese power intermixed with the current Vulkanus around 0 Fixed and over the major East China Sea port cities including those in Taiwan. Historically these may be rooted in several issues:

    1) Alternate control of Qingdao/Tsingtao by Germany and Japan when not Chinese, and possible remnants there still influential or even revived;

    2) Shanghai an 'international city' since around 1900, with sectors of the city even controlled by foreign powers historically, with possible revival since the rise of Deng Xiaoping and his adherent Xi Jinping;

    3) Taiwan as a province of Japan starting around 1895, lingering Japanese economic and political interests there, and hoisting by Japanese troops of the (de facto Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang to set up a government base there after 1945, with possible continued influence either economic or political or both;

    4) Possible use of Kuomintang military and the 'Asia Pacific Anti-Communist League' (both closely aligned with Moonie cult) as possible proxies on behalf of nominally demilitarized Japan after 1945. The Moonie cult was created by Japanese psy-war operations (bountiful in Manchuria). Taiwan-controlled islands along China coast may involved Japanese operations/interests;

    5) Willing collaboration of Chinese monarchist Qing-dynasty-remnant politicians (Emperor Pu Yi court, Wang Chingwei/Jingwei, others within the co-Japanese-founded Kuomintang party-coalitions, and monarchist moles within the Chinese Communist Party, during and after WW2;

    6) Overt advocacy of both reunification of China with Taiwan and former Japanese corporate economic ties by Deng Xiaoping for an 'Asian Century' and a 'New International Order', and Xi Jinping's statement of intention to follow through with his policy plans, including a recent 'Prosperity' program reviving thems of the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere.

    These issues are downplayed or denied recently among East Asian politicians and diplomats as the intention is to implement them quietly and with as little resistance as possible.  Fused with them are various "Asian Pacific" programs, and Americans lined up behind the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus network may discover too late that they are following a neo-fascist line and agenda posing as a progressive alliance. 


2018.Mar.12: Global chaos due to intentional transnational Hades=Vulkanus high-power sneakery (edited/updated Mar.13):

    The current Hades=Vulkanus configuration (in this cases Hades 22.5 Vulkanus) is manifesting as high-impact covert global politics.  Note that no person is able to install themselves as President of the United States (any president) without support from some sort of political or financial network, or combination thereof, based in some country on the globe.  As indicated before, Vulkanus political backing for Trump is in the same 1/2 degree longitudinal sector as that for Bush Jr -- thus possibly in the same city.  Interestingly, Elaine Chao (family from current Vulkanus Shanghai-Taipei sector) had presidential cabinet appointments in both administrations as well as in Bush Sr Cabinet.  Chao global power network (Sino-Japanese Kuomintang-affiliated) throughout. The Globalist order announced by George Bush Sr made on September 11, 1990 may possibly be of more significance now than any recent event in US history for what is now transpiring, plus Bush's affiliations in East Asia and the fact that it followed the "New International Order" speech of Deng Xiaoping on December 21, 1988 further reinforcing a virtual re-fortification of the past WW2-era founded "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" plan to integrate the economies and infrastructure of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea.  Note that geodetic alignments also coincide with the political controls over the "Asian Pacific" and the Sun Myung Moonie cult's "Tongil Industries" global corporation which is now affiliated with the Kahr Arms weapons distribution operations inside the USA and the Black Monday Global Stock Market Crash of 1987. These may therefore be directly related to the global/world/international "order" speeches.  Thus, sugar-coated forms of revived Asian fascism should be every bit of as much concern as Deutschebank-hub Eurofascism, and what may be unfolding now is an attempt to take America away from Americans.  

    Deeper roots of the (Japan covert intelligence psy-op) Sun Myung Moonie cult go back to Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka's visit to the USA in 1972 coupled with the rise of the Moonie cult and the "Cultural Revolution" in China, which may have been partially or largely manipulated by Japanese intel operations in China, as well as Russia in other ways, and so not a purely Chinese phenomenon. Sun Myung Moonie also conducted a simultaneous "New Cultural Revolution" that may have been covertly intermixed or fused.  Thus, the impact of the various so-called "China Lobby" organizations in the USA appear to have been and now be far more significant than the American public realizes, and public discussion of it is quickly slammed down by Asian-run media influences that refer to any criticism of Asian mafia/subversion as racism or "hate" while it continues to fester, bringing more guns and drugs into US cities, many from the Shan States area Golden Triangle, and manipulating the US economy. Critics of East Asian subversion are being harassed on the streets and possibly blacklisted by double-agents fused into US infrastructure, which the Elaine Chao network has stated intent to privatize.  This copies patterns of political suppression in East Asia by local parties there, now transported across the ocean -- for example the Kuomintang Secret Police (NBIS/MIB) fused with the Sun Myung Moonie and Falungong cults, involved in the murder of investigative journalist Henry Liu, and now fused heavily into mainland China's "Communist/Peoples" government.  Note that Trump has facilitated this despite his Anti-China speeches, and the public should ask why... is it intentional or out of ignorance?  As pointed out before, Vulkanus (top political power) natally back both Donald Trump and George Bush Jr, -- and Elaine Chao received from both of them key US presidential cabinet appointments.  This should be tallied with Peter Thiel's backing for Trump (and German Austrian agent Schwarzenegger in California) and the old Deutsch-Asiatische/Deutschebank-Asia transnational financial network, as well as the semi-covert Germany-Kuomintang treaties of 1964.  

    These composite into a network resembling the current global economic rise of Germany, Greater reunified China and Japan, while the US economy is systematically weakened, and 'Libertarian'-cult-type fools in the USA clamor for dissolution of US government functions, which will weaken the USA and logically be replaced by transnational bankcorp operations pushed from either East Asia by the Chao and Shinzo networks fused with CAPAC, or from Germany/Austria pushed by the Merkel-Schwarznegger network.  The result is America Squeezed out of Existence and "re-defined" while German and Japanese officers command the US Pacific Fleet and US military forces in Europe.  It's like the End of America and replacement by the revived WW2 Axis Powers, where Americans are to march to Their Tune.  The way for this was paved by the politically naive who think Fascism died in 1945, and believes its sugar-coated mutations still emanating from Berlin and Vienna and Tokyo and the collaborating East China seacoast lands.  Whatever is transpiring in Russia (allied with now reunifying Kuomintang-Communist China) via the SCO Shanghai Treaty, Americans had better pay just as much critical attention to China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea (Japanese puppet state/s), and Germany and Austria, as to Russia, in order to figure out where the foreign subversion and manipulation is coming from, especially since foreign double-agents inside the USA are probably capable of doing far more damage than distant operators on the other side of the planet.  The current situation fully justifies a thorough scouring of US infrastructure, top to bottom, for foreign and double agents.  I am confident, after years of watching foreign media, plus the geodetics, that America is being subverted and dismantled from within by foreign agents on US soil, and things like the Taiwan visa-waiver program need to be ended immediately, while all German and East Asian military operations inside the USA need to be ejected, otherwise intensely scrutinized.  The treacherous impact of the Sun Myung Moonie cult network has never to this day been adequately scrutinized by the American public, and it needs to be Now.  It's urgent, as Vulkanus towers over Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao (and Manila) just as much as it does over St-Peterburg and Kiev and Odessa, the latter of which don't have the kind of potential subversion work woven into US infrastructure as do their Asian counterparts.  Note also India (parts of which have Vulkanus overhead in 8th harmonic) as a subscriber to the SCO Shanghai Treaty and their possible use as agents or mercenaries of the potent and pervasive East Asian power complex.  Don't let investigation of Asian mafia be dismissed as "hate" or unadulterated racism, or America is at risk of an Asian takeover via a Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao centered network every bit as much as a German one via the Deutschebank-Thiel-Schwarzenegger network.  A little dose of healthy nativism may be a good thing as long as it doesn't rage into violence or extremism.  There are other ways of helping refugees and promoting world peace besides inviting them into your living room to take over your house.

    After looking at geodetics and reading various international news reports in recent years, I think the schismatic tensions in Washington have and are being manipulated by political lobbying and cult networks, and these would specifically be, likely, those behind both Chao and Thiel, who may also both be only pawns of foreign economic/political power networks meddling directly in the White House.  This undoubtedly echoes both the Moonie (Japan-Taiwan-Korea and now China too) meddling and possibly near orchestration of much of the Watergate mess (around the time of Japan's Tanaka visit to Washington), possibly the Jonestown mess, and now the current mess.  This is exacerbated by things like Taiwan-visa waivers combined with probably rampant passport or other ID document counterfeiting that may include identity theft.  Similarly, counterfeiting of passports and identity papers was common in German and Austrian intelligence for years.  In addition records declassifed by Bill Clinton revealed extensive collaboration between German and Japanese intelligence starting during the pre-WW2 Axis era and continuing every after... further complicated by Chinese collaboration with the Axis and continued Japanese controls of or in Korea and Taiwan after 1945.

    These are at a critical point now as Vulkanus power is clustered in Shanghai, Qingdao, and Taipei (and Manila as a long-coveted potential

 East Asian Fascist client state, as well as their drive to control or manipulate Guam, Micronesia, and the Marshall Is.)   This is why Asian control in Hawaii and Alaska was and still should be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb.  One vehicle for subversion has been the phony Sun Myung Moonie cult (now with an overtly armed branch, and long covertly affiliated with German transnational covert operations).

    So, as justified scrutiny is directed at Russia, with Vulkanus over St-Peterburg (as well as Kiev, to note, and near Istanbul and Cairo and Alexandria under substantial Saudi influence), eyes Must not be diverted from the East China Sea lands, their history of insidious duplicity including during the Vietnam/Indochina wars, and their manipulation of US foreign policy involving, in part, the China Lobbies in Washington DC and major US cities and state capitals.  This puts the Elaine Chao political and financial network (triple-strike, in both Bushes and the Trump administrations) in the spotlight -- note that she initially proposed the privatization of US infrastructure policy, only later echoed by Trump -- after having hubby Mitch proudly push through massive tax cuts on transnational corporations operating inside the USA that may necessitate foreign borrowing or increased demands for transnational privatization/takeover of  US public/government assets. Also note the presence of Japanese Marine forces in US ports while there was a US government shutdown in early 2018 that may have caused a temporary layoff of port or other security, while a Japanese-born officer oversees the US Naval Pacific Fleet based in Anchorage, where the covert-Japanese-paramilitary/intel-run Moonie cult scours and monitors the coastal seaway outside Anchorage.... a Massive US national security risk, in addition to Homeland Security offices in Honolulu alongside Hawaii independence, Guam and Chuuk independence, and unrestricted immigration advocates.  Smell the coffee, fellow Americans. All US political parties now appear to be infiltrated with Moonie-network operants, meaning agents of Japan-Korea-Taiwan-China joint operations running around the USA while China swings from post-communist capitalism into possible fascism as the Kuomintang fuses back into Beijing and Qingdao and Shanghai. While China stamps out old Mao political kitsch and paraphernalia replacing his face with the robotic look-alike Xi Jinping in a business suit, ready for global business.

    Inside the USA, the Asian mafia screams discrimination as the FBI and other agencies bust their gun-running and drug-running operations, and the enactors/traffickers get 5-year sentences that will soon put them back on the streets to continue participation in subversion that could turn US cities into drug-crazed and weaponized battlegrounds -- while privatized national security organizations risk ineffectiveness due to double-agents and unrestricted immigration of people with fake IDs to potentially exacerbate such potential chaos, while the Asian Law Caucus lobbies for even more risks of it.

    Such now-Vulkanus-aligned impact on American shores in 2018 also triggering the potentially explosive and violently destructive MO=MA=UR=AD 2018 cluster via the not-insignificant 64th harmonic (5:37:30) angle/aspect.   This means a clear indicator of major global disasters, even war or bombings, if the wrong decisions are made, and the recipients of the fallout are locations where those factors are on the Ascendant.  Seattle and Vancouver, Ottawa, New York City, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, and Rome remain some of the most vulnerable locations in event of a violent global confrontation with potential use of nukes or similar technologies. UR=AD in the picture means, in worst cases, of potentially triggers of quakes due to blows to the Earth's surface, or underground explosions. Chao advocated for lifting restrictions on drones, so people won't know what's flying around them and who's flying them -- thus more potential chaos. 

    Japan is notorious for skilled mind-control methods and abuses (in the form of Kamikazes, Moonies, Manchurian candidates, etc, and other possible operations inside US borders... scrutinize TCI/Stanford Research for this in addition to their Nazi/fascist history).  The chameleon-like Moonie spy/subversion network  has spread from San Francisco to counties to the north, and to the south to their 'restaurant corporation' hub in San Leandro alongside the Korematsu schools chummy with the Ed Lee 'CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus' network.  Interesting is possibly ties between Asian Law Caucus roots and Guyana's Arthur Chung and the Bandung Conference monies claimed to be built on post-WW2 East Asian Fascist gold stashes.  Australia may be particularly vulnerable, and Americans Must Not Be Shamed into turning attention away from such a potentially devastating network.  Geodetics indicate how Shrimp Boy Chow and Leland Yee and various voracious Asian real-estate venture-capitalist operations are horning in on Americans' national security in way similar to what the Merkel network's Deutschebank friends have done (real estate gouging and price manipulation including tricks to drive down neighborhood prices before buying).

    Hades in Cancer has, among its both positive and negative potentials, facilitated real estate markets dominated by transnational organized crime networks, and that Hades is also linked via 64th harmonic to a component of the potentially explosive MO=MA=UR=AD cluster.... and overhead in the Opium Triangle monies now pushing from Burma/Myanmar into the increasingly dangerous and corrupt mafia havens in Chiangmai (drugs, human-trafficking, porn, gun-running), perhaps vulnerable to the confusion during the imperial court changeover in Bangkok Thailand.   Thailand is at risk of organized-crime chaos spilling over from Burma/Myanmar, whose less media-publicized transnational mafia in the Shan states has long been far, far more of an international threat than the still-significant media-focus Rohingya issues along the Bangladesh border.  It may be that politics and money in Burma-Myanmar function at a level of corruption unknown in many parts of our planet, but at risk of spilling worldwide due to the Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 angle/cluster/aspect going on now and for the next year or so, maybe via affiliates in the Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao underworld crime circuits woven in to local politics there.  Note that the power buildup there occurred in the mid-late 70s when Vulkanus was locally overhead while the Vietnam war coming to a close and cultish violence plagued Vietnam and Cambodia... and this was coupled with empowerment of transnational narcotrafficking circuits around Marseille, German Helgoland, Swiss banks, Samoa, Havana, and Miami possibly linked in some cases to the Golden Triangle drug (opium and meth) production centers.  One critical message now... the Shan States and Chiangmai may be rotten with intrigue and corruption impacting the whole globe, as may be similar corruption in cities just mentioned in Europe and the Americas.  Oil money in the 'Biafra' region of Nigeria may also be involved, and the Algeria-Tunisia border a possible hotbed of associated transnational crime and intrigue.

    I retain the view that Trump is a politically-inexperienced individual manipulated by transnational organized intrigue, and often implementing policies to their benefit despite his flag-waving speeches. Is he conscious of it?  How conscious is anyone with a close natal MC cluster with the NE/PO midpoint?   Could America have a foreign-installed Quisling in power by transnationally-run political campaigns?  As the old saying goes, 'When fascism Comes To America, it will be waving a flag and carrying a cross".  Such was the case in the Silvershirts and Father Coughlin subversion ops -- and why is that any less likely to happen today?  Was there koolaid in the tea at the Tea Party?  And if so, where in the world was it made?  In 1940, the banks and corporations that ran Germany and Japan and much of China (and Korea and Taiwan) sought to destroy America both from within via American-flag-waving subversion operations and by nocturnal submarine invasions and later planned missile attacks that were aborted by the Allied invasion of Germany and Japan. Russian elements collaborated at various points, from inside or outside Russia, including Finland and Turkey.  Why cannot people see the same thing happening now?  The US Navy had better get a new Pacific Fleet commander real soon... time enough has not lapsed to have Japanese-born officers in control of the US Pacific 
Fleet... nor Germans in control of US forces in Europe.  Who the heck arranged for such a potential disaster?  Moonie or Merkel dupes?  Quite possibly, and maybe even probably.

    Do not go for the Trump versus Resistance potential civil war being fueled by foreign subversion maybe on both sides and facilitated by their control/monitoring of all things telecommunications. Get the moderates in all political parties to come together to save and revitalize America... not foreign-cult-infused networks manipulating our national leaders.  America is infested with foreign cults and fake religions that could cause just as much havoc as anything else..... 'believing' zombies driven by groupthink and manipulated by foreign-manufactured subversion and social instability.  How many bank boards does a foreign-born White House cabinet member such as Chao have to sit on before the American public recognizes its huge significance?... or perhaps more significantly, who their cohorts are, domestically and internationally?   Elaine is only the waitress in a big restaurant run by a mammoth transnational machine, and the same is true of little Peter Thiel... 'food is love' along with blackberry hypnosis.  Who are the Thiels and what are their roots before immigration?  I'm more worried about them than Trump or Putin, since they're closer to home and maybe more in control of the Office of the President even?  Phone lines? E-mails? Electronically-recorded schedules? Other government agencies? Before Trump as well as now?  Electronic voting machines?  Electronic records of election results?  All these must be meticulously monitored. The MO=MA=UR=AD applies to the 2018 elections, and references to electronic operations, repeated stoppages or blockages... data doesn't go through, maybe disappears into a black-hole... people suddenly halted... it looks like the polls may need to be kept open for extended hours in 2018 so late-voters are not excluded by various interference.... even things like roadblocks of various sorts.  Americans should vote early, very early, this year in order to assure being counted, or the worst of UR=AD means progress is blocked, runs into a brick wall.


2018Mar.09: Merkel's race to the bottom with Schwarzenegger:

    Merkel should know about the "race to the bottom" she prates about, since plummeting popularity among German voters required months to get a reluctant coalition to stay in power in a Germany that can't hide its resurgent overt nazism any more.  Astrological indicators showed that she had strong chances retaining the "Chancellor" post, but I saw at the time no indicators of how and by what margin.  Her "Christian Democratic Austerity" party, about as appropriately named as the 'National Socialist' enslavement and extermination party, trained her what to do, and is in fact built on the bulk of Nazi remnants after 1945. German and Austrian politics are Metternich all over.  Schwarzenegger sallies back and forth across the ocean to plot with her when he's not doing the same with the Asian fascist network overtaking California. It's increasingly clear that he was sent here to Terminate America, in covert alliances that dovetail with CAPAC Asian neo-fascism. Bill Clinton, out of naive faith in unfettered globalism and the goodness of all humanity, pardoned Fred Korematsu, an icon of the new Pacific coast Asian Fascism, while Schwarzenegger abused his flexed power in Sacramento to make him a hero with a holiday, interestingly pardoning someone else suspected of spying on behalf of a foreign power.  Go figure on that one.  Meanwhile, many in the People of Color movement are being led along a path to self-destruction by a New Asian Fascist network that they assume is better than what is offered by mean "Old White Men" such as those who founded the United States of America. but the POC rank and file may be in for some unpleasant surprises at the end of the CAPAC pied pipers' path.  The situation smells too much like a repeat of Arthur Chung's Bandung-Conference-affiliated Jonestown plan, only on a much larger scale.  Koolaid nirvana in the netherworld, tuned in, turned on, and dropped at the end of the road out of town, surrounded by hummingbirds in the open fields.

    One of most potentially disastrous or chaotic things to happen recently in California, probably related to the Vulkanus over Shanghai-Taipei connected to Hades over the Golden Triangle, are frighteningly short prison terms for Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow, two major China-born global Asian Mafia kingpins fused into California power politics, for crimes like weapons-trafficking and disgustingly duplicitous sabotage of California's public education system. Five years of imprisonment leaves them to be turned out on the streets, and meanwhile to stir up trouble in the already turbulent, burgeoning and sometimes transnationally-run prison culture, another potential source of domestic chaos. Another disaster was successful demands by the Asian fascist/mafia lobbies to demand more representation in policing forces, which in effect provides even more avenues for coverups and more proliferating organized crime within the political and legal system, aided by the shady 'Asian Law Caucus' of the Korematsu network and their sometimes militant-sounding Anti-Washington rhetoric that echoes Tokyo Rose risen from the grave and scavenging for allies to 'redefine America' and substitute religions and cults for reason and democracy.

    Merkel has given and promised stability, if she can still do it.  Pluto is moving out of Germany and eventually out of Austria toward Sweden and Hungary and Poland. In other words, the Merkel era may be over, but Germans can rest secure due to the Euro currency being housed in Frankfurt.  Habsburg imperial Wall Street money, later coopted by Chinese intervention, which has been the recent dictator of American economics, is headed for Boston and whatever it holds in wait there.. Boston banks or other.  The sooner Chao is gone, the better for America, and Trump has installed every plan her Transpacific/Sino-Japanese/Kuomintang-based network wanted despite his campaign rhetoric railing against China... he's not known for doing what he says he will, and it's probably because he's really only the mannequin in a transnational store-front window.  America has been sold off at the auction block to the highest transnational bidder.  That doesn't have to continue forever if the right Americans intervene within whatever framework the US Constitution provides for, and get the country back in line with the interests of its own citizens.  Most Americans have not learned that they are still far outstripped by the sophistication of the well-oiled German and Chinese and Japanese propaganda machines.  Add that to whatever the Russians are or aren't doing, and do not overlook the financial power of the old South African Boer/Broederbond gold-diamond-platinum money machine, as Pluto is also heading for Capetown, and not long afterward the Boer power hub in Bloemfontein and its transnational Naspers media and technology network that may have some revealing ties to Fox.


2018.Mar.07: General observation on the current geodetic survey:

    Let the various transnational corporate-manipulated media, including those nominally on the progressive/left organizations that they manipulate, duped or controlled by infiltration, propagandize as they will, accelerated global migration is wanted as much by greedy transnational cheap-labor seekers as by people sincerely concerned about human rights issues, and is a recipe for global chaos already manifesting.... there's a motley crew of conflicting extremist interests advocating for the same thing for different reasons. The hothouse border-crossing drives dovetail quite interestingly with the WW2-era Axis powers plan to globalize the world economy while implementing social engineering and population relocation/management. So much easier now with today's invasive technology than it was with 1940s punch-card computers. Why is it that Americans can see discordant economic musical-chairs as evil in China but somehow angelic when transferred to the USA or Europe?

    Geodetics indicate probabilities that the sleazy Moonie-cult 'church' network is woven into the CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus machines that are taking over California's cities and headed for the state capitol, and also has probable ties to Arthur Chung of the old Jonestown cult colony setup, and Elaine Chao's political and financial network, so clearly bi-partisan or flip-flop hourly. Anyone who lived in Chinatown during elections would have a rude awakening about how Chinese politics function... not unlike the reported blaring loudspeakers of the Mao era in China, or the gangster regimes of Taipei and Shanghai.  In America, it's all concealed in the bowels of phony churches or supposed  'faith-based organizations', tax fronts and money-laundering operations heavily invested in real estate, especially the Falungong cult branch of the Moonies who clamor for Dream Act homes and rental property in America.  The Dream Act, copied after a Chinese social-engineering device of the same name in translation, was initiated under the Bush-Chao administration and somehow latched on to the Democratic Party.  Similarly the Bush-announced 'New World Order' following the announcement of the Sino-Japanese 'New International Order' proclaimed by the "Premier Dung"  (Deng Xiaoping) in Beijing.

    The end of democracy, replaced by transnational banking/corporate rule, is the aim of it all, and the main inroad for globalist/transnational corporate takeover and dehumanization where people are just seen as dots on a computer screen, to be micro-managed using the computer-accumulated data. This was the WW2 Axis plan although all they had was computer punch-cards to tablulate their global social-management data.  Why have people forgotten the lessons of World War 1 even?... where nation states were created after 1918  to maintain democracy at the local level and prevent dehumanizing transnational colonization and the expansion of feudal empires to swallow and annihilate nations and communities. This is why the nation-states of Eastern Europe were created, for example, from the Austrian- and Turkish-ruled feudal empires.. and why the Nazi and Asian fascist machines set out, too shortly afterward, to destroy them by annexation into the 'Greater Reich' or the 'Soviet Union' or 'Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere'.  The nationalist plan wasn''t about dividing people but about making sure that the centuries-old established ethnic European homelands maintained local autonomy from neighboring empires, in peace and with local democracy, and were not subjected to a pecking order of the 'racial superiority' ideologies of those empires, either European or Asian, with Asian racism just as problematic as European racism, both then and now.  (And note that American history had different issues and dynamics.. the history and methods are not the same on this issue.)  The philosophy "Think globally and act locally" is still as wise today as it was 30 years ago.  Forced globalization is creating a dehumanizing, synthetic mess that will take longer to unravel the longer it continues, while cold-blooded transnational corporations are the primary beneficiaries, just as they were when such policies were enacted by Hitler and Tojo in the early 1940s.  International dialogue and exchanges are an enlightening delight, and contribute to human evolution, but forced and accelerated population dumping and social engineering are a potentially explosive disaster in the making.  Too many people are ignoring the revival of the Axis fascist banks and corporations at the helm of too many global planning networks and organizations now, and only fools and those ignorant of World War 2 era history believe there is no relationship or continuity in the picture from then to now. The New Fascism wants people to forget how the Old Fascism operated... its aspiring leaders dismiss such things as "Aw that's just Nazistuff", and they use doublespeak and deceptive imagery now just as then... and they want people drugged, unquestioning, rounded up in rallies and chanting the same phrases and picturing the same groupthink 'dreams' and images in their minds as 'shared goals', where conscious community participation is warped into cattle-chute, almost robotic, groupthink. Such were also the Nazi rallies of the 1930s and 40s. Cold-blooded corporatism is programming young people to be slaves of their cell-phones and notebook-computers intended to function as imaginary dream realities substituted in place of real human interaction, love, compassion, and joy. Wonderful and useful technology is being warped and abused and turned into social engineering control devices to create synchronized or lockstep movement or thought, and as one Australian observer put it, to 'make life cheap and expendable', the death of the soul inside each human being.  Computers can enhance life, but must not become a substitute for life, or the world is headed for dehumanization.  As many spiritual teachings have indicated time and again, the soul inside all of us lives forever, and the body is only a temporary vehicle for the soul on the physical plane, and may even be replaced by another body in the future.  The robots have no soul, and they can kill or terminate with no feelings about it.  They are sleeper-cells without the supposedly 'bothersome human frailties'.  When we allow elitist "G7/8/20" neo-fascist fraternities composed of greedy oligarchs to replace democratic international organizations representing all people of the world, the picture looks grim ahead.  The world's population must demand grass-roots participation in government or corporate decisions (especially as oligarchs replace government with corporations, or politics with technocratic or theocratic mandates), or society risks becoming dehumanized to the point where walking and breathing human life is seen as expendable.

    Lastly, the people claiming that technicians have to be imported into the USA are either deluded by false corporate-stacked data, or hypocrites looking for a cheap labor supply. America is already full of smart young people, and if they haven't been trained for technology, then it's time to test their aptitudes and get those with the verified natural aptitude trained and operating.  Unfortunately, Americans have been competing with newcomers from nations with enough wisdom to make sure there is a publicly-funded education system, funded by public-and-nation-minded government agencies rather than greedy pig-level 'businessmen' function at the primal level of human greed motive, to provide effective education that does not bog students down into crippling debt for the rest of their lives.  As it is, American college graduates paying outrageous debt-demanding fees are competing with people from countries where education is provided virtually free-of-charge to those with the aptitude and capacity and motivation to learn and create and succeed, as it should be, and no worries about Real and effective, professional medical care (not quick-fix pill-pop McMedicine) if they need it.  This is only one of many reasons why the recent tax-cuts and foolish deregulations from Washington DC are a potential disaster for the USA... young Americans must have healthy food, secure living conditions, and access to competent teachers and schools in order to compete in the global arena, and cannot work for low investor-determined salaries because of the debt. Other nations know this, and may even lobby to block them if they think it will give them the competitive edge.  This is why the tech corporations want to import tech workers with minimal debts to pay, and also because what looks like a big wad of money from a distance may not pay for needed rent and food when newcomers arrive in the USA... it's not a dream world, in reality, and certainly not since the rapid decline starting in 2000, now clearly due to transnational meddling by double-agents and foreign moles.  Real is real, and it's not a dream. Some US private schools are even importing professors, even secondary school teachers, because they will work for lower salaries due to debt-free education, not because they are more competent or 'experts unavailable in America'. Imported construction workers and dockworkers and even truckdrivers increase "investor profits" while throwing a larger number of Americans out of jobs and onto the streets, maybe even out of their homes.  So much for the "Love the Immigrant" BS, and Americans had better recognize that before the country is an economic disaster zone run by foreign corporations who don't give a hang about America or Americans. This is what the anti-immigrant sentiments are about at root, and privileged policy-makers don't understand because they aren't in the brutally competitive job-seeking or tenant/rental arena. Such things are happening in some parts of Europe too, and this is what the anti-immigrant sentiments come from.  Stop the mass immigration, pay decent salaries, and stop unsettling communities and families by mass labor importation for corporate satisfaction, and the hate-crimes will fade away slowly when the fatcat greed does.  Three more years of it will continue in America unless there are some real, authentic spiritual awakenings of the non-socalled/phony "faith-based" sort. Hold on to your seats, meanwhile. Meanwhile it's Chao Main Surprise and Peter Thiel's Transatlantic fantasy land manipulating Daddy Don on the throne with empty flatteries and the table scraps from global business deals. Ordinary people will organize or perish, and shun the drugs peddled by the rich and predatory invaders looking for more Lebensraum and bodies out of their way.  Add that to whatever Putin is assumed to be doing... is he collaborating, or worrying about how he might be next, if he's not?  Chao loves the resources of the Baltic States, and Shinzo has his pompadour pointed at Yakutia and Uzbekistan.  Australia seems to know what's going on, while the USA and Canada are still in the Asian-manufactured Dream land of imaginary multiple realities and on-line Anonymous Dream channels playing tapes of Eddie Snowden and Julian Assange on LSD.  Who turned off the alarm clock in Washington DC?  Is the electrical outlet still in the Watergate Hotel next to the Washington Times junk-news presses that now print the Falun Gong's tacky "Epoch Times", or is that just "Hate" to even mention the Shanghai-Taipei Green Gang Moonies lodged into US infrastructure and telecommunications lines and towers and destroying America, and maybe now Canada too, from within -- as they have intended to do since the day their "New Messiah" landed his sputtering, gloating presence in America.  That's in the geodetic indicators and now glaringly obvious in California, but has been taboo to discuss, for too long.  Sterling Seagrave, continually stalked and harassed by Asian mafia, provides the background explaining the mess. Henry Liu wasn't so lucky, and they gunned him down in his quiet California suburban driveway before the Asian mafia globalist plans were widely publicized.. Thanks to Henry, and Sterling, and thanks to the nazi-hunters for tracking the post-WW2 German underworld and its similar transnational machinations that I am sure explain most of today's global problems, as the geodetic indicators clearly verify.  The problem is that not enough people heard their messages and warning signals.

    One complexity about Russia is international confusion about its history due to propaganda on both sides.  Geodetics show interesting indicators for Stalin and Trotsky, for example, helping explain the real differences and similarities between them, and people need to remember that Trotsky was imprisoned by Czarist agents in the Pavlovian era and then turned loose to spread his 'perpetual revolution' and make treaties with the budding Nazi machine in Germany.

    Another mystery is who and what Gadafi was, and geodetics shed some light on that... he may have been entangled with remnants of the Nazi North Africa Corps and more of a so-called 'national socialist' than anything.

    While no clear birthdate has been presented for Rasputin, geodetics confirm the possibility that suspicions of Japanese ties to Rasputin affected how he influenced the confused Czar Nicholas II and his family may have had some truth to them.. and that the rather weak-willed Czar may have been similarly overshadowed at times by influence from the German government or military and his relatives there.

    Thus, there was more 'borderless globalism' in world power politics and economics than is often recognized in the history books that stick with reports on or from official state diplomatic policy.

    One thing is clear.... America has been duped by foreign lobbies to an inordinate degree since 2000, and the Bush family ties to the Moonie spy network, as well as to the German Siemens-Deutschebank network, needs thorough study in order to unravel the mess in Washington DC.  America may have to declare its independence a second time, but this time from Greater Germany and Japan and the Chinese Empire -- whereas today's evolved Britain is radically different from the ruthless empire of George III von Hanover, and Canada is now a sovereign nation that America should perhaps emulate more, in order to restore democracy and civility and human living conditions, while the frank Australians have accumulated some lessons America can learn from and should hear.  Otherwise, America appears to be headed toward becoming a smelly garbage heap created by wealthy foreign predator and saboteur organized crime networks dumped on American shores, Privatizing US infrastructure.. noisy swine gnashing up American pearls as the pieces drop into the wasted land around them to make more pig-swill, and feeding weird cults to destabilize American society.  Somebody needs to stop it, or America is Dead and replaced by recycled fascism, electronic tinkertoys, and suffocating overcrowding that has destroyed American quality of life.  Read the Seagrave books to understand the raging organized crime that's spewing in from across the Pacific and now swirling around in the Trump White House as it did around the Bushes, and per some accounts, the Watergate Hotel in the story the American public was never really told but maybe now should hear... the truth about it, not another cover story, with focus on its foreign components and origins.  Geodetics also give some insights into that.  Some claim the Moonies resoutely supported Nixon not for his wellbeing, but because they wanted their role in Watergate covered up so they could continue on course to where they are now... in the Bush and now the Trump cabinets, and even manipulating the Democrats now too via the CAPAC Asian Law Caucus for one big vat of Chao Main from coast to coast. It may really be a State of Emergency to save America from sliding into the sea.  The Russia mess is bad, but the China Sea mafia mess may be worse.  Don't count on the truth about the Transpacific from a Honolulu or Anchorage under Asian control, or about Russia from a Germany with a revived Lebensraum/Vertriebene movement potentially conveniently implemented by German control of US forces in Europe.  There are cases where joint international operations or simply not wise at all, and those cases include situations where the former Axis Powers and its banks and corporations are in control of US policy at Any level.  Those in Washington who have conspired to put Germany and Japan and their sneaky allies in control of the world are probably going to regret it for the rest of their days, and lifetimes to come.. because they are quietly poised to create a mechanistic, dehumanized Hell World on Earth. Solutions the potential disaster include: No more rush signatures for Angela or Shinzo or any of their cohorts; No more 'faith-based' groupthink and hypocrisy; Recognition of Hayek/Austrian/Chicago economics as the disastrous 'Marginalist Economics' it was once appropriately called; and the institution of the compromise economics that was promised in 1990 but never delivered and which was once manifest in America as Roosevelt's New Deal, which required smart Americans putting the foreign-created-and-run Wall Street stock exchange in its place, once and for all.... as the Occupy movement intended to do but failed at.  Maybe more people see the light now as they watch what is unfolding on America's streets and in the daily lives of their families and neighbors. The Trump Train has to be halted and new engineers put in the engine cab, and fast... and Berlin's Peter and Taipei & Tokyo's Elaine need to be the first to Go.  Sorry... no more foreign politicians or oligarchs running things.  That lesson should be clear by now.  America does not Need to import more Greed. That strategy didn't work out well.  Bring in foreign organized crime networks and they take over Everything... Get it finally?  It's a standard, predictable pattern over the decades, and it grows every day, by the hour and minute. And before you know it, everything is Gone.  It's called "Privatization", it was the policy of the brutal and dehumanizing WW2 Axis powers, and idiots are programmed by the organized crime networks to think it's a good thing.  The result is restored feudalism, also known as fascism, and its destroys government agencies in order to make the public think it's better by comparison, but ultimately it's Not, not even close.  America is in this mess thanks to Hoover, Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and now Trump... representatives of the Party of Deutschebank now with a spicy and clever Asian wing that plays the same game, weaves in an out of party lines, and has nearly overtaken its opposition party as well. Led by Princess Chao and Prince Peter, venture capitalist raiders on America, and aided once again by Arnold after his consultations with Angela in the Reichstag.


2018.Mar.06: Hades in Cancer; Hades 22.5 to Vulkanus:

    In many past egroup mails I mentioned the risks of Hades in Cancer in terms of housing... in worst cases there are housing shortages, organized crime taking over real estate industry, and food shortages and poisoning.  Now news of widespread listeria due to deregulation of food production and distribution, plus corporatization (fascism) of mass food production for maximal profits without 'unprofitable' health regulation.  How many people paid attention to Reagan's deregulation of food industries in the 1980s, relevant as groundwork now for problems, and lobbying from the sugar industry to poison foods with excess (addictive) sugar feeding a diabetes epidemic?  Now add listeria on top of that, and meat shipped transoceanic in supposedly refrigerated ships reported sometime to turn off the refrigeration midstream to save costs and maximize profits.

    Solution?  More hydroponic gardening?  Shifts in diet away from perishable foods (i.e. vegetables or nuts instead of meat, now for hygienic reasons), Do people really need meat or is it just meat-industry propaganda?... for centuries, many have claimed otherwise.

    Personally I think the idea of dispensing expired/post-dated foods is a recipe for disaster and public epidemics... those expiration dates on the food packaging are there for a good reason, not just entertainment or superfluous information... and now corporate interests appear to be serving expired foods to the indigent and even the elderly in exchange for tax write-offs or other financial advantages. Greed gone overboard in the shipping lanes.  Market-driven madness.  Deterioration of homes and homelands.

    Hades like Pluto can manifest opposite extremes... the Need for food hygiene, efficient and adequate functional use of housing space and resources... people not wasting empty spaces, but also not overcrowding to cause health or social hazards.  Domestic hygiene... clean kitchens, fresh foods, clean homes, hygienic child-care and pre-natal health focus.  Hades often demands learning how to 'make do' with less, economize, and be more meticulous -- and conscious -- in everything.  Dispensation of psy pills and drugs could impair such situations significantly.  Is the food love, or is the food spoiled and toxic?

    Recently I read that while the fruit of lemon/lime is purifying, the peels/rinds of lemons (outside layer) can carry bacteria and disease, so a distinction has to be made.  An article indicated that lemon slices with peeling may not always be healthy because of the bacteria on the peelings.  Will corporations or corporate 'donors' distribute food that kills instead of nourishes?... due to more greed games.

    Hades 22.5 Vulkanus is coming from various points on the globe.  Note only Russia and Ukraine and Turkey and Egypt-based Vulkanus connected to German, Swiss, Algerian, and Tunisian underworld (incl mining and oil?) corruption; but E South African Vulkanus connected to Gulf of Guinea oilfield control games; East-China-Sea Vulkanus tied to Golden Triangle drug and gun mafia (so conspicuous now in California and maybe tied to problems in Australia and corruption in Hawaii and US military and security offices there and in Anchorage); Canadian naval power in the Maritime provinces may be substantially undermined by crime or corruption in southeast Ontario; US power in Denver and Roswell and Anchorage may be undermined by corruption in Cleveland, Tampa, Asheville, or the SE Asian Golden Triangle mafia now overtaking Chiangmai with human trafficking, drug, and casino-affiliated crime as well as Qinghai oil and Sichuan and Yunnan mafia as Xi Jinping is deceptively portrayed as his antithesis, the 'Chairman Mao' icon, in a tacky Euro-imitation suit.

    While America and maybe the world is focused on the claims and foibles of Donald Trump, is anyone noticing his advancement of policies previously designed and advocated by the Elaine Chao transpacific financial and shipping empire, or her prior and equally inappropriate presence in the Bush cabinets... is the Chinese tail wagging a big American Dog in the "Year of the Dog"?  "Fetch, Rover, and don't break the cable from Fort Knox to Shanghai and Taipei and their sub-offices in Manila".  Australian media is indicating similar problems there, and how is all this connected to power in Anchorage and Honolulu, and since when is the area between the International Date Line and 75 West longitude "Asian Pacific"???   Who's running Tahiti after Merkel and Schwarzenegger installed the quisling Macron on the throne in Paris?  Where does Putin, the 'SCO Shanghai Treaty', or any other globally-significant person or political machine in Russia (or Ukraine, Turkey, or Finland) stand in relation to all this?

    Does America risk becoming "No Child Left a Brain", or just "No Child Left"?  Pay attention to the position of Pluto as well as Vulkanus and Zeus at the time of both the precessed and non-precessed transits of Pluto to the USA 1776 Sun recently... there risks being more power from outside America in Washington DC than there is from America itself.  Note also the inflitration of the 'Anti-Trump Resistance' by a motley assortment of smart people, opposition moles, and foreign agents from the same circles manipulating Trump himself.  Note, particularly, how many connections there are (verified geodetically) between Elaine Chao's and SB Woo's lobbyists in Washington and the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus in California, bipartisan with coast-to-coast coverage.. and their links in turn to the Bandung global money machine, the old Japanese Golden Lily gold stashes, and the fine print in the 'Transpacific Agreements' in their various permutations.  The Euro and Eastasian mafias (sometimes using Hindu-Indian agents as fronts and fall-guys, and including Japanese-Korean East China Sea mafia) are the WW2 Axis revived and truly laughing about having duped America into decline and submission.  Trump did get half of that right in his speeches, if not in his policy applications, which often contradict glaringly.

    Sorry to contradict the well-meaning but naive immigration advocates, but that's largely but not exclusively of course about cheap labor, union-busting, driving down American wages, and foreign-based lobbies from overpopulated countries looking for Lebensraum and its Asian counterpart, and until America wakes up to that reality, there are probably more serious problems ahead.  Freedom of religion in America does not mean freedom to break American laws or demean or degrade the feminine gender as a whole.  Even the worst of neanderthal or feudal misogynists owe their very birth, survival, and existence to their mothers, and haven't got the decency to honor the fact.


2018.Mar.05: Geodetic insights pertinent to today's potent HA=VU potent political intrigues:

    In the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this site you will find various dates of key events in the ISIL/ISIS/Daesh and Taliban/Alqaeda 'realm', and yet there is so much more of a problematic nature going on in the world now.  Call it politics or just power-struggles, whatever the label is, understanding the events and cycles are highly useful for unraveling the current intense deceit engulfing the planet, doing things like destroying the US government to favor corporate globalism and colonization of the United States in nearly every sense of the word including imported "public-private partnerships", a euphemism of economic colonization.  "Mr America" Trump ends up waffling and eventually carrying out the policies set out by the Elaine Chao decorated Asian mafia/intel global network, wherever he does not elsewhere do the will of Deutschebank, which is probably fused with Peter Thiel's imaginary chess games with human lives, or the straggling Kissinger's waning love affair with Sarah Palin or whatever other tart catches triggers his foreign-driven powerlust --  The Overt rise of Japan is to be no less overlooked than the revival of the Chinese, Russian, and German/Austrian empires that created 2 brutal and genocidal 'World Wars'.  Geodetics make clear that Japan made only cosmetic abandonments of its military machine in 1945, which survived via networks including the Kuomintang/Tongmenghui machine as the joint Chinese-Japanese organization it always was, the 'World Anti Communist League' begun as the 'Asian Peoples Anti Communist League and functioned as a colonization and resettlement and Asian imperial outreach paramilitary network, and the Sun Myung Moonie cult (fused with both the aforementioned).  I know my parents and aunts and uncles would roll over in their graves if they knew a Japanese-born man was now in control of the US Pacific Fleet in Anchorage, and that a powerful Japanese-Chinese lobby was running Hawaii and aimed at control of California, if not already there.  And that enabled by Schwarzenegger, who once described Adolf Hitler as his most admired person, and who played a key role in setting up the controversial Korematsu Asian nationalist network that is more interested in painting Japanese as the victims of World War 2, and intentionally distorting the history of Asia with false pretty pictures, than recounting the full history, especially that which affected Americans in the worst sort of tragic and devastating way -- while the extensive Chinese collaboration with Japan in World War 2 is still deceptively denied and censored in order to 'save face' for the Asian Century onslaught now masked as a leading branch of a 'People of Color movement' and the 'Asian Pacific' plan.

    In reference to Russia, a recently encountered article is an excerpt from a highly informative doctoral dissertation by Dr Ian Johnson on German-Russian early Trotsky-era Soviet covert military alliances and joint programs, posted at, a must-read for understanding more about the covert collusion of the Russian and German militaries even in defiance of official state policy... which may be relevant now, and it is vital for Americans to understand before thinking about fighting a German-manipulated war that could potentially blow several major US cities, defense facilities, or more to smithereens.

    A geodetic indicator to be reviewed is how much Mussolini was a Austrian/German Nazi puppet and laboratory experiment on Italy much as was Franco on Spain.  Note that the first coup to install Hitler in Berlin failed while a the coup in Rome succeeded and Hitler had to wait another 10 years or so to be the Big Cheese (or the Big Rat) in the Reichstag.  Information in the article or German-Russian collaboration in the 1920s and 1930s also validates geodetic indicators that some of the early backing for the Reich came from Russia, and some of that due to duplicity in the collaboration and deceit of the German government by the 'Reichswehr' of the German military-industrial complex.  The popularized claims that Americans created Nazism in Germany holds no water, even if greedy fatcats on Wall Street were dazzled by the glamour of Nazi propaganda and its promise of profits from labor camps.  It was indeed Germany (and Russian fascists, and the pathetically naive Edward VIII, and East Asian fascist allies) who set up the Nazi cults in the USA to manipulate the naive like marionettes.

    The Russia situation now is serious.  How many have noticed that the party of the cagey Putin was once classified as a Russian fascist party by American political scientists?   Geodetics indicate that Post-Soviet Russia and its economy may have close ties to the European Central Bank, something the Russian public might be outraged about if they knew.  Routing out Russian manipulation of US elections is vital.

    However, US media is now so transnationally 'privatized' and centralized that way too little attention is being paid to rampant Chinese and Japanese manipulation of US elections.  The issuance of false identification cards and passport to Asian-born newcomers is being glossed over as though it matters not, and Asian lobbies are using Transpacific money to manipulate US elections and political offices and agencies in way that should be arousing public indignance... and yet it seems to float by unnoticed for reasons that need to be scrutinized thoroughly.  "Asian-Pacific" agencies claiming the Pacific for Asia abound in Hawaii and California, and nothing is said for reasons that need to be scrutinized thoroughly... mafia-affiliated Asian spies circulate unfettered and Americans of Asian heritage who speak up about the corruption are silenced, blackmailed, or killed, or all of the above, as Henry Liu was almost 30 years ago, may others since unreported, and the Transpacific corruption far worse now, as as the cults... Moonie, Falungong, other phony religious cults as plentiful as maggots on the dying flesh of a once-American nation now supposedly 'redefined'.... we'll see how that unfolds.


2018Feb.14: How WW2 Fascism has survived globally (edited and updated Feb19):

    Before launching the larger topic, this comment:  For a long time I thought the Ferdinand Lundberg book "The Rich and the Super-Rich" held the key to understanding who the "men behind the curtain" in America were as of the date he wrote his book (something changed substantially by the Asian financial influx of recent years), and yet after a study of geodetic alignments over the history of the last few centuries (and this is where History really matters... the "old money" that controls the big transnational banks and corporations that control the world... what is missing in Lundberg's book is adequate information on the transnational money that has fueled or controlled America's merely local oligarch families.  One example is the widely-touted Rockefeller name, which per geodetics shows to actually be rooted in the German monarchs who sat on the throne of Holland with their Royal Dutch/Dutsch Shell oil empire.  Thus "Standard" may in some ways be only a branch of "Shell", and clearly the "minor house Orange" Nassau monarchy of Holland a mere branch of German monarchy (a blend of Habsburg and Hohenzollern lineages), which in tandem with the Oldenburgs (incl the last "Russian Romanovs") and the Kapetinger "Bourbons" (descendants of Hugo Kapet of the so-called "Holy Roman Empire", more accurately called the "First Reich" among the Germanic monarchs and recognized by Napoleon as such).  WW2 Fascism was created by the more devious of European and Asian monarchist oligarchies and their tentacles.  This included tricks to manipulate various quislings and puppets like King Edward 8 of England and the Bahamas... Monarchist mind-control and quisling-puppetry goes back at very least as far as Ivan Pavlov, who was commissioned by both the ruling Czar  as well as the ruling Kaiser of Germany to conduct experiments on dogs to be transferred for use on human 'subjects'... of whom Hitler was eventually one.  No real "Fuhrer/Leader" was Hitler, but a pathetic boy from Habsburg Austria groomed and trained to play the leading role in a real-life-enacted action-film-horror-show called the "Third Reich", replete with real murders and transnational mass genocide.  (The idea that the Third Reich rose and fell with the career of Adolf Hitler is mere myth.)  Today, we see more of the same, noting that Europe is not the only place where this has unfolded historically or today.... there is also Asia in the picture, now more conspicuous than ever.

    Access to the the history of Asia is more limited in western languages, and possibly also (maybe even moreso) in Asian languages, due to the perpetuation of the feudal and monarchist systems and their rigid censorship of information in China and Japan and the Middle East, with India possibly the most intellectually open and lucid society on the Asian continent.  Some Chinese colonies (Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan in recent years, etc) have made such claims, but they are dubious.  What has been verified from a variety of Asian and Asia-watcher sources is that WW2 Asian Fascism revolved around the Imperial Dynasties of both China and Japan, China's dynasties surviving under the covers in Chinese politics of both the Communist and Kuomintang parties and at the same time fused with the Japanese monarchy in variable alliances, further allied in WW2 with remnants of the Russian monarchy.  The most conspicuous example is the "State of Manchukuo" (where Vulkanus is now moving into), where the Fascist Axis parties (Russian Fascists of the Vonsiatsky network, and the "Kwantung Army" network within the Japanese military, along with sympathetic Qing dynasty affiliates who continually wove into and moled into both the Communist (in some ways Russo-Chinese) and Kuomintang (in some ways Sino-Japanese with German alliances) parties in China.  Imperial Germany supported the Qing/Ching dynasty in China as the Republican revolution of 1910-11 was unfolding, often via support and training for Qing dynasty military figures (Chang Tsolin/Zuolin) and later Nazi training and support for Kuomintang military and even for the Chinese youth organizations like the Young China network and the Lixingshe 'Blueshirt' paramilitary guerrilla network.  A key German figure in these operations was Hans von Seeckt, while a key Russian Communist (Zakharov) trained Chinese Communist soldiers.

    The Kuomintang Party held early founding meetings in Tokyo, Honolulu, and Singapore, and some French references claim the party's main roots are in the Singapore sea-trade network (the historic roots of the Lee family network including Lee Kwan-Yew). And Shanghai has long been a city of transnational trade and influence, with influential Japanese and German oligarchies, while Taiwan became an overt, annexed province of Japan in 1895, and the Japan Fascist military installed Chiang Kaishek in power in Taiwan during the closing days of WW2.

    The recent secretive "Transpacific" and "Transatlantic" networks have both quietly restored the old Fascist Axis oligarchies.  Did Obama know this?  Maybe not, being educated in a university (of Chicago) founded by often pro-fascist oligarchs of the US Republican Party, or advised by one of its Pacific-coast equivalents, Stanford (Leland being a cofounder of the US Republican Party along with Rockefeller).  Obama is a Democrat educated by Republicans, then lured and apparently swayed by the pestering impositions of Germany's Merkel and Japan's Shinzo.  Moreover, the "CAPAC Asian Law Caucus/Asian-Pacific" network, which simultaneously fused into near control of the Pacific coast Democratic Party wing, shows to probably have direct links to its Republican counterpart in the White House, the Elaine Chao network.  Sun Tzu guerrilla tactics in practice.  Schwarzenegger plays both sides, for the greater "goods" of the revived World War 2 Fascist Axis, and his father would be proud of him after all for such an accomplishment.  In 1933, Germany and Japan and their Chinese tag-alongs nearly had America duped, with Hoover's naive compliance... and it took someone as smart and knowledgeable of US history and global intelligence (supplied in part from under-siege London, purged of Edward VIII lingering in the Bahamas) in the personage of Franklin Roosevelt, a brilliant career-military man steeped in an experienced family political lineage, combined with a strong sense of human compassion and American patriotism, to lead America out of a mess that had Hoover duped and confused.  And yet Stanford University would name a foreign policy institute after a man who was a dupe of Hitler and Tojo and their Chinese (and Spanish Franco) collaborators... go figure. Foreign fascism was thus nearly installed in Washington in the 1930s due to the naivete of Hoover et al.  Back then, there was no internet, and transnational espionage networks were not fused into controlling and manipulating it like they are now.  Trust in Globalism is Not justified... there are vipers among the charming diplomats, and some of them monitor, intercept, and manipulate the internet... and thus apparently had Obama and some other leading Democrats duped, while the Republican Party was founded by agents of Frankfurt's Euro Deutschebank, which now practically runs the European Union, long has tentacles in East Asia, and may be more entrenched in Russia today than is widely recognized.  Deutschebank was founded under the Kaiser's military Werner von Siemens family... yes, the very same Siemens of technology fame that created "The Cloud" that now records all internet communications for Berlin, which Merkel's fuss drama over her cellphone was designed to obscure -- and fused into Microsoft during the changeover from Windows 3 to Windows 95.  The Asian Games are no more benign.  Puppets of Asian intelligence-run cults are pervasive in Hawaii and California now, and spreading inland... Moonies, Falungong, Hare Krishnas, Soka Gakkai, S&M derivative cults now going so far as to attempt to program and manipulate vulnerable and lonely senior citizens.  The 'Kahr Arms' network of the Moonie cult child/heir may be an extension of the 'APACL', which has been a nominal anti-communist league that in effect has functioned as a Pan-Asian colonization league, which early on collaborated with post-WW2 Nazi underworld elements.  Various Asian 'anti-communist' organizations are now fused into the North Korean government, probably starting as far back as Kim Jong-Un's father, and the recent Kuomintang-Communist fusion government celebrated in a sham 'anti-fascist V-day parade in Beijing is only the heir to several past post-1949 Kuomintang fusions in Beijing, including via the offices of Liu Shaoqi and Lin Biao (who built up China's nuclear arsenal in Qinghai) -- and who may have substantially manipulated the 'Great Leap Forward' and 'Cultural Revolution' socio-economic disaster programs while Mao Zedong was propagated as the 'Great Leader' who often actually functioned only as a relatively popular fatherly figurehead.  The next Chinese bigwig who did Japan's will was Deng Xiaoping, who openly advocated for political reunification with Taiwan and economic reunification with Japan -- and whose policies Xi Jinping has vowed to follow through on (including a 'New International Order' and a 'Prosperity' program echoing the objectives of the WW2 East Asia Prosperity Sphere).  Let Australian and Filipino victims of that brutal machine tell you what that might be like.... Japanese citizens, who are normally reluctant to create a public scene in their oppressive feudal society, poured into the streets to warn the world of a possible revived Japan Fascism when Shinzo Abe took power.  Ask why American Democratic leaders ignored this.... I'd say naivete, bribery, or brainwashing is the explanation.

    Meanwhile, in Germany, the bold lie of blaming the USA for creating Nazism is being circulated (while the geodetics make clear who built that machine... it was imperial monarchist German, although begun from outside Germany.. in remote agencies in Holland, Iceland, and possibly within the Russian Empire, and maybe German and Czarist-Russian-controlled Finland or Kaiserlich Hohenzollern-run Romania. Similarly, money and power from Manchuria and China, as well as in Japan and its Pacific Island colonies inherited from Germany, show as being instrumental in the rise of the WW2 Asian Fascist machine, while the Nazi-puppet Franco and Mussolini quisling governments spread Fascism into the Latin world.

    Trump is only a figurehead, although his mannerisms make him sometimes appear otherwise.  Those who put him in power, including Thiel and Chao, said he might bring surprises.. those surprises being the other side of a classic Gemini with two personalities, in the case of Trump controlled by others. As mentioned before, the near-cluster of MA/NEZEKRPO on his MC shows him subsconsciously or unconsciously controlled by some sort of official military agency, at 21 fixed signs, which points to either cities near Tokyo or Tehran, or in the Russian Urals (which was along a base of the old Czarist network).  Kronos means official, and so Tokyo is most likely... and Chao's network shows strong ties to Japan.  There could even be ties to Greenland or Brazil, if Germany continued to operate underground bases in either country after 1945, or any possible covert operations in his father's economic empire in the Yukon, in remote locations in British Columbia or the Northwest Territories.... even covert operations in Micronesia, New Guinea, or remote areas of Australia far from any major city (and thus likely remote foreign underground operations away from the eye of the Australian government).  My assessment at this point would be that Trump has been put in office to create a fascist-like administration to make it look like America is a key fascist country (also the purpose of the weird "Tea Party" cult, which Thiel also praised at one point, and was early-on promoted at Stanford).  

    Further, the "Tea Party" 1930s prototype "Silvershirts" showed to be backed not only by Nazi Germany, but also Fascist Japan and and Chinese allies it had. The largely Shanghai-Taipei based "Green Gang" mafia that has long been fused into the East China Sea maritime network treads the same territory as the Chao shipping empire, was largely Japanese as well as Chinese... a fusion of the two... and Korea long a ruthlessly-manipulated puppet state (North and South as well) of Imperial Japan.  That's where the Moonies come into the picture, and geodetics show the Falun Gong as a derivative of the Moonies.... something to appeal to the New Age crowd who might not bite the shiny, supposedly "Christian" fishing-lure of the Moonies' "Kahr Arms" armed wing fused with the APACL "anti-communist" Asian colonization league.  The Chao dynasty seems to have substantial control over the Republican Party, financing Mitch McConnell's career and fused with the smarmy Falwell empire in Virginia that the Moonies co-opted and possibly helped build up, and possibly also other 'Culture Wars' advocates such as the gremlin/troll-like beady-eyed Pat Robertson. The parallels to the German monarchist 'Kulturkampf' of the 1870s are also interesting.. something that largely embodied an Imperial German attempt to take control of the Catholic Church, which was echoed in the 'Deutschechristen' network created by the Nazis, and the strange militant radical-right pseudo-christian cults they built up in remote and culturally-deprived areas of the USA.

    At this point, I would assess the 'civil war'-like drama of a Pacific-coast 'Resistance' in opposition to a foreign-puppeteered Trump machine (much as Bush Jr was, noting the presence of the Chao network again as well as the Bushes' crazed adoration of the Moonie cult and its institutions) as a functional Global Neofascist attempt to destroy or fragment or subjugate the USA in internal confusion and discord that serves the interests of the revived WW2 Fascist machine (which did include Russia in alliance at one point, and clearly had Chinese allies and participants including Wang Chingwei among others).  This means that it is Vital for moderate elements of the Democratic and Republican parties to come together for sensible  and humane compromises, and ignore the extreme wings (which includes Trump, McConnell, Ryan) of both parties. Washington must drop the partisan dogmatism and consider what is in the interests of America as a whole, as a healthy, unified, and resilient nation -- which may require a weeding out of foreign moles/agents.  The Asian fascist wing is attempting to harness the People of Color movement to its colonizing objectives, and shamelessly and hypocritically manipulating valid and needed US civil rights laws and protections to further a functional back-door Invasion coupled with a real-estate takeover. Connections between the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC and the activities of Jonestown's transnational lawyer Arthur Chung and the Bandung Conference circuit need to be investigated.... as well as connections between the Moonie cult and the early Jonestown colonies in California that started out in some of the same general locations around San Francisco... and their connection in turn to the Bandung Conferences and post-WW2 Asian Fascist underworld 'Golden Lily' financial stashes and affiliated paramilitary operations.

    Increased and unregulated immigration is likely to worsen the mess... it should not be implemented, although the human and civil rights of existing immigrants need to be honored and protected, and prior 'DACA' promises kept insofar as all immigrant populations are monitored for affiliation with foreign intelligence or underworld links.  This will at times require monitoring of US citizen communications overseas, especially as, historically, the most problematic subversion programs in the USA involved spies who had obtained citizenship specifically to help carry out subversion programs inside the USA (common in World War 2).  Immigrant populations were often the first to be targeted for recruitment by foreign subversion operations, with the (often correct) assumption that dual allegiances still existed.  Hopefully, that means that Schwarzenegger's political career is Over... as it would be highly unwise to allow it to continue to exist in the USA.  Geodetics help uncover just who wanted Schwarzenegger in office in Sacramento, and why.  Furthermore, his personal geodetics show direct links to the network that attempted to manipulate Sargent Shriver while he was involved in the America First organization, whether they were successful with him or not.  Thus the marriage to Maria may have been politically 'arranged' by old family 'friends'/international associates of her father's.

    Peter Thiel also is a puppet, likely of the political associations of his family. With a close cluster of his Sun with Cupido and Poseidon, he is susceptible to being the manipulee of an ideological organization his father was associated with, one based around 18 Cardinals, which may be in former German territories in Poland, or in Sweden, or in South Africa.  What are often described as 'Dutch' roots of the Afrikaans/Boer South African political network are actually largely German, and Cecil Rhodes may have been largely an adjunct of the German East Africa and German Central Africa colonization programs of the Kaiser's explorers Hermann Wissmann and Karl Peters, who envisioned German control of Central Africa or more from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans, a plan still envisioned by the Nazis during WW2, who had ample allies in South Africa who later set up the Apartheid system, and who had partial control of the Congo via military occupation of Belgium.  Thiel talks like an ideologue whose dogma overruns any logical considerations, and his views on education are largely colored by having gone through private colleges, including Stanford University, a school hardly representative of US public education (of which he appears to have little to no understanding of any depth).  A birthtime for Thiel might tell more of why he lives in a fantasy world of ideas disconnected from physical reality.... he's an unknowing puppet of a cold political machine that is Not Very Nice..

    The dawn of the 21st century led the world into a period of extremes of potent covert politics and political puppetry. This Hades configuration is within 2 degrees of orb of 22.5 angle to Vulkanus.. for a few more years.  Meanwhile, the Hades=Vulkanus harmonic cluster/angle, on the positive side, can also help us scrutinize global politics and clean them up, so there is hope.  If it seems like things have never been so bad, there is something to that view in some ways, but time and human wisdom via rational and logical thinking rather than blind 'faith' or 'believing' will solve the problems. Use the brain and reasoning powers God gave you, for that purpose.  As pointed out below, the slimy scum that Hades is capable of manifesting at the bottom of its early processes, is capable of being cleaned up and resolved.  Investigations like those of the FBI into Asian-based mafia corruption Must Not be stopped, as they are are extensive, pervasive from coast-to-coast including Atlantic yes (with the colonies at Lattingtown, Barrytown, Tarrytown, Kahr potentially paramilitary), and Critical to US national security, and foreign intelligence is perhaps more often than not attached to nationalistic objectives of its origins, despite pretenses to the contrary.  For example, while Russia may well be presenting serious problems in terms of global politics, it is Not the Only source of problems, by far.  Nor is the Middle East alone.  East Asia is a major source of world economic organized-crime "secret-society" corruption and deceit, too often ignored due to coverup ploys and treacherous crocodile tears when its gangster networks are identified and try to 'save face' when under investigation or public scrutiny.  Wikipedia is now being scoured and whitewashed, or "yellowwashed", as much by Asian fascist gangster networks as much as it was by Neonazis and original Nazis for years already.  Much about the corruption in Washington since the time of Watergate will be uncovered and explained by a thorough study of Asian cults and subversion operations (Moonies, etc) at the Watergate Hotel, as well as post-WW2 fascist elements from both Europe and Asia within the so-called 'Heritage Foundation' and the 'American Security Council' in Chicago (which notified Japan of US defense operations at Pearl Harbor prior to Japan's attack, and yet still operates today in "America's Heartland"), and sometimes manifesting as functional raving radical-right cults that include the sick Ayn Rand zombie cult that brainwashed Paul Ryan and some key American economists, for obvious reasons.  Fort Benning Georgia may be a major hub of foreign subversion of US politics and culture, as have been Moonie cult hubs nationwide, and of German and Japanese and Chinese intelligence and espionage agents fused into US military agencies and operations.  All those must be flushed out if the USA is to remain a unified democracy for the future.  More immigration, especially into national-security-sensitive tech industry operations or military or security operations, at this time, is Pure Stupidity, and that includes foreign 'private contractor' operations which may be little more than foreign subversion and/or spying operations soaking up data on the US infrastructure that Elaine Chao's family network have told her to privatize... there's more Shanghai Green Gang mafia mess.  Trump's tax reduction bill is a potential Disaster (social and economic) for America from the capitol dome to the increasingly overcrowded sidewalks of America's cities.  Note how the manipulative Sino-Japanese Chao network put McConnell in office while advocating for a transnational privatization strategy, although (programmed-to?) Trump is the one who is one announcing it now.  Watch closely the interactions and political roots among all three, plus Ryan and Thiel, and many problems may be solved at their roots.

    As indicated below, Hades on the MC is where the major sources of global political intrigue are immigrating from, including Iceland, where the US military recently and foolishly abandoned Atlantic surveillance posts, the foolish relinquishment of control of US troops in Europe to Germany's General Laubenthal, as well as the posting of Japanese-born Harry Harris to control of the US Pacific Fleet while glossing over the deadly history of Pearl Harbor with carefully featured stories of pity for WW2 Japanese although Japan plotted often with Nazi Germany, and helped continue its plans from May to August of 1945 after Berlin nominally surrendered.  All those set up the USA for manifestation of Hitler's Dream and Tojo's Dream... an America subjected and obedient to the German Reich and the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere.  How Stupid that anyone in Washington, elected or otherwise, would allow it to happen.  There are signs that foreign money hoisted idiot-puppets into power in Washington, and that must be fixed ASAP... no time to waste on delays.  Americans need to Demand an end to the stupid clown shows in the halls of government.  American government must not become an 'action movie' or more 'star wars' hollyworld nonsense.  Nor should the world put 'faith' in the machinations of Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, plastic and artificial Taipei, or Korean CIA Gangnam psy-ops or 'Anime/Anonymous' halloween freak shows.  Supervision of the internet and its data under the control of the wrong people could create a global disaster, if it hasn't already tried to begin, and especially under control of the former Axis powers.  All people of all continents Must Not resign their critical thinking skills to drugging or ideological blindness, including those created by many religions.  Some of the problems will probably resolve as Hades gets beyond 2 degrees past its 22.5 angle to Vulkanus, and any sort of "World War" must be kept in check in the meantime, as the two uranian factors involved in that harmonic angle/"aspect" are and indicator of the current potential rule of the depths of political intrigue and deceit and confusion, especially where political secrecy is involved -- and that covers the contracting of TPP, TTIP, and CETA.  Nothing must be "rushed" without thorough questioning and scrutiny at this time, unless it can be clearly verified to preserve rather than destroy humanity and a truly humane social order.


2018.Feb.11: Axis Fascist Replay explains messes in Washington:

    The WW2 Axis powers and alliances (both European and Asian too) have been almost fully revived... thanks to idiot politicians (plus the few treacherous knowing ones) around the world who have helped it happen. How?  Brainwashing and mind-control (quislings), just like the last time. Elements in Russia could be complicit, just as the Russian govt was in 1939.  It was banks and corporations that ran the Fascist machine, and many of the same ones are still around, and more powerful than ever (Siemens-Deutschebank, Schroderbank, and the Imperial Banks of China and Japan with new names).  Chamber of Commerce often complicit (and backing the Silvershirt-modeled "Tea Party") is an international organization, founded in Germany around the old Cologne/Koln monarchist banking and global trade network) and then spread transnationally, and backed the Third Reich, which geodetics show to be backed from German Monarchist elements harbored in Holland (i.e. the German Kaiser in exile, and friends), Iceland, and maybe Russia (e.g. defacto German "Romanov" network) as well.  Germany and maybe also Austria helped restored the Qing Dynasty in China and/or Manchuria and Mongolia in both WW1 and WW2, and the Japan and the monarchist in China formed an alliance in WW1 as well as in WW2. The Austrian 'Baron von Ungern' from Graz Austria also played a role.  Herbert Hoover, transnational bankers' errand-boy, was their dupe and repeatedly enacted policies to benefit the Axis powers, in a zeal to contain Bolshevism, today out-of-power and/or under siege in China and Russia.  Too few noticed that the Deng Xiaoping shift in China after Mao Zedong died lay the groundwork for various procedures including systematic Privatization of the China economy, re-merger of China with Taiwan, and opening to colonizing investment by Japan, in effect resuming the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan, in some ways further along than it was in 1945... and this was backed by covert Kuomintang support nested in the the USA now uber-rich from the process and lobbying Washington (Chao and Moonie network) and some US state capitals (CAPAC including Moonie network) like flies or vultures on a wounded animal called the US Government, hobbling due to their, and the Revived Nazi network aligned with Schwarzenegger and Peter Thiel's infiltration, subversion, and disgusting manipulation.  The Kuomintang are now merged in and maybe in control of the shell of the Communist Party of China, and the Kuomintang included Japanese elements from the beginning, with founding meetings in Tokyo (as well as Honolulu and Singapore) so there you have Vulkanus over the East China Sea, or at least part of it.  How did they do it?  With lots of help with China Lobby dupes in the USA and elsewhere, including the Moonies 'Unification' (get the real meaning now?) 'Church', and recently by the Falun Gong, which geodetically shows to be a 'New Age' branch of the Moonies/Unification, which has various branch cults and organizations that look legitimate, even including 'academic' orgs fused into universities, maybe even close to running them.  They are fused into both the Republican and Democratic parties, and appear to find it quite entertaining that they can make America dance like a PAC-man derived video game, to "KPop" psy-op Trance music with line dancing.  They Asian/Bandung wing deride America as run by "Old White Men" who are supposed to all be identical to Donald Trump, the rallying point at which they direct their alliance, and which they helped install in power via Elaine Chao network assets link to CAPAC in the US Pacific states.  It should be closely studied where the weird 'white supremacist' cults in America came from, as they historically were funded by the Central/Axis powers (both Euro and Asian, incl Japan and the fascist Rich of China) as they attempted to create a civil race war in the USA during both WW1 and WW2, during which they also backed armed Anti-America networks in Mexico. 

    Note the German Fascist network (now rallied around Thiel and Schwarzenegger and, more subtly, Merkel)  is equally roaming again like Frankenstein on steroids with ray-guns, no better than the Asian version (which recently even added on revived Hindu Fascism and Narendra Modi's party)... and even the WW1-Central- and WW2-Axis-aligned Middle Eastern alliances.  If they have Russian support like that of the Hitler-Stalin pact, the are formidable.

    Cults and mass robo-psychology ('believe' instead of think) is how both WW1 Proto-fascism and WW2 Fascism took off and operated... and the 'Tea Party' is so much like the Axis-backed 'Silvershirts' and 'Liberty League' (which fused into 'America First') that the resemblances are obvious to anyone who studies the records of their activities.

    America must unify, and that requires the fanatics and extremes being forced out of power in American politics.  Moderate policies on immigration must be followed, a compromise struck, with close monitoring during times of possible and even likely foreign infiltration, and I don't mean just Mexico... the China, Taiwan, Japanese bases in the East China Sea, and Russia, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa, even Argentina and Paraguay and even possible Guyana  paramilitary ops (now Vulkanus-imbued), are all potentially problematic.  Any threats from Mexico are small potatoes by comparison.  Double-agents from the East China Sea region are by far the most thoroughly-interwoven network capable of harboring double-agents and even overtaking US infrastructure from within, which has been (Princess under a King) Elaine Chao's stated objective. Asian neo-fascists are manipulating the immigration policies to favor increased foreign infiltration objectives. It's Time Overdue for America to scrutinize the Moonie cult network, its fusion into the probably overlapping Chao and CAPAC networks and Flush It OUT of America once and for all... the Moonie cult leader once referred to America as the Land of Satan while he was the 'Second Christ' supposedly 'better' than the last one, and now they sell guns while American cities are flooded with them coupled with drugs.

    Some Anti-Trump "Resistance" organizations are heavily manipulated by neo-fascist cults, including those rooted in the old Moonie network, and possibly including moles from their "opposition".  The little Civil War game is not the answer, and if Austrian actor/agent Schwarzenegger is involved, it's Treacherous, regardless of pretenses of US political party affiliations... he's not about America. 

    The FBI was an All-American agency at its roots (before adding transnational 'private contractors'), per the geodetic indicators, while the CIA (and Homeland Security probably) is transnational from birth, with post-1945 Axis fusions, per both the geodetics and per their historical roots and evolution.  Homeland Security may have thrown open the gates for Kuomintang East Asian nationalist and Moonie-affiliated invasion (largely via Honolulu). Private contracts could be a major inroad for foreign surveillance and subversion... the DHS was set up to bring disaster to the USA.  Of all three of those agencies, the FBI is the most purely American, aside from any transnational private-contractors or manipulees (Infraguard leaks, Moonie dupes, etc).

    It could be that Asian intel ops were brought in to get the old Nazi remnants weeded out, but the problem is that there were and are Nazi-aligned Asian fascists in the picture, and these often via Moonie-affiliated organizations, of which the Falun Gong is likely one.

    I hope to later cover ways indicated in astrology to steer out of the mess.  It may involve some sort of US military intervention in US government, and that MUST exclude foreign-born elements with any possible dual allegiances.  Harry Harris and his circle need to be removed from control of the US Pacific Fleet, and the CAPAC network (which appears to maybe include radical right neo-fascist elements) as well as Chao's and Thiel's, need thorough scrutiny for dual allegiances to networks in competition for global dominance and seeking submission of the USA to their agendas.  Otherwise, Bye Bye American Pie -- the treacherous, duplicitous Nazis and Asian Fascists won after all, with double-agents their key to success.  Vulkanus is over the East China Sea now... and the Asian Century plan is every bit as inimical to the survival of America as is the old Eurofascist machine run by Merkel et al's "EU" EuroUnion oligarchy.  Will politicians in Washington sacrifice American democracy to post-1945 Fascist mole networks in order to contain Russia?  Are Americans to feel shame for Hiroshima when Pearl Harbor and the plan to Take Over Hawaii was not apologized for?   The Japanese-aligned Kuomintang have lied time and time again about their active collaboration with Japan Fascism and the Nazis in WW2.  The history of Israel was radically altered when the West German embassy was set up there, and the Likud Party was born. And geodetics indicate that the recent attacks on Israel may have been commanded from Turkey and or Egypt, if within the Middle East -- or Peterburg or Kiev or Durban -- or Shanghai or Taipei or Qingdao.  Who would want most for Israel to be attacked, and why.

    If unchecked immigration into the USA continues to be allowed, and foreign manipulation of US political parties and government continues, US domestic chaos is at high risk of occurring.  Russian elements might collude, but the results for Russia would be just as disastrous as for the USA.  Are there other nationalist elements manipulating a US-Russia confrontation?  There could even be collaborative manipulation from Paraguay and Argentina (where Vulkanus is also overhead now) in the mix... they and South Africa would be out-of-range of a nuclear war between the USA and Russia, as might be Japan and Korea, where the Japanese-created, Kahr-armed Moonie family could be the new messiahs and monarchs over a nuclear-wasted planet.  Note also the 8th harmonic alignments now of Vulkanus over Kashmir, East Central Asian Russian Empire, eastern Iceland, the Marshall Islands, and the longitude of Denver and Roswell from Canada through the USA and into Mexico... all of which need intensive surveillance.  In California, there are signs of a CAPAC-led lobby wanting to take control of government, possibly aligned with Chao per the geodetics, and ready to line up with Shanghai or Taipei for an 'Asian Century International Order' as touted by Deng Xiaoping, whose footsteps Xi Jinping has sworn to follow -- and that 'Order' included a revival of alliance with Japan and Korea for an East Asian "Prosperity" Sphere, which appears to be now manifesting.  The US Democratic Party must not get too fused with CAPAC, and there must be No Asian-born or German-born politicians running government or military operations, or disaster awaits.  In wartime, the native land and its alliances tug at the heart-strings, and the Asian lobbies in California are already playing on US regional divisions, including Hawaii and Guam and Marshall-Micronesia autonomy. What foreign elements are backing the ridiculous Confederate-themed cults and war re-enactments?  It's already clear that the "Tea Party" cult has been backed by foreign money, including the International Chamber of Commerce, which once envisions a global economic order under Germany's Hitler, Japan's Tojo, China's Wang Chingwei, and Spain's Franco, and their friends in Latin America and South Africa, as well as brainwashed dupes in the USA and Canada.  The world should ask whether Korean Unification is a cause to celebrate, or an event to dread... current moves are driven locally by supervisory power from Shanghai or Qingdao or Taipei, and potent fused/clustered military money from Chongqing-Hainan-Saigon-Jakarta, Curacao, Budapest-CentralLibya-OrangeStateSAfrica, obscure operations in Maine-Boston-DominicanRepublic, or obscure operations in Niihau or western Alaska... some of which could imply non-governmental private or corporate paramilitary operations.

    A "World War 3" would be won only by those with the ability to go to space stations and watch the nuclear explosions from there, and then what kind of planet would remain, if any at all?  Is there a country on Earth that actually thinks it could survive such a global conflagration?  How many people have forgotten World War 2?  It wasn't just a history-book story -- it was a global holocaust where millions were driven from their homes by 'lebensraum' resettlement programs, millions more were murdered on battlefields and in extermination camps, and still more were stricken with sometimes terminal grief from loss of loved ones. Lastly, Nanking Massacre was not simply a Japan versus China story, but a story of Japan with Chinese fascist allies murdering Chinese opponents during an ugly and duplicitous Chinese Civil War.  The various China Lobbies have lied time and again, presenting a cover story for foreign observers of what really happened.  Various historical accounts indicates that those Chinese aligned with Japan were sent to and protected in Safe Zones while those opposed to the Japanese military were tortured and butchered by brutal and bloody Japanese military methods that were often described as far more barbaric than those of their Nazi German allies.  In World War 1, thousands were functionally burned alive with 'mustard gas' used on the battlefields, and extermination camps were discussed but supposedly not yet implemented.  Mass torture and slaughter.  Does anyone really want to see a World War 3?  Does anyone want to risk seeing national governments backed by the same banks and corporations that ran those wars become our Global Leaders?  I sure don't, and I don't think most of the world would either if they only remembered what happened the last time someone initiated a 'World War'.  World War 2 was implemented at ground level by cult-indoctrinated 'pit-bulls', both Asian and European, driven by devotion to a central corporate-installed 'Leader' or 'Fuhrer' or 'Emperor', and often drugged by amphetamines to be driven to 'Believe' in their party or religion or other ideology rather than to Think.  The 'Faith-Based' paradigm provides fertile potential for a similar disaster once again.  We can already see the results in the Middle East, but such madness could also spill into Christian-dominated cultures via similar means, already termed 'Christian Jihad', or even via Pseudo-Buddhist cultures 'Gunning for the Buddha' or for the Manchurian 'Master Li Hongzhi', the Goat-obsessed Shinzo Abe, or the Mao-lookalike Chairman Xi Jingping.  How about an Austrian-born US President Terminator, an Ilse-Koch-lookalike, or a Billionaire with No Brains Left Behind?

    The revival of the European and Asian Axis Powers, and dupes of theirs in the Americas, is fertile ground for another World War.  Is there anyone in power with the wisdom and good sense to stop it?  I'm Sure it's more than just Russians manipulating US elections.  Take a look at who's woven extensively into US infrastructure to where it's very easy for them to manipulate the outcomes, and then look at where Vulkanus power is aligned now.  I think that will proved the answer.  Fascism came and comes in all colors, and it rose to power via sneakery the last time around.  It's inroads into America were primarily via New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.... port cities, and often involving naval and submarine operations, sometimes nocturnal.

    Vulkanus now in orb of 22.5 to secrecy-prone Hades, pointing to 7 Cardinals, i.e. Burma/Myanmar Shan States, Phuket, W Sumatra, Bering Strait Russian Siberia, Central Aleutians, western Hawaiian islands, Samoa, central Cuba, Cayman Islands, Panama, eastern Ecuador; SW Norway, Rhine Valley of Ger-Hol-Fra-Lux; French Riviera, Sardinia, eastern Algerian border, SE Nigeria; and within the USA along the longitude of coastal KeyWest-Miami-Jacksonville-Savannah (naval/submarine?), Cleveland (St-Lawrence Seaway entry?), Asheville.  With Hades, cults and drugs may be at the core... these would facilitate and be joined to the Vulkanus power cities.  Cults and drugs thus may be integral in the current global power struggle that I think is undermining the United States to the point of manipulating elections and controlling US political offices directly or indirectly. For those who blame it all on Trump, he may be as much the 'fall guy' as anything else, and one should pay as much attention to who surrounds and manipulates him -- and the same applies to politicians in All political parties in Washington, including military leaders, including those enamored of the Moonies or Shinzo or Merkel's charming Hansel-and-Gretel network.  I know Obama, and the immigration lovers, may not like this talk, but they need to Get Real on foreign policy.  There are wolves in the woods, sharks in the sea, Nazis still in Germany, and Hustlers and tricksters in Chinatown and Japantown, and they aren't going away, and they are still quite far, light years, from being civilized.  Wishful thinking or Denial will not make them change.  Someone tried that and it didn't yield the desired results... take a look at Post-Ed-Lee San Francisco, for example.  The politicans must have said nice things at his funeral in order to appease the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, even though the reality was disaster and the floodgates of corruption thrown open for an imminent tsunami if it's not brought under control.  The FBI tried to fix it, and were chastised for racial profiling of a mostly ethnically-defined foreign organized crime network.  US civil rights laws were intended to protect the innocent and disfranchised, not enable rich foreign gangster networks to take over... and they're doing it.  CAPAC smells foul underneath the pretty decorations, as do their covert connections to the Chao machine out to control the increasingly lucrative Transpacific trade routes and ports regulatory functions.  Tear-crying crocodiles come from every continent, and they love to take over as much land as they can, whenever they can... even ships.  The history of foreign espionage and subversion prior to Pearl Harbor should not be forgotten any more than the covert Nazi operations in the USA that helped pave the way for Hitler's subjugation of Europe, with the Asian Fascists collaborated in actively.   


2018.Feb.04: Supplementary comments to Feb.03 post:

    The Rohingya mess in Burma/Myanmar is a tragedy.... however, the biggest problem in that country is probably the highly corrupt mafia network in the Shan States, spilling over into north Thailand and Laos, that is much worse for the world, and which may be related.

    There appear to possibly be several different networks in the USA calling themselves "Resistance", and some of them may even be opposed to each other and with moles... Beware.  For most Americans, trust in our existing agencies and energies put into making them align with the public's interest is probably the most effective solution for daily living peace and stability.  Passing of extremist bills and edicts in Washington are not helping, and people pushing for Change Too Fast are not only creating social tension and instability, but playing right into the hands of overtly or covertly hostile foreign interests, including issues of global competition games.  Control of the internet, and freedom of expression combined with clear critical thinking (not spaced-out drug-induced wow-man toker or tweaker dreams) is a vital factor in the situation.  Somebody needs to remove Harry Harris from Pacific Fleet command and put in someone without any risk of foreign alignments or sympathies.  Enough of the "Asian Pacific" stuff in US politics.... that belongs in Asia, not America... just like the German-American Bund and the 'Aryan Nations' belongs in Europe or wherever people identify with the term 'Aryan', in these times of political chaos. There's a difference between protecting civil rights of citizens, and inviting invaders who want to change the country of arrival into something else directed from foreign capitals.  Especially when Vulkanus presses on the Ascendants while Pluto opposes the Sun of the country under analysis.  I've tried to say this for the last several years and all I got was clamor from foreign and globalist invasion networks that has led to a creepy clown show in Washington that's no longer funny, including clowns who claim to be patriots while quietly letting invaders in through the back door.

    Another thing to keep in mind, not mentioned adequately before, is the Japanese component of the Kuomintang Party and Japanese influence lingering in Taiwan ever after Japanese acquisition of the island sometime around the 1890s, with possible use of the Kuomintang military as a proxy for Japanese interests after 1945.  These comments supplement the following post of Feb.03.


2018.Feb.03: Fleshing out details on mess in Washington, a result of the Merkel-Shinzo globalist mess with Putin thrown in the mix:

    Busy adding new events to the "Behind the Curtain" article, where connections explain the following, which also includes routine reading of international news over the last few years:

    The truth is that Merkel, Shinzo, and Putin probably all would love to see the USA bend to their "charming" whims, or even be pushed down into a subordinate role. Americans who have not studied how central a role psychological warfare, charming manipulation, and even cults were a part of WW2 Axis politics may not see this yet -- but as I have pointed out, a study of them, and the works of Sun Tzu, Metternich, and Machiavelli are essential if one is to navigate today's global politics.  To do that, get ready to hold your nose, because it's not all peace and love-dove -- but it doesn't have to be war, either.  It just means that Americans have to learn how the old Asian and European powers (the Old World) play their games, as their traditions are not those of the American Revolution or democratic idealism -- although some of the Atlantic-coast European nations have shared and embraced American-like democratic values.  Interestingly, Nostradamus is most often interpreted as indicating that the next century is still American, despite current detours and Old World global machinations, including Euro-stealth, Asian Century Prosperity schemes, and anything similar cooked up in Russia.

    Now, how does the Trump scene fit into this?  21st Century Washington has not yet known a fully-American government. The transnationals hit Washington in 2000, ushered in by the Moonie cult network already infesting US politics and other infrastructure, and possibly dominating the relatively new Dept of Homeland Security.  The Bushes have long loved the Moonies like a slave loves a master -- praising the originally Japanese-programmed "Rev Moon, the New Messiah", and as George Sr announced a "New World Order" not long after a partly-Japanese-installed govt in China under Deng (pronounced "dung") Xiaoping (Moonie ally?) praised a "New International Order".  Probably no coincidence, Kuomintang (actually a hybrid China-Japan party) princess Elaine Chao (another Moonie ally) hovered in the cabinet of the rather spacey Bush Jr, after a stint in the Bush Sr cabinet, and then returned to the Trump cabinet along with the mysterious-rooted German Narcissist Wunderkind transplant Peter Thiel.  Merkel earlier set out to charm Obama under her control (actually the control of the party she serves), much as the Hitler machine charmed Western Europe prior to 1939, while Japan and its many powerful allies in China charmed American officials with deceptive talk of "World Peace" while simultaneously preparing to pummel Pearl Harbor with bombs and destroy or subdue most of the US Pacific Fleet.

    Now Vulkanus-fortified Russia lingers off to the side, just as it did historically, ready to form an alliance with whomever has compatible objectives, or whomever seems the lesser of evils, in its eyes -- but today is different in that Russia bristles with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and other deadly military toys, is more capitalist -- and has its Shanghai/SCO pact with also heavily-privatized Beijing.  However, Beijing has merged with the old Taiwan Kuomintang government once again while abandoning its old Marxist values despite retention of symbols, and Taiwan may now be largely under the sway of Japan, as may be Korea still.  Taiwan was never out of range of Japan's sway, as Japan's military installed the Kuomintang (founded in part in Japan, and allied with Japanese political circles) government on Taiwan at the end of World War II, quietly bolstering it financially and otherwise during Japan's "demilitarization", during which it never relinquished its espionage and psy-war agencies, which created the Moonie cult (and others similar).

  It may at this point, without understanding global history and politics, look like a bizarre assertion to Americans -- but it's probably wise to consider it possible that not only was the Bush Jr admin largely a foreign-manipulated puppet administration, but so is the Trump admin.  Bush and Trump both born in Summer 1946 and have Vulkanus (top political backing) with the same 1/2-degree zodiacal sector.  And both of them, quite significantly, have Elaine Chao, operant of the now uber-rich Kuomintang Party network (which is now nearly in control of China, and has long affiliations with Japanese power and money) and multi-bank-board member (of 4 or 5 of the USA's largest banks, although she was born in Taiwan), plus 3 US presidential stays of sniffing around US top government cabinets. Next to her (still?) is Peter Thiel, the token of his native Greater Germany just like Schwarzenegger (now more overtly active in German politics than American, on the surface anyway).

    Mentioned many times before, Sigrid Schulz's first-hand account of WW2 Axis psy-war mind control, published long ago, in 1944, explains how the Axis fascist/nazi powers operated daily, and they're doing it again, and now far more effective in the USA than before because Fools in Washington and state capitals actually 'believe' that all that old 'Nazi stuff' is no longer applicable.  Sorry.... It Is... .and the geodetic indicators show it, and how.  The problem is that there's no one in Washington as smart or wise or as thoroughly understanding of as global affairs and intelligence as Roosevelt to figure it out.  They'd rather "believe" that Merkel is a nice lady and Shinzo is a nice guy, and that Putin is the only one scheming to undermine US power and influence.  Time for some coffee.

    The pictures on Trump's MC (very close to both Neptune and Poseidon on the 90 dial opposite to Zeus and Kronos) show who controls him when he's in altered hypno-mode.... probably Japan, whose interests Chao also serves as agent of the revived Sino-Japanese 'Prosperity Sphere' plan that includes a probable once-again-Kuomintang-dominated China.  Most Chinese don't care which party runs Beijing as long as the money is good... any more than they cared who won WW2, as many reports from wartime China revealed.  Same with the Chinese lobbies in the US Democratic and Republican parties... geodetics show Elaine Chao backed from the same power sectors as the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobby in the US Pacific States, whose banks she also sat on the boards of, and may still.  Queen Chao and her trained Appalachian poodle, Mitch of Fort Knox.  Trump is loud, but he's still only the barker on the stage of the transnational circus that has invaded Washington DC.  The circus is likely to continue until the 'foreign devils' (as the Chinese used to often say)  are thrown out of DC, and that includes the Moonie network, especially.  The 'Men Behind the Curtain' explains who and where they are (yes, still, and even in control of some California city governments, and fused with 'CAPAC' and the 'Asian Law Caucus' and 'Asian Pacific' aspirants).

    If indeed Trump's controllers/handles are in Tokyo (or maybe the Volga or Ural regions of Russia, or Tehran) -- as the Kronos near his MC on the 90 dial, which is on the MA/NEPO and MA/ZEKR midpoints, meaning MC =MA/NEZEKRPO altogether, meaning a many serving ideologically-driven officials where the MC is near 20 degrees of Fixed signs, perhaps unconsciously, and probably under military control.   Russia is possible yes, and it would be interesting if the Trump family were by any chance Volga Germans.  There may be Two Trumps, Gemini-style... one is the conscious man, and the other the one controlled by others, probably foreign as 20 fixed is nowhere in North America except the Yukon and northern British Columbia... not a likely place for someone with his policies.  Another possible location is the eastern horn of Brazil, but usually Kronos refers to official agencies, and the two capitals in range of 20 Fixed are Tokyo and Tehran.  Be careful of the local interests of intelligence coming from any of them.  I would at this point say Tokyo seems most likely, since his demeanor of matches with the twisted Japanese sense of 'humor'... and it would match with Chao's probable business or political alliances in Japan, and Thiel's German family controllers' old alliance with Japan, as well.  The 2016 election and 2017 inauguration show the Vulkanus power at either Shanghai or Taipei or Peterburg, or Durban South Africa, put him in power; and the Pluto power from Vienna and/or Chongqing or Capetown.  Keep in mind that China and Japan and Taiwan may already be unified under a revived 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere', plan, just as Deng/Dung Xiaoping advocated when he announced his advocated plan for a 'New International Order' and an 'Asian Century' with a China-Taiwan-Japan re-merger.... in which case, the objective would be to split the USA into sections using a sick puppet-show they have put on in Washington with the assistance of the Moonie-Chao (and CAPAC?) network, now finally claiming the throne "Reverend Moon" was crowned for, while his son's Asian-Pacific Kahr Arms "enterprise" peddles guns on the streets of America and waits for the "fireworks show" to begin... note relevance of San Francisco Chinatown oligarch arrests.   Then, America goes up in smoke, crippled by an underfunded infrastructure and riddled by internal chaos, or one taken over by foreign "investors" (as Chao said she would have, with Mitchie's obedient help).  The Moonie-mesmerized Bushes would have probably done no better, and their counterparts in the Pacific states under the spell of the Moonie-rooted CAPAC Asian Law Caucus will do no better, as they are the friends of Chao and and Japanese controllers of Trump.

    The only one thing Trump has right is the need to curtail immigration to where there is no risk of further foreign political infiltration or sabotage -- it may be the conscious part of Trump's mind that pushes for that.  The United States is likely to fragment unless the borders are tightened and American money takes control of the US economy, meaning the tax cuts were a Disaster, in addition to dovetailing with Chao's and CAPAC-related plans for further foreign-manipulated privatization (i.e. colonization) games. Ryan is Moonied out on the Russian Ayn Rand Cult, and Pence seems to be tuned in to a distant satellite somewhere in space.

    Also shown in the 'Curtain' article is the location of the last Pluto oppositions to the 1776 USA Sun, both precessed and non-precessed.  

    The last tropical non-precessed transit of Pluto to the 1776 USA Sun concurred (around 2015.Nov.01) with the European Union commending Eddie Snowden for publicizing information (including critiques of Hillary Clinton) that he uncovered as a CIA private contractor -- and also start of the office of Paul Ryan as US House Speaker, among other events.  At about 13 Cardinals, Pluto then struck Washington DC.

    The precessed transit (around 2016.Dec.25, at about 17 Cardinals) points to Chongqing and Chao/Moonie-infested Long Island, and the date Shinzo made his hypnotic speech at Pearl Harbor while Obama stared off into space or at attention or something... maybe he learned the Asian version of WW2 in school... and while the American President Lines (shipping fleet) were sold to the Neptune Orient Shipping Lines... i.e. American President bought by an Asian company, all while Vulkanus near Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, or Taipei (China's Pacific port cities).  Obama did some wonderful things, including stopping McCain's World War III compulsion programmed at German Halifax pep rallies-- but some of the foreign policy stuff was Lost in Space, maybe due to the post-WW2 Axis influence and agents at privately-run Stanford and Chicago.  This while Shinzo-recommended, Japan-born Harry Harris was, maybe unwisely, put in charge of the strategically critical Anchorage-based US Pacific Fleet. Is it too late to turn back now?  Interesting question. Shinzo's rise to power has been feared in Japan as a revival of WW2 Fascism that Obama maybe didn't think through enough yet.

    Also interesting how the two Pluto alignments point to extremes in a US national schism that may be resolved as Pluto moves fully out of 2 degree orb of the later of the two (the precessed).... one pushed to Chao and Shinzo's East Asia power base, the other pushed to Merkel and Schwarzenegger and Thiel's Central European base, and hopefully the pendulum will stabilize and swing back to America before the process is over, if it still can.  I pointed out at 2017 inauguration, ahead of time, a Saturnian-type president taking office, and Trump is only partly Saturnian (age and real estate), but John Kelly is much more so in terms of higher-level Saturnian pragmatism and experience about national interests.  It may be that, in order for America to stabilize now and ahead, unusual circumstances may require a council of dedicated American patriots, thoroughly familiar with America's critical issues, take charge despite the hotly-contested election, and a bi-partisan or multi-partisan pooling of minds made to bridge the extremes, exclude the foreign lobbyists, and focus in and on America to moved ahead, critical as America becomes more of what it is rather than something else 'redefined'.  This means no more "Trump versus Resistance" foreign-manipulated games and instead a sober non-partisan national council lead the country. That means Trump with his Asian-born and European-born advisors will need to yield to let Americans run America. (That means No More Kissinger, who would  have Sarah Palin as Vice-President, and China risen to displace US roles, in American affairs, and no copying of the EuroUnion's borderless potpourri disaster plan).  No time for fools or foolishness or foreign scheming to get the country in order.  And no putting US missiles in Europe to do what Europeans should be doing... otherwise, what that does, once again, is make America a main target of potent Russian revenge should war break out... and America has no interest in Europe other than to defend allies if they are attacked.  Not the USA as the attack-dog on other countries, on Europe's (or Asia's) behalf, especially if German Laubenthal is still commanding US military operations in Europe, a disturbing reality recently, and with Schwarznegger dancing around Merkel and Europe with David Duke and the Jorg Haider club.  This is America, not Europe or Asia. Each region has its own geographically-relevant interests, something global homogenization cannot address effectively.  Change cannot be forced effectively, and should not be rushed, or else disasters often occur, and that is Saturn as well... look at what happened to the Nazis and Asian Fascists when they tried it before.  They're baa-aa-aack... in civilian dress, so far, anyway, trying to pick up where they left off in 1945. It's about land, minerals, and Lebensraum for the 'Aryan' and Mongol self-styled master-race nation states with subservient satellites 'destined to rule', in their minds -- Nostradamus says they won't... that their plans will fail again, hopefully not with so many casualties this time.  They wanted America to be a slave-labor camp under their control via the "Tea-Party"-like (coast-to-coast German-Japanese-controlled) Silvershirts and America First committee and "Order of 76" puppet cults as an attack-dog then, and maybe again now.

    We Americans need to get over our ideological differences and pull together this one, or get trample over more by the flooding coastal invaders, today armed with too much control of our internet and telecommunications lines and signals.  They see America as useful slaves of all colors, dumbed-down by the education policies enacted in the 2000s -- policies to no one's benefit but that of competing global powers, and stuck in mucky old oil technology while they their foreign-owned corporations zoom ahead of us, the reality of global competition, even using their control of Google and Facebook and other information technology to do it.  We've been Way Too Naive for our own good, and that must end or America Loses.  It started when we brought Nazi and Asian Fascist agents to run American organizations after Roosevelt died.  Truman, Eisenhower eventually, and Kennedy recognized it but were overpowered by the Central global machine.  Americans must reclaim the CIA and US military and Homeland Security and get rid of the foreign-run contractors.  The FBI may possibly be the most well-equipped to do it -- no national security agency under foreign control in any way is fit for the job.  That puts Harry Harris in Anchorage, and Harjit Singh in Ottawa, in the spotlight.  Part of the 'Asian Century' plan?   Moonie cult in the picture?  "Redefining America"?  No thank you.  Note that the Dream Act was originally passed in the USA under Bush Jr and Chao, has an equivalent in China under Unification-friendly Xi Jinping, and was touted in the Falun Gong "Epoch Times" propaganda rag to be their ticket to home-ownership in America that most Americans themselves can no longer afford.... so what are the mechanics to make that happen?  Is Elaine and her buy lobbying network going to get houses for them via mortgage repossession, Fort Knox gold bar rearrangement, or "subtle persuasion" of her puppets in Washington?


2018.Jan24: Pluto, Vulkanus, and corporate globalist doublespeak in action:

    Two recent examples of corporate globalist doublespeak in action:

    The first is the speech of Angela Merkel, well-trained puppet of the "CDU" transnational party machine long run in part by Helmut Kohl, German global power restorationist, who groomed Merkel to do what she does today, despite her staged claim of disdain for him. In her speech as the 2018 periodic global oligarchs' Davos Forum global corporatist planning, she denounces "isolationism" (which blocks the path of her crypto-nationalist party's EuroUnion plans and Transatlantic 'trade agreement' plans) claims to denounce "right-wing populism", with an apparent attempt to try to equate them with Donald Trump's unusual, quixotic, and often contradictory policies and ideology (noting Uranus, and Poseidon in secondary cluster, on his MC, with other factors to be discussed later on).  "Isolationism" of course blocks plans for transnational/global economic centralization, foiling the Merkel party's drive to put the European economy under the control of German banks in Frankfurt.  The real clencher is, as "leader" of the CDU "Christian Democratic" network, which also pushes for German (and/or Austrian or Swiss German) control of Europe's economies, she represents a party that absorbed more Nazi party members than any other German political party after 1945.  The CDU has played the pseudoliberal (aka "neoliberal") game of paying lip service to social-liberal causes (like having a drag queen campaign for her and her economically conservative policies) in order to gain public support for economic corporatism, centralization, and gentrification. Globalist corporate doublespeak -- social-liberalism with regression into feudalism and socio-economic gentrification.  The same game has been played in other countries, especially by parties under the "IDU" or "International Democrat Union" that cloaks an alliance of Conservative parties globally.... and this would be who dominates the Davos forums.  Poor Justin Trudeau, still lost in Peter Pan land and leading Canada there, falls for the TPP plan that is clearly, per geodetics, run from either Shanghai or Taipei or Qingdao or Lushun as the Kuomintang-Communist alliance takes shape and is further consolidated in China under Xi Jinping.  What could also be of significance is Japan's covert controls over Taiwan that lingered after 1945, when it installed the "Chinese nationalist" Kuomintang party (originally founded in Tokyo, Singapore, and Honolulu, under Japanese surveillance or more).  Japan's actual intentions may be cloaked by diplomatic ploys that hopefully will not be revealed too late.  Korean missiles that can reach Australia and California, but supposedly can't hit Japan????.... something's wrong with that picture, probably explained by Kim Jong Un's coziness with the Japanese-designed cult of Sun Myung Moon.  Paper dragons with fireworks still rumble and fly at the port cities while something else goes on inland.  Poor Justin risks handing Canada over to the Asian Century plan overtly initiated by Deng Xiaoping (which clearly indicated intent to revive the WW2 Asian Fascist plan for an "East Asia Prosperity Sphere", allied historically with the German banks that built and ran the Third Reich -- including Frankfurt's/Euro's Deutschebank and its 'Deutsch-Asiatische Bank' branch.  Chinese fascism indeed has roots as old and deep as Japan's (starting in part with joint Sino-German military training and ventures starting over 100 years ago, and pre-Manchukuo German support for the Qing dynasty restoration) -- Chinese fascism revolved around the remnants of the old monarchist/imperial courts and their agents and moles in Chinese and Japanese parties -- with Korea in the middle, subject to and manipulated by both, and even retained moles in China's 'Communist Party' along with so-called 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics'.

     Significant directly for the USA, is the opposition of Taiwan-born US Congress Representative Ted Lieu to the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to surveillance of US citizens -- which include naturalized/foreign-born citizens.  Note that the logically greatest vulnerability of the USA to foreign espionage problems would be between foreign spies and US residents, and Mr Lieu and his political cohorts, being in US political office and born in another country, cannot be so naive or unaware of the political implications as to not understand this.  So why does he protest?  Is there an assumption that gaining of US citizenship by foreign-born individuals automatically makes them exempt from all scrutiny of transnational political activities or affiliations?  Would spies seek US citizenship to gain immunity?  History proves that to be the case time and again, and it was common during World War II, when Axis subversion operations were carried out in the USA by naturalized citizens (including German and Japanese)... and citizenship was even planned over a period of years ahead of time, with well-planned subversion programs in mind.  These are realities most Americans may have forgotten, or may not be aware of, as 'obscure' facts of history, but they are quite significant, given the current global political climate.

    The Pluto factor relevant to the above is that Pluto in the (Cap Ingress) Universal Chart applicable to 2018 at 18:26 Capricorn/Cardinals, and this indicates, 4th harmonic, Boston (major US banking hub), Xian-Nanning-Hainan China (transnational tech industry and Golden Triangle drug trade hubs in China, including Japanese money in Xian/Hsian industries), Bandung Indonesia (Asiacentric financial hub suspected of harboring old East Asian Fascist 'Golden Lily' money), Capetown (financial hub in South Africa), Sirte Libya (Libyan oil money hub), Stockholm, Budapest, and Gdansk/Danzig (where money is likely now shifting away from Berlin and Vienna of recent years).  The European financial shift to the east is away from the old German-Austrian war machine, which could be a good thing for the whole world, although there may still be Austro-German ties there in Gdansk or Budapest (both major shipping trade ports for east central Europe.  Eastern European nations are not so likely to poke sticks at the Russian bear.  Thus one might expect major global financial changes by the time 2018 ends, and as New York Wall Street (old Euro-imperial, then increasingly Chinese) money gives way to the Boston banks, eventually.  Quebec will probably gain more financial influence in Canada, logical with the Trudeau rise, where Merkel's installation and control of Macron in Paris may be of significance.  Trudeau's ungrounded idealism may be tempered with a more realistic assessment of the hard facts of international relations and of European and Asian globalist (incl currency) ambitions. 

    Americans should not suffer the illusion that Merkel is not a German nationalist, despite the recent diplomatic ploys she is instructed to enact in order to conceal that (like the strange refugee policy moves that have deeply divided Germany, for practical reasons at the levels below her privileged position).  In fact, if the one birth time for Merkel said to be from birth records is accurate, she is the devoted servant of the Kohl/CDU machine that groomed and installed her, regardless of her intellectual achievements and brilliance when conscious.  But as most astrologers know, with Neptune so close to the MC, she may not always be, and may function more, politically, as a medium following orders 'from above'.  She may be a 'nice lady' at times, but sometimes a sleepwalker who just follows orders, like Schulzie, from Herr Kommandant.  If born at 18h00, as widely indicated, Merkel's MC=NE is also =UR (meaning electronics may be involved), and it = the midpoint of Vulkanus and the MC/AS midpoint, meaning she is controlled by political forces continually around her since birth. =MO means she is almost fully receptive to those political forces.  Her natal Vulkanus is at 85:56 (25:56 mutables) on the 90 dial, pointing to various locations globally in 4th harmonic, although as clearly German nationalist as her programming is and policies essentially are at core despite ploys like the 'immigrant stance' posturing, the Vulkanus alignment closest to German nationalist interests is most likely.  25:56 mutables is nowhere inside Germany, but it is inside Spain and in orb of Madrid (Franco's "home away from home" for Nazis before and after WW2) and Palencia (known post-WW2 Nazi paramilitary training center); also MA=VU and so the backing likely comes from a heavily armed location.  Thus it may be that Merkel's hold on power in Germany is dependent on continued German political or paramilitary operations in Spain, or possibly also in Morocco, also known to have never lost the influence of its old German colonial paramilitary 'policing' forces.  Another strange alignment of her Vulkanus is the neonazi cult base along the Oklahoma-Arkansas border that involved German neonazi paramilitary trainer Andreas Strassmeir and possible roots of the Oklahoma City cult and bombing standoff of the 1990s. (Some claim the Oklahoma federal offices contained records on Nazi activities that NeoNazis wanted destroyed.) Merkel herself not likely involved in that, but her political network possible.  Neonazi Paladin paramilitary network in Spain?

    One must not let these issues distract from the Russia situation, nor vice versa.  In fact, as noted before, Putin has a strangely cozy puppy-love relationship with German officials, rooted in memories of his fun times in East Germany, a state that geodetics indicate may have never been fully under control of the Russians, and may have had extensive continued Nazi elements in its infrastructure, including within the infamous 'Stasi'.  Geodetics also indicate likely substantial influence over the East German "GDR/DDR" from "neutral" Vienna, Austria.  Note furthermore that the full restoration of the "Reichstag" in Berlin shows financial ties to Vienna, maybe old Habsburg money, since the Habsburgs still live and thrive in the bowels of the "EuroUnion".. and that their ties to the Oldenburg "Romanovs" in Russia are old and enduring, while Russia today flies the flag of the Romanov empire, replete with the imperial two-faced eagle the Habsburgs also feature, despite the old Soviet flag still flown above Russian troops for reasons still to be thoroughly studied.  It's a sign that Russia is Not in fact internally unified.  One flag flown is the sign of the Czars ruling over the impoverished serfs, and the other the infamous foibles and political purges of the Soviets.  Russian citizens might deserve something better than either of those oppressive extremes -- just as America deserves better than the current mess in Washington that I think geodetics show are orchestrated by foreign agents/lobbyists manipulating American politicians and 'leaders' like fools who never read Metternich, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu, and so are dangerously ignorant of how Old World politics plays their games in a global area, including lessons still not learned about Asian political cults like the chameleon-like, treacherously hypocritical and amoral Moonie network, which may play a key role in the Asian alliance predicted by Nostradamus for the early 21st century, as may the Bandung network.. Those wide protective oceans that once shielded both the USA and Canada from old imperial political machinations are now closed and maybe even evaporating.  A little "isolationism" and moderate non-extremist "populism" might even help North Americans, despite what Auntie Angie is programmed to tell the world, like the witch said to Hansel and Gretel at the gingerbread cottage next to the warm stove. "Welkom... come in" said the witch as she threw another Black Forest log in the oven fire, while the Flying Monkeys of the Far East smirked and laughed like hyenas scarfing up bank-board posts and real estate deals and chuckling at the fools who are charmed by them.  WW2 fascism has been revived, and let's not forget that Stalin was ready to ally with them in order to turn their bayonets away and toward western Europe and plans to subvert and invade North America.  A study of the recurring planetary cycles may reveal more on how it is unfolding.  The Labour party in Britain should probably wise up and get on board with a Brexit plan that also defends Europe from fascism of either the German or Russian militarist variety.  The Merkel machine has moved quickly to do as much as possible to abort a strong new Atlantic and even transcontinental alliance that Berlin and Vienna and the Frankfurt Euro cannot control.  Well-meaning but still-naive Trudeau caved in again... some day he will see.  Trump is used as a polarizing scarecrow, put in office by transnational interests that put the Thiel boy and Chao next to him to snoop and manipulate... more agents of the Revived Fascist Axis.  However, there is indeed hope for change, but I don't think Obama is equipped for that due to his naive approach to international affairs... it's going to take someone much more deeply-versed in US and world political history and how they are connected as profound causal factors of the present.  It's sometimes comforting to forget the world's past and want it to go away, but its impact inevitably lingers, no matter how hard one tries to deny it ever existed. Most books on post-WW2 underworld Fascism and Nazism make it clear they they intended to re-make their images in 1945 and 'Rise Again' when able to.  Merkel and Shinzo and their stealthy cyrpto-fascist Chinese cohorts are doing just that, and maybe with a little help from the vast array of Russia's giant political field.

    Another thing that geodetics makes clear... the Soviet regimes in Russia and China Never were in full control of those countries, and perhaps not even close... there were always opposition parties in operation, and with moles inside the ruling party.  Especially in China, where political pretense and duplicity are centuries-old Fine Arts.  Some historians even claim that Machiavelli learned some of his tricks from ideas that Marco Polo brought back from his travels to the Far East.  The democratic idealism of America is often intensely overshadowed by the lingering and ingrained traditions of the Old World that Americans haven't always studied enough.  Auntie Angie's party doesn't like Americans to be protectionist, nationalist, or have populist sentiments -- it ruins the EuroUnion plutocrats' plans. Too bad. The Nostradamus prophecies indicate that the current global power-balance will change in coming years, but exactly when is to be studied further.  And Trump will not last forever... maybe not even until 2021, unless he can listen to Americans wiser than him and not just yes-men.  Right now, America is polarized between two extremes, neither one of them seems sensible.  America should have more choices than either Trump or the slippery Asian Pacific/Century lobby that actually is manipulating Both the Republican and Democratic parties, and may actually have alliances with Merkel, via Actor/Agent Terminator Schwarzenegger et al -- and some odd affiliations with the old Japanese Red Army cult.  Is their objective to Terminate America?  Sometimes it looks like it.  This is no time to live in a Dream World, where "poppies make them sleep", as the East Asian Fascist military did to the citizens of its occupied territories in the 1940s.  Note the foreign-affiliated companies grabbing up the marijuana growing and distribution licenses in California, and forget not the appearance of 'spiked pot' (with opium, etc) on the streets in the past.  America risks falling into a deep sleep while invaders take over even more than already.

    Dates are difficult to find, but the parallels with 1980s media reports that America would be subverted and overthrown by the same methods used on Russia in the 1990s by some European and Asia covert operations are noteworthy.... foreign infiltration of the political and economic system... shaming for resistance to foreign invasion... installation of puppet politicians by foreign intelligence services.  The reports claimed it was Germany and Japan and allied Chinese operations who did it.  And that America was to be next to be brought down.  Looks like it's starting to happen.  So let them shame you for guarding US borders and enacting surveillance on communications with potential foreign agents, if you want to see America survive and flourish. Nostradamus appears to have said it will.... eventually.  Tell Trudeau to quit sniffing the poppies when he sprints across the open fields into the arms of the old Axis Powers.  He's a nice guy with some nice ideas, beautifully compassionate and humanitarian, but unsettlingly enchanted and maybe deluded by the exotic charms of distant lands.  There are deadly snakes in that pot next to the flautist, O Swami.  International exchanges are a lovely idea for peace and international concord, but be aware there are gangsters and criminals in every country around the globe, and sometimes some of them run their countries from the top down, and part of centuries-old criminal network 'secret societies'.  It's all a part of the big beautiful world.  Stop and smell the roses and what's left of the fresh air, but watch for the bumblebees, and the carnivorous creatures that prowl in the night, for they too sometimes hold or control political offices.


2018.Jan.07: Globalist undermining (edited and updated Jan24):

    Yes, we live in a global society and that will not change. It has a beneficial side, plus aspects that aren't. Globalism has been rushed in recent years, and that's not good for anyone except the uber-rich.  It was pushed mostly by the leaders of the two Axis Fascist powers, Germany and Japan, and their allies, and led by bankcorps including those that run some governments (like Germany and Japan have both been forever, Germany with a couple of brief but bankcorp-manipulated interludes that are over long ago; Japan never ending feudalism).  Right now, the USA is at risk of a schism or schisms.  A false choice has been offered by the neo-fascist political salesmen.  One is an alliance with Germany, and the other an alliance with the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere.  Neither is a good option for America (or Canada either).  When Merkel couldn't fully manipulate Obama, Shinzo was sent in.  The US Republican party needed no further persuasion, as it was joined at the hip at birth in the 1850s with the Siemens-Deutschebank network friendly with the right wing of the old Hanover royalist network (not all mean, but partly so, acc to the individual).  The East Asia network became industrialized adn powerful in the early 20th century and started working on America... mostly Japan and Manchuria and Japanese enclaves on the East China Sea coast, including part of Shanghai, and all of Taiwan/Formosa under Japanese rule.  This is all directly related to the disasters in Washington which became critical with their manipulation of the 2000 elections. At a deeper level, it goes all the way back to the introduction of the Moonie cult in America, a cult that had Bush Sr brainwashed to the point of endorsing the Washington Times, which has profound implications for the CIA.... but the Moonie influence goes back even further to their influence on the Reagan admin (including campaign support for him) and even further to their charming of Nixon after the visit from Kakuei Tanaka, which was related to the Nixon-Kissinger-China overtures, meaning the relationship of Kissinger to Tanaka and the Moonies needs study.

    The Vulkanus now along the East China Sea coast underlines how critical all of this is, as does the recent Pluto in 4th harmonic over Berlin and Vienna and Chengdu and Chongqing (the latter a longtime Kuomintang power based even during actual Communist dominance that may now have been dissipated or co-opted by the today-extremely-wealthy and powerful Kuomintang, a 'party' not only Chinese but joint Chinese-Japanese from its inception and thus critical to the WW2 East Asia Prosperity Sphere now revived.

    Trump was run as an all-American figure, but once in office he had Taiwan-born Chao and German-born Thiel at his side.  As Fritz Mondale often said during his campaign for US Vice President, 'Who's in charge?'... he must have known something was amiss as Reagan read his lines and later honored Nazi graves at Bitburg, Nancy standing at attention before Helmut Kohl, and Helena von Damm monitoring and running his office.  The Reagan admin was a critical beginning for the increasing foreign control of the USA that unfolded under the Bushes and Trump.  Truman, and eventually Eisenhower, saw it coming.  Truman warned but was overridden. Eisenhower sounded the alert too late, then John Kennedy was murdered when he acted on it.  Geodetic indicators will help unravel the whys and hows of it all.

    Reports in the 1980s that a German and maybe also Japanese-led subversion program to infiltrate and destroy the Soviet regime in Russia would later be turned to destroy or overtake US infrastructure and/or govt by similar means, and many recent and current events fit that mold.  Some elements of the extreme radical-right in the USA may be complicit, noting that that most of them are cults rooted in WW2 Axis subversion psychological operations.  Russia vacillated as heads of state altered, back and forth, and routinely shared intelligence with Germany even when they were portrayed to the USA as enemies.  Russia did destroy the Hitler machine with military aid from the USA, and in a roundabout way saved Britain from falling under German control and Nazi terror.  After Roosevelt died in a health spa owned by Nazi double-agent Prince Bernhard, US military were persuaded to shift US military to pivot on Russia, the true details of which are yet to be discussed without disinformation injected.  Roosevelt was demonized mostly by agents of the Axis powers.... he had a different vision for US-Russia relations, and it may well have involved regime change in Moscow, and not necessarily via military or subversive means.  Roosevelt seemed to have a vision of the world moving beyond the Cold-War-type polarization into new paradigms, many of which he shaped.  Corporatists and monarchists didn't like him because he envisioned their demise in favor of global democracy, a fusion of the best of the right and left, and end to the natural polarization of radical economic divisions. Obama appears to have had a similar goal, but didn't know how to do it, largely due to his reliance on advice from crypto-fascist trained advisors from Stanford and Chicago and other "ivy league" corporatist private schools which were set up to preserve and advance the privileges of the privileged, with some pseudo-liberal games thrown in as bait on the corporate-controlled traps.  Obama did some good things for Americans, served the world by avoiding a World War III (which could still happen but more likely under different conditions), but also was and may still be blinded by a blinding idealism disconnected from the hard realities of international power politics, especially covert ops and espionage ops.

      The USA is now at risk of a polarization by the Chao-manipulated Trump admin and CAPAC-manipulated Democratic party elements, and Chao and CAPAC may well be in bed, per geodetic indicators, orchestrating the schism.  Note how Trump policies end up benefiting Asian mafia indirectly but maybe by design of Asian fascist mafia; could also benefit German bankcorps through the old Republican ties to Siemens Deutschebank, which Obama at one point lacked the insight to avoid.  He was notified, but emails from the public appeared to be intercepted somehow.  Hillary Clinton cannot be blamed for the wisdom to set up a private server for emails, because US govt private contracts have holes like Swiss cheese leading to transnational corporations and also partisan interests inside the USA.  Hillary's mistake was letting bad advisors advise her, compromising with people who were out to undermine her deviously, and not following her own judgment more often, fused with insight and advice from her husband -- partisan opponents ran a lot of State Dept operations when she was State Dept head and enjoyed watching egg on her face.  Probably part of why she resigned in futility.  Stanford, founded by Republican Party co-founder Leland Stanford, and its nationwide offices were probably at the core of the problems, and they were probably thinking about the upcoming elections.

    America has to get beyond such games to survive and move forward together.  The rich have to realize that without the poor, there's no country left, and there's no one for them to build their empires upon.  When transnational bankcorps rise to control, they may not give a tinker's dam about America or America other than a colony with land/real estate and mines and oil wells to be used to fuel foreign economies functional as new colonial masters.

    So cut it with the slamming of xenophobia and nativism, and put Americans back in charge of America.  Trump played that rhetoric at election time, but he's not implementing it other than through empty speeches and what claims to be 'news'.  For example, he just set up American infrastructure to be privatized by Chao's Asian mafia scum network.  A pivot to Germany is not a viable option either.  Where the heckll are the Americans ready to put other Americans in charge of America again?  Have the Moonies and Merkels brainwashed all of Washington now?  Is Putin or other powers ready to seize Peterburg or Odessa helping them?  What the heckll is Anro Schwazi, violence-promoting Hitler-lover, doing in US politics to begin with, the Nazi rat?  Some politicians may think he's innocuously cute, but many of us know he's treacherous, with a hotline to Merkel and the BND, the latter of which probably sent him here as a courier to undermine America, and even chum up with Russia at times, in the process.

    A substantial component of the "Anti-Trump Resistance" risks being taken over and run by the revived Axis powers, making their version of a revolution in fact a neo-fascist one.  They may seek long-trained actors to do it.  America should have alternatives that are American and not Trumpist or Asian mafia or Pangermanist either.  America needs another leader who wants to see America united and looking out for the poor and middle class, and not distracted by what happened in another country they were born or brainwashed in.  No Atsugi Japanese puppets, dupes trained in Germany, or people who don't know what it's like to feel America in their heart and soul as an infant and throughout their lives -- and yet know how to handle the world through thorough understanding the world, and the history that led to its current state. Roosevelt was a man who had that.  There is an American out there with similar qualifications, but he hasn't been a president in a long time.  People also need to quit denying election manipulation and instead start investigating how it has been done, and blocking African American votes in the Deep South by demanding ID cards isn't the same as Asian mafia stuffing ballot boxes in California by not demanding them. Affordable optional and verifiable US national ID cards need to be made available to all US citizens, never too expensive for the poor to afford, and all states required to accept them as personal ID in elections. Preservation of democracy is worth one federal official monitoring every voting booth in the USA, and subject to scrutiny.  No more state govt officials determining who is US president over the other 49.  Geodetic indicators should help unravel just who may have manipulated any given election on any date, and in any country, for that matter.  The latest trick in America is transnational corporatist candidates mouthing nationalist rhetoric, and the getting in office and handing more control of the nation over to transnational corporations.  If that doesn't stop, America could be severely neutralized.  Its enemies are clearly among those shaming America for nationalism and nativism, and America's institutions are indeed rooted in European democracy.  Few know or remember that slavery was preserved largely to keep the southeastern states from forming another country or remaining European colonies; that at least one Native American language was proposed as the US national language in the late 1700s; that resettlement of Native Americans to the west came with the industrial revolution, as well as influx of new settlers from Europe; that foreign-owned railroads that blocked public ownership of the railroads (the original Granger movement) were involved in some of the most brutal wars with Native American tribes; that Canada's breaks from the Hanover dynasty ruling London were linked to US alliances; that much of the east-central USA was once an extension of French Canada; that the French Republic was a virtual twin of the American Revolution in many ways; that Britain has for centuries been a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament offsetting royal dictatorship (unlike most of Europe and nearly all of Asia); that many Britons were sympathetic with the American Revolution against the Hanover dynasty, highly unpopular even in Britain in 1776, not against the British public; and that this is relevant to the large Irish and Scottish population in the USA; that the vast majority (although not all) of German-Americans were refugees from the German Empire and its bloody military machine long run by the 'Kaisers', seeking democracy instead of feudal monarchy; that most of the early Chinese-American immigrants were the victims of the oligarchic families, the arrogant rich Chinese landowner families and clans that today run the Chinese white-collar mafia now trying to take over the US Pacific states and British Columbia along with Japanese mafia and their Korean grunts.

        America needs to unite despite party differences and the Trump machine's foolishness and blunders, and get smart about all the foreign subversion going on.  Americans can help out refugees without bringing them into America and disrupting the lives of people unsettled by dysfunctional domestic policies made by some of the fools who managed to get into office.  And yes, foreign money sneaked into lobbying and elections may be a major factor at the root of most current national problems, compounded by the natural disasters worsened by the greed policies of fools of the past and present, including a lot of greed-crazed stock-market zombies driven by their money and power and drug addictions, just like elsewhere in the world where the same goes on, Germany and Japan in particular, and apparently increasingly in China and Korea.  An 'Asian Century' would be a disaster for the whole world.  Most interpretations of Nostradamus indicate that it will nearly happen, involve a near destruction of Europe, but ultimately be contained by the USA and Canada, but maybe not after some unpleasant detours, if the wrong choices are made.  What's happened in California already shows that an 'Asian Century' is not compatible with the survival of democracy or civilization.  Don't be fooled by the fake-buddha images and pseudo-christian cults and free dinners designed as trap lures.  Americans need urgently to read books about the methods used by the East Asian Fascist parties and military in WW2 and afterward, and quit believing the Moonies are harmless, because They Aren't, and neither are the Falun Gong.  They are subversion operations designed to undermine and manipulate American culture and politics and now even economics.  Current Vulkanus shows how much impact they could have it not checked ASAP, along with CAPAC and anything labeled "Asian Pacific".  This Pacific is not in or even close to Asia. so whom do they serve?   Geodetics can also provide clues to that answer, and it could possibly also lead back to the Arthur Chung Jonestown network.  After Ed Lee became San Francisco City Manager, the Moonies spread like wildfire across California, possible in tandem with the Falun Gong, and clearly via the so-called  'Asian Pacific' network, and as more guns and opiates hit the streets.

    Americans also need to pay urgent attention to where the drugs and guns poisoning Chicago now came from originally, by what means, and how easily that could spread to other US cities, as the 32nd harmonic MO=MA=UR=AD cluster manifests in 2018.  Rational policing trained in respect for human rights may be needed...  no room for extremist cults or klan-influenced types to run things.  Most of America isn't "whistling Dixie", and never has, despite support for such from our enemies in WW1 and WW2 and maybe afterward.  Dixie may have to die so America doesn't, as was known in 1861.  Remove the foreign agents on American soil, and the nations recover rather quickly, as they probably still supply the guns and dime-store yee-haw paraphernalia of the violent and 'anarchist' freaks.  Geodetics can also help explain some of that, including 'Confederot' cults that went into hiding in enclaves in Mexico and Brazil after 1865, there stirring up Anti-"Yankee" sentiments in tandem with lingering old monarchist networks often despised by local Mexican and Brazilian citizens.

    Monarchists created WW2 Fascism, where Hitler and Tojo were only figurehead leaders, and they are the ones trying to create a new corporate fascist global order that will achieve the same objectives with more sugar and shiny lures on top, at the beginning, already in place and luring the unwary.  Those include pseudo-populist parties that subject the public to plutocracy, once in control.  Let's hope that doesn't manifest in America, but it could be on the way now.  It's already happened in Germany and its European client states; happening in China, never ended in Japan; could be happening in Russia if the data on it were clear; and Britons want out of it -- the Labour Party and Scotland may need to join the Conservatives in the Brexit plan so both are represented, while the benefits of continued Euro Union membership may be illusory and/or fleeting.  The Irish Republic may even find a Brexit-allied alternative preferable for times ahead.  Canada may need to review CETA and TPP agreements, and realize that Trump is not Forever and not the only political figure in America now.  Asia is composed of fallen empires with fleeting glory now built on manipulative trade and currency manipulations where counterfeiting may be a central problem, and assisted by the greed of a few European and American plutocrats... that won't last much longer.

    America's answer is to be found in America, with some possible brainstorming with Canada -- not Germany or Japan or the Chinas or Korea -- and those democratic institutions still in northwestern Europe, its siblings from birth -- and the higher nature of its founding institutions, being the egalitarianism that was intended but never yet fully manifest.  It's going to require a restoration and not an undermining of public education, including repair of its flaws and grounded in the pragmatic needs of students, coupled with the wisdom of a complete Saturn cycle not yet attained by people under 30 (1st Saturn return).

    America doesn't have time now for personality ego games...  the pragmatic needs of everyone along the entire economic spectrum must now be carefully weighed.  Starting with a Roosevelt model would be a good start, regardless of old resentments of CAPAC Japanese internment victims or the vengeance of those guilty of trading with the enemy in wartime.  As Barbara said, it's time for the Bushes to get out of politics and let someone else have a chance... and finally put the Moonie network on trial before they subvert or overtake even more of America, Kahr Arms in hand.  The Bushes can thank the Moonies for many of their failures and humiliations, as could Nixon and the Reagans, if only they realize what happend.  The parallels between Sun Myung Moon and Rasputin are many... and geodetics indicate that the supposition that Rasputin was a Japanese-programmed cult manipulator may possibly have some truth to it.  Moonie was programmed by Japanese military psychological operations, as have been other branch cults and permutations.  The 'Anonymous' plastic mask network was first popularized on the Japanese-created 2chan and 4chan websites for manipulable fools. Welcome to the global world, with all its fascinating ideas as well as snare traps.  Fascism has been dressed up in new clothes and imagery to deceive even better than the last time, if it can -- as as Mussolini disclosed: "Fascism Is Corporatism", where transnational corporations replace democratically-elected government and its agencies.  Note how that applies to European Union policy, i.e. mandatory privatization, and surrender of national identity to the Big Blob run by the uber-rich, often being the old imperial family networks.  The same is happening in Asia, and in fact never really ended except for a few brief interludes.  Vulkanus in Leo risks being a 'restoration of monarchy', while Hades in Cancer risks being an impoverished populace to go with it, or under it.   Get your exercise, build up strength and heart, eat fresh food, cook food thoroughly, and boil water before drinking.  A nation's children are its future, and they need good schools teaching the knowledge needed to compete in a global world, with an emphasis on critical thinking logic, and practical problem-solving skills -- not 'beliefs' or dogma or memorized phrases to repeat and regurgitate in place of practical application.  Children's development and nutrition will need close attention throughout Hades in Cancer. Schools will need smart teachers, and salaries to motivate smart people to go into and remain teaching.  America will lose, and lose good teachers, if it cuts corners on education.... not to be played with by inexperienced politicians or 'business managers'.


2017Dec31: Greater China games:

    This may be fleshed out later, but to note now is the pushing of the US Republican Tax Bill, which is supposed to ultimately create more debt than it reduces, by Mitch McConnell; his hoisting into office by his ambitious (now Vulkanus reinforcing) Taiwan-born wife Elaine Chao, who has described him in essence as an obedient servant; Chao's earlier touting of a 'private-public partnership' (catchy PPP) to run United States national Transportation infrastructure; Chao's family financial/banking (and military) connections on both sides of the Chinese Strait of Taiwan; immediate offers from China and Taiwan to offset the imbalances of the newly-passed Tax Bill (like what a coincidence) in part via foreign privatization -- a plan comes together; and bi-partisan affiliations of the (in reality west of the International Date Line and north of the Equator) "Asian Pacific" CAPAC lobby, which the Democratic Party has been allowing to dominate its policy as well as campaigns.  Add to this the excessive demands for increased and often unnecessary immigration that is upsetting the streets and economies of US coastal cities, and the grossly disproportionate influence of Asian nationalist lobbies on public policy on the US Pacific Coast.

    What could be more of an example of a passive-aggressive 16th-harmonic Hades=Vulkanus cluster pressing on Seattle and NYC, and heading into Portland and San Francisco, and into Providence and Boston in the next few years?   With Hades involved, indeed, many of the most potent acts of foreign influx may be occurring in the wee hours of the night when most are asleep.  What goes on at the ports and shorelines, and are vigilant American agencies there to monitor?  Are US ports under US control?  The Hades factor would be coming, possibly at night, into North America via the Queen Charlotte Islands region of British Columbia and adjacent mainland ports, the coasts of  west Florida around Panama City with a river leading to Fort Benning and the Atlanta region, and remote areas of Ontario around Sault Sainte Marie and the Michigan upper peninsula that are also noteworthily reachable via the Atlantic St Lawrence Seaway.  As mentioned in the last blog, Vulkanus power from around Peterburg and Odessa and Kiev could be accompanied by more stealthy underground/covert influx from the Rhine River valley, the Marseille coastal area, or even E Algeria; and these can accompany the various manifestations of Hades including drugs (legal as well as illegal), chemicals, or minerals including oil.  Could oil tankers be fused with foreign Vulkanus heavy military operations, including covert ones, including use as cover for them?   Hades contraband from the Golden Triangle may reach the global oceans via riverports such as those of Saigon, Hongkong, or Shanghai.  In fact, the Yangtze River links current 22.5 Hades=Vulkanus together.  In Russia, any military power along the Indigirka in east Siberia to more covert (or mineral/oil assets) around the eastern Taymyr Peninsula, is to be watched.

    As HA=VU remains in orb for the next several years, covert assets from the Algeria-Tunisia-Libya border may link up with more overt power along the western borders of Russia and Ukraine and/or the powers that be in Ankara and Cairo.  Cyprus may become a critical point of global power-balance.

    Americans, don't turn your head from the East China Seacoast or the Yellow Seacoast, while maintaining vigilance toward Russia (west and east incl the Amur-Shilka rivers confluence along the Manchurian border), and coastal Turkey, and Egypt.

    May we all have a happy, safe, and secure 2018.  It may require finally taking off some rose-colored glasses and looking at some of the harsher realities that idealists might want to deny about global politics and economics.  HA=VU also means the defects and pitfalls and blind-spots and nocturnal machinations can be very high-impact, globally. America and Canada both need a sharply vigilant and loyal Coast Guard, as HA=VU also fits the "Snooze ya lose" concept. This is no time for high-risk policy or parlor games in foreign affairs.  The good part is that there have been signs of willingness of most thinking Americans to come together across party lines on issues and policies that are clearly in the common overall national interest, across socio-economic gaps -- despite clamoring foreign lobbies pushing for controversial policies than benefit them while destabilizing America and Americans' national security.  One of the challenges of the MO=MA=UR=AD of 2018 is clearly to find ways to use ingenuity and technology to consolidate social stability rather than destroy it.  The puerile "anarchists" need to grow up... it is clear that many in Washington are increasingly not ready to side with erratic narcissistic greed, or with idealism lacking in careful and thorough pragmatic thinking.


2017Dec24: 2018 Universal Chart, Geodetic revelations about situation in USA (re-edited Dec31):

    I have already covered the Universal Chart for 2018, which officially went into effect on the 21st, also the date that the Trump Tax Bill passed, to be weighed in with previous comments on the chart. You can find references to the chart by searching for "2018 Universal" on this page. 

    Meanwhile, a study of geodetic alignments listed in the "Men behind the curtain" article elsewhere on this website shows it to be very likely that, while much media attention has been focused on Russia, in terms of US foreign relations, and for good reason -- far too little attention has been paid to current influences from the East China Sea region, not only from Korea but from China and Taiwan; to the numerous merger-type overtures between them in recent times despite maintaining separate traditional flags and legislatures and political figureheads, and to the longtime influence of Japan in Taiwan lingering from its early 20th century colonial days (up to 1945) as an overt part of the Japanese Empire, to Japanese islands in the East China Sea, and to both substantial Chinese and Japanese influence and assets in the Philippines.  Such influences are now more than conspicuous in California, and attention is being drawn away from them by playing US laws to allow them to operate more covertly, but with heavy influence nonetheless.  This fits with the often covert inclinations of Vulkanus (now over Shanghai and Taipei)  when at 22.5 angle to Hades (now over the Golden Triangle Shan States).

    To note, in particular: Geodetic alignments show likelihood of several overlaps between the "Asian Pacific" CAPAC lobby, the Chao/Foremost financial network, the Kuomintang Party (now heavily fused with the Chinese Communist Party), the Moonie cult network, and the Falungong/ShenYun network, bridging both the US Republican and Democratic Parties, built up over the years, using the vehicles of the APACL/WACL (often functionally an Asian colonization league, as have proven to be the Falungong and now "Kahr Armed" Moonies) and the John Birch Society (named for a naive Baptist missionary who got lost in the seedy underworld politics of Manchuria, slippery Falungong leader Li Hongzhi's homeland). Geodetics validate that Falungong may be largely a 'new age' spinoff of the Sun Myung Moonie cult, both now heavily involved in US real estate speculation, with a more 'slick' and 'mod' patriarch, and shallow mutations of Buddhist icons not dissimilar to the Moonies' mockeries of Christian icons and themes -- and all conveniently eligible for "Faith Based" legal categorization. The Falungong's "Epoch Times" may be a spinoff of the Moonie cult's "Washington Times".

    If a European mafia network were identified and discussed today in America, one could discuss them without being accused of racism or discrimination, but when Asian mafia networks are discussed, issues are often muted because of special minority status that allows coverup of clannish organized crime networks often defined largely according to ethnic clan. Note that such privileges, however, are rarely extended to minorities of African or Latin American descent. There is a difference between racial profiling of relatively powerless individuals from usually underprivileged or disadvantaged minorities, and investigations of highly-organized, sometimes centuries-old, and often uber-rich transnational crime networks active in transferring substantial assets from colonized lands back to a country of origin, and fused into national, provincial, state, and local government networks in the targeted country.  I would invite you to go to the "Men behind the curtain" article and search through the list for terms like Chao, CAPAC, Moonie, Falungong, APACL, and Birch, to see the remarkable number of overlaps between all of them at various junctures -- and then note that the Tax Bill pushed by Chao's hubby Mitch McConnell may play right into the Chao empire network's plan to foreign-privatize US transportation (and perhaps other) infrastructure.  All despite Trump's talk about "China China China" during his 2016 campaign.  And yet, unfortunately, the various China Lobby components have both parties harnessed (including via CAPAC) like pet dogs, and despite talk about China (which is probably now all one Greater China  incl Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Macao -- and in many ways tied to Japan and Korea via a sort of revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere -- the dream of 1930s-40s Asian Fascism, which also courted the Indian Fascist 'BJP' movement and controlled Burma/Myanmar largely through the Shan States Golden Triangle, where Hades is overhead now..

    Geodetics also show some interesting overlaps between the Kuomintang network and the World Muslim Congress during the founding period of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and earlier possibly to the Uighur movement in northwest China (Xinjiang).  What emerges is validating identification of large-scale transnational networks in heavily-gentrified, still feudal Asia operating across national boundaries, often via alliances between national oligarchies that collaborate in controlling the general populations, and fused in with various political parties, right and left, whether nominally socialist or capitalist.  Such issues are not normally brought to the attention of Europeans or Americans, who tend to idealize Asian cultures with images of charming Buddhas or Vedic culture or exotic spicy dishes while ignoring the harsh and brutal elements of actual social realities -- societies that have often never advanced much beyond their traditional, internal  feudal caste-like social systems.

    Perhaps most significantly, when foreign nationalist groups in the USA promote either WW2 Fascist-apologist or Nazi-apologist views, whether from Europe or Asia, it's time to take note. When people come to the USA and shame Americans for measures deemed necessary to protect our national boundaries and security, it's time to question their motives, quite seriously, and especially as globally powerful Vulkanus has pressed upon the USA Sibley chart recently, and now on the geodetic Ascendants of Seattle and NYC, moving along the coasts toward Portland and San Francisco, and along New York's Long Island toward Providence and Boston within the next 10 years.  Vulkanus on the Ascendant means these are (and have been) substantial high-impact transnational influences not to be ignored, and yet may be rather passive-aggressive and try to be ignored due to the recent and current HA=VU 22.5 alignment.  Such Vulkanus influence can also come from Peterburg, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, E Southafrica, Paraguay, or Buenos Aires.  Very close attention to political events in those locations, in addition to Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, now and in coming years, should be paid, in reference to US national security.

    The Russia-China SCO alliance may or may not still be functionally communist, could be more fascist and aligned with the banks and corporations of the 1930s Fascist Axis -- as events have unfolded to restore them to global dominance, possibly more than ever, after the teardown of the old Marxist governments.  Will there be a counterbalance to that like the FD Roosevelt network of the 1930s-40s?   Trump sounds and acts more and more like Hoover, who would have welcomed Hitler and Tojo into Washington if not under pressure from Roosevelt to change course until his death in 1945.  Having people who worship Ayn Rand, like Paul Ryan, trot around in Congress is not a good sign. Every time threats from Chinese mafia are mentioned, the media is for some reason flooded with historical images of Chinese victims, and brandishing of charges of racial bias.  We'll see what the reality is when the smoke clears, but it may linger until 2025, until the HA=VU cluster is beyond a 2-degree orb... 7 long years of probably covert politics which will fuse powerful operations in the East China Sea with the Shan States and neighboring northern Thailand, as well as Yunnan and W Sichuan provinces of China.... all heavy drug-production areas.  Evidence of this is already conspicuous.

    Indeed, the East China sea coast and islands will not be the only region carrying such potent passive-aggressive power.  Powerful forces in Turkey and Egypt (old Ottoman territory, where Ottoman institutions are being revived) may be tied to (Hades) oil or even drug money in Nigeria, Niger, or the Algeria-Tunisia-Libya border regions.  Likewise, more overt power in Argentina and the Chaco may be tied to covert assets or even operations in Panama-Ecuador-Colombia-Peru.  Overt power in Peterburg and Odessa may be tied to covert assets or even operations in Germany and Austria. 

    For the USA, as things stand now, the East China Sea factor may be the most critical, since every effort is being made by Asian political lobbies to deny or conceal their overweening ambitions to weave into and influence, or even control, US politics and economics, sometimes with an odd alignment with Mideastern forces whose connections can be uncovered in part via the 'Men behind the curtain' article... some maybe old APACL alliances.  Those in America, including some very well-meaning people, who are dismissing the need to carefully monitor all immigration and transnational traffic, may be making a severe error -- and increasing Chinese control of shipping forays in and out of US ports, where much can be hidden in the hulls of ships, and much of significance can be overlooked without close and disinterested US monitoring and inspection.  This is no time for America to smoke pot or opiates and throw caution to the winds, especially in port cities... there could indeed be what has been called "Opium Wars Blowback", and it may have already started.  Personally, I would say that Chao and her entourage should be thrown out of Washington, and the Democratic Party will regret continuing to let the slippery CAPAC lobby run party operations or policy.  Thus, both major US parties are at Grave Risk.  Read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", or else lose due to lack of awareness.  Hades=Vulkanus means guerrilla tactics are "in".. and that's already showing.  Opiates and pot could make America weak again, and more dumbed-down. "Lebensraum" may not be just a historical term.  Those familiar with the history of China around 1900 can probably see that same thing happening to America Now.  NORAD strongholds around Anchorage and Denver should scrutinize all transnational intelligence reports from outside North America, and practice surveillance above and behind missile-defense issues... HA=VU may be particularly prone to submarine operations, which the East Asian Fascist military had substantially mastered already in the 1940s... see "The Fujita Plan" by Mark Felton about the scale of large WW2 Japanese submarine operations alone.. .with aircraft landing and fueling facilities, and sea-planes, and substantial unofficial Chinese collaboration, including intrigue in the Golden Triangle that lingered ever after.


2017Dec02 (updated Dec12): Disproportionate influence from Greater Germany, Greater China, Japan, and Russia in US politics and economics as new Tax Bill set to possibly make US government bankrupt while Chao China Lobby and Asian Law Caucus are poised for Chinese takeover of American infrastructure:

    Stupid Heehaw Roy Moore can babble pathetic nonsense until the Dixie goats go home about how bad the US government is while he grapples with sexual predator charges, but foreign agents hoisted into Washington by treacherous foreign lobbies in both the Republican and Democratic parties appear to have outsmarted him and his phony, foreign-manipulated "Tea Party" fools, as well as Democratic and other liberal Americans who have been fools of the same lobbies shaming them with charges of xenophobia while a virtual non-military foreign invasion has taken place and is overtaking US government and other infrastructure, and some cities, piece by piece, including via foreign real estate acquisition drives.

    The Vulkanus power of the East China Sea, along with lingering elements of the EuroUnion/Merkel/Schwarzenegger machine are Taking Control of America while glazed-eye Russian Fascist cult dupe Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, the trained obedient servant of Elaine Chao and her Chinese privatization lobby, rip the rug out from under the US government in preparation for foreign takeover, i.e. Corporatist Globalism and loss of the US government as an autonomous entity in the global competition game.  Will that finally make the Dixie Dinosaurs, lingering in their ridiculous Anti-USA lust for 1861 Robbideelee faded glory, happy?

    Already mentioned is the need for US, Canadian, and maybe British, counterbalance to the foreign encroachment from China and Egypt and Turkey to arrive from the longitudes of Denver CO, Anchorage AK, Cape Breton Nova Scotia, and British naval backup from the longitude of Barbados and the Falklands.  There may have to be joint Atlantic Pact military intervention on some level to keep America from falling into internal chaos as the MO=MA=UR=AD cluster moves into effect as we near the Capricorn Solar Ingress Universal Chart that describes the new year 2018.  If NORAD or the US Pacific Fleet or US Atlantic Fleet are undermined by foreign double-agents or moles, defense of North America against further foreign encroachment may be weakened, particularly from East China seacoast areas or from Peterburg or Kamchatka in Russia, long-politically-ambiguous Ukraine, Turkey, or Egypt. 

    Americans need to cool it with the xenophobia-shaming rhetoric now as the USA faces a potential foreign takeover after domestic infrastructure collapse to foreign interests spelled, in part, Chao and CAPAC planned "Asian Pacific America" and the aptly-named ARNOLD the Hanover dunce terminator and Greater German rockem-sockem robot.  Trying to be cool now by being tolerant of the overflooding chaos-sowing immigration policies for foreign corporate and government lobbies greedy for more cheap labor with imported human rights abuses, is not wise. Some politicians in Washington have surrendered either to their own greed, or to the machinations of the foreign lobbies in the halls of US government (or now with their own representatives in office), a mess that started largely with the slick Moonie and Hanoverian German-coopted-NATO wave of the late 1960s and 1970s that have grown into Frankenstein monsters trampling over America and Americans, laughing at what fools Americans have been.  While Trump's sanity is questioned across America, the "Asian Pacific" Ed Lee/CAPAC plan for "the Future of America" looks like a mix of Jonestown relocation programs and one of the biggest covert population relocation operations in US history combined with outrageous real estate price inflation and foreign resettlement programs reminiscent of those of WW2 Fascism. Mention of the injustices of US interment camps for ethnic Japanese is remarkably absent of mention of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, while the bombing of Hiroshima is absent of mention of the brutal beheadings and human enslavement and human experimentation operations of the extraordinarily brutal East Asian Fascist military machine (officially Japanese, but which had substantial Chinese allies and collaborators in Shanghai, Nanjing, Taipei, Manchuria, and elsewhere, and extensive Korean involvement even if under coercion) which the US bomb on Hiroshima put a temporary stop to, and while the Nazi underground was still helping the East Asia Prosperity Sphere in May to August 1945 develop nukes to drop on America if we didn't stop them.  Moreover, reports on Pearl Harbor indicate that there was substantial double-agent cooperation with the Japan Fascist military in Hawaii, replete with a "Give Hawaii to Japan" cult movement.  So, while I and many Americans are sorry for internment of innocent Japanese (survivors of whom have been awarded US government compensation grants), the whole story of East Asian subversion operations against and in the USA needs to be told again, as does the resemblance of the "Asian Pacific" lobbies to the "Pan-Pacific" plan of the East Asian Axis Prosperity Sphere program.  Those matter still.  And the main bases of overt Chinese Axis collaboration with Japan was along the longitudes where Vulkanus is now, for the last few years and for the next few.

    As Greater China now holds what may be a lion's share of Vulkanus global power (including through a powerful Kuomintang-affiliated bloc in Honolulu, and possibly in Anchorage via the Moonie cult, and Chinese diaspora financial holdings and political offices on the North American mainland, consolidated via the various recent Kuomintang-Communist mergers set in motion in the late 1970s by Deng Xiaoping) -- the guerrilla warfare potential of the Chinese underworld is now quite substantial, and could overwhelm the USA and maybe even Canada.  If it is allied with elements in Russia via the SCO or other agreements, the impact could be even more substantial, and furthermore if aligned with the growing global influence hubs in Istanbul and Alexandria/Cairo escalating due to increased global trade and the newly two-laned Suez Canal.  Many may be overlooking ties between the Muslim World Congress and Chinese organizations and Chinese paramilitary organizations that operate in Burma and Paraguay and their neighboring regions.  The point is, the United States is highly vulnerable to covert foreign guerrilla invasion via stealth, particularly with Asian weapons operations like the Moonie cult's Kahr Arms enterprise -- and connections there to the possibility of drug wars imported into and destroying Mexico from across the oceans.  Any potent foreign operations inside Mexico that could be affiliated with the East China Sea coast mafia, or Russian elements in Peterburg or Kamchatka, or Ukrainian paramilitary messes, or the Ottoman Turkey-Egypt axis, could be amassed along the longitude of Denver and Roswell across the border, from eastern Chihuahua southward through central Durango, Nayarit/Tepic, western Jalisco, and Colima... it is in both Mexican and US interests to make sure there are no foreign paramilitary operations there, particularly from Greater Kuomintang-Communist China, the Istanbul-Cairo axis, the Chaco paramilitary circuit, or Russia or ambiguous Ukraine. Such possible manifestations would be threats not from the Mexican people, but from foreign operations based in Mexico and at risk of promoting US-Mexico tensions.

    It should also be pointed out that Germany now has some substantial bases in Eastern Europe, also near the longitudes of Peterburg and Kiev and Odessa, with decades-long influence in Finland via the Mannerheim network, and renewed influence in Romania via its ethnic German-led government with historic ties to the ethnic-German Hohenzollern Prussian kings of Romania. These could also be in the mix at any of the current Vulkanus clusters with the geodetic MC, including in 8th or even 16th harmonic -- these could be German back doors to regional power, and it puts the German bases around Roswell and northward into Oklahoma back in focus as something to be monitored carefully by Americans.

    I remain of the view, even moreso now, that the USA is being set up for an attempted collapse from within, and the Tax Bill just pushed by China-slave-McConnell and Russian-Fascist-cultie-Ryan, could be the final blow that topples the US government over to foreign control including the Chao family Kuomintang Transpacific shipping/trade mafia plan to take control of US infrastructure. It's a Wienermobile-Chowmein mess that the "Asian Pacific" CAPAC lobby may be cooperating in from "across the aisle", to make it Bye Bye American Pie, the levee is dry, and the Chevy has been replaced by Chinese-made Mercedes and Toyota sold by German and Japanese corporations.  America may have been un-independenced, and Germany and Japan and Chinese fascism won World War 2 after all. The WW2 Axis did not lose their cleverness, while the dumbing-down of America by destroying its educational system (with homeschoolin', vouchers, NCLB, etc) sure did help.  Americans need to read Gerhard Weinberg's "Germany, Hitler, and World War II", Mark Felton's "Fujita Plan", Tony Matthews' "Spies for Nippon", Thomas Marks's "Counterrevolution in China", Sterling Seagraves's "Lords of the Rim", and the old but still pertinent T H Tetens "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" and "The New Germany and the Old Nazis", and study closely Russia's current pacts and alliances with Germany and China and Japan,  in case there is a chance of keeping America from collapsing to the sort of foreign dominance and functional colonization that is overtaking America rapidly, from the coastlines inland.  Privatization of government was and is the path to Fascism.  The Chao family empire should be nationalized rather than the Chao family privatizing America's government.  California's ports are under the control of the Chinese Foremost and Evergreen and the "APL/American President Lines" shipping monstrosities co-opted by Singapore Chinese in 1997, as Americans now kowtow to Chinese diaspora and Japanese and German colonial masters put in place by lobbyists and double-agent politicians from those countries.  Maybe we have been as stupid or naive as they think we are.  Will that continue?  Will Trump really do anything about it, or just continue to pay lip service while making it even worse?  Throw American textile workers out of jobs in order to get cheap clothes from India and Bangladesh?  Foreign-owned US auto factories sending the profits overseas?  Tech workers imported to take jobs young American tech graduates would otherwise have? Coal miners need to be retrained for clean energy technology jobs so they will be ready for the future rather than doomed to extinction with black-lung disease while Greater German and Japanese and Greater Chinese corporations are preparing to monopolize the clean energy technology that is already replacing antique sources while America rolls backward into government collapse if the McConnell and Ryan East Asian and Russian and German dupes succeed in carry out the orders from Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, Berlin, and Moscow. Geodetics indicate the 'Heritage Foundation' as possibly near the core of the entire mess.  The parallels to the historic Hitler-Stalin and Kuomintang-Communist and East Asian Prosperity Sphere pacts are more than remarkable... they're disgusting.  There are other ways of doing things, but transnational corporate control of media and the internet and telecommunications lines have the sheep loaded in the chute for the slaughter-house while Shinzo laughs at the goats, Angela snickers next to the gingerbread-house oven, Xi Jinping walks around like a Mao-look-alike East Asian Fascist robot next to his phony Falungong "Shen Yun" stage entourage sneaked in by affiliates. Arnold S and Peter T carry out orders on America from the BND in Munich, the Ottoman Empire is being revived in Turkey and Egypt, and Putin does whatever Putin does while he entertains his charming but dominant guests from Berlin with obedient puppy love, like a trained dog.  Nearly every former soviet bloc state fell to control of new governments around 1989-1991, but no one seems to be paying adequate attention to just who took over, and similarly for North Korea, whose robotic puppet-state government may have simply been gradually handed over to someone else, in China or Russia, or Taiwan or maybe Moonies and their Japanese mafia controllers?  Allies in the Middle East?  Who outside North Korea would be happy to see nuclear bombs dropped on America?  There are plenty of them already set on US targets from longtime North Korean allies, for a long time.  Conventional warfare might be functionally obsolete, and America is seething with people clearly more in love with the land of their ancestors than they are with America.  Time to smell the coffee before the country walks over a cliff while living in a dream world in denial of the global guerrilla warfare going on already, every day. Smell the Kahr Arms before it's too late.


2017Nov26, updated Nov30: Current global mess, as applies to United States and Canada:

    There's something severely wrong in Washington when the country teeters back and forth between control by Germany one moment and the East Asia power bloc the next. Where's the American power and money to stop such a disgusting global powerover game?  My view is that a lot of it is rooted in the politics of the Bushes, bored with Texas and looking to the outside world as a result, as most anyone would there, then inviting them in to take over.  Russia could certainly have a role in this, but Vulkanus only just recently reached St-Peterburg, and the mess started before then, when Vulkanus was still in Finland, the Balkan States, Belarus, western Ukraine, and earlier in Libya, Orange State South Africa, and the Baltic seacoast of Poland, and possibly more significantly, in Post-Deng/Tiananmen capitalist-reformed 'communist' Beijing in China in the early 1990s. Global events of that period, which happens to have included cornerstones of what's unfolding now, and happen to coincide with the 1st Bush presidency, which probably made some grave, foreign-manipulated US foreign policy decisions now unfolding into a period of US domestic chaos, and global decline of US influence.  Those can be fixed if someone smart can get control of the White House, or had gotten control in January 2017.
    People in power are too caught up in their greed games, which ultimately lead to collapse and failure, like a drug addiction to money.  And the rising powers in Asia and Europe, rooted in the old Fascist Axis, know this, as do the Russians know well... America's weak spot is greed, and economic polarization could make it collapse, as it nearly did in 1929-1932 due to corporatist Coolidge-Hoovernomics mess. The planned McConnell China Lobby and Ryan Russian Fascist Ayn Rand cult tax reduction on the wealthy could easily be the fall of the United States into abyss or national schism into smaller countries.... Chao's Chinese Mafia family plan to take over US infrastructure via privatization would be a major first step of the End of America, a gradual national collapse to foreign control, which could be initiated by her dog-trained hubby McConnell's rich-tax-cut plan.  Evidently, Australians see it as observers, and Canadians probably do, and yet both of them need to guard against the same problem. The Gramm-Rudman economic polarization plans show possibly direct backing from Chinese, Japanese, and German mafia money. Chinese takeover of California could be eminent in the next gubernatorial elections, probably via CAPAC or affiliates... and I mean Chinese from Asia and with Asian-focused objectives.... it's very close, and already started in San Francisco.  They are attempting to harness and manipulate the People of Color network to do it, and it's an ugly and treacherous game with ugly social repercussions, and official Germany under the Merkel machine for some reason seems supportive of the chaos, collaborating with bonehead neanderthal steroid-brained Schwarzenegger the Pan-German Vertriebene-policy immi-grunt whose political backing shows roots similar to those of the Nazi German American Bund, the Vonsiatsky Russian Fascist subversion program in the USA, the Post-Soviet privatization program in Russia, the 'Anonymous' 4Chan website, Pirate Bay, the European Defence Agency, the V for Vendetta film release, the Rammstein band, the Anarchist branch of the People of Color Movement, the Ed Lee city manager administration onset in San Francisco, the PM offices of Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore and Abdullah Badawi in Malaysia and Merkel's strategic meet with the latter, the Dubai Ports US port control contract, Hawaii independence and Ron Paul Revolution events of 2008, the incorporation of the Panjiva global database and the start of the Wikileaks website.  I don't know how much more obvious it could be that Schwarzenegger is a subversive foreign agent helping foment the overthrow of the US government, openly working extensively with foreign agents, and repeatedly with the German government as well as Chinese or Japanese covert operations... "Friendly Fascism". Schwarzenegger Does Not Belong in American politics, and may well be serving the interests of the right wing in his Greater German Fatherland and its old Asian allies, who began infiltrating the Green movement around the time Petra Kelly was murdered -- this is the power behind him regardless of surface stage appearances or wads of cash from Europe relayed by him.  Money for his campaigns may be coming from the Catalonian Balearic island post-war Nazi colonies, privatized Qinghai oil money, or old Russian fascist gold money in the Tuva district of Siberia, or secretive Asian pirate money in the Andaman Islands or money laundered in Bhutan's offshore banks.  His first political appointment by Bush Sr in 1991 was probably backed by either Japanese, or Volga German money, or maybe both, with validation awards staged at Sony, as Bush stared off into space twinkle-eyed while talking about global orders and points of light in space. That could have been the beginning of the end of America, Terminated, unless somebody does something to restore America to American control.  Not from Europe, not from Asia, but American, rooted in America all the way. Otherwise, get ready to watch the dust in the wind.

    The Merkel machine (German-centric Euro Union plan) has gone too far in Europe and even in Germany to where unity behind her is flailing. if Europe can restructure to be more attentive to the needs of all its member countries, it can survive in any confrontations that could arise with Russia or the Mideast, but at this point there are too much official German covert politics going on. Germany probably needs a Social Democratic-run government to avoid disaster, but the odds of that manifesting may not be high.  The Euro Union is at risk from playing backdoor games with Russia and implementing foolish greed-driven slave-labor immigration policies that are alreadly creating chaos in major America cities. Rushed hot-house immigration, in any period of history, or the present, it just plain stupid, and risky of social and political chaos. it's not a right-left issue, but a pragmatic one. You don't shove people, from anywhere, around in droves and not expect problems.  Some Asian lobbies in the USA appear to look forward to that chaos as being somehow beneficial to them.

    The "Pivot to Asia" may have ended up implementing nothing more than an open door to Asian, in addition to European neo-fascism into America by pushing treaties with secret clauses, tricking the unwary -- just like Hitler did before, nothing new except the veneer -- and yes, there could be another Hitler-Stalin Pact repeated. Russians are not the stupid people portrayed in propaganda films.  If American politicians, greedy right or liberal left, keep promoting the open-door immigration policies, American is likely on the verge of internal chaos,with the MO=MA=UR=AD H32 cluster in 2018... .potential public schisms, anger, violence, even destruction... frustrated people lashing out due to corporate globalist policies ignorant or indifferent to their daily needs.  That's a potentially Highly Volatile configuration, and it's worldwide, with focus in locations including those indicated in the November 14 blog entry.
    Global power is Always primarily where Vulkanus is aligned with the geodetic MC, period. That's been obscured by recently the 22.5 angle to Hades, making it potently passive-aggressive, i.e. calculatingly sneaky. Hades is their camouflage. That point to the Shan States-centered Golden Triangle, now key to global corruption aligned with power in Shanghai and Taipei. That means that Burma/Myanmar needs to be much more of a global focus for UN intervention, for far more reasons than just Rohingya issues with Bangladesh.... the Shan States in east Burma are where the huge can of worms is in Asia, along with areas of China to the north of there, and possible of Thailand to the south if it is not monitored by the new government there. And there could be something similar in the dark corners of Swiss Banks, the French-German border, eastern Algeria, central Nigeria; in Panama (Mossack-Fonseca country), Cuba, western Cuba, and and eastern Florida northward from Miami all the way to Cleveland Ohio, though the southern Appalachian... Hades areas with all sorts of underworld intrigue going on. Some of it may even be tied to the Golden Triangle.
    The Moonies, set up and run in part by multinational East Asian mafia, could be in the mix. They avoid detection and capture in the USA by pleading discrimination and racial profiling (which are otherwise certainly legitimate problems in many situations involving disfranchised American minorities) and by pushing for policies that let Asian mafia fuse in even more to US policing and detective agencies, where they just cover up for their friends and family. It's a mess.. a Hades=Vulkanus mess, and its right now pointed at Seattle and New York City and moving slowly along the geodetic Ascendant toward Portland and San Francisco and Los Angeles on the Pacific coast, and toward Providence and Boston on the Atlantic, where the effect is already visible, considering orbs of influence to the side.  In Canada, similar impact will spread from Ottawa toward Montreal. The impact will be felt to a lesser degree soon in Austin and Dallas and Tulsa, spreading from very obscure locations west of those cities that nonetheless house critical US defense missile sites.  Thus there should be concern over foreign sabotage of missile sites or other US military installations in in west Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas, and soon in Minnesota... .and Canadian in Manitoba and soon in west Ontario. In Mexico from Del Rio Texas SSW to Colima, and soon in Monterrey and Mexico City.  The foreign impact in Europe is now most intense in Holland and Switzerland and Italy, spreading toward Germany, where its impact is not creating public controversy.  That impact now includes Alexandria and Cairo and recently Istanbul as sources, and these can fuse into forces pressing on North America as well, as could Kiev and Odessa as well as St-Peterburg.
    Russia could join in to a new power-complex if something like the SCO/Shanghai Pact becomes stronger, and that could bolster the long-building 'Asian Century' plan espoused for several years now by Asian banking networks, and originally announced by Deng Xiaoping China around 1978 or 79, when China turned capitalist but kept its communist symbols to appease and confuse a confused Chinese public, globally, now rich from a long-planned new Asia-centric global order. Why California is surrendering to it is something to be studied, but it will control California, not the other way around. And as the geodetically confirmed adage implies, what happens in California now will be in the rest of the country before long.... that matches with the planets moving across the geodetic Ascendant and Midheavens of the USA... and of Canada. An aspiring Asian Century is now highly visible and tangible already in the San Francisco area. It doesn't have to happen that way, but it's being allowed to happen that way. The only probably capable Resistance to it will come from the longitudes of Anchorage and Denver, and a bit lesser from Vancouver Island, and the Cleveland-to-Miami longitude at this time, moving slowly eastward but will have to be separated from the global Hades-on-MC locations to avoid fascist infiltration or sabotage, just as the case with the power now in China and now in Russia. UN intervention in eastern and not just western Burma/Myanmar is Urgent, ASAP, to get the Asian mafia under control by Clearly Disinterested and Unaffiliated parties.


2017Nov25: The critical location of Hades, especially when at 22.5 angle to Vulkanus, and the now globally-critical significance of the Burmese Shan States; thus Burma/Myanmar now a Global corruption hotspot beyond the publicized Rohingye crisis:

    One clear issue of the critical nature of Hades, especially when at 22.5 angle to powerful Vulkanus, is illustrated by non-astrological data correlating with their relationship is the presence of Hades around 6 and 7 degrees in both the charts for 2017 and 2018 on the MC in the Shan States, mostly in eastern Burma, but also in neighboring areas of China and Thailand and possibly Laos.  This is one of the most long organized-crime infested and politically corrupt areas on the globe due to its remoteness and critical location on the China border and in recent decades to Indochina, with critical significance to Mekong River traffic. The Shan States are at the heart of the Golden Triangle drug-producing region, once famed for its opium, and now shifted, for economic expediency, to global meth/amphetamine (and derivatives) production. It might explain why the little packets of 'ecstasy' (often opium/meth blend) decorated with Chinese characters and strewn through the parking lots outside American bars, at least on the Pacific coast where traffic from that region is heaviest.  The Shan States are also reported to be an area of East-Asian-mafia-run paramilitary-for-hire training and weapons production, and was a key hub in the 'Burma Air Lift' operations during World War 2, when opium sales funded military operations in China. Such operations continued after the war and are described in part in "Counterrevolution in China" by Thomas Marks, and the various books by Sterling Seagrave including "Lords of the Rim".

    Another area that needs special attention by the United States is the 'Chuuk/Truk Independence movement, which just so happens to be located at about 33:45 (22:30 + 11:15) east of the 120E longitude where Vulkanus has been lingering.  Chuuk/Truk was a key Japanese military base in WW2, and its independence would split the US-affiliated Micronesia government-controlled area nearly right down the middle, into two separated sections, and would provide a corridor through any Micronesian state control of sea lanes between Japan or Russian Siberia and Papua, the Bismarcks, New Caledonia, Australia, and New Zealand.     


2017Nov22: Addressing healthy nationalism and protectionism; Australia addressing vital Vulkanus-related "Asian Pacific" issues not yet adequately addressed in USA:

    The announcement of FBI Dir Mueller about scrutiny of foreign contributions and manipulation of American politicians is good news, and vital to US national stability now.  Finally, it is being officially recognized that foreign meddling has caused extensive US domestic economic and political problems. Trump hinted at this in his campaign speeches, but contradicted it sharply with the appointment of Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel to his cabinet.  What has been transpiring since 2000 is quiet manipulation of the American economy to transnational/globalist order run by the revived WW2 Axis corporate-banking-military-espionage machine, out to not only displace the USA as a global power, but to weaken it through internal sabotage and manipulation, and Chinese, Japanese, and and German functional double-agents, in addition to and in possible tangential collaboration with Russian interests have facilitated US internal chaos and collapse.  Russia is Not the only problem, by far -- German and China are driven to displace US pre-eminence, Japan increasingly fusing into the Chinese economy and long in the Taiwan economy; Russia its normal secretive self and hard to assess, but signed up for the Shanghai/SCO with China and at one point India -- but apparently ready to collaborate with Europe if its autonomy is respected, which is not the modus operandi of the EU oligarchy, as Brexit advocates probably recognize. The various islamist elements are largely puppets of the aforementioned, recalling that religious belief can sometimes make people very stupid, and even belligerent in terms of 'holy wars' of any stripe... and this is why the 'Faith Based Initiative' was and is a recipe for disaster where it should be closely scrutinized if its 'chefs' were of foreign origin with foreign intentions.

    There is potential for a new European Union realigned around Brexit alliances, and the dominant German element controlling the EU knows this, and so has scrambled to put a German puppet in Paris, and is trying to make overtures to all alliances Brexit could fuse with... Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, the USA.. and the EU now even making overtures in South America, which might otherwise fuse into a more Atlantic-centered alliance with far deeper roots in democracy and egalitarian relations with other countries.  A London-based European government could form closer ties with Canada and the USA and Australia and New Zealand, work out currency agreements, bring South Africa into alignment, and appeal to Latin American countries for a possible alliance with NAFTA. The Vulkanus indicators are that it would be heavily regulated and guarded by the British, Canadian, and US Navies, and aligned more with original Atlantic Pact that preceded NATO and served as a prototype for it.  This could bring Europe more under the control of the once-victorious democratic WW2 Allies (who ushered decades of prosperity and increasing social equality after post-war reconstruction) rather than the revived Axis (notorious for false but alluring propaganda, sneak attacks, and stealthy genocide).  It could avoid the kinds of tensions with Russia that Germany has always been in the middle of, playing off 'The West against Russia', and more divorced from the sort of heavy-handed German imperialism and militarism that have brought discomfort to people in Greece, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe. An Atlantic alliance with the USA could also restore America to the more civilized course it was on prior to the bizarre and mysterious US election coup of 2000, which geodetic alignments may help explain.

    Merkel has lost popularity because of her foolish foreign policies, successful until the European public saw what the results would be, and it should not be forgotten that she is only the cog in a so-called 'Christian Democratic' machine built on the ashes of the old Nazi machine 'risen like a phoenix from the ashes' and replaying its pre-1939 propaganda and 'diplomacy' strategies.  The one birthtime for Merkel claimed to be from birth records yields MC=NE, which fits with the many past media reports of her as a trained/groomed servant of her party, a willingness to devote herself to her objectives, and an inclination for those objectives to be absorbed by osmosis or even unconsciously.  Many photos of the past show Merkel as the obedient servant of her CDU elders, trained For Years to be and do what she is doing now.  The policies she has implemented have ultimately benefited most German citizens (after inequities to East Germans began to be resolved), and this has made her popular with German voters, and could still be the case during a projected 2nd election.  Merkel contends with Overt radical-right parties that are often run by the same machine that her party is, but less careful to conceal their Nazi roots.  Europeans are recognizing this and will hopefully be able to maintain unity in the face of any potential threats from Russia or the Middle East or German imperialism -- it's probably going to require reversal of the German-run EU economic policies that have strangled much of Europe and brought it to heel under German economic rule.  This is much of what drives Brexit to exit, and what motivates the Pan-German CDU to rush to keep France under its control.  A European union can be saved if the self-serving Pan-German nationalists will relinquish control, but how likely that is, is another question, as they have also continually manipulated American policy to their objectives, while continuing the game of blocking any sort of US-Russia reconciliation and cooperation, something Germany has dreaded since the birth of the United States. And a vigilantly cautious US-Russia collaboration may now be beyond possible, as Germany's agents' manipulation of NATO has again pitted the USA and Russia into mutual hostility and remilitarization that may financially benefit not only Germany, but also Japan and the reunifying Greater China (incl Singapore and Hongkong -- the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere). 

  Meanwhile, enigmatic and complex Russia now contends with various factions vying for power, and clearly will choose the alliances of greatest advantage, and that could include previous overtures with Germany or China (which may come under increasing Japanese influence via Taiwan reunification measures that were initiated by Deng Xiaoping and that Xi Jinping has stated intention to continue).

    IF the Nostradamus prophecies are valid and correctly interpreted by some authors, the CDU/Merkel machine has set Germany on course to create global disaster via the most insidious forms of Realpolitk political deceit (with Schwarzenegger's help), although that does not mean other alternatives will not do the same or worse. The writings of T H Tetens show the dangers and risks of post-WW2 US-German-Russian trilateral relations and the German duplicity involved, and that in turn goes back to historic German-Russian pacts that include the Hitler-Stalin pact. Meanwhile the United States is reeling on the verge of internal chaos due to foolish permission for foreign agents, lobbyists for foreign interests, and even foolishly-elected politicians to manipulate the USA into a subservient position to German, Chinese, and Japanese interests as well as Russian, depending on the individual situation. The chaos has led some to unwisely consider US national schisms that would be disastrous, and sometimes aligned with or vulnerable to ambitious Asian objectives. Americans forget that some other countries have no political or social traditions (and thus education and upbringing) that even begin to approach American principles of democracy or equality or freedom of expression, imperfectly implemented as though they may have at times been.  And American investment in America has been displaced by foreign investment in America, leading to foreign takeover, followed by weakening of US internal national strength.  The CAPAC lobby is about to overtake California and the Democratic Party, with any ties to Elaine Chao in the Republican Party to be studied, along with what role East Asia's Sony and Schwarzenegger are playing in the mess.. nearly all of which is due to allowing foreigners to run the United States into control by banks and corporations based in their native countries.  Trump supposedly understands this, per some speeches, but his policies go right along with it nonetheless... like Chao's privatization plan now touted by him, and reduction of corporate taxes that will only logically lead to more foreign corporate takeover, one of Chao's key objectives, to show the world how well Chinese mafia, or a Chinese-Japanese blend echoing the old Shanghai Green Gang network, can wreck the good ship Planet Earth.  Ed Lee's vision for America.  The mess manifest earlier through Bush foreign policy, preceded by Nixon's manipulation by the Moonies and the old Nazi/Fascist-loving 'American Security Council' in Chicago, radical-right elements ready to get on the boat run by foreign Nazis and Fascists in order to destroy Communism, and the continued Stupid policy in Washington of letting foreigners run US foreign policy due to Chicago's relative isolation from the rest of the world, compared to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

    An aside here... in 1950, Harry Truman had been warned that the Korean War was intended to mushroom into an invasion of China, and so the day after war declaration took specific measures to make sure it didn't, despite China Lobby (with Japan?) pushing in Washington for its implementation and results, with awareness that the likely result would be a US-Russia war replete with nuclear weapons that had been under development since 1946, with a successful test in 1949 -- as Russia was ready to defend both mainland China and North Korea (if for no other reason than as buffer states).  This is history not to be forgotten, as the situation involving these countries is still similar in many ways.   

    Australia is openly addressing specifics of the East China seacoast global power network push for global influence, including via lobbying and meddling in government affairs outside Greater China. The linked article deals with a longtime reluctance to minimize involvement in Pacific Island countries, including Papua, to avoid Australia being perceived as a 'colonizing power', and yet Chinese and Japanese intervention across the Pacific is making it clear that if Australia does not get involved, Asian powers to the north may take over and functionally colonize, and in some cases already have. Moreover, the Australian press is more openly addressing the problems of extreme Chinese lobbying in its internal affairs, a situation also clearly going on in the USA, where critics are silenced by shaming over charges of racial discrimination being applied to reactions to crass foreign interference using immigrant populations as vehicles for such. This issue is also being ignored in the USA due to aggressive and highly-organized campaigns to equate immigration privileges with domestic civil rights, and generic application of legislation for long-time indigenous minorities to incoming or prospective immigrant populations.  In a globalist context, this is leading to situations where foreign governments and transnational networks have been beginning to seek license to manipulate the domestic affairs of other countries by bending and abusing national laws, via organizations such as CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, aggressively pushing to take over California economically and politically, and pushing for control of Silicon Valley wealth and impact on US infrastructure.  Here is a summary of some issues in Australia which are clearly occurring in the USA, but not yet being addressed adequately.  This is not to ignore similar passive-aggressive strategies from Germany in recent years, again pointing to possible involvement of networks such as the Siemens-Deutchebank-Asia financial network that historically ran the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, heavily involved in the creation of the WW2 Fascist Axis machine, and today apparently cutting deals in Russia on the sly.  Meanwhile, well-meaning idealists in Washington (and some state capitals) have been bamboozled by a neo-fascist version of corporatist globalism, highly wealthy and sophisticated, with endless resources at its disposal, and decades of experience at Old-World (including Axis fascist) diplomatic intrigue and machinations.  China is functionally not a communist country anymore, and is functionally fused again with Taiwan economically if not politically, and far more fused with Japanese economics and politics than 'westerners' are led to believe. Australia apparently is refusing to be Shanghaied, but will America resign to it?  The success of the current Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao axis, bolstered by Vulkanus there geodetically, is probably tied directly to the Asian underworld operations in the Shan States of east Burma and neighboring areas, 22.5 to its west, meaning it is probably time for a disinterested, international, maybe United Nations,operation to intervene in eastern Burma/Myanmar and neighboring border areas and clean up the long-standing Golden Triangle Mess, described in detail by brave and Asian-mafia-targeted authors such as Sterling Seagrave.  Hades there now at 22.5 to the East China Vulkanus influence means it is now having a vital and direct impact on the now thriving global Chinese-Japanese Mafia power and influence, tied in with drug and weapons trafficking, and this may possible extend northward into the Tibet-Sichuan border area and southward toward western Sumatra.  It's only one of several reasons why locally disinterested UN intervention in Burma maybe overdue.


2017Nov17: Poland, Zimbabwe, Asian subversion in USA reminiscent of 1960s-70s:

    There are two main versions on the media of the Poland situation.  The largely Pro-Euro-Union version is that there were demonstrations by radical neo-fascist/nazi types across Poland on Nov 11.   In fact, Nov 11 is Poland's national independence holiday, with celebrations every year, patriotic fanfare with flags, nothing out of the normal... except, this year, neo-fascist organizations from neighboring nearby countries decided to flood into Poland and subvert their national holiday parades.  Why?  Maybe because, the Polish legislature has recently taken measures to protest Euro Union policies that they think are counter to their national interests.  Could Euro Union agents have helped transport the extremists from other countries?   Two of the Euro Union policies the Polish legislature has opposed are reduction of social benefit programs for Polish citizens, and mandatory immigration policies that many Poles feel are disruptive.  The current Polish government, by American standards, is socially conservative but economically liberal.  You can read current news in English from Poland at .

    The Zimbabwe situation is still up in the air at this moment, as Vulkanus approaches the geodetic MC at its capital, Harare.  Long-term and 1980 independence leader, now president Robert Mugabe is now in his 90s, with a wife of age 52.  Some reports are that he has been deposed, others that his wife is being deposed, others that he is in custody due to fear of a socially destabilizing revolution.  Time will reveal what is actually going on.

    A study of the geodetic alignments, and recent news, indicate that the People of Color movement in the USA is being co-opted at least in part by political interests in Asia, with intent to bend the movement toward Asian nationalist designs on North America.  Long disfranchised American minorities are being enlisted into organizations with Asian designs, and shamed for not complying.  There is risk that CAPAC is involved in some of this, as are aggressive pushes for relaxed immigration policies whose disruptive potential could be even more problematic now due to the recent natural disaster crises and housing shortages. Asia-based lobbies are also attempting to co-opt control of a network opposed to the Trump administration, which must not be allowed to continue.  This is a time when serious and sincere bi-partisan cooperation must begin to manifest, or there is too much risk of US national schism and problematic polarization.  People need to consider the past radical affiliations of politicians, such as Ryan's involvement with the Russian Fascist Ayn Rand cult and its suitability for influencing US national policy; McConnell's backing and affiliation with his wife's Asian-based economic and political affiliations and her related extremist role as being on the board of 4 or 5 nationwide banks in the USA along with her plans to privatize infrastructure of our United States of America.

    The policy of openness to foreign participation in US politics might have been feasible during a time of national stability, but at this time it is a Stupid idea, and one being pushed most enthusiastically by foreign nationalist or foreign-born interests (or both together) who are even overtly cutting deals to attach the US economy and infrastructure to bases overseas..

    The ugly underside of globalist policy is surfacing.  This is a time for unity among Americans, to set aside selfish interests and instead focus on the unity and stability of the nation.  It is no time for foreign ideas or interests to take precedence. American solutions must be found for American problems.... and that means in policy and implementation, not just jingoistic-sounding speeches that are followed up with policies that are the opposite.  German or Chinese or Japanese solutions won't work in America, because this is not Germany, not China, not Japan, nor Russia... and let's hope it never becomes a colony of Any of them.  America is the melting pot where newcomers align with American values, not the other way around.  Organizations like CAPAC, the Moonie permutations, the Falungong, the German Marshall Fund, and the Halifax 'security' network need to be kept outside US borders and out of US policy, as do any obscure Russian lobbies.  The Pacific is Not Asian, unless slick lobbyists manipulate the rest of the world into handing it all over to Asia.  Note that the small part of the Pacific that IS Asian, the northwest corner, is adjacent to Russian Siberia as well as Greater Japan and Greater China.  If the Pacific coast of North America becomes identified as being part of an "Asian Pacific", America is likely headed for a major schism.

    Confusion may continue as long as policy-makers rely exclusively on single sources of intelligence data, and especially if relying on single countries outside the USA for data, and without considering what their national interest in the individual situations are.  Democrats and Republicans have got to listen to each other, hear each other out, and try to imagine walking a mile in the other's shoes... and throw away the dogmatic and selfishly-base solutions and instead focus on solutions that are pragmatic for all Americans.  Severe problems can result it foreign agencies are intercepting communications... so consider issues like Siemens-Deutschebank access and control of internet communications, or other foreign means of intercepting or manipulating communications of any sort (including phone), as they can have major or even devastating impact; similarly for control of and access to information databases including schedules.  Blind trust in foreign overtly or covertly nationalist agencies is Not Smart when competition exists, and it does.  Note who wants to take over when 'boundaries are torn down', because they do and they have, where possible, already.

    If we look at the geodetic alignments in terms of traditional aspects, Vulkanus is conjunct and harmonizing/fused/united with the powers that be in Shanghai and Taipei. That means Greater China holds the most world power at the moment, even though concealed by the Hades 22.5 degrees away in the mists of the Burmese Shan States and/or the oil wells and military and nuclear bases of Qinghai.  This could mean that China or Taiwan (or both Unificationed) could prevail either through nuclear weapons or via paramilitary operations in the Shan States, or through allied Russian covert operations in Tuva or areas northward, or southward in western Mongolia.  Hades would point to covert guerrilla-type operations.  Note that China's nuclear program was started under Pres Liu Shaoqi, who was opposed in many ways to Mao's brand of communism, and supported unification with Taiwan... and it coincided with the start of US overt troop involvement in Vietnam, and the founding of the Elaine Chao family's Foremost shipping dynasty (by Elaine's Kuomintang Chinese military officer father).  Overall, it may be China and/or Taiwan (or a fusion) with the most military clout on the planet now, possibly in the form of nuclear weapons or paramilitary/guerrilla capabilities hidden away in the interior or in the Shan States, or maybe even in Thailand or Sumatra.

    Australia may also have substantial global power via any bases along the Kalgoorlie longitudes, IF those are actually under Australian and not foreign control. Indonesia could have substantial power if there are bases in the center of the country along the longitudes of Celebes/Sulawesi.  Manila has potential for global military influence, depending on who is in power and what their alignments are... and Russia if it has covert bases around 120E longitude, such as missiles or covert military facilities. 

    Further referring to traditional analysis, square are energies in tension, and oppositions as the name implies.  This means power in Peterburg and Kiev, Cairo and Durban, are in tension, possibly with power struggles going on that could go either way, but not stabilized, smooth, and ready-to-go like the Chinese locations.  The same applies to US bases along Anchorage longitude... are there foreign Asian-affiliated agents there, with dual allegiances, for example?  Similarly for Tahiti, now possibly fallen under German influence due to the Macron coup in Paris.  Polarized power at Glace Bay Canada, Barbados, Chaco, Bahia Blanca, and Falklands... possibly ambivalence about issues of potential war... or foreign agents opposed to the prevailing power structure.

    Applying the traditional aspect paradigm to Pluto.... conjunct MC in New York City and Long Island, Montreal and Quebec, Dominican Republic, W Venezuela, South Peru, and most of Chile. NYC is Wall Street, and Long Island includes a financial power hub of the Chao/Soong/Chinese financial empires in America, bringing Chinese influence back into the picture again.  Would the Chao/Soong dynasties fund a war with China for full takeover, and what would be the result for the United States?  Would it 'redefine America?'.. or continue with the 'One World' plan that Mme Chiang/Soong attempted to persuade Wendell Willkie to implement had he defeated Roosevelt in 1940, and who was in charge there (read Eleanor Roosevelt's biography 'Eleanor and Franklin'). Greater New York may hold the most financial power, but who controls those finances now?  Pluto in square/tension to the MC is in Chongqing, Hanoi, Saigon, and Jakarta; as well as in Stockholm, Wroclaw/Breslau/Silesia, Vienna and Capetown; and western Hawaii and Alaska, with possible power struggles in motion.   How much of Wall Street money is interested in the well-being of Americans, and how much of it is foreign money with other possible priorities, including foreign-rooted global ambitions?  The roots of Wall Street were largely in the imperial Habsburg banking houses of Vienna (who have also ruled parts of Germany and Switzerland at various points).  Who owns the Wall Street stock market today?  American?  Other?

    Russia should not be the only competitor American leaders are concerned about.  There are too many 'players' in the 'game', and foreign intel agencies love to feed stacked data to Washington to see how it will react.  'Germany Will Try It Again' and 'Germany Plots with the Kremlin' are prime examples, as are histories referring to Chinese and Japanese lobbying during the Korea and Vietnam wars.  And whoever cooked up the Mideast nightmare surely has a hot place in hell awaiting.


2017Nov14: America's post-Reagan flip-flop (updated later in day); California "Tubbs" Mass Wildfire"; Brexit as a potential revival of the original pre-German NATO; Possible paths for resolving recent US domestic socio-political polarization amid global games.

    It's sort of creepy to have seen a United States built in the late 1930s and the 1940s into a strong and stable and powerful nation via the wise policies of Franklin Roosevelt, a brilliant lifelong public servant well-steeped in matters of US national security, with deep understanding of American history, military intelligence, economics, and international affairs -- reversed by the mad return to the disasters of Hoovernomics under Reagan initiated in part via the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings "Reaganomics" decade-long incrementally-implemented acts, and subsequent gradual regression into the instability and friction of today.  How did this happen? 

    Part of it might be largely explained by the history of the Democratic and the Republican Parties, which is confused in part due to the Democratic Party originally being officially named the Democratic-Republican Party (of Thomas Jefferson et al) at the birth of the United States, and even abbreviated in popular usage to the 'Republican Party' for a while in the early 19th century. Whereas today's Republican Party was founded in the mid-1850s near Chicago and the Illinois-Wisconsin border, and composed largely of remnants of the old US Whig Party (in turn composed largely of remnants of the older Federalist Party, and largely of wealthy interests).  While today's post-1854 Republican Party borrowed the eventually dropped last half of the name of the Democratic-Republican Party, and continued its close affiliations with Hanover royalist transatlantic banking interests that were rooted in Germany, largely in the Deutsche Bank and 'invested' in the transcontinental railroads (and thus the term 'Robber Barons'; noting that the 'Credit Mobilier' was actually owned by affiliated German banks).  Euro Royalists had remained in the USA after independence, preserving their previous privileges, and gravitated primarily to the Federalists/Whigs/Republicans... including old aristocratic families with old Euro Royalist ties, which were not usually advertised due to the potential controversy involved.  The Democratic Party thus remained rooted in the American Revolution, and as the most influential representative or ordinary citizens whenever it chose to. The Whigs and the post-1854 Republican Party knew that slavery was an issue that would both polarize the Democratic Party and adjust labor policy to their favor during the budding industrial revolution. 

    The older overall national political order changed to a significant degree, but gradually, in the 1960s, when East Asian financial and political power began to make itself felt in US politics in both major parties, enhanced by the 1965 Immigration Act, and the start of heavily-Asian-lobbied active US involvement in Indochina (possibly related) near the time of the Pluto square to the US 1776 natal Sun -- as always near 13 Cardinals (in precession, today advanced to 17 Cardinals after nearly 250 years), and that transiting Plutonian power indeed came from the longitude of the Chungking/Chongqing MC, as well as that of Hanoi and Saigon.  Chinese interests wanted the USA involved in the Indochina war, in hopes of increasing Chinese influence there, and possibly by extension to impact the situation in China itself via invasion after capturing Vietnam and Laos -- just as had been Chinese lobbying from the Chiang-Soong network during the Korean war of the mid 1950s to reinstall their control of China, and nominally in hopes of  minimizing the influence of Communist-bloc governments and parties.  Some American elements favored the idea, while others saw it as trigger of a World War 3, as China had just developed its first nuclear bombs and other weapons.  America became polarized over the interests of heavily-lobbying East Asian power blocs in Washington and Sacramento and Honolulu and Olympia, accompanied by pressures from Germany and every-lingering Deutschebank.

    Reagan came at a time of American disillusionment with government due largely to polarization over Indochina War issues fueled by various interested foreign lobbies in Washington, and the Watergate fiasco due in part to meddling by the Asian-rooted Moonie cult with interests in Hawaii, also fused into Indochina War lobbying.  It was as though America had invited in a transoceanic Trojan Horse that wreaked havoc across the country, inflaming America's youth with weird political organization and 'exotic' foreign-themed cults imported with drugs, and polarization over whether the war was right, pointless, or wrong, and how it was handled.  Some knew of and were disgusted with the Chinese and Japanese, and polarized Russian  and German meddling and manipulation... the foreign lobbying manipulation almost certainly explained a lot of why there was public polarization, which the Asian-launched Moonie cult eventually inflated via various branch cults.  Note that Pluto has once again neared the 17 Cardinal precessed value of the USA Sun around the time of the 2014 (McChaonell presided) and 2016 elections, and that Pluto at 17 Cardinals also points to Vienna, a global power hub whose name was featured in the ironically-name (neo/mutated) "Tea Party" cult, whose policies further inclined to a reversal of the Roosevelt/New Deal legacy that made the USA a world power. (Maybe relevant to note that Vienna is capital of Hitler's original homeland.)

    Reagan was heavily lobbied by the Moonie network, who helped host his earlier gubernatorial candidacy while schmoozing up to Nixon and 'Checkers', and possibly from Vienna since he was somehow irrationally driven to lay a wreath at one of the primary Nazi military graveyards in Germany, standing at attention and deferential to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in a bizarre ceremony while Reagan had Austrian-born advisors close at hand in Washington and his California offices.  Many doubted Reagan's conscious awareness of much of what he did... he seemed so charming and full of positive-thinking phrases and patriotic talk, but somehow spaced out, later explained by a disabling health condition affecting his brain.  George Bush Sr was the CIA director throughout these bizarre changes, which involved absolution of Nazi/Fascist war criminals, while Reagan, in tandem, had in effect nearly wiped out and reversed not only the Roosevelt New Deal legacy that made America a Global Power. This was apparently justified in order to gain 1980s German and Japanese (Axis powers) assistance in advancing the Cold War with Russia to a conclusion, in part through so-called 'Heritage Foundation' operations, but it also unleashed a post-WW2 Axis/Fascist machine that had until then remained in check, and which subsequently began to campaign for global corporatism, an aim of the original Fascist/Nazi Axis despite its quirky pseudo-populist rhetoric. Thus, the so-called 'New Right' was born in America, a collection of dogma-driven and dogma-spouting extremists who sometimes fused with organizations and cults led by Nazi/Fascist-apologists in a war against Communism, who have at times overtaken American politics and thrown the American general public into both economic and then political polarization between extremes, not unlike how the foreign-backed Radical Left organizations of the Indochina War era also polarized the USA socially and politically.  It could probably be said that the Indochina War was in many ways primarily about Chinese and Japanese politics and regional power-struggles imposed on America via aggressive lobbying, above and beyond Cold War objectivdes.  As Pluto once again lingers in the middle of the Cardinal signs, this issue has revived in the form of aggressive and now uber-wealthy East Asian lobbying in Washington, even with an offshoot of the still-lingering Moonie cult offering 'Kahr Arms' guns for sale after all the Moonie network fake-talk about olive-branches and 'world peace' and pseudo-christianity in halloween trick-or-treat costumes -- and Elaine Chao with access to the archives of several security-critical US govt agencies under Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and now Trump.  Consider the Moonie dances with the North Korean regime, and sharp warnings should be sounded about caution over whether US policy in East Asia is driven by American interests, or by 'charmingly persuasive' Asian lobbying interests pushing and manipulating US policy in the background, much as occurred in the Indochina War era... and what advantages the Moonie-cult network seeks in manipulating US policy in East Asia.  In other words, was American policy American during the bogged-down Korea and Vietnam wars, and is American policy American now?

    As the talk of World War 3 targeting Russia was the rage only a few years ago during the McCain campaign that fused interestingly with German-run Halifax cheerleading sessions and old Tokyo/Taipei/Honolulu-rooted APACL/WACL/WLFD affiliations attended by McCain, while Pluto aligned with Berlin and then Stettin and Gorlitz and Vienna (German military and Austrian political power hubs), a similar question should be asked about US policy toward Russia.

    The point... Just Make Sure the policies of Washington USA are about the interests of America, and not the interests of Chongqing or Berlin/Stettin/Gorlitz or Vienna as people in powerful positions appear to be toying again with the idea of a World War 3 involving the world's largest countries and nuclear superpowers. Otherwise, America is "led around by the nose" by foreign interests.  I will continue to point out that Kim Jong-un is head of North Korea only because someone else wants him there, and it is important to figure out who that someone is, and why. Geodetics shown with his name in the "Men behind the Curtain" article will hopefully help elucidate that and help find constructive and peaceful solutions.  The author noticed North Korean news agency websites operating with addresses in Japan for several years during the 2000s. And, as the Moonie cult have dallied continually in North Korea, their geodetic alignments also need intense scrutiny, in order to uncover their highly secretive and devious methods and origins, which certainly include remnants of the WW2-era Asian Fascist network and its now globally-pervasive Asian mafia affiliates assisted by lax monitoring of immigration and related documentation.  The origins of the CAPAC "Asian Pacific America" lobby and the Chao commercial/political empire also need intense scrutiny (by American agents, not more ambivalent 'transpacific' double-agents)  before they gain Too Much power, as they are tied heavily to interests more in Asia than in the United States, and truly could 'Redefine America' in very disruptive or even destructive ways... like transnational corporate plans to Privatize US Infrastructure advanced by the Chao political/financial network!!!  Too many people in leading positions have been making foreign-policy decisions based on superficial appearances, foreign lobbying and bribes including possible personal manipulation, rather than digging for deeper causal factors. This is critical during the potential for subterfuge during major Pluto transits. That in addition to the Vulkanus power from the Leningrad, Kiev, Odessa, Cairo, the East China coastline (both Mainland And Taiwan), and Wrangel Island and the eastern tip of Russian Siberia pressing on two of America's key coastal metropolitan areas (Seattle as well as New York City) as well as greater Vancouver and Ottawa, so obviously key to Canadian security as well. That Vulkanus is significantly in 22.5 angle to Hades, and thus may be acting with great stealth, possible calculated or underground secrecy, and even intensive and potent espionage activity in North America that could include systematic sabotage.  Even Manila should be watched for Asian mafia elements from the Chinese and Japanese diaspora underworlds long nested there, while Pres Duterte should be asking where the drugs he is fighting came from originally and how they got into the Philippines in the first place, as should Filipinos as a whole while they watch their friends and neighbors die.  Pluto now lingers not only over Chongqing but also all cities to north and the south, including the river ports of and coastlines of China and Indochina between the Golden Triangle and the Philippines, as well as Irkutsk in Siberia, and those locations may have critical affiliations with others 22.5 to the east, around Pusan, Nagasaki and Kyushu island, and the Ryukyu islands. Sterling Seagrave's books illuminate what has gone on in that region for decades or even centuries in terms of underworld operations that can be fuse into Pluto manifestations, and they should be read by anyone who needs to know what's going on in East Asia now.

    As for the USA, I see more each day that the first 10 episodes of "Man in the High Castle" were possibly released as a warning to Americans as to what could unfold domestically if leaders are not more cautious about US foreign policy and immigration issues, and trojan horse subversion in the USA at this time and in recent years. That "Man in the High Castle" series changed hands after episode 10 and therefore could have altogethere different objectives now, and may or may not be congruent with the original message.  The first 10 are in any case well worth watching and pondering, by every North American from the Arctic islands of Nunavut to the Florida keys and San Diego.  Foreign fascism is at America's doorstep, and it's wearing halloween costumes and masks with smiles painted on them, and like Hades 22.5 to Vulkanus, and like Pluto when 'misbehaving', they don't want you to know who they are or what they are up to. Transnational contracts handling US national security data has been and now is Very High Risk, as are secretive foreign military and intel operations inside the USA. Offshore banking, secret meetings, ambiguous treaties have been pushed with hard-sell strategies onto the unwary or momentarily duped.     

    North Americans need to remember that most of the world has never known democracy, and some cultures and their traditions have never known anything close to egalitarian government or society for any substantial period of time, so it's important to keep that in mind in dealing with global issues.  Change cannot before forced in a hot-house -- it has to evolve at a natural and conscious pace when human beings, not chesspieces or computer-game robots, are involved.  People need to stay off drugs and quit being sheep of religions or other 'belief' organizations that discourage critical thinking and independent thought, stay alert as possible, and listen and discuss issues rationally... stop screaming and yelling like fools driven by cattle-drove mentality and dogmatic phrase-parrots, for such are the first steps of anarchy and its natural consequence, fascism.  The good part in the USA is that we have people beginning to talk to each other rationally over issues that have not agreed on, to discuss options on handling the roots of American problems together, and making it clear that politicians who cannot be rational are in the wrong field, and that applies worldwide. That means the Tea Party is over.  When you see political leaders screaming like Mussolini, Hitler, Khruschev, or the Kamikaze-controllers of Japan or China and their endless weird mass cults, or civilians marching in lockstep, it's time to stop, look carefully, listen carefully, evolve, and then move forward when the mind is clear and calm.  This is one recipe for dealing constructively with the upcoming global Moon=MA=UR=AD of 2018.  No more raging Tea Parties or "White versus Color" games or rhetoric; and let calm minds and wisdom prevail over raging fanatical clown shows that trigger people do to stupid things.  As mentioned earlier, the most likely source of tension in and approaching 2018 come from where Uranus is clustered with the geodetic MC in the 2018 Universal Chart: 25 Cardinals and locations at 45 and 22.5 angle to there... in the USA and Canada the longitudes of Hilo Hawaii, Chelikof Strait area of Alaska (Kodiak-Kitmai region), Shelburne Nova Scotia longitude, Bermuda; La Paz Baja California and west Mormon Colonies and Sinaloa in Mexico, E Arizona and Utah, W Wyoming, central Montana, and the Alberta/Sask border in Canada; Mobile-Pensacola Mississippi/Alabama/Florida area (Dixie Mafia), Greater Chicago (already tense with gun and drug infusions and trafficking), Indiana/Illinois borderline, W Kentucky and W Cen Tennessee, Tanaga Island Aleutian Alaska.  Also watch for militarized Hawaii and Alaska independence movements, and note proximity of Shelburne Nova Scotia to longtime weird Nazi colonies along the Maine-New Brunswick border, strait area between Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, Barcelona region in Venezuela.  Areas in other countries can be ascertained from the Geodetic Map of the World, a miniature copy of which is on this website. The Special Uranian Astrology program offered on this website shows lists of key world cities within 1 degree orb of planets in a chart, using the Grimm/RAMC rather than Sepharial/Longitude system, which often are nearly identical, with the most substantial variations near the longitudes of Australia, Taiwan and East China, Korea, Japan, and the Pacific coast of North America (always less than about 3 degrees, and thus usually within 2 degrees secondary orb of influence in any case.  Other major global cities near 25 Cardinals alone include Helsinki Finland, Riga Latvia, Lvov Ukraine, Bucharest Romania, Athens Greece, Tobruk Libya, Kimberly and Mossel Bay South Africa, Beijing and Shantou China.  These should ideally be areas of technology development, while rebellions based there in 2018 will meet in serious clashes with established forces at 0 Mutable sign MC locations or those 45 or 22.5 from there, indicated both by the Moon=MA=UR=AD 32nd harmonic cluster in 2018, and the UR/AD =CU configuration... there could potentially result major violent clashes, almost quake-like if the Uranus energies are anarchist or poorly regulated.  Stabilizing influences in the USA can be exerted from the northern California-Nevada border southward to Fresno and Santa Barbara, and northward through central Oregon and Washington, and these are needed to minimize any potential violence or destruction. Same for stability from the northern Alberta-British Columbia border southward through the Kamloops longitude.  These longitudes need to be fortified to any manifesting violence or destruction regionally, and stabilizing locations in the eastern USA and Canada from the Ottawa-Montreal region, the Philadelphia-NYC region, and US forces in Guantanamo could be put to constructive and stabilizing use rather than questionable torture-coerced 'confessions'.  Australia's stability will come from the coastal cities running from Cape Howe NSW northward to Mackay QLD, while turbulence in Australia is possible all along the Western Australia coastline, or even from the Bali, or the Guadalcanal longitude regions, even the Hongkong-Shantou region in China a possibility, or Brunei or eastern Borneo.  I would not assume that the Uranus influences are always constructive or beneficial in such a potentially volatile configuration.  NOTE that technology from the indicated Uranus-aligned locations could be willfully disruptive to stabilizing factors at the Admetos locations, although little Uranus is usually no match for rock-solid Admetos.  

    Puerile "Anarchist" organizations should be watched with an eagle eye as the are indeed potentially destructive in the coming year, especially if armed or staffed with people with unresolved childhood parental rebellion complexes. Uranus can manifest at best as technical advancements, but those must be carried out by the emotionally mature, in the case of the 2018 planetary pictures on the Moon and on Cupido. Cupido=MC alignments are actually where Uranus and Admetos could be best harmonized, and that points to 28 mutables... in the USA around Minneapolis, Iowa City, Little Rock, and Baton Rouge longitudes, cities which can play a key role in keeping America unified via common-ground compromises, and moderation, as can operations 22.5 degrees away in the western USA along the longitude of Needles and Brawley CA, Boulder City NV, Yuma AZ, Twin Falls ID, Missoula MT, and the southern AB/BC border region in Canada.  These are longitudes where the old and the new must meet in order to maintain national cohesion and regional stability, with thoughtful and wise common-ground compromises between conservative and progressive interests for the sake of peace and unity in North America, without risking external manipulation or subversion. Las Vegas also on that longitude, but probably too turbulent and chaotic to qualify as a stabilizing factor, and the AB/BC border in Canada needs to make sure the weird post-1945 nazi colonies are kept out of the picture. Western Yukon could also play a peace-keeping role if it's not too cold there to breathe.  There were current indicators somewhere pointing to the need to monitor the Bering Strait in Alaska closely, while Vulkanus is indeed now in Peterburg as well as the Olenek River in Siberia and the old Vonsiatsky Russian Fascist hub around Hailar longitude -- and the Transpacific Moonie cult still maybe pondering their "land bridge".

    The UR/AD midpoint is also on Zeus in 2018, and this is where either the old and the new harmonize, or the old and the new clash destructively via technology and military cooperation sites, and that's at 20 Cardinals, nearly 22.5 from earlier-indicated Cupido organizational harmonization locations, and also including central Maine (if old Nazi remnants are flushed out) and cities of Quebec north of there, eastern Dominican Republic, Kotzebue-Bethel-Dillingham-Chignik longitudes in Alaska, Niihau-Kauai longitudes in Hawaii, and again the Yukon border with Alaska, paying attention to where wolves are.

    Note that the aforementioned UR/AD midpoint is also a potential earthquake location, and this should be kept in mind when making plans... it may be advisable to use existing facilities at those locations, and focus on making them quake-safe, rather than building new facilities now.  In any case, with UR/AD, plan ahead for unexpected disruptions or obstacles.

    For Europe the peacekeeping will succeed from cooperation along longitudes of Stockholm, Visby, Kaliningrad, Budapest, and Tirana; and the Capetown region in South Africa.  Efforts at Jogjakarta could resolve tensions in and around Indonesia via regional compromises and collaborations.  La Paz, the city of peace in Bolivia, could resolve polarized tensions throughout South America via the indigenous wisdom of its mountains and native spiritual traditions, as long as it is not warped or misrepresented by manipulations from the tentacles of transnational corporatist greed and materialism.

    Two other factors related to the previous entry... Americans, Californians in particular, may not yet be familiar with the content of all articles written by Chinese-American journalist Henry Liu about Chinese mafia corruption prior to his murder by thugs, in his home driveway in Redwood City in 1984, and this information may now be vital to crime-control in California.  Chinatown communities are too closely networked, and under threats of retaliation for speaking out on local mafia threats and corruption, to rely on reports from there, and clearly disinterested parties (meaning no cults or sympathetic spouses either) Must carry out the investigations.  The days of letting only Chinese agents police Chinatown (or Japanese agents police Japantown) need to end ASAP, and yet may have been complicated by Ed Lee's recent demands for his friends and family to be fused into organized crime policing in San Francisco.  Similarly across the USA, ethnic enclaves must be regulated by representatives of the broader American population, not allowing for clannish secrecy.  America is a 'melting-pot', not 'tossed salad', the latter of which rots fast and falls to pieces. In an interview, Chinese gangster Shrimp Boy Chow said he can get drugs, guns, "or soldiers" for anyone who wants them, implying paramilitary networks operated by Chinese or affiliated mafia, while Leland Yee was imprisoned for gun-trafficking and believable claims that Ed Lee is no less guilty of involvement with similar activities.  This should be remembered as insistent pushes are made to reconstitute policing agents according to the Ed Lee network's preferences... while "Asian Pacific" CAPAC should be assessed as an organization with possibly too many interests outside the United States.... just as one would and should scrutinize remnants of the German-American Bund or other ethnic European groups... it's about US national security and stability.  It's not appropriate to immigrate to the USA and start running a colony based on the rules or interests of the country of origin.  Learn to walk and drive on the same side of thoroughfares provided for by the laws of the land, and quit trying to change America into something else or somewhere else, as Americans adapt to change at their own pace, not someone else's.  America is a nation of immigrants who recognize and remember where they are now.  After all the domestic friction and extreme polarization of the last few years, wherever it came from, this is No time to scramble the puzzle pieces while the floor under the table is rumbling.  UR/AD can also indicate earthquakes, in worst of cases.  Are there political forces who Want Chaos, and if so, how conscious and emotionally mature are they, and are they manipulated by foreign interests?  The current suspense in the USA didn't just start -- it has been building slowly since 2000, and it's time, once and for all, to view and critique the Bush Jr administration/cabinet machine with a critical eye rather than have all criticism of it shouted or shut down by thugs, a function that the so-called 'Tea Party' repeatedly seemed to serve. Why the secrecy?  An analysis of the Universal Chart for the years 2000 and 2001 and of the Bush Jr administration may reveal a lot about what's still going on today.  Slow-moving Vulkanus was nearly at the same location (within 1/2 degree of longitude) in the charts of Bush Jr and Trump. Regardless of their external differences, the same political machine placed and powers both of them to certain degree, and Chao is there both times, as well as in Daddy B's cabinet. In the USA that points to Dallas and Tulsa and Wichita (oil country).. but it further points transnationally to the NATO bases on the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, the easternmost Moonie-manipulated Marshall Islands, and the John Birch cult bases in India along the Tibet border, as well as strongholds of the Jihadi cults in Xinjiang/Sinkiang.  There is no Indo-Pacific just like there is no Asian-Pacific located in America, unless Americans hand it over to them on a silver platter (like letting the Chao machine privatize US infrastructure). How many Americans forgot that the John Birch Society was set up in Manchuria and named for a delusional missionary who got lost there?.. near the psychological-warfare programming centers of the East Asian fascist Prosperity Sphere machine?.. in areas where Vulkanus now lingers, today. Was John Birch a Christian missionary or a puppet of Asian espionage and subversion operations?.. and how does that question apply to the organization named for him?  How much does the John Birch Society determine what goes on in the White House under Bush Jr and then Trump?  And as Fritz Mondale said to Reagan as he teetered behind his podium, "Who's in Charge?"

    With Bush or Trump administrations, America is torn between the interests of a Middle America that is still struggling with the complexity of its outmost coastal regions, a German-dominated NATO that lost its North Atlantic (incl American) focus when the Bundeswehr was admitted and took over, the cultish Moonie miasma of the Marshall islands, and the secretive Birch-affiliated cults of a creepy China-India melange quietly pushing for an 'Asian Century' of global dominance by an oversized continent with severe overpopulation problems.  Is it America's job to take on Asia's or Europe's problems when there are already so many US domestic problems unfolding and increasing?  Have people forgotten that the world's greatest empires fell when overcommitted themselves to foreign wars and foreign interests and thereby neglected the daily needs of their population at home, who subsequently became demoralized?  Meaning, have America's leaders forgotten the lessons of involvement in the Korea and Vietnam wars?  Have they forgotten that in the deep winter darkness when Japanese and German submarines sneak-attacked American ports on both sides, Russia somehow strangely became the ally without which the bloody and brutal Nazi/Fascist machine could not have been contained?  I am concerned that the revived Birch-driven foreign policy of the 1950s could led to what Hitler and Tojo (and Mme Chiang Kaishek and her cabal's "One World" plan) dreamt of.... an America under their control, obedient to their commands, and reverted to pre-1776 colonial status. The parallels are too many, and John Birch Society members are not known for their intellect or wisdom, while the grandeur of Chinese civilization died centuries ago.  Remember Kahr Arms, and Schwarzenegger's idolization of Adolf Hitler followed by multiple rendez-vous with Angela Merkel as her CDU-controllers scheme to put all of Europe under the control of Deutschebank and watch the 'Mediterraneans' and 'Anglo-Saxons' squirm.  Putin's Russia is a problem, but not the only one. Can no one smell the revived WW2 Axis, including its manipulations of the Middle East?  Can it not be more clear by now?  It's disgusting that American political figures refuse to recognize and acknowledge the parallels... and have forgotten that America has its own unique history, at least rooted in at least nominal dedication to human equality and democracy rather than feudalism and imperial orders, even if not yet implemented to perfection.  There needs to be a revived sense of national pride without advocating for the ludicrous idea of reducing taxes on the wealthy to favor transnational privatization/takeover, something apparently the 'Tea Party' sheep don't understand, or without falling for the shallow charms and charisma of narcissistic Ayn Rand robo-cult addicts manipulated by the zombies of Russian fascism, while another segment chants and prays to the graven images and icons of Asian cults serving as fronts for foreign subversion operations.  Drugging and religious mania are pulling America down into an abyss of confusion and collapse. The geodetic indicators of infiltration and subversion of the United States are vivid and multiple.

    I forgot to review the likely points of vulnerability to Plutonian influx for 2018... at 18 Cardinals, then 3 Mutables and 26 Mutables and 11 Fixed by extension... Plutonian (often secretive, sometimes but not always subtle) nflux around the remote Carolina coasts from Charleston to Wilmington, largely rural and possibly unsuspecting, maybe submarine operations; eastern Lake Erie from Cleveland to Buffalo, logically via the Atlantic-accessible St Lawrence Seaway; British Columbia coast from Prince Rupert to northern Vancouver Island; coastal region from San Francisco south to San Luis Obispo, San Diego waterfront southward to the Mexican border (could come from any country where Pluto is clustered with the MC, if from Mexico then from Tijuana or the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and if from within the USA then the Houston area); western Louisiana coastline; Duluth/Superior area, also accessible from the Atlantic via the St Lawrence Seaway.  Since HA=VU still, underground or underwater stealth is a likely possibility where either Pluto or Vulkanus is on the geodetic Ascendant, and nocturnal operations also a likely possibility -- all these coastal (incl Great Lakes) areas need to be vigilantly guarded by Coast Guard or other operations 24 hours per day, with night shifts alert and awake.. and no risk of any potential foreign moles from areas with 18 Cardinals/3Mut/26Mut/11Fix MC,and these high-risk locations include Hainan/Zhanjiang in China, Gdansk in Poland, Argheila Libya, Capetown South Africa, Java Indonesia -- as well as possible foreign agents from Niihau islands west of there in Hawaii, Kotzebue-Bethel-KingCove longitudes in Alaska, areas of Long Island occupied by Moonie-cult affiliate networks and the old Yaphank Nazi colonies, port of New Haven (historic Vonsiatsky Russian fascist circuit region), Montreal (especially foreign non-Canadian elements known for hostility to the United States) and foreign entry points along Lake Champlain.

Don't trust anarchistic or anti-American elements in CAPAC, and don't forget the weapons-trafficking from East Asia including Kahr Arms and the Moonies and their possible fusion into CAPAC or Chao's network or related transoceanic shipping lines, whose entry and exit need to be strictly monitored by Americans, and Not foreign contractors.  If Canadians are smart, they will question foreign controls over the port of Halifax, and scrutinize the fine print and unwritten strings in the CETA agreement that Harper was manipulated into signing.

    The Transatlantic and Transpacific 'Trade Agreements' were designed by European and Asian interests to weaken the global position of North American economies in favor of the Revived/New Axis economies in Europe and Asia .. to keep North America from organizing together to compete, but in a skillfully secretive way not adequately scrutinized by North American leaders, and this probably due to skillful Euro and Asian political/financial secrecy and deceit.

    Inserting a note here on California "Tubbs" Wildfire in Napa/Sonoma counties in October 2017... Per SF Chronicle website article of Oct10, wildfire began 2017Oct08 around 21h20 local time on Tubbs Lane in or near Calistoga CA. Another claim on Wikipedia as of this date is 21h43 (maybe time of call to fire dept??).  Note that at 21h26 or 21h27, MC=AS =UR=NE =MA/PL =MA/ZE. Uranus can mean 'sparks', MA/PL and MA/ZE can be increasing fires and acute burning. This could possibly also extend to SU/MA; it is not yet certain if the fire was an accident or was arson, with various speculations including a broken or defective electrical power line.  The heat level was so high, with abnormal wind patterns, so that natural causes are not illogical, but investigations may be ongoing, as damages were quite substantial, with visible social impact in surrounding cities... all those configurations also =MO in 32nd harmonic.

    The general public view of Brexit may morph as its context and potential are studied in greater detail.. as a return to the true and original North Atlantic (rather than Central European) focus of NATO.  The US, Canadian, and British Navies will need to be a backbone of new alliances based on a Brexit cornerstone.... and they could be evntually appealing to Ireland, France, Spain, and Portugal, and I think the German-dominated EU knows this and thus pushed hard and fast for CETA, while Asian fascist interests pushed hard and fast for the TPP, rush rush sign on the dotted line high-pressure sale.  Brexit could restore the intentions of the North Atlantic Pact of 1941, signed in Canada, and with Britain's compliance. NATO could potentially function today, just as its Atlantic Charter prototype did in 1941, to keep a Berlin-Tokyo-Chinese fascist alliance (with relatively minimal roots in democratic traditions) from taking over the world, as well as still keeping Russia in check.

    Indeed, a US-Canada-UK naval alliance may be far more capable and organized in containing any threats from Russia than the gentrified German-Austrian-intelligence-run collage that has come to dominate the Euro Union. Thus there could be something even more 'new and improved' than the 'deals' proffered by Berlin and Tokyo and collaborating Chinese elements.  It could be that the Euro Union's silky blue flag with the gold stars was designed to lull the Atlantic to sleep, while the fabricated 'Asian Pacific' lie has been a program designed to make people forget what the world map actually looks like and what actually happened in history that explains the burgeoning Asian mafia empire amassing rapidly on the Pacific coast of North America.  We are all people of color, all on this planet together, but we also cannot risk being in denial of global organized crime problems and the destructive and dehumanizing impact of greed.  When the money-changers of Any color take over the temples, you know the civilization is headed for collapse.


2017Nov11: Urgent Precautions on 'Transpacific' Agreements and the Korea situation:

    I bring this up largely due to the geodetic MC (emanation point) alignment of powerful Vulkanus now with Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao, Dalian, and coastal islands of China on the East China Sea... and its simultaneous alignment with the Ascendant (reception point) of Vulkanus in and around Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and across the USA in Greater New York (major Kuomintang and China Lobby financial/power hub including the Chao and Soong billionaire political dynasties).  Seattle points to birth place of San Francisco mayor (and previously city manager) Ed Lee.

First to point out that European histories and references give much more attention to the extent of Chinese collaboration with the Axis Fascist Powers and parties during World War 2, and this is logically due to the powerful influence of the China Lobbies as well as the Kuomintang Party (with on-and-off alliances with the Chinese Communist Party, and extensive ties in Japan, in part via Hawaii) in the USA. Chinese collaboration with Japan and Germany before and during World War 2 (while China was amid its own multiplex civil war) is thus far more extensive than most Americans have been educated or informed to recognize. Chiang Kaishek was touted as a US ally not so much because he was trusted, but probably moreso because of an American fear that if he was not courted, China would align more fully with Japan and the appealing 'East Asia Prosperity' plan, which 'Pearl of the Orient' Singapore and Hongkong and Macau played critical roles in.

    In addition to this, too many Americans have not paid nearly adequate attention to the history and function of Sun Myung Moon and his so-called 'Unification Church' network, a branch of which is now selling weapons in the USA via the 'Kahr Arms' enterprise, and which has had extensive collaboration programs with North Korea during the rise of nuclear-armed Kim Jung-un.

    Geodetic alignments in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website may help unravel the mess of lies and deceit and intrigue that is used to maintain the East Asian upper hand in global politics, with Dreams of an Asian Century widely touted by Asian banking and investment conferences for years, and now sometimes denied because of their success and virulent competition with American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand interests in the Pacific, which is in fact only marginally an Asian region of the globe although Asian nationalists want to portray it that way in order to get the world to resign to seeing the illusory dream of an 'Asian Pacific'.  A simple map of the world shows that far, far more of the Pacific is nearer the coastlines of North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand than it is to the giant Asia, which already covers 30%, nearly 1/3, of the total of the Earth's land mass.

    For most of my life, I had great admiration for the virtues of Asian cultures in general -- yet this began to deteriorate when I moved to San Francisco's New Chinatown and began to see the realities behind the printed propaganda -- and most significantly when, on two occasions, when I went to purchase maps of China in Chinese-owned stores, my name and address were demanded, along with pointed questions about why I was buying them.  In one case, the rather rude store-owner refused to sell an Atlas of China because I would not provide my personal information since I found it oddly invasive, and politically significant. In the second case, I was allowed to buy the map anyway, but with a look of disdain because I would not answer personal questions about my interest in China. After puzzling over those incidents, I realized that there may be covert Chinese operations in the USA that local Chinese nationalists want concealed, and feel entitled to withhold information about China from US citizens on US soil.  Next came an encounter with a building that flew a Republic of China flag atop, with a Peoples China flag in a shop below with busts of Mao -- and this brought to recall the repeated statement of a Chinese-American co-worker in the 1980s that "there is no difference" between mainland China and Taiwan.  At the time, I thought that statement was based only on the commitment to a unified China, but now realize it probably meant more than that, as news from Asia reported on numerous overtures and fusion-agreements between the Chinese Communist and Kuomintang parties hinted at by Deng Xiaoping, and later by the very ironic joint presiding of Communist and Kuomintang officials over an 'Anti-Fascist Day Parade' in Beijing.  This in turn reminded me of the repeated statement by a university professor of Chinese history, who had lived for several years in Japan, that one could not fully understand Chinese history without understanding its critical relationship with Japan.

    There is perhaps a danger today that Americans, including those in political and military posts, adhere to a popular simplistic, and critically inaccurate, conception that all of China was a loyal ally of the United States and its allies in World War 2.  Dr Richard Bernstein's 2014 book 'China 1945' is one of the first American publications to tally the varying views of Chinese 20th century history and acknowledge the rampant duplicity in Chinese politics within a single volume, while Sterling Seagrave's books describe the rampant intrigue and deceit of Chinese politics.

    A further alert to political intrigue was witnessing of the production and distribution of falsified US passports issued to natives of China and Taiwan.

There is also potential danger of US foreign policy blunders from ignoring the connections between the Sun Myung Moon cult and North Korea and Japan and Taiwan covert operations in North America, its fusions with armed and paramilitary operations -- possibly including those in the Chaco region of South America summarized in part in "Counterrevolution in China" by Thomas Marks.

    There should be a focus on unraveling covert connections between these lobbies and the 'CAPAC' lobbying organization gaining increasing control of the California economy and political infrastructure, and the aggressive push for 'Transpacific' trade agreements with intentionally vague and secretive clauses.

Thus is it wise for Canada PM Trudeau to insist on further study before being 'rushed' into 'Transpacific' agreements that may have been aggressively promoted with intention of deliberate deceit by parties in Asia.

    Another risky American stance has been praise of the Lee dynasty in Singapore, ignoring the history of Singapore, its stock-market-centered economy, and its function as an early hub of the complex global, and now Uber-Rich Kuomintang Party (dancing back and forth in alliances with the Chinese Community Party, and long allied with certain Japanese commercial and political interests).

    Canada PM Trudeau is wise to wait, as are all American leaders.  The secretive nature of the Transpacific (as well as Transatlantic) 'trade agreements' Must be scrutinized and sorted out before any further agreements are signed, and the public must know about the details, in full, as well as unwritten ramifications.

    Yet another critical issue is political and economic relations between Germany and the Chinas and Japan and Korea over the decades, the foundations for the present, especially in an economically gentrified global order based on Old Financial Empires going back decades or more.  The history of Deutschebank-Asia and its Deutsch-Asiatische Bank predecessor and their role in WW1 and WW2, German Schroderbank and its role in WW2 and Herbert Hoover's politics; and German military alliances with the Kuomintang both before and after WW2, and their direct relevance to today's economic, political, and military realities are absolutely vital to understand clearly before drawing conclusions on US policy in East Asia.  There's a whole lot of subterfuge, secrecy, and scheming to consider before signing contracts that could have far-reaching global impact -- and Australians and New Zealanders might also be wise to review the historical events that are directly related to who holds the money and power in East Asia now, Asian ambitions in a Pacific that is only partially Asian, or recently so due to aggressive and systematic colonization programs that bear eerie resemblance to the plans of the WW2 East Asian Axis and its 'Greater Asian Prosperity' Plan in what Pres Clinton conceded is a competitive globalism.  Highly competitive, and using Sun Tzu guerrilla tactics that those outside Asia may not be adequately familiar with.  Remember the Korea and Vietnam wars and Japanese and Chinese roles in them.  Otherwise, risk being another dupe of Asian mafia trickery and the growing Asian Century Prosperity plan that has been succeeding while America flounders in confusion and infestation with foreign nationalist moles shaming Americans for being 'xenophobic' if the issue is discussed.

    American minorities should also be alert to attempts by Asian covert operations to co-opt the People of Color movement to Asian nationalist and expansionist objectives... this was a trick the Asian Fascist covert ops also tried to play in World War 2.... Recycled/revived Fascism, just as are the weird and fanatical foreign manipulated Neonazi and Aryanist cults of "White People", regardless of where the key New Fascism global bases are... something to be studied with objectivity and non-partisan interest.

    People at this time should generally also stay away from the reviving 'sado-masochist' cults that were integral to WW2 Fascism, and earlier to anti-democratic political cults going back at least as far as the often Habsburg/Metternich-run monarchist opposition subversion operations against the nascent French Republic.  De Sade was a covert double-agent using mind-control puppetry and hypnotic brainwashing methods, and that still matters today.. maybe more than ever.  Yet, such tricks were also used by the Asian Fascist Axis in WW2, creating among other things the Kamikaze suicide-pilots, brainwashed to fly into death, or to carry out brutal murders without thinking. In Dr Lawrence Bergeen's book "Marco Polo", he hints that new ideas for Totalitarian Imperial Statecraft were brought to Europe by Marco Polo after his studies of and with the court of Kublai Khan, and later incorporated into the strategies used and taught by Niccolo Machiavelli, known to be a model for Klemenz von Metternich. It would be interesting to know if there were common threads underlying the use of sado-masochism as a political mind-control psychological weapon, and its relationship to the concept of the 'Manchurian Candidate' and 'Quisling' phenomena.

    Sado-masochist cults, while sometimes publicized as being homosexual, are actually often, if not usually, run by 'dominant' heterosexuals who manipulate 'submissive' homosexuals for political reasons or for a warped sense of gratification, or a combination thereof.... it is Not an inherently homosexual phenomenon, although some cults have attempted, and are attempting, to portray it as such -- i.e. the homosexual sado-masochist cults are often under the control of heterosexual or purportedly, sometimes functionally, bisexual controllers. Overlaps with politically 'useful' relationships are not uncommon, and there may be further overlaps with political specialist cults, political prostitution, and political framing/frame-up operations, i.e. 'sex as a weapon', with both perpetrators and victims, where the human sex drive is used as a means to control and manipulate, as may have been the case in sex used to 'tame' and control slaves in the slave trade.  Such a topic needs to be addressed in a period of what appears to be attempts to revive Fascism. I would also point out that homosexuals were manipulated briefly by the Nazis in the early days of the Third Reich, but shortly afterward betrayed during the 'Night of the Long Knives' and subsequently interned in concentration camps, where abused, tortured by means replicated in some sado-masochist cults, and/or killed, sometime via torture until death, and often with substantial deceit used in sexual seduction and entrapment.  Sado-masochism is thus a very high-risk area, despite claims that it is 'safe', and may even be considered as a 'trap', and a potentially dangerous one where people have been killed or inflicted with permanent physical injuries. They are not 'gay', and rather obviously do not represent 'liberation'.  S&M cults were popularized in the USA in the 1980s by films made in Germany and Japan, followed by fusion of Nazi paraphernalia into the cults,and now recently and Asian twist that has some odd intersections with the Moonie cult, whose origins are in part in Japanese Fascist psychological warfare operations. Virulent anti-gay networks now thrive on equating gay/homosexuality with the S&M cults and pedophilia organizations hoisted aggressively into gay and lesbian organizations, sometimes via secretly hostile, and sadistic, heterosexual-run networks.  Subsequent brainwashing is not infrequent -- some victims are manipulated into prostitution or pornography then used to blackmail, sometimes via drug addiction, sometimes through basic hypnotic mind-control.  It's no place to 'play safely'.  Public S&M events have been hosted by some of the very corporations that promoted the Anita Bryant campaign of the 1970s, and that should say a lot in and of itself.  Does this mean Bryant herself is aware of these issues?  Maybe or maybe not.  Others affiliated with her aware of these issues?  How relevant is the original 'Stepford Wife' concept as portrayed in the original series aired in the late 1970s?  How relevant to the induction and control of prostitutes of all sexes and orientations?  How relevant to curious sexual rituals reported inside the Moonie cult, and to the sexual frame-ups of Watergate... a hotel affiliated at that time with the Moonies, who were so anxious to see the investigation stopped... whose love was not for Nixon, but for seeing their foreign Japan-Korea-Chinese joint covert subversion operations continued all the way up to today, even having taken root in Kim Jong-un's North Korea.


2017Nov05: World War 2 echoes today in both planetary placements and geodetic alignments, and resurfacing political undercurrents:

    The most disturbing part of these historical echoes have been the gung-ho references to World War 3 by Sen John McCain after pep rallies at the German-military-run 'Halifax Forums' and his historical elbow-rubbing with the WW2 Axis-rooted APACL/WLFD (Asian People's Anti Communist League morphed into the WACL and then the ironically-named 'World League for Freedom and Democracy').  Add to that the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939, the German ancestry of (Oldenburg 'Romanov') Czarist opposition in post-1917 Russia, some Czarist and other Russian support for the Nazis, and German involvement in post-1990 Russian infrastructure, particularly but not exclusively in Ukraine and Belarus.  On the Asian 'front', perhaps one of the biggest recent blunders was the set-up of an odd Chinese-Jewish alliance based on 'common history' that is remarkably blind to substantial Chinese collaboration with the Axis Powers in World War 2. Various books on the post-1945 Nazi/Axis underworld have noted that the surviving Axis underworld (replete with 'non-governmental' NGO paramilitaries, 'soldiers' for sale which 'Shrimp Boy Chow' made references to in an interview) had in 1945 plans already in place of how to revive and continue in the event of military 'peace' treaties signed that year.  Some of these organizations are heavily fused with operations involving the treacherous and deceptive Sun Myung Moonie cult, now openly selling weapons in the USA via 'Kahr Arms' operations -- an organization set up by Japanese intelligence psychological operations, and including post-WW2 German Nazi underworld elements (and long lodged in the Paraguay region, among other places, with a 'headquarters' office long located in Taipei Taiwan -- while Moonie was ethnic Korean -- thus the pre-1945 territories of the Japanese Empire were extended into the Sun Myung Moonie cult network).  Note Trump family also naively rubbing noses with Kahr Arms, maybe asleep to reality at the time.

    Some of the most important obscure issues today, for US foreign policy, is awareness of the history and manifestations of the Moonie cult, its overlaps with the APACL/WACL/WLFD and other Japanese, Korean, and Chinese paramilitary cults; the recent overtures between the Kuomintang, the Moonies, and the radically transmuted Chinese Communist Party with its Mao-look-alike AntiMao/Deng-kissing Xi; the pervasiveness of German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian covert intelligence operations on US soil (and possible in Canada as well); the fundamental morphing from the original Atlantic Pact as a vehicle for containment of German militarism, demonstrated by 2 brutal World Wars, into NATO, an organization sometimes run by the German military and redirected to containing Russia.  Then, with rise of Illinois-Moonie-Hollywood Reagan, the demonization of and routine recent underestimation of, Franklin Roosevelt as the builder of the USA as a superpower, coupled with the pathetic forgetfulness of how Herbert Hoover was a dupe and functional agent of German and East Asian banking and corporate interests who nearly turned the USA into an economic Disaster Zone ripe for Axis power takeover after facilitating German Nazi remilitarization. What of Schwarzenegger's repeated meetings with Merkel on German foreign policy issues -- where are his national allegiances now?  Is America at risk of once again forming alliances with WW2-remnant sugar-coated Fascist/Axis banks and corporations and parties to contain a perceived Communist threat from Russia, China, Korea?  If so, America is headed for a crazy polarized schism that makes no sense, with little to no moderate and functional options.  Some elements will scream about Chinese communism one minute and then open the floodgates to excessive Chinese immigration from a country where counterfeit US passports are routinely bought and sold on the black market the next, even recycling names of the dead while not required to show proof of birth identity. Duh.

    If George Bush Sr truly wishes to leave a legacy honoring himself and his family, he will renounce and reverse his endorsement of Sun Myung Moon-affiliated agencies and organizations for what they are -- purported cold-war organizations that in reality intended to continue with the objectives of the Japanese military and East Asia Prosperity Sphere in the United States (and possibly Canada as well) -- and if Bush is now incapacitated by poor health, his family members should do so on his behalf -- and an investigation will be undertaken to determine the relationship between the Elaine Chao family and the Sun Myung Moonie Transpacific cult network, and the CAPAC network now trying to fuse into the Democratic Party.  Bush family renunciation of the Moonie cult will bring the honor in the annals of history that has been sought but not yet attained, as the Moonie cult permutations are now pervasive in US politics from coast to coast, disgustingly disguised as hypocritical 'religious' and 'faith-based' organizations under the banner of their sputtering Japanese-puppet Korean King Kong, antichristian impostor as a 'new messiah', mocking the long most highly-revered institutions of popular European-cultural spirituality.... not the pope or the various churches, but the personality of the individual historical figure Jesus the Christ and what he taught.  And manifest in Moonie's own son selling guns via Kahr Arms -- guns into the hands of Americans in a time of great internal US national chaos due to foreign subversion (including the recent Chicago chaos?), while the 'Washington Times' blares its treacherous and hypocritical doubletalk designed to serve subversive Asian continental nationalist interests in the USA in much the same way as did the network who put the various Tokyo Rose personalities at the microphones of Radio Tokyo, broadcasting to America as Japanese submarines furtively surfaced at night and in early mornings to torpedo US ships and supply depots along the Pacific coast of North America from the Aleutian Islands all the way down to Baja California, and Japanese agents offering the olive branch of 'World Peace' in America while the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor and neutralized half of the US Pacific fleet as Japanese attacks on Australia were launched.  This history must not be forgotten, despite the protest of ambitious CAPAC lobbyists, or America may be severely injured while lost in a Dream Act (interestingly touted by the Falungong as a ticket to house-ownership in an increasingly unaffordable American housing market inflated by transoceanic 'investments') which provides for revived covert Asian political or military subversion. 'World Peace' was a common propaganda phrase used by WW2 covert Asian Axis subversion operations, a passive-aggressive tactic to disarm enemies prior to attack. 'Gunning for the Buddha' is like 'Killing for Jesus'... something wrong with that brand of religion. (How Kim Jong-un came to power in North Korea, and the political transmutations there since the collapse of the Soviet regime in Moscow, and the Kuomintang-Communist fusion revivals in Beijing, and intervention of Japan and Iran and other countries in North Korean affairs needs study before jumping to radical conclusions on Korea or Japan policy, not to mention the Moonies furtively involved in that mess).

    Please tell hubby or sonny to denounce the Moonies, Barbara, and explain why.  Otherwise, they'll Take Over America along with their old Eurofascist allies. The world will have a lot more respect for the Bushes once that happens, and it will have a huge positive global ripple effect if the information is clear.  Moonies Out of Washington!!!  ...and out of Sacramento and all other state capitals!!!  Push back at the current East China seacoast Vulkanus before America is run over, and don't get equally ambitious German nationalist 'EU' agencies involved, because they have similar objectives, just like they did 80 years ago... recycled and revived with new costumes, with possible Russian chameleons and chums in the mix, and joint Mid-eastern no-holds-barred immigration policies set to destabilize the United States even further (and probably run largely from Alexandria, Cairo, or Istanbul, with agents in Argentina and the transnational treachery-filled Chaco possible, per Vulkanus).  Global cooperation is a noble goal, but an arena filled with covert nationalist game-playing, especially of the furtive neo-fascist corporatist variety, is probably not a desirable foundation for the future, and a global threat to real democracy with real elections.

    Also, a BBC article today announced that another British royal family member, Prince Charles, had no intention of evasive offshore investments... finances of the British royal family may well be in the hands of financial advisors of some sort rather than the royal family themselves.  And more time is needed to assess the relationship between the Euro Union and Brexit, as indicated earlier... there remains a political fog in London that may lift by January -- already various parties and politicians are shifting views.. and one must never forget that the Euro Union operates a Very Powerful propaganda machine that has tricked a lot of political leaders in to Rush Deals resembling high-pressure sales tactics, with disappointing results followed by increasing centralization of the European economies under the control of German banks. Regardless of what is transpiring in Russia, Europe again under German dictatorship is probably not a wise idea.... Europeans should be insistent on policies beneficial to their entire community of nations and not just the head Frankfurter honchos, or the Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, or Vienna banking houses.  In relationship to that, US policy needs to be US policy and not war whoops raised arbitrarily after visits to pep rallies at the German-run Halifax conferences.  Russia is a big dog to attack... from either the west or the east, and her missiles have long been pointed at America.... lots of them.  In addition to that, the 'Asian Century' proclaimed in Asian media for years, including by Asian nationalists in the USA, is now being publicly dismissed in their propaganda spiels, but the machine is still in motion and moving fast, Sun Tzu guerrilla tactic style. Pres Clinton made a very accurate but understated declaration when he said that globalism is bringing competition for ordinary Americans -- that competition is vastly greater than the short sentence or few words in his statement, and it is accompanied with foreign courting and wining and dining and 'diplomacy' that would put a snake-oil salesman to shame... slick tricks that duped wise American politicians into endorsing the TTP.  And no less have been the overtures of the Merkel-decorated CDU/Kohl machine built on the ashes of the Nazi party apparatus.  America is now sandwiched between the revived Axis powers, and Russia and China (and Spain) once again sit on the fence. Hoover would have let the Axis powers roll over him and America while he licked their boots -- Roosevelt would have put them in their place, and FDR did it by standing up to Wall Street, then attending to the needs of ordinary Americans, starting to rectify old social injustices, equalizing economic opportunities for Americans from the poorest to the richest, and helping shape a nation where culture and knowledge and social conscience mattered more than the cheesy consumerism or selfish greed that make empires fall. Nearly every great nation in history has fallen due to mistaken temporary triumphs of materialism and loss of genuine spiritual/karmic consciousness -- and often during extravagant wars that were lost and only invited subsequent military invasion and national collapse. America now contains so many moles and double-agents that it would probably fall to outside control within a very short period of time, regardless of how many weapons are wielded by the myopically narcissistic rich in a global war.  Are US national security databases designed and maintained from overseas?  It appears so, meaning that potential disaster is on the horizon.. as those may already be used to subvert and manipulate US infrastructure, which Mitch McConnell's tax cuts would throw into the hand of his ambitious multi-office-holding and long ambitious billion-heiress immigrant wife to put under Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere global control. Is no one paying attention to Shinzo Abe's affiliations with Nippon Kaigi nationalist network, and substantial public opposition and outrage toward him in Japan?  Would it be smart to put Korea once again under fuller Japanese control -- and which tail wags the dog in US-Japan relations, where Japanese intelligence services are every bit as expert as their German or Chinese counterparts ever were in psychological warfare and use of cults for social control?  Few Americans realize how much control Japan retained over China, both Taiwan and the mainland, via covert operations, after 1945. Asian puppet politics are a fine art that has produced some ugly pictures that sometimes include a lot of American dupes and politically-manipulated 'religious' cults galore.  Letting CAPAC take over the California Democratic Party is probably a Massive Mistake, where they will likely team up secretly with Chao's network in the Republican Party and America could be unified in a way that is not under American control -- which is clearly the wrong way to do it.  Moonie overlaps with CAPAC need urgently to be investigated, by disinterested parties that won't cover up.  Don't feel ashamed for protecting your country from invasion -- especially by those intent on Taking Over... from Any direction.  The Republican Party has already torn down the New Deal and replaced it with the Raw Deal, already having welcomed the Moonies and German banks and military to Occupy America and destroy the American Dream to give it instead to desperate immigrants they can more easily control and dominate.  If Democrats follow suit, the country will likely collapse from demoralization and disgust, which is what 'competing' countries want.  Merkel's migrant publicity ploy was a trick, probably set up in part to cover historic German involvement in creating jihadist cults in the Middle East.  The 'Euro Union' of the Merkel/CDU machine has already proven to be a disaster... it's certainly no functional model for American society, and not even applicable to the USA in terms of demographic and national issues... wrong cookie-cutter.  As long as it's not mean or belligerent, there's nothing wrong with a little nationalism that includes vigilance to ward against outside exploitation.... and that means policies to do so, regardless of empty Tweets or clown speeches that are then contradicted by opposite policy that follows.  Any nation is likely to become demoralized and chaotic when the policies, right, left, or center are top-down slogans issued as recipes that sheep are assumed to follow -- or when its population becomes irrational due to rampant injustice and lack of education on what's going on and how to deal with it rationally.  The Raw Deal that replaced the New Deal has turned the clock back to old pre-1930s policies dressed up in new costumes as so-called 'reforms', and lax control over foreign lobbies has turned Washington chaotic... even to where a sputtering Korean hypocrite and impostor was crowned King of America, and now computerized databases and networks are controlled by transnational interests who might want to see America collapse via sowed chaos and foreign-made cults... which is what Washington looks like now. Foreign subversion cults from Ayn Rand to the German Halifax club to the Merkel and Shinzo fan clubs to Moonie cult permutations now selling guns to crazed and armed hobbyists.  The more laxity toward foreign manipulation and chaotic and unregulated immigration patterns there is, the worse the chaos in America is likely to get. Change is a good thing, but too much change too fast is a recipe for disaster.  Decreasing taxes on the rich could have a horrific ripple-effect throughout the USA.  Who has forgotten that the wealth of the rich came from the efforts of the poor?... something easy for rich heirs and heiresses to forget, or maybe never even see in the first place.  America not run or owned by Americans = regression to colonial status. And America run by stupid Americans = disaster in the making.  There must be another alternative.  Meanwhile, Chao and CAPAC are picking up where the Merkel machine left off.  Where are the Americans in Washington?  Enough of the new transnational colonialism, and arrogant and gouging foreign landlords buying up US property at the speed of light, shoving people onto the street and replacing them with their imported friends and family... coming to a city near you unless something is done about it.  US toll roads and bridges with profits sent overseas?  US transportation workers imported.. .including on national security-sensitive routes?  Phone and internet lines, including national security messages, owned or run by foreign corporations?  The global geodetic alignment of Pluto and Vulkanus says a lot about who has taken over, and who could take over even more.  Does German takeover of France mean German instead of French control of Tahiti and the southeast Pacific?.. with big impact on Australia, New Zealand, South America, and routes from them to North America... and any sort of Pacific Ocean balance-of-power.


2017Nov05: Elaboration on astrological points/factors; History as lessons to be learned, especially where not yet learned:

Some of these issues came up during an analysis of the chart for the recent brutal murders in the Texas church near San Antonio, at Sutherland Springs.  Ruth has pointed out to me many times in personal communications that while Poseidon is certainly not a 'death planet', it can show up prominently at times of death, in the role of 'spiritualization' or areas bordering between densified matter and subtler realities that may not be so tangible. The Sun in the chart usually correlates with the native's genetic inheritance from the father, then integrated into the native's personality; while the Moon usually correlates with the genetic inheritance from the mother, then integrated into the native's personality. This may have exceptions where the father is a more lunar-accentuated personality and the mother is a more solar-accentuated personality; and newer research in genetics indicates that gender is a continuum along a spectrum of classical male and female classifications.  Traditionally, exceptions to the sharp division between male and female genetics was suppressed or denied, reinforcing traditional assumptions about exclusive gender (physically, psychologically, or socially), and even varying according to the culture over the span of history. There have been matriarchies and patriarchies, cultures where genetic males participate either more or less in child-rearing, meal-preparation, food-growing and retrieval, manual labor, teaching and dissemination of knowledge, and other life functions.

    In the times we live in, here in the early decades of the 21st century, a historical issue that needs to be studied by people of European descent is the history of Chinese and Japanese monarchy, politics, economic, and organized crime. The intentional secrecy and misconceptions around these issues in Euro-based, as well as Africa-based and Native America-based cultures, education, and information needs to be resolved as the 'Transpacific' and so-called 'Asian Pacific' paradigms for 21st century economic and politics are being pushed, sometimes rather aggressively.  A big problem is that many Americans, maybe some Europeans, have not undertaken a study of unbiased and disinterested data on Asian cultures -- and that the line between Asian and Pacific Island cultures has been blurred and distorted by economic and Asian imperial and expansionist interests.  As I have pointed out, only around 1/4 of the Pacific is closer to Asia than to other continents, and these often overshadow, in popular assumptions, the Micronesian, Melanesian, and Polynesian cultures and interests of the inhabitants of the Pacific islands.  A so-called 'Asian Pacific' echoes the formulated 'Pan-Pacific' ambitions of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere initiated in the 1930s-40s... to expand Asian influence, economic interests across the Pacific and into North America, One document called the 'Tanaka Declaration' referred to this, and while its existence has been denied by Japanese interests, it has been confirmed or assumed real by both Chinese, American, and European scholars. Something also often overlooked is the active collaboration of Qing imperial interests and figures in collaborating with the Japan Fascist government from the time of the foundation of the 'Manchukuo' state all the way through World War 2, including in the forms of the Wang Kemin government of North China, and the Wang Chingwei (monarchist who portrayed as a Trotskyist leftist) government in Yunnan province and later in Nanking/Nanjing.  The amount of Chinese as well as Japanese collaboration in Hawaii and continental USA and Canada with the WW2 East Asian Axis Prosperity Sphere has often been overlooked -- as have the writings and assertions of Francis Fukuyama of Stanford's various Asian-Pacific studies and research programs.  Emphasis on the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 have recently overshadowed the reasons why such a drastic measure was seen, at that time, as a deterrent to much greater death and destruction; and stress on the injustices of US govt internment camps for people of Japanese ancestry has overshadowed the various reasons why such a policy was enacted, and the reservations held by various leaders, including Roosevelt, about their implementation.  Moreover, equating them with Nazi or Japan Fascist death camps is a distortion of fact, and an echo of WW2 Nazi/Fascist Axis propaganda. Not to mention that Japanese internees were eventually awarded sizeable financial compensations from the US government while the author knows no such reciprocal compensation by the Japanese government toward American or Australian or other victims of Japanese government brutalities during the same period.

    As the East China coast and neighboring Japanese islands now hold substantial and increasing global influence via military and intelligence agencies spread globally, and tied to economic interests including sizeable real estate investment holdings, assets used as leverage and lobbying power in the USA... these Must Not Be overlooked as a clearly necessary, thorough scrutiny of international power-plays along the Russian borders with both Central Europe and East Asia are brought into focus.  Nor should the rapid imperial-economic expansion of Germany to dominate Europe since the rise of Helmut Kohl and his thoroughly-programmed, even if periodically rebellious, servant, Angela Merkel.  This is not intended to distract from the ambitions of Putin or any other political element in Russia -- but Americans need to remember that the world is not as unipolar or bipolar or even tripolar as simplistic foreign policy paradigms have often assumed.  As one historian put it, the 'Third World' sometimes became a targeted haven for the post-WW2 remnants of the 'Third Reich', manifesting as fascist governments in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, South Africa, and the Middle East at various points since 1945, with some already begun during World War 2.

    Lastly, on British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth has served as one of the more positive and human models of British monarchy, having reigned over the granting of independence of many former British colonies, pressure on South Africa to abandon the Apartheid system set up in part by pro-Nazi German/Dutch 'Boer' elements... despite a recent scandal over offshore investments that may have been more about the choices of her financial advisors than any personal choice on her part.  What in her chart shows a sort of wisdom that brings public admiration not because she is 'royalty', but because she is an individual of spiritual consciousness regardless of her family name or political institutions.  Born 1926.Apr.21 at 02h40 in London, per family records quoted by Lois Rodden -- Liz's chart shows a MO=NO=UR=PO cluster in 16th harmonic, enhanced by =SU=JU in 32nd harmonic.  In 32nd harmonic, this also indicates a SU=PO at least via transference/"translation" of light, and that her parents were both individual of noteworthy spiritual awareness, something not always found in "royal" charts.  It is also noteworthy that her father and mother stood up to Nazism/Fascism in World War 2 despite the dalliances with the Nazis of "Uncle Eddie" and his "American wife", when Britain became a veritable Beacon of resistance against the brutal Nazi disease that had overtaken Germany and Austria and, some historians claim, some Czarist remnants who hoped that Hitler would put them back on the throne in Peterburg.

    There are number of histories of Hitler, with some of them apparently intentional disinformation to create the impression that Nazism ended with the death of Hitler in 1945. It didn't die, but only went underground, regardless of Hitler, a mere puppet of a military machine that groomed and installed him as a public figure.  Two of the books that make this most clear also includes photos of the rather weak but probably drug-enervated Hitler as he was being groomed/prepared to be 'Der Fuhrer', those books being 'The Making of Hitler' by Eugene Davidson'; and 'Adolf Hitler' by John Toland, and there may be others.  Peter Levenda's various books also deal with the grooming/preparation of Hitler as a 'leader', including references to various personalities involved.

    One personality involved in the history and rise of Nazism, and the Nazi subversions operations and organizations in the USA, was Franz von Papen, a central and vital figure in the history of Nazism too often overlooked, possibly for 'diplomatic' reasons.  Geodetics indicate that the rise of Nazism was due in substantial part to efforts by Kaiser Wilhelm in exile from Holland, maybe explaining the easy fall of Holland to the Nazis... and possibly to Czarist elements in Russia hoping for Hitler to restore them to their power and glory.  These historical issues all matter, as their literal and figurative descendants still linger in Europe.

   Yet another figure vital to understanding Nazi expansion was Baron Carl von Mannerheim, ethnic German pro-Czarist and then pro-Nazi functional ruler of Finland for decades, rather as Military Commander in Chief, or as President.  He made Finland a functional Nazi client state, in many ways, in World War II.

    The Hitler-Stalin Pact, even though temporary, and betrayed primarily by Hitler's machine, must not be forgotten, as planetary cycles repeat.

     About Hitler's chart.... 1889.Apr.20 at 18h30 in Braunau-am-Inn in Austria, per baptismal records per the German DAV astrological database... There are no major indicators of physical strength or even of strong will.  He was a figurehead 'leader', with others more likely to tell him what to do.  Levenda's book/s on Hitler made mentioned of who his main controllers/handlers might have been... and geodetics indicate that 'Thule' might not only have been a 'mythical land', but referred to German bases in Iceland and coastal Greenland, built under a subjugated Danish government.

    Hitler's chart shows SU =MA/NE =HA/ZE =HA/VU... a weak man prone to addictive behavior and prone to submit to the will of others.  Vulkanus is the highest physical power among the uranian factors, and it points to 49:50, i.e. power bases in either a remote Greenland coast base, a remote based in Brazil (where there are longtime German colonies), the Russian Urals (including old Czarist strongholds that survived Soviet rule, or fused into it), the Caucasus states, Tehran, northern coastal British Columbia (near known WW2 Japanese fascist colonies), or even Tokyo!.  It is Vulkanus at critical points in Hitlers ascent to the 'German Chancellor' office that points to the areas near Kaiser Wilhelm's 'exile' location in Holland.

    Then, Hitler's Mars =VE=PO=AR/VE (and in 32nd harmonic =HA) =SU/NE =MC/HA... more indicators of proneness to physical weakness and subservience, and the Poseidon factor (when unevolved) dogmatic devotion to some ideology or other.... the Nazi mishmash of metaphysical nonsense.  So much for the Neo-Nazis worshiping a weak fool and probably addled drug addict (as several biographers claim)... so they'd probably be more reasonable to believe in the tooth fairy.  However, the machine that ran Hitler around was clearly Not Weak or lacking in mental lucidity, even if severely spiritually and metaphysically misguided.  His AS=NO=ZE=VU.... connections with military power, always at his doorstep and among his personal connections, probably even in his native Austria, the Eastern Reich.

    Let these encapsulated summaries of long-intended chart analysis not distract from the parallels of the CDU/Kohl/Merkel machine to Nazism, the overwhelming preference among Nazis after 1945 for the CDU/CSU coalition,... the current troubles in Moscow, Peterburg, Kiev, and the Russian and Ukrainian border regions, and intrigue in Belarus ... or the quietly amassing Sun-Tzu-type passive-aggressive power of the reviving East Asia Prosperity sphere from the Dalian of the former Manchukuo, the German-Japanese colonial bases around Qingdao, cosmopolitan Shanghai, Taiwan and its China-coast island strongholds, and Japanese island strongholds as close to China as they can be -- not to mention residual Japanese political and economic power in Taiwan, as well as the several recent Kuomintang-Communist overtures to reunited 'Greater China', publicized in Asian media but hushed up in North America.   Still today,a complete English-language summary of the writings of Chinese-American journalist Henry Liu of Daly City CA need to be published, maybe critical to the current 'Transpacific' machinations... Liu was murdered by Kuomintang-Chinese agents or affiliates on 1984.Oc.15, roaming around unchecked on US soil on, as if they thought they were still in China and had the right to silence reports on Chinese political corruption via murder.  Are there links to the crimes ascribed to Shrimp Boy Chow and Leland Yee?  Leads on the Golden Dragon murders of 1977.Sep.04?  Are there links to the increasingly powerful CAPAC lobby?  What is overtaking the Pacific coast of North America as the Vulkanus power of the China Coast is entering Seattle and working its way down the Oregon and California coasts, and areas to the northeast at each point along that continuum?  BC-Alberta border region in Canada, and soon in Edmonton and inhabited regions central of Nunavut?  Some of this power could be coordinated with Cairo, Istanbul, or Peterburg.  What is the current state of the SCO/Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and what is its relationship to Transpacific pushes?  With Vulkanus now with 2 degrees of 22.5 angle to Hades, that potent power can potentially be calculatingly sneaky and strategic, with an almost animalistic furtiveness of instinct -- and HA=VU is, among many other things, an indicator of Nazism/Fascism, maybe reviving as Vulkanus occupies the 0 Leo position that Pluto occupied when Hitler's controllers installed him in power in Berlin, poised to remilitarize the Rheinland and install a puppet in Paris and Oslo, having already installed one each in Rome and Madrid -- while the Imperial Sino-Japanese machine was preparing to subdue the most populous areas of China, Indonesia, and driving across the Pacific, destroying half the US Pacific fleet with the help of spies in Hawaii, occupying Aleutian islands in Alaska, and shooting Oregon and California oil tanks from armed submarines sneaking out at night, using maps of strategic facilities in California drawn up by Asian Fascist agents snooping around: Japanese wartime map of strategic security facilities in California: 


Map confirming fruits of 1930s Japanese Espionage in California -- evidence such as this, along with the barbarities of the Japanese military, and their treatment of POWs from the USA, Australia, and elsewhere, served in the minds of some to justify the internment camps, recommended to Pres Roosevelt by US military leaders, and approved with reservations by the president.  Note that this map was posted on the website as of early 2016.


Axis submarine espionage in Baja California -- additional known Japanese espionage (including substantial covert submarine sneak-warfare) that also served in the minds of some to justify the internment camps for ethnic Japanese.  Note that in both World Wars 1 and 2, people of German ancestry in the USA were imprisoned, although not en masse, and usually based on individual charges of wartime enemy collaboration. 


2017Nov01: Another Chinese history issue possibly relevant to the present -- and Russia, Japan, Germany, and Singapore in relationship.

This is now vital as Vulkanus power now clusters along the East China coastline... The CD version of the movie "The Last Emperor", an impressively well-produced movie, includes an supplementary CD where the producer goes out of his way to stress that that movie was Not intended to portray historical events accurately, but was a work of art dramatizing aspects of the live of the Emperor Pu Yi, whose life was a transnational affair involving Japan, Germany, and Russia. The producer makes it clear that 'The Last Emperor' is Not to be viewed as a factual historical documentary. Pu Yi was put on the throne of the Chinese Empire Qing/Ching dynasty rule as the Chinese Revolution for (never-attained) democracy was brewing. He was nominally overthrown by a nominal Republican government that was quickly, in turn, toppled by a Qing loyalist warlord. and the sprouting new Republican government was driven far southward to the area around Guangdong province, dividing China into different regional spheres of influence.  A few years later, during WW1, Pu Yi was briefly restored to the throne of China by the German Kaiser and to be made part of the WW1 Central Powers alliance against the western Allies (including the USA). Then, for a third time, Pu Yi was installed to the throne, in Manchuria instead of Beijing, by the Japan Fascist 'Kwantung Army' network, soon to be if not already allied with the German military. The territory of Manchuria under Axis control was functionally expanded by an Axis-allied government in northeast China by the late 1930s, and Axis control spread southward down the coast until Wang Chingwei/Jingwei was set up as the 'President of Nationalist China' in Nanjing/Nanking while Chiang Kaishek moved his contingent inland to Chongqing/Chungking, with help of an alliance that the US military hoped to secure.  Wang had been an official in the Qing imperial court who posed for a number of years to be a 'leftist' with the Kuomintang Party who ultimately ended up collaborating overtly with the Japanese and German military apparatuses (who had kept the Qing dynasty in power where it could, to counter the onset of democracy in China). Chiang Kaishek was closely allied with the Soong imperial banking family via marriage (to Soong Meiling, Mme Chiang Kaishek), and had troops trained by German Nazi military officers. This accounts for a continual thread of German-Chinese imperial alliances starting as early as 1917, and continued in a low-profile German-Chinese military pact signed in 1954 that correlated with the founding of the Asian Peoples Anti Communist League (APACL), later renamed 'World Anti Communist League' (WACL) and still later the 'World League for Freedom and Democracy' (WLFD), which set up a paramilitary wing that included German, Chinese, and Japanese covert transnational military operations, including international bases in the remote Chaco region of Paraguay, Bolivia, and neighboring Brazil -- extant still today and described in 'Counterrevolution in China' by Tracy Marks (a must-read for China-watchers, and Critical to understanding the current global situation where Vulkanus is clustered on the geodetic MCs of Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Taipei, China coast islands, and Ryukyu and Senkaku islands under Japanese control for man years).. with awareness of the Russia-China SCO treaty, the history of Russian involvements in Manchuria, the continued influence in Taiwan/Formosa after 1945, and the ongoing impact of Chinese and Japanese commerce, mafia, military, and politics in the Philippines (including how Filipinos were treated during foreign Axis-power occupation).  Anyone who actually believes such history is irrelevant to the present is being fooled by the ambitious East Asian financial network now moving into US infrastructure.  As is anyone who does not understand the importance of the history of Chinese and Kuomintang influence in Singapore and Malaya, and that Singapore is, in effect, a Stock Market and trade port on an island with ports critical to global trade between East Asia and India, Africa, and Europe via the Suez Canal and the Cape of Good Hope.  Singapore is primarily a nation of Chinese immigrants, on an island separated from Malaya, on which was built one of the richest Stock Market Exchanges on the globe by members of the Kuomintang, recently assessed as the richest single political party on the globe, and which was founded in part in Singapore (and Tokyo and Honolulu) by Chinese and Japanese interests that often remained allied during World War 2 in commercial interests despite official wartime government treaties. This lay groundwork for the purchase and relay of mainland Chinese goods into or via Taiwan, and often to Japan, during the trade blockades against the Chinese communist government (which may not really exist anymore, except in external format and icons, due to fusions and deals with the Kuomintang).  Singapore (founded by the Lee family dynasty) has long been largely under control of the Kuomintang, whether as an interest group in British Malaya or later Malaysia, or under WW2 Japanese occupation, when part of the Kuomintang was Japan-friendly.

     In reference to the TPP and the involvement of the Lee dynasty, it is important to note that Singapore is a Stock Market economy of investment profits from good produced in the countries surrounding Singapore... from Indonesia to Vietnam to south China (and historically Hongkong and Macau). Singapore is sort of like an East Asian version of the Wall Street Exchange with its own surrounding colony and government.  It's a colony of regional investors and traders, and it is where Pluto has been hovering recently, and during the TPP negotiations, from which the parties and families ruling Singapore will Get Rich... as may those directly north in Chongqing/Chungking, the 'central capital' far removed from the capitals in Beijing and Nanjing, and, per geodetic 22.5 indicators, intimately harmonized with the economy and government of Seoul South Korea.  Are the Moonies in the picture?  If so, note that they have at times been chummy with the current North Korean puppet regime, have the Kahr Arms gunrunning operations around Greater New York and its Moonie fronts and Soong-Chao financial empires.

    So, what Russia and Putin an Ukraine are doing are certainly important to watch and monitor and scrutinize -- but Don't Turn Your Back on the China coast, or on Singapore, or Korea in doing so; or on Chinese-German alliances including those via Deutschebank Asia (Deutsch-Asiatische Bank)... and scrutinize how the aforementioned Asian networks are fusing with the CAPAC and 'Asian Pacific' lobbies poised to overtake California politics and government offices.  The alternatives should be more than the Merkel machine and the German lobbies (German Marshall Fund, Halifax Forums network, Holloman base, and transnational interests at Fort Benning).  Where are the Americans with money and power... obedient like brainwashed slaves to foreign lobbies?  Praising the empire of Reverend Moon?  Standing at the oven door of Merkel in the Gingerbread house as Europe is Forced into privatization of infrastructure by Siemens/Deutschebank and the Euro?  Then note the geodetic alignments of current Russian leaders and the European Central Bank, and Putin's passive adoration of German visitors -- not to mention the repeated involvement of the German military in securing control of Ukraine and its agricultural, mineral, and seaport resources.  Americans tend to forget that Russia (as well as China) are huge countries with diverse geography and values, never as unified as the central governments would like the world to believe, and ultimately weakened by their lack of democracy.

    So far, I have stressed the Vulkanus factor globally, which is certainly of paramount importance now.  However, Pluto is also powerful, and perhaps more capable at stealth and passive-aggression, especially when using financial blackmail and bribes.... and that's where Berlin and Chengdu and Singapore; and now Vienna, Capetown, Chongqing, Saigon, and Jakarta come into the picture in global economics.  The issue of integrity, honesty, and transparency of governments and business interests will be important... the era of blind trust in friendly faces should be over, for when it comes to Big Money and global economies, it's Serious Business, not feigned cocktail-party 'friendships' often designed to manipulate and deceive.

    Interestingly, I was just guided to pick up a book about WW2 covert operations that claimed that Germany lost the war because it ran out of oil to power the literal war machines.  A thought maybe worth pondering, and how it does and doesn't relate to the present.

    Avoiding war and finding peaceful solutions is vital... but beware of the recently duplicity of 'world peace'-labeled organizations the replicate similar sugar-coated fascist organizations run by the Axis powers in the 1930s immediately prior to their attacks on neighboring European and Asian countries.  Hoover substantially rearmed Nazi Germany via the Dawes Plan agreement, and look where it led. Chamberlain's concessions to Hitler are infamous, but also motivated by a very real fear of attack on Britain, and maybe in part by lingering illusions of the brainwashed Edward VIII (who had American counterparts among the friends of Wallis Simpson).  Wendell Willkie, who ran his campaign with millions won from suing the US federal govt over privatization issues, was at one point mesmerized by a "One World" globalist plan promoted by Chinese first lady Soong Meiling/Mme Chiang Kaishek, known for her ability to mesmerize naive Americans into submission.   Just old history now irrelevant?  Not likely irrelevant, as the parallels to today's situations are unsettling, as the cycles repeat.  Rather the problem is that too many in Washington never learned it, or forgot it.  And the result was World War 2, followed by the rise of the Greater Chinese global Empire, now embodied in part via the uber-rich Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party, its business overlaps, its recent fusion into or overtaking the dying shell of the Chinese Communist Party, all dynamics related to the Korea situation, and the Moonie and '2049' and '8020' and 'CAPAC' and so-called 'Asian Pacific' lobbies trampling the hallways of government from the Pacific to the Atlantic, all across America, maybe including Canada.  Russian issues are important and vital, but let them not distract from the 'Asian Pacific' imperial drive, or the stealth of the Merkel/CDU machine, or the mess that festers in the tragically chaotic Middle East, swirling in the confused illusions of 'faith' and 'belief' in cults, with logic and reason abandoned to holy-war murder.  Such blind belief in ideology drove the Nazi/Axis machine to nearly destroy Planet Earth -- its science crippled and deadened by state ideology designed to serve Empire and Expansion, not unlike the worst of the later Soviet disasters. The Nazis admired the power of abused Islamic concepts to round up and control minds en masse, and even created a distorted Christianist permutation (the Deutschechristen Evangelical movement) to emulate that. Thank God for the human brain. May we all be able to use it to override nonsense.

    A problem cropping up now is the risk of internet and electronic storage being used to censor information published in books. This has already manifest in part in things like the 'Institute for Historical Review', whose purpose is intentional disinformation and not clarification. Wikipedia may be run by people with the best of intentions, but its structure has allowed for it to become a vehicle of disinformation when abused by biased interests,,, and so it is tragic and it is promoted as a valid reference source for school children.  As it stands, it is valid as a starting point for further investigation.. something, children are not normally equipped to handle. For young and older adults, it should be a tool only for study of critical thinking procedures, by comparing information there with sources/published documents... as the reliability of information is hit-or-miss... and when the original intent is deliberate disinformation, common in Wikipedia articles on controversial topics, then need for comparison with other sources is vital.

    We do not live in a time where it is safe to automatically 'believe' in any single source of information, anywhere.  People must be critical thinkers at all times, and that means critical thinking needs to be taught in schools, even in adult education and public organizations seeking to preserve democracy.  Meanwhile, important and critical corruption and intrigue in Russia and Ukraine must not distract the public from the same in China, Japan, and Germany, key hubs of the ambitious, reviving Axis Power pact, that may be seeking to absorb Russia as it did once before, to build their global 'dream' that was a nightmare for millions of their victims. Such a risk now exists along the borders of Russia, a vast land that could move ahead toward either democracy, or toward neo-fascism, and the same is true of Ukraine.


2017Oct27: Unraveling Chinese politics in the era of Chinese Vulkanus power.

Already the Greater Chinese nationalists, whether 'left' or 'right', communist or capitalist, or fascist, are escalating the propaganda and scouring and altering Wikipedia the same way the Neonazis have done for years. Real books by disinterested and pertinently-degreed scholars on Chinese history give widely varying views because it is tradition in Chinese culture to play the game with a concealed hand, and tell people what they want to hear.  Same true in Japan, but more cagey -- and both Chinese and Japanese traditions follow Sun Tzu as a guide.  Of the various and contradictory books on Chinese history and politics, there is one new one that seems to be more objective than most, and updated to current knowledge.... 'China 1945' by Harvard-educated Richard Bernstein, published in 2014, where he seems to attempt to present a composite of the various conflicting versions of Chinese history portrayed over time, in an attempt to find overlapping truths. Sterling Seagrave's "Lords of the Rim" has been attacked and smeared by the Chinese mafia noisemakers (who also tried to murder him) because he describes the history of development of Chinese underworld and political corruption that they don't want the world to know about.  Bernstein and Seagrave (including all his books) are probably must-reads to understand what's brewing and boiling along the East China seacoast now, today. Seagrave also covers related issues in Japan and the Philippines in his various books, and these are probably vital to understanding the current accumulation of Vulkanus power in Asia, which is substantial, and Not to be dismissed as minor or incapable of overtaking the global economy and 'globalist' or 'transoceanic' political system.

Russia and Ukraine (also with Vulkanus power now) maybe even harder to ascertain because of propaganda and intentionally misleading histories all across the spectrum, not to mention eternal and undying German/Austrian imperial ambitions reaching all the way to the Urals and beyond.  All those have to be tallied in order to get a clear picture on Russia, and Stanford's organizations, although nominally in the USA, are long run by German and Japanese and Chinese interests and intelligence networks, so that objectivity from them is rare... and this has probably been a major problem in recent US-Russia relations.  Remember Otto von Bolschwing, and Herbert Hoover's and Leland Stanford's transnational financial ties in Germany-China-Japan, along with 911 and Pearl Harbor, and the globally-significant Schroderbank-Rockefeller merger of 1936.  Otherwise, US foreign relations is in a fog.  And people had better start looking at the links between the Moonies and Chao and CAPAC, all the money in one big pot, the base of which is not in America -- while Merkel's CDU hoard Europe's assets in the Frankfurter Euro and Luxemburg's Clearstream.  Asian and European overpopulation and resettlement and foreign imperial ambitions play in to the immigration advocacy wave, as do German 'Fremdarbeiter' and 'Gastarbeiter' programs, along with hypocritical and moralistic Chinese propaganda about xenophobia and anti-immigration sentiments, with a tone that sounds like inflammatory Maoist propaganda about 'US imperialism' from the 1960s and 70s. Pay attention to the trade 'deals' to make the USA (and Canada) Transatlantic or Transpacific, as the oceans gradually slip up the coastlines and the uncovered land shrinks. The 'imperialism' is actually Chinese and focused on the USA, rather than the other way around, and the 'running dogs' are now on the other side of the ocean. Nixon was tricked by the Moonies, who are ready to Take Over America where the Merkel's overseers in the Siemens-Deutschebank network doesn't. It makes one ask what happened to the Axis pact after 1945, as it morphed into the APACL/WLFD paramilitary underworld, and where Russia sits in relationship to it now. From Pavlov's dog to Putin's dog, who's in charge while Macron is 'En Marche' like Hitler's Petain, and the 'Chinese Dream' is set to take the lead in an 'Asian Century' while the Moonies sell 'Kahr Arms' all over America and get ready to Privatize US infrastructure after they lobby for a US government shutdown?  Is Washington basing policy on the advice of foreign advisors programmed for a globalist order that will throw America into the back seat or the trunk?  America sure does look like Russia in 1990 right now, and some smart people in Washington had better start asking why, before the US government collapses and Elaine Chao's or Peter Thiel's KMT+CPC and BND friends take it over and turn America back into Thirteen Colonies under imperial rule.  Whether the new imperialism is Transatlantic or Transpacific, it's not American anymore. Duterte for President?  Ayn Rand as the guiding ideology?  Mummy Merkel as queen?  Putin for puppeteer?  Xi Jinping as Fake Mickey Mao with Chinese Dream Act?  Or Pramila as the Guru Gal of Rajneeshpuram in Ed Lee's America?  The Circus Clown Show is not funny anymore. Look to Vulkanus to see who's holding the power cord. The first place I'd look is the Kuomintang-Communist miasma along the Straits of Taiwan, their branches in North America and in both Chao's and Lee's networks, and their entrenchment in the tech industries that control everything computerized, records of America's infrastructure and citizenry -- wherever the Siemens-Deutschebank 'Cloud' doesn't.  Then the points where they fuse with Putin or others in Peterburg or Odessa.  Then, what multinational power is amassing in Cairo; what goes on in the secretive politics of the South African economy in Johannesburg and Durban; and then what's happening in the South American Chaco region and headed for Buenos Aires.  Funny business that's not funny, while Washington is spinning around in ideological madness and driven by K-street 'beliefs' that crowned Moonie King of America, instead of calm, rational, and socially-conscious thought, and a reminder of who we Really are as a nation, which can't be redefined.

Lastly, Don't Get the 'Virtual Reality' googles unless you want to see America completely collapse into fragmented narcissism (that Ayn Rand would love, if she could feel the love that Pavlov forever shocked out of her). The 'Virtual Reality' goggles are the recipe for the Final Disaster, especially if there are more poppies, or buds, to make turn on, and drop out to sleep.  TA Bisson's "Japan in China" describes how China was once pumped drugs into China to make is submissive to ready takeover, and the Timothy Leary culture neutralized nearly an entire generation of Americans for a while. Those situations could happen again anywhere, on any continent, by any agent, unless the world is alert at all times in an era of political duplicity and near chaos.  Drug cultures are for losers, or else will make people losers.  The current 22.5 angle between Hades and Vulkanus, which will last for another couple of years or more, can indeed indicate the possible use of drugs or other chemical for political purposes, for power-over and overtaking.


2017Oct25: Possible transnational subversion ops in USA; historic patterns resurfacing.

A review of accounts of WW2 Axis subversion operations, alone, in the USA showed the pattern of foreign intel agencies backing extremist cults of both radical right and left themes in the USA, some even moderate but geared to promotion of outside interests. A similar pattern emerged in the 1960s, with more of a leftward shift, and now again, starting with radical right and expanding to radical left themes.  None of it advances America or the interests of American citizens except for some possible short-term bribes.  The onset of these interestingly correlates with Vulkanus in a 32nd harmonic angle to the USA Sibley chart, followed by contacts to the geodetic Ascendants in New York and Seattle (or Ottawa and Vancouver in Canada).  In each of those cases, the Vulkanus power originated from locations including the longitudes of Qingdao-Shanghai-Taipei-Manila; Peterburg-Odessa; Istanbul-Cairo-Durban; or Guyana-Chaco-BuenosAires-BahiaBlanca.  The other somewhat concurrent cycle repeating is Pluto to the USA 1776Jul04 Sun in 4th harmonic, with the Pluto energies coming from Chongqing-Saigon-Jakarta, Vienna-Capetown, and Bogota-Valdivia, with transnational Wall Street shifting about in the middle of all of it (including foreign investors?) -- with the exception that the Pluto cycle was more around 1980 when Moonie-charmed and -induced Reagan-omics put America asleep an on a course to un-do what Roosevelt did to make the USA a global superpower.  These locations are probably among the locations from where the USA has nearly been, and could be, overtaken unless Americans Get Real about foreign subversion operations.  This makes it clear that 'Vienna School' economic are Not American, any more than Hayek (whose economics the Hitler Reich machine eventually implemented) was an advocate of American democracy.  One could ask how Peterburg and Odessa fit into that picture, and that is answered not only by Soviet politics but the remnants of (actually transnational) Czarist politics fused into the actual Soviet machinery, and its curious and often ignored relationship to imperial Vienna, the capital of Hitler's homeland, and to the economy of South Africa and even parts of Latin America lingering with imperial interests -- with Asian interests ambitious to (and sometimes successful to) displace (noting the Chaco region transnational underground economy replete with paramilitary forces).

Some may already be aware of this issue, while the general public may not be. It is relevant to the current and continuing HA=VU cluster in the 16th (22d30m multiple) harmonic. Transnational subversion operations are likely what is pulling the strings in radicalized movements in the USA all across the spectrum, as was the case in the 1960s, as well as during WW2 and even WW1.  That includes foreign backing for the KKKlan and similar cults; and, starting in WW2, attempts by the Asian Fascist network to infiltrate and manipulate traditional US minority groups and form duplicitous and unreliable "alliances" designed for Asian Fascist nationalist objectives.  Such incidents are recorded in reports on WW2 Axis subversion ops in the USA, and in Asian subversion (Communist and also possibly radical-right APACL) subversion operations where US national minorities pitted against 'White People'. 

Before and during World War 2, the Euronazis backed extremist 'White nationalist' cults, while the Asian Fascists infiltrated minority organizations in order to create a 'race war' scenario in the USA.  This is why the use of 'White' and 'Colored', both equally, have been and could become problematic, and why 'People of Color' should include people of all races including European ancestry and not be used as a polarizing term.  One should also be careful how the label 'Resistance' is being used by various organizations with various objectives, and thus should be approached with great caution, and should probably be labeled with more specific, rather than vague and ambivalent, terminology.

Geodetics confirm the observations of some historians and political scientists that Chinese politics, even during the height of Maoism, was under the influence or impact of Japanese meddling, maybe even major via cults of the type first tested out in WW2 Manchuria in the 731 camps (where the term 'Manchurian candidate' most likely originated).  For example, how much was the 'Cultural Revolution' actually Chinese, and how much of it was manipulated by Japanese subversion operations?  What sort of alliances existed with the various Middle Eastern governments and opposition organizations?  What sort of firm-to-tenuous agreements existed with West Germany or the Swiss-cheese like muddle of spy-ridden East German politics, in addition to Soviet alliances of various overt or cover intentions?  Geodetics should help unravel these fuzzy borderline ambiguities behind the official positions. 

Immigration policy is central in all these issues.... the urgency of regulated and monitored immigration so as to exclude foreign subversion operations, include some hypocritically using the 'peace' label much as previous subversion organizations have.  People who lived through the 1960s and early 1970s, or World War 2, may be more familiar with some of these issues.  Thus, in Washington and across the USA, extremist views, whether conservative or liberal, on immigration and immigrants needs to stop, and the issues be discussed rationally all across the spectrum, while past and current affiliations of organizations promoting such extreme views need to be scrutinized.  The idea that people can migrate to any country and then begin dictating US policy as immigrants is something that needs to be considered as high-risk of residual nationalism or dual national affiliations in situations where such issues are critical, and not as a "left versus right" polarity issue... as well as potential sources of barbaric transnational chaos.


Earlier (and below) I have indicated where such foreign meddling or manipulation may originate, per geodetic indicators. That now points to, as stated before, the East China seacoast (actually multi-national) territories including local and coastal islands under nominal control of Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo.. maybe even subversive transnational organizations hiding out in the Philippines and designed to subvert solid longstanding US-Philippine alliances and realign them with the regional Asian superpowers. Look to the devious and hypocritical and now globally-spread Moonie cult once again for intrigue and duplicity. Add to the possible sources of subversion the western border regions of Russia and Ukraine, eastern South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, the Chaco region and eastern Argentina and Guyana as sites of possible potent transnational power and influence-wielding.  In addition, attention to foreign influence along the longitudes of Anchorage and Denver are Vital to US national security and stability.  Highly secretive foreign or foreign-backed covert operations in the USA are at risk of manifesting and operating along the longitudes running from Cincinnati-Detroit-Cleveland southward through the southern Appalachians and toward FortBenning-Atlanta-Tallahassee-Tampa (which includes Asheville and eastern Kentucky) -- and also near the Denver and Anchorage longitudes they may be subverting.  The quiet subversion from overseas could come most critically from covert ops in the long-treacherous and corrupt and now rich Shan States region in and bordering eastern Burma, the quirky Tuva region in Russia/Siberia, and areas of China and Mongolia and Russia along the same longitudes. In Europe, covert operations all along the western borders of Germany/Rheinland and areas adjacent to Monaco; in Africa the Algerian border with Tunisia and Libya, central Niger and Nigeria; in the Pacific the Bering Strait region, central Aleutians, outlying islands of western Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, and central Kiribati.

Americans must be careful to not be manipulated by stacked foreign intelligence reports designed to manipulate US policy, as this appears to have been the case, in critical ways. A little healthy nationalism is a good thing, as long as it doesn't turn into war mania, violence, hatred, or sabotage.


2017Oct23: Indicators for Australia; security and technology; why Catalonia is important; Brexit.

Before I have mentioned Australian coastal security issues, and should point out that the consolidated Central Office plan announced in July 2017, per the geodetic indicators of the political factors Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus, show a vulnerability to overpower by forces outside the country, specifically from the (multinational) East China Seacoast regions, with historic war-time ambitions for Australian territory. This must be mentioned, as Vulkanus (key coordinating power) shows as existing in Australia only in a very remote area of Western Australia around the Kalgoorlie longitude, from northern coast to the southern.  Unless this longitude is fortified, Australia could be vulnerable to outside controls, even due to technology issues like computer networks or other surveillance security issues.  Thus, the country may be better secured by fortifying proven and trusted previous agencies formed when Vulkanus power was not so concentrated in the very powerful and resourceful East China Sea coastal area, rather than creating anything new.  Lessons could be learned from improvements and flaws that developed in the USA from a new Dept of Homeland Security and its technical components (databases, vulnerability to electronic surveillance from other countries, etc).  The proposed consolidation plan is listed in 'Men Behind the Curtain' with the date of 20170718. The Vulkanus power and efficacy on that date points to a cluster with Hades at 06:39 Cardinals, meaning vulnerability to stealthy subterfuge or sabotage from Burma (possibly in Shan States), far west Sumatra, the Qamdo region of Tibet, central Qinghai, western Gansu, or the Tuva region on the Russia-Mongolia border. Hades can point to spies, in some cases. The overall pictures look highly vulnerable to undermining or inefficiency due to sabotage from those regions, and Uranus is also in the cluster, so yes, it indicates electronic or technical snooping or sabotage.  Such influences will remain in effect for the next year or two or more, and so the plan may best be given intensive scrutiny before proceeding, if not a return to reliance on previous and proven secure technology, with an eye to minimizing risks.  Globally, internet connections, especially, and current technology, may prove a major challenge to national and global security issues -- especially as transnational organized crime networks have moved steadily into the computer technology fields, and there may even be new technologies not yet familiar to the general public or even most governments or intelligence services.  Private mercenary contractors, logically, provide greater and greater risks to secure government functions run by monitorable and pre-screened personnel.  Globally, it is time far overdue to assess the risks of privatization of government functions, regardless of the trendy "E.U." (and Transpacific?) mandatory privatization line, which is proving to be creating some major disasters.

Catalonia is not just some ordinary province in an ordinary country, and who controls it matters now, globally. Spain was once a great global colonial power the fell far when its Latin American colonies gained independence around 200 years ago.  Some may think this doesn't matter, but remnants of the empire still exist in close international ties and in the culture and psyche and institutions of the Spanish nation.  Catalonia is the main Mediterranean outlet of Spain; its connection to Central Europe, in more ways than one.  Reference the current Catalonian rebels against Spain as identical to the World War 2 situation may or may not fit well, as the Balaeric Islands, part of Catalonia, included havens for post-1945 Nazi underworld elements (as well as bases for covert Nazi/Axis operations during WW2) -- so much that its island of Ibiza has been called "Germany's 17th state" -- and its relationship with the European Union may also be ambivalent or difficult to assess.  Geodetic indicators for its current independence movement and for its autonomous regional government established after the fall of the Franco government may provide indicators of just what's going on and which direction things are leaning. Conditions in 1940 may be reliable indicators of current realities in some parts of the world, whereas for Spain and Catalonia it may or may not, since Spain had just ended a Civil War that may have had straggling remnants despite military exhaustion. 

In the UK, Labour elements are now going over to the Brexit side.  As I mentioned before, there was a Neptune factor for 2017 indicating that the UK needed to wait until 2018 to come to full conclusions... that new, critical information might possibly come to light before then.  The unity of Europe, in terms of defense issues, might need to be separated from the centralization of its economy in one location (specifically, Germany, by design, as some UK leaders long suspected), and this is probably why Merkel pounced on Macron to get him and France under German control (so as not to align more with the UK)... and note how Schwarzenegger had his fingers in that, as he often does parade about with Merkel as if he is still a citizen of the Grossdeutsches Reich first and foremost, and in spirit.  In short, there may be a power-struggle over who will control NATO, as well... and what changed after Germany asserted its participation.

In all the current globalist (and often shallow and dogmatic) talk about the "evils of nationalism" -- noting that nationalism has a healthy side to it, just as it always did, despite the dysfunction of its extremist and belligerent manifestations -- and recent times have shown that it's something that must evolve gradually and not by force.  Meanwhile, what is happened (as in Europe), nationalism is only "bad" if its the nationalism of certain countries, while the de-facto nationalism that arranges for all the money and power to be nested in one country, and under the control of its nationally-elected officials, is being portrayed as a good thing.  This was always an issue of debate when the idea of a united Europe was discussed historically... the risk of Europe becoming the colonial empire of one dominant nation.  Such questions should not fragment Europe if it is facing something like an impending threat of Russian invasion, as has been discussed in the media -- but Europe may not remain unified in the face of such an event if all Europeans are not given equal power to determine what happens and how its done.  The prophecies of Nostradamus, if they are real and valid and accurately interpreted, have been posited to indicate the need for a united Europe -- but they also indicate something about the migration issue that key leaders of the European Union (and of the United States and Canada) are turning a blind eye to.  I won't say the interpretations of the obscure prophecies are fully correct or not... but since they have been remarkably accurate about key world events of the past, they should probably at least be considered and compared to current events as they are transpiring, and how.  

One thing is clear... the world needs to quit playing the silly and dangerous game of letting newly-arrived immigrants or people with dual citizenship participate in situations of vital national security for as long as nations still exist, and they may exist for quite some time to come despite the trendy globalist campaigns that are leading not to democracy and equality, but to revived feudalism and very ugly gentrification, which the world public will not go for in times of stress and strain, as the outcomes of both World War 1 and World War 2 demonstrated.  Too many fools are acting like what transpired in those two periods of (recent) history have no relevance to what's going on now. Is anyone else annoyed by the likes of Schwarzenegger trying to manipulate US foreign policy, or any policy at all, for that matter... just because he thinks Trump makes him look good by comparison -- which is certainly debatable. 

MO=MA=UR=AD is coming up in 2018, with Vulkanus power built up on the Taiwan Strait Kuomintang-Communist Unification mess that has unwisely been allowed to unfold, at Peterburg and Odessa which are powderkegs ready to explode if stupid moves are made, and at Istanbul and Cairo for reasons it is out-of-fashion to analyze or discuss too much in the USA now... and the possibility that they are related to what is transpiring in Peterburg and Taiwan Straits, or even Paraguay and Argentina, not to be overlooked.  One thing is clear... a sane bipartisan and American Washington DC had better be in full control of what's going on in Anchorage and Denver and Roswell, or America is at risk of internal chaos -- and that requires making accommodations to the local quirks of every region of the country rather than trying to impose a giant one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter -- although it does also mean a need to attend vigilantly to foreign subversion, infiltration, and manipulation, even if some politicians think that's unfashionable or 'uncool'.  ENOUGH of the foreign lobbyists running Washington. Send the Moonies to the Moon on Kim Jong Un's rocket.

Speaking of which, why is no one scrutinizing the long history of the Moonie cult's dealings with North Korea, their recent overtures with the Kim government, Moonie Kahr Arms on the streets of America, the Bush family's (and others in Washington, Sacramento, elsewhere?) Rasputin-like adoring love affair with 'Reverend Moon' and his various sneaky and manipulative love-bombing subversion cults -- 20th and 21st century manifestations of East Asian Fascist subversion psy-ops. People need to read about the Japan Fascist cult psy-ops of the WW2 era and notice the parallels to the Moonies/Falun Gong, which are many.

Relations of the Axis powers to the Middle Eastern nations also needs urgent study again.

Revived Fascism in a sugar coating is pounding on America's shores as the coast rises, just as Vulkanus pounds on Seattle and New York City, and headed down or up the coast, and Miss Liberty is asking what's going on behind her back in the Pacific.  I don't know how much more clear it could be, but something in Washington is making people go into denial of the reality.  Is it Moonie hypnosis overkill?  Elaine's network maybe overlapping?  Willful ignorance of history?  What makes Mitch sleepwalk, and can they do it to others?  Notice that Germany is doing the same in Europe now (Merkel et al using the tricks of the Nazis, described vividly in Sigrid Schultz's 'Germany Will Try It Again'), but Britons are finally starting to notice.  An increasing number of national leaders are now only Quislings of puppeteers, of banksters and potent psy-ops that tell the apparent 'leaders' what to do. Merkel is an example, smart though she is otherwise, and middle-management puppet capable of controlling 'those below'. Elaine does the bidding of her transnational commercial empire controllers. There are also males in the same category... it's not a woman thing only... otherwise macho Stasi Putin snaps into hypno mode 'child-like state' at the sight of a chipped puppy or a German official.  Knowledge of self-defense against mind-control methods is vital if our planet is to keep from changing into either a chaotic mess, or into a totalitarian fascist globalist superstate where there are no more 'nations'.  Pay attention to how Barroso and Merkel and Juncker and Herr Tusk have tried to push and force changes 'fast-track' because they know the public would not approve of them otherwise... the CETA/ECTA 'trade agreement' was designed by EuroUnion crafters to short-circuit the competitive potential of a functional NAFTA model. Then there's Shinzo and his hypno-goat stories told standing at the podium in US Congress. Weird. Creepy. Way Too Durckheimisch-Zen. Resist robotic Japanization, Sinification, Germanization, or Koreanization... or Russification or any other national paradigm imposed on Americans... there's were Resistance is needed as well, maybe most of all. The global crafters tried to make No Child Left Behind to see the transnational takeover and the Death of America from dumbing-down. Some went along with that agenda just because they thought it was 'cool', but like so many 'cool' things, they are very 'uncool' within only a few years afterward.  Madison Avenue, Shanghai, Soviet, or Goebbels-like illusions, dissolved into thin air. People also thought Nazism and Bolshevism were the 'wave of the future', and look what happened.

If you throw away the reason and critical thinking, including their application to intuitions as reality tests, disaster often follows... But locations of Poseidon on the MC in 4th harmonic now (at 03 Fixed in the Universal chart for 2018), may Assist (not provide instantaneously and without thorough study of data), to find some objective truths.  Currently, this points to some obscure locations, in Newfoundland (NATO founding location), Guyana, Asuncion or Buenos Aires or Montevideo, Kiev, Cairo, Durban, Shenyang, South Ryukyus, Fairbanks Alaska, or Tahiti. Could be data-storage centers, that could be used wisely, or abused if accessed by the wrong people.  Poseidon contains truth, but it is not full truth unless one surveys the whole picture and looks at data from all possible angles, which may be impossible to do 100%.

America should start with making sure it does not become Mooniemerica, or Merkomerica... no subservient appendage to a European or an Asian Axis, noting that both Moonie and Merkel were groomed by the 2 key post-WW2 Axis Fascist intelligence agencies.  Never forget what German or Japanese or Russian or Chinese intelligence services proved they could do historically... as each one of them survived 1945 and kept on going.  I can sure smell the fascism brewing in the back-room kitchens of Berlin and Tokyo and Shanghai, and it's possible behind the thick and well-fortified walls of the Kremlin.  And even in Washington, if idiots and/or puppets for foreign cults are allowed to reign.  Immigrants should get to run the countries they moved to.... that just smells too much like launched Trojan Horses, and may well be, as it often has been historically. 

Every American needs to now know who Franz von Papen was and what he did in the United States, ASAP... it will reveal much about the so-called "Tea Party"... and that Japanese 'diplomats' were propagating their 'World Peace' spiel in the United States as Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor and nearly neutralized the US Pacific fleet. That was only a little over 70 years ago... not so long ago in the annals of history.  No one should be making premature decisions until it is discovered exactly where the violent Jihadist cults came from, and who outside Korea wants Kim Jong Un playing with nuclear bombs.

Hopefully, the geodetic tables in Men Behind the Curtain will help figure this out.  This is No Time to thrown caution the winds over border-crossing or coast guarding or port management issues.  Notice carefully which foreign and foreign-affiliated lobbies are taunting us into falling asleep and relaxing surveillance on the borders and seacoasts, and ask exactly why.


2017Oct22 (updated Oct24): Rapid Changes with Pluto accelerated.

Remember also that term 'Plutocrat' indeed can be a manifestation of Pluto, which does certainly have other much more evolved manifestations -- being a planet/oid of sometimes nearly opposite extremes (as can be Hades and Vulkanus), but is not always sweetness and light, depending on the social ethics and karmic awareness of the person or organization utilizing Plutonian energies or manifestations. The extremes of the planets and other points in charts are often attributed to the issue of selfishness versus social conscience.  I will not here use the term 'spirituality', since it is such a vague, debatable, and often hypocritically abused term, too often equated with periodic rituals instead of principles in daily application.  Evolved Pluto (and Hades, and Vulkanus) recognizes that all people and reality are connected, the universal 'karmic' law of cause and effect, and that 'we are all in this together' despite the widespread illusion that human beings are fully isolated cubicles.  And thus Pluto also often deals with issues boundary-crossing, even though the walls and boundaries themselves correlate with the stabilizing energies of Saturn and Admetos.

In the Universal Chart for 2017 (of 2016.Dec.21 pre-new-year solstice), there has been a MA=PL=HA configuration in 32nd (11:15) harmonic. Global changes have been made with stealth (Hades added to already potentially stealthy Pluto), but with force (Mars).  The actual major changes have occurred at Pluto Midheaven lines (about 17 Cardinals and harmonic derivatives), the groundwork pushes manifest at Mars (about 02 Mutables), with possible calculated secrecy and/or primal abuse, of Hades at about 06 Cardinals. Hades can also indicate dysfunction, full or only partial, due to deterioration or obsolescence, and more positive issues like remediation of dysfunction), and here I will focus mainly on the 'red-light' warnings over subterfuge. This overall picture aligns (with 2-degree secondary orb), interestingly, with Vienna (Pluto) and Brussels/Bilderberg/Bonn/Cologne (Hades) and the northwest tip of Iceland as well as Ekaterinburg (02 Mutables). So much for the E.U. secrecy.  And yet also another aspect of the Plutonian energy at Chongqing/Saigon/Jakarta with Chuuk Micronesia at 02 Mutables (where there has been a transnationally-backed 'independence' movement to remove it from US control), with secretive Hades involved in the process at 05 Cardinals in Burma/Myanmar near the Shan States as well as areas of China/Tibet and Russia to the north (incl the strange Tuva region) as well as western Sumatra to the south.  In America, the Pluto energy has been manifesting around New York City and to its east, the Hades energy around the Detroit/Cincinnati/Frankfort/ Knoxville/Atlanta/FortBenning/Tallahassee longitude, with a Mars push from Spokane and Los Angeles.  Note that there can be polarized forces and power-struggles operating at all those locations -- and that the Asian locations indicate subterfuge of American interests from the Shan states region in eastern Burma and areas north of there in China, and this is where the new Kuomintang-Communist alliances, defying the old Mainland-Taiwan split, may be of critical significance.

In 2018 (the 2017.Dec.21 winter solstice/Christmas/New-Years chart), Pluto's major changes may well be highly accelerated due to a PL=HA=VU 32nd harmonic cluster, but with =VE added for possible 'sugar-coating', maybe some iron fists in velvet gloves.  The Pluto money-changing will shift slightly to the east, to 18 Cardinals, still in orb or Greater New York but closer to the Chao/Kuomintang and Yaphank hubs on Long Island (globalist money hopefully counterbalanced with some more enlightened energies there, as Chao wants to 'privatize US infrastructure' Shanghai-Taipei style), while Pluto in Asia still remains in orb of the greater Chongqing-Saigon-Jakarta regions moving more toward Bandung. Meanwhile in 2018 the quiet Hades lingers at 07 Cardinals (more clearly in the stealthy Shan States transnational drugs/human-trafficking/paramilitary ops underworld-money region longitude; and the Tuva region in Russia/Siberia), in America along the Detroit-Cleveland-Charleston-Asheville-Atlanta-Tampa longitudes stretching down into Habana Cuba and the Costarica-Panama border area. In 2018, all that Pluto and Hades energy will be accelerated from 00 Fixed at the Shanghai-Qingdao-Taipei axis (includes Chao dynasty financial roots -- the whole PL=HA=VU picture is a recipe for rapid and stealthy "Asian Century" takeover of America, and if one also considers Transpluto, that hovers also over greater Los Angeles, a major Japan/Korea/PanChinese Moonie cult hub. Chinese or Japanese underworld machinery in Manila could be used as a vehicle, and thus needs careful monitoring. There is equal potential for overriding energies from Durban South Africa, while  or Peterburg and Odessa or Alexandria will have powerful impact if and where they are able.  Thus, Russia, Egypt, and whatever is actually running (transnational?) Ukraine now need to be watched with vigilance.  It should be noted that 20th-century independent Ukrainian governments were created with substantial German support and involvement, and this could still be relevant.  Venus diplomacy somehow fused into this picture in 2018 comes centrally from 85:33, or the 26 Mutables longitude, potentially from the longitudes of Calcutta India, Sikkim and central Tibet, and the Minneapolis-DesMoines-KansasCity-Ozark-PortArthur TX longitudes (new Moonie love-bombing hubs along the Walmart axis? -- as well as longtime allies in central England, Western France, and Spain inland from Catalonia, while people should watch for the sincerity and openness of the varied Pluto energies in 2018 along the longitudes of Stockholm, Silesia, Vienna, and Budapest, and Pluto can be secretive and strategic. Valuable alliances can be formed, but all the fine print needs reading before any signatures, as it is the power at Pluto, and especially Vulkanus, that will remain in results. In Europe, Vulkanus will be at the Peterburg-Odessa-Istanbul (and Alexandria-Cairo) axis, which will use their strength to influence, in tandem (overtly or covertly) with Vienna and Stockholm and Budapest. Note the potential for similar strategizing within the USA and its economic and political ties to the locations mentioned in both Asia and Europe.  The important thing for Europe is that it be a union of equal nations, while at the same time fully alert to competition from the east, or it may fail due to internal dissatisfaction and demoralization with inequities of feudal or oligarchic economic policy.  The hard-sell pushed "Lisbon Treaty" (largely about Forced privatization advantageous mostly to German interests) was probably where the European Union most took a wrong turn, economically -- it will be tested as the results unfold.

Long-established media articles have indeed appeared claiming that Putin is seeking some sort of (Germanic royalist) Romanov czarist restoration, which fits with his curiously submissive interactions with top German officials in recent years, logical due to his years of susceptibility to seasoned German psy-programming during his time in the East German "GDR", known for being a 'Swiss cheese' government despite its reputation for often ineffective walls and border guards, and a haven for Nazi agents despite its Soviet monitors.  Note that Pluto money has and will remain in central Libya, accessible to those in control there, and it could collaborate with the Vulkanus power along the Istanbul-Alexandria longitude in Turkey and/or Egypt, or even the Sudans or South Africa.  Already, new regional alliances have been consolidated with Egypt, which controls a valuable newly dual-lane and accelerated Suez Canal for goods shipped between Europe and Asia.

Americans need to ignore the now-hackneyed current 'xenophobia' accusations, also dispense with hatred and meanness toward immigrant populations and visitors who did not come here to Take Over and run things Their Way, and realize that "competition" from other countries in the global arena is an understatement.... the "competition" is already coming, full-force, from political/economic interests at the Shanghai/Taipei axis, and that matches with the sneaky Moonie cult agents and agencies already nested in America like an infestation of saboteurs, and the obviously ambitious Chao dynasty, which put McConnell in office to do their bidding, and maybe pave the way for Chinese privatization of the US infrastructure.  In which case, one should not at all overlook the various offices and functions the Chao machine has held under Both Bush administrations and their love-bombed adoration of 'Reverend Moon' and his Japan-Korea-Taiwan-China spy network that has actually been chummy with the North Korean government for a number of years now.  The Bushes' love for the Moonies is indeed reminiscent of the Oldenburg-Romanovs' love for Rasputin, who some historical accounts claim was suspected of being a foreign spy, and which geodetics (based on dates of his key contacts with the Czarist royals, as his birth date is obscured by multiple reports) could indeed have been a tool of Japanese intelligence ops in Russia linked with the Russo-Japanese War and its aftermath, and struggle for control of Manchuria and Siberia. Rasputin was accused of having the Russian royals "under his spell".  Thus, there could possibly be more than just simple symbolic parallels between the Moonies and the historic Rasputin.  Moonie impact and involvement in the above-mentioned planetary pictures and their geodetic locations are noteworthy and could be quite significant, and they already are using xenophobia and discrimination charges, including demands for further fusion into US national security infrastructure, to hustle to cover up what they've been doing to America for years, under the guise of the most insidiously hypocritical guise of religion and 'faith-based' organizations, and now (imported?) "Kahr" gun-sales operations.  Along with immigration waves can indeed come criminals and spies and saboteurs... it's always been part of reality, and that hasn't "changed".  Geodetics indicate probable overlaps between the Moonie networks and "CAPAC", and that means the Republican Party is no longer holds the exclusive partisan province of Moonie manipulees.  What's important to recognize is that the Moonie and German spy networks are old allies, as much or more than enemies, and they may point fingers at each other in order to confuse their common targets and victims, as some claim they have done for years, as some claims was also done in deals with Russian interests. One of the key Moonie control bases has for years has been the now very potent and powerful East China coastline, from which it has spread out, and among its arms is the secretive APACL or so-called "Asian Peoples Anti Communist League", which played both sides in the Cold War as much as its Kuomintang co-founders did in WW2, with their nuzzling with the North Korean governments at various points a prime example of the disgusting Duplicity of Chinese and Japanese and Korean politics, now increasing evident as they spread globally.

If any element of greater China were to invade America tomorrow, there's grave danger that everyone would be shamed into passivity or surrender due to claims of xenophobia or racism, on top of dubious ID documents and dual citizenship issues.  It's something the Japanese Fascists tried to play on in the 1940s, and thus the grave distrust followed by the internment camps... surviving intelligence records verify extensive East Asian Axis sabotage and snooping in the USA in the 1930s and 1940s, especially along the Pacific coast, and so rampant in Hawaii as to have possibly facilitated the Pearl Harbor naval-power disaster.  These are realities, recorded in official documents, not 'conspiracy theories'.  Not all invaders, spies, saboteurs, genocidists, or slave-traders were, or are from Europe. And there's no such thing as a literally White person.... we are all People of Color, from peach-colored tones to rich brown mahogany... so the term should exclude No One, not even "Old White Men'.  Every race and creed has bred murderers, thieves, sadists, slave-traders, and power-addicts.  The problem is when they run society, or when other people roll over and let them.  

One weird cult that is trying to get more power now is the S&M/BDSM psy-op circuit, which is run at top by heterosexuals and some who claim to be bisexual, for the purpose of manipulating naive gay and lesbian dupes like puppets.  The S&M control game is at least as old as Metternich, maybe even Sun Tzu, was used by de facto royalist double-agents during the French Revolution for purposes of manipulation and subversion, and was used extensively by the WW2 Axis powers to program some if not most of the Nazi Brownshirts and the Japanese Kamikazes, first with seduction, later with brainwashing and then 'obedience'.   It's no accident that the 1980s S&M film wave came from Germany and Japan, and the public events have twin events there.  Per geodetic indicators, the S&M controllers in cults in the USA may be part of the network that also put Anita Bryant on stage, with other geodetic indicators of possible KKKlan and Nazi and Asian Fascist cult overlaps in the mix at top levels.  Creating obedient Kamikazes and Storm Troopers from whomever is foolish or vulnerable enough to 'surrender' and 'submit' to a sinister puppet-show. Similar operations could have gone on in China along the Chongqing and Guiyang longitudes in the 1930s or 1940s, which might be related to the Chinese Blueshirt secret-society cult that fell under the control of the Chen family "CC" Clique and its affiliated Shanghai-Taipei Green Gang mafia that remained powerful as late as the early 1950s. Some Asian mafia internet disinformation claims these cults faded away or went to Hongkong, whereas they more likely ended up partly if not mostly in Taipei, and they may still may be operative. Are they being stoked up again as Vulkanus clusters with Shanghai Qingdao and Taipei?  The Chinese network, often working with Japanese underworld, spread to Hawaii and North America, and may be part of current Chinese or Japanese mafia circles, or now duplicitous gun-dealing "world peace" front (replicating 1940s Japan Fascist) Moonie circuit, in American cities -- and appears recently to even be attempting to fuse in to manipulate the S&M/BDSM cult circuit. This makes it critically important for Gay and Lesbian organizations to not allow stereotyping of LGBT as sado-masochist, which is precisely what anti-gay networks (which includes top S&M controllers) want. Political backing for S&M organizations and events needs to be scrutinized before the situation becomes problematic.

Key greedy oligarchs, transnationally, have revived the failed fascist-aligned ideological and economic models of the 1930s, which naturally led next to rule by organized crime, and gross economic inequities. It's madness that some of today's leaders would be foolish enough to revive such ideas, but they have, and they are... and look at the streets, the re-decorated "Fremdarbeiter" and "Gastarbeiter" programs, and rule by the uber-rich posing as populism, one of Fascism's favorite tricks.  Those who refuse to learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them -- and they are being repeated by the programmed Hooverites and Hayek devotees and dinosaurs claiming to be promoting something 'new' or even mockingly 'progressive'. The natural outcome is Hoovervilles, stock-market worship, and mobs running the streets, now beginning to manifest around the globe.  Roosevelt would have known better, but almost all we hear about him now is how he meanly put ethnic Japanese in detainment camps when Asian fascist and Nazi sabotage operations in the USA were Rampant, after the Asian fascists had already carried out sneak attacks on Hawaii, the Aleutians, and California and Oregon coastal oil reserves, and the Nazis (often coordinated with Asian fascist "Axis" cohorts) were running militant zombie cults like the Silvershirts (strikingly similar to the recent 'Tea Party' and 'Liberty League').  A lot of the radical-right garbage today is manufactured at Stanford Research offices dotted across the USA, including key offices in New Jersey and Texas, and around St-Louis -- an organization initiated by Axis agents brought to the USA after 1945 to share selected tidbits of their techniques with American political engineers while using other unshared tidbits to subvert and manipulate US politics for their own post-war objectives while claiming they were all about the Cold War with Russia and China. Geodetics make clear that another hub of diabolical foreign intrigue is at Fort Benning near the post-1945 imported Nazi scientist colony, which is what runs Gingrich, per geodetic indicators.  If you think the WW2 fascist network have nothing to do with now, you're making a foolish assumption and walking into Neo-fascism... just like the original one the one the Nazi and East Asian 'Prosperity Sphere' pushers had planned for the world, and in which some elements in Russia also collaborated with at various points in time, along with puppet governments in Spain and Italy and chunks of the most populous areas of China as regional puppet states.  Those are the roots of the Moonie network and the Euro "CDU" crypto-fascists with their Neonazi psy-op puppet cults of today -- and where they continually generate Doublespeak propaganda to confuse and Win if they can.  The Moonies abuse religion in a most shameless and devious way, and they may now be wielding part of the Vulkanus power based along the Shanghai-Qingdao-Taipei axis.  The Russia situation, with power amassing in Peterburg longitude and its border regions, may now add yet another level of complexity to the global-bankcorp spider's webs.  Extensive use of political cults and deceptive doublespeak propaganda are manifestations of revived 1930s fascism, which their usefully dim-witted Hoover naively aligned himself with and promoted. Surviving films of Hoover's speeches indicate he could sometimes hardly read the cue cards given to him, looking almost like Charlie McCarthy.  How he could today be idolized as a model president is an example of ignorance in Washington, or no memory of the 20th century global roots of these paltry and chaotic 17 years of the 21st. A study of 20th century Fascism is highly instructive about what's been going on recently... it's Not New, even if it has a new package and label; but the problem is that many younger Americans now don't remember from direct or family experiences, or from adequate education, what manipulative and sadistic and genocidal Fascism was like the last time... it was for millions a brutal Horror Show manifest in reality. So the risk is that young people won't know what's hitting them, while they are confused by fake "antifascist" cults created and manipulated by the fascists themselves (such as the recent high-profile Antifa cult network in Germany).

Hopefully, the geodetic analysis method will help weave through the maze of political machinations and deceit generated by political 'think tanks' and lobbies to a positive outcome where there really is Hope and Progress in the true and literal senses of the words.  Russia is an enigmatic nation that should not be facilitated to fall under German imperial/expansionist control again, as history shows where that led repeatedly. Neo-nazi cults or not, the Angela Merkel show is not real. Americans need to remember who our allies have been repeatedly in times of the worst global peril and chaos, and dispense with the BS about supposedly 'magically transformed' German and Japanese oligarchies.  Macron, the German puppet in Paris, will likely complicate the situation in and with France.  The German CDU/Euro/Deutschebank network is strategizing hourly to be financial Top Dog globally, as are the Axis-era bankcorps in China and Japan that puppeteer the cheesy but treacherous Moonie and Falungong cults with their alluring gimmicks and tricks, and now bribes made from their newly flourishing transpacific financial empires.

If this sounds too cynical, take a look at the foreign lobbies and manipulators who have invaded Washington and the state capitals with their phony religious cults and tempting imported goodies, and connect the dots.  They've even convinced half of America that privatizing our country over to their ownership is the 'only way to go', and something beneficial to Americans.  Don't drink the koolaid, or get too close to the oven door.  The distant images are not as they appear, once up close.


2017Oct15:  Immigration votes; Mexico unfairly and inaccurately focused on as sole immigration source; Korean missile capability.

Overemphasis on immigration issues in elections may drive some voters to the far right, as may have been the case in 2016, since the Democratic Party, in part via CAPAC lobby influence, aligned itself strongly with immigrant issues.  Immigration needs to be taken off the front burner in election campaigns and reduced to one of the many components of socioeconomic/political issues addressed, because it is not, or should not be, what elections are all about -- and it must be addressed as much as the pragmatic economic issue that it is, rather than solely as a human rights issue, which it also can often be but is not always.  There are in fact issues of human trafficking, identification falsification, and use of imported labor to reduce salaries and middle-class standards of living, and indeed even transnational organized crime issues that may involve the employers more than the employees.

Somehow, probably due to big money and pushy lobbying, Mexico has been made the sole target of immigration discussions, as the sole source of transnational crime leaking into the United States, whereas the situation is far more global and complex.  The people in Mexico struggle with a society contaminated by sometimes violent or even life-threatening transnational organized narcotrafficking mafia networks, and may be more the conduit of transnational drugs than the source, which may even be in part in the Eastern Hemisphere, including the prolific and wealthy Golden Triangle circuit.  Mexico includes major shipping conduits into the USA, including the port of Guaymas, which avoids US govt regulations on imports. Guaymas was known in the 1940s as an Axis Fascist subversion hub against the USA during WW2... and its port connects via rail and roads to Arizona and southern California. Contraband can arrive as mixed in with legitimate imported goods... as could maybe even stowaways from anywhere around the world.  Guaymas and other Mexican ports would be outside US Coast Guard jurisdiction and under what sometimes minimal resources the Mexican government has. Geodetics indicate that the relationship between Guaymas and the western Marshall Islands, maybe the Marianas or western Kuril islands or New Britain island may be critical in terms of transpacific shipments. Furthermore, narcotrafficking routes are known to include routes crossing the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which allows cargo from anywhere in the Pacific to funnel to the Gulf of Mexico without going through the Panama Canal. This may be a slow and obscure route, but noted in some news reports, and it shows a geodetically critical relationship to transpacific shipping lanes going through western Kiribati and Tuvalu, maybe even Fiji, that could be pertinent.  Cargo from East and Southeast Asia may shift hands along the way, across the Pacific, or be handled by shipping companies with offices in those countries. The Pacific coast of Mexico is wide open to contraband from both Asia and western South America. It is quite possible that Mexico is more of a conduit for transnational organized crime operations than it is the primary source of many of the things it is blamed for.  Mexico has too often been the scapegoat for things it has little to do with, and that needs to stop -- it was used during both World Wars as a backdoor subversion launch pad by the Central Powers (Germany-Austria-Turkey) and then the Axis Powers (Germany-Italy-Japan plus Fascist collaboration parties in Spain and China).  There could be continuity into the present, especially via transnational financial interests.  The same was true of other Latin American countries during WW2... the Axis powers wanted to both gain control in Latin America while also pitting Latin America against the United States, and this fused later on with Russian and Chinese subversion ops, today maybe as much fascist as communist.  Paraguay is a viper's pit of European and Asian neo-fascist intrigue (and paramilitary operations) hidden away in the bowels of South America.  These are realities of today's globalism. The Asian routes are no less infused with corruption and intrigue, narcotrafficking, and human trafficking. Lax immigration controls and laws are a clear recipe for disaster -- as every culture on the globe has its criminals -- none excepted. What is vital is that policing agencies not become corrupted by them. People all across the political spectrum need to recognize such issues and not turn it into some sort of polarized partisan contest. Americans from all views need to come together and discuss these issues rationally and factually, not dogmatically or as some kind of partisan contest.

What also needs to be addressed is exactly which foreign powers are now manipulating the Kim regime in North Korea... it may have changed significantly over the past 25 years, particularly in relation to changes in Russia and China, once North Korea's main allies... but now who and what?  For several years, North Korea's official news website was based in Japan, and the Moonies have long played with them. Geodetics may help determine any changes that have taken place with new administrations, differences between ruling Kim family over time.  Have they changed in reaction to global balances of power, and if so, how much?  Current North Korean missile potential (supported by still undetermined transnational cohorts) per Australian federal media: Korean missile capability as of Oct 2017.


2017Oct15: US Domestic political chaos clearly caused in part by foreign manipulation.

To start with, astrological factors show that the USA is under intense pressure or coercion from outside the country, and the secondary cluster between Hades and Vulkanus in 16th harmonic shows that the pressure and coercion may often be covert, underhanded, and secretive, maybe via political cults.  Foreign-manipulated cults are clearly facilitating the confusion, in both major parties as well as the Greens and Libertarians, maybe others. The current mess started long ago with the Axis Powers' sophisticated 'Operation Pastorius' subversion program, powered from sectors indicated in 'Men Behind the Curtain', and continued with foreign manipulation via the 'American Security Council' in Chicago (among whose founders intentionally leaked US defense plans for Pearl Harbor to the Japanese military prior to the Pearl Harbor attack). A big boost came from the slippery Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka's visit to the USA in the 1970s, followed by the landing of Japan-fascist programmed cult leader Sun Myung Moonie in the USA. Too many in Washington and Sacramento refused to recognize the Moonies as a subversive cult, and instead 'believed' in their hypocritical religious drivel, now morphed into 'New Age' drivel spouted by their Falun Gong permutation... Moon probably comes closer than anyone else on the planet to a description of the Christian 'Antichrist' figure... claiming to be a Christian but he wasn't.  Geodetics indicate that the Moonie (joint Japanese-Korean-Chinese network) cult roots are in the same geo-sectors as CAPAC as well as the Chao shipping network, and via them is now in key positions of control in Washington.  The relationship with the German BND, the Merkel machine, and the Merkel-friendly and Nazi flipflopping Schwarzenegger theatrics show are worthy of study... geodetics plus news reports over the last few years show interesting overlaps, including the latter's forays into Taiwan and Hongkong and 'deals' with 'selected' minority and immigrant populations.  Not to mention the 'Arnold Amendment' to allow foreigners to become US President, hosted by Orrin Hatch of the long-renegade Mormon Church with its low-profile-to-secretive transnational connections and past illegal militias and bank currency. These points are vital to what's transpiring now, as are the significant placement of the foreign-born Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao in the cabinet in a supposedly All-American presidential administration.  Add to that, the recent flaming endorsement of such a contradictory mess by Russian-fascist-cult zombie Paul Ryan, Chinese dupe Mitch McConnell, and Transnational Fort Benning-programmed Newtie Gingrich.  Much like the 'Tea Party' has been a near replica of the Axis/Nazi-run 'Silver Shirts patriot' cult that was actually a foreign subversion operation, the Trump cabinet and support network similarly comes largely from foreign money and interests he has hosted into the middle of US government.  The Democratic Party is only a bit less manipulated by the CAPAC functional real-estate-cartel lobby ready to Own the Land of California while German-born Peter Thiel's tech machine helps manipulate Zuckerberg like a Quisling in control of Facebook, together with the Siemens Cloud, gathering every detail of Americans' lives on the iconic 'Big Brother' computer databases.  The German-Asian Fascism of the German-Asian (Deutsch-Asiatische) Bank of Siemens is reaching its global control objective, assisted by All 4 of the most popular political parties in the USA, via manipulation, lobbying, and who knows what other methods/technology used to control. The aspiring new German, Chinese, and Japanese-aligned global masters have nearly completed their subjugation of US government, are working on Canada, and may have curious alliances with forces in Russia, the Middle East, and South Africa. South America, long already a hotbed of transnational political intrigue, may rise to greater influence as client states of the New Axis, who find numerous old friendly political networks in Paraguay, Chile, and sectors of Argentina and Brazil.  Take a look at the geodetic alignments in the 'Curtain' article.

Clinton needs to remember that the 'Resistance' is a multiplex network that may include covert opponents as well as friends... it is no homogeneous or trustworthy network, as it is full of trojans and moles from the onset... and CAPAC is about Asia and the Asian Century, not America as anything other than as a manipulable economic (becoming political) colony and real estate market.  Ed Lee's "Future of America" is as an Asian colony, horrifically gentrified, wide open to extensive Asian immigration and real estate acquisition/control, takeover of American businesses, combined with grand empty promises and tiny tokens of love and peace that sound like those of Imperial Japan before the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, or the promises of Jim Jones before he transported Americans to Guyana to be drugged and killed in a sugar-coated extermination camp.  The earliest temples of Indiana's Jim Jones after relocation to California were  near the same locations as the first Sun Myung Moonie cult colonies around Mendocino county in California, later moved into San Francisco and then transported to Guyana under the watch of Guyana Pres Arthur Chung, who established a transnational Asian political law network that dovetailed into San Francisco as well as London. The parallels with current events are noteworthy. Sun Tzu political strategy has arrived full-force in America, as have Metternich's games from Europe, both old remnants of imperial politics that the American Revolution left behind in the old world, but came back via infiltration and subversion and naivete to their intent.  Be as alert to Chao of Shanghai as to CAPAC of Honolulu and Arnold and Peter of Metternich's Vienna and Berlin. Geodetic indicators are that foreign controlled military/intel bases in the USA are likely at the core of the problem.... the nationwide offices of Stanford Research Institute and its psy/cult programs, Fort Benning Georgia/Alabama transnational ops, and the German installations around Roswell New Mexico, among  foreign bases on American soil bringing the US government down, along with any machinations from the very German-friendly Putin, whose geodetics show possible close ties to the European Central Bank -- not to mention the Russia-China SCO agreement.

Roll out a bit of non-partisan or bi-partisan American nationalism, or watch Germany manipulate and devour Europe while the Asian Century displaces the American Century, and redefines America from being a nation of immigrants into a nation run by immigrants, which translates as "Invasion".

With Vulkanus on the geodetic Ascendants in (Lee's) Seattle and (Chao's) New York, that may be just exactly what it is, but cloaked via the 22.5 angle to secretive, underworld, underground Hades, which enters at the 7 degrees Cardinals... Apalachicola Florida, Fort Benning Georgia, Cincinnati Ohio, Frankfort Kentucky (mostly coastal or riverport locations, HQ of the American Manufacturers Association, and capital city of Rand Paul, McConnell, and Chao's new home state via McConnell.  Graham Island BC (long known for covert ops as far back as WW2) and the southern tip of the Alaska Panhandle; and/or 45 away at 22 Fixed signs (Ensenada-SanDiego border, W Saskatchewan border with Montana known for neonazi colonies, Cape Lisburne area in Alaska and near the Bering Strait across from Russia), and these could include submarine operations coming from anywhere with a 22 Fixed or 7 Cardinal MC, and that includes Emirates, Yemen, Iran, Russian Caspian-Ural region, Sakhalin, Hokkaido, Bonin Is., Angmassalik Greenland.  Remote locations might match the inclinations of Hades, who likes secrecy.

You can play unconditional love for unmonitored immigration and borders at your own risk.... but it's probably not wise.

Don't blame all the messes on Trump, because he's only the clown show distracting America while it's being manipulated by the crafty transnational globalists who put him in office, and who could manipulate his opposition similarly.  The pertinence of the release time and content of the first season of the internet movie "Man in the High Castle" (before it was taken over by someone else) is remarkably pertinent, and was a subtle warning signal of what's unfolding.. but don't be fooled into thinking that either occupying power is nice, or a 'friend', or without other neighboring allies, as before.

Covert operations in the eastern regions of Yemen (Alqaeda roots) or Emirates or Iran at 22 Fixed could now align with powerful operations near 0 Fixed in Cairo or Istanbul, on either side of the western borders of Russia and Ukraine, or the East China Sea coast where Chinese and Japanese spheres of interest meet.... could be on either side, and could switch passports or uniforms to deceive. Do not overlook longtime 'Hajj' cults in both the Chinese Communist and Kuomintang parties).  Another warning signal on migration issues linking any of these areas together. Vulkanus and Pluto, in 8th harmonic, are precisely where they were in 1933, at the rise to power of Axis Fascism in both Germany (Hitler regime) and China (Manchukuo) and Austria (Anschluss) -- 4 years before the outbreak of war in China and 6 before the German invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland.  At that time there was a wise man named Roosevelt in Washington, but this time, Roosevelt's antithesis are in control, due to help from the economic and family descendants of those very former Axis parties and powers.  If Nostradamus was right, they still won't win this time either, and an awakening is already starting in Washington.... that something's wrong with the globalist scheme, just as it was 84 years ago, when Hoover was only a rotund drunk with 'a chicken in his pot' instead of an Axis-agent built Institute at Stanford and Princeton -- and German and Chinese nationalist political agents 'advising' the White House -- something Hoover apparently welcomed because he worked for them, and which Roosevelt would have quietly thrown out to the dogs.  Under Roosevelt, a pluralistic and increasingly egalitarian domestic society was promoted, and civil rights were advanced to a higher level than they had been, while foreign interference, interests, and meddling were firmly blocked out with cautious but firm measures.

Note that sensible compromises are already being made on immigration and sanctuary policies, where the civil rights of immigrants are to be respected while sanctuary cities and states state willingness to cooperate with federal officials as long as civil rights of the innocent are not violated.  Other compromises have been made where rights of previous DACA immigrants and children are protected, whereas there may be changes in future policy for new arrivals.  These measures minimize the controversy and accommodate to some opposing views.  To give in to a civil war mentality would be to surrender to the machinations of foreign lobbying interests or powers wanting to break up America into 'more manageable chunks'.  There's nothing wrong with national borders... the world isn't ready to get rid of them yet, and it's something to be done gradually, not via drastic and destabilizing dictates that shove 'the little people' around like cattle in cattle cars, or tokens on a power game board marked with real estate blocks. That means there's going to have to be some 'bureaucracy', a government apparatus to maintain social order, and measures to keep society balanced and stabilized rather than polarized, politically and economically, and thus ripe for foreign takeover that has already started.  Chinese privatization of US infrastructure?  Better watch than one, or its back to the Feudal System run by regional Warlords/landlords, something that never ended in Chinese national culture.. or in German national culture.  Best to think twice about how perfectly wonderful globalism supposedly is... and how foolish it is to let it to rush in like a noisy tsunami.  There needs to be some moderation and rational discussion on these issues, and no more secret slam-through laws.


2017Oct14: Current assessment of global balance-of-power.

The current environmental catastrophes, surely at very least related to climate change (maybe an understatement) are important and need attention; and yet must not distract us from the vitally critical global political balance-of-power shifts going on, and their relationship to global economic power-balance.

Power and global balance-of-power are Pluto and Vulkanus issues... both factors very political, Pluto tending to be more inclusive of financial considerations... Vulkanus of overview, management, and coordination of energies.  As mentioned before, Witte indicated Zeus a military factor, but he also did not use Vulkanus, a factor added by Sieggruen, with old Rulebook interpretations written or recorded by Lefeldt (who was also a propagandist/historian for the Nazis, whom Witte opposed).  Thus the Brummund Rulebook, published in German in 1979, expanded and updated in 1990, and further updated in electronic format since then, was sorely needed to replace the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook.

It is my observation that Vulkanus is not only one of the key factors for 'politics', but also for 'police command' and for 'military brass'; and this should be kept in mind in current geodetic assessments. Vulkanus is the coordination of forces for a specific objective; it often administrates, controls, and organizes multiple resources.

Thus, Vulkanus along the East China seacoast is far more significant now than is being publicly acknowledged, and this may be explained by VU=HA in 16th harmonic (22.5 aspect) with 2 degree (secondary) orb, and moving toward primary (and stronger) orb in 2019-2020.  This means that top global political and military power is now calculatingly evasive and secretive, and quite strategic.  The Hades cloak of secrecy comes, in Europe, from the longitudes of Brussels, Geneva, and Bilderberg/Arhem, and the power in Europe is not only moving into Peterburg Russia, but also Odessa Ukraine and the long-critical border locations between Russia and Finland and Norway.  While Vulkanus power in the Mideast and Africa is amassed along the longitudes of Cairo, Turkey eastward from Istanbul (incl Antalya), and Durban and areas east of Pieterburg in South Africa, related Hades covert ops may be substantial in east Algeria and central Nigeria.

Maybe most significant are covert ops in east Burma/Myanmar including the Shan States (notorious for narcotrafficking paramilitary operations under Chinese control) and/or treachery-filled China-Burma border areas that tally in with the current Rohingya controversy in western Burma, where operations from East and West Asia may converge.  There may be similar treachery in western Sumatra and the entire Burma-Thailand border region.  Similar covert operations could be heading for the Aleutians and St Lawrence Island in Alaska, and outlying western islands of Hawaii, nearer to Midway.  Potent covert ops in Russia could be located around Tuva, the Taimyr Peninsula, Severnaya Zemlya islands in the Arctic, and areas at the far eastern tip of Siberia, across the Bering Strait from Alaska -- which could be either Russian or Chinese, or both in collaboration via Shanghai/SCO or other agreements.  The recent Kuomintang-Communist fusions in China are Extremely important and must not be overlooked, lest they dupe and fool the unwary, as such alliance have often done in the past.  Chinese power from across the Pacific is increasingly visible now in San Francisco, since the rise of Ed Lee and his 'Asian Law Caucus' and 'Asian Pacific/CAPAC' alliance machine, which appears to have several if not all American political parties duped.  It cannot be stressed enough that an 'Asian Pacific' was one of the objectives of the WW2 Fascist Axis Prosperity Sphere, noting that the vast majority of the Pacific is closer to Australia, New Zealand, North America, and South America than it is Asia.  So, an 'Asian Pacific' is an illusory dream promoted aggressively by its lobbyists, which appear to have a major power base in Honolulu, longtime Kuomintang (founded in part in Tokyo) power hub.

At this time, China-lobby myths about World War 2 must be dispensed with, and the realities of World War 2 in Asia revisited.  The 2014-released book "China 1945" by Richard Bernstein helps to do this, as do most histories of 20th century China written by experienced, disinterested scholars and not China-lobby propagandists.  All, and maybe most, of China was Not a committed ally of the USA, but rather more often set on Chinese nationalist objectives that made temporary alliances with either Japan or Russia or the USA to reach their goals -- and this also calls into question the possibility that people of Japanese ancestry were interned in the USA during wartime while pro-Axis Chinese may have continued to run free -- noting the covertly and later overtly pro-Axis Chinese governments of (royalist background) Wang Chingwei, the ambivalent Manchukuo Chinese government, the pro-Axis government of Inner Mongolia, the pro-Axis 'North China' government between Manchukuo and the Shanghai region, and Axis collaboration in Macau and Hongkong.  China was in a civil war in the 1940s, split in allegiances, more than two -- and as sometimes described by historians, intent simply on being on the winning side when the dust settled.  This history could be highly relevant to current realities, especially in reference to old family/money oligarchies that have survived the decades -- especially transnational shipping dynasties, notorious for corruption, contraband, and covert Sino-Japanese alliances.  Shanghai and Taipei have long been notorious for global corruption and underworld gangster networks, and much transnational power is now directed from those cities and environs, possibly coordinated with covert/underworld ops in the Shan States and neighboring areas of Burma, China, and Thailand.. and maybe into Indonesia to the south of there.  Their smell is mixed in the air in San Francisco now along with the smell of burning homes and the potential for a real estate bonanza to follow, transnational real estate interests poised to swoop in like vultures, the low side of Hades in Cancer, continuing to profit from housing shortages now even further complicated than before, degenerating further backward into feudal gentrification.  With the Hades=Vulkanus cluster getting tighter before moving on, such issues may not be resolved for another 4 years or so, and until then only intense, disinterested and objective public scrutiny of political corruption will be essential in order to preserve democracy, and one potential manifestation of HA=VU is indeed Fascism... it's on the doorstep, globally.  It was quelled once before.. Will it be again?  What role did and will the Shanghai Green Gang network and its Japanese fascist/underworld cohorts play?

The Pluto power in 1933 was around 23 Cardinals, where it is soon headed again; and Vulkanus power in 1933 was around 15 Mutables, in 8th harmonic cluster to where it is now.  In 1933, 15 mutables was more directly accumulated in eastern Iceland and Greenland ("Thule" hubs), the Canary Islands (money laundering and covert ops hubs), the Marshall and Bismarck Islands, eastern Kamchatka peninsula and coastal islands, and areas of North America near 105W longitude (Prince Albert, Denver, Roswell, E Chihuahua, Guadalajara)... all possibly fused at 0 Fixed locations where Vulkanus is more directly accumulated now. Geodetics verify that there could be a Direct correspondence between the Fascism of the 1930s-40s and what is unfolding now, depending on the choices the public, and political and military leaders of integrity, make.  Clearly, the East China Sea coastline played a Vital role in the rise of WW2 Fascism in Asia... it was not 100% Japanese, even if Japan eventually became the headquarters for military operations, and Taipei/Taihoku was a critical power hub, along with Shanghai, Qingdao/Tsingtao/Kiauchow, and Qinhuangdao/Tsinghwantao (cities within Axis-collaboration zones).  Don't let the fire-smoke morph into another transnational political smokescreen.. some of the most powerful 'Asian Pacific' lobbyists in California are lodged into dominant real-estate cartels and state political offices, as Vulkanus moves toward the northwest tip of California's borders, and may have eyes already set on the Oregon-California border region and its oilwells, after swipes at Oregon, with offices probably already established in Seattle and possibly branched off from Vancouver.  It will take American power in Anchorage and Denver, and Canadian Naval power in the Atlantic, to resist, if they will.  Or will they cave in and roll over like puppies to the Asian Century?  California is Going Under, at this point.  And the CAPAC dominance in the Democratic party isn't improving matters any more than the Chao lobby in the Republican -- because either way, They Win and We Lose, as has already been demonstrated time and time again. California could become CAPAC Hell World, assisted secretly by Elaine counting the California gold hoarded at Fort Knox while the naive in Kentucky look on, dumbfounded until they wake up.  No, it's not just a nightmare... it's the real thing.  America has been Shanghaied, via all major political parties including the doe-eyed space-cat Libertarians, asleep at the wheel, lost in 'Virtual Reality', which Thiel/Chan/Zuckerboy 'Facebook' is promoting even more of... a tranquilizer before the incision is made to 'redefine America'.  The naive Zuckerberg follows and relays orders, not gives them.  Thiel works for the German BND; Chan has family connections that may predominate.  Trump is lost in the clouds of transnational intrigue, as are McConnell and Rand, and as was Gingrich years ago via probably programming at the transnational psy-ops manipulating Fort Benning.  Some smart fully-American globally-wise contingent is going to have to step into Washington.  Geodetics says it has to come from Anchorage or Denver longitudes, and maybe teamed with anything still fully-Canadian (and not Euro- or Asian-subservient) in the Atlantic Fleet command or Prince Albert or Cambridge Bay.  Otherwise, the 'American Century' may indeed fall under the heel of the 'Asian Century', already pushing hard to make its imprint in California.  Exercise a little healthy reasoning, objective, and non-violent xenophobia, or else see your country destroyed, mashed under via quiet invasion and stealth power.

As mentioned, Hades can be night-time operations or underground or undersea operations, especially when coupled with Vulkanus.. .guerrilla warfare tactics, cults, or submarine ops such as were typical of WW2-era Axis military subversion operations against North America on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, often coordinated between European and Asian Fascist organizations.  If port control continues to be given to foreign interests, there might be No Resistance or minimal protection for Americans.  Note Halifax in such cases, as well as foreign contracts for US ports.. and what's going on in Vancouver and Prince Rupert?  Yesterday in San Francisco I saw a man at the train station wearing a Kuomintang military officer's cap.  Part of a Transpacific deal to let Chinese military trot around on American soil?  Creepy stuff, considering how deeply corrupt and gangster-filled the Kuomintang is.

Note also, in 2018, that Vulkanus is not only at 22.5 angle to Hades, with slightly more than 1 degree orb -- but Vulkanus is also at 11:15 angle to both Pluto and Zeus, which could be a potent combination for military operations, Hades maybe covert (or even chemical, in very worst of cases).  Pluto and Zeus at about 19 Cardinals, pointing to money (Pluto) and Zeus (ground/tech operations) at East Hainan coast, Kuching, Jogjakarta; Benghazi, Budapest, Warsaw, Mossel Bay South Africa.  Eastern Alaska ports and Niihau, Maine, and Dominican Republic bases should probably be on red alert for operations coming from the other locations mentioned.

Personally, I think all the clamor for unrestricted immigration is making the United States highly vulnerable to foreign subversion and sabotage at a time when the instability in Washington and elsewhere should not allow for it. And with all the fake passports manufactured between here and China, it's nearly impossible to tell who's who and where their allegiances or intentions are.  Heavens forbid we end up with a Mooniemerica in disguise, but it may not be an impossibility, given the various geodetic alignments of imported cults and lobbying networks with Moonie cult roots.  Hades=Vulkanus can include cult warfare, which is precisely both European and Asian fascism rose to, and maintained power... raging mobs chanting in unison, marching around in lockstep, barking commands and harassing perceived enemies.

Mentioned before was the potential of the MO=MA=UR=AD 32nd harmonic cluster in 2018, but note that Moon also =AR/HA in 2018... the world public may deal with calculated secrecy or underworld elements in public settings, and these would originate primarily from around 7 Cardinals MC... at location mentioned above, or as one can see or estimate from the Geodetic World Map.  In the USA this points to the Detroit-to-Cleveland stretch, the southern Appalachian regions, and the central longitudes of Florida... these could play a critical role in any domestic unrest, and could originate in part from the Shan States, SW Norway, German-Holland border, French-Italian border, Matanzas Cuba, Cayman Is, W Panama, Ecuador and North Peru coasts, E Algeria, or central Nigeria; also Isthmus of Kra, W Sumatra, or North Burma border with China, some already known covert paramilitary hubs.

It's understood that the hearts of those offering asylum to those is trouble globally is certainly in the right place -- but this must be weighed with realities of international tensions and cult warfare often driven by ideological extremism of one sort or another -- and sometimes simple, unadulterated Lebensraum policy (maybe more visible around the Pacific Rim), sometimes driven by transnational banking and real estate interests fused into political offices, and transnational overpopulation problems. Not to mention the plethora of fake religious cults that conceal covert political or paramilitary operations (overly abundant all across Asia).  The Rich, and too many politicians, are not dealing with what everyday people are contending with. The little people on the gameboard are human beings, not plastic toys substituted for one another at each game session.

There is also a risk, with PL=VU in 32nd harmonic in 2018, that Power gets pushed to extremes during the year. The positive counterbalance is for ordinary people to exercise and build strength to stand their ground, and to exercise their political power wherever possible, in a conscious and rational way (not more screaming or yelling lockstep cults).  This can also mean increased development of power machinery, which can include new-technology transport vehicles. Pluto moving toward Santiago Chile was a mystery to me until a South American acquaintance pointed out that Chile may become wealthy from its copper mines due to the extensive use of copper in the new vehicle technologies -- not to mention increased agricultural, and other mineral, exports in the event of increased global trade... or laws that could facilitate offshore banking in Chile. America is lagging pathetically behind in new technologies while Germany and Japan and China push to the front of the line... and that's the way they want it, and may well be lobbying in Washington to keep it that way, or for them to own or control the factories in any case. Globalism does indeed mean global competition on the horizon or already here.  Be prepared.


2017Oct10: Wildfire indicators.

Mars and Zeus refer to fires, and Vulkanus often refers to intensification or acceleration.  Uranus and Zeus can refer to rapidity, with Vulkanus often faster and on a larger scale.  BBC News indicates that multiple wildfires began 'Sunday night' 2017Oct08, spreading to Sonoma, Napa, and Yuba counties in northern California, as well as Orange county, hundreds of miles away in southern California.  A chart cast for any time on that date shows SU=ZE in 4th harmonic, and SU=MA=ZE=VU as a 32nd harmonic cluster, with Sun and Zeus less than 2 degrees from Uranus on the 90 dial, so that UR can be added to the 32nd harmonic cluster.  The fires were thus almost like a lightning-bolt symbolically, and accompanied in the north by extraordinarily high-speed winds of about 60 mph (about 100 kph).

Winds are a Neptune phenomenon and show as NE =SUZE/MA =URZE/VU. (Winds burning objects or bodies (15 known dead at this time; over 1500 buildings burned to the ground), moving at exceptionally high speed.)

Spreading and expansion is usually AP (Apollon), and NE =PL/AP (Major changes or even reversals, sometimes destruction, due to spreading winds).

Could these fires have been predicted?  


2017Oct05 (updated Oct10): Getting clear on the China scene.

This is vital as Vulkanus hovers over Shanghai and Taipei now and a few years to come. Many Americans (including some officials) tend to have a story-book view of Chinese history and politics that are offset from the realities.  There are several reasons for this.  One is that China had fallen into decay prior to the 1911 revolution, was relatively weak and technologically undeveloped. The result was increased development of diplomatic intrigue and deceit about the actual conditions in China in order to keep invaders confused... these were all China had in the face of European technology, and weapons.  Today, however, China has the weapons and technology (incl drone technology, for example).  The long-dominant Kuomintang Party was formed in conjunction with Japanese interests, and thus never was a purely Chinese party/network, despite pretenses as strictly 'Chinese Nationalist'. Moreover, the Kuomintang party was quickly infiltrated and overcome by key covert agents of the Qing dynasty and brought largely back under their control -- and they would sometimes collaborate with Imperial Japan, despite traditional rivalries, in the face of European or American interests.

Germany courted the Qing dynasty (Mongol in origins) in China prior to World War 1, a precursor to the restoration of Pu Yi on the throne in Manchukuo, which actually occurred twice but did not last for long on the first occasion (in 1908)  Germany was ambitions to gain influence in Manchuria as well as Qingdao/Tsingtao.  Nazi Germany courted Chiang Kaishek and Wang Chingwei (from Qing dynasty network background), but faced later competition from American courting, which became problematic after the Pearl Harbor sneak attack on the USA.  This led to German distrust of the Kuomintang (KMT) and a shift toward stronger alliances with Japan, resulting in the WW2 Berlin-Tokyo Axis alliance.  During World War 2, the Kuomintang/KMT was split into various factions all along the political spectrum, and eventually a coalition with the Communist Party that ended temporarily with the end for WW2, although it was always touch-and-go and reluctant or even deceptive in some sectors -- as there was collaboration with Japan within the KMT (now sometimes called GMD for re-transliterated 'Guomindang').

Thus, well-practiced pretense and masking continued to be integral to Chinese politics, with the ability to discern deceit and duplicity also a well-practiced  necessity.  (This was further and earlier ingrained due to the necessity of evading the agents of the imperial dynasties during revolutions trying to bring about democracy, which never really manifest.) Media as well as military reports from the WW2 era elaborate on the artful evasion within China to maintain its independent course during WW2, seen by some in China as a 'western war' imposed on China via Japanese alliances... some Chinese continued to dream of the Japan-Fascist led  'East Asia Prosperity Sphere'.. which is today manifesting in many ways, even if unofficially... and which included Transpacific ambitions extending to Hawaii, the Aleutians, and the North American continent.  One should probably not forget that the objective of wars is either gain of territory and national assets, or defense against such moves -- sometimes for democracy, but sometimes for a change of oligarchies only pretending to be democracies.

After the 1911 revolution, Sun Yatsen was quickly undermined and functionally overthrown, and driven to bases in the far south of China, while imperial dynastic remnants and affiliates continued to rule the north and center of the country, and while the new maps after 1911 showed 'Republic of China' pasted across the entire country despite the reality of various regional governments. After 1949, there continued to be resistant elements with the 'Peoples Republic of China', and continual schisms and civil wars (which is what the 'Proletarian Cultural Revolution' was in fact). When Mao Zedong/Tsetung died, communism functionally ended, and laws were set in motion to privatize the Chinese economy gradually, step by step, and reunite with the very wealthy KMT/Kuomintang political/economic apparatus which spread from Shanghai to Taipei to Honolulu to San Francisco to the Soong family strongholds in Greater New York City, even some branches in the US southeast... Greater China (also including Singapore).  Elaine Chao and her family dynasty are in the middle of all of it. This is today of major global significance, and should not be ignored.  Chongqing/Chungking, where global Pluto power now hovers in 4th harmonic, was one of the Kuomintang capitals and infrastructure hubs of China in the mid-20th century, as was Nanking/Nanjing (not far from Shanghai, and where Vulkanus power has recently accumulated) during the same period and under the more overt collaborators with WW2 Japan Fascism (including Wang Chingwei/Jingwei). These recent historical facts matter now, especially as Kuomintang and Communist officials stand together to overlook recent national holiday parades in Beijing.  China and Taiwan may be more reunified than they want American officials to know, and they have counterfeit passports to confuse and obscure the issue. Given the political climate around the East China Sea, it might not be unwise to require re-verification of all identity documents of recently-arrived newcomers from both China and Taiwan, so, in the event of international conflicts of interest, the true identity of all involved are clear and unambiguous -- and the process carried out with all due respect for human rights -- noting that Americans routinely undergo proof of birth and citizenship status. So it's not 'discrimination against immigrants'.  In the event of war or wartime alliances, this is not and should not be a minor issue, and the time to start is now, just in case.  It's about US national security, not a domestic civil rights issue; so don't even try to play transnational lawyer games and try to confuse the two. 


2017Oct05: "Millennials", "Boomers", "Generation X" and similar, vague pop media terminology'; "Neoliberalism".

The term "Millennials" is being thrown around in pop media much as "Baby Boomers" and other "Boomers" were.  There is no set or firm definition for these buzz words (maybe should be called "fuzz words" or "fudge words").  Sweeping statements are made about these possibly imaginary groups with people rarely defining who and what exactly is meant when these terms are used, making them basically meaningless.  In order for any credible or useful statement to be made about any of them, their definition should be given by the people making claims about them.  Better yet, the terms should be abandoned altogether...  instead, make statements based on clearly defined categories like "people born between 1980 and 2000", and even then be careful about generalizations.  Otherwise, the statements are vague to meaningless, and sound like just more pop media drivel.

The very confusing term "neoliberal" has been thrown around casually in the media, and due to its vagueness needs to dropped and replaced by a term that is more clear in meaning.  "Liberal" parties range all across the spectrum internationally, and this makes the issue even more critical.  Many have forgotten that in the 1930s, Herbert Hoover used the term "old fashioned liberal" to describe his conservative policies sprinkled with liberal pretenses, and today's "neoliberalism" in the USA more closely matches with "pseudo-liberalism" (the same as Hoover's), a far more clear and accurate term, and includes American "libertarianism", a combination of crypto-corporate economics fused with social-liberal token gestures (like pot-smoking).  Furthermore, there is really nothing "neo" about "neoliberalism"... it's old crap from the 1930s recycled along with other Hooverite tricks.. many generated at the transnational Stanford Research Institute's coast-to-coast psy/propaganda machine offices, which promoted the so-called Tea Party (a revived version of a combination of the Fascist Axis-created "Silvershirts" and "Liberty League" cults backed from Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan and China).  Chinese Fascism, aligned at various points with both Japanese Fascism and German Nazism, is a phenomenon that must not be overlooked today, especially as it has become powerful Transpacifically, heavily lobbied in Washington DC and some state capitals, too heavily, and severely disproportionately.  However, the European and Asian wings of Fascism were always in an uneasy alliance, and at times clash over 'territory', and 'territory' was and is one of their key objectives... Lebensraum, land/property, natural resources, bank control, and now control of technology and infrastructure.  What too many are believing is an internal collapse and chaos in America has actually been sown by nouveau-riche outsiders, in sharp contrast to 'the tired and the poor', and immigration issues are a double-edged sword being manipulated by rich foreign interests who have learned all the cherished concepts of Americans in order to turn them into tools of foreign manipulation via domestic propaganda.  Washington DC is swamped in foreign lobbies with foreign objectives, and let not the plight of impoverished immigrants obscure the machinations of ambitious wealthy invaders cluttering all of the larger American political parties with lobbying tricks and greed games.  All American parties must come together and think of what is best for all Americans, and that doesn't include "redefinition" of anything.  What is needed instead is greater clarification of the original definitions. As Pluto phases out of orb of a powerful precessed opposition to the USA 1776 Sun, Americans decide to either stick together in unity, or scatter to the four winds blowing hard from agents of the transoceanic East and West both.  Unity is most likely through alliances with our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere, and it is grossly unwise to alienate them by cocky aspersions -- and those foreign lobbyists in Washington from across the oceans to the thriving East and the thriving West, set on global economic dominance, know this well, and will capitalize on America's confusion and Take Over If They Can, already poised in All Major established parties (Republican, Democratic, Green, Libertarian) to do just that, globally.  And thus the Tea Party really will take America back to the colonial days, literally, whether via Siemens-Deutschebank or the old imperial-rooted banks of the Far East and their descendants, all of which are poised for takeover, including via "CAPAC" and its clever pretenses. Their claws are already sunk into America's flesh, ready to devour, unless Americans break their hypnotic Moonie-and-Merkel-like hold. Leaders of both major parties have been duped for too long. Inimical Euro and Asian nationalist invaders, who identify more with their land of birth than with the United States want something in return for their money... they want the purple mountains and the fruited plains, for the stars to scatter and the stripes to fall apart, to serve their country of origin.

In the 1980s, it was announced that German, Japanese and Chinese intelligence were enacting a plan to dismantle Russia -- and that after that, America was next -- and this just so happens to echo the plans of the Nazi/Fascist Axis of the 1930s, and match many events of today.  Pay attention to who's lobbying hardest in Washington -- was it a good thing to see Merkel and Shinzo standing in the place of honor in US Congress?   I think not, and see those events as a surrender and defeat of the USA to the World War 2 Axis Power oligarchy, which ironically now also is taking over the economies of Russia and China.  The biggest Dream being enacted is Hitler's Dream, which also initially presented a charming and alluring face, with too many of today's young unaware of the reviving Frankenstein monster that turned Planet Earth into a bloody Hell World for 6 long years.  There are too many fools in Congress, ready to go the way of Henry Ford, Lucky Lindy, Edward VIII and Wallis, and the Moonie-enamored Bushes and the lost 'Anime' and 'Anonymous' dupes who think Julian Assange and Eddie Snowden are dispensing 'Truth' 'Anonymously' rather than the propaganda tidbits they have been fed to relay by Revived/Neo Fascism. It's a heavy lesson on the vital need for critical thinking and the end of surrender to fluffy dreamy clouds that only obscure what's really going on.

What's now occurring in Vienna and Post-Gadafi Libya and Capetown, Chongqing, Saigon and Bandung, Wall Street and Bogota and Santiago, and maybe even the remote Niihau and Aleutians and Seward Peninsula, are absolutely vital to America's future and national survival, here and now.  The lessons of the clearly failed 1920s Hoover Dept of Commerce economic policies that led to the 1929 Stock Crash must be learned before it's too late, and those lessons are completely ignored by the Vienna School-manipulated Neo-Fascist/Axis 'Libertarian' space-cat set, all lost in their ideological dogma except for the head manipulators.  In 1929, those manipulators ruled from Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, and Nanjing... locations recently or now occupied by Pluto or Vulkanus power, where they rule once again.  "Just old history" say those enmeshed in youthful folly, as they consciously or unconsciously dance to the pipe-dreams of the deluded Hooverites working for the Transnational Banks that were quietly Building Hitler's and Tojo's Dream on the sly.  Those included the German-Chinese-Japanese "Deutsche-Asiatische Bank" subsidiary of Frankfurt's (and the Euro's) Deutschebank, which appears to have powerful sway over Washington now, as Merkel and Shinzo and little Elaine and Peter smirk with confidence over how they finally Duped America, the Sleeping Giant, lulled to sleep with fairy tales and sugar-plum techie dreams.  What will happen when the alarm clock sounds?  Who will then control the internet, the megabanks, the internet connections, the red buttons that fire missiles or not, the electrical power grids, the food and shelter, the safe drinking water... and who will they care about?  For those who voted for global centralization, the result may be made clear.  Shanghai, Taipei, Peterburg, Odessa, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Anchorage, and the Canadian Navy will all weigh heavy in the balance via their currently amassed Vulkanus power. Americans need to Thank Heavens for any sparks of Democracy still alive in Canada -- and Europe may need to ponder the idea of a revived Peterburg and Cairo and their possible manifestations and impact.  Democracy or Oligarchy?  Universal Reason or Ideological Dogma?  "Holy War" mentality?  The state of affairs in South Africa and Argentina may matter more than ever, and be of global impact in ways not before imagined... as may who controls the mineral wealth of Western Australia and the potential of the Philippines and Central Indonesia.  Manila may 'matter' more than ever, and Australia's Navy must be strong and vigilant in the west.  Germany's manipulation or control of Paris now could have global major impact via control of the southeast Pacific via bases in or around Tahiti... and these for possible changes in impact on South and Central America.

Long having been one to seek and promote international exchanges and fusions, they seem however to have gone a wee bit too far in Washington lately, starting quietly around 2001 while the prince/heir was asleep or intoxicated, and the rodents began to proliferate and scamper under the moonlight, chewing holes in the walls.  Here we are, 16 years later, with Pluto and Vulkanus being where they are, having together swept across Munich, Berlin, and Vienna and Capetown, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Taipei... the first chapter of 21st Century America in a centralized global economy, and look at the results. Vulkanus now lingering in Shanghai and Taipei, moving into Peterburg and Odessa; and Pluto headed for Warsaw, Budapest, Benghazi, Bloemfontein, Macau and Kuching.  Will the first chapter be similar to the next?  In the global picture, how much US global policy change really took place between 2001 and now, and is anything really different in that respect since January 2017, despite the media jingoism? 

For America to remain truly strong internally, it may require increased nationalization of Wall Street and Boston, as well as strong US national defenses and boundaries in Anchorage and Denver and Roswell.  Otherwise, 'progress' may give way to retrogression into an encroaching Global order dominated by the revived German Empire and East Asia Prosperity plans.  Look to the White House cabinets, regardless of president, to see relevant indicators, and pay attention to their quiet alliances with Russia.  "Foreign experts" in Washington, sometimes in the state capitals, may well be leading the USA into subjugation, and doing so by "dumbing down" via education meddling, and promotion of the pop culture lie that "investment' is always a good thing (rather than masking hostile outsider takeovers).  Indeed, a Dismantling of America seems to be emulating the Dismantling of Russia in the late 1980s, and Americans need to pay attention to who did that; German BND/NeoGestapo was one perpetrator, and Moonie-like East Asian intelligence collaborative operations was another.  Those operations were frequently reported on the 1980s, although too many have forgotten those vital reports.  The names Bush and Kohl and Chao were among those involved, with Japanese elements perhaps a bit more discreet, and post-Maoist China may have even been involved... "Chairman Mao" is only a picture on the wall now, long dead in nearly every other way.  Indeed, China is now Fascist, a Kuomintang-Communist brew, and exporting cloaked Neo-Fascism, just like Japan and Germany.  Wake up and smell the gentrification behind the propaganda posters and counter-deep storefronts with the windowless sweatshops in the back; with Germany replacing Russia's control over the 'satellite states' of the old Austrian/Habsburg Empire, Hitler's true homeland, not so far from Graz and Thal.  Is America about to be Terminated by Trojan Horses?


2017Oct03: Don't replace government with cafeteria food fights... Pluto still in orb of opposing USA 1776 Sun while Vulkanus from Peterburg, Odessa, Shanghai, and Taipei bear down on Seattle's tech industries and New York's Wall Street (and Ottawa's Parliament); Las Vegas Massacre.

The schisms in Washington DC (and in some state capitals) have probably been due to foreign meddling/lobbying, starting at a severe level, rather suddenly  in 2000, and possibly via foreign agents or agencies fused into the Dept of Homeland Security at the time of its inception.  That means one should let the now-hackneyed claims of "xenophobia" go in one ear and out the other, and instead focus on the specific issues that come up, in a transnational and often globally market-driven political climate in Washington.  The same is true of political personality food-fights... sometimes even the person we might consider the biggest fool or most corrupted individual can be correct and fair on some issues. Inappropriate decisions are at risk of being made if legislatures degenerate into extreme partisanism to the point of dysfunction. As our institutional leaders have chosen to rush us into fusion with transnational interests at an unwisely rapid pace, that means global lobbyists in local governments, rooting for their interests. It is important to never lose sight of the fact that even the most powerful dictator was installed by a cabal of oligarchs from somewhere, and remains there only because they want him there.  One person cannot conduct or maintain a coup d'etat singlehandedly... even the myth that Hitler did it all on his own is a gross misunderstanding and a cover for the political machine that installed, and survived, him, and that he was from Austria and not Berlin.  The same applies to every other 'leader' in history and today.  The 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website is intended to help identify those machines and oligarchies, and clearly often does, or at least leads to clues on who did what in the realm of global power.  The old Shanghai mafia network, fused in part with the Kuomintang, with its early ties to Japanese mafia, and early offices in Honolulu, is now fused surreptitiously (often via false identities and counterfeit papers) with the Chinese Communist Party -- just as the often more crude or populist-motif mafia networks in Hongkong and Macau -- and have all been propagating the myth that they are minor players in global power, just as Sun Tzu would advise to play by stealth and conduct warfare by guerrilla tactics. Historically, the Nazis and Japan Fascists played by such rules, manifesting as surprise attacks (Poland 1939, Pearl Harbor 1941, and the list goes on, not to mention the German-Russian pacts of both World Wars).

    Involvements of Russia, Greater China, Greater Germany, or Greater Japan (including Pacific enclaves) in US politics are subject to how much and what type of access power networks in those countries and/or their agents have in the USA.  Alliances via the "SCO" and "BRIC" should not be overlooked as possibly relevant, and it should be realized that each nation has its own history, traditions, social and media indoctrination, and practical objectives, whether consciously-chosen or socially programmed -- and these remain in the mind consciously or unconsciously, during transnational dealings.  No one in their right mind at any given point would willingly surrender the rights of their own country to exploitation by another, although it has been done, sometimes due to diplomatic persuasion or even bold deceit of the unwary. Again referring to the Hitler paradigm, there was intense deceit exercised by the Nazis during many or most of their negotiations, and Japanese govt representatives were in the USA 'offering the olive branch' when Pearl Harbor was attacked on the sly to wipe out half of US Naval power defending the American Pacific, and the various Chinese parties waffled and evaded any firm international commitment so as to be on the 'winning side'. Such things could potentially happen again.  With today's global power structure, people should study and understand Chinese, Japanese, and Russian history, perhaps more than ever -- which requires sorting through radically differing and often deliberately deceptive sources and intentional disinformation (very common in Chinese history/politics) -- since impulsive thrusts into another "world war" could get bogged down in confusion, on a plan overloaded with intercontinental missiles carrying nuclear bombs. Confusion at home in any given country is also complicated by an overabundance of cheap weapons that are a recipe for civil chaos or even war, possibly instigated by foreign agents selling guns to the semi-conscious. (Note "Kahr Arms"),  For example, those with lingering foreign allegiances and who hate America, or who seek revenge for past American policies, would probably love to see the USA implode in civil war.  The is why calm and critical thinking are so urgent now... with no screaming rallies or parroting dogmatists, especially if combined with gun-waving. Equally potentially disastrous is denial of such issues guided by humanitarianism, but misguided nonetheless.)

    As for Las Vegas, the 'Curtain' article/table on this website now lists geodetic power alignments for the date of the massacre (20171001), in case it was more than a "lone wolf" event (the default assessment often given by investigative agencies, maybe to avoid wild speculation in situations where not enough is yet known to assess).  A birth date (1953Apr09) for the shooter, Stephen Paddock, has been advanced by the website in the UK, born in Las Vegas (in the hotel where the shooter shot from) per, at 02h33am per an/the astrologer at "Peace Dealer" Youtube channel.  No original sources of birth data appear to be given at any of those locations, but assuming the data are correct, then we can look at the Ariespoint axis and see what kind of public situations the native is prone to be in, especially when noticed publicly.  Interestingly, the 32nd harmonic shows a cluster of AR=MA=NE=ZE=AD=PO, and this correlates readily with what Stephen Paddock was noted for at the time of his death.  AR.MA.ZE correlates with shooting in public; MA.NE.ZE with concealed weapons; NE.AD with possible drugs in the picture; NE.AD.PO with possible psychotic or schizoid behavior, maybe even cults, added into the mix with the clear indicators of guns and concealed weapons.  Note even MA.ZE.AD as repetitive or cyclical shooting, and NE.PO indicates the significance of psychology as a factor.  That only goes to "prove" the validity of the astrology method, but the geodetic alignments of PL and ZE and VU at the time of the event shows any possible financial or political (or paramilitary) associations involved in the shootings.  The natal position of ZE in Paddock's chart might show locational or organizational alignments of any possible paramilitary affiliations Paddock might have had, if there were any -- and it is up to further investigations to determine if there were or weren't.  An article at as well as other new sites claims that Paddock's father was on an FBI Wanted list for bank robberies.  AR=MA=ZE in Stephen's natal chart indicates the possibility of being around weapons all his life, and that =NE=AD possibly also drugs, maybe.  Note that pictures on the Ariespoint axis are indicators of global environment, and not necessarily of active personal participation... those indicators must show through the MC or possibly Mars.  Factors indicated by Zeus often involve social interactions (as does most any planet or factor beyond Mars, with Jupiter being the first truly 'social' planet reaching outside the native's personal or home sphere -- with Venus being personalized relationships often involving the home, but sometimes leaning toward social outreach).  With NE=AD=PO in the aforementioned cluster, there is a hint that Paddock just 'flipped out', and possibly under the influence of drugs, whether illegal or prescribed -- but that is indicated as a possibility and not a certainty, as astrology points to Potential and inclinations, not Fate -- or indicators of Free Will factors.  Note also the MA and ZE both in the cluster combination along with this, indicating the potential violence factor... all people with mental impairments are not and must not be stereotyped as being violent.  Free Will always Can act to alter how the sometimes seemingly 'fated' planetary influences manifest. The hands of the clock turn predictably, but how we respond to the moment also has a lot to do with what happens.  May those surviving victims of the Las Vegas Massacre heal and find eventual happiness despite the deepest of grief and pain resulting from the incident, and may investigative and policing agencies find a solution to prevent further such incidents.  The massacre should bring Americans together to resolve the real underlying causal problems, which we will all deal with eventually, even if not yet apparently so at the moment. 


2017Sep29: Vulkanus power from East China coast now pressing heavily in on Seattle, starting simultaneously in Vancouver and San Francisco (Ascendants 11:15 apart) around 2008, continuing now around Seattle and Portland, Fresno and San Luis Obispo; and heading for Eureka, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, and Los Angeles toward the early 2020s -- global financial power-deals fused with ambitions for increased "Asian Pacific" political influence imported into areas extending from Vancouver to San Diego:  

In both the Universal (Capricorn Ingress) charts for 2017 and 2018, Vulkanus is also within 2 degrees of 22.5 angle to sometimes calculatingly-secretive Hades, which had been conjunct the geodetic MC for Bhutan (known for transnational money laundering operations) and Bangladesh, and then Assam and the China-India and India-Burma border provinces, also known for intrigue that may be fused with similar financial conditions, and possibly fused with operations (via 22.5 angle) in Macau and/or Hongkong.

One can first look at a map of the Pacific Ocean to see that anything literally "Asian Pacific" includes only about 1/4 or less of the Pacific Ocean, in an area nearly all contained to the west of the International Dateline and north of the Equator.  So, what are "Asian Pacific" lobbyists, which often try to co-opt and manipulated the People of Color organizations, doing meddling in US politics?  A far, far, greater segment of the Pacific is adjacent to North and South America, with the remainder adjacent to Australia and New Zealand.  The Pacific is Not even close to being predominantly nearest to Asia, and Asia already includes, overwhelmingly, the lion's share of the Earth's land and nations. Truly American politicians should instead be campaigning for an American Pacific, and be cognizant to contain an intensely aggressive and wealthy Asian-Pacific lobby that may have substantial roots in the still-inadequately-addressed chameleon-like Moonie cult problem, lingering now for over 40 years, and now further complicated by the shifty "Faith-Based Initiative" started under the spacey George Bush Jr with Elaine Chao and friends and family manipulating his cabinet while the Chao family dynasty rules the waves the way Britannia once did.  Add this to Moonie arms trafficking in the USA, based near the long-established Long Island Chinese mafia power network around Greater New York City and often linked directly to operations in the San Francisco bay area, together covering both US ocean coastlines and their ports.

Sun Tzu's guide to guerrilla warfare provides the rules of operation, supplemented by Chinese intelligence data that may be intentionally misleading.

Is intel from China and/or Taiwan (after the recent Kuomintang-Communist overtures and mergers) truly resolving the problem, or just shifting exclusive blame onto (clearly complicit) Hongkong alone while the same problems emanate as much or more from Shanghai and Taipei or Qingdao?  Geodetics say the latter. Reports on the massive problem of Chinese real estate investment corruption on US Pacific Coast, obvious to anyone who watches what has been transpiring in recent years -- and which has already lead to massive population displacement in California alone, accompanied by resultant functional gerrymandering in local elections and influence in local government regulatory agencies that could contain such expansion.  Redefine America??  No Thank You.  America doesn't need "redefinition" -- but it does need an America owned by Americans.  Otherwise, the 'redefinition' falls under the category of 'colonial status' and 'foreign overlords'.  Tally that with Chao's plan for privatizing US infrastructure, and billions acquired from US companies importing Chinese goods; while what should happen instead is full US govt confiscation and nationalization of the Chao family's shipping lines... .and American investors to invest in America instead of cheap foreign sweatshops.  Geodetics indicate that a similar dynamic may be unfolding in Great New York City and pressing eastward across Long Island. Should it keep going, there could indeed be an "Asian Century" displacing both European and American prosperity.  (Ask also who is manipulating to block New Energy Technology from being built in America by American companies while Old Oil Dinosaurs keep America Stuck Behind in the Oil Slick, coupled with old Mideast Oil Empires still disproportionately in control of global economics.)  There's Hope for America in 2019, after the 2018 elections, if the stifling foreign lobbying influences can be flushed out of Washington.  Putin or others in St-Peterburg or Odessa may be complicit, but they're not doing it by themselves, and they don't have so many double-agents sprinkled across North America like MSG on the noodles. Pay attention to the history of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRIC conferences. Young Americans need education first, in order to compete in a fiercely competitive global tech economy on the horizon, not lingering in the technologies and 'beliefs' of yesteryear, while the 'American Dream' of owning a home is blotched out by aggressive foreign real estate cartels.  One should be no less attentive to similar problems emanating from wealthy Central European interests, or even ascendant South African Broederbond money, or the oil moneys of the revived old Pan-Islamic 'Caliphate' financial empires.  As Pluto leaves the opposition to the USA Sun, it may be necessary for America to shift gears and upgrade again to America-centered paradigms not yet proposed in previous campaigns.  Otherwise, it maybe Aloha, America, lost in the 'tossed salad' and dodging the approaching forks. The American 'Right' and 'Left' need to unify and find common ground on this issue, and Canadians and Mexicans may need to pay attention to the same issues -- while the 'American Heartland', seemingly nestled far inland, needs to pay more attention to who in the world now Really runs Walmart, and Homeland Security contracts there, from overseas. Foreign cults in the picture? Any Moonie types?  If Hongkong is one of the hubs, it is aligned via 16th harmonic (22.5) geodetically with Kanazawa and Nagoya, Japan, home to major Japanese military and transnational technology operations (about which see the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website).

Extensive mega-bucks Asian organized crime real estate meddling in North America

and On "TOC": Transnational Organized Crime affecting North America


2017Sep22 (updated Sep29):  Rohingya border clashes between Burma/Myanmar and Bangladesh:

Media reports on these events are varying radically.  Some call the Rohingya a persecuted minority long living in Burma/Myanmar; others claim Rohingya from Bangladesh invaded Burma/Myanmar, stole weapons from police or military, and began violent confrontations.  Geodetic alignments may unravel confusion over who is doing what, and they indicate possible backing from the Shan States drug mafia, or possible meddling from within China, a large country more diverse than many people realize. Involvement of radicalized pseudo-religious cults should not be overlooked as possible. The situation smells of other phony religious-cult covert political operations emanating from areas of East Asia where Pluto and Vulkanus are "flexing their power" -- while agents in/from East and Central Europe and the Near East along the western border of the former Soviet Union are doing the same. A New York Times article of the same date gives a date and approximate time of start of clashes -- 2016Oct10 near dawn in Maungdaw and neighboring villages. More information may need to be accumulated over time in order to become clear on just what is happening. There may need to be far more discussion of how religious fronts are being used to cover up political or even paramilitary subversion operations -- a centuries-old trick still played too often, and today spreading prolifically and globally, using nearly all religions in some way... like armed Moonies.  Another point with contradictory reports is how much power Aung San Suu Kyi actually has, whether she is mostly a figurehead or not.  How likely is it that she would be given full control of her country?  The influential and possibly wealthy Shan states, along the border of China, are a decades-old hub of transnational intrigue and criminal underworld operations, including a possible paramilitary training hub for transnational mercenaries sent around the globe... and thus Burma/Myanmar has a complicated history, with intrigue at its borders.  Bangladesh also has since its birth, around 1970-71, been a functional theocracy with ties to the Jamaat-e-Islami sect that began in Pakistan and then spread to Indonesia via Bangladesh.  In between are the Andaman Islands, another long-time hub of secretive international intrigue, international piracy, and a hub of WW2-era Indian Fascism as well as an East Asian Fascist base of operations for the Indian Ocean region. These factors made clear by geodetic indicators.  The situation may be complex, not simple. UN agencies are now intervening, which may be necessary to avoid a potentially volatile situation in the Burma-Bangla region. We can visualize safety and peace for all involved, and dissipation of the various forms of religious mania that drive people to foolish actions.


2017Sep21:  All 4th harmonic geodetic angles of Vulkanus and Pluto critical to USA and US policy now:

An important and vital focus on Russia is now to see how much meddling there has been in US elections and other politics.  While this is happening, it is Vital that attention not be drawn away from other possible meddling from locations where Vulkanus as well as Pluto (and Zeus) are now aligned and acting as agents for.  One alert already sounded is reliance on Greater Chinese intelligence for information on Russian activities.  ALL FOREIGN INTEL DATA MUST be scrutinized, double-checked, and verified as authentic and not self-interested, especially in the confrontations with Russia (and North Korea) to avoid lack of objectivity  In particular, every piece of intel from any country where Pluto or Vulkanus power is now operating must be scrutinized thoroughly, or the USA risks, as during the Korea and Vietnam wars, for example, being the cannon fodder of Chinese and Japanese interests... or in the case of the prelude to World War II, of German interests (and extensive intel/subversion/double-agent operations in the USA that participated in attempted coups).  These are lessons from the past, and the current reality is that Russia and the ambivalent Kuomintang-Communist Greater China blend now have Big Nukes that can blow America to bits, plus alliances. Rattle on about xenophobia all one wants, lack of attentive caution in foreign affairs now is foolish.

    What should be clear, and is apparently not yet clear enough, therefore, is the grave risk to US domestic security and stability via involvement of foreign-born agents shaping or manipulating US policy toward Russia or any other country.  Both major political parties have been following this unwise and very risky path in recent years, as may even have been military and foreign policy agencies willing to unconditionally align with the foreign policies of other countries.  In a world of political Reality, not wishful thinking, nationalism still exists despite diplomatic posturing to the contrary -- and Germany is and has been a prime example.  Chinese meddling in US policy is blurred by a combination of foreign-born overt or covert lobbyists, rampant issuance of fake passports and ID papers and cards both inside and outside the USA.. this could be vital to issues around Korea.  Add to that the Moonie and various foreign-orchestrated cults that have now for years infiltrated and manipulated US politics and economics.   If Americans want Chinese interests to dictate foreign policy, look to the likes of Elaine Chao or some of the CAPAC club.  If Americans want German interests to dictate foreign policy, look to the likes of Peter Thiel and flexible flip-flop actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Anyone who reads any sort of thorough analysis of intelligence and subversion operations related to international confrontations or warlike posturing can see how risky dual national allegiances are, and how often foreign brainwashing cults are in the picture, as well.

    Big schisms in US politics since 2000 have been due precisely to foreign meddling in US politics on US soil, and a very foolish resignation to trust in foreign agents manipulating US politics and policy, and it needs to End Now, in All political parties, Rep, Dem, and 'third'.  Stop the political games and personality competitions... and instead focus on the practical impact on American streets and homes and citizens, because that's what other countries are clearly doing despite their diplomatic 'globalist' and 'trade agreement' posturings.  International exchanges and overtures for peaceful objectives and global peace are a noble pursuit, but when they are masks for subversion and manipulation, including labor market manipulation, they need scrutiny.  Pretense at international overtures that mask plans for foreign economic or political expansion or aggression make international relations toxic and prone to warlike confrontations.

    Some have lamented a decline in political integrity in Washington, and this no doubt due to continual sneakery and meddling in US politics via foreign lobbyists and other machinations that manifest as the Moonies and Watergate, and historically as the Nazi Bund and its affiliated cults, even the 'Copperhead' cult that advocated to 'Give Hawaii to Japan' while German-manipulated cults were run by people who Knew that Germany was already making war plans against the USA in cooperation with Japan.  The Axis powers wanted America stupid, disarmed, and ready to collaborate upon invasion.  Later, Russian and Chinese elements have wanted the same.  'Confederate' movements have resurfaced, as have organizations like 'UNPO' (not a United Nations organization in origins) that advocate for the US breaking up into smaller countries. Excessive emphasis on purported, crocodile-tear victimization of the brutal, aggressive, and genocidal Axis powers and their agents needs to be noted as alerts to deceptive intrigue in the making.

    It's important to pursue Russian meddling in US politics while not neglecting Chinese or German (or Japanese or Korean or other foreign) meddling in US elections and politics... Vulkanus points to Shanghai and Taipei as well as Peterburg and Odessa (and Istanbul and Cairo).  Already, Taiwan sources have been quoted in reference to Russian meddling, and that should be immediately questioned for involvement of Chinese nationalist interest, especially as it echoes the two post-1950 wars in East Asia that got certain East Asian interests Everything, and America nothing but bodies in coffins and a situation that neared Civil War in the USA as part of the picture.  Chinese and Japanese interests orchestrated and ran those wars, and today they sit pretty and rich from US military contracts, while America writhes in internal turmoil while they laugh and smirk and Buy Up America.  Chao's network is poised to Privatize America for Greater Unificationed China.  Let that not be forgotten as needed attention is focused on Russia (with the 'help' of other Taiwan-based interests, where Vulkanus also now towers, in literal conjunction).  East Asian as well as German interests have been wagging Washington by the tail for Too Long, and the parallel to the WW2 Axis alliance is No Accident.  Smell the Deutschebank-Siemens component wielding Pluto power now, and any fusions it has into Putin's power network, and certainly into the heart of the US tech industries.  Is there nothing American remaining in America?  "Who's in Charge?", as they said to Ronald Reagan as he floated dreamily toward Washington in 1980 via a Moonie-cult wind machine assembled in Hollywood.  Praisers of Herbert Hoover have already forgotten that his early policies through him and Harding and Coolidge brought a near collapse of the US economy and government while building up the Nazi German and East Asian Fascist genocide machines.  This was common knowledge among American schoolchildren until the Reagan-Bush dream machine rewrote American history into movies making the Nazis into heroes and 'donors' to the Wiesenthal Center that allows involvement in an organization that houses critical records of post-WW2 Nazi underworld meddling in US and global politics. One should not overlook the relevance of the Nazi-friendly "Asian Peoples Anti Communist League" in Taipei, modeled after the Axis Fascist 'Anti Komintern Pact', and heavily fused with the Moonie cult (created by Japanese intelligence services not long after WW2).  They sit in Washington next to Trump and the Bushes, maybe in the Pentagon even, manipulating American policy to their national interests. Decision-makers in Washington need to realize that they may once again want to make America the cannon fodder for a war serving their political -- and financial -- interests... so let them not direct all attention to Putin while they sneak around in the background and create more Watergate-like havoc like they did in the 1970s.  We Americans can be too naive to how clever and sneaky foreign spies and double-agent moles, even cults, seeking to 'redefine America' are. Spies and moles "seem" so nice, but they aren't.  They have their own national agendas, in the Real World, not the ideal dream world that is not manifest.

    Rather than being 'redefined', America needs to resume being more in in touch with and aligned with its higher nature, historically represented by Franklin Roosevelt more than any other single president. Those who attack him and his policies tear down America at its highest point in national public unity (aside from greedy corporate opportunists) and international respect -- except from the nazis and fascists, whose genocidal global empire he led the world in neutralizing for the moment, hopefully forever, but maybe not yet, as the fascist-era banks and corporations are again thriving and cleverly manipulating much as they did 80 years ago.  America now must not overlook agents from the East China Sea, or from Greater Germany, while going after Putin.  People need to review how the Axis powers and Russia strategized intricately prior to and during World War 2.. .and once and for all recognize the Moonie cult and 'Unification Church' network as a highly subversive and duplicitous foreign trojan horse in America... and Not a legitimate religion.  Americans, particularly those in the Pacific coast states, also need to see to what degree the Moonies are fused into "CAPAC" and related transnational real-estate cartels, something indicated as possibly significant by geodetic alignments.  Are the Moonies involved in Facebook?  What may also come into focus is how wise or unwise it is to fuse civil rights issues with immigration issues -- they may need to be addressed separately, even though they overlap at some but not all junctures, and may even be contradictory in some cases.  Immigration involves civil rights but also economic exploitation issues coming from all across the political and economic spectrum, and differs between individual incidents and mass and sometimes political coordinated migration waves.  In the current climate, immigration investigation needs to be thorough, respectful, and humane -- not driven by either naive laxity about security issues, or by mean hatred -- and by the interests of the nation where immigrants arrive, not the interests of the nations they are leaving.  The "Schengen" open-national-border model in Europe is gravely flawed, and should not be transported into North America.  And to reiterate, Merkel is often deceptive and Not to be trusted... she was thoroughly "groomed" for decades to perform the various theatrics she does now as faithful servant of German military intelligence services, noteworthily chummy with Schwarzenegger on several key occasions.  How much is Schwarzenegger the EU's inroad into control of the United States?  Same for Thiel, and the German military bases and operations inside the borders of the United States.

    My fellow Americans, don't be stupid.  Movies are just shows, and reality is reality.  Let Henry Kissinger the German idolizer of Metternich retire and stay out of Washington, along with Arnold and his 'Aktion movies'.  Don't come to America and try to take over, like Franz von Papen tried to do for decades via puppets.  'Nativism' for political office is ingrained in the US Constitution for a reason... politicians should be in office for the innate love of the land they serve and its citizens, not their egos or the primal conscious or unconscious instincts of another foreign native land.  America is a land of immigrants, except for Natives, but the wise law says there should be no immigrant presidents, no matter how much noise they make, and it might not be a bad idea for governors, taking note of the track records of imports.  Besides, there is no shortage of qualified natives to justify importing a head of state with its accompanying risks -- especially in the basic reality of a globally competitive world.  Why anyone would challenge native-born head-of-state laws is an issue worthy of study. Relaxation of such laws has been questioned in other countries, and deserves to be in the USA as well.. paying attention to what has happened in most of Europe after native-president laws were overturned or ignored.  Their violations smell of foreign colonizing intentions, political or economic... look at what's been happening to the US economy to see.  Half of the media and intel services and/or contractors are now controlled or manipulated by foreign interests manipulating America.  How long will that continue?  German and Chinese and Japanese national intelligence services have studied America from their offices and interests within the USA for decades, and know what makes America tick.  If we let any of them manipulate American policy, the risks now are high, as transnational power-mongers and their puppets begin to wave around missiles.  Impulsive powerbrokers could blow the Good Ship Earth up all at once.  This is not a chess or video game... it's reality, life or death on a global scale.

    Another point about the upcoming Universal/ingress chart for 2018... AR=NE/PL, meaning a risk of global power, including financial, being manipulated in ways the public is not aware of.  The Pluto power is at 18:26 cardinals, in orb of Vienna, Stockholm, Capetown, Chongqing, Bandung, Bogota, Santiago, Montreal, and Wall Street.  That is in critical relation to the potential and usual secrecy of Neptune concentrated at 71:42 = 11:42 mutables, in Iceland, Pakistan and Afghanistan and Central Asia and western Siberia to the north, the internationally laced Micronesia and Solomon Islands. and largely Mormon-controlled regions in the USA and Mexico and the western Prairie Provinces. The world must be attentive to any intrigue at any of the locations, which include major world drug-trafficking and transnational cult hubs (including the Moonies and the cults recently causing so many problems in Pakistan and Afghanistan). Has anyone yet investigated possible links between the Moonies and radical Islamist cults and the historical presence of Axis-fascist aligned Islamist cults in Xinjiang and the Hajj sects in the Kuomintang network?  Do these have any relationship to current issues in US politics, including mass immigration lobbies?  There appear to be some noteworthy parallels needing study.  They may also be fused with intrigue, via 8th harmonic, at locations at 26:42 cardinals, and these include Qingdao-Nanjing-Xiamen longitudes in China, east coast Borneo and the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, intrigue in the western half of Western Australia, Nova Scotia and areas directly north in Canada, the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, eastern Venezuela, central Amazonas in Brazil, eastern Bolivia, the central longitudes of Argentina, Finland, Baltic States, W Belarus and Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Crete. W Egypt & Sudan, and east-central South Africa (Gold Country).  Intrigue in any or all of these 2018 Neptune regions have the potential to destabilize the global economy and put it into a tailspin.  Control of South Africa by genuinely democratic and humanitarian forces may be a highly critical issue, especially as so much power is now concentrated around the Durban longitudes.  The same is true of Egypt and its critical global trade position controlling the Suez Canal. The Canadian government needs to maintain close scrutiny of the Port of Halifax and any possible covert transnational activities in northern Labrador, which contained key covert Axis submarine bases during WW2, maybe of relevance also to possible secretive goings-on in east-central Iceland, Madeira, or the Cape Verde Islands, also key points of covert WW2 Axis submarine operations.  Unfrozen ports in far eastern Norway and Svalbard could possibly be of significance -- as could locations in mineral-rich eastern Congo and neighboring Zambia, even intrigue in remote Lesotho next to the Boer Orange State.  Hidden monies in these locations could be used to manipulate the global economy in very secretive ways.  Note the presence of the Moonies, still conducting their creepy 'mass marriages' as Transpacific deals are secured.

    Each degree sector mentioned above can be checked with the data in 'Men Behind the Curtain' for possible organizations, historic and current, involved in the intrigue.  Moonie affiliates are referred to repeatedly, as are WW2-era Chinese and Japanese fascist networks, as well as 'Trotskyist' fronts for fascist and neo-fascist operations. Opinions have varied, but the one claiming that Leon Trotsky was a hyperactive, confused madman with a few screws loose, and a victim of possible political-prison brainwashing, is probably one closest to the facts... he often led his naive followers right into Nazi traps, just as have the 'Antifa' demonstrations orchestrated by the same network they are supposedly protesting against.  This could be a critical issue in 2018, with the MO=MA=UR=AD 32nd harmonic cluster also in effect; especially since that cluster forms a midpoint with Hades on the Ariespoint axis.  This means that covert activities/intrigue operations at the degree of Hades in 2018 could be critical to triggering negative manifestations such as public clashes or violence, and Hades means drugging could be driving potential cult-like violence.  Such Hades intrigue would come from 06:51 cardinals or 45 degrees away at 51:51 = 21:51 fixed.  These point to intrigue or underworld ops in Belgium, France, Algeria, or Nigeria; Tuva Siberia, E Tibet, Shan States, W Sumatra; Chukhotski peninsula Siberia, Atka region Aleutians, Lisianski island Hawaii, Baker I., Tonga, Chatham Is; Detroit, Knoxville, Macon GA, Tallahassee, Habana, Caymans, Costarica-Panama border.  Then areas near 21:51 fixed including longitudes of Fortaleza and Salvador/Bahia Brazil, Angmassalik Greenland; Tehran, Bahrain, Qatar, Dhofar Yemen, E Somalia, E Madagascar; Tokyo and Sendai Japan; Sakhalin island; Papua border with Indonesia; Cape York peninsula and southward in Australia; possible traffic from West Irian into Papua and then into Australia, or from either Japan or Sakhalin, maybe provoking intentional chaos in Australian relations with islands to its north for political reasons; also, Micronesia around Yap, and north coast and islands of British Columbia, where there is known international fishing industry traffic; Watson Lake area in Yukon, and Fort Good Hope region in Canadian Northwest Territories.  These areas should be investigated ASAP to avoid their problematic involvement in potential civil unrest in 2018 -- especially as the public could be distracted by the potential of natural disasters.  It may be smart to pay particular attention to maritime mafia at both the Neptune and Hades locations, and covert submarine operations at the Hades locations, with special attention to nocturnal sneak operations related to all of them.... these are the stuff WW2 fascist operations were often made of... the Nazis and East Asian fascists loved their stealth submarines.  Neptune locations can however also be areas of aerial operations that could also be nocturnal.  The obnoxiously proliferating drones might also be in the picture in Neptune operations.  Drug trafficking operations with drones?  A possibility... and clearly now with air transport and contraband hidden in ship hulls, maybe even submarines. Narcotrafficking always a possibility with Neptune or Hades, and in 2018 possibly associated with anarchist cults or raw terrorist cults.


2017Sep19:  Korea mess, war gamers, transnational manipulation, and Vulkanus clustering with USA 1776 Hades in 2018-19:

Per US govt news agency VOA News report dated today:  Robotic weapons, drones, etc, can be bought by anyone with the money, to use for anything they choose. Pay attention to where they are being manufactured en masse, and who in Washington is clamoring for their deregulation and increased sale. Note indicator that they are especially suited for aerial and aquatic attacks, often swift and/or relatively undetectable beforehand.... like hornets that zoom in and leave quickly, or that travel underwater and unseen to most of the world, and where border walls are ineffective.

What does the 2017 chart say about such things?  NE.ZE or HA.ZE would be concealed individual weapons or operations. NE.VU or HA.VU would be concealed major coordinated operations including 'air force' or 'subterranean or underwater force'. This is why unalloyed US Coast Guard and air defense operations are Vital now. No room for foreign-run port security agencies.  And all combinations can refer to 'sneak attacks' as well as attacks at night (when drone activity seems to be highest in some cases), as well as to rocketry -- with Vulkanus normally being far more powerful and high-impact.

Do these show as significant in the 2018 chart? Yes, in that AR=SU=SA=NE/ZE. Covert weapons or operations are significant worldwide in 2018. With Saturn, guard and caution are wisely extant. Also =JU indicating money is being spent on them, including by legal agencies, and maybe quite necessary as long as not abused. 

Such Vulkanus outside forces are now concentrated mostly along the longitudes of Shanghai, Taipei, St-Peterburg, Odessa, Istanbul, Cairo, Durban, Buenos Aires. Possible along Ust-Olenek longitude in Siberia. Drone technology known to be prolific along China coast areas, including Taiwan, and area known, for decades, for extensive and practiced covert military/intelligence operations in and on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Geodetics indicate thus that North Korea rocket operations may be dependent on political or military operations under control of either Beijing or Taipei... one should consider which is more likely to have the motives, and that the Post-USSR Kim regime in Korea behaves like a punch-and-judy puppet show, not really funny.  Geodetic alignments may reveal more about just exactly who keeps Kim Jong-un in power in Pyongyang. When the soviet regimes fell in Moscow and East Berlin and (more gradually in) Beijing, who took over and filled the vacuum in the North Korea puppet state?

Do the short-range missiles supposedly aimed at Japan fail to reach their target on purpose?... and what effect does that have on military alliances and potential for (and outcomes of) any proposed war in East Asia?  If Korea can reach far-away Australia or Alaska with missiles, why can't it get a missile to reach Japan? 

The Kim Jong Un admin started 2011.Dec.17, which shows Vulkanus power along the East China seacoast. Is he a puppet of Beijing, Moscow, or Taipei, or the Kuomintang-Communist hybrid forces recently marching in Beijing, bringing long Tokyo-aligned interests into the mix?  Does Russia have relevant Siberian bases at 27:35 cardinals in either Sepharial or Grimm system? 

Pluto money for Kim Jong Un comes from 06:48 cardinals, the longitude of the Tuva region in Siberia, east Qinghai and Tibet, or the secretive transnational crime-infested Shan States paramilitary bases, or west Sumatra.... who is the "Puppenmeister" of the Kim Jong Un regime?  Zeus military backing shows to be primarily from 15:00 cardinals, i.e. either Irkustk region of Siberia, central Mongolia, Chongqing longitude in China, Hanoi, Cambodia, Singapore, Jakarta, or even rogue operations in western Alaska near Unalaska longitude or Hawaiian islands near Necker, or even paramilitary ops from Germany, Austria, Libya, or Namibia.

Some US Congress are recommending that sanctions are a better option than threats of war.

Important to remember that if a war with China breaks out, the missiles are long aimed at targets all across the USA, i.e. The Target, regardless of who's sounding the calls for war. Who are the advisors to those calling for war? McCain wanted to risk WW3 after visits to the persuasive German-run Halifax conference sessions. Are today's calls for war being sounded from the same network of agents? 
Also, referring to Nostradamus, in case he still matters, at least one major interpretation made in the 80s claimed that a Fourth Reich would again rise in 'Greater Germany' and be installed across Europe prior to a supposed Russian-Asian alliance that would subsequently mow them and Europe over like dead grass on the lawn and set out in the sun to bake.

Personally, I think the Merkel govt (run by others and not just her) is tightly in control of Germany, and that the neo-nazi demonstrations may be highly controlled by the BND-Gestapo and staged and released strategically for political effect.... as are the sham and purportedly opposite 'Antifa' moled psy-ops provoking violence in demonstrations in the USA. The current election in Germany looks tightly controlled and orchestrated, which is long typical of Germany's politics. Merkel's controllers are firmly in control, ever-vigilant to dominate Europe, and maybe expand into Russia.

The sham Germany 'Antifa' network is a BND/Gestapo operation, regardless of the costumes, and indicated by the masks, and could involve Boer South African elements aligned with the Nazis continuously since the 1930s, flying their 3-legged swastika flag.

Washington DC is in Grave Danger of being manipulated by foreign agents and warped intelligence data that could throw the USA into a chaotic mess with screaming fanatics in the streets. As for 'unjustified xenophobia', both the Trump and the Obama administrations have been overladen and manipulated by foreign agents who Should Not be in Washington or snooping around in the White House..... Washington DC is supposed to be about America, not Berlin or Tokyo or Beijing or Taipei or any other foreign capitals... Americans need a government to look out for American interests, and that means in policy and not just empty political rhetoric, like that of the Trump campaign. There's nothing wrong with nationalism unless it's manifesting in the wrong country that doesn't match the nation it serves.  Washington is in America, not Europe or Asia... although we can learn from what has happened there.

The very ugly and malicious race-related violence occurring is only escalating the tensions that foreign powers want, and are using to manipulate US politics via their lobbyists... to destabilize American society and make it vulnerable to (further) infiltration and sabotage from within -- not unlike violent movements and protests of the 1960s and 70s.

Americans should be campaigning for American Pacific interests rather than an Asian Pacific interests... something severely problematic in that area. If people in the USA were campaigning for a Mexican southwest or an African Atlantic, or a European America, feathers would be ruffled... but somehow an 'Asian Pacific' is supposed to be innocuous and AOK. I don't think so. Not when Vulkanus is conjunct Shanghai and Taipei, when the Kuomintang Party is the richest party on the planet and recently fusing with the Chinese Communist Party, may substantially control Hawaii (and its Homeland Security offices?), and its Moonie-cult affiliates swarm around the ports near Anchorage and infest California and New York (and maybe other state) politics, worse in Washington DC. What's the relation to CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus? Geodetics show some possible indicators. Then, remember the SCO treaty between Moscow and Beijing, and Chinese/Taiwan-born sources being where data on Russian activities come from!!??!!  Need for verification, double-checking, motives of providers, American sources for American interests.

Who actually controls the South African government and economy and military may be of substantial but overlooked significance now, as may be continued German fusions into South African and Namibian politics despite the nominal 'Termination' of colonies there. As the histories of WW1 and WW2 alone, above and beyond Metternich, have shown repeatedly, German politics are prone to be duplicitous and treacherous, as a whole, and geared to the experiences and interests of Germany and its geographic environs.  Pluto financial power has just moved from Berlin to Vienna, and with Pluto over Vienna at the time of the restoration of the Reichstag in Berlin, a functional new 'Anschluss' may already be in effect.  Vienna is a hub of the uber-rich Habsburg banking dynasty, still intact despite nominal surrender of its 'throne' in Austria (and earlier also Germany).

I have added locations of major Russian military bases into the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article to show possible transnational alignments with those cities.  Critical assessment of both Russian and German operations and strategies are in order, including those that quietly transpire between them, and any relevance to Ukraine.  Americans may have never fully understood that German intelligence used in the USA has long been stacked to promote German nationalist interests in Europe... as is also intelligence from Japan and China and their sandwich-island Taiwan throughout history, including during the bloody Korea and Vietnam/Indochina wars, which Japan and Taiwan profited from handsomely... even elements in China maybe via war materiel sold to Japan and Taiwan corporations, in turn marked up and sold to the USA.  War business.  Could it happen again, and who would win again this time, when all was said and done?

It's important, vital, that American data be used for American policy... and not filtered through double-agents with dual allegiances or even previous citizenship in other countries... in this time of grave international tensions and confusion. Caution in international affairs must not all be dismissed casually with the 'xenophobia' label... and the political leaders who expound All-American claims need to be scrutinized for why they have rich and influential foreign-born advisors in their cabinets shaping their policy decisions.

More planned later on the Critical current contact of Vulkanus with the natal Hades of the USA Sibly chart, which can among other things mean America being attacked in the dark and/or its 'blind spots', and Hades (like Neptune) helps indicate where those blind spots are.... this is Critical for 2018 through 2021... when foreign attacks could be Real and not just fabrications -- and Congress should prepare for such events in a way that also protects American interests.  Get the likes of Chao and Thiel and other 'dual citizens' OUT of US national security operations, or there is risk of America being wagged by foreign tails, lingering allegiances to the country of birth.... with special focus on countries near 0 fixed geodetic MC now.

Such attacks would likely be from 0-degree Fixed sign MC longitudes, referred to already many times. It is no joke or paranoid fantasy that the Anchorage and Denver longitudes Must be highly fortified, and carefully exclude foreign sabotage, meddling, subversion, covert ops.. and especially operations carried out late at night (Hades), meaning vigilant American domestic 24-hour surveillance is clearly in order, including along ocean fronts and rivers. The same is true for all locations 22.5 degrees from those locations.... longitudes of North Vancouver Island in Canada and locations directly north of there; busy southern Florida, east Georgia including coastline, eastern borders of Kentucky and Tennessee, Ohio, and southern Ontario. Ohio state government may be especially vulnerable due to Columbus being in orb. In fact, these locations have been perpetually vulnerable to foreign sabotage due to the natal USA Hades located at approximately 00:47 Fixed natally, since 1776.Jul.04. Anchorage and Kodiak Island particularly vulnerable to foreign sabotage, as are any locations directly to the north of there all the way to the Arctic... including other locations mentioned above, to a lesser but significant degree, in 8th and 16th harmonic.


These considerations are for a 1776.Jul.04 chart for the USA, regardless of time of issuance or signing of the Declaration document.  Geodetic considerations are not dependent on time of day, unless maybe some hour-dependent derivative method is used.        



2017Sep01 (updated/edited Sep10 and Sep22):  To young people protesting fascist organizations -- Stay Away from the "Antifa" red/black-flag cult with its masked controllers.

        Said from the perspective of someone who has read or monitored to various international news reports nearly every day for the last 40 years -- Stay Away from the "Antifa" network, a German import often infused with or controlled by fascist/neo-nazi moles and provocateurs, set up to throw real anti-fascists into violent confrontations with neo-nazi cults.  The red and black flags are/were the colors of the Imperial German military and intelligence services, and 'Antifa', for years before importation into the USA, was notorious for violent clashes set up by opposition-mole provocateurs within.  Young Americans protesting fascist/nazi activities and organizations should do so peacefully, without controls by "Antifa", definitely by rejecting people who wear masks and will not identify themselves, and working with organizations long experienced at tracking fascist/nazi organizations in rational ways, from their roots up to now. As a rule, if legitimate protestors are afraid to be identified, then they should stay at home, One local protest in northern California was led by masked individuals, and those who followed them were foolish to trust "anonymous" people, especially given the current political climate, and moreover due to the history of "Antifa".  Search for data below for charts of the German-based Antifa organization.  They are Trouble for everyone, right, left, and center... as are people who hide their faces in public to avoid being identified in Any demonstration, with Any sort of face covering.  The 2018 Universal chart shows the potential of spreading public unrest or even clashes, with drug use possibly involved, such as "tweakers on a run".

    What does the 2018 Universal chart (cast for 2017Dec21 at 16h27m57s UT/GMT) show?   MO=MA=AD plus in H32 =UR=NE.  On the positive side, it shows a populace (Moon) focused on technical or mechanized work, possibly in solitude or quiet, and capable of profound inventions.  On the negative side it shows the possibility of violent clashes that may involve drug use... it is a potentially volatile situation, due to people feeling trapped by the limitations or constraints of today's widespread social and economic instability. Worst case scenario interpretations are of course, only potential energies that may instead manifest in more positive and constructive ways.

    Ariespoint is global conditions, showing AR=SU=JU=SA and in H32 (11:15 angles) =KR clustered.  Banks and official finances will be in the forefront globally, as may be 'austerity', as well as real-estate cartels that are often synonymous with bank, including off-shore banks.  Individuals might be wise to stop borrowing to excess now, as in 2018, loans may be somehow limited or less accessible... banks may be given more official control, and one example already in the USA is transnational multi-bank board members such as Elaine Chao in the Trump presidential cabinet... or credit union ATMs dismantled to favor banks (as in greater San Francisco).  Real estate could become even more gentrified than it is already, and "conservatism" in every sense of the word will "rule" in 2018, probably not letting up until 2019, when pictures on the Universal chart Moon will also improve and switch to freedom (AP in 2019) instead of constraints (AD in 2018)... and this could possibly go with major changes in 2018 elections due to public disgruntlement with noteworthy  and public dissatisfaction with gentrification.

    However, 2018 may be a "rough ride" for much of the world public, and may be exacerbated if public drug, intoxication, or anger, escalates.  Non-constructive anger could be effectively diverted to public aerobic or dance or participatory athletic events where people are actively engaged in organized and peaceful physical activity (not bottled up in auditoriums and venting rage in stationary positions) and not controlled by foreign psy cults like the 'Falun Gong' and variants.  It is logical that people will protest with such a configuration, but they need to do so non-violently so that violent reactions due not ensue... anger needs to be transmuted into action, and violence needs to be contained and avoided.  The purpose of 'Antifa' has routinely been, in Germany and now in the USA to draw real anti-fascists out into demonstrations manipulated by neo-fascist moles, and then beat them up during clashes while making them look violent in media campaigns.  'Anarchism' does nothing for anyone -- and per the wisdom of metaphysical and spiritually-conscious philosophies, is a childish and primitive dissipation of energies that should be diverted and transmuted into finding constructive solutions to problems.  Thus MA=UR=AD can indeed manifest as finding inventive solutions to deep-rooted problems, including those involving the Earth and its topography. Work, worldwide, may be increasingly automated and focused on developing electrical and electronic technologies.  The planetary picture, however, also includes the UR.AD combination common in earthquakes, and in 2018 falls on both the Universal chart MC and AS for San Francisco and neighboring cities, as well as the Grimm LM (Locality MC) and the Sepharial GA (Geodetic Ascendant; noting that both Grimm and Sepharial systems are actually geodetic in essence)... San Francisco may possibly be at risk of a noteworthy quake 2018, and locals should be attentive to quake preparation procedures... noting that this does not always imply a major panic/disaster-scale quake.  The WashingtonDC-Baltimore-Richmond-Norfolk longitudes, 45 degrees to the east of San Francisco, should be prepared for what to do in the event of similarly disruptive events, although those are not known major quake zones.  Hokkaido island in Japan may be vulnerable to 2018 quakes, and the central Queensland coast and longitudes between Melbourne and Sydney may be vulnerable to related natural disasters of note, as well as east Iran, Oman, and areas of Central Asia and Russia directly north of there.  

AR=AD/VU in 2018, and if there has ever been a risk of minor meteor collisions with the Earth... so let's redirect some of the missiles to prepare for blowing up approaching meteors rather than blowing each other up.... a more constructive project for Kim Jong Un and his few kindred, cult-like political spirits who like to play with rockets. China's Lop Nor has real and fully-developed missiles and nukes ready to go, in case of larger regional military clashes.  All scientific data from official agencies should be consulted before drawing conclusions on ultimate quake probability, but astrological indicators of possibility are there... and they also confirm the establishment scientific predictions of a possible quake in 2018 in southern California, at about 22.5 degrees (16th harmonic) from San Francisco on the geodetic Ascendant around San Diego and inland northeasterly, east of Los Angeles, where Uranus is even more directly on the geodetic Ascendant in 4th harmonic.  There are already NASA reports of quake possibility there, around the Salton Sea area, and some predict one on a scale that would ripple up the San Andreas fault toward San Francisco, possibly affecting most of the California coastline; however, this speculation must be verified by scientific specialist agencies over time before jumping to conclusions, as the USGS has already warned.  The public should not panic over these reports; and the public should not be in denial where the reports are clearly validated by thorough scientific observations.

    The recent fawning over Corporatized Globalism and Trade 'Deals' is eerily reminiscent of politicians of the 1930s  when leaders of democracies naively sang praises to slickly-packaged and propagated Mussolini and Hitler and the Manchukuo fascists as 'the inevitable wave of the future' before they released their puerile and brutal terror on humanity -- Fascism's aims were also centralized corporate globalism, advanced by sham "nationalist" parties with actual transnational corporate objectives... the similarities are many, and interestingly proposed again by Germany and Japan, and once again, wealthy segments of Greater China up and down the East China Sea coast where pro-Axis regional governments were set up. For example, Hitler's German nationalism at home was secretly aimed at creating a German colonial empire stretching across Europe and into Russia, and even the Americas, if it could.  Japan's nationalism, with Chinese partisan (royalist and mafia underworld) allies in the 'Prosperity Sphere' similarly aimed to build a 'Greater East Asia' followed by 'Pan-Asian' and 'Pan-Pacific' (today 'Transpacific') ambitions including annexation of Hawaii and Aleutian Islands (which it indeed began to do), and forays into the US mainland via submarine attacks and quiet balloon warfare. These are all repeating in certain ways, and the transnational real estate market is one of the first and most conspicuous manifestations, coming from both Europe and Asia.  With Ariespoint =JU=SA=KR in 2018, indeed the Ariespoint describes the relations of/to 'whole world' conditions.  In the 'model cultures' idolized in 'globalism', the rich, only, own inflated-price property, and everyone else pays rent.... this is the norm in Germany, for years, for example.... which is the antithesis of the 'American Dream'.  The de-facto Feudal model imported into America via globalization sends America back into the Medieval Era of fiefs and fiefdoms, abandoning democracy for a reversion to royalist, feudalist, social gentrification dominant in the Medieval era -- and a stifling rigidity alien to the American spirit of ingenuity.  That's a trend that may continue until 2019, with a possible, maybe probable, turnaround after that.  This means the 2018 elections could have potential for liberating and socially equalizing changes, but for them to be effective, people must become organized for constructive problem-solving and not dissipate energies on public displays of anger -- especially where people follow masked 'anonymous' clone characters and thus manifest 'The Blind Leading the Blind'.  Ayn Rand's antique Russian fascist ideology will need to be seen as obsolete and dysfunctional, as it is, and Pavlov's dogs must be liberated to spread their natural inner love and empathy... among our spirit guides in times of public trouble, too much ignorance, and global confusion.  And the many fake and fly-by-night religions that are only shells composed of rote rituals, and lack the empathy and compassion at the core of real spirituality, need to be thrown away, cast into the dustbin of history.

    This does not mean that 'global' is a 'bad word', but the egalitarian globalism envisioned at the foundation of the League of Nations, and then the United Nations, has been hijacked and perverted into corporatist greed games; the peaceful and egalitarian multiculturalism of the 1980s into a game of socio-economic gentrification and abuse of labor markets and functional slave labor for 'investors'... the same "appeal" of the remote 1930s German and Japanese fascist concentration camps.  One should ask why the recent United Nations project to educate the world on the history of slavery and human trafficking was suddenly silenced... what would it reveal?  Something that would counter the recent gentrifying global socio-economic order?  Quite possibly. Or a warning signal about the recent 'Asian Century' plans of the various banks and networks that are possibly drawing on the post-WW2 Bandung Asian Fascist gold stashes as well as Euro-Nazi stashes in Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Paraguay, and elsewhere.

    In Washington DC, Americans may need to pay more attention now focused exclusively on Trump instead to the financial and family networks of Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao, key members of Trump's crypto-globalist administration, and their objectives to further colonize and economically manipulate the US economy or more... these are astrologically verified by Pluto now over the longitudes of Chongqing and Vienna banks (recently over Berlin and Chengdu) in 4th harmonic, with the full range of Pluto's mode of operation, high and low, to be pondered in the process. And how they historically fuse with the Wall Street exchange, founded by Viennese bankers and increasingly by the now-uberwealthy global (de-facto Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang political/financial/mafia network now fusing with the Chinese 'Communist' Party to together rule 'Greater China', as the Kuomintang and its Moonie and Falun cult appendages are nested all around New York City and Long Island and across the USA (and sometimes have hidden ties to Japanese fascist underworld networks).  Are Vienna banks poised to take over the Russian economy as Vulkanus approaches Peterburg and onward to Moscow; are Chongqing or Jakarta/Bandung-based banks ready to do the same from the east?  And will Wall Street be dwarfed by the growing assets of the Euro and the Yuan or the Yen, while Americans are shamed into criticizing the intentions of greedy and predatory rich immigrant cliques out to turn America into their colony, and already in Washington politics, ready to roll and spread their imported feudalism across the USA?  Pay attention to who has taken over the Libyan oil economy after the fall of Gadafi... has Libya been annexed to larger transnational Oil or Banking Empires?  Public disgruntlement in the USA must remain focused on the problem of foreign economic encroachment and manipulation... the USA is a nation of immigrants who came here to be Americans, not colonize and annex economically or politically or ideologically to the country they came from... in which case the nation fragments and risks internal collapse.  American immigrants, overall, did not come here to convert Americans to other religions or adopt antiquated foreign traditions of dress, or advocate their culture as 'better' or 'superior'.  The Pluto of Vienna and Chongqing (and central Libya) have been opposed already to the USA 1776 Sun for the last several years, and now the American revolution's twin in France has fallen to dominance by a German puppet issuing decrees from the Versailles court of the Kapetinger dynasty of Karl der Grosse (given the French name Charlemagne to sound French).  That's regression, not progress, reversing legacies of the humanistic, democratic revolutions of the late 18th century back to the cultures where public illiteracy prevailed, and where the public were virtual slaves of the oligarchs.  For the USA to remain strong and coherent, Americans need to take control of Wall Street -- not surrender it to Chongqing or Berlin or Vienna or any other outsiders.

    Some good news is that the still-distant 2019 shows much more hope -- AR=SU= MO=JU=KR=AP in the chart cast for the late-December 2018 Capricorn/Universal Solar Ingress for the following year... global harmonization and equity via generosity, higher-nature use of money, more honorable and regulated trade practices, harmonization of male and female archetypes both socially and within individual psyches (men accepting their sensitivity and nurturing inclinations, women accepting their power to create and lead without stifling innate sensitivity; and a truce ending the 'traditional' 'battle of the sexes').  This may come from locations aligned with Kronos at 11:28 (Cardinals), i.e. the more enlightened souls with money in Toronto, Miami, Panama (Mossack-Fonseca assets seized?), democratic egalitarian forces in Scandinavia, elements in Central Europe able to escape the tight controls of the German CDU/IDU network, increased democratization in Tunisia or the Nigerian oil regions, the liberation of Qinghai oil and the Shan Golden Triangle from mafia control, maybe an enlightened new government in Buddhist Bangkok or Pinang, or maybe progressive forces in American Samoa with the power to affect global conditions in positive ways.  This must come from the higher level of Kronos... accomplished and dignified professionals and those who have cultivated higher universal knowledge and potential divorced from selfishness and egotism.  Bangkok could potentially rise to become a seat of high culture in East Asia, logically fusing in the wisdom of its more authentic Buddhist-model traditions and inclinations, and sturdy independence... the Qinghai oil fields and Golden Triangle could fall into the hands of lofty souls rather than greedy opportunists and gangsters.  Canada's innate loftiness, manifest through Toronto, could be a major force in helping to restore civility -- and consciousness and cult-deprogramming -- in the USA... something Canadians would want, for fear of chaos spreading across the borders into their magnificent land, respected by many globally for its prevalent calmness and thoughtfulness.

    The potential of 2018 turbulence first requires a recognition that today's problems can indeed be solved... that there truly is 'Hope', but it requires getting out of the ruts of past obsolete beliefs and moving ahead toward genuinely progressive plans, which must include freedom of choice and action to invent and do things in new ways -- and economic justice and equity.  Ancient nature-based wisdom may come from Native American people in Moosonee and Nunavut, and Pittsburgh may undergo some major changes away from the perverted Tea Party nonsense.  Savannah may become more truly civilized.  Lofty spirits in Miami may overtake the greedy and trite.  The USA may regain its higher nature in 2019, after the long and winding road through the Pluto opposition to its Sun in recent years, but maybe not without some final tests in 2018 that the public would be wise to encounter and handle with the calmness and focus of Admetos, the ingenuity of Uranus, and the peaceful and productive courage of tempered Mars, all on the Moon in 2018.  Indeed, Keep Calm and Carry On despite the mockery and taunts of the puerile saboteurs and provocateurs and snarky moqueurs, whose days will be over at Christmas 2018... a long but short 18 months from now.  Keep a cool head, be smart, and use the brain the universe gave you.  MA=UR=AD can sometimes be a rocky road with continual surprises, so take charge of the steering wheel and be prepared for the unexpected in 2018.  The light at the end of the tunnel is reached at the Winter Ingress announcing 2019 ten days afterward.

    Meanwhile, in 2018, static Admetos-type energies may cluster around 59:49, i.e. 29:49 Fixed, most logically radical right, possibly terrorist/saboteur elements in west Iran or Oman or Central Asian oil regions north of there; W Kuril Is, W Micronesia, W Bismarck Is, E Papua, or areas of Siberia north of them; Canadian Rockies hideouts or central longitudes of Washington-Oregon-California (radical cult base areas known for nazi hideouts); or any possible remnant Thule Society elements still in remote east Greenland underground bases as they were in the 1940s. Global Uranus-type surprises, positive or negative/destructive, may come from 24:38 (Cardinals), i.e. Beijing, the Indian Ocean coast of Western Australia (needs attentive vigilance), Puerto Rico, the Canada border with Maine (longtime German-exported Nazi hub), Venezuela, the central Argentine coast, Helsinki longitude, the Baltic States, Bucharest, the Libya-Egypt border, Orange State and Uitenhage in South Africa; also the Campeche/Merida longitude in Mexico, and most of Guatemala, which could be almost explosive in 2018, and is long a hub of transnational organized crime stretching back to WW2 Axis subversion and infiltration operations, along with the Isthmus of Tehuantepec also transporting addictive hard-drug derivatives covertly from around the Pacific rim into the Gulf of Mexico and then the USA.  One can start preparing for potential problems in all those locations now, as they may be at the hub of potential social sabotage and unrest in 2018 that may involve pumping addictive drugs into targeted regions to destabilize.  Some disruption may involve imported electronic equipment, maybe including drones operated by criminal or espionage networks.... those need clearly to be carefully regulated, not further opened up to chaotic public usage (and annoyance), especially by organized crime or spy networks along the East and South China Sea coasts, where much of the drone technology has emanated for sale.  Vulkanus will remain within 2-degree orb of 0 Fixed signs throughout the next 2 years.

    Lastly, it is no less realistic to posit Trump as a Quisling than it was to recognize other Quislings in other countries in other times... in fact, Herbert Hoover in many ways qualified as a Quisling manipulated by post-WW1 Central Powers military/intel network that morphed into the WW2 Axis, and his economic policies and 1929 crash were just exactly what the Axis powers, rooted in the defeated and vengeful German military, anxious for resurgence, wanted.  Roosevelt was smart enough to see it.  Is anyone else?  Or are they going to repeat such historical disasters by following the advice of organizations bearing Herbert Hoover's name...  maybe a nice man to some, but not very bright or competent as a president... a man who shipwrecked America upon orders from his bosses at Deutschebank, Schroderbank, and the Imperial Banks of China and Japan, and "Manchukuo", and the South African mining industries.  That history is at risk of repeating, if those lessons not learned.  Unless the wise rise to the helm and steer the Earth ship with sobriety, compassion, and in harmony with the realities of the universe all around us... a challenge to those capable and who care as much about the people they govern as they do themselves and their little 'friends and family' cliques.  Today, our planet is all one big ship, and we are all on it together, navigating through some sometimes crazy times... where a wrong turn by a crazy captain or two could blow us all up in a matter of minutes. 


2017:Aug30: How "American" is the machine that put Trump in Office????

        Similarities between the fake Ron Paul "Tea Party" and its prototype Nazi/Axis-created Silvershirts and allied cults of the 1930s have already been made clear. Then the similarities between the Tea Party and the Trump unconditional fan club noted.  Then Vulkanus political backing being in the same subsector for Bush Jr and Trump; and Taiwan-born Elaine Chao being in both their US presidential cabinets, and now add German-born Peter Thiel, all with curious ties to foreign financial interests.  So, is Trump the preserver of America, or (like the Paul crowd) the puppet of foreign interests preparing the collapse of US government via lack of adequate funding/taxation on the wealthy including uber-rich 'immigrants' and offshore bank accounts?  This is something Americans need to think about, long and hard, in reassessing the political reality of what has happened in Washington DC since 2016... even since 2000. Floodgates open to unrealistic immigration policies, Merkel and Shinzo from the Neo-Axis Powers speaking in US Congress, US and state govt agencies increasingly overtaken by Chinese politicians with equally obscure ties to the former Axis as well as Communist machines (both, which have been fusing into one). Then the reality of Russian politics since 1990 and just exactly who took over, and the coziness of current Russian leaders with Germany's key politicians like 'two peas in a pod'. 'Privatization' of government is the functional same as dismantling and replacement by private interests, which in many cases are foreign-based.  Like Americans might have to learn to speak Chinese or Japanese, or German in order to understand your new colonial masters... the USA is definitely beginning to look like China around 1900, carved and sliced up into foreign influence sectors with 'extraterritorial' control.  Way too few Americans know the history of Chinese fascism and collaboration with the Fascist Axis in WW2... it was extensive but covered up by the overabundance of Chinese propaganda BS.  Read up, in official and military sources, on the real situation in China in the 1930s and 1940s.  Note Wang Chingwei and connections to the lingering Qing/Ching dynasty, and Manchukuo, the status of Taiwan as a Japanese province/colony; Axis-allied Chinese given warning to get out of town before the Japanese military committed its massacres; Stilwell's comments on Chinese collaboration; continued Qing/Ching royalist control of China's various political parties, and their alliances with the Japan Fascist govt... and now, the steady Unification of China and Taiwan, the Kuomintang and Communist parties, the proclamations of Deng Xiaoping/Teng Hsiaoping and his current emulators, and the plan for a functional rebuilding of the 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere'... having impact throughout the Americas, South and North.  The note that Taiwan was 'part of' Japan 1895-1949, that the Japan Fascist military installed reportedly Axis-friendly Chiang Kaishek on Taiwan, and his Kuomintang party hired the Japan Fascist commander of the Nanjing Massacre to work for them after WW2 ended.  In tallying it all up, Chinese Fascism was as real as Japanese and German, but was not 'official'... rather it was Sun Tzu guerrilla warfare, and all of it created and supported the Sun Myung Moonie cult "church" and affiliated "faith-based" organizations, now fused into US politics and govt agencies like a massive Trojan Horse.  Among it affiliate branches in US domestic politics are the 'American Security Council' in Chicago, and the 'World Anti-Communist League' and descendants, knowing that naive Americans would bite the Nazi/Fascist bait if it proclaimed Anti-Communist objectives.  And so the current mess.  Helmut Kohl was one of the architects of today's slickly-repackaged fascism, and Habsburg dynasty remnants are in on the game, some of them backing secessionist movements across the USA.  Mayor Ed Lee is a sham, a phony, turning San Francisco into a gentrified colony run by Asian real estate moguls and implementing resettlement 'orientation' programs that look like an Asian version of Lebensraum policy.  Geodetic alignments show the foreign locations where all of the above are aligned, or even controlled by, with Vulkanus power along Shanghai-Taipei longitude, and Pluto power moving from Chengu and Berlin to Chongqing and Vienna.

    The Revived Fascist Axis, both European and Asian, now lodged in both major US political parties and some of the 'third parties (incl Greens, and definitely Libertarians from its birth) wants to see the USA split in two (or more), with civil wars, maybe race wars, 'color' versus 'white' etc (as if there are really any people with literally white skin, or as if everyone is not one 'color' or another. Cults are one of the main weapons... organizations where members all chant the same lines/rhetoric and act in unison like robots.

    It may be high time for non-partisan and American psychiatric assessments of political leaders for competency to carry out the duties of their offices.... there's too much at risk, otherwise. No Country needs a madman willing to start a World War 3... a globally unwinnable proposition... whereas naive laxity over border crossings is almost equally foolish.  The disaster in Texas must not escape needed attention.... and it should also not be used as a smokescreen for disastrous political measures.  Politicians in US capitals, coast to coast, need to quit letting themselves be run around by foreign political lobbyists and foreign or foreign-manipulated intelligence data that could lead to disasters desired by interests outside the USA.  Elaine Chao needs Intense Scrutiny ASAP, as does Peter Thiel and both their overseas affiliations and/or controllers.  If Chao can control McConnell like a pathetic puppet, can she and her political cohorts not also do the same with others she is in contact with in Washington or in Frankfort and Fort Knox?  Charmed to meet, or met to charm. Echoes of Metternich's and Sun Tzu's "rule by marriage"... Metternich's or Sun Tzu's hypnotic seduction tactics and "arranged marriages"?  Where do the Moonie cult mass marriages fit in?  Speaking of which, Vulkanus is now conjoined one key Moonie cult bases on planet Earth, along the China and Taiwan coasts, while the Moonie cult Kahr Arms enterprise sells guns in America to Americans, incidentally at the same time that gun sales and vigilante-type attitudes are being aggressively promoted.... by ???  That same Vulkanus now aligns not only with the geodetic Ascendants around Seattle and NYC (and Vancouver/Victoria and Ottawa), but also by tropical non-precessed transit this year to Hades in the 1776.Jul.04 chart for the USA, the latter meaning there are potential attacks on some of the USA's most vulnerable and routinely ignored points, and Hades often refers to things carried out in the dark hours of the night and early morning.  And those vulnerable points always and forever align with the ports in and around Puget Sound and New York Harbor must not be neglected or left to foreign port authorities of questionable allegiances, or otherwise the entire nation may be at great risk.  This is No Time to reject such concerns glibly as 'xenophobia'... Especially when Vulkanus is on natal Hades of a national chart... and this will continue for those locations, for the next several years when including precessed transit, and the key sources of abuse are the many-times mentioned East China Sea coast longitudes, Guyana and Paraguay and Parana River valley through Argentina (home to nazi/fascist colonies), FinnBorder-Peterburg-Istanbul-Cairo-Durban longitude through E Europe and Africa; areas of Manchuria and Siberia and Philippines and Indonesia north and south of the East China sea coast.  It's vital for Americans to quit making light of border security issues, but do insure legitimate human rights are protected in all situations, and that such issues are handed professionally, legally, and with dignity and moral integrity so that there is no room for abuse or criticism.  There are ample indicators that immigration rights could be used as a pretext for national subversion operations -- and it is important to begin to acknowledge that possibility and implement balanced and reasonable policies that do not turn into legitimate human right abuses.  Too many people are polarizing to too great extremes on how to handle related situations, and when reason is tossed out of the equation, there is risk of chaos and its natural consequences.  How many foreign-funded lobbies are clamoring over immigration issues for motives that are not yet fully clear?  Arguments on both sides may be valid, but neither yet in clear or objective perspective -- immigration and foreign policy issues also must not become issues distracting from what needs to be done at home in an era of gross gentrification reversal of American democracy back to something that looks like King George placating other Emperors rather than attending to the interests of the people on the street everyday.  It's vital for the United States the current Pluto power of Wall Street, and of Hollywood, 45 degrees to the west; and the Vulkanus power of Anchorage, and of Denver longitudes, 45 degrees to the east, be fully aligned with the interests of the American nation, ASAP and for the next few years.  Be alert to usurpers from Vienna and Chongqing, from Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, from Peterburg, Odessa, Capetown and Durban, who would try to turn America into their obedient pet.  This brings again to mind the invasion of the Moonie cult and its morphing over the decades into a gun-distributor and massive cult of obedient arranged 'families', as well as its involvement in the Korea situation, north and south.  The Moonies landed in America in 1965, when Vulkanus was clustered at Fiji, Dakha, London, and New Orleans, and when Pluto was clustered at Denver and Dharmsala.  The landing of Moonie (programmed in Japan and posting Japanese flags on his 'temples') followed on the tail of one by Japan PM Tanaka, and preceded the Moonie hosting of the Reagan-for-governor launch and a clamoring to hush up investigations on Watergate corruption that they were known to be involved in.  Geodetics indicate today that the Moonies may be fused into the uber-rich Kuomintang-affiliated CAPAC lobby now attempting to overtake California government offices, and clamoring for free immigration and 'unification' of 'families' formed by sometimes politically- or economically-advantageous marriages pre-arranged by the cult from cult offices in East Asia. 


2017Aug26: The Mysteries of Washington DC and the Vulkanus and Pluto factors:

        People have pondered over how Washington DC has become the mess that it has been since 2000, and geodetic indicators may well give some major clues, but they must be tallied with facts from other sources.  I see the presence of Vulkanus along the East China Sea coast and Elaine Chao (family from there) in both the Bush and Trump admins as possibly being of major significance, but one must look at her backing network and not just her as an individual... like her family connections including Chinese military, collusions with Japan, historic fusions with Korea via Japan, Taiwan's history as a Japanese colony from the 1890s to 1940s.. and her connections with the Bank of America in San Francisco, while geodetics indicate that the impact from the China Sea are primarily hitting Seattle and Vancouver BC.. the main point of entry.  SF mayor Ed Lee is a native of Seattle, maybe relative, and Chao's financial network is bi-partisan, may fuse in with CAPAC, the 2049 and 8020 networks, and/or the Asian Law Caucus.  Then there's the "Chinese for Trump" outfit.

    The other big outside factor may be fused with Peter Thiel's network.. .maybe Siemens, which is a siamese-twin of Deutschebank, its partnerships with (Finland-based) Nokia, and Siemens offices in Romania and elsewhere in eastern Europe.   Inviting Siemens into the USA is like inviting the BND/Gestapo, which it has also long and often been partnered with.  Siemens was a military officer for the German Kaisers, who often ruled east European kingdoms via royal families related to the Kaisers (Hohenzollerns in German and Romania; Habsburgs in Austria and Hungary and historically in Germany before the Hohenzollerns).  When the Austro-Hungarian empire fell, due in part to the Versailles Treaty, much Habsburg money was stashed away in tiny Liechtenstein, a sort of Habsburg imperial banking remnant when the Allied democracies forced a democratic government on Austria, which was nonetheless staffed largely by royalists who colluded with the Nazis to put the Austrian boy Hitler in power in Berlin.  Where Russia (now with Vulkanus overhead) comes into the picture is the Romanov dynasty, who were in fact Germans from the Oldenburg family who adopted the name Romanov to sound Russian.  The Czarist government was in fact German, at least as far back as Catherine the Great (aka Katharina von Anhalt).  Finland was under German or Germanic-Czarist control for decades except during the Soviet invasion/occupation -- under control of Baron von Mannerheim (an ethnic German Czarist) for many years.  The current descendancy of these historical power blocs color what is going on 'behind the curtain' where Vulkanus is now... there is a German-Russian alliance brewing, if allowed to manifest further, and the geodetics indicate that the post-soviet Russian State Bank may be fused with the European Central Bank already. A German-Russian union was the dream of the Nazis, and a restoration of the Czarist royal power, to the degree that Berlin would let it happen, and it was logically feared by western Europe as a giant ogre on their doorstep, as it was by east European democracies, sandwiched in between like they were as Austrian and Russian colonies before 1919.

    Boer South African alliances with Germany in both World Wars may be more than minor trivia due to their vast wealth from gold and diamonds.

    Turkey was a German and Austrian ally in WW1, and 'neutral' but often compliant in WW2, and eager to recover its lost Palestine/Israel lands as part of its once expansive 'Caliphate'... the Nazis excited to use that as a way to harass or kill Jews arriving in the Palestinian region and League of Nations mandate to reclaim ancient Jewish Israel... this in interesting relationship to current events at the Vulkanus.MC intersect.

    How much the old Czarist network remains in control of Russia is as much an issue as how much of the Communist Party network remains.  In WW2, there was Czarist backing for the Nazis, in hopes Germany would invade Russia and restore their Germanic (and imperial-family-related) dynasty to power, and the German Kaiserlich elements who backed the Nazis nested across the border in Holland, making a Nazi invasion of Amsterdam much easier.

    A key power factor along the East China coast is the fusion of the Japan-friendly Green Gang mafia in Shanghai and Taipei with the Kuomintang in WW2, and now fused into the Communist Party via their gradual alliances starting with Deng Xiaoping and gradual Unification of China mainland and Taiwan, which may be nearly accomplished.  Add to that the Russian and Japanese influence within Manchuria, where Vulkanus is also now overhead.  The Australian government had better clamp down control over the Kalgoorlie region lakes and rich mining district in order to preserve national integrity.. and watch for covert coastal 'invasions' directly to the north and south of there.

    The impact of the Moonie cult in California and all across the USA, and maybe Canada, is now being felt in terms of the effects of its slippery and sneaky methods, always fused with covert Japan-Korea-Taiwan intelligence operations that may be fused now in the East Asian 'Dream' of the 'Prosperity' sphere they wanted long ago, apparently manifesting through real-estate vulturism and aggressive lobbying including bribery facilitated by Transpacific trade.  The San Francisco Bay risks becoming an East Asian Prosperity enclave in much the same way Hongkong and Qingdao, and even Shanghai for a while, were foreign enclaves in China, ruled by the occupying powers... things are approaching that level with aggressive lobbying and political campaigns to put CAPAC, APEN, Asian Law Caucus members in top political offices... it's already started.  Unfortunately, the counterbalance in Washington is Trump and Elaine Chao ready to privatize/control US infrastructure, and screaming neo-nazi cult displays that attempt to make an Asian invasion preferable to a Neonazi Washington.  Where are the alternatives to both those ugly extremes?  Where are the people who deal rationally with immigration and protect the human rights of immigrants but know there needs to be a limit on immigration quotas while the economy is horribly gentrified and in chaos?  Trump won't fix because he loves Chinese mafia money too much, and is fooled by German spies like Peter Thiel.  Schwarzenegger is full of BS, loving Hitler one minute and bribing Wiesenthal the next with money probably wired over from Berlin or Vienna... and boosted in power by the Bushes, who are cult-dupes of the Moonies and stare into space like they are attuned only to 'Reverend Moon', the 'New Messiah'.  The Chinese-German connection is via the old Deutsch-Asiatische Bank and the 'World Anti Communist League' long run and trained by post-WW2 Fascist/Nazi officers and running the 'American Security Council' in Chicago, one of the main hubs of the Nazi 'German-American' Bund and its 'Teutonia Society' prototype.

     Those are key root, historical components of the current messes in Washington, not to forget Ayn Rand the Russian Fascist zombie whose eyes rolled like the those of the dogs when (Kaiser-and-Czar-hosted) Pavlov was training them... and those stupid enough to echo her philosophy... and people stupid enough to elect them.

    With Trump barking nonsense with Chao and Thiel at his side, while the Ed Lee CAPAC Asian crypto-fascist money cult claiming to be the imported saviors of America on the other side, both linked via Chinese-German joint interests and Schwarzenegger babbling for both... it's a Revival of the WW2 Axis Fascist 'Dream', and material for a dangerous US 'civil war' type scenario pitting Trump against Lee and/or Schwarzenegger, all Bad Choices for America.  This is why it is a relief to see some hope from Kelly's intervention, someone who is not unaware of the very real dangers of a potential foreign invasion while a 'civil war' type scenario is being created by whoever funds the 'Confederate Re-enactors' and the California and Texas and Hawaii and Alaska 'independence' movements.  Add to that who is bringing the drugs and guns into Mexico and killing off Mexican citizens, making their streets danger zones, and simultaneously ramping up US-Mexico border tensions -- which is documented as having been done by both the WW1 Central Powers and the WW2 Axis Powers (and the European royalist-imposed 'Mexican Empire' of 'Emperor Maximilian' concurrent with the US civil war) -- indifferent to the wellbeing of both Mexican and US citizens, in addition to possible Communist infiltration and manipulation in more recent years.

    The American political left has destroyed itself by echoing foreign propaganda and rattling about the 'American Empire', 'US Imperialism', etc, to the point where they sound like foreign agents acting on behalf of foreign interests, instead of protectors of American worker's rights and socio-economic justice, and some of the more popular leftist media now sound more like the propaganda organ of the Palestine Liberation Organization than anything remotely related to the interests of the vast majority of Americans.. making 'the left' a joke.. plus the fake 'Antifa' Nazi-manipulated cult from Germany that is all about creating havoc on American streets and confusing observers about who is what and why, while they wear their tacky little masks because they don't want you to know who they really are and why they are really there.  Links to the 'Anonymous' mask-wearing 'Anarchists' need study, as do the real facts about who and what Leon Trotsky really was and how he got where he did after a period of possible brainwashing in a Czarist concentration camp... they guy was crazy, and born 1879.Nov.17 in Yelizavetgrad in Ukraine per the Petit Robert, or in Yanovka per the Brockhaus Enzyklopadie, at 22h09 LMT per Marc Edmund Jones 'Sabian Symbols'.  His Sun=UR=HA=AD=VU means he may have been almost epileptic, and certainly very high-strung possibly alternating with periods of calm.  He had Mercury=MO=MA=NE and so could alternate between blunt speech and mental sharpness with confusion and absorption in dream states.  Both pictures indicate a possible drug addiction or heavy alcoholism, and he may have been as disconnected from reality as his critics claimed he was, added to a sort of spastic tension that could throw him into automatic mode, almost machine-like. Russia is the land of Pavlov, and the imperials (including their cousins in Germany) clearly intended to use his studies for military and intelligence purposes, maybe to create political puppets, propaganda agents (of the Tokyo Rose and Lord Hawhaw variety).  This is not to say Stalin did not have his own related problems, but it important to remember that Russia had no substantial history of democracy, and was a virtual slave-state ruled by a very small elite class linked to imperial power in Germany.  'Men Behind the Curtain' shows geodetic alignments that may explain who bolstered Trotsky, while there are at least 3 birth dates in 3 different years in circulation for Stalin.. was this done intentionally by astrologers to preclude access to his chart?  Certainly someone had to know at very least his year of birth, but would they reveal it?  Interestingly, Fidel Castro's birth date has been similarly obscured.  This leaves only the geodetic indicators of events like rise-to-power as indicators of where their political, financial, and military alignments were.

    Hopefully such indicators can be used to built genuine peace and world progress, and also detect political deceit, now rampant, and remarkably similar to that of the rise of 1930s fascism... when some of the crazed 'patriot' cults in America were in reality created and run by Nazi and Asian Fascist agents in America, just as radical leftist cults of the 1960s and 70s were by foreign powers, some in communist countries, others via the rich and globally-spread post-WW2 Nazi/Fascist underworld.  Geodetics indicate that the Chinese 'Cultural Revolution' of the 1960s may not have been fully Chinese-run.


2017Aug24 (updated): Historical root Nazi and Asian Fascist cult operations in the USA, per declassified FBI records.

        Added note, Aug 23: Americans as a whole, overall, need a much more balanced approach to immigration issues, as both extremes have valid points but are not carrying them through rationally or pragmatically.  This is also being addressed in Europe now.  Recently an interview with political analyst William Kuttner addressed this point in some ways, and also concurred on the need to stay on the issues of the day and not get sidetracked by obsessing over the personality of any one individual political figure of any political persuasion.  Even in the extreme cases of Adolf Hitler or Hideki Tojo or Benito Mussolini or Wang Ching-wei; or Josef Stalin or kooky Nikita Khruschev, which may be relevant in some ways but not in others to today's problems, None of them got or stayed in office without a political support network... One person along simply cannot control an entire nation.  And Trump is no more an 'evil white man' than Obama was an 'evil black man'.  During World War 2, the Axis Fascist powers and parties in both Europe and Asia played on US race issues as part of their sabotage program, while they did indeed quietly invade and subvert, as verified by declassified FBI and other official US govt intelligence records (some summarized in the book "Shadows Dancing" by Tony Matthews, republished as "Spies for Nippon", which also covers joint transnational spy networks including those in Spain and Portugal and Latin America... and their invasion and manipulation of pre-existing organizations all along the political spectrum in the United States, including both racist and manipulable civil rights groups, and Matthews claims all his data are from declassified US intelligence documents.Link below on the FBI website to look at for history (including dates and places) of WW2 Fascist Axis operations, some of which clearly are roots of today's Nazi cults (especially via the George Lincoln Rockwell cult which seemed to spring up after Konrad Adenauer, "The Fox", visited the USA during his "world tour" to whitewash the Nazism extant after WW2 in Germany. (Noting that data on Chinese fascism is sketchy because of the weighty power of the often very secretive Kuomintang party in the USA, and the mistaken leaving of US Chinatown districts to police their own areas and thus cover up transnational alliances and often affiliated organized crime networks, some now Very Rich and fused heavily in to commercial and domestic real estate cartels about to consume both Hawaii and California, and long lobbying heavily to manipulate Washington DC).  Fascism was and is a "multi-racial" (racists from more than one race) network. While we must not be overcome with fear, we must also not risk the dangers of denial when the evidence is so clear.  This is where inner neutrality, and the ability to face difficulties without becoming overcome by blinding and neutralizing emotional reaction patterns developed in childhood but not grown out of... realities must be faced squarely as they are, without either hyper-emotionalism or denial that is sometimes just as dangerous as the potential danger itself (like 'oh... that snake's not poisonous!', or 'there aren't really any violent criminals in my neighborhood', or 'that 50-foot-deep pothole up ahead is not really there').


FBI records on German American Bund


Russian Fascism in the USA & connex to Nazis, Japan Fascists, and their subversion ops in Mexico



2017Aug21 (updated Sep14):  Long-Term Effects of Today's Solar Eclipse over the USA; Geodetic patterns.

        Added note, Aug 23: Americans as a whole, overall, need a much more balanced approach to immigration issues, as both extremes have valid points but are not carrying them through rationally or pragmatically.  This is also being addressed in Europe now.  Recently an interview with political analyst William Kuttner addressed this point in some ways, and also concurred on the need to stay on the issues of the day and not get sidetracked by obsessing over the personality of any one individual political figure.  Even in the extreme cases of Adolf Hitler or Hideki Tojo or Benito Mussolini or Wang Ching-wei, which may be relevant in some ways but not in others to today's problems, None of them got or stayed in office without a political support network... One person simply cannot control an entire nation.  And Trump is no more an 'evil white man' than Obama was an 'evil black man'.  During World War 2, the Axis Fascist powers and parties in both Europe and Asia played on US race issues as part of their sabotage program, while they did indeed quietly invade and subvert, as verified by declassified FBI and other official US govt intelligence records (some summarized in the book "Shadows Dancing" by Tony Matthews, republished as "Spies for Nippon", which also covers joint transnational spy networks including those in Spain and Portugal and Latin America... and their invasion and manipulation of pre-existing organizations in the United States.

    To start with, in reference to geodetic patterns and recent weird cults in the USA (which strongly resemble documented foreign subversion psy-ops), what becomes evident is that Mesilla New Mexico (very near the German military operations units at Holloman AFB, as well as the 'Skybender' air travel port nearby) was historically the capital of the "Confederate" Arizona Territory, noting that the "Confederacy" was actively backed by the ethnic Austro-German Habsburg "emperor" Maximilian on "the throne" in Mexico City around that time.  Do these influences linger still?  Remember also the pushing of the (Habsburg economist Hayek concocted) 'Austrian School of Economics' theory (and an impractical one) by Klan and neo-fascist organizations (and other greedy dupes who would benefit from privatization, even if it means selling off America to transnational corporations). This puts an interesting light on the joint public resurgence of Klan, Confederate, and Neofascist cults, all of which were bolstered directly by German and East Asian military intelligence in WW2, and the former 2 also during WW1, at which time Germany also backed renegade Mexican vigilantes to attack the US border in attempt to provoke a US-Mexico war.  What falls at that longitude right now?  Vulkanus in 8th harmonic at circa 0 Fixed + 45 = 15 Mutables... and to the south of there were, historically, German Nazi subversion colonies in Mexico. One might ask if there are any connections to David Duke's network of fellow-travelers including KKK.  To the north, in Saskatchewan, there were in recent years polarizations over large-scale real estate speculation land-grabs by newcomers to the province, something to study for possible relevance, or not.  15 Mutables would echo in 8th harmonic not to Germany but to east-coast of Iceland, a "Thule Society" favorite, and NATO stronghold... maybe relevant, or not... as well as to the very far-north remote Nordostrundingen in Greenland, where the Nazis had militarily-significant underground bases as early as the 1940s (verified in official reports), complemented by today's technology, if there has been motive to preserve them. Are cults on American streets affiliated possibly with such German or allied Asian Fascist operations?   I'd say "both". 15 Mutables also points to possible WW2-remnant fascist cults in the Canary Islands (run by Spain, where Franco harbored German Nazis after WW2 ended)... or 45 to the east in eastern South Africa, a country notorious for Nazi cults and a Boer element that actively worked with the Third Reich.  Are there Jihadist cults in Sahel, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, or Guinea?  If so, these can play a part in the current Vulkanus global power-balance, in addition to other areas mentioned beforehand and below.  That's in addition to the Axis-collaborationist Chinese fascist organizations nested in Manchuria, along the East China and Taiwan coasts (on friendly terms with both Japan and Germany in WW2, and collaborating with their post-war remnants in the 'World Anti Communist League', which some political analysts claim was in some ways a paramilitary continuation element of the WW2 Fascist Axis.... and which has worked actively with the 'American Security Council' in Chicago and its affiliates (incl Birch cult?).   The resurgence of power at these locations could explain much of what is happening in Washington now, and it is a mistake to either blame Trump alone rather than the people who put him where he is -- or to dismiss the influence of wealthy and powerful remnants of the East Asian Axis in Hawaii and other Pacific states.  My view is that a revived WW2 Fascism is now substantially fused into and manipulating Both the Republican and Democratic parties, certainly the Green Party (which Nazis fused into during and after Petra Kelly's assassination), and runs some of the Asian 'cultural' and 'religious' cults in the Pacific states of the USA, rather obviously including the Moonie cult, which strategically arranges marriages that appear to often provide pre-arranged pathways into US infrastructure.  What relationship does the family of Elaine Chao have to the latter?  To the WACL?  To the now globally uber-wealthy and pervasive Kuomintang Party (now fusing or fused with the Chinese Communist Party, and Long fused with underworld elements in Japan)?

    The naively uncritical alliances in recent years with the former Axis powers and their allied parties in other countries has been a grievously serious error, and may well be at the very Core of the current polarizations on US streets and in US institutions between radicalized cults produced by the decades-old sophisticated trickery of the Axis powers and parties... and could include a network in Russia, which has always included both radical left and radical right elements in variable power positions over time, even when underground, and throughout the 'Soviet era'.  If Americans blame only Trump for current problems, those transnational elements hostile to American interests who helped installed him (including some sitting at his side) will quietly proceed to undermine US stability and security -- and the Democratic Party must be attentive to the same or related problems going on internally as well, especially from Asia.  Look closely at who is seeking to take over the US economy and government as Washington flounders in schism.  California politicians need to be much more cautious about allowing rather aggressive (and greedy) foreign-affiliated lobbies to take over.  

    About the eclipse, one source consulted recently claims that the last Solar Eclipse over the USA was on 1918Jun04.  Old astrology texts from generally pre-literacy days, when those relying on superstitions and oversimplified religious notions and sometimes thought God was angry and had blocked the sunlight, loved to dramatize the potentially disastrous effects of solar eclipses, and so disasters were expected but often did not manifest any more often than they did when black cats walked under ladders or the 13th of the month fell on a Friday.   It's logical that the effect of eclipses vary widely, and can be estimated by studying the planetary pictures they trigger... something I will not do in detail because, in my experience, eclipses are often of marginal significance and so not worth obsessing over too much.  However, I will add the positions of Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus on today's solar eclipse to "Men Behind the Curtain", and you can there see what global cities and events and personalities, present and past, are exercising influence at the time of the eclipse.  I will review these alignments, covered many times already, at the end of this entry.

    The US-visible solar eclipse of 1918Jun04 actually marked, for the USA and Europe, the start of a rather joyous occasion 4 months later... the END of World War 1 in Europe and its extraordinary ugliness, death, and grief, remedied by the return of soldiers home from the battlefields, a rise of US global influence due to Pres Woodrow Wilson's role in helping create new, autonomous democracies and nation states in Eastern Europe that had long been under the imperial dominance of the Habsburgs or the Turkish Caliphate, and creation of a UN-precursor 'League of Nations' to promote dialogue and understanding among the world's nations.  Wilson also planned some socially progressive changes for US domestic policy, but  they were nipped in the bud in 1921 by 12 years of "let business run the country" and "minimal government" policies of German puppet Hoover as Secretary of Commerce over 2 presidents who were instructed to do nothing but submit to the will of what were in reality often transnational corporations and banks (like the ones Hoover had worked for), which naturally led to unregulated organized crime flooding the streets of US cities, and extreme economic gentrification, followed by the disastrous 1929 Stock Market crash that threw the nation into crippling economic chaos while Germany remilitarized, fused with Austria, formed a powerful alliance with Japan and Chinese fascist elements, turned Italy and Spain into puppet states with puppet dictators, and launched a World War 2 -- hell on earth for millions in Europe and Asia -- to overtake Russia, neutralize increasing US power, and kill Germany's competition within Europe -- which it functionally did for about 6 years.  Franklin Roosevelt, certainly human and imperfect, but an exceptionally brilliant statesman who knew American politics, history, and economy, and military capacity, inside out.  He was a career politician and military officer -- a Statesman with a focus on issues of social justice and social equity -- and he turned America from the gentrified, crime-driven cities, bustling around impoverished tragic Hoovervilles, into the world's pre-eminent global power in a period of 12 years of dynamic social cooperation and regeneration that brought the US public together despite the mean and bitter gamings of the Wall Street speculators and greedy, selfish industrialists, sometimes manipulated by transnational money.

    Vulkanus at eclipse-time is in the same sector as General John Kelly entering the White House cabinet, manifesting the Saturnian personality promised on Inauguration Day of 2017, although a bit late as Saturn often is.  Other past Vulkanus events at the same degree in 4th harmonic include polarization to extremes over immigration policy, something Kelly has already stated intent to address with both pragmatism and compassion for all populations affected, in balance, i.e. the needed combination.  The phony, imported German "Antifa" cult and the cynical pseudo-free-speech pseudo-religionist cults are likely to fizzle out once the public recognizes them for what they are, and get bored with their vulgar, imported, cultish, stupidity.  Pluto in the same sector as the extreme Asian Pacific and Vienna School imperial nostalgists -- Too Much Tea in both cases, and extremes which also will have to be attenuated in order to bring about cohesive progress and stabilization -- and Pluto is about who has the money and how they use it politically.  Zeus is a slow-mover like Vulkanus, and shows nearly the same event alignments as Vulkanus.. but lets look at the geographic lineups.

    IF the Eclipse is highly significant, these same issues are covered in previous blogs, and reviewed again here... Vulkanus balance-of-power issues... Anchorage and Denver and Glace and Goose Bays in Canada, Barbados and the Falklands in the Western Hemisphere balance with Greater China's Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao, Peterburg, Odessa, Istanbul, Cairo, and Durban in the Old World, and once-French Tahiti in Pacific subject to the impact of a German-installed leader in Paris.  Durban, South Africa, could be subject to changes if the old underlying German-installed Boer/Bruderbond oligarchy can evolve out of fascism, and/or any of the more progressive elements take power there.  The east coast of NATO-dominated Iceland may develop substantial global influence somehow, as may the coastal tip of West Africa (Dakar, Sahel, Canaries, Guinea, Sierra Leone).  Military commands at these locations are vital to global balance-of-power, noting that many WW2-era Nazi submarine subversion ops in the USA were launched from the Canaries... and what goes on in the Marshall Islands is having and will have substantial global impact, even if quiet and not always noticed on the surface (with a Moonie cult contingent there).  Same for New Caledonia, also subject the current Euro power twist in Paris.  Russia can also have power emanating from Siberia directly north of Manchuria, and the Karaginsky and Komandorsky islands not so far from the Alaskan Aleutians.

    Pluto is big money, among other things, and as mentioned many times before, it will be in interplay between Chongqing, Wall Street, and Vienna -- as well as Bogota (long troubled by a narcotraffic economy) and Jakarta (increasingly fused with Mideastern money).  Saigon, linked to much of southeast Asia via the Mekong River, may also be on the global economic horizon, in a nation that went through a hell-world war in the mid 20th century and survived via remarkable resilience.

    Zeus is not far away from Pluto... same general longitudes but adding that these areas are probably militarizing and/or investing in tech power.  America has got to get out of the oil and nuclear rut and go solar and other safe new-tech energy ASAP, or Germany and China will take over the industries, including US domestic production -- and those 2 nations, now clearly intent on increasing global dominance, and with their agents (Thiel and Chao) sitting next to Trump in the White House, will overtake America and Run the Show with American sweatshops.  And that's why they want Trump and a slew of backward narcissists in the Republican Party in control... to run America into the ground like they did in 1929, still praising ditzy foreign-bank-puppet Hoover as an impotent icon, like fools.  America could become another Jonestown if somebody with some sense, and dedicated to service to the people of the United States, doesn't get control of Washington.  Ayn Rand, Adolf Hitler, Chiang Kaishek or Chairman Mao don't qualify.  America is in crisis, and everyone but most Americans knows it.  This is no time to have a Halloween Party... we need a Ship Captain with a level head, and a Statesman, not a Salesman or an Import... or another brainwashed Sun Myung Moon devotee who thinks God was born in Korea or Manchuria. America doesn't need to be 'redefined', but it does need to finally, after nearly 250 years, make Wall Street and the US economy and infrastructure American, instead of a Transnational Gambling Casino or Monopoly Board where America has reverted to being the colony of some other country's empire.. most likely China's or Germany's or Japan's, if officials in Washington keep licking foreign boots, instead of figuring out ways of getting long-proven Americans, who care about the American public more than people somewhere else, to invest in America.  Meanwhile, it looks like governing officials care more about people who live outside the country than they do about people who live inside the country... so  Who's in charge?  The Ghost of "Reverend Moon"? Or of Adolf Hitler? Or NLP Ayn Rand?  These are the choices being offered to the public by a dominant element in Washington, as though it has been taken over by a collection of weird foreign cults.  This is what was reported in some media to have happened to Moscow in the late 1980s, and that is was done in part by Nazi-rooted German BND (Gehlen operatives), and East Asian intelligence psy-ops.  Pluto and Zeus match up with Vienna and eastern German border cities logically staffed with German military ops lingering from the Soviet Bloc years, and in recent years also in Berlin.  Vulkanus power now rests not only Peterburg in Russia, but also Ukrainian Odessa, and the Finnish border area with Russia, logically bristling with military/defense operations that could include psy-ops cults... in addition to the longtime Moonie-cult hub in Taipei and China's coastal islands that probably spread into Mainland China, including as the remarkably similar Falungong 'New Age Moonies' permutation -- not to mention that "Rev" Moonie started his own version of a Chinese "Cultural Revolution" cult that may have overlapped or fused into communist-motif-cults as mainland China went capitalist and then functionally fascist, and fused again with Japan.  They are poised to compete with and/or control America -- have already started, picking up where they left off in 1945, but now more Slick, waiting for Hansel and Gretel to stand close enough to the oven.  Will you be in the Tokyo sector, or the Berlin sector?  Shinzo tells funny goat stories, Moonie sez America is the Land of Satan but he will save it by taking it over, and Merkel hands out sugar-sweet candy to the little boys and girls on the way to the "re-education" centers near where the Mufti of Palestine used to go, while Trudeau spreads his wings to fly to neverland, and Putin clutches his German-chipped puppy and waits for Auntie Angie to visit again and give him lessons on how to push the button to make Evil America blow up.  How well does it match up with Reinhard Gehlen's supposed post-Soviet horror-house plan for the USA, which appears to have been unfolding gradually under the Republican Party, starting the day Ronald Reagan took office and then went to Germany to honor Nazi soldiers at Bitburg, no doubt with the approval of the 'American Security Council' in Chicago.  Merkel tried to say the neonazis in Germany came from America... I guess maybe she was thinking that there are too few Americans remaining who remember the truth, and that people believe neonazi propaganda that the BND is apparently echoing at home and abroad.


This is not to say that disasters cannot correlated to eclipses... as the hurricanes in Florida and Texas appear to have done, and as historical astrology articles have pointed out.  But that does not mean eclipses Always portend disasters, or that the can trigger other events that might not be so disastrous.. such as a cessation of the violence of World War 1 in Europe, or the first faltering but soon-failed 'Weimar' attempt at democracy in Germany in 1919.


2017Aug19:  Globalism/Charlottesville-related national crisis/Possible Manufactured Distractions:

Several points coming up from global geodetic alignment comparison and analysis:

    1) This is no surprise to those (maybe mostly in Europe) who notice that there is no functional democracy in the "European Union" parliamentary setup, as it has been -- there are instead oligarchs who make the decisions and others simply obey, and nearly all power rests in Germany, and in the hands of old Germanic imperial friends and family who created the European half of the WW2 Axis machine. This explains outrage over seeing the EU flag with a Swastika in the middle of it, because that helps explain what the European public is not supposed to know or remember, just as carefully-groomed and (Kohl network) hand-picked Angela Merkel, projected "World Leader/Fuhrer", quickly set about as PM/"Chancellor" to hide and deny the remnant Nazi machine in Germany and censor the German press to cover it up in order to "improve Germany's image abroad"; otherwise, the European public would wisely not want Germany in Charge of all of Europe. There were long various proposals for what a "European Union" should consist of and who should run it -- and this is no doubt related to Britain's original resistance to what unfolded, to the implementation of Brexit, to DeGaulle's (whose grave was recently attacked and defaced) refusal to participate in a NATO too heavily controlled by Germany and its straggling and entrenched Nazi machine.  Does this mean the idea of a European Union is a bad thing?  No. What it means is that serious problems probably lie ahead if, somehow, the power, political and economic, is not equalized among its member states. Britain and France have been the major challengers to German dominance, and so German Quislings (Macron, Sarkozy), or pushovers or manipulees, have been installed in Paris whenever possible, Metternich style -- while the German BND/Gestapo is thoroughly infused into French politics, and has been for a long time, all the way back, at very least, to the parties and organizations that paved the way for Nazi takeover of France in 1940. Part of this is real or perceived fears of Russia and relations with it, and how to deal with it -- and that in turn is related to the Pangermanism, or lack of it, among the still extant old Russian aristocracy -- the balance of European and Asian influence and alliances in Moscow -- in addition to German ambitions to control Russia's vast economic resources.  There is disagreement over whether a breakup of the Russian Empire into smaller states is advantageous to Europe or not -- Asian powers might want independent Central Asian states (or a Siberia) they can manipulate -- certainly Japan has ambitions there, not unrelated to the Manchukuo state of the 20th century and the curiosities of the politics of Mongolia, valuable mostly for geographic military strategy,      

    2) The new "Globalism" was advocated in part by idealistic democrats seeking greater global unity and spread of democracy and peaceful relations -- while the old imperial oligarchies had their own ideas about it and in many ways have "won out" -- same principle as a European Union either democratic, or dominated by old imperial networks and the banks and corporations they own and control. However, a key point is that global unity cannot be accelerated in a hothouse environment without resulting chaos, as democracy and local control is then lost, and the public is thrown out of power in favor of oligarchy and dictatorship by the few. And an additional problem there is legitimacy versus manipulation of elections (via alterable computer data, either ballotbox-stuffing or denial of Legitimate voting rights by various tricks along the way).

    3) Geodetics show a possible direct connection between the old "Taiping Revolution" oligarchy in China and the Sun Myung Moonie cult.  Moonie (only recently deceased, with a formidable remaining transnational empire) was ethnic Korean, from a Japan-controlled colonial Korea, imprisoned and so quite possibly programmed by sophisticated Japanese military/intel brainwashing techniques), and then given a headquarters in Taiwan (under a government installed by the Japanese military at the end of WW2, and under a Kuomintang Party (partially formed in Japan... and Hawaii.. and Singapore).  So the question about the Taiping connection to the Moonies (with many strange similarities in format, also true of the equally treacherous Falun Gong cult that also shows close geodetic alignments with the Moonies), is how much the historic Taiping Revolution governments were tied to Japanese interests, or vice versa.  While China and Japan have had distinct cultures, their imperial dynasties and organized crime networks have often collaborated, above and beyond apparent political policy.

    Chinese (and so Chinese Transpacific) politics and money are affected by longtime and often "quiet" meddling of (still extant) German imperial-network interests in China and Japan, manifest in part but probably not exclusively through the Asian branch of Siemens Deutschebank, which historically manipulated China into rejecting other European, and American, overtures with China in order to form Sino-German pacts.  These have included German backing for the Boxer Rebellion, German support for Manchuria warlord Chang Tsolin and Chinese monarchy restorationist Yuan Shikai, German backing for the WW2 Manchukuo government, and obscure German military treaties with the Kuomintang government on Taiwan while simulataneously cultivating trade relations with the mainland -- with Metternichian "Realpolitik" strategizing in the mix, along with the probably always blurred boundary between West and East Germany, maybe in part via Vienna as a medium/broker.. something also possibly applicable in North Korea.  These show up via geodetic analysis, and go back to who really controlled the East German "GDR/DDR" government (disbanded in 1990), and how much and what... the GDR "Stasi" was reputed for containing many Gestapo agents despite being a nominal tentacle of Moscow -- which puts Putin in an interesting light. It is probably important to note that the (West) German BND was formed mostly from the Gestapo, and that it continued to have two faces, one for Russia and one for "The West", explaining the very highly-controlled interactions, not to mention BND infiltration and manipulation of the various Green Party chapters (to the dismay of sincere members).  German politics may be difficult to fully understand without a study of Metternich, which leads to its ongoing relationship to Austria and the Habsburg dynasty, which once overtly ruled all of Germany and the Austrian Empire -- where it still has tentacles although nominally "off the throne".  A study of historic Habsburg imperial relations with China may also shed light on current events along with remnants of Qing/Ching and other imperial power in China, possibly through banks... and these should be studied in relation to the various political parties in China & Taiwan & Singapore, and to the Chao Shipping family dynasty of Elaine on the Board of Several and too many major US banks.  In addition to which, the Kuomintang has for years invested in a number of US private universities across North America, perhaps for the various ways in which that can benefit interests across the ocean and ambitions in North America.

    4) The current "EU" may also be rooted in the Pan-Royalist movement, largely Habsburg-led, that sought to suppress the nascent French Republic and certainly the spread of democratic governments across Europe to replace monarchical rule.  In short, top EU controllers may be seeking functional Restoration of Monarchy, which is also what the Nazis sought, under a veneer of pseudo-populism, a model for the 1930s Silvershirts and then the recent weird Tea Party in the USA.  Geodetics elucidate the connections and interrelationships, which may involve Russian imperial and/or fascist elements.

    5) The US and California governments need to investigate just exactly what Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Global Policy" Institute is up to, what its and his connections are both domestically and transnationally. His proposal as US President has been denied one minute and advocated the next by various parties; his connections in Austria and Germany are maybe intentionally vague, and the parallels to Baron von Ungern, also from Graz, may be of greater significance than just city of origin. Arnold may be an agent of a sort of globalism that could dissolve US national autonomy, and underlying motives for his policy propositions should be studied will all of the above in mind.


2017Aug15:  Speeches in Washington, realities, international media, and geodetic indicators:

    As Pluto moves out of orb of a precessed opposition to the USA Sun, that Pluto aligned by 4th harmonic with noteworthily relevant foreign locations including Vienna, Chongqing, Capetown, Bogota, and Colonia Dignidad, the Charlottesville mess has brought up several longstanding issues in Washington DC that can perhaps now be addressed with the help of geodetic alignment indicators for the various parties and organizations involved. Some issues are addressed here, point by point  -- as the Mayor of Baltimore should be congratulated for her wise move to remove Confederate statues to museums or the dustbin of history:

    1) Trump's comparison of statues of "Confederate" leaders to one of George Washington because "they both had slaves", sounds like it might be convincing to the straggling Confederate nostalgists, or to foreign-backed neo-nazis and neo-fascists who like to point to historical slave issues or Japanese internment issues in the USA when mention is made of the human extermination policies of the Nazi German government across the landscape of Europe or the genocidal policies of the East Asian Fascist network.  However, such a statement misses the main point that Washington was the first President of the USA during a time when the social justice issue of slavery was being grappled with worldwide, while Confederate leaders were backed in office by foreign monarchist powers and interests (verified by geodetic indicators and by records of academic historians), and wanted to Kill US citizens of African and European and maybe some other ancestral roots, and did so routinely. Fascism and Confederacy both had in common the policies of genocide and flagrant abuse of human rights based on assumed innate inequality, manifest over time in the Apartheid racism of Capetown, the imperial racist arrogance of the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna that threw all its might into opposing the manifestation of modern democratic governments across Europe and indeed the world; Bogota as a key location in the democratic revolutions led by Bolivar in South America against imperial rule often maintained by Habsburg interests, the Habsburg restoration of an 'emperor' in Mexico that supported the Confederacy being carved out of the USA; the indentured slave-labor sold by Chinese oligarchs to American gold-diggers and robber-barons, and the ambiguous stance of the Chongqing government in China on Fascist collaboration; and southern Peru under the Fujimori dictatorship, and the post-WW2 Nazi colonies in and around Colonia Dignidad/Baviera as symbols of the perpetuation of World War 2 Fascism and Nazism globally.  All those currently Plutonian locations have come into opposition to the Sun, the heart, of America's 1776 chart, and they are icons of the past that have not yet died. 

   Slavery, which a central issue in the Confederate rebel government war against the United States, was not the only divisive issue although it was at the core of Confederate stances because slaves translated into cheap labor, with minimal regard for human issues or sometimes lives. As of 1860, the ethics of human slavery were still a debated contemporary human rights issue worldwide to the point of international pressure, and if US governing documents stated "All men are created equal", then practice of slavery seemed hypocritical. Note that the ethics of slavery existed from the time of the founding of the United States government, with anti-slavery advocates extant in 1776 -- but the (now) southeastern state economies revolved largely around slave ownership and mass plantation-level agriculture, in an additionally highly gentrified society. Georgia was named after King George of the German Hanover dynasty ruling over London and its colonies, and Charlotte and Charlottesville were names after his wife, Queen Charlotte, while Charleston and the Carolinas were named after King Charles of the Stewart dynasty originating in Scotland and once ruling London in the Age of Kings and Queens.  Northeastern states that did not secede from the USA, interestingly, sometimes copied British place names (like York, Hampshire, Jersey), but were not named after royalty, although Maryland (for Queen Mary) was a slave-holding state that did not join the Confederacy, in states where maintenance of a slave-owning aristocracy did indeed mock the principle of human equality . Geodetics and history references indicate that much support for the Confederacy came from the unpopular Habsburg 'Emperor' Maximilian installed from Europe on the throne of Mexico in an attempt to recover lost European influence and access to Mexican gold and silver, and other 'goodies' in Mexico, later to extend to oil.

    2) Talk about India as the rising power rather than China is not convincing for various reasons, including geodetic indicators.  Vulkanus over Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao-Lushun in much stronger 1st (and 4th) harmonic, is coupled with a weaker 8th-harmonic alignment with the geodetic MC in Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, and soon in Delhi. This reflects India's far smaller national wealth and infrastructure organization, and its smaller influence outside India, despite its huge population, disorganized by the linger of remnants of the brutal Caste system.  India is indeed likely to grow in influence in years on the horizon, but not like Greater China (now functionally unified with Taiwan economically and somewhat politically already via Communist-Kuomintang party fusion that is openly advocated among some of China's political leaders, while concealed or even unwanted by others).  Vulkanus power is headed for Korea and Japan, which are also highly fused into a Tokyo-centered regional economy that has long fused into Taipei, and via Taipei is reaching back into mainland China.  The WW2 East Asia Prosperity Sphere is being revived, regardless of political diplomacy posturing to the contrary, and it is doubtful that the "TPP" was in fact fully annulled.  A probable 'secret' of the recent TPP modifications is that they were/are set to shift global power to the Shanghai-Taipei economic hubs of a functionally reunified Greater China and its substantial long-time overt and covert (to circumvent trade embargoes) Japanese and Korean economic partnerships -- and this was most likely done by deceiving North American advocates.

    None of this should cause one to neglect the more fleeting Plutonian power amassed recently in Berlin and Chengdu, moving to Vienna and Chongqing, and then eastward to Stockholm, Budapest, and Hainan in coming years, with US money shifting from New York to Boston; Canadian from Ottawa to Montreal and Quebec city... and South Africa (and Libya) probably about to experience a financial renaissance.  Hungary and Sweden are likely to be in the news more often than the case now... Eastern Europe is on the verge of an economic renaissance unless wars involving Russia destroy their dreams.  Russia can be impacted in positive ways by the successes of its neighbors to the west, and Greece could emerge in a more positive space than it has been in during recent years due to positive and carefully-chosen economic changes.

    3) Re: the Charlottesville Virginia disaster. Remember the Tea Party!  Neonazi and the phony, crypto-fascist 'Antifa' controllers existed in Germany before they did in the USA, and may be based there, since that's where 'Antifa' was founded years ago when the duplicity and intrigue of Nazism was in the making.  However, some backing for Antifa may also come from the similarly reviving Pan/East Asian Fascism that Shinzo Abe has been a notorious apologist for, not to mention the many covert Chinese alliances with Fascist Japan, usually among the wealthy, including the notorious Pro-Axis Green Gang mafia based largely in Shanghai, many of whom escaped to Taiwan or the USA when Japan nominally (and only in some ways) lost WW2. Fascism is not an American phenomenon, although crypto-fascists in Germany and East Asia, and their dupes, even including some pathetically Moonie- or Manchurian Birch-brainwashed politicians, have attempted to paint it that way.  Fascism continued to be imported into the USA after 1945 because Roosevelt was no longer alive to control it, and because some rich Nazi-sympathizers with political and financial power let it happen... but you can be sure that the American 'nazis' and other sundry Asian fascist cult dupes, will be made 'underlings' of the two self-styled 'master races' in both Europe and Asia.  Chinese fascists already scream that there was no such thing there, but historical records indicate otherwise despite the Chinese cultural 'save face' tradition, Sun Tzu policy, and the hackneyed claim to superiority of 'family values' so integral to a culture with Cancer geodetic MC.  Per geodetic indicators, the 'family values' political rhetoric in US culture just so happens to emanate largely from political sectors backed by the disgustingly hypocritical Moonie and China Lobby and K-street networks, while American Individualism comes from the Aries-MC cultures of west-central Europe... and the real and authentic, empathic spirituality comes more often from the traditions and institutions of Pisces-MC cultures of Atlantic-coast Europe (the British Isles, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, and western France) and West Africa from Accra and Oran westward)... nations which were once great global empires probably due to the spiritual component, even in colonization, that the excessively individualistic and myopic, and often war-like Aries-MC nations were deficient in.  Thus, the British and French and Portuguese colonial empires were the last to fall, and a kindred sense of affinity with Spain continued despite the South American revolutions, while a British Commonwealth and French Community were maintained.  Capricornian eastern USA having climbed slowly to the top, has the potential to survive to a ripe old age as long as it is not consumed by cold materialism, the Sagittarian sector progressing as long as it has new horizons to explore and is not trapped by dogma or enslavement, and the Scorpio sector capable of understanding the deepest and most profound mysteries of life. Eastern US Capricorn MC may be tempered better by the the Taurus Ascendant energies of New England in coming years as Pluto moves from NYC to Boston... a potential shift way from the Aries warrior-nature to the Taurus drive for peace and stability.

    4)  The various Chinese and Japanese nationalist lobbies, often neo-facist in outlook like their European counterparts, are industriously cranking out propaganda, as usual, and have studied US culture enthusiastically in order to attempt to manipulate it as has been the case since the 1950s (where US internal conflict during wars revolved largely around Asian wars that Japan or China or both would benefit from), but now coupled with knowledge of 'artificial intelligence' and thorough scanning of the internet for 'useful information', as have been the Plutonian neonazi groups with home bases in Germany and probably on Long Island near the old 'Camp Siegfried' training camp of the Nazi Bund and Silvershirts (and some possibly on board at the old German-run 'AOL' organization).  All of these could be supporting the polarization in Charlottesville. Neo-fascist cults could possibly be taking root along the longitude of Chongqing, Hanoi, Saigon, and Jakarta -- where and if not in Vienna, Polish-German border cities, S Central Sweden, central Libya, or Capetown (branches of Boer Southafrican Nazi orgs?).  With Vulkanus at Durban now, there is a risk of old Boer Apartheid Nazi networks, incl the various cults (not always 'white') that they created in past decades, invading the USA.  Long Island is indicated as a likely US domestic financial source for the Charlottesville cults (with possible financial links to Germany, China, or Indonesia), and control of the cults could emanate from paramilitary commands in Barbados, Guyana, W Central Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, or even  encampments in remote Labrador or even any habitable settlements in Greenland, part of the 'Aryan' mythical land of 'Thule'.  Don't assume the psy-cult controllers are always necessarily of the same 'race' as the controlled. The Axis powers of Both Europe and Asian had cult psy-chology mastered already in the 1930s, and today may have that enhanced by technology that the Old Fascists only dreamed of.  THINK, critically and thoroughly... don't just believe.  Cults are the vehicle by which Fascism rose to power only 80 years ago... not long ago, in the context of the history of humanity.  Within the United States alone, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), founded by foolishly imported Nazis and also staffed with Asian Fascists, and with branches nationwide, has long been a factory for such machinations.  One major branch is at Princeton NJ, another in St-Louis, and probably more, and all possibly still subject to the whims of foreign abusers of psychology and technology of the sort that could cause the United States to collapse -- and some of the may sometimes sit next to Donald Trump or helped install him so they could.  Mae Brussel and Dave Emory have for years covered the SRI/TCI issue, something that should be understood by every American.  The Tea Party robo-think cult, so very similar to the historic Silvershirts, may have originated, in part, from SRI offices, as have the experimental drug cultures that have 'fried' brains terminally, after tune, turn, and drop.

    Chinatowns need to stop being allowed to have their own policing networks... they Must be opened up to integrated police forces and surveillance, or the risk of increasing Chinese organized crimes is a Serious Matter, globally.  This is absolutely vital in the USA, and attempts by Chao's network to be 'in control' is a recipe for disaster.

    James Fields Jr, tragic young Charlottesville murderer programmed with a sick, long-organized ideology, born 1997Apr26 in Maumee Ohio, time unknown, has Vulkanus at 18:08, which aligns with Montauk Point on far eastern Long Island, and locations directly to the north... where Pluto is transiting (in 4th harmonic) now.  Are the old Silvershirts/Nazi Bund cults (created and funded by the Gestapo) still in operation there?  Or northward into New England?  Also far eastern Bahamas, where Nazi-lovin' King Edward VIII functioned as puppet of Hitler... or postwar Nazi colonies in Colombia, southern Peru, or the southern Chile-Argentine border known for post-WW2 Nazi/Fascist colonies?  Haiti also on that longitude, not likely, but possible.  Since Nazi paraphernalia has been popularized in China and Indonesia in recent years, those are also possible sources if he had contacts there, and then more logically, Norway, Sweden, ethnic German areas of Poland and Czech, Hungary, or the former western Yugoslav states, or even Spitzbergen.  Vulkanus in the birth charts often refers to political contacts made via family friends or elsewhere during childhood.  A tragic loss of a mind, and yet moreover the loss of the lives he took, like that of Heather Heyer.

    All planets and astrological factors can have either positive or negative manifestations.  In the hands of maniacs driven by greed or lust instead of wisdom and social conscience, the results of the planetary energies are likely to manifest accordingly.

    Overall, the 'Charlottesville Show' may not necessarily be 'Made in the USA'.  Alabama, for one state, has long been a leak for weird psy-ops cults cultivated by visiting or resident foreign military 'scientists', that could be harnessed to the objectives of psychologically or emotionally underdeveloped wielders of political power.  Honkytonky Kuku cults, screaming and waving guns, all one teepotty groupthink replete with dead flags of days gone by.

    California now has its share of Neonazis and also similar cults of Asian fascist themes, also marching in lockstep and chanting their pre-programmed dogma. Six of one and a half-dozen of the other.  America has imported Fascist agents (Moonies, etc) who have programmed fools to be their flying monkeys.  It's the other side of the 'open borders' policy.  Love, stupidity, and crime all come in every color of the rainbow.  'White' people have no monopoly on fascism, and never have... it just that Asian fascists never had much political power before.. so watch out when that happens, and read up on Sun Tzu's guerrilla tactics to be prepared for risks, and study the history and development of the Moonie cult, now morphed into gun-dealers, real estate moguls, with a 'Falun Gong' motif to appeal to the 'new age' set. The 'Men Behind the Curtain' article/tables show where the geographic, organizational, and historical alignments most likely are.  It's up to the policing agencies to control them, not the other way around, or disaster awaits.  Too much money and power and real estate and banks in the hands of too few is a recipe for social chaos and dysfunction, regardless of race, creed, color, or religious delusion.


    In reference to the strangely-addressed racial distinction issues in Washington DC, 

    Preface: The Bushes are in a very curious position on current problematic issues in Washington, due to their long, nearly family-wide fawning admiration for the Moonie cult/lobbying network -- created by Japan Fascist intelligence and social-engineering psy-ops (with branches later spread from South Korea into Taiwan and then mainland China and now North Korea)  to manipulate US policy domestically and in East Asia, plus old family business ties with German banks and corporations fused into the Third Reich machine.  The situation is reminiscent of the Rasputin-controlled Romanovs.  The Moonies also worked actively with post-war German Nazi networks gone underground via the APACL (Asian People's Anti Communist League), renamed World instead of Asian, and then the decoratively named WoLFD or "World League for Freedom and Democracy". That organization has also worked closely with the 'American Security Council' in Chicago (not to be confused with the National Security Council in Washington) and the John Birch Society (named for a wanderlusting American missionary lost in the insidious and complex politics of Manchuria).  These heavily Asian-fascist organizations have played a key role in radical-right politics in the USA since the 1950s McCarthy era, are interlaced with cults and other forms of psychological warfare including sham Chinese 'Cultural Revolution' variants and even S&M clubs replicating the sadistic rituals of the Nazis and Japan Fascists. That political network is long fused with the politics of the network interlaced with politics and finances of Elaine Chao, obedient daughter of a Chinese military oligarch from the Shanghai region.  There is grave risk that this network is fused with the CAPAC lobby now attempting to take over California, and including various "Asian Pacific" organizations.  The 'Man Behind the Curtain' article shows logically key geographic and organizational alignments of both the Asian Fascist and Eurofascist/Nazi networks, as well as the networks fused with the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom the Bush political machine at one time endorsed as well -- another political irony in the middle of the recent messes in Charlottesville and now being averted in Baltimore by the removal of the Anti-United-States Confederate statues.

    ***Americans must be Very Careful so that altered immigration/civil rights regulations are not implemented or altered or "played" to facilitate the expansion of increasingy wealthy and powerful Asian fascist mafia networks into US infrastructure, while still maintaining genuine civil rights protections for genuinely disfranchised populations.  This is mentioned because foreign organized crime networks appear to be doing just that, including but not exclusive to human trafficking networks, and real agencies of potential transnational subversion.***

    Another issue is the origins of the "Antifa" (full name Antifaschiste Aktion) in Germany, founded 1932Jul10 in Berlin, per the "80 Jahre AA" 80th anniversary pamphlet posted on the internet on one of their websites.  Note that Germany in 1932 had a government set up according to mandates of the Post-WW1 Versailles Treaty that required the installation of a liberal democratic government in Berlin, which was in some ways successful, but ultimately controlled by the remaining German imperial military machine ("industrial complex") that put Hitler, groomed as Fuhrer immediately after WW1, in power after at least one failed coup d'etat -- and was in the process of long- and well-planned full-scale Nazi takeover. Per geodetics, that same machine likely installed Mussolini in Rome, a coup successful earlier because Italians were not yet familiar with the mechanics of German covert military/intel operations already known to Germans living in the middle of it, and to those elsewhere who carefully monitored Germany after the war for an "I'll be back" resurgence.  The 'Kaiserlich' Imperial German Army, removed in part to bases across the border in Holland, with support from Russian Czarist agents eager to return to power in Moscow and so nested along Russian borders in Finland and Romania, and with friends of the Kaiser installed as their heads of state in governments imposed by terms of "The West" via the Versailles Treaty.  As a result of such a complex mess, antifascist organizations in Germany were sometimes infiltrated and effectively sabotaged by moles, or created originally as lures and traps run by Nazis (and extension of the Imperial German military despite public denial) to ensnare opponents. How much "Antifa" was actually covertly controlled by the Nazis is up to discussion, but by the time of its overt revival sometime in September 1993 in Bonn (per the "Antifa/EinSatz" brochure at, it openly advocated violence similar to that of the Nazi Stormtroopers to be turned back on the Nazis themselves, in possibly pre-arranged and provoked public clashes.  This in effect would of course make the unwary genuine antifascists in that organization look equally guilty of terrorism and then leave the public to judge them both based on public behavior, which leading the genuine antifascists into a Trap.  Genuine antifascists need to organize for peaceful methods of identifying and containing neo-fascist organizations, remain aware that there were and are both Euro and (no less mean although often more strategic/guerrilla-like) Asian fascist neofascist/nazis -- as violent clashes will do nothing but get people injured or killed, and create the fascist-desired image that their opponents are equally mean and violent.  (Post-WW2 Asian fascist networks have routinely and artfully created sham "leftist" cults ultimately aimed at neo-fascist objectives, Sun Tzu style.)

    Thus, "Antifa" is an import into the USA.  The "Men Behind the Curtain" article on this site should reveal from where... the 1993 revival from the longitude around Capetown, Vienna, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, even Nazi orgs near Germany in Poland or Czechia, with possible branches in the USA in an area stretching from eastern Long Island to Cape Cod, and all areas north of there including Maine, a longtime hub for the so-called "American" Nazi Party branch that sprung up after Konrad Adenauer made his "World Tour" stop in the USA, no doubt planting post-war Gestapo/BND seeds in the "American Gau".  There could also be controlling regional chapters in the eastern Bahamas north of Haiti, or other areas indicated further below.

    There have always been ties between German Nazi organizations and the Chinese Fascist "Lixingshe" or "Blue Shirts secret society" since the day elements of the Kuomintang Party invited Nazi trainers into China, and if there are Chinese affiliates, they would be around the longitudes of Chongqing and Beihai or even in Vietnam or the Anambas islands or Java in Indonesia.

    The "Antifa"-named organizational manifestation today is exemplary of 21st century doublespeak, where right can be left and even antifascist can be fascist maybe communist can be anticommunist.  The gravest risks are involved when people wear masks, as can they easily be moles or provocateurs, and should be dealt with accordingly.  This goes back to the roots of the 'Anonymous' cults, which "Men Behind the Curtain" can help identify roots of (partly although not necessarily fully in 2chan and 4chan networks).  Having studied historic roots global fascism substantially, and seen what the geodetics indicate, I have no doubt that the current chaos in US politics, including in elections starting in 2000, can be explained in part by Foreign Meddling and sabotage from outside, which was also the case in the violent protests of the 1960s and 1970s, accompanied with cults, including the Moonies.  America was far more economically stable and cohesive to start with, at that time, and was divided both over real civil rights issues, with the machinations of transnational Asian territorial politics around Vietnam, and vindictive Nazi cult machinations as well as Soviet Cold War provocations, added to it.

    In the middle of such race-based tensions, unregulated immigration is simply not smart.... it needs tight controls and thorough consideration for potential political and socioeconomic impact, and the railings of the pushy and ambitious transnational and bi-partisan "CAPAC" crowd need to be ignored while studying their organizational geodetic indicators.... who and what they represent above and beyond civil rights for Asian Americans -- in particular, interests based in Asia, real estate acquisitions cartels, and offshore banking interests -- perpetrators rather and victims of civil rights and social justice abuses, including via gross corruption.

    Politicians need to shift the focus from transnational political pawn games brought in by the corporate globalist shift back to the wellbeing of the daily lives of Americans (always of many nations) -- this is also the issue coming to a head across Europe now, triggering Brexit and social tension issues due to the people-shoving policies of profits-driven and impersonal social-engineering corporatists indifferent to human lives --- products, in part, of inappropriate imported methods and ideologies of the Old World rather than the New World of America, whose greatness is due to adherence to the principles of the literate, humanistic revolutions of the 18th century, not the revived paradigms of pre-literate monarchy and feudalism.  It's amazing that Franklin Roosevelt began addressing these issues effectively 80 years ago, and Americans fell for the Reagan-Bush line to turn the clock back to Hooverville or further back to distortions of a pre-revolutionary anarchist 'Tea Party'.  The world has laughed at Americans for doing so, and the country is going to have to get back on the Roosevelt equalization track to keep moving ahead, and survive as a global power without fragmenting into segments socially polarized by economic polarization, the very issue that triggered the American Revolution (and which the backward 'Confederates' instead sought to perpetuate. The problem is Not going to be solved by importing slave labor -- there is already an adequate number of young Americans yearning for functional education, opportunities to develop their potential, jobs with decent and livable salaries, and confidence in security in future times -- things Destroyed by policies initiated in the Reagan era and unfolded thereafter, not because Reagan was evil, but because he was ignorant and incompetent, an ideologue who treated politics as a belief system rather than a social science, an actor rather than a statesman, and an actor who couldn't even remember the lines he was instructed to memorize. America probably can't move forward until it acknowledges that Reagan, like Hoover, was a political disaster, benefiting only the rich who trickled down nothing but excrement and stale crumbs to a society that subsequently began to rot and regress. Regardless of all the political posturing in speeches and media over the decades, the Republican Party is the party of perpetuated monarchism and feudalism, from birth... the part of the Hanoverian and subsequently allied European and Asian dynasties, and the Deutschebank of the foreign Robber Barons who stole the nascent railroads from the American Grange commonwealth, and later made alliances with the dynasties of Asia to preserve a sometimes comical imperial feudal order in America (including via the 'Confederate' movement), the antithesis of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  Those American ideals were shared by the French Republic, now stifled by a German-backed leader who dictates from the Royal Palace of Versailles, mocking the American-twin French Revolution.  Who in Trump's cabinet would want to see that happen?  Who in the "EU" oligarchy would want to see it happen on either side of the ocean?  Who in Asia would want to see the amassment of wealth in the hands of the few while the general public scraps for survival?

    In looking at Vulkanus of today, Shanghai has long been the pearl of the Imperial Chinese economy, revolving largely around its shipping/trade industries, represented in Washington by the Chao dynasty network.  Peterburg was the capital of the Imperial Pangermanic Oldenburg-Romanov Czarist dynasty that ruled over Eastern Europe with the Habsburg, who today quietly manipulate the "EU" from the top down.  Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate dynasty, with a tributary capital in Cairo.  Durban was the nearest seaport city of the Uber-rich gold-and-diamond empire of the Boers, Apartheid, and Broederbond that Herbert Hoover sometimes worked for.  Taipei was the capital of the Japanese-controlled island of Taiwan that has allowed Japan to tap in to the rich China-trade, and where the Chao shipping empire also took root after leaving the Shanghai region.  These still-surviving economic empires, morphed into modern bankcorp holdings, are potentially to become dominant world powers once again unless held in check from locations that happen to be key US and British and French Naval operations hubs... Anchorage, Tahiti, Falklands, Cape Breton/Newfoundland/Labrador, the Windward Islands and Buenos Aires.  It is now more vital than ever for the Western Hemisphere, the New World, and British Commonwealth democracy if ready, to unify rather than fragment. Trump's negotiations with the Mexican president in Germany was idiotic, as German, especially under the phony Merkel smiles, is part of the machine planning to neutralize America and make Germany control Europe, hoping for a Russian alliance of some sort while manipulating the USA to battle with Russia.  Russia and the USA can cooperate to mutual benefit and territorial integrity if they would quit believing a long series of imperial German and Japanese and Chinese decades-old lies circulated via intelligence and media 'releases' to keep them at each others' throats, in global balance-of-power games. Roosevelt knew this long ago, and Truman mistakenly, or without the power to do otherwise, left the foreign policy up to those who thought the policies of the Nazis and East Asian Fascists were Just Fine.  Washington and Moscow need to find that common ground, once again, although it may be slow and full of snares, especially with German, Japanese, and Chinese nationalist military agents and their cults (e.g. Moonies galore) infesting the USA and in Washington, all the way to the White House cabinet -- where they will run America like a toy drone if they can, for their own countries 'back home'.  There's the other side of globalism and trans-oceanic trade deals.

    None of these solutions can unfold with any idiot of any sort in the White House. The USA has needed another Roosevelt, and hasn't gotten it... was even told it "wouldn't get one".  It's not too late before Pluto moves fully on past the opposition to the Sun... whereas after that, it may be... .where America's wealth goes to Vienna and Chongqing instead of New York.... and look who's in the Trump cabinet and key state governments to make that happen.... Arnold, Peter, Elaine, and the CAPAC vultures, imported nationalist agents for Their Homelands, getting uber-rich while Americans struggle and watch our country and economy sliced up like the 19th century Chinese Pizza.  Elaine and friends, Peter, and maybe others mentioned are ready to do just that.  Or maybe America chopped up like Currywurst and fed to the German tech industries instead of building the industries in America.  There's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of civilized and non-violent American nationalism, which may not happen if the longitudes of Anchorage and Denver and Roswell/Holloman are under foreign control seeking instead to make America a pliant colony of foreign interests. Watch the Moonies in Alaska, including Chao's Asian-owned ships chugging around there with who knows what or who stowed away.  Give her network, or any other foreign-based network, control of US ports, and America Is History.  Same for Canada -- wake up to the critical national value of the ports of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland -- don't give US or Canada port control or management away to foreign entities, or the people of both nations could suffer even more from economy intrigue and loss. 


    2017Aug11:  Will California = the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus Lobby -- and America as a whole submissive to the TPP-TTIP Duarchy rooted in WW2 Axis Fascism?

    The first series (before it was co-opted by other directors with a possibly different objective) of the internet-access serial movie "Man in the High Tower" seemed to be released as a warning to the United States as to what could have happened if the Axis Fascists had triumphed, and what could happen again now, although it did not specify whether the takeover was by overt warfare clashes, or by covert subversion of the sort that was carried out during the World War 2 era.  Today, due to the madness in the top US-governing halls of Washington under Trump, with foreign-born Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel at his side in the White House cabinet, both from countries run by the Fascist Axis -- CAPAC (Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus) and Asian Law Caucus leaders like the controversial and marginally popular San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee are proposing themselves as the leaders of a dubious 'resistance' group against the Trump administration that may nearly as bad. CAPAC has bribed its way into increased popularity by increasing its scope of political dominance and trying to portray itself as a champion of People of Color rights and interests -- which is not credible due to the dominance of real estate moguls and property tax 'regulators' during a period of recent mammoth and outrageous real estate gentrification and rent-gouging that has devastated middle-and low-income people of every other color unable to buy price-inflated homes and encumbered with oppressive rents. Ed Lee has presided over a tripling of rent prices in San Francisco, forcing large numbers of people out of the city, replacing them (including many job-holders) with allied immigrant populations and young transient tech workers who are mostly on abusive temporary employment contracts, in and out like the migrant workers in China and elsewhere, as are also the many Californians who have been driven into the farthest suburbs and small inland towns in order to afford rents or home-ownership, also rising in cost now. Meanwhile, Ed Lee invites the world to come to San Francisco to see "America's Future" as he would have it, and has helped create via 12 years as either controlling City Manager or Mayor of San Francisco.

    Thus validating the power and influence of the current location of Vulkanus geodetically, note also that across-the-aisle Elaine Chao exerts so much influence in the nominal 'opposition' party in Washington DC and the Ohio-river-basin Bush-founded National Association of Manufacturers longtime headquarters not far from the gold of Fort Knox, that the 'China Lobby' network appears to be substantially in control of both major US political parties, coast to coast, and would only smugly watch a national schism they may have skillfully helped create in order to Take Over America. Taiwan-born Chao, with old family base in the Shanghai region, poised to Privatize (i.e. Own or at least Run) US infrastructure.  Geodetics show various logical political and locational/metropolitan alliances and power sources. 

    An equally disastrous alternative is the "white" German corporate machine behind German-born Peter Thiel, another member of the avowedly "All-American" Trump cabinet, with a hidden family background in Germany and likely aligned with the Siemens-Deutschebank network, which has for over centuries had close business alliances in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea via its Asian branch once known as the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank.  As for Russia, is it in the mix?  There's the SCO treaty with China, now merging with Taiwan and maybe covertly with the Japanese economy as well, and Putin's chummy relationships with Germany, where he spent enough time to be programmed into subservience via Moonie-type "love-bombing" or Pavlovian hypno-tricks of the sort the BND/Gestapo are so adept at.  Geodetics do show both the German-run European Central Bank, and the Russian Central Bank, controlled substantially from the the same longitudes, possibly even the same cities or political-financial network, which would pave the way for a German-Russian Union that could overpower the rest of Europe as well as the United States (a clear objective of the EU oligarchy, if only Americans would pay attention to what the EU oligarchs emit internally rather than in their slickly-packaged foreign propaganda campaigns).

    Canada's smartest choice would be to strengthen a North American or Pan-American alliance that would counterbalance the global dominance aspirations of the EU machine and the Asian Century Prosperity Sphere network, but it looks like Trudeau has been tricked by the CETA hucksters to make Canada weaker by aligning with the transoceanic trade blocs that seek to make both the USA and Canada ultimately Submit and provide more Lebensraum.  US relations with Latin America have soured over time due to a combination of the greed of US-based, and sometimes actually transnational, corporations, and mostly more overt Russian and more covert German, and now Japanese and Chinese propaganda campaigns in South America advertising how their brand of economic exploitation would be oh so much better.  Both FDRoosevelt and Kennedy tried to rectify the situation with more fair and egalitarian policies with Latin American neighbors, but in recent years even Democratic presidents make no more favorable mention of them, but instead sing praises to the China-lobby manipulated Reagan, and Hoover, the architect of the 1929 Stock Market Crash as the Secretary of Commerce over presidents who 'let business run the country.  Note, re South America, geodetic alignments between the Fujimori dictatorship, the Stroessner dictatorship, and Asian lobbies similarly manipulating foreign US policy.

    Hillary Clinton made a well-intentioned mistake when she let CAPAC manipulate her campaign... it was more of a contributing factor to loss of votes than to increase, as California's electoral votes would have been very unlikely to go to Trump in any case... and CAPAC loves playing on Donald Trump's "whiteness" ad nauseum, as if fascism only comes in one color.  Fascism came and comes in all colors -- the Japanese and Chinese and Middle Eastern brands of fascism were and are no more lovely than the German or Italian or Spanish brands. Canadians, beware of Trudeau getting lost in the clouds, unaware of the dysfunction that exists outside Canada's grand landscapes and relatively civilized social climate.  The Globalist plans are ready to be exploited by the very corporations that built the WW2 Fascist Machine, and now in control of Russia and China, and long before that in Taiwan and Japan... so their lobbies in Washington will essentially bring fascism and feudalism to America, as can already be seen.  Enough of "CAPAC" and their sugar-coated Asian Nationalist B.S. designed to bring about the grand 'Asian Century' to attempt displace the successes of Europe and America.

    One can wonder if the portrayal of Japanese control of America as preferable to German control of America in "Man in the High Castle" was intended to make Americans think we should align now with the "Asian Century", as if the choice between European and Asian fascism are the only alternatives available.  Well, those aren't the only alternatives, if only fools would quit aligning with them and instead rebuild American Democracy devoid of the backward feudalism and its institutions from the "Old World", which is what Europe and Asia are... they are the Old, not the New that their propaganda strives to portray.  Washington DC may control lots of weapons, but Congress appears to be inundated and run by foreign lobbyists and devious controllers, and it started with the the age-old lingering Pangermanic/HanoverRoyalist/Siemens-Deutschebank/Habsburg lobby, then the China Lobby/Moonies/Kuomintang-Communist alliance lobby, then their allies Tanaka and Shinzo, and now the CAPAC fusion of the latter two, and then whatever secretive networks power Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao, both loved and adored by whatever machine put Trump in power.  The Geodetic alignments show who probably backed all of them, and from where.  CAPAC, with hotlines to Shanghai and Taipei, could be in complete control of California after the next elections, unless alternatives are offered at the ballot box, via members running for top state political offices... Governor, Treasurer, Tax-Assessor, the whole thing -- CAPACfornia aligned with the Government of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific Research Center run by Japan-Taiwan-Korea military officers spying on the US government office building in the Port of Oakland, and playing various tricks to get US politicians on board with their Transpacific expansionist agenda, substantially via real estate acquisitions, some fused with the Shrimp Boy Chow and Leland Yee networks, while posing as a primarily civil rights organization and manipulating otherwise legitimate and necessary civil rights laws.  Asian game politics enter America, building on the groundwork laid by the Moonies and their strategic synthetic marriages fused into critical US infrastructure agencies.  The policy goes a step beyond the 'Rule By Marriage' ploys of Metternich, to the dexterous skills of the practitioners of Sun Tzu guerrilla warfare tactics.


    2017Aug05: Globally vital discoveries via geodetic analysis, critical to the United States:

    1) Geodetic indicators imply that many of the supposedly 'independent' pirating websites may simply be gathering software that is turn sold to large corporate venture capitalist operations.  This fits with meaning of the original centuries-old term 'pirate', meaning the individual hacker/pirates are often mercenaries or 'flying monkies' for corporate or independent venture capitalist interests.

    2) Attempts are being made to co-opt and manipulate the People of Color network in the USA for objectives of foreign governments, and the same is true of Aryanist/Euro-racist organizations.  Before and during World War 2, the Nazis backed KKKlan and Pangermanist nationalist organizations, while the Asian Fascist wing attempted to infiltrate civil rights organizations for the purpose of creating division in US politics, including attempts to infiltrate Native American organizations.  These attempts were largely unsuccessful due to the vigilance of Americans of all ethnicities, who had nothing to do with them.  There is in fact literally no 'white' skin (compare this to a sheet of white paper), and a legal return to the term Caucasian or Euro-American for racial classification might be advisable wherever race classification is actually needed.  Geodetic indicators for the 2010 elections and 2011 inauguration indicate a risk of increasing race polarization in the USA due largely to ongoing foreign meddling in US politics and economics with intent to advanced literal economic takeover by foreign-owned banks and corporations of privatized agencies, real estate markets, banks, local retail economies, etc.  Unmonitored or accelerated immigration heightens such tensions, and is being advocated for mostly by organizations operating or funded from outside the United States, sometimes rather aggressively. Radical Aryanist events, often in not usually also supported by foreign interests, only supply justification for 'taking sides'.  

    3)  Foreign interests hostile to the United States, clearly rooted in the old Axis alliance, and possibly aligned with some elements in today's post-1990 Russia, are already actively manipulating to polarize Washington DC and US national unity issues, sometimes via economic pressure, lobbying, bribes, or blackmail.  The United States as a whole will have to come to terms with historic race inequities issues in a practical and nationally-beneficial way, in order to preserve unity.  FDRoosevelt was aware of these issues, and acted on them... then came the American Security Council Chicago-based Reagan-era ideological bent that has tried to demonize and belittle everything that Roosevelt accomplished, and this has included continued vilification for Japanese internment camps that were excessive and unfair, but recommended to Roosevelt by military advisors as necessary as a quick-fix for sabotage operations and domestic tensions following Pearl Harbor (where Japan Did Sink over half of the US Pacific naval fleet via sneak attack, and where Japanese subversion operations in the USA continued nonetheless), and which Roosevelt approved reluctantly.  Chinese interests, mostly the wealthy in a grossly economically polarized China, often collaborated actively and willingly with Japan, united against communist organizations and the 'dispensable' poor.  How this related to Chinese-Americans is a subject for study.  German-Americans and Italian Americans were also put in internment camps during the same period, although usually as individuals proven to be involved in Anti-US German nationalist collaboration, and not en masse.  Japanese-American prisoner descendants were paid substantial reparations by the US government.  These old issues have been dug up by foreign-affiliated nationalist groups in the USA in recent years and all the facts on those issues need to be addressed.  The Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed extensive brutalities committed by the East Asian 'Prosperity' Axis that have often been described as 'worse than Nazis', and were deemed necessary to end a war that Japan was determined to continue, and was about to be bolstered by Nazi German resources freed up by the May 1945 'surrender' treaties in Berlin, and included Axis plans to develop similar nuclear weapons.  These are facts not being propagated by the Asian nationalist groups still talking about Japanese internment camps the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Chinese collaboration with the Japan Fascist government has been systematically covered up with Lies typical of Chinese nationalist propaganda, where wars are fought mostly with carefully-chosen words and pictures before weapons are resorted to.  This issue is vital as Vulkanus moves toward the East China Sea, Manchuria, Taiwan, and Korea and 'Asian Century' advocates also plan a China-Taiwan unification and greater collaboration with Japanese and Korean interests.... and the USA is infested with Moonie cult remnants, some now selling guns in America while still, and always, meddling in polarized US radical politics, at one time advocating for their own brand of a 'Cultural Revolution'.  Russian elements could be involved, but its not mostly Russian agents already on US soil.  And watch how the Merkel network spins around and winks and nods in the various locations they travels to globally while seeking to be the 'Leaders' (Fuhrers) of Europe.  Note also the approval of German Reunification by the post-1990 Russian government, and backing from the same location/s for both the European and Russian Central Banks.  How much and which elements of vast and diverse Russia are already allied with the European Union oligarchy.  Who and how many would welcome a German invasion and fused Russo-German economy, the dream of the Kaisers and the Nazis? 

    4) Many of the most conspicuous radical right and left organizations (both extremes) in the USA are backed by foreign money or radical-right organizations inside or outside the USA that often use them as propaganda outlets to serve foreign interests, sometimes foreign-interested domestic subversion, and this shows in geodetic alignments.  We are all People of Color.. there is no literal white or black or red or yellow skin.... all humanity is a gradation along the color spectrum.  The extreme nationalist and race-identity networks are most often backed by Non-American entities for the purpose of Making America Apartheid.  At the same time, there are aggressive neo-fascist corporatist interests flooding in the USA to colonize and annex components of the United States to their national economies, not unlike what was done to China 100 years and more ago... although the US-China similarities end after a certain point.  There are now problematic Chinese nationalist elements in the USA creating extensive problems via gun and drug trafficking, real estate racketeering and market manipulation, and promotion of disruptive and destabilizing rapid immigration patterns that often also affect Chinese-Americans unfavorably.  The People of Color movement is at risk of becoming as much of a subversive influence as have been the Aryanist White nationalist organizations, and it should not be surprising to find the same foreign interests setting both of them aflame, as was the case in the 1960s and 70s, when, for example, California was awash with weird psy-op cults during the Vietnam conflict era.  Today, also note alliances between East Asian, as well as European covert intel, and Jihad extremist cults.  Geodetic alignments validate some recorded historical root relationships. Some of the key organizations are listed in the 'Men Behind the Curtain'  article/tables on this website.


    2017Aug05: Saturn in the 2017 US Inauguration chart:

    Recalling that the 2017 Inauguration chart showed Saturn prominent, the indicator was a Saturnian president.  Trump qualifies for that in terms of real estate holdings and advanced physiological age, but other aspects of Saturn were missing.  Saturn manifestations often arrive late, after delays, and may well manifest as Gen John Kelly as presidential advisor.  No known time yet for Kelly, but birth date is 1950May11 in Boston MA, yielding SU=NO=VE=SA=HA (and pictures on the MC unknown without a birth time).  Kelly is serious and a peace-maker despite behind a military leader.  The highest nature of Hades likely manifests when combined with Venus and Saturn, but expect reserved and cautious behavior with either Saturn or Hades, when operating at their highest level.  No birth time also means no idea of Moon or Ascendant pictures on the 90 dial, but the Sun remains a dominant personality factor in any case, probably pointing to key factors in genetic predisposition. One cluster in his chart is MA=CU=VU and this can interpret as enforcement of unity, extraordinary efforts for harmonization, efficient teamwork.  And Ariespoint is on his SU/MACUVU midpoint within 1 degree orb unless he was born very early in the day, although in pictures involving the Sun, one might assume that pictures slightly out of orb could still be pertinent.  This means his teamwork efficiency is something he has always routinely done out in public settings, in a very personal way, and these skills likely came from his father.  The MACUVU is also clustered with Neptune at 22.5 angle... meaning alcohol or drugs, even doctor pills could shipwreck him, and Neptune in the combination of course also refers to Navy or Marines, and all in combination to the naval or marine organizational commander.  Franklin Roosevelt was also a naval commander, and Kelly may be as close as one gets to that now, under the circumstances -- and Roosevelt Made America Great, so if Trump will listen instead of talk when he's with Kelly, he might get closer to his stated goals.  I'm not necessarily expecting miracles, but saw Hope again when Kelly entered the White House. With Saturn prominent in the inauguration chart, it may also mean that what is now manifesting was already set in motion on January 20... i.e. how to stabilize conditions in Washington and thus nationwide, and cut the endless stream of manic screaming that started the day Fox News went on the air, almost as if the people running it have been trying to foment a fascist 'revolution'.  Kelly on the scene will hopefully mean that those days are over... hopefully a sort of Smedley Butler who arrived a little late this time.  Butler wasn't able to get rid of all the Axis agents in the USA... he died in 1940, a year before the Pearl Harbor sneak attack that occurred while Asian Fascist diplomats were charming Americans in San Francisco with talk of "World Peace", and a huge chunk of the US Pacific Fleet was wiped out in minutes, with the help of enemy spies in Honolulu. One would hope that nothing like that could ever happen again.

Zeus on the day of Pearl Harbor was at 4841 on the 90 degree dial, meaning the actual Asian Fascist military operations could have been launched from the Queen Charlotte Islands of the coast of British Columbia, where there were known Japanese settlements.... or directly from Atsugi, a key military base in Japan. Maps of the events do show that the Axis planes came from the north, a direction from which attacks were unexpected.  Vulkanus on that date (indicating likely command center with top officers/planners) was at 7846 on the 90 dial, which was over the Marshall Islands (east Nanyo Gunto), where there were known numerous Asian Fascist military operations. Pluto indicates the most likely core funding location, which would have been in the Ryukyus, Korea, or Manchuria.  The Ryukyus are a key Yakuza maritime mafia hub, while Manchuria was under the rule of the restored Qing Dynasty.  Pluto indicators for the rise of Fascism in Japan point to Chinese locations, where there were plans for a joint East Asia Prosperity Sphere, shared primarily with former members of the Imperial Chinese court, and those included Wang Chingwei, who was a Trotskyist-turned-overt-Fascist and collaborated with Tokyo via an Axis-friendly government set up in Nanjing, while Chiang Kaishek shifted his base of operations to Chongqing, deep in the interior, and today an economic powerhouse on the Yangtze river, between the Golden Opium Triangle and the Port of Shanghai, ready to 'ready to Redefine America', if it can, house by house, building by building, as Pluto there has been opposing the US 1776 Sun, and Made in Taiwan Elaine Chao poised to Privatize America wherever Vienna, 90 degrees to its west, hasn't or can't.  America's highways, parklands, and government agencies sold off at the auction block. Will it proceed?

'Men Behind the Curtain' shows lineups for the 2020 elections. It may require virtual US military domestic intervention to stop America from being sold down the river, and  that can't occur if the military is under foreign control or sway.  Time to get the Moonies out of government, and the German bases out of the country. They think they know how to run America, and they do know how to manipulate it, but they won't take fully over unless Americans hand it over to them.  Living under Chinese or German rule probably isn't as glamorous as their propaganda or their carefully staged arrangements for 'foreign visitors'. They're just as likely to invade America and take over US infrastructure as the Russians are.  Maybe they already have...  take a look at the Trump cabinet. Pearl Harbor was a devastating success for the Axis Alliance in part because naval surveillance wasn't looking in all 4 directions, and people though the Japanese 'World Peace' rhetoric was real. 


    2017Aug05: The Real Beijing and Taipei:

    Study of Volume III of the 'Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping' is a must-read for anyone on the globe now (with authentic, original, unedited copies of it often grossly overpriced), as Xi Jinping in Beijing has vowed to follow in his footsteps, and this should be tallied with the Kuomintang-Communist overtures (listed in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website) and a review of the recent sham 'Anti-Fascist Victory Day' parades in Beijing, one of which had Kuomintang officials sitting in the review stand alongside Communist Party leaders, and a noticeably publicly-inaccessible causeway for the parade, blocked off by heavy military machinery... .no audience, no cheers.. just a parade with Mainland and Taiwan oligarchs overlooking and reviewing what may be intended to function as a 'cross-strait' military machine for defense of 'Greater China'.  The Deng writings will make clear what the objectives of the 'Communist' party were after 1978.... a Radical abandonment of Maoism, except in name, and a shift toward an alliance with both the Kuomintang (founded in part in Japan, also Hawaii) and Japan. Deng created what was in effect a sort of Chinese National Socialism (i.e. "with Chinese characteristics"), actively courted fusion with Taiwan and opening of China to Japanese investment, touting of an 'Asian Century' of Asian prosperity to be based on technology industries.  This is not being presented to advocate for a war with China, but it is time for Americans to Get Real about what's happening there now, and what the ideology espoused in China is, in contrast with its foreign propaganda outlets and ploys.  China is today not a country satisfied to remain within its borders.  Since the rise of Xi Jinping, there are domestic TV commercials touting the 'Prosperity' theme reminiscent of the joint plan that the wealthier Chinese had in common with WW2 Japan, which joined in China's northeast and coastal cities while the poor of China were left to be murdered by Japanese troops, who then controlled Taiwan and hoisted Chinese allies into power on Taiwan in the late 1940s.   These events had significant impact on the course of the Korea and Vietnam wars, fought by American troops (and Australian for a while), while China and Japan watched and waited for the results, China hoping for control of Vietnam either via the Communist or Kuomintang parties, or maybe a blend, such as beginning to form now.  China's, Taiwan's, and Japan's, and Korea's role in the Vietnam war should be studied again before proceeding with any rash US policies involving any East Asian nation, and it is vital for the USA to Not be manipulated into a war for unjustifiable reasons while North Korea has missiles that can now reach US territory.  Furthermore, the Vulkanus power necessary for winning, or global stomping, now rests not only along the East China Coast, but also in islands controlled the Taiwan government, as well as any Russian bases due north of Manchuria.  As Zeus power is now built up in Chongqing and Saigon and Jakarta, those cities could react with great efficiency in the event of a war, and yet, overpowering Vulkanus (the Shanghai-Qingdao Dalian navy) or else Taipei or remote Russian bases north of Manchuria, would probably be the victor... unless US forces around Anchorage, swimming among evasive Moonie cult operations and shipping lines, could somehow overcome the force of the Chinese navy.  Would Taipei want a war?  Would Russia?  Manila would probably not want to be caught in the crossfire of a regional war again -- nor would Indonesia unless it is controlled by some sort of fanatic. Do we know for a for a fact that the Beijing government is helping North Korea develop its missiles, or is Russia or Taipei doing it?  Manila not a logical source, with Nothing to gain in the end.  Would Russia want it as a way to draw military focus away from its European borders?  War profiteers in such a war would be where Pluto is in hard angle to the MC... at this time Chongqing, Hainan, central Java in Indonesia, Boston, Stockholm, Benghazi (oil supplies), or Capetown.  Libya could get rich from the war and fortify the 'Caliphate' dream, whose jihadists are already in motion.  Sounds like a bad plan, and more study need to made of just who is pushing Kim Jong Un's buttons, setting aside the self-interested propaganda games of regional data sources.

    As for Heritage Foundation reports on East Asia, those are tied in heavily with Elaine Chao's financial interests, and other Kuomintang nationalist money that has long funded it, with overlaps involving the Moonie cult network, with Kahr Arms Guns For Sale, whether made in the USA or Asia or elsewhere.  Geodetics indicate that Chao's Foremost Shipping may have been heavily involved in Vietnam War transport, for whatever motives.

    None of the Asian saber-rattling or weapons gaming should distract attention from Russian relations and activities, nor from the burgeoning Chinese mafia organized crime (blue and white collar, both) on the US Pacific coast, which is at risk of worsening if its agents are promoted into policing or investigative networks simply to 'cover up' and expand, as has happened before.  Reading the stealthy Deng Xiaoping's writings from the 80s and 90s show that he was more of an 'Anti-Mao' than any sort of doctrinaire Communist after becoming the 'Paramount Leader', and the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article/data tables on this website shows where his likely organizational alignments were in reality; Xi Jinping has vowed to continue Deng's legacy, and geodetics show where Xi's likely essential political and financial alignments rest.  Taiwan and Japan politicians are also listed, and these will matter in dealing with the North Korea puppet state, in the world of Sun Tzu intrigue and guerrilla warfare.  It is also amazing to read reports of Japanese WW2-era operations, which included massive submarines, sometimes larger than the boats they attacked, sometimes heavily armed.  Surprise attacks, underwater operations, and sophisticated espionage and psychological warfare operations were the rule rather than the exception.  If there are Japanese bases on Taiwan or its surrounding islands, this adds yet another dimension to East China Sea military issues. Notice that Wikipedia info on WW2 Japanese operations appear to be grossly edited/scrubbed to not include the reports of the actual wartime period.  The East Asian Axis military, commanded from Tokyo, controlled Korea, Taiwan, the most populated areas of China mainland, the Philippines, Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the Marshalls, at least two Aleutian islands in Alaska, and half of New Guinea, with spies and collaborators in Hawaii, and much of the resources of China, including active Chinese collaboration.  There were also Pro-Axis Jihadi movements in Xinjiang at that time.... all the potential framework of a revived East Asian Axis if war should break out... plus the SCO Russian-Chinese agreements, and overtures with India.  A State of War with Korea's allies, whoever they actually are, could send California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia into chaos, already bristling with more transpacific spies, including ambiguous Moonie cult zombies, than can be counted... certainly enough to make a war very difficult to win without extensive losses.  Alliances with Germany would risk even further exploitation by the Siemens-Deutschebank network, America under a virtual state of siege, from the start.  How would Russia react?  Just exactly who wanted Kim Jong Un to have long-range missiles to pull the USA into a crazy war with him?  Don't ask the Moonies if you want a straight answer.. they're waiting for the Rapture, anyway, convinced that their Messiah will make them the only 'blessed' survivors.  Add Kahr Arms guns, ties with the Falun Gong, and there's potential for a Moonie Jihad, all legal if classified as 'Faith Based' organizations.

    Dates for key events in the Vietnam, some for the Korean, wars have been added to the 'Curtain' article, which may shed light on international meddling in US policy in Korean and Vietnam, a topic already written about... one can see where the VU political or command power, PL money, and ZE military operations management, actually came from, including involvements of neighboring countries poised for the war spoils.  Such historical issues, still maybe pertinent, or at least insightful into local politics, should be reviewed before any sort of poorly thought-through warlike measures. The question of "who on Earth wanted the war, and for what?" may be answered.  America needs to stop being wagged around by foreign tails, becuase they are a root cause of Washington is in a mess now, starting with the covert ops of Franz von Papen, and then coupled with the visit of Kakuei Tanaka and the landing of the Moonie cult its chameleon-like permutations and its manipulation of Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and God knows who else, not to mention their reported involvement in Watergate.  Such issues may need to be resolved so America can complete the Pluto opposition in a way beneficial to Americans rather than financial oligarchs in Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, Vienna, Bengasi, Capetown, or even Stockholm.  The USA risks becoming somebody else's colony.


   2017Aug05: Geodetic alignments that may explain some mysterious global events:

    Release of the fake "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon of the fake "Unification Church" from prison, where he was probably psy-programmed as a cult leader, correlated with Zeus in the same 5930-6000 subsector as the creation of the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam, meaning possibly similar military backing.  The 5930-6000 geodetic subsector points to islands in Micronesia, which has been recorded as a hub of Japanese military operations in WW2, and a later base of operations for the Moonie Unification Church, and Zeus implies military operations, in islands nominally controlled by the USA after WW2, but given gradual autonomy.  It is thus possible that the Moonie cult, probably created in a Japanese prison, although with an ethnic Korean leader and with a key headquarters in Taiwan, served as a component of covert Japanese involvement in the Vietnam War (and in Korea and Taiwan politics); and that their proliferation in the USA (today branching into arms trafficking on US streets via the Kahr Arms operations) was directly related to countering the anti-war movement in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s, and today capable of foreign-directed armed operations on US soil due to the Kahr affiliation.  The appeal of the Moonies to US officials was to participate in the fight against communism, but just like German Nazis brought to the USA after 1945, they may have had, or have, other nationalist objectives on US soil, and should be investigated for such, particularly due to the 'Crowning' of 'Reverend Moon', a purported 'Messiah' (who in fact more closely resembles an 'Antichrist') in a US government office building near the US Capitol in Washington DC.  Note that Moonie also created a 'Cultural Revolution' movement which may have replicated, fused with, or co-opted the cult of the same name in China in the 1970s.  The level of sophistication of brainwashing and 'behavior modification' appears to be similar to that described in books on both German and Japanese/Chinese Nazi/Axis psychological operations in World War II, including cult induction and Pavlovian/behaviorist manipulation of inductees that produced the phenomena of Kamikazes in Japan and Brownshirt Stormtroopers in Germany and Austria (and Blueshirts and Red Guards in China). Pavlov being a Russian, similar methods may have been used in Russia by its government or other non-government organizations there.  This, in turn, casts an interesting light on the numerous similarities between the recent fake 'Tea Party' cult in the USA and its clearly similar prototype, the Nazi-backed 'Silvershirts' cult of William Dudley Pelly.  As pointed out in the book 'Shadows Dancing' (republished as 'Spies for Nippon') by Tony Matthews, which he claims is based primarily on documents declassified by the Clinton Administration prior to the election coup of 2000, Japanese subversion inside the USA in the 1930s and 40s was extensive, as was Asian Fascist collaboration with the German Nazis, including extensive intelligence sharing, sometimes via bases in 'neutral' Spain and Portugal.  This should renew an interest in tracking the Moonie cult as one of its branches becomes actively involved in weapons trafficking on US soil as gun violence rages in Chicago and adverts for gun sales flourish, and while the relationship between the Moonies and North Korean Kim Jung Un becomes ambiguous.  How may Asian covert ops are being carried out on US soil, and just exactly who are they aligned with?

    Note further that the Moonie cult 'took off' in the USA mostly in California after the visit of the very controversial Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka with Pres Richard Nixon; that Moonie cult camps were developed in areas just north of San Francisco and within the city itself around the time of the rise of the Jonestown cult in California (moved in from Indiana), and that the Jonestown cult was facilitated in Guyana during the Guyana presidency of ethnic Chinese lawyer Arthur Chung, who was also active in the Bandung-Conference-affiliated so-called "Non-Aligned Movement".  What should be investigated, in solving the mysteries of both Jonestown and the Moonie Cult is if there are any further links that explain either of them in more detail, or any possible alignments between the Moonies and Jonestown and Arthur Chung and his transnational legal and political network.  These issues are now highly critical with the rise of power in California of the CAPAC lobby and its affiliated uber-rich real-estate cartel network fused with the "Asia-Pacific Research Center" overlapping with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese military agencies, and the aggressive Falun Gong cult.  Is there another 'Jonestown'-type operation in the making, and are the Moonie-Falungong cult network in any way involved?  The Kahr Arms operation, nominally based in SE New York and neighboring states, is something that should not be ignored for a moment in the current strange political climate in the USA, especially as the Kahr Arms network has courted members of the Trump cabinet, where Elaine Chao sits despite his "China" rhetoric and his professed concern about US border security.  Are these in any way linked to Elaine Chao's network in and around New York, which appears to be fusing into California politics rapidly and assertively?  If any of these issues lead to involvement of the "WLFD" World Anti-Communist League (WACL) network, it should be noted that the WACL originally included Japan Fascist military, post-war German Nazi operations, Moonie cult operatives, and set up a global headquarters in Taiwan to engage in the Chinese Cold War -- and engaged the Saudi government and 'Hajj' cults in its Pan-Asian operations and active support for Palestinian causes.  Such a motley transnational network could be capable of creating havoc in the USA, especially when affiliated with Kahr Arms. And so, tightly US-govt monitored immigration is quite justified, careful to avoid private contractors with private and sometimes foreign interests.  This is where problems erupted with phenomena like foreign-based control of US ports and/or coastlines.

    The largely Asian-run WACL (originally called the APACL or Asian Peoples Anti Communist League) has also had extensive paramilitary training operations in Paraguay and neighboring Brazil and Argentina for decades, which are interestingly along the same longitude as Jonestown Guyana and reported paramilitary training camps in the Lesser Antilles (including Grenada)  that may therefore be in some way affiliated.  The WACL has been described by some historians as today's continuation of the ABN or 'Anti Bolshevik Bloc' that formed a key root component of the WW2 Fascist Axis of the Nazi and Japan Fascist parties and the Pro-Axis component of the Kuomintang Greater China umbrella political network.  Apparently, the now globally Uber-Rich Kuomintang, swimming in the riches of the China Trade, nearly functionally in control of the Chinese economy and fused in alliance with the Chinese Communist Party, may be key in keeping the often secretive WLFD/WACL paramilitary network functioning.  This has profound significance for Kuomintang operations in the United States and their impact on US government and infrastructure, and the Elaine Chao network's (and she acts Not alone) very high national-security-risk proposal to **Privatize US national infrastructure**.  Geodetics indicate that Chao is fused with Chinese natioinalist Democratic interests in California... it is the rule rather than the exception in Chinese political traditions to 'play both parties' so as to be on the winning side.

    The tragedies of unfair discrimination against Asian Americans should be recognized and minimized, although 2017 is not 1897, and the Chinese slave-trading families that once sold indentured-servant railroad workers to the Transcontinental Railroad are now lobbying aggressively in Washington and Sacramento, and maybe in Albany.  And with Vulkanus power now in Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, these issues should not be overlooked or dismissed via Very Rich and now influential East Asian business lobbies 'playing the race card', which is happening daily and extensively, while the Moonie/Falungong cult permutations, led by an egomaniac aspiring 'Dream Act' real estate empire, want to go for 'religious' discrimination charges.  The honest Asian Americans who have lived in the USA for generations are dealing with the backlash of this huge mess already, including outrageous rent hikes and bullying by new gangsters in Chinatown, and yet some, maybe many, are clearly afraid to speak up publicly, for fear of retaliatory consequences from the Chinese mafia so thoroughly integrated into the Kuomintang network now 'evolved' into the Kuomintang-Communist network that may revolve largely around the historic 'Green Gang' mafia of Shanghai and Axis-collaborator Chinese Fascist networks that have overlapped for decades.  Thus the most powerful parties in the Greater China diaspora have united and in a right-left nationalist alliance, with intentionally externally-ambiguous relations to Japan.  The recent and very secretive TPP. the actual terms of which may be unknown to Any US politician, may have given them even more power, and any connections to the various Asian nationalist lobbies in Washington or state capitals is worthy of thorough investigation by All Americans of all races and political parties, as they spell Transnational Organized Crime, and have a curious role in the promotion of accelerated and disruptive immigration from Asia, including from allied Middle Eastern interests.  This is not, or should not be a left/right issue, but a practical issue addressed objectively and all across the political, social, and economic spectrum.  Otherwise, there is risk of the radicalized and armed WACL/WLFD network (involving Kahr Arms?) creating serious or even violent social problems, including via cults like those created in the 1960s and 1970s..  Note that many WACL/WLFD operations in the USA have centered in the US southeastern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and possibly the Carolinas and Tennessee or even extending to the old Chennault network in Louisiana... which risks fusing in with Klan elements and the George Wallace 'American Independent Party' network that also has active chapters in California and not just Alabama.  However, the Moonie-Falungong network is also WACL affiliated, and and thus they have the USA covered from coast-to-coast, and have had some curious alliances with radical-right white racist organizations and elements of the 'American Security Council' in Chicago. This puts the indiscriminate gun-toter movement in critical focus, especially in relation to 'civil war' re-enactments and regional/state 'independence movements' reported to have transnational WACL and 'UNPO' affiliations which are numerous among old and neo-Nazi elements in Germany and Austria, South America and South Africa.  Is today's Russian government involved in any of this?  That's certainly possible, in which case the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Org is now critical -- but historically the core backing comes from Japan, Korea, China/Taiwan, and Germany.  All explanations should be considered, and Americans need to get off the bandwagon of welcoming people, including refugees, into the USA without thorough vetting for political and transnational corporate affiliations that could be inimical to American interests, including in terms of jobs and housing that corporate fatcats in government may not fully understand or care about, or may just be lobbied to extremes by the Moonie-type lobbying hustlers, some of them in CAPAC, others in the Project 2049 and 8020 Initiative lobbying networks.  Proposed new public higher education programs need to be provided for struggling and underprivileged Americans, not filled up with imports brought in by foreign-run corporate or nationalist expansion interests (of any nation or race)... or the ramifications for America's future could be highly problematic. It's a foolish illusion that immigant populations will never have nationalist sentiments, or business interests, in their land of origin. It is not at all Un-American or unfair to scrutinize foreign-born politicians for attachment to interests of the countries they came from... this is why there was a law in the US Constitution to require that political leaders be born in their jurisdiction... to avoid any possible overriding promotion of interests in their nation of birth. And if that law is negated, which Orrin Hatch et al tried to do as Schwarzenegger rose to political power, the consequences for the very existence of the United States is profound. There are lots of people advocating for the fall of the United States as a global power, a power rapidly waning due to imported sabotage and manipulation by double-agents with allegiances to foreign governments or corporations, and covert support for and manipulation of wacko politicians put in office by foreign interests to create US national embarrassment and domestic chaos.  Accelerated migration, and migratory transnational labor pools smells too much like World War again.  The reason for the accelerated push for change is likely that the public would object if they knew what the planned changes are, sheep on a bandwagon surrendered to control by the sort of transnational corporatism that created the WW2 Fascist Axis.

    The TPP and/or TTIP-related agreements may have created a mess that is going to have to be cleaned up fast, with the understanding that politicians who endorsed them were Tricked by foreign interests set to use them to undermine the US economy and infrastructure... and that includes trying to privatize the United States government itself. Groundwork for this was laid with the 'Gramm-Rudman' Act passed when Ronald Reagan was the stage-actor president and George Bush was the Vice, and while Bush was gaga over the Moonies and collaborating with the WACL transnational network imbedded in the so-called "American Security Council" in Chicago (not Washington), which appears to have worked closely with foreign operations that may be running the show at Fort Benning on the Georgia-Alabama border in Gingrich & Sessions territory, and simultaneously fused with the Asia-Pacific Research Center in the San Francisco Bay area with East Asian military representatives at the top, in control of huge swaths of commercial real estate in the USA, and aligned with the CAPAC network pushing aggressively for accelerated immigration from the transnational bankcorp/investor Asian Century advocate bloc.

    The Trump administration has curiously focused only on Mexican immigration issues, diverting attention from Asian immigration, which is of equal or probably more impact, and of course not addressed the fact that the stability and security of America may be more heavily impacted by the rich coming from overseas, accumulating vast chunks of American real estate and taking over American corporations and even small businesses, than the poor coming from overseas to pick fruit and shovel dirt and start out with relatively nothing .  For example, Chao and Thiel and their rich friends and family networks in their homelands, have come to the USA and privatized America step by step, putting it in the hands of overseas interests.  It has been pointed out that the Kuomintang-Communist merged China has come out a superpower by currency manipulation, but no mention has been made of the very high-impact real-estate market manipulation going on inside the USA (driving people out of their homes and cities and functionally creating repopulation and resettlement policy)... and German interests are doing the same, manifest for example as the Deutschbank mortgage manipulation and acquisition games... and Deutschebank has long had close ties with Chinese and Japanese banks via the Deutsch-Asiatische (now called Deutschebank Asia) network that helped build and run World War 2 Fascism.  America will collapse if the interests of most Americans are ignored by its government.  Roosevelt was smart enough to know this and act on it, and he and his domestic policies (not War, as the privatization-obsessed Republican party propagandists falsely claim) really did Make America Great, and in a very sort period of time.  Hoover was an out-of-touch puppet of foreign interests, traveling around on behalf of foreign banks.... as is his namesake 'Hoover Institute' and Deutsch-Asiatische Bank's Leland Stanford and Rockefellers, now trying to overtake the Democratic Party as well, in which case German and Japan and their Chinese Fascist allies finally win World War 2 after all.  Today, computers and phone lines and telecom radio run the world, and those who run the computers therefore run the world. And that is an understatement.  They can override, undermine, or manipulate the communications and information sources of even the most powerful politician, make them dance to their tune, recording daily schedules, financial records, critical medical records, personal domestic and family data, now all recorded on 'big brother' Siemens-Deutschebank created 'Cloud' technology  And drive people off a cliff if they "leave the driving to ???".  There are already corporate psychologists developing the idea that "most people would rather be told what to do than think", and so be prepared should they rise to political power.  The phony 'Tea Party' and similarly-structured cults (reported to have been developed in the USA at some location in North Carolina (historic 'Silvershirts' hub), and also at the diabolical Nazi/Asian Fascist-founded Stanford Research Institute) are an example of what could manifest if allowed, and that's exactly what manifest the Hitlerian, Stalinist, and East Asian Fascist societies, where books are burned, 'replacement information' is provided instead, and thinking is minimized, and people just do as told, today facilitated by cell-phone-model remote control and monitoring. America's enemies and their transnational corporations are already using those methods on Americans... pay attention to the 'artificial intelligence' industry and just exactly what it's doing and where it's going.  Who manufactures the increasing cheap  and mass-produced drones that spy on most anyone for most anyone anywhere?  Pay attention to the realities of politics and everyday life in the European Union and Asian Century Prosperity sphere, despite the very slick and deceptive propaganda of the German/European Central Bank's "EU" that is reminiscent of Nazi or Communist propaganda.  The aspiring 'replacement powers' running the EU, and building the Asian Century, are leading America around by the nose, including via agents in the White House and Congress, hoping the public will dismiss reports of the inhumanities of global corporatism as xenophobia or inappropriate nationalism.  It's interesting to note that the British Fascist Oswald Mosley actually advocated For, and not Against, a European Union... he, too, was programmed to jump on the bandwagon driven from Berlin and Vienna and Munich, following a royalist-manufactured pseudo-populist dream that turned into a nightmare, while in Asia the same happened in a mess that started in Manchuria created by a Sino-Japanese imperial alliance that still survives in a next generation, and ready to roar again, if allowed to continue. Chinese Fascism thrived along the East China seacoast and in Japanese-controlled Taiwan, and has been revived while the naive in America think that's just old history disconnected from the present, to their ultimate embarrassment due to having been manipulated by lobbyists from there.

    A review of the history and roots of the Jonestown cult, all the way back to Jim Jones in Indianapolis, and the involvement of Arthur Chung in Guyana, may be instructive in figuring out what the New Asian Fascism is up to with its cute talk about 'hummingbird orientation', etc.  Hopefully the alignments shown in 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website will elucidate just what's going on, and been going on, in secretive Russia and Ukraine, with Europe risking turning into another global battlefield, ICBMs fired back at America, and China and Japan watching on their computer screens... which happens to match the most common interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecies.

    As for Iran and Russia, whoever controls Turkey and Egypt, with Vulkanus overhead, now will determine the outcome of matters in the Middle East, and Americans had better start studying closely the history of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi dynasty, and all the Arabian peninsula states, before letting any foreign power from any location drive US policy into global disaster.  Otherwise, American soldiers serve the interests of foreign powers.  The US government needs to be more genuinely focused on the well-being of Americans at home. Which foreign powers manipulated US policy in Vietnam and profited from the war should be a lesson that apparently has not been fully learned. Even when international mercenaries are used to fight wars, the target nations will still retaliate upon the country sending the troops, and some calculating supposed 'allies' know this.  Asian lobbies in American halls of government are as exceedingly abundant as they are in their homelands, and the wars in both Vietnam and Korea are past and relevant evidence -- while Germany is no less clever in manipulating US policy... to the point of recently putting US troops in Europe under the command of a Bundeswehr officer. US policy with Russia needs to be based on American interests and intelligence data, not slick German/BND data, or BND-monitored/filtered/manipulated "EU" data.  France is now a mess under Merkel's pet/implant Macron, who is most likely to serve as another German proxy in a neighboring state, where Germany is now playing the old Soviet-bloc game and quietly cuts deals with Moscow that Americans may have been overlooking, to our potentially great detriment, especially in the event of a war. British officials have recognized the issues and commented on in in media... i.e. that Russia is powerful and capable of delivering devastating reactions all over the globe.... it is no less capable of blowing up the planet than the US military is, and which China may soon be able to do, if it can't already.


    2017July31: More on impact of Pluto on USA 1776 chart Sun (original Jul29, re-edited and supplemented Jul 31):

    As mentioned earlier, the entry of Gen John Kelly into the White House could potentially be what brings a positive conclusion to the Pluto transit opposite the US Sun, but it must be remembered that charming lobbyists will rush to him as he rises to wield more power, and he should be made aware of the vulnerability/'blind' spots in his chart, in such a situation of probable extreme subterranean intrigue of the sort Pluto can manifest (and from the locations already mentioned below). I will briefly cover here what those blind spots could be, and that include both locations where the geodetic MC is aligned with his Neptune and Hades (both clustered with his Sun, along with Saturn, natally and thus especially critical to him... areas that could attempt to undermine the needed stability he brings to a recently crazed and frenetic Washington), and to those cities and organizations/personalities listed already in the same subsectors as his Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article.  This information must go to him personally, regardless of his views one way or another about the validity of astrology, an issue problematic due to the proliferation of unscientific and vague, impressionistic, as some call it 'arty-f-arty' astrology.  His Neptune is at 15 Cardinals, pointing to possible blind spots, including possible overidealization or religious or metaphysical ambiguities or just deceitful subterfuge from others that he must not overlook along the longitudes of Philadelphia and Guantanamo and Bogota; of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna; of Chengdu, Chongqing, Saigon, and Singapore; of the Bering Sea coast of Alaska and Necker island region of Hawaii. Pluto has just been here, and so hopefully Kelly's past illusions about situations at these locations have been dispelled and clarified so that he can see clearly what goes on there, without denial.  Furthermore, Hades alignments are also critical blind-spots, often more potentially insidious and difficult to detect, and where he needs to investigate. These include locations at 29 Cardinals: Goose Bay Labrador; Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia; Jonestown Guyana and islands to the north (armed paramilitary psy-ops); Paraguay-Bolivia Chaco region border (decades-old Moonie and WACL paramilitary hub); Bahia Blanca Argentina (naval hub) and Falklands; the Taiwan Strait (WACL and Moonie hub with now ambiguous relations between Beijing and Taipei).  The Moonies and WACL psy-ops could be Kelly's undoing if he doesn't study and fully understand them and how they operate... they are lodged and fused into US infrastructure since the day Kakuei Tanaka visited Nixon, calculatingly woven into the fabric of America and ready to Privatize for the new 'Greater' East Asia Prosperity with the Chao network, groundwork already set.  It just so happens that Kelly's Hades blind spot is also now aligned with the Vulkanus global power-buildup regions, and so the rising powers-to-be of both the west and the east will probe for his weak spots for Metternichian/Suntzu-type vulnerability spot manipulations.  It is vital for Kelly and the country that he not idealize organizations or events in these regions.  It also means that he is highly vulnerable in the event of spiking or drugging, and therefore needs to remain sober in all situations of security issues, in a Washington situation obviously bristling with intrigue.  Interestingly, Jonestown Guyana longitude is in the picture.  FBI astrologer Al Morrison often suggested I study the Jonestown data, which I dismissed at the time because of other priorities, but today I sense that his urgings were more important than ever, and the person of Guyana President and transnational lawyer Arthur Chung came up during preliminary research, whose international connections may be as significant today as they were in 1978, and these extend to paramilitary hubs in the Lesser Antilles.

    Indeed, Kelly's other geodetic alignments indicate that he will contend at some point with power plays or even subtle arm-twisting or more subtle 'influence' from the Kuomintang apparatus run by Chiang Kaishek, now substantially fused in with the 'Greater China' alliance now running the mainland Chinese economy and maybe the Beijing government in some ways, as the old Communist Party has been replaced by a Kuomintang Communist alliance, whether overtly or not.  If indeed China has ever posed a threat to US national security, the time is now. And if the powerful Shanghai 'Green Gang' mafia and/or navy, or that of Qingdao or Dalian team up with Taipei, China is indeed the global giant once forecast by the propaganda of past decades, but probably more secretly aligned with Taipei than opposed to it.  Now the world deals with the infrastructure of Maoist regimentation blended with the passive-aggressive business practices of the now Uber-Rich Kuomintang, entrenched also in Tokyo, Honolulu, San Francisco, and the Soong-Chao-Moonie colony in New York still attached to the Chinese Dream of Chinese national revival and Greater East Asia Prosperity shared with Japan and Kora that could reach across North America. War is not the answer, and neither is naive complacency or foolish manipulability. The media has addressed currency manipulation, but have they adequately addressed real-estate market manipulation of a similar nature and character, and its application in the United States and not just Greater China (should include Singapore the Stock Market Island Nation and another early Kuomintang Party hub progressed from goods-trading to shares-trading that Japan has coveted as the 'Pearl of the Orient'). American is at risk of being run by a Queen Chao and her court, or whatever lurks in Peter Thiel's family Transatlantic network.. .in other works, America is a risk of a turning into a Nation Of Immigrants into an ironic Nation Under 1st-Generation Immigrants connected to Transpacific and Transatlantic tentacles, especially if they control Wall Street or the Boston Banks. And that spells 'colonization'.

    There is no intention here to distract from problems or risks emanating from Russia.  What is addressed are equally serious problems emanating from the East China Sea, and maybe secondarily or covertly from bases in South America, that are just as critical, if not more so, and possibly obscured in Washington (and Ottawa) by Asian lobbies such as K Street and the now-armed-and-gun-peddling Moonie cult network... or from the secretive old Apartheid machine in South Africa, or the rising Caliphate in Egypt and Turkey.  Not earlier mentioned or emphasized are possible Russian power-gathering points in addition to Peterburg, and those include the Russian border with far-north Manchuria, in an area where the old Russian Fascist Party network built up its forces historically, where a Japanese-allied imperial Chinese Manchukuo state was set up in 1932 and built on the preceding ambitions of the Chang Tsolin imperial Chinese network to preserved Dynasty in China over democracy.  Manchuria also includes and included a substantial Japanese industrial/economic admixture, maybe significant in regional tensions in the East China Sea now, and pertinent to the SCO alliance.  Russia is likely alert and prepared to strike from across the Amur River, if necessary.  Further likely Vulkanus power-gathering points are at 8th-harmonic angle, and these include Kamchatka Bay and its islands adjacent to therefore needed US strategic posts in the Aleutians, Attu in particular; plus areas directly north of Kamchatka Bay in the Arctic region.  It also means US control of the Marshall Islands, a Moonie cult hub, is critical to counterbalancing Russian Pacific strength -- and the Moonies are already known to be 'playing both sides' per their dalliances with the North Korean regime, noting that Korea, north and south, will soon be empowered with Vulkanus overhead and no longer just a shriveling 'hermit kingdom' but an increasingly proselytizing and mesmerizing 'gangnam style and k-pop' psy-op campaigner and recruiter that has also been able to make Washington dance to its tune.  Another Russia power-buildup area includes Kazakhstan and Russia to the north, Central Asian republics to the south, and this remote region of Russian Siberia could possibly contain far more power than might be assumed or expected, from Lake Balqash northward to Tatarsk and the Gidanski Peninsula, and all north of Kashmir, including the far western Xinjiang/Uighur Jihadist regions.

    Let this not distract from the Games of the slow but steady Chinese Silkworm and its allies all around the East China Sea due to the recent Communist-Kuomintang merger and the economically and politically profound and nationwide Chinatown coup implications of Shrimp Boy Chow and Ed Lee and friends, including problems brewing in the Middle East and/or Pakistan.  This is why Great Caution is definitely warranted in relation to immigration issues now, so it's time to quit the radical screaming and do some rational analysis of what's going on, including covert operations and their usual accompanying and sometimes highly politically- and economically-potent cults (such as the gun-peddling Kung Fu Moonies).  One MUST distinguish between compassion for refugees and covert psy-ops snakes-in-the-grass transnational subversion operations that may not be dissimilar from those of the 1960s or even 1930s and 40s, and involving drugs and cults and affiliated pop-culture games that smell like the calculatingly deceptive Pavlovian transnational Stanford Research Institute set up by Nazi and Asian Fascist psychologists eventually deported for their crimes, quietly to avoid embarrassment of the officials who once brought them here.


Original text of July 29 with modifications/clarifications follows: 

    With Pluto recently opposing (180 degrees) the USA 1776Jul04 Sun at 13:22 Cancer, by transit, using a 2-degree orb of impact, that alone indicates an impact from 11:22 to 15:22 Cancer via non-precessed transit.  However, it is also important to look at precessed (precession adjusted) transits, and for such an old chart, the precession (approx 50 seconds or 0d50s of arc per year) is quite substantial.  The USA is now about 241 years old, and that yields a precession adjustment of about 4d02m or 4:02 to be added to the natal position, i.e. 13:22 + 4:02 = 17:24, which is the nearly exact precessed 'position' of the Sun measured in the tropical zodiac when looking for transits.  And a 2 degree orb for that covers 15:24 to 19:24 Cardinals.

    This means that the nearly exact precession-adjusted opposition of transiting Pluto to the USA 1776 Sun was when Pluto was at 17:24 Cardinals, and that Pluto leaves orb of significant influence at 19:24 Cardinals, substantially completing the Pluto opposition Sun (tPL=SU in 90-degree notation) process.

    Thus, to include Both standard non-precessed transits, and precessed transits, we look at the time when Pluto was anywhere between 11:22 and 19:24 Cardinals.  For geodetic/global geographic impact, we look at all locations where these are the degrees on the MC.  This means the areas of Plutonian impact inside the USA has been nearly all from the Atlantic coast states of the USA, starting from Florida (at Miami) and continuing northward to Maine (at Augusta), notably including the "original 13 colonies". For foreign impact, so significant in this "global" era, we see this covers Central China, from the Golden Triangle to Hainan (incl Chengdu and Chongqing and points between them) impacting the USA economically (Pluto); in the Caribbean from the Bahamas (offshore banking hub) to Santo Domingo; then from Panama City (Mossack-Fonseca land) to Maracaibo in Venezuela (incl Bogota),; from Ecuador (at Guayaquil) down the Pacific coast of South America to Tierra del Fuego (at Ushuaia) and points in between and including most Peru and Chile plus Andean Argentina; in Europe starting in Hamburg and ending eastward in Stockholm (incl Berlin and Vienna); in Africa from Tunis to Benghazi, and from Walvis Bay to Capetown.

    Looking at the character for these cities may say something about the overall process, from the screaming Tea Party in Miami to the old Revolutionary War establishment in Boston (where there was the apparently forgotten conditions of the Real, Pre-US-Government, Tea Party against foreign financial exploitation and manipulation of America).  I sense that the appointment of John Kelly to head the White House staff could signal an end of a period of Neo-Tea-Party-like insane and polarized extremist chaos with stability around January 2018... the turbulent waters calm down, interestingly as national leaders gather to finally address issues of border security and climate change both in rational and hopefully unbiased ways despite the irrational polarization over those issues starting about 5 years or so ago, when the impact of the 2012 national "mid-term" elections, crowned with the symbolically significant McConnell-Chao duo on stage and proclaiming victory, hit Washington in early 2013.  Domestic polarization effected at that time could potentially subside in January of next year.  This likely entails an assessment of foreign meddling from the locations indicated above -- a progression from German nationalism to Swedish neutrality; from the screaming and confusedly manipulated Teepotty culties to the place where the Real Tea Party against foreign meddling took place, and where the rebellion was against American taxes going overseas to colonizing powers and not to the American government; from the corruption of Mossack-Fonseca offshore stashes in Panama to the probable upcoming stabilization of the Venezuelan economy;  from the laundered money of the Bahamas banks to the stability of US bases in the Dominican Republic; from the insidious drug-infested corruption of the Golden Triangle to the potentially stability-seeking Chinese bases on Hainan; and some sort of stabilizing factor may come from the US Pacific fleet in western Hawaii and the Alaska Peninsula to secure an American Pacific stabilization not mowed over by the raging Asian Pacific nationalist drive originating in and serving Asia.  Due to globalization factors, the Asian factor is more significant than ever in US economics/politics, financial and social control and management.

    As mentioned before, early similar cycles manifest the 1929 global markets crash, which must and can be avoided again by wise moves including a study of the underlying economic globalist sweatshop (concentration camp) economics of the 1920s which boosted the Axis powers to nearly dominate the globe.  And a lesser but significant 45-degree-angle Pluto to the USA Sun around 1954-59, which coincided with the Eisenhower era that ended with his statement about the dangers of a 'Military Industrial Complex', which I think was rooted in foreign manipulation of the US economy from locations indicated above, and possibly related to the odd and maybe transnationally-manipulated policies of the mysterious Dulles brothers and their overseas associates.  A study of the 1954-59 period, compared with the 1923-29 period of 'Gone fishin, let business run the country' Austrian/Hayek-school-type Hooverville economics that led to the 1929 crash and US national demoralization and the rise of both European and Asian Fascism who orchestrated the failure of the US economy (partly in retaliation for US policy in World War 1 and the Fascist-despised an vilified Versailles Treaty).

    One thing seems clear... if America is to survive in a healthy state, it needs Americans in Congress, not imports with overriding ties to the 'old country', or indeed there could be another 1929, which the Axis powers celebrated with their 'dreams' of 'prosperity' and hypocritical talk of 'peace' that covered their quiet rearmament and plans that manifest something the world must not forget (the Brutal Evils of World War 2).  The more globally-ambitious powers of Europe and Asia are still just as eager to dominate as they were in 1929 and 1959 if only Americans and Canadians had been paying attention... be not fooled to believe otherwise. In the last cycle, much of China sought to team up with Japan for their 'Prosperity Sphere', despite diplomatic pretenses and games with what they called "foreign devils", and were consciously competing to quell a rising US superpower, including via propaganda and subversion operations on US soil, recorded but long obscured by sometimes unwise compromises.

    Additional recent 8th harmonic tPL=SU periods were 1976-79  and 1994-97 (pointing out how elliptical and irregular the orbit of Pluto is), periods also worthy of study for their similarities to the current cycle and relationship to financial power in the cities indicated above, which also include the financial power of Wall Street and how it morphs and is regulated (or not) by Americans over time.  Thus, the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement was not without profound importance... it was, and is, about the balance of power between the stock markets and overall public interest, and the manipulation of the stock market from foreign locations like Chongqing (old Kuomintang power hub) and Vienna and countries north and south of them, and where Bandung as a repository of post-WW2 Asian Fascist underworld gold-hoarding, and Saigon as a Transpacific Chinese mafia hub that ran the southern Vietnamese economy during the Indochina war, are not without significance. Adequate attention is needed to money stashed around the remote Colonia Dignidad and Bariloche colonies in the southern Andes, and to what stirs in the Tierra del Fuego, as Argentina may be rising to global power status in the near future, and money stashed there could be relevant. To fully understand the impact of Pluto, one must often dig deep beneath surface appearances.  The finances of Budapest and Belgrade, both along the quiet Danube route from towering Munich and Vienna out to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean may be of far greater global significance than is usually acknowledged, especially now, in relation to the US national economy, and the economic situation in Benghazi could have a far greater significance than one might suspect, logically via impact on oil markets.  Is Libya now part of a revived Caliphate in the making?            


    2017Jul26: Vulkanus at Shanghai/Qingdao/Lushun/Taipei, and more problems with the "Asian Pacific" push:

    The Pacific coast ID-counterfeiting problem is real, largely due to privatization of agencies issuing passports and other identity cards, and sometimes involving private transnational companies with foreign interests.  This is a problem of substantial proportions in the event of war or other hostilities around the Pacific rim, and while significant for local Pacific coast elections, and for national security leaks, is probably not in the millions, i.e. not close to a scale large enough to have impacted US national/presidential elections substantially, but critical nonethelss.  Laxity on immigration regulation and control of identity papers and cards has left the USA wide open to infiltration by covert foreign agents and operations (sometimes via phony 'cultural' and 'faith-based/religious' cults, e.g. spy fronts like the gun-dealing Moonie permutations, and aggressive Falungong and similarly-formatted cults).  It has been further exacerbated by Trump's approval of immigration regulations allowing distant relatives and (sometimes arranged) newlyweds to immigrate, some granted nearly instant citizenship, with inadequate scrutiny. This may explain the recent media focus on WW2 US Japanese internment camps or 19th century immigration issues that may or may not be relevant to current conditions, case by case.  Too few are paying attention to the recent, highly globally/financially significant Communist-Kuomintang overtures and mergers in 'Greater China' and their ties to Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and their relationship to the Moonie and Falun cults. In an ideal all-love handholding world, it wouldn't matter so much, but that's not the reality of the here and now, where there is aggressive transnational competition and strategizing, often stealthily, and for at least the last 15 years and increasing. Accelerated, hot-house immigration waves are a major potential risk to social stability, and serve to undermine the interests of Both the peacekeepers And the war hawks.  Legal and ethically-motivated immigrant populations are being subjected to unfair discrimination due to the poor government controls over unregulated and unmonitored immigration. International human exchanges and migrations need to be conducted at a slow and carefully regulated pace, not by chaotic 'open the floodgates' measures that have been unfolding, by law or illegally by underground human-trafficking operations that may also be politically motivated. Advocates on both sides of immigration issues need to come together and reason and make sensible needed compromises, and really hear each other in the process, taking into consideration sometimes widely different regional variations.  Moreover, any outbreak of war would give obvious advantages to nations with covert or anonymous double agents on US soil. Immigration needs to be attenuated and tightly controlled and monitored, and Not an expanded or deregulated 'open season', precisely because of situations like this one example in the link below.  Note which organizations and networks are the most assertive advocates for unregulated migration, and what motives likely are.

    (And note that the Russia situation around Peterburg, and situations unfolding in Istanbul, Cairo, and Buenos Aires are similarly significant, in different ways unique to the local conditions of each region. Cairo could be morphing into a Saudi-Egyptian power base potentially fused with interests in Turkey, and engulfing Israel, and remarkably similar to the historic Ottoman Caliphate.  Meanwhile, Pluto financial power in Vienna, Capetown, Chongqing, Bandung, Montreal, Wall Street, Bogota, and Valdivia pull the global Plutonian purse-strings...and there could be more hope as Pluto power moves to more traditionally moderate and less radicalized locations like Stockholm and Boston (less radical than NYC/Wall Street, at least), and where possibly more moderate Chinese interests in Hainan might be more conscious of the global risks of some recent policies, and hopefully less driven by the globalist greed and powerlust of materialistic 'leaders' lacking in social conscience who are gentrifying and making a mess of the planet. Money will soon be coming to Western Australia, and if it's not Australian money, the results are somewhat predictable for Australians. Mineral-rich Western Australia's Indian Ocean coast will soon be under the pressure of Vulkanus on the Ascendant along with Pluto on the MC.  Similarly, recent changes in California may be directly due to foreign Vulkanus power building up in Seattle and Portland and trickling down the coast, starting in Eureka (oil region) -- and similar transnational energies may push in to Edmonton in Alberta, a major global oil-money hub, while it simultaneously pushes into Montreal... from Shanghai, Cairo, and areas between Peterburg and Odessa and Moscow). Don't fall asleep at the wheel, and don't let drunks or zombie puppets drive, because Gargantua is on North America's doorstep, soon on Australia's, and swinging his arms and legs around already, and many "little people's" lives are being squished sometimes by the phony and often Moonie-affiliate "family"-labeled hordes and hoards:  (More later on geodetic indicators of what may be rumbling behind Putin's skillfully constructed exterior image of Russia, where there are Red Flags over the Army and Romanov/Oldenburg flags over the Oligarchs, on purpose, where "the party on the left is now the party on the right", as is the case in China, where the Russian-founded Communist party is now merged over with the Global uber-rich partly Japanese-founded Greater East Asia Kuomintang party/mafia, now trampling through the halls of government through the San Francisco Bay Area, hoarding money and real estate acquisitions, and laughing at how naive Americans fall for manufactured political cult psy-ops and imported, mesmerizing trinkets that cause people to zone out of reality while the invasion takes place and the Moonie cult-run Kahr Arms sells the guns to drugged-up and confused self-styled anarchists.  This network is pushing for increasing power in Sacramento. Their (and the German Siemens/Merkel/Thiel crowd's) secret?  Control of the computer networks and databases... i.e. control of infrastructure and human communications and interactions.... 21st century cyber-warfare tricks not funny to those already seeing the resultant global chaos and collapse, often implemented by geeky neo-fascist-manipulated little poo-heads like Assange and Snowdy-boy and the plastic-masked, puerile 'Anonymous' fools bred on the allied 4chan websites, which were created by affiliates of the Japanese mafia who also control ports and islands in the East China Sea. The Japanese and Korean maritime mafia and have collaborated for centuries, off and on, with experienced Chinese mafia pirate networks rich from centuries-old global China Trade that also circles down to the Singapore stockmarket-island-nation and toward Europe, as well as via the Transpacific route to Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and Vancouver.  All while Pluto finishes off an opposition to the USA Sun, "redefining America" into what?  Louis Farrakhan's speech at the 'Million Family March' in 2000, and manipulated by the gun-running Moonie cult mafia network, gives some possible answers.  Human choices affect the outcome of the impact of external forces and factors, as long as we are conscious, alert, and live in a world of reason and conscious decisions instead of a 'faith-based' or a 'for the masses' sheep herd robo-world where Americans have lost sight of the Age of Enlightenment and Reason clouded over by calculatedly mesmerizing dogma in a neo-fascist 'just shut up and do it' world run by clever media foxes spewing worlds of violence and inhumanity, or where there is one "guru" media figure who supposedly dispenses all 'truth' with omniscient objectivity (which is a non-existent ideal in the world of the tooth fairy).  

    In the 2018 Universal (Capricorn Ingress) Chart, Vulkanus will have moved out of often 'passive aggressive' Cancer into raging Leo, and yet via a transitional period with VU 22.5 to Hades, where the Leonine boldness may be masked with Hades-like calculated secrecy.  That Hades will come globally, primarily, from 7 Cardinals, i.e. the Chinese-run Burma Shan States and areas to the north in the area where Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunnan meet, a Golden opium triangle hub mafia region where there are already weird cults breeding and appearing on the streets of San Francisco, some wearing weird traditional imperial-era Chinese costumes (may or may not be relevant), and these could spill into covert ops in the northern Malay Peninsula in southern Burma and Thailand... potentially teamed up with powerful Vulkanus ops along the East China seacoast including in Taiwan, or even the Philippines or central Indonesia (longitude of Celebes/Sulawesi), and watch for similar or related covert ops in eastern Florida, Georgia, TN-NC border, KY-VA/WV borders, eastern Ohio and the southern tip of Ontario, including the Asheville and Miami regions, as well as the Habana region in Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Panama-Costarica border, and coastal Ecuador.  These could involve drug-trafficking, as the Shan States clearly do, and where there may already be extensive intrigue brewing in 2017.  What has crept into Phuket after the devastating tsunami that turned southern Thailand into a transnational real-estate grab-bag?  Covert ops in Phuket could be teamed up with powerful mafia interests along the East China Sea coast or in Taiwan or the western Philippines, and the hub of the drug problems in the Philippines could, most logically, be emanating from the Shan States mafia territories and poised to further destabilize the Philippines in 2018.  The Shan States are are also 45 angle, and the east China seacoast 22.5 angle, to Hokkaido and Sahkhalin, where there could be related operations static throughout history. This warrants a study of the historical ties between the Shan States, East China seacoast mafia, and Hokkaido and Sakhalin islands, as well as the Bonin and Volcano islands, and central New Guinea along the Papua-Indonesia border region that includes the longtime capital city of Irian Barat and thus its govt/infrastructure.  Potential Hades sneaky-stuff that may include an Indonesian drive to expand into Papua and/or tied to interests in the Shan States, Shanghai-Taipei, or Hokkaido.  With the recent Communist-Kuomintang overtures in Beijing, a covert alliance between Beijing and Tokyo and Taipei may exist despite posturing to the world outside those countries, and the York Peninsula in Australia is particularly vulnerable now to covert operations from the aforementioned locations, including those carried out in the Hades dark hours of the deep night.  Such dark-hour, deep-night sneak operations, anywhere near 7 Cardinals, will likely be teamed routinely with the Vulkanus power of 2018 -- and this puts the Tunisia-Algeria border, Sardinia, Corsica, the French-Italian border, SE Nigeria, Sao Tome, western Samoa, and the Bering Strait and Bering Sea islands of Alaska also in focus, as well as western Sumatra, and the weird old Tannu Tuva colony along the Russia-Mongolia border, from which some historians claim originated the idea for a fascist 'Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere' via Baron von Ungern of Graz Austria, which fascism included plans for both Europe and Asia.  Florida and the Asheville region, in particular, need to be alert to such cults, and beware anyone who pushes LSD or derivatives. Other areas possibly emanating similar machinations are 45 from 7 Cardinals, at 22 Mutables, are those mentioned earlier plus central New Zealand along the longitude of North Cape and Christchurch, central TX-OK-KS-NE and eastern Dakotas in the USA, western borderland region Manitoba, NE coastal Mexico from Matamoros to Jalapa Enriquez, incl Tampico, Oaxaca, the Sai Baba cult base as Visakhpatnam, west Nepal, the Kazakh-Xinjiang border area (potential Jihadist cults), and all these could be tied to Shan States drug money, not to overlook possible drug and/or cult problems in Switzerland, Alsace and all the Rhine river valley and north to Bremen and the western coast of Norway.

    Putin and Russia are not the sole and unallied cause of all the world's problems now... there are Tons of intrigue emanating from a revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere, some of which may or may not be allied with Russian or other interests, via the SCO or other media, and spread across the Pacific, including in the Marshall Islands and Hawaii (with known powerful Moonie-cult operations).  The substantial Kuomintang-Communist alliances must not be ignored.  'Greater China' has been in the making since the day the now-idolized Deng Xiaoping took control in Beijing and began trumpeting the 'Asian Century' now glorified by major Asian transnational banks and economic conferences, which Russia and Japan may both toy with in their own ways.  This is no time to throw caution to the winds in international affairs, which have been thrown into chaos via hyperdrive accelerated change in overdrive, at a level reminiscent of the history of World War 2.  And ordinary citizens are at risk of an increase of dehumanizing transnational corporate policy that could trample them over with policies for 'the masses'. Strengthening of local mutual support networks is vital to democracy and a humane society.  Public demand for government direct accountability to the public may be essential. Vulkanus entering the early degrees of Leo risks a rise of Dictators in the global arena, and Pluto already in Capricorn can sometimes create some rather 'detached' plutocrats overly focused on the material considerations, already witnessed in Central Europe, Libya, Central China, Wall Street gone overboard, possibly on the rise in Jakarta/Bandung in Indonesia in some ways, and a risk of Venezuela falling under control of brutal Colombian cocaine cartels, Chile and Argentina to the rich of Colonia Dignidad.  Meanwhile, the Moonies' Kahr Arms network in peddling guns across America from the Wall Street zone and racking up real estate acquisitions like piles of pancakes, invested in the new Greater China Kuomintang-Communist monstrosity -- which has long had branch offices in Honolulu that could hand the USA fully over to the Asian Century advocates, or split America up with the Vienna School privatizers coming from the other direction, and who were already running Wall Street when they arrived.  Where are the Americans on Wall Street and in Honolulu?.. Americans who care about other Americans more than their families across the ocean, or building up the power and wealth of the places they came from instead?  Americans need to watch the last 1 hour of the 8-hour CSPAN video of the "Million Family March" (starting around 7:00:00) to get an idea of how foreign subversion has been infiltrating the United States since the Asian Century Moonie Cult began manipulating Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and then Louis Farrakhan, trying to co-opt the US civil rights movement and harness it to Asian business interests that will probably just exploit America like a colony, as has already started during the last 15 years or so, slowly but surely, and begun when Tanaka landed in California to visit Nixon, followed by the steady growth of the Moonie cult permutations and their fusion into the US economy and families via arranged marriages. And their dream of gaining control of China and North Korea is already manifesting, if not fully accomplished. Note that the Nazi-built German CDU of the Merkels is no less a threat to US national autonomy than the Moonies or Putin.  The United States has handed over too much of its national security apparatus to foreign interests poised to take over, and Australians already know they are at risk of the same.  America may collapse into a fragmented collection of foreign-owned concessions (like China was in the late 1800s) if assets on US soil are not nationalized rather than privatized, no matter what the pathetic dingbat/fool Ron Paul babbles amid his health tips and promotion of legalized anesthetics that will put Americans asleep for an Austrian School takeover from the Euro direction, if not the Chinese he claims to distrust.

    Chinese spy ship along Australian coast monitoring joint US-Australia Pacific military operations


Supplementary comment on Vulkanus moving into Leo for approx the next 50 years:

    Some pundits have indicated a possible global increase of dictators implementing laws impersonally 'in the interest of the majority'. Vulkanus in Leo is a more likely indicator of narcissistic oligarchs and plutocrats who glorify selfishness, Ayn Rand style. Individual competition is likely to be promoted, as will probably be healthy athletic resilience.  The high side of VU in LE is the message of development of personal potential, and the low side is dictatorship and dominance-submission games, and egotistical arbitrariness.  The first 15 degrees is a progression from the childish manifestations (at 1 degree of a sign) toward the more adult manifestations during the last 15 degrees of a sign, which we can see by studying world evolution during the Pluto in Leo era, progressing from the Hitler era of sloppy egotism and arrogance to the Eisenhower era of athletic accomplishment, creative invention, and development of respectful confidence, heightened personal potential, and encouragement of others' confidence and achievement with a social conscience. Similar energies could manifest with the far-slower Vulkanus moving through Leo, although humanity may (or may not) have learned the lessons of the Pluto-in-Leo era enough to avoid the worst possible manifestations.  In any case, there is indeed a risk of an era, in early Leo, of a rise of global dictator aspirants, of overgrown babies with arrested personal psychological development trying to run the world by arbitrary mandates... Hitler/Tojo/Mussolini/Franco-type replays, unless conscious direction of energy is developed, and the public is keenly alert to such possible problems.  Vulkanus makes its full entry into Leo around 2018Jun25, and ingress charts for this period might tell us a lot about the birthday-chart impact of Vulkanus in Leo will be, as could the first entry of apparently-retrograding Vulkanus in Leo around 2016Sep16. This could give hints of what to expect from Vulkanus for the next 50 years.  The high and low potentials should both be considered during analysis, with an awareness of how energies can manifest variously, depending on attitude, choices, and external factors affection the situation. As mentioned above, with Hades within 2 degrees of 22.5 to Leo as it enters the sign, and this warns of possible political personalities who are aspiring dictators posing strategically as populists, and that too applies to the Hitler/Tojo/Mussolini/Franco (and Ilse Koch, Witch of Buchenwald) types, which the world needs to be on the alert for. Pay attention to politicians who once touted Hitler as their hero and model... the Nazis rose to power by posing as 'national socialists' and were thus elected, Franco as a supposed 'christian'. The low side of Hades is calculatingly deceptive and strategic, and this can include covert psy-ops and cults.  In 2018, the Hades energy is clustered at 7 Cardinals... Cologne/Koln/Bonn Germany, Strassburg on the German-French border, Monaco, Kristiansand Norway, the Algeria/Tunisia border, Tuva region Siberia, w Gansu & E Qinghai & Tibet/Sichuan border in China, Karin & Shan & SE Burma/Myanmar, w Sumatra, Detroit & Columbus & Appalachian KY-VA-TN-NC-GA-SC incl Asheville and Knoxville, Augusta & Tampa regions; Habana Cuba, Costarica-Panama border; coastal Ecuador & adjacent Peru, and these areas could control subsidiary covert ops/cults near 29 Fixed and 14 Mutables. There could therefore be subsidiary covert ops near 29 Fixed, around Ekaterinburg, east central Iran, E Oman and border with Emirates, w Kuril islands, w Micronesia, Rockhampton & Sydney in Australia, central WA & OR, and CA/NV border & Fresno & west Channel Is in California; near 14 Mutables around Prince Albert SK, MT/Dakota border, E Wyoming and E central Colorado and NM, El Paso region; Chihuahua & w Durango & Jalisco, Nayarit & E Sinaloa in Mexico; New Caledonia and central Marshall Is in the Pacific; east Kamchatka in Siberia;Kashmir and bordering India and Pakistan; Goa; Kyrgyz & E Tajik; W Balkash region in Kazak; Omsk Siberia; E coastal Iceland, Canary Is, W tip of Africa from Dakhla Sahara to Bissau Guinea, incl Nouakchott, Dakar, and Banjul/Bathurst.  Cults may be fused with drug traffic; drugs often used in creating and controlling cults. This also means that in the 16th harmonic (22.5), the locations of the cults and drugs and global political power may sometimes be synonymous, and this too was the case during the rise of WW2-era Fascism -- wherever there is cocaine or methamphetamine one may often find fascist cults.  There is already risk of increased 'lacing' of marijuana and other drugs with methamphetamine, which the neo pot-head and other psychedelic cultures need to be keenly alert to.  This is No Time for Anyone to be snoozing on mind-numbing drugs, in any case... get and stay sober if you plan to survive a possible Fascist 'renaissance' (translating as 'Wiedergeburt' in German, or 'Born Again' in English, a common phrase in cult induction).  Some Fascist parties of the 1930s were carved out of socialist parties that were infiltrated and take over/co-opted, often by drugging, and certainly by dogmatic regimentation and S&M-like dominance and submission. And remember what the Wicked Witch said while giving instructions to her Flying Monkies: "Poppies will make them sleep", and thus the Opium Triangles of the planet could neutralize the rest of the world to lose by snooze. The Hades=Vulkanus 16th harmonic cluster now holds sway from the East China Coast and Golden Triangle in tandem -- and so could the world be anesthetized for takeover?  It's already obvious that a possible and hypothetical World War 3 would logically start with undeclared guerrilla warfare, and I persist in the view that the drugs arriving in the USA via Mexico may be coming from somewhere else, maybe across oceans, where the Mexican people are once again used as pawns and fall-guys by people wanting to "get at America" where they aren't already via often overlooked submarine or stowaway warfare (also pertinent to Hades), how covert Axis operations impacted the USA in World War 2, and it would be interesting to study how the Golden Triangle, 45 degrees (8th harmonic angle) west of Tokyo played into that, as opium addiction was known to have been used routinely to kill off local opponents of the fascist 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' as part of an Asian version of 'Lebensraum' policy. 


    2017Jul16: Transnational Cybersecurity:

    This matches with Vulkanus over St-Peterburg and Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao, and Pluto over Chongqing. Posting here is not a comment on the issue of reliability of security software companies, but on the often underestimated seriousness of internet security and social stability issues that need to be tallied in with internet freedom issues in a balanced way.

    Australian national media report on the current state of global/transnational cybersecurity


    2017Jul15: Vulkanus clustered along East China Seacoast: Australian experts warn of risk of 'sleepwalking' on Transpacific security issues:

    These have been in-the-making and would have been available for 'World War 3' military confrontations, then likely backed up by Russia via SCO agreements, now substantially complicated by Kuomintang-Communist and Korean "Unification" agreements and alliances, to which not enough Americans are paying attention, instead lobbied to dismiss reports casually as 'xenophobia' or 'protectionism'. There are various risks if these reports are ignored: 

    Public not adequately recognizing and addressing East Asian transnational military-related operations & capabilities 


    Korean missiles could now reach west Alaska coast security bases and northern Australia 


    2017Jul14: UN Climate Agreement; Pluto and America:

    Merkel went out of her way, once again, to make some sort of statement about how the 'United States of America' was not 'on board' with international climate adaptation and change measures and technology now proposed, and the comment was most likely made because of her continued drive to make "Germany the Leader" in dominating the new technology.  Both California Governor Brown and Elected US President Al Gore came out quickly to indicate that popular American leaders representing a large sector of the American public are in favor of new technology solutions that reduce emissions threatening the Earth's atmosphere, climate stability, and now ocean currents and coastlines. The UN Agreement on Climate Change was signed at a conference in Paris, but the geodetics indicate that it gives advantages to China/Taiwan and/or Germany/Austria more than anyone in France.  Russian power is on the rise, and is already abundant, and so international dialogue and careful negotiations are vital.  Belligerence with Russia does not yield positive results, and never has; like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, most of Egypt, Ethiopia, and all of Arabia, most of Russia in Europe has Taurus MC and Leo rising; and thus are long-surviving civilizations that Do Not Give Up, and will progress proudly at their own pace. Those nations are likely to adapt to current trends only where they see them as clearly practical and stabilizing and respectful of their national interests.  We can even see suns or stars (which are suns) on many of their national flags today or historically, and even the crescent moon is the portion of the Earth's Moon lit by our Sun, as a reminder of its glimmer of light even during darkness.  Note that Japan and Taiwan and the Philippines have a sun on their flags and are in the Leo rising sector of Earth -- and that the Kuomintang Party's Tongmenghui component was founded in Japan. Kuo Min Tang (Guomindang in Pinyin) means National People's Party but it doesn't indicate Which nation it represents.

    Just as Pluto, now within orb of opposite the USA Sun by precession, was conjunct the USA Sun by precession 1927 to 1929 when also, as today, at 4th harmonic cluster with the fixed geo MCs of Vienna and Chongqing (lands of rising World War 2 Fascism manifest under the symbolic leadership of the Austrian Hitler and the ambivalent Chiang Kaishek and Wang Chingwei, later to align with Imperial Manchukuo and Japan while the New York stock market crashed from overinvestment in worthless foreign stocks while Herbert Hoover praised the Manchukuo government. Today's economic policies/realities are different in that another similar crash is not imminent if Washington policy-makers take wise measures to prevent such. This puts Kuomintang-affiliate Billion-heiress Elaine Chao, once or still on the board of Several major US banks, in a Highly critical position, and is reminiscent of the business deals between the past cycle's Herbert Hoover and the Imperial Chinese government, and Chiang Kaishek's wife Soong Meiling's strategic and later literal flirtations in Washington, including of the Consolidated Edison Electric lawyer Wendell Willkie and joint plans with Soong for a "One World" new order to which Chiang Kaishek 'appeared' pragmatically to turn a blind eye. Willkie diabolically sued the FDRoosevelt government for 'unfair competition' from US government work programs designed to resolve American unemployment and revitalize the US economy via mass technology projects, and next, Willkie used the money to run for US president against Roosevelt, with Soong Meiling as a cheerleader.  Relevance?  The Chao family's Long Island seasonal homes rest near those of that same Soong Meiling, both with ready access to Wall Street (in addition to Chao's later ready access to the gold of Fort Knox).  Does anyone smell money?  Big money sucked out of America, daily, and sent across the ocean to Asia.  Foreign-born Kuomintang-affiliate Chao advocates privatization of US infrastructure, which means government control is relinquished to private and potentially transnational corporations.  How does that fit with Trump claiming to be an ardent protector of US borders?  How does the inclusion of German-born Peter Thiel, also in his cabinet, and from the land of Siemens-Deutschebank and its elusive 'Cloud' protect US borders and national interests against German invasion (including economic)?  The answer seems to be "In No Way", and Americans should ask exactly what is the plot of the bad movie rolling in the White House now that will have real outcomes, on the streets and in American homes.

    One thing that is needed is US unity despite the intervention of controversial characters.  That doesn't mean "selling out" (to the revived Chinese Empire or Russia or Germany or anyone else), but for Americans to get beyond the personality cult games, dispense with blind partisan bandwagons, and instead deal with Issues and Policy, with each issue and outcome policy pragmatic and driven by the interests of all Americans, of the American nation as a whole.  This is precisely what FDRoosevelt did in a similar situation, despite tremendous odds including foreign meddling from Germany and China and Japan, the roadblocks of pets of transnational bankcorps like Herbert Hoover, and by policies opposite those of Trump so far, and opposite the duplicitous machinations of the Nazis and the ambivalent Chinese Kuomintang that collaborated with the Fascist Axis (including the Japan Fascist Party) as much as it ever opposed it (read the reports of US China operations Gen Joseph Stilwell) -- and such significance for the continuity of European and Asian parties and banks and corporations from the 1920s up to today.  And there IS substantial continuity, relevant history, and Not just old stuff no longer pertinent. Wall Street must become an American market and not a transnational grab-bag.

    Solar arc directions may favor Merkel remaining in power after the election of 2017, unless another candidate has better indicators, so be prepared for the possibility of More Merkel, who has brought prosperity for most Germans regardless of the impact elsewhere.  Merkel has consistently, since first inauguration, implemented policies to either, in effect and overall, subjugate economically, or otherwise weaken the USA and France and Britain (and much of the rest of Europe) as competitors along a path to German dominance. Merkel's cherished "Lisbon Treaty" mandates by EU law the privatization of national government assets all across the European Union, usually if not mostly acquired by German banks and corporations, and the charts for 1990 German Unification and 1999 Reichstag Revival indicate a probable functional, quiet 'Anschluss' with Austria once again, despite external diplomatic posturings and lines on maps.  The German economy has also expanded substantially into eastern Europe, and put ethnic Germans in power there.

    Similarly, in China, Unification with Taiwan policy was initiated as official Beijing policy the day the Maoist government was ousted and Deng Xiaoping and adherents took over, and the current Xi Jinping has publicly sworn to follow the Deng Xiaoping path, which included the "Asian Century" plan. That means Chinese Unification including Taiwan, effectively re-establishing Chinese Empire boundaries prior to 1890, but also reviving policies of the Axis Prosperity Sphere to fuse Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China into a regional economic alliance.  It will be interesting to see how Japan manipulates the situation, and neither the USA nor Australia should assume reliable allies anywhere around the East China Sea until proven.  This is most likely what is at the core of secret provisions in the murky Transpacific agreements, concealed in North America by an overabundance of double agents and lobbyists patriotically loyal to the lands of their ancestors, with fake IDs and passports making detection difficult.  How much more obvious can this be already, unless one lives too distant from the Pacific coast of the United States and is still dazzled by the manipulations of Chao, SB Woo, the larger Moonie network and Falungong offshoot in Washington to see what's unfolding.

    If wealthy Americans (if there are any still in existence) don't bring their money home and invest it in America and Americans, the US national economy is at grave risk.  America has to produce American products in American factories and workplaces, or risk the same disaster as in 1929... American big money invested in foreign sweatshops owned, at that time, by German corporations -- now maybe to include more Chinese and Japanese or Korean corporations and their regional sweatshops stretching westward into India.  The big regional economic conferences in Asia have been touting an "Asian Century" after 2000 with regularity, since the late 70s and early 80s, and Americans had better pay attention to that, and how it has already tried to manifest, and also to the games Merkel is playing in Europe and with Russia.  Plus the historic origins of the transnational Jihadi cults in WW2 Axis power covert psychological warfare operations that Merkel has scrambled to cover up.... the halloween-candy show for mideastern immigrants headed for "re-education" programs was a strategic measure designed to make people forget the history of German mideast policy since the 1930s, and its colonizing ambitions, and third countries should be aware of exactly how refugees are "re-educated" in Germany, and for what purposes.  Germany now has Europe's money via the Euro, and one of the most elaborate and sophisticated intelligence services and psychological warfare storehouses on the planet, preserved from Nazi days, plus whatever planet-wide data the Siemens Cloud hands over to the ever-present BND (Gestapo revived).  You can probably safely bet this is part of why Britain is contemplating the when and how of Brexit, while Germany continues its shiny, hooked lures of temporary bribes for Ireland and Scotland and Wales.  The whole world also needs to be a lot more vigilant and skeptical about what's unfolding in Ukraine and Romania and Turkey, including what German government and corporations are doing there and have done there for last century (incl the Chernobyl debacle), as they hold keys to whether there is a potentially disastrous World War 3... as well as Egypt now, heavily under Saudi influence, together surrounding Israel with Turkey.  Playing with massively-armed Russia's national boundaries is a potentially highly explosive risk as British intelligence has already warned. 

    Lastly, geodetic indicators point to possible risks from Moonie-cult Kahr Arms (incl gun manufacturing) or other technology investments in Mexico, including in Monterrey, which is not far from the mountainous US-Texas border region where there is no 'wall'.  It has long been my view that there is far more 'danger' from foreign underworld operations contaminating Mexico than there is from the Mexican government or general population.  Both World Wars included (European, and Asian in WW2) non-Mexican-run operations on Mexican soil attempting to provoke border clashes or wars, and chaos in North America.  The area of Texas borderland now most vulnerable is around Laredo, while Mexico is largely at the mercy of imported transnational criminal networks creating havoc and misery for millions of its people daily, and potentially using Mexico as a doormat into the United States. It's documented that Germany tried that in WW1 and 2, Japan did in WW2, and any nation is capable of the same again.  China, a vast country, inevitably diverse, was divided and ambivalent in World War 2, and in a civil war that involved alliances with Japan, and very carefully strategizing in dealing with all other nations.  The Greater Chinese Empire holds vast global financial and increasing military and espionage power right now, not to be ignored for a moment, and Elaine Chao has one foot there. Americans must stay away from the opiates and the diversionary dream-worlds, for if "you snooze, you lose", the transnational drug-peddlers know it, and Sun Tzu preaches to retreat when the enemy advances, and attack when the enemy retreats or is asleep -- so,  Make this Summer of Love not a Summer of Drugs or more Moonie-type cult inductions, as they try to co-opt anything they think is popular among vulnerable and isolated people.  Beware Pipe Dreams.

    Two relevant quotes are attributed to Pres John Kennedy: 

    "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names"; and

    "If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich".


    2017Jul09: Repeating Pluto and Vulkanus cycles in USA Chart:

    In addition to Seattle and NYC and Vancouver/Victoria and Ottawa being vulnerable to powerful Vulkanus pushes from Shanghai/Taipei, Alexandria/Cairo, Durban, and Buenos Aires/Asuncion in 0 Fixed sign geodetic zones, the same is true to a lesser degree in zones at 22.5 and 45 degrees from there.  This points in the USA to Yuma Arizona at points of entry via the Colorado River.  Could submarines be involved?   This also affects the southern California border area, and northward depending on river navigability. Another area mentioned before was the very mountainous region between Eagle Pass and Laredo Texas, where maps show there is no 'border fence', possibly due to rough terrain.  Another vulnerability point is around Chicago (recently inundated by street drugs and guns, possibly imported) and Milwaukee, the ports of Biloxi Mississippi and Mobile Alabama, and then the Gaspe and Anticosti areas in Quebec, and the eastern tips of Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island and adjacent areas of mainland Nova Scotia.  Politically potent, even para/military or just gun-trafficking could be coming in via those areas.  NYC would match up with Kahr Arms Moonie operations, which could involve importation of weapons to appease the media-fed gun crazes. This could also possibly affect Upper Michigan and southern Ontario via ports around Thunder Bay, Isle Royale, and the Keweenaw Peninsula that might possible be accessed via the Saint Lawrence Seaway, which should be monitored for high-impact politically-charged contraband.  This could also mean that Panama Canal traffic could be critically significant now.  These locations were also in critical relationship to the USA and Canada when Vulkanus was around 15 mutables (1932-39) during the East Asia Prosperity Sphere extended into Manchukuo and the East China seacoast already including Taiwan/Formosa, and again to a smaller but significant degree around 2:30 Cardinals (1964-70) at the time of Vietnam War blowback.  How much of the turbulence on US streets, with weird cults and militant organizations, was actually imported from the aforementioned locations rather than of purely domestic origin?  How much of the propaganda about how there is no threat from foreign interests being generated from the foreign interests themselves, at the mentioned locations?... very important question.  Border and Port security has been and is No Joke when powerful energies like Pluto or Vulkanus are at hand, regardless of which political figure or party speaks of it or not.

    As mentioned in newsletters, Pluto was conjunct the USA 1776 Sun last around the time for the 1929 Stock Market crash, which was due to overinvestment in transnational slave-labor economies, which included the labor camps around Auschwitz, in the Silesian industrial region, and per geodetic indicators involved money from Vienna (Hitler's homeland capital) as much as Germany proper, where Pomeranian money may have also been at play. Rising Chinese economic power in Chongqing and Guiyang, during the 1928-29 New Constitution restructuring in China, and the colonial Indonesia economy in Jakarta/Batavia and Bandung was also critical then -- all of which are now, once again.  Were/are those also virtual slave-labor economies?  What was going on in Bogota Colombia, eastern Peru, and mineral-rich southern Chile at that time and how might it be recycling now?  Was and is Necker Island near Hawaii, or the Unimak Island area or Norton Sound in Alaska of global financial significance in terms of sea trade?  What is unfolding in Saigon and Hanoi is of global financial significance, as most clearly is Singapore, and city built on money-trading and a historical root-city of the Kuomintang Party (as are Honolulu and Tokyo, outside mainland China)... and Pyongyang and Seoul were and are now also in critical to the US economy.  How much are North and South Korea merging, politically or just economically?  Seoul could have direct financial links to Chongqing, Vietnam, or Jakarta and Bandung, and these all impact the USA Sun now via the precessed transit of Pluto.  How much to investments from these locations overtake local economies in the USA?  How much of Wall Street is American money?  The latter is a critical issue. Fully American money in New York and Los Angeles has to invest in the US national economy to keep foreign interests from Taking Over and affecting the daily economic life of the American public, and this has already begun, and very conspicuous in places like San Francisco, with obnoxious rent-gouging and rapid business takeovers, spun out of control, and highly disruptive of local economies and stability.

    The very same locations for Pluto impacted the USA Sun at its square around 1978-79, a period that should be studied for economically critical foreign exchanges with those very same locations, and where America is disadvantaged by Plutonian-type business strategy games coming from those locations. Note that since Canada's 1867 chart has a Sun only a few degrees earlier in Cancer, it has (ever since 1867) been and is similarly affected by the same cities and locations only a few degrees to the west.. a bit more toward Chengdu and Singapore, maybe Kuala Lumpur or Phnompenh, Kingston Jamaica, and possibly Berlin more than Vienna.  Note that the geodetic alignments for the 1990 unification chart and 1999 Reichstag renewal chart for Germany align with power closer and closer to Vienna, meaning that German Unification may have quietly included something akin to another 'Anschluss' with Austria.

    How does the "Tea Party" (touting "Vienna School" economics) and earlier prototypes for it (Silvershirts network, etc) match up with the aforementioned dates and locations, and what were their relationships to foreign interests?  The Silvershirts and Nazi Bund were known to be backed from Germany and/or Austria. The relationship between China and Nazi Germany is reported in international media but often whitewashed in US media due to China Lobby pressures, as was Chinese collaboration with Japan Fascism and the transnational criminal underworld networks that built them and still survive today.  


    2017Jul05: Global Control Central.

    This matches with the recent and current Pluto and Vulkanus (and Zeus) 4th harmonic alignments with Berlin, Stettin, Vienna, and Chongqing and Shanghai and Taipei.  The Siemens (Deutschebank) "Cloud" has given the German BND control of the world in a way Hitler would have 'danced his jig' over again, and due to naive compliance similar to that lent before Sudetenland... "Big Brother" is German, at the core of the E.U., and rooted in the remnants of the Third Reich, decorated with mummy Merkel as the symbolic new Fuhrer. Merkel will say whatever sounds good at the moment and according to location -- at the moment portraying herself as the champion of new environmentally-friendly technology (as long as Germany controls it), trying to align with the 'Anti-Trump Resistance' whereas her party LOVES America crumbling under the dominance of a fool (unless they can control it as a "Reichsgau" that would have Peter Thiel and Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Gauleiter"s.  Meanwhile, Transpacific Chinese and Japanese tech companies have a similar degree of control over global tech paradigms.  All "Information Control", and much of it handed over by US government agencies to them after Merkel shamed us with her cell-phone act, so they can take over and "redefine America" by what is re-emerging as Eurasian Fascism manipulating American politics due to naivete in Washington.  Merkel and her family ties to Russia need scrutiny, as does most certainly the history of German-Russian relations going all the way back to Katharina von Anhalt (German-born "Catherine the Great") as Czarina of Russia and cultivator of the Volga German colonies. That could be where Vulkanus over Peterburg and Odessa comes into the picture.

    There are signs that German, and Chinese Diaspora (via the Kuomintang-Communist merger) intel data have been manipulating Washington in a play where German intel reports "It's the Chinese!", while Chinese-allied intel reports "It's the Germans", both of which are true, but that they may in fact be in alliance, which would match up with the extensive German corporate operations and fusions into the crime-infested and now uber-rich Chinese Diaspora joint economic interests that produce things like Chinese-made cars and other technology with German and Japanese (and sometimes American) corporate labels pasted on them, German (and Japanese) owned factories in China, longtime German-Kuomintang  and German-Qingdynasty military and banckcorp alliances that go back for the last 100 years or more.

    A major point to keep in mind while analyzing all of it is that Angela Merkel is a Fake, trained to be fake by the remnants of the very Austro-German military-industrial machine that created the Third Reich.  Arnold (also an agent and not the head Kaiser) may even give her acting lessons, in between his politically-charged trips to Taipei and Hongkong, on how to wink and flirt and charm. German politics can probably not be understood without reading Sigrid Schultz's "Germany Will Try It Again", and a summary of Metternich's bag of tricks (idolized by Kissinger).  And East Asian politics can probably not be fully understood without reading Sun Tzu's "Art of War", Sterling Seagrave's "Lords of the Rim", and Tony Matthews's "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon".  Fully understanding China and Japan foreign relations requires a study of the notes and memoirs of General Joseph Stilwell, and Sterling Seagrave's "Soong Dynasty" and "Yamato Dynasty".  Seagrave's work is today more critical to understanding global power politics than ever, a monument to understanding the Asian half of Corporatist Globalism.  And Seagrave's "Marcos Dynasty" gives invaluable insights into Philippine politics components of the East Asia power balance.  Did Seagrave know he was writing books that are of Vital significance to the world in 2017 as Vulkanus global power wields part of its impact from the East China Seacoasts?  As for Russia, a study of the German Oldenburg dynasty's fusion into the Romanov family, whose name it took on in Peterburg, and Czarina Katharina/Catherine's policies stretching from Berlin, across Peterburg, Moscow, and Kiyev, to Astrakhan are probably vital to understanding the roots of what's happening now along the Russian border and the bloody history of Ukraine, coveted from Central Europe to the Urals for its control of the unfrozen year-round Black Seaport outlets for the vast mineral wealth of Russia in Europe.  For the old imperial oligarch families are what controls the European Union, the revived Chinese Empire, and Always the Japanese Empire and its sometimes rebellious Korean satellite state.

    While North America reaches out with multicultural love, the Hordes of Asian empire-builders see it only as an open door to invasion, the Dream of the supposed "Asian Century", while Merkel's Huns see the instability as an opportunity to strengthen the power of their Gauleiters and sink further into the US economy and infrastructure via entities such as the Siemens-Deutschebank bankcorp complex, tied directly to "The Euro", aspiring to subjugate Europe, global dominance, and weakening of real American power and influence to get there. As mentioned before, the Deutsch-Asiatische Deutschebank Asian imperial alliances go back for at least a century, and were at the root of the World War 2 Axis Fascist machine, fused into World War 1 Central Power politics, and now resurgent but dressed up in different costumes.  Of interest to note are the use of figures like Merkel and Chao to give brutal, macho political machines a feminine-looking facade as Vulkanus enters Leo and Hades lingers in the early degrees of Cancer. Merkel and Chao serve more powerful masters. Global doublespeak and doublethink politics are already in full bloom, while the Huns and the Hordes are once again poised to expand their empires via both Pluto and Vulkanus energies and resources, sometimes implemented by the tools of Zeus.  If you think for a moment that the Merkel machine will bring egalitarian democracy, take a look at what its rule over Germany and thus the E.U. has done to the rest of Europe.  And now having shamelessly manipulated the inexperienced Macron in position as the New Vichy Petain. Next, beware the risks of attempts to put another Edward VIII on the throne in London.  The mission assigned to Merkel is to have Germany rule the world... whatever that takes... and it could include a long-desired joint German-Russian control of Peterburg (planned by Hitler) and a Grossdeutschesreich empire stretching from the Rhine, across the Urals to the Pacific, or from the Atlantic to the Pacific if France can be subjugated, which may have just happened via "En Marks" Macron at the Versailles palace of King Ludwig, heir to the western empire of Karl der Grosse (aka Charlemagne).  George Herbert Walker Bush created the groundwork for all of this to unfold as it has, starting with back-yard control of the Reagan Administration while duped by the Asian Fascist operant "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon, and the old Nazi Bush-family ties that might have had the USA colluding with Hitler and Tojo and Wang Chingwei, with Shanghai mobster Chiang Kaishek ready to side with the victor, whomever that might be.  The Shanghai Green Gang is still around, maybe stronger than ever, and its turf overlaps the Elaine Chao family shipping empire, sitting on the board of at very least 3 major US banks, in ways that need to be investigated... as Vulkanus power now rests along the Shanghai-Taipei longitudes. Taiwan-born Chao is No Small Item in Washington politics now... nor was she through the Bush Junior administration -- nor was the continued thread of the Moonie "church/faith-based" cult worm from Watergate to the now blossoming Asian Century plans.  These are keys to solving the mystery of the current Chaos in Washington.  Expect little Truth in reports on East Asian history from Asia, as Sun Tzu taught the value of secrecy and obfuscation and deceit in Asian guerrilla warfare, manifest as the attack on Pearl Harbor while Japanese diplomats were cynically offering the "World Peace" olive branch in San Francisco, and the forgotten Japanese plans for a nuclear bomb for America unfolding when Washington beat the draw and stopped further casualties by dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Axis powers might well have destroyed America (and Canada) if Albert Einstein hadn't brought the technology across the Atlantic. Otherwise, Germany and the East Asian Axis might have ruled the world.  Has that happened anyway?  Was it the "New Order" announced by George Bush Sr as he stared dizzily into his 'thousand points of light' after another mesmerizing 'prayer' session with Sun Myung Moon (with the Chao family watching in greedy anticipation)?  If so, Rasputin would have been impressed, but Americans lose where the Moonies (and their Kahr Arms gun-peddling operation) win.  Few have yet penetrated the role of the Moonies in Watergate, and this may be why their push to cover up Watergate investigation results was not to 'save face' for Nixon, but for themselves, to stop the cover from being blown on their elaborate and scheming espionage and subversion operations across the USA, from coast to coast... and now lodged in the White House, on Wall Street, and throughout California infrastructure, and maybe in Washington state, and clearly throughout Hawaii, maybe including Homeland Security offices in Honolulu, a Kuomintang founding location.  In particular, where transnationals have been involved in US national security database development or maintenance, or in other security functions. Given the recent and current impact of powerful Pluto and Vulkanus on the USA chart and key US national security locations geodetically, this is Not an issue to be dismissed as mere conspiracy theory, or as trivial.  What is also critical is foolish trust in "faith-based" organizations that serve as fronts for covert foreign espionage or subversion operations.  Cult manipulees/victims, religious or otherwise, dazzled by their ideologies or cult figures, can unfortunately be oblivious to these issues.


    2017Jul03: Geodetic indicators for US presidential administrations beginning in both January 2017 and January 2021 -- China is in fact a Big Deal, and looking for Big Deals, including Chinese and other foreign drives to privatize and therefore control US infrastructure.  It's Not a minor issue, at all, and the removal of US public control of US infrastructure is the functional End of American democracy, if it is allowed to manifest more.  Not all Europeans seem to have gotten that message as Merkel's Euro/Deutschebank "Lisbon Treaty" has legally mandated privatization of national infrastructures across Europe, contrary to the shallow impressions of lingering EU-enthusiasts in the British Isles and elsewhere.  This now weighs heavily on Washington, from both Vienna 'Transatlantic' And Chongqing/Chungking and the Bandung-Conference network built on Post-WW2 Axis Fascist underworld 'Transpacific' money.  Merkel and Friends, whose political power is also nests in Vienna and Stettin and the old Mannerheim machine in Finland, and the Hohenzollern strongholds in Romania, snicker tee-hee as they pull strings and mesmerize visitors like the Hitler court used to (as described in 'Germany Will Try It Again' by Sigrid Schultz).

    Note that Pluto has been opposing the USA July 4 chart Sun, by tropical transit and then by sidereal/precessed transit for the last several years... and at age 241, the precession factor of 50.2 seconds per year for current transits to the USA chart is about 3 degrees and 18 minutes (subtracted from current tropical transits, or added to natal tropical positions), and are of substantial potency as much as 2 degrees away from (now current 2nd harmonic, 180d) aspect/cluster.  This means that there is still time to undo Plutonian corruption in Washington during the last several years that has manifest spectacles like the Tea Party cult as well as foolish foreign policy moves made while wisely avoiding the disasters of a speculative "World War 3" that geodetics show would be won by Russia and China.  The current power of the Shanghai "SCO" must be endured with strict caution and boundaries until the tide turns.  Power now amassed in Shanghai and Taipei now presses on NYC and Seattle, and in a few years, power amassed in Korea and Manchuria, by whomever controls them, will similarly press hard on San Francisco and Portland, with symptoms already clearly showing. The building of the Korean CIA by agents of Fascist Manchukuo could still be relevant today. Both North and South Korea, long either Chinese or Japanese colonies, are puppet-states controlled by whomever can wrest it, and control could shift from mainland China to Taiwan while their oligarchies merge into a new Chinese Empire. The recent government in Beijing has repeatedly stated its commitment to privatization and merger with the Japan-fused Kuomintang oligarchy that has controlled the Taiwan economy for years. Thus the revival of the East Asia Prosperity Sphere is underway and playing quiet but financially high-impact chess with America, while US politicians seem to be oblivious and charmed by their lobbying tricks and carrot sticks.  It's not all love and kumbaya in the world of political reality that becomes evident after one wakes up from the dream.

    Geodetic alignments of Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus for both US presidential administrations of 2017 and 2021 point increasingly to interference in US national politics from both now-globally-Dominant Chinese and German interests, above and beyond Russian and Mideastern.  The 'strongman' position of Trump may only be a stage-presence covering a powerful transnational machine behind him, that installed him, and threatening to continue into 2021, unless measures are taken to curb the foolish openness to foreign meddling in US infrastructure and politics (which installed the pseudo-populist Trump, whose geodetic indicators of main political backing are very similar to those of George Bush Jr -- so look for the parallels, despite Bush family public relations statements).  The power of the new Shanghai-Taipei Kuomintang-Communist alliance (including today's remnants of the Shanghai-Taipei "Green Gang" Mafia that has been at core of the Kuomintang network, which was reported as the single most wealthy political party on the globe already in the early 2000s, and after more mergers with the Chinese Communist Party, has increasing control of China's Vast national assets.  This alliance is likely behind Elaine Chao in NYC and Washington, the Moonie/Kahr Arms cult fused with Chao's network, and the Ed Lee machine in the San Francisco bay area, also fused historically with the pervasive Moonie family cult and its organizational/business permutations.  The network connections are shown in the "Men Behind the Curtain" article, and now, via Chao in the White House cabinet (again, as during the Bush Jr admin when the Dept of Homeland Security was built), and in indicators of major influences manipulating the Trump administration as well as whoever is inaugurated in 2021.  There are the 2017 4th-of-July fireworks!  And they risk being enabled by Canadian foreign policy, if Ottawa is not careful. 

    The Russia/Putin connection could clearly be relevant, if one remembers the "SCO" Shanghai Cooperation Organization binding Moscow with Beijing, the geodetic overlaps of the post-1990 Russian Central Bank with the European Central Bank, and the too-often overlooked, globally potent current presence of Vulkanus near Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, the recent Kuomintang-Communist cooperation treaties, the Kuomintang-Communist joint leadership presence at Beijing's recent "Victory Day" parades, and Xi Jinping's stated intentions to continue the policies of Deng Xiaoping (i.e. Asian Century, continued Privatization of the Chinese economy, now guaranteed by the most recent Chinese constitution, and the merging of the mainland China and Taiwan economies).  These have been overlooked because the China lobbies news about them quiet in US media, while they have been openly reported in Chinese and other East Asian domestic media that most Americans ignore, to our disadvantage.  These points are Vital as Pluto finalizes its precessed opposition to the 1776 July 4 USA chart Sun.

    The geodetic alignments account not only for the rising Vulkanus global political clout of Shanghai, Taipei, and Peterburg -- as also of Istanbul, Cairo, Durban, Buenos Aires, and remote but potent and heavily, globally militarized Asuncion Paraguay, with remote Guyana also poised to become somehow globally significant (and hopefully not like the Jonestown hoax in Arthur Chung's Guyana, recruiting among Moonie cult strongholds, but don't discount that as a possibility).

    Not to overlook is the current critical locus of Pluto (financial) power, in Chongqing (longtime Kuomintang power hub in China built up by the US Lend-Lease Act, now economically resurgent on a global scale), rising in power Jakarta and Bandung-Conference Indonesia, rich long-narcotrafficking-troubled Bogota Colombia, NYC and Wall Street and the surrounding Moonie-Kuomintang colonies housing the Chao family dynasty and the Kahr Arms weapons traffickers/peddlers (on US soil, to note), and the beloved Vienna of the old Habsburg financial empire, Schwarzenegger's family connections in Vienna, with the secessionist 'UNPO' organization repeatedly advocating the breakup of the USA into smaller countries along with Confederate memorabilia and "separatist movements" that round up and manipulate Native American people, and potentially problematic financial (oil/mining/fishing?) interests all along the Bering Seacoast in Alaska, from north to south including the eastern Aleutians.   These are global power foci impacting the Trump administration from inauguration day throughout all four years. Way too much bias toward Chinese and Russian and Austro-German interests including those in west Poland and west Yugoslav states, plus Capetown South Africa.... global Pluto money also now rising in Turkey and Egypt (old 'Caliphate' lands, with Egypt long fused with Saudi money and interests, and long ambiguous and blurry Saudi-Turkish relations).  These are more significant than usual in American history, since Pluto, by precession, is finishing off its opposition the USA Sun, meaning foreign money from these locations could wag America by the tail, and that includes massive Chinese and longtime Austro-German money on Wall Street.

    Zeus para/military influences through the Trump/Pence years from 19 cardinals are less than 2 degrees from Pluto on the 90 dial and thus possibly fused closely with the Pluto interests... Zeus para/military ops just a bit to the east of Pluto, at Hainan island's Chinese naval bases, which can be checked by Australian military presence off the coast of Cape Farquhar and Dirk Hartog island in Australia; US naval/coastguard presence around Kotzebue, Dillingham, and Henderson Bay in Alaska; US national/coastal defense operations around Boston, continued and now vital US cooperation with the Dominican Republic, US cooperation with Argentina that does not upset a balance-of-power in the Falklands. Argentina will need support against the covert Chinese and maybe also Japanese paramilitary operations in Paraguay and neighboring areas of Brazil (and/or in Bolivia?), including via Moonie cult fronts.  Benghazi Libya could become further militarized, and will need counterbalance of strong anti-terrorist bases in Greece and Albania. Defenses around Cape Agulhas in South Africa, and in the Namibian capital, need fortification with democratic interests alert to meddling from Libya, China, and/or post-war fascist remnants in the Patagonia.

    I had to look at the 2021 inauguration indicators to see what this could be leading to 4 years from now...

    Vulkanus at 31:46 in 2021, pointing still to East China Coast and Taiwan naval bases, and the Philippines, further ramped up during the next four years, and subject to whatever unfolds in China and Taiwan and the Philippines.  Manila's global power will be enhanced and subject to the whims of local politics there.  Celebes and Flores in Indonesia could be further militarized, and the far-west tip of Australia will need further national security fortification.  Unalloyed US military operations all around Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska will need to be fortified.... also true of Denver and Roswell, at 45 angle, and these need to be free of meddling influence from German or Asian military, any foreign, interests there (like near Roswell), just as the city of Halifax needs to be focused on Canada and North America's security interests rather than meddling of German crypto-nationalist interest like those at the Halifax Security Conferences. Canada's Atlantic fleet needs fortification now and in coming years, with a focus on the Western Hemisphere, regardless of who is US president, and Canada becomes weak in facing the now bristling global ambitions of Germany, China, Japan, Russia, and the revived 'Caliphate' countries, without America.

    By 2021, Pluto will have shifted to 24:20, and linger there for the next US presidential administration.  The USA risks losing its global financial clout due to poor federal financial policy... foreign money on Wall Street could ruin the US economy during the next four years, just as it did in 1929, and that certainly includes the very conspicuous Chinese money there now, as well as old Austro-German nationalist money, which is what largely built the Wall Street Stock Exchange in the first place. Chinese money in Asia will shift from Chongqing to Hongkong and Macao over the next 4 years, and into Honolulu (facilitated by lax immigration policy serving eagerly competitive interests In Asia far far more than America).

    ***The United States is in urgent need of taking control of Wall Street so it is not run by foreign money, Chinese, Central European, or White South African in particular***.  Venezuela could also become a world financial hub by 2021, possibly due to political changes by then, and if US investments are not there, America loses even more to Chinese or European interests, already in motion to a severely problematic degree, and due to lack of financial planning in Washington, instead left to 'global' markets who couldn't care less about Americans, and that could include financial interests in Hawaii indifferent to the well-being of the rest of the USA (already marked by advocacy of dangerously lax immigration controls during this period of rampant global terrorist network migration).  More wealth will accumulate in Hawaii, logically due to increased China/Transpacific trade that Pluto indicates will benefit Hongkong and cities to the north of it (incl the bustling central China riverport of Wuhan/Wuchang),