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    2017Aug05: The Real Beijing and Taipei:

    Study of Volume III of the 'Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping' is a must-read for anyone on the globe now (with authentic, original, unedited copies of it often grossly overpriced), as Xi Jinping in Beijing has vowed to follow in his footsteps, and this should be tallied with the Kuomintang-Communist overtures (listed in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website) and a review of the recent sham 'Anti-Fascist Victory Day' parades in Beijing, one of which had Kuomintang officials sitting in the review stand alongside Communist Party leaders, and a noticeably publicly-inaccessible causeway for the parade, blocked off by heavy military machinery... .no audience, no cheers.. just a parade with Mainland and Taiwan oligarchs overlooking and reviewing what may be intended to function as a 'cross-strait' military machine for defense of 'Greater China'.  The Deng writings will make clear what the objectives of the 'Communist' party were after 1978.... a Radical abandonment of Maoism, except in name, and a shift toward an alliance with both the Kuomintang (founded in part in Japan, also Hawaii) and Japan. Deng created what was in effect a sort of Chinese National Socialism (i.e. "with Chinese characteristics"), actively courted fusion with Taiwan and opening of China to Japanese investment, touting of an 'Asian Century' of Asian prosperity to be based on technology industries.  This is not being presented to advocate for a war with China, but it is time for Americans to Get Real about what's happening there now, and what the ideology espoused in China is, in contrast with its foreign propaganda outlets and ploys.  China is today not a country satisfied to remain within its borders.  Since the rise of Xi Jinping, there are domestic TV commercials touting the 'Prosperity' theme reminiscent of the joint plan that the wealthier Chinese had in common with WW2 Japan, which joined in China's northeast and coastal cities while the poor of China were left to be murdered by Japanese troops, who then controlled Taiwan and hoisted Chinese allies into power on Taiwan in the late 1940s.   These events had significant impact on the course of the Korea and Vietnam wars, fought by American troops (and Australian for a while), while China and Japan watched and waited for the results, China hoping for control of Vietnam either via the Communist or Kuomintang parties, or maybe a blend, such as beginning to form now.  China's, Taiwan's, and Japan's, and Korea's role in the Vietnam war should be studied again before proceeding with any rash US policies involving any East Asian nation, and it is vital for the USA to Not be manipulated into a war for unjustifiable reasons while North Korea has missiles that can now reach US territory.  Furthermore, the Vulkanus power necessary for winning, or global stomping, now rests not only along the East China Coast, but also in islands controlled the Taiwan government, as well as any Russian bases due north of Manchuria.  As Zeus power is now built up in Chongqing and Saigon and Jakarta, those cities could react with great efficiency in the event of a war, and yet, overpowering Vulkanus (the Shanghai-Qingdao Dalian navy) or else Taipei or remote Russian bases north of Manchuria, would probably be the victor... unless US forces around Anchorage, swimming among evasive Moonie cult operations and shipping lines, could somehow overcome the force of the Chinese navy.  Would Taipei want a war?  Would Russia?  Manila would probably not want to be caught in the crossfire of a regional war again -- nor would Indonesia unless it is controlled by some sort of fanatic. Do we know for a for a fact that the Beijing government is helping North Korea develop its missiles, or is Russia or Taipei doing it?  Manila not a logical source, with Nothing to gain in the end.  Would Russia want it as a way to draw military focus away from its European borders?  War profiteers in such a war would be where Pluto is in hard angle to the MC... at this time Chongqing, Hainan, central Java in Indonesia, Boston, Stockholm, Benghazi (oil supplies), or Capetown.  Libya could get rich from the war and fortify the 'Caliphate' dream, whose jihadists are already in motion.  Sounds like a bad plan, and more study need to made of just who is pushing Kim Jong Un's buttons, setting aside the self-interested propaganda games of regional data sources.

    As for Heritage Foundation reports on East Asia, those are tied in heavily with Elaine Chao's financial interests, and other Kuomintang nationalist money that has long funded it, with overlaps involving the Moonie cult network, with Kahr Arms Guns For Sale, whether made in the USA or Asia or elsewhere.  Geodetics indicate that Chao's Foremost Shipping may have been heavily involved in Vietnam War transport, for whatever motives.

    None of the Asian saber-rattling or weapons gaming should distract attention from Russian relations and activities, nor from the burgeoning Chinese mafia organized crime (blue and white collar, both) on the US Pacific coast, which is at risk of worsening if its agents are promoted into policing or investigative networks simply to 'cover up' and expand, as has happened before.  Reading the stealthy Deng Xiaoping's writings from the 80s and 90s show that he was more of an 'Anti-Mao' than any sort of doctrinaire Communist after becoming the 'Paramount Leader', and the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article/data tables on this website shows where his likely organizational alignments were in reality; Xi Jinping has vowed to continue Deng's legacy, and geodetics show where Xi's likely essential political and financial alignments rest.  Taiwan and Japan politicians are also listed, and these will matter in dealing with the North Korea puppet state, in the world of Sun Tzu intrigue and guerrilla warfare.  It is also amazing to read reports of Japanese WW2-era operations, which included massive submarines, sometimes larger than the boats they attacked, sometimes heavily armed.  Surprise attacks, underwater operations, and sophisticated espionage and psychological warfare operations were the rule rather than the exception.  If there are Japanese bases on Taiwan or its surrounding islands, this adds yet another dimension to East China Sea military issues. Notice that Wikipedia info on WW2 Japanese operations appear to be grossly edited/scrubbed to not include the reports of the actual wartime period.  The East Asian Axis military, commanded from Tokyo, controlled Korea, Taiwan, the most populated areas of China mainland, the Philippines, Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the Marshalls, at least two Aleutian islands in Alaska, and half of New Guinea, with spies and collaborators in Hawaii, and much of the resources of China, including active Chinese collaboration.  There were also Pro-Axis Jihadi movements in Xinjiang at that time.... all the potential framework of a revived East Asian Axis if war should break out... plus the SCO Russian-Chinese agreements, and overtures with India.  A State of War with Korea's allies, whoever they actually are, could send California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia into chaos, already bristling with more transpacific spies, including ambiguous Moonie cult zombies, than can be counted... certainly enough to make a war very difficult to win without extensive losses.  Alliances with Germany would risk even further exploitation by the Siemens-Deutschebank network, America under a virtual state of siege, from the start.  How would Russia react?  Just exactly who wanted Kim Jong Un to have long-range missiles to pull the USA into a crazy war with him?  Don't ask the Moonies if you want a straight answer.. they're waiting for the Rapture, anyway, convinced that their Messiah will make them the only 'blessed' survivors.  Add Kahr Arms guns, ties with the Falun Gong, and there's potential for a Moonie Jihad, all legal if classified as 'Faith Based' organizations.

    Dates for key events in the Vietnam, some for the Korean, wars have been added to the 'Curtain' article, which may shed light on international meddling in US policy in Korean and Vietnam, a topic already written about... one can see where the VU political or command power, PL money, and ZE military operations management, actually came from, including involvements of neighboring countries poised for the war spoils.  Such historical issues, still maybe pertinent, or at least insightful into local politics, should be reviewed before any sort of poorly thought-through warlike measures. The question of "who on Earth wanted the war, and for what?" may be answered.  America needs to stop being wagged around by foreign tails, becuase they are a root cause of Washington is in a mess now, starting with the covert ops of Franz von Papen, and then coupled with the visit of Kakuei Tanaka and the landing of the Moonie cult its chameleon-like permutations and its manipulation of Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and God knows who else, not to mention their reported involvement in Watergate.  Such issues may need to be resolved so America can complete the Pluto opposition in a way beneficial to Americans rather than financial oligarchs in Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, Vienna, Bengasi, Capetown, or even Stockholm.  The USA risks becoming somebody else's colony.


   2017Aug05: Geodetic alignments that may explain some mysterious global events:

    Release of the fake "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon of the fake "Unification Church" from prison, where he was probably psy-programmed as a cult leader, correlated with Zeus in the same 5930-6000 subsector as the creation of the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam, meaning possibly similar military backing.  The 5930-6000 geodetic subsector points to islands in Micronesia, which has been recorded as a hub of Japanese military operations in WW2, and a later base of operations for the Moonie Unification Church, and Zeus implies military operations, in islands nominally controlled by the USA after WW2, but given gradual autonomy.  It is thus possible that the Moonie cult, probably created in a Japanese prison, although with an ethnic Korean leader and with a key headquarters in Taiwan, served as a component of covert Japanese involvement in the Vietnam War (and in Korea and Taiwan politics); and that their proliferation in the USA (today branching into arms trafficking on US streets via the Kahr Arms operations) was directly related to countering the anti-war movement in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s, and today capable of foreign-directed armed operations on US soil due to the Kahr affiliation.  The appeal of the Moonies to US officials was to participate in the fight against communism, but just like German Nazis brought to the USA after 1945, they may have had, or have, other nationalist objectives on US soil, and should be investigated for such, particularly due to the 'Crowning' of 'Reverend Moon', a purported 'Messiah' (who in fact more closely resembles an 'Antichrist') in a US government office building near the US Capitol in Washington DC.  Note that Moonie also created a 'Cultural Revolution' movement which may have replicated, fused with, or co-opted the cult of the same name in China in the 1970s.  The level of sophistication of brainwashing and 'behavior modification' appears to be similar to that described in books on both German and Japanese/Chinese Nazi/Axis psychological operations in World War II, including cult induction and Pavlovian/behaviorist manipulation of inductees that produced the phenomena of Kamikazes in Japan and Brownshirt Stormtroopers in Germany and Austria (and Blueshirts and Red Guards in China). Pavlov being a Russian, similar methods may have been used in Russia by its government or other non-government organizations there.  This, in turn, casts an interesting light on the numerous similarities between the recent fake 'Tea Party' cult in the USA and its clearly similar prototype, the Nazi-backed 'Silvershirts' cult of William Dudley Pelly.  As pointed out in the book 'Shadows Dancing' (republished as 'Spies for Nippon') by Tony Matthews, which he claims is based primarily on documents declassified by the Clinton Administration prior to the election coup of 2000, Japanese subversion inside the USA in the 1930s and 40s was extensive, as was Asian Fascist collaboration with the German Nazis, including extensive intelligence sharing, sometimes via bases in 'neutral' Spain and Portugal.  This should renew an interest in tracking the Moonie cult as one of its branches becomes actively involved in weapons trafficking on US soil as gun violence rages in Chicago and adverts for gun sales flourish, and while the relationship between the Moonies and North Korean Kim Jung Un becomes ambiguous.  How may Asian covert ops are being carried out on US soil, and just exactly who are they aligned with?

    Note further that the Moonie cult 'took off' in the USA mostly in California after the visit of the very controversial Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka with Pres Richard Nixon; that Moonie cult camps were developed in areas just north of San Francisco and within the city itself around the time of the rise of the Jonestown cult in California (moved in from Indiana), and that the Jonestown cult was facilitated in Guyana during the Guyana presidency of ethnic Chinese lawyer Arthur Chung, who was also active in the Bandung-Conference-affiliated so-called "Non-Aligned Movement".  What should be investigated, in solving the mysteries of both Jonestown and the Moonie Cult is if there are any further links that explain either of them in more detail, or any possible alignments between the Moonies and Jonestown and Arthur Chung and his transnational legal and political network.  These issues are now highly critical with the rise of power in California of the CAPAC lobby and its affiliated uber-rich real-estate cartel network fused with the "Asia-Pacific Research Center" overlapping with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese military agencies, and the aggressive Falun Gong cult.  Is there another 'Jonestown'-type operation in the making, and are the Moonie-Falungong cult network in any way involved?  The Kahr Arms operation, nominally based in SE New York and neighboring states, is something that should not be ignored for a moment in the current strange political climate in the USA, especially as the Kahr Arms network has courted members of the Trump cabinet, where Elaine Chao sits despite his "China" rhetoric and his professed concern about US border security.  Are these in any way linked to Elaine Chao's network in and around New York, which appears to be fusing into California politics rapidly and assertively?  If any of these issues lead to involvement of the "WLFD" World Anti-Communist League (WACL) network, it should be noted that the WACL originally included Japan Fascist military, post-war German Nazi operations, Moonie cult operatives, and set up a global headquarters in Taiwan to engage in the Chinese Cold War -- and engaged the Saudi government and 'Hajj' cults in its Pan-Asian operations and active support for Palestinian causes.  Such a motley transnational network could be capable of creating havoc in the USA, especially when affiliated with Kahr Arms. And so, tightly US-govt monitored immigration is quite justified, careful to avoid private contractors with private and sometimes foreign interests.  This is where problems erupted with phenomena like foreign-based control of US ports and/or coastlines.

    The largely Asian-run WACL (originally called the APACL or Asian Peoples Anti Communist League) has also had extensive paramilitary training operations in Paraguay and neighboring Brazil and Argentina for decades, which are interestingly along the same longitude as Jonestown Guyana and reported paramilitary training camps in the Lesser Antilles (including Grenada)  that may therefore be in some way affiliated.  The WACL has been described by some historians as today's continuation of the ABN or 'Anti Bolshevik Bloc' that formed a key root component of the WW2 Fascist Axis of the Nazi and Japan Fascist parties and the Pro-Axis component of the Kuomintang Greater China umbrella political network.  Apparently, the now globally Uber-Rich Kuomintang, swimming in the riches of the China Trade, nearly functionally in control of the Chinese economy and fused in alliance with the Chinese Communist Party, may be key in keeping the often secretive WLFD/WACL paramilitary network functioning.  This has profound significance for Kuomintang operations in the United States and their impact on US government and infrastructure, and the Elaine Chao network's (and she acts Not alone) very high national-security-risk proposal to **Privatize US national infrastructure**.  Geodetics indicate that Chao is fused with Chinese natioinalist Democratic interests in California... it is the rule rather than the exception in Chinese political traditions to 'play both parties' so as to be on the winning side.

    The tragedies of unfair discrimination against Asian Americans should be recognized and minimized, although 2017 is not 1897, and the Chinese slave-trading families that once sold indentured-servant railroad workers to the Transcontinental Railroad are now lobbying aggressively in Washington and Sacramento, and maybe in Albany.  And with Vulkanus power now in Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, these issues should not be overlooked or dismissed via Very Rich and now influential East Asian business lobbies 'playing the race card', which is happening daily and extensively, while the Moonie/Falungong cult permutations, led by an egomaniac aspiring 'Dream Act' real estate empire, want to go for 'religious' discrimination charges.  The honest Asian Americans who have lived in the USA for generations are dealing with the backlash of this huge mess already, including outrageous rent hikes and bullying by new gangsters in Chinatown, and yet some, maybe many, are clearly afraid to speak up publicly, for fear of retaliatory consequences from the Chinese mafia so thoroughly integrated into the Kuomintang network now 'evolved' into the Kuomintang-Communist network that may revolve largely around the historic 'Green Gang' mafia of Shanghai and Axis-collaborator Chinese Fascist networks that have overlapped for decades.  Thus the most powerful parties in the Greater China diaspora have united and in a right-left nationalist alliance, with intentionally externally-ambiguous relations to Japan.  The recent and very secretive TPP. the actual terms of which may be unknown to Any US politician, may have given them even more power, and any connections to the various Asian nationalist lobbies in Washington or state capitals is worthy of thorough investigation by All Americans of all races and political parties, as they spell Transnational Organized Crime, and have a curious role in the promotion of accelerated and disruptive immigration from Asia, including from allied Middle Eastern interests.  This is not, or should not be a left/right issue, but a practical issue addressed objectively and all across the political, social, and economic spectrum.  Otherwise, there is risk of the radicalized and armed WACL/WLFD network (involving Kahr Arms?) creating serious or even violent social problems, including via cults like those created in the 1960s and 1970s..  Note that many WACL/WLFD operations in the USA have centered in the US southeastern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and possibly the Carolinas and Tennessee or even extending to the old Chennault network in Louisiana... which risks fusing in with Klan elements and the George Wallace 'American Independent Party' network that also has active chapters in California and not just Alabama.  However, the Moonie-Falungong network is also WACL affiliated, and and thus they have the USA covered from coast-to-coast, and have had some curious alliances with radical-right white racist organizations and elements of the 'American Security Council' in Chicago. This puts the indiscriminate gun-toter movement in critical focus, especially in relation to 'civil war' re-enactments and regional/state 'independence movements' reported to have transnational WACL and 'UNPO' affiliations which are numerous among old and neo-Nazi elements in Germany and Austria, South America and South Africa.  Is today's Russian government involved in any of this?  That's certainly possible, in which case the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Org is now critical -- but historically the core backing comes from Japan, Korea, China/Taiwan, and Germany.  All explanations should be considered, and Americans need to get off the bandwagon of welcoming people, including refugees, into the USA without thorough vetting for political and transnational corporate affiliations that could be inimical to American interests, including in terms of jobs and housing that corporate fatcats in government may not fully understand or care about, or may just be lobbied to extremes by the Moonie-type lobbying hustlers, some of them in CAPAC, others in the Project 2049 and 8020 Initiative lobbying networks.  Proposed new public higher education programs need to be provided for struggling and underprivileged Americans, not filled up with imports brought in by foreign-run corporate or nationalist expansion interests (of any nation or race)... or the ramifications for America's future could be highly problematic. It's a foolish illusion that immigant populations will never have nationalist sentiments, or business interests, in their land of origin. It is not at all Un-American or unfair to scrutinize foreign-born politicians for attachment to interests of the countries they came from... this is why there was a law in the US Constitution to require that political leaders be born in their jurisdiction... to avoid any possible overriding promotion of interests in their nation of birth. And if that law is negated, which Orrin Hatch et al tried to do as Schwarzenegger rose to political power, the consequences for the very existence of the United States is profound. There are lots of people advocating for the fall of the United States as a global power, a power rapidly waning due to imported sabotage and manipulation by double-agents with allegiances to foreign governments or corporations, and covert support for and manipulation of wacko politicians put in office by foreign interests to create US national embarrassment and domestic chaos.  Accelerated migration, and migratory transnational labor pools smells too much like World War again.  The reason for the accelerated push for change is likely that the public would object if they knew what the planned changes are, sheep on a bandwagon surrendered to control by the sort of transnational corporatism that created the WW2 Fascist Axis.

    The TPP and/or TTIP-related agreements may have created a mess that is going to have to be cleaned up fast, with the understanding that politicians who endorsed them were Tricked by foreign interests set to use them to undermine the US economy and infrastructure... and that includes trying to privatize the United States government itself. Groundwork for this was laid with the 'Gramm-Rudman' Act passed when Ronald Reagan was the stage-actor president and George Bush was the Vice, and while Bush was gaga over the Moonies and collaborating with the WACL transnational network imbedded in the so-called "American Security Council" in Chicago (not Washington), which appears to have worked closely with foreign operations that may be running the show at Fort Benning on the Georgia-Alabama border in Gingrich & Sessions territory, and simultaneously fused with the Asia-Pacific Research Center in the San Francisco Bay area with East Asian military representatives at the top, in control of huge swaths of commercial real estate in the USA, and aligned with the CAPAC network pushing aggressively for accelerated immigration from the transnational bankcorp/investor Asian Century advocate bloc.

    The Trump administration has curiously focused only on Mexican immigration issues, diverting attention from Asian immigration, which is of equal or probably more impact, and of course not addressed the fact that the stability and security of America may be more heavily impacted by the rich coming from overseas, accumulating vast chunks of American real estate and taking over American corporations and even small businesses, than the poor coming from overseas to pick fruit and shovel dirt and start out with relatively nothing .  For example, Chao and Thiel and their rich friends and family networks in their homelands, have come to the USA and privatized America step by step, putting it in the hands of overseas interests.  It has been pointed out that the Kuomintang-Communist merged China has come out a superpower by currency manipulation, but no mention has been made of the very high-impact real-estate market manipulation going on inside the USA (driving people out of their homes and cities and functionally creating repopulation and resettlement policy)... and German interests are doing the same, manifest for example as the Deutschbank mortgage manipulation and acquisition games... and Deutschebank has long had close ties with Chinese and Japanese banks via the Deutsch-Asiatische (now called Deutschebank Asia) network that helped build and run World War 2 Fascism.  America will collapse if the interests of most Americans are ignored by its government.  Roosevelt was smart enough to know this and act on it, and he and his domestic policies (not War, as the privatization-obsessed Republican party propagandists falsely claim) really did Make America Great, and in a very sort period of time.  Hoover was an out-of-touch puppet of foreign interests, traveling around on behalf of foreign banks.... as is his namesake 'Hoover Institute' and Deutsch-Asiatische Bank's Leland Stanford and Rockefellers, now trying to overtake the Democratic Party as well, in which case German and Japan and their Chinese Fascist allies finally win World War 2 after all.  Today, computers and phone lines and telecom radio run the world, and those who run the computers therefore run the world. And that is an understatement.  They can override, undermine, or manipulate the communications and information sources of even the most powerful politician, make them dance to their tune, recording daily schedules, financial records, critical medical records, personal domestic and family data, now all recorded on 'big brother' Siemens-Deutschebank created 'Cloud' technology  And drive people off a cliff if they "leave the driving to ???".  There are already corporate psychologists developing the idea that "most people would rather be told what to do than think", and so be prepared should they rise to political power.  The phony 'Tea Party' and similarly-structured cults (reported to have been developed in the USA at some location in North Carolina (historic 'Silvershirts' hub), and also at the diabolical Nazi/Asian Fascist-founded Stanford Research Institute) are an example of what could manifest if allowed, and that's exactly what manifest the Hitlerian, Stalinist, and East Asian Fascist societies, where books are burned, 'replacement information' is provided instead, and thinking is minimized, and people just do as told, today facilitated by cell-phone-model remote control and monitoring. America's enemies and their transnational corporations are already using those methods on Americans... pay attention to the 'artificial intelligence' industry and just exactly what it's doing and where it's going.  Who manufactures the increasing cheap  and mass-produced drones that spy on most anyone for most anyone anywhere?  Pay attention to the realities of politics and everyday life in the European Union and Asian Century Prosperity sphere, despite the very slick and deceptive propaganda of the German/European Central Bank's "EU" that is reminiscent of Nazi or Communist propaganda.  The aspiring 'replacement powers' running the EU, and building the Asian Century, are leading America around by the nose, including via agents in the White House and Congress, hoping the public will dismiss reports of the inhumanities of global corporatism as xenophobia or inappropriate nationalism.  It's interesting to note that the British Fascist Oswald Mosley actually advocated For, and not Against, a European Union... he, too, was programmed to jump on the bandwagon driven from Berlin and Vienna and Munich, following a royalist-manufactured pseudo-populist dream that turned into a nightmare, while in Asia the same happened in a mess that started in Manchuria created by a Sino-Japanese imperial alliance that still survives in a next generation, and ready to roar again, if allowed to continue. Chinese Fascism thrived along the East China seacoast and in Japanese-controlled Taiwan, and has been revived while the naive in America think that's just old history disconnected from the present, to their ultimate embarrassment due to having been manipulated by lobbyists from there.

    A review of the history and roots of the Jonestown cult, all the way back to Jim Jones in Indianapolis, and the involvement of Arthur Chung in Guyana, may be instructive in figuring out what the New Asian Fascism is up to with its cute talk about 'hummingbird orientation', etc.  Hopefully the alignments shown in 'Men Behind the Curtain' article on this website will elucidate just what's going on, and been going on, in secretive Russia and Ukraine, with Europe risking turning into another global battlefield, ICBMs fired back at America, and China and Japan watching on their computer screens... which happens to match the most common interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecies.

    As for Iran and Russia, whoever controls Turkey and Egypt, with Vulkanus overhead, now will determine the outcome of matters in the Middle East, and Americans had better start studying closely the history of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi dynasty, and all the Arabian peninsula states, before letting any foreign power from any location drive US policy into global disaster.  Otherwise, American soldiers serve the interests of foreign powers.  The US government needs to be more genuinely focused on the well-being of Americans at home. Which foreign powers manipulated US policy in Vietnam and profited from the war should be a lesson that apparently has not been fully learned. Even when international mercenaries are used to fight wars, the target nations will still retaliate upon the country sending the troops, and some calculating supposed 'allies' know this.  Asian lobbies in American halls of government are as exceedingly abundant as they are in their homelands, and the wars in both Vietnam and Korea are past and relevant evidence -- while Germany is no less clever in manipulating US policy... to the point of recently putting US troops in Europe under the command of a Bundeswehr officer. US policy with Russia needs to be based on American interests and intelligence data, not slick German/BND data, or BND-monitored/filtered/manipulated "EU" data.  France is now a mess under Merkel's pet/implant Macron, who is most likely to serve as another German proxy in a neighboring state, where Germany is now playing the old Soviet-bloc game and quietly cuts deals with Moscow that Americans may have been overlooking, to our potentially great detriment, especially in the event of a war. British officials have recognized the issues and commented on in in media... i.e. that Russia is powerful and capable of delivering devastating reactions all over the globe.... it is no less capable of blowing up the planet than the US military is, and which China may soon be able to do, if it can't already.


    2017July31: More on impact of Pluto on USA 1776 chart Sun (original Jul29, re-edited and supplemented Jul 31):

    As mentioned earlier, the entry of Gen John Kelly into the White House could potentially be what brings a positive conclusion to the Pluto transit opposite the US Sun, but it must be remembered that charming lobbyists will rush to him as he rises to wield more power, and he should be made aware of the vulnerability/'blind' spots in his chart, in such a situation of probable extreme subterranean intrigue of the sort Pluto can manifest (and from the locations already mentioned below). I will briefly cover here what those blind spots could be, and that include both locations where the geodetic MC is aligned with his Neptune and Hades (both clustered with his Sun, along with Saturn, natally and thus especially critical to him... areas that could attempt to undermine the needed stability he brings to a recently crazed and frenetic Washington), and to those cities and organizations/personalities listed already in the same subsectors as his Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article.  This information must go to him personally, regardless of his views one way or another about the validity of astrology, an issue problematic due to the proliferation of unscientific and vague, impressionistic, as some call it 'arty-f-arty' astrology.  His Neptune is at 15 Cardinals, pointing to possible blind spots, including possible overidealization or religious or metaphysical ambiguities or just deceitful subterfuge from others that he must not overlook along the longitudes of Philadelphia and Guantanamo and Bogota; of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna; of Chengdu, Chongqing, Saigon, and Singapore; of the Bering Sea coast of Alaska and Necker island region of Hawaii. Pluto has just been here, and so hopefully Kelly's past illusions about situations at these locations have been dispelled and clarified so that he can see clearly what goes on there, without denial.  Furthermore, Hades alignments are also critical blind-spots, often more potentially insidious and difficult to detect, and where he needs to investigate. These include locations at 29 Cardinals: Goose Bay Labrador; Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia; Jonestown Guyana and islands to the north (armed paramilitary psy-ops); Paraguay-Bolivia Chaco region border (decades-old Moonie and WACL paramilitary hub); Bahia Blanca Argentina (naval hub) and Falklands; the Taiwan Strait (WACL and Moonie hub with now ambiguous relations between Beijing and Taipei).  The Moonies and WACL psy-ops could be Kelly's undoing if he doesn't study and fully understand them and how they operate... they are lodged and fused into US infrastructure since the day Kakuei Tanaka visited Nixon, calculatingly woven into the fabric of America and ready to Privatize for the new 'Greater' East Asia Prosperity with the Chao network, groundwork already set.  It just so happens that Kelly's Hades blind spot is also now aligned with the Vulkanus global power-buildup regions, and so the rising powers-to-be of both the west and the east will probe for his weak spots for Metternichian/Suntzu-type vulnerability spot manipulations.  It is vital for Kelly and the country that he not idealize organizations or events in these regions.  It also means that he is highly vulnerable in the event of spiking or drugging, and therefore needs to remain sober in all situations of security issues, in a Washington situation obviously bristling with intrigue.  Interestingly, Jonestown Guyana longitude is in the picture.  FBI astrologer Al Morrison often suggested I study the Jonestown data, which I dismissed at the time because of other priorities, but today I sense that his urgings were more important than ever, and the person of Guyana President and transnational lawyer Arthur Chung came up during preliminary research, whose international connections may be as significant today as they were in 1978, and these extend to paramilitary hubs in the Lesser Antilles.

    Indeed, Kelly's other geodetic alignments indicate that he will contend at some point with power plays or even subtle arm-twisting or more subtle 'influence' from the Kuomintang apparatus run by Chiang Kaishek, now substantially fused in with the 'Greater China' alliance now running the mainland Chinese economy and maybe the Beijing government in some ways, as the old Communist Party has been replaced by a Kuomintang Communist alliance, whether overtly or not.  If indeed China has ever posed a threat to US national security, the time is now. And if the powerful Shanghai 'Green Gang' mafia and/or navy, or that of Qingdao or Dalian team up with Taipei, China is indeed the global giant once forecast by the propaganda of past decades, but probably more secretly aligned with Taipei than opposed to it.  Now the world deals with the infrastructure of Maoist regimentation blended with the passive-aggressive business practices of the now Uber-Rich Kuomintang, entrenched also in Tokyo, Honolulu, San Francisco, and the Soong-Chao-Moonie colony in New York still attached to the Chinese Dream of Chinese national revival and Greater East Asia Prosperity shared with Japan and Kora that could reach across North America. War is not the answer, and neither is naive complacency or foolish manipulability. The media has addressed currency manipulation, but have they adequately addressed real-estate market manipulation of a similar nature and character, and its application in the United States and not just Greater China (should include Singapore the Stock Market Island Nation and another early Kuomintang Party hub progressed from goods-trading to shares-trading that Japan has coveted as the 'Pearl of the Orient'). American is at risk of being run by a Queen Chao and her court, or whatever lurks in Peter Thiel's family Transatlantic network.. .in other works, America is a risk of a turning into a Nation Of Immigrants into an ironic Nation Under 1st-Generation Immigrants connected to Transpacific and Transatlantic tentacles, especially if they control Wall Street or the Boston Banks. And that spells 'colonization'.

    There is no intention here to distract from problems or risks emanating from Russia.  What is addressed are equally serious problems emanating from the East China Sea, and maybe secondarily or covertly from bases in South America, that are just as critical, if not more so, and possibly obscured in Washington (and Ottawa) by Asian lobbies such as K Street and the now-armed-and-gun-peddling Moonie cult network... or from the secretive old Apartheid machine in South Africa, or the rising Caliphate in Egypt and Turkey.  Not earlier mentioned or emphasized are possible Russian power-gathering points in addition to Peterburg, and those include the Russian border with far-north Manchuria, in an area where the old Russian Fascist Party network built up its forces historically, where a Japanese-allied imperial Chinese Manchukuo state was set up in 1932 and built on the preceding ambitions of the Chang Tsolin imperial Chinese network to preserved Dynasty in China over democracy.  Manchuria also includes and included a substantial Japanese industrial/economic admixture, maybe significant in regional tensions in the East China Sea now, and pertinent to the SCO alliance.  Russia is likely alert and prepared to strike from across the Amur River, if necessary.  Further likely Vulkanus power-gathering points are at 8th-harmonic angle, and these include Kamchatka Bay and its islands adjacent to therefore needed US strategic posts in the Aleutians, Attu in particular; plus areas directly north of Kamchatka Bay in the Arctic region.  It also means US control of the Marshall Islands, a Moonie cult hub, is critical to counterbalancing Russian Pacific strength -- and the Moonies are already known to be 'playing both sides' per their dalliances with the North Korean regime, noting that Korea, north and south, will soon be empowered with Vulkanus overhead and no longer just a shriveling 'hermit kingdom' but an increasingly proselytizing and mesmerizing 'gangnam style and k-pop' psy-op campaigner and recruiter that has also been able to make Washington dance to its tune.  Another Russia power-buildup area includes Kazakhstan and Russia to the north, Central Asian republics to the south, and this remote region of Russian Siberia could possibly contain far more power than might be assumed or expected, from Lake Balqash northward to Tatarsk and the Gidanski Peninsula, and all north of Kashmir, including the far western Xinjiang/Uighur Jihadist regions.

    Let this not distract from the Games of the slow but steady Chinese Silkworm and its allies all around the East China Sea due to the recent Communist-Kuomintang merger and the economically and politically profound and nationwide Chinatown coup implications of Shrimp Boy Chow and Ed Lee and friends, including problems brewing in the Middle East and/or Pakistan.  This is why Great Caution is definitely warranted in relation to immigration issues now, so it's time to quit the radical screaming and do some rational analysis of what's going on, including covert operations and their usual accompanying and sometimes highly politically- and economically-potent cults (such as the gun-peddling Kung Fu Moonies).  One MUST distinguish between compassion for refugees and covert psy-ops snakes-in-the-grass transnational subversion operations that may not be dissimilar from those of the 1960s or even 1930s and 40s, and involving drugs and cults and affiliated pop-culture games that smell like the calculatingly deceptive Pavlovian transnational Stanford Research Institute set up by Nazi and Asian Fascist psychologists eventually deported for their crimes, quietly to avoid embarrassment of the officials who once brought them here.


Original text of July 29 with modifications/clarifications follows: 

    With Pluto recently opposing (180 degrees) the USA 1776Jul04 Sun at 13:22 Cancer, by transit, using a 2-degree orb of impact, that alone indicates an impact from 11:22 to 15:22 Cancer via non-precessed transit.  However, it is also important to look at precessed (precession adjusted) transits, and for such an old chart, the precession (approx 50 seconds or 0d50s of arc per year) is quite substantial.  The USA is now about 241 years old, and that yields a precession adjustment of about 4d02m or 4:02 to be added to the natal position, i.e. 13:22 + 4:02 = 17:24, which is the nearly exact precessed 'position' of the Sun measured in the tropical zodiac when looking for transits.  And a 2 degree orb for that covers 15:24 to 19:24 Cardinals.

    This means that the nearly exact precession-adjusted opposition of transiting Pluto to the USA 1776 Sun was when Pluto was at 17:24 Cardinals, and that Pluto leaves orb of significant influence at 19:24 Cardinals, substantially completing the Pluto opposition Sun (tPL=SU in 90-degree notation) process.

    Thus, to include Both standard non-precessed transits, and precessed transits, we look at the time when Pluto was anywhere between 11:22 and 19:24 Cardinals.  For geodetic/global geographic impact, we look at all locations where these are the degrees on the MC.  This means the areas of Plutonian impact inside the USA has been nearly all from the Atlantic coast states of the USA, starting from Florida (at Miami) and continuing northward to Maine (at Augusta), notably including the "original 13 colonies". For foreign impact, so significant in this "global" era, we see this covers Central China, from the Golden Triangle to Hainan (incl Chengdu and Chongqing and points between them) impacting the USA economically (Pluto); in the Caribbean from the Bahamas (offshore banking hub) to Santo Domingo; then from Panama City (Mossack-Fonseca land) to Maracaibo in Venezuela (incl Bogota),; from Ecuador (at Guayaquil) down the Pacific coast of South America to Tierra del Fuego (at Ushuaia) and points in between and including most Peru and Chile plus Andean Argentina; in Europe starting in Hamburg and ending eastward in Stockholm (incl Berlin and Vienna); in Africa from Tunis to Benghazi, and from Walvis Bay to Capetown.

    Looking at the character for these cities may say something about the overall process, from the screaming Tea Party in Miami to the old Revolutionary War establishment in Boston (where there was the apparently forgotten conditions of the Real, Pre-US-Government, Tea Party against foreign financial exploitation and manipulation of America).  I sense that the appointment of John Kelly to head the White House staff could signal an end of a period of Neo-Tea-Party-like insane and polarized extremist chaos with stability around January 2018... the turbulent waters calm down, interestingly as national leaders gather to finally address issues of border security and climate change both in rational and hopefully unbiased ways despite the irrational polarization over those issues starting about 5 years or so ago, when the impact of the 2012 national "mid-term" elections, crowned with the symbolically significant McConnell-Chao duo on stage and proclaiming victory, hit Washington in early 2013.  Domestic polarization effected at that time could potentially subside in January of next year.  This likely entails an assessment of foreign meddling from the locations indicated above -- a progression from German nationalism to Swedish neutrality; from the screaming and confusedly manipulated Teepotty culties to the place where the Real Tea Party against foreign meddling took place, and where the rebellion was against American taxes going overseas to colonizing powers and not to the American government; from the corruption of Mossack-Fonseca offshore stashes in Panama to the probable upcoming stabilization of the Venezuelan economy;  from the laundered money of the Bahamas banks to the stability of US bases in the Dominican Republic; from the insidious drug-infested corruption of the Golden Triangle to the potentially stability-seeking Chinese bases on Hainan; and some sort of stabilizing factor may come from the US Pacific fleet in western Hawaii and the Alaska Peninsula to secure an American Pacific stabilization not mowed over by the raging Asian Pacific nationalist drive originating in and serving Asia.  Due to globalization factors, the Asian factor is more significant than ever in US economics/politics, financial and social control and management.

    As mentioned before, early similar cycles manifest the 1929 global markets crash, which must and can be avoided again by wise moves including a study of the underlying economic globalist sweatshop (concentration camp) economics of the 1920s which boosted the Axis powers to nearly dominate the globe.  And a lesser but significant 45-degree-angle Pluto to the USA Sun around 1954-59, which coincided with the Eisenhower era that ended with his statement about the dangers of a 'Military Industrial Complex', which I think was rooted in foreign manipulation of the US economy from locations indicated above, and possibly related to the odd and maybe transnationally-manipulated policies of the mysterious Dulles brothers and their overseas associates.  A study of the 1954-59 period, compared with the 1923-29 period of 'Gone fishin, let business run the country' Austrian/Hayek-school-type Hooverville economics that led to the 1929 crash and US national demoralization and the rise of both European and Asian Fascism who orchestrated the failure of the US economy (partly in retaliation for US policy in World War 1 and the Fascist-despised an vilified Versailles Treaty).

    One thing seems clear... if America is to survive in a healthy state, it needs Americans in Congress, not imports with overriding ties to the 'old country', or indeed there could be another 1929, which the Axis powers celebrated with their 'dreams' of 'prosperity' and hypocritical talk of 'peace' that covered their quiet rearmament and plans that manifest something the world must not forget (the Brutal Evils of World War 2).  The more globally-ambitious powers of Europe and Asia are still just as eager to dominate as they were in 1929 and 1959 if only Americans and Canadians had been paying attention... be not fooled to believe otherwise. In the last cycle, much of China sought to team up with Japan for their 'Prosperity Sphere', despite diplomatic pretenses and games with what they called "foreign devils", and were consciously competing to quell a rising US superpower, including via propaganda and subversion operations on US soil, recorded but long obscured by sometimes unwise compromises.

    Additional recent 8th harmonic tPL=SU periods were 1976-79  and 1994-97 (pointing out how elliptical and irregular the orbit of Pluto is), periods also worthy of study for their similarities to the current cycle and relationship to financial power in the cities indicated above, which also include the financial power of Wall Street and how it morphs and is regulated (or not) by Americans over time.  Thus, the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement was not without profound importance... it was, and is, about the balance of power between the stock markets and overall public interest, and the manipulation of the stock market from foreign locations like Chongqing (old Kuomintang power hub) and Vienna and countries north and south of them, and where Bandung as a repository of post-WW2 Asian Fascist underworld gold-hoarding, and Saigon as a Transpacific Chinese mafia hub that ran the southern Vietnamese economy during the Indochina war, are not without significance. Adequate attention is needed to money stashed around the remote Colonia Dignidad and Bariloche colonies in the southern Andes, and to what stirs in the Tierra del Fuego, as Argentina may be rising to global power status in the near future, and money stashed there could be relevant. To fully understand the impact of Pluto, one must often dig deep beneath surface appearances.  The finances of Budapest and Belgrade, both along the quiet Danube route from towering Munich and Vienna out to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean may be of far greater global significance than is usually acknowledged, especially now, in relation to the US national economy, and the economic situation in Benghazi could have a far greater significance than one might suspect, logically via impact on oil markets.  Is Libya now part of a revived Caliphate in the making?            


    2017Jul26: Vulkanus at Shanghai/Qingdao/Lushun/Taipei, and more problems with the "Asian Pacific" push:

    The Pacific coast ID-counterfeiting problem is real, largely due to privatization of agencies issuing passports and other identity cards, and sometimes involving private transnational companies with foreign interests.  This is a problem of substantial proportions in the event of war or other hostilities around the Pacific rim, and while significant for local Pacific coast elections, and for national security leaks, is probably not in the millions, i.e. not close to a scale large enough to have impacted US national/presidential elections substantially, but critical nonethelss.  Laxity on immigration regulation and control of identity papers and cards has left the USA wide open to infiltration by covert foreign agents and operations (sometimes via phony 'cultural' and 'faith-based/religious' cults, e.g. spy fronts like the gun-dealing Moonie permutations, and aggressive Falungong and similarly-formatted cults).  It has been further exacerbated by Trump's approval of immigration regulations allowing distant relatives and (sometimes arranged) newlyweds to immigrate, some granted nearly instant citizenship, with inadequate scrutiny. This may explain the recent media focus on WW2 US Japanese internment camps or 19th century immigration issues that may or may not be relevant to current conditions, case by case.  Too few are paying attention to the recent, highly globally/financially significant Communist-Kuomintang overtures and mergers in 'Greater China' and their ties to Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and their relationship to the Moonie and Falun cults. In an ideal all-love handholding world, it wouldn't matter so much, but that's not the reality of the here and now, where there is aggressive transnational competition and strategizing, often stealthily, and for at least the last 15 years and increasing. Accelerated, hot-house immigration waves are a major potential risk to social stability, and serve to undermine the interests of Both the peacekeepers And the war hawks.  Legal and ethically-motivated immigrant populations are being subjected to unfair discrimination due to the poor government controls over unregulated and unmonitored immigration. International human exchanges and migrations need to be conducted at a slow and carefully regulated pace, not by chaotic 'open the floodgates' measures that have been unfolding, by law or illegally by underground human-trafficking operations that may also be politically motivated. Advocates on both sides of immigration issues need to come together and reason and make sensible needed compromises, and really hear each other in the process, taking into consideration sometimes widely different regional variations.  Moreover, any outbreak of war would give obvious advantages to nations with covert or anonymous double agents on US soil. Immigration needs to be attenuated and tightly controlled and monitored, and Not an expanded or deregulated 'open season', precisely because of situations like this one example in the link below.  Note which organizations and networks are the most assertive advocates for unregulated migration, and what motives likely are.

    (And note that the Russia situation around Peterburg, and situations unfolding in Istanbul, Cairo, and Buenos Aires are similarly significant, in different ways unique to the local conditions of each region. Cairo could be morphing into a Saudi-Egyptian power base potentially fused with interests in Turkey, and engulfing Israel, and remarkably similar to the historic Ottoman Caliphate.  Meanwhile, Pluto financial power in Vienna, Capetown, Chongqing, Bandung, Montreal, Wall Street, Bogota, and Valdivia pull the global Plutonian purse-strings...and there could be more hope as Pluto power moves to more traditionally moderate and less radicalized locations like Stockholm and Boston (less radical than NYC/Wall Street, at least), and where possibly more moderate Chinese interests in Hainan might be more conscious of the global risks of some recent policies, and hopefully less driven by the globalist greed and powerlust of materialistic 'leaders' lacking in social conscience who are gentrifying and making a mess of the planet. Money will soon be coming to Western Australia, and if it's not Australian money, the results are somewhat predictable for Australians. Mineral-rich Western Australia's Indian Ocean coast will soon be under the pressure of Vulkanus on the Ascendant along with Pluto on the MC.  Similarly, recent changes in California may be directly due to foreign Vulkanus power building up in Seattle and Portland and trickling down the coast, starting in Eureka (oil region) -- and similar transnational energies may push in to Edmonton in Alberta, a major global oil-money hub, while it simultaneously pushes into Montreal... from Shanghai, Cairo, and areas between Peterburg and Odessa and Moscow). Don't fall asleep at the wheel, and don't let drunks or zombie puppets drive, because Gargantua is on North America's doorstep, soon on Australia's, and swinging his arms and legs around already, and many "little people's" lives are being squished sometimes by the phony and often Moonie-affiliate "family"-labeled hordes and hoards:  (More later on geodetic indicators of what may be rumbling behind Putin's skillfully constructed exterior image of Russia, where there are Red Flags over the Army and Romanov/Oldenburg flags over the Oligarchs, on purpose, where "the party on the left is now the party on the right", as is the case in China, where the Russian-founded Communist party is now merged over with the Global uber-rich partly Japanese-founded Greater East Asia Kuomintang party/mafia, now trampling through the halls of government through the San Francisco Bay Area, hoarding money and real estate acquisitions, and laughing at how naive Americans fall for manufactured political cult psy-ops and imported, mesmerizing trinkets that cause people to zone out of reality while the invasion takes place and the Moonie cult-run Kahr Arms sells the guns to drugged-up and confused self-styled anarchists.  This network is pushing for increasing power in Sacramento. Their (and the German Siemens/Merkel/Thiel crowd's) secret?  Control of the computer networks and databases... i.e. control of infrastructure and human communications and interactions.... 21st century cyber-warfare tricks not funny to those already seeing the resultant global chaos and collapse, often implemented by geeky neo-fascist-manipulated little poo-heads like Assange and Snowdy-boy and the plastic-masked, puerile 'Anonymous' fools bred on the allied 4chan websites, which were created by affiliates of the Japanese mafia who also control ports and islands in the East China Sea. The Japanese and Korean maritime mafia and have collaborated for centuries, off and on, with experienced Chinese mafia pirate networks rich from centuries-old global China Trade that also circles down to the Singapore stockmarket-island-nation and toward Europe, as well as via the Transpacific route to Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and Vancouver.  All while Pluto finishes off an opposition to the USA Sun, "redefining America" into what?  Louis Farrakhan's speech at the 'Million Family March' in 2000, and manipulated by the gun-running Moonie cult mafia network, gives some possible answers.  Human choices affect the outcome of the impact of external forces and factors, as long as we are conscious, alert, and live in a world of reason and conscious decisions instead of a 'faith-based' or a 'for the masses' sheep herd robo-world where Americans have lost sight of the Age of Enlightenment and Reason clouded over by calculatedly mesmerizing dogma in a neo-fascist 'just shut up and do it' world run by clever media foxes spewing worlds of violence and inhumanity, or where there is one "guru" media figure who supposedly dispenses all 'truth' with omniscient objectivity (which is a non-existent ideal in the world of the tooth fairy).  

    In the 2018 Universal (Capricorn Ingress) Chart, Vulkanus will have moved out of often 'passive aggressive' Cancer into raging Leo, and yet via a transitional period with VU 22.5 to Hades, where the Leonine boldness may be masked with Hades-like calculated secrecy.  That Hades will come globally, primarily, from 7 Cardinals, i.e. the Chinese-run Burma Shan States and areas to the north in the area where Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunnan meet, a Golden opium triangle hub mafia region where there are already weird cults breeding and appearing on the streets of San Francisco, some wearing weird traditional imperial-era Chinese costumes (may or may not be relevant), and these could spill into covert ops in the northern Malay Peninsula in southern Burma and Thailand... potentially teamed up with powerful Vulkanus ops along the East China seacoast including in Taiwan, or even the Philippines or central Indonesia (longitude of Celebes/Sulawesi), and watch for similar or related covert ops in eastern Florida, Georgia, TN-NC border, KY-VA/WV borders, eastern Ohio and the southern tip of Ontario, including the Asheville and Miami regions, as well as the Habana region in Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Panama-Costarica border, and coastal Ecuador.  These could involve drug-trafficking, as the Shan States clearly do, and where there may already be extensive intrigue brewing in 2017.  What has crept into Phuket after the devastating tsunami that turned southern Thailand into a transnational real-estate grab-bag?  Covert ops in Phuket could be teamed up with powerful mafia interests along the East China Sea coast or in Taiwan or the western Philippines, and the hub of the drug problems in the Philippines could, most logically, be emanating from the Shan States mafia territories and poised to further destabilize the Philippines in 2018.  The Shan States are are also 45 angle, and the east China seacoast 22.5 angle, to Hokkaido and Sahkhalin, where there could be related operations static throughout history. This warrants a study of the historical ties between the Shan States, East China seacoast mafia, and Hokkaido and Sakhalin islands, as well as the Bonin and Volcano islands, and central New Guinea along the Papua-Indonesia border region that includes the longtime capital city of Irian Barat and thus its govt/infrastructure.  Potential Hades sneaky-stuff that may include an Indonesian drive to expand into Papua and/or tied to interests in the Shan States, Shanghai-Taipei, or Hokkaido.  With the recent Communist-Kuomintang overtures in Beijing, a covert alliance between Beijing and Tokyo and Taipei may exist despite posturing to the world outside those countries, and the York Peninsula in Australia is particularly vulnerable now to covert operations from the aforementioned locations, including those carried out in the Hades dark hours of the deep night.  Such dark-hour, deep-night sneak operations, anywhere near 7 Cardinals, will likely be teamed routinely with the Vulkanus power of 2018 -- and this puts the Tunisia-Algeria border, Sardinia, Corsica, the French-Italian border, SE Nigeria, Sao Tome, western Samoa, and the Bering Strait and Bering Sea islands of Alaska also in focus, as well as western Sumatra, and the weird old Tannu Tuva colony along the Russia-Mongolia border, from which some historians claim originated the idea for a fascist 'Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere' via Baron von Ungern of Graz Austria, which fascism included plans for both Europe and Asia.  Florida and the Asheville region, in particular, need to be alert to such cults, and beware anyone who pushes LSD or derivatives. Other areas possibly emanating similar machinations are 45 from 7 Cardinals, at 22 Mutables, are those mentioned earlier plus central New Zealand along the longitude of North Cape and Christchurch, central TX-OK-KS-NE and eastern Dakotas in the USA, western borderland region Manitoba, NE coastal Mexico from Matamoros to Jalapa Enriquez, incl Tampico, Oaxaca, the Sai Baba cult base as Visakhpatnam, west Nepal, the Kazakh-Xinjiang border area (potential Jihadist cults), and all these could be tied to Shan States drug money, not to overlook possible drug and/or cult problems in Switzerland, Alsace and all the Rhine river valley and north to Bremen and the western coast of Norway.

    Putin and Russia are not the sole and unallied cause of all the world's problems now... there are Tons of intrigue emanating from a revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere, some of which may or may not be allied with Russian or other interests, via the SCO or other media, and spread across the Pacific, including in the Marshall Islands and Hawaii (with known powerful Moonie-cult operations).  The substantial Kuomintang-Communist alliances must not be ignored.  'Greater China' has been in the making since the day the now-idolized Deng Xiaoping took control in Beijing and began trumpeting the 'Asian Century' now glorified by major Asian transnational banks and economic conferences, which Russia and Japan may both toy with in their own ways.  This is no time to throw caution to the winds in international affairs, which have been thrown into chaos via hyperdrive accelerated change in overdrive, at a level reminiscent of the history of World War 2.  And ordinary citizens are at risk of an increase of dehumanizing transnational corporate policy that could trample them over with policies for 'the masses'. Strengthening of local mutual support networks is vital to democracy and a humane society.  Public demand for government direct accountability to the public may be essential. Vulkanus entering the early degrees of Leo risks a rise of Dictators in the global arena, and Pluto already in Capricorn can sometimes create some rather 'detached' plutocrats overly focused on the material considerations, already witnessed in Central Europe, Libya, Central China, Wall Street gone overboard, possibly on the rise in Jakarta/Bandung in Indonesia in some ways, and a risk of Venezuela falling under control of brutal Colombian cocaine cartels, Chile and Argentina to the rich of Colonia Dignidad.  Meanwhile, the Moonies' Kahr Arms network in peddling guns across America from the Wall Street zone and racking up real estate acquisitions like piles of pancakes, invested in the new Greater China Kuomintang-Communist monstrosity -- which has long had branch offices in Honolulu that could hand the USA fully over to the Asian Century advocates, or split America up with the Vienna School privatizers coming from the other direction, and who were already running Wall Street when they arrived.  Where are the Americans on Wall Street and in Honolulu?.. Americans who care about other Americans more than their families across the ocean, or building up the power and wealth of the places they came from instead?  Americans need to watch the last 1 hour of the 8-hour CSPAN video of the "Million Family March" (starting around 7:00:00) to get an idea of how foreign subversion has been infiltrating the United States since the Asian Century Moonie Cult began manipulating Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and then Louis Farrakhan, trying to co-opt the US civil rights movement and harness it to Asian business interests that will probably just exploit America like a colony, as has already started during the last 15 years or so, slowly but surely, and begun when Tanaka landed in California to visit Nixon, followed by the steady growth of the Moonie cult permutations and their fusion into the US economy and families via arranged marriages. And their dream of gaining control of China and North Korea is already manifesting, if not fully accomplished. Note that the Nazi-built German CDU of the Merkels is no less a threat to US national autonomy than the Moonies or Putin.  The United States has handed over too much of its national security apparatus to foreign interests poised to take over, and Australians already know they are at risk of the same.  America may collapse into a fragmented collection of foreign-owned concessions (like China was in the late 1800s) if assets on US soil are not nationalized rather than privatized, no matter what the pathetic dingbat/fool Ron Paul babbles amid his health tips and promotion of legalized anesthetics that will put Americans asleep for an Austrian School takeover from the Euro direction, if not the Chinese he claims to distrust.

    Chinese spy ship along Australian coast monitoring joint US-Australia Pacific military operations


Supplementary comment on Vulkanus moving into Leo for approx the next 50 years:

    Some pundits have indicated a possible global increase of dictators implementing laws impersonally 'in the interest of the majority'. Vulkanus in Leo is a more likely indicator of narcissistic oligarchs and plutocrats who glorify selfishness, Ayn Rand style. Individual competition is likely to be promoted, as will probably be healthy athletic resilience.  The high side of VU in LE is the message of development of personal potential, and the low side is dictatorship and dominance-submission games, and egotistical arbitrariness.  The first 15 degrees is a progression from the childish manifestations (at 1 degree of a sign) toward the more adult manifestations during the last 15 degrees of a sign, which we can see by studying world evolution during the Pluto in Leo era, progressing from the Hitler era of sloppy egotism and arrogance to the Eisenhower era of athletic accomplishment, creative invention, and development of respectful confidence, heightened personal potential, and encouragement of others' confidence and achievement with a social conscience. Similar energies could manifest with the far-slower Vulkanus moving through Leo, although humanity may (or may not) have learned the lessons of the Pluto-in-Leo era enough to avoid the worst possible manifestations.  In any case, there is indeed a risk of an era, in early Leo, of a rise of global dictator aspirants, of overgrown babies with arrested personal psychological development trying to run the world by arbitrary mandates... Hitler/Tojo/Mussolini/Franco-type replays, unless conscious direction of energy is developed, and the public is keenly alert to such possible problems.  Vulkanus makes its full entry into Leo around 2018Jun25, and ingress charts for this period might tell us a lot about the birthday-chart impact of Vulkanus in Leo will be, as could the first entry of apparently-retrograding Vulkanus in Leo around 2016Sep16. This could give hints of what to expect from Vulkanus for the next 50 years.  The high and low potentials should both be considered during analysis, with an awareness of how energies can manifest variously, depending on attitude, choices, and external factors affection the situation. As mentioned above, with Hades within 2 degrees of 22.5 to Leo as it enters the sign, and this warns of possible political personalities who are aspiring dictators posing strategically as populists, and that too applies to the Hitler/Tojo/Mussolini/Franco (and Ilse Koch, Witch of Buchenwald) types, which the world needs to be on the alert for. Pay attention to politicians who once touted Hitler as their hero and model... the Nazis rose to power by posing as 'national socialists' and were thus elected, Franco as a supposed 'christian'. The low side of Hades is calculatingly deceptive and strategic, and this can include covert psy-ops and cults.  In 2018, the Hades energy is clustered at 7 Cardinals... Cologne/Koln/Bonn Germany, Strassburg on the German-French border, Monaco, Kristiansand Norway, the Algeria/Tunisia border, Tuva region Siberia, w Gansu & E Qinghai & Tibet/Sichuan border in China, Karin & Shan & SE Burma/Myanmar, w Sumatra, Detroit & Columbus & Appalachian KY-VA-TN-NC-GA-SC incl Asheville and Knoxville, Augusta & Tampa regions; Habana Cuba, Costarica-Panama border; coastal Ecuador & adjacent Peru, and these areas could control subsidiary covert ops/cults near 29 Fixed and 14 Mutables. There could therefore be subsidiary covert ops near 29 Fixed, around Ekaterinburg, east central Iran, E Oman and border with Emirates, w Kuril islands, w Micronesia, Rockhampton & Sydney in Australia, central WA & OR, and CA/NV border & Fresno & west Channel Is in California; near 14 Mutables around Prince Albert SK, MT/Dakota border, E Wyoming and E central Colorado and NM, El Paso region; Chihuahua & w Durango & Jalisco, Nayarit & E Sinaloa in Mexico; New Caledonia and central Marshall Is in the Pacific; east Kamchatka in Siberia;Kashmir and bordering India and Pakistan; Goa; Kyrgyz & E Tajik; W Balkash region in Kazak; Omsk Siberia; E coastal Iceland, Canary Is, W tip of Africa from Dakhla Sahara to Bissau Guinea, incl Nouakchott, Dakar, and Banjul/Bathurst.  Cults may be fused with drug traffic; drugs often used in creating and controlling cults. This also means that in the 16th harmonic (22.5), the locations of the cults and drugs and global political power may sometimes be synonymous, and this too was the case during the rise of WW2-era Fascism -- wherever there is cocaine or methamphetamine one may often find fascist cults.  There is already risk of increased 'lacing' of marijuana and other drugs with methamphetamine, which the neo pot-head and other psychedelic cultures need to be keenly alert to.  This is No Time for Anyone to be snoozing on mind-numbing drugs, in any case... get and stay sober if you plan to survive a possible Fascist 'renaissance' (translating as 'Wiedergeburt' in German, or 'Born Again' in English, a common phrase in cult induction).  Some Fascist parties of the 1930s were carved out of socialist parties that were infiltrated and take over/co-opted, often by drugging, and certainly by dogmatic regimentation and S&M-like dominance and submission. And remember what the Wicked Witch said while giving instructions to her Flying Monkies: "Poppies will make them sleep", and thus the Opium Triangles of the planet could neutralize the rest of the world to lose by snooze. The Hades=Vulkanus 16th harmonic cluster now holds sway from the East China Coast and Golden Triangle in tandem -- and so could the world be anesthetized for takeover?  It's already obvious that a possible and hypothetical World War 3 would logically start with undeclared guerrilla warfare, and I persist in the view that the drugs arriving in the USA via Mexico may be coming from somewhere else, maybe across oceans, where the Mexican people are once again used as pawns and fall-guys by people wanting to "get at America" where they aren't already via often overlooked submarine or stowaway warfare (also pertinent to Hades), how covert Axis operations impacted the USA in World War 2, and it would be interesting to study how the Golden Triangle, 45 degrees (8th harmonic angle) west of Tokyo played into that, as opium addiction was known to have been used routinely to kill off local opponents of the fascist 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' as part of an Asian version of 'Lebensraum' policy. 


    2017Jul16: Transnational Cybersecurity:

    This matches with Vulkanus over St-Peterburg and Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao, and Pluto over Chongqing. Posting here is not a comment on the issue of reliability of security software companies, but on the often underestimated seriousness of internet security and social stability issues that need to be tallied in with internet freedom issues in a balanced way.

    Australian national media report on the current state of global/transnational cybersecurity


    2017Jul15: Vulkanus clustered along East China Seacoast: Australian experts warn of risk of 'sleepwalking' on Transpacific security issues:

    These have been in-the-making and would have been available for 'World War 3' military confrontations, then likely backed up by Russia via SCO agreements, now substantially complicated by Kuomintang-Communist and Korean "Unification" agreements and alliances, to which not enough Americans are paying attention, instead lobbied to dismiss reports casually as 'xenophobia' or 'protectionism'. There are various risks if these reports are ignored: 

    Public not adequately recognizing and addressing East Asian transnational military-related operations & capabilities 


    Korean missiles could now reach west Alaska coast security bases and northern Australia 


    2017Jul14: UN Climate Agreement; Pluto and America:

    Merkel went out of her way, once again, to make some sort of statement about how the 'United States of America' was not 'on board' with international climate adaptation and change measures and technology now proposed, and the comment was most likely made because of her continued drive to make "Germany the Leader" in dominating the new technology.  Both California Governor Brown and Elected US President Al Gore came out quickly to indicate that popular American leaders representing a large sector of the American public are in favor of new technology solutions that reduce emissions threatening the Earth's atmosphere, climate stability, and now ocean currents and coastlines. The UN Agreement on Climate Change was signed at a conference in Paris, but the geodetics indicate that it gives advantages to China/Taiwan and/or Germany/Austria more than anyone in France.  Russian power is on the rise, and is already abundant, and so international dialogue and careful negotiations are vital.  Belligerence with Russia does not yield positive results, and never has; like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, most of Egypt, Ethiopia, and all of Arabia, most of Russia in Europe has Taurus MC and Leo rising; and thus are long-surviving civilizations that Do Not Give Up, and will progress proudly at their own pace. Those nations are likely to adapt to current trends only where they see them as clearly practical and stabilizing and respectful of their national interests.  We can even see suns or stars (which are suns) on many of their national flags today or historically, and even the crescent moon is the portion of the Earth's Moon lit by our Sun, as a reminder of its glimmer of light even during darkness.  Note that Japan and Taiwan and the Philippines have a sun on their flags and are in the Leo rising sector of Earth -- and that the Kuomintang Party's Tongmenghui component was founded in Japan. Kuo Min Tang (Guomindang in Pinyin) means National People's Party but it doesn't indicate Which nation it represents.

    Just as Pluto, now within orb of opposite the USA Sun by precession, was conjunct the USA Sun by precession 1927 to 1929 when also, as today, at 4th harmonic cluster with the fixed geo MCs of Vienna and Chongqing (lands of rising World War 2 Fascism manifest under the symbolic leadership of the Austrian Hitler and the ambivalent Chiang Kaishek and Wang Chingwei, later to align with Imperial Manchukuo and Japan while the New York stock market crashed from overinvestment in worthless foreign stocks while Herbert Hoover praised the Manchukuo government. Today's economic policies/realities are different in that another similar crash is not imminent if Washington policy-makers take wise measures to prevent such. This puts Kuomintang-affiliate Billion-heiress Elaine Chao, once or still on the board of Several major US banks, in a Highly critical position, and is reminiscent of the business deals between the past cycle's Herbert Hoover and the Imperial Chinese government, and Chiang Kaishek's wife Soong Meiling's strategic and later literal flirtations in Washington, including of the Consolidated Edison Electric lawyer Wendell Willkie and joint plans with Soong for a "One World" new order to which Chiang Kaishek 'appeared' pragmatically to turn a blind eye. Willkie diabolically sued the FDRoosevelt government for 'unfair competition' from US government work programs designed to resolve American unemployment and revitalize the US economy via mass technology projects, and next, Willkie used the money to run for US president against Roosevelt, with Soong Meiling as a cheerleader.  Relevance?  The Chao family's Long Island seasonal homes rest near those of that same Soong Meiling, both with ready access to Wall Street (in addition to Chao's later ready access to the gold of Fort Knox).  Does anyone smell money?  Big money sucked out of America, daily, and sent across the ocean to Asia.  Foreign-born Kuomintang-affiliate Chao advocates privatization of US infrastructure, which means government control is relinquished to private and potentially transnational corporations.  How does that fit with Trump claiming to be an ardent protector of US borders?  How does the inclusion of German-born Peter Thiel, also in his cabinet, and from the land of Siemens-Deutschebank and its elusive 'Cloud' protect US borders and national interests against German invasion (including economic)?  The answer seems to be "In No Way", and Americans should ask exactly what is the plot of the bad movie rolling in the White House now that will have real outcomes, on the streets and in American homes.

    One thing that is needed is US unity despite the intervention of controversial characters.  That doesn't mean "selling out" (to the revived Chinese Empire or Russia or Germany or anyone else), but for Americans to get beyond the personality cult games, dispense with blind partisan bandwagons, and instead deal with Issues and Policy, with each issue and outcome policy pragmatic and driven by the interests of all Americans, of the American nation as a whole.  This is precisely what FDRoosevelt did in a similar situation, despite tremendous odds including foreign meddling from Germany and China and Japan, the roadblocks of pets of transnational bankcorps like Herbert Hoover, and by policies opposite those of Trump so far, and opposite the duplicitous machinations of the Nazis and the ambivalent Chinese Kuomintang that collaborated with the Fascist Axis (including the Japan Fascist Party) as much as it ever opposed it (read the reports of US China operations Gen Joseph Stilwell) -- and such significance for the continuity of European and Asian parties and banks and corporations from the 1920s up to today.  And there IS substantial continuity, relevant history, and Not just old stuff no longer pertinent. Wall Street must become an American market and not a transnational grab-bag.

    Solar arc directions may favor Merkel remaining in power after the election of 2017, unless another candidate has better indicators, so be prepared for the possibility of More Merkel, who has brought prosperity for most Germans regardless of the impact elsewhere.  Merkel has consistently, since first inauguration, implemented policies to either, in effect and overall, subjugate economically, or otherwise weaken the USA and France and Britain (and much of the rest of Europe) as competitors along a path to German dominance. Merkel's cherished "Lisbon Treaty" mandates by EU law the privatization of national government assets all across the European Union, usually if not mostly acquired by German banks and corporations, and the charts for 1990 German Unification and 1999 Reichstag Revival indicate a probable functional, quiet 'Anschluss' with Austria once again, despite external diplomatic posturings and lines on maps.  The German economy has also expanded substantially into eastern Europe, and put ethnic Germans in power there.

    Similarly, in China, Unification with Taiwan policy was initiated as official Beijing policy the day the Maoist government was ousted and Deng Xiaoping and adherents took over, and the current Xi Jinping has publicly sworn to follow the Deng Xiaoping path, which included the "Asian Century" plan. That means Chinese Unification including Taiwan, effectively re-establishing Chinese Empire boundaries prior to 1890, but also reviving policies of the Axis Prosperity Sphere to fuse Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China into a regional economic alliance.  It will be interesting to see how Japan manipulates the situation, and neither the USA nor Australia should assume reliable allies anywhere around the East China Sea until proven.  This is most likely what is at the core of secret provisions in the murky Transpacific agreements, concealed in North America by an overabundance of double agents and lobbyists patriotically loyal to the lands of their ancestors, with fake IDs and passports making detection difficult.  How much more obvious can this be already, unless one lives too distant from the Pacific coast of the United States and is still dazzled by the manipulations of Chao, SB Woo, the larger Moonie network and Falungong offshoot in Washington to see what's unfolding.

    If wealthy Americans (if there are any still in existence) don't bring their money home and invest it in America and Americans, the US national economy is at grave risk.  America has to produce American products in American factories and workplaces, or risk the same disaster as in 1929... American big money invested in foreign sweatshops owned, at that time, by German corporations -- now maybe to include more Chinese and Japanese or Korean corporations and their regional sweatshops stretching westward into India.  The big regional economic conferences in Asia have been touting an "Asian Century" after 2000 with regularity, since the late 70s and early 80s, and Americans had better pay attention to that, and how it has already tried to manifest, and also to the games Merkel is playing in Europe and with Russia.  Plus the historic origins of the transnational Jihadi cults in WW2 Axis power covert psychological warfare operations that Merkel has scrambled to cover up.... the halloween-candy show for mideastern immigrants headed for "re-education" programs was a strategic measure designed to make people forget the history of German mideast policy since the 1930s, and its colonizing ambitions, and third countries should be aware of exactly how refugees are "re-educated" in Germany, and for what purposes.  Germany now has Europe's money via the Euro, and one of the most elaborate and sophisticated intelligence services and psychological warfare storehouses on the planet, preserved from Nazi days, plus whatever planet-wide data the Siemens Cloud hands over to the ever-present BND (Gestapo revived).  You can probably safely bet this is part of why Britain is contemplating the when and how of Brexit, while Germany continues its shiny, hooked lures of temporary bribes for Ireland and Scotland and Wales.  The whole world also needs to be a lot more vigilant and skeptical about what's unfolding in Ukraine and Romania and Turkey, including what German government and corporations are doing there and have done there for last century (incl the Chernobyl debacle), as they hold keys to whether there is a potentially disastrous World War 3... as well as Egypt now, heavily under Saudi influence, together surrounding Israel with Turkey.  Playing with massively-armed Russia's national boundaries is a potentially highly explosive risk as British intelligence has already warned. 

    Lastly, geodetic indicators point to possible risks from Moonie-cult Kahr Arms (incl gun manufacturing) or other technology investments in Mexico, including in Monterrey, which is not far from the mountainous US-Texas border region where there is no 'wall'.  It has long been my view that there is far more 'danger' from foreign underworld operations contaminating Mexico than there is from the Mexican government or general population.  Both World Wars included (European, and Asian in WW2) non-Mexican-run operations on Mexican soil attempting to provoke border clashes or wars, and chaos in North America.  The area of Texas borderland now most vulnerable is around Laredo, while Mexico is largely at the mercy of imported transnational criminal networks creating havoc and misery for millions of its people daily, and potentially using Mexico as a doormat into the United States. It's documented that Germany tried that in WW1 and 2, Japan did in WW2, and any nation is capable of the same again.  China, a vast country, inevitably diverse, was divided and ambivalent in World War 2, and in a civil war that involved alliances with Japan, and very carefully strategizing in dealing with all other nations.  The Greater Chinese Empire holds vast global financial and increasing military and espionage power right now, not to be ignored for a moment, and Elaine Chao has one foot there. Americans must stay away from the opiates and the diversionary dream-worlds, for if "you snooze, you lose", the transnational drug-peddlers know it, and Sun Tzu preaches to retreat when the enemy advances, and attack when the enemy retreats or is asleep -- so,  Make this Summer of Love not a Summer of Drugs or more Moonie-type cult inductions, as they try to co-opt anything they think is popular among vulnerable and isolated people.  Beware Pipe Dreams.

    Two relevant quotes are attributed to Pres John Kennedy: 

    "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names"; and

    "If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich".


    2017Jul09: Repeating Pluto and Vulkanus cycles in USA Chart:

    In addition to Seattle and NYC and Vancouver/Victoria and Ottawa being vulnerable to powerful Vulkanus pushes from Shanghai/Taipei, Alexandria/Cairo, Durban, and Buenos Aires/Asuncion in 0 Fixed sign geodetic zones, the same is true to a lesser degree in zones at 22.5 and 45 degrees from there.  This points in the USA to Yuma Arizona at points of entry via the Colorado River.  Could submarines be involved?   This also affects the southern California border area, and northward depending on river navigability. Another area mentioned before was the very mountainous region between Eagle Pass and Laredo Texas, where maps show there is no 'border fence', possibly due to rough terrain.  Another vulnerability point is around Chicago (recently inundated by street drugs and guns, possibly imported) and Milwaukee, the ports of Biloxi Mississippi and Mobile Alabama, and then the Gaspe and Anticosti areas in Quebec, and the eastern tips of Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island and adjacent areas of mainland Nova Scotia.  Politically potent, even para/military or just gun-trafficking could be coming in via those areas.  NYC would match up with Kahr Arms Moonie operations, which could involve importation of weapons to appease the media-fed gun crazes. This could also possibly affect Upper Michigan and southern Ontario via ports around Thunder Bay, Isle Royale, and the Keweenaw Peninsula that might possible be accessed via the Saint Lawrence Seaway, which should be monitored for high-impact politically-charged contraband.  This could also mean that Panama Canal traffic could be critically significant now.  These locations were also in critical relationship to the USA and Canada when Vulkanus was around 15 mutables (1932-39) during the East Asia Prosperity Sphere extended into Manchukuo and the East China seacoast already including Taiwan/Formosa, and again to a smaller but significant degree around 2:30 Cardinals (1964-70) at the time of Vietnam War blowback.  How much of the turbulence on US streets, with weird cults and militant organizations, was actually imported from the aforementioned locations rather than of purely domestic origin?  How much of the propaganda about how there is no threat from foreign interests being generated from the foreign interests themselves, at the mentioned locations?... very important question.  Border and Port security has been and is No Joke when powerful energies like Pluto or Vulkanus are at hand, regardless of which political figure or party speaks of it or not.

    As mentioned in newsletters, Pluto was conjunct the USA 1776 Sun last around the time for the 1929 Stock Market crash, which was due to overinvestment in transnational slave-labor economies, which included the labor camps around Auschwitz, in the Silesian industrial region, and per geodetic indicators involved money from Vienna (Hitler's homeland capital) as much as Germany proper, where Pomeranian money may have also been at play. Rising Chinese economic power in Chongqing and Guiyang, during the 1928-29 New Constitution restructuring in China, and the colonial Indonesia economy in Jakarta/Batavia and Bandung was also critical then -- all of which are now, once again.  Were/are those also virtual slave-labor economies?  What was going on in Bogota Colombia, eastern Peru, and mineral-rich southern Chile at that time and how might it be recycling now?  Was and is Necker Island near Hawaii, or the Unimak Island area or Norton Sound in Alaska of global financial significance in terms of sea trade?  What is unfolding in Saigon and Hanoi is of global financial significance, as most clearly is Singapore, and city built on money-trading and a historical root-city of the Kuomintang Party (as are Honolulu and Tokyo, outside mainland China)... and Pyongyang and Seoul were and are now also in critical to the US economy.  How much are North and South Korea merging, politically or just economically?  Seoul could have direct financial links to Chongqing, Vietnam, or Jakarta and Bandung, and these all impact the USA Sun now via the precessed transit of Pluto.  How much to investments from these locations overtake local economies in the USA?  How much of Wall Street is American money?  The latter is a critical issue. Fully American money in New York and Los Angeles has to invest in the US national economy to keep foreign interests from Taking Over and affecting the daily economic life of the American public, and this has already begun, and very conspicuous in places like San Francisco, with obnoxious rent-gouging and rapid business takeovers, spun out of control, and highly disruptive of local economies and stability.

    The very same locations for Pluto impacted the USA Sun at its square around 1978-79, a period that should be studied for economically critical foreign exchanges with those very same locations, and where America is disadvantaged by Plutonian-type business strategy games coming from those locations. Note that since Canada's 1867 chart has a Sun only a few degrees earlier in Cancer, it has (ever since 1867) been and is similarly affected by the same cities and locations only a few degrees to the west.. a bit more toward Chengdu and Singapore, maybe Kuala Lumpur or Phnompenh, Kingston Jamaica, and possibly Berlin more than Vienna.  Note that the geodetic alignments for the 1990 unification chart and 1999 Reichstag renewal chart for Germany align with power closer and closer to Vienna, meaning that German Unification may have quietly included something akin to another 'Anschluss' with Austria.

    How does the "Tea Party" (touting "Vienna School" economics) and earlier prototypes for it (Silvershirts network, etc) match up with the aforementioned dates and locations, and what were their relationships to foreign interests?  The Silvershirts and Nazi Bund were known to be backed from Germany and/or Austria. The relationship between China and Nazi Germany is reported in international media but often whitewashed in US media due to China Lobby pressures, as was Chinese collaboration with Japan Fascism and the transnational criminal underworld networks that built them and still survive today.  


    2017Jul05: Global Control Central.

    This matches with the recent and current Pluto and Vulkanus (and Zeus) 4th harmonic alignments with Berlin, Stettin, Vienna, and Chongqing and Shanghai and Taipei.  The Siemens (Deutschebank) "Cloud" has given the German BND control of the world in a way Hitler would have 'danced his jig' over again, and due to naive compliance similar to that lent before Sudetenland... "Big Brother" is German, at the core of the E.U., and rooted in the remnants of the Third Reich, decorated with mummy Merkel as the symbolic new Fuhrer. Merkel will say whatever sounds good at the moment and according to location -- at the moment portraying herself as the champion of new environmentally-friendly technology (as long as Germany controls it), trying to align with the 'Anti-Trump Resistance' whereas her party LOVES America crumbling under the dominance of a fool (unless they can control it as a "Reichsgau" that would have Peter Thiel and Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Gauleiter"s.  Meanwhile, Transpacific Chinese and Japanese tech companies have a similar degree of control over global tech paradigms.  All "Information Control", and much of it handed over by US government agencies to them after Merkel shamed us with her cell-phone act, so they can take over and "redefine America" by what is re-emerging as Eurasian Fascism manipulating American politics due to naivete in Washington.  Merkel and her family ties to Russia need scrutiny, as does most certainly the history of German-Russian relations going all the way back to Katharina von Anhalt (German-born "Catherine the Great") as Czarina of Russia and cultivator of the Volga German colonies. That could be where Vulkanus over Peterburg and Odessa comes into the picture.

    There are signs that German, and Chinese Diaspora (via the Kuomintang-Communist merger) intel data have been manipulating Washington in a play where German intel reports "It's the Chinese!", while Chinese-allied intel reports "It's the Germans", both of which are true, but that they may in fact be in alliance, which would match up with the extensive German corporate operations and fusions into the crime-infested and now uber-rich Chinese Diaspora joint economic interests that produce things like Chinese-made cars and other technology with German and Japanese (and sometimes American) corporate labels pasted on them, German (and Japanese) owned factories in China, longtime German-Kuomintang  and German-Qingdynasty military and banckcorp alliances that go back for the last 100 years or more.

    A major point to keep in mind while analyzing all of it is that Angela Merkel is a Fake, trained to be fake by the remnants of the very Austro-German military-industrial machine that created the Third Reich.  Arnold (also an agent and not the head Kaiser) may even give her acting lessons, in between his politically-charged trips to Taipei and Hongkong, on how to wink and flirt and charm. German politics can probably not be understood without reading Sigrid Schultz's "Germany Will Try It Again", and a summary of Metternich's bag of tricks (idolized by Kissinger).  And East Asian politics can probably not be fully understood without reading Sun Tzu's "Art of War", Sterling Seagrave's "Lords of the Rim", and Tony Matthews's "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon".  Fully understanding China and Japan foreign relations requires a study of the notes and memoirs of General Joseph Stilwell, and Sterling Seagrave's "Soong Dynasty" and "Yamato Dynasty".  Seagrave's work is today more critical to understanding global power politics than ever, a monument to understanding the Asian half of Corporatist Globalism.  And Seagrave's "Marcos Dynasty" gives invaluable insights into Philippine politics components of the East Asia power balance.  Did Seagrave know he was writing books that are of Vital significance to the world in 2017 as Vulkanus global power wields part of its impact from the East China Seacoasts?  As for Russia, a study of the German Oldenburg dynasty's fusion into the Romanov family, whose name it took on in Peterburg, and Czarina Katharina/Catherine's policies stretching from Berlin, across Peterburg, Moscow, and Kiyev, to Astrakhan are probably vital to understanding the roots of what's happening now along the Russian border and the bloody history of Ukraine, coveted from Central Europe to the Urals for its control of the unfrozen year-round Black Seaport outlets for the vast mineral wealth of Russia in Europe.  For the old imperial oligarch families are what controls the European Union, the revived Chinese Empire, and Always the Japanese Empire and its sometimes rebellious Korean satellite state.

    While North America reaches out with multicultural love, the Hordes of Asian empire-builders see it only as an open door to invasion, the Dream of the supposed "Asian Century", while Merkel's Huns see the instability as an opportunity to strengthen the power of their Gauleiters and sink further into the US economy and infrastructure via entities such as the Siemens-Deutschebank bankcorp complex, tied directly to "The Euro", aspiring to subjugate Europe, global dominance, and weakening of real American power and influence to get there. As mentioned before, the Deutsch-Asiatische Deutschebank Asian imperial alliances go back for at least a century, and were at the root of the World War 2 Axis Fascist machine, fused into World War 1 Central Power politics, and now resurgent but dressed up in different costumes.  Of interest to note are the use of figures like Merkel and Chao to give brutal, macho political machines a feminine-looking facade as Vulkanus enters Leo and Hades lingers in the early degrees of Cancer. Merkel and Chao serve more powerful masters. Global doublespeak and doublethink politics are already in full bloom, while the Huns and the Hordes are once again poised to expand their empires via both Pluto and Vulkanus energies and resources, sometimes implemented by the tools of Zeus.  If you think for a moment that the Merkel machine will bring egalitarian democracy, take a look at what its rule over Germany and thus the E.U. has done to the rest of Europe.  And now having shamelessly manipulated the inexperienced Macron in position as the New Vichy Petain. Next, beware the risks of attempts to put another Edward VIII on the throne in London.  The mission assigned to Merkel is to have Germany rule the world... whatever that takes... and it could include a long-desired joint German-Russian control of Peterburg (planned by Hitler) and a Grossdeutschesreich empire stretching from the Rhine, across the Urals to the Pacific, or from the Atlantic to the Pacific if France can be subjugated, which may have just happened via "En Marks" Macron at the Versailles palace of King Ludwig, heir to the western empire of Karl der Grosse (aka Charlemagne).  George Herbert Walker Bush created the groundwork for all of this to unfold as it has, starting with back-yard control of the Reagan Administration while duped by the Asian Fascist operant "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon, and the old Nazi Bush-family ties that might have had the USA colluding with Hitler and Tojo and Wang Chingwei, with Shanghai mobster Chiang Kaishek ready to side with the victor, whomever that might be.  The Shanghai Green Gang is still around, maybe stronger than ever, and its turf overlaps the Elaine Chao family shipping empire, sitting on the board of at very least 3 major US banks, in ways that need to be investigated... as Vulkanus power now rests along the Shanghai-Taipei longitudes. Taiwan-born Chao is No Small Item in Washington politics now... nor was she through the Bush Junior administration -- nor was the continued thread of the Moonie "church/faith-based" cult worm from Watergate to the now blossoming Asian Century plans.  These are keys to solving the mystery of the current Chaos in Washington.  Expect little Truth in reports on East Asian history from Asia, as Sun Tzu taught the value of secrecy and obfuscation and deceit in Asian guerrilla warfare, manifest as the attack on Pearl Harbor while Japanese diplomats were cynically offering the "World Peace" olive branch in San Francisco, and the forgotten Japanese plans for a nuclear bomb for America unfolding when Washington beat the draw and stopped further casualties by dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Axis powers might well have destroyed America (and Canada) if Albert Einstein hadn't brought the technology across the Atlantic. Otherwise, Germany and the East Asian Axis might have ruled the world.  Has that happened anyway?  Was it the "New Order" announced by George Bush Sr as he stared dizzily into his 'thousand points of light' after another mesmerizing 'prayer' session with Sun Myung Moon (with the Chao family watching in greedy anticipation)?  If so, Rasputin would have been impressed, but Americans lose where the Moonies (and their Kahr Arms gun-peddling operation) win.  Few have yet penetrated the role of the Moonies in Watergate, and this may be why their push to cover up Watergate investigation results was not to 'save face' for Nixon, but for themselves, to stop the cover from being blown on their elaborate and scheming espionage and subversion operations across the USA, from coast to coast... and now lodged in the White House, on Wall Street, and throughout California infrastructure, and maybe in Washington state, and clearly throughout Hawaii, maybe including Homeland Security offices in Honolulu, a Kuomintang founding location.  In particular, where transnationals have been involved in US national security database development or maintenance, or in other security functions. Given the recent and current impact of powerful Pluto and Vulkanus on the USA chart and key US national security locations geodetically, this is Not an issue to be dismissed as mere conspiracy theory, or as trivial.  What is also critical is foolish trust in "faith-based" organizations that serve as fronts for covert foreign espionage or subversion operations.  Cult manipulees/victims, religious or otherwise, dazzled by their ideologies or cult figures, can unfortunately be oblivious to these issues.


    2017Jul03: Geodetic indicators for US presidential administrations beginning in both January 2017 and January 2021 -- China is in fact a Big Deal, and looking for Big Deals, including Chinese and other foreign drives to privatize and therefore control US infrastructure.  It's Not a minor issue, at all, and the removal of US public control of US infrastructure is the functional End of American democracy, if it is allowed to manifest more.  Not all Europeans seem to have gotten that message as Merkel's Euro/Deutschebank "Lisbon Treaty" has legally mandated privatization of national infrastructures across Europe, contrary to the shallow impressions of lingering EU-enthusiasts in the British Isles and elsewhere.  This now weighs heavily on Washington, from both Vienna 'Transatlantic' And Chongqing/Chungking and the Bandung-Conference network built on Post-WW2 Axis Fascist underworld 'Transpacific' money.  Merkel and Friends, whose political power is also nests in Vienna and Stettin and the old Mannerheim machine in Finland, and the Hohenzollern strongholds in Romania, snicker tee-hee as they pull strings and mesmerize visitors like the Hitler court used to (as described in 'Germany Will Try It Again' by Sigrid Schultz).

    Note that Pluto has been opposing the USA July 4 chart Sun, by tropical transit and then by sidereal/precessed transit for the last several years... and at age 241, the precession factor of 50.2 seconds per year for current transits to the USA chart is about 3 degrees and 18 minutes (subtracted from current tropical transits, or added to natal tropical positions), and are of substantial potency as much as 2 degrees away from (now current 2nd harmonic, 180d) aspect/cluster.  This means that there is still time to undo Plutonian corruption in Washington during the last several years that has manifest spectacles like the Tea Party cult as well as foolish foreign policy moves made while wisely avoiding the disasters of a speculative "World War 3" that geodetics show would be won by Russia and China.  The current power of the Shanghai "SCO" must be endured with strict caution and boundaries until the tide turns.  Power now amassed in Shanghai and Taipei now presses on NYC and Seattle, and in a few years, power amassed in Korea and Manchuria, by whomever controls them, will similarly press hard on San Francisco and Portland, with symptoms already clearly showing. The building of the Korean CIA by agents of Fascist Manchukuo could still be relevant today. Both North and South Korea, long either Chinese or Japanese colonies, are puppet-states controlled by whomever can wrest it, and control could shift from mainland China to Taiwan while their oligarchies merge into a new Chinese Empire. The recent government in Beijing has repeatedly stated its commitment to privatization and merger with the Japan-fused Kuomintang oligarchy that has controlled the Taiwan economy for years. Thus the revival of the East Asia Prosperity Sphere is underway and playing quiet but financially high-impact chess with America, while US politicians seem to be oblivious and charmed by their lobbying tricks and carrot sticks.  It's not all love and kumbaya in the world of political reality that becomes evident after one wakes up from the dream.

    Geodetic alignments of Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus for both US presidential administrations of 2017 and 2021 point increasingly to interference in US national politics from both now-globally-Dominant Chinese and German interests, above and beyond Russian and Mideastern.  The 'strongman' position of Trump may only be a stage-presence covering a powerful transnational machine behind him, that installed him, and threatening to continue into 2021, unless measures are taken to curb the foolish openness to foreign meddling in US infrastructure and politics (which installed the pseudo-populist Trump, whose geodetic indicators of main political backing are very similar to those of George Bush Jr -- so look for the parallels, despite Bush family public relations statements).  The power of the new Shanghai-Taipei Kuomintang-Communist alliance (including today's remnants of the Shanghai-Taipei "Green Gang" Mafia that has been at core of the Kuomintang network, which was reported as the single most wealthy political party on the globe already in the early 2000s, and after more mergers with the Chinese Communist Party, has increasing control of China's Vast national assets.  This alliance is likely behind Elaine Chao in NYC and Washington, the Moonie/Kahr Arms cult fused with Chao's network, and the Ed Lee machine in the San Francisco bay area, also fused historically with the pervasive Moonie family cult and its organizational/business permutations.  The network connections are shown in the "Men Behind the Curtain" article, and now, via Chao in the White House cabinet (again, as during the Bush Jr admin when the Dept of Homeland Security was built), and in indicators of major influences manipulating the Trump administration as well as whoever is inaugurated in 2021.  There are the 2017 4th-of-July fireworks!  And they risk being enabled by Canadian foreign policy, if Ottawa is not careful. 

    The Russia/Putin connection could clearly be relevant, if one remembers the "SCO" Shanghai Cooperation Organization binding Moscow with Beijing, the geodetic overlaps of the post-1990 Russian Central Bank with the European Central Bank, and the too-often overlooked, globally potent current presence of Vulkanus near Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao, the recent Kuomintang-Communist cooperation treaties, the Kuomintang-Communist joint leadership presence at Beijing's recent "Victory Day" parades, and Xi Jinping's stated intentions to continue the policies of Deng Xiaoping (i.e. Asian Century, continued Privatization of the Chinese economy, now guaranteed by the most recent Chinese constitution, and the merging of the mainland China and Taiwan economies).  These have been overlooked because the China lobbies news about them quiet in US media, while they have been openly reported in Chinese and other East Asian domestic media that most Americans ignore, to our disadvantage.  These points are Vital as Pluto finalizes its precessed opposition to the 1776 July 4 USA chart Sun.

    The geodetic alignments account not only for the rising Vulkanus global political clout of Shanghai, Taipei, and Peterburg -- as also of Istanbul, Cairo, Durban, Buenos Aires, and remote but potent and heavily, globally militarized Asuncion Paraguay, with remote Guyana also poised to become somehow globally significant (and hopefully not like the Jonestown hoax in Arthur Chung's Guyana, recruiting among Moonie cult strongholds, but don't discount that as a possibility).

    Not to overlook is the current critical locus of Pluto (financial) power, in Chongqing (longtime Kuomintang power hub in China built up by the US Lend-Lease Act, now economically resurgent on a global scale), rising in power Jakarta and Bandung-Conference Indonesia, rich long-narcotrafficking-troubled Bogota Colombia, NYC and Wall Street and the surrounding Moonie-Kuomintang colonies housing the Chao family dynasty and the Kahr Arms weapons traffickers/peddlers (on US soil, to note), and the beloved Vienna of the old Habsburg financial empire, Schwarzenegger's family connections in Vienna, with the secessionist 'UNPO' organization repeatedly advocating the breakup of the USA into smaller countries along with Confederate memorabilia and "separatist movements" that round up and manipulate Native American people, and potentially problematic financial (oil/mining/fishing?) interests all along the Bering Seacoast in Alaska, from north to south including the eastern Aleutians.   These are global power foci impacting the Trump administration from inauguration day throughout all four years. Way too much bias toward Chinese and Russian and Austro-German interests including those in west Poland and west Yugoslav states, plus Capetown South Africa.... global Pluto money also now rising in Turkey and Egypt (old 'Caliphate' lands, with Egypt long fused with Saudi money and interests, and long ambiguous and blurry Saudi-Turkish relations).  These are more significant than usual in American history, since Pluto, by precession, is finishing off its opposition the USA Sun, meaning foreign money from these locations could wag America by the tail, and that includes massive Chinese and longtime Austro-German money on Wall Street.

    Zeus para/military influences through the Trump/Pence years from 19 cardinals are less than 2 degrees from Pluto on the 90 dial and thus possibly fused closely with the Pluto interests... Zeus para/military ops just a bit to the east of Pluto, at Hainan island's Chinese naval bases, which can be checked by Australian military presence off the coast of Cape Farquhar and Dirk Hartog island in Australia; US naval/coastguard presence around Kotzebue, Dillingham, and Henderson Bay in Alaska; US national/coastal defense operations around Boston, continued and now vital US cooperation with the Dominican Republic, US cooperation with Argentina that does not upset a balance-of-power in the Falklands. Argentina will need support against the covert Chinese and maybe also Japanese paramilitary operations in Paraguay and neighboring areas of Brazil (and/or in Bolivia?), including via Moonie cult fronts.  Benghazi Libya could become further militarized, and will need counterbalance of strong anti-terrorist bases in Greece and Albania. Defenses around Cape Agulhas in South Africa, and in the Namibian capital, need fortification with democratic interests alert to meddling from Libya, China, and/or post-war fascist remnants in the Patagonia.

    I had to look at the 2021 inauguration indicators to see what this could be leading to 4 years from now...

    Vulkanus at 31:46 in 2021, pointing still to East China Coast and Taiwan naval bases, and the Philippines, further ramped up during the next four years, and subject to whatever unfolds in China and Taiwan and the Philippines.  Manila's global power will be enhanced and subject to the whims of local politics there.  Celebes and Flores in Indonesia could be further militarized, and the far-west tip of Australia will need further national security fortification.  Unalloyed US military operations all around Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska will need to be fortified.... also true of Denver and Roswell, at 45 angle, and these need to be free of meddling influence from German or Asian military, any foreign, interests there (like near Roswell), just as the city of Halifax needs to be focused on Canada and North America's security interests rather than meddling of German crypto-nationalist interest like those at the Halifax Security Conferences. Canada's Atlantic fleet needs fortification now and in coming years, with a focus on the Western Hemisphere, regardless of who is US president, and Canada becomes weak in facing the now bristling global ambitions of Germany, China, Japan, Russia, and the revived 'Caliphate' countries, without America.

    By 2021, Pluto will have shifted to 24:20, and linger there for the next US presidential administration.  The USA risks losing its global financial clout due to poor federal financial policy... foreign money on Wall Street could ruin the US economy during the next four years, just as it did in 1929, and that certainly includes the very conspicuous Chinese money there now, as well as old Austro-German nationalist money, which is what largely built the Wall Street Stock Exchange in the first place. Chinese money in Asia will shift from Chongqing to Hongkong and Macao over the next 4 years, and into Honolulu (facilitated by lax immigration policy serving eagerly competitive interests In Asia far far more than America).

    ***The United States is in urgent need of taking control of Wall Street so it is not run by foreign money, Chinese, Central European, or White South African in particular***.  Venezuela could also become a world financial hub by 2021, possibly due to political changes by then, and if US investments are not there, America loses even more to Chinese or European interests, already in motion to a severely problematic degree, and due to lack of financial planning in Washington, instead left to 'global' markets who couldn't care less about Americans, and that could include financial interests in Hawaii indifferent to the well-being of the rest of the USA (already marked by advocacy of dangerously lax immigration controls during this period of rampant global terrorist network migration).  More wealth will accumulate in Hawaii, logically due to increased China/Transpacific trade that Pluto indicates will benefit Hongkong and cities to the north of it (incl the bustling central China riverport of Wuhan/Wuchang), and because Honolulu is a major global Kuomintang financial and political hub. Cocky Asian nationalist lobbyists in Washington snicker at how naive Americans are about what they have going on, just as the Merkel-entourage in Berlin (now heavily merged with Vienna since 'German unification' that may include Austria more than is officially acknowledged).  It's where the Big Money is Now... "Vienna School" indeed, thanks to foolish privatization of the US infrastructure serving foreign interests, behind the curtain.

    European politics meanwhle continue to function at a high level of doublespeak duplicity, with Merkel planted, by oligarch design, in the middle as the ringmaster.  Helmut Kohl in fact reduced choices rather than expanding them.... Clinton must have read Merkel's funeral speech by mistake.  All Helmut Kohl did for him was to create the diabolical mess in Yugoslavia that Clinton had to clean up, and German media of the early 2000s made it clear that Kohl 'created' Merkel as a political tool for his Nazi-rooted oligarchy.  Macron of the "La France en Marks" or "Le Franc en Marks" party in Paris is "usefully" inexperienced and naive, being in the pocket of the Merkel machine, as witnessed by her visits where she makes him dance like a poodle.  The Versailles stunt is German-engineered, a symbolic replay of the 1870 German invasion and occupation of France in combination with Marechal Petain barking upon commands from Pavolvian politicos in Berlin and Vienna (Hitler's and Schwarzenegger's home capital).

    How any part of Great Britain can "avoid austerity" by voting for the EuroUnion is pure contradiction, even the "E.U." is now dangling quickly-spoiling carrots in front of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the EU-duped "Liberal Democrats", and flickering and ambivalent dupes in the Labour Party who Should know be seeing through the EuroUnion game.  UK politics has made a complete flip-flop in recent years, begun when starry-eyed cyborg-like Tony Blair starting spinning around Europe like a whirling dervish with Christmas lights.

    Putin, no doubt, finds the whole scary mess amusing, while his heavily German-influenced life experience is fused with knowledge of Pavlovian and (much older Germanic) Metternichian manipulation games and control politics.  His alliances will adapt to whatever unfolds globally.  Russia, like China, is unlikely to make, less to commit, to any treaty with a 'western' nation. But Russia, too, will lose much in a World War 3 scenario, despite powerful alliances all across now wealthy and powerful Asia.  What the geodetics indicate is that the autonomy of the British people rests on strong and loyal alliance with the US and Canadian Atlantic and Pacific fleets, being the alliance that once before saved Britain from Nazi rule, with Labour equally confused, or manipulated, at that time over foreign policy issues.  This is precisely why the Pangerman Oligarchs and their Portuguese pseudo-socialist pit-bull RUSHED in to high-pressure Canada to sign the CETA/ECTA treaty, for fear of a strengthened North American alliance that they can't otherwise manipulate.  Berlin, like Shanghai and (long Japanese-controlled) Taipei, will say whatever sounds good to the listener at the moment, as history has proven time and again... while the military buildups and bulging nationalist-driven transnational bank accounts quietly amass alongside the quiet smiles of calculating, predatory sadists (who included Helmut Kohl) who have continued the Hitler-decorated plan to 'rule the world' and make it dance to their tune.  And it may well be that the Euro-Asian Axis Fascist alliance of the early 20th century has also been revived, with Russia once again tilting back and forth resourcefully to adapt to the whims of wealthier powers, exerting influence where it can, on the defensive over the Ukraine mess, and loaded with readily re-locatable wheeled ICB Missiles ready to fire upon notice.

    Meanwhile, London is in an unusually problematic 'fog' at all levels throughout 2017 due to Neptune at 09:30 (coming from something in Iceland and the Thule-land east Greenland coast) being clustered with its annual ingress/universal MC on the 90 dial, and all parties across the UK need to wait until the fog clears in January to make major decisions, and many important facts may surface before then.  Brexit needs to stop being a partisan or regional interest, and become unbiased to either conservative labour, instead become a national interest, with very close scrutiny of Germany's past and present behavior in the EuroUnion, including how its government has shamelessly manipulated French politics, as well as that of other neighbors, and of all Ireland for many decades.  Germans may vote for Merkel if she brings them stability and security, regardless of what her machinations in the EU are doing to the rest of Europe.  So much for the illusion of the 'end of nationalism', something that is not likely to happen in the near future. And a 'borderless' world can't be Forced, without heavy backlash -- it's something that must unfold at a slow and natural pace, if it can at all.  Meanwhile, the exploitation of migrant labor disguised as 'concern for refugees' (which can surely be real, but often isn't)  needs to stop, now.  The greedy must stop their money and power addictions, or the world is headed for more turmoil, and an increase of very real gentrifying and dehumanizing Fascism.

    The stability and cohesion of the USA is at grave risk unless the sincere and effective establishment of national boundaries are maintained, and Trump is Not doing that in a lot of his policies, like letting Elaine Chao and or Peter Thiel, or others with dual national allegiances, run the show in Washington, as they may both be functional double agents there to dismantle America and slice it up like a pizza pie to serve at a Dimsum or an Oktoberfest buffet, even one set up by a revived German Czarist machine in Peterburg, some maybe friends of Putin with his imperial flag and coat of arms.  All this is Highly Critical now as Pluto remains opposed to the USA Sun via precession.  Interests from Chongqing and Vienna-Berlin, and Capetown (and Libya) Must be flushed out of Washington, as they are the among biggest threats to US national security and financial stability now, and that includes 'Vienna School economics' snake-oil theory and its derivative "Chicago School" brew, where praise of Hayek cleverly conceals the Hakenkreuz, with greed as the lure for American submission to calculating foreign, privatizing interests (represented by Chao as well as others).... like America is Up For Grabs, and Trump is the auctioneer.  Next goes medical care, public park land, and schools for the middle class and poor. Retro. Medieval, Imperial feudalism. Meaning Fascism.


    2017Jun18 (re-edited and updated Jun30):  2017-18 Global Warming, Natural and Economic Tsunamis gone beyond the tropics and gone global:

    Tsunamis have normally been noticed as a tropical phenomenon. Now, with accelerated global warming, they are manifesting around the Arctic regions... this in Greenland, where the centuries-old ice-cap is melting rapidly. Does this show on the Ariespoint axis for this year? The 2016Dec21 universal/ingress chart shows AR=NE/ZE (heated air or liquids all around), and Neptune is nearly within 2 deg (secondary cluster) orb of Ariespoint, and =PL/VU (rapid major developments involving air and/or liquids). Also, AR =UR/ZE =NE/ZE, totaling AR=URZE/NE (rapidly heating air or liquids globally, sometimes erratic or involving surprises, which can include storms of various sorts).

    These pictures are in effect until the universal ingress in Dec 2017, at which AR=URNE/ZE (continuing for 2018). In 2018, AR=JU=SA, so there will be some global stabilization, but possibly with the need for frugality due to concentration of global assets and resulting widespread shortages (or imposed 'austerity') . The money of the world will possibly be concentrated in real estate investment (JU.SA) operations.... the uber-rich continuing to grab up land as it shifts or even dissolves. Real estate prices driven up to the point where only the rich can afford, creating unofficial market-based 'austerity'.  The coastlines continue to rise rapidly, including visibly in California, sometimes near coastal homes/buildings. The result is that the rich will be able to decide who lives where -- which is in effect a return to the Feudal System, imported transoceanically. 

    With AR=JU=SA, real estate investments may be concentrated in banking houses near the Ariespoint axis, i.e. in London, Accra, New Orleans, St-Louis (including agricultural land purchases?), and Dhaka/Dacca... the world needs to pay more attention to who actually owns and runs the Bangladesh sweatshop economy... and to quiet goings-on in remote Bhutan and Tibet north of there.  And, what effects the Ariespoint axis affects the whole world.

    Pay close attention to the "AIIB" or "Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank" (or others based in Dakha, around Cooch Behar, or offshore in Bhutan or Tibet) now wielding its global power, quite visibly in terms of investment takeovers, from the East China Seacoast including Taiwan and possibly money laundered through the Philippines. Possible Sun Tzu style economic guerrilla warfare. Vulkanus may be much more Bold in Leo than in Cancer, which it is leaving now, and this applies to power shifts in the East China Sea as well as in Peterburg, Odessa, Cairo, Durban, Buenos Aires, and now heavily transnational Paraguay with a powerful Asian immigrant oligarchy.  Britain will need to stand firm in the Falklands and Antilles in order to keep it in check, and don't be surprised if there are more Falklands confrontations, hopefully peacefully resolved, and where Argentinians might actually be happy to see the British there, given what could spread out from rich and Kahr-armed Moonie cult-front operations in Paraguay and Uruguay that are already said to be destabilizing Brazil.

    People in Washington seem to be convinced that there is only a choice between Asian or German/Siemens colonization of the United States.... tossing the whole idea of American Independence and national autonomy into the history department. Like "move over and get out of the way for the uber-rich immigrant takeover of your cities". Chao and her network act like they are here to advance Chinese interests and coolaid products Foremost. The courts of Shinzo and Merkel are no less predatory and duplicitous, and slick enough to dupe US congresspersons into signing their secretive and circuitous exotic 'agreements' full of hidden clauses. The European Union, since at very least, the "Lisbon Treaty" (rush-pushed by Merkel) makes privatization of state assets mandatory in EU member countries, as does the most recent version of the Constitution of the sham "Peoples Republic" of China (gradually and functionally merged with the Kuomintang Party and the Taipei oligarchy, where Vulkanus now predominates globally). Maoism is dead and long gone, just a picture displayed on public buildings and history books... much like Sun Yatsen was, as well, in the world of Chinese Sun Tzu shadow-puppet politics.

    The public should be studying Putin's ties in/to Germany, and the role of Germany in the 1990 privatization revolution in Russia. Is anyone noting that the new Russian govt of the early 1990s quickly endorsed the Reunification of Germany, or the role of German money in the post 1990 Russian Central Bank, or the quick German corporate takeover of the East Prussian economy that was Soviet-dominated 1945-1990? Or the rise of ethnic Austro/German-minority control of Romania?  More attention needs to be focused on what's happening in Odessa and the turbulent, polarized, and often brutally violent politics of Ukraine reminiscent of past invasions and Nazi-aligned political cults.

    Where does America fit into any of this? Why are two of Trump's top cabinet posts filled by natives of Germany (Thiel) and Taiwan (Chao, with family roots in Shanghai)? How does the Siemens Deutsch-Asiatische Bank network fit right into the middle of it all? Or the AIIB Asian Infrastructure bank (Chao family affiliated?) and the multiple 'Asian Century' and 'Asian Pacific' banks, conferences, and organizations clamoring about how the American Century is dead and the Asian Century is unfolding via 'Shangri-La'.

    Ed Lee's temporary 'housing' for the homeless in San Francisco smells like continued functional resettlement 'orientation' programs designed to sweep former residents out of San Francisco and keep the rents and property-value on the buildings owned by his greedy real-estate-cabal friends going up, or like another Jonestown scheme... while he invited the world to come see his new permutation of San Francisco as the 'wave of the future'. Many native Californians are moving inland to avoid the outrageous rent-gouging and unaffordable, increasingly transnational, real estate market, although tourists can still at this point enjoy the beauty of the city and its environs. America must reclaim its cities, including those on the East Coast run by the Chao clan and Moonie-cult pseudo-christian Kahr Arms gun-runners and rich Falungong landgrabbers clustered all around Chao country in New York City, where the aforementioned Vulkanus from the East China Seacoasts is now pressing on the local geo-ascendant, or those American locations may be forever gone, or 'redefined' as the global social engineers and their dupes say.  The other main US location where Vulkanus presses on the geo-ascendant is Seattle, hometown of tech-enmeshed San Francisco mayor Ed Lee and the Microsoft corporation recently shifted to more 'transpacific' management.  Obama's well-intentioned open-door foreign policy has led to a literal Asian Invasion, which Trump has facilitated even more by restoring Elaine Chao to the White House cabinet.

    People need to dig deeper to see who's running the political clown shows in govt agencies, most of which aren't funny, or even entertaining, anymore.

    Meanwhile, literal Tsunamis have also spread from South and East Asia to the North Atlantic, or from the Pacific and headed to the Atlantic as Elaine Chao flutters her eyes and waves her family's (and Kuomintang-Communist Party/Navy alliance/blend's) big piles of cash in Washington, ready to globally privatize America wherever Siemens-Deutschebank hasn't already (and in collusion with?). Enough of the economic invasions and sweatshop economy plans cleverly intermixed with refugee programs. Don't take an eye off Elaine Chao's political network for One Second. The socioeconomic mess that she and Ed Lee and China-privatizer multibillionaire Li Kashing and other Chinese mafia real-estate vultures have made of the San Francisco bay area should be seen as an urgent warning, a virtual economic tsunami that has unsettled thousands and turned multi-generation Americans into the refugees from their policies, on American soil. There are already many signs of a Transpacific Economic 'Tsunami' in the making along the Pacific coast of North America, using the longtime Kuomintang and Chee Kung Tong cartel in Hawaii as a stepping-stone, and tinged with the revived annexation dreams of the old East Asia Prosperity Sphere (already manifest as a revived 'Hawaii Independence' movement that geodetics show to be run from the East China/Taiwan region. Geodetic historical and current indicators show historical continuity to WW2 Asian fascist subversion, noting that there was extensive collaboration between rich Kuomintang oligarchs and WW2 Japan Fascism. New Yorkers and neighbors should not overlook the continuity of the Soong family empire on Long Island and the nearby or overlapping Moonie and Chao dynasty and Falungong operations next door and in Westchester county, and how they use fake 'faith-based/church' operations as money-laundering operations, taking religious pretense/hypocrisy to a new transoceanic dimension, with 'cultural differences'.  Swami/guru/Messiah real-estate gouging fronts, including phony-missionary 'blowback', replete with the Chinese black-magic land-claiming rituals of the Falungong-show creeps.  Every dog-and-pony show is now claiming to be a religion, in order to claim the legal exemptions and feigned 'spiritual' status as the science of climatology melts away the land we live on.

    Elaine Chao needs to be thrown out of Washington and sent to sell pet food, and her family shipping company Nationalized by the US Government while we still have one, before she and Berlin's zombie boy Peter Thiel dismantle/privatize it to the point where it washes away into the ocean like the coastlines of Antarctica and Greenland, or like the White Cliffs of Dover now being dissolved into the North Sea.  

    A closer analysis of what's happening in Peterburg Russia, and the various and possibly radically-divergent directions that could take, is in order.  What should be a primary consideration is if and how democracy and social stability, human dignity, and rights for the world's nations will survive, whatever various and sundry political labels may be waved around in obnoxious bankcorp campaigns of the G7/8/10/20 Davos/Bilderberg/EU Oligarch set where motherly Angela Merkel is sent to lower the resistance of the "Ausland".  The lesson for today's world, more than ever, should be "look behind the curtain", and "you can't judge a book by its covers", especially when Neptune or Hades are clustered with the Ariespoint axis.  This means that some dissipated dreams and resulting revelations may lead to some major changes in world public opinion by January of 2018. Those changes have already begun as Neptune is still nearly within 2 degrees of a 22.5 angle to the Ariespoint, close enough for the illusions to still be in the process of fading.  Logic and critical thinking, combined with compassion, must prevail, to avoid disasters. Meanwhile the Neptune illusions are lingering at 69:31 (09:31 mutable MC locations), and these may include old illusions about NATO and Mormon Church; operations in Kamchatka, Micronesia, and the Bismarck Archipelago; and the realities of Afghanistan (global boxing ring and opium fields), southern Pakistan (BCCI banking hub) and Samarkand (Silk Route hub?).  Some of these illusions could involve how the diabolical WW2 Axis Fascist machine survived in these regions, which also include submarine bases up and down the east coast of Greenland (since at least the days of the 'Third Reich', and post-1945 Asian fascist, and possibly also post-war Nazi, operations in Kamchatka, Micronesia, and Melanesia (infested with maritime mafia corruption). These locations are affecting London, in particular, where Neptune is on the MC in its Universal Chart for 2017.  This means that All in the UK, from London to Cardiff to Edinburgh to Belfast, all need to sort out the current confusion before coming to any conclusions, after January 2018.  A review of the history and current state of NATO is in order, particularly on how the balance-of-power among member states has changed since its birth in 1949.

    Let none of what is going on turn eyes way from the circles of Chao and BND-boy Thiel in Washington, or Merkel's machinations... it may even bring them into focus. Helmut Kohl's death means he can't testify now to what he saw and knew as he helped revitalize and dress up 20th century fascism. The world must never forget the Chinese fascist Axis collaboration governments in Shanghai, Manchuria, and Japanese-run Taipei, or any Chao family ties to any of them -- as that network could seize upon the current confusion in Washington just as could Thiel's German cohorts.  The USA is vulnerable due to Siemens fused into Microsoft and controlling "The Cloud".. and to Chinese and Japanese technicians fused into various US national security agencies and database software control.  Maybe the dissolving of national borders wasn't such a great idea, as so far it has led primarily to more economic gentrification, and a regression to the values of imported feudal social institutions.  Too many have forgotten the difference between immigration, and slow colonization by predatory foreign powers.  The primitive pushing and shoving and grabbing of overpopulated cultures is not the American Way. Rather, it is symptomatic of the fall of civilization, and it must be reversed.  People advocating for mass population relocation shifts are inviting the logical outcome... Chaos, and something that will likely be resolved by January 2018 when Neptune is replaced by Jupiter and Saturn together on the Ariespoint axis (plus Kronos in 32nd harmonic).  This means that the sober Elders of the world are likely to take charge and calm things down. Kronos will be near 11:00 (cardinals), meaning the true authority may come from cities 10 to 13 E longitude, more likely from peaceful Oslo or Copenhagen rather than the warlike nations to the south, Tunis in Africa (to calm the radical religious cults of the Mideast?), reflective genuine Buddhist quarters in Bangkok in Asia, Toronto in North America, and the Inca traditions of Ecuador in South America.  Before then, there could be radical changes in Washington as Pluto fades out of orb of its precessed transit opposition to the USA Sun in 2018, and out of its 22.5-multiple (16th harmonic) angle to Donald Trump's Sun. Some major changes in Washington are likely, and they must be American changes for them to benefit Americans, as Vienna and Chongqing, and possibly Capetown, bankcorp money now press heavily on the US economy.  Wall Street must be brought under American control for the USA to remain strong.

    What's important is that NO hasty decisions, or decisions under pressure/coercion be made globally. Imperious and pushy foreign leaders (including Merkel or Juncker or Tusk, and including at the G20 oligarch 'pep rally' game) need to be told to "Back Off, Jack". More later on how France's new boy Macron is likely to be little more than another German puppet (one of many that France has been manipulated to end up with after election meddling from Germany) -- Metternich lives, while his Thule Society's Greenland melts.


    2017Jun11: Food in the Hades in Cancer era:  To counter concern about clean food and full digestion/nutrition... put vegetables in plastic bags or 

containers and freeze them to kill bacteria and keep fresh... take them out in handfuls and steam or pressure-cook them to kill more bacteria.  Also means 

less trips to the market for fresh ones... get a week's supply or more and freeze.

    Chop all hard or solid foods in a food processor or blender.  Dry beans can be stored that way, as small chunks and/or powder.  Helps cook out bacteria 

and gives maximum taste and nutrition via cooking to through to interior... and better digestion of nutrients, less food waste due to undigested food chunks.

    Chop up fish or meats, for thorough cooking, burning out bacteria, and better digestion.

    All this also a plus for elders with weaker teeth.  Chop it up ahead of time, and save having to cut foods with fork and knife at the table.

Best to cook or boil everything, eats or drinks, especially as transnational origin of foods risks spoilage or low standards of food processing hygiene


   Get a recipe and make your own sauces, and freeze them in plastic containers... season with spices or fruit instead of sugar.

    These of course assume you have electricity and appliances... or manually-operated food grinders or choppers if you don't.  Refrigeration of some sort 

is vital for healthy foods.... don't risk eating spoiled food, and minimize uncooked food.... have sandwiches heated/toasted. Don't eat old or moldy bread -- not worth the health risk. Chopped food cuts way back on food waste.  Sugar is garbage and cancer food, to start with... avoid it.  Sugar-growing economies need to switch over to growing herbs, teas, or rice... or fruits, which can be dried and packed for preservation, or healthy vegetables. Eat an orange, or pink grapefruit, or dried apricots, to get rid of any sugar cravings, and wash them thoroughly, first.  Eat flat breads instead of puffy yeast bread, and whole grains have far more nutrients.  Brown rice far more nutrients and taste than white (which is brown rice stripped of its outer layers and nutrients), but must be cooked 3 times longer to be fully cooked.  Lentils in large amounts are so full of protein that they almost taste like lean meat, if cooked thoroughly, and are already small and cook quickly.  Chop whole onions and store in sealed plastic in the fridge, then use as needed.  Using a pressure cooker or (usually inexpensive) rice-cooker for rice is much, much simpler, and they time automatically so so you don't have to watch the clock on it, and they allow you to cook an entire, delicious meal in one container, mixing rice with vegetables and meat and your favorite spices -- and wait for them to cool after cooking so you don't get burned.  Electric rice and pressure cookers are a godsend... and so are blenders and food processors that don't have weak motors that burn out from chopping hard foods... don't buy a cheap one, or the motor may overheat and die.  Pressure and rice cookers seal in the water and moisture, and are far less likely to burn the rice.

    For vegetarians, a high-quality food processor chops up all kinds of nuts, for more flavor and far better digestion and thus nutrition.  Chopped almonds or walnuts are delicious.  Peanuts are not really nuts, and have far less protein content, and far more fat, are cheaper, and they are healthier if mixed into cooking food. If you eat them from the can, mix them with garlic or pepper and shake the can to make the spices stick.  Peanuts will not give the protein yield like almonds or filberts or walnuts.  Transnationally-shipped meat obviously involves health risks. Vegetarianism may become more popular, but you have to study how to get the protein without meats in the meal.  Food sales companies and their paid agents disguised as (biased) 'doctors' or 'nutritionists' sometimes provide information based on their interest in sales rather than your interest in nutrition and health.

    While Hades is in Cancer (until 2041), the public is justified in being picky about food health issues.  Food shortages could be solved by growing more space-efficient foods and even less farm-animals for food wherever vegetable (or fish) alternatives are healthy and adequate for nutrition.  Raw fish is high health-risk for food-poisoning... sushi restaurants, plentiful and with more than ample lobbying power, may fade away after enough people get sick from them.


    2017Jun06: The Rosenberg case and the era of political weirdness: The BBC has just posted a story, with video, featuring the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and recounting factors that were not as widely publicized as their execution and the treason charges.  Per the interview, Julius Rosenberg passed documents to Soviet agents in 1945, just as the US-Soviet wartime alliance against Nazism was coming to a close, and as (mostly Republican and a few Nazi-sympathetic Democratic) officials in Washington were arranging for a radically-opposite post-war flip-flop shift from a US-Russia alliance to a US-Germany alliance.  The son further indicates that Julius was a member of the "Communist Party of the USA" organization, but did not know the documents included information on nuclear weapons construction, and had just lived through four years of a US-Soviet wartime alliance where Russia was assumed to be an ally.  This news story is thus timed as a warning today for those involved in international exchanges to be cautious so as to not become involved in situations that deal with brewing or overt international hostilities, or congressional or informal declarations of war.  The son also asserts that Ethel Rosenberg was not actively complicit, but simply knew that documents were being passed; and that key FBI agents intended to scare the Rosenbergs into disclosing their activities and connections, but did not intend to have them killed.  The date of execution was 1953Jun19, at 20h06 (Julius) and 20h16 (Ethel) in Singsing Prison in Osining NY (per newspaper headlines shown in video linked below)..  The chart for the electric-chair execution of Julius shows AS=UR=VU, which can be interpreted as high voltage electricity or extraordinary shocks in the environment.  Were the Rosenbergs framed?  If they were, by whom?  Geodetic indicators for date of arrest and date of execution might provide insights. Julius Rosenberg had been arrested 1950Jun17 in NYC, Ethel Rosenberg arrested 1950Aug11, per documents posted at .

Video interview of the Rosenbergs' son at http:// 


    2017May28 (updated Jun14):  Merkel, Putin, East Asia, and the future:

    There are two false myths that the very crafty German BND (Gestapo revived) have managed to dupe the world public with as it targets its international audiences via Deutsche Welle and German-owned transnational (and increasingly privatized) news agencies and tech companies, and junior agents like Peter Thiel... assisted by German Siemens Deutschebank's increasing control of the global internet following Merkel's misleading whining drama about her cell-phone, staged to give Germany even more global control.  One widespread myth is that Merkel is Germany's "liberal" (as term is used in US language) candidate. The reality is that Merkel is the implementer of Austerity for Europe, while Germany grows rich, and ascendancy of Germany as Europe's "Leader" (literally "Fuhrer").  Inexpensive social-liberal policies are in thrown where they are assumed to increase public, or international, approval, according to the case. That's what Merkel is all about, per CDU/IDU orders. Her speeches are slick talk just like that of Trump, Ed Lee (known to critics in California as the "Trump of the Pacific" (election talk opposite actions), and all backed by post-Axis-era global corporate fascist mafia, including Chinese still today as during World War 2). Merkel actually loves anything that makes America look bad in comparison to Germany, to justify German aspiration to world "leadership".. If German elections are legitimate, and if most Germans actually vote for her, it's because Merkel's policies have benefited the German economy, even if her policies have turned the rest of Europe into today's German equivalent of post-Soviet satellite states.  Merkel has spoken like the Imperial Habsburg Austro-German double-headed imperial eagle long has, with one message to the east and another to the west.  Will she be re-elected?  Merkel was born 1954.Jul.17.  There are 3 birth times in popular circulation; one is 18h00 (some claimed from birth records), 17h45, and 18h35, all CET/1hE time zone. These are within a 50-minute range.  All three should be looked at until a single birth time is found to be confirmed by events and/or a certifiable copy of a birth document (which are not always precisely accurate, although considered the most likely to be so, unless the mother or a birth attendant was conscious and watching the clock at time of birth).  It is my view that Merkel cleverly, and in a spirit of ardent German patriotism as defined by her ideological circle, conceals a raging sugar-coated German nationalist movement reborn from the old Nazi movement, with a highly skilled and ambidextrous propaganda machine now gone beyond the old 'efficiency' of the pre-1945 Gestapo, one that has manipulated Julian Assange directly or indirectly (explaining his one-time pop-star status in Germany), and has manufactured or inflamed various neo-nazi cults and clown-shows (even a transatlantic revived sham 'Antifa' cult to make her party circle look 'moderate' or even 'liberal' by comparison).  Merkel does not act alone, by any means, but as the obedient representative of a very globally rich and influential transnational Austo-German bankcorp machine that once built the Third Reich.  German media pointed out many times, prior to her chancellorship, that she was groomed by the machine of Helmut Kohl, regardless of her gestures of later distancing.  With a birth time of either 18h00 or 18h35, Neptune is within 2 degrees of 16th harmonic (22.5 multiple) angle to her MC, which indicates a very high degree of personal permeability and a 'moldable' personality -- which would match with media claims that Merkel is in fact a puppet of controllers, despite her high intelligence and ability to control others in turn... Timothy Leary was highly intelligent, but molded and used like a puppet to propagate highly destructive public drug experimentation... intelligent people have been molded like puppets despite their intellect, and puppets can be trained to manipulate other puppets, was was the case with Adolf Hitler, per recorded observations of him.  Quislings existed in 1940, and there is no reason why they could not also exist today, as well.  

    Putin, for years, lived in East Germany and was heavily Germanized, and geodetics as well as other sources verify that that East Germany was always infested with post-1945 Nazis, and under substantial influence from more often 'trusted' and 'neutral' Austria.. and in reality too far away from Moscow to be 100% under its control, not to mention separated from Moscow by nations comprised of people not always happy about Soviet dominance from 1945 to about 1990.  Few Americans know that there was also a well-organized pro-Nazi Russian network in the USSR during World War 2, who were ready to throw the welcome gates open to Nazi soldiers as they arrived -- and the German ethnicity of the Czars and the presence of the Czarist-cultivated and imported colonizing Volga German Republic in Russia is directly relevant. Few also know/remember that Chinese oligarchs were instrumental in setting up and running the 'Manchukuo' government too often dismissed only as a Japanese puppet state, which is a sometimes misleading oversimplification.  Geodetics verify that support for the building of Japan Fascism probably came in part from China, and that the Kuomintang party was under heavy Japanese influence from day one (and even founded in Japan and Hawaii), as numerous historians have pointed out, although this is not widely recognized among the world public.

    There are four birth-times in circulation for Putin, and yet all of them allow for a 2-degree cluster between Mercury and Neptune, another indicator of  a high degree of mental suggestibility.  Although he also has a ME=AD cluster to counterbalance or counteract that, he would be highly susceptible to suggestibility during drugging or drunkenness. 

    While European media showed camera-shots of Merkel chumming with key Ukrainian independence agents, Merkel was also schmoozing periodically with Putin, and pushing for policies in the EU to displace American influence in Europe with German influence, and media photos show Putin unusually relaxed and receptive in interactions with German political 'visitors', as if transported back to his days in the East German "GDR/DDR".  My view is that Merkel actually is happy Trump is president, because it makes her and imperial Deutschland oligarchs look good by comparison, is making Britain leary about alternate alliances with the USA for the moment, and that trust in Merkel shown by Putin is almost hypnotically induced, by her or other German intelligence operants in his environs, probably using the same NLP-type methods that Hitler and other Nazis used (described in 'Germany Will Try It Again' by Sigrid Schulz)..

    Another view I hold is that if the next German election does not put a less nationalistic German chancellor in the now-revived Reichstag in Berlin, there remains grave danger of a conflict with Russia that threatens to pull in all of NATO -- and/or that Russia could become a functional German colony.  I think the UK military are aware of this, and America and  France, and all of Europe should be.  UK military have publicly stated that Europe cannot withstand a Russian nuclear attack.  The way Ukraine independence, and provocation of Russia, was handled was sloppy and potentially dangerous for all of Europe and maybe even the USA and Canada via NATO.  Merkel now speaks as though she speaks for all Europe, which is of course not the case, although her pangermanist party machine might want it to be.  Real UK and French politicians, and not German puppets in those countries, must take charge of NATO in order to avoid catastrophe of a sort that might match the widely-assumed prediction of Nostradamus, one fully in line with recent and current conditions along the Russian border.  Meddling from Japan and Unificationed China-Taiwan-Hongkong-Singapore, under (Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang-Communist control, should not be overlooked, especially as that region might seek benefits from a war between Europe and Russia where they would be out of the line of fire. Few Americans realize that the Kuomintang party was founded largely in Japan and not China, backed from Japan, and very powerful in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii, in San Francisco, and in New York via the Chao dynasty and (now armed) Moonie cult power centers.  Chinese mafia is now entrenched at top levels of both the Republican and Democratic parties in the USA, as Vulkanus wields global power from Shanghai and Taipei, Qingdao and Dalian.

    Intelligence-sharing is high-risk for potential of calculated deceit and stacked data.  Those anywhere in the Americas who have called France and Britain enemies of America, while assuming Germany and Japan are trusted allies, are dangerously deluded, as the old Axis machine still rumbles quietly, while the Chinese nationalist diaspora, from Xinjiang to Singapore to Honolulu, San Francisco, and New York, remains ambivalent and ever-ready to play the game by its own rules and with its own desired outcome, with the idea of an 'Asian Century', revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere,  firmly cherished and starting to manifest and make baby steps, all the way into Trump's cabinet via slippery Elaine Chao and her overt and covert allies in the Transpacific 'Family Reunification' lobby. This is only one more situation where Trump's campaign rhetoric is the opposite of his actual policy and cabinet choices... he is virtually inviting China to further invade US infrastructure via 'privatization', and his supposed 'opponent' Ed Lee is "loving it", as the current Vulkanus power of Shanghai, Taipei, and Qingdao are bearing down on America via Ed Lee's Seattle and Elaine Chao's and the Asian mafia-infested Moonie gun-running cult's several colonies surrounding NYC (and the greater San Francisco and Los Angeles regions).  You call that US Homeland Security?   I sure don't.. not for America, anyway.  Further complicated by Chinese and possibly Japanese agents involved in setting up and maintaining US national security databases.  Just as during the Indochina war, American politicians and national security figures are allowing themselves to be charmed and swayed by Asian lobbyists and their various cults, among which remain the Moonies and their various secretive permutations that have manipulated America since the 1970s and may have been instrumental in Nixon's mistakes and the Watergate affair, which they facilitated and then clamored desperately to cover up.

    In relation to all this, as Vulkanus towers along the East China coast, Steve Kawa, in San Francisco has been made the fall guy for the greed and gross corruption of the East Asian mafia network that Ed Lee serves, and that's headed for Sacramento... "It's all Steve's fault... or Shrimp Boy Chow's, or Leland Yee's".  "It was all Bonnie's fault", said Clyde; but they were caught before it was too late, and despite their friends and family continually covering for them.  Meanwhile, Elaine has made it all the way to the White House... again, as during the US economic and workplace disasters created by her 2001-2009.  This time it's a Shanghaied US transportation network.  Don't let the Putin or Merkel or the Jihadis draw too much attention away from that problem.  Could the China debt in the USA be solved by nationalizing Chinese assets in America?... before they 'privatize' us?  "Red China" is long gone, nothing left but a deceptive flag, and the East Asian Prosperity Sphere has been reborn as the "Asian Century" scheme, even if the Red China shadow-puppet show and the cutesy Falungong costumes and dazzling trinkets are still staged by the Asian mafia hucksters.  San Francisco is sinking slowly into the Pacific... see all of it, America's golden gate, from the eastern bay to Golden Gate Park to the Pacific Ocean Beach, in its beautiful splendor, while America and the 'American Century' are still here.... but note that Ed Lee's Dream is Not Real, and has extensive Transpacific ties, maybe even roots.  And century-old Siemens German-Asian/Deutsche-Asiatische Bank, along with extensive German investments and presence in China, may be of far greater significance now than most Americans realize... as may be Putin's chummy relations with German politicians and agents.  And then there's the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization. While America must remain vigilant toward Russia and Putin and the Mideast-related terrorist groups, attention should not be drawn away from the duplicity of the agents of Germany, Japan, and the new unified Chinese Empire countries, rooted in the banks and corporations that have run those countries all along, from the shadows behind the curtains. The assumption that Germany will become a 'liberal' leader of 21st century democracy is a highly dangerous and risky, maybe foolish assumption, although portrayed in German propaganda.  Particularly as German oligarchs pushed ahead with retaining the 'Reichstag' (Imperial Legislature) name for the parliament building in Berlin.  Astrologically, the good part is that Pluto is moving out of Germany and into more potentially-liberal societies in Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Greece -- and this is good as long as they do not become German or Russian puppet states, which is indeed a risk if Germany consolidates an even tighter grip on Europe, and especially if it flips into full overt alliance with Russia.  If popular interpretations of Nostradamus are correct, Mideastern populations will continue to flood Europe in excess, then align with Russia, and China, and Europe will fall, for a period, to a destructive and hostile 'Asian Century' alliance.  And if other popular Nostradamus interpretations have any validity, America will somehow avoid the conflict, and there will be yet another American Century, Not Asian -- but this is going to require a lot of changes in current US global policy. Look to the history of the Bandung Conference, its roots in East Asian Fascist post-WW2 underworld money, and its role in the possible rising financial influence of Jakarta, to which Australia and New Zealand should be highly attentive, and apparently so should be the Philippines, unless they want to again experience something what they did under (joint Japanese-Chinese) Axis occupation during WW2, introduced by the Axis Fascist machine as "World Peace"... and to its possible connections to the regimes in Taipei and Beijing as China becomes more 'Unificationed'.

    The recent rumblings in Hawaii (and California) about Asian immigration policy restrictions need to be scrutinized attentively and in a calm bi-partisan manner, unbiased by foreign intelligence agencies or data, and military installations and organizations in both states need to be brought under clear and strict American control, so they they do not slide under control of agents of the Asian Century being pushed by Asian nationalist interests, including banks that were aligned with the WW2 Axis machine, or under Merkel's many friends in America who may have various covert transnational agreements (like extensive German holdings in China).  Imported and transported transnational slave labor was a key WW2 Axis economic policy, and that hasn't changed.  As the bombastic and loose-tongued German puppet Mussolini conceded, "Fascism is Corporatism", a reality lost in the Mormon twinkle in Mitt Romney's dreamy Jonestown-like eyes.  Kool-aid may taste good on a hot Salt Lake City desert day, but who knows what's in it.  Dreams are not real -- but rather symbolic messages and warnings that should be heeded.  It's probably a good thing that Vulkanus has left Hilo and moved to Anchorage, as long as the Moonie ships in the Cook Inlet aren't spying on US defense installations there. 

    Australian govt agencies are now publicly acknowledging China issues that the US public and govt are still denying or remaining silent about due to the shaming tactics of self-interested Chinese and Japanese lobbies propagating distorted versions of historic American policies toward Asian immigration and war-time loyalty issues while they acquire larger and larger chunks of US Pacific-coast states. But, is anyone paying enough attention to the gradual Kuomintang-Communist unification taking place in China slowly and gradually since 1978, and now possibly in full swing. If you rely on any sort of Chinese or neighboring intelligence on the new reunified Chinese Empire, you may be believing traditional diplomatic lies, especially as the East Asia Prosperity Sphere now also shows signs of revival.  Vulkanus is powerful, and is along the East China seacoast, even if it's sugar-coated traditional Sun-Tzu guerrilla warfare tactic power.  Meanwhile Vulkanus power has also amassed in Istanbul, and now Peterburg and Cairo, the latter of which has come under increasing Saudi control in recent years. Power is amassing in eastern South Africa, recently in Johannesburg and now in Durban. Will it be Broederbond/Bruderbund Apartheid power, or the more moderate forces in the British Commonwealth that pushed to disband Apartheid and set up multi-racial democracy before the Broederbond coup of 1961?  The old 'Caliphate' of the 19th century included Turkey, Egypt, most of Iraq, parts of Arabia, and also Libya for a while, including the area of Arabia where Mecca is located, and stretching downward toward northern Yemen, and engulfing the land of historic Israel.  Many are also overlooking/forgetting the role of the Nazis in bolstering the Palestinian movement and army, and in creating Mideast destabilization cults very similar to today's IS/IL, and grounded historically in the WW1-era German-Austrian-Turkish Caliphate "Three Emperors" alliance that pummeled France and Britain with the weapons of the day, including mustard gas and Doberman attack dogs.  Many overlook the close Nazi ties to the Broederbond in South Africa, and its vast wealth invested in global media outlets, gold, and diamonds.  How does this fit with Merkel passing candy out to Mideast refugees entering German "re-education" camps and then to be "re-distributed" globally.... looks shady, even cultish and reminiscent of Nazi policy.  It's disturbing that American politicians don't know or remember the history of World War 2 Axis tactics, which are now rampantly in replay.  Is there a lost generation who forgot?  or never learned? or were they educated in historically fascist-friendly universities?  If so, danger of more 'fascist revival' lurks.


    2017May24:  Manchester Bombing indicators; South Africa; cult politics:

    Shameless attack on mostly children & teenagers in the Manchester Arena, Manchester UK, 2017May22 at 22h35 BST/0hUT per
    Pertinent pictures do not show so conspicuously on the event chart Ascendant -- but do so, very much so, on the geodetic angles inserted into the chart. The geodetics, and and of themselves, are not event-specific, but the planetary positions in relation to the geodetics are event-specific when narrowed down to the minutes of degrees/arc.
    Being so near to Greenwich, the (Grimm) Locality and (Sepharial) Geodetic values are almost identical... as is the case for most locations in Western Europe.  Note some confusion over the abbreviation GA/GM for Geodetic Ascendant/MC, since the LA/LM Locality Ascendant/MC were popularized by Grimm, also beginning with "G".  LA and LM connote Locality Ascendant and MC, while. GA and GM connote Geodetic Ascendant and MC.  In some cases gLA and sGA are used to make the distinction more clear, while use of those abbrevations is under review.  In many locations on the planet, the difference between them is so minimal as to be insignificant.
    On the 90 dial, Uranus shows clearly, nearly exact on the fixed/geo Ascendant for Manchester and = HA within 2deg orb at 22.5 angle, plus within 1 deg of 11.25/H32 angle of the Ascendant we find Admetos.... thus Manchester.LA=UR=HA=AD, very descriptive of the event (Ascendant being immediate environs or others close at hand), and Manchester.LM=PL=CU=PO is an arts media gathering disturbed by abuse or destruction.
    Since Ascendant is others, we could look to the geodetic alignment of Uranus, Hades, and Admetos for hints of origins of any transnational cults involved, noting also that Manchester.LA is within 2.5 degrees of Vulkanus (i.e. 1.25 deg from the LA/VU midpoint), so that its geodetic alignments may not be irrelevant.
    However, Uranus right on the 90-dial LA means the geo-location of Uranus on the MC is most likely pertinent... that points to 26:37 Cardinals, and that is within orb of the Libya-Egypt border, Bucharest Romania, Rivne and Chernivtsi in Ukraine, the Baltic States/Russia border, Helsinki Finland, Fashir in Darfur, Krugersdorp and Port Elizabeth in South Africa, as well as locations in East Asia and the eastern Americas. None of those locations should go uninspected for terror network affiliations since the attacks appear to frequently involve global air transport, and need not be necessarily close by... fly in, fly out.
    Hades, with 2 deg orb of 22.5 from the Fixed Ascendant often, though not always, refers to highly private or secretive or remote matters, and it is at 05:30 Cardinals. It can also refer to cults, in some cases, and this points to Algeria east of Algiers, the Marseille longitude in France, the Geneva longitude in Switzerland, Luxemburg, and the German-Belgian border region, and eastern Netherlands... and the west coast of southern Norway. Hades would likely be more covert operations, if pertinent.

    On a much broader scale, reviewing the overall global position of politically vital factors like Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus, it may be vital now that South Africa remain under moderate rule, and not be dominated economically by the lingering remnants of the Boer Broederbond machine that ran the Apartheid government and appears to have been giving backing to radical-right organizations in the USA, possibly in retaliation for having destroyed their fuller overt control of South Africa. And, in relation to this, the historic and ongoing connections between that machine and radical-right elements in Germany need to be fully understood and not overlooked... as well as their infiltration and manipulation of other populations in South Africa, including via cult psychology and creation of quisling-like puppets. Such psychological warfare tactics have long been rampant as well in East Asian politics, explaining the 'mysteries' of the Moonie, Falungong, Cultural Revolution, and other cults, as well as the Kamikaze model that bears remarkable resemblance to the IS/IL-type cult attacks and strange public demonstrations of all cults mentioned. It is certainly feasible, maybe likely, that collaboration between violent radicalized cults have roots in WW2-era fascist/Axis organizations that never really died but only morphed into new external formats. In East Asia, these cults were often brewed in Manchuria, where the 'Manchukuo' state was in fact a joint and deceptive Chinese-Japanese imperial project for the perpetuation of imperial paradigms, social gentrification, and contained human experimentation labs not unlike those in the Nazi concentration camps, possibly even more inhumane, in some cases. China is and was a huge nation. and, although relatively homogeneous by European standards, nonetheless contained populations and organizations all over the political spectrum during the 20th-century fascist era, and geared to regional/nationalist interests, not particularly attached to 'western' wars or objectives. In Europe, Nazism and Fascism were never fully exterminated, and were even in part transported to grow in South Africa and areas of South America.

    As the world spins in its current chaos, it important to observe who watch from the sidelines and laugh about the chaos in the rest of the world, as if social destabilization and chaos is somehow funny.  Those who control the telecommunications lines (including internet) and databases of information on the public have the means to manipulate the world's populations, and particularly when people are willing to surrender to groupthink or allow themselves to be controlled by increasingly sophisticated electronic monitoring or manipulation technology. Thus, critical thinking is more essential than ever.  Spirituality and compassion are essential, but it's equally important for caution about how far the concept of 'faith' is stretched -- The various radicalized religious cults (of Any religion, old or new) demonstrate this. It should not be forgotten that most established religions are the product of pre-literate, imperial, gentrified and literally feudal societies, and served as nearly the sole vehicle of public information, controlled by the imperial dynasties who controlled the religions.  In European societies, that passed from Rome to Germany after the invasion of the Huns and the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of the Habsburgs.  The Russian Orthodox church was an arm of the ultimately German Czars, and Judaism was sometimes seen by them as 'subversive', as was certainly, and moreso, Islam. Religion, maybe an antiquated concept in and of itself, has more often that not served as covers for the various nationalist and even expansionist politics, time and again. Every individual must see for themselves the sincerity or the hypocrisy of religions and their advocates, in each individual case.

    It may remain essential that the bringing together of world religions for dialogue and mutual accommodation is vital, and that this must be done without one dominating the other, and it may require long and extensive dialogue to accomplish -- maybe not overnight or with hasty conclusions.  The concept of 'faith' continually puts reason and logic and reconciliation at risk.  Indeed, 'religion' itself could, and maybe should, be displaced by metaphysical sciences, such as those initiated (but today apparently largely neglected) in Hindu and neighboring cultures, and perpetuated in authentic Buddhism, but lost in the shallow and ritualistic, and often crassly materialistic and shallow Chinese and Japanese perversions of Buddhist concepts and empty rituals.  Core to the original authentic doctrines of the individual Christ and Buddha were compassion and spirit brought to humanity, but what the religions took and did with that is another story sometimes grossly divergent or even in direct contradiction.  Original teachings of Mohammed are a mystery to many, and need to be studied for how they do or don't concur with those of Christ and Buddha.  Did Christ and Buddha create religions, or did others create religions and tack their names on them?  This may be an important step in reducing global tensions based on religious issues.... but forced and accelerated resettlement of populations is fraught with risk of tensions over social destabilization, especially and particularly in the current, highly dysfunctional and greed-driven global economic situation.  Mammonists and crass materialists, religious or otherwise, must not take over even further, or disaster and chaos and war is a logical outcome. 


    2017May07:  French elections and their mirror in North America:

    Did France reject nationalism with the defeat of LePen?  What was more likely was that France rejected the LePen family political heritage, and Marine LP's extremist views on various issues (including what were perceived as anti-judaic as well as anti-islamist stances -- and one must remember that 'nationalism' can have various definitions, both positive and negative according to the context.  What is significant is that the well-organized EU central machine does its best to identify nationalism as the province of the extreme right while identifying itself as moderate and egalitarian, despite the fact that many of its policies (such as forced privatization of public agencies and utilities) are neither moderate nor egalitarian, and despite the fact that, in the EU today, nationalism is labeled as bad unless it's German nationalism, replete with Merkel as world leader/fuhrer, etc, and of course the European Central Bank nested in the heart of Germany and bolstered from the old German Duchy of Luxemburg, where Deutschebank's Clearstream network reigns and reaches tentacles across Europe and globally. It's to the world's, and France's, benefit that France has rejected racism and other forms of hate, but it is contrary to simultaneous adherence to EU policies of hypocritical economic exploitation of immigrant populations, revived feudal-like economic gentrification, and empty babble about democracy and internationalism that covers up de facto Pangermanism and laws bolstering an increasing plutocracy and oligarchy, sprinkled superficially with a pretty flag and enough social-liberal policies to make them seem seductive.  As numerous media analysts of recent months indicated, there was no real range of choices in the French election once it was narrowed down to LePen and Macron, and what voters ended up facing was two different inroads for German dominance, one via the post-1945 Nazi colonies in Spain, and the other direct to the German banks. Accelerated migration has been creating chaos and more gentrification, as it usually does anywhere, and may well create still more, unless it is attenuated to a natural pace and not slammed through by greedy corporate interests, who are now advocating for it for reasons truly unrelated to humanitarian values or objectives, but rather for maximizing investor profits, and that in reality is sugar-coated fascism at the core of the EU infrastructure and nested in the Frankfurter banks of the Euro.  Fascism was begun in the 1920s as a reaction against the Versailles Treaty, as a transnational vehicle of cheap labor for transnational corporations, and once those were called concentration camps. Today they may be called refugee centers or something sounding much nicer, more palatable, and less likely to be quickly identified as the recycled fascism that it is, with cookies and candy handed out to arrivals.

    There are various charts for today's European Union and its cornerstones, including that of the EEC, the ECTA, and among the earliest was that of the 1944Aug10 Rotehaus or Maison Rouge or Red House hotel conference (time of meeting yet to be located) of industrial giants in the iconic Strasbourg/Strassburg, capital of the Alsace-Lorraine or Elsass-Lothringen French-German industrial and mining district at the focus of both WW1 and WW2.  And yet, another chart might be for the 1923-published Austro-German plan for European unification outlined by Austro-Japanese Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, or even that of Bayer Chemical CEO Friedrich Carl Duisberg outlined in a 1931 book by Gen Karl Haushofer -- these are referenced in the 1953 book "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" by UN War Crimes Commissioner T H Tetens.

    In the USA, which is in some ways the opposite of Europe, and in other ways quite similar -- the correct statement should be that America is a nation of Native Americans plus immigrants (including slaves) who later arrived, and that throughout its history, the way that has worked out in a positive sense is via integration and assimilation, not via stubborn insistence on preserving/conserving previous traditions (language, religion, cultural institutions, flags) of the 'old countries', or the exploitation of America by business interests 'back home' in the immigrants' native lands.  The 'melting pot' paradigm is indeed what has succeeded, while the 'tossed salad' paradigm promoted by some nationalist immigrant groups, including 1980s "Heritage" advocates, has created endless problems. A forced 'Redefinition of America' by attempts to alter American institutions by forced fusion with imported paradigms alien to the principles of founding US government institutions is likely to create major tensions, and already is.  While some areas of the USA provide for continued legal use of alternate languages for infrastructure functions during periods of transition, their perpetuation and institutionalization as primary languages of commerce and government inside the USA undermines national unity and makes America look like gentrified Apartheid, the 'tossed salad' promoted by wealthy nationalist immigrants, which the USA was moving away from until around Inauguration Day 2001, when the USA seemed to revert and regress rapidly, as so many American institutions did at that point.  It was the shared Franco-American models of still-not-fully-attained egalitarian democracy that brought about the economic leveling and personal freedoms and progress of the 19th and 20th centuries, and are the stated purpose of founding American institutions -- not the Central European genocidal Pan-Germanist and Pan-Asian centralized social militarism, left-over feudalism, of Berlin, Vienna, St/Peterburg, Beijing, and Tokyo that stoked the flames of the two World Wars and are again successfully aspiring to global dominance in much the same way.  It is ironic that politicians of both major parties in Washington DC have appeased them, probably conned and bribed by the very bankcorp cartels that ran the genocidal war machines of both World Wars, and which set up the European Union plans mentioned above.  There were other European Union plans of French and Vatican origin that never took control of efforts for European unity. 

    Former US intel officer John Loftus gives a description of a Vatican plan for Europe called the 'Intermarium', and is not clear whether he is referring to Pilsudski's plan for an East-Central European federation or something else.  This and the other aforementioned European unity plans involved a containment of Russian power, among other objectives, but the approaches to doing that, and the planned economic engine hubs varied... German militarists versus Catholic church officials versus French humanist democrats, etc, with a key consideration being which economic power hubs could best serve the people of Europe as a whole, versus the cloaked nationalism of one superpower or another. Notice now that Germany's Merkel flits back and forth to the German-socialized and -influenced Putin, a sometimes seemingly neo-imperial czarist-type figure, reflecting the old plan for a Pan-Germanist German-Russian unified empire envisioned by the German Czarina Katharina von Anhalt ("Catherine the Great"), then the Kaiser-Czar agreements of WW1, then the Nazi plan of WW2 that included the short-lived German-Soviet Pact of 1940, which Merkel-Putin meetings smell of.  This plan was outlined in the writings of Nazi intel officer and astrologer Hermann Lefeldt.  US officials are fools to overlook these issues as 'irrelevant history', just as they are the Sino-German pacts of the early 1900s involving the Qing Dynasty, its puppet Yuan Shikai, and the secretive Berlin-Tokyo and Nanking-Tokyo and Berlin-Nanking pacts during the overt warfare of WW2, and which continued afterward.  The international controls (including Japanese) in Qingdao/Tsingtao, Shanghai, and Taiwan/Formosa must never be forgotten, nor the power of both Japanese and Russian oligarchic/financial networks, public and private, in Manchuria and Mongolia.  Nor the extensive Nazi and Japan Fascist oligarchic collaboration in Indonesia during WW2, and the attempts to rein in the Philippines to East Asian fascist interests hostile to the USA.  These are still at the hub of today's global corporatist gentrification, and any American politician who tells you otherwise is either dangerously naive or else living in a world of clouds and unrealistic wishful thinking.  Wake up and Smell the Fascism... it still lingers, and it still wants transnational pools of cheap migrant labor, just as it did in the 1930s and 1940s, and continues to try to wave American politicians like a magic wand in an evil spell.  The Reagan 'dream' is in fact a creepy nightmare once one wakes up, and was created by the cabal of the Bushes and their Moonie and old family German neo-fascist corporatist 'friends'.  One might expect a Republican to doubt that if they haven't read the history, but to hear a Democrat deny it is almost frightening, as is the disparaging of any American about who and what Franklin Roosevelt was and did for America, and who today's Euro and Asian fascists and their American counterparts denounce with disdain for having held Fascism temporarily in check while He Was the president that already Made America Great, until successors unraveled America's success due to his policies.   One cannot 'Make America Great Again' by condemning his policies and being a Nazi- or Asian-fascist-apologist; one cannot forget the role of Jews in making America strong while most of the rest of the Middle East were Nazi dupes, or overt or covert Nazi collaborators, and shouldn't overlook that there were both Chinese and Indian Fascist organizations who were eager to join Japan and Chinese fascist networks in building a Pan-Asian Fascist empire, aka 'Prosperity Sphere' or 'Asian Century', terms now echoed in part by Chinese leadership cultivating a de-facto fascist Kuomintang-Communist alliance with inroads into Washington via Elaine Chao and friends, and into San Francisco by sneaky Ed Lee and cohorts, as well as today's variants of the Moonie family cult (including Kahr Arms Asian pseudo-christian guns) and the mean and nasty hypocritical Falungong cult allowed to flourish in New York and San Francisco (where the Moonie cult first took root in America) as Vulkanus lends power to the towering East China Sea economy.  Those, plus Merkel's clever trickery, are the roots of the Fascism that America smells now, and it's approaching from both directions.  The European Union, and the Asian Century movement, and their Trade "Deals" are what was labeled in the 1980s as "Fascism with a Friendly Face", quite cleverly disguised, and they have been skillfully manipulating Washington via lobbies and bribes of the sort that created Watergate and never went away, including the Moonie hand in the Watergate Hotel... they scrambled to cover up how they charmed and manipulated Nixon.... and then Reagan, and then the Bush dynasty, their big prize, and now some fools in the Democratic Party as well, who should know better.  The Bushes and Trump have had them trotting around the Oval Office, seeking their 'advice', usually rooted in the countries they came from, in hopes of swaying America to their native national interests, sometimes succeeding quite well, with jingles like "Redefine America, ha ha ha. Big Dream with more Pot and Opiates, ha ha ha".

    "Unholy Trinity" by John Loftus refers to various competing blocs to control Central Europe via European Union, including a German plan perpetuating the Third Reich, a British plan that would have kept that in check, idealistic plans of the Vatican that may have put trust in the wrong parties and was/is torn between the imperial royalist and legitimately religious wings of the Catholic Church, and various parties in politically-diverse France that have formed various alliances with the others at various points.  A European Union of peace and equality is an achievable dream -- while a European Union of deceptive revived fascism that plays little games with Russian and Middle Eastern fire, per Nostradamus, may rain down on Europe like Hell, symptoms of which are already showing, due largely to the continued greed and dominance of the old global banks that built the 1930s Fascist machine.  Europe can do better. And East Asia now seems to be falling to its brand of fascism like an avalanche, and would be far from the crossfire in a European conflict, while the USA and Canada have had Russian and Chinese missiles aimed at them for decades. "World Peace" for only half the planet?  If there isn't more thinking and less believing, we may all be in trouble. The "Faith-Based" advocacy is a recipe for mass irrationality and possibly mass hysteria -- there is no substitute for facts and reason.  Think.

    Pluto and Zeus power are both now in Vienna, Central Libya, Cape Town, and newly-thriving Chongqing China financial megalopolis, and headed for Jakarta and Bandung.  Vulkanus power is still in China's financial giant Shanghai and Taipei, Peterburg, Odessa, Cairo, Istanbul, Durban, Buenos Aires, and Asuncion.  Not one of them should be ignored.... Especially with all the talk about global power balance.  That Pluto and Zeus power from outside the United States can only be counterbalanced in the USA by American money and interests from New York and Los Angeles (45 deg west of NYC)  if and where the powers that be there are highly conscious of self-interested competition in/from both Vienna and Chongqing.  


    2017May05: More precessed Pluto opposite USA Sun indicators; French elections; South Africa; Turkey.

    Two pertinent stories during the last several days -- several statues commemorating anti-US government 'Confederate heroes' in New Orleans have been removed from public squares in order to celebrate putting 'Confederate' icons in a museum of historical phenomena, where they belong.  In addition, a 600-year-old (supposedly dated per tree rings) oak tree in New Jersey where US President George Washington once picnicked with his friend, the French revolutionary leader Marquis de Lafayette, has been partially removed, and acorns from that tree have been planted nearby to grow new trees symbolizing the rebirth of US Age-of-Reason/Enlightenment institutions rooted in the original ones... not redefined, but revived via seeds from the original source. This also correlates interestingly with the recent March for Science movement, perpetuating the Age of Enlightenment into America's future. The old, dead limbs, are symbolic of Betsy Devos's pathetically ignorant policies that also need to be removed and replaced by the principles of knowledge and humanism that American institutions were originally founded on, with both freedom of religion, and freedom from religion... principles both supposed to be guaranteed by the US Constitution via the law of Separation of Church and State.

    France finds itself once again in a curious situation, with 4 candidates receiving between 19 and 24 percent of the national vote, and an upcoming second election reported to be between Macron and LePen, both of whose geodetic alignments show German backing, Macron through the German banks dominating the EU (and Sarkozy), and LePen via both Germany and the German-infused/puppet Franco Spanish colonies in Galicia and possibly also from Lisbon (as in the 'Lisbon Treaty' so ardently pushed by the Siemens/Deutschebank flying monkey Angela Merkel).

    Thus, if either Macron or LePen are to become President, German money will continue to rule France from behind the curtain... Macron's money directly from Germany, and LePen's partly from Germany and partly from German colonies in Spain. Should either of them be called a 'French President' ?  That's for the French people to decide, and for the rest of Europe and the whole world to deal with the repercussions of.  Vote wisely, sisters and brothers of the revolutionary Enlightenment.  Paris still has substantial impact on the world, even if and when it's under German occupation.  LePen's possibly sincere nationalist intentions are likely to be undermined by the political support base rooted in her family ties, far stronger than her alone.  Her alliance with a more moderate running-partner (Dupont-Aignon) could get her votes, but she will nonetheless be challenged by her powerful inborn family ties to Spanish and/or Portuguese Fascism, or simply post-war Nazi colonies on the Iberian peninsula.  Many commentaries in France already refer to a 'lesser of two evils' situation, and note that the election of April 23 results showed Macron 24%, LePen 22%, Fillon 20%, Melenchon 20%, so close, and so odd that a final election offers a choice of 2 candidates who barely won over the next two candidates.  Very small margin. 

    Geodetics show that both Johannesburg and Durban have recently been globally powerful, as South Africa undergoes further changes.  References from the late 1990s indicate that much, if not most, of the South African economy was privatized prior to the rise of the 'rainbow republic', thus leaving its national economy still under control of many of the same Apartheid corporations.  Geodetics also show some interesting correlations between the Fox News channel and the South African-based Naspers media monopoly. Does that explain the often very odd and almost alien Broederbond-like tone of Fox News?  Another media factor pointed out by geodetics is possible correlations between the South African Orange State SUNSAT satellite system and the revival of the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1999.  Could there be a direct relationship between EU central oligarchy elements in Berlin and the remnants of the Apartheid machine still surviving in South Africa... and vociferous media agencies cluttering the airwaves in the USA?

    The public needs to realize that the EU oligarchy deceptively and routinely creates its own sham 'opposition parties' to make its establishment parties look like the voices of reason and moderation by comparison. Metternich and Machiavelli would be impressed.  Many Britons came to realize this, and thus Brexit, which astro-indicators indeed show to be a viable enterprise that will create more of a balance-of-power in Europe to counter the EU of Frankfurt Banks, a shamelessly revived Reichstag, and the weather-vane foreign policy machinations of the Merkel-decorated IDU flying monkey machine.

    The recent violence of ISIL/IS activities in Syria show as being globally directed from around 30 East longitude, and this certainly does include St/Peterburg in Russia, but also Odessa Ukraine, Alexandria and Cairo Egypt and western Turkey (historic 'Caliphate' power hubs), Dongala Sudan, and Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa, as well as the many naval bases and seasoned military psy-ops centers along the ambivalent East China and Taiwan coastal areas (Qingdao, Hailar, Quemoy, Pescadores), and even areas of the Philippines and Indonesia due south of there, as well as Olekminsk Air Base in Siberia.  The verification of the true source of ISIL/IS terrorism must be clearly identified by data from multiple and disinterested sources before the world risks being plunged into global conflict. (Search this page for various charts of key ISIL/IS events.) This means decisions made by the wise, thoughtful, and well-informed, and not by the reckless trigger-happy.  The March for Science phenomenon has appeared right on time, and may it be guided by wisdom and not derailed by fools or hypocrites or moles.

    Hillary Clinton has again emphasized evidence of participation of Vladi Putin in swaying the 2016 election to favor her opponent and victor, and it is not likely that she would still risk asserting such a claim unless she has seen evidence that she believes to be unquestionable. Vulkanus in orb of cities including St/Peterburg at the time the election indeed confirms that as a possible reality, although I would not at all risk overlooking China Coast meddling in the elections, as well, from agents of either Beijing or Taipei, or both conjoined via the recent Kuomintang-Communist alliances, which have overly-abundant inroads into US infrastructure, to be radically increased if the lucrative economic and political 'privatization' ambitions of Taipei-and-Beijing-linked rule-by-marriage "Learn to Speak Chinese" Elaine Chao go through. More of your American infrastructure sold to China/Taiwan via privatization contracts, something possibly founded in Chinese contracts in Homeland Security offices that Chao-affiliates may have played a role in establishing in the early 2000s. Increasing Chinese dominance of the economy and real-estate markets in Pacific America, and their loud pushes (like those of SB Woo) for more political power and land in North America is nothing to ignore. Fascism came from Asia (including China and Japan and Korea) as well as Europe.

    Too many people are taking too superficial a look at today's political realities, as science and critical thinking have been cast aside for internet "infotainment" (where belong the spacey-tinkle flights of imagination, and the antiquated paradigms and medieval conclusions that clutter the astrology field, confuse astrologers, and give ample examples of data to ridicule astrology with), plus sneaky transnational political cults posing as 'churches' and other 'faith-based organizations'.   And what's more important than anything is that society remain one of reason and logic mixed with compassion and social justice, with less greed, social gentrification, hyper-emotionalism, and surrender to believing things for which there is no evidence just because some talking head on a screen, or deceptive writer on a computer screen, spews it out. Media outlets featuring more screaming pundits than real news and objective facts have created a social and political mess.  There have been too many blind and unquestioning 'follow the leader' games, and not enough reasonable and open discussions of reliable data.  Hyper-emotionalism, unthinking belief (in anything), and idolization of authority figures are the stuff that real Fascism are made of.


    2017Apr22: Bernie Sanders and Issues of potential war in the Korea region:

    Either here or in the past newsletter, using the 90-dial uranian methods, it showed unlikely that Bernie Sanders would have won the 2016 US presidential election, regardless of his policies or claims by supporters, before, during, and after the election.  Wisdom demands that an assessment of his chart for November 2020 should be studied carefully before proposing that he run for president again.  Recent media articles claim that Republican Party operatives bolstered his campaign to intentionally draw votes away from Clinton during the primaries, aware that his chances of winning the election were slim to minimal.  Clearly, Sanders was and is popular among young Democratic voters, but perhaps not enough to win a nationwide presidential election, and that's what matters at election time. And, regardless of claims that Sanders was popular enough to have won the Democratic primary in 2016, the actual votes in November showed that Clinton won the majority of the nationwide popular vote -- casting doubt on such claims.  One problem today is pseudo-left media outlets whose purpose is to manipulate left-leaning votes... and this is a decades-old phenomenon, nothing new to the current decade. It is something clearly manifest in the right-run pseudo-left and violent German "Antifa" movement, which is most likely the origins of a now controversial branch operating in the USA that copies its logo with English translation.  Americans need to be less blindly trusting in foreign political movements and organizations, which are often loaded with foreign intelligence operatives and objectives, attached to competing nationalist interests (often labeled as "Asian Pacific", or "European Union" objectives that cloak revived WW2-era German, Japanese, and Chinese fascism).

    As for the Korea situation, any war-like measures that risk bringing China, Taiwan, and/or possibly their neighbors, into war with the USA will be grossly sabotaged by the plethora of false identification papers and cards held by East Asian immigrants, in part due to double-agents working in US agencies issuing them... a problem that has been going on for at least the last 20 years, due to naive, misplaced  trust in supposed "trusted allies".  Due alone to a number of passports issued allowing applicants to choose to have China or Taiwan listed as country of birth on their passport, and the risks of private contractors handling and issuing US Passports, there are probably enough fake passports in the USA to facilitate quick and easy undermining and sabotage inside the USA in the event of war.  This will be a Very important point to consider in the event of sabers rattling around the Pacific Rim.. where the greatest global power now rests on the East China coast and Taiwan, including via branch Chinese organizations in other countries.

    Neither major US party yet seems to be taking a balanced public stance on such issues.  Neither the hate of the radical right, nor the foolish, overly-idealistic trust of the radical left, is appropriate and without major national security risks. Too few Americans are paying attention to how the Communists and Kuomintang hold joint military parades together in China quite recently, in the Unification long aspired to.  Chinese-Americans are now over-represented in US political offices, disproportionately, in direct contradiction to the false claims of Chinese nationalist activists like SB Woo.  And the "Asian Century" is widely touted in economic/banking and and political conferences across the Chinese diaspora, internationally.  Americans must not be distracted by hackneyed stories about 19th-century railroad workers, many of  whom were actually sold in China as indentured servants, and who were met with hostility due to labor market issues in the USA.  Today, the US-China economic situation is radically different, and almost reversed. These issues will almost certainly come into focus in the event of any war between the USA and China or its neighbors.  Geodetics indicate that the power behind Kim Jongun in North Korea is coming from the coastal region between China and Taiwan, possibly a bit of either, and possibly related to the slithering gun-dealing Sun Myung Moonie cult slipping back and forth across the borders and playing their regular duplicitous and hypocritical games as 'faith-based' and pseudo-'church' organizations, and the very similar Falun Gong cult may be just as likely problematic, if not a literal 'New Age' permutation the Moonies, which it resembles.  The use of sham religious organizations as fronts for covert political and sabotage operations is a very old game, and still effective on the naive.

    The 21st century is going to have to be one of greater critical thinking and political realism, if democracy is to be preserved... the blind idolization of 'flawless' heroes is a relic of the medieval/royalist oligarch era, and needs to come to an end, lest we revert to a society dominated by antiquated, medieval oligarchy... something East Asia has plenty of to spill across the oceans as it expands to new colonies.  The risk of Revived Fascism in Asia is no less than it is in Europe; and the naivete of Americans to this issue is what has allowed neo-fascism to seep into American politics. Americans are going to have to become more savvy and informed about the realities of European and Asian political gaming (Sun Tzu and Metternich traditions evolved over time) if the USA is to survive, competitively, in coming years.  Germany, Japan, and Unified China have been and are aspiring to dominant global positions economically, and Germany and Unified China, clearly, politically.  There is even a real risk of an effective revival of the Fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan, with strong nationalist consciousness, fused with 'Asian Century' conferences of Asian transnational banks).  For this reason, US-Canada-Australia-NewZealand alliances are vital to a balance of power and and end of their economic crises in relation to the rising and reapidly expanding economic power in East Asia. 

    As for Brexit, it is the beginning of a possible restructuring of Europe to end German dominance that revolves around the Euro-currency based in Germany and the hypocritical EU touting of democratic, egalitarian ideals that do not manifest in reality...  and a cautious and measured, but less hostile, approach to Russia, a nation well-seasoned in methods of defense against warlike moves, and chock-full of ICB missiles-on-wheels.  Britain has no territorial ambitions in Russia, while Germany and/or Austria may still entertain them, and the UK military has already stated the grave risks of international devastation from war with Russia.  The USA must not be manipulated into any such confrontations by countries who are out of the line of fire, for missiles have long been aimed at the United States.  Americans need to ponder what countries might profit from the war, via sale of war materiel, or post-war goodies, in the event of such a high-risk proposition manifesting. The Russians are most likely keenly aware of the potential damage to their country in the event of war, having experienced it many times.  Who would profit from the oil-sales in the event of a major war?  Who would profit from sale of either electronic or conventional weapons technology?  Countries on the sidelines with lobbyists in others' capital cities, and peaceful oil-wells and factories at home?  Countries with double-agent moles manipulating the military operations of the superpowers?  Hmmm.  Americans must not forget the lessons about the international dynamics of the Korea and Indochina wars.  What has stopped the USA and Russia from building very carefully and cautiously constructed lines of communication and compromise in recent times and historically?  It's something the whole world might benefit from, if done with meticulous care, and with realistic caution about any risks involved.  It's something that the Central European and East Asian powers were afraid of prior and during both WW1 and WW2, as it would have meant a decline in their global influence.  What's different now is that the Middle East is for the first time relatively prosperous and independent, and ready to join in on the Asian Century. Russia has made it clear that it could go either European or Asian... and if Nostradamus was right again, there is grave risk of a major global war, maybe the most destructive ever, if Russia aligns with Asian rather than European powers... meaning some Asian powers may want alienation between Europe and Russia, and certainly between the USA and Russia, so as to nudge Russia into a Pan-Asian alliance like that dreamed of by the Japan-China fascist alliance of the 1930s.  One should not overlook the history of Chinese and Japanese foreign policy in years leading up to World Wars 1 and 2, including a lot of flip-flopping and some covert agreements between the two during the wars that contradicted official foreign alliances.,, lots of strategizing and duplicity, including Sino-German alliances that were later de-emphasized in favor of a more compliant and smaller Japan, and a China that was never unified behind either side during World War 2 between the democracies and the militant corporate fascist governments built by the banks of Germany, Japan, and parts of China -- and backed by old radical-right Czarist money from Russia.


   2017Apr12: Merkel's inroad to Washington and Wall Street:

    Already much in the media about Trump's being under the thumb of Deutschebank.  Now a media report on willingness to do what Ivanka wants, as Ivanka appears to be under the sway of Merkel, trying to head up an IDU/CDU/G7 corporatist version of a global women's movement, with a big globalist conference on Apr24 -- some photos clearly show that Ivanka is only one one of many globally influential personalities who Merkel has trained to submit.  That implies a direct line from globalist Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Vienna (and the deceptively-named "IDU") to Washington. What Chao can't manipulate from the Transpacific side of America, Merkel will try to, and this shows that the global corporatist machines are going to try to turn what should and could be a populist (in the positive sense of the word, and it does have a positive sense) women's movement into something under transnational corporate control. Thatcher clones. 'Investment' = Colonization, and Pluto is now in Stockholm, Budapest, Cape Town, Hainan (under Chu Chow/Chao mafia control), and Baotou (historic China-Japan fascist hub nested in the imperial inner-Mongolian hinterland), Kuching Sarawak, and Java. Look to banks with offices there as much or more than government agencies. Pluto can often be subterranean... the controllers of the Big Money not necessarily highly visible.  Budapest, while awash with Hungarian politics, is also an old Habsburg imperial financial power hub on the Blue Danube, with lots of ongoing sway from the Bavarian Alps to Vienna to Bucharest and the Black Sea. Cape Town handles the politics and some of the banking of the powerful and rich South African economy; while financial power in the USA is now concentrated around Boston, a historic transatlantic Royalist financial power hub closely linked to Halifax (where the pre-game German transatlantic pep-talks repeatedly tried to get McCain all excited about the USA starting a World War III that Germany secretly wants for German expansionist objectives amid the spoils).  Notice how, as Vulkanus hovers over Istanbul and Cairo, St-Peterburg and Odessa, they have become front-and-center in global politics. The same is happening, more strategically Sun Tzu midnight tip-toe quietly, in Shanghai and Qingdao and Taipei.  America had better fortify and bolster and monitor Anchorage and Denver, to keep the Pacific from being overtaken by Chinese and and lingering Japanese interests in Taiwan and Manchuria and the Philippines as the Transpacific Tigers alternately stalk and strut, and those include the shameless sham-faith-based hypocrites in the insidious Moonie and Falungong cults at nearly all Pacific coast locations in the USA, including Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.  How does Elaine Chao's financial/family network fit into all this?  It matters. Trying to "redefine" America?  Pay attention, with objectivity and non-partisan outlook, the function role of immigration policy in all this... Mexico issues must not become a Red Herring drawing attention from the Asian Century machine push rolling over the real estate market and banking mergers and takeovers.  One must pay attention to where the Big Money is globally, and poor Mexico has nearly always been under the thumb of foreign powers.  Oligarchs, not the struggling poor, are the main problem.  And who are the dinosaurs thinking that controlling the oil wells is the main key to the future? 

    People need to be paying more attention to who controls the internet technology and the computere memory chips that it accesses, which is something the Chinese and Japanese and German bankcorps know quite well, being long adept at controlling the stupid oil-hungry cowboys in America they have long manipulated via their Moonie-type psy-cults and military bases and intel psy-ops on US soil (especially in and around Texas).  Merkel winks and suggests, and then Ivanka, like other key global power-holders, dances for Mummy.  Read 'Germany Will Try It Again' by Sigrid Schulz (based on Schulz's first-hand observations in Berlin) -- because that scenario is indeed repeating, amid the other machinations in Moscow, Beijing, Taipei, and Tokyo.  We must not forget how the groundwork for a WW2 was created, if a WW3 is to be avoided -- or, God forbid, confronted.  The Axis powers again thrive, with their same old bag of tricks and objectives and methods, but with technology upgrades and pseudo-liberal public displays.  The books of T H Tetens and Tony Matthews and David Messenger all describe parts of how the diabolical WW2 Axis machine survived in the following decades, a machine that has today gotten substantial control over our internet technology because too many of us are so naive as to believe that the WW2 games have nothing to do with what's going on now.  Only those who don't understand the early 20th-century Fascist era would believe that.  The New Hitler could indeed wear a dress this time.  

    Ivanka had better read up on her history so she doesn't wake up in a nightmare, or in an oven next to Hansel.. and the rest of America, before following Merkel's "leadership".  Putin's not the only gremlin in town, and ISIS isn't the only foreign danger to America.  The game of creating Islamist and other religious-themed cults to manipulate global politics is at least as old as as the 1920s, although not adequately publicized, and was/is puppeteered from both Europe and Asia.  Just because these things didn't happen in American history doesn't mean they aren't part of reality. Pay close attention to the planned G7 Women's conference on April 24, as it risks being just one more hook for Deutschebank and its Euro currency in the global economy, using unsuspecting women of the world to get enmeshed in the kind of sugar-coated corporatist neo-fascism that Merkel is the agent for, and which has gentrified and economically polarized Europe, using tricks that the Nazis used 80 years ago, upgraded with today's technology. The world's people must not forget how charming and alluring the WW2 Axis fascist machine was before the Blitzkriegs of 1939 and 1940 rose from its depths -- and geodetics confirm that Nazism was indeed a German phenomenon (with some Germanic (Oldenburg-Romanov) Czarist participation), emanating from the Kaiser's exile colonies in Holland and the German royalist "Kingdom of Iceland" government... "Tarnung" in action, then and now, although yes with early backing from naives in Britain and the USA who didn't know what they were getting entangled with until later on, due to sophisticated German intelligence manipulation.  Merkel was well-trained in treachery by the party and oligarchy she obediently serves, and its roots are deep in the old Nazi machine.  A current strategy of theirs seems to be to get other governments to enact policies that benefit them, and Merkel's CDU/IDU/German banking machine has done that time and again in France, and tries repeatedly in the USA, having succeeded to a certain degree, at various points, with both major American political parties, and sometimes the minor parties.  Meanwhile, the same neo-fascist games are coming from East Asia, with its local flavor, via the territories of the old Japanese Empire and Chinese fascist colonies, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Manchuria, and the various Axis-collaborationist oligarchies scattered around China in nearly every one of its political parties to varying degrees, and possibly in Singapore, where the prevailing ideology is summarized as, "It's money!", and other considerations fall to the wayside.  Mammonism is a global illness. Geodetic alignments show some possibly direct connections between the 'Prosperity' fads in the USA and the 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' plan of the WW2 East Asian fascist Axis and its psychological warfare operations, which have spread through the USA via various cults including the Moonie and Falungong psy-war covert operations, which hold tons of global power now via the Vulkanus preponderance along the East China coast, as well as Pluto recently accumulating financial power around Chongqing and Chengdu, and now Hainan and Kuching, and moving toward Hongkong and then Brunei.  Privatization pushes in the USA are often foreign driven, and benefit foreign privatizers.

    Geodetics are also uncovering possibly historical roots of the ISIS/ISIL movement not only in Eurofascist cult operations in the Middle East, but also similar Asian fascist operations that brewed in Xinjiang and also on Taiwan/Formosa.  These had later curious relationships to the various BCCI operations in Pakistan, linked to Saudi and Emirates money.  Having such cults running loose in the USA is not a very smart policy -- cults which are trying to co-opt the immigrant rights movement and even trying to fuse into and try to co-opt the People of Color organizations, if they are allowed to, including via bribes from rich neo-fascist immigrant groups.

    A little dose of healthy caution about immigration, as long as it is not violent or abusive of legitimate human rights, may be well-justified, and such problems as mentioned put legitimate immigrant and minority populations at a disadvantage in the long run -- they will have to decide who to act in solidarity with in those hopefully marginal situations where immigrant groups are truly subversive and hostile.  Add to this the instances of crass and hypocritical exploitation of immigrant labor under the pretext of human rights, political asylum, etc -- and the socio-political and demographic realities of 2017 versus those of 1917 or 1887.

    Back to the point that Merkel's routine strategy (like Romney's was) is to package corporate neo-fascism in a thin and phony social-liberal veneer, with spiked coolaid -- and it is by these means that Fascism comes to America waving a flag and wearing a cross, although it was not specified which flag it would be waving, or that pseudo-christianity would be the only religious problem.

    As Pluto moves forward to the east on the geodetic, map, money in Stockholm, Budapest, and Capetown will hopefully restrain some of the recent ideological excesses, and it will be up to the British and Canadian Atlantic fleets, and the US Pacific fleet in Anchorage to keep the rapid and recently increasing Asian Century global economic expansionism in check, with keen attention needed on any developments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and any alliances it may form in Istanbul or Cairo.  A continued rapid global power shift to Asia could be as chaotic as the economies existing there, replete with their stunted and retrograde ideologies, and dehumanizing social herding, and subsequent crass, feudal gentrification at risk of becoming a dominant global social paradigm.  It is important to not ignore the activities of the Asian Development Bank, and the shifty and winding path of the Kuomintang as it weaves in and out of Chinese 'communism', the North Korea show, the insidious Sun Myung Moonie cult and its gun-dealing offshoots like Kahr Arms, and the growing power of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese mafia networks globally. 


    2017Mar07: Precessed Pluto opposite USA 1776Jul04 Sun event:

    US Federal Appeals Court today, per, rules that public "Confederate States" commemorative statues in New Orleans can be taken down.  This is certainly symbolic of a major national transformation, beginning to put an end to celebration of a foreign-backed government intent on dividing the USA into 2 countries and also to perpetuate legalized human slavery.  Next should be moves to end human slavery still occurring via human-trafficking/importation of immigrants to function as less-openly constrained slave labor, which will be a major task, and will be intimately fused with immigration law and enforcement issues. Some local organizations in Louisiana are challenging the federal ruling on the Confederate statues, relating to many Americans in agreement  with President Obama on his statement that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum.  Geodetics confirm that the "Confederate States" government was bolstered by foreign money from countries benefiting from the operation of the Confederate slave-economy, and fearful of the global power of a rising United States of America.  This should be considered in relation to the recent 'Civil War Re-enactment' events and any foreign money backing those events, and if so, why.. note that some of the US Civil War Re-enactment events have occurred in other countries, for reasons that may be important to study. Also to consider is the possible relevance of where the uniforms and guns for those events come from.

    One of the key statues is one of Confederate General PGT Beauregard, unveiled 1915Nov11 in New Orleans, per, and voted 2015Dec17 by the New Orleans City Council, 6 to 1, to be removed from its prominent public display. One might ask why a Confederate statue would be suddenly installed 50 years after the Confederate government was dismantled, and while World War 1 was going on, and the geodetic alignments may shed light on related events when Pluto, Zeus, and/or Vulkanus were in the same 1/2-degree sectors.  Those events include: Revival of the Ku Klux Klan with money from the WW1 Central Powers; Austro-German Central Powers sabotage/explosion of New Jersey ammunition plant; Central Powers proposal of alliance with Mexico via the "Zimmerman Telegram"; birth of Nazi "Elster" subversion double-agent spy in USA William Colepaugh.  The question would be if any of the Central Powers operations during the same period were possibly related to the installation of the Beauregard statue.


    2017Mar05: Sweden rearmament; China, Vienna, and other global money power; Global narcotrafficking money:  

Sweden, where Pluto is now reaching the MC via 4th harmonic... this is in the middle of what has been the age-old tug of war between the 'Greater German Empire' long under the Habsburg thumb, and Russia. Note that Pluto was over Vienna when the Reichstag was (very controversially) restored in 1999 with its same old imperial name, meaning 'Imperial parliament'. Pluto over Vienna at that time could mean involvement of old Habsburg dynasty money, which has been central in European Union bureaucracy in recent years, and has also backed the Non-UN agency called 'UNPO' that had advocated for regional separatist/independence organizations inside the USA (Alaska, Hawaii, Lakotah nation, Dixie-flag-thumpers, etc). For Germany, this could symbolize, in 1999, some sort of restoration of Habsburg power along with the Reichstag revival. What followed, in 2000 was a global shift toward centralization, privatization, and 'dissolving of borders'.
    The shift of financial power, via Pluto, from Austria to Sweden may be a good thing, since Sweden has long seemed to tend to resolution of international conflicts via peaceful means and negotiations, especially tensions between the Pangermanist nationalist bloc and Russia. However, Pluto was also at about 17 to 18 Cardinals (as it is now) when the Global stock market crashes of 1929 took place, intimately connected with global investments in German slave-labor corporations followed by the rise of the Third Reich, which may have been assisted by money from 17 to 18 Cardinals, and that is within orb of Vienna, Stockholm, and Wroclaw/Breslau, the latter being the main metropolis of the Silesian industrial hub where Nazi slave labor was concentrated. While Silesia was within the borders of Germany in 1929, it's within the borders of Poland now, although the corporations involved may be the same in some cases. Silesia's economic significance was mineral wealth and nearby industrial concentration, and proximity to the Oder River that flows northward along today's German-Polish border and into the Baltic Sea (and then the global oceans). How much and how that still applies today is a matter for study. Note that Lech Walesa was proposing a German-Polish Union of some sort a few years ago, and former Poland PM Donald Tusk is ethnic German, maybe relevant or not. Pluto will also soon be reaching Budapest, which also has a Habsburg power heritage via the historic Austro-Hungarian Empire, which may still be influential despite nominal political changes.
    The way this ties in with the USA is Pluto simultaneously being over New York City and Long Island, and the Wall Street stock exchange was founded largely by old Habsburg imperial banking money in Vienna, and this is not irrelevant to advocacy for the 'Austrian School of Economics' scheme based on the 'theories' of Habsburg imperial economist Hayek. Privatization means, in effect, a return to pre-democratic economic oligarchy, and if we look at Who has privatized in the USA, it often points to foreign banks and corporations in some of the most critical instances... .and note that the Pluto around 17-18 Cardinals also extends to Chongqing, Saigon, and Jakarta/Bandung, perhaps more wealthy and significant now than in 1929. It also means that Chinese money may have been critical to the buildup of East Asian Fascism, nominally but possibly not fully controlled from Japan.. and that Chongqing money is manipulating the global economy now, which in turn points to the Kuomintang Party, once again fused with the Communist Party and government in Beijing, and economically in control of Taiwan.
    One of the key (but not only) Chinese Fascist collaborators in WW2 was Wang Chingwei/Jingwei, a monarchist who posed as a socialist at one point, and ultimately assisted the East Asian fascist machine to control China. Taiwan was a Japanese province at that time, and German-Chinese military alliances went all the way back as early as German support for the restoration of Chinese monarchy right after the functionally failed Chinese revolution of 1911, after which the Qing dynasty infiltrated and often controlled much of the Kuomintang -- which often met in Tokyo and was built on Chinese and Japanese networks in Honolulu, now a key global (uber-rich) Kuomintang power hub.  Geodetically, Honolulu is, via 4th harmonic relationship, joined with and echoing Guangzhou/Canton and Taishan, as well as the Sino-Japanese industrial hub in Taiyuan, as well as Sarawak and Surabaya to the south.
    China is of course a very large country, nearly the same as the 48 contiguous US 'mainland' states, despite being more homogeneous -- and more often segregated where population differences exist, than the USA in some ways.  China did have internal political polarization during World War II, to the point of a concurrent civil war, but along the lines of Chinese national interests, not appendages of 'Western' interests. China has a very old and long-nested and proud culture that usually sees no reason to follow European rules or ways, although some of them may be adopted where useful. 
    The recent trumpeting of a supposed Asian Century, openly announced by Deng Xiaoping in 1978 and echoed since then in Beijing by leaders including the current ones, and by transnational banking and economic conferences from the 1980s until today, and should not be dismissed as minor novelties of no significance. The show of power at the sham 'Anti-fascist V-day' parade in Beijing in 2015, and the drama of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, should not be dismissed as pipsqueak noises from the Far East -- especially as Vulkanus reaches the Leo-ruled coastline of the East China Sea and Taiwan. Nor should Deng's 1978 statement of intent to reunify China with Taiwan, privatize the Chinese economy via so-called "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", and restore alliances with Japan, which just so happen to echo the aims of WW2-era East Asian Fascism and its "Prosperity Sphere" plan also recently echoed in China's state economic policy. How that is fitting, and will fit, into today's recurring cycles, is to be studied.  Chinese Fascism is not something new, and has been fused into both the Kuomintang and Communist Parties to varying degrees over time, overtly or covertly, explaining part of the turbulence and corruption of Chinese politics in both Taiwan and on the Mainland, and in overseas enclaves in Malaysia and Singapore and all around the Pacific Rim. Objective and disinterested study of this may today be more vital than ever, as verified by the geodetic indicators and today's economic and political realities.
    While Saigon is in Vietnam, it has an influential and wealthy ethnic Chinese population transplanted from China; and although attempts have been made to homogenize the Indonesian islands, they are culturally diverse and of course maritime and so full of exchanges, with a blend of historic Pacific/Melanesian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindustani, Islamic, some European, and Australian cultures in continual interchange with the world via sea trade. Thus Jakarta/Bandung's Plutonian financial power may be diverse.
    The world should also be Very concerned about Pluto being now over Bogota and the potential for its historic narcotrafficking economy to fuse into global financial power, and the political history of Chile as Pluto reaches its major ports and capital, not to overlook any south Peru port city money that could be linked not only within Peru but also to economic interests in neighboring landlocked Bolivia.
    With Pluto in major Golden/Opium triangle trade cities as well as South American narcotrafficking hubs, the world may now be very attentive to the risk of global drugging and addiction problems, and to the flow of contraband hand-weapons often riding along with the drug trade.
    Likely key points of entry (Ascendant) of Pluto, at 18 Cardinals or via 8th harmonic at 3 Mutables, would include the far-west Aleutian Islands and Nunivak Island in Alaska, remote central coastline of British Columbia (noting that Pluto can sometimes be calculatingly sneaky), the Cabo San Lucas and Culiacan areas in Mexico, Jamaica, east central Cuba, western Bahamas, US coastline from Miami FL to Charleston SC, St-Pierre-Miquelon and neighboring Newfoundland.
    Likely key European points of entry include the eastern half of the northern Spain coastline, Alicante to Ibiza in SE Spain, SW coast of Ireland.
    Likely key Asian points of entry include the Iran-Pakistan border coastline, the Thailand-Cambodia border coastline.
    Likely Australian-New Zealand points of entry include western Cape York Peninsula and west-central coastline of South Australia
    Notice how many of these areas are sparsely populated and thus facilitating covert movement of contraband. 
    For North America, I will add locations also at 16th harmonic angle, also possible but likely of less but maybe substantial volume: northern Panhandle area of Alaska, central coastline of Louisiana west of New Orleans, Mexico's isthmus of Tehuantepec (long known for transoceanic contraband transport), Frobisher Bay in Nunavut, central California coast from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo, coastline of New Hampshire and southern Maine (old nest of Nazi activity in the USA revolving around the German-funded George Lincoln Rockwell cult)..
    All these locations remain in effect throughout 2017, and move gradually eastward in coming years.  Pluto often quietly simmers under the surface before it finally manifests openly. Attention to gun-trafficking money, maybe fused with narcotrafficking, may now me more critical than ever to the USA as Pluto also lingers, via precession, opposite the USA Sibley chart Sun.

    Thus, border and port security truly are critical issues of concern, and should not be dismissed casually or mockingly... witness their probable effect in terms of unrest and organized crime across the USA... cities like Chicago terrorized by the flood of guns and drugs, some of which may be coming up the Mississippi River from Louisiana, or via the Great Lakes and Duluth/Superior.  The Isthmus of Tehuantepec could be transporting contraband from South America or from across the Pacific.

    Meanwhile, Americans have been polarized between extremes of views on border controls... on the one hand between hateful xenophobia, and the other extreme of naive lack of recognition of problems going on.  This issue will be resolved by civilized, attentive, and realistic responses.  Transnational organized crime Is Real, sometimes along ethnic lines -- and it is not fair to blame entire ethnicities or nations of people for what organized crime networks from their homelands are doing.  One thing that probably needs to stop is ethnic enclaves policed excuslively with 'extraterritoriality'.  Thus, ethnic integration of police forces to match local ethnic composition is important, as is the monitoring for all possible transnational organized crime networks into every single level of infrastructure, so there is no room for bias either for or against.  This should help break up problematic clannishness and leaks to foreign criminal networks.  At the same time, forced and rapid immigration is potentially chaotic... it's something that must occur at a slow and natural pace, not enacted en masse by corporate or quirky political, and/or even organized crime interests.  Human trafficking is a major problem now, and it should not be effectively legalized.


    2017Mar01: Global Warming shows up Loud and Clear:  Temperatures in 'northern' Antarctica recorded at 17.5 Centigrade, which per the conversion table I consulted, is 63 degrees Fahrenheit... of course Far beyond the melting point at 33F. Thus, icecaps may melt rapidly if that pattern continues, and more icebergs will break off from Antarctica and float into the oceans.
    Note that this does correlate with this year's Universal Chart showing AR =MA/VU =PL/VU (i.e. =MAPL/VU)... meaning the Earth's Axis heating up rapidly this year. 
    There may also be risk of global-impact war if the energy is not transmuted and redirected into accelerated development of power technology (Vulkanus), and that does not have to be weapons.... it can also be heavy machinery and power tools for rebuilding infrastructure, including infrastructure to ward off potential damages from global warming, and that would include environmentally-friendly technology. Or will the oil dinosaurs trample over everything and facilitate destruction (the low side of Pluto)?

    Will a late and long-overdue start on new technology in America mean that Vulkanus over Shanghai/Taipei, and Pluto over Vienna and Gorlitz give the new global-superpower wannabes the upper hand, and control of America's shift into current technology, unless the Oil King Dinosaurs and "Old King Coal" continue to trample around in centuries past, lost in time/space?  It should be clear by now that America cannot continue to compete globally by using antiquated technology and paradigms.  And there is no reason why the production sites/factories need to be Chinese or Japanese or German "investments" that will further push America down and backward.  The CDU/Merkelites have made their intention to be both the European and Global leaders over and over again, as have the banks and corporations, and now governments run by them, that the blossoming Sino-Japanese New East Asia Prosperity Sphere has the same objective in mind.  Meanwhile, who are their dupes in Washington letting them jump ahead of America?  Some of us can smell and see the revived Fascist Axis loud and clear, while others believe Schwarznegger's theatrics lie about how "Aw, that's just Nazi stuff".  Yes, it is Nazi stuff, and the public had better wake up and smell the coffee before it reaches the objectives that Hitler and Tojo had.  Britain has smelled the coffee, while Washington is still believing the recycled Nazis' lies, dazzled by Arnold and Angie.

    As for Putin, he will go with the winning side of the moment, just as Stalin did, and the Russian people will suffer accordingly.  If he sides with China, the world may tremble with nuclear quakes if the warhawks keep pushing for World War III.  And if a Fascist dictatorship evolves in Argentina, South America may also manifest Hitler and Tojo's dream. All need to keep an eye on underworld and paramilitary developments all around Paraguay.

    Based on a composite observation of recent international news reports, London, accustomed to monitoring and understanding the whole globe, is smarter and more clear at the moment on what's really happening now than anyone on the planet.  They apparently see the resurgent Nazism brewing in the wings in Germany, while many Americans are still numbed by Fox media garbage to the point of thinking it's not possible.  I find the duping of Washington by Merkel and Shinzo and the BND-Gestapo and the Kempetai and their long-time friends and allies in the Chinese diaspora truly disturbing, and also almost disgusting, and attribute it to too many German BND and Bundeswehr agents, and Chinese agents, in US infrastructure, including govt and military databases and communications networks.  Clinton could have built bridges of open dialogue with Moscow several years ago, but the BND/Nazi-programmed Stanford set sabotaged her with their warmed-over Nazi Hooverville shenanigans including psy-war tricks and puppetry, and time is running out for authentic US-Russia rapprochement to still happen, Putin or not.  Few, if any, would win a World War III involving Russia, and that includes Russia itself, when the missiles spin out of control and the bombs start annihilating entire cities on 'both sides'.  That, too, could be a worst-case scenario of AR =MAPL/VU.  And when it comes to the winky-blinky Angela Merkel club with two faces and no conscience after thorough programming, believe none of what you hear and none of what you see, as the old Nazi bag of tricks are at hand in Berlin and Vienna, and further polished up for the 21st century.... and hungry for that Russian oil and gold and "iron and blood".  Only this, time, the whole world is likely to blow up if anyone tries to play the "World War" plan record/tape/CD again, regardless of what poor shell-shocked McCain dreams.  Merkel may have a seat on the space station to watch the fireworks if the buttons are pushed, and may even be programmed to enjoy the show, and Eastern Europe could become a giant human sacrifice once again. High risk, with Paul Ryan in his Ayn Rand fantasy NRA-built-Wienermobile world, Mike Pence consumed with religious fundamentalist fantasies, and Donald Trump spinning around like a dizzy top -- round it goes, and where it lands, nobody knows.  A really vital question for the whole world to answer is: "Who rigged that election for Trump to win?"  The answer is probably global, not just US domestic, regardless of the populist campaign imagery, and it could be as much Chinese as Russian... or maybe Nazi-friendly Broederbond leftovers (who got very rich from privatizing South African infrastructure before they handed things over to the 'rainbow republic') in the mix. These are among the transnational oligarchies we need to watch out for.  There should be grave concern that US intelligence is being distorted by foreign manipulation of the data and the database technology.  Meanwhile, Earth's ice caps are melting Fast:


2017Feb28: Method of reading geodetics at personal level in global analyses:  A critique of the 1/2-degree geodetic analysis method I've been publicizing are that it is only generational or impersonal, and my response is that when narrowed to 1/2 degree it is not generational in the usual sense, but refers to political factors specific to people born within months- or weeks- long segments within a given year or two, depending on which planet/factor is studied, and IF one were to narrow the analysis further to few minutes of arc or less (5' of longitude, for example) the time frame would be even narrower. Furthermore, the planet/point under study is relevant in relation to how fast they move.  The critique is a generic concept parroted from conventional astrology where, when used just with signs and houses and large-orb popular 'aspects', references to trans-saturnian factors are only generational; this is a broad overgeneralization that is far overridden and discounted when greater detail and smaller orbs are used.
    The 1/2-degree analysis method I have used is designed for study of politically- or financially- (i.e. banks or corporations or oligarch or other social-impact organization) impacted events. Uranus or Neptune or Pluto (or transneptunian factors Zeus or Vulkanus) are no longer impersonal or social-only when their position is narrowed to a matter of minutes of arc (or, of course, when one looks at the midpoints or clusters they form that involve fast-moving planets or personal points, something far less-quickly identified in a statistical or cross-sectional study), as is also the case when traditional astrologers look for close-orb aspects involving the trans-saturnian planets.  The 'outer planets' are only of generational influence when one is using simple and generalized methods common in mainstream astrology chart reading.
    Moreover, it must be stressed that the geodetic alignment of outer planets or transneptunian points do refer to social/global energies acting on the lives of individuals. They do move at a global rate, and do affect the individual in unique ways, and do include how consciously the individual is able to identify them and interact with them accordingly. The reason for my focus on them is because we live in times of widespread/global political and oligarchic intrigue, and sometimes confusion, which likely has substantial roots in the time period when Hades was within close orb of the Ariespoint axis.

    It is my hope that the method will be used to uncover underlying facts/realities that exist beyond the financial and political power-games that have undermined democracy and social justice over the years, and use of the methods already verifies that the worst of today's social-scale problems are rooted in the the thread that manifest as Axis Fascism in both Europe and Asia, neither one to the exclusion of the other.  In some areas of the world, European racism is more obvious, and in other areas Asian racism is more obvious.  Neither one is more guilty of racist oligarchies and financial or political schemes than the other... and in today's realities, neither one is more 'privileged' than the other.  In Pacific coast states of the USA, Asian racism must not be allowed to supplant European racism, or problems of social gentrification will remain, or even get worse.  This issue will become more clear as Vulkanus power spreads further into the exceptional wealth-generating and -controlling East China Sea area.  Similarly, Vulkanus power will increase in Russia, and its nature will depend substantially on whether Russia aligns with the various European or Asian interests.

    Financiers and politicians (including the puppets of financiers) pushing Too Fast for centralized globalization are creating a mess.  Transnational globalism must proceed at a natural and not a forced pace, and must proceed with the full conscious participation of the populations involved (i.e. dialogue with discussion of differences, and equitable representation of all parties involved).  Otherwise, the shoving of people around as if they are chesspieces on a gameboard, or objects on a computer screen, is bound to lead to dehumanization, destabilization, or clashes, or all of the above.  Just because the world is now interconnected via the internet does not mean the manipulators of the internet network can start playing computer games with the lives of the world's population. In the early 20th century, the Fascist Axis controllers (banks and corporations) saw democracy as 'inefficient', and individual human lives as dispensible.  We are at risk of that happening again, especially if we do not recognized the sugar-coated Fascism now raging again in Germany and Japan and their allied Fascist parties in other countries.  The Neo-nazis hiding under Merkel's skirt are still there even if she carefully hides them, and will still be there if she is replaced with another transnational bankcorp puppet similarly programmed... and they also boosted Trump into power and manipulate him like they manipulate Merkel and Shinzo and Xi Jinping.  We are living in an era of rampant rule by manipulated Quislings, including some legislators and bank and corporate CEOs, and this has been accomplished in large part due to control and monitoring of telecommunications including internet technology.  An often-overlooked revolution in computer technology occurred with the entrance of Chinese/Japanese-run Realtek corporation in the late 1980s, and the consolidation of the internet under the Siemens-build 'Cloud' gives the Gestapo-rooted and -built German BND access to all data flowing through its channels... it is potentially Hitler's global dominance 'dream' come true, and could similarly be harnessed to the similar dream of the the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere symbolically initiated by Deng Xiaoping's trumpeting of an 'Asian Century' once again fusing the resources of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea into what he and his cohorts wanted to replace the 'American Century'.  Vulkanus moving into Leo in the transnational East China Sea is Not insignificant now, politically or financially, and is not to be dismissed as innocuous or unsubstantial.


    2017Feb19: Neo-fascist political theatrics; the Merkel, Shinzo, and Putin Show:  To understand what's going on both domestically and globally now (interwined heavily), one needs to understand what Sigrid Schultz, first-hand observer in the halls of Nazi power wrote, in her 1944 book "Germany Will Try It Again", which should now be read as "Germany and the East Asian Axis Will Try It Again", and Schultz does also write bits and pieces on the East Asian Fascist sabotage and psy-war/cult games.  The intensive interactions and on-and-off cooperation between the Euro and Asian Axis powers was long left out of American references, probably as requirements for post-WW2 Cold War cooperation, but were opened up to public knowledge by US President Bill Clinton as he has leaving office, and some claim then censored as much as possible by the push to make sure Bush and not Gore became the next president.  The records were made public, may or may not all still be there after January 2001, but were summarized in part in at least a couple of books including Tony Matthews "Shadows Dancing" later republished as "Spies for Nippon", David Messenger "Hunting Nazis in Franco's Spain" (Spain, and sometimes Argentina a Brazil) being where top Nazi officers hid out to avoid detection by the Allied Military Government in Germany from 1945 to 1949),  Much of this was also exposed in the 1950s and 60s by (WW2) War Crimes Commissioner TH Tetens in "The New Germany and the Old Nazis" and "Germany Plots with the Kremlin", the latter also important now due to the winking and blinking that has gone on between Merkel and Schroeder and Putin (who has fond and cozy memories of his years of living in the Nazi/spy-infiltrated agencies of nominally-and-partly-communist East Germany).

    This is NOT old history irrelevant to now, but rather old history vital to understanding today's de-facto restoration of WW2 Fascism with smiley-faces and images of Mummy Merkel the supposed refugee-lover opposing staged neo-nazi cults created by the BND and re-released as re-Merkel election-time strategy.  Today's BND, German intel agency, was and is the Gestapo reborn, with all of the sophisticated tricks preserved (which Tetens also described in detail), including double-dealing methods with both Russia and the Western democracies (meaning West European and North American democracies primarily).  What's odd is that English-language Russian media now blames the USA for things Germany did, but then Russian media are now partly or largely corporate-run "state owned enterprises" which may be German-run.

    Most vital at this time may be the understanding of Nazi techniques of seduction and mind control, that Schultz, one of America's greatest national patriots discredited by the Nazi-sympathetic lingering in the 1950s,  However, one will have to overlook Schultz's noticeable homophobic bias that was due either to the still relatively sexist culture of the time and/or her experiences with the pathetically robo-programmed SA/Sturmabteilung/Stormtroopers, who were functional kamikaze-like puppets of the Nazi Party who were later turned upon and killed or thrown into concentration camps and given pink triangles to wear because they were no longer seen as useful.   One must not ignore the extremely important messages Schultz relayed just because she had no respect for gay people, or at least the gay individuals she encountered in Germany who were puppets and slaves of the early Nazi Party before it turned on them, taken as fools.

    Merkel, still today, certainly appears to still use the psy-control methods that top Nazis used, as can be seen in photos and videos of her interactions with foreign leaders and other politicians... notice how their demeanor changes after meetings with her and how they usually become fawning and adoring Merkel fans after she nuzzles or stares or glares in their eyes.  It's not about Merkel so much, but about the Machine that put Merkel where she is and also uses her as a pawn to implement the slickly-disguised New Fascism led by the CDU/IDU (the party that absorbed the most Nazis after 1945, and is run by the same banks and corporations including Siemens, which Fools in America have idolized as a positive force for the present).  The methods of Merkel, which she was programmed to exercise in service to the 'Greater German Fatherland' are treacherous and deceptive.  A part of her probably still has a conscience that resists, but it will not prevail, or else she will be thrown out and replaced with another model that better serves the IDU/CDU.  Asia will not save the world from this, but its Fascist Axis machine also still survives, in the cynically named "LDP" party of Shinzo that similarly absorbed the majority of Japan Fascists after WW2, and was allied with the right wing of the Kuomintang that was headed by early pseudo-"leftist" double-agent poseur Wang Chingwei and Han Fuchu and Hu Hanmin, all of whose relationships with the Communists and Chiang Kaishek were intentionally ambiguous and shrouded in the smokescreen so typical of Chinese politics (developed in part as strategy to survived in the ugly gentrification and brutality of life in Imperial China, something that in some ways never ended, and was continually interactive with or manipulated by the brutal and oppressive -- so much that it shows external mannerisms) authoritarianism of Japanese politics, where feudalism never died.  In imperial/feudal China and Japan, one had to act secretly in contradiction to the monarchs and oligarchs ("warlords") or be suppressed brutally.  This went on for centuries and did not end until the mid-1940s, if in fact it ever ended.

     These are the political traditions that North America is naively inviting to fuse in to US infrastructure and politics, referred to as "dreams", recycled images of grandpa Chairman Mao and Auntie Angie Merkel, from across both oceans and packaged at this time as the TPP and TTIP, and CETA in Canada.  The manipulation of McCain at Halifax to throw the USA into a war with Russia for German interests (backed by Stanford's line of Gestapo/SRI puppets), and now the attempt to program Pence after his meeting with Merkel, are part of the picture. Trump's desire to protect America may have been sincere, to be verified or not, but having BND-puppet and go-boy Thiel, and China Sea mafia representative Chao in his cabinet will undermine any sincere intentions he might have to free America from foreign control.  In fact, the result is likely to be the opposite.

    Merkel and/or her supporting entourage is craftily playing the Putin issue as a continued backhanded, orchestrated warlike confrontation with Russia, where it is idiotic for the USA to believe or rely on self-interested German intelligence, much like Merkel's crocodile tears over her cellphone was a ploy to let Germany even further in on the Five-Eyes intel database controlled by the Western Powers alliance that defeated Nazism and kept Germany in check in case the Nazi machine revived, which may be happening now.  In any case, Thiel could be the leak that gives the German government what it wants no matter what.  And Chao has a hotline to the recently and gradually re-Unificationed Chinese Empire that conducted its joint Kuomintang-Communist "Antifascist Victory Day" parade in Beijing in 2015, so highly controlled as to block out parade-watchers except those who could watch on TV, and thus the Dream of Deng Xiaoping came true.  The streets of the parade were lined with tanks instead of people, so no protests could be filmed, or maybe occur at all.

    Merkel at one point was playing the game of "We Germans will help America get 'the Chinese' under control", whereas there has been ongoing collaboration between Germany and China that even went on during WW2 (between the Nazis/Japanfascists and the Kuomintang radical right), and which US General Stilwell either suspected or could confirm (and why he was replaced with Chinese-dupe General Wedemeyer, on demand by Chiang Kaishek to stop Chiang from going 100% instead just fencesitting with the Axis... Chiang made it clear that his loyalty had to be bought (having special significance for the post-war WACL/WLFD global alliance).  Also rarely reported in histories, for reasons of the politics of the late 1940s onward, is that the German Nazis went underground and threw their support behind Japan from May to August 1945, including the new weapons technology they were developing, hoping a Nazi-bolstered Greater Japanese Empire, with Chinese supports, could turn the tide of the war back.  This is only one of the reasons why Truman decided to Nuke Japan and put stop to all of it... .that decision was clearly a difficult one and clearly necessary to stop a war that could have continued on for some time due to a Nazi-underworld backed Japan with covert support from Pro-Axis China, and more of China if Chiang Kaishek gave up US ties and went 100% with Japan and Germany.  It's also part of the reasons why there was some American support off-and-on for Mao Zedong, not as a Communist but as a counterbalance to Asian Fascism, 

    The classified documents that Clinton declassified, and which Matthews summarized parts of, could explain more details, if they weren't destroyed by the Bush II administration/cabinet.  If there's a Fascism in America today, that's where it came from.  Merkel is treacherous and phony, as programmed to be... she really does function like the witch in the gingerbread house whose oven Hansel and Gretel only barely escaped.  She is Not a "liberal", her Muslim manipulation games are not authentic, and the Neo-nazi opposition to her was orchestrated, staged probably by her own party to make Auntie Angie still look like the nice lady that everyone should flock to as European or World Leader (of course under German control and living in 'austerity' while all the money amasses in Frankfurt, or maybe now moved, after the highly-controversial Revival of the Reichstag in 1999 along with the revival of Greater Germany and the 'Austrian School' roots, to Pangerman Imperial Habsburg Vienna, where Pluto now amasses the parts of the world's wealth that Chongqing doesn't, including via their covert agents on Wall Street and in Washington).

    The USA and Canada may both be about to be dissected for the transoceanic powers unless the legislators of All political parties don't recognize and understand these issues soon... it looks like the transoceanic fascists have Trudeau in their pocket, Pence on the way if they can, Trump maybe confused or not.  Hillary would probably have been on top of these issues by now, but she wasn't allowed to take office because she and her husband are too smart for them.  Bill Clinton would have understood some of these issues if he read the documents he had declassified, and Hillary probably would have, as a result.

    Perhaps needless to say, I have dealt with some attempts to silence and even frame me into some odd situations, for reporting on these issues.  I don't how much that has to do as well with the NCGR machinations of the past, but I do know that I've been told more than once over the last 30 years about transnational espionage problems and meddling in Uranian Astrology, not forgetting the FBI astrologer Al Morrison wrote me that Hans Niggemann was a German Navy officer, and I later was told that much later that Udo Rudolph was indeed a Gestapo agent.. and once a spy, always monitored by that agency thereafter.

    The Sigrid Schultz book is Vital to understanding what's going on today... it explains a lot about Merkel and how her machine operates. In the following entries, I return to astrological specifics, some of them related to the above.  I cannot emphasize how utterly foolish it is for Americans to trust Angela Merkel, as she is faithfully obedient to a machine that wants to push America down so Germany can be Top Dog, not only over Europe, but over North America if it can. When I hear people refer to German and Japan as "trusted allies" while slamming France and Britain, it gives me the creeps.  I'm seriously worried that some of our national leaders are Lost in Space.


    2017Feb18: Analyzing Ariespoint pictures; charts for countries:  Pictures on the Ariespoint on an event data or current general time period (ingress charts for example) pertain to the world as a whole, public setting events, and personally where one's personal points form significant clusters ("aspects") or midpoints on it.  Otherwise it's about things going on globally, and do note that midpoints involving really slow factors, like midpoints exclusively between Uranus on outward, those remain in orb for a while, and or not exclusive to a given day or event even if they are pertinent in a global sense.  For example if you see NE/ZE on the Ariespoint on a given data, that also applies to all surrounding dates where NE/ZE is also within significant orb: 1 degree to either side for strong impact, or 1 to 2 degrees to either side for lesser but significant impact. In 1-degree-orb listings like those shown in the Special Uranian program, 1 to 2 degree orbs show as midpoints involving the planet or other factor on the midpoint axis being studied.  For example, AR =AR/NE identifies a secondary cluster (1 to 2 degrees)  between Ariespoint and Neptune.

    Where Ariespoint becomes of personal significance to an individual or organization or political entity is where one is looking at the Ariespoint in a natal chart, or where event charts (including ingresses) form substantial midpoint or cluster pictures with a natal chart.  Otherwise, it's about world conditions that may only be background for the individual, and even when it does form pictures with the chart of an individual, it is still primarily about public and impersonal issues unless personal points or inner planets in the individual's chart are involved.  For example, Ariespoint in an individual chart is what public situations and events the individual is born into and generally gravitates toward thereafter.  The same applies to solar arc directed Ariespoint in the individual chart; which is relevant socially but not necessarily fully personalized, unless factors such as the MC, AS, SU, MO, or NO are also involved in significant pictures.

    Every country or state or city may have more than one valid chart, each of them valid in relation to the actual event they denote. There is not, therefore, necessarily, only one valid chart for a country.  However, each chart should be for an accurately dated and/or timed (if the MC and Ascendant are considered) event. Planetary pictures do involve psychological factors intertwined with the energies of events... they are not two separate levels of reality, and they are all subject to personal willpower and choices to varying degrees, according to issues like natural or political powers in action, personal predisposition by genetic inheritance from the mother and father.  Thus the issue of whether astrology should be focused on psychology or events is moot point, since the human mind acts and/or reacts to all events, and the state of the human mind (including collective thought, perceptions, and (ugh) "beliefs" remaining from childhood or social programming) determines how events unfold or are handled before, during, and after their occurrence.   So, if astrologers want to psychology, that's valid.  If astrologers want to study events, that's also valid.  If astrologers do not recognize the relationship between psychology and events, they may be missing out on important insights for objectivity. Events matter, and psychology matters; astrology evolves when people stop arguing for and either/or stance on the issue.

    In most of the analyses I have presented, the Sibley chart, originally cast for London but relocated for Philadelphia, has been used.  Others chart for the USA like Articles of Confederation signing (first or last), or Constitution signing (first or last) may be significant in their own way and in relation to the meaning of the given event in relation to the United States.  So, events timed on the Sibley chart related to the United States as a newly-declared country independent of King George III, and it may also apply in some way to all subsequent events pertaining to the United States.  It could also apply to Canada insofar as people in or representing Canada were involved in the US Declaration of Independence.  Personally, I see the US and Canada as a unit, in many ways, not only due to cultural and economic fusions over time, but also due to mutual historical events including those pertinent to the War of 1812.  Events in 1776 in Philadelphia are pertinent to the US-UK relations insofar as the British public, the British Parliament, and the British Monarch (Georg von Hanover) were involved or not.  As I see it, the US Declaration of Independence was not about independence from the British nation so much as independence from the of the imperial House of Hanover as represented by the King in London.  Wall Street was an early US government site, but changed over time into the hub of Transatlantic and often Germanic imperial financial power (and increasingly fusing in newcomer Asian money).  US government control of Wall Street is directly related to the autonomy of the US government from transnational moneys running Wall Street, and this points out the significance of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement of recent times... can Wall Street displace the elected US government, and what is that impact on the people of the United States?  Wall Street is a global power hub that cannot be ignored or simply set aside in US government issues. It may be that either the American people control Wall Street, or Wall Street controls the American people.  These issues came up in the early Granger movement, and whether the Transcontinental railroads and their attached valuable real estate would be the property of the American public to be managed by the popularly-elected US government, or the property of the banks financing the railroads, which was primarily Deutschebank and Swiss/German banks identifying themselves as 'Credit Mobilier' due to their offices in Paris even if not own by the French public, and closely aligned with the old monarchy in Paris (which opposed both the French and American revolutions).  Thus European monarchy and gentrification have been preserved in the USA largely via Wall Street, and this has been significantly modified in recent times by the permutations of Asian monarchy overtaking segments of Wall Street. In Asia, in particular, parties originally planned to be democratic ended up reverting to control by the monarchies, via stealth politics.  This was also attempted in the USA, and succeeded in the form of the Republican Party founded in the middle of the 19th century and fused with the bumping of public ownership of the railroads in favor of privatization by often foreign banks including Deutschebank... thus the 'Robber Barons', the imperial monarchs among America.  They created the recent fake "Tea Party" to be prepared to co-opt any possible public resistance to often-global privatization and loss of public democratic control over the United States and its assets while the secretive so-called "Transpacific and Transatlantic" imperial "agreements" have been pushed through to destory American democracy and replace it with the dictates of European and/or Asian oligarchies, both of which are equally inimical to it, in fact. Immigration is a complex issue that the transnational oligarchies could hi-jack as a back-door tool for corporate globalizations, and there are signs that they already have... and so the public should be cautious and thoroughly analytical in approaching it... it is indeed capable of hosting foreign subversion, although it does not equate with such.  Problematic examples would include organizations like the Moonie or Falun cults, disguised as religions but functioning as political subversion organizations fused with both foreign intelligence and foreign mafia networks. Similar issues have already been addressed about organizations from Middle Eastern nations.  The innocent suffer from the acts of the guilty, particularly from subversive organizations portraying ethnic identifiers, be they any shade along the color spectrum, from Europe, Asia, or elsewhere.  Immigrant populations can thank the subversion organizations from overseas for the legitimate controversies over this issue.  The Moonies are long-overdue for thorough investigation, inside-out, as are the Falun Gong/Dafa, along with the weird 'White Nationalist' cults.  Both elements are a threat to US national stability and furtherance of democracy.  On the Pacific coast in particular, the 'coronation' of Moonie in buildings adjacent to the US Capitol is of no minor significance, given his "family" political and financial hold on US politics, and the Falun cult, via its newspapers, are focused primarily on US political and financial issues far more than spirituality.  All this is facilitated by the 'Faith Based' order enacted by Bush Jr while Elaine Chao was in his cabinet meddling in US infrastructure and affairs... the power of her family network is not to be overlooked, and must be investigated due to the ambiguity of their holdings in various countries and political affiliations overseas.  The same is true of Peter Thiel -- and thus we see that the Trump administration risks being the final death blow to US democracy, throwing the gates of US government wide open to foreign manipulation rather than any sort of sincere national protection.  Big segments of the US voting population, including not very smart politicians, have been deceived by the true origins and nature of the recent 'Tea Party' movement, which clearly has involved political cult psychology.  How can a public 'believe' that lessening taxes on the wealthy is of general public benefit, or that shifting from public to private education is of general public benefit?.... they've been duped, like sheep following the tricks of the old monarchist tricksters of the Metternich and Machiavelli and Sun Tzu schools of political machination, intrigue, deceit, and public manipulation.  The words of the song "We Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who may now may be more pertinent than ever to be aware of.  Vulkanus (power politics) in the current Universal chart is indeed within 2 degrees of a 22.5 angle to Hades now, and the ARSU/VU midpoint =NE/HA, indicating potential for political intrigue and secrecy and subversion and camouflage as a major global issue this year.  6 Cardinal (Hades) and 10 Mutables (Neptune) point to where the main subterfuge and deceit is likely originating, and it could involve drugs or drugging in a significant way.  AR=JU/NE points to potential deceit in global finances and even legal issues, and while Hades forms no significant 16th harmonic points on the Ariespoint Axis, AR does = PL/HA in the less potent but significant 32nd harmonic, meaning the Hades energy from 6 Cardinal MC areas of the globe may be strategically deceiving about changes underway and high-finance issues.  This points, among other places, to Luxemburg, Cologne, Geneva, Rangoon (i.e. Golden Triangle), and domestically in the USA to the longitudes of Detroit, Cincinnati, Frankfort, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Tallahassee... be keenly alert to all possible deceit and covert operations at those locations. 


    2017Feb16: Internet games; Current immigration protests and global significance; the East Asia power axis scene:  

    Some readers are already aware the there are well-networked organizations that routinely canvass for advocacy and "followers", and people need to be attentive to who runs them and what their actual objectives are.  Organizations advertising as progressive or liberal may not actually be run by people reflecting those concepts, and maybe designed to herd up people to unspoken objectives, just as those advertising as conservative many be functionally neo-fascist.  The kind of political doublespeak and intentional misidentification described by George Orwell has become commonplace, if not dominant, and all over the globe, starting in Europe and East Asia, and now trying to spin America around.

    There are paper petitions sometimes presented on the street that claim to be for one thing, but the signatures are then applied to something in the fine print or not mentioned at all at that time. Such things escalated at the time of Hades at 0 Cardinals, which earlier was the cornerstone of the 1930s-40s Fascist Axis, and a study of those pictures could be helpful in navigating what could happen again if the public isn't attentive and alert to it.  That's the low and not the high side of Hades and of populism, which can have both positive and negative qualities. The common core is concern with the issues of ordinary people and social problems, in some cases humanitarian, but in other cases (usually pseudo-populist and) brutal.  Both occurrences of Hades on the Ariespoint axis in 4th harmonic (i.e. any 0 Cardinal position) also formed planetary pictures unique to each instance (of exact 0 degrees position, as well as the nearest Universal (Capricorn solar ingress natural ground reseeding-time) Charts that symbolize the solar New Year that our calendar New Year was derived from.  Cycles of nature.   

    The pro-immigration protest movement is something where I am seeing almost immediate indicators of moles and attempted, if not root-level, co-option and manipulation. There is danger of the pro-immigration protests going on now being manipulated or co-opted by deceptive overseas interests, like those fused with Moonie/Falun-network/affiliate infiltration objectives hiding under false 'faith-based' and 'religious persecution' claims. So there is a mixture of sincere humanitarianism for victimization abroad, mixed with transnational gaming with cult infusions, and pure economic exploitation of lower-wage labor in businesses, which are sometimes run by immigrant underworld businesses importing what is functional slavery (i.e. people under calculated potential threat of deportation if they report breaches of labor law protections and/or deception about conditions of employment before arrival). Already, some participants too young to remember World War 2 history are hyped-up by organizing meetings, and are unconsciously parroting Japan Fascist propaganda from the 1940s about Roosevelt supposedly being anti-Jewish (because of his early public-pressured neutral stance on Jewish immigration due to strong public pressures), and the exaggeration and distortion of claims about Roosevelt's relationship to Japanese internment policies -- which he approved with reluctance, and under pressure from military advisors dealing with reports of extensive Japanese sabotage as well as public harassment of Japanese-Americans -- as well as on the conditions in the internment camps, and implications that only ethnic Asians were detained as suspects during wartime, which was not at all the case. Some participants amped-up at rallies seem almost as irrational as the Tea Party zombies and Arab Spring robo-phone-bots, and so the character and sources of the demonstrations needs to be scrutinized... are there moles and provocateurs involved?  Are people involved in the protests using logic and reason to verify data and claims being dispensed?  It looks somewhat like the Occupy protests where 'Anonymous' infiltrators, masked to conceal their identity, have functioned as provocateurs to create conflicts with police.  People need to be careful and alert in related events, and the Vulkanus power now accumulated along the China coast as well as the Alexandria-Istanbul Near East power hubs... there have already been Moonie-cult-affiliated pushes for increased immigration coupled with pre-arranged Moonie-cult marriages and subsequent "Family Reunification Act" pushes... where the 'families' to be 'reunified' are being pre-screened and manufactured as political marriages affiliated with the objectives of the East Asian fascist intel/mafia-front Moonie cult... (the one whose original phony "World Peace" leader's "Kahr Arms" son is actually now a major weapons sales distributor inside the USA during a period when guns flood American cities).  Urgent attention needs to be paid to that and the "World Peace" themes around recent US meets with Shinzo Abe, to organized and vocal criticism within Japan itself of Abe's longtime denial of WW2 Japanese war crimes and Chinese fascist complicity, and the often-forgotten fact that the Japan Fascist Party conducted a giant "World Peace" rally in Tokyo in 1937, only several days before the its military turned around and sank the USS Panay in China and then participated in carrying out the mass carnage and rapes of the horrific Nanking Massacre of 1937 the next day (in collusion with Chinese collaborators willing to see domestic civil war opposition, and foreigners, massacred).  One should also not forget that Japanese ambassadors were in San Francisco hypocritically extending the "olive branch" of "World Peace" while Japanese planes were heading for Pearl Harbor to sink a huge chunk of the US Pacific Fleet in December 1941, Sun Tzu style followed by the takeover of Singapore, the bombing of Darwin Australia, and submarine attacks along the coasts of California and Oregon.  Most people who have studied East Asian history are familiar with the degree of duplicity and pretense involved, and it's rather concerning that there are leaders in Washington who think that the intrigues of WW2 in either Europe or Asia have nothing to do with current global political realities (Aw that's just old Nazi stuff, not happening anymore, say the planners and agents and dupes of neofascism).  

    The engineers of the corporate version of "globalism" emanates from Germany (where Pluto has been accumulating global financial power), and from Japan and its former colonies (Manchuria, Tsingtao/Qingdao, Taiwan) still intertwined in old China-Japan business alliances, where Vulkanus has been accumulating global political power, including via transnational lobbyists, and perpetuating the lie that all of China was a US Ally. The current 'crisis' is indeed global and not just American, and may in fact be due to foreign lobbyists manipulating 'leaders' in Washington, much as they did Herbert Hoover as WW2 was brewing, and which Roosevelt recognized and put stop to, and then rebuilt the American nation, in strong alliance with Canada and Australia and Britain. Trudeau in Canada also needs to pay much more careful attention to these issues, also being lost in an idealism disconnected from the more unpleasant realities that have been subtly unfolding.  Merkel is not authentic, and she is advised in using dispensable social-liberal gestures and gimmicks to restore the core objectives of German fascism, which is to control the European economy and then spread outward from there.  This time, it's been decided to take a less externally brutal and more charming and alluring approach, like handing out candy during induction.

    The global neo-fascism is once again strong where Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus are now overhead, was the case in the 1930s -- and still run by some of the very same old imperial banking and corporate oligarchies wielding power in the 1930s and even much earlier in some cases. Oligarch dinosaurs now labeled as today's banks and corporations and stock-market institutions.  Fascism was, and is, about economically-motivated slave labor and genocide and land acquisition.  In the 1930s, nationalism was the main vehicle. Today, globalism or nationalism or pseudo-nationalism could either one become the main vehicle, given today's much more advanced global technology, but the bottom line is Rule By Greed, which truly is one of the main roots of Evil, and gradual extermination of democracy. Much of the foreign-manipulated domestic intrigue is distributed in the USA in part via the offices of organizations like the Stanford Research Institute, established in part by Axis Fascist psychological warfare specialists not so long after World War 2, and it is in turn rooted still in the covert operations of now increasingly corporatized intel agencies in "greater" Germany and Japan and their satellite states and transnational parties and organizations, with the old imperial Chinese institutions of Manchuria and Taiwan often in collusion.  The root of global stock markets as Even the early history of the Wall Street stock exchange reveals that its roots are a colonial perpetuation device created by old imperial powers (in Vienna more than London) to keep a hold on the US economy via "investment" (just as the stockmarkets of Europe were the financial hubs of colonial markets in South America and Africa and Asia), and this should be an important realization as precessed/sidereal Pluto now makes its benchmark final opposition to the USA Sun (whose effect is not fully over) for the next (approximately) 248 years. That Pluto (with its financial power) is now, in fact, hovering in Vienna, the home of some of the key old imperial Habsburg bankers who set up Wall Street, who much later created the Hayek/Austrian School economic theory (to perpetuate oligarchy and an imperial-centered economy; and recently propagated via Rockefeller/Chicago and Stanford-affiliated offices across the USA).  The Pluto furthermore points not only to Vienna, but also to Chongqing/Chungking, capital of the once diverse Kuomintang Party that was largely controlled, after co-option, by old Imperial Chinese elements that were allied with the Central Powers in WW1 and the Axis Powers in WW2, and the Japanese Emperors in times of wars involving western countries, despite US China Lobby attempts to conceal those facts (more widely publicized and understood in Europe).  Thus, Sun Yat-sen was more of a symbolic, powerless figure used to decorate recyclee monarchism with a democratic veneer.  Chongqing is now a major global economic powerhouse in a China, that now has Kuomintang officials intermingled with nominal 'Communists' at the national "Victory Day" parades in Beijing.  It could be that either the USA takes back control of its own economy, including Wall Street, or Chinese and German/Austrian elements (or friendly Japanese elements) rule the USA for the next 248 years.  Note how that applies to Trump's cabinet in terms of the presence of Chao and Thiel, Siemens and Chongqing money (which could be both Chinese and Japanese due to the Chinese economy privatizations in recent years).  A disinterested study of the dynamics of the burgeoning Chongqing and Vienna economies, including transnational factors, is vitally important for the USA Right Now.  And the same is true to a lesser degree of Capetown, Jakarta/Bandung, and Hanoi. Note also that Pluto, now near 17 Cardinals, is also 22.5 from approx 9 Fixed and thus could be interlaced, and this points to possibly allied plutocracies in Pusan (a joint Japan-Korea Yakuza mafia hub), Naze in the Ryukyu Islands (Yakuza mafia hub in the East China Sea), the area between the Moluccas and New Guinea in Indonesia (Post-WW2 Golden Lily money stashes?), in west Asia to the longitude of Mecca and Medina and ISIL hubs in eastern Syria, as well as Iraq near the Iraq/Jordan border area, areas of Turkey and Russia to the north of there.  Affiliated money may be laundered through Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mombasa, and coastal Tanzania -- and possibly Moscow being in on the new money wave, and the SCO Shanghai Treaty maybe flush with global money somehow, via transnational agreements. Money in the gold-mining region along the Alaska-Yukon border may be globally significant now as well, and fused in with those networks, or in competition with them. for Transpacific control.  What seems most critical to the US economy is the relationship between Chinese money in Chongqing and Wall Street and NYC real estate, and whoever is running the Indonesian economy at the moment.

    In short, it could well be that the old imperial global oligarchs of China and 'Greater Germany' (represented by Chao and Thiel) arranged for Trump to be in office, using a pseudo-populist veneer (as the Axis Fascist powers did before and during World War 2), and assisted by foreign agents in his cabinet and other US government agencies.  Is Trump conscious of this?  Maybe so, maybe not.  What's important to recognize is that global neo-fascism will try to control any and all American parties where it can, and has in various ways... it has a bag of tricks as old as Metternich and Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, and those include psychological warfare, political puppetry, and "rule-by-marriage".. and the promotion of political illusions like the "Dream Act", which was actually initiated under the Bush II Admin and may have involved Chao -- then repackaged and presented to Democrats. It's important to remember how real dreams are, and how they can distract people from reality.  Further, a study of the Habsburg "UNPO" network, and of the personal and political history of Angela Merkel and Vlad Putin, Prince Bernhard the double agent in whose restorative health spa Franklin Roosevelt died just as post-WW2 treaty negotiations were imminent; and of the organizations in Asia that have touted the "Asian Century" theme, and their correlations with the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere", as well as Saudi and Turkish relations with the Axis powers in WW2 (of which the Chinese governments in Manchukuo and Nanjing, and colonial government in Taipei were members) and the Central Powers (of which the Chinese government in Beijing was a member) in WW1, all corresponding to the current Pluto and Vulkanus geodetic alignments. All that history explains much of the roots of what's going on right now, in terms of the long-established oligarchies involved. The Chinese fascist factor is both real and now more substantial than ever, and yet has been so for a long time, wrapped in the flag of the moment and situation... New Unificationed bi-partisan cross-strait and transpacific China's upper hand is stealth and strategy and control of telecommunications technology, just as is that of Greater Germany and its revived Drang nach Osten, which for them would ideally include a Russian alliance once again, facilitated by old German imperial connections in Finland and Romania, and maybe some new German colonies on the Volga.

    Some have glibly compared Trump to Hitler or Mussolini, but I see him more as a dizzied Boris Yeltsin figure, put into office to be manipulated in the middle of a major transition, to cause US national infrastructure collapse before foreign takeover, or be replaced by a foreign one, which Chao and/or Thiel  may be poised to do or have already started.  Indeed, publications of the late 1980s described how German and East Asian moles and covert operations inside Russia made it collapse for takeover by foreign interests based in the old Axis power alliance (including Chinese elements and possibly the Moonie cult), and that the same plan was in the hopper to be used later in the USA.  Is that happening now... has it already started?  If so, it requires a healthy dose of humane and rational, health and balanced, US nationalism to resolve, to avoid a nationwide schism or chaotic collapse.  Russia was also undergoing a tense Pluto hard aspect to its Sun when its infrastructure collapsed and the general public lived in destructive chaos for several years, under Yeltsin's dizzy and apparently drunken watch.... and to become what it is today, which is not yet clear due to standard Russian self-defensive secrecy.  It's what the physically pint-sized but economically bloated powers like Germany (where Pluto has been amassing wealth, in part via its control of the Euro Bank) and Japan, whose economies thrive from the cheap labor and goods of neighboring countries, with fake "Made in __" labels pasted on.

    One very important key to facilitate US collapse and takeover would be (maybe already enacted) control of the computer/telecommunications networks (as in the diabolical 'Siemens Cloud' trick that people in Washington were successfully disoriented and confused by... Neptunian clouds and dreams, etc.)... foreign double agents may already infest US national security and military infrastructure, and it may not be easy to undo.  A big part of the groundwork was probably the foreign contractors involved in setting up the Dept of Homeland Security databases, when Taiwan-born Elaine Chao was in the Bush cabinet manipulating US foreign policy and labor laws, and German-born Peter Thiel -- both with oligarchic contacts, and contracts, in their native countries.  That means the 'folksiness' of the Bush admin was a fog 'cloud' concealing transnational infiltration and subversion, as was the pseudo-populist campaign veneer (now worn thin and nearly gone) of Trump.  Global corporatism installed under the guise of folksy nationalism, and in the case of Bush, religious pretense.  Will the American public be a strong nation like Roosevelt carefully built, or a gentrified and largely impoverished nation like Herbert Hoover allowed due to his manipulation by, and sell-out to, the earlier corporate globalism that built WW2 Axis Fascism with Schroderbank and Deutschebank and the Chinese and Japanese imperial banking houses and corporations?  One should not overlook the geodetically-identified Saudi affiliations with both, historically and now, the tenuous deals that Moscow has struck with them, and their influence in southern Brazil near the Uruguay border, cities at the mouth of the Amazon, and the government of Greenland, as a base for covert operations (and which, together with Iceland, may have been the actual WW2 bases of a very real Thule Society who domains may not have all been completely 'mythical').

    An interesting point revealed by geodetic analysis is validation of the view that China has been continually interlaced with Japanese politics and finance, to various degrees, throughout most of the so-called "Peoples China" era, that Japanese troops based in Singapore installed the (partly-Japanese-formed) Kuomintang government in Taipei at the end of WW2, and whose intel/psy programs may well have played a role in manipulating the "Cultural Revolution" disaster in China that nearly became a civil war within China, and that Japan has definitely profited extensively from, where China is a functional slave-labor state, at very least since 1949, re-selling cheap Chinese goods as "Made in Japan" while weaving around trade embargoes.

    The deceit from winkin-blinkin Merkel's entourage in the EU oligarchy, where Helmut Kohl was at one time central, and where Adenauer was a key architect, is no less deceptive and treacherous, or covertly hostile to US interests and jealous of US influence and power, and may have secret deals in effect with Putin after Merkel's forays into Moscow.  This is why Merkel and Shinzo rushed in to woo Obama from the time his first presidential campaign began. They knew they had McCain and Romney in the bag due the Republican Party being a member of the so-called "IDU" set up by the post-war-Nazi-dominated German CDU, and so wanted to be ready in case of an Obama victory. Obama had to be persuaded that WW2 doesn't matter (which was German-agent Schwarzenegger's spiel), and that Germany and Japan have transformed into supposed model, phoenix-like cultures of the future and of democracy and human rights (aka the CDU/Merkel-calculated "Germany's image abroad" policy). Meanwhile, foreign investment = the new colonialism.  A Brazilian of my acquaintance told me that the recent chaos in Brazil is driven by Chinese meddling, and if that's the case, it is logically coming from the Chinese mafia colonies (incl Moonies) in Paraguay and southern Brazil, where 4th-harmonic Vulkanus is now overhead, and maybe the Moonie cult banks in Uruguay... and which are gradually taking over China under the market-reform and re-Unification constitutions. The roots of the very sneaky and almost guerrilla-like Taiwan/China strategy in South America are described in Marks: Counterrevolution in China -- and the 2015 fake "Antifascist V-Day" parade in Beijing made it clear that the financial infrastructures of China and Taiwan are now unified, for all practical purposes, and the two different flags are still displayed for foreign diplomacy purposes to confuse or manipulate outsiders (although you'll find them flying together in Chinatown).. It's a "trick the stupid westerners" game. One should even carefully scrutinize what Japan's true relationship to both of them is. So Trump's "recognition of the One China policy" no longer means recognition of one government over another... rather it means recognition that China is all one thing now... the Chinese Empire again... in alliance with Russia via the SCO, and its agents scurrying around Washington (and state capitals), charming and cutting deals, and pushing for greater Chinese representation in US politics via characters like "SB Woo" and "8020" cohorts, who do things like advocate for the end of the Affirmative Action policy because it lets truly disfranchised minorities get positions his wealthy friends and family want instead. Global politics is now laced with demon tricksters and shadow-puppet shows... it's not all sweetness and light as we might want to "dream". Better read up on your Sun Tzu and Metternich if you're going to be prepared to deter a new corporate globalist remake of WW2-era fascism, which could start stomping when Vulkanus makes its final foray into Leo, if more enlightened leaders do not take charge. Zuckerberg is lost in computer-world "virtual reality" and the figurehead "leader" of a machine created by Peter Thiel and his BND controllers in Germany, maybe including the elusive "Siemens Cloud" that sounds like what seeped out of the gas chambers they helped build 70 years ago. 

    Some good news is that the Leonine energies will likely evolve slowly to their higher nature as Vulkanus very slowly makes its way to 29 degrees, which is a long and slow 55 years from now, but don't assume that will happen right away.  That means growth beyond infantile Baby-Leo Schwarzenegger "flex your power" gimmickry and grandstanding, and the revived cheesy macho Kungfu idolatry of the East, into something much less narcissistic and egoistic, far more intelligent, evolved, and socially-conscious, like the more mature and dignified Leo energies of Obama and Clinton.  The public will need to exercise and get healthy and ready for what could a be world where people will need to be developing their highest potential out of survival necessity, with no time for couch-potato-ing or drunken stupors. In case the sign ingress is significant, watch for events in late June 2018, when Vulkanus makes its last crossing over 0 Leo for the next 663 years, and any events that take place in any of the locations with 0 fixed geodetic MC.  One lower manifestation could be the (even if only temporary) restoration of the old imperial oligarchies in Manchuria, Taiwan, Russia, Egypt, and/or Turkey.. some of which is already showing hints of manifesting.  However, the Leo will evolve after that.. and the return of the kings and queens will need to give way to the self-mastery and empowerment of each individual, because humanity has already tasted freedom from such, and the clocks can't be turned back for long while the natural and ultimately unstoppable clocks of time march forward.  Strong naval fleets at Anchorage and either Goose Bay or Cape Breton will be required for North America to stand ground with the already very ambitious drive of the Asian Century (which parts or all of Russia could choose to subscribe to, especially if aligned with a revived Turkish empire), early aimed at a replacement of America as the global superpower, already clearly seeking to usurp it, and aligned with the Asian Development Bank and the Deng Xiaoping Global Order plan now echoed as a model by current China PM Xi Jinping, along with 'Prosperity' themes that sound both like WW2 fascist rhetoric (which came first) and that of the Americans for (whose?) Prosperity network.  China is ready to roar, and its agents worldwide are already growling, ready to be the railroad-builders this time around.  Make note of the geodetic alignments of the Asian Development Bank and 'Asian Century' conference events with cities and organizations and personalities shown in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' article/tables.  The same type of energy may come from a German/Austria-run EU, especially if they take over the Russian economy via old Germanic/Czarist ties in Russia, who may also play with China via the SCO/Shanghai agreements... the lessons of  the global events of 1941 have not been forgotten, and should not be forgotten, anywhere, including in Washington.

    This may sound like a lot to cover -- it's a summary of points shown by noticing the various power alignments in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' with the events unfolding in international media reports, coupled with a study of the history behind the alignments.  I've long harped on the new fascism brewing, and now it's more obvious, and it's coming once again from Europe and Asia, Both, perhaps still in collusion at times and possible still revolving around Deutschebank and Chinese and Japanese imperial banking assets, covered with the calculated pretense of centuries-long imperial 'diplomatic' experience -- it is likely they who are making Trump dance, who put him in office, with representatives of whom are in his cabinet, manipulating him.  Trump is not the cause -- he's only a symptom -- a big puppet of transnational statecrafters, as was Bush before him.  How much is he conscious of that?  Some manipulators may look more like Minnie Mouse, others more like Hitler's stilted and canny advisors reporting to Berlin.  The joint Trump-Bush Vulkanus power shows natally to come from the longitude of San Antonio and the reigning transnational oil empires of America, and that is who will ultimately 'Trump' both of their personal empires -- and that points to Siemens-Deutschebank-Exxon, who likely put both of them in power. 

    The USA must not let down its guard against a deceptive neo-fascist-axis strategy of former deadly enemies who sought to undermine and weaken, or else overtake it so the Global Fascist Axis powered by Deutschebank, Schroderbank, and the Imperial Japanese and Chinese banks could rule the world... because it's begun to happening again, in intentional disguise, and using new methods. Pluto is now around 17 Cardinals, as it was when Hitler became Chancellor of the Third Reich (and indicating that the money behind him came either from Vienna or Silesia or both) and a joint Japanese-Chinese imperial regime was set up in Manchuria (with money from Chongqing or Guizhou or Guangxi); and Vulkanus was at 8th harmonic angle (at 15 Mutables) to where it is now when Hitler remilitarized the Rheinland in preparation for his Global War/Dominance plan. Those were two key cornerstones of the biggest global bloodbath in modern history, where millions were exterminated -- and bad decisions today, made at the same global power centers, could trigger a repeat.  Note that Vulkanus during 1936 remilitarization was more directly over Iceland, which in the 1930s was under control of a functional German satellite government under a German-Danish king, and today is fused with NATO.  North America clearly needs to have its say in what NATO does, to avoid getting pulled into a Central European-driven war situation, and allowing troops to remain under German command could be a disaster in the making, where the Halifax-teased German tail wags the American dog into a repeat conflagration.  The USA needs to make 100% sure that German covert operations are not trying to stir up a potentially disastrous war with Russia, which is still a global superpower after all, in terms of weapons now more deadly than ever -- and no doubt aimed at New York and Seattle, and maybe Ottawa.  Putin is not just a cartoon character on a computer screen.  Nor are "liberal" Merkel (with Nazis hidden under her skirt) or Shinzo or the slippery oligarchs of the East China Sea maritime mafia.  These are realities when one wakes up from the dream, and the alarm has sounded. Open your eyes and take a good look at what's happening.     


        2017Feb10 addenda: Capital cities as national or state indicators; Uranian astrology political power indicators; Israeli politics and the German embassy setup in 1965:  The use of capital cities as indicators of entire states would logically refer to infrastructure and political conditions subject to events in that city, but can refer to weather conditions as well... logically those weather conditions which impact infrastructure (roads, airports, agriculture, transportation and its impact commerce and daily physical and economic lives.

        There is a need for continued scientific, analytical study of astrological factors rather than the simplistic parroting of old astrological texts, especially when they are from centuries when life was radically different in so many ways -- different social infrastructures, democracy versus monarchy and feudalism, the extent of literacy, food quality, medical practices; social values and their determiners like education, religious 'beliefs', social mobility; many factors making life very different now, and factors which still differentiate the various cultures that still exist around the globe.  These are issues that are more obvious in older literature on precision astrology methods like those in Hindu astrology, and we can thank astrologer-authors like James Braha for translating Hindu astrology for the current times we live in.

        Another issue long neglected is geodetic indicators of what I will call the political power factors (Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus) of uranian astrology in global events. American media went from a phase of bias toward Israel to a period of bias against Israel in more recent years, and this needs to be rebalanced if there is to be sensible US policy, and peace, in the Middle East.  Facts from various disinterested sources, compared with each other, will need to displace data biased to the interests of individual nations, banking, or corporate networks.  This is highly important IF the astrologically- based Nostradamus prophecies, as widely interpreted, have significance for the present, and still important even if they don't.  One might even find many Middle Easterners who wish Oil (dinosaur fuel) was Not King, because of the wars it has brought to their homelands... people who would rather live in peace than on land internationally coveted for the oil reserves below it because of the long-time blocking of new and non-oil transport technology.  Thus, newer technology may be in the interest of most everyone.  Israel has been demonized in recent times, in part due to militant and abrasive figures who have gotten into political office despite having marginal to no majority of votes -- in addition to media distortions yet to be fully understood and explained. Geodetics may supply some important explanations behind such problems, and a couple I have noticed are the changes in Israeli politics at the time that a German embassy was first opened in Tel Aviv, in 1965... they show that as possibly a key turning point in Israeli domestic politics, interestingly right before the 1967 war and the relinquishment of lands gained by Israel in the war of 1956.  Geodetics also shows world events, and power-source locations, of the Arab League clash with Israel independence in 1948, of the international backing that influenced that conflict, only 3 short years after the displacement of Nazi power-hub from Berlin, temporarily to Vienna, Bern, Madrid, and Buenos Aires, before returning to Germany in 1949 (as described in books by War Crimes commissioners like T H Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg). The modern State of Israel was born with the curse of its League/United Nations protector Britain torn between a contract to provide a Jewish homeland in Israel/Palestine and risking alienation from (at that time vital, and still today due to economically-stifled technological evolution) oil supplies from neighboring states who did not want a Jewish State of Israel to manifest. Add to this the machination of Axis power remnants manipulating the region for reasons of either economic gain and regional influence, or revenge, after 1945. Geodetics may explain how and why events have unfolded as they have, and hopefully can unravel the complex international factors in a way that promotes peace, democracy, and progress for all nations involved. The problems involve both the international greed for oil and the readiness to manipulate Mideastern politics for exploitive economic reasons, rather than a desire to bring about peaceful and just societies.  Meanwhile, dinosaur oil is slowly killing the planet, in various ways.         


        2017Feb10, updated: Extreme weather indicators: Extremes of heat reported now in SE Australia, along with severe flooding in the far west. So I looked at the Universal Chart for Canberra this year, cast for 2016.Dec.21 at 21h44 AEDT (10h44UT).  Extremes of heat often indicated by the PL.VU combination, and the chart shows AS= PL/VU, and that =UR/NE for unexpected or disruptive water flows, maybe due in some cases to mountain snow melting from excess heat.  Water torrents usually indicated by NE.VU, and the chart shows NE/VU =AS/LA.  (NE/VU also = MO but that is planet-wide and not specific to Australia. It may indcate that torrential rains and floods could be common elsewhere around the globe as the year progresses).  The UR.VU could be an indicator of unexpected intensity (or force or power) and that =MO=NE (also global and not location specific by itself, but) =MC/HA which can mean damages or disasters affecting Australian infrastructure or government (MC), and if we also look at the H32 midpoints (where 11:15 angles on the dial are the midpoint) we can see that picture also = AS/MOHA.  Thus, nationwide, it may be smart for Australians to take precautions for similar nature anomalies throughout the year.... being separated only by ocean from Antarctica, where at least one huge chunk of ice has broken off recently and is likely to affect weather patterns throughout the south sea regions into the future. Australians are smart to prepare for possible continued extreme heat or flooding through out the year... cooling systems (with bi-directional, dual fan window units being remarkably efficient and cheaper than liquid air conditioner units where they are not practical or accessible), precautions anywhere near rivers or creeks, water storage for animals as well as humans. Ascendants at 4th harmonic (and 8th) to the Canberra Ascendant may also be wise to prepare, and this could also affect areas around Tampico and Matamoros in Mexico, Corpus Christi and Tulsa and Kansas City (downstream from the Dakota pipeline) and International Falls in the USA and Canada, Dakar and Banjul in West Africa, Colombo and Delhi in South Asia, and the capitals affected could mean nationwide impact by extension... these are not certainties, and attention to similar current weather patterns, and non-astrological indicators, may be indicative of the year.  In any case, the floods and heat waves show clearly in major planetary pictures, indicated above, involving the angles for Canberra in 2017.  Astrology has to live in the here and now to remain valid and credible. That does not dismiss the value of historical texts for those specialists capable of discerning between past centuries and now, issues of relatively literacy and information exchange, and which factors are constant over time versus those that are not.


        2017Feb08: Reunified China power, Russia, and Washington:  Vulkanus power, globally, now aligned over Istanbul and Alexandria, as well as Shanghai, Taipei, St-Peterburg, and Odessa (while the Pluto money power recently over/in Berlin and Chengdu is shifting into Vienna and Chongqing and Jakarta/Bandung -- meaning that who controls Indonesia will matter substantially, worldwide).  The very secretive Saudi dynasty had an ambiguous relationship not only to Germany during both World Wars, but was even closer to the Ottoman Empire in some ways, whose institutions now-president/PM Erdogan is reviving in Turkey, and of which Alexandria and Cairo were power hubs when the Ottoman Empire stretched from Istanbul to Cairo to Aden to Baghdad and was called 'the Caliphate' up to the end of World War 1... all glued together, in part, via common religion more than language. It was a 'faith-based' empire ruling the Near and Middle East, and actually included Libya as well.  Europeanized by the 'Young Turks' in the early 20th century, Erdogan is now dragging Turkey back into the culture of its imperial past, from the time the Ottoman Turks from Central Asia invaded Anatolia and turned it into 'Turkey'.

        As that old pre-democratic theocracy is being ' revived', it means joint power in Istanbul and Alexandria (Muslim Brotherhood?) is headed for Cairo and control of the newly two-laned and doubly-accelerated Suez Canal, as Vulkanus shifts from introspective Cancer into bold and exploratory Leo mode of operation, out of its shell. How much is Saudi influence still merged with that of Turkey and Egypt, and does a rise of power in Egypt therefore correlate with a direct empowerment of Saudi Arabia?  To study and ponder.  The power as been the addiction to oil technology, but will also come now from the doubly-fortified Suez Canal traffic lanes. While Russia is certainly important to watch, no doubt, as American media has focused on recently, the geodetics show there are other Vulkanus power/stress points as well around globe. The Suez Canal is vital to world trade and economies. It's the Iranian and Arabian oil sea route to Europe, and the (by far) shortest China/Japan/India Trade sea route to Europe. And the sped-up Suez traffic may divert oil transport from pipelines and sea routes though Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey to the oil-hungry dinosaur technology in Europe.

        And while Britannia once ruled the waves, the Elaine Chao-affiliate Transpacific financial and political network now nearly rules the waves -- no minor global money item, and maybe carrying out the quiet Monarch of Washington role that the sputtering "Jesus II" Sun Myung Moonie aspired to when he staged his coronation, mesmerized Congresspeople attending, and which his son's Kahr Arms weapons distributors in the USA could help facilitate. Is the Moonie's Kahr enterprise where the recent guns filtering into greater San Francisco via Leland Yee's network, came from, or through?  "Reverend" Moonie landed in America in the greater San Francisco Bay area along with Kakuei Tanaka's visit to Nixon, around the time and place the Jonestown cult was blossoming, and festered ever after, even provided a financial launch pad for Ronald Reagan's gubernatorial campaign, lobbying all across America to the uber-rich Soong/Chiang and Falungong real estate empires in New York, near the Kahr Arms enterprise operations. It's Money. This all runs full circle back to the Freeman-Spogli Asian Research units towering over the US Federal Building near the Oakland port opening to the massive Transpacific sea trade.  Geodetic power indicators (PL, ZE, VU) for the TPP align repeatedly with those of various Moonie Cult, Chao shipping, and Falungong indicators, some of which also point to Honolulu, a key founding location of the Kuomintang Party (along with Tokyo!) and the Ghee Kung Tong. Who's snooping around in the Homeland Security offices in Honolulu, set up while Chao was in the US Presidential cabinet the last time, and who's in control of the DHS databases?

        People all along the political spectrum need to get realistic about the immigration factors in all their dimensions and variations.  Trump vilifies the poor in Mexico and the Middle East while promoting foreign oligarchic families like the Chao and the Saudi to even greater power -- as if the Uber-rich are good and the Poor whose flesh and bones they build they empires from and upon are the evil ones. Thus, Trump's policies so far are often the antithesis of his campaign themes.  Is there any logic there, or has the irrational 'faith' and 'believing'  we have been told to idolize and emulate taken over to the point where the public has seen a Fantasy King installed in the White House, making treaties with the other regional financial Kings and Queens of the world?   There are no human beings represented among the tokens in the game of Monopoly -- only little houses and hotels one can shove around in one swoop, and knock out the way with representations of Guns and giant Boots and barking Dogs (no offense intended to dogs). Will massive aid to Saudi bring about the Mideast empire that aligns with the Russian to invade Europe, as most interpretations of Nostradamus are read to mean?  It's time to think before proceeding further with such measures, and note whose money pours into the US domestic media that vilify Israel ad-nauseum and paint the exoticness of Islam in a most irrational and exaggerated way.

        Meanwhile, there are foreign interests that seem to want Washington and the whole USA to fragment and implode via polarization between emotionally carried-away extremes over issues that both matter (like socio-economic and racial gentrification), and those that shouldn't ("freedom of religion", a legitimate issue, inflated and ballooned into freedom to hypocrisy and conspicuous religious pretense including Christian Mammonists, the Money-changers that have taken over the Temples where they say "corporations are people, my friends" and "Pray for Prosperity" tramples over "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and "Thou Shalt Not Kill", but they do with a sense of righteousness). 

        This means that more moderate and sensible positions are urgently and quickly needed on every divisive one, to prevail in Washington before the DC Nest is Full of Cuckoos. Are foreign lobbying interests manipulating the US immigration controversies?  Are foreign interests provoking the civil rights and race issues for the purpose of destabilizing American society rather than rectifying the inequalities and injustices?  There is grave risk that outside forces have no intention but to inflame clashes.  Today's US ethnic composition is showing new self-styled, imported "master races" wanting to lord it over all the rest and "play white, too".  Is it "Blowback" Time not only from the Middle East or once-toppled Russia, when America is sliced up like China was a century ago into a pizza pie to be picked up and swallowed by Today's global economic powers.... Germany, China, and Japan Eating America this time, in retaliation?  Too many overlook the complicity of rich Chinese royal and oligarch "families" (mostly but not all northeastern 'Mongolians' sharing heritage with Korea and Japan) with both the Central Powers and the Axis Powers in the two World Wars, and the role of Siemens Deutschebank and Schroderbank in all of it, cutting deals in Asia while west European nations took over foreign lands more overtly but not less exploitively via the 'quiet colonialism' of Realpolitik. To understand the roots of the present, one should not forget that the last several Czars over Russia (maybe in de facto power again) were German imports (like "Czarina" Catherine the Great (Princess Katharina der Grosse) of Stettin and her Volga German entourage) who kept the Romanov name to look "Russian" even though they weren't.

        If Trump really cared about US national security and stability, he wouldn't have Elaine Chao, with her secretive and half-concealed and shifting shipping dynasty assets) preparing to "redefine" US infrastructure with her secretive transnational family connections, or with any of his curious East European obsessions that seem to drive his Europe policy. This is Vulkanus over the East China Sea manifesting in America.  Is Trump operating mostly as a Quisling puppet controlled by the international trade winds that blow around him?  The impoverished people of Mexico are a very minor issue compared to the far more potentially devastating rich oligarchs of Asia and Europe naively recently welcomed to pushfully stick their fingers in the operations, even proposed restructuring, of US government. Honorable and industrious generations-old Chinese-Americans have been drowned out by the greedy New Yuppie Oligarchs who have trampled over sometimes fearful Chinatown districts and imported Asia's organized crime, now flourishing globally.  Foreign corporate control of the daily electronic communications that run from the Atlantic to the Pacific is possibly the biggest US national security risk of all -- like the Nazi Siemens-Deutschebank Cloud (trusted?), and the machinations of the East Asian cyber/telecommunications networks fused into US national security technology (Panjiva an example) that has access to the little details of US infrastructure. The Chaos in Washington from the elections of November 2016 until now, was due largely to these very problems, which may not be easy to quickly solve. They've been implemented by the vulnerability of businesspeople and officials to the machinations of foreign-run cults and fake religions (sometimes one in the same) that are actually fronts for covert intelligence operations and that infest America from coast to coast, plus crazy political organizations and parties -- the same strategy used, in part, by German and Japan and Taiwan and Korea to quietly topple Russia in the late 1980s, and now trying to do the same to the USA.  People in Washington and the state capitals ignorant of those events could facilitate further chaos and collapse of the United States. US foreign policy-makers have often been sleepwalking through a minefield, and that risks getting worse by arming the revived medieval imperial regimes of the early 20th century while shunning the democracies. 

        Much of this may have possibly significant roots growing when secretive Hades was on the Ariespoint axis in the early 2010s, which last occurred in the early 1920s during the seeding-time of WW2 Fascism (birth of the Nazi and Austrian Fascist parties and their lab-experiment Quisling-type-puppets Mussolini in Rome, Primo-Rivera in Spain, Hoover in the USA groomed for compliance, Wang Chingwei in Beijing (and later in Nanjing), and Zhang/Chang Tsolin/Zuolin in Manchuria, where the WW2 Fascist Axis Party in Japan actually had key components of its roots, mixed with Russian Fascists in uneasy alliance).  Left-wing populist networks also developed at the same time, in polarization -- all of it due to the greed of post-WW1 global economics and the naivete of the leaders of the world's democracies how brutally greedy and power-addicted that predatory and sometimes power-drunk oligarchs can be. Stealthy gangsters working for the old global banking houses and industrialists quietly took over. The Ariespoint MC locations most likely to have been problematic in the 1920s and again in the early 2010s were the secretive political operations along the Mediterranean coast of Spain (some of which are summarized in Messenger: "Hunting Nazis in Franco's Spain" and Tetens: " The New Germany and the Old Nazis", and Tony Matthews: "Spies for Nippon"), Guatemala (described in part in the Matthews book and John Spivak: "Secret Armies") and possibly Yucatan, possible covert ops in Algeria around Oran/Ouahran, and the intrigue-filled longitudes of Bangladesh, Assam, Bhutan, Tibet, and Xinjiang (areas of centuries-old China-India border disputes and international intrigue, the shameless manipulation of mystical Tibet as a political stepping-stone between India and China, Xinjiang as one of the oil-and-gold-rich hubs of early politicized radical Cossack-like Jihadism involving China, Russia, and even Japan at various points), and the Tuva district of Siberia (hub of the quirky Czarist Baron von Ungern, whose ideas formed a cornerstone for the Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere later co-opted mostly by Japan and China, now rising again.  Secretive and possibly potent piracy activities in the Andaman and Nicobar islands should not be overlooked, including their connections to the Japan and India Fascist networks built up during World War 2, and the roads to the Burma-China Golden Triangle. and which may impact Indian Ocean sea trade more than just marginally.

    A major problem today is Crooks in control of telecommunications network technologies... and crass opportunists and sometimes dim-witted transnational organized-crime puppets manipulated into control of government agencies, and the overabundance of cultish pseudo-religious institutions and 'leaders'.  Western civilization could fall with the skillful help of those wanting to see it fall, through ignorance, ideological delusion, and/or dreamy idealism disconnected from reality.  Or is that already happening?  The Vulkanus power of the world is now largely moving or moved to Asia, and in areas of South America and eastern Africa that need to be watched very closely. The power in North America is only on the farthest-flung seacoasts of Alaska and Canada, except Norad-type facilities in Denver or Roswell that are at high risk of manipulation to foreign rather than North American objectives. If Alaska falls under the control of the Asian-intel-front Moonie cult (running fishing industry fleets with most anything on board) and Tea Party mad-hatters, or the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to foreign powers outside North America, the USA, and maybe Canada, may fragment or collapse.  Trump is making a Huge Mess already by putting the gloves of Chinese and German oligarchy in his cabinet, and it should be thoroughly studied, more than anything, who put him where he is, and where they came from, and if he himself knows why or not. Study Chao's, as well as Putin's, and BND-glove Thiel's Plutonian network intensively.. and who exactly is in control of Odessa and Istanbul and Alexandria... and Johannesburg and Durban, now.  There's a risk that both major US parties could fall under full control of either wing of revived WW2 Euro/Asian Fascism -- that included rich Chinese and Japanese, even Korean elements like those that Chao (MA=NE=ZE=PO, systematic psychology at work) rubs elbows with in the back rooms.  Only alliances with the long-time West European democracies are likely to preserve American and Canadian democracy.  Otherwise, the undying feudalism of Asia and Central and Eastern Europe could prevail, which leads to the dysfunction symbolized in the Orwellian veiled prophecies and the first-season series of "The Man in the High Castle". Among post-medieval "prophets", if they are to be given serious consideration, only Nostradamus offers a bright picture for America, with a temporarily but extremely bleak and violent one for Europe if it dreams of subjugating Russia or the Near East to ways alien to their people, which is likely to result only in the provocation of the Mad Bull potential in the normally peaceful Taurus-MC nations (Russia and the Near East), who will change only slowly and at their own pace... and yet may not see the advantages of progress and change until too late. Nostradamus seemed to think Russia would ally with all Asia and trample Europe into ashes.  Taurus loves peace and hates war, but if prodded will attack with the force of an ox, plowing through its opponents.... and so wrote Nostradamus, per most interpretations.  Past wars in the Middle East illustrate this point.  Taurus failures are intoxication by greed, the fleeting comfort of inertia, and resistance to changing in harmony with the inalterable cosmic clock of nature and the universe, in which case it is consumed by its own stagnation and greed.  So the Middle East must change, but at its own pace, and without the oppression of feudalism or imperial intervention.  It is not America's nature to stagnate and regress, but when outsiders are allowed to take over, it can happen.  America has been and is a nation of assimilating immigrants, egalitarian ideals, and a drive for progress, but not invaders who want to drag the country back into the Medieval era or impose replication of their self-imagined 'superior cultures', or pre-1776 foreign colonialism or even slavery. Foreign globalists who attempt to 'tame' the spirit of America to the old ways of Asia or Europe will only meet with the Aries-rising defiance of the Atlantic coast, and the Aquarius-rising rebellion of the Pacific coast... or the mad resistance of New England Taurus rising.

    The Capricorn MC of the eastern states have no patience with impracticality, and the Scorpio MC of the western coast does not give up or give in, while exploring the depths of potential in every situation. The dreamy Sagittarian and Pisces heartlands must remain alert to the wandering wolves and foxes that hunt at night and trick the unwary, and not get lost in sometime intoxicating and disorienting religious imaginings. The EU oligarchy and the Asian Century network are out for global dominance, and if America remains asleep to that, it could collapse. The quiet heartland of America could be the most vulnerable due to its dreamy, sometimes blindly religious, idealism or denial of reality.  Recent US presidents have conceded that the new globalism brings strong competition, which is an understatement.  Will Americans allow that competition to take over our country via today's presidential cabinets?  The results of such could be disastrous, Trump has so far been bringing in even more competing foreign influence rather than protecting Americans against it.  Where is his mind?  And who's pushing his buttons and pulling his strings?  Geodetics indicate similar power behind him and Bush II, and one overt common denominator is Chao and friends sneaking around the White House, Moonie-like.  What role does Thiel's family network in Germany play in the situation?  And as for Schwarzenegger, his successor described the California economy as "A Mess" he left behind, and Schwazi's recent two inferences about being US president should alert the public to his overseas money and power connections and secret ambitions as what is probably another BND glove, like Thiel.  People no less problematic than Putin.

    Americans are at risk of waking up tomorrow only to see our country turned into someone else's colony, one or several broken-up chunks, and Trump's cabinet choices, under the thumb of foreign money and interests, are making that more, not less, likely.  The campaign babble was election strategy only, and now the Real Plan is being revealed as it unfolds.

    Neptune is within 2 degrees, secondary cluster, of the Ascendant in the 2017 Washington Universal Chart.... America is not seeing its environs clearly in 2017.  And pertinent pretense is coming from 69:30 MC locations, and that points to Iceland (NATO operations, and weird pagan cults as well), any bases along east coastal Greenland, eastern Azores, Cape Verde Islands, east Afghanistan and central Pakistan (intrigue from Kabul?), Uzbek and Kazakh areas to the north of there; the western Mormon Colonies longitudes in Mexico, and all states north of there, which includes Tuscon, Rock Springs, Billings... are there cults there, and is the Mormon factor significant?  Americans forget that the Mormon Church once (and still?) had their own militia and issued their own currency, and battled the US government with guns. Would they again?  Also north of there may be strange colonies or cults along the AB/SK border, or among the drug cartels south of the Mormon colonies in Mexico.  Carefully watching the borders along those longitudes this year for 'funny business' coming from anywhere on the globe is not unwarranted.  There are lots of nice Mormons but their church is a bit strange, and one of the "faith-based", as are the Moonies, too.  Murky waters.  Another related location to watch is La Paz in southern Baja, Pacific seaport, and the Revillagigedo Islands... even Easter Island in the SE Pacific for 'fishy' stuff going on, especially involving cults sleeper agents.  That also means that Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, or Russian cities, north of there should be on any American 'watch-list'.

    The same might also apply in 2017 for Hades, since AS =MC/HA in the Universal Chart for Washington, and that points to similarly evasive or covert ops near 06:00 Cardinal MC.  Inside the USA, it points to Klan strongholds from Tallahassee to Atlanta to Frankfort and Cincinnati and Detroit; to the western tip of Cuba, to Costa Rica and east coastal Nicaragua and Honduras; in Europe to Stavenger, Bilderberg, Luxemburg, Geneva, Marseille; in Africa to Constantine and oily Port Harcourt; in Asia to Kyzyl, Yumen, Qamdo, Mandalay, Rangoon, and cities directly north of there in Siberia; to the Chukhostki peninsula across from Alaska, Atka Island region of the Aleutians, Lisianski Island west of Hawaii, Baker and Phoenix Islands, Tonga, and Chatham Islands.  Hades is often more calculatingly secret than Neptune, and often more pragmatic.

    Per the 2017 chart, America is wide open to deceit or subterfuge from the locations listed in the last two paragraphs.. the nation's "blind spots" unless one puts on the goggles and radar, and those may be conduit locations, not necessarily the original sources, and definitely subject to cult and drug involvement.  Neptune and Hades both often operate at night and can enter the country along the coasts, Hades prone to be submarine, even in the hulls of ships, which need to be inspected for contraband.  Burma could bring Golden Triangle drugs, Afghanistan-Pakistan opium, maybe more plentiful than usual this year, especially if port controls are lax or deliberately indifferent, or complicit.

    Drug influx and consumption could severely disorient America as a whole this year... America risks getting 'lost at sea' without firm sobriety, a good compass, and a good captain.


    2017:Feb03:  Geodetic indicators for the real Power in the EU and East Asia:  First off, important to scrutinize the realities of the position of Angela Merkel, supposed "Most Powerful Woman In Europe" per corporate media claims. Prior to Merkel's ascent, and during her initial campaign, when the German press was still truly free and open and not subject to the clampdown her CDU government imposed, is was made clear the Merkel was a groomed puppet of the CDU party bankcorp machine (main although not total heirs of the Nazi Party), primarily via the now-elderly Helmut Kohl at that time.  Geodetics for the German Reunification of 1990 (orchestrated substantially by Kohl), and the Restoration of the Reichstag in 1999, point to Vienna as a main power source, possibly moreso than Berlin. Add to that all the hoopla about Hayek/Vienna School global privatization, and it amounts to a revival of a face-lifted Imperial Habsburg "Anschluss" government in Berlin, with Merkel as the hood ornament.  How this matches with Nazi political heritage is, despite Hitler's public denouncements of the Habsburgs, he (also a groomed puppet, like Merkel is now) was from Austria, and focused on the "Anschluss" (merger with, or "annexation of", Austria).  A geodetic study of Vienna during World War II might also elucidate Vienna's actual role in that war, while Berlin was the publicized hub of nominal power.  This is not such a far-fetched concept when one remembers that political machines are often the arms of banks and corporations (or combinations thereof).  In the case of Germany and Austria, look to the Siemens family's Deutchebank (now dominant in Europe and in some countries outside Europe).

    As for East Asia, often marginalized is the importance of Manchukuo and its transnational controlling elements in the building of the East Asia Prosperity sphere allied with the Nazis, and nominally based in Tokyo.  Geodetics show clear support from China, a huge country with a massive population, then divided largely due to extreme gentrification and the continued nesting for the Qing Dynasty imperial government quietly inside some of the Chinese political parties... particularly the Kuomintang, but some also quietly entrenched in the Communist Party, mostly as moles. Also often overlooked is the founding of the Kuomintang Party in Honolulu Hawaii in the 1890s, and its merger with the Menghui Tong in Tokyo in 1905, and repeated forays of its leaders to Tokyo during World War II.  Thus, wealthy Chinese were much more aligned with the Japan Fascist Party for the Asian "Prosperity Sphere" than the China lobbyists powered by US war aid from Washington wanted Americans to know, and so that time is history is clouded with the mixture of truth and lies generated from Chinese Diaspora politicos and financiers. Similar issues continued during the Korean and Vietnam wars, when the USA relied too heavily on self-interested Japanese and Chinese assessments of what was going on, rather than data gathered and scrutinized by American sources.  This is further applicable today as US entities assess the situation in the East and South China Seas. In East Asia, the USA risks being once again the dog wagged by a tail invested in local Asian interests rather than the interests of Washington.

    The same is true of the situation along the Russian border in Europe.  Is US policy based on the data of unalloyed US agencies and those of our long-time proven democratic allies, or sullied with the imperial ambitions of the old empires of Central and Eastern Europe?  It's important for the USA to stay focused on American interests in the global picture, especially as Pluto opposed the USA Sun and Vulkanus now lingers at hard angle to the geodetic Ascendants of New York, Seattle, and also of Ottawa, Canadians!  In Europe, Vulkanus presses now on Rome and Amsterdam, as well as the banking centers of Cologne/Koln and Liechtenstein. One should not underestimate the power of the old Czarist machine to return to power in St-Peterburg, and what the global implications would be, of the return of an Ottoman Caliphate in Istanbul and/or Alexandria... and their historic relationship to the Empires of East Asia via the Muslim League events and agreements over the years... and its relationship to the Asian Century banking and other economic agreements.  Geodetics offer some interesting insights into the interrelationship and events of these entities of global political and economic power, and potential global influence.

    Most interestingly, the post-communist Russian government of 1990 shows some interesting geodetic alignments of historic Czarist power, which lingered outside Russia, and sometimes within Russia, during the communist era, and which may therefore be the top levels of Post-1990 Russia, despite diplomatic images.  The restoration of the Romanov imperial arms could be as significant as the restoration of the Reichstag, and the geodetic indicators that Vienna may now be as powerful as Berlin in German government, at least economically, meaning that a drive to restore the old imperial idea of a Unification of Germany and Russia may not just be a relic of history.  Nor should consideration of old Czarist participation in the drive for a "Pan Asian" union that manifest through the curious adventures of Baron von Ungern, and of the Russian Fascist Party in Manchuria and its quirky alliances with the Imperial classes of both the Chinese and Japanese dynasties that led to the idea of the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere".  This is history that May Matter more than has been recently considered, especially as the perhaps unwise push in democratic nations to "go along" with the economic gentrification, "privatization" and very ironic adulation of imperial icons in countries that have never been democracies in practice.  As Vulkanus enters Leo, the world is at risk of the revival of Imperial politics and social orders, and the USA will not be privileged in that arena, since Vulkanus has moved beyond its geodetic MCs, in 4th harmonic, for some time to come.  Thus, it is time for Americans to quit harping about "American Empire", which could be disadvantaged by true rising Empires in St-Peterburg, Istanbul, and Taipei (which could be Chinese or Japanese power, or a combination of the two).  Don't be fooled by Chinese crocodile tears or continue Japanese evasiveness.... the Asian Century theme is very much a part of Asian transnational organizations and big banking and other economic planning conferences, and is not just about the raising of economic living standard, but about the revival of Asian global empires and influence.  The old Ottoman Empire "Caliphate", which stretched from Libya to Iraq, is again being idolized in Istanbul, and maybe in some sectors of Egypt, and clearly in Iraq.  

    All this bears interesting relationships to the sometimes uncannily pertinent Nostradamus prophecies for this time period, IF they are still valid and have been accurately "interpreted".


    2017.Jan.24, updated Feb.01:  The "New Fascism" and its relationship to astrological indicators:  With all the protests against the Trump administration, participants would be Very well advised to the risk of "agents provocateurs" of both domestic and foreign sources -- and/or the risk of orchestration of the entire "clash of forces" being manipulated by foreign interests, who have set themselves up to control and monitor the internet public opinion data, and so can exploit US national instability and divisive issues. I have already pointed out the risk of racial tensions from job displacement by immigrant influx, and the Pacific states being manipulated by the neo-fascist "Asian Century" crowd (represented by the Moonies, the Nippon Kaigi offshoots, Falungong, other subversion cults that may include 'Anonymous' maskers), and Eurofascist/klan networks inland, in 'Middle America'.  The overall problem is the rich and greedy, now both domestic and foreign, playing with the lives of the US national population like a chess game to drive up Wall Street and other transnational corporate profits.  Caution on these matters remains warranted as Vulkanus presses on the fixed Geo Ascendants of NYC and Seattle (and Vancouver and Ottawa.  Geodetics continue to indicate that all North America risks being manipulated by power blocs from the longitudes of the China Coast, StPeterburg-Odessa, Alexandria, Transvaal/Durban, and/or Bahia Blanca).  Australia also needs to be alert to foreign meddling from colonies in the Western Australian mining colonies near the longitude of Kalgoorlie.  The Moonie and Falungong/dafa cult pawns need to be scrutinized for what they are and have been from the beginning... fronts for covert 'Asian Century' espionage and subversion operations in the USA, and not as the "religions" they claim to be.  The history of Taekwondo as a front for covert operations, above and beyond very real martial arts training, should also be carefully scrutinized.  The popularization of these organizations occurred after Richard Nixon met with Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka, who was later thrown out of office for corruption charges.

    In California, the China games are rather conspicuous, and their relevance to the Elaine Chao cabinet proposal by the Trump administration should be studied, and not be neglected just because the corruption happens to fester among an ethnic minority which is on its way to not being a minority anymore in terms of political and economic influence. Crime and corruption come in all colors... neither 'angels', nor "devils" are known to have a specific 'race', and a scoundrel is a scoundrel, regardless of skin color, professed ideology, or gender.  It is indeed the criminals among minority groups (of any color) that inflame public tensions over minority issues... in addition to intentional exploitation of imported cheap labor (of any color) by the rich (of any color), and 'family occupancy' laws/loopholes being used to manipulate and gentrify real estate market gouging by people who 'flip houses', indifferent to the fact that those houses are people's homes and lives. 

    Lastly, the situation in the USA in recent years has gotten to where the radical right and left, both, seem to be harnessed to, or run increasingly by distant (sometimes overseas) organizations and interests, and infested with cults and groupthink dogma (including fake 'religions'), that have little to no relationship to US national interests -- and the same appears to be happening in Canada, spread not so much from the USA but from the sources similar to those meddling in the USA.  Too many people have forgotten the lessons of Jonestown, Rasputin, or "Sun Myung Moonie, King of America".  Global exchange and unity and harmony are noble objectives, but not when they are of a lockstep, authoritarian sort that forces people into new molds, appeals to irrationality and emotionalism or fake spiritualism, praising greed and selfishness, glorifying violence, or demanding that people abandon their identities and turn into something they have not made conscious decisions to adopt.      

    Corporations (from anywhere) Are Not People, literally, even though they have some sort of people in them; 'Faith' and 'belief' can be the pitfalls of fools (which the writers of the Constitution knew and their descendants forgot) and cesspools of hypocrisy; and the reservation of genuine and effective education and medicine for only certain segments of the population is a form of economic and biological genocide (especially the denial of adequate education to children of the poor, of any color, due to the economic status of their parents). The economic extremist ideologies of both the radical right and the radical left are often the provinces of imported subversion cults (a place where people are expected to surrender thinking to "just do it" blind adherence or obedience) that do not serve American interests, and can come from Europe or Asia, and be of literal Fascist roots.  Much is still to be learned from the fall of great empires of the past... too many are forgetting the value of history as something to understand with a critical eye on its causal relationship to the present, so as to avoid the mistakes of the past, and not as something to parrot without questioning.  Those seeking to move forward should probably remember the quote of Spanish philosopher George Santayana translated most literally as "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it".  Why have Americans forgotten, for example, the mistakes of the disastrous laissez-faire economic philosophy Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era, and its devastating results that benefited and led to the rise of the murderous Axis Fascist powers (who told us they were for "World Peace"until they day they dropped bombs?   That situation, at risk of repeating, included foolish trust in foreign economic interests and foreign-generated Hayek-type BS economic ideologies (once appropriately called "Marginalist Economics") that nearly destroyed the United States, nearly sending the country back into colonial status -- by letting the transnational bankcorp interests running Wall Street ("business") also run the US government.  This is what Germany and Japan wanted... it played right into their objectives of global dominance after weakening democracies... and that appears to once again be the case.  Notice the differences between German domestic policy now, and what Germany imposes on the rest of Europe through its pet, secretive, duplicitous "EU" pretenses.  Is Trump about to make that same stupid mistake?  Merkel and Shinzo snicker as the former Fascist Axis resumes its sadistic dream of seduction and world dominance, and the global economy is put in the hands of the very German and Japanese (and allied rich Chinese) banks and corporations that built and ran the WW2 concentration camps and are hoarding transnational real estate... they even designed the transnational Siemens databases that contain your medical records now, and "The Cloud" that records the data on your internet-connected computer hard drive, making it available to the German Gestpo-rooted BND (long fused with Siemens/Deutschebank).  Siemens/Deutschebank is in the middle of it, fulfilling Hitler's dream of "tomorrow the world", while there are also Asian bankcorps (Bank of Japan, NTT, Commercial/Imperial/Mega Bank of China, aspiring to do the same.  

        Republicans and Democrats alike have drunk the kool-aid, maybe intoxicated by their greed for bribes, or hypnotically mesmerized by some fake "guru" or "ascended master", or manipulated by a drug addiction.  Can the spell be broken?  Trump's choices so far are only making it worse, not fixing it.  Only his reassessment of the slippery TPP may be advantageous to ordinary Americans. Cities downstream from the Dakota Pipeline also recycle Missouri River water to for various cities to drink every day.  Too many people in Washington have tragically forgotten the history of World War Two and how it originated and operated.... they believe the Diabolical Lie that the still-ruling Fascist bankcorps of Germany and Japan have transformed into benevolent Ascended Master Leaders and the moral compasses of tomorrow, Slick neo-fascist oligarchies, now in calculated casual attire, have supposedly turned into Saints like St Francis.  I hope it's not too late before Washington wakes up, while the deep sleep has something to do with the hypnotic Sun Myung Moonie (introduced to America by Gangster Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka) being crowned "King" in Washington, and hypnotic pre-programmed Merkel and Shinzo, the leaders of the two main Axis Powers of genocidal fascism, standing in front of and preaching to our US Congress.  Franklin Roosevelt, who actually Did Make America Great, in reality, would turn over in his grave and tell us that we've been fools since the day Ronald Reagan (feted by the Moonies) was elected, but Roosevelt's detractors seem to have been running things in Washington lately (and especially in the WW2-fascist-cult rooted Libertarian and "Tea" Parties and parrots of old Asian Fascist wartime propaganda). To Make America Great, Roosevelt did mostly the opposite of what Trump has been proposing.  Roosevelt told the rich they Would pay taxes to build the country, and not leave that to foreign "investors" to take over... he was smart enough to see through the transnational corporate fascist game, but many in Congress now have forgotten their history. A most unfortunate, added product of today's Corporate globalism is that foreign agents have participated in developing our national computer systems, and may monitor and manipulate everything that transpires -- and thus US infrastructure is wide open to sabotage.  This was also one of Hitler's and Tojo's dreams, but the infant computer technology wasn't there yet in 1940.  Are there people in Washington who would prefer that Germany and Japan and China, or Russia, take over?   A dose of nationalism might be just what is needed, and if the center and left allow the radical right (including the Ayn Randers and the Tea Party wackos) to monopolize nationalism, America is in big trouble ahead, as are Europe and Canada and Australia.  Shunning of guru cults and drug addictions and drunken stupors will be a start.  Pay attention to who's benefiting from the socio-economic gentrification that has transpired over the last 15 years.  Who is hoarding the money and property?  Sun Tzu and Metternich, whose ideas guided the Hitler and Tojo and Wang Chingwei fascist machines, could continue to outwit western democracies, unless a new approach is taken... and throwing tea off a boat and refusing to pay taxes are definitely not solutions, and didn't form a stable government.  Thank God that Rockefeller university Milton Friedman zombies are fading into history, and some Tea Party parrots (misspelled as patriots) have sobered up.  Now it's time for all Americans in all parties to recognize that the incompetent and foreign-puppeteered Herbert Hoover nearly wrecked the United States and turned it into a colony of the Axis Powers.... isn't the 1929 Stock Market Crash enough evidence already?  Why are the public saying nothing as the oligarchs play the same game again?  Is it the TV commercials disguised as "fair and balanced" news?  "Privatization" is one of the key games of the transnational corporations and banks taking over, the end result of which is a reversion to an economic feudal system, ruled by functional royalty in gilded chairs, sometimes in a distant land, like King Moonie, Queen Angela, Prince Vlad, or the Oil Gurus of the Middle East.

        Who set up and runs the deceptive Institute for Historical Review?  Geodetics indicate it may, at least in part, be the post-1945 Nazi/Fascist network (detailed in "Hunting Nazis in Franco's Spain" by David Messenger, based on documents that Clinton declassified in the 1990s) that settled in Spain under Franco, its ideological descendants still alive and thriving, including via the CERO, CEDADE, Willis Carto, and "Liberty Lobby" descendants, Merkel's CDU in Germany, and Shinzo's LDP in Japan... and "not a fascist" Ayn Rand.  Tony Matthews "Spies for Nippon/Shadows Dancing" covers part, but not all, of the Asian links that led to the continuation of post-war fascism, and their close ties to Eurofascism historically (often overlooked).  TH Tetens described the underworld continuation of the German and Austrian Nazi network, now substantially in control of the EU, despite its very sophisticated double-speak propaganda posturing.  The sinister and deceptive neo-fascist oligarchs, Merkel, Shinzo, and possibly Putin, their political descendants, are laughing at people in Washington for believing in their lobbying ploys. How many were charmed by Shinzo's hypnotic and eerily droning goat speech imagery, or his similarly hypnotic talk during his cynical visit to Pearl Harbor?  Thousands of people in Japan protested in the streets over Shinzo's ascent to power, so why are people in Washington paying any attention to international media, unless they watch only watch domestic "entertainment"-flavored domestic "news" reports?      

    Meanwhile, Shinzo's and Moonie-affiliate agents, sent to manipulate Nixon by the slippery Tanaka, in the "Freeman Spogli Asia Pacific Research Center" are spying on the US Federal Building in Oakland from the building next door because no one is paying attention to Asian Neo-Fascism because it might appear racist to do so.  Is anyone in America paying attention, or are they relishing the memories of Shinzo's droning goat stories and refusals to claim responsibility for Japan's brutal and genocidal WW2 Pacific War that was stopped only by the much later bombing of Hiroshima?  Many ordinary citizens in Japan (and all across East Asia) are horrified at Shinzo's access to power -- but Americans seem mesmerized as was Nixon when Kakuei Tanaka skillfully introduced him to the "Reverend" Moon cult "church", and that eerie and treachery-filled chapter of American history, that eventually led to Moonie's "coronation" in Washington DC, began, and still continues with Moonie-affiliate-marketed Kahr Arms weapons on US streets. No wonder Nixon got ensnared in Watergate.  Not enough people in Congress have read Sun Tzu to see how thos games were played.

        Per the geodetic indicators, much about the development US Transpacific relations might be learned by studying the relationship between the activities of Nazi agent and consul Manfred Killinger in San Francisco, his Japan Fascist espionage contacts, the sinking of the USS Panay in China, and the rise to influence of early pseudo-leftist Chinese Fascist President Wang Chingwei, eager to collaborate to build the East Asia Prosperity Sphere, which clearly had transpacific ambitions stated by Japanese military leaders, including increasing influence in Hawaii, and ambitious espionage and subversion operations up and down the Pacific coast of North America, even though the USA was not at war, and Hoover was foolishly singing praises to the diabolically brutal Manchukuo puppet state government in Manchuria. How soon we forget, but shouldn't.  It preceded extensive spying on US Pacific coast national security facilities, followed by sabotage of oil tanks for fueling US Pacific Fleet ships.  The drastic and controversial reaction, five years later, and recommended by US military leaders to the reluctant Roosevelt, was the internment of people of Japanese ethnicity in the USA in camps spread across the United States.  It was not an action carried out by Roosevelt without hesitation and consideration of impact; and also included similar actions affecting some German-Americans and Italian-Americans... it was based on assumed issues of political subversion and wartime allegiances... and the isolation of suspects did also include Americans of European heritage, not just Asians as some wartime and still-echoed Axis propaganda dramatizations imply.  Among those various ethnicities interned during World War II, surviving Japanese Americans received approximately $20,000 each in financial reparations after a US congressional act was passed in 1988, giving special consideration to the damages.  Wikipedia (not the final authority, but a starting point) includes an article on "Internment of German Americans" and "Interment of Italian Americans" (of "white" European descent) during wartime, with some references in the footnotes.  During World War II, Axis power propaganda made use of these incidents to demonize the United States and attempt to equate them with the brutal extermination camps of the German and Japanese governments, which were of an infinitely more brutal character, per most historical accounts -- and the camps in the USA may have been some sort of attempted leverage to reduce the brutality of the Japanese Fascist prison camps in Asia.  Reagan politicized the issue in his, and his partisans', drive to demonize Roosevelt and reverse his policies that strengthened the United States into a premier world power for the first time, improved race relations overall (aside from wartime national allegiance suspicions, and residual institutional racist traditions still being worked through in the 1930s-40s), and opposed corporatist fascism and other ideologies that extolled the supposed virtues of greed and mammonism (something considered 'evil' by nearly every major religion on the globe, with a few quirky exceptions, but now praised by the Ayn Rand and Prosperity-type cults including phony TV preachers dripping in silk shirts and tacky jewelry).  Roosevelt was stopped dead in his tracks at a health spa owned by Prince Bernhard, the Nazi agent who founded the transnational corporate conferences at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, near where the German Kaiser hid out between the two World Wars and organized the rise of the Nazi party (validated by geodetic indicators)..

    The latter issues must be addressed as Vulkanus moves into the East China Sea zone, literally conjunct to the fixed geodetic MC there for the first time in about 663 years (the Vulkanus cycle), the last time coinciding with the rise of the Ming Dynasty Empire in China and the spread of its influence into the South China Sea and Indonesia, while the Shogunate of Kamakura rose to power in Japan.  The Ming empire eventually fell, in part, due to heavy Japanese Shogunate maritime piracy, which intensified as Vulkanus moved toward Korea and Japan, and it culminated in the rise of the Manchu Qing dynasty that lasted officially for centuries until 1911, and continued nonetheless, including via the WW2 resurrection of Pu Yi in Manchukuo with the assistance of feudal Japanese military operations. There was an uneasy alliance between the Qing dynasty remnant oligarchs (such as Wang Chingwei), and the Japanese imperial dynasty, that collaborated during China's civil war coinciding in time with World War II.  These oligarch families shifted locations as events unfolded in China and Taiwan in more recent years. Geodetics confirm the long-held speculation that Chiang Kaishek was quietly and stealthily controlled from Tokyo, as were some officials (and therefore policies) in the nominally Communist government in Beijing. The "Peoples Republic" often served as a source of tons of cheap goods stamped with "Made in Japan" on the label.  It should be studied how often this has been the case with Japanese corporations holding US military and government contracts... where official US agencies are actually buying goods made in mainland China by functional slave labor, for years, and particularly during trade embargoes.

    Vulkanus moving over St-Peterburg and Odessa is likewise not irrelevant to Russian Fascist and Czarist backing for the Nazis in Germany, planning to meet Hitler in Russia and join hands. Stalin's concessions to Hitler during their pact was not enough for Berlin, which wanted the minerals of the Urals, the oil of the Caucasus, the end of a Russian-controlled empire, and "Lebensraum" (which similarly overcrowded Japan also sought), plus extermination of Russians.  If any American wants a "World War III", those are some important points they might be wise to remember, as Russians probably haven't forgotten.  America and Russia and Canada have land, and overcrowded countries want it.

    Earlier I had estimated that the the approximate 663-year cycle of Vulkanus would put it at 0 Leo (where it is now) around the time of the Mongol invasion from the east, but as I look again at the numbers, it may have coincided more with the rise of Muscovy and the ending of Mongol dominance, which makes more sense, and meaning the power of Muscovy somehow arose from the longitude of St-Peterburg, even if it is not yet shown to be within Muscovite territory in most current maps describing that time period (around approximately 1354, plus or minus a few years), and the time of the rule of Basil/Vasily II or Ivan the Great.  One should of course not expect an exact replication of that in the current cycle, but the overall principle of that historical process, in relation to the St-Peterburg (and/or Odessa) region may apply in the present or near future once again.

    Meanwhile, it could be that the first 10 episodes of the 2015-released internet movie "Man in the High Castle" (the next 10 directed by someone else and with a different approach), may have been released as a veiled warning that America was about to be swallowed up by the revived Axis powers, coming from both directions.... which is precisely what I saw happening before I ever looked at that movie series or read the book it's based on.  Instead I'm among those who watch international news developments nearly every day... for over 40 years, and am attentive to what's happening outside US borders, and its impact on us.  I'm not sure there enough Americans who do that... they'd rather think that foreign relations is some kind of Tea Party with cocktails and business deals and idealized exotic guests come to "entertain".  It's far more complex, and far less shallow, than that... it's about money and oil and minerals and trade finances... and some foreign interests (including the Merkel machine) not wanting the USA to be a global power anymore.  When some of the smaller countries discover that the alternative to American influence is the old Axis Fascist, feudal empires of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, they might wish they'd stuck with America and the long-time democracies.  Fascism is again roaring in Europe and Asia, where their fascist machines are far more slick at making people initially like giving in to the control of gentrified oligarchies via temporary liberalist lures and concessions.  Meanwhile, for America, Putin is only a part of the overseas problems, even if "intelligence from trusted allies" is making it look like he's the only problem.  I will remind readers again: German politics are still just as treacherous and duplicitous as they were 70 years ago, and the same is true of Chinese and Japanese politics.. all of which come from old imperial feudal traditions who's ways are confusing to those from democratic countries who think that the same code of honor exists worldwide..... It Doesn't.   The low side of Vulkanus risks a return of global dominance of oligarchies and functional dictatorships and imperial arbitrariness, and the public will have to be continually vigilant to their moles and subversion of public organization and empowerment to counterbalance, which is most likely to come from those strong democratic and egalitarian traditions already built up in Canada, Australia, central South America, east central Africa, and any surviving remnants of Turkish democracy.  South African democracy could play an important role if the Broederbond machine is kept out, which may not be likely; the Philippines could be important if the Asian mafia is filtered out, which won't be easy; Chinese politics is riddled with and polluted by mafia gangster moles and internal fear of them, clannish self-interest, and prideful hunger for an 'Asian Century' to displace America's dominance, which likely, per geodetic indicators, comes from the East China Coast region and Manchuria, quietly empowered by probable deception in the TPP negotiations, and tied to Japan/Korea Yakuza mafia that has probably taken over much of Privatized China.  

    The last 8th harmonic angle of Vulkanus to its current position was when Vulkanus was at 15 Gemini, 1933-36, and that was when the Nazi machine took off in Germany, and the East Asian Fascist Prosperity Sphere was launching its ambitions in Manchuria and along the East China coast.  I alerted people to this several years ago, and few listened.  Geodetics show that remnant Czarist support for Hitler in Finland and St-Peterburg was not unsubstantial at all, and the Nazis may have been exploiting agreements with Turkey, a 'neutral Axis observer'.  Fascist parties in Argentina were amassing power with Nazi German assistance and well-organized ambitions for South America (covered in FBI reports posted in the internet).  Geodetics indicate that Japan may have had new influence in Manila when the Philippine constitution of 1936 was installed, although most Filipinos regretted that when they saw what Japanese occupation as like.  Some of the deceptive China Lobbies in America 'help' Americans overlook the substantial Chinese collaboration with Japan in WW2 (contributing to the tensions and treachery of the Chinese Civil War, and willing "puppet governments" in East China eager to kill off domestic opposition and the poor... geodetic indicators verify the extensive Chinese Axis collaboration that both baffled and disgusted later US military operations and leaders in China).  In short, China was Not unified against the Axis Powers and therefore not all loyal to the Allied Powers.  Dedication to an East Asian Prosperity dream often overrode agreements with North America and the nearly-defeated European democracies... these are historical issues that Must Not be overlooked as the pre-WW2 Axis power buildup cycle, in 8th harmonic, is not repeating.  The true dynamics and motives of the Hitler-Stalin pact also need thorough study, for insights into the present. There is also urgent need for a review of Saudi as well as Turkish relations with the Axis powers, Nazi ambitions in the Middle East, and Nazi meddling and undermining of the Zionist movement while it gave opponents guns and military training.

    Someone snickered at the idea of making sure that Anchorage is an American city now, to counterbalance Shanghai and Taipei and St-Peterburg.  Don't laugh... there's a big Moonie cult colony not far from Anchorage, capable of subverting and manipulating US Pacific defense operations. And cities all along the Denver longitude are now as vital to US defense and security as they were in the years prior to WW2, when Germany and Japan were backing weird subversion cults and operations in the United States (including in Hawaii), in preparation for their dreams of world conquest and the caving of America to their will, while broadcasting "World Peace" rhetoric up to the moment the Pearl Harbor and Singapore and Darwin were Bombed. The pertinent Pluto cycle that is repeating now is from 1928-30, the Hoover-run economic disaster that nearly destroyed America, while launching the prosperity cycle of Germany and Japan and their partisan cohorts in China.

    What do we see now, in relation to those earlier event cycles?  Trump may be repeating the stupid mistakes of Hoover, and he's in office instead of Roosevelt.  Hillary, a true stateswoman, was most like ready for those challenges, and aware of those historic mistakes, dedicated to the interests of America and savvy about American politics for years.  Sanders the same on those issues, but I saw no indicators for him winning the November election.... in fact, the opposite... please let me know if anyone else saw indicators of him being able to win that election, and what those indicators were.  Trump's intentions seem to be an open question and unpredictable, and yet it's good that every move is being monitored and even scrutinized by his own party leaders, and US military, because it is Quite True, per the Pluto cycle, that America is in the middle of a Major historical turning point... it's no time to have fools or clowns, or more subversive Moonie cult dupes or affiliates, running the country.  Chao is Super High Risk for putting the US economy under even more control of the Chinese and Japanese lobbyists who have campaigned for years for privatization of US infrastructure... which they and German bankcorps buy up, so most Americans are left with nothing but sly and crafty transnationally-run TV channels that program them to advocate against their own interests.   


        2017.Jan.21, updated Jan.23: Pluto on the USA 1776 Sun, national transformation, and global corruption and ambiguities:  At the moment, the USA is polarized to extremes (not atypical of a Pluto transit) of views on national integrity and security, on the one hand, and openness to a transnational flow.  The former, in extremes, could lead to an oppressive martial-law-type condition, and the latter, to extremes, to a chaotic situation where more foreign interests could sneak in and exploit national interests.  What will eventually be needed, for stable democracy, is a moderate path that avoids either extreme -- both of which could trigger social unrest.

    Still in orb via sidereal/precessed transit to the USA 1776 Sun, the geodetic alignment of Pluto tells as a lot about current events and the background behind the Trump inauguration. Many times I have covered the importance of Vulkanus over Shanghai/Taipei and St-Peterburg and Odessa, and their importance for US foreign relations due to its proximity to either the USA 1776 Ascendant or to the fixed geo Ascendants of New York and Seattle (and Vancouver and Ottawa, Amsterdam and Strasbourg and Rome), but the geo position of Pluto as it opposes the USA Sun is of similar significance for the USA.  Domestically, it points to greater New York City, and this includes both Wall Street and the wealthy Kuomintang-Mooniecult-Kahr Arms network, among other factors, as prevailing financial power sources.  Pluto is also now, in 4th harmonic, over Chongqing/Chungking and Vienna, additional global financial power hubs now.  Chungking was the capital of the sector of China controlled by Chiang Kaishek and its Soong family allies, who built up a vast real estate empire in greater NYC, has close ties to the Moonie cult (a covert ops transnational subversion front posing as a faith-based 'religion'), expanded nationwide onto major US bank boards via Elaine Chao's network, and manifests in its potentially explosive Kahr Arms spinoff.  It is utterly high-risk to put Elaine Chao in a US govt post again, due to her affiliations with that network, and it makes Trump's claim to be all 'America First' and vigilant to foreign manipulation and invasion a questioinable joke.  Is he intentionally deceptive about the matter, or just unaware?  or manipulated?  Vienna is similarly relevant to NYC in that Wall Street was founded in part by Austrian imperial bankers (whose descendants now push Austrian School economics and the recent drivel of the "Tea Party" zombie cult modeled after the old Silver Shirts and Liberty League cults).  Wall Street was set up to preserve imperial economic control of the new United States, and whoever controls Wall Street in the near future will control the destiny of America during the next Pluto cycle of, at very least, 62 years (approximate time of the Pluto square to the Sun).  The China Lobby elements in NYC are vying for control, the Vienna/Graz bankers are vying for control, and unless Americans take control of Wall Street, America may be subservient to foreign global interests, like a reversion to colonial status that seems to already be manifesting in some major US cities.  Chao, with her family trade/shipping dynasty empire's secretive transnational offshore holdings, is in the middle of it, as are the remnants of of the nominally-dethroned Habsburg financial network in Vienna and Graz, powerful in Germany and Switzerland as well as Austria, and nested substantially but not exclusively in the banks of its own Imperial Principality of Liechtenstein.  The tiny "principality" enclave-countries of Europe were/are largely financial strongholds, banking enclaves, of the old Euro-royalist financial networks who holed up and hoarded there in response to the democratic revolutions since the late 18th century.  That includes Luxemburg, Monaco, Andorra, and San Marino.  The old imperial families still maintain control via banking houses and their corporate branches... and Siemens is a prime example, now unwisely fused into US national infrastructure, controlling substantial chunks of US medical databases, US financial databases, and now more of the internet (in competition with Chinese and Japanese corporations, leaving domestic US influence to the wayside).  While Germany/Austria (maybe largely once again "Anschlussed" at the time of the 1999 "Reichstag" revival in Berlin) posture publicly against rising Chinese power, they in fact have long-held common interests via the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank network (subsidiary of Deutschebank, also powerful in Japan).  Pay attention to how much hold they have over Wall Street, and over commercial and domestic real estate holdings in the USA.  This is precisely how America can be, and maybe is being, literally colonized... and it is all reflected in a 4th-harmonic geodetic analysis of Pluto as it opposed the USA Sun, Pluto being joint holdings including financial.  As I have pointed out earlier, just as the history books show China being carved up by foreign interests at the turn of the 19th-to-20th centuries, so the same may be happening in reverse to the USA now, and maybe without consideration that it was primarily European and not US interests that encroached the most seriously on China, historically. Nor may it be significant that it was US Lend-Lease war assistance that built up the Chungking/Chongqing economy in the 20th century, in vain hopes that it would stop China from fully joining Japan in the "East Asian Prosperity" sphere (which elements of China did anyway while engaged in a 3-cornered Civil War concurrent with World War 2 and focused on Chinese nationalist interests first, of course).  The stronghold of the Chinese Fascist power bloc, in part under Wang Chingwei/Jingwei, was at first in Beijing, and then in Shanghai and Nanjing, and closely aligned with Japan-controlled Taipei/Taiwan/Formosa.  Americans Must Not overlook the recent economic and budding political re-unification of China and Taiwan, of the Communist and Kuomintang parties, and the now ambivalent positions of the DPP on Taiwan.  While all heads are turned to Russia, one must not overlook the China/Taiwan situation, the impact of Japan remilitarization, the historic stronghold of the Kuomintang in Honolulu, the historical roots of the Kuomintang in Japan as well as China, and the nuzzling of both Germany's Merkel and Schroeder with silent and cagey Putin, Putin's odd warm-fuzzy ties and memories in Nazi-infested post-war East Germany, the history and dynamics of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the direct relationship between the Nazis and Fascist Czarist elements from Russia, and the possibility that Putin could be a sort of German Quisling in Moscow.  The latter could explain the very weird dynamics behind the Assange and Snowden media puppet-shows... the information they 'release' is determined by others who control them, and designed for specific purposes, one clearly to include the blockage of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Why?  The Clintons declassified and released vital data on how the WW2 Axis fascist machine survived after WW2, how it fused into and manipulated various national governments, and this may well be a key reason why Hillary was blocked from becoming US President despite her victory in terms of popular votes, and why Bill was attacked by the radical right, where the post-WW2 Axis fascists nested and networked..  Is Trump intellectually capable of understanding such dynamics, or will his preoccupation with money blind him to an understanding of how the new Corporatist version of globalism is basically the revival and continuation of the objectives of WW2 Axis Fascism that will eat America alive?  And will Americans finally recognize that a big chunk of China was Fascist and worked With and not Against the Japan Fascist machine?  Signs are that the British understood this well, but Americans were distracted by the skill and charm of the clever China Lobbies that now hold substantial sway over New York City and even have subsidiaries peddling guns all across America in these times of domestic uncertainty.  

        Do not neglect what's going on in Chongqing and Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao and how it relates to the current situation in New York and all across America, including Japanese and German and Russian involvements.  And who put Duterte in power in Manila?.. which may be an intentional power-play to squelch US influence in that region of the globe... as could be the Chuuk/Truk and Bougainville independence movements.  Trump's choice of Chao for his cabinet may mean he is highly ignorant of national security matters relating to East Asia... and the ability of the Kuomintang-Communist alliance network to manipulate Homeland Security offices in Honolulu could be the key to a collapse of the USA to East Asian interests, as well as any interests allied with them (incl via the Siemens/Deutschebank/Deutsch-Asiatische network that also includes Japan and may have been near the core of the WW2 global Fascist Axis alliance with "Greater Germany" including Austria).  Anyone who thinks this has nothing to do with what's unfolding now have simply not looked enough into the historical unfoldment of what's going on.  Canadians should also be paying attention to who privatized Port of Halifax operations. Americans and Canadians both need to be concerned about the foreign nationalist interests that have gained influence due to a perhaps unwise trust put in international goodwill where it is not reciprocal.  One should also question how it is that national infrastructures that were bitterly hostile and deadly toward the USA only 70 years ago, and where nearly the same banks and corporations still run them, have somehow magically transformed, in unicorn/butterfly fantasy motif, into angelic "trusted allies", while underlying political and economic facts, and diplomatic shenanigans with other countries, indicate otherwise.  Puff the magic dragon is still a dragon, frolicking in the mist, and "magic" should always be subject to question, just as should be the "Nibelungenlied".  Children's fairy tales that are pretty, but not real.  As mentioned before, the profound significance of Chinese-German and Chinese-Japanese alliances before and during World War 2 should not be overlooked for their relationship to today's political and economic realities.  "Chinese Fascism" did not suddenly appear from nowhere, but was cultivated alongside brutal German and Japanese Fascism, and with Vulkanus now accumulating power along the East China Sea coast, it should not be neglected... nor should any possibly role or affiliation of the Chao dynasty in it, nor the Chao dynasty's back-door nuzzling with mainland Chinese oligarchs, or the Moonie and Falungong subversion cults in the USA. (The fusion of German and other corporate interests in Russia, including via "State Owned Enterprises" (i.e. privately and often transnationally run government functions) since 1990 should also not be overlooked.)

        Americans need to be familiar with the statements of intent to Chinese empire and expansion by Deng Xiaoping and his being held up as a model by the current regime of Xi Jinping in Beijing, as well as by Chinese administrations in between them... and the repeated Kuomintang-Communist overtures, the history of Kuomintang affiliations in Japan, and the Kuomintang/Tongmenghui and Ghee Kung Tong hold in Honolulu, where key Homeland Security offices are located. US government and military officials may be putting trust in deliberate lies emanating from East Asia as well as from Germany (where Merkel's every other diplomatic posture is bold deceit, much like her mid-20th-century political predecessors).  And the same may be true for Russia -- as, for example, the USA and Russia were both manipulated during the Cold War era by duplicitous German military and intelligence machinations and deceit, to clash while advancing German interests, where Hitler games never stopped.  The USA should not be relying on foreign intelligence data at face value, assumed to be disinterested -- and should be continually cognizant of the game strategies of Metternich and Sun Tzu at all times.

        Copies of the official English translation of original statements by Deng Xiaoping 1982-1992 (especially in 1988) on the planned "Asian Century" and "New International Order" (announced almost simultaneously with George Bush's similar announcement), noting that they are still considered a cornerstone of Chinese foreign policy, and were exemplified in the tone of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2015 sham/so-called "Antifascist Victory Day Parade" that was conspicuously lined with tanks and kept a possibly unsympathetic Chinese public from attending.  This revolves around China-Taiwan reunification, privatization, and revival of the China-Japan East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan rooted in the "dreams" of Giichi Tanaka and his ideological descendants that build the WW2 Kamikaze Machine.)  Other documents and issues for study are multiple (for comparison) legitimate, clearly Disinterested translations/interpretations of the following -- noting that the Kuomintang party is clearly almost as much a Japanese as Chinese party, just as the Chinese Communist Party was substantially Russian-influenced:

(Note that the relations between Yuan Shikai, Germany, and the Qing dynasty (of which Manchukuo Emperor Pu Yi was a member), and Manchurian warlord Chang Tsolin/Zuolin, is vital to understanding the development of Chinese Fascism and relationships to Germany, the Japanese Emperors, to Wang Chingwei/Jingwei, and later to Chiang Kaishek and officials within the Chinese Communist Party who had old imperial dynastic connections. Be prepared for ample and common disinformation in Chinese sources designed to maintain Chinese autonomy and nationalist objectives apart from western powers via obfuscation... multiple and disinterested historical documentation from various sources needs to be compared when studying either East Asian history, where wars have often been won via battles of wit and secret strategizing.)

    1) the Kuomintang-Tokyo agreement of 1914.Jul.08;

    2) the relationship of the 1915.May.15 China-Japan Treaty between the ruling imperial dynasties to the later East Asia Co-Prosperity plan;

    3) the Tanaka Memorial statement of Yamaguchi Baron Giichi Tanaka, dated 1927.Jul.25, which outline Japanese military intentions for the Transpacific region, noting that some Japanese sources claim the statement was never issued, and that it is very common in East Asian politics to lie in order to "save face" or cover tracks;

    4) the very noteworthy hiring of Japan Fascist perpetrator of the Nanjing Massacre, Yasuji Okamura, by the Kuomintang Party after WW2, and his involvement in the "Shanghai Expeditionary Army" formed 1932.Feb25, and his relationship to top Chinese officials including Chiang Kaishek and Wang Chingwei;

    5) active Chinese collaboration, especially Qing dynasty, in the setup and operation of the State of Manchukuo from 1932-1945, and agreements between the Chinese Qing and Japanese Yamato dynasties underlying WW2 Fascist Axis and "Prosperity Sphere" agreements; as well as de facto Qing dynasty controls over the Kuomintang Party even after the formation of the Republic;

    6) Chinese collaboration with Japanese espionage operations in Hawaii prior to the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941;

    7) the Kuomintang Chinese Transpacific Reunification agreements of 1953.May.05;

    8) the Kuomintang Chinese Foreign National Investment Act of 1954.Jul.06, and any involvements of banks and corporations on US soil, or involving the Chao family shipping dynasty;

    9) the German-Kuomintang Military Agreement of 1964.Nov.22-23 and concurrent agreements involving Saudi Arabia;

    10)  Involvement of a Kuomintang Chinese "Hajj" delegation at the World Muslim Congress of 1965.Apr.23 in Saudi Arabia;

    11) the arbitrary 1984.Oct.15 murder of Kuomintang-trained Chinese-American journalist Henry Liu on US soil by Kuomintang agents for reporting on underworld corruption; with Liu Not protected by US law against foreign agents and/or mafia networks operating in the USA -- and what was the full content of Liu's Chinese-language articles (to be translated into English by disinterested parties);

    12) Chinese operations in Paraguay and central South America involving General Wang Sheng, and their affiliation with Moonie cult "churches" and "colonies", along with the current Kuomintang-Communist re-unification moves;

    13) Chinese policy carried out via Kuomintang and/or Kuomintang/Communist offices in Honolulu, and their proximity to US Homeland Security operations and offices set up while Elaine Chao was in the Bush cabinet;

    14) Manchuria Japanese and Chinese involvement in the creation of the John Birch cult, the curious "Cultural Revolution" and "Red Guard" cults, the "Japanese Red Army", the diabolical Sun Myung Moonie and Falun Gong brainwashing and subversion cults rampant in the USA, and their relationship to WW2-era psychological warfare human experimentation laboratories in Changchun and Harbin, in Manchuria -- and their infiltration into top levels of US national and state, and possibly other international governments;

    15) any relationship Chinese nationalist lobbyist S B Woo has to any of these historical or current operations, because of his insistent pushing for disproportionate Chinese representation in US politics and economics, including in agencies which could cover up covert transpacific transactions, and including offshore banking operations -- and specifically, those involving US military or other US government department business contracts;

    16) activities of the Freeman-Spogli Asia Pacific research network in the USA, run in part by agents of East Asian national military and intelligence organizations on US soil, and any relationship they have to US Homeland Security, the Chao shipping dynasty, and nominal US military Asia-Pacific agencies in Hawaii -- are US national security interests being compromised for East Asian political, economic, or military ambitions in the United States?

    The level of corruption in "Chinatown" politics,revealed by investigations of Leland Yee, Shrimp Boy Chow, and Ed Lee, combined with the current astrological indicators of global power in China, the China-Taiwan economic reunification process now in effect, and proposed appointment of Elaine Chao to key US national infrastructure rebuilding programs, the Chao network's possible involvement in the setup and operation of the US Homeland Security Department, warrants thorough investigation of all of these factors before Chao is again allowed to occupy a key US national government agency post.  Are Chao or Woo, neither of them US-born, able to separate their government posts and powers from overseas interests, in this time of intense global competition between the USA and the Chinese states in East Asia?  The same question should be asked about officials born in European or any other countries -- especially where shady offshore financial factors are already known to be in the picture.  Is the historic, decried "Open Door" policy now leading in this other direction?

    How much do sham religious organizations like the Moonie "Unification Church" and the "Falun Gong/Dafa" cults, or any similar, function as transnational fronts for money-laundering and/or foreign nationalist intelligence agencies competitive with or hostile to US interests?


        2017.Jan20:  The Evolution of Astrology:  What with all the clamor over the greatness of ancient texts and classical methods, combined with how "astrology should be arts and crafts", no wonder people are once again lost in the muddle of astrological traditions that Johannes Kepler, Alfred Witte, and others since then have strived to sort out and clarify, starting long ago.  How effectively is the namesake Kepler College doing that?  Dominant in American astrology recently has been, instead, a trumpeting of the virtues of the past, often equating the reversal of the science of astrology back into the era of bloodletting and pagan talismans and royal dignities, good and evil planets, which I sometimes call 'voodoo astrology'.  Thank some of the retro astrological organizations for this.  A longtime reader of egroups here that were shut down due to meddling and co-option attempts by the jealous and predatory, has made some comments that need a response in this blog, since they are so vital to uranian astrology.  Noting that uranian astrology, as most anyone uses the term, is evolved from Witte's Astrology, which was intended to sort the garble and garbage out of astrology and strive instead to make it scientific and reliable rather than parroting of tradition, even if heirs to the astrological writings have again turned the clock back retrograde.  The unbalanced negativity of the Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook (published by Ludwig Rudolph), still peddled by its copyright owners, can be explained by several factors, including the following.  First, note that all interpretations in it that include Pluto, Apollon, Admetos, Vulkanus, and Poseidon were written by Hermann Lefeldt, not Alfred Witte. Compare the interpretations of combinations involving the inner planets and points with how Witte described them (in interpretations excluding those outermost factors), and it's clear that the worst of the negativity came in the additions from Lefeldt, who also sought to perpetuate traditions such as heavy emphasis on houses and dignity/detriment/rulerships concepts after Witte mentioned in his later preserved writings that they should maybe be discarded (despite using them in his early writings).  A lot of the current promotion of the old Rulebook continues also because the copyright owners have the money and political connections to trumpet their wares at the front of the line.  (Note that recent changes in Google rankings, after organizational restructure at Google in 2015, favor those who already have the money to pay for ads and priority ratings... the rich start with the advantage, because they can afford to buy adverts, and the post-2015 Google system has been rigged to allow them to).  Another point that came up is the concept that all events in the chart are included in the birth chart, an idea promoted by Ivy Jacobson, but also by the Hamburg School astrologers in Germany, and maybe others.  Among the Hamburg astrologers, this view is based on the use of directions (solar arc, etc) for prognosis, although it does not account well for the influence of outer-planet transits, which are not so predictable via the birth chart.  One should also remember that some astrologers don't use transits substantially, and see them only as adjunct 'triggers' of directions/progressions, and thus may not notice how significant the transits are.

        The value of studies of historical astrology should not be overlooked, but there is an unfortunate revival of overemphasis on astrological traditions that has obscured some of the most valuable insights and realizations in astrology due to relative indifference to astrological research of more recent years (research on the increased precision of harmonic and midpoint considerations, for example).  Once again referring to how All Sciences have evolved over time, and especially if we see time and space as interrelated, then we do not live in the reality of the 17th or 18th century any more, in time or space... those no longer exist, and observations from them may or may not be particularly applicable now. Cycles repeat but their manifestations change, to varying degrees, when they do... if for no other reason than that conditions and other external variables have changed at each manifestation.  One should also consider how the astrology of yesteryear was limited by the absence of computers to perform techniques that are not simplistic and quickly ready-to-go. However, that does not mean that the most complicated method is necessarily the most reliable or efficient, per the "Occam's razor" principle.  This does not mean that data and observations from history lack relevance, as they have, in some cases, continued to be of significance into the present, even if needing modification to match with the realities of Now, in this point in time and space distant from the past, but not unrelated in some ways.  We cannot stop any clock of nature, even if we can appear to stop synthetic clocks -- and astrology is 'primitive superstition' only insofar as it is preserved as such. 

        A large part of astrology, which is outside pure natal astrology and natal analysis, is concerned with the evolutionary cycles of astronomical and astrological factors that describe personal development, and development of society and institutions, over time. In conventional astrology, this was elaborated upon in the writings of Alexander Ruperti and Grant Lewi.  Many once of the view that there must be only one correct way to measure this have evolved into the view that there may be many valid ways, and they all measure things differently, and in ways relevant to the mathematical and astronomical nature of the measurement system itself.  That doesn't mean "anything goes", but it does mean that there's more than one path to valid truths.  This also applies to issues like true versus mean nodes... they may both be valid in their own way, measuring slightly different phenomena.  Various methods of planetary direction may also be valid in their own way, measuring similar but different phenomena.. and the most reliable ones may be based on sound astronomical principles, and not just "symbolic movement".  Studying the history of astrology, with a critical eye and not as adulation of historical perspectives, could explain some of the mistakes made in recent centuries.  

    People have the right to play astrology as arts and crafts, but I am doubtful as to how that is going to advance astrology with the times, although it may serve the interests of astrological entertainment seminars and shows.  That doesn't mean that learning can't be fun sometimes, but there's a need for balance and moderation in terms of how far that goes before the astrology becomes little more than planetary silly putty, or clown show material, giving the conservative astronomers and other scientists plenty more to mock and ridicule.  There's been a strong and influential newspaper-horoscope lobby whose influence may dissipate as people move from newspapers to the internet, while astrology will gain the respect and credibility it deserves only by the publication of the kind of astrology that is based on scientific principles, and that is open to engage in research, and open to disprove sham research interpretations that have been concocted by pranksters as well as dubious astrological methods. The motive of scientific astrology, however, should be to advance and refine astrology, not just disprove critics or prove astrology to them.  Some influential astrologers don't want that advancement or refinement that further research might reveal, and these are what I call the 'astrological fundamentalists' (however others might use that term), parroting the supposedly eternal and omniscient texts of yesteryear as 'astrological bibles' or 'holy books of the sages'.  One should 'believe' in astrology only when and where it proves itself to be effective.

    Astrology-as-science starts with giving specific, measurable, examples of one's assertions about astrological impact/influence, and probably needs to continually recognize that astrological influence is only one of many influences, and does not account for everything, especially the reality of free will in the context of environmental and dispositional variables. Research in any field need not necessarily be statistical.  Similarly, anyone who thinks they can always control the weather, or the course of social evolution, is in for some eventural awakenings.  One simply cannot "put time in a bottle", except in the imagination and in memories of the past. Time will evolve nonetheless, no matter how hard we try to stop it, and it may wind back and forth as the changes unfold, a fusion of free will and external variables, with an outcome determined only in part by our understanding and insights.  The Cosmic Clock of a Higher Power beyond human will is in continual interplay with human will, in a most splendid interplay -- and astrology is a fine tool for measuring and understanding how that interplay functions.  The stars are indicators; are not the gods themselves, even though often named after ancient deities.  One can include astrology in a religion if one chooses, and even integrate it substantially, as the Zain/Benjamine Church of Light (not to be confused with other organizations using that same name) does, but astrology is not a religion in and of itself, was once regarded as an establishment science, and could be so again if handled in ways amenable to that.  That means that lots of popular assumptions might have to be written off as historical misconceptions often clouded by historical issues of limited literacy and primitive technological/measurement devices.


2016.Dec25: The USA Sibly Chart; current precessed/sidereal Pluto transit opposite the USA Sun; Vulkanus in Leo: Reviewing the history of the various times (generally within about a 20 minute range, including rectifications done by publicized astrologers), there are a few points to be made:

1) The hand-drawn chart of Sibly, as is often noted, was likely cast for London and has to be 'relocated' to Philadelphia (the actual location of the Declaration of Independence) for its applicability to the USA;

2) The MC value shown in that chart is ambiguous and could be either 13SG12 or 23SG12 since the artist drew the number 1 with serifs at both top and bottom, and it is tilted in the drawing -- and yet 23SG12 is the value that fits with the indicated Ascendant of 19AQ49 for London (and not Philadelphia);

3) The independence was from the court of King George III, who was unpopular both in Britain and in other colonies due to his abusive policies -- it was thus a protest against an unjust Hanover royal court, not the British people;

4)  Sibly has alternately been spelled Sibley in authoritative astrology references for reasons that are not yet clear; Sibly is the spelling used on all photos of 18th century publications by Sibly that are yet known to me;

5) I have not yet found sources from Sibly indicating why he used the time that he did, although various unreferenced claims have been made about why he used that time. Some planetary positions in the chart are not accurate either because ephemerides of 1776 were not fully accurate, or due to the haste of the artist or data calculator. Furthermore, tables of houses may not have been accurate, or the common historical practice of using the closest value shown in the tables of houses was followed. The time in London for the chart illustration would be (rounded to the closest minute) 1776.Jul.04 at 21h53 London LMT, or 16h53 Philadelphia LMT, yielding MC 26VI25 and AS 08SG57 for Philadelphia. A time in Philadelphia of 17h10 (MC 01LI04 and AS12SG27) is often quoted, and Dane Rudhyar rectified the chart to 17h13m55 (MC 02LI08 and AS 13SG16). In the uranian-method rectification I have done so far, I would favor a time of 17h11 Philadelphia LMT (rounded to the minute), and have yet to publish the data for this deduction, which may be modified with further uranian methods research by a minuteor so.  16h53 could have been the time of the reading of the document, or the first signature; or clocks in 1776 may not have been fully accurate.  I would look for the actual printed first-hand accounts for verification.

6) Various other dates have been used for a USA chart. Each even may have its own validity in its own way. In natal charts for individuals, we normally used the chart for the moment of the first independent breath, and one might consider this principle for choosing the most revealing chart for a nation.  Logically, a Declaration of Independence could correlate with this "first breath".  Likewise, a chart for the US Constitution, or Articles of Confederation, or other early national events could also reveal pertinent event data relative to those events and their significance.  Thus one might also argue endlessly about which is the "right" chart. Even a chart for the last signature on the Declaration of Independence, on a date later than July 4, could yield data relating to the actual significance of that event, relative to a July 4 chart.  Think about what each event meant.... what was going on, and why. Remember also that planetary influences are not the only forces in life.. they are accompanies by other environmental and internal influences, including human free will and its response to external forces, both conscious and semiconscious, both deliberate and spontaneous.

Any of these times indicate that Vulkanus has recently been at an H8 (8th harmonic) 135-degree angle (or "sesquiquadrate", not a "minor" aspect per uranian observations) to the various proposed Sibley chart Ascendants during the last 16 years, starting around 2000, considering an orb of 1 or 2 degrees).. (Traditional major vs minor aspects may have been determined more by simplicity of calculation rather than intensity of effect) for the last 10 years, starting after 2006.  I have pointed out many times that this points to power and pressure from outside the USA (Ascendant being the window on the world and one's relationship with things and people in the immediate environs, including people on America's doorstep), and these have included East China and its coastal regions plus Taiwan (where Vulkanus is now near conjunct the fixed/geodetic MC), central Argentina and the Chaco region, the Venezuela-Guyana border region, areas all along the western border of Russia, western Turkey and Egypt, the Boer strongholds in South Africa, Kodiak Island/Cook Inlet/Anchorage in Alaska (including Moonie spy cult maritime fleets), Big Island in Hawaii (also with Moonie spy cult settlements), and the western Society Islands. While Vulkanus has gone out of orb of any of the Sibly-derivative Ascendants (point of impact) for the USA chart, Vulkanus has instead approached 4th harmonic angles/aspects to the fixed/geodetic Ascendants of Vancouver, Seattle, Washington DC, Ottawa, and New York City.  Such contacts are of major and not minor significance in terms of impact on the USA. Those who rant with casual charges of xenophobia at this time are being naive -- the infiltration and subversion has been quite real.

Furthermore, coupled with this now is the precessed/sidereal transiting Pluto opposing the USA Sun, also very potent in effect, and while the Ascendant refers to the point of immediate contact with the environs (coastlines, harbors, airports, etc, and external relations), Pluto refers to shared resources and intermingling of energies. The Pluto square to the USA Sun, carrying similiar energies, was around the time of the 1929 Stockmarket Crash, which was due largely to lack of government controls over bankcorp business including investment in local slave-labor economies overseas (largely in 'Greater' Germany and East Asia, South Africa, and possibly in the Middle East -- a thorough study of the history of the Saudi dynasty and its relationship to the UAE and Oman, Iraq, and Iran is in order), and manipulation of stock prices by transnational bankcorps that turned around and built up the WW2 Axis Powers. This happened largely due to the serial policies of Harding and Coolidge and Hoover, who were manipulated by foreign banks who conned American political leaders into laissez-faire economic policies that allowed the blooming Axis Powers to take over the global economy while re-arming themselves for 'global conquest'.  Why today's politicians would ignore the parallels to now could only be explained by their refusal to recognize the validity of the astrological cycles, or due to either greed or ideological indoctrination by foreign lobbyists and the fashion belief-of-the-year in Washington (for example, Chicago/Hayek/Austrian School BS, recycled disasternomics from the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era that serves the interests of the transnational bankcorps oligarchy).  Much of this revolved around 'privatization' which naturally leads to social gentrification and a return to the functional feudal economic system of the Days of Yore, of masters and slaves, of landed gentry and impoverished serfs.  The rich and greedy, and their opportunistic sycophants of the Ayn Rand zombie cult mentality, apparently like it that way, for as long as they are among the privileged. This global issue will come into focus for the USA in 2017 and maybe for some time to come.  How it will be handled has been determined by the US President to be inaugurated on January 20, the US Congress, and the choices made now, then, and thereafter.  Pluto requires approximately 248 years to circle our Sun, and so the tPL180SU has never occurred in the history of the United States. January 20, 2017 is therefore not a minor event in US history, by any means... not even close.  The impact of Pluto will be felt from those locations where it is on in major 4th-harmonic (and less so at  8th and 16th) angle to the geodetic MC, the source locations of the Pluto power bearing on Washington (in addition to the aforementioned Vulkanus impact on the Ascendant/s).  Within the USA, the Pluto impact may come from NYC/Wall Street, lesser from 45 to the west (San Francisco or Los Angeles), lesser from 22.5 degrees westward (incl Dallas and/or Wichita).  Expect money from these locations to transform America (or else hold back progress via greed and traditional dinosaur mentality), and this includes Montreal and Vancouver as well.  If American (or Canadian) money at these locations does not direct itself to build and strengthen America for the future while abandoning backward and destructive technologies (like dinosaur oil and smog-generating technology), then foreign money will 'invest in' (meaning economically colonize) the US economy, and it is likely to come from the new Chinese economic dynamo in Chongqing and its subsidiaries in Hanoi and Saigon and Jakarta/Bandung; or the offshore transnational bankcorp investments in the Bahamas, or the narco-economy of Bogota and Colombia; or the Habsburg banking houses of Vienna, or the sometimes more progressive Swedish economy, or the economy or southern Italy or post-Gaddafi Libyan oil.  If the greedy pigs of Wall Street and the dusty-brained cowboys of the plains don't get in step with 21st-century technology required to move forward into the future, the Chinese and Viennese bankers (who established the Wall Street stock market), Italian-Libyan oil money, or Colombian narcotrafficking oligarchs, or Broederbond racists, will step in and fill the need while turning the USA into a functional colony with a possible expansion of organized crime networks based in those regions.

Trump is putting greed-ideology oligarchs in power, per his indicated cabinet choices.  Foreign money may have arranged his election, and may have bolstered the influence of, and manipulated, the Kochs and the 'Cowboy Mafia' to make sure the USA flounders in antique-technology gas-guzzling smoke machines, watching screaming foxes and other wild animals on the Tee Vee screen box, replacing science texts and human reason with antique religious dogma and rituals (of choice, it's all the same), replacing real universities with casinos and diploma-mills, and regressing into the yesteryears of glorified memories and hierarchies, gilded chairs towering over the 'riffraff'.  Meanwhile, the world will continue to turn and spin... as long as some nutcase in power doesn't decide that nuclear war, or a World War III, is a "winnable bet" on the crap table rather that the more likley outcome that will turn all of us (except those with space-station safehavens) into burnt vapor.

66 million (or more) Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in November, while 63 million supposedly voted for Trump, and yet the powers that truly be are handing the reins to Trump and his ideological equals.  Is he capable of handling this major and vital turning point in US history?  And what will be the impact on the whole world as he advocates for increasing nuclear weapons production and waffles on how to handle China and Russia as Vulkanus is now in their court (and would have been anyway, if any fool had sought a 'World War III' during the last several years).  Is no one paying attention to the SCO Shanghai Treaty or the fact that Putin is open to capitalism and state corporatism is now the norm in China (per the gradual constitutional reforms since 1978) and where the Beijing govt has Kuomintang officials help preside over the National Day parades?  Have the western powers created a monster by turning Russia and China into predatory capitalist, maybe fascist nations?  It looks that way. An "Asian Century" touted by East Asian political and economic leaders since 1978, has already shown, by initial evidence, that it would bring the greed without the democracy, and a feudalism and gentrification that smells like something out of the 17th century or earlier -- and which has openly vowed to displace the "American century" with an Asian-dominated world (while the Merkel crowd is more quietly playing the same game in Central and Eastern Europe, maybe with Putin's help via their snickering 'friendly agreements'.)   America can't move forward into another American century by perpetuating cultures of illiteracy and religious psychosis, wearing antique cowboy hats, driving smoking gas-hogs, and believing that religious texts are the primary source of knowledge, or by getting drunk or high and playing with money in the casinos.  Pay close attention to how foreign money is setting up American culture and infrastructure to fail and collapse, and the attitude that accompanies the process -- and to how it started in 2001, and how the Vulkanus bolstering personally behind Bush Jr may be almost identical to that behind Trump and Kenneth Star (i.e. San Antonio longitude).  Could be more of the same.  Can America withstand more of that, or can something be done to avoid another close-call shipwreck?

You can look at the "Men Behind the Curtain" article on this website, search for "DonaldTrump" and see what is behind him and what was behind "BushJr" where they appear in the same subsector. The same machines probably wanted both of them as president.  The differences however will more likely be shown by the dates of inauguration.  The Vulkanus power behind Bush in Maine and Utah and Arizona (and Hainan, W Guangdong, and E Guangxi China, noting Elaine Chao's Moonie-affiliated presence around the White House), will be displaced by the power behind Trump in Anchorage and Denver (and the Marshall Islands, E Iceland, the Canary Is, the Kashmir region, and Kazakhstan). Those gold chairs the Trumps sit in may be symbolic (adding Yukon gold), and Elaine Chao will want to sniff around to add that to her money collection if she gets back to White House access.  (Note Chao's many geodetic overlaps with the Moonie cult empire; note connections between Anchorage and Denver and Shanghai and Qingdao and Taipei.. and Vienna, apexes of current global power and finances, including Chao's Kuomintang/Moonie financial network encircling the New York City stockmarket and real estate empires).  From a global perspective, remember that "Lebensraum" is a big issue in overpopulated countries... people from overcrowded areas clearly want more wide-open living spaces, and preferably with acquirable/privatizable infrastructures already in place. Will global warming make land in Canada and Alaska more valuable as living space, and are the transnational land-grabbers already sniffing for that?  Is America being opened up for more crowding and transnational real estate speculation?  The US Pacific coast sure looks that way already.

This reverts to the aforementioned movement of Vulkanus into Leo, which can bring a positive side of better public health through exercise and encouragement of invention and enterprise... or in worst cases, ideologies like Ayn Rand's that trumpet the virtues of selfishness and often sound like literal fascism, turning society into a noisy battleground with wrestling matches for money and power (now emanating from the aforementioned locations with 0 degrees fixed-sign MC, including maybe a revived Asian Fascism variant that may revolve around martial-arts schools, some of which have long doubled as fronts for transnational covert/spy/subversion operations).  In any case, Vulkanus in Leo can make a society of dignified people of self-mastery, who radiate confidence and optimism and love for others, who must be healthy and sober to be so, or of pushful egotists imagining themselves to be the princes or princesses of the feudal era.  Vulkanus was last in Leo from about 1355 to 1411 AD, in that cycle and bygone socio-historical time-warp.  During that period, the Turkish/Ottoman Empire (in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Arabia at that time) spread into Balkan Europe (the last time Vulkanus was over Istanbul) and overtook Greece; the Ming Dynasty (starting in the the Shanghai region) rose to power in China, pushing the previous Mongol invaders northward, where they turned their eyes to Russia, where Tatar power rose and spread toward Europe. A Christian schism occurred between conservative and liberal elements, and cultural creativity and enterprise flourished in both Western Europe and China due to the compassion and liberalism of leaders, and to increased mutual trade -- in contrast with oppressive and regimented, authoritarian oligarchies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. I'll leave it up to you to look up events in other parts of the globe, and remember that those are historic events to be read as symbolic for the present time-space warp we live in -- but the geographic/geodetics patterns could repeat even if they do not manifest in the same way. We can see both examples of the brutal and oppressive conquerors, or the flourishing societies where creativity is encouraged, existing simultaneously in different locations.  Events in North America during that time are difficult to analyze due to lack of historical records. But the currently correlating events are crystal clear. Will America be one of the lands of brutal and narcissistic tyrants, or of the enlightened leaders of broad social conscience who can revitalize democracy and a thriving civilization to meet a competitive globally technology-enmeshed-and-controlled world?  I would add that there is grave danger that religious hypocrisy and pretense could be a nest of massive corruption in "faith-based" networks fostered by the "Faith-Based Initiative" Executive Order of 2001 -- Americans need to go back and thoroughly study why America's "Founding Fathers", who were discussing the matter way over a century after Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, were insistent on Separation of Church and State in government-authorized affairs. Because we have ignored this, Washington is infested with phony religious cults, a centuries-old cover for covert political operations, especially in transnational matters.

(A closing note on Vulkanus in Leo and the geodetics and history: the 14th-century rise the Ming Dynasty matching with Vulkanus around the Shanghai-Taipei meridian also correlates with a rise in popularity of Kung Fu martial arts often taught in the Shaolin Temples, which the highly-commercialized and often blundering "Magi Astrology/Society" has for several years claimed in their adverts to have come from.  Hmmm.  This indicates a possibility that there may still be Chinese political or even espionage influences at play within that network. The use of the word "temple" could also imply pretense to religion or "faith-based" legal status. "Cinderella" must still be asleep. Most serious astrologers see through that crap. Chinese civilization has brought the world delicious food and intricate arts, but precision astrology is not a strong point in Chinese cultural traditions... any reliable Magi material appears to be borrowed from western astrology. Magi may however possibly continue to try to push its way to the front of the line wherever it can.)


2016.Dec.23:  The Russia and China Thing; Notes on the 2017 Annual Universal/Ingress Chart: The US Popular vote, contradicting a "Trump Victory" has increased in recent days to favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 2.97 million votes, per Astrologers who predicted a Clinton victory were therefore correct, complicated by systematic and bullying blockage of recounts in states in question. Some higher power had better step in to Washington so that's not an omen of the coming 4 years. Some strang elements proposing that California be omitted from the nationwide election smells of the foreign meddlings of the 'UNPO' organization that has at various points supported various regional separatist movements in the USA. Political analyst Dave Emory has long warned that the objective of 'UNPO' has been to divide the USA and other targeted nations into smaller and more 'manageable' chunks in order to weaken them, while pushing for a stronger United Europe; and evidence now also shows something resembling the old East Asia Prosperity Sphere manifesting as 'Asian Century'.  UNPO in the past pushed to hi-jack the Lakota tribal issues into something to divide rather than unite Americans, and what's good is that most Americans are instead uniting against the transnational oil vultures and supporting Native American concern for American land and conservation.

Something maybe not widely considered yet... what may be unfolding in St-Peterburg is Russian Neo-fascism that may align with German conservatives, with the path earlier paved by Merkel et al's quiet meetings with Putin while at other times chumming up with the Ukraine separatists.... and the USA getting blamed for all of it. The Russians should have seen this, but maybe their new transnational media isn't as uncensored as they are led to believe it is; maybe censored from Berlin or Vienna rather than just from Moscow.  Are the Germanic Czars about to reincarnate?  It has some interesting parallels with Paul Ryan's longtime fascination with the Russian Fascist Ayn Rand cult.

How long will it take for Americans to see that Trump is already doing the exact opposite of what he claimed he would?

Americans need, however, to look at All foreign meddling in US elections, not just Russian... the Chinese have long been keen to mold and manipulate US election outcomes, and Vulkanus is over Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao as well as St-Peterburg and Odessa. Broederbond remnants in South Africa could also be out for revenge for American help in dismantling Apartheid. Plus, Pluto's impact from Chongqing and Vienna and Gorlitz (and Bogota, central Libya, Capetown, Hanoi/Saigon, and Jakarta/Bandung) must not be overlooked, as Pluto is now opposing the USA Sibly Sun via precessed/sidereal transit. (More on the Sibly chart later.)  Military ground operations are now, and throughout 2017, heated up around 19 cardinals...Hainan Island China, Kuching Malaysia, Central Java, Lake Baikal and Taymyr Peninsula in Siberia, Tromso Norway, Budapest Hungary, Albania, Benghazi, Capetown, Santiago de Chile -- and at H8 (45x) angle in Novaya Zemlya nuclear test sites, the northern Kuril Islands in Russia, east Micronesia, and the Bismarck Archipelago.  Any areas in North America targeted by such Zeus operations in 2017 would include the Carolina coasts, Toronto, Roswell, Bismarck, Winnipeg, and Churchill; in Australia, Adelaide and Townsville.  Australians should pay close attention to any foreign covert operations in the Bismarck Archipelago operating independently of the Papua government... as well as to operations around Hainan, Kuching, and central Java.

Per the Ariespoint axis in the Universal Chart for 2017, in general global terms, military operations are likely to be covert, aerial, or aquatic (incl submarine), since AR=NE/ZE, and could be glossed in diplomacy (=VE and =KR in H32) that may or may not be sincere (AR=VE=NE=ZE)... and this picture may also indicate the global spread of birth-control methods despite religious edicts. AR=NE/ZE verifies a likely spread of climate-control and climate-management programs, on the positive side... and that more people may be boiling water, over concern about pollution.

Geodetic alignments are revealing current and historical connections behind-the-scenes (Metternich-style "Tarnung") politically/economically, and several points: Spain has been a base of covert German operations since World War II, and remains so, and this may also be the case for Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic islands, maybe even Brazil; there was substantial Chinese collaboration with Japan and Germany in World War II, even though the Chinese elements will often deny this with typical falsely pious indignance, and these are at the roots of the treacherous Moonie cult and the radical-right 'World Anti Communist League' paramilitary operations, which even extend into Paraguay as a point of infiltration throughout South America, and possibly in Mexico. The current chaos in Mexico is not something native Mexicans would logically create (like rampant murder of its own citizens) -- rather it is quite possibly the product of foreign interference from overseas designed to destroy Mexico and create tensions with the USA. This has been an ongoing process since the time of the US Civil War, and is tied to German and later East Asian ambitions in Latin America (rampant in World War II). The recent economic and demographic state of California, even alone, speaks to 'transpacific' East Asian ambitions on the US Pacific coast, the result of Vulkanus power now wielded by now-functionally-reunified Shanghai, Qingdao, and Taipei (symbolized by the joint Kuomintang-Communist 'Victory Day Parade' sham show of late 2015), where Unificationed China 'flexed its power', featuring the robotic Japan-trained Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. America is getting hit equally hard from the Deutschebank circuit that their similar two-faced neo-fascist envoy, Angela Merkel, who schmoozes with Putin and fans the flames in Ukraine on the sly, represents.  The European Union needs to truly reform based on something other than German hegemony, or problems are likely; and those changes need to be made via NATO offices in Iceland, per the Vulkanus geodetics, and money in Sweden, Poland, or Austria that does not want to risk nuclear war, or any war, with Russia. There are indicators that there is something rather reckless that has pushed Merkel's obedient foreign policy moves, and yet her replacement by radical right elements is of potentially equal risk -- so where's the third and reasonable alternative in Germany?  The rest of Europe needs to help Germany find a new inner balance, although this may be difficult with Siemens-Deutschebank controlling Europe's (and much of the world's) economies and 'prying eyes' telecommunications networks. As for the USA, Vulkanus remains on the geodetic Ascendants of Seattle and New York (Microsoft and Wall Street targets), and the overseas pressure is intense, meaning a certain amount of "xenophobia" and "isolationism" is indeed in order after a period of reckless abandon to open borders... this is No Time to throw caution to the winds. Trump is doing the opposite of his campaign promises, already... putting the German-born Peter Thiel and the Chinese-born Elaine Chao in his cabinet is a recipe for national disaster, as is any further delay in the long-needed measure to retire Superkraut Henry Kissinger to some South Sea island and Out of US politics forever.  Those who only read the history will know that the Republican Party has been under the thumb of uber-rich German imperial banks since its birth, and a Pluto opposition truly calls for second Declaration of Independence, this time from the German banks that once ran the British Empire and King George. Trump, under pressure from Deutschebank, and his cabinet of plutocrats don't look suited to handle the situation, and certainly not with cabinet members from the countries with banks that have manipulated the US economy into subservience and a new economic colonization (called 'investment'). Canada is nearly in the same boat... it's time for a North American alliance to stand ground and not become Swiss cheese for rats flooding off the boats. American leaders aren't paying near enough attention to how savvy and sophisticatedly aggressive foreign economic interests are.... we're dealing with the imperial strategies of the old world based on oligarchy and chess-games, not frank and egalitarian American values any more.  If people want to throw open the gates to globalism, they'd better get ready for new games with new and maybe unfamiliar rules, Vulkanus-fortified.  This is No time to have a Fool in the White House... although some foreign powers, whether they be Russia or China or anyone else, may want it that way.  Another point that geodetics reveals.... Taiwan is partially controlled from Japan, continued to be even after 1945, and the same is true, maybe less so, of Korea.  Duterte is probably a screaming puppet of Chinese and Japanese interests, possibly wound up to send the Philippines into self-destruct, followed by takeover... and to try to throw off US influence in the region, which Australia and New Zealand should heed.  Crazymen are put in power for reasons, and in a global world, even American elections may be manipulated from overseas, maybe even in 2000.  Pay attention to who Trump has proposed bringing back from the Bush cabinet... both Bush and Trump Vulkanus with 30 minutes of orb of each other, pointing to the possibility of very similar backing and/or handlers/controllers from Asia and Europe. Overseas, these likely include covert German ops in Spain that lingered after Franco told the Nazis that they always 'had a home in Spain' after 1945 -- and that included the Skorzeny network that the Russians also nuzzled with while Putin was kissing Pavlov's German puppies in intrigue-filled Berlin alongside the Nazi-infiltrated Stasi. Where was Merkel's daddy then?  Whatever became of the German right-wing plan for a 21st-century German-Russian alliance to rule the world?  And lastly, after all the decades of lies and duplicity, why does US intelligence still believe what the BND tells them?  Certainly the British must know better, and the French would if they weren't drunk on schnapps and German bribes. This brings to memory how France was so easily invaded in 1940 due to sophisticatedly and confusingly deceptive Nazi propaganda that had most French not knowing what was really going on when German troops flooded in.... strategies similar to what conned the dizzy Axis bank pet Herbert Hoover into leading America into the 1929 stock-market crash. It should be studied who and what had the Republican Party put Harding and Coolidge and Hoover in office. Roosevelt must have kept silent on these issues in order to maintain national unity in wartime... his speeches gave hints that he knew precisely what was going on, but he conveniently died after stays at Secret Nazi Prince Bernhard's health spa, and it was left to Truman to sort it all out as best as he could, while the Nazis had Dulles trained like a poodle on a leash.  This is why a Dummy in the White House is Bad News for America.  Americans should be thinking of every possible way to avert disaster on and after January 20. US government is not a chess or a poker game.. and it certainly shouldn't be allowed to turn into a Vegas or Atlantic City clown show.  Putin is Too happy about the 'Trump Victory', but he may have accomplices outside Russia, since he himself may be a Quisling in a sick global puppet show with Eddie Snowden and Julian Assange reading their scripts in the wings.  Don't underestimate the power of internet-connected computers to implement transnational coups, and pay attention to who controls and monitors the communication lines and signals between them.  Vulkanus shows the power is now firmly in both China and Taiwan (maybe the same now), Russia, Odessa under the new Ukraine govt and whoever really runs it, South Africa, and Argentina.. and the only real North American counterbalancing strongholds are in Anchorage and Beechy Point, Cape Breton, Goose Bay, and Barbados.  And if the EU lures Canada away via the CETA/ECTA agreement or Transpacific agreements with China or Taiwan, America be a ship lost at sea with a crazy captain and a spinning compass. 100% American control of Anchorage and Denver longitudes (H8/45deg away), and that means it's time overdue to get the Luftwaffe out of Roswell or any other regional bases, because Angie has not been real with us, sorry to have to say, and she may be more friendly with Putin that we have been led to believe. We must not be Germany's cannon fodder. Neptune has been opposite (on the 90 dial) to the Sepharial geodetic Ascendant for the last year, meaning the USA has not been seeing our overseas relations clearly, with possibly misrepresentation from afar, and that has likely come from Iceland, Pakistan, Afghanistan, western Mexico, and Alberta, although not necessarily from their governments -- rather possibly covert transnational operations in those areas, maybe involving narcotrafficking (or obviously oil) in some cases. Such ambiguities will clear a bit in 2017, although Neptune will still be within 2 degrees 'secondary' orb, from longitudes slightly to the east in the same regions, and if Germany still has bases in the Nordost Rundung in Greenland, those could also be a source of vagaries, as could operations in Central Asia to the north of central and eastern Pakistan. Both the Mexico and Afghanistan regions point to possible narcotrafficking money, and there could be problematic funny business going on in Kamchatka, east Micronesia, and/or the mysterious operations in Bismarck Archipelago (including known Moonie cult colonies) and maybe Solomon Islands.


2016.Dec.16: Election issues: US Popular vote remains in favor of Hillary Clinton by 2.8 million votes, or by 2.1 percent of the total nationwide vote (46.2 pc for Trump, 48.3 for Clinton).  Media/Facebook is reporting that selected Florida state officials deny that a state vote recount is under consideration... the reports of an appeal for a recount have come from the Orlando Sentinel and the Miami New Times, claiming voting machine malfunction. Florida still uses Diebold machines, widely rejected internationally, for several years now, for their unreliability and manipulability. Apparently it is correct that the Florida state government has not initiated a recall, but it is not correct that no petitions have been filed for a recall. CNN today reports that with the last Florida statewide count, Trump was given a 1.3 percent advantage, with a little over 4.6 million votes compared to a little less than 4.5 million votes for Clinton. The US Electoral College is scheduled to vote on December 19, unless irregularities such as the claims of foreign election hacking or manipulation (from Russia or elsewhere) could pre-empt a December 19 vote due to constitutional provisions.  An assumed electoral vote based on the whole-state lump voting system favored Trump, and this may not necessarily be how the electoral representatives vote 3 days from now.


2016.Dec.14 (updated Dec.15): Election Issues: Popular vote count as of today, per CNN: 65,790,000 votes for Clinton, and 62,960,000 votes for Trump; margin of 2,830,000, now surpassing a 2% margin of votes favoring Clinton.  Note that the NO.ZE combination has long been used as a standard indicator for "elections", and a chart cast for any time on November 8 election day shows NO/ZE =NO/NE =NE/ZE (potential confusion or elusiveness over contacts; add ZE (or MA or VU) and this indicates the possibility of intentional deceit).  Then note the NO=NE cluster in the chart =MAVU/ZE (possible political deceit or intense goal-directed deceit). Also NE/ZE (uncertainty about choices, mechanical outages, mistakes during choices, or alcohol served during vote counts?) = UR and =KR in H32... these foggy election conditions cause surprise among officials, even possible a sort of coup d'etat.  The recent Wisconsin vote recount (and the demand for it) was parodied by using the same faulty technology (which discards 'defective' ballots) rather than a manual recount that considers all ballots -- meaning the recount was as unreliable as the original vote count, using technology that has been outlawed in other states and countries. yesterday reported that about 70,000 votes in heavily-Democratic Detroit were found uncounted, while the Trump party claimed a victory in Michigan of about 10,000 votes. A Michigan vote recount in some districts is therefore still under consideration, after all, despite Trump agent efforts to block a recount. No clear current news found on possibility of Florida recount.  Information pertaining to Russian hacking in election process may affect Electoral College vote on December 19. Several Republican delegates have stated intent to vote for candidates other than Trump; several petitions are calling for Electoral College voters to vote conscience and consider the widespread questioning of the legitimacy of the earlier vote counts, due to various factors in this election (see


 2016.Dec.10 (updated Dec.11): Election Issues: Popular vote as of this date per 65,400,000 for Clinton, 62,800,000 for Trump (rounded to nearest 100,000). Vote recounts have being repeatedly and systematically blocked by legal measure by Trump affiliates (blocking recounts for what reason?). There is at this time a report from Green Party candidate Jill Stein at on the current state of the Michigan and Pennsylvania vote recounts, and an Orlando Sentinel report on a law suit demanding a recount of the close margin in current Florida vote results.  According to Stein, Michigan is winnable for Clinton after a recount of 75,000 uncounted ballots from greater Detroit, as the Trump "victory" margin was only 10,000 votes in Michigan, and Detroit has generally voted for Clinton.  If Trump blockage succeeds, he gets the assumed Michigan whole-state electoral vote count.  The margin in Florida (nearly twice as populous as Michigan) favoring Trump is now about 100,000 of the total of 9,000,000 votes cast, per the vote count beginning November 8. Pennsylvania state officials have arbitrarily refused a recount, and federal intervention is being called for. California reports having counted all votes on December 9, and 61pc of California voters chose Clinton, 23pc Trump, 5pc either Stein or the Libertarian. Vote recounts have been stopped mostly by local or state officials, while No state or local official should have the right to block a recount of votes for President of the United States... this is something that should be a US constitutional amendment if it is not already provided for. Incorrect vote count, and manipulated fraudulent counts are due mostly to use of computerized voting machines, some of which some states (and some countries) have discarded because of it. Constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz reports on reports that, as a result, if states do not make a manual recount of ballots and instead simply run ballots through the same fault-prone machines, the vote-count may be substantially the same as before, and Wisconsin officials have refused a state-wide manual recount.  Meanwhile, Republican appointed electoral voters continue to refuse to vote for Trump.  Pro-Trump media outlets are making various claims to the contrary, and civil rights advocate Harry Belafonte has referred to a Trump presidency as the "Fourth Reich", without mentioning that the Third Reich in Berlin had agents in the USA attempting to make it happen here at the same time it manifest in Germany, and among them were the Nazi-funded Silvershirts cult, which the Tea Party largely replicated in format.  The Silvershirts began in Asheville, had chapters new Los Angeles and Seattle, and ultimately settled in greater Indianapolis, Indiana. 

A website has been set up by dissenting electoral voters at


2016.Dec.08: Global politics and meddling in the US election:  Election meddling and hacking.  Geodetics indicate hacking and meddling from Russia in the recent presidential election is indeed possible, but so is the same from other locations.  It should be asked if the hacking is verifiable as having been done by Russians, or by people using servers based in Russia, who could be based in any country -- and this would depend on the reliability of client information from server companies based in Russia in identifying them.  Geodetic indicators for the dates of the hacking attacks could reveal information about possible specific locations of attack launches.  It is logical that Russia might retaliate over recent events in Ukraine, and that operations independent of Putin could be involved.  The recent practice of assuming that nothing devious could be coming from sources overseas is not realistic, and one can only look at published FBI reports, alone, on foreign subversion operations to see this.  Personally, I have seen, and read about, more than adequate instances of meddling in US affairs coming from the East China Sea coastal area, and would not discount their participation, and would not trust their intelligence reports to be lacking in regional or national self-interest, especially with the recent wave of nationalist "Asian Century" political and financial conferences, the basing of radical WACL/WLFD organizations in Taiwan in addition of Beijing-controlled facilities -- and particularly because of inordinate China (and Taiwan) media fascination with (at least) the last 3 US presidential elections (per internet videos mocking US elections), plus the meddlings of Elaine Chao and her Shanghai-Taipei family network, and the obnoxious Chinese nationalist stances of Shanghai-Taipei-rooted SB Woo and the conspicuous 8020 lobby and uber-greedy Pacific coast Asian real estate cartels. Another area of critical concern should be remote Chinese paramilitary/intelligence operations in the Chaco region in and around Paraguay, and suspicious operations in Guyana and the southern Antilles that have included the diabolical Jonestown affair -- plus the many post-1945 Axis Fascist operations and colonies in Argentina.  What is not widely-publicized is the extensive meddling, for decades, in South America (as well as Mexico) by the former Axis powers and their post-WW2 underground residuals, in addition to more often publicized meddling from Russia and China. These are all areas highlighted now by Vulkanus on the geodetic MC in 4th harmonic (as are St-Peterburg, the Russian border with Finland-BalticStates-Belarus, Odessa Ukraine, Istanbul Turkey, Alexandria Egypt, and eastern South Africa.  Vulkanus would point to the top administrative locations of such operations, as could be locations 45 degrees distant from those longitudes (within North America that would include Chihuahua and Sinaloa in Mexico, which could house covert operations from any of the other locations above).  There is grave risk that operations funneled through Mexico could be blamed solely on the Mexican government if it is not attentive to those areas, with the consideration of the Mormon Colony presence inside Mexico, in Chihuahua, and the Sinaloa narcotrafficking cartels.  One should also not forget that the Mormon organization has a long history of subversion of US government, including its operation of its own outlaw militia and currency.  However, the most likely point-of-entry for any of the aforementioned possible operations would be the Seattle and NYC metro areas, or remote operations in areas around the longitude of Laredo Texas.  These would be the most likely locations of potent meddling from the locations indicated above, including the western border of Russia, and including any covert operations they might fund in countries neighboring the USA, (although they are not the only possible locations).

Zeus can relate specifically to elections, and origins of Zeus potency at election time (and still now) are around 18:30 cardinals, pointing to locations also mentioned in earlier posts, and these include the John Birch hub around Boston, domestically and possibly including paramilitary operations, far south Bahamas and the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and/or Dom Rep), the Colombia-Venezuela border region, most all of Chile, Bosnia, Croatia, central Libya, Capetown, Guangxi-Hainan area of China, far eastern coast of southern Vietnam, longitude of central Java, west coast of Alaska, and Honolulu (where the various cults should be monitored for possible para/military affiliations, including any UNPO-affiliate "Hawaii independence" networks).  IF para/military networks at those locations are problematic, their most likely point of attack on the USA would be around 18:30 geo Ascendant (or 45 degrees, even 22.5 degrees from there), including the North Carolina coastline, northern Vancouver Island and BC coast to the northeast of it, and the US border with Chihuahua once again.  El Paso, in particular, is highly vulnerable, and once again to note that recently chaotic and vulnerable Mexico may in some cases be only the conduit for operations originating in other countries, as has been the case since the US Civil War, incl both WW1 and WW2... America's enemies have used Mexico as a point-of-entry, and Mexicans been blamed for what other countries have initiated.  This could also apply to any transnational narcotrafficking or gun-running operations. The only coastal areas of Russia likely involved in current Zeus operations would be in the freezing-cold eastern Taimyr Peninsula in the Arctic, or west Novaya Zemlya & Franz Josef Land; while areas of China around the Gulf of Tonkin could hotspots of weapons trafficking, as could underworld operations around Honolulu, a Ghee Kung Tong mafia hub.  One should not ignore the SCO Shanghai Treaty between Russia and China, nor the fact the communism in both countries has often been displaced by neo-fascist networks, and ardent Chinese and possibly also Japanese nationalists are pushing for an "Asian Century" to displace American global influence... the smell of a revived fascist "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" is thick in the air, and not to be ignored... nor is to be the possibility of Russian retaliation for recent events in the Ukraine.  Areas of Australia that are vulnerable to Vulkanus power blows include North West Cape in WA, SW South Australia, and east central coast of Queensland, While areas of Europe vulnerable include central Iceland, NW Scotland, Holland, the Rhine valley, and central Italy.  Vulnerable to Zeus operations are East Cape New Zealand, central South Australia and NW Queensland; in Europe, northeastern Spain and the western Pyrenees (most likely from the longitudes of Bosnia, Croatia, and central Libya), meaning France should be alert to any covert operations in the western Pyrenees and Bay of Biscay.  Lesser Zeus para/military operations or weapons smuggling could affect the Louisiana-Texas border area, the southern Maine coastal area (historic German Nazi infiltration hub), Bermuda, and the relatively remote central California coast from San Francisco to the San Luis Obispo region, the north and central Nevada border with California, possibly coming from Honolulu or the Tonkin Gulf region; from western Kamchatka, west coastal Alaska, or from Chile, Colombia, or Peru.

Pluto money for meddling in the recent elections could be coming from global financial power hubs including Chongqing, Stettin, Gorlitz, Vienna, Graz, Capetown, or Bogota, and clearly from NYC, including Trump Towers and its local Moonie cult network strongholds. There is an article about Eric Trump's dalliances with the Moonie cult's "Kahr Arms" gunrunning operation.

Trump's exclusive focus on Mexico while ignoring substantial underworld problems coming from East Asia may be a huge mistake -- smuggling via shipping lines could be a major human-trafficking and weapons-trafficking problem now.  Don't forget where gun-powder was supposedly invented, and Mao Zedong's quote about how "political power grows from the barrel of a gun", perhaps whether the guns are shot, or the guns yield profits used for political lobbying or monopolizing real estate markets of entire cities.  Americans don't realize that in much of the world, land ownership is accessible only to the "one percent", and this is maintained by property value inflation. China and Germany have been plagued with the problem for centuries, using real estate monopolies like oil companies use control of oil wells, or agribusiness control of food supplies and plant seeds.  With Hades in Cancer, pay attention to real estate inflation and monopolization issues -- including talk about how "it's cheaper to rent than own" as society becomes increasingly gentrified with a revived medieval "Junker" class.


2016.Dec.07: Global politics and meddling in US elections:  The long more sophisticated doublespeak deceit of Euro-politics now also appears to be entering America politics...  This is where elitist plutocratic organizations sometimes pose as populist, and where right sometimes pose as centrist or left, etc. Pro-Euro sometimes poses as Anti-Euro in the sham/so-called "Euroskeptic" party network within the European Parliament, which (should it not be clear by now?) Does Not Allow Real Dissent.... what it does, like the management-run sham labor unions, is round up opponents in mock parties, monitor and manipulate them, and the get them all back on track with the aim of the top EU plutocrats, which has long been economic neo-fascism cloaked in enough temporary liberal measures to get nations to sign their future destinies away, and then gradually remove the liberal elements until Fascism is in place. Such methods are also being cooked up in the USA at Stanford psy-politics research facilities (with branches at Princeton, and possibly Washington University, Texas University, and elsewhere). Observe how this happened in the Trump election, and pay attention to how, similarly, it has happened in relations with the East Asian fascist/mafia network. The New Fascism is the Old Fascism with a pseudo-liberal facelift, redecorated for the times we live in, plus some neo-nazi-type cults created by them to cause public confusion.  The internet, which has in many ways been a tool for freedom and democracy, is now also being used by the neo-fascists via monitoring and by propaganda blurbs, and this is clearly facilitated by the internet technology being controlled by the very bankcorps that built 20th century fascism -- Siemens, key Third Reich architect,  is a prime example.  Asian fascist bankcorps also in the picture may include, per geodetic indicators, Nippon Telephone, the Bank of Japan, and the imperial Daqing "Bank of China" (now largely merged into "MegaBank" international) that installed the Manchukuo puppet state, the duplicitous Wang Chingwei Kuomintang faction in Nanjing and Shanghai (later Taiwan) and funded a Kuomintang Party "tossed salad" with factions that literally murdered each other (and traffic black market weapons and drugs in the USA) while presenting an angelic and rosy front that baffled Americans during WW2 and the Vietnam War.  Those same historic dynamics are repeating now, and geodetics reveal clues as to how it's being done.  (See data and notes in the article "Men Behind the Curtain" on this website.)   

Early plans for a European Union of some sort were varied and came from different elements in Europe, but the German/Austrian model became dominant.  The "Lisbon Treaty" was pushed by the well- and long-CDU/IDU-trained Merkel, who is in fact a puppet of the machine that put her in office, and which has included Barroso, once the leader of a pseudo-socialist party in Portugal helping to install Eurofascism.  The "Lisbon Treaty" is one of several "treaties" that have gradually created a centralized Europe revolving around the banks of Frankfurt (home of Deutschebank, and where Peter Thiel and his family comes from, and which probably control him like a marionette -- Deutschebank was further a key player in resurrecting the US Whig Party as the US Republican Party in the mid-19th century). The 'Robber Barons' were mostly Deutschebank and Schweizerische Kredit (relabeled Credit Suisse) barons that crushed the American Granger movement in a hostile takeover.

These are important historical facts that explain the political madness the public is now seeing, and it definitely involves political Cults (Tea Party, Sham "Euroskeptic" parties, etc), which performed a central function in 20th century fascism.  It's important to realize that much of the "Euroskeptic" movement in the EU is actually designed to gather up dissenters and funnel them back to the underlying EU objectives... i.e. a centralized Europe under German control... and it is the German Deutschebank that controls the US Republican Party, not the opposite, as the German CDU has tried to claim.  Merkel's endless false posturing (planned by the real EU oligarch controllers), is intended to always present her as the "best alternative", and so created sham cult opposition parties, where needed, to make the CDU look "centrist" and the "party of reason" no matter what, when in reality the CDU/IDU objective is ultimate centralized globalist corporatism with Frankfurt's "Euro" currency at the hub.  Notice how the "Euroskeptic nationalist" parties, which are ultimately EU oligarchy manipulated, are now joining together.  The oligarchs want corporate fascism, whatever sham political party fronts that requires.  Europe actually needs a Real alternative for European unity, not one run by the CDU, and certainly not one plagued with neo-fascist cults.  Immigration is a complex issue that includes opposition from violent racists, and promotion by greedy corporatists, and then the reasonable and human stances that protect both human rights and the security and economic rights of pre-existing demographic communities -- and thus it is ironic for the parties representing European (or American) labor to champion increased immigration, although it is fair and appropriate for them to support human rights for all, including existing immigrant populations.   The radical-right, overtly neo-fascist/nazi parties have become more popular, in part, due to the failure of existing political parties to protect existing working populations from corporate abuse and importation of additional migrant labor (even more abused by the corporations, following the German "Gastarbeiter/Guest worker" strategy.  The problems are not likely to be resolved until major parties begin taking moderate and humane stances on immigration, and protect the general population from the instability and anxieties of dealing with immigration waves that topple public security. 

Another major problem (confirmed and clarified by geodetic indicators) is politicians and parties, in any country, who are little more than bought-off or else pressured or ideologically seduced and programmed to do the will of foreign parties with foreign interests, and are still quite influential despite all the well-intentioned but vulnerable globalist unification efforts.  An interesting cult in the middle of it all is, indeed, the "Unification Church" cult of the insidious and manipulative Moonies (introduced in party by Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka in the 1970s), a sham religion that is, and has in fact been, a front for joint covert operations of the Asian remnants of the mafia/underworld-infested WW2 Fascist Axis, joined to post-WW2 Eurofascist remnants via the (Manchurian) John Birch Society (co-founded by one of the Koch family) and the underground and de-facto fascist WACL/WLFD "World Anti Communist League" cynically renamed the "World League for Freedom and Democracy" (WoLFD).  Geodetics help elucidate where and how this thread has continued in world politics, and it created the so-called "Tea Party" (a revived WW2-Axis-funded Silvershirts/Liberty League fusion), where members are programmed to function as noisy Pavlovian groupthink trained parakeets and pit-bulls to advocate foolishly against their own interests.  The future of democracy will require that the public shun mass, shouting groupthink movements (using mass/cult psychology like the Tea Party has), and instead strive to cultivate calm critical-thinking skills, and champion full public critical-thinking education and open, rational media that prevents invasion and confusion by screaming cults.  That means the displacement of "rallies" by rational, open discussion groups.  The unfolding, and hopefully temporary and now fading, international neo-fascism could possibly feature a prominent element of Russian Fascism (which existed in WW2 but played a more subtle background role in what went on), now represented in part by the Ayn Rand zombies, and this could correlate with the Vulkanus power now accumulated over St-Peterburg and Odessa, and may be fused with Moonie/WACL organizations based in Taiwan, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Manchuria.  It could explain the raving madness of Duterte now rattling the Philippines and probably preparing it for a Chinese neo-fascist and/or Qindgdao-Dalian,Shanghai-Taipei-based Japanese mafia takeover also already spreading into the US Pacific states, and sometimes already visible on the streets and even fused into some government agency functions (witnessed via the arrests of Leland Yee and Shrimp Body Chow.. and as Shrimp has said, there are others -- one should ask, in seeking solutions, how this has unfolded).  America is contending with neo-fascist infiltration, lobbying, and political manipulation from both directions, from both the Euro-Germanist, and the South and East China Sea mafias, and possibly Russian Fascist elements, all of which historically helped create the violent fascist cults in the Islamic countries, from Morocco to Xinjiang (and which could develop an ugly will of their own).  Too few have paid attention to the Saudi and Turkish and sometimes Iranian alliances with the Fascist Powers during WW2, and how they have continued via organizations including the WACL/WLFD/WoLFD. Another thing too often overlooked was/is the central and essential role of the old Imperial Monarchies in creating and running the Fascist parties and governments, designed to restore the "order" and social gentrification of imperial times.

Neo-fascism wants to provoke chaos and violence on the streets in order to justify crackdowns -- it wants people in "Anonymous" masks to facilitate infiltration and provocation, and it wants the pseudo-liberal Assange and Snowden neo-fascist sockpuppets to keep releasing selected tidbits of information that do things like make sure Trump wins an election over Clinton (one of their favorite targets, because she has been one of the few in Washington aware of the details of the potential of the neo-fascist resurgence, and how duplicitous it is. Obama needs to dispense with his overly idealistic rejection of the idea that the New Fascism is directly rooted in the Old Fascism. (The myth that neo-fascism/nazism has no real connection with WW2-era organizations is facilitated by sham or deliberately confused, sometimes shallow, sometimes completely false pop media outlets).  "Germany Will Try It Again" by Sigrid Schultz describes her first-hand observations of how Nazism operated in Germany (although one must cast aside her racist and homophobic views still typical and widespread in the 1940s, noting that gays -- "perverts" as she calls them -- were psy-programmed and used as puppets under Ernst Rohm/Roehm, and later thrown in concentration camps along with other targeted populations).  The book "Friendly Fascism" by Prof Bertram Gross (excerpts are posted on the internet) is now hard to find copies of, but its title indicates that it may provide some very useful insights for unraveling the deceit of current global politics.  Such insights are definitely contained in Ashman & Wagman: "Nazi Hunters", Wechsberg: "Murderers among Us", Tetens: "New Germany and Old Nazis", Matthews: "Spies for Nippon", Sayers: "Sabotage: the Secret War Against America", and Schultz "Germany Will Try It Again".  Germany is indeed trying it again.  Europeans need to know that most Americans are naive to these issues -- that FD Roosevelt kept them under wraps until the end of WW2 in order to avoid domestic schisms until peace-time, and that his convenient death in the health spa owned by Nazi double-agent Prince Bernhard ended his plan, and what ensued instead was a massive coverup of German- and Japanese-directed Nazi/Fascist underworld activities in the USA, fused with Nazi-created McCarthyism, which effectively protected the secrecy of continued global Fascist Axis operations, at the same time that its main nominal objective was to weed out Communists. Some of the most potent and brutal Anti-Communist organizations were the Fascist/Nazi parties, and that included the cultish WACL, which even had its own Post-WW2 underground paramilitary operations and spy networks, and was fused at various junctures with the John Birch Society and the Moonie cult network (with the facilities of Japan and Taiwan intelligence agencies at its disposal). These are in turn fused with the recent "Tea Party" wave in the USA, who look like something out of a 1950s time-warp because they are, just as the neo-nazis are a replica of a 1930s-40s time warp, while the Merkel-and-Romney dressed brand of neo-fascism is slickly packaged as "friendly" corporatism decorated in publicly-appealing pseudo-liberal themes and garb... so-called "Christian Democrats" that are neither Christian nor Democratic in essence. Their central objective is the replacement of democratic government by corporate control, facilitated into place by nominal "libertarian" policies which of course only throw the gates wide open to trampling by corporate behemoths. One individual who most effectively summarized the continuation of WW2 Fascism up to her death in the 1988 was Mae Brussell.  What is often missing is the role and activities of Asian Fascism, and its complicity with the Nazis -- and this is covered most clearly in Matthews "Spies for Nippon" (based on documents declassified by Bill Clinton, and why the neo-fascists hate him and his wife), and Spivak "Secret Armies", and Sayers "Sabotage: Secret War against America".  Those books will explain the curious events of the Bush administration and the Trump election (and administration if he takes office).  The Chinese role in Fascism is explained in numerous histories of China, which most Americans are either unaware of or are confused about due to the influence of the Highly deceptive China Lobbies (with Moonie cult overlaps) -- who eagerly censor internet articles on Chinese fascism, especially in Wikipedia.


2016.Dec.06: Margin of popular vote victory for Hillary Clinton is 2.6 million votes as of early hours of Dec.06; a US federal judge has overruled a Michigan local official's refusal to recount votes, Green Party's Stein is appealing to the US federal govt for a Pennsylvania recount (wider margin, but with claims of voter blockage), Florida voters have begun a petition for a Florida Recount, and several Republican electoral college voters are indicating they will not vote for Donald Trump.

It is vital for Americans in all political parties to continue to push for vote recounts.  State/local governments should not have the right to block vote recounts for US President, which affects All 50 states.  Fortunately, federal judges have intervened and stopped local officials from arbitrarily blocking vote recounts.  Reports on the results up to this point vary radically, based on which news source you access, meaning some may be lying.  There are astrological indicators that there may have been substantial foreign meddling in US elections, re campaign contributions and other means. 

(This entry began 4 days ago, had to be reviewed to match events over the weekend.)

Many have pointed out the Pluto opposition to the USA July 4 Sun, exact in tropical zodiac within the last few years, and now exact in precessed/sidereal, as being potentially divisive and coming from outside the country (consider the Habsburg-created "UNPO" political affiliates and or the WACL/WLFD or something from St-Peterburg Russia as possible sources, while anything from the longitude of Chongqing or Shanghai-Taipei longitudes is high risk) -- and the 4th harmonic (and less so 8th and 16th harmonic) alignments to the local/geodetic MC reveal the range of locations where Plutonian power is pushing on the USA during its transformation.  Within the USA, that's Greater New York City, and outside the USA the most likely locations are Vienna Austria (origins of the Habsburg imperial Drexel network that founded the Wall Street Stock Exchange), Chongqing (recently burgeoning 'capital' of the Central Chinese economy on the edge of the Opium Triangle and WW2-era-capital, and possibly Capetown South Africa and/or the financial oligarchy ruling Bogota Colombia (unfortunately an economy that revolves around cocaine narcotrafficking), and possibly also the post-WW2 Euro-Axis fascist hideouts in southern Chile and Argentina. Thus, the recent "Occupy Wall Street" theme has been appropriate and even prophetic, as the future of America may revolve heavily around whether Americans or someone else controls Wall Street in the future.  Could Wall Street break from the "Austrian School" (UNPO affiliates) gentrification of the imperial oligarchy of Vienna?  Or from the Chongqing Kuomintang oligarchy represented by the Chao billion-heir global shipping dynasty of Elaine and family and friends, maybe including gun-trafficking Moonies in Metro NYC?  Many Americans are of the opinion that the claimed election of Trump was not legitimate, and that every legal and peaceful means available must be pursued to affirm that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is inaugurated on January 20.  To do otherwise may be to abandon American Democracy to the dustbin of history. And it's likely that most of the world, except the oligarchs in the above-mentioned cities, want Clinton in office, for the whole world's sake.  The pressures from the Vulkanus geodetics also matter... Shanghai and Taipei (Chao shipping dynasty origins), Manila, St-Peterburg, Odessa, Buenos Aires (whatever prevails in those cities).  Do note that the 2015 Victory Day parade in Beijing indicated that China is now ruled by a Kuomintang-Communist merger that was initiated nominally by Deng Xiaoping, enacted gradually since then, and may include Japanese elements also intent on restoring the East Asia "Prosperity" "Dream" and building a global "Asian Century"; and any remaining division between mainland China and Taiwan could now be mostly cosmetic (typical of Chinese politics) and designed only to manipulate foreign powers, including via military aid that ways known all the way back in the 1940s, including during the Vietnam War, as a Chinese money game.

Also be very leary of any game Merkel tries to play in "offering solutions", as much of what has transpired actually smells a lot like typical German BND games played in other countries. Too many American politicians and other leaders are too readily manipulated by foreign political machines ready to abuse American naivete -- and Trump's not smart enough to handle it, Pence will probably try to solve the problems with Bible verses, and Chao will let her personal greed and that of her family and its disgustingly rich and clannish political network drive her decisions about US policy, as before.  The claimed election results of November 8 are simply Not Believable, and an astrologer whose name I don't remember indicated that the elections could be foggy or fraudulent. 

Vulkanus alignments show that Trump may have been put in office by the same political machine that George Bush Jr was, and these include the dinosaur scraps of WW2-era fascism (which included Russian fascists then as well, so Putin is not out of sync with the overall picture), symbolized by involvement of Peter Thiel, who is probably more of a programmed and obedient puppet of the German BND than any sort of conscious participant).  Pence's possible backing from old KKK/Silvershirts (Tea Party prototype) remnants in Indianapolis, Ryan's subscription to the Ayn Rand Russian fascist cult, and whatever ideological curios have fluttered in and out of Trump's weather-vane mind. There's a danger that Ryan will mistake his Congressional post for the driver's seat in the Wienermobile owned by a company that has long been an NRA and Pan-Germanist advocate.

America is now geographically and economically sandwiched between revived Eurofascism (hidden under the skirt of Merkel and driving her, despite her party's highly deceptive propaganda and manipulative cults/ps-ops to make her appear liberal, or moderate, as needed at the moment) and revived Asian Fascism (a Sino-Japanese blend likely rooted in today's permutation of the Japan-friendly Shanghai Green Gang Mafia that the Kuomintang, now controlling the Chinese Communist Party, has long been fused with).   Geodetics verify that the Kuomintang Party, often referred to as the Chinese Nationalist Party in the USA (but not elsewhere where the the China Lobby does not clamor and lobby heavily in the national capital), is actually more of a Sino-Japanese party... it was first organized in Japan, where ties were maintained even during the World War 2 conflicts when China was split into warring camps.  Geodetics show that money for building the World War 2 East Asian Fascist machine may have come more from China than Japan, and history references mention the longtime China-Japan mafia collaboration in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea, where Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao and Dalien are coastal cities.  Some history references verify what the geodetics show... that the Eurofascist Axis sought China as the preferred ally in its early years, but all China would not go along, and so policy shifted to making Japan the key Asian Axis partner, which was at first resisted in mainland Japan while the East Asian Axis was being cultivated in Manchuria and possibly in Taiwan.  German banks including the Siemens-Deutschebank subsidiary then called the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank played a role, and still plays a role in what remains of a tenuous German-East Asian fascist economic alliance; parts of this are explained in "Spies for Nippon" by Tony Matthews, a summary of declassified documents released by Pres Bill Clinton before he left office... documents that reveal how the Axis Fascist ran its international spy and subversion networks, including those that operated in the USA, and that spy collaboration between Japan and Germany (and Spain and Portugal and Argentina) was Extensive.  It is yet to be made clear how much Japanese and Chinese fascist organizations functioned independently of Berlin and Vienna.  In 1945, the Fascist Axis vowed to make a comeback, and thus obscured information needed to do so.

Some political analysts have speculated, logically, that the 2000 election coup in Florida was made to favor Bush, in part, so that he could shred documents that Clinton declassified and that his political circle did not want revealed... and it could also be the case in this election that efforts to block Hillary from taking office include the same motives. Obama, per his past comments, has turned his head and believed that the WW2 Axis is "old stuff in the past" that has nothing to do with what goes on now and in the future, with immediate nudging from Merkel and Shinzo's circle, and the distorted views of foreign-manipulated Stanford-based agencies (and Schwazenegger's propaganda), but Clinton comes from a background that would not so likely brush the events of the Axis Fascist era off as irrelevant or dead issues -- particularly in relation to the situation in the Middle East, but also in Europe and East Asia, and even within the dim but sometimes powerful corners of American politics (i.e. oil-hungry Koch, and possibly DuPont dynasties).  Today, Germany (with Austria) has repackaged fascism in a most intricate and sophisticated way, rife with doublespeak and deceptive imagery, to create what has been created, Hitler's dream, i.e. a Europe whose central bank/currency is in Germany, whose head of state is considered the head of Europe, and a continental economy that revolves around German banks and corporations.  Europe could be unified without that, and should be, but beginning with the so-called "Lisbon Treaty", pushed hard by Merkel (as she was told to do), German dominance has been installed. One major problem is indeed the current sophisticated duplicity of EU politics, including its sham so-called 'Eurosceptic/Euroskeptic" network that is the EU-controlled catch-gutter assortment of sham parties for dissidents... sort of like a corporation having a labor union controlled by its CEO.  Trump's earlier stance on Brexit may be simple posturing; Thiel will likely act in official German interests; and Merkel (typically) will say whatever sounds good at the moment and depending on who she's talking to.  The United States is not likely to survive and thrive without a substantial degree of isolation and protectionism, and unless Americans bring their investment money home and invest it in America, and stop importing cheaper labor (like via "Forward.US") and pushing Americans off onto the streets, as has been done for the last 16 years, public dissatisfaction will continue. The greedy are simply going to have to "share the wealth" for the USA to survive and thrive, and that's the opposite of what Trump is proposing -- and if the US govt falls under foreign control, like a quisling govt, they may not care what Americans think.  The Republican party's ideology of greed and selfishness and materialism cloaked in religious hypocrisy (and worse, the "beliefs" of Ryan's Ayn Rand zombie cult) cannot do what America needs now, not to mention that the Republican Party was largely founded by Deutschebank and its Schweizerische-Kreditanstalt affiliate (aka Credit Suisse), and will likely serve German interests in the end, just as Wall Street serves the interests of its founding Habsburg imperial banking houses that are fused in with Deutschebank, and make the USA the Amerika Kolonie (nearly accomplished under Harding-Coolidge-Hoover the "laissez-faire" Hayek Austrian-school economics presidents).  However, the Asian Century crowd from China and Japan are no better, as it too has clearly shown colonizing intentions, as witness in the mass, gentrifying real estate gouging and corporate acquisitions of recent years.  Canada would be wise to be alert to these very same issues, and the "Global Trade Deals" appear to contain clauses that will intensify those very same problems to a larger degree.  In other words the USA is at risk of being literally colonized, and divided among German and East Asian banks just as was planned in the 1940s, if it's not already happening. If Russian elements team up with the German, which is possible, the results could be even more problematic.  It's going to take a president smart enough to recognize this and handle it well, or organizations like the Habsburg-run "UNPO", woven into the EU oligarchy, are long set in motion to carve the USA up into several smaller countries.  Such an unpleasant thought would match with Pluto over Vienna now, and also Vulkanus over St-Peterburg and Odessa if the old Habsburg-Romanov alliance has been revived and in control there, as some political analysts claim is the case.  These are among those who meet at Davos and Arnhem, and sit on the ruling councils of the EU.  Putin may have been Made in Russia, but he was well-programmed in Germany, like a puppy obedient to his master's voice. What's interesting geodetically is that Merkel's backing network revolves in part around around Stettin, the historic power base of Katharina von Anhalt (Catherine Great, German Czarina of Russia).

What shows in Trump's natal chart: MC =MA/NEZEKR =HA/MOVU... this indicates someone who may often act compulsively and semi-consciously, as if driven, and he may be substantially under the sway of official agencies where his Kronos is located (circa 51:00), i.e. Tokyo most likely, and/or where Vulkanus is overhead (circa 81:00), i.e. EU agencies in Lisbon. Trump could be pulled in both directions at various times, which would be typical of the current tug-of-war between Eurofascism and Asian fascism for global dominance, and he would be especially susceptible if drinking or drugged (i.e. lobbying events with cocktails or drugs in the picture).

The directed Sun on Trump's Ascendant is actually conjunct, at about 0 Virgo, and IF the solar arc degree is geodetically significant, a main, visible controller comes somehow from either the longitude of Canberra or Sydney or the Kuril Islands, or Seattle or Sacramento, or the Azores, or from the old Czarist power hub at Ekaterinburg or Mashhad or Zahedan in Iran.  However, this could be separate, or not, from more subtle influences from Tokyo or Lisbon (perhaps the most likely source locations, representing the EU and the Asian Century network).  Trump's wife's chart, assuming that the publicized birth date of 1970.Apr26 is correct, also shows a very interesting natal configuration of MA=KR=PO... which does not match with the daily work she is publicized as having done. With that birth date, it could be that Melania has possibly been involved in work handling official data or information, and the Kronos (official) factor at 6:43 Gemini (66:43) points, in 4th harmonic, to cities in North America near 115W00 (incl Las Vegas, Boise, Banff Park area, Yuma), the east coast of Iceland (NATO hubs) or in the Azores around 24W00, Central Asia near 67E00 (incl Salekhard, Kyzlorda, Samarkand), or around 158E00 (west Kamchatka, Micronesia, Solomon Is), considering both Grimm and Sepharial values. Note that this is dependent on the correct date of birth. 

In short, some foreign agency or agencies may have wanted Donald Trump to be President of the United States for their objectives, matching with Peter Thiel's pointed financial and campaign backing, and anything shady fused in via rubbing noses with Elaine Chao.  Germany and functionally reunified China and Taiwan, with possible Japanese involvement, are the two main geo-regions aspiring to status as the "world leaders" in the 21st century, and just so happen to correlate with the 2 central World War 2 Axis corporate-state fascist hubs.

December 2016, including the Christmas season, is a time for 100% American agencies to grill and sift just exactly what has happened in the 2016 elections, and it's time to throw the foreign agents Out of US government affairs, or problems are likely.  That means No Elaine Chao, and No Peter Thiel, for example, and no spy agencies that either of them are able to manipulate.  Nativism when choosing Presidents and top national officials is not only smart, but stressed in the US Constitution, and that should extend to Cabinet Members. Better yet, every legal channel available should be combed and scoured for questioning the legitimacy of the election, especially while Pluto is opposite the Sun.  This is no time to get sloppy with globalist dream-schemes. Merkel, Putin, Shinzo, and the Chinese disapora countries have their own conspicuous nationalist ambitions that it is foolish for American leaders to ignore. 

Another chapter is needed to cover the curious nature of the politics of Lisbon (nominally neutral but compliant to Berlin in WW2), and there may still be time to give Hillary the title if America's brightest constitutional lawyers put on their thinking caps and get the country back on track before it's too late.  This still-questioned election is not a soap opera... it's the Future of America at a critical turning point, and not to be left to the whims of fools or power-addicts, or more foreign predatory "investors" gentrifying the US real estate market and importing their own employees to work in the businesses they build here.

As Pluto "does its thing", America needs to quit looking excessively across the ocean, and instead pay more attention to what's going on at home, or it risks splitting into fragments, may Too diverse... Vulkanus remains in orb or the Ascendant of the ports of Seattle and New York, and AS=VU means "Others are powerful" and that a careful balance-of-power is needed at the doorstep, to keep from being mowed over.  Anchorage, where Vulkanus is on the MC, Must be secured as a fully-American city, and the same applies, via 8th harmonic, to Denver, Cheyenne, and Roswell, as these are the cities now that have the power to resist foreign invasion and overpower... no room for Bundeswehr or Kuomintang or any other foreign forces at these locations now, as both Germany and the Sino-Japanese Axis are out to rule the new century, to suppress America and put it in their back seat.

Lastly, to note, it was Siemens Corporation (in Germany) that helped Iran develop its nuclear capacity -- and the American public needs to pay attention to the 1994 scuffle when Siemens manipulated US courts to allow it to bid on US military contracts despite being a foreign entity. (There is no "Siemens USA"; it's a German corporation fused with German military interests, for decades now).  Also, attention is needed to former Japan PM Kakuei Tanaka's dealings with Nixon and the bringing of the Sun Myung Moonie cult to invade US infrastructure, and its relationship to Watergate -- Tanaka was highly controversial in Japan over corruptioin, quickly removed from office, and the question should be asked if he had any even remote relationship of Japan PM Giichi Tanaka and the groundwork he lay for the "Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere". Americans who think that references to foreign meddling in US politics, while Vulkanus presses on the USA Sibley chart Ascendant, and now on the geodetic Ascendants of New York and Seattle (and Ottawa Canada), are irrelevant are indeed living in a "Siemens Cloud" and blind to what's happening in and to Washington DC and to America's industries nationwide.  Many nations have fallen due to excessive involvement matters overseas, neglecting problems in the homeland.  Careful attention should also be paid to anything resembling a "Romanov Restoration" in St-Peterburg, as well as any historical relationships of ISIL/IS to the Black September network, the Uighur Jihad movement of the 1930s, the Hajj networks in the Kuomintang, Saudi-China/Taiwan relations, as well as the historic relationship of the Nazis to the Palestinian Mufti and root organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood (and Gaddafi), the Jamaat el Islami network in Pakistand and Bangladesh, and the Chee Kung Tong Chinese mafia network.  Also, the Siemens Deutschebank/Deutsch-Asiatische banking network, well-known as doubling as a front for German military intelligence operation For Decades, may be mixed in the middle of all of it.  The European Union, at top levels, is likely run by a combination of remnant elements of the old Habsburg, Hohenzollern, and German Romanov dynasties, often interrelated via marriage and/or family lineage. Moreover, despite periodic clashes between China and Japan, their imperial families often collaborated, especially in efforts to quell democratic movements in China, Japan, and Korea, and to build the WW2 East Asia Fascist Prosperity Sphere in collaboration with Pro-Nazi Czarist elements in Manchuria -- and while in China, the Communist Party has been fused with Russian politics, the Kuomintang Party has been fused with Japanese and some old Qing imperial elements that have infiltrated and dominated the Kuomintang at various points -- and is very much fused into the power structure in Hawaii. Also extremely important for Americans is to investigate Paul Ryan's foreign connections via the Russian Fascist Ayn Rand cult, and to uncover who promoted the issuance of a US postage stamp with Ayn Rand's picture on it, and why Ryan stares off into space when talks, as though he is lip-syncing a pre-programmed ideological "ideal" of some sort... plus his connections to the NRA-affiliated Oscar Mayer company. Some consider his influence in Washington even more risky that that of Trump, even though he appears more sane and calm on the surface -- the longtime Koch business interests in Russia risk having an inordinate role in US foreign policy, and could fuse with Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand transnational zombie cult affiliations. 


2016.Dec.02: Records of voter intimidation and harassment should be on record:

Today, votes stand at 65,100,000 for Clinton, 62,600,000 for Trump (margin of 2,500,000 votes favoring Clinton.

Brazen vote manipulation and propaganda campaign carried out by partisan Trump camp:

Recorded incidents of intimidation and harassment of voters, report #1 and other

Recorded incidents of intimidation and harassment of voters, report #2 and

Trump lawyers blocking recounts in elections he himself claimed were rigged and fraudulent

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has arbitrarily obstructed a vote recount in his state, where the last count indicated a Trump win of only about 10,000 of at total of 4,500,000 votes counted in his state, where media have reported various problems with voting machines including rejection of a number of ballots because the scanners could not read them. No state should or local official should have the right to obstruct recounts of close elections that affect the entire country, and no election affects the entire USA more than election of a President.  The margin is only 0.3 percent, and many states require a recount if the margin is less than 0.5 percent. Such an arbitrary decision should be appealed to federal courts, and this is the highest federal election in the country. Enough of local oligarchs behaving as though they have the power to stop verification of the legitimacy of US national elections. Media reports that Schuette plans to run for governor, and Michigan voters should remember what sort of respect he has for democracy when his election arrives. This is where it is time for the federal courts to intervene. The election results are too critical to the future of the United States... it is simply not logical that a majority of Americans would want Donald Trump as President... Americans are not that stupid.. and already Trump has broken or contradicted nearly every promise he made during the election campaign last month, and picked several extreme-rightist cabinet members that do not represent anything close to the values of the majority of Americans. After ranting continually about immigrants and problematic foreign meddling, he has even proposed Taiwan-born Elaine Chao,shipping company billion-heiress known for cold indifference to workers' rights as Secretary of Transportation.


2016.Dec.01: Republicans trying to block vote recounts; Transpacific Vagaries; 2017 annual Universal Chart hints.

As of today, CNN reports 64,900,000 votes for Clinton, and 62,500,000 votes for Trump (margin of 2,400,000 votes favoring Clinton), and recounts in Wisconsin already begun have discovered 4,000 votes for Trump that could not be verified and so were subtracted, and this has already decreased the margin of "victory" for Trump to 22,000 votes on just the first day after a recount petition was filed, per  The national vote count favoring Clinton is likely to increase, as only 84 percent of votes in California have been counted, large urban votes tend to be the last counted, and nationwide overall, urban voters have usually voted for Clinton. Planetary pictures for January 20 (inauguration day) are favorable in for both Trump and Clinton, in different ways -- Clinton should not give up yet.  There remain some positive indicators for her on January 20.  Has there indeed been extensive meddling in the ballots in states now being contested, plus Florida (for some very odd reason not being mentioned for recount despite it having 0.3 percent, the lowest margin of claimed majority for Trump of any state in the union?  Mega-rich Trump campaign elements have set up new websites broadcasting how a recount could not possibly favor Clinton, but a majority of highly-experienced astrologers have noted that a Clinton victory was and is likely, while the actual nationwide popular vote clearly favors Clinton, so What Has Happened at the voting places?  Why is there such stubborn resistance to recounts?  Has the election indeed been hi-jacked?  Why are some states still using voting machines known to be vulnerable to fraud, and why are they continuing to be used during recounts?


Inauguration day (January 20) indicators for Clinton and Trump (32nd harmonic clusters/aspects, 1 degree orb), and note that these configurations would stick with either of them throughout their 4-year term, as inauguration is the official birth of the administration:

For Clinton (time unknown, so only pictures on Sun (willpower and internal bodily condition at that time), Kronos (official status), and Vulkanus (political status) are used, noting other factors in harmonic cluster with them:

    Solar Arc dKR=SU (status and titles),  dHAVU=KR (Vulkanus in much closer orb, Hades indicates later, typical partisan attacks on status), dNE=VU (intuitively guided administration, risk of sabotage if in denial of influence from others).  Both dKR=SU and dVU=KR, alone, are strong indicators of potential for political office. Keep in mind that Clinton's solar arc pictures are now almost identical to when her husband was inaugurated, in 16th harmonic/22.5 mode, and so any differences now should show in the transits.  Difference would also show in secondary directions, which most uranian astrologers do not use.  Again, without a certain birthtime, much information is not available. What we can see are non-astrological factors... Clinton has 2 million more votes than Trump, maybe more after California ballots are counted, and still even more if the vote recounts weigh in her favor, or if electoral college voters differ from the assumed whole-state electoral vote method.

    For Clinton on January 20, tKRAP=SU (status and fame, extraordinary success), tPLVU=KR (development of political office or honors through outstanding efforts). t(AR/VU)=VU=SU/MA (Vital personal power exerted out in public). t(KR/VU)=SU/KR State executive affects my personal status). tSAHA=VU Delays and serious concerns while exerting power (already in effect due to election ambiguities, may involve health issues that slow things down)... the last would be un unfavorable indicator if not for the very favorable indicators on Sun and Kronos... all should be tallied together.  AS and MC (especially significant in this case) indicators are absent due to the unknown birth time.  The noted configurations, overall, could also indicate that Clinton won, but has been denied the office anyway.  A clearly known birthtime for her could provide more details.  Remember Gore.

For Trump on January 20:

    Trump Solar Arc dAP=MC (fame and commercial success), dSU=SU=AS (Trump may actually be overshadowed by another virile figure nearby in his environment if he takes office), dNEPLZEKR=KR [status, and may quietly use military or police (govt or private) to maintain it; either intuitively guided, or else debilitated by alcohol or drugs], dVU=VUMO (positions of power; due to Moon cluster, wife or other women may be involved -- what are his wife's political connections, and are the more powerful than Trump's?  Women in Trump's hold sway over him, even if subtle and not immediately apparent, and Melania may not be as passively compliant to Trump as she appears on the surface.  d(KR/VU)=MC  favorable for post as head-of-state. 

    Trump tPL=SU (major change of lifestyle, joint resources/assets may have heavy impact,investments/loans/debts a big issue), t(AR/VU)=SU (Man powerful out in public).  Pluto can sometimes indicate things going on under the surface of visible situations. Pluto can also indicate major reversals due to abuse or corruption. Is there something going on that the Trump camp is trying to keep hidden, but which will surface before January 20?  Is it directly related to the election itself?  And will he take office nonetheless?  Or not?  Pluto also often refers to situations in a state of flux, in the process of unfolding, and sometimes private plans that are not yet manifest but will eventually surface, and it often involves others, to a substantial degree.  Note, as mentioned earlier, that Pluto geodetic indicators point to possible foreign manipulation of the elections from Berlin, Gorlitz, Vienna, Naples, Chengdu, or Chongqing.

Perhaps no one should yet assume that "the show is over".  The precessed/sidereal transit to Pluto does not manifest until close to Christmas or New Years.  Are the people who think the vote recounts won't change things being overly pessimistic?  The Trump camp certainly seems fearful of the vote recounts.... and why is Florida's squeak-by margin not being recognized as the most conspicuous justification for a vote recount?


As for the TPP, some media claims are that new post-TPP trade agreements are giving China advantages, but per the geodetics, the advantages would have been with China either way, and US signatures to the TPP would have bound the USA in fact to widely-suspected hidden clauses or backdoor plans advantageous to interests in Shanghai, Qingdao, and/or Taiwan -- and the same will be true for the next few years. Fine print and unstated intentions can have heavy impact, and the impact and dominant energy (Vulkanus) along the Pacific Rim now is concentrated in Shanghai-Qingdao-Taiwan, even if that impact was in 2016 =NO/NE (foggy or ambiguous relationships), and =HA (often secrecy or privacy, HA.VU may be covert politics) just barely out of 2 degrees orb.  In 2017, VU remains barely outside 2 degrees orb of Hades, and =SA/NE (leaky boundaries, dissolution of stability, ambiguities around land or real estate; can be resolved by seawalls, port controls, blockage of drugs, firmness with evasive situations).  These same issues apply to other areas where Vulkanus is overhead now: St/Peterburg, Odessa, Istanbul, Alexandria, Durban, Guyana, Chaco region, Buenos Aires, Manila. With the Neptune and Hades factors involved, the Vulkanus power may be subtle, covert, or late-night.  Metro Seattle and New York City in USA, Ottawa in Canada, Cape Farquhar and Dirk Hartog region in Australia, would be the most likely ports of entry, of potent impact. Secondary impact (8th harmonic) around El Paso in the USA, Boothia Gulf in Canada, Mount Gambier and Rockhampton areas in Australia. Neptune can be slippery or slick; with Vulkanus very slippery or very slick. Locations where Neptune or Hades are on the Ascendant can also be key ports of entry for drugs and/or things done on the sly or late at night.  These locations for the 2017 universal chart point to: Neptune influx around Big Bend Park and areas bordering it in Texas, coastal area north of Churchill and Boothia Gulf in Canada, Adelaide and Townsville in Australia; Hades influx around coastline around Pensacola, Chicago, and Marquette in USA; Nipigon and MB/ON border on Hudson Bay in Canada; lesser Hades influx around Darwin and Melville Island coasts and Esperance in Australia, Mexicali region in USA, Havre Montana across from Nazi colonies in AB/SK, Cape Lisburne and NW coast of Alaska (sabotage of radar stations?).  Source areas of potential Hades problems: corruption/covert ops around Bergen/Stavanger coast in Norway, north coastal Netherlands, Marseille, Bejaia Algeria, W Nicaragua, central Honduras, western Nigeria, Qamdo Tibet, central Burma incl capital region (west of Opium Triangle), Tuva region in Siberia, Banda Aceh region in Indonesia, Cabo San Antonio Cuba, and within the USA from Fort Benning transnational ops, Cape San Blas, Frankfort, Cincinnati, Lansing, and Sault Ste Marie, Southampton Island in Canada.  Lesser (8th harmonic) Hades problems may come from Dammam-Bahrain area in Arabia, Alqaeda region in Yemen, Iran coasts east of Abadan and Rasht, Kazak-Russia border on Caspian Sea; Kolgulev and Franz Josef islands, Samara and Syktyvkar in Russia; British Columbia coast across from Queen Charlotte Islands, Cape Bathurst region of North West Territories, longitude of Fortaleza and Caravelas in Brazil, eastern Somalia and Madagascar, Watson Lake area in Yukon; Sakhalin Island, eastern Honshu and western Hokkaido in Japan (incl Sendai and Sapporo), Guam & Yap, Indonesia-Papua border, Normanton and eastern border of South Australia.  People should be on the alert for corruption and subterfuge coming from these regions, esp involving drugs.   

Several dates and times of birth have been circulated for Fidel Castro. One birth date/time reported since several years ago on the website in Spain is quoted from astrologer Tito Macia as 1927.Aug.27 at 10h52am in Mayari Cuba.  Note that Biran (quoted in other data) is a district in Mayari in Holguin province of Cuba.  This is one more datum to add to the others. 1926.Aug.13 has been a date given repeatedly in official Cuban media, but that could have been intentional disinformation if Fidel did not want people to know his birth data. In strange irony, while the Trump machine claims a 0.3 percent election victory in Florida, people in the streets of Miami USA are waving Cuban flags.



Why is Florida not being mentioned in the vote recount campaign organized by Jill Stein?  This is a very important question, since Florida has the smallest (0.3 percent) margin favoring Trump in this election, And the largest number of electoral votes (39), compared to the state Stein has mentioned (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan). In other words, without a recount in Florida, the most likely to yield a large change in final electoral vote, Clinton would not win the election without carrying all three of the states Stein is aiming for.  Is this another Bush dynasty deal?  Those who remember past vote recount challenges can also recall the kinds of vote corruption problems Florida has had, not to mention that, along with New Jersey, Florida probably has the least effectively controlled degree of organized crime and political corruption of all 50 states. So, leaving Florida out of the recount significantly lowers the probabilities of a vote recount weighing in favor of Clinton. Why is big Florida being skirted around, and why is there minimal internet information on Florida recount vote procedures?  Note that as this is all now unfolding, Pluto power is hovering over Metropolitan New York City -- Wall Street, Trump Towers, and the local Moonie and Falun cult real estate empires and gunrunning operations.  All of it points to the risk of transnational mafia networks manipulating the US elections and, potentially, the next 4 years of events in Washington, if the votes are not correctly counted.  The idea of the United States government being run like a gambling casino or a real-estate gouging racket is an unsettling prospect for the future, and not a favorable indicator of national stability or democracy.  Young people suffering the election results have hopefully learned about the consequences of not voting.... yes, one has to sort through a whole lot of deceptive political propaganda and bandwagons, even lockstep political zombie cults in recent times, and vote for the candidate that can both champion the values you want AND win an election among the whole national population, with its regional differences.  As for election prediction, astrology is not and never has been Everything.  There are other forces at work on the planet besides stellar influences. There also remains the issue of more than one chart showing winning indicators, as both, or more, candidates may win lots of votes and be popular. The issue is which is more popular, and that's not so easy to weigh.  If anyone thinks that's an evasion, then prove it by demonstrating a method that can predict election winners consistently and reliably with relatively few errors -- it may not exist anywhere.  Astrology indicates likelihoods and tendencies... the stars do not move us around like chesspieces on a chessboard... we are not inanimate clocks or machines. People have willpower, and environmental influences are complex and variable.  There is, however, a certain element of predictability of tendencies that astrology can reveal, and character readings are an example, but not the only example, of it.  Meanwhile America has been Trumped unless a vote recount makes it otherwise.


2016.Nov.24: Israel wildfires, trigger of potential international tensions if not handled well:

First, a reference to the massive urban fires in Israel that some think are political arson, others claim are purely drought related, and internationally significant among all the tensions in the Middle East already.  Zeus at the time of the event hovers over (in 4th harmonic) central Libya, a most logical source of paramilitary meddling, if there is indeed any, and also any cities directly north of there, including Croatia and Bosnia, as well as locations on other continents.  Pluto is still at close 90 degree angle to Zeus... .this has possibly been a period, internationally, of an escalation of private (plutocratic) military contractors acting outside of government controls. Some Palestinian organizations have rushed to assist Israel in fighting the fires. So If there is political arson involved, are its origins in Libya or in other countries seeking to create conflict?  Libya is now a functional failed state, fragmented and run by a collection of regional administrations, including IS/IL affiliates.

Based on geodetic indicators and international political realities, there remain indicators that Pres Obama handled much of the Syria situations appropriately, given that triggerhappy and spacey desert warhawks in Washington, worked up by pep rallies at the German Halifax Conference designed to lobby and manipulate US military policy internationally, were at the time of their IS/IL transfer into Syria, cheerleading for a potentially cataclysmic "World War 3".  Many reports indicate the IS/IL was indeed transported into Syria from the region around northern Iraq, and was not already so active at the time that WW3 warhawks were chanting for an exciting rockem-sockem videogame show. Is it possible that the Syrian IS/IL manifestation was created in order to embarrass Obama and try to prove that earlier intervention advocates were justified in their earlier war-whoops?  There do seem to be people who are addicted to war almost like people addicted to drugs, or to war profits. IS/IL seems to be mobile and can quickly relocate to new locations, meaning possible affiliation with air transport operations and not just ground-operation guerrillas. It is a cult, like the fascist Axis paramilitary operations that go all the way back the 1930s, and which had alliance with both Nazi Germany and the East Asian Axis.  Links to the pre-Taliban WW2 Axis cults in Xinjiang need to be studied, as do Chinese Muslim Hajj organizations affiliated with Saudi political-religious groups through the World Muslim League, and radical Japanese organizations meddling in Palestine politics in the 1970s, as well as any possible Russian meddling.

We all live together on the same planet, but sometimes regional issues need to be resolved regionally.  For some issues, global administration may be appropriate -- and for other issues, maybe not, especially if the local populations have little to no representation in global policy-making.  It was a sign of real evolution when Palestinian Arab agencies came to the assistance of official Israeli operations -- along with the geodetics indicators that any attacks on Israel could have originated from IS/IL bases in Libya rather than from Palestinian territories.


2016.Nov.22: Clinton lead increases - updated Nov.23:

Popular vote count as of today: 64,000,000 for Clinton, 62,100,000 for Trump -- 1,900,000 more Americans are recorded as having voted for Clinton than voted for Trump, despite reports by a team of US computer scientists that computer-tabulated votes in 3 states favoring Trump may have been tampered with.  Obama and the Democratic Party appear at this point to have made it clear that they don't care if Trump becomes US president, since no serious effort is being made to challenge the election obviously rigged by the Trump campaign, a bunch of radical-right extremists set to take charge of Washington via a possibly rigged election.  Angela Merkel, for some reason brought into the middle of American politics at this time, is a fake manipulator -- the old Nazi German bankcorp oligarchy that put her in power also helped put Trump in power in Washington -- and she is now weighing in on what she thinks US foreign/trade policy with Asia should be, making her typically hypocritical and duplicitous statements on the situation in the United States, and, as Chancellor of Germany in her official capacity, it shouldn't be any of her business, and is overstepping her official territory.  But Germany's Deutschebank (founded and owned by the German Siemens family and its Deutsch-Asiatische Bank network) played a key role in founding the Republican Party in the USA, born of the old royalist money network lingering after the US Revolutionary War, to confiscate transcontinental railroads with vast adjacent real estate that were supposed to be US public property. Thus the birth of the "Robber Barons", which included Leland Stanford, co-founder of the Republican Party and named for his son Junior, whose Stanford 'institutes' generate "neo"/pseudo-liberal propaganda (corporatist social-liberal rhetoric) to manipulate US politics. Since November 8, the Democratic and Republican parties both are throwing in the towel to a pack of Deutschebank-affiliated fanatics revolving around Trump who act and think like fascists. Some are blaming it all on Putin, while geodetic indicators (per Vulkanus) point to China and/or Taiwan transnational political/intelligence operations (with heavy Deutschebank investments) also possibly being in on US election manipulation, as appeared to also be the case in the 2014 elections that made Mitch McChaonell top dog in the US Senate. Pluto geodetic indicators point to possible foreign manipulation of the elections from Berlin, Gorlitz, Vienna, Naples, Chengdu, or Chongqing.

Rigged computerized voting machines alone, notoriously manipulable, were enough to fudge votes in Trump's favor.  Such machines have been outlawed in most of California, where Silicon Valley computer tech specialists have known for years that they can be easily manipulated to yield false election counts -- but they are still used in Florida and Texas and Pennsylvania, the 3 largest electoral vote states that favored Trump, by only 0.3 percent in Florida, and 1.2 percent Pennsylvania, where voter harassment by Trump supporters was reported in several locations. Are the Democratic Party and the majority of American voters going to passively accept what may be an election falsified in Trump states?  Hillary Clinton leads by around 2 million votes at this time, and possibly more per projection estimates, a wider margin, by far, than any past US presidential election where electoral and popular votes were in contradiction.  Why was Obama distracted by visiting Germany and an Asian trade conference in Peru while most Americans are in shock and dread and embarrassment for their nation, despite the obnoxious clamor of a bunch of programmed zombies from a "tea-party"-on-steroids replica of the old Axis-fascist-programmed Deutschebank-backed Silvershirts cult?  Obama has been showing an apparent willingness to just let the mess happen, no big deal, hand the baton over to Trump, and Clinton is eerily silent.  Eliminating the electoral college mechanism would take months or years, and isn't going to fix now what happens on January 20.... America's Greatest Disaster awaits unless something is done to give Hillary Clinton the victory she won fair and square, by legal, peaceful means. Only 2 months remain. The clock is ticking.  Some Republican electoral college voters have stated that they may not vote for Trump, which could also reduce his previously-projected electoral vote count. What are Republican Chair Smarmy Reince Priebus's connections to Deutschebank-Siemens?  News on November 10: German-Deutschebank-owned "Siemens CEO... says the public should give Donald Trump a chance", while CDU-servant Merkel obediently plays her very frequent and typical two-faced cover-up game here and there, moment to moment. Deutschebank got what it wants with a Trumpster "victory" over Hillary. The pressure is on Obama to stand up for the will of the majority of American voters before he leaves office.  Why have US Democratic politicians passed laws allowing the German and Chinese and Japanese banks behind the Republican Party run the US economy?  Is it ignorance, or complicity?  Hayek/HabsburgAustrian/Hoovernomics, repackaged as Reaganomics, let unregulated transnational banks and corporations displace US government functions, which is precisely what led to the 1929 economic crash and the simultaneous rise of the Grossdeutsches Reich and the East Asian Prosperity Sphere and Russian fascism. Why are fools in Washington letting it happen again?  They've forgotten the history and aren't paying attention the repeating cycle.  Look to the foreign lobbyists in Washington, lodged into US political, military, and economic infrastructure, whether German or Russian lobbyists or the slippery gun-running Moonies and obnoxious China Lobbies in Washington, bribing and manipulating. Such foreign manipulation of US politics correlates with the recent Vulkanus political machinations from Helsinki, St/Peterburg, Odessa, Istanbul, Alexandria, Johannesburg, Durban, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shanghai, Quemoy, Kaohsiung, and Taipei; and the Pluto financial bribery and blackmail from Berlin, Vienna, Reggio-Calabria, Transnational Wall Street and Moonie-armed-subversion-cult-infested metro NYC, Bogota, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Singapore.  These are some of the locations that the most potent foreign manipulation is coming from. Obama has been kissing up to Berlin and Singapore out of naivete and/or bad advice, and by doing so he's handed the Republican Party exactly what they want, despite all the bickering in Congress, and Clinton has been so far remaining silent on the reports of possible substantial election fraud.  Less than 60 days to countdown, and either the Trump 'victory' claim is annulled by legal means, or America has a neo-fascist government bolstered in part by the global Deutschebank network whose interests Merkel represents, despite her continual deceptive, obedient political posturing "in service to Germany" and its European Union quisling government in Brussels and Strasbourg.  The neo-fascist doublespeak of the CDU/IDU network (which includes the Republican Party in the USA) has reached its climax, and the future depends on whether thinking Americans unite to prove that the "Trump victory" was a lie, and put Clinton, the rightful winner, in the Oval Office.  In a neo-fascist global order, America will become the laughing-stock of the world, as it nearly became 2000-2008, which is Exactly what Merkel's predecessors in the Nazi Party, and Shinzo's predecessors in the East Asia Prosperity Sphere network, wanted.  America is being manipulated by both European and Asian neo-fascism, and fools in Washington are claiming it has nothing to do with the present, and thereby giving the political descendants of Hitler and Tojo and their Russian and Chinese and Arab and Iranian fascist Axis collaborators exactly what they want... the world under Their control.  The remnants of democracy in the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Holland, and elsewhere must unite to push back the new fascist tide.  Germany is too much under the control of the two-faced machine behind Merkel and the various neo-nazi cults the BND manipulates to make Merkel look "democratic", "Christian", and "moderate" by comparison, and the Chinese governments and organizations far too clannish and self-interested and lacking in any real history of democracy to be of any help other than further nationalist amassment of power and wealth for themselves only, already proven rather conspicuously in recent years, still living in the feudal era.  What must lead and prevail are parties with long-proven democratic and humanitarian values, globally, or fascism and gentrification and Ayn-Randist praise of selfishness and egotism may grow in prevalence.


2016.Nov.18: The real NAFTA, the real Merkel (if there is one), and Obama's confusion - updated Nov.20:

US popular vote count as of 2016Nov18: 62,500,000 (48.0 percent) majority for Hillary Clinton, with 61,200,000 (47.0 percent) nationwide votes for Trump. This means 1,300,000 more American voters wanted Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump to be president, and that margin is projected to increase before all votes are counted.  Florida (29 electoral) votes 47.8 pc for Clinton, 49.1 pc for Trump (0.3 pc difference, warranting a recount); votes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin remain close enough for a justified recount. Why isn't that being done -- Why is Obama kissing on the two-faced and deceptive Merkel instead of fighting for the majority of US voters and demanding vote recounts with Clinton???  Who has sold out to the Deutschebank/Siemens machine that ran Trump for president???  Did somebody cut a deal so America should have to live under an insane, transnationally-imposed Trump administration for Four Long Years?  The Electoral College chooses the next US President on December 19, being very near the time of the precessed/sidereal Pluto opposition to the US Sun, it is the seed for America's Next 248 Years.  Is a Donald Trump administration the harbinger of America's future?  

Facts on NAFTA: a recent news article portrayed 1993Sep14 as the signing date for NAFTA; that date that of a signing ceremony for the 9 months of revisions made by Pres Bill Clinton before its enactment.  US govt CSPAN video recordings show the actual original signing dates for NAFTA, and those are:

1992.Oct.07 in San Antonio TX at 20h28 UT/GMT: Original NAFTA agreement signed by George Bush Sr with Mexico's Pres Salinas and Canada PM Mulroney, per CSPAN, one month prior to Clinton's 1992 election victory.

1992.Dec.17 three separate, individual confirmation signings in Washington, Mexico City, and Ottawa by each nation's head of state, one month before Bush Sr was to hand over the White House to Pres Bill Clinton, and with a designation in-effect date of 1994.Jan.01, per CSPAN. 

1993.Sep.14 in Washington DC: Official signing ceremony of Clinton-revised version of NAFTA with Presidents Clinton, Carter, Bush Sr, and Ford present, per .

1993.Nov.20 in Washington DC: both houses of US Congress actually approve NAFTA, to go into effect 1994.Jan.01

1994.Jan.01: Bush's NAFTA, with some Clinton modifications, in effect.

To wade through the significance of these various dates, each of which are significant in different ways related to their circumstances, a study of Clinton's revisions to Bush's NAFTA that was double-signed for enactment only 3 months prior to the Clinton presidency, might be meaningful.

As for Merkel, I'm among those who have watched her routinely and intricately duplicitous actions and party-scripted statements via international media since the time of the CDU/IDUmachine campaign to put her in office. German voters had been warned of her coming crypto-draconian administration pre-planned by the political oligarchy behind Helmut Kohl.  Note that the IDU is an international branch of the European CDU network, one formed largely by the old Central European imperial networks still quite powerful there despite the cosmetic post-royalist governments installed due to the mandates of the WW1 and WW2 peace treaties. The CDU absorbed most of Germany's imperial reich Nazi Party members after WW2, and includes the still uber-rich and powerful (gone underground due to 1918 and 1945 peace treaty mandates) old Habsburg dynasty which rules Austria from behind the scenes and earlier ruled Germany as well, before the Hohenzollern split.  This is Merkel's backing in Germany. The Habsburg dynasty again controls much of the secretive "EU" government via its oligarchic network, and has long had a close relationship to the German-Romanov dynasty that may be returning to power in St/Peterburg, and which may manipulate Putin substantially like a sockpuppet. (Note that Hitler railed about the Habsburgs, but they ultimately controlled him, and they sent double-agents to the USA to keep tabs on US reactions to the strategies of the Grossdeutsches Reich with Hitler as its hood ornament, much as Merkel is the hood ornament on today's revived Reichstag government).

The CDU party of Merkel, a woman literally groomed like a pawn by that Nazi-infested party, and largely but not exclusively, for years, via Helmut Kohl, is a partner member of what is called the "IDU", a "Nineteen Eighty-Four"-like doublespeak organizational network composed of Conservative parties, rather than Democratic as its name deceptively implies, and revolving around the old imperial power network centered on the Habsburg power complex (including Liechtenstein banks). The "Christian Democratic" Party of Merkel has also been a chief advocate of "Austerity" for European nations that have refused to implement CDU corporatist privatization policies, hardly Christian in nature, unless that word has turned from referring to spiritual principles to referring to political gaming and hypocritical religious labels. Recently, sham radical-right "Anti-Merkel" cults have been created and publicized as part of a cover-up, designed to make Merkel look anti-Nazi and moderate by comparison, but it's just more BND/CDU deceit. Polarization over Brexit, which was, and should be, a path to re-creating a Europe not the dominance of the German Euro bank, is being extensively abused and maligned by German-dominated-EU proponents -- and strategic concessions made to Scotland and UK Labor elements by the German EU are most likely temporary lures designed to destroy London's capacity to resist Berlin's ultimate dominance.  US leaders should sticking with Britain and whatever it's people want, and not siding with Merkel. Notice that now that Brexit has proven popular, the CDU/Merkel machine is doing its routine flip-flop, which a review of how Hitler's "diplomacy" operated throughout World War II elucidates... Merkel's strategy is almost a replica, and that includes the courting of Scotland, as Germany knows it cannot dominate Europe when there's competition from London.  Yet too few are asking the very important question of why Berlin/Vienna and not the longtime democracies in London, and a Paris not subservient to Berlin, should be playing a leading role in Europe -- or why the EU is Not a functional democracy.  Germany and Austria still have highly-potent fascist parties and organizations of the sort that never existed in Britain or France except as German-puppet networks (and that in fact includes the dizzy and confused LePen cult, as well as Cyborg Wilders in Holland -- the EU machine is Uber-rich and highly technologically sophisticated, and is fused with Siemens-Deutschebank control of global computer and internet technology).  Siemens computer networks may in fact be virtual controllers of the EU, and in competition with similar Asian networks for global dominance.  Fools in the USA and Canada kowtow to either or both of them; a North American or Trans-American Union devoid of control by either the German/Siemens EU or Asian Century neo-fascism is vital for the future strength and success of the Western Hemisphere, with both the German EU and Asian Century tapeworms intent on making America submit.  Probably only an alliance led by Britain and the USA and Canada can, once, again defeat the raging fascist monstrosities brewing in Central Europe and East Asia, and that requires a NATO restored to their control, rather than Germany's.  Pay close attention to Germany's past and current relations to Japan and the Chinese countries, all of them, and the fact that none of them have strong democratic traditions or institutions, and all of them have strong fascist and feudal traditions and institutions despite periodic setbacks. France's position may be once again Vital to the survival of global democracy, noting that German continually plays on the old Frankish Charlemagne-related myths.  Russia will do what is expedient, but is also fragmented and subject to German manipulation of Putin.  Kissinger is and always has been a double-agent, more clear than ever since his endorsement of the likes of Palin to be US Vice-President -- can that make his dedication to American interests any more clear? 

Merkel has been taught, and routinely uses, the NLP-like Hypno-tricks that Hitler used on his manipulee-victims, that the CDU has taught her, to make other world leaders melt like putty in her hands after brief and charming programming meetings. This is what Sigrid Schultz described in "Germany Will Try It Again", and Germany is indeed trying it again, as planned in 1944 in case the Hilter plan failed at that point. (Note that Schultz was also homophobic and unfairly demonized the gay people who were Used by the Nazis as Brownshirt political pawns before slapping pink triangles on them and throwing them in concentration camps.)  Merkel is not simply the most powerful woman in Europe or the world, but a mid-management puppet (MC very closely clustered with Neptune), of one of the two most powerful political machines in the world (Merkel's root Vulkanus power probably aligned with post-1945 Nazi underground in Spain or Morocco), the other being a similar revived Asian Axis now overtaking both Japan and China, represented by Shinzo Abe and cohorts in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore. (Shinzo's rise was intensively protested, even within Japan.)  When it was recently asked "Who really won World War II?", there's the answer... German and Japanese bankcorps/oligarchs once again trying to run the world.  Putin (lived in double-agent infested "East Germany") is one of several European quislings under the CDU/Merkel machine's control, and as German intelligence operations infiltrate more and more of Russia, and manipulate US military and diplomatic agencies to stand on the front lines and take the rap and get hit with ICBMs should Russians retaliate against German meddling along their borders, this could be one of the big risks to the USA as Pluto opposes the USA Sun via precessed/sidereal transit during the next couple of months.  Thus, it is indeed wise to make cautious overtures with Putin, while Merkel conveniently makes an utter fool of Obama by getting him to parrot part of her party's duplicitous line. One should ask who sent Obama to nuzzle with Diabla Merkel, well-trained Master Manipulator, like double-agent Henry Kissinger, of Metternich's Tarnung tricks, who not so long ago was similarly schmoozing with Putin, and more active than any other head-of-state in setting up the high-risk and volatile anti-Russian Ukraine independence movement.  Germany has, for decades, strategically pitted the USA and Russia against each other, in fear that they would together dominate global economics and politics and dwarf German influence -- and has weakened the USA via backing of the Deutschebank-created Republican Party to build a gentrified and dumbed-down America immersed in backward religious fundamentalism, compromised educational standards, mindless brain-numbing beer-guzzling, demoralizing themes in a pop-music industry for the disfranchised, and rejection or undermining of a strong and effective public critical-thinking, scientific education system accessible to all Americans to give the USA the Smart Power it needs to compete globally.  The BND/Gestapo and its agents in America have outwitted Americans again and again, as have East Asian fascist counterparts, and it could destroy the United States.  Trump is a crazy and loud-mouthed maverick of sorts who is not capable enough to fix such problems. The geodetic alignment of his Vulkanus shows who controls him in terms of global mega-power, regardless of his personal preferences, and that indicates something similar to the backing for Bush Jr, symbolized by Billybob boosting his campaign while the Bushes made their posturing to claim "support" for Hillary Clinton.  Note Elaine Chao's political career in Washington, hosted by the Bushes, also long mesmerized by the Moonie intel/mafia subversion cult.  How did a Taiwan-born China Lobbyist get that much power right at the jugular vein of US government, in the middle of US global trade and labor law, and now so close to the Fort Knox gold reserves?  That's No Small Issue in today's American politics.

Trump was allowed to run for two reasons: one was to have him create a highly deceptive image of a Republican Party now purportedly becoming a party of the ordinary people, which is of course completely deceptive, due to its roots in Imperial Siemens Deutschebank (also long trying to manipulate Obama, probably in part via Merkel's flattery or bribes). Abraham Lincoln was chosen as an icon to present an image that the transnationally-run US Republican Party oligarchy wanted of a party that supposedly championed the downtrodden that it actually trampled over -- and after several decades, the American public, except a few fools at the Republican Party Founders' Stanford and Chicago Universities, figured it out. Another attempt was made to recover the populist image/front by running Teddy Roosevelt, who had to leave the party and form a new one in order to enact the values he personally advocated for, because the Republican Party oligarchy didn't really agree with him anyway. The next Republican pretense at populism was the candidacy of Dwight Eisenhower, who said he was running for America, not the Republican Party, and left office denouncing the largely Deutschebank-run transnational "Military Industrial Complex" nested in the Party that nominated him -- a party that always was the party of the old foreign imperial bluebloods that kept most Americans in colonial status and in service to transnational banks once European only, but now also Asian sometimes.

 Today's globalism and information revolution have the potential to radically change such problems of the past, but not if German intelligence (BND/Gestapo, the siamese twin of Siemens), or Asian intelligence services and banks, control the US tech industries and/or the internet.  Internet control (such as via the Siemens Cloud) may be a key determiner of the future of global political and economic democracy, and of balance-of-power. Germany tried to trick Obama on that one, too.  If internet control power is given to Germany and Siemens, there is a Fourth Reich on the horizon; if given to the Asian lobbies, a neo-fascist Asian Century replacing the American and European Centuries is on the horizon -- and if given to the UN, the internet will be subject to the control of whoever controls the UN, and watch who scrambles for that piece of political steak. What probably should be aspired to is a Global Century, something that Clinton and Obama have both aspired to -- but it will not manifest in balance if American leaders let themselves be manipulated by deceptive tricks of German doublc-agent Tricky Henry Kissinger and  "crude nationalists" from Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, or St-Peterburg.  The world went Seriously Offtrack when the elections were called in favor of ditzy Bush Jr in 2000 -- Seriously Offtrack, and geodetics show that Bush Jr and Trump are probably ultimately backed from similar if not identical sources.  Obama is being the fool by bending to will of Merkel the Faustian demon-trickster, and by refusing to demand recounts and exploring every legal channel possible to keep Deutschebank's Donald Dumptruck from being inaugurated as US President.  Hillary Clinton was the last Hope for America and the world, and the majority American voters saw that.  What's Obama doing flying off to Berlin to nuzzle up with Hitler-in-a-dress when both America and the world are on the verge of a potentially extreme crisis?  

Merkel is a treacherous Liar, trained in how to practice continually Metternichian deceit at nearly every turn, and was trained for years in preparation for her German "Chancellorship". Only Fools (hopefully only temporarily so) would believe or put their trust in her... she was created as the vehicle to implement a Fourth Reich, aspiring to annexation of Russia, and there will be more like her even if she is replaced. The United States has gone overboard with the loosening of national borders, considering who holds the reins of global power now... Vulkanus power in China and Russia, and Pluto and Zeus power in China and Germany and Austria.  The world remains a potential giant powderkeg via clashes along the Russian border, or along the China seacoast, and geodetics show that America does not have the relative power to win against Russia and China's nuclear stockpiles at this time, and with China's plethora of double-agents with Fake IDs in the USA... the USA would be the human sacrifice any of war manipulated by German controllers in Halifax or NATO, or by China Lobby scum (like Crude Nationalist SB Woo, winking greedy gigolette Elaine Chao, and the "8020 Club", "Asian Century" agents, conspicuously powerful in the Bush admin and the 2014 elections) in Washington.  America is at risk of chaos if Washington does not chart a course of American, not NATO or Merkel or China Lobby foreign policy. Stick with allies, yes, but not be manipulated by them.  Come home, Obama, before Merkel shoves you in the oven and cooks you for dinner -- the gingerbread cookies on the witch's cottage aren't really all That good.... and deal with Putin and Russia for what they really are, not based on the ages-old war-addicted crude German nationalist myths pumped out by the Halifax conferences, manipulated fools at transnational corporate Stanford, and the ultimately vindictive "German Marshall Plan" championed by Merkel.  Merkel's political posturing conceals a raging neo-nazism and lebensraum-intentioned vengeance that doesn't care if Russian missiles wipe out huge sections of US national infrastructure and national defense capabilities needed to defend the United States against Real national security threats. And Obama, don't trust Merkel's devious little Islamic-themed political posturing games with "re-education centers", and don't forget the German history of creating and arming the very pseudo-Islamist cults that are at the roots of Black September, Taliban, Alqaeda, and IS/IL. If you don't see that Merkel is a well-trained scheming witch on behalf of a Fourth Reich plan, you may find out Too Late -- she is Not your friend, not America's friend, and she and her political entourage are the Crudest of the nationalists you have denounced.  Back off from her now, before you are made to look like the biggest fool on the planet, and come home and fight to put Hillary Clinton on the podium, taking the oath on Inauguration in January, instead of Merkel in the Wolf's Lair with people running a World War III with missiles long aimed at American and Canadian cities, coast to coast.  

Germany already has its revived Vertriebene scouts and agents poking holes in the Russian border regions, taunting the Russians into a war they want America to fight, and Germany wants Moscow and its natural resources for itself, just like it did in 1941.  Stop listening to the fool worshipers of Hoover the 1929 Flop, Stanford Jr University icon, and German bank dupe, and start listening to Franklin Roosevelt, the man who really Made America Great via his domestic policies and implementation of more civil rights programs than anyone, even if he had to put Asian spies out of reach of US national security facilities during wartime to do it (per US military recommendations). The Pearl Harbor attacks were facilitated by Asian double-agents in Honolulu, Tokyo Rose agents in the same political network that later formed the Moonie sham-religion cult front for Asian espionage and subversion operations, and today includes hypnotic droning goat-story-teller Shinzo Abe. Asian fascism collaborated extensively with the Nazis, including mass intelligence-sharing for sabotage, invading, and destroying America.  You can safely Believe That, because it's fact based in reality.  Merkel and Shinzo are working real hard to try to make you look like a fool, Pres Obama -- as neo-fascists, they are well trained at tricking and duping, and you're not the only one at risk, as will be PM May if she gets too close.  Love and bolster the success of Hillary, not Diabla the two-faced Hitlerette and her agents and dupes in America, before the potentially deadly January 20 turning point, when it may be too late.  Don't let yourself look like Neville Chamberlain, but instead Ditch the transnational, Moonie-infested crypto-fascist Stanford machine mole in America and tell Merkel to go fly away on her broom.  Given today's technology, including the Siemens Cloud, there may have never yet been a global political machine as treacherous as Merkel's, unless it's her East Asian counterparts scheming and plotting in Japan and Kuomintang-Communist unified China.  Pay Very Close attention to both official German, and Deutschebank, relations and agreements in the Far East throughout the last 100 years, including how those that align with Schwarzenegger's political backing network.


2016.Nov.17 updated - Where's the New Fascism coming from?:

The Nazi and Fascist parties were literal and functional cults, members functionally hypnotized and brainwashed to "Obey", which has been repeatedly evident among world leaders who gather around Merkel (not The top dog, but a trained CDU party network "middle manager") and foreign leaders come to visit shortly afterward have been charmed into doing whatever she, as a top showroom "leader" of the neo-fascist "IDU" tells them to do.  This explains all the weird kissing and nuzzling and hugging and phony kissy-poo affection in the meetings, combined with periodic stern stares, finger pointing,and finger-wagging, like post-hypnotic commands. Such methods of control were also used by the Nazi leaders and described vividly in Sigrid Schultz's 1944 "Germany Will Try It Again" book recording her first-hand observations as an American journalist who reported on top Nazi meetings in Berlin, and saw how the German public were lured and manipulated, or intimidated, into obedience to the Nazi order.  War Crimes Commissioner TH Tetens wrote, 15 years after the end of WW2, about the extensive Nazism woven quietly into Germany's top power structure, about how the "Denazification" program in Germany had been a near total failure, and how the Nazi machine had gone underground in Austria and Spain (with some in Argentina), gradually returning to Germany.

Notice how French Pres Hollande originally expressed concern about Trump being elected, but shortly afterward he was brushed off to a meeting led by Diabla Merkel where told, per the laws of European Unity, to welcome Trump the presidency.  Then Obama went obediently to Europe to meet with Diabla, and then reiterated that Trump was the President Elect and he would facilitate that transition.  Meanwhile Merkel, typically, says one thing and does another, tells Obama she doesn't like Trump... most everything in German policy is "Tarnung", in line with the German CDU being among the world's top masters of political doublespeak. Peter Thiel, most likely a Manchurian dupe and agent of the German BND/Neo-Gestapo, gave of his money stash (coming from family connections in Germany?), campaigned for Trump, who is championed from Berlin one minute, condemned the next, depending on the situation and who they are talking to.  The fake "Alternative fuer Deutschland" Partei is a psy-op cult created specifically by the BND/Neo-Gestapo to make it look Merkel is not a fascist, although most all her policies have been.  There are Britons astute enough to see this, and even the Conservative nationalist Meg Thatcher must have smelled it coming before she got Alzheimers. Sarkozy's family, with Jewish elements or not, were Hungarian nobles in an Austro-German Habsburg imperial order who took asylum in Nazi Germany, not France or Britain, when the Russians invaded Hungary. The "EU" is a sugar-coated Fourth Reich under German/Austrian control, with Habsburgs as top dogs, and Putin is another of their puppets, Pavlovian-trained when he lived in the still-Gestapo-infested East Germany that geodetics indicate may have been run substantially from Austria as well as Russia.  Merkel condemns him one moment, and charms and control him the next, as if to say "Bad Dog, Vladdie!"  The world had better pay every bit as close and cautious attention to what's unfolding in Berlin as they do in Moscow, and in St/Peterburg.

German media, when it was still truly relatively uncensored before Merkel's ascent to power, reported on how Merkel was, for years, groomed and trained to be and do what she does now as an obedient servant of the neo-fascist CDU (which absorbed most of the Nazis after 1945), the "Christian Democrat" doublespeak label on a Neo-Fascist political alliance that largely runs the "IDU" that the US Republican Party and other European branch parties belong to... the so-called "International Democrat Union" of conservative right-wing parties made to look like it's run by "Christians" and "Democrats" who are neither, in essence, rarely in policy.

Is the New Fascism all a Euro thing?  No. Asian Neo-Fascism is equally revived and thriving, includes Shinzo Abe, whose "LDP" party is also a doublespeak-named "IDU" member, as is the Chinese Kuomintang Party now largely in control of the Chinese "Communist" Party leftover shell.  The gradual Kuomintang takeover of mainland China was launched in tandem with the "Asian Century" plan of Deng Xiaoping... the Unification plan for China, Taiwan, and Japan (and maybe Korea) to revive the Fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan. 

Putin, long resident in double-agent infested East Germany, may be under their command now, and the Trump machine may be as well, assisted by German trained pit-bull agents in America, including the quirky maverick and certainly not at all typically gay German-born Peter Thiel who actually wanted Trump in office, and Americans should ask where his family's money and power come from.

 It gave many politically-aware Americans "the creeps" to see Merkel and Shinzo stand on the podium in US Congress and deliver their neo-fascist deception.  The Gestapo-trained long-time German double-agent and Sarah Palin fan, Herr Henry Kissinger, may have facilitated much of it.  Certainly there must be Israelis who have seen this coming, due to historic family familiarity with how the Nazis operated, well aware of the Arab Nazi cults created in "Greater Germany" during World War II, of the Palestinian leaders literally trained and armed by the Nazis, and that root predecessors of the Munich Massacre and Taliban and IS/IL include the Black September cult from Palestine.  Did they have any members in the Dubai Ports organization, and how did that organization get contracts for controlling US ports?

Sorry to say, but immigration controls Do matter in this situation, and East Asian leaders, via longtime alliances with the Saudis, Iran, and other Mideastern countries know about some of these issues, even if they aren't telling all they know to American leaders in Washington.  How much is the "Asian Century" movement rooted in WW2 Asian Fascism?   Probably a lot, as was/is the so-called "World Anti Communist League (WACL/WLFD)", one of the world's foremost post-war Nazi/Fascist underground paramilitary and intelligence networks rooted in the remnants of the former Axis Powers governments gone underground. The WACL/WoLFD is closely fused with the Birch Society cult and probably the Tea Party network, maybe interfused with today's NRA National Rifle Association brainwashing cult (not to be confused with the near-opposite Roosevelt-era National Recovery Act, also abbreviated and called NRA, quite different in purpose and method).

As for immigration policy, notice how the various China Lobby organizations are manipulating and politicizing it to serve Asian Century political and economic and resettlement interests.... there is the other, Asian half of post-war Fascism (including the duplicitous and back-stabbing, crude-nationalist Kuomintang-communist alliance running the Chinese economy now) that is manipulating current US politics as much as the Thiel/Merkel defacto neo-nazi machine with its various sham psy-op cults used as political camouflage and disinformation strategies, Metternichian Realpolitik games.

Is Trump smart enough to handle such global political complexity?  Probably not, and if they offer him a big line of cocaine, he may do whatever they say, if he weren't inclined to do so already.  Meanwhile, Putin suddenly cowers like a puppy trained into submission whenever in the presence of Merkel or Schroeder, and maybe other German agents, so he could implement the long-held Austro-German Nazi/Fascist Dream of a German-Russian empire in control of Eastern, maybe all, of Europe. Watch how Germany continually flip-flops back and forth, depending on what country their officials are in at the moment... Realpolitik in action.  Vulkanus over St-Peterburg could mean a revival of German-Romanov-type imperial power, and the USA had better pay close attention to German attempts to manipulate NATO policy to its secret nominally-EU-verboten nationalist objectives that could put America on the sacrificial altar.... and to the implication of a possible brewing German-Russian alliance, and the long German-allied Kuomintang back-room control of "communist" China symbolized by the WACL/WoLFD cult that McCain was once dazzled by. And although Paul Ryan publicly renounced the Ayn Rand Russian Fascist cult, there's a lot of its programming that still infuses his political policy stances at the core, as do the NRA alliances of the company that put him in the driver's seat of the Wienermobile.  Could Ryan be paid or programmed by the Oscar Mayer NRA-affiliated network political lobby to turn America into wienerschitzel?  Can the Asian Century lobbies similarly turn America into an increasingly Asian-Pacific colony?  Or will America draw its boundaries and reclaim its national identity away from the clamoring foreign lobbies that have been manipulating Washington, and some state capitals, for decades, with alluring bribes, while the US economy has fallen into their hands, gradually under their control?  There are many indicators that TPP and TTIP would further facilitate the fusion of the USA into a fascistic global order run by Germany and Japanese and allied Chinese fascist oligarchy.  Don't let any of them make you think it's an either/or choice between them... they all have WW2-era alliances that never ended, their historic Nazi/Fascist power networks Never Died... nor did their allied Russian Fascist alliances, possibly today stronger than ever, maybe even including Vonsiatsky network remnants in the USA.  Birchers and Tea Partiers and 'Libertarians' in America are their dupes and programmees, and the Greens are for years quietly under German right-wing surveillance and control regardless of individual member intentions, and the Asian Century and Asian-Pacific networks may long be stealthily manipulating the People of Color movement to their regional objectives.  Geodetic alignments describe how these various transnational political networks interconnect.

Despite the nastily deceptive Merkel-era propaganda emanating from the BND/Gestapo, Nazism originated from the old German imperial networks in Germany and Austria and neighboring countries (incl the Kaiser machine's refuge colonies in Holland and Von Oldenburg imperial Iceland, and fascist German-Romanov residuals), collaborating with the old imperial networks in China and Japan that facilitated the Manchukuo govt and the Japan Fascist Party.. .and None of it originated in the United States, even if there were stupid Nazi and Asian Fascist dupes here at the time... all the imperial networks had numerous agents in the USA trying to sway Americans to their agenda, and they still do, including lobbying groups in Washington, and that includes the Moonies and much of the 'China Lobby', as well as German organizations including the Halifax Conference that got McCain all wound up for a World War III, meaning similar networks may exist in Canada, as well.  The naive still think it's just "conspiracy theory", the result of which could drive North America right into their hands, losing American autonomy in a global neo-fascist mess.  Roosevelt would understand all of this because he saw it the last time it happened, would see the striking parallels now, but politicians in Washington are programmed to instead ignore him or vilify Roosevelt (as did Spacey Reagan) for isolating and monitoring East Asian Fascist spies from the network that later created the Moonies and Falun Gong (that Merkel endorsed, for reasons that need to be studied).  It is utterly foolish to write this off as xenophobia -- it explains the recent cult-infested disasters in Washington, many of which are substantially foreign subversion. Look how Chao smugly smirks at how easily she controls McConnell.  Some of the lobbying-cult programming comes from Stanford and Princeton and SRI offices nationwide, two of the key Fascist Axis infiltration and subversion points in the USA.  There are in fact some foreign agents in America who are Not Nice, and they have manipulated every political party in the country to varying degrees and in different ways, and they are often fused in to the lobbying organizations.  Don't let Paul Ryan turn America into wienerschnitzel, or the Asian-Pacific Asian Century lobbies turn America into dupes manipulated by their co-option and manipulation of the People of Color movement.... or the USA could fragment and implode. Foreign lobbying networks have been manipulated by political organizations, both right and left, to serve interests opposed to the well-being of America and Americans, and some politicians have been facilitating that, consciously or not. The USA is now seething with double-agents, just as it was in the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to new clones of the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover and the last round of "no government regulation" fools who foreign banks and corporations love for their naivete, sometimes bribing unsuspecting, sometime willingly corruptible, American politicians into facilitating New Fascist Axis global objectives that will destroy the United States, as they planned the last time around. And just as I write this, Obama has gone to Berlin and let Merkel making him dance around like her poodle, under her spell, much as Sarkozy and others are... the same old tricks Hitler played years ago.  It can happen again, and it's already started. Merkel is fused Deutschebank, and it often tells Trump what do... Merkel is a well-trained liar and manipulator, and those who don't recognized it are fools of the CDU network that controls the European Union.  UK PM May had best be fully on guard when she meets with Diabla the New Fascist trickster, and alert to and familiar with every game the Nazis used to play to manipulated their victims and dupes. The Asian fascists know the same tricks.


2016.Nov.16 - Vote recounts or Constitutional amendments:

Updated popular vote count for Nov.16: increased victory for Clinton among actual voters: Trump 60,900,000 (47.1%), Clinton 61,900,000 (47.9%).  Clinton leads by 1 million votes nationwide, steadily increasing since the vote count of November 8.  As the mostly-urban final votes are counted, Florida (29 electoral votes) shows a difference of only 0.3 percent for Trump, in Michigan (16 electoral votes) a difference of only 0.3 percent for Trump, a difference of only 1 percent in Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) for Trump, a difference of only 1.2 percent in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) for Trump, and  California sources are estimating a 2 million vote lead favoring Clinton after all urban (normally the last fully-counted, and solidly pro-Clinton) west coast votes are counted, noting that, in general, Clinton carried largely urban and high-literacy states and Trump carried largely rural low-literacy states due to his highly deceptive populist primal-emotional-appeal rhetoric which will likely lead to mass disillusionment if he takes office in January, already evidenced by his appointments prone to increased economic gentrification that will hit the rural states, already with the poorest educational opportunities, hardest.  Most Americans clearly want Hillary Clinton to be our next president, despite the years of smear campaigns pummelled upon her and her husband by the radical-right neo-fascist media noise machines aligned with Trump.  Only a slight change in percentages in the 4 close-call states could still throw Clinton an election victory after all, so that a vote-recount in states like Florida and Pennsylvania, with already known voting-place harassment by Trump supporters, would be even more likely to make Clinton president -- despite the claims of extreme-right websites like "Breitbart".  If Obama is resigning to a Trump victory and giving him inside information on the Whitehouse, he is only giving away Democratic Party insights to already-proven competitively hostile Republican elements.  This is still no time to make excessive Democratic concessions, and Democratic voters should be asking who in their party was insistent on throwing the the towel in to the Trump machine prematurely and without a contesting of vote legitimacy.  This movie looks too much like 2000, a highly disastrous turning point in US history that contributed to massive loss of international confidence in the USA with the onset of the Moonie-enamored Bush/Chao administration.

The Trump machine is playing the bargaining-game of pushing for far more than is reasonable, so that when it makes any concessions, the result looks like they have made sacrifices, even when the end results are still shifts to the radical right... this was the same game played by the Republican Party throughout the Obama era, orchestrated by Slimy Priebus and old Deutschebank Robber Baron and American home thief controllers that founded the Republican Party, China Lobby conditional cohorts linked via the WACL/WLFD network, and maybe others.  Siemens Deutschebank, the transnational railroad empire builders, made some of its first killings in America by commandeering the transcontinental railroad and vast adjunct real estate holdings that were craftily stolen from the American public when the Austro-German banking network destroyed and took over the assets of the US Granger commonwealth movement.  The railroads were to be the property of the American public until Deutschebank, one of Trump's chums today, took them away via lobbying games in Washington. "Credit Suisse", famous in the railroad deal history, is the carefully-chosen French "Tarnung" name of the Swiss German "Schweizerische Kreditanstalt" affiliate of Deutschebank that once bankrupted France via extravagant overinvestment in French infrastructure under the "Second Empire" government installed by imperial Austro-German interests also heavily invested in the US economy via Wall Street as well as US railroads. Imperial Siemens Deutschebank built and/or owned a large percentage of railroads globally, even in China and Japan (via Deutsch-Asiatische Bank) and the South African gold-mining industry and transportation systems. It then diversified into radio, co-building the Nazi Third Reich, TV technology, and then computer technology monopolies globally, including shares in Microsoft Windows and now "The Cloud", which records and knows all via Windows 10, shared with the CDU/Merkel machine in Berlin.  Siemens has built the definitive "Big Brother" global computer database, and is long fused with the German BND/Gestapo. This is part of what is behind Trump, Thiel, and other elements of the Trumpster machine, and likely a big part of the "Tea Party/Teepartei" network, and TTIP plans pushed by Merkel.  TTIP could well pull the US government into a Berlin-Vienna-St/Peterburg imperial Pan-Germanist global order plan, while the TPP would pull American sustantially under control from the East China Coast Pan-East-Asia neo-fascist mafia network already chomping away at the US West Coast like Pacman with fangs.  It is vital for all US government agencies, and the public, to understand the historic relationships between European and Asian Axis Fascism, the collaboration of their old imperial oligarchies (including the German Romanov Czars, the Qing and Yamato dynasties in China and Japan) and their role today in running the European Union, the "Asian Century" merger of China-Taiwan-Korea-Japan, their relationships with India, Iran, and Saudi/Emirate oligarchs.  Revived Fascism may be about to cut up America like a pizza-pie in the same way that western powers cut up China around 1900.  Those old oligarchies are still alive and thriving, molding the globe back to their "conservative" orders via institutions like the G7-10 at Davos and elsewhere.  Putin may dance in and out of their game wherever he finds it advantageous, and the Saudis may be far more powerful than most of the world realizes, possibly now merging with the Ottoman revival in Turkey under Erdogan, and Egypt fused with Saudi investments. An Ottoman-Saudi alliance could become a major global power in the coming decade, in part via control of Suez Canal and Istanbul/Bosporus trade, forming a western wing of the "Asian Century" plan, and formidable if allied with East China Sea mafia (which is a Chinese-Japanese-Korean blend with historic roots in Shanghai, Taipei, Dalian, and Qingdao).

It's in the interest of both American and South African democracy for a British-American alliance to displace Pro-Apartheid German influence that took over South Africa in 1961 when the British Commonwealth demanded the end of the Apartheid System and the Nazi-friendly Boers took over. 

These global power issues may be tied up in the Trump-Clinton contest to control Washington. The idea of an amendment to change the US Constitution to abolish the Electoral College is a slow-track process that could not unfold fast enough to invalidate the November "Trump victory" claim -- what is needed instead is an immediate all-out demand by the Democratic Party and/or voters for vote recounts in all the states with a claimed margin of victory of less than 1.5 percent, 2 of which had known reports of harassment of voters at the voting places by Trump advocates, and a demand that the actual Electoral College vote to reflect the US popular vote.  The recount demands must be enacted ASAP, before further Trumpster "transition" is fully enacted (and close scrutiny of the foreign/transnational connections behind Trump and his "transition team" and his campaign managers and boosters to the old Siemens-Deutschebank Robber Baron Imperial Pan-German network that created the Third Reich in Germany, backed Klan and Pro-Nazi cults in the USA since the World War II era, and earlier also virtually created the Republican Party as their vehicle in the USA via privatization of the transcontinental railroads that were to have been the public commonwealth of American citizens.  This include Wall Street, founded by a Habsburg imperial Austrian banking network that once ruled all of Germany as well, and shows geodetically to be in a dominant position in Berlin since the restoration of the "Reichstag".  However, all US political parties, major and minor, are manipulated by foreign financial interests contributing to America's subjugation to them, and subsequent decline.  Foreign "investment"/manipulation from Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Iran, Arab countries, and others have turned the United States over to foreign interests and control.  The high-money rollers on Wall Street apparently don't care, as long as they stay rich, while ordinary American citizens struggle with the repercussions and see opportunities dwindle with transnational gentrification and the importation of antique feudal systems antithetical to the founding goals of American democracy. Immigrants are no more victims of the gentrification than are longterm US citizens, and the Uber-rich (or Uber-reich, now increasingly imported oligarchs, opportunists, and white-collar criminals from all wealth continents) continue with their game of pitting the middle-class remnants in America against the poor (including low-income immigrants, also imported and exploited by the Uber-reich).

America has been run, by calculation of the corporate neo-fascist globalists (e.g. Merkel, Shinzo, and their dupes and puppets in America, who are now inviting Putin to join their oligarch network, and people too young to remember what fascism really was, how deceptive, murderous, and genocidal it was, and how it planned at the end of World War 2 to make a comeback in new 'civilian' costumes, as it has been doing, possibly ready to advance via Trump.  Since 2000 and earlier, the banks and corporations that created the dehumanized and mechanical social order of the WW2 Axis power parties have crept slowly back into power globally.  Among them are the Siemens family Deutschebank, which helped fund the Trump campaign, and that Obama welcomed right into American living rooms because he "believed" the lies of Angela Merkel and her cauldron of white-collar neo-nazis, and the lies of Shinzo and his white-collar neo-fascists. After 8 years of bitter battles in Congress, the New Fascism has Obama right where they want him as he welcome their Mann Trump into the White House without contesting the rigged elections, with a kind of dangerously naive trust that Obama has defeated himself with at almost every turn during his administration, including inviting the Bushes into the White House to decorate it with spying devices the way the Moonies decorated Watergate Hotel with the same.  The Moonies protested to get Nixon off the hook because an investigation would have uncovered the central involvement of their East Asian neo-fascist spy and subversion network, just as they lobbied to vilify Roosevelt for reluctantly following US military-recommended detention camps for Japanese Americans because some double-agents and people with ambivalent national allegiances gathered extensive data on US infrastructure to forward to both Tokyo, where it was often shared with Berlin.  The Asian-fascist-descended Moonie cult run free to manipulate and play tricks on Americans due to claims to minority status and religious exemption, and continued to manipulate the dazzled Bushes to bend US policy their direction, and the Chao dynasty shipping empire was conveniently at hand to facilitate that daily, increasing its wealth via federal government offices. Terminator Schwarzenegger was cozy with much of that sea-trade megabucks network at election-time.

Eurofascist and Asian mafia fascist plutocracy have been highly problematic and increasingly rich via the privatization-of-government scams, and neither party addressed those issues effectively because both the Trump and Clinton campaigns were manipulated by them in different ways, Trump's consciously, Clinton's without being aware of it.  Trump's because he is a billion-heir opportunist out of touch with the issues of ordinary Americans, and Clinton's because she let schemingly manipulative people participate too much in her policy and campaign decisions, which she has probably by now realized and is ready to correct once the election is decided in her favor, after all.  Pluto opposite the USA Sun via precessed/sidereal transit near New Years 2017 is indeed a potential crisis period, as it would be in Any chart, and the US national division has been fueled and exacerbated by the Euro and Asian fascist networks, partly imbedded in US information, government, intelligence, military, infrastructure -- Asian Fascism manipulating the People of Color Movement, and Euro Fascism continuing its decades-old backing of extremist White Racist organizations.  The origins of this stealthy foreign Plutonian energy are pointed to by the current geodetic positions of Pluto, which funnels through metropolitan New York City, but comes from Chongqing, Cape Town, Vienna, possibly Svalbard or Nazi enclaves in Silesia/Pomerania, fascist mafia networks in Saigon or Jakarta/Bandung, Colombian or Chilean mafia, criminal networks in Montreal, or Libyan oil money.

In more detail, Pluto power affecting that potential crisis comes from both Chongqing/Chungking (now a resurgent Chinese economic hub and old Kuomintang power base also resurgent due to the revived Kuomintang-Communist alliance in Beijing), and this in tandem with Vulkanus global political power and military might all along the East China coast corridor, including both mainland and Taiwan Navies and intelligence operations, and the Chinese shipping monopolies based there (including the Elaine Chao dynasty financial empire roots), as well as Putin's St/Peterburg Russia, the revived Ottoman Empire in Turkey and Egypt, covert-op WACL/WoLFD-affiliated Euro and Asian paramilitary colonies in and around Paraguay in South America, and post-WW2 Euro and Mideast fascist colonies in Argentina.  The Chao dynasty in America, teamed up with the uber-rich Kuomintang party and its long-affiliated Bamboo Union and Green Gang mafias, is No Minor item in US politics or economics now -- as it was boosted into power by both the Presidents Bush, and is now nearly if not fully in control of China via the Kuomintang-Communist merger initiated by Deng Xiaoping with his "Asian Century" plan now echoed by Banks all over East Asia and now fused into the Beijing government, and which may by now extend into Hanoi and Saigon and Jakarta/Bandung, current geodetic alignment of Pluto.  

Pluto power during the potential US crisis period also revolves around Vienna and its old imperial Banking House cabal that played a key role in founding much of the Wall Street Stock Exchange via the Drechsel/Drexel banking network, not accidentally related to the Hayek "Vienna School" rhetoric of recent years, including that of the so-called new "Tea Party" as well as David Duke's KKK machine bolstered from old Habsburg power hubs in central and eastern Europe, and possibly from lingering Boer power via gold and platinum money in South Africa.  The 1999 Reichstag restoration in Berlin shows the top political power in Gemany shifting to Vienna, thus a literal or symbolic new "Anschluss" and restoration of the old Habsburg dynasty in Germany -- and old Habsburg money has been backing the regional separatist movements in the USA for decades via "UNPO"... Neo-confederate movements in the US southeast, Texas and Alaska and Hawaii regional independence movements, even meddling in the Lakota independence movement, trying to manipulate Native Americans into globalist power-play games if it can (via UNPO).  As some political analysts put it, the intention of the Pangermanist EU, which the CDU of Merkel has fostered, is to unite Europe and divide the USA.   

Greens and Libertarians have always had extensive backing and control from Germany, and the Greens in Germany were co-opted and neutralized by the CDU/IDU and neo-nazi moles years ago.  Merkel is the calculated cover for a Fourth Reich plan that was carefully groomed by the CDU/IDU/Kohl machine For Years to be where she is now, on their behalf. German-trained Putin, despite his Russian strong-man image, is a putty-puppy in the hands of both Merkel and Schroeder when they come to visit, when Putin suddenly turns from Macho Man of Russia into an NLP-induced hypno "child-like state" under German control -- such tricks were practiced by the Nazis and other Fascists all the way back to the 1930s, and read Sigrid Schultz's "Germany Will Try It Again" for a first-hand account from the halls of the Reichstag. NLP is a Gestapo and Pavlovian/VonOldenburg German-Russian imperial Fascist trick that created Ayn Rand and her eerily adoring following that long captivated Paul Ryan. Subsequently, Americans must Stay Away from the imported neo-fascist NLP/"LifeCoach"/Scientology-variant cults if America is to survive as an autonomous country. Chinese and Japanese Fascist networks know the same tricks from the Fascist era and this is how the Kamikaze, Japan Fascist, Wang Chingwei Chinese "Nationalist", Manchukuo Qing lineage, China Youth Corps, and even the communist "Red Guard" terror cults were created as Manchurian puppets, and the Falun Dafa/Gong may be another product. Fascist Manchukuo/Manchuria (where Vulkanus power is once again amassing) was a virtual social mind-control engineering human laboratory, and this was detailed in Berkeley professor TA Bisson's "Japan in China" -- and extensive Kuomintang back-door collaboration with both Japan Fascists, Russian Fascists in Manchuria, and German Nazis was fact, not just propaganda was claimed by the Axis-fascist-manipulated McCarthyist network directly trained by Nazi Agent Karl Wolff.  Current offshoots of these political lineages may well now explain much of the political chaos in the USA (and Canada?) from coast to coast.  Imperial Chinese and Japanese Fascists as well as Nazis, and their top affiliated banks, surrounded Hoover and likely influenced his disastrous policies to make the US economy collapse and submit to Axis plans, and for this reason FDR called him a "Timid Capon".  Those policies were revived as Hayek/Austrian School economics, touted by the dizzy Libertarians.  FDR apparently understood where Fascism came from and how it operated, via extensive Naval Intelligence data, some from Britain. The Fascist NLP-type hypno-tricks explain how Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were seduced and brainwashed by the Nazis (and why he was forced to abdicate, and why FDR watched him like a hawk when he moved to the Bahamas, where he may have continued to network with pro-nazi networks in the USA and Canada).  Fascist hypnosis tricks also explain how Soong Meiling aka Mme Chiang Kaishek, was able to wrap Wendell Willkie around her finger and persuade him into the "One World" plan that has a curious relationship to today's US-China relations and some key cornerstones of the United Nations. These tricks were further developed at the Nazi/Fascist-created SRI Stanford Research Institute offices at Princeton and Stanford and Washington universities, all long-time Nazi/Fascist mole outposts in America, of which Trump supporter Peter Thiel may be little more than a sleepwalking puppet still tied to his native land and its intelligence services. There are similar Japanese and Chinese and Korean elements also at SRI for years, probably including Moonie cult elements, manipulating US politics on behalf of Revived Global Fascism, picking up where Hitler and Mussolini and Tojo and Wang Chingwei left off, but today dressed in business suits and American casual wear instead of Axis military uniforms. David Duke is another of  the Global Neofascist network's groomed puppets, along with Merkel, possibly Putin (disguised as "Mr Russia", much like Quisling was programmed as "Mr Norway", Franco as "Mr Spain", Mussolini (and Berlusconi?) as "Mr Italy", and maybe Trump as "Mr America").

NLP hypno-tricks are employed by foreign lobbyists in Washington and were integral in the infamous Moonie-cult-owned Watergate Hotel framing scandals of the early 1970s, which was largely about foreign manipulation of Washington politics, now possibly and critically catastrophic juncture as Pluto opposes the USA Sun, and hopefully about to be resolved.  If not, disaster awaits.  That network will, per geodetics entail lobbying money now hoarded at Chongqing, possibly Hanoi, Saigon, Jakarta/Bandung (hub of decades-long "Asian Century" ambitions), Greater New York (including the Moonie colonies and weapons trafficking business), Bogota (cocaine cartels, cocaine bribes, all the cocaine and addict wants in exchange for signatures and votes), remote southern Chile near Colonia Dignidad, Sirte Libya, and Cape Town, Montreal, Niihau and western Hawaiian Islands, and the Bering coast oil and fishing industry region in Alaska, as well as Ulan Bator Mongolia and Ulan Ude Siberia and any Russian bases to the north of there.  Note that Opium Triangle heroin and meth derivatives funneled through Chongqing-Hanoi-Saigon could be used to bribe/manipulate in Washington, just like Colombian cocaine is).  Close American monitoring of all these meridians is critically Vital now and into early 2017, adding Guantanamo and the far eastern Bahamas.  Cocaine and Opium mafia and affiliated transnational crime networks could spin the US economy around if not closely monitored... could Chinese lobbying networks in Washington like the "8020 Initiative" financial network of SB Woo, China privatization oligarch Li Kashing in, and the Elaine Chao family global shipping dynasty.  Links between Chongqing/Hanoi/Saigon and Transpacific Shanghai/Taipei/Qingdao/Dalian shipping monopolies could be of profound significance, and be behind the external imagery of the Transpacific PUSH.

 The explanation of the main problems in the current presidential power-play may very well lie in foreign-based, Euro and Asian, fusion and control of American computer infrastructure databases and internet management.  German BND-front Siemens/Deutschebank ("Cloud" technology, Siemens Windows operating system developments labeled as Microsoft, and possibly a key controller of the EU "Euro" currency based in Frankfurt (Peter Thiel's hometown) via Deutschebank.  Chongqing, Shanghai, and Taipei-based tech agents are fused into control of Silicon Valley, possibly in part via Apple.  Merkel strived to conceal Siemens-Deutschebank control of US "national security" technology with her staged cell-phone drama show, fake and she knew it, because she is fake. The humane side of the original American academic multiculturalism has been outweighed and overtaken by political power based outside the United States and attached to foreign nationalist (mostly German, Chinese, Japanese, maybe Saudi) interests, and trying to slowly turn the United States, like the rest of Europe and Asia, into a functional Neo-Fascist colony. It's the "New Fascism", and it manipulates the opportunistic fools in North America who don't recognize it.

 The very corrupt and deceptive Trump machine wants Democratic leaders to Give Up and Not Challenge the legitimacy of the 2016 election. People screaming in the streets and laying themselves open to provocateur manipulation and provocation of police clashes will not fix things, but what could is the transmutation of that energy into quiet and professional planning of legal strategies to demand vote recounts and enact legal measures to question or annul the claimed "Trump Victory" of November 8.   Trump can be stopped from being inaugurated in January by peaceful means, and every one of those possible methods needs to explored and implemented ASAP, because only 2 months remain before 2017 inauguration and the first Pluto opposition Sun that has every occurred in US history, and those are not minor processes or events, by any means.  The best that will occur is that America will develop what Hillary Clinton called "its God-given potential", while Pluto at its worst is chaos, financial corruption, or gangsterism, and it should be obvious where that's most likely to come from, and "privatization" has almost consistently brought gangsterism, corruption, and the breakdown of a once-unified society, often via privatization by foreign corporations, sometimes leading to functional reduction/reversion of the USA to colonial status.  Americans have forgotten our own history when times were corrupted specifically by privatization laws, and yet fools invite it to return.

As geodetics show Donald Trump and George Bush Jr as possibly having quite similar political and transnational military backing, key roots of potential problems may be found where George Bush Jr was installed due to another manipulated election outcome in 2000, when Vulkanus global power was at the Hainan-Macao-Hongkong-Jogjakarta-CapeFarquhar meridian, BangorMaine-KissingerDominicanVilla-Curacao-Caracas-LaPaz-Ushuaia meridian,  Kaliningrad-Warsaw-Benghazi-Capetown meridian, and the Dillingham-Chignik-Niihau-Palmyra-Jarvis meridian. Which of these could have most likely influenced the outcome of a US Presidential election in 2000?  The money behind the 2000 election outcome in Florida was at the Billings-Laramie-Aspen-Albuquerque-MormonColonies meridian, Central.Iceland-Madeira-Canaries meridian, Islamabad-Bombay meridian, and NorthKamchatka-EMarshalls-Guadalcanal meridian.  The pattern of nationally-embarrassing simpleton political leaders (and Hoover was one of the first, and recognized as such by FDR) is backed by competing foreign money intent on making Americans look stupid in front of the world, and shipwrecking our country via self-defeating policies like No Child Left Behind, the clearly unconstitutional Faith-Based Initiative, and making college education inaccessible to smart young Americans with undeveloped potential, with idiocy-promoting homeschooling programs, and discouraging young Americans from pursuing practical educational objectives so European and/or Asian students zoom ahead, take the good jobs, and infiltrate and manage US infrastructure (an integral part of the "New Fascism" that has been unfolding).

One current planetary picture of note is CU=HA=ZE in 32nd harmonic indicating possible covert military operations, the secrecy element of which is at 6 Cardinals, around Bonn and the German border with the Benelux countries, in Alsace-Lorraine (incl Strasbourg), possibly around the French border with Switz and Italy, or near the SW Norway coastal region; with possible affiliated US branch operations along the meridian of Detroit-Cincinnati-Knoxville-Atlanta (Klan territory), fused into Zeus military operations based on the Stockholm-Gdansk-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-ESlovenia-CentralCroatia&Bosnia-Capetown meridian, the Boston-EastBahamas-DomRep-Maracaibo-Titicaca-Chile meridian, the Guangxi-Hainan meridian, and the BristolBayAlaska meridian. These are large-scale global operations, per the indicators, not just a personal network, and pay special attention to Vienna, where a functional neo-fascist government has recently, where power which could undermine US integrity is now, in the mix.  Could Schwarzenegger be tied in with them, in full consciousness or not, as they point to his MC... Arnold's natal MC =HA/ZEKR is an indicator of possible covert military operations fused in with his vocational objectives, and Kronos would point to the official government served, at 5200, which points to nowhere in the USA except nearly unpopulated regions near Glacier Bay Park in the upper Alaska panhandle and Kluane Park in the Yukon, the southern tip of Greenland, the eastern horn of Brazil, Iran-Qatar-Emirates-AlqaedaYemen, and northern Honshu or Hokkaido in Japan. He said he wouldn't mind being US president, but being an immigrant legally stopped him.  Good, as it should.  Trump might not be snooping around in the White House now if German-born BND-sleeper-agent/puppet Peter Thiel hadn't had positions in critical US national security computer-management posts.  The immigrant issue is complicated and diverse, involves the impoverished an disempowered, but also rich oligarchs, deported gangsters, and programmed double-agents.  There are indeed mostly innocent and well-intentioned people, with sneaks and double-agents mixed in, but that's not everyone, and there are the organize-crime human-trafficking networks, as much from Asia as anywhere else.  Throwing caution to the winds on the issue is simply Not smart, and the naive could throw the country open to literal hostile invasion, overt or covert.  I'm writing this as a lifetime student of international affairs and decades-long reader of international media, someone who has long been open to international exchanges.  But the recent ones that have turned into almost predatory invasions and infrastructure takeovers, or possible double-agents trying to take political office, are the place to think seriously about much greater caution -- especially with the resurgence of "friendly" fascism in Europe and Asia that is has spilled into America and maybe led to the purported Trump "victory".  I've talked to multi-generational Chinese-Americans in Chinatown who are disgusted with the recent Chinese mafia invasion and its impact on them and have spoken about it with great caution and fear of retaliatory measures, some of them driven out of business by greedy incoming mobsters, often conspicuously rent-gouging real-estate speculators doubling or tripling rents, installing petition-walls in stores and forcing occupants into 1/2 or 1/3 the original space, sometimes inserting houses of prostitution into commercial grocery-shopping districts near elementary schools... the red-light districts are not kept separate. Chinese-only policing in those neighborhoods leaves them wide open to transpacific organized crime networks. 

None of the stances taken by any of the candidates in the recent election campaign were balanced or appropriate for US immigration issues.. all the positions taken during the campaign period were at two opposite extremes, and yet it was clear that Clinton would be far more likely to handle the situation rationally and humanely once all of the complexities are taken into consideration.  Trump proved throughout his campaign to be a radical extremist, although now advised to keep the public at bay by suddenly projecting an image of conciliation and thoughtfulness, in order to deter people from contesting the election results.  The image he is projecting now is Not Convincing, as he is appointing radical right-wing fanatics to his cabinet including christofascists and klan-lovers.  Persistence in demands for election recount are vital and urgent, and Democrats must not be distracted from the issue.  The level of Republican deceit is similar to what it was in 2000, with the Asian spy/subversion front Moonie "church" cult and/or the German BND/Gestapo likely involved, and it's not impossible that Putin is quite chummy with them (East and West German, Austrian, and post-1945 Gestapo Werewolf espionage overlaps were known to be common).  As mentioned earlier, some political analysts believe that Bush Jr was shoved into office in order to destroy documents declassified by Clinton that reveal how Fascist Axis agents infiltrated the USA after 1945, and it may not be pure coincidence that Elaine Chao was riding along beside him, representing the Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao  Fascist Axis network in routine collaboration with Japan and Germany, and continued post-war Fascist underground paramilitary collaboration with Chinese fascist mafia networks (e.g. Green Gang and Bamboo Union friendly with the Japanese Yakuza, all Big Money globally, including via the WACL/WoLFD). After Soviet collapse in Russia, such organized crime networks quickly flooded into Russia and built various alliances with Russian mafia including old Czarist networks that were also friendly with the Nazis, and Russia became the Land of Chaos.  Putin is secretive enough that it's hard to pin down exactly where he stands in the middle of it all, but he is quite chummy and even deferential with German officials, just like old friends.  An alliance like that could indeed destroy the United States if well orchestrated and moled into US national security computer networks, which they are.  Naive trust in them sure isn't going to fix that.  The history of the 1930s-40s pseudo-islamic political cults that evolved into the Taliban and IS/IL, including Pan-Chinese and Japanese Fascist ties to pseudo-christian and pseudo-buddhist and Chinese Hajj cults, have been overlooked and brushed aside as irrelevant history, which they aren't.  Glibly dismissing these issues as xenophobia is also Not Smart At All. And naive trust in US domestic pseudo-christian and other pseudo-religious cults is equally high risk, especially after the Bush/Chao "Faith-Based Initiative".  Don't Just Believe.  Use the brain God gave you to Think, read, and reflect, and don't jump on bandwagons or let your life be dictated by "organization" groupthink  The United States may now be in national crisis, on some level, and it must not throw itself open to any more foreign manipulation, which could really and truly have hostile intentions, as some really and truly do. Most Europeans have already learned this lesson, whereas most Americans are still in the process of getting it.  Don't wait for a crisis to force that realization out of dire necessity -- and Canada's Trudeau needs to be paying attentio to the very same issues domestically.  Fascism is not just a white thing.... it flourished in Asia too, and may be flourishing once again... in Japan and China, Korea, Taiwan, Burma, India, Iran, and the Middle East.  It could be integral in the "Asian Century" that the Asian Uber-rich are now pushing for at their Economic Conferences.  They are planning to cook America for dinner, and it's already on the chopping block and partly in the oven, and the first place they hit was America's old Chinatowns, and then spread out from there.  Look what's happening to San Francisco and Oakland alone, even Berkeley where multibillionaire privatization-rich oligarch Li Kashing is making one of America's most long-revered institutions of higher learning look like a cheesy Hongkong casino.  American culture and infrastructure, even universities, are being Trashed at the hands of greedy, primitive moneychangers, both foreign and domestic, and both Trump's transnational Eurofascist backing, and the burgeoning Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Moonie Mafia, cynically and hypocritically playing race and civil rights cards in the USA, manipulating the People of Color network,  to Take Over segments of the US government and economy.  America should be choosing to align with neither, none of which is American in origins or interests.  America has been too distracted into global economics, neglecting its own economy and infrastructure, now highly vulnerable to foreign manipulation via the slithering foreign lobbying interests in Washington and even in state capitals.  Trump's not smart enough to handle it, and his pillars are too corrupt to build an America than can weather the coming storms.

Give Clinton and the Democratic Party the steering wheel, put the foreign lobbyists aside, and stop the ideological fanatics and greed-addicts of the Trump machine from taking over in January, or America is headed for the shipwreck that Bush nearly caused in the early 2000s.  The Electoral College choose our president according to their will on December 19, very close to the major 248-year-cycle Plutonian turning point in American history. There's already a petition at to tell them what the risks of a spastic, coke-snorting, Deutschebank-manipulated Arnold-like German BND-infested Trump presidency are.  Will there be a Siemens-Deutschebank Creepy Clown Ayn Randish Wienermobile Cloud over Washington, or will democracy prevail after all and America steer clear into its own sunlight, per the will of an over-1-million-strong majority of American voters?  Where are you Hillary?  We voted for you, not Him, and Obama's term is almost over -- whose side is he on?  People still ask why Kerry gave up and threw in the towel.  We want Our President that the majority of Americans voted for in office.  There's to much at stake for All Americans to have the Deutschebank Cloud Clown there.  No More Hoover, and No More Hoovervilles. Only Roosevelt policies have Made America Great, and the Truth is that Reagan ran us off the road to that greatness because of some weird and now clearly failed ideological obsession he and the neo-fascist Randers and Libertarian and Hayek/Vienna School Fools kept dreaming of... it's called Privatization, and it has spelled and will spell Fascist Mafia Takeover, just like it did in the 1920s.  Gangsters build Mansions next to Hoovervilles, and it leads to Economic Collapse.  Why have people forgotten that?  Where are the real Christians, or is it just a phony political label people like to wear now, Deutschechristen Gauleiter Paul Ryan?  Is that why you stare off into space when you talk?  Seeing der Fuhrer?  Pathetic fools running the Republican Party, still puppets of the Deutschebank network and it's plan for its "Amerika" Kolonie.  And the manipulative Ed Lee-type Asian Century Fascist Bankster Mafia gentrification lobby is no better.  What happened to an American Government for Americans based on an American model?  Clinton is smart enough to deliver that, and Trump may not be able to, for various reasons, including annoyingly conspicuous stupidity.  Did Deutschebank, or the Asian Century lobby, want him there to make the world lose confidence in America's capacity?  It's all Global now, and the G-7/10 was created by Kissinger and Kohl, an all-German 'team' that plans the worlds future and paints Germany as Nirvana... now in competition with and East Asian Fascist machine that learned and plays the same game... turning Japanese, I really think not.  Don't just believe. Jonestown could happen again, if people don't watch out, and on a much larger scale, and this time run by Merkel or Shinzo, or both. Sophisticated foreign intelligence ops outside the USA have not yet been adequately explored as possible explanations for what Jim Jones did.... Years go, Al Morrison urged that the story of that cult be fully investigated and understood by the public.  It could explain a lot of what's going on now, and it definitely matched with the political psychology used to create the Axis power governments of the World War II era.  Note that the first Jonestown cult in California developed very near the first Moonie cult colonies, and that Jim Jones was reported to have come from a Klan background in KKK-, and earlier the Teaparty-prototype-like Silvershirt Nazi-cult infested Indianapolis.  Geodetic confirm, and may help explain, a lot of the that foreign-subversion-backed mess, which could recur if Americans don't get wise and keep their critical-thinking faculties honed -- and drop the group-think rallies and cults.


2016.Nov.10, updated Nov.11 - URGENT - Insuring Democracy Survives:

Updated popular vote count for Nov.11: increased victory for Clinton among actual voters: Trump 60,000,000 (47.4%), Clinton 60,500,000 (47.7%).

The people wasting time screaming in the streets need to instead divert all that energy into pushing hard for vote recounts in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin, and making sure that the Michigan vote count is accurate, as well as looking into all possible legal paths to challenge the call for the "Trump victory" of November 8 Election Fraud.  Has it dawned on anyone (?) that the Trump campaign machine screamed about election fraud because it's precisely what they planned to do themselves, just like he accused Hillary of a drug habit while his chart shows multiple indicators of the likelihood of his own.  The reason for the radical flip-flop from Trump's nasty venom to lovey-dovey reconciliation is intended to take the wind out of the sails needed to push for vote recounts and legal challenges to the almost incredible supposed election results favoring him before it's too late. Agreements on cooperative strategies and transfer of power should not be made until the vote re-counts are carried out.  Only if Crooked Trump ("I don't trust him") can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to have won legitimately, fair and square, then and only then, should any binding agreements or power-transfer to him be carried out. What the Trump tricksters are pushing for now is unity behind him instead of unity to stop him from taking office via illegitimate elections. The least that both Clinton and Obama can do in exchange for the honor bestowed on them as nominee and president is to cooperate in the efforts to challenge the current claimed electoral vote outcome.  The outcome is at too important a turning point in US history to see yet another instance, during the last 16 years, of Democratic presidential candidates throwing up their hands and giving in to what is turning into a transnational, both transatlantic and transpacific fascist steamroller running the Republican Party and able to manipulate vote counts and the more naive elements of the Democratic Party.  I stopped, early on, contacting the Obama office directly about anything because the responses almost consistently sounded like they came from opposition moles in his administration offices, and his trust in anything from the University of Republican Party cofounder Leland Stanford, a key national psychological operations factory (linked to SRI offices in New Jersey and elsewhere) of sugar-coated transnational neo-fascism skillfully dressed up in liberal rhetoric, was enough to make that happen.  I just read an article about how Facebook was a key force in handing votes to Trump, and that's not at all surprising to me, having lived near them and worked around their "agents" for years -- and the role of the spacey and ideologically deluded Trump enthusiast Peter Thiel should be scrutinized in relation to this.  The public should also scrutinize how Democracy Now was turned into a media outlet that actively threw votes that could have stopped the transnational Trump machine's claimed "victory" away on fringe-party candidates who never had any realistic chance of winning an election, more obvious election spoilers. Sincere and lasting mutual cooperation and national unity requires a thoroughly bipartisan-supervised voter recount in all states with with less than a 1.5% margin between the Republican and Democratic  totals, and the Trump machine is now pushing for fast closure and handover of power in order stop a discussion of the illegitimacy of the election, and get all the inroads it can ASAP. And the recounts must exclude lost puppy and Trumpie tech mogul Herr Peter Thiel von Frankfurt or any of his homeland Siemens/BND connections, as well as all potential agents of Any East Asian fascist intelligence agency from corruption-infested, clever, and election-manipulating Sun-Tzu-trained Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, or Hongkong-affiliated elements, in order for the recounts to be legitimate.  Trump's claims to be 'fair and balanced' are about as convincing as transnational corporate giant Fox News claims to the same... they're Werewolves in sheep's clothing trying to slide past the election recount deadlines before they murder democracy.  This is a window in time... if vote recounts are not demanded, real and authentic American democracy could go over a cliff, never to return, during the major once-in-248-year New Years 2017 Pluto opposition. Yes, the claimed election results on November 8 Were unbelievable, and they Should not be believed to have been legitimate. There's been far too much denial of the significance of 20th century fascism continuing today in the corridors of power of both Europe and Asia, and its continued attempt to turn America into their naive and malleable puppet state via control of the technology and media, and banks and corporations, and stock market and now wild real estate market manipulation. It was Bill Clinton who declassified information on Euro and Asian infiltration and attempted manipulation of US politics, and why the transnational neo-fascist puppets inside America went after him and and his wife like the pack of snapping Werewolves that they are.

An added aside: Brexit is not about Farage or Trump or immigrants... Brexit is about UK sovereignty against the sneaky and secretive Pangermanist imperial EU oligarchy, skilled masters of double-speak and psy-op warfare, and about the need for a Europe run by the UK and a France not behaving like the tamed poodle of German neo-fascism, and by other longterm European democracies -- not a Europe controlled by the Pangermanist crypto-fascist machine running Luxemburg, Berlin, Vienna, German Switzerland, Silesia and Pomerania and East Prussia, and maybe now Putin as a tamed Quisling obedience-trained during his stay in Gemany.  Asia has no longterm democracies, and it shows in the social orders they create.  While Trumpfester and BND-puppet Thiel may monitor comments like this and relay them obediently to his controllers in Berlin and Munich, Merkel will nuzzle up to Obama and try to "sway" him to her party's sneaky TTIP way of seeing things while she's running back and forth, schmoozing with Putin at the back door.  An understanding of German (as well as Japanese and Chinese fascist) "diplomacy" and subversion operations in WW1 and WW2 make this clear as being still manifest in the present.  At least Some people in the UK must certainly already understand this, as it was much closer to home for them.  French leaders should understand this, but the Merkel/IDU network seem to quickly have a strong hypnotic hold on most anyone who takes office in Paris now, no doubt by very careful design (and read Sigrid Schultz's "Germany Will Try It Again" about how that's been done for the last 80 years or longer). Prattle about European unity under German control is German propaganda, and they are using the Russia situation to keep from losing their imperial dominance over Europe.  It is US and Canadian alliances with Britain, and a France free of German manipulation, that should matter far more than what the two-faced Pangermanist CDU/IDU is twisting and turning to get, and is probably using BND-puppet/poodle Peter Thiel's entrenched tech circuit to manipulate US policy with.  They will turn Thiel into another Brownshirt clone if they can, and the Euro and Asian fascists who built the Stanford Research Institute will facilitate the process. All while Assange and Snowden parrot whatever carefully-selected and filtered information is fed to them, largely stooges of the German BND, some maybe from the many BND-collaborators in Russia.  The wealthy and influential media mogul and Post-WW2 German Nazi, Gerhard Frey, dreamed of a German-Russian alliance that would rule Europe, and that may be applicable to what's happening now.  Merkel has been running a "Make Germany Great Again" campaign, as she was programmed to do, since she was placed in office, via the EU, per the CDU plan that Kohl helped program her for, and it involves replicating Nazi techniques to manipulate and hypnotize the leaders of neighboring states, as well as Russia, into compliance where possible. In the Pan-German EU, "nationalism" is a crime Unless it's German nationalism, which is A-OK.  The German-run EU central machine, including its currency, is the dream-come-true of Hitler, disguised as a multinational government.  The EU could, in theory, become a truly multinational entity, but it's not likely to happen as long as Europe has a German currency (renamed the Euro), and German politicians obsessed with manipulating the media and EU infrastructure to make Germany the global model... even Britons have been humiliated once again into bending to the will of German nationalists who may also privately have Putin under their control. Trump's machine looks suspiciously like a quisling replica of the German CDU, which puts the virtual Gauleiter quisling/puppet Peter Thiel in an interesting position.

Meanwhile, the US presidential election votes in close-call states had better be recounted before it's Too Late, and tell Peter Thiel to go play in his German playpen with Arnold, and both of them and their Asian neo-fascist buddies to get the hell out of US national security and data management functions, and stay out.  Do those include manipulation of the election counts that just took place via technology 'management'?  That question should certainly be asked, nationwide.  The Trump 'election' smells of the Schwarznegger election coup replay that the East Asian mafia were also involved in.  Reciprocated Kumbaya is a very nice ideal that will someday happen in the future, but simply not the political reality everywhere. Far too much belief in the lie that the former Axis powers have transformed into the opposite of what they were 70 years ago has created a disaster in American as well as European politics; many history books verify that in 1945 the Axis powers planned to go underground, remake their images, and do a better job next time of luring the world into their traps. 

  Only 70 years ago, the Metternichians in Berlin and Vienna, and the Sun Tzu warriors in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Taipei were masters of deceit and passive-aggression, and they controlled pseudo-islamist cults in the Middle East to carry out their objectives there.  Why does anyone believe that that all ended and is not happening any more?  It is happening, and Merkel and Shinzo and the Moonie cult operate at the hub of the still-quiet Sturm that could turn our planet into a neo-fascist hell world, especially if they are joined by Russian fascists in power in Moscow.  Meanwhile, California is at grave risk of inundation by uber-rich and politically aggressive Asian neo-fascist nouveau riche speculators and real estate moguls from across the ocean that may be working with BND agents Schwarzenegger and Thiel via the old Siemens Deutsch-Asiatische Bank network, to pick up where Hitler and Tojo and the Wang Chingwei circuit in China left off.  Look at all the outrageous rent-gouging, and deceptive loans tricking people into losing their homes, involving foreign Takeover.  20th century Fascism is Not irrelevant history... it's now Highly relevant, and time is wasting to insure that there are US election vote recounts in the top fence-sitter states.  Get Peter Thiel, Arnold, and anything vaguely smelling of Chinese or Japanese espionage of any political brand Out of US government functions... FAST, for precessed Pluto opposite USA Sun is only about 2 months away, and Clinton has to be in the White House then or Trouble lies ahead for the whole world.  Civil unrest and violence, possibly done mostly by agents provocateurs, will solve Nothing, and only vilify those who engage in primal behavior at Trump's level -- all resistance must be put into a United Democratic call for election recounts, and that includes the Clintons and Obama, unless they have Sold Out to the people they claimed to be protecting conscious and mindful American citizens against. As for the Trump camp, Hitler, too, was sweet and charming in his diplomatic overtures with Chamberlain before the Blitzkriegs started and the brewing evil surfaced.  Election recalls, or other legal measures denying the legitimacy of the "Trump victory" may well stop that from happening again, but it will also take getting the foreign neo-fascists, both Asian and Euro, and their dupes, brownshirts, and kamikazed out of US military and national security functions ASAP, as they are already manipulating the computer networks and data to make this blossoming nightmare try to manifest in full.  Demand vote recounts, to stop it from happening.  Stop the violent protests, and transmute the energy into legal channels to prove that the "Trump victory" was actually a staged scheme to overshadow the true Clinton victory.  There's too much at stake to do otherwise, and the Trumpster machine want their opponents to look like the ones who are the 'criminals and troublemakers'. Stay cool and use the brains God gave you to fix the mess.... it's still not a hopeless situation, but throwing up hands and giving up during the next 2 months could sign America over to transnational neo-fascism if Trump is not prevented by legal and non-violent means of intense election questioning and scrutiny from being the one taking the oath on January 20, 2017, and the truth about the Clinton's selfless contributions to the wellbeing of ordinary Americans needs to be broadcast to the fools who believed the vicious neo-fascist-type lies of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign.


2016.Nov.09 - US presidential election facts and figures:

The astrological election indicators for 2016 have indeed been ambivalent in several ways... something logical when you have an election that is so close, and thus the top candidates both sow indicators of winning.  This was also complicated by various birth times being in circulation for Hillary Clinton.

Trump declared victory on November 8, and then Clinton perhaps mistakenly made a concession speech on the morning of November 9.  However, at this very point in time, CNN news tallies show 59,900,000 US direct votes (47.7 percent) for Clinton, over 59,700,000 US direct votes (47.5 percent) for Trump).  The determining 'electoral' (whole-state-unit) votes (a device in the US political system remaining from the early days of newly-unified 18th-century separate 'colonies') show at this moment, per, to be 

290 electoral votes for Trump and 

232 electoral votes for Clinton, 

but Michigan (16 whole-state electoral votes) at this time shows a close tossup between 47.6 percent votes for Trump and 47.3 percent for Clinton, and Michigan for Clinton would give her 248 electoral votes, and election re-counts, already being called for in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes, and already claiming charges of vote-tampering in US Declaration of Independence Hall's Philadelphia) and Florida (29 electoral votes) and Wisconin (with 10 electoral votes), each with only about 1 percent favoring Trump, could reverse the election call like happened with the Truman last-minute victory over Dewey in 1948. That's how close this election is, and Clinton Must Not Surrender. Trump vowed to challenge the results if they didn't end up in his favor, and what's "good for the goose is good for the gander".  Many Americans were disgusted with the way that very close and shady elections in 2000 and 2004 were not further contested for legitimacy.  A vote recount wherever there is any doubt of the outcome would be a very American thing to do, especially to insure that democracy continues, that elections are legitimate, and that the egalitarian democracy promised by the US founders remains for the future. Democratic voters should not throw up their hands in resignation, as Clinton told us Not to do throughout her election campaign, and neither should she.  The positions of Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus at election and inauguration time, enumerated in a post below, show where the power and money shaping the rest of America's history at the time of the final occurrence of its very first Pluto-to-Sun precessed/sidereal opposition around New Years 2017 is coming from.  I remain of the view, regardless of what either Clinton or Trump have said about immigration or xenophobia, that, per my background in international exchanges in academic settings, in infrastructure computer database settings, and a brief and revealing time in foreign relations settings, that foreign meddling inside US govt institutions by double-agents from overseas is now rampant and probably central to the current corruption and election questionability in the USA.  One of the key problems is domestic subversion from foreign origins, verified by the astrological indicators, including from some supposed current and fly-by-night 'allies' who are doing little more than manipulating US politics and infrastructure from inside the United States. It's been going on since 1776, but has reached a crescendo due to double-agents working in US infrastructure computer systems development and maintenance, so it is perfectly logical to come to that conclusion.  Take a look at how many US national security databases are run by foreign-born nationals or naturalized citizens, dual citizens, or foreign citizens, and ask why... and what have been and will logically be the results, as Pluto opposes the US Sun and culminates in a radical national restructuring, and geodetics point to this question:  Will the America of the future be

1) The America of Vienna banking houses (which built the Wall Street Stock Exchange) and who developed the the 'theories'  spouted by Friedrich von Hayek of the "Tea Party" and KKK David Puke favorite "Austrian School of Economics", and sound like many of Trump's proposed ideas, or 

2) The America of the revived and thriving Central China capital at Chongqing/Chungking, with firepower administered from Shanghai and Taipei, and possibly linked to old Deutschebank money in China and Japan; or 

3) The America of the first democratic US legislative sessions that took place on Wall Street before the Euro-imperial Wall Street Stock Exchange was formed for the purpose of controlling the newly-born US economy and perpetuating its status as an economic colony of the old Habsburg imperial network?

Why have Americans forgotten that the Robber Baron founders of the newborn Siemens/Deutschbank-built Republican Party was revived from the ashes of the pro-royalist Federalists?  Today, we hear Republicans and some naive Democrats singing the praises of Herbert Hoover and his echo, Ronald Reagan.  Roosevelt knew better, and he's the one, more than anyone else, who Made America Great, not the foolish nonsense of Reagan and Hoover, both foreign banking puppets, the latter of whom nearly Made America Nazi after his original economic policies turned American cities into the private empires of foreign gangster networks that were simultaneously building up the Axis power governments in Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Manchukuo, Formosa, and Shanghai, even collaborating with Russia until Russia turned on them... a network that planned to overtake, and later literally destroy the United States, per documents that were kept secret for some reason until Clinton declassified them (summarized in Matthews's "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon", and Weinberg's "Germany, Hitler and World War II":  Some Americans were remotely naive throughout, and many may be still.  Roosevelt was too smart for that, and no president since him has equaled him yet.  What's different today is the ICBM nukes, and a German-trained Putin unafraid to use them, for whatever reasons he has, noting that millions of Russians would also be vaporized in a mutual nuclear holocaust that China and Japan, maybe Germany, might survive if they remain at least nominally neutral -- and that the multi-billionaire Falun Gong branch of the Moonie spy/subversion cult has been cheerleading recently for a US confrontation with Russia, while Vulkanus global power lingers over the East China Seacoast as well as St/Peterburg Russia.

A recount of votes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Florida could insure greater stability and sanity in the White House when the calendar turns to 2017 and precessed Pluto opposes the 1776 USA Declaration chart Sun.  American government started in Philadelphia. Will it end there, and what role will imperial Habsburg Vienna of Tea Party and David Puke KKK Hayek economics, and/or the Central China capital at Chongqing play, noting the proximity of the Sino-Japanese-Korean Moonie cult bases and their gun-trafficking operation around the NYC-Philly area, and the Chiang/Chao China Lobby empire on Long Island, not far from Philadelphia, and rooted historically in Shanghai?

Are US officials relying on foreign or foreign-manipulated (via double agents or database control) for official decision-making, or are they aware that US-source and controlled data is vital for US national defense and stability, even if weighed with various foreign data for comparison?  And who have proven to be the US national allies time and again since 1776, with the French Republic born as a vitual twin?  Which governments are rooted in our same or similar democratic and egalitarian -- even if belated -- constitutionally guaranteed principles?  This is no time to play chummy with autocratic plutocracies that lingered until the 1900s, for those roots remain in their national consciousness and institutions, in the oligarchies at the top of their governments, banks, and corporations despite the cosmetic 'modernism'. This is clear as we see their influence, the greed-addicted transnational real estate predators and gentrifiers, and foreign currency manipulators in America.

Media sources all around the globe, except in Germany and Russia and China, are standing in horror at the thoughts of the ramifications of a Trump 'victory', already praised by the secretive and quirky German-trained Putin. As former President Clinton stated, the new globalism is Competitive, and that statement was a Gross Understatement... the new globalism is in fact sometimes brutally and passive-aggressively competitive, to the point of already trying to waterboard America into submission with computer infrastructure infiltration and manipulation, underhanded manipulation of trade deals, and subtle economic manipulation and coercion.  It's not an international scout jamboree on your honor -- it's hard-core global economic and global-influence competition played by the old imperial books of Sun Tzu, Metternich, and Machiavelli, often very cool and crafty (just as has been the Trump campaign underneath the phony bluntness and disarmingly folksy exterior he has provided on-stage). Siemens-Deutschebank still runs the show there, even if quietly from the background, and if even using Berlin-trained Putin as a pawn and accomplice.

Global Vulkanus power now also at also-long-heavily-Berlin-influenced Odessa colony of Czarina Katharina von Anhalt, Istanbul, Alexandria, Johannesburg, and Buenos Aires should not be overlooked. Trump's relative post-election calm could be a Metternichian or Sun Tzu ruse to stop Democrats, small D and large, from contesting the election vote count, something he knows could make him and his bleating Tea-party cloned sheep's "victory" turn literally and not just figuratively retrograde.  If Clinton refuses to to participate in the challenging of the election results, America may be some very dark days ahead, days that I believe will be manipulated from overseas in the way that the Axis powers tried to dupe Hoover into submitting to.  Those leaders claiming that WW2 fascism has nothing to do with what is going on are too young, uninformed, or disinformed, to know what they are saying -- or are lying, and that would especially include those from Japanese, Germans, Spanish, Italians, and Chinese homelands of 20th century fascism. And there were fascists in Russia who welcomed the Nazis and helped them slaughter their fellow citizens, being told that they would be part of the Global Fascist Club elite. They were part of the reason why Hitler nearly took over Moscow -- after which Britain would have been razed to the ground, and America and Canada were next for subjugation, with the help of Japan and its friends among the Chinese oligarchy and mafia networks.

The US election recount must proceed, and Clinton must retain her own long-held convictions, or America risks being overrun by foreign-based Fascism funneled through the East China Sea mafia political networks, Russian fascists in St/Peterburg, old German fascist elements in Odessa, Boer Nazis from South Africa, and the post-WW2 fascist/nazi network in Argentina and Paraguay.  The only substantial resistance to them is likely to be the Pacific US naval forces in Anchorage, the Canadian Atlantic Fleet, British Navy in the Lesser Antilles and Falklands, Democratic forces that must prevail in South Africa, and Democratic forces in Western Australia. Contrary to what the media propagandizes, certain sane components of the Brexit movement may have been needed in order to accomplish that, and I suspect that many Britons know it, while France and Spain may now unfortunately be under a German yoke due to their EU entanglements. God Help the Philippines under El Loco Duterte. France needs to bolster its independent military forces in both Tahiti and New Caledonia, and the USA needs to secure its position in the Marshall Islands against 'secessionist' subversion from Asia or old German colonial interests. Plutocrats and politicians in the USA need to quit playing footsie with fascist and autocratic governments, banks, and corporations overseas, and quit hiring foreign-born neofascist contractors to design or run US national security software and databases, and who may be doing severe damage to US democracy by harnessing the US government and military and intelligence agencies to foreign interests, especially those in countries lacking any long-term rootedness in democratic infrastructure unbroken by fascist or other domestic authoritarian interludes.  Americans need urgently to review the history of the Russian Crypto-fascist Ayn Rand movement and its impact on US politics.. it should have No Place anywhere in US government.

American democracy may die if our primary allies do not remain Britain and France and Canada.  Neither Germany nor Japan nor any parts of China have that track record, and America should not reinforce German control of the EU, which was facilitated by the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties, and by all agreements that put the Euro bank in Germany, precisely because of its turbulent and fascistic history.  Merkel is Not Real, Neo-nazism is flourishing in Germany now, and Merkel's political party's lineage is Nazism, now sugar-coated with shiny lures.


2016.Nov.08 - Some Pitfalls Awaiting Clinton:

To address the pitfalls shown via geodetics that Pres Hillary needs to be attentive to are pointed out by the current global and alignments of the most political of the astrological factors, i.e. Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus. Vulkanus is the most potent, and has 4th harmonic angular alignment only around Anchorage Alaska, a city that also harbors a large Moonie cult colony mixed in with its large fishing industry, and a power base behind Sarah Palin.  Are they related?  The next major Vulkanus power base within the USA is an less-powerful 8th harmonic alignment along the longitude of Denver CO and Roswell NM, including key nearby cities like Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Pueblo in CO, Cheyenne WY, Albuquerque-SantaFe NM, and El Paso TX, considering both Sepharial and Grimm values, and 2-degree cluster (aspect) orbs. Thus, Colorado, New Mexico, El Paso, and longitudes near Anchorage are critical power-bases in US politics throughout the coming presidential term, since Vulkanus will remain near that point in January at Inauguration.  Will organizations like the Moonie cult, or German bases in New Mexico and bordering states, have substantial influence over US politics and infrastucture over the next 4 years, or will they be reined in, monitored, controlled, and/or flushed out of US politics and economic determiners?  National and international power-balance issues at those locations include the long-time German Luftwaffe and BND bases in New Mexico -- and Moonie cult influence, which is a combination of joint Japan-Korea-Taiwan, and now probably mainland China as well, covert psy-ops politics and mafia underworld (where the two intersect).  Those who have assumed that Germany and Japan and their many wealthy Chinese fascist collaborators (revolving largely around the old Shanghai Green Gang/Bamboo Union and cross-border Yakuza Mafia network) have all either disappeared or "transformed like the phoenix" into some sort of benevolent global force risen from the ashes of WW2 Axis Fascism are dangerously naive and unprepared for what is on the horizon.  Today's Russian motley assortment of alliances also risk tilting in the direction of the new post-communist Chinese power bases around Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao, Lushun, and Shenyang via the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Org as 4th-harmonic power rivaling that in Anchorage, and more powerful than that current power of the Denver and Roswell/El Paso regions, is in the hands of the Post-Soviet mammoths that could swing any direction along the political spectrum.  Note that Vulkanus in 4th harmonic is now over key global naval bases, and the power along the Denver meridian would be air power.  Navy, internationally, via the key global seaports now holding Vulkanus power, is where the most potent power on the plantet is today, unless usurped by Pirate Mafia, and that will remain for at least the next several years. When oligarchs rattle war rhetoric that gets enacted, it is Navy that will prevail globally, in any country, and hopefully navies that are run by democratic governments rather than arbitrary private oligarchs, some transnational.  Vulkanus power is also heavily aligned with Canada's Atlantic Fleet naval bases, and British naval bases in the Falklands and Caribbean Lesser Antilles, and any international bases in Greenland around 60W, as well as any Russian bases that might exist near 120E, in Siberia.  Russia and, more critically, China/Kuomintang/Taiwan hold the lion's share of power now in terms of high-power weapons, i.e. Nukes... and they are likely to be launched from ships, per the indicators.  This gives the tactical advantage of quick mobility the ability to disguise military operations as commercial shipping operations, and it also indicates the risk of commercial shipping companies meddling in international military affairs, even to the point of provoking wars unwanted by national military commanders.  This means that avoidance of unwarranted war may require tight military surveillance, or control, of commercial shipping operations so that some maverick shipping company doesn't intentionally cause a war that could engulf entire nations in danger of nuclear confrontations -- and pay particular attention to international shipping companies with power bases and/or origins in the Shanghai-Taipei region. 

Vulkanus is not however the only military and financial power factor, even if it might be the most potent.  Zeus correlates with military ground operations as well as technology power, near 19 Cardinals on Election Day, annual ground-seed Universal (Winter/NewYears Solstice), and Inauguration day. Zeus will be powerful inside the 48 contiguous states.  Zeus is more nimble than Vulkanus, although not as potent once set in motion like an awakened sleeping giant with concentrated power.  The harmonic indicators being what they are, the United States risks major losses in any nuclear confrontation unless US government power is ramped up in Anchorage, quickly, and Canada is willing to align tightly with American interests rather than Chinese or Russian lobbying in the event of confrontations spinning out of control.  Peace can certainly prevail, and should, for the well-being of humanity, but balance-of-power will be critical with Vulkanus power at the finger of what are probably Russia and China's two largest naval bases.  Note that this would be the case even if the 'World War III' advocated by warhawks in 2008 had been launched, and it is most unlikely that China and Russia could have been fully wiped out at that time, without globally-devastating retaliatory missile power (most likely directed primarily at the USA since the Vietnam War, when China became a nuclear power and was soon afterward on the way to reunification with Taiwan, per the 'Asian Century' plan of Chairman Teng/Deng Xiaoping and others after him).

Zeus can, however, manipulate the Vulkanus mammoths via its strategies and relative nimbleness, and its ability to incite war... it can be 'the power behind the throne', noting that Vulkanus power is also amassing around Istanbul and Alexandria-Cairo, as well as Johannesburg and Durban.  Zeus near 19 Cardinals means the nimble military strategists are now nested around Boston MA, and Portland and Bangor ME, around Niihau-Kauai Hawaii, and to a lesser degree around the meridian of Columbus GA, Cincinnati OH, and Sault-Ste-Marie on the US-Canada border; as well as around Managua and San Jose in Central America, and Cabo San Antonio in Cuba.  Military bases near these locations in North America are now supplemented by possibly similar operations near Tromso and Narvik in Norway, Stockholm and Gotland in Sweden, Gdansk Poland, Budapest Hungary, Lecce Italy, Benghazi and Burayqah Libya, Capetown South Africa, and in East Asia along the longitudes of east Taimyr peninsula and Ulan Ude in Siberia, Ulan Bator Mongolia, Nanning and Haikou in China, Nha Trang Vietnam, and Jogjakarta Indonesia.  Lesser Zeus power is now concentrated at 4 Mutables, pointing to west-coast Iceland and any underground bases due north of there in Greenland incl the historic German base Nordost Rundingen region, to the Azores and Cape Verde islands, in Russia to east Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land and Kurgan, in Central Asia to Kzyl-Orda, Bukhara, Kandahar, and Kalat; to the north Kuril Islands, Solomon Islands, and in North America to Boise, Las Vegas, Mexicali, and the south BC-Alberta Rockies.

Pluto is the money making any weapons move, nested at 16 to 17 Cardinals, pointing to NYC/Wall Street, Bogota Colombia (cocaine), remote South Chile money (mining money and post-war fascist colonies), Vienna (Habsburg money), Sirte Libya region, and Cape Town South Africa (gold), west coast Alaska (gold, platinum, furs, fishing industries), Ulan Ude in Siberia, Chongqing (China's inland capital), Saigon (Vietnamese economy), Jakarta/Bandung (Indonesian economy).

Obama's greatest obstacles during the last 8 years probably came from misplaced trust in Republican-run universities that sabotaged him along the way.  These include the private/corporate universities at Chicago, Stanford, and Princeton.  Stanford is a national psy-ops hub which manufactures liberal-coated fascist corporatism linked to the old Axis powers and their remnants, and Stanford has offices at Princeton. The Stanford Research Institute, cloaked in fake liberalist imagery, is the prize 'secret weapon' of America's radical right on the Pacific Coast. Princeton is in some ways its Atlantic twin and predecessor.  If Clinton, or the Clinton Foundation, gets entangled with any of them, they are likely to be pulled into a swirl of sabotage and manipulation they will later regret. The Stanford Research Institute (with a branch office at Princeton) is treacherous, and a hub of the sugar-coated New Fascism discussed on the streets of San Francisco, beginning to match the scale of duplicity on Wall Street as the tech industries (in every country, including China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Germany and its client states, Russia, as well as the USA) become big transnational money and the power to monitor and control infrastructure data and operations.  The computer industry, more than ever, is bound up in national security issues, war, and peace all across the globe. Technology and education must be democratized for democracy to survive, and privatization of education, and economic gentrification, is directly counter this happening.  Diversion of assets to private schools, away from public education, bolsters gentrification, blocks or reverses democracy, and feeds social injustice.  The wealthy, whose empires are all built on the sweat of ordinary people, will end up with nothing but a disgruntled public unless education is made readily available to all -- and the adjustment period will be challenged by the deficiencies of the past as smart young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will have to jump from substandard education restricted by local relative economic disadvantage, into institutions that can compete with the most rigorous international standards. The era of top-notch schools only for children of the wealthy, a medieval condition that has still not been rectified -- it's a "huge" part of what's held America back while other economies race ahead.  The era of oligarchs must also come to an end, and this will be a challenge to implement as Vulkanus enters Leo, and the temptation to revive royalist paradigms may exist. Democracy depends on implementation of what Hillary Clinton has summarized in the concept of  the opportunity for all individuals, regardless of background, to fulfill their innate potential.  The integration of reliable aptitude tests into public education, matching each individual to their innate talents, needs to be implemented nationwide, and as soon as possible, and administered every few years to keep tabs on student growth and evolution.  Adaptive schools and classes will be needed for kids coming from low-income neighborhoods, and the fragmentation of schools due to parochialism must be brought to an end by coming to agreement over mutual national objectives without compromising to backward ideologies, and without abandoning the study of universal ethics of social conscience. The 'faith-based' paradigm was a mistake, and will eventually be recognized as such.  Genuine scholarly, and not dogmatic, ecumenism, unbiased by or toward any particular individual religion, and fully open to critical thinking, is vital to world peace and constructive movement forward, in step with ever-changing time.

Meanwhile, until the entire world's population is ready to abandon ideological/dogmatic quirks and biases, power-balances will have to remain in effect so that the most massive cultures do not trample over the rest of the world.  With Vulkanus being where it is now, such 'blowback' issues are already surfacing in reaction to Holy Wars of any sort, from any religion or ideology. Comparative religion studies, unbiased to any one of them, are vital for as long as religion remains a common paradigm, and sciences must be taught with ethical considerations but without antiquated religious, or other ideological, paradigms that hold back ethical progress. Until then, ideologies of cultural and racial and religious superiority continue to clash from both the west and the east, equally, and no religion or ideology should be allowed to trample on basic human rights or dignity.  Religion-justified violence, and mindless, parroted dogma and manipulative brainwashing (i.e. current fake "Tea Party" copied after WW2-Axis-run Silvershirts and Liberty League cults) have got to go to the wayside.


2016.Nov.07 - If Clinton wins the election; or if Trump wins the election:

The naturally trusting nature of President Obama led to the redecoration of the White House with the assistance of the Bushes, which of course lay the daily presidential home environment wide open to the possibility of electronic bugging, and which could have been a key obstacle for Obama during his presidency. Should anyone think this is overly cautious, Remember Watergate. The Clintons could be equally sabotaged by misplaced trust in the Bushes, especially after they rallied together for publicity denying support for Trump right before Billybob Bush appeared as an active campaigner for Trump. This correlates with Vulkanus political backing showing as coming from the same geodetic subsector for both Trump and Geo Bush Jr.  Can the indicators be any more clear now?  Bi-partisan cooperation is important, but unconditional trust may well be unwarranted.  

If Trump wins the election, conditions may be unpredictable, as he has at various points threatened riots or other violence from those under the command of his network if he does not get his way, and key Republican leaders have abandoned the party for this election to state support for Clinton; although the statement of support from opposition may also be a way of getting an inroad into the offices of whichever candidate wins.  

For both Clinton and Trump, it's time overdue to recognize that the German government under Merkel's CDU party is duplicitous and untrustworthy, in backroom competition with the USA for global influence, and intent on manipulating US policy in Eastern Europe, a potential time-bomb attached to ICBMs long aimed at America. Merkel's party is a cohort of the US Republican Party via the "IDU" and old mutual Deutschebank holdings, and her overtures toward Obama eight years ago were also a game of having inroads into a Democratic administration in case her party's twin in America lost the last two presidential elections, which it did.  Americans need to review what happened through German media censorship issues when Merkel was placed on the throne, and how she has cozied up with Russian leaders while quietly lobbying for the USA to get defensive with Russia. Some supposed allies appear to be trying to manipulate US policy with their stacked intelligence data, to see if America will respond like their trained pit-bull terrier -- and attention should be paid to foreign military agencies training US personnel to do just that.

Clinton will probably gain in popularity by remaining the calm but firm head-of-state and not allow herself to be taunted and provoked to engage in Trump's puerile playground games. It is to Clinton's advantage to show America "who's in charge" with the calm confidence of the experienced stateswoman that she is. Pluto opposes the USA Sun, via precessed/sidereal transit around New Years Day 2017, and the behavior of each candidate indicates what sort of major transformation the nation will experience... the harnessed Plutonian power of someone who knows the US political system inside-out, and has studied the potential of the whole nation for years -- or the frantic and sporadic energies of a clownish demagogue who throws tantrums and advocates for riots and clashes in the streets. 


2016.Nov.02 - The Trump Haiti Spiel:

Trump now lambasting the Haiti assistance program that is actually called Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, a joint operation that has two separate offices, one in Dallas TX, and the other in Little Rock AR -- and has one hand known what the other is doing?  Remember the hand-wiping after the Haitian handshake.  Per the blog, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund was founded 2016Jan16 in Washington DC, sometime in the day before 12h40PM EDT/4hW, when the announcement was posted.  I recently pointed out that Trump and Bush Jr have Vulkanus (81:00-81:30) and Zeus (50:30-60:00) in the same 16th harmonic subsector on the 90 dial, indicating backing from the same longitudes, meaning there could be very similar political backing behind them... Vulkanus political backing from the meridian of San Antonio TX, or Jan Mayen Island or Lisbon or Casablanca -- and Zeus military backing from outside the USA unless right on the Alaska-BC border around Ketchikan and Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte Islands; otherwise most likely from Japan psy-ops centers around the Sendai meridian, transnational corporate bases in far eastern Brazil, any possible underground bases along the meridian of Kjoge Bay in Greenland, Volga German regions in Russia, Tehran or Bushire meridians in Iran, the Saudi/Emirate/Qatar/Bahrein border region, the Alqaeda region of Yemen, possible strange bases in the Pitcairns in the Pacific, or areas near the meridian of the eastern border of South Australia or Cape York Peninsula that Murdoch claims to not like.  All secretive locations.  Note that most of the Tee Partei loves both Trump and Bush Jr dearly, and Trump and the Tee Partei clearly have key financial backing from some of the same transnational big-money sources inside the USA.  Geodetics indicate that odds are high that Trump and Bush Jr's military backing is foreign, and the most clearly powerful military installations indicated are at Sendai Japan, Jan Mayen Island in the North Sea, Cape York Peninsula in Australia, or in coastal Portugal or south Morocco.

When Crooked Don made reference to drug habits of First Lady Hillary during the presidential debates, I thought I'd take a look at their charts, and noticed that Crooked Don has a natal SU=NE/HA and AR=SU/NE and MO=NE/AD in 4th harmonic, three major indicators of tendencies toward drug addiction problems. If you think of the behavior patterns typical of drug addicts, you can watch past videos of each candidate individually during speeches. Maybe Crooked Don knew what his opponent was ready to address, and 'struck first' on the topic to make any mention of it look like an echoing, retaliatory statement.


2016.Nov.01 - Summary of recent points from the Newsletter on the situation in Germany: 

These analyses are based a combination of 4th harmonic (90 degree) geodetic analysis of PL, ZE, and VU positions, routine monitoring of international news sources, studies and readings in world history, and specific geodetic astrological observations since the rise of the CDU party in Germany, which smells too much of of sugar-coated recycled Nazi fascism made to look like something else, which Hitler did in the early years of his Chancellorship.  In shaping US policy toward Russia, I have great fear that Germany will dictate that policy, based on Merkel's various Metternich-like strategizing after the CDU carefully groomed and trained her for years, German political style, as was done to Hitler, and then hoisted her into office. 

If North American or European allies allow Germany to call the shots on Russia policy, the result will likely be Disaster for America and Empire for Germany, and of course the German word for Empire is Reich. Astrologer Hermann Lefeldt wrote of his vision for the future in 1962, and it included a German-Russian Reich stretching across Central and Eastern Europe. This was Hitler's "dream" aspiration. Merkel, pushed along by CDU central, has been trained to be capable as a treacherous liar and manipulator. Some historical analysts also claim that German Gerhard Frey or the radical-right Deutsche Volksunion party (now merged with the NPD) advocated for a renewed German-Russian pact after the end of World War II.

I'm sure there are Germans all across the political spectrum who dislike Merkel's political gaming, and are probably afraid to say so.  Her quirky and controversial recent policy on Mideast immigrants was mostly a ploy to bring in and indoctrinate or program the immigrés and then redistribute them to other countries according to plan, after whatever CDU/BND indoctrination or re-education was planned. What those ignorant of history may not know or remember is that the Nazis courted Mideastern countries and created subservient cults there as a way of both extending influence in that region, in both peace and wartime, and of setting up murder and harassment of Jews settling in Palestine/Israel. Diabolical?  Yes. It included training the Mufti of Palestine in Nazi Germany and supplying him with an army to meet immigrating Jews with terror.  The Saudi monarchy was ambivalent during World War 2, and supported Nazi ambitions in Palestine -- and Turkey, which had long historical, sometimes wavering, connections with the Saudi monarchy, was an "observer member" of the Axis Fascist alliance.  This is not irrelevant to current events, but some American politicians seem to act as though it was, and will probably regret it later. 

The German government of CDU Merkel is clearly, intensely competing with the USA for global influence, subverting and manipulating to do so, and this is why the presence of German government troops and agents in the USA is pure foolishness, as is the refusal to acknowledge the striking similarities between the Nazi-created Silvershirts cult in the USA and the current so-called "Tea Party", both of which may also have/had substantial backing from the East Asian Axis Fascist 'Prosperity' organizations in Japan and China.

Other treacherous acts of Merkel (as a puppet of her party) have been to promote the diabolical propaganda lie that Nazism began in the USA and spread to Germany from here. Merkel then played a key role in the recent Ukraine disasters, later running to rub noses with Putin and blame the USA for what Germany actually did along Russia's borders.  Any American political leader who trusts Merkel's CDU (which includes the Kohl machine, even if she postures against him now) is being made into a fool. US policy toward Russia must be American policy, or disaster awaits, and that includes immigrés in the USA with lingering attachments to their places of birth in the region. Germany already has inroads into controlling Russian infrastructure via privatization policies since around 1990, matching with Lefeldt's 'prediction' and Frey's claimed policy polans, and maybe including a large chunk of Russian media already under German control.  

It is probably not in the interests of the United States, or most of Europe, or of the world, to see Germany in control of Russia; and we can see why from the examples of how the German-run EU, under the Merkel CDU machine, has treated Greece and Spain -- and real reasons, that the EU tries to cover up, why the UK voted for Brexit.  CDU leaders now claim they do not want to do anything opposed to Russian interests, but that does not match with the facts, and has not matched for some time now. German agents have stealthily meddled repeatedly in Poland and Belarus and Russia during the last decade. This is not something Americans should risk being blamed for, but the odds are high that the CDU Germans have done just that.  This is all reflected in how Vulkanus (global political influence) has slowly moved geodetically (in 4th harmonic, which I tend to look at first, in political analyses) from Berlin to St/Peterburg since the time of German Reunification in 1990 (validating Merkel's "We Have the Power" election slogan), and how Zeus has moved from Palencia (longtime German/Axis military/intel hub in Spain), across France and Germany to Vienna during the same time period. Also during this period, Pluto (big money) has moved from Baghdad, across Iran and India, up to both Chongqing and Vienna, where it is now. 

With Pluto and Zeus both over Vienna and Chongqing now, global military money is focused in China and what may be an actual current reunified Germany that includes Austria, for all practical puposes, since 1990. How does that fit into the recent 'World War III' talk?  It should be studied how much money in Iraq in 1990 was tied to the newly-reunified German government.  When the German government reopened the Berlin Reichstag in 1999, Pluto money in Iceland was involved (related to current 'Pirate Party' trendy political cult that steals data thereafter sold to predatory venture capitalist corporations?). Zeus (military backing) was in Brussels (EU capital); and Vulkanus was in Budapest (another Habsburg power hub) when the Reichstag was restored, stressing links to the EU oligarchy and Habsburg remnants in Hungary.  Note that the Habsburg dynasty did not end, even if it was internationally forced into 'thronelessness', and it is today highly powerful in the secret corridors of EU power, much of its money in Liechtenstein banks.  These positions confirm the view of some political analysts that the EU government, as it is today, is the restored Habsburg (Pangermanic) Empire, and as much in Germany and Hungary as it is in Austria... Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus positions confirm this possiblity.  Can Vulkanus reaching St/Peterburg similarly indicate a restoration, in effect, of the Germanic Romanov dynasty in Russia?  Does this explain why the Voice of Russia sang praises to the Czars during its final international short-wave broadcasts?  What will a restoration of Habsburg and Romanov power mean for the USA?  How will a Habsburg restoration possibly cemented with the restoration of the Berlin Reichstag, impact democracy in Europe?  Will Lefeldt's dreamed-of German-Russian empire manifest via a Habsburg-Romanov joint restoration?  What has happened to the US economy since the rise of German dominance in the EU, via German banks like Deutschebank (friendly with Trump, and heavily invested along the East China Coast) in the USA?  Centuries-old imperial Habsburg money was a cornerstone of Wall Street in New York.

What may be relevant is the fusion of the 'Vienna School' fans in America with the goofy 'Tea Party' cult that revives a fusion of the Nazi-built Silvershirts and Liberty League 'patriot' cult of the 1930s. Are there foreign agents of these interests imbedded in US national infrastructure?  even in US military database technology?  Do they have ties to the Chinese economy via Chongqing... or to the current Vietnamese economies in Hanoi and Saigon?  Merkel once complained about the US spying on her cellphone, but she did not mention that the Siemens family dynasty built Deutschebank and is intimately fused with the BND (today's Gestapo) as well as Microsoft Windows internal workings, including 'the Cloud', and lodged into Microsoft technology since the birth of Windows and after a German Siemens lawsuit against the US government to contest US govt laws that prevented them from bidding on US military/national security contracts. So, who's spying on who?  And what's happening to our US government as a result?  Are the details of American daily lives now on record in Berlin's databases thanks to the Siemens Cloud?  Is this why the US elections now include Creepy Clown the Deutschebank buddy?  Are people remembering Deutschebank's founding role in the Republican Party in the USA?  De facto similarities of Nazi ideology to that of Ayn Rand, and Czarist backing for Hitler?  

Longtime Deutschebank/Deutsch-Asiatische Bank business partnerships with the mega-rich Shanghai Green Gang maritime trade mafia and/or shipping companies or the deadly Bamboo Union gangs?  Such connections are confirmed as possible or probable in either media or the PL, ZE, and VU geodetic indicators, which also points out that WW2 Asian Fascism may have originated as much or more from China as Japan, that China was polarized by heavy Axis collaboration not unlike Spain during World War II, and that it similarly lingered after 1945 on either the mainland or Taiwan. When an American media outlet recently asked, "Is China Fascist", the answer may be "Yes", and for both China and Taiwan, whether they are really separate entities anymore or just playing shadow-puppet games to throw off foreign observers as they quietly plan a revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere with Japanese interests called "Asian Century" that will annex America if it can -- as much as Siemens'Deutchebank has confiscated American homes by the thousands, and Siemens brings BND agents onto the streets of America. 

Today, European and Asian fascism are both competing with each other And competing with America, but Americans haven't fully awakened yet to that reality, because there are once again Axis dupes and spies in America, just like there were in the 1930s, in a network orchestrated by Franz von Papen and associates.. Where Russia stands in all this is unclear, and possibly obscured by the heavy German corporate presence in Russia, and Putin's cozy puppy love for Angie, who was intensively groomed and trained by the CDU network of Kohl et al, as reported in the German media before her administration started censoring it. These are some likely indicators of how Fascism could come to America, sometimes waving a flag or carrying a cross, like the sputtering and disgusting Japanese-intel programmed Sun Myung Moon (who called America the Land of Satan) and his gun-trafficking offspring, whose purportedly 'christian' weapons distribution operations are conveniently close to NYC and Trump Towers. 

Today, the news reports Trump supporters in Alabama 'ready for revolution'. Where are their guns coming from?  Moonies (in both North, and South America including the Paraguay region? Asian mafia weapons-trafficking networks recently arrested only in part?  Nazi remnants in Europe.. or in South Africa?  It seems likely that the cozying-up of any US political leaders with the Japan-Korea-Taiwan-based Sun Myung Moon cult is behind much of the mess. Note also that geodetics show that political backing for George Bush Jr and Donald Trump, could be coming from similar sources, regardless of the Bush joint family disavowal, and there are some similarities in terms of ties to the 'Tea Party' network.  There is now grave risk of misplaced trust in overseas networks that are fused with cults or other covert operations that American associates are not aware of, as was the case in the 1960s and 1970s. Forgotten by many Americans is that exotic organizations were fronts manufactured for the purpose of foreign espionage and subversion. Earlier, subversive cults were manufactured now and again by early 20th century fascist governments as a part of covert operations, including the Axis-run Silvershirts in the USA, and the continuation of that thread, globally, may include the same, modified for the times we live in now. 

The Moonies are another high-potent and pervasive example of deep significance now for the United States, and the IS/IL network may be another example. The 'patriot revolutions' spouted in backward corners of the United States may in some cases be foreign-backed and intended for subversion and national fragmentation, directed from overseas. The KKKlan was supported historically by the Nazis, and East Asian Fascist organizations in the 1930s attempted to manipulate some minority populations in the United States for their political objectives. One must not confuse xenophobia with reports of actual foreign-directed subversion operations.  

The United States needs a smart, highly knowledgeable, mature, and level-headed president to handle these issues, not a volatile fool flailing his arms all over the place.  It is possible that the proliferation of transnational psychological warfare operations have reached an all-time high, and per the current Universal (Cap Ingress) Chart, pertinent indicators are there... AR=MA=NE =URPL/APVU, and that means there is certainly a possibility that the people in the raging cults are drugged, or that the cults are affiliated with transnational drug-trafficking networks, and that would point to the possible inclusion of the post-WW2 Axis Fascist underworld an/or any of its current allies.  Its is raging in Germany, and Merkel started frantically trying to keep it under wraps since the day she was hoisted into office by the CDU/IDU, a network that includes parties in East Asia... it's Not all a 'white' thing.  Asian Fascism (both Japanese and Chinese) is most definitely just as much a problem as is Euro Fascism in some regions of the United States, according to demographic composition.  Those who think Fascism is an all-white phenomenon risk being overtaken by Asian fascist/mafia elements, including their slippery cults, like the highly phony gun-peddling Moonies and their offshoots, which may be lodged into US national security agencies, just as may be neo-fascist elements from Europe or elsewhere.  That would mean that an attempt is possibly being made to destroy the United States via transnational infiltration and subversion.  It has been done elsewhere, so why is it assumed it could not happen here?  Pay attention, stay alert, and research thoroughly before coming to conclusions. 

The good news is that in 2017, per the Universal chart of 2016Dec21, Neptune will be out of orb of Ariespoint, to help resolve confusion and Some of the global drug epidemic (although still lingering via AR=NE/ZE, which could include 'drug wars'), but we as a planet will have AR=MO/PO, and Poseidon approaching secondary cluster (2-degree angle) in H8 (8th harmonic) to Ariespoint.  This means that in 2017, more facts and less drugs and 'imagery' will be circulating, more light than fog. The 2017 chart also shows AR=UR/NE which can mean 'waking up' from semiconscious states or confusion.  Such transitions probably require Pluto doing something significant, and while is makes no clear midpoint picture on the Ariespoint axis in H16, if we look at the Pluto midpoint axis, we can see PL=MA=ARSU/SAAP.  This means, globally over all, substantial changes or transformations in global education (SAAP) as well as, individually, global commercial patterns (ARAP) and global land issues (ARSA).  SAAP can also involved commercial real estate issues.  Will this means greater public equity in real estate issues, or more land-hoarding and gentrification?  This will depend on where the power manifests.  Pluto's transformative power for 2017 will be focused where it is overhead, i.e. at 16:35 Cardinals.  That points to Vienna and New York City (linked together via Wall Street), Chongqing (financial hub in China, Misratah-Khums area in Libya (oil wealth), Brazzaville and Kinshasa (referring to the vast mineral wealth of the Congos), and Bogota Colombia (unfortunately a cocaine-trafficking hub). The latter means the problems can increase if the transnational narcotrafficking empire in Colombia is not brought under control and the Colombian economy transformed into something far more beneficial to humanity, that global drug problems can continue, and it could be related to the possible AR=NE/ZE global drug wars, for which whatever runs Bogota could be a major source.  Another potential influential financial power hub could be around Karlskrona Sweden.  Libyan oil money will have high global impact in 2017, and would have in 2017 no matter who controlled it by now, whether it be the Gadafi entourage, IS/IL or Muslim Brotherhood or old Ottoman imperial affiliates, the latter now being revived in Turkey and possibly in Egypt.  

Other possible financial hubs of significance could be whatever runs mineral-rich Walvis Bay Namibia, whatever controls the area of Cuba around Guantanamo, the far western tip of Haiti around Cayes, and eastern Bahama islands .  These areas of the Caribbean should be scoured for connections to the Colombian cocaine cartel mafia/underworld networks, as should southern coastal Peru and southern Chile and neighboring areas of Argentina.  These areas should also be scrutinized for connections or agents in New York City and its environs, including neighboring areas of SE New York, Long Island, W Connecticut, and NE New Jersey. This includes bases of the Moonie cult empire including the gun-running network, and prominent Kuomintang Chinese money on Long Island.  There is risk of the cocaine narcotrafficking networks, cults controlling Libyan oil money, and/or Opium-Triangle mafia in Chongqing spoiling the chances for global evolution.  However the general world public may be more aware of the real facts of global conditions in 2017, with 2016 Neptunian illusions fading slowing away, and that probably means, or requires, the fading out of the 'Anonymous' 'incognito' cult. 

The 'pirate party' rise in Iceland will need to be intensively monitored for its real content and objectives, as Neptune is overhead in Iceland, by 4th harmonic, in both 2016 and 2017, shifting eastward from urban western Iceland in 2016 toward the more remote region of central Iceland in 2017.  'Fog' and secrecy that accumulated around western Utah and Arizona in 2016 will shift toward the eastern borders of those states, incl the regions directly north of there in ID, MT, and WY (hideouts?); and the same for Alberta Canada and Sonora Mexico.  Likewise for areas of Solomon Islands, Micronesia, and Marshalls; and of Afghanistan and Pakistan and Central Asian countries to their north.  They may all be areas of potential continued subterfuge and vagaries -- although events between now and January could clear up a lot of current global confusion. The 2016 election in Washington could be related to such changes to be seen in 2017. Sensible American Must vote so that raging fools do not determine the outcome of the elections.


      2016.Nov.01 - 21st Century Uranian methodology technical review for the rusty or unfamiliar:  

This entry is only for technically-oriented Uranian Astrologers.  Someone asked for a review of this astrological technique topic. As Ruth Brummund taught me, Hamburg School astrology went through a big transformation after the death of Hermann Lefeldt, whose writings were translated into English by Hans Niggemann, a German naval officer and key teacher of Uranian Astrologers years ago in the northeast US NCGR circle, and which emphasized preserving astrological conventions/traditions that would not make midpoint astrology unfamiliar to mainstream astrologers. However, keeping the historical elements for the sake of familiarity was seen as too much focus on preservation of tradition and compromise of professional technical astrology for the sake of pop astrology, as a block to the kind of astrology Alfred Witte intended, and a distraction from the results of later research intended to upgrade astrology to greater efficiency.  Thus, a new future-focused group of Uranian Astrologers resumed Witte's focus on testing and sorting out methods in practice, with a scientific approach, indifferent to preservation of astrological tradition. This resulted in focusing primarily on midpoints and harmonic angles/'aspects', and the 16th, and sometimes 32nd, harmonic midpoints more thoroughly. These are not arbitrary choices, but methods chosen after many years of critical research. They are resisted by two camps, one being traditionalists unwilling to abandon inefficient old methods due to habit/inertia, and another being people who own the rights to and sell the old books published in German in 1946 or earlier (translated in later years into English, but representing 1946 astrology).

Witte's early writings, still preserved in German, indicate that he used houses as late as the 1920s.  However, some students claimed that he was phasing them out in favor of midpoints in his later work by 1940-41, much of which was destroyed by the Nazis.

Recently I was asked again how the 16th harmonic (H16, or 22.5 degree multiple angles/aspects) is used.  One uncommon way is via a 22.5 dial, although such a dial leads to be something like looking at life through a microscope or magnifying glass, instead of with normal vision and range of view - not holistic, and myopically distorted in perspective.  Furthermore, the 22.5 dial leaves clustered (in-orb) planets visually spread too far apart, especially when including secondary clusters (2-degree orb for angles/"aspects").

22.5 mode is however quite functional for the graphic ephemeris, and for work with the 90-degree dial, which can easily detect the detail of 22.5-degree midpoints while still keeping a more holistic perspective, along with lifelong analysis via solar arc direction estimates without changing dials back and forth. How would one do 22.5/H16 analysis with a 90-degree dial?

I explained this in one of the Uranian Astrology beginning lessons on the Uranian Institute website, with illustrations. Ruth taught me to use the standard 90-degree dial to implement H16/22.5 methods, and it's quite simple for those already familiar with the 90-degree dial...  What you do is look for the the 90 midpoints, and then follow that with adding the midpoints along the perpendicular midpoint axis, 22.5 degrees away.  The Special Uranian Astrology program was designed to summarize this automatically in optional 22.5 midpoint list that can be displayed alongside the 90 dial.  Those lists also include planets/points at H16 angle/aspect, and per Ruth's method, the planets at 22.5-multiple aspect carry double the weight of midpoints, when tallying all the factors together to read the nature of the planet or point being examined.

After extensive testing and comparison, the old A+B-C Arabic-Part-type pictures were abandoned as being of relatively marginal usefulness in the overall picture, and unnecessary, since pertinent midpoints would describe situations rather thoroughly.  Thus, the A+B-C pictures were evaluated like the 22.5 dial... looking though a microscope and losing overall holistic chart perspective.  I myself was reluctant, for several years, to abandon houses.  Ruth said, and I paraphrase, "let them go long enough to test the planetary pictures in their most effective form, and you will see how they are unnecessary and more vague".  I asked myself how this could be, and I learned how, after practice.  It has long been my intention to compare how effective use of midpoints often replicates house information but in greater detail, and then hacking on my computers by predatory competitors, and further health problems, and the need to perfect the Special Uranian program, caused continual setbacks and delays. The objective remains.  I am highly familiar with the house systems, have even written interpretations for them (some of the stolen during the 2005 hacking attacks), but now agree with Ruth, and after extended practice, that the houses can be set aside with no major loss in standard chart readings.  Note that the Special Uranian program has for a few years now also included a 360 chart with moveable on-screen dial, so that house analysis, with 90-degree midpoint considerations, can be done, with no paper or hand-held dials needed... it's all in the computer program.  Note that the 360 dial function for traditionalists also allows one to note which houses the planets in the midpoint configurations occupy, so the experienced "house astrologer" has the option to do multi-house analysis of midpoint configurations. Signs are usually ignored (although I use them for mundane/political astrology as time-period indicators), but they are nonetheless accessible on charts by noting where the planets fall on the dial and/or by letting the mouse hover over the planet for display of its position in degree and minutes.  This all defuses the lies spread in certain entrenched cliques in the NCGR oligarchy who own uranian astrology programs and old books, and fear the loss of control to more competent astrologers who might make them look shabby by comparison.

  The choice of Ruth's methods, contrary to what the tradition-encumbered NCGR-affiliate clique and book heirs claim, were based on years of research and prioritization, not just whimsical and impulsive choices, and I saw this via examples of her study and research projects.  I also made some modifications to her method because I too was one to test methods in practice not parrot, and our experiences were different, in different contexts, and learning around traditions that differ in Germany and the USA. Ruth's methodology remains intact and in focus in the Special Uranian program, and she eventually allowed for some options outside her recommended methodology.  Ruth has been a critical thinker and one to take astrology seriously as a science, as I have.  There's no time for mindless tradition-parroting or glamorization of occultism if one wants to yield accurate astrology. Accurate astrology is not just a parlor game. Astrology is not a religion itself, although some, like the highly-esteemed Zain/Benjamine Brotherhood/Church of Light (not to be confused with other newer organizations that have copied that name or tried to co-opt the organization), may choose to integrate astrology into a much larger religion. Ruth and I have had sometimes substantially different world views, and been diverted by differing influences from others, but have been united in the pursuit of sound and reliable astrology.  

Lastly, Witte pointed out that the MC and Ascendant measure different planes, and it therefore makes no sense to use them both as "house cusps" in the same 'house system'.  That should probably have brought an end to the otherwise endless argument over house systems that included them both as house cusps, and it is reflected in the popular Equal House system that includes the MC as a point in the chart that is not a house cusp.  Witte thus developed a series of equal-house systems that all had slightly different meanings based on the reference point chosen, and his objective was to find reliable astrology, not champion one house system or another. Some Uranian Astrologers have used MC houses of 30 degrees in longitude, and others used MC houses of 30 degrees in right ascension.  Neither is considered "right" or "wrong".  In some cases there is no difference between them, in other cases the differences are often minimal, and in any case orbs of influence due to proximity to "house cusps" further minimizes the differences.  One further point is to stress that some Hamburg School astrologers sought to preserve all experimental methods of Witte, from start to end, as valid for the present.  Others claimed this is, and was, contrary to Witte's intention, which was to sort out and prioritize methods for efficiency and functionality.  I tend to agree with the latter, as has Ruth Brummund, per my studies with her.  Thus we both have held to the Witte line that astrology has evolved since the days of marginal literacy, the point that Witte stressed as a core principle of his research and application. Witte did not ignore or discount metaphysics, but he insisted that they not to confuse or deter a scientific approach to astrology.

If you hear any of my material parroted almost verbatim in any Kepler College lecture, please let me know. Most of my knowledge of current methods is from personal experimentation, or direct from experienced German teachers, from Witte's writings in German, American teachers, and early on from the rather sparse English-language Uranian Astrology literature still often biased toward pre-1960 methods. American astrology could be just as reliable and precise as German astrology, but American astrology organizations have instead made the mistake of excessive preoccupation with old/historical methods, some of which seem relatively vague or unreliable in results. Some astrologers have even professed that it is inappropriate to be anything other than vague.  This is not to say that astrology accounts, or that free will does not exist alongside predetermined in-born characteristics or other pre-dispositions.


2016.Oct.30 - Comey's outburst, and  Election strategies: Clinton may be losing votes from immigrant-focus overkill -- she needs instead to resume the theme of being the President for All of America and stress protecting both the rights and security of long-time Americans as well as newcomers already competing substantially for jobs and housing, and avoid going into react mode over the baiting nonsense that Trump spouts or does, because he seems to be trying to put her in that mode of 'always the opposite', now referring to his e-mail dirt to sling at Clinton as a 'motherlode', like he's digging for gold via the White House while ironically accusing Clinton of "corruption and cronyism"  Something illogical in that, but Trump is illogical, and dangerously so, as a presidential candidate, flying off on crazed tirades and tangents. About the election-time e-mail comment of FBI director Comey: What may have happened may be explained by a manifestation of Vulkanus both at the time of Comey's announcement, and election day on November 8, being in the same 16th-harmonic subsector as the Vulkanus of the Republican Party, an interesting coincidence. This clearly raises the question if Comey was somehow under pressure from party headquarters to do what he did, to compensate for his earlier resistance to the 'warrantless wiretapping' policy -- and was that warrantless wiretapping to be used for partisan objectives because it would questioned by the courts?  Is this part of the election coup attempt that Trump earlier promised to his fans?  For these reasons, Americans need to pay more attention to where the guns flooding the streets are ultimately coming from... who are the large-scale gun traffickers?... on election day, Vulkanus (political power) is at 32nd harmonic (11:15 multiple) angle to Zeus (among other things, weapons).  On 2016Aug09, Trump called on a 2nd Amendment (arms-bearing rights) advocate conference to "act" on Clinton; on 2016Mar16 he threatened "riots" if he was blocked from access to becoming president. What are his secret intentions? Global Vulkanus power on election day, at 00:11 Fixed signs, is concentrated, in the USA, around the meridian of Anchorage and Kodiak (including a Moonie cult fishing industry colony), and to a lesser degree (in H8/45-multiple angle at 15:11 Mutables) around the meridian of Denver (NORAD national defense hub) and Roswell (a hub of German military training centers on US soil at one time and maybe still).  On election day, Zeus (handguns, among other things), at 18:27 Cardinals, are concentrated around the meridian of Boston, Providence, and Portland Maine; western Hawaii and the Bering coast of Alaska; and to a lesser degree (at 03:27 Mutables) around the meridian of Los Angeles and San Diego, western Oregon and Washington borders with Idaho, and west-central Nevada -- considering both Grimm and Sepharial positions. Officials in all these cities need to be on the alert for actions taken by fringe or foreign armed cults, including those overtly threatening violence at that time. And maybe most importantly... who's selling the guns to the amped-up fanatics at the pro-Trump rallies reminiscent of radical right and left revolutions?  Overseas, the Zeus sources are prone to be near Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia, the Hainan and west Guangxi meridians and directly north of there in China, southeast Vietnam, Kuching and western Borneo, west central Java; Gotland island in the Baltic, Vienna Austria, east Slovenia, central Croatia, and the Italian boot heel, central Libya, and the Capetown South Africa region. Russia and China have shifted to the right in recent years and are no longer fully centralized one-party states, in reality, and sometimes harboring radical-right parties of influence. Top Vulkanus global power from overseas coming from either side of the high-density and high-tech Taiwan Strait military posts, Shanghai and Hangzhou, east Shandong and central Liaoning China; St/Peterburg Russia, Odessa and the west Black Sea coast, Istanbul and Alexandria and Cairo (old Ottoman imperial hubs, sometimes radicalized), Johannesburg and Durban (gold money), west central Western Australia (gold money), west Newfoundland island and adjacent areas, Dominican Republic, north Colombia-Venezuela border region, Peru-Bolivia border region, both north and far-south Chile around Punta Arenas. Watch remote Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Vulkanus can also be top military command and high-power/impact mega-weapons.  One thing to not overlook: Chinese power has in recent decades become Overbearing, globally -- it's no longer marginal or innocuous, or necessarily overt and up-front.  The global power on election day is at H8/harmonic angle to Saturn and H16 angle to Hades, as well as H32 to Zeus -- power that is highly guarded, highly strategic, and highly secretive in the background, regardless of the clowns on the stage, who may be intended to be a distraction away from who's really running their show, maybe transnational despite the patriotic rhetoric.  Don't believe the BS about Chinese political power being innocuous or up-front, as the Sun Tzu master of passive-aggression would want you to do. The newly unified cross-strait Greater China is ready for action, as shown in their sham 2015 Kuomintang-Communist 'Victory Day' parade. Meanwhile, Moonie cult and 'church/faith-based' fronts are selling guns on the streets to Americans while they continue to manipulate American politics as they have since the day 'faith-based Reverend' Moonie landed in America and started mesmerizing Nixon and his successors with double-talk that some reports claim were central in creating the real Watergate mess of the 1970s, in a Moonie-cult-run hotel. Many of the Moonies and their new (sometimes radicalized) Falun branch operations, per geodetics, may be based in Micronesia or the Marshall Islands, as were many of the key military operations of Japan and their wealthy China-coast partner states (Manchukuo, North China, Wang Chingwei Chinese Nationalist government) against the USA during World War II.  The real facts about World War 2 in China, since then censored in the USA by the scheming China Lobby in Washington, and Japan, may be vital to understanding current global power politics, as that War was about conserving the power of old imperial-dynastic-run economic interests, and expanding their territory for Lebensraum and mineral rights, willing to genocide transnationally to do it. Americans, North and South, were considered the naive fools to be manipulated by extensive and sophisticated covert Axis operations, from both Europe and Asia, intent on world domination and the subjugation of the United States.  If you think that's not pertinent to now, don't wake up too late, and find that America has been "re-defined" by either Asian or European banks and corporations.  Clinton Must be fully attentive and vigilant to of all this and not react to Trump the loud hyper-lipped rich-heir clown's shifting babble and trickery.  You can bet that the pushy EU oligarchs (that Merkel represents) and the new Asian Prosperity Sphere advocates (Moonies and others trying to take the stage or lobby like pimps in the US Capitol), as well as Putin and Russian players watching from the fence, are all doing all they can to sway the election to their, and not America's, interests -- to see how naive Americans will be in facing the transnational banks of Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin, Qingdao, Taipei, Shanghai, and Tokyo, all seeking Lebensraum once again, and getting it, fast already, and ready to use immigration politics for expansionist objectives in the USA. America is already great, and it doesn't need 're-definition'.  America only needs to remember the real facts about its developmental history instead of the so-called "Tea Party" nonsense, and those of every country it deals with, and put that into the context of current global realities. Things are not going to be fixed by loud-mouthed juvenile candidates jerking around frantically with puerile playground chatter and bluster, or by dogmatic religious ideologues of Any religion.  The religion issue is in the US Constitution, as a reminder to those who falsely quote it: America was founded in the Age of Reason, acknowledging a God of no religion, with separation of church and state, and not the age of the kind of dogma that sends people into mob action, holy wars, and mad chaotic religious raptures instead of reasonable action. The Pilgrims were in 1620, and the US Constitution in 1789, 159 years later and of a far more ideologically diverse population. Religion clearly has proven, over centuries, to not guarantee morality, and to very often be nothing but covert political tools disguised in religious hypocrisy, as the writers of the US Constitution clearly knew already, 227 years ago. Why have Americans forgotten that?  Have we been dumbed-down with nonsense, on purpose?  Will we move forward with reason and sensibility, or spin around in mad ideological raptures like the most backward and primitive cultures on earth, with crazies waving guns and acting out their weird public rituals and chants in lockstep, reminiscent of the radicalized cults of early 20th-century Europe and Asia which may today still be backing the ideological fanatics via 'offshore' sources, intent on destabilizing the USA as it approaches the final precessed Pluto transit opposite the USA Sun in this current 124-year-average cycle of Pluto conjunctions and oppositions?  The precessed Pluto conjunct to the USA Sun took place in 1929, around the time of the global stock-market crash, caused by the greed and economic polarization of the transnational corporations that created WW2 Fascism, facilitated in particular by the Deutschebank-built Republican Party of Robber Barons, and boosting Fascist Germany and Japan and its East China Coast allies into global ascent. Will US national leaders, political or economic or military, be foolish enough to repeat that mistake?  Are either or both of the 2 main US parties being lobbied by the remnants of the WW2 Axis machine?  There are certainly signs of such attempts, and the Axis fascist bankcorps nowthrive more than ever in Germany, Austria, Japan, and the East China coastal region (in both China and Taiwan).  What shows the German-Austrian factor now and in recent years is Pluto overhead there, in 4th harmonic (and in the 1930s in the Prussian and Silesian provinces of Germany now inside Polish borders, and Habsburg-run Budapest) -- and today also in Slovenia, Croatia, the Italian boot heel, Libya, South Africa, and Chongqing and Hainan and Guangxi China (which may have in 1929 provided money to build up the Axis states in Manchukuo, Shandong, and the Chinese Axis-collaborationist state revolving around the Shanghai global economic dynamo now at peak global power with Vulkanus overhead. Top Chinese leaders were carefully poised to side with whoever won World War 2, even willing sometimes to sell US weapons aid to Japan. The bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because Germany was sending their nuclear weapons technology to Japan to make a planned 'comeback' and bombing the USA from the Pacific side. Ethnic Japanese were interned in the USA because of extensive East Asian Axis subversion including active collaboration with the Nazis.  This was made public when Clinton declassified WW2 documents right before the questioned 2000 election that put Bush in office and Taiwan-born multi-billion-heiress global trader and multi-banker Elaine Chao, from an uber-wealthy Shanghai family, at the helm of the US Department of Labor for 8 long years of US economic disaster, radical gentrification, sabotage of US public education, radical exploitation of the US real estate market, and extensive foreign encroachment that has been difficult to undo, with steamrollering of Americans by inflowing transnational banks and corporations. Democracy means government. 'No government' means anarchy and rule by gangsters, usually followed by foreign takeover, which nearly happened right after Hoover's 1929 via cults like the Silvershirts, the prototype for the fake "Tea Party" zombie cult, and built and bolstered by German and East Asian fascist agents inside the USA at the last Pluto conjunction to the national Sun.  The Silvershirts 'Patriot' cult were a foreign-run puppet subversion cult intended to manipulate the USA into the Fascist Axis.  They eventually lost when Roosevelt became president, and Hoover's hot air blew away to rest in Stanford and its branch offices. What will happen this time, around New Years 2017?  Will it be a Roosevelt or a Hoover, and take careful note of what really happened the last time.  Hoover nearly drove the country into the grave, and Roosevelt revitalized it into its superpower status with perhaps more international respect than any other time in US history, except from the arrogant, genocidal Axis power alliance, the murderous 1930s pirate parties of the Skull and Bones, of Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Ching Pu Yi, double-agent Wang Chingwei, the Arab Fascists, and the Boers -- parties that killed and tortured millions for political and economic objectives.  Yes, this is a vitally important election in US history.  As First Lady Obama said, "We need an Adult in the White House".  This is no time to take risks on the rehashed schemes of the old Axis Powers repackaged as the TTP/TTIP secret 'plans' and pushed by the treacherous leaders of Germany and Japan, once again -- and it truly is no time to get sloppy about immigration policy, precisely because of its impact on national security and economic stability of Americans.  There's a reason why Merkel pushed insistently for the rip-off trade deals, why Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy were locked up for weapons trafficking after Shrimp Boy's participation in the nationwide "Chinatown coup", and why Sun Myung Moon the phony-religion "Prince of Peace"s son is now distributing guns that go onto American streets from near the Moonie hub around New York City. That's probably only the tip of the iceberg. America has a deadly serious East Asian Mafia problem that is being glossed over because they aren't white and can claim minority status exemption, and one should ask if the resultant gun-trafficking and drug-trafficking factor is not systematically destabilizing the United States on both coasts. Putin is not the only one to watch, and some foreign intelligence agents lie, where it is expedient. In the time of TTIP and TPP considerations, this matters more than ever. (Most of these issues were covered months ago in the 21st Century Uranian Astrology newsletter, key points of which are being moved here because of continual manipulation and sabotage and probable monitoring by highly passive-aggressive and jealous, semi-competent competitors entrenched within the NCGR Uranian Astrology network.)  


2016.Oct.29 - On the Pirate Party, Assange, and the "TPP/TTIP" Trade Deal Games: The world is now bristling with major political changes as AR=SU=PL/VU in the current Universal/CapIngress chart although all that =Neptune, so a lot is happening under the table, in back rooms, and maritime exchanges (NE.PL) are central in it all, yes =PL/AP... sea trade and commerce.  Who will dominate is indicated by the geodetic position of all-powerful Vulkanus, and that points to Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao, Manila, Buenos Aires, St/Peterburg, Odessa, Istanbul, Alexandria, Durban, Papeete, and the Moonie-cult-engulfed Anchorage.  Who's in charge?  When you see the US Senate Majority Leader backed by a transnational billionare banker almost making his arms and lips move, you know there may be another power behind the 'throne'.  Has anyone forgotten that the Moonies owned the Watergate Hotel rooms where the scandals were set up and framed, where the microphones were planted?  And speaking of maritime trade, we come to the subject of pirates.

I would advise all astrologers to steer clear of the 'Pirate Party' including the one on the ascent in Iceland (that displays the Skull-and-Bones symbol), and I hope it's quite clear by now what the real nature of Pirate-affiliate Julian Assange is, based on his actions relating to the current US elections that are clearly in favor of Donald Trump. I very, very briefly thought Assange was authentic when he first made his media outbursts, but soon saw the pattern of him parroting propaganda from the German right wing, and then read about his literal manipulation by them. He's been "made up" to look like a young liberal on camera, but the majority of his propaganda (not all, but most) comes from the radical right for their objectives, in part via one of his controllers, Joran Jermas (per political analyst Dave Emory). When time permits, I hope to summarize geodetic indicators of the Pirate Party origins, and these can already be studied in the "Men Behind the Curtain" article on this site by searching for 'Pirate' and 'Assange'.
About the elections, I have intentionally withheld all detailed information about my observations because I do not want it to stop people from voting, or from thinking it's all wrapped up already. Trump has brought up just enough valid points to have popular appeal -- e.g. immigration regulation definitely needed, for both economic and political security reasons, but Not violence or injustice toward immigrants already in the USA. Most unbridled immigration always has been mostly about cheap labor, and still is -- and cases of asylum may or may not be real.  Overall, Trump's campaign smells more and more like the 'Tea Party on Steroids', and anyone who studies the relevant history will see that the Tea Party is a resurrection of WW2 Axis Fascist psy-ops cults in the USA, coming from both Europe And Asia, not one or the other.. but Both. In the 1930s and 40sthe Silvershirts and Liberty League prototypes were brought in and run by foreign spies inside the country, some with citizenship and sent here for the very purpose of subversion (many of them orchestrated by the slippery Nazi co-architect Franz von Papen and Japanfascist spy director Yakichiro Suma, supported by a Chinese fascist network run by the court of boy-emperor Pu Yi and political chameleon and pretender Wang Chingwei and the Shanghai Green Gang maritime mafia). And that mega-rich financial establishment network are behind the secret clauses of TPP and TTIP today, even if some in Washington may still think that's "just conspiracy theory" or "old history no longer relevant"... while it's fact and highly relevant. The nature of the TPP and TTIP are more clear to Americans who have been watching foreign media in recent years, and studied the history, and who especially note how the Merkel clique in Germany wheels and deals, as long trained to do by the "CDU"/IDU. Obama must not give into the charm and sway of either Merkel or shifty Shinzo or any of their corporatist/neo-fascist cabal, or sign any more agreements with them, despite their persistent pestering begun near the day he took office... the parties of Merkel and Shinzo are still as treacherous as their 20th century fascist root predecessors -- and Japan had Plenty of allies on the sly in China in WW2. The Asian sector is now behind the 'Asian Century' plan set in motion by Beijing's Taiwan and Japan reconciliationist Deng Xiaoping, and it is resurrecting the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan advocated by WW2 Japan as well as Chinese Axis collaborators, now more formidable, certainly more rich to buy influence all around the globe. The geodetics of TPP and TTIP backing (both pushed by Merkel at one point, as a 'package deal') can also be studied in "The Men Behind the Curtain" article on this site.
Anyone in Washington (or Ottawa) who puts blind trust in German or Japanese or any variant of Chinese intelligence is an utter Fool. Even a routine observer of the various international daily news reports should know that, but some politicians have been swayed by persuasive Slick Lobbyists. Today, Russia is interlinked via the SCO agreement Kuomintang-Communist hybrid Beijing, and Putin has gotten Very Cozy and puppy-like with both Merkel and Schroeder in official Germany talking through two faces just like it did in WW2 and throughout the Cold War.  Putin spent years in double-agent-infested East Germany, where he may have been heavily influenced by German nationalist interests. This is why I have persisted in encouraging Direct dialogue with Russia, not just second-hand stacked data from foreign intelligence agencies designed to manipulate US policy. There is the real danger of a WW3, despite some recent official German flip-flop games to make it look like the opposite. I continue to suspect that Merkel's routinely fake diplomatic posturing still wants a German-run Russia. Note also that within the last few weeks the 'Falun Gong' cult wing in America is clamoring for war with Russia, so they have some sort of stake in that, most likely from weapons sales, or 'post-war' ambitions in Siberia.  That means American leaders should ignore any snarly-lip encounters with Putin and deal with him matter-of-factly, even if he may be so internally emotion-driven now that he doesn't realize that his belligerent attitudes are provoking a war that No One is likely to win except the vultures picking at the dead bodies, if they themselves survive all the nuclear radiation from the preposterous idea of a World War 3. The Falun Gong has been egging on a US confrontation with Russia in their 'Epoch Times' newspaper that geodetics show to be most likely produced by the Moonie cult machine that bought the UPI at one point.  So some of those fake Falun meditators (who Merkel endorsed at one time) are ready for some Chinese, or maybe Manchurian, Jihad after the meditation sessions are over.  Some of their imported 'practitioners' around here act like it, almost hostile, but dreaming of their new 'dream homes in America' advertised in the Epoch Times as waiting for them. Kooky foreign-run cults are now as rampant as they were in the 1960s and 70s, and many revolve around double-agents in the treachery-infested Axis-agent-built transnational 'Stanford Research Institute' psy-war laboratories from coast to coast.  The Jihad cults are rooted not only in Nazi-created pseudo-islamist cults of the WW2 era, but also in similar Asian-fascist cults around the Xinjiang area that could be one source of the ongoing messes in Afghanistan. It's a safe bet that German intelligence, expert cult-creators like Japan intel is also, is still involved in All of it.

If Obama signs any more TPP/TTIP agreements, he may ruin and overshadow the many positive things he has done during his administration to benefit the majority of Americans... and people need urgently to study all things related to the promotion of the 'Asian Century', which is clearly already taking root and trying to entrench in North America, by some of the most devious and manipulative Sun Tzu methods rivaling the classic strategies of Metternich used by the Nazi-built CDU/IDU network of Merkel et al. Putin may play his own game, and has a big arsenal of nukes and ICBMs long directed at strategic military and infrastructure targets in the United States... he's not just some cardboard dummy in the storefront window or a video-game gnome who can be knocked out with one blow at target practice.  And there are, and always have been, fascists in Russia, including Paul Ryan's longtime idol and ideological hero, Ayn Rand... and perhaps even more dangerous than Trump driving the bus with all of America on board,  Then there's multi-bankster Elaine Chao trying to peek over the steering wheel while she pushes at the gas pedal and watches her hubby chirp like a blissful parakeet in the passenger's seat, with America in a big U-Haul trailer hitched behind, touring the country with a yen for investment prospects.  Your mortgaged home could be next, when you hear the cry, "Seize them!", and the vultures swoop in. Remember that 'Transpacific' means traffic from both directions, and Lots of it, in a new century run by by old fascist networks. If that continues, the future is bleak.  It must be reversed, peacefully and humanely, and thoroughly. America must be revitalized without fusing with the imported feudal authoritarianism of politically backward countries, or democracy dies.  I have no doubt that the chaos and madness in current elections is the product of foreign sabotage that flooded in around 2000, even earlier when the Moonies lingered around Nixon and may have lured him into the Watergate mess. Look to All of the aforementioned cities and regions above for the most likely sources, plus locations around 18:30 cardinals, with Zeus overhead, in 2016 and 2017.  That includes Budapest, east central Libya, Cape Town (with its draconian Apartheid legacy still intact), Ulan Bator, Nanning in Guangxi China, east coastal S Vietnam, and the Bandung Asian Century wealth-planning conference hub in Indonesia. In the western hemisphere, vigilance should be directed at possible paramilitary cults around Quebec, Boston (Birch and Tea Party hub), and cults in the Dominican Republic, Maracaibo Venez, Arequipa Peru, and Santiago Chile.  The two-faced, lying Asian Century advocates and Merkel's machine have made clear they are competing with America for global financial control, and Russia and the now reviving Ottoman imperial strongholds in Turkey and Egypt and Libya may have their own objectives.  South Africa and central Africa need to be offered clear and respectful advantages of alignment with western democracies, lingering fascist elements need to be neutralized, radical paramilitary cults need to be kept from taking over the Colombia-Venezuela border region, south Peru, Chile, and southern Argentina.  Then there's Pluto around 16:30 cardinals in 2017, and actions need to be taken to avoid unbalanced plutocracies from overtaking Vienna, Zagreb, Cosenza, central Libya (oil), Cape Town, Montreal, NYC, Port-au-Prince, Bogota, south Peru, south Chile incl Valdivia, Bering coast of Alaska, Chongqing, Guiyang, Hanoi, Saigon, or Jakarta/Bandung. Wealth in any of those Pluto locations can be used to transform the planet for the benefit of everyone, but if greed or exploitation prevail there, problems ultimately ensue. The geodetics for IS/IL and all its historical root cults need to be studied thoroughly in order to neutralize it, and the same is true for All radical extremist religious and ideological cults.

If war breaks out with Russia or China, these locations will be targeted: West Iceland, norheast Scotland, Belgium-Holland border, southwest Germany, the Liechtenstein banks, San Marino, Naples, Benghazi, South Sudan, Uganda-Kenya border, Mozambique Channel region, Harbin, Shanghai, Taiwan, Java/Bali channel, Cape Farquhar West-Aus, Ottawa, NYC, Vancouver, Seattle, Caracas, Chaco region, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, all at risk of being wiped out in a world war... plus Kissinger's Dominican coastal villa. This shows no major cities in Russia as being hit, but they have the power and the nukes to wipe out the rest. Moscow has Taurus MC, and can be a Mad Bull if provoked.  The risks are high. And he who controls the computer networks and govt databases today controls the world.  Americans had better take control of Panjiva and all other US govt infrastructure monitoring programs that foreigners can access, just in case.  And once and for all, get the dammed Moonie cult out of US govt agencies, especially security agencies.... their original cult leader made some reference to America being satanic (echoing the Iranian Ayatollah, or vice versa), and his son now sells weapons sent out on American streets, with profits going to their church that they falsely claim to be Christian and 'faith-based'. They are a subversive organization and among their power bases are Qingdao, Shanghai, and Taipei, where Vulkanus power is amassed now, and in literal conjunction.  They need to be flushed OUT of government, immediately, or the the USA could become increasingly destabilized. The Bushes have fawned over them for years, obviously duped somehow, like Czars were duped by Rasputin, French were duped by the Cagoulards, and Germans were duped by Hitler and his ideological replicas.


2016.Oct.21 - On the chart of the Peoples Republic of China: Detailed study of events in China over the last 20 years reveal that economic reform policies for a market economy, intent to reunify China with Taiwan, and intent to rekindle economic alliances with Japan for an "Asian Century" and "New International Order" were stated openly in 1988 as an objective of the Chinese Communist Party under by Deng Xiaoping.  This has been implemented gradually in steps since that time, and has left any sort of 'Peoples Republic', as originally intended, largely a symbolic relic by now (something put into clear question by the joint Kuomintang-Communist so-called "anti-fascist victory" day parade of 2015.Sep.03).  Following are times from official Chinese sources for the founding of the 'Peoples Republic', both dated 1949.Oct.01 in Beijing/Peking:

   a) Per "An Outline History of China" (1982) by Tung Chiming, the 'government council' met at 14h00; and

   b) per Zhang Yan in the October 1984 issue of government-published 'China Reconstructs', Mao Zedong/Tsetung later formally declared the formation of the Peoples Republic at 15h00.  This time was also quoted in the 1955 German-language political astrology reference '1001 Weltpolitische Horoskope' by E H Troinski, and shows per uranian astrology 90-degree dial midpoint & cluster method to probably be quite accurate for a speech by Mao, with MC=SU=ZE=KR=PO (official ideological leader in the spotlight) all within 2 degrees orb of 16th harmonic angle to the MC.  However, the 14h00 chart might be more appropriate as a chart for the governing body, as it shows MC=CU=VU (i.e. political organization). The widely circulated chart for 15h15 shows no such convincing clusters for the MC and/or AS indicative as an organ of government, whereas the 14h00 chart most clearly does. It is a good instinct to question any time recorded to the exact hour or half-hour as an estimate, but in the case of highly-regimented organizations with strict schedules, where people look at the clock like stop-watch, not so much.

The agreement to transfer Hongkong from the UK to the Beijing government was ratified and registered when Pluto was on the MC of the 14hh00 chart for the PRChina. Thirty years later, the tightly-controlled 'Victory Day Parade' of 2015.Sep.03 to purportedly commemorate the 'Victory over Fascism', and ironically presided over by officials of both the Communist and Kuomintang Parties (which had many fascists and Japan-Fascist collaborators among them during World War 2) may have been largely a display of blatant political strategizing and pretense intended for foreign and/or Chinese domestic consumption, to maintain the kind of secrecy indicated in the AS=NE cluster of the 14h00 "PRC/hina" chart.  It may be appropriate to see the 'Peoples Republic' today, especially under Xi Jinping, perhaps strategically chosen as the figurehead for his Mao-look-alike appearance, as functionally extinct and gradually replaced by a government largely under control of the global superpower Kuomintang Party, as China was prior to 1949, and as was possibly planned by Deng Xiaoping (for whom there are geodetic indicators of possible primary political backing from the Shan States in Burma and/or the oil industry in Qinghai).  If so, this should show directions and transits to the 1949 chart positions. Per solar arc directions, the natal 1949 CU.VU cluster will reach the MC of the 14h00 chart more evidently around 2018, indicating that China will likely consolidate its global superpower status, even if by highly strategic and covert means including infiltration and sabotage of countries opposing its rise (already apparent via double-agents from the various parties with false papers/identities, possibly numerous). However, Vulkanus by transit will be geodetically in orb of Shanghai, Taipei, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Quemoy, and these will be the power hubs of China in coming years, perhaps more than Beijing.  At that time, solar arc directed Pluto will also be = natal Pluto of the 1949 chart, meaning a major 22.5-year-cycle national transformation. The last manifestation of these solar arc pictures was around August 1994, 2 years after the 1992 'Communist Party Congress' opened all provinces of China to foreign investment, after which Japanese and German investment/privatization measures poured into China rapidly, and so took over much of the mainland Chinese economy. One might expect to see substantial changes of some sort in that situation around 2018, and it could be that Shanghai and Taipei will displace Japanese and German economic controls over the Chinese economy.  Rule 1: Both Chinese and Japanese politics are sneaky and duplicitous, by western (other than German and Russian) standards -- and chock full of cults as front operations and agents. With China-Taiwan reunification in the making, Greater China and its diaspora are most likely to be heading for increased global superpower status.  North America's most capable counterbalancing forces will be along the longitudes of Anchorage Alaska and Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia (Canadian Navy hub). The Newfoundland economy will become increasingly important for Canada's global influence, and US and Canada power along the longitudes of Denver and Regina can also help bolster a counterbalance the new China superpower force, as long any of these areas of North America are not undermined by Chinese agents.  France will be able to counterbalance by consolidating its presence in Tahiti, and the UK its presence in the Falklands and/or Barbados or Guyana or South Africa, the latter of which might be consolidated by alliances to quell the power of the old extremist Broederbond Boer circuit that ran the Apartheid government.. Australia will need to consolidate its national control over the wealthy mining districts of central Western Australia, and Alaska will need to flush out the local economic and political power of the insidious Moonie 'church' subversion cult, which has long functioned as a vehicle of coastal Chinese, Korean, and Japanese joint mafia interests in critical coastal security locations.  There is a need to be attentive to their influence in Tahiti, and the south-central South American countries to their influence in Paraguay and its surrounding areas of neighboring countries, including the East Bolivian oil fields.  Foreign colonies in the Manaus region of Brazil will need to be watched.  Guyana may become some sort of global power intersection point, and Argentina will be on the rise. The New 'Unificationed' China may attempt to increase its influence in all these areas, aspiring to the now widely-touted 'Asian Century' and 'New International Order' originally announced by Deng Xiaoping in 1988, and echoed many time since by various Chinese leaders.  This could have substantial significance if teamed up with the rising power of St-Peterburg Russia, Odessa Ukraine, Istanbul and western Turkey, and Alexandria-Cairo through new economic and political developments there.  This puts Putin (wherever he really is on the political spectrum) again in the spotlight, and a risk of nuclear war now mentioned by officials in western Europe, if the situation is not handled with wisdom, thoroughness of understanding, and objectivity. 'Creepy Clowns' should probably be prevented from making the decisions about how to handle such delicate situations, especially if the Russian-Chinese SCO/Shanghai Cooperation Organization is going to be weighing in.  The role of Germany, with its Metternich/Realpolitik lineage, including German agents in the USA, in influencing NATO policy toward Russia and China for its own national ends, needs to be studied in much greater depth before the USA and Canada, or NATO as a whole, make their decisions.  The situations near both the Taiwan Strait and St-Peterburg may now be extremely delicate in terms of confrontations involving today's intercontinental nuclear and other weapons technology.  This is a time for sober reflection, in the face of potentially grave danger of global war, and a lot of political hypocrisy in the East Asian, and Central & East European sectors.  There seem to be people who think a 'World War 3', in today's Global Nuke World, is winnable, which may well not be the case, for anyone on this planet.  It's time to stop playing the traditional Lebensraum games in the old Axis Fascist countries of both Europe and Asia, armed 'Permanent Revolution' in the old Communist Bloc countries, 'Cowboys and Injuns' TV/video games in America, and belief in fake religions that still too few recognize are little more than phony political front organizations of every stripe and color.  The latter is, unfortunately, a tired old trick that is still working on people sometimes in high global decision-making positions.  People often do stupid and dangerous things in the name of religion. Logical thinking, and evidence, Must displace Belief, or our planet is likely to be in increasing trouble ahead, the Ball of Confusion. Governments run by supposed 'high priests' with imaginary hotlines to God, or by ideological demagogues advocating violence, are scary relics of centuries long gone, dug-up and revived dinosaurs than can trample millions in just minutes. In these high-risk times, no one should be jumping to any premature conclusions about the situation in either China or Russia.  All the facts should be considered, including per evidence, and by varied international sources, before anyone even gets close to buttons than can be deadly, or even genocidal, if pressed.  If you are American and want to see America remain coherent, insist through your political power that the Anchorage and Denver and Roswell longitudes be thoroughly American and vigilant for any further Shanghai/Taipei/St/Peterburg/Odessa/Istanbul/Cairo encroachments, with an additional eye on any Russian ops around 120E, and any strange rumblings coming from Manila. Only 12 years ago, some in Washington, prompted by the German-run Halifax conference network, were clamoring for a World War III, and there may remain jetlag from those German-induced 'battle cries' now denied by the slick German machine with Merkel as the hood ornament. The Russians heard them, and probably haven't forgotten, with memories of the various regional WW2 holocausts that are not just storybook history.


2016.Oct.21 - On the charts for IS/IL/Daesh:  Many if not most sources indicate that IS/IL did not begin in Syria, and is rooted in the Al Qaeda network, even a permutation of it over time -- although there were key Nazi/Fascist agent posts in Syria during and after World War II.  Following are some pertinent chart data, some with times:

   a) The Jihadist extremist Zarqawi set up a 'Monotheistic Jihad Organization either in Jordan or in Herat Afghanistan sometime after Mar.01 in the year 1999 (per data in article), directed at overthrowing the Jordanian government, and who later "pledged allegiance" to Osama bin Laden, and set up the 'Mesopotamian Jihad Organization' in Mosul Iraq on 2004Oct13 per Wikipedia.  This organization later became known as Al Qaeda Iraq or "AQI".

   b) the Syrian "Nusra" Front (aka Al Qaeda Syria - "AQS") seized Raqqah Syria 2013Mar02 "at dawn" per Later, on 2013Apr08, AQI and AQS united to officially form ISIL/ISIS/Daesh. Per some media, the Nusra Front was actually seized and co-opted by Al Qaeda, which came from Iraq (see next set of data):

   c) the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS) was declared either on 2013.Apr.08 (per,, and, or else early Tuesday morning (Apr.09) by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (from Iraq), per an Aron Zelin article at Geodetic indicators imply, and some media reports confirm, that ISIL/ISIS was transported to Syria from neighboring Iraq and/or possibly neighboring areas of Turkey.  Due to Zarqawi's involvement, roots may be in Jordan or Afghanistan or Pakistan -- and Zarqawi's connections in Jordan may also be affiliated with the older Black September organization, which was considered responsible for the Munich Olympic Massacre of 1972.  Later, the ISIL/ISIS rebels seize Tikrit Iraq on 2014.Jun.11 and then declare the Islamic State to include both parts of Syria and Iraq on or before 2014.Jun.30, per on that date, declaring a restored "Caliphate" with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as "Caliph Ibrahim" and pledging to "free Palestine" and restore the pre-1916 borders of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which also referred to itself as a Caliphate -- and a article of Jun.25 reported that the Caliph declaration occurred on Jun.29.


2016.Oct.20 - On the so-called Ron Paul-led "Tea Party":   This issue was covered in my newsletter several years ago.  There are several dates one could consider as the founding dates.  These include:

   a) 2007.Oct.24 at 17h24m59xZ (assumed UT/GMT), creation/registration of the, per, registered to Nathaniel Yao in Whitestone USA-New York as of 2016.  Various internet sites attribute the creation of the website to Yao. 

   b) 2007.Nov.05 in Austin USA-Texas at 0h00, per data found at 'Beginning of the Ron Paul Revolution' with a 'Tea Party' fundraiser starting at midnight, and on the anniversary of the arrest of the terrorist, Guy Fawkes, who was arrested for an imperial-Habsburg-backed attempt to blow up British Parliament in London via his infamous 'Powderkeg Plot', was used as and icon for the Tea Party at one point.  Symbolically, all this is of no minor significance, including the role of the Habsburg imperial 'Vienna School' economic model rhetoric popular among many 'Tea Party' advocates.

   c) 2007.Dec.16 in Freeport Boston USA-Massachusetts, starting at midnight Dec15-16: another internet fundraiser initiated with a 'reenactment' of the original pre-revolutionary 1773 Boston Tea Party in Boston as well as in Freeport USA-Texas, Austin USA-Texas, on Maui island in USA-Hawaii (which includes a Moonie cult hub), and in Strasbourg France (a key European Union founding and bureaucracy hub).  Note that 'Tea Party' chapters were also being reported over the internet at that time in Austria and Germany, for reasons that should be studied, and videos in Taiwan made light of the event and its various star participants (Palin, etc), while most Americans were either horrified or shamed by the events.

   d) 2008.Apr.30 in New York City USA-New York, time unknown:  'The Revolution: A Manifesto' by Ron Paul published, per its publisher Grand Central Publishing (a title perhaps designed to attract Marxists), per a Wikipedia article.

Note that descriptions in references from the 1940s of the Nazi/Fascist Axis-backed and armed Silver Shirts and Liberty League cults are highly similar to the themes, rhetoric, and modes of operation of the Ron Paul 'Tea Party', almost as though the same 'recipe' for organizational structure was followed/revived, and the Silver Shirts had a twin Gold Shirts organization that was set up in Mexico by WW2 Axis agents. The Silver Shirts are described in the Michael Sayers 1942 book "Sabotage: the Secret War against America", and in John Spivak's 1939 book "Secret Armies: New Technique of Nazi Warfare"... the parallels are remarkable.

   e) There some claims in 2006 of the current 'Tea Party' organization being founded 2006.Jul.04, with no known details on sources.  

2016.Oct.20 - On NAFTA:   This issue was covered in my newsletter some months ago. The current US presidential election campaign demands that the facts about NAFTA be addressed.  First off, negotiations for NAFTA began as early as 1990, during George H W Bush (Sr)'s presidency, and the approval and signing of NAFTA was carried out by President Bush Sr in conjunction with Mexico Pres Salinas and Canada PM Mulroney at a series of ceremonies in 1992, and left for the next president to see take effect during his or her presidency. Pres Bill Clinton therefore inherited the agreement and process from the Bush Sr administration, and spent nearly an entire year after his inauguration (in January 1993) correcting and modifying terms that he stated needed changes for greater benefit to employees, before finally signing the Congressionally-approved version of NAFTA into US Federal Law on 1993.Dec.08.  Per the following linked video from the US government CSPAN archives, we can see how NAFTA was set up by Bush for Clinton to handle during his presidency. In addition, one must consider the various departments, political leaders, and financial leaders and lobbyists who wanted NAFTA, already set in motion, to become law.  Assuming the dates and times shown at the bottom of the video are correct, the first signing of the NAFTA agreement occurred 1992.Oct.07 in San Antonio, USA-Texas, at 20h28 (assumed UT/GMT since the video shows daylight in the background, and sunset was at 19h11 local time), although the presidents rose to the stage at 20h01 for prefatory speeches. This would mean the ceremony began at 15h01 CDT/5hW, and the signing occurred at 15h28 CDT/5hW.  Then, on 1992.Dec.17, three additional, somewhat simultaneous, signing ceremonies occurred in the three national capitals of Canada, the USA, and Mexico, by the presidents of the respective countries, to take effect at the beginning of 1994. President Clinton, inheriting the NAFTA legacy, seeing the need for changes in the agreement, signed it after nearly an entire year of review and modification during his presidency, on 1993.Dec.08, with former Pres Bush standing above him at the signing ceremony, to meet the previously arranged early 1994 deadline.  NAFTA is therefore not simply a "Clinton deal", regardless of politicized claims made to the contrary. The "blaming" of NAFTA all on Clinton, as has often been done, is therefore unjustified and inaccurate. Pres Bush Sr played a far more instrumental role in the creation of NAFTA. You can watch the events that took place before Pres Clinton took office by clicking here.


1) Around early 2016, a Facebook page copied the name of the "Uranian Astrology Institute, Oakland California" without asking me, and I've had a website by that name since 2001, called the Uranian Beacon before then (since 1999).  I contacted Facebook and was told it is was "their community page".  They refused to removed the Facebook page, which Falsely appears to represent my website.  Facebook pages are under the control of the people who start them, and I knew this meant that someone was trying to co-opt into my website -- and it wasn't the first time such attempts have been made, over the years, including transnational attempts. Furthermore, by the summer of 2016, the page was linked with 2 universities in China, both sites of Chinese military training centers.  This gives the false impression of the a connection between the Uranian Institute and Chinese intelligence operations, which is not the case. Some sort of political game is being played by someone, and Facebook as done nothing to stop it -- appears to think they have no obligation to stop arbitrary copying of website names, and no obligation to identify who did they copying.  So, let those who deal with Facebook be forewarned. In addition, I do not know if those apparent links to Chinese institutions are real links, or just sham internet connections to something else, or exactly why they were posted there.  But I do know, like many students of Chinese history, that Chinese politics, regardless of the specific country (PRChina, Taiwan, Singapore, etc) they come from, are routinely duplicitous and often reflective of the old 'Sun Tzu Art of War' traditions, i.e. those of guerrilla warfare tactics, subterfuge, and pretense -- and that the 'Victory Day Parade' show in Beijing of late 2015 indicated a recent resurrection of the old Kuomintang-Communist alliances that should not be allowed to confuse current politics revolving around China.  For this reason I have also included below some specific chart data for the PRChina from English-language Chinese sources, and the article 'Men Behind the Curtain' contains a number of reference to Chinese historical and political dates, organizations, personalities, military bases, to help uncover the facts about the Chinese diaspora despite the often elusive guerrilla tactics to throw off 'outsiders'.  Similar attention has been paid to German and Russian and Japanese data, coming from other countries of similar long passive-aggressive, militant authoritarian and anti-democratic traditions.

2) Introduction 2016.Oct.20:  The (21st Century) Uranian (Astrology) Institute Blog by Blake Finley is hereby published, starting 2016.Oct.20, and may largely supplant the 21st Century Uranian Astrology newsletter that in turn replaced the 21st Century Uranian Astrology and related egroups. It may go through changes of format as it and the Uranian Institute website evolves. The replacement of the egroups and newsletter by this blog has been done largely due to overbearing and entrenched competing interests, largely in the NCGR, attempting to co-opt or subvert Uranian Beacon/Institute projects since they were begun in 1999, and the author believes those efforts were due to fear of competition or challenge in terms of quality and substance of information, or threates to government contracts.  The horary chart for the first entries in the blog indicate that I struggle with chronic health problems that have slowed production in recent years substantially, but that resilence and determination and willpower persist, nonetheless, willing to battle through the most serious obstacles to advance the quality of astrology.  The horary also indicates that the blog has the potential for profound transformative changes in astrology via teaching and/or media.  One of my challenges in present information now is a chronic health problem that has led to dyslexia affecting grammaticality and effectiveness at being a human language teacher, and is overcome only via re-editing by myself, the originator of the content. The horary chart also shows the potential for success through communications involving high technology, and good astrology is, itself, at its best, high technology.  This new format will also allow me to make corrections to previous errors and re-present selected previous lessons from the newsletter and egroups in corrected format.  With time, this blog may include illustrations, but for now, the focus is on content, not format or pretties.  My material from it or the newsletters or egroups is not to be used by anyone without requesting permission to quote... and this must be stated also due to past brazen moves from other astrologers for undercuttingly 'cutting-edge' competitive reasons.  I specifically forbid agents of Astrolabe software, or promoters of their software, to utilize my material for their objectives, becuase of numerous past problematic and outrageously underhanded incidents.  One of my mentors, FBI agent and astrologer Al Morrison, warned me that the NCGR was set up with ingrained corruption from its inception, and I see this in its uranian chart.  I would strongly urge astrologers, nationally and globally, to Not let the NCGR become the controlling force in astrological certification or purported ethics standards.  This is not to condemn individuals with integrity in the NGCR, but to state that there is a history of too much deeply-ingrained corruption for the NCGR to be suitable as a model, regulator, or certifier of professional astrology.  There is apparently some sort of weird and cultish clique that has substantial covert control over the organization, and has appeared to be willing to go to extremes to control American astrology, over the years -- and this confirms observations of and comments by Al Morrison relayed to me.  To ISAR, AFA, FAA, AA: Do not let NCGR take control, and I echo a somewhat similar conviction that Al Morrison expressed to me.  NCGR is a major reason why some of the finest and talented astrologers in the USA shun astrological organizations altogether.  It should be subsumed under a more transparent and democratic organization that is not tied up in preservation of its entrenched power clique.

This blog is not about philosophy but about astrology and its practical application, and a respect for scientific principles even if the conservative academic establishment does not yet respect astrology, or even if some astrologers do not respect or appreciate science.  I have made this point many times in the past in my egroups and newsletters, as well as that many astrologers see astrology as a language, symbolic in nature, not unlike pictographic languages, above and beyond its technical aspects.  The ridicule of astrology is due as much to the faults in the way astrology is sometimes practiced, as it is to the trite bigotry of conservative scientists (or the overabundance of religious fanatics, real and feigned), and those faults include a lack of willingness to march on with aspirations to scientific approaches, rather than appealing ditties for cocktail and show time at entertainment astrology seminars. It is ironic that some of the most severe public critics of astrology have been self-identified 'magicians', not of the metaphysical kind but of the carnival hat kind, reminding the author of the current media-focus "creepy clowns". Additionally, science does not preclude ethics, just as religion often ends up excluding or misrepresenting them.  A priest can be just as unethical as a scientist, any day, and good science, other than that practiced by sociopaths, revolves around an understanding of the natural laws of cause and effect that are at the foundation of morals and ethics. Religion does not assure or always equate with ethics. Most religions were established in socially pre-literate times when only the few could read, and the few were often the priest/esse/s. That's not the world we live in anymore, a point that should not be forgotten, in order to keep things in perspective.  Times Have Changed, and the world along with them.