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2020Sep23 (edited and updated Oct07): Various current issues:

    Some of these are topics I have meant to cover with astrological indicators for some time now but have not had time, or have been distracted, or overwhelmed by current events. Here I will summarize some of these issues, with hope to have time and space to follow up with more detail on astrological indicators. Some of these comments are relevant to the potential treachery and duplicity of the current HA=VU cluster that has been ongoing for several years since both are slow, plus apparent retrogradation factors, reinforced in 2020 by Neptune in addition, along with the thrust of an additioinally clustered Zeus, which could be of significance in the November 2020 elections.

    I will start by pointing out that the Statue of Liberty was not and is not an American Institution. It was a gift from Europe, and dedicated in 1886, over a century after the American Revolution, and part and parcel of mass immigration to staff the factories of the industrial revolution.  The US Constitution, however, provided that presidents of the United States needed to be "born in the USA", for reasons obvious to anyone who thinks about it instead of parroting slogans from political demagogues promoting Globalism. Note, even, how often US states have gone awry under imported governors; and the US federal government has gone awry under occupation by imported legislators or presidential advisors or cabinet members.  Note also how the Mormon oligarchy, more than once expelled from US states and then from the USA altogether for raising its own military and issuing its own currency, and whose members then propose Constitutional changes to allow foreign-born presidents while they cement alliances with foreign cults like the East Asian Moonies, and with ambiguous historic connections with WW2 Axis networks.  How a supposedly dedicated Mormon could also claim to represent principles of the US Constitution is thus an Irony that only fools would 'believe'.  Moreover, there are those of us old enough (including the despised and vilified "Old White Men", who know from pre-Reaganite-era education and textbooks, that Liberalism is a very American idea, that Conservatism is actually what American revolutionaries fought against, and that neither the Declaration of Independence nor the US Constitution dictated what economic ideology (especially pertaining to those cooked up in the 19th century) was to unfold in the United States. Too many have forgotten that the policies of Herbert Hoover led to the Great Depression (despite his party's desperate attempt to parrot Roosevelt's plans after the Hooverite 1929 Stock Market Crash actually orchestrated by the foreign bankers that gave Hoover his orders -- covered in biographies of Hoover in Walter Liggett and (well-documented) John Hamill).  Both Presidents Roosevelt are the ones who did more to "Make America Great" than anyone else, via the political and economic policies that they advocated, which are antithetical to those proposed by current demogogues claiming to be able to "Make America Great" by emulating Hoover's Depression policies, whether consciously or out of ignorance.  These are fundamental facts that Americans inadequately-educated, lost in mindless consumerism, or misinformed by post-1980 Moonie-network-manipulated Reaganite stage-theatrics, do not yet understand; and that unfortunately includes some politicians in All Parties.  Another fact lost to those unfamiliar with history, and complicated by party name changes, is that the Republican Party was created around 1850 from remnants of the old Euro-Hanover dynasty bluecoat/royalist networks left over after the American Revolution, and that the Democratic Party (originally called the Democratic-Republican Party) was the first and largest national party of Thomas Jefferson and cohorts, as old as the USA itself, and representative of the principles of the American Revolution (and not its adversaries among whom count the founders of Mormonism).   Nonetheless, the Democratic Party has been partly hijacked by Republicans and their German Monarchist (read Euro Union) and  Asian-mafia Moonie-cult allies, especially under Obama, naive to global politics and/or apparently sticking to lessons taught schoolrooms unlike those learned by his American brothers and sisters steeped in American values and institutions.  As America undergoes its Pluto Return simultaneous with Vulkanus pressing on the Greater Seattle and New York City and Riogrande-Gulf entry points (as well as riverport Yuma and gulfport Panama City and Chaoconnell-occupied Louisville/Fortknox/BushNatlAssocManufacturers hubs), it's time to close, not open, the doors to America, and monitor with an eagle eye who has arrived in recent years, contrary to what Ted Lieu wants for reasons best known to him and his "CAPAC" fellow-travelers among whom are those risen to power when vital US-defense California military bases were shut down for reasons needing Very thorough scrutiny and review.  The western USA risks being annexed to Asia, if not a Euro-Union from the east that may be about to also annex Russia via German-friendly elements including Putin and others).  International exchanges are vital to survival in today's world, but going overboard to letting foreign troops take over America's ports and ships and security functions has Gone Too Far (as in Japan-born and Sasakawa/Moonie-cult-endorsed Harry Harris, and risks sinking the Good Ship America, while those hostile to it might clap and cheer, often unaware that the alternative maybe the revitalized WW2 Fascism, or the proven-dysfunctional Marxism, neither of which "we are" as a nation).  American (and Canadian and Australian?) politicians' surrenders to pushy foreign lobbies have led to a mess that needs to be cleaned up and the foreign agents shoved out the door before they shove more Americans out the door of our own country.  Too much foreign control of American media, telecom systems, and data systems has led to clashes that only foreign agents could want among deeply-rooted multi-generational Americans.  Parallels to the Vietnam War era and its various international propaganda machines are too many to ignore, with possible continuity of foreign subversion from those times (i.e. Asian American Political Alliance's "People of Color" and "Third World Liberation Front" network, as well as German-American Bund and Black Dragon Society residuals on the other hand).  Today, do not ignore the Peter Thiel network and its origins in Germany and South Africa.  Neither Asia-based nor Euro-based power or "trade alliances" are America, and thus a North American, even a Pan-American union of some equitable, democratic, and practicable sort, may be advisable -- something that Franklin Roosevelt, highly knowledgeable of worldwide intelligence data via his time in US Navy Intelligence, knew and understood.  Roosevelt's wisdom, ahead of his time, was unfortunately thrown to the dogs as German and Japanese agents lobbied and manipulated US military and govt officials, as is made clear, in detail, in "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" by the highly-knowledgeable Anti-Nazi German-refugee analyst T H Tetens (and had Pres candidate Tom Dewey and other high-level fools wrapped around their fingers.)  Tetens warned of both continued Fascism as well as of Communism on through the 1950-60s, and moreover of a potential German-Russian alliance against long-established Democracies (North America and Western Europe).  California of recent years is already proving that if you Go Asian, you get the Feudalism and Sun Tzu machinations that never died there, or here upon entry, replete with Ed Lee's "Future of America" Hummingbird Resettlement program to relocate those in California beaten down to the street by Asian mafia tactics including systematic foreign 'Asian Law Caucus' cronyism, 'new-owner-move-in-evictions', and Asian hard-drug and weapons (e.g. Kahr Arms) importation.  Britain is trying to break away from the crypto/neo-fascist German machine that runs the Euro, and to its south recently looks like Occupied France under the Nazi-puppet Petain, a nation again entrapped under foreign control, and which the USA is slipping toward if those level-headed and knowledgeable of American history and government are not installed in power in January 2020.  Those thinking WW2 fascism has nothing to do with the problematic aspects of today's Globalism are dangerously asleep at the wheel.  That leaves no room for the Mini-United-Nations high school rookie "Redefine America" and Imported Diversity & Incursion-via-Inclusion games in Congress or naive state governments.  No one ignorant of the realities of international hardball politics and lingering old foreign Eurasian feudal power games and 'diplomacy' tactics should hold office today, in a very global world, with its warts and all.  No more Pollyana politicians.  Other countries and alliances are aspiring to superpower status and are advancing by deceptive diplomacy and infiltration via immigration under false pretenses, not to mention fake IDs and passports, even fake credentials from overseas, bought from 'paper-mills' -- rampant for At Least the last 20 years in some US coastal cities, and facilitated by things like 'privately-contracted passport agencies' and 'private-contractors' for national security agency functions, as well as foreign agents in govt ID processing organizations.   Possibly part of how Europe fell quickly to control from Berlin; and clearly problematic in Asia, in lands of rampant counterfeiting and piracy.

    Russia can only do what it can do from afar, for the most part (although possible via internet that is even more vulnerable to Asian and Euro manipulation, and because Russians are normally scrutinized for every action and connection in the USA) while China and Germany and Japan are on the streets and in the halls of government or lodged into US military/intel operations inside the USA; and India has joined the Asia chorus recently, possibly to make it look not All-East-Asian, and to bolster the China-Russia Shanghai Pact alliance that India and Pakistan signed up for recently.  As for Japan, it has been schmoozing with Putin lately, and with Taiwan and/or China ongoing; while Merkel and her agent Schwarzenegger have sallied into Asia to manipulate Transpacific politics.  As Pluto Returns to its natal degree while Vulkanus presses on America's most vital seaports, it may well be that, as warned in the 1980s, the plan by German and Asian covert operations to dismantle Russia as a global power then would be next turned to the USA.  Very cautious and delicate dialogue with Missile-loaded Russia may be vital to America's survival now, and that requires telling Germany and Japan and all states of the Greater China diaspora  to Go Fly a Kite and get out of the way of America's Unity and Survival.  ENOUGH of the NE=HA=VU Asian water-buffalo-dung globalist, and Phony German globalist politics.  Shinzo Abe may have conveniently forgotten the truth about Pearl Harbor while Obama seemed to be entranced, or why Truman made the difficult decision to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki before Japan nuked the USA, but alert Americans didn't.  Documents declassified by Clinton, and said to have been weeded through by the Bush Jr admin after election, detail how Japan planned to pick up Hitler's plan to hit America with ICBMissiles and/or Nuke Us First and proceed with their "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" plan, which is manifesting nonetheless today via privatization and "investment", as their Japanese "sunrise/progressive" "Give Hawaii to Japan" plan is also underway.  Some people in Washington DC are asleep at the wheel, and the German- and Japanese-engineered "driverless cars" are ready to carry Americans to unrevealed destinations, on or off the road.

    So, Americans, not pretend/believe/dream Americans, with roots here for generations, need to have rational discussions about domestic policy, to come to functional compromises away from extremist policies, and Unite on domestic defense and controlled borders and scrutiny of foreign agents on American soil... Now, not later, Immediately in this current state of foreign-manipulated chaos (via lobbies, private contractors, excessive foreign control of telecom and internet and now news media too).  Byebye Ajit-prop and Sundar and Pillai and Krishna, and remember that pro-immigration lobbyists are and always have included humanitarians as well as opportunists (like the slippery Asian Law Caucus) seeking cheap labor for corporate-investor factory-like operations, and even "Lebensraum" pushers from Asia as well as Europe... throughout history and still today.  

    American settlement and statehood of California was intended to make California American, and as Pluto makes its return, a similar process may be needed once again, as US Secretary of State Seward stated during US Senate voting on California Statehood, "The perpetual Unity of the empire hangs on the decision of this day and of this hour" while he also opposed admission of California as a "slave state".  Americans came to California not just for gold (as Asian immigrants did also), but to secure California's seaports and coastline, and the planned railway stations at California's seaports, for the USA, not foreign powers aggressively push-pushing for the same.  And the same soon applied as well to Oregon, Washington, and Alaska Territories, so that America reached from Sea to Sea, before the Statue of Liberty even set foot in New York harbor.  Practical issues of Asian immigration, like Chinese slavery ("indentured servitude") and narcotrafficking and human trafficking in general for intermarriage and cheap labor supply, and resettlement due to overpopulation, are covered more often in state histories of California.  Chinese gold-miners were often imported under contract to send the gold back to China, and to set up Chinese colonies in North America.  Japanese haciendas in California routinely imported migrant labor from Mexico.  It's been going on for over a century.  "Okies" from the American midwest were brought in to replace Mexican migrant labor when resulting demographic changes were reviewed.  Spanish imperial colonial claims to western US states were annulled after the independence of Mexico from European imperial rule, even though revived during the short-lived "Empire of Mexico" under Maximilian that overlapped with the US Civil War and supported the "Confederacy" while seeking to restore European controls over Latin America and counter the Monroe Doctrine to secure the Western Hemisphere for Pan-American independence from continued European and Asian colonial ambitions.   Meanwhile, Asian colonizing ambitions in Latin America, launched by Fascist Japan in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru, continue today along with Chinese, Japanese, and Arab colonizing in Paraguay and Argentina and now Brazil; and German in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, not to mention Russian ambitions in Cuba and elsewhere.

    While America and Canada are asleep in political jingles and weird foreign cults, ignoring domestic security interests inadequately, transoceanic empires are closing in on the Western Hemipshere more successfully than they did during World War II -- in addition to Russian global ambitions.  An Atlantic US-Canada-British alliance could block continuing Euro and Asian "trade blocs" from taking over Latin America, and that will require supporting governments in Latin America that are locally popular, not those that alienate their citizens.  Roosevelt understood this, as did Kennedy, as did Pres Monroe long before -- while their successors too often got manipulated by foreign advisors, or slippery cults, from Asia or 'Greater Germany' deliberately promoting the foreign interests of their native homelands, as has also also Russia.

    Pluto's return may be time to Redeclare America's independence, by conscious and authentic programs, not clowns dressed up like Patrick Henry and spouting "Tea Party" buzzwords coined by German Peter Thiel or 'Grass Roots Revolution' Schwazinazi, or their equally treacherous Asian counterparts peddling "Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken".  It's going to take clear minds and concerted efforts during the remainder of the HA=VU cluster to get clear on what America Really Is and thus where it can constructively go in the future on an independent path not manipulated by duplicitous "foreign experts".  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, whatever else springs up, need to sober up, get down to brass tacks, shut out the foreign noise, and bolster America for an American Future, not an Asian or European one, and one that only "Birthers" can understand and Do.  "Birtherism" is Good for America, not bad.  Dreamland is over, and now we have to Get Real.  The USA and Canada need each other, but not when powerbrokers from other countries are bending Big America toward the interests of their countries of birth instead of those the USA or Canada.  America's Pluto Return may very well mean it's time for the USA to call its own shots, by its own ideologies, having learned enough from the outsiders, and make sure the Future is American, not Asian or European, "redefined" to something alien -- for America's 1st Pluto cycle is now reaching completion and ready for a new one, an American one.  Inviting guests into the living room needs to come to an end when they start to Take Over the house.  When you think of "Fred Korematsu", then also "Remember Pearl Harbor" and what would have happened if Hiroshima had Not been bombed in 1945, when reports of Japanese agents swaying and bribing Americans had been rampant, and in 1945, Japan was ready to make Nazi-developed nukes and intercontinental missiles, protoypes of those now of Kim Jong-un, to hit America.... and Australia, per the declassified military reports, with Chinese elements already colluding with Japan for an "East Asia Prosperity Sphere".  That was happening when many of your grandparents or parents were alive, depending on your age.... Real Stuff, and Deadly, and still going on, often as covert operations that HA=VU are fully capable of.  Schwazi's daddy Volunteered for the Nazi Stormtroopers before Austria was invaded and it was mandatory -- he loved Hitler so.  Is anyone so ashamed to be an American so as to let them Take Over America's Future?  To be a groveling colonial subject of self-style "foreign experts" and agents of ambitious "competitors" in a global economy?

    1)  On Julian Assange: Interestingly, two or three people have pressed for me to endorse his operations, which I have not done and will not do. And I will point out that his situation is similar to that of Chelsea/Bradley Manning as well as Eddie Snowden... their strong and central Neptune configurations make them vulnerable to external control and manipulation that hostile foreign agents prey on, and there are other non-astrological overlaps and confirmations.  Information on the cult that Assange was raised in is nearly impossible to find in any verifiable detail, and it may explain how he is the vehicle of underground transnational political networks that have provided him with the wiki-data he parrots, and the servers storing his data while he was emitting data of problematic controversy.  One analyst claims his data comes from Asian sources, another from the Euro Union; and a combination of the two again points to the outline of a revived WW2 Fascist Axis (which had alliances in both Russia and China throughout that era, and have had since then). As for Manning, I continue to assess Wicca as a cult, to which many innocents and well-intentioned people may subscribe without recognizing its cult-like features.  Not all Wiccans are 'evil' or malicious, but there is a malicious hypno-control segment within that larger network, and geodetic lineups in the "Men Behind the Curtain" table on this website may reveal explanations when and where the data concurs with information on manifestations from other sources.  I see Assange and Manning as manipulees/victims of manipulation, possibly involved in Manning's case, and would point out that whether one wants to hold them fully accountable, or vilify them, or not, the cults manipulating them are the problem much more than them as individuals.  Assange's current mental deterioration can of course conveniently serve to silence him from emitting information that would reveal just who has manipulated him through the years; and the same could potentially apply to Manning.

    It has also been my observation that people with strong Hades may sometimes be similarly manipulated, but in a more semiconscious-to-conscious way, for example in "family"-like adherence to deluded or manipulative cults that appear on the surface to be of practical value, slavish and semi-conscious or programmed 'devotion to causes', etc.

    2)  Odd as it may seem, although maybe not so to those familiar with military intelligence and espionage issues, Angela Merkel is also a puppet despite her high degree of intelligence, as long indicated in German media before her rise to power.  Not only is Neptune front and center in the Merkel chart of the time quoted by a respected German astrologer, but German media prior to her ascent to PM/Chancellor, made clear how she was groomed for years to carry out he party policies of PM Helmut Kohl, despite her recent and logical denial of such issues that elucidate the treachery of German politics. This goes back to the rise of Adolf Hitler as a groomed puppet of top German military commanders, described in those biographies of him (like that of John Toland) with facts and photos, but not in the German Military manipulated disinformation biographies that made him out to be some sort of individual "genius" and "mastermind" of the Third Reich. The reason for the disinformation is to lead the public to believe that his death was the end of the Nazi machine, which it was not, as details in numerous books by political and historical scholars.  Furthermore, in the last few years, Nazi ties to Japan as well as some elements in China, have been revived and are serving as "The Other Fascists/Nazis" (the ones who are Not 'Old White Men', but 'People of Color') that time supposedly forgot, extended now also to the revival of the Modi-affiliated Hindu Fascist machine in India, and both German and Japanese Nazi alliances in the Middle East that are likely the root of ISIS/ISIL and the Ottoman 'Caliphate' movement that East Asian elements are all to ready to risk letting seep into America via "Sanctuary" laws (which also have interesting geodetic lineups).  Some of the treaties signed in the Middle East in Aug-Sep 2020 may prove soon to have been in grave error, and may be related to the Dubai Ports agreements set up under Bush Jr and the East China Sea-rooted shipping magnate network of Elaine Chao and family, that has some noteworthy ties in Japan.  These in turn, per geodetics, point back to the abandonment and/or privatization of US military bases during the concurrent rise of CAPAC, putting Asian nationalist interests in control of US Pacific security functions including military bases.  Thus the urgency of reopening of the Alameda Naval Base under nationwide control from Washington DC (not just local Pacific biases), or where impracticable due to blockage, then similar operations nearby or overlapping.  Relevance to the "Sanctuary State" law provisions in California, and how, is made clear by the geodetic lineups, as are data for Schwarzenegger the Terminator and his so-called "Grass Roots Revolution" with some curious overlaps with the Korematsu network trying to push into running California public schools.  This should have obvious correlations with Japan-born and Sasakawa/Yakuza/Moonie endorsed Harry Harris controls over the US Pacific Fleet and city and port of Anchorage, Schwarzenegger's involvement in Asian politics (and the so-called/oxymoronic "driverless car" ("off a cliff when programmed to") project) after meetings with Merkel, and the presence of the "Asia Pacific (Military) Research Center" operations at Stanford and adjacent to the Oakland Federal Building (apparently surrounded by covert Asian operations possibly in collaboration, and falsely "monitored" by "security systems" installed by people wearing jackets and icons of the infamous Black Dragon Society, instrumental in the formation of both the WW2 Japanese Fascist/Nazi machine as well as the Saelo and Kahr-armed Sun Myung Moonie brainwashing/kamikaze cult).  These operations, for years marginally out of public attention, have risen gradually to central controls in San Francisco Bay Area local governments and include the Ed Lee "Hummingbird Relocation" and real-estate vulture rent-gouging machine. Additional facts would logically be made evident if not for the blockage of Real American (no hybrids or double-agents) surveillance of Transpacific communications blocked by the bipartisan foreign-born Ted Lieu crocodile-tear circuit, which in turn shows some interesting geodetic lineups where All Roads Lead to Elaine Chao, lodged in America's Ohio-Mississippi-River-basin heartland, as the charming front-line floor model of a duplicitous foreign double-agent/mole network in US government. Which means a vote for Mitch McConnell, who Chao family money put in office, is a vote for redefining Kentucky as a Chinatucky.  I may have already pointed out how Elaine Chao's banks took over San Francisco under the Ed Lee (2005-2017 city manager and then mayor) machine. Only Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy ended up in prison for what they and their cohorts are involved in, allayed by periodic loud clamor about claims of "discrimination based on ethnicity, etc". Sun-tzu passive aggression tactics. 

    American Laws are now set up so that if an invasion from a Non-European country were to occur, even if via covert guerrilla operations, it would initially be written off as racism or xenophobia, deterring investigation and/or defensive measures, and on Facebook/Fakebook or other foreign-owned media or internet platforms, might even be condemned as "Hate Speech" against functional invaders.  Note that such tactics are now also in place in the German Euro Union; where German "reeducation" centers were set up as stopovers before systematic resettlement in choice subject countries, some of which have been subsequently terrorized by imported radical cults; or where it is nearly illegal or criminalized, Hitler-style, to criticize provisions of the EuroUnion "Central Authority".  Geodetic lineups make clear that there is a need to study the history and activities of the Altaqwa Bank and the Ahmed Huber network as well as the Bader-Meinhof network (German Red Army or Rote Armee in Germany and globally) and 'Japanese Red Army' ties to Mideastern cults, as well as the latter's to Pseudomaoist "Cultural Revolution" cults in the 1970s-80s, and possible ties to the ambiguous 'Naxalite' cult network in India and territorial pirate paramilitary networks in the Andaman Islands, the hub of Japanazi operations in South Asia.  Americans and Canadians are now supposed to be Pollyanna in reaction to these very serious global problems indicated by the current geodetic alignment of Vulkanus-disguised-by-Hades-and-Neptune... Vulkanus power in Shanghai, Taipei, the heavily armed Ryukyu Islands, Tsingtao/Qingdao, Manchuria states (Liaoning etc, bordering Korea), western Philippines, central Indonesia, then Cairo, Ankara, Durban; then  Buenos Aires, and the decades-old German and East Asian paramilitary colonies in Paraguay; as well as the Russian and Ukrainian hubs in media-focus Peterburg and Kiev, and Siberian Yakutia longitudes -- all clearly relevant if only one studies the unfoldment of covert paramilitary operations and cults clearly hostile to the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand both historically and today, and utilizing various front ranging from radical right to radical left themes and icons.  Such treachery will continue until HA=VU is out of 2 degrees orb a few years from now, and hopefully US and British intelligence are now careful to watch for moling and coverups by "competing" as well as questionably-allied nationalist foreign interests.  The most strategic coverup operations for such operations are where Hades is overhead; including the Shan States Golden Triangle, Mongolia, the Chongqing/Chungking region, Panama, central Cuba, Ecuador-northPeru; longitudes of Switzerland and SW Norway; Corsica and Sardinia; Algeria-Tunisia border; historic Biafra in Nigeria; north-central Sumatra in Indonesia; and the Bering Strait, and note how many are either narcotrafficking or weapons-trafficing hubs (or both).  Guerrilla warfare may be as much a medium as covert conventional.  Now, how smart is blanket 'sanctuary' policy and possible harboring of potential incoming foreign agents on US soil?  Probably not very, and there are other issues being unwisely dismissed as 'xenophobia' or 'racism' that are very real potential national security risks, as foreign-brainwashed radical fringe groups with the USA itself even cheer a "Fall of the American Empire" as they polarize over the upcoming election in an irrational way, abandoning logic to demonization of figures who are only front-line puppets of larger transnational political machines.  Welcome to the part of Globalism and 'inclusion' that isn't pretty or even safe (unfortunately, but reality nonetheless).  Related idealism needs balance with realism, critically.  2020 is not 2000 any more, in terms of surface conditions; and yet old oligarchies and trouble-sources redecorated as "new movements" have survived over decades, and even centuries when it comes to world imperial oligarchies with new fronts: referring to literal old imperial dynasties, on every continent on the globe, running "globalist" sectors of the planet much as they did the "Axis powers" of WW2, and WW1, and earlier multinational wars (covered in part in "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" by T H Tetens; and various references on the Wang Chingwei and Manchukuo Japan-collaboration, and treacherous Moonie-cult networks that spilled into the USA like a deluge and are still covered up with disinformation or denial from the "China Lobby" network that would likely be exposed if Ted Lieu were unable to continue giving East Asian immigrants immunity from US national security surveillance (and which would lead to the prosecution of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean white-collar and blue-collar organized crime networks in the USA, including those holding political office and "cover" for each other via what is called "saving face" in Chinese underworld traditions; what happens when immigrants and foreign nationalists are allowed to hold political office at any level, now spilling into schools). 

    Issues that have been described as 'a mess' in Oakland (and all Alameda county and surrounding counties by extension to a lesser degree) are directly related to unwise "Sanctuary" policy as well as to past or current Shanghai-rooted AIG and Dubai Ports provisions, and high-risk alliances to obscure Chinese-linked Afghan cults -- and exacerbated by sham Asian cult fronts, all of which need tight surveillance.  Lack of controls over them have led to, among other things, weird body-slamming incidents that replicate tactics of the Japan-based Shinrikyo cult.  Some recent cults have resembled format and rhetoric of the old militant Symbionese Army network.  These are issues that require surveillance and investigation by unalloyed US national security agencies, not hybrid transoceanic agencies with who-knows-what sort of national allegiances -- and issues that are too complex for local police agencies to handle when they are already overloaded by organized crime possibly rooted in those very same transnational networks (human trafficking, weapons trafficking, narcotrafficking sometimes overlapping, and even fused with large foreign-owned real-estate conglomerates that have been overtaking the San Francisco Bay Area since the arrival of the Ed Lee machine, even before then in the Shrimp Boy and Leland Yee networks).  Vulkanus and Hades now align with the central root hubs of many of these operations, including the very old Sino-Japanese maritime and narcotrafficking and human trafficking operations of the East China Sea zone.

    It's too bad that honest Asian-Americans are caught in the crossfire, noting that ongoing facilitation of the mess in Chinatown for decades has created a situation where public agencies must stop dismissing reports of these problems as xenophobia or racism, or California and America are headed for a Huge Mess as Pluto makes its return in the USA chart, and where the Pluto money of the very same locations where Vulkanus is now (incl East China Sea longitudes from north to south pole).  If Americans don't stop the Pollyanna foreign policies, the country may go through increasing disaster of various sorts beyond just climate and viruses.

    3) As pointed above, and mention many time, Merkel is not trustworthy, nor is her political network, which controls her, and explanations for this have been offered over the years.. one of the most lucid being "Germany Plots with the Kremlin" (a book everyone today should read) by German Anti-Nazi wartime political analyst T H Tetens, already in 1954 since he was among those who knew what the Nazis' "Plan B" was as Berlin was in sight of Allied invasion in 1945.  What is amazing is the 1954 description of a German-run European Union that matches its current manifestation in 2020 almost to a tee, and Germany's covert collaboration with Moscow that matches Merkel et friends' forays into Moscow. Tetens, a true German refugee from the Nazi machine, who would know, worried like many about how Nazi machine unfolded and continued to function, describing the various German-Russian pacts, starting in the 19th century, that led to German policy duplicity all the way up to the "Hitler Stalin Pact" that was still continuing into the 1950s (and 1960s per his later book "The New Germany and the Old Nazis").  Americans, at any level of government or private interest, who rely on foreign intelligence at face value, without recognizing the intentional self-interest or subconscious biases of foreign sources, are living in a fool's world... for one of the only counterbalances smaller countries have in dealing with larger or more powerful ones is diplomatic evasion and or duplicity, such as exemplified in Sun Tzu or Machiavelli (some believe to be recycled Sun Tzu via Marco Polo's visits) or Metternich; or in recent years the tactics of the Viet Cong (who have some surprising geodetic lineups worthy of study; the allies and enemies of the Vietnam War era were not always clearly distinguished, make the the war a bog-down, in addition to the pumping of drugs onto the battlefields as Opium Wars in effect, and at risk of recurring globally).  


    Notice that Zeus now also in the HA=VU cluster, adding a second layer of systematic war strategy; and yet a picture that could go to Nuclear War if poorly-considered decisions are made. Note the recent reports on new Russian mega-submarines carrying missiles -- and I have added geodetic lineups for their construction and launch, where available.  I would however warn that Russia is not, by far, the only potential foe, as the conjunction of Vulkanus is over the East China Sea longitudes (including Russian Yakutia in the north), and anyone well-read in Chinese history knows how Chinese military organizations of every sort are well-known for duplicity and passive-aggressive tactics, as well as collusion with Japanese that has been too often ignored and which may be of Vital Significance now. Articles as early as one in Newsweek in 2010 referred to the the East Asian Fascist Prosperity Sphere being revived, and which geodetic lineups of Chinese political and military figures and operations confirm.   In short, the "Cultural Revolution" was never fully controlled by Mao Zedong, whose images it used as its identity, and was aped and infiltrated by the Japan-based Moonie cult and "Japanese Red Army", and controlled in part by domestically by free-market advocates in China using it simply to manipulate China's local economy as well as international opinion during the controversies of the Vietnam/Indochina War. The Bejing government was in continual schism, including via remnant Kuomintang affiliates and some who wanted to reverse the effects of the communist takeover of 1949.  "Party purges" were sometimes of literal "double agents" and often of collaborators with the Japanese as well as Taiwan governments; and brainwashing and cults and psychological warfare were extensive on all sides.

    Chinese citizens were sometimes bombarded with blaring loudspeakers chanting political propaganda for entire days, as is still done in the Chinatowns of America a election time.

    Perhaps nowhere on planet Earth are psychological warfare tactics and passive-aggressive guerrilla tactics more developed than in East Asia, and this is spilling into coastal North America at an alarming rate today, now fused with mass real-estate acquisition schemes and resettlement programs hidden among "Sanctuary" operations and by political offices successfully targeted to control who owns which land and buildings.  The only alternative may be to have the US government buy up or confiscate property to house and settle American citizens -- challenged by rampant and sometimes variable and manipulated real estate market inflation.

    There's a lot relevant for Ted Lieu and cohorts to hide in blocking surveillance of transpacific communications by authentic and unalloyed and not "redefined" US national security agencies.   Demographic patterns re coastal compared to inland California may may have a major impact on California elections this year and in coming years; not to mention who controls the state real-estate, tax, and treasury agencies.  Could California become a functional Asian colony?  Looks possible.  Washington state?  British Columbia and Hawaii already?  Are Moonies taking over the Anchorage region in Alaska via encircling fishing fleets that may serve double duty, as they often did in WW2?  Try to "redefine" that.  Who swooped into grab up California devalued real estate after the round of wildfires a couple of years ago?  After the crack wars in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area in the 1980s-90s?  After rent control laws were knocked away?  Will land be changing to American hands or to those reaching in from overseas?  Will Americans be too wiped out on imported Golden Triangle pot and opiates or cocktails, or dazzled by pestering foreign immigration and real estate lobbyists, to notice?  HA=ZE=VU can also mean Drug Wars in every sense of the word, escalated by the =NE in 2020.  Could there be new 'crack wars' to destabilize American cities again?  Some such seem to have reappeared on a small scale, fused in some cases with local arms trafficking.  Foreign organized crime networks involved are evading legal control by claiming charges of xenophobia or racism.  Stop the Immigration, or anarchy may ensue.  Foreign interests are clearly provoking, if not creating, the clashes and riots and radicalization -- just as they did in the 1960s-70s -- including some of the same political networks revived and out to "bring down the American Empire" while "foreign investors" swoop in to pick up the pieces and prepare for takeover, already on a roll.


2020Sep10: Comment on Kamala Harris reading by another astrologer (updated Sep14):

    Another apparently competent and sincere astrologer on the internet had earlier commented that it was difficult to assess this complex upcoming election in a complex time in history, and I agree.  Admetos weighs heavy on Kamala Harris's chart throughout this period, with little assistance to relieve or unblock its heavy limitations. What can manifest is an Admetos tendency to myopia or obsession with specific issues to the exclusion of the larger context of reality... one tree only in a forest, but also being somehow contained or restricted in activities, and that can include confinement by constant surveillance.  Harris will be able to continue as a Senator if she does not forego it for the vice-presidential candidacy with few winning indicators; and one must understafsnd the cultural and ideological climate of All of the USA to win nationwide voters.  And Admetos indicates she will be watched and contained to some degree in any case.  The other astrologer commented on related Tarot cards, which I am also familiar with, and I would point out that while there may be big money behind Harris, probably transnational if coming from Transpluto/Bacchus (which I do not always look at, and does related to Big Money), and while Trump's more local coffers may not be as big, money is not Always the final determining factor.  Trump apparently got the message to calm down and project himself as more sane and serious, which was smart, and which his competitors should also do.  When the house is on fire, Americans don't look to people who are screaming hysterically to stop it, just as they did not in recent elections decided by something other than popular vote.  I would also indicate that people at the top, militarily, in Washington are likely and rightfully very concerned about national unity of Americans at this time, and some among that top military brass have made statements indicating that they will seek to negotiate with the president with facts if he appears to be making unwise decisions relating to their primary functions.  Furthermore, Pence appears to be very tied to and compliant with top military leadership in matters they understand (including domestic security), as may also be the case with Biden.  Clearly, domestic civil rights and justice for long-established US citizens will have to be addressed and implemented as a top priority, and this appears to already be underway in terms of shifts to hiring qualified multiple-generation American minorities over immigrants for federal government jobs.  Runaway globalism is going to have to be attenuated, and it appears that measures in that direction have already begun.  This can be done while continuing to implement humane immigration policies; and it may involve reduction of immigration rates despite pushful clamor and tactics of immigration lobbying networks (Asian Law Caucus, etc.) that are more intent on national expansion of their ancestral homelands and economic colonization, or stuffing ballot boxes to increase political influence, all the way to fostering fake imported religions falsely claiming 'refugee' status.

    While Austro-German bankers' tactics to strangle Europe into submission have, rather than let a truly democratic European community of varied and rich national traditions function at a more natural and genuinely diversified pace as it should have, succeeded in a dictatorial fashion for a while -- tangling with Russia in Belarus is a potential global time bomb that most published interpretations of Nostradamus have warned of.  The alterative is to negotiate honestly with the honest of Russia, as Roosevelt intended to do, realizing that a Taurus nation does not change quickly without exploding into pandemonium almost certainly when pushed.  Most Russians know that mechanistic and belligerent Marxism failed; it was the wrong recipe, globally even.  But even after making mistakes it is not possible to return to the past and effectively do things the old way, since the past is gone and irretrievable except in the tenuous imagination of memory. Your hometown is not the same anymore; people have died and buildings have been replaced and time has evolved, although the sometimes obscured roots and foundations are all still there and capable of recultivation, to be done wisely and in awareness of current realities.

    Nostradamus seems somewhat clearly to indicate a global cataclysm if Russia goes to war with Europe, and one that could nearly destroy European civilization, which Asian alliances might want and could get if they continue to push the buttons and pull the strings in global policy, as they have been doing, in line with an "Asian Century" plan announced in the 1980s by the "Paramount Leader" of China, seeking new alliances with Japan, and the Prime Minister of India, as unimplementable at that time due to lack of resources, but now is quite a different story,  However, Nostradamus also indicates a fleeting glory of an Asian Century, if attained, that will not last. Cultures that have depeleted their own national resources via wringing the land dry from overpopulation are likely to only do more of the same as they expand into less populated continents. China's one-child policy, while appropriate for the times, may seem extreme now, while abandonment of all limitations on reproduction, at the other extreme, risks creating the severe overpopulation problems of the past.  Religions or ideologies that lay stress on principles of destruction and revenge cannot build lasting civilizations, as revolutionary communism, fascism, anarchism, and dysfunctional war-themed religions have all proven already.  History has proven that holy wars and culture wars are not the foundations of a functional society; nor are deceptive guerrilla wars and subversion, which can and does involve media takeovers and infiltration of government functions that have always been and still are extant in times of global power shifts, cold wars, and hot wars.

    Nostradamus, for what his writings are really worth, and as accurate as his speculations on distant and still-unknown future could be, also seemed imply that what was perceived as the USA, or maybe a willingly and very gradually unified North America, will survive major war catastrophes that Europe might not in the event of unwise military choices along the Russian border -- but anything resembling an "End of the World" does not occur until several centuries after that, if at all, and long past the current lifetime of anyone today.  However, this clearly doesn't mean that the current climate disasters are not vitally urgent and requiring remedial action, as we can see from the mass homelessness and droughts and high-impact infrastructure damage already; and we may have more technology to attentuate and slowly repair them today than in the past, if only utilized by the wise in wise ways.  But reparative action is now clearly Urgent, and preservation of obsolete and toxic fuel technologies (NE=HA) has gone to the point of being destructive, due to the greed of grossly antiquated fuel industries and empires globally, and their transnational lobbies. Young people should know that they have a future, but it does require fixing soon and substantially what is wrong and dysfunctional and urgent in industry and economics. Young people who recognize the importance of the elements of still applicable ancient wisdom indicating that humanity must live in harmony with the non-destructive elements of nature, which now proves how potent it can be, are on the right track, and improved technology may indeed help that manifest, as has been the case also in the past. There are those of us who have advocated for such changes for years, and it unfortunately took global the current global catastrophe to the oligarchs to listen. We can learn useful points from societies that stress living in harmony with nature and its cycles as much as is practicable to do. 

    As speculations on an "Age of Aquarius" still continue, if it is in fact a clearly definable paradigm at all, and even it is a gradual transition not overnight, it is noteworthy that Pluto the Transformer moves into Aquarius in 2023.  It's not there yet, but there is hope for a flourishing of technical and inventive progress, where thoughtful and wise use of robotics may be a key path to human progress -- but only if implemented with caution and wisdom, not with reckless and potentially damaging or dehumanizing risks that can accompany careless use of technology.  Meanwhile, we must weather the current NE=HA=VU disasters, which will likely continue to a lesser degree through 2021 via HA=VU still in orb, but there is hope for the future if leaders at the top do not do something stupidly drastic. 

    (This recalls the limerick first presente to me by one of my master teachers: "Whether the weather be fine; or whether the weather be not; We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not".  The message is: adapt to the real conditions of the moment and act accordingly; and Pluto, at its best, knows how to do that.... have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and even more alternate plans are better.  "If... Then...", as the old computer programs indicate.  Planned alternate routes for emergencies.

    One thing urgently needed during HA=VU  (and moreso when =NE is added) is global leaders who are sincere and straightforward -- No more manipulative winky-winky game-players or the dogmatically inflexible unable to adapt to naturally unfolding and genuinely unstoppable natural (i.e. not man-made or lockstep forced) changes.  NE=HA=VU means the whole planet Earth is truly living through extraordinarily difficult, but passing, times right now -- just as the world survived the Great Depression nearly 100 years ago, created by the "Rule by Greed" crowd, when many thought the world would end, but it didn't, despite too many casualties -- and "happy days", involving equalization and sincere consideration for one's neighbors and daily interactions, eventually returned under the required wise, smart, sober, and informed organizational leadership globally, exemplified by Roosevelt, whose untimely death led to some reversals. The wise had abandoned shallow religious dogma and pretense coupled with crass materialism -- and instead shifted to compassionate liberalism, with spiritual/karmic consciousness, that reunited society and "Made America Great" in reality, for decades.  Hoover's greed ideology took America down to the pits of despair; Roosevelt's ideology of compassion in practice revitalized America and made it the hero of the world until fools regressed to idolization of Hoover and his monarchist bankster-gangster overlords that powered Fascist Japan and Hitler. The ups and downs of time bounced back, slowly but surely, once silly fools were removed from power, meaning primal greed was no longer the determiner of daily life... and public ownership of national resources and essential services powered a country back to recovery and true greatness (not the opposite, advocated by the Hoover-groovers and the monarchist Hayek zombies emulated in Vienna and Chicago and backwoods Alabama).  Roosevelt, with extraordinary personal intellect, access to transnational intelligence data, and advisors chosen for their wisdom, knew how to integrate the best of polarized extremes into a workable socio-economic model that Reagan was later programmed for by his political-stage directors, including the Moonie-network-affiliated Wendy Lee Gramm/Enron raiders, to dismantle and pillage by invading pirates at bay, by the light of the Moon cloaked in darkness.  Only the blind cannot yet see that Gramm-Rudman-Reaganomics (Microwaved Hoover leftovers) has brought Disaster to America, while Americans forgot our own history, distracted by phony movie imagery, i.e. oxymoronic "virtual reality", empty dreamland that only lasts until the wakeup alarm goes off..

    Lastly, geodetic principles indicate that each region of the globe has its own personality just as humanity runs the full range of the zodiacal signs.  You can't make America fit China, or India fit Australia or Canada.  Each area of the globe resonates to its own geomagnetic relationship to the Sun and planets that appear to travel around it.  You can't turn a Sagittarius into a Taurus, or vice versa; the inherent characteristics remain although harmonious adaptations can be found, but the differences must be understood and honored, as they exist in nature and maybe for a reason that any beings or processes larger than our physical universe understand. Some are more naturally compatible than others. Sloppily forcing and shoving fast-track change leads to unnecessary destabilization and backlash that are avoided when things are done more thoughtfully, and while carefully studying the real impact of each step in a process.  That's the lesson of Pluto in Capricorn that should have been learned by now.  So is the cautious and constructive and gradual/thoughtful modification of structures that are no longer effective or functional for the times we live in.  Capricorn requires experience and maturity and sobriety to make workable decisions about change, and before moving on to Aquarius in a way that will not be disruptive or chaotic or even dangerous or destructive.  That can be done in the next 3 or 4 years, if the right choices are made.  If the right choices are not made, it may be a bumpy ride after that at first, and with disruptive surprises when making choices about what to do next.  It's the difference between Anarchy and progress.  Within the USA, the November election is a deciding factor, as is who 'takes the oath' in January 2021, three months later... That includes the "Universal" Capricorn solar ingress a few days before Christmas, when the trees normally green could still be aflame if the world does not shift away from ignorance, and toward the calm wisdom required to live through times of difficulty.


2020Sep08 (updated): Election strategy change.

    Just as the Republican Party made a sharp change in course recently, so should the Democratic Party. In addition to what I see as Harris having slim chances of inauguration in January, there is another Very Important liability for the Democratic Party, and that is Ted Lieu participating in the campaign, or in any vital government function at all.  His demand that naturalized citizens be exempt from monitoring of their international communications should be a loud siren alert to All of America.  It is a virtual admission of complicity in international intrigue of essence to US national security, and there have been many events to corroborate.  One of them is the manufacture of falsified/counterfeit identity documents for immigrants, especially from the countries of the Greater China diaspora, on a scale that may not affect US national elections, but which likely has had impact on local elections in California and could have on imminent California statewide elections.  The "Sanctuary State" and "Sanctuary City" policies are unwise in terms of national and state and local security, whereas other policies can be implemented to insure humane treatment of people crossing borders with false or lack of identification documents.  Ted Lieu, and any foreign-born individual, should Never be or have been allowed to access US national security data.  This needs to be integral to America's Pluto return, and the sooner implemented the better... no time to waste on that.  If allowed to participate in the US presidential campaign, he's one more stumbling block to seeing a Democratic president in 2021.  Few immigrants, except maybe conservative Cubans or Asians with US government contracts, are likely to vote Republican.  One should pay clear attention to who swing-voters are and what their priorities are likely to be.  "Preaching to the choir" at election time accomplishes nothing.

    Planetary pictures for Trump and Pence are highly favorable for January 2021 inauguration.  Biden's are somewhat favorable. Demings's are favorable. Harris's are not. Elizabeth Warren has many favorable indicators, although she would find the responsibilities highly demanding and full of snares to work around, which she may have already trained herself to handle. I was under the impression that her earlier campaign management sabotaged her, and that she should cut ties and move away from that network.

    Pay attention to how Republican Elaine Chao's banks flourished under Democrat Ed Lee's control of San Francisco; there is much to be learned there, and much not so new to those who understand how traditional Chinese politics usually operate. Shadow puppetry -- as the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster aligns with Shanghai, Qingdao, Taipei, and Manchukuo now to accelerate.. recently departing the Ascendant in Seattle, now in Portland and Salem Oregon, in orb of the northern California border, and headed for "Guangdong Sister State" greater San Francisco and Sacramento within a year or so.  That Vulkanus is tied by 11:15 angle to China's potent military bases on and near Hainan, and may be fused with Taiwan regardless of international diplomatic stageplays as Taiwan politicians dance back and forth with Chinese Communist Party officials.  The mainland China and Taiwan flags have often flown over the same buildings in the San Francisco bay area during the last 15 years, at least, and as one savvy Chinese-American Berkeley employee used to say, "there's no difference", but they want Americans to think there is.  Geodetics verify how long ago this started.  The roots were the Kuomintang-Communist alliances of the 1930s, with ongoing crossover and fusion to varying degrees, overt or covert, and geodetics make clear that the "Cultural Revolution" "Maoism" was quickly co-opted by others and wearing Mao pins but cutting deals with Taipei as well as Japan, more interested in a mammonist "Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere", Money, than any shallow ideological rhetoric -- and this explains the various "party purges" and party name-changes -- as also applied, per geodetics to the old Stalin/Trotsky schisms in Russia, noting that Trotsky was likely brainwashed while in Oldenburg Czarist prisons and reprogrammed on release to follow the "bugs in his ear".  Trotsky's crazy behavior was not only personal eccentricity but likely the schisms between his own mind and the brainwashing of Pavlovian prison programmers. Pavlov was financed not only by the Czars, but also the German Kaisers, and so Pavlovian-programmed Trotsky threw up his hands and let Germany invade Russia, as he was programmed to do.  This made him and his followers look rather silly, and for the general public around the world to be confused.  Similar dynamics unfolded in Communist China, and when the Moonies and "Japanese Red Army" began impersonating Cultural Revolution Red Guards, there was a complex mess transnationally.  Political duplicity was already rampant and polished over centuries in China, per traditions partly outlined in Sun Tzu's "Art of War".  It could happen again, in any country.  Watch out what you import.  Guyana's ethnic Chinese president Arthur Chung paved the way for Koolaid Jonestown to manifest, and he may have had connections in San Francisco, with families and friends still around.  Journalist Henry Liu in South San Francisco warned people in Chinatown via Chinese-language articles still needing unbiased/disinterested translation, and the imported gangsters blew his brains out to shut him up.  He thought he was protected to speak freely in America, but he wasn't, and news of the consequences spread in Chinatown ever since.  Next came Sterling Seagrave, who had to go to France to be safe from what now might now be labeled "Sanctuary Refugees" and/or phony "Religious Persecutees" hiding behind fake Bibles or Buddhas. Leave Chinatown to its own neighborhood police, and it could get worse; it has gotten worse.  There's another needed change for the upcoming USA Pluto return, which has yet another 4 years to complete and fully manifest -- and where Vulkanus political power now amasses, Pluto financial power will also amass in 2024, depending on whether that power-balance continues or is pushed in a different direction.  Control of Alaska and its economy will be Vital; very national-security sensitive for the next 250 years, now militarily and soon financially -- maybe related to global warming and accessibility to Alaska's natural resources.  Will they be American?  or Asian?  or European even?  US Secretary of State Seward not only claimed Alaska, but also California, as essential to the future of America, as he stated  Those who have forgotten that, and why, may risk losing America to the dogs flooding the streets.  Don't throw caution to the winds.  The Pacific states are America's western buffer zone against foreign incursion, and when California's military bases were shut down in the early 1990s, CAPAC rose to power to take over.  The geodetic indicators show how.  The US federal government must not fall asleep at the wheel.

    The "Korematsu Schools", initiated with the efforts of Sony-backed and German military-intel-cozy "Grass Roots Revolution" Arnold Schwarzenegger need to be put on hold and scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb for ties to foreign intelligence networks and the objectives of agencies or networks outside the United States -- especially for possible use of cult psychology indoctrination methods.  The wisdom of promoting Fred Korematsu as a national hero in American schools, and its ramifications for American society, in addition to organizations affiliated with the Korematsu schools, should be thoroughly reviewed, along with Schwarznegger's possibly relevant international ties and "Grass Roots Revolution"-tinged allegiances.  He and his volunteer-Nazi father's geodetic alignments show some very quirky alignments with WW2-era Nazi German subversion operations in the USA.  There are further fusions with the cryptic transnational "Heritage Council" operations in the USA historically under the Laszlo Pastor-affiliate network, and local foreign-owned migrant-labor fueled school building contractors with curious alliances involving Mideastern networks in Afghanistan and local Islamic-themed cults.  The Korematsu schools risk functioning as problematic foreign-manipulated radicalized indoctrination centers with the smell of "grass roots revolution" like what Herr Schwazi has described.  Such phenomena could spell chaos when coupled with accelerated immigration programs left unchecked.  Demands for restaffing of federal agencies must be coupled with Very careful consideration of national allegiance issues, and no room for Ted Lieu's coverups or international security measures classed as racism just because the foreigners aren't "white".

    Lastly, ignorance of the larger Chinese and Sino-Japanese global organized crime network (detailed extensively in the books of Sterling Seagrave) while focusing exclusively on problems emanating from the Chinese Communist Party or People's China government they now control is to see only the trunk of the elephant but miss the main body and the feet that trample.  This is high risk when investigation of Asian organized crime or Asian policial corruption or subversion is carried out by vested interests.  Geodetic alignments clarify the affiliations of various critical Chinese political and financial crime networks that exist behind the paper dragons and clashing cymbals... and some of their alignments with Asian and Transpacific Japanese and Korean political and financial and organized crime networks.  Geodetics provides a plethora of hints for unraveling what vested interests in Chinatown and Japantown and Koreatown want to keep going -- with a new, added alliance apparently coming from Silicon Valley Hindu money and political alliances.  This is every much as potentially problematic as Arnold and Angela's machinations harassing America from the Atlantic side, with Arnold dragging the old Nazi games to the Pacific as his predecessors in the Thiel/Schwinn/Kunze and  network did in California in the 20th century, collaborating with the Japfascist underworld based largely in southern California and tied to Mitsubishi and Black Dragon martial arts operations (now installing their "security cameras" in the SF bay area).  Old World Politics can be a mystery to Americans who do not study how they operated in the past and operate still.  Many think the Wiesenthal Center was tricked into setting Schwarnegger up to monitor and manipulate records of post-WW2 Nazi operations, thought also to be a driving force in the McVeigh bombing in Oklahoma City, and almost certainly the bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires around the same time.  Any Fascism in America is imported, as has always been the case, and yes it does include Antijudaic Islamic organizations, as it always has, and shameless Chinese opportunists willing to kill their own countrymen and join up with Tokyo and Berlin in World War 2.

    The US Civil War was fueled heavily by foreign interests, and any sort of repetition is just as likely to be, as well.  Where are those "Confederate Re-enactment" uniforms and paraphernalia made?

    Certainly, Russia can be complicit, and yet the conjunction of Vulkanus is in the East China Sea longitudes, and thus most potent there; while the 8th harmonic link to New Delhi as well as Kashmir is logically tied to and subservient to controllers in either the East China Sea longitudes, Peterburg, Kiev, Ankara, or Durban.  Some intrigue has also been imported recently from among various ethnic groups in Argentina.

    The recent and current global intrigue correlating with the HA=VU 22.5 angle within 2 degrees orb is so potent and pervasive that No Major Changes in global structure should be made until it is over, i.e. around the time of the USA's Pluto return, circa 2024.  In the meantime, stability should be reinforced for the sake of Everyone's survival, borders should be maintained and fortified; truly necessary migration should be strictly monitored and regulated, and unnecessary eliminated.  Military technology is already evolving so that machines are replacing the need for risk to human life and limb; and this should end the use of foreign military staffing or contractors.  Those under the illusion that an Asian-run government would be better for Americans are being distracted by fantasy dreams of typical Asian propaganda-- as an assessment of what the Ed Lee machine model did to San Francisco is a proof of how that's all about Asia and little for America.  Financial and geographic displacement, and resettlement via dirty tricks -- not to mention shameless real estate gouging selective so as to implement the resettlement strategies resembling a sort of Asian Lebensraum policy, brought to you by the Asian Law Caucus.  Foreign agents take over America, and the voice of Seward is drowned out by foreign historical revisionists teaching US history in American schools, even dictating the content of textbooks and internet disinformation. Asian censorship in American internet is now a huge problem under Ajit Pai, Sundar Pichai; as Aga Khan and Sajjan manipulate Canada.  Who's In Charge?  Enough "Gurus".  Is proposed Microsoft language regulation designed to reduce social harm, or to censor public discussion of Asian or other foreign takeover?  Same issue as for German military Siemens controls and censorship from the Euro wing.  Who's Killing America?  Pay attention to deals being struck by Putin and every other powerful Russian politician.  Is Navalny a flawless angel, or more of the same?  The idealistic humanism of American democracy is unknown in much of the world, grounded in seasoned and polished concepts rooted in the imperial dynasties that have never really died.  The USA is not a dying country... in fact, it's still relatively new compared to most of the nations on the planet Earth, and still learning the ropes thrown out by the old adherents of Metternich, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu, flourishing under the HA=VU cluster going on for a few years already, and to continue for yet another 3 or 4 years before fully fading away, requiring lessons to be learned to about old-world political intrigue in order to survive in the future.  On top of climate problems requiring equally urgent attention.  It's only over if we neglect the dangers or blow each other up.  California thanks help from long-proven friends overseas when some people in DC did not know how to appreciate the importance of a huge and nationally-strategic state economy to the rest of America.  The ships that enter the ports of California, and the trucks and trains and planes, that relay what and who enters, are vital and critical to all of the USA, as is true of every other maritime state across the nation.  Our Navy must not be compromised.

    Having done a lot of reading and study of Chinese culture, with interactions on US soil, I can confidently say that to try to isolate China's Communist Party in analysis of the rest of Chinese politics is a grave error, as the problem is not simply the Communist Party, but rather the organized crime mobsters that control it and every other political party in Greater China, from Singapore to Malaysia to mainland China to Taiwan to the drug-and-gun infested Chinatowns of North America.  Sterling Seagrave may not have seen the whole picture, but he probably came closer than anyone to summarizing the complexities and interplay of East Asian mafia intrigue, including the aforementioned countries as well as the Philippines with its substantial Chinese and Japanese mafia fusions.  The current and recent and coming potent HA=VU corruption cluster runs right through the middle of all of that.  Seagrave covered Indonesia only marginally, as I recall, and yet it could be just as weighty, in some ways, especially in terms of the relevance of the Bandung Conference network that is now sharing in Pluto's global power, and remote Sarawak in Malaysia, next to Brunei as well as Indonesia, could be of global significance rarely if ever recognized before.  Pluto, too, can be secretive.

    Chinese and Mideastern intrigue within the US State Dept in San Francisco was already rampant in the early 2000s, and some seemed to yield to Asian masters with an almost cultish obedience, possibly due to the Bush family's ties to the Atsugi airbase and ongoing love affair with the Moonies.  Meanwhile, the Japfascist Black Dragon Society adherents installing security technology around San Francisco, along with 'Asia Pacific Research Center' psyops and other intrigue, may assure complexity in unraveling the rampant and cultish political intrigue causing problems in California, especially if they have US government national security contracts making America's national defenses look like Swiss cheese.  Which may be what some globalist, supposed 'allies' want.  For all the recent unjustified slander and misrepresentation of America's founding institutions, everybody around the world seems to want a piece of American Apple Pie.... even to the point of trying to rename it as Chinese Apple Pie in America's school classrooms.  Stealing of American intellectual property has degenerated into stealing of America national icons and "redefining" them into something they are not.  Hindu historical revisionists and others are ready to teach America's children distorted versions of American history in order to advance an "Asian Century" plan set in motion in the 1980s by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi and their fellow travellers, and echoed since then in various Asian regional political and economic conferences, and it apparently includes Asian plans for America, just as Schwazi's meets with Merkel indicate similar German plans, while they do their dance with Putin and other Russians.  Enough of the naivete about foreign affairs.  The excess of Halloween costumes should be a hint that something is wrong, and the continuing HA=VU cluster verifies and gives hints on the where and how.  Better to be cautious than stupidly naive.  If America is so bad, why does everybody and their dog want a piece of it?  What America does Not need now is any more imported guerrillas taunting 'Old White Men' and out to "Make the Pacific Asian Again".

    One more, possibly overlooked, geodetic indicator... secured, fully-American, economic control of Niihau and Kauai islands in Hawaii is for some reason vital to the security of the US economy in years ahead.  If any of that area has fallen under foreign economic or political control, it needs to be brought back under controls from the US government.  That in addition to the already mentioned Alaska Peninsula region and all areas due north of it.  Overall, unquestionably American control of HAWAII and ALASKA both are now, perhaps more than ever since World War 2, absolutely vital to US military, political, and financial security... with no sellouts to foreign colonizing interests.  It's time to part ways with the Asian Games, and declare independence once again from the dynasties of Imperial Germany and Austria as well.  What is Washington DC doing following either Asian or European foreign policy?  Acting like some subservient colony, following the manipulations of foreign advisors out to make their own countries "great again", which should be obvious to anyone paying attention to international affairs of recent years.  This not a partisan, but a national issue that should be uniting America's political parties despite any differences over domestic economics obviously provoked by both China Trade hustlers and German spies schmoozing with Berlin, while Canada may need to get a grip on the guru thing before that gets too weird or abducts Seattle.  Asian Supremacist real estate market manipulators, and tech and shipping monopolists are becoming a problem while playing the race-card game and shedding crocodile tears, just like the agents of Hitler's chums Hirohito and Tojo and Wang Chingwei did before, in case the world forgot.  Germany shipped the plans and materiel for nuclear bombs to Japan between May and August 1945.  Truman knew it and said it was either us or them, and he didn't forget Pearl Harbor.  Kahr gun-dealing Moonies in America are schmoozing with Kim Jong-un, even if Trump and his family and fellow travelers aren't noticing it.  Judy Chu sez complainants are all just 'racist', nothing else.  If non-European troops were to invade the USA, they would charge 'racism', and America would roll over and die of guilt over 'US imperialism' and 'white supremacist privilege' while the Orange county beach bunnies all turn Japanese or Chinese or Korean and jack up the rents with a little help from their local property tax adjustor.


2020Sep01 (updatedSep14: Astrological indicators of COVID; Black Lives Matter; Presidential campaign changes of course.

    I've already mentioned in past months that the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster correlates with the current global COVID problem.  Its origins remain a mystery, and here I comment on recycled and hackneyed propaganda issued from radical-right and their frequently-associated antijudaic organizations.  IF there is a geographically-identified source of COVID, at its roots, None of the standard astrological indicators point to Israel or even central China as a source, but IF, and that is a Big If, there is any geodetic relevance, the pointers would instead point to either countries along longitudes to the west of Israel (including Egypt and Turkey eastern South Africa, as well as western Russia and Ukraine), or possibly more likely to military bases (Japanese as well as Greater Chinese) along the East China Sea longitudes (which also include the Philippines, Indonesia, and locations in Manchuria and Siberia) since the virus was first reported in China.  However, I will speculate no further, and leave it up to those with professional resources to do such investigations to decide if such issues are in any way relevant or not.  For those who understand the local politics of those regions, the root origins of the finger-pointing may be of significance in a very serious global matter. Vulkanus would indicate the top levels of control; Zeus the tools, often military and/or technical-related, used to implement policy, and Pluto often but not exclusively the funding sources, and I normally look at all possible options (i.e. in fourth harmonic, being squares and oppositions as well as conjunctions; and even 8th harmonic, being semisquares and sesquiquadrates/sesquisquares).  The only relevance of such COVID-related indicators would be to stamp out sources of potential continued problems, as the most important problem now is to find a cure; and the sources may be political, military, private, corporate, or natural.  Still apparently unknown.

    Those locations where Neptune near (15 Pisces/Mutables) and Hades (near 09 Cancer/Cardinals) are on the geodetic MC or AS are more directly relevant for the medical/viral issues via 1st or 4th or 8th harmonic may be the most vulnerable regions, and in all of the above, 16th harmonic (22.5 degree multiple angles) may also be relevant, both on the geodetic MC as sources and geodetic Ascendant as areas affected by those sources.  Neptune and Hades would indicate points of intrigue, covert operations, or any relevant chemical sources.  As for speculations on chemical warfare that have been made, and which may or may not have any relevance, one might note any possible significance of regions having a historical record of development of biochemical weapons, and any possible relevance of continuation into current times.

    This is not to discount the assumption that COVID was simply a product of neglect and/or related unsanitary conditions; or to divert attention away from efforts to find cures as well as to eradicate original sources and minimize sources of relay until the virus is eradicated.


    Black Lives Matter and related events must be scrutinized for sources and directly-related issues to function as a source for constructive changes to implement civil rights for truly disfranchised populations.  Both research and geodetic indicators indicate a heavy mix of Asian nationalist immigration-promotion interests that may obscure or even sabotage the stated objectives of US domestic civil rights movements and their organizations.  I have pointed out, without success so far, that race-defined policy in the USA needs to be adjusted so that all civil rights equalization legislation addresses the situation and generalized needs of each demographic group as guidelines, some where skin color has no relevance; and recognizing "freedom of religion" principles without violating "separation of church and state", and that means knowing the difference between religion and churches or mosques or temples (fusing into the correlations of Neptune and of higher Hades potentials often obscured in materialism divorced from laws of nature including social cause and effect). Roots of the "People of Color" political movement are in efforts of Asian nationalist organizations to politicize race (now called "identity politics") geodetically indicated as tied to East and South Asian government policy lobbied in the USA during the Indochina/Vietnam War period (concurrent with the "Cultural Revolution" in China that is shown geodetically and historically to be tied also to Japanese politics and interests), as well as to the "Asian Century" policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping in China and the Rajiv Gandhi network in India, still manifesting, in part, in the "Naxalite" circuit among others, the Falun Gong, and China's official "New International Order" and "Chinese Dream" policy programs.  In Oakland, where the Black Lives Matter movement is reported to be rooted, there is much rhetoric about "Black and Brown lives" that fuses the movement with any ethnic group around the world that could be construed to be "brown" in skin-color, thus also extending into South Asia and the Middle East. A legitimate question is whether Black Lives Matter is really run by Black/African-Americans, or by foreign interests manipulating the organizations and demonstrations. Origins of the Third World center at Berkeley are in the Asian-American Political Alliance, not the Black/African-American organizations they fostered as fronts. Geodetics point to the Asian Law Caucus network and South Asian advocacy groups, among others. In the early 1980s in Berkeley, it was often mentioned that Equal Opportunity laws passed in Washington DC to rectify social injustices toward Black/African-Americans had been hijacked to Asian interests, in part due to loopholes in the legislation that included laws pertaining to hiring practices.  That was 40 years ago, and while economic and demographic and political changes have morphed substantially since that time, the laws of the 1960s may need to be fine-tuned to match current realities -- not erased or eliminated or negated, but fine-tuned, as constitutional amendments often do.  Civil rights laws, to be effective in the here and now, may need to include far more reference to socio-economic factors and the generalized differences between rights-concerned groups, and sensitive to changes that may occur over time in the future.  A distinction may well be needed between minority populations generally of low-income and those of high-income, for example, or between those with little access to functional quality education and those able to "buy" it; and for the sake of the nation, the quality of education must not be sacrificed during transitional periods.  Legal protections issues are already being addressed.  Change forced overnight often has and likely will lead to Chaos that foreign interests may not only be indifferent to, but may Want in a very global economy with regional competition too often being overlooked (i.e. between "Trade Blocs".

    An issue of grave concern, as I see it now, is the diversion of attention away from aggressively competing global interests on US soil utilizing the race policy issues, including Black Lives Matter and others -- to divert just as urgently needed attention away from foreign nationalist designs on the US economy and political system -- and that includes both the German-run European Union machinery as well as the domestically aggressive lobbying of the Asian Law Caucus and affiliated CAPAC with access to US military intelligence resources, and this probably why Ted Lieu is screaming about the right of US government agencies to monitor foreign communications of naturalized citizens, which may now be one of the key sources of subversion problems in the USA, and he should know that if he is truly Competent or Sincere as a US national security intelligence analyst. Probably irrelevant to US national elections, but certainly relevant to regional and local elections, the issue of passport and ID fraud in California has never been publicly addressed, and has been diluted with legitimate concerns in the distant states of the US southeast over a nearly opposite situation where ID is difficult to obtain or is confiscated to the point of having significant impact on elections. Rich or well-connected immigrants can buy fake IDs under the table, while the poor, including multiple-generation Americans, cannot afford them.  Double-agents in the USA may have access to the technology producing passable identification cards or documents overseas -- counterfeits.  And now, centralization of databases under private control, sometimes potentially transnational, can alter academic records (to the point of obscuring or removing indicators of completed college or university degrees or certifications) to manipulate who gets vital US infrastructure jobs or not.  The latter problem requires that all college graduates need to verify that the correct information, in the past usually issued from the college they attended, is not being altered by third-party private/corporate agencies sending out transcripts, some already known to have been incomplete or incorrect and misleading whether by accident or intentionally. The solution there may be for a return to issuance of transcripts by the relevant college and the elimination of third-party for-profit number-crunchers selling transcripts and thus literally manifesting what has been described as "paper mills". Otherwise, the impact on the quality of the nation's professional services, especially including education, but also health care and safe building construction, could be disastrous.  In the hands of the wrong people, "transcript businesses", could even intentionally pick and choose who appears to be qualified for professional positions in vital national infrastructure professions.

    The recently increasingly problems in corruption of education and the media is accounted for by the following in the Universal chart of 2020:  HA/VU (political corruption) = SA = PO (media, and the SAPO combination indicating higher education) =ARSU/MO (global impact on the populace and physical well-being including physical health issues (SU) and emotional state (MO) of the populace (MO) as well as public settings (AR)). The HAVU combination can also indicate potent toxicity or bacterial problems on the negative side, but also on the positive side the potential for potent medicine and cures and the need for intensive sanitation measures.  These configurations will not last forever -- measures will be taken by 2024 to resolve or begin resolving them.  How soon that starts depends on "who's in charge".

    Lastly, the NE=HA in effect this year, as indicated before, correlates with water shortages = ZE matching with water inadequate for fires, or inadequate moisture causing fires; and this could continue into 2021 before dissipating in 2022.  Note that replacement of showerheads by rubber/plastic hoses with hand-held spraying heads can not only reduce water-use but also allow for more effective cleaning by placing the spray-heads directly on areas needing cleaning, even reaching places that stationary shower-heads may not.  This furthermore increased body movement needed during times of stationary COVID "lockdown".  This applies to both personal hygiene as well as cleaning of dishes and tools.  Hades is cleaning, ZE is tools and directed energy, NE is water, VU is intensification via focused energy -- among other interpretations.

    ABOUT THE ELECTIONS:  Note that the Republican campaign made major shift in emphasis in themes in midstream, and the Democratic campaign may well need to do the same. After yet another review of the charts, I continue to be of the view that the indicators of winning for Kamala Harris are weak, and that even if she were hypothetically elected, she would be almost encircled and entrapped into a neutralizing bottleneck with firm and continual opposition.  She could continue to serve as senator instead and yield the vice-presidential candidacy to someone else, and I mentioned before that Val Demings has strong indicators of success unless a known birthtime would have strong contra-indications.  Otherwise, both Trump and Pence also have strong indicators for Inauguration Day.  And I would add that, in past months, I noticed that Trump may not live long after inauguration if he were to be sworn in again in January 2021, so that Mike Pence shows strong possibilities of becoming the US president in such a case.  Admetos by non-precessed transit has been on the Sun of Donald Trump through most of his current administration, but, by precessed transit, the last alignment, following apparent retrogradations, will occur not long after Inauguration Day, when some other interesting pictures also manifest.  Americans should prepare for the possiblity of a Pence administration within the next 4 years, if not in 2021.  Other than that, overall, Biden's pictures also show strong, but Harris's do not, according to my assessment, which I can review if it is not clear via the information already presented.

    It is also my view that the Democratic Party is putting far too much emphasis catering to immigration interests, likely due to overbearing influence of the Asian Law Caucus; and that swing-voters in swing-states may not find immigration promotion attractive or to be in their interests, even though most Americans, regardless of increasingly foreign-manipulated media hype, feel compassion and empathy for those immigrant populations who are not getting a fair shake -- but also also repulsed by the corrupting influence of very real foreign organized crime networks and mean-spirited religious fanatics of every stripe.  Note also the likelihood that swing-voters are cautious people, careful to consider practical ramifications rather than party dogma or rants, and so ar not likely prone to vote for people seen as radical, or removed from pragmatic interests the voter identifies with. The HA/VU = PO can also correlate as ideologies warped or used by political corruption, covert politics, and or potent organized crime. Hades can correlate with hoods, veils, and masks concealing identity, so that while COVID preventive masks vital for disease prevention should not be discarded, masks that fully conceal the face to an unnecessary degree are ripe for concealment of crime or subversion.

    Lastly, while the timing of a COVID cure is not a certainty, the passive of Neptune out of orb of 22.5 to Hades in 2022 may be an indicator of when an effective cure might be found, meaning NE=HA continuing into 2021 indicates that COVID may remain a public issue until 2022, as may water shortages as the lingering dinosaur of air pollution as well as water pollution pointing out the wisdom of continuing to boil liquids before drinking.  So the tea-merchants get what they want after all, due to public disasters. Hades in Cancer means real estate as a commodity during natural disasters -- California's already inflated real-estate prices affected by housing shortages due to wildfires.  ZE=VU in 32nd harmonic (11:15 angles) still near 1 degree orb in 2020 remains raging and high-impact fires and = HA correlating with the resulting losses and damages.

    Ruth often pointed out that Pluto is the indicator of where major changes at any point in time, and in 2021 we may see =MO=JU=SA=CU=KR=PO which may mean major changes in education and media, possible increasing funding for quality and certified education after realization how vital it is in a competitive global economy, despite the prattle of the anti-education and anti-intellectual demagogues, and media may be more heavily modified by required certification and official review -- globally.  This means, worldwide, that the era of the 'deregulation' fad may be over, even if the Libertarians get their tea sales.  


2020Aug14 (updated Aug30):  Especially at the time of internal US national election-time schisms and potentially destabilizing polarization among Americans, dangerous naivete about foreign agents, lax migration controls (very clearly problematic in some port cities, including those "guarded" by foreign contractors), and transnational intrigue including that emanating from agents of the East China Sea powers (now Japan plus China and Taiwan, maybe even Duterte and/or duplicitous elements from Korea, where the Moonie cult mutations were entrenched by Japanese and collaborating Chinese underworld elements; happens to fit charges that sent recently-released weapons-trafficker Leland Yee to prison), as well as alliances between the Russian Navy at Peterburg, Ukraine's Kiev; and Turkish and Egyptian naval, aerial, and covert operations near the same longitude; with possible Russian or Chinese or imported Japanese problems in Yakutia and the Manchuria region --  America must be cautious to formulate its own US national policy along the Russian border, and everywhere, for just as during the German-military manipulated McCain rants about a World War 3, the USA must be careful to not be manipulated like cannon-fodder for German or East Asian or other foreign interests along the Russian fronts, especially as Russian missiles are long pointed largely at the USA, and clearly per geodetics at key US port cities and US domestic missile defense bases.  If anyone in Washington DC is making decisions on what foreign (including imported or "redefining" double-agent)  intelligence tells them, it is a Grave Error, as America today should have its own independent and unalloyed resources for assessing global power issues, no longer unrealistically dependent on, or unconditionally trusting of, European or Asian or other foreign intelligence.  Well-meaning critics of claimed xenophobia certainly appear to be leaving the door open for an unwise "sanctuary" catastrophe, as is already manifesting in Europe and has parallels in North America in the making.  Caution about any foreign lobbying and manipulation of US elections is not only warranted, but highly and critically vital -- as critical and vital as America's powerful first Pluto Return, and as potentially as problematic if Americans are not critically vigilant with an eagle eye to every foreign interchange, including and especially of naturalized citizens (repeatedly the source of foreign infiltration and sabotage operations).  It's time for an unalloyed and unambiguous American foreign policy, and that alone could become highly transformative and revitalizing for the USA as it heads toward 250 years old, unified as American and not fragmented by either internal schisms or, foreign intrigue clearly capable of pulling America offtrack from its own preservation.  Americans need to quit the partisan squabbling and focus on the issues, listening to disagreements and seeking workable compromises pleasing to most parties.

    Well-meaning American hyper-protectors of transnational corporate-driven migration need to back off and get Real -- take another careful look around the world and be under no illusion that North America is any different in terms of potential problems from imported screaming and/or armed religious and political fanaticism as is Europe or any other continent recently.  The world is not yet equalized globally, and it should not be pretended that it is yet, or that it can be done overnight via "fast track" mass change/resettlement that has created chaotic problems in all directions.  Change implemented too fast and poorly supervised seems almost intent on creating chaos for unspoken reasons that may be explained by the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster in effect now.  Dreams are not real yet, and if they ever do come true they are not dreams anymore.  'Virtual reality' is not reality, and it floats about in thin air or only in the imagination, and wakes up when the alarm sounds.  Dreams are not reality in the here and now..  So indicates Neptune, and when combined with Vulkanus the wakeup can be like a high-impact knockout.  Hades in the cluster can be calculated secrecy and stealth; and Zeus means pre-planned precision.  Don't assume another "911" is impossible, and note where the power planets were then geodetically, and have shifted from since then.  Anarchy has become fashionable among a reckless social element, and this should not be ignored before disasters ensue.

    Whether it is manipulation of Trump by the Peter Thiel, Elaine Chao and Jack Ma (and maybe still Schwazi's friends despite his latest transnational stage act) networks; or manipulation of Democrats by CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus (apparently meddling in all political parties) and the (possibly affiliated) Asian-run Third World Liberation Front network, the foreign lobbies are now Overrepresented.  This includes treacherous Ted Lieu's network, which may have  the global Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Postal Workers Union (founded 1940Feb01 in Nanjing) on board, noting that the line between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party have blurred to varying overt degrees throughout history, off and on, and the "Cold War Theater" may indeed be mostly theater whether generated from East Asia or Germany, as pointed out long ago by authors like T H Tetens and the majority of disinterested historians writing on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean history. Study the reports of Gen Joseph Stilwell on US-China alliances during wartime.

    If you are American or Canadian or Australian, caution about  the "Asian Pacific" advocacy is warranted, as the Asian Pacific and Asian Century lobbies are pounding the pavement for votes as well as massive real estate grabs and "investment" acquisitions, and are clearly out to control California's land and economy, and to replace "White Privilege" to Make Asia Great Again, while Trump's naive alliance with Chao and Ma are making it happen for them, when not helping Thiel and Secret Agent Schwazi's network Rebuild the Reich (also competing for control of what is nicknamed "Cali" in German).  The smell of money (PL) and promises of power (VU) must be hypnotic (NEVU or HAVU combinations) in the halls of governments corrupted by greed coming from various parts of the globe.

    NE=HA=ZE=VU this year alone, including at election time,  can mean dangerous naivete about covert political operations that could involve paramilitary -- e.g. Moonie Kahr Arms and its affiliated and Kahr-armed "Sanctuary Church" network (from coast to coast in the USA, with secretive and heavily guarded "meditation retreats" or programming centers); advocacy today for Mideast political networks launched originally as WW2 Axis paramilitary operations trained by Nazis; weird Mormon dalliances and mutual rallies with the Moonie network on top of the continual and too-rarely-remembered Mormon history including its anti-US-govt paramilitary and illegal currency issuance.  Geodetic lineups make clear the political intermix of these issues. Add to these the "Japanese Red Army" fusions with the "Chinese Cultural Revolution" movement in China and the Chinese diaspora as well as to the "PFLP/Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine" and fusions with Sun Myung Moonie cult impersonations of "Cultural Revolution" organizations and events globally, including overlaps with "Third World Liberation" and "Third World Center" operations on US university campuses.  East Asian "Cultural Revolution" cults have mutated from the Vietnam-War-linked "Maoist Revolution" psy-ops of the 1960s and 70s that swept though Japan and China to the revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere Sino-Japanese neofascism of the post-1980s Deng Xiaoping and self-stated follower Xi Jinping overtures with Japan and the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang (reviving components of the Greater Japanese Empire) and friendly parties in India, fused heavily with Asian-American politics and powering CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus in the budding "Asian Century" touted at Asian transnational economic planning conferences.  Add to this the fact that Elaine Chao's banks overtook San Francisco when supposed Democrat Ed Lee ran the city.  Will America recognize the "Cultural Revolution" mutations for what they are, or ride the impractical fine print of "Dream Act" illusions into disaster?  NE=HA in 2021, in particular, can mean cloaked treachery, or calculatedly deceptive imagery fused with militant politics to which people risk being asleep.  Pay very close attention to the relevance of rapid and large-scale foreign acquistions of US real estate and tech industry operations, and the appearance of hypnotic "exotic" and proliferating Asian cults and "culture centres" and "meditation centres" bridging the USA and Asia, as well as their affiliation with martial arts schools started and run by Asian military intelligence networks with alliances and objectives of their own.

    One way of avoiding the worst of the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster, also clustered most potently with the Shanghai/Taipei/Ryukyu longitudes, and by 8th harmonic to New Delhi and Kashmir, and by 4th harmonic to Ankara/Cairo/Kiev and Russian Naval bases around Peterburg (and Durban South Africa), is to turn away from radicalized politicians, stay sober and alert, and don't fall asleep or do drugs at the port and border guard posts, or leave them to foreign (Dubai etc) control.  Night-guard posts need continual video surveillance, and not by "private contractors" (already contaminated with Japanese Fascist "Black Dragon" mafia puppets (sometimes Moonie cult affiliated) installing videocameras in civilian locations in America's port cities since Japanese Marines landed in San Diego USA).  In addition to Russian Navy (Peterburg) and Muslim Brotherhood (Cairo, and maybe Istanbul or Ankara?), joint Sino-Japanese operations may be among the most potent in the world (literally conjunct Vulkanus) now, and may even have affiliations in politically-polarized Manila, where Duterte struts and spews, and in whose country militant weapons traffickers have made deals with recently (after only 4 years) prison-released wheeler-dealer Leland Yee.  Meanwhile, Putin as well as other Russian politicians, or course, make various alliances that should be watched carefully; pay special attention to geodetic lineups for events related to the influence of Dmitry Medvedev, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Muammar Gadafi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine-Russian border figures/events often radical extremist and volatile, and East Asian and South Asian nationalist political figures, and organizations in the USA, in the same sector, maybe explaining some otherwise enigmatic political alliances).  This is no time to be naive about the potential of the cities mentioned or anywhere along the same longitudes.  Are our American-Revolution-bonded allies in France fully in control of Tahiti, or has the German EuroUnion pushed some of them into the back seat with German nationalist interests driving France like a so-called "driverless car"?  Whoever is in charge in Buenos Aires and Jonestown's Guyana and the long intrigue-filled South American Chaco region now could be of vital importance to American stability aligned with Vulkanus throughout this Vital and critical USA Pluto return period lasting for the next few years, and even any possible operations based around the Antarctic Peninsula south of there could have profound impact on America, including new technology that could be used in transnational subversion or warfare, hot or cold.  Drone technology is an example, possible fused with internet surveillance capabilities.  These problems could resurface around election-time, and attempt to co-opt and manipulate various political events like those of a revived Tea Party cult network, infiltrators within or impersonators of BLACK LIVES MATTER apparently at times co-opted or manipulated by "other colored" foreign-driven/goaled organizations, or any other mass movement fusing irrational behavior, drug consumption, or weird indoctrination groupthink tactics. Deregulation of drones, as pushed by Greater China's Elaine Chao (hmmm, and study her synastry with the USA chart) in Washington DC, could create a mass of confusion providing the ideal climate for foreign takeover, and chaos for all but the transnational rich watching from their oil wells or ocean-liners.  It may no longer be wise to encourage public demonstrations, but rather to encourage people to channel their energies into more rational activities for genuinely needed political changes that are not anarchistic or potentially destructive.  No ARAB SPRING-type zombie coups In The USA Energies might instead be diverted to election drives, or public education or cultural events that evoke sympathy for deserving causes rather than provoke hostility toward or fear of disfranchised populations -- or assistance programs for the homeless or economically displaced.  As has often been said, "You can't shake hands with a clenched fist".  The good news is that the chaotic NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster of 2020 will fade down some in 2021 due to Neptune moving away from it, removing a layer of confusion and/or pretense; and the positive side of HA=VU as "intensive scrutiny investigation" in underway by the FBI and other efficient American agencies removing the potential leaks of foreign contractors and foreign moles, which the FBI should be doing if it isn't.

    Such aforementioned foreign infiltration and treachery (Moonies in particular) was allowed to fuse into Republican Party politics at very least since the landing of the potent and very phony Sun Myung Moonie and his political cohort (or commander?) Japan PM Kakue Tanaka in America in the 1970s along with the continuously ambivalent "Chinese Cultural Revolution" that was co-opted and manipulated by a motley assortment of Chinese as well as Japanese, Korean, and even Philippine political organizations since the turbulent and volatile late 1960s and 1970s, and apparently reviving now and possibly among networks seeking to manipulate Black Lives Matter to other objectives. These foreign elements have historically manipulated various race-themed activist organizations in the USA from right to left and of every "color" including what is mistakenly called "white" (the "color" of printer paper and cotton candy, not human skin, and maybe a racial term best thrown into the dustbin of history as inaccurate and antiquated). FOREIGN ORGANIZED CRIME NETWORKS PLAYING "RACE GAMES" ON AMERICA; GENTRIFYING AMERICAN REAL ESTATE (Hades in Cancer) AND CARRYING THE MONEY OVERSEAS (Vulkanus in East China Sea; Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyus Green Gang Pirate Mafia gone Global). The Moonies and fake "Japanese Red Army" even aped "Cultural Revolution" "Maoists" and created all sorts of havoc in the USA, and other countries, through the years, maybe still.  What needs study now is the continuing decades-old ties between China and Japan and Mideastern (Sino-Japanese Tong/Kuomintang-Hajj alliance) national and paramilitary organizations (possibly involved also in Iraq and Afghanistan, and possibly also fused into Blackwater (run amok by Asian controllers to Make America Look Bad), and was originally trained in part or more by the Japanese paramilitary network of Yashuhiko Aoyama, in addition to similar Euronazi cults not of the essence of the United States.  Note recent overtures between top Japanese officials and Russian, Iranian, and Palestinian Arab officials, and pay particular attention to the efforts of Japanese officials to shame America for bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end World War 2 warfare, but refuse to acknowledge responsibility for starting war with the USA by subversion and sneak attacks that included the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.  Those are not the gestures of a trusted ally; nor are Japanese intelligence psy-ops in the USA relating to Punk Rock cults or other subtly militant and cleverly deceptive pseudo-buddhist cults involved in covert Japanese operations. To ignore reading of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" in these time is to not understand the treachery of East Asian politics, and to not recognize the significance of the operations of Karlfried Durckheim, the "Zen Nazi" and his Japanese cohorts, is to be unaware of important aspects of German-Japanese military relations both during and since World War 2.  To see either Germany or Japan or India as unconditionally trusted allies now is no more foolish than seeing China or Taiwan as trusted allies, as each one of them had powerful, if not ruling, parties allied with Adolf Hitler; as did also Russia in its wavering alliances and political diversity deeper than the deceiving myth of a unified communist party or government.  These matter now, every bit as much as Black Lives or Lives of any other hue, even if, among political leaders, youthful folly, or inadequate education, or education in undemocratic or authoritarian countries may not have addressed them. Similarly important is the understanding of the activities of the seductively charming German military and Nazi agent Franz von Papen, who coordinated German covert subversion operations in the USA during both WW1 and WW2, including during the time of both the Brest-Litovsk Treaty and the Nazi-Soviet Pact. How many American policy-makers understand the implications for today of the China-Palestine mutual recognition agreements of the 1970s, the Kuomintang-Hajj World Muslim Congress meetings of the same period?  We cannot understand foreign relations based on treaties with our own country alone; for objectivity, we have to understand the treaties among other countries, and especially of those of our allies or those we assume to be our allies; and the American directness, openness, and frankness is not the standard in many countries around the world.

    These issues have been surfacing, and could cause many problems during the upcoming elections (often correlating with Zeus), due to the current location of Vulkanus, and yet, for the sake of true and literal US national security, Must not be swept under the rug as irrelevant. Kamala Harris's immediate trumpeting of Hindu nationalist pride themes was probably an error; as objections to external infiltration and manipulation of the Black Lives Matter movement has already been announced by the NAACP and other Black/African-American civil rights organizations, which have been historically subject to self-interested Asian nationalist manipulations, even during wartime.  Pramila Jayapal's lack of experience with America while meddling in American politics can create a dangerous concoction of radicalized alphabet soup, and she has some weird geodetic lineups, among other things; so Kamala would probably be wise to keep her distance from her. Then there's Elaine Chao's Sino-Japanese military ties and Ted Lieu's snarky and alien secrecy from America about Chinese transpacific communications of naturalized citizens, the most frequent source of double-agents and foreign subversion and intrigue.  This is fact, not 'conspiracy theory' or 'fear mongering' as claimed by guilty parties.  Rapidly increasing Asian immigrant control of US internet and news media technology and outlets, and their impact on news, elections, and internet censorship, needs further, careful scrutiny.  Did the "Pivot to Asia", in hopes of avoiding German nationalist machinations and bringing power back home to America, end up being manipulated to transfer to Asian nationalist machinations with interesting meddling in Asia by Merkel and Schwarzenegger in Malaysia and Hongkong among their several recent political trysts, as if Schwarzenegger is a German agent?  It looks as though that is exactly the case. 

    The problem for America now is Asian nationalism, as much as German nationalism running EuroUnion networks competing bitterly with Washington DC for global control along with the Asian power blocs like the Shanghai Treaty "SCO" and any remnants of the WW2 Axis Pan-Asian plan, or the more recent "Asian Century" mutation (the theme of several conferences since the 1980s) and drive for global power and influence -- not humane and rational American nationalism, such as that advocated in the founding institutions of the USA, which may be all that keeps the United States from chaos on the horizon.  What's wrong with loving the country you live in?  Globalist economic deregulation has been turning the USA into what has often been described as a 'third world country' more in the economic than the demographic sense, and fools like the clownish Libertarians and Fake 'Tea Party' robo-cult, have advocated for it, against their own interests without knowing what they are doing, being absorbed in myopic Ayn Randish political narcissism/greed or the rhetoric of the cults that program them like sheep.

    The willingness of the Democratic Party to fall into the same trap as the Republican by surrendering to manipulation by the Moonies (morphed into other cults but possibly stronger than ever) or any other covertly or overtly foreign nationalist networks, including the veiled German nationalism of the German CDU, the Thiel and Schwarzenegger circuits (and the questionable teasings and BND-cooked machinations of Merkel, likely via German covert bases/operations in Finland and Romania and possibly in Ukraine), has led to a Huge Mess (another potential meaning of the NE=HA=VU of 2021) potentially inflammatory (=ZE in 2021 and continuing afterward).  The world is out-of-balance at the moment and that has to be brought back into balance so that it does not wobble at its axis figuratively or literally, and that calls for more effective addressing of climate change issues and what causes natural climate imbalances.  Pay attention to geodetic lineups of the first Trump campaign and German nationalist globalist events.  The myopic greed of the rich of any race (which manifests literal fascism at its worst) has caused so many problems, and the rest of the world needs to hear that most Americans today live at near subsistence level -- this is not the 1960s or 1970s anymore economically, but the product of Wendy Lee Gramm-Rudman Reaganomics launched in the 1980s -- a sort of Moonienomics fusion leading America's economy to submit to East Asia and/or Germany despite the treaties of 1945, and the systematic dismantling of the New Deal economics of Roosevelt under alzheimered Reagan and a Bush secret-agent and Moonie-mesmerized vice-presidency.

    ***Note how the geodetics indicate the rise to power of Asian Nationalist CAPAC interests inside the USA when US military bases (Alameda, etc) in California were shut down or sold of to someone or something else***.

    A political and/or economic split between the US Pacific states and the rest of the country could be disastrous for both, and geodetics indicate it would be to the advantage of the East China Sea countries, the Muslim Brotherhood, South Africa, and Russia, with all of America the loser. Note which foreign interests promote such a split and appear to be doing so across-the-aisle in both major parties and possibly third parties.

    The USA risks being tricked into choosing between German manipulations pushed by Merkel and Thiel; and Asian manipulations pushed by Shinzo, Elaine, and the militarized CAPAC crowd; or the German-cooked Schwarzenegger Eurasian blend that the Merkel contingent helped prepare during her visits to Asia -- whereas the USA instead needs to be picking the American Option, Made in the USA for the USA by Americans, not some United Nations lookalike or imported freak show.  The currently unfolding USA Pluto return, and its geodetic lineups, indicate why, while potentially and in actuality Pushy Vulkanus pushes and shoves on Washington DC via the Hindu Jayapal club's "Muslim Hate Free Zone" Seattle (that may be reaching into Portland as Vulkanus toward its direction), and the Chao/Soong network's Moonie-infested Greater NYC/Long Island hub, and somewhere around Laredo TX (fed offices with too many foreign lobbyists or double-agents?)  Notice how Jayapal in Seattle on the Ascendant matches Vulkanus in New Delhi (and Cairo and Ankara); and how Chao family and friends in Greater NYC matches Vulkanus on the Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyu axis.  Lesser but similar (and maybe related?) pushes and shoves may be coming into America's infrastructure via Yuma, Needles, recently Moonie-friendly Salt Lake City in the west, and St-Petersburg, Atlanta, Knoxville, and the old (foreign hijacked?) Natl Assoc of Manufacturers hub around Cincinnati and across the border from the Chaoconnells's Kentucky in the eastern states. Note however that there can also be pushes from the Russian Naval based in Peterburg, Durban South Africa, Ankara Turkey, Buenos Aires; while that the Anchorage-Kodiak region Ascendant is also vulnerable to pushes from the aforementioned Chinese, Russian, or Japanese Ryukyu Naval locations near 120E longitude.

    Note how much the political campaigns, and more and more internet and news media outlets are run by Asian interests at the various aforementioned locations prodding and shaming anyone for "xenophobia" or "racism" or even "white supremacy" should they even begin to suspect the very real and continuous foreign Asian machinations now manipulating American politics and economics to excess.  They've replaced some of the similar German tactics and are playing the same games with a more "colorful" flair, while America is shamed for resisting outside meddling or reinforcing national defenses.

    So, will the Pluto return, by precession or non-precession, bring America under the control of unquestionable Americans in New York and Boston (and by extension, Los Angeles and San Diego -- or  under the control of Germans and Asians on Wall Street and Long Island and Greater LosAngeles-SanDiego and their relatives in Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, Libya, Vienna, Capetown (which interestingly correspond to Peter Thiel, Schwarzenegger, and Elaine Chao and their cohorts, amassing wealth in the USA for the last 20 years and pushing policies that funnel it all to them and/or back to the "old country"); as are their weird fusions with the Muslim Brotherhood and whoever owns the Libyan oil wells now?  Unalloyed American control of the above-indicated US cities is vital for US national stability and continuity, with no more sending American money overseas to relatives to to make Other countries great again and mock America and its founding families and institutions like hostile enemies with warlike intent would and have in the past in wartime.  Other serious competitors for the US economy will be at locations 8th harmonic from there, i.e. Sydney and Brisbane (assumed instead to be US allies unless "made to Pivot to Asia" by Yingyen Penny et al), offshore banks in Azores and Cape Verde and Iceland, Taliban homelands along the eastern borders of Iran, and north of there in Central Asia and the eastern Urals.  All those locations are seriously competitive for and with the US economy for the next 250 years, as set in motion at the Pluo return in the USA 1776 chart.  What money would the Taliban have except oil, minerals, and drugs?  The Urals are full of mineral riches, possibly even more accessible due to global warming, and if the USA sells its own similar assets off to foreign "investors", disaster may await, noting that the Pluto money for the USA now lies in port cities (as also the case for Australia), i.e. global trade and whoever controls that.  Chao and friends?  Dubai Ports?  Neptune Orient shipping lines? Is this why foreign money is trying to take control of those cities politically and economically (often successfully)?  Is it so unreasonable for the US Navy to take control of all ships going in and out of US port cities, and if so, then why not?  Who are Trump's bottom-line economic advisors?  Who runs the emperor?  Every American needs to ask if he knows what he is doing, but the same should be asked those running against him, and about every powerbroker on planet Earth now.  How much is real and how much is a Hades=Vulkanus (also with Neptune in 2020) power puppet show undermining our democratic institutions?  This may sound skeptical, but Hades=Vulkanus is indeed an era of extreme global political corruption and intrigue.. that will pass, and it will around 2023-24, more clearly by 2025.  Meanwhile the East China Seacoast cities, Peterburg, Cairo, Ankara, and Durban (and New Delhi, Kashmir, Marshall Islands, east Iceland, Canary Islands, Western Sahara, Mexico 100-105W) by 8th harmonic extension) are the likely main sources of the intrigue, and if that matches what you see on the streets, the Go Figure.  Mexico City may be especially vulnerable to corruption fusing in from the Pacific coastline to its east; and that may be imported and not Mexican, while similar problems could affect Buenos Aires and Guyana and the interior of Brazil south of there.  The Chaco region is a longtime hotbed of international corruption and intrigue as described in "Counterrevolution in China" by Thomas Marks, and that could fuse throughout South America if not contained.  The Kuomintang-Communist alliances of recent years may be of mammoth global significance, and if fused with Russia via the SCO/Shanghai Treaty, could dominate the globe and manifest what some interpreted the Nostradamus prophecies to mean for this era; and yet the USA must remain aware that Russian and Chinese missiles are pointed at America.  Remember who's ready to grab the spoils if war should break out, and note who got the goodies from the wars in Iraq and Libya, for example.  Oil dependency casualties.  Plan carefully and don't pull triggers without scouting the global landscape, relying on your own scouts, not other nationalists or double-agents with their own agendas.  America needs to focus on watching out for American interests being stolen by lobbyists and "foreign advisors" looking out for their interests.  And if they are insistent on hiding their foreign communications and information, then the warning signals should not have to be more clear.  There are Americans who are fed up with seeing America auctioned off and carried across the oceans.  Sensible foreign policy is between the extremes spouted by polarized politicians; one rants about border controls but implements policy that doesn't match up; the other wants to hand America over to every pirate that hits the coastline while the ports are controlled by foreign corporations from experienced historic maritime pirate nations.  The current geodetic lineups verify how Very Important and relevant these issues are... they are not always just the empty rhetoric of politicians or media.

    If you are an American and assume foreign agents in covert operations in the USA care what happens to you, your family, or your life, you may be dead wrong.  This became clear to me when Chinese bookstore owners tried to interrogate me when I was trying to buy maps and atlases of China in New Chinatown in San Francisco, USA, for friendly intellectual curiosity and nothing more at the time.  What should also be clear by now, especially after the Shrimp Boy Chow and Leland Yee drug and weapons incidents, is the Need to Cease to allow Chinatowns to Self-police, and for every Chinatown to be staffed with rotating, disinterested police officers, ideally with training in understanding spoken Chinese dialects, and the same for Japantown and Koreatown colonies.  If immigrants don't want American police, and want to interrogate Americans over why we want maps of their native countries, then they probably don't really belong in the USA.  That also goes for double-agents in US govt functions (like Ted Lieu) who object to US surveillance of communications involving their countries of birth.  If people don't want to learn the language of the country they live in, then something's wrong.  English classes are often free to very affordable in most US port cities.

    To weather the Pluto return, America needs leaders who will advocate or fight for America, not fools who will be manipulated by cheesy taunts and harassment about xenophobia or "exclusion" or "birtherism", or risk harboring imported terrorists or terrorist cults.  And if "Old White Men" are demonized as if the scourge of the Earth, then the foundations of the US government are literally ripped out from under the country and left to scatter to the winds or sink and be carried adrift by the whims of ocean currents to distant lands, leaving America adrift and vulnerable to pirates on the open sea, returning interestingly to America's first wars with the Barbary Pirates and their allies. A synastry of Pramila's, or Peter's, or Arnold's, or Elaine's or Teddylieu's charts with that of the USA might be interesting studies. Emissaries from other governments?  America's halls of government should not be the playpen for imported rookies anymore.

    A sizeable number of swing votes seem likely to want Democratic economic and domestic civil rights policies, but oppose increased immigration and lack of controls over it or identity document falsification, especially when Americans are attacked on the streets or in schools or other public places by foreign cults -- and immigration has long been advocated by international chambers of commerce who couldn't care less whether Americans have liveable wages or not, for the European-founded and later also Asian-run chambers of commerce were key supporters of the creation of the Nazi and Asian Fascist parties and labor camps of the last century, lest people forget, and population displacement was part and parcel of their policies. So, the Democratic Party would be wise to keep this in mind if it truly wants to see a different president in office in 2021.  Too many politicians are too far removed from the trials of the majority of everyday American citizens, and too easily manipulated by immigration advocates Ad Nauseum, fawning over and manipulating them to sway the votes in Congress and targeted state legislatures.. Someone's going to have to stand up to transnational corporatism in all its guises, including shameless use of immigrants to lower salaries, and seductive foreign cults, if Real social justice is to manifest.  I've worked with the abused immigrants as well as those cheated out of a living wage by corporate-investment employer abuses of immigrant labor, and it's disgusting to recount, especially when the corporations are owned by the rich living overseas and turning the USA into their colony while imported yuppies snicker and sneer at "Stupid Americans, becoming extinct" or "Old White Men" if things continue as they have recently.  I want to know what Ted Lieu is hiding in the communications between here and his land of birth and its neighbors.  His secrets must be important, or he wouldn't try so obnoxiously to keep it from Real Americans.  Maybe something to do with the "Our Revolution", "Grass-roots Revolution", or Pan-Asian "Cultural Revolution" roots of the "People of Color" network, any or all of the above. What's to hide?  The federal troops from Washington, and not fence-straddling CAPACsters, had better be allowed to station and investigate all along America's Pacific coastlines, or public chaos could break out.  Re-staff the closed Pacific bases by Americans from across the country, not CAPAC Asian nationalists or German military imports.  Don't overlook the often forgotten ties between both Japanese and Chinese military ops to the Palestinian Arab and Uighur organizations of past decades, and or the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang-Hajj alliances with odd parallels to recent promotion of Islamic immigration issued in Hawaii. These are listed in the Men Behind the Curtain geodetic list on this website. Some people today are being riskily naive about these issues.

    I and others have referred to some similarities of current planetary configurations to those of the US Civil War, and too few remember that the Civil War was facilitated substantially by foreign interests seeking to weaken America's global economic competitive power as it spread toward the Pacific.  That war was not only about slavery as a human rights issue but also as an economic institution, and access to American natural resources for foreign industries and venture capitalists, and American food for foreign nations. California statehood was about securing its Pacific ports, gold, silver, and fertile farmlands for the USA.  Subversion occurred via Habsburg imperial occupation of Mexico during that war.  World powers, including China and Japan and Russia, had already been competing for control of California and neighboring states, as they are clearly once again, and American control of mineral-rich and Pacific-strategic Alaska became a related issue, with Hawaii on the horizon, all of which foreign powers wanted to control and/or colonize.  Just like now.  In some ways, the Civil War was actually a foreign-backed Revolution in the southern states and territories, facilitated by foreign occupation of newly-independent Mexico, and it even reached Arizona territory, even California on a small scale, when the Mormon militia were recruited by the Union but diplomatically quarantined out of concern over allegiances. Think about the parallels to now. They are several and real, and no amount of dreaming will believe them away.  This is not virtual reality, and we do not live in the Mickey Mouse fantasy land manufactured to stimulate the creative imagination of little children.  There should be voter options other than ranting, extremist screamers on the podium at election time, and a motive for careful-thinking swing-voters to make smart decisions at election time, as they largely decide who becomes president. And candidates whose top priority is dedication to the citizens of the constituency they are elected to represent and/or lead.  That's in Political Science 101.

    This all rolls back to high-risk Ted Lieu somehow as Democratic Party communications chair (controlling party communications lines?), a foreign-born individual, raised by foreign-born parents, insistent on protection of first-generation immigrant citizens from scrutiny of foreign communications, despite the many incidents over decades and maybe centuries of people gaining citizenship specifically to implement subversion, as reported in books on wartime and other foreign subversion in the USA.  Why is such an individual allowed to be in a controlling position in a vital US national election at one of the most critical periods in US history, a Pluto return where Pluto aligns with Chongqing/Chungking, Saigon, and Jakarta, as well as "Grass Roots Revolution" Schwarzenegger's Vienna?  Not to overlook Gadafi's hometown of Sirte Libya, or the politically weird and justifiably controversial Capetown South Africa.

    Is Taiwan Chinese politics really any better than mainland Chinese politics, and where are the Americans running American campaigns?

    Anyone now casually dismissing US or Canadian national security concerns as "xenophobia" or as racism in dealing with foreign agents, is not only a fool, but a Dangerously foolish fool in 2020.  If this is not clear by now, look at the geodetic alignments for all personalities and locations mentioned, and compare them with facts and figures about current political realities.  I add Canada since its national security is vital to America's as well... as we are two peas in a pod geographically and economically and strategically.

    I will persist in encouraging Kamala Harris to sign her Vice Presidential campaign over to another candidate for whom there are more clear winning indicators, and instead to focus on service to her local constituency in US Congress, as I not only see her chances of inauguration in January 2021 as weak, but also that her life may even be at risk before then due to her candidacy and/or statements.  American Civil Rights issues risk becoming derailed by diversion to transnational and immigrant issues, especially where foreign agents can infiltrate and derail demonstrations and organizations and even foment civil unrest if left unmonitored by US national security agencies Run By Americans, unquestionably.  That in addition to how unfavorable Kamala's configurations are for being inaugurated.

    I would urge strongly that investigations on Ted Lieu and the reasons why he wants to block (or sabotage?) surveillance of transpacific communications of naturalized citizens, and that he be removed from the US presidential campaign in case those communications reveal foreign meddling in US national security affairs that could also affect US elections in a very negative way.  My view is that the issue will trigger the much larger issue of how utterly foolish it is to make no distinction between immigrants or naturalized citizens and Americans whose family upbringing and cultural soul-ties link them firmly to America and prepare them for a love of country even if American institutions also allow for a variety of viewpoints, moreso than just about anywhere else on planet Earth, and even though the degree of freedom of expression has varied up and down over the years.

    If the Democratic Party objective is truly to select an Black/African-American woman as a candidate, my assessment appears below, i.e. that Val Demings is a likely winner on Inauguration Day, with rather strong indicators, and whose planetary alignments show the potential to make this the last presidential term of Donald Trump; but I would also listen to other justifiable viewpoints that contradict.  Non-astrological influences including free will are always additional considerations,but after 57 years of studying astrology, I feel confident enough to state the probability for Kamala on Inauguration Day in 2021, or any time near that, is not high.  In contrast, those of Val Demings are high, even without a known birth time, due to potent configurations with her Sun, Mars, and politically-significant Kronos and Vulkanus, described below.

    These considerations are very important for America at its Pluto return, which happens only once every approximately 250 years.  Will America's economy be run from Chongqing, Bandung, Vienna, ... or by Americans living in the USA?  The options match up with the recently growing international economic/"trade" blocs; and the USA could form powerful alliances in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile, if willing to meet those countries halfway and enough to cooperate in facilitating popular and democratic governments in all of them.  There are foreign intelligence agencies that know this and are in competition with the USA and so will do what they can to create failure in that area, as has been the case in the past.  Roosevelt's and Kennedy's Latin America policy programs likely understood these issues.  In the world where we live now, it is necessary to make compromises with the national/local interests of every western hemisphere country we are to create lasting cooperative ties with -- not bullying that creates lasting animosity instead, and yet continue to be aware that Russia or Germany or China or Japan or Taiwan have, and may continue to, (along with India or Arabian states?) compete in the same region and even continue to use underhanded tactics to establish their own competing spheres of influence.

    Would the politicians quit screaming and ranting, and instead carry on civilized discussions or debates where necessary?  Are there those who Want to see increasing chaos in America's streets, on top of the virus epidemic, manipulated by foreign interests?  Anarchy is not cute or fun when transferred from inflammatory philosophy books and recycled 1970s "smash imperialism" cult meeting rhetoric into everyday life, meaning those who think it is had better keep the ambulance and mortuary numbers on file, because revolution is in reality like a mass funeral, a bloody and painful and torturous battlefield, not a heroic fantasy painted by survivors after the blood and bodies are cleaned up off the streets. Pay close attention to when it is immigrants who are stoking a revolution in your country, whether openly or by pulling puppet strings at the pre-demonstration pep rallies... Especially when Vulkanus is on the Ascendant (geodetically or natally) in your country, and then where Vulkanus is on the MC in their countries of origin, and some interesting patterns emerge. Or when Pluto is opposite the sun of your country's founding, or conjunct your country's natal Pluto, and then where they are on the MC geodetically (the source, being Berlin, Vienna, Tripoli, Kunming, and Singapore in recent years, when groundwork was laid for current events); and they fit exactly what's happening then and now. The domestic chaos is largely imported and runs some key naive puppets in government, and bank and corporate boards, bought off, charmed and mesmerized, drugged, or sold out.  It's going to take people wise and alert enough to see those problems and rise above them and take charge of the ship before it sinks in dangerous waters. News articles in the 80s warned of the same tricks that threw Russia into chaos were going to be applied to America next; and so it may be informative to study who did what then, before the USA becomes just as chaotic.  Germany was almost certainly one of the perpetrators, and either Japan or elements in Greater China were another, with other possible cohorts in the Middle East.  It's time overdue to quit playing Pollyanna about the potential treachery in foreign affairs when the ever-political Vulkanus is fused with Hades and/or even Neptune. There's already talk of guerrilla warfare on America's streets, stoked by agents of foreign interests and immigration promotion.  These are facts, not mere heresay; and the distribution of fake passports and licenses may be relevant.  Why politicians would cover for it needs to be studied... blackmail, bribes, false coverup reports?

    Regardless of your politics, Don't be ashamed to be American.  The country is going through a metamorphosis that can either build on the strengths of its past, or be swayed into the orbit of something alien and revolving around capitals on other continents ready to turn Americans into colonial subjects -- and which have already started brainwashing some to be just that.  International exchanges are one thing, but when Americans start "Turning Japanese" or German, Chinese, Saudi, Hindu, Palestinian, or even Russian, it's time to take notice and watch out, as the cults are at work much like they were in the 1960s and 1970s.  Some of them clearly want California under control, and may get it in November 2020 if the public does not remain vigilant to the resulting issues and the potential results.  The power and influence and character of very wealthy and covertly powerful organized crime networks based in Asia should be thoroughly studied before naively allowing potentially chaotic and/or disadvantageous changes and shifts of global and national power focus to further develop. The power of Vulkanus is now, and for the next few years still, muddled and obscured by the frequent obscurities and confusion of Hades and Neptune.  Hard-sell quick deals should be delayed during this period, as those of recent years should have been, as they explain many of the problems unfolding now.  What was actually needed was a Pivot to America, although a Pivot to Asia seemed at the time to be a way of avoided the pushy and slick hard-sell quick deals being pushed by the Merkel/EuroUnion agents prior to that time.  The reality of globalism is that global financial power has been shifting away from individual nations to continent-wide blocs appropriate for smaller nations, but maybe not for larger ones.  The continued unity of the USA is vital, as are American bonds with Canada and Mexico where they are feasible and respectful of local autonomy issues important to each party.  Suffer no illusions that neither the European Union nor the Asian Century are not in competition with the USA and Canada for global dominance.  A North American alliance with the democratic British Isles, Australia, and New Zealand, may be as feasible and necessary as it was during the Second World War, and should not be deterred by temporary disorientations reminiscent of those of the Hoover era, swayed and manipulated by Hoover's pet foreign banks and corporations to the point of causing a disastrous economic depression concurrent with the rise of the brutal, genocidal, and highly deceptive Axis Fascist machine whose parties still rule their homeland even though the names and formats have changed. They fooled the naive in the 20th century, and are still doing so, in much the same ways that some forgot, or never studied, to start with.

    America will continue to be lost when following the policy advice of foreign advisors and agents with their own allegiances, and Pluto may well now be calling for a thorough purge of them from US government, unless the public wants more chaos and dysfunction.  America is not Germany or Japan or China or India; the rules are goals are different, and those differences have caused disasters time again again, like the Great Depression that made the Axis powers rich and powerful, or Vietnam/Indochina War strategy that made East Asia rich and powerful.  Both disasters set America back in ways that were recovered from in different degrees and different periods of time.  Much is to be learned from studying those events in detail, as history contains highly valuable lessons and is not simply 'old stuff' of no value to the present.  The challenge now is to not see American history distorted by foreign historians now actively trying to rewrite it in deceptive ways in order to come out on top.... Asian historians in particular, where he who lie best win game, momentarily until old empires fall once again, as Nostradamus is thought by some to have indicated.  During this NE=HA=VU period, the biggest problem is Charlie McCarthy Political Theater where the dancing and babbling puppet "leaders" are controlled from behind.  Critical illusions, globally, will be dispelled in January 2021 as Neptune passes out of orb of that cluster, but much of the Hades-type stealth deceit will continue like deep-rooted crime until 2024.  The problems will not go away for a long as foreign and double agents tiptoe around Washington DC or vital state capitals and play their tricks.  Don't give up on America just because a fool got into the driver's seat for a little while.


2020Aug12:  Is it Too Late?

    Some weeks ago, I wrote that Kamala Harris, whose birthtime is supposedly known (21h28//9h28pm PDT/7hW on birth certificate, per Steven Stuckey, as reported on several well-established astrology websites), does not have favorable indicators for Inauguration Day, despite her ardent drive to serve constituents she was elected to serve in Congress. In a hypothetical setting, if her advisors were to ask what to do, I would suggest that she graciously thank Joe Biden for the honor of being selected as a first choice, but yield to other candidates with favorable indicators, and whom I was ready to post data on after double-checking for errors. One candidate, in addition to Elizabeth Warren, is the similarly bold and law-experienced Val Demings, who, despite no birth time known to me yet, has powerful lineups with planets and uranian points on Inauguration Day that look like winning combinations, and here I finally post what I found, the day after Biden named Harris as his running mate, and also note that I just became aware that the Democratic Party made a horrible choice of the slippery Ted Lieu to play a critical role in the presidential campaign, the only reason I can think of being Chinese political money/bribes, complications around which may also cause problems for Kamala Harris since she lives in a district that has fallen under nearly full Asian Mafia control, step by step, during the last 20+ years, in ways familiar to those who have long watched how Asian stealth politics operate. One of the biggest messes locally is rooted in the "Third World Liberation Front" ("TWLF") network that was started years ago by the "Asian American Political Alliance" on Berkeley campus and blossomed into a motley and corrupt Transpacific "People of Color" network like a weird flower growing out of the residue of a cow once passing through a Northern California dairy cattle pasture (perhaps near one of the Moonie cult colonies north of San Francisco that sprung up after Japan PM Tanaka visited Richard Nixon).  The "People of Color" cult (noting that all people are "of color" of some sort, and the only thing close to being "white" in the human race is printer paper in the offices of radical racialists of any brand along the political spectrum.

    The "TWLF", from the beginning, exploited the theme of gross injustices toward people of African ancestry, like slavery and involuntary ghettoization, as a gathering point to advance Asian nationalist political and now also business interests.  The "Asian American Political Alliance" was announced in a statement issued 1968Aug24 on Berkeley campus, shown in the same geodetic sectors with the Chinese "Cultural Revolution", which deceptively brandished portraits of Chairman Mao but was in fact run by some of his opponents within the old Kuomintang-Communist fusion network that runs China today and is fused with underworld and political elements throughout the Chinese global diaspora, as well as the dubious "Japanese Red Army".  The secretive Ted Lieu's presence among these circles is likely not accidental; nor are today's cross-party ties to the Elaine Chao network, whose affiliated banks took over San Francisco under nominally Democratic Ed Lee, and whose later mass federal tax-cut bill in US Congress gave Asian mafia exactly what it wanted (as initiated by the Wendy Lee Gramm-Rudman Act), being Foreign Control of America's Infrastructure via privatization.  These issues may well surface if monitoring of Transpacific communications of first-generation Chinese-Americans are allowed and monitored by truly disinterested parties (i.e. people fluent in Chinese dialects but disinterested from Asian "Color" politics").  No political party is absent of contamination by Asian globalist stealth politics, now more powerful than ever as Vulkanus hovers along the East China Seacoast while also now and recently and for the next year fused with the clouds of Neptune and Hades.  That same stealth politics is at the hub of the "Third World Liberation Front", which may seek to control and manipulate the Black Lives Matter movement, if its members allow it.  However, there may also be, per geodetics, global political power from Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Egyptian, South African, Paraguay, and Guyana (of Arthur Chung's Jonestown fame) in the mix.  So, if those, like Ted Lieu, who want to block scrutiny of foreign communications of immigrants are successful, America could end up in a state of chaos that the oligarchs of Peterburg and Shanghai, and maybe Cairo and Istanbul, or Durban, have long yearned for -- as there is more money than ever at the disposal of some of those locations mentioned due to today's "China Trade" and investments of the "Golden Lily" offshore money stashes, while America is chopped up like a slab of beef and sold off on the "stock market" to "global investors". 

    Note the relevance of Pluto hovering near Wall Street and Chongqing, Saigon, Jakarta, and Vienna.  Will American citizens own any of "the future", or is that considered to be "old history no longer relevant" as America is "redefined" for the fantasy "future vision/dream" in an "Asian Virtual Reality" or an odiferous "European Union" that may even be run by the German-Russian dream of its ruling oligarchs since the days of Catherine the Great. A "European Union" as defined by various parties over the decades has taken on a different character and objectives, depending on which European capital was calling the shots.  For the moment, German banks in Frankfurt and their imperial tentacles in Brussels control the EuroUnion.  Look at the geodetic alignments, and the relevant globalist patterns emerge as once-communist governments merge with old foes and form fascist governments and parties lobbying Washington DC and Silicon Valley and their computer network infrastructures like flies hovering in the aforementioned dairy fields and urban streets of Northern California, now spreading south to Hollywood and north to Seattle, in areas of Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC power.

    On a global scale, it should be clear by now that anyone in Washington DC who believes in the veracity of Angela Merkel or Shinzo Abe is a naive fool; and Putin has already been cutting deals with both of them, while China signed the "SCO" Shanghai Pact with Russia in the 1990s, to which India and Pakistan joined more recently. All of America has got to get wise to what's going on globally, or perish. Power politics is not all dinner parties with 'host speakers' and 'foreign guests', even if it looks that way on Broadway or in its Hollywood spinoff recently being sucked into the Transpacific undertow.

    Is foreign control of American telecommunications severely undermining American democracy and autonomy?  It appears so, and note Admetos now moving into the first few degrees of Gemini/Mutables at San Clemente, Carson City, and Spokane, and its potential impact for at least the next 50 years. Are Americans in control of our national communications networks, or are they being "redefined" via doublespeak into something else?  Look to competition for internet/telecom control from eastern Federated Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, the Kuril Islands and northward into eastern Siberia; eastern Iran and Central Asia and Russia to its north, or even any remnants of the old German underground submarine bases along the coasts of eastern Greenland -- noting how the "Chuuk/Truk independence movement" would cut a big hole in American Pacific influence and controls in Micronesia, and a direct path from Japan and Russia southward to the eastern Australian coastline, via Papua New Guinea as well. Such locations may vie for internet and other telecom controls/media/stations now and in years to come.  Can WiFi signals be 'jammed' or intercepted in the same same way that the old 'short wave radio' signals were or are?  Americans should be ever more questioning of the wisdom of putting American telecommunications or media under control of immigrants, supposedly "just like everyone else" but in reality working for foreign capitals or foreign corporate hubs.

    Back to the upcoming presidential election, the "swing states" (now unfortunately called "battleground states", implying civil war rather than willingness to reconcile) are what need attention in national elections, and especially those with the most electoral votes; and Florida is one of them, maybe the main one.  Swing voters may be prone to conservatism in the literal sense, and choose pragmatism over dogmatism; where they could think instead of follow and bleat. It might also be considered that those in favor of tightening of immigration controls are prone to remain private about it in order to avoid arguments from the various wealthy lobbies seeking reduction of labor coasts (who have always been among the key proponents of increased immigration).

    From what I can see per astrological indicators as well as other reports reflecting them, Kamala Harris is not a safe bet for inauguration -- while Val Demings points to success, as might also Elizabeth Warren.  So, if Kamala does not want to see Trump as president for another 4 years, she should concede to someone with more clearly winning pictures, per what I see.  Kamala can still do her work via other political operations and avoid the barrage of scrutiny that may lash at her as the VP candidate, and since the only transiting outer planet or uranian factor on her MC, in 32nd harmonic, through the election and inauguration period is Admetos, also on her MC via solarc direction; and her Kronos (titles, honors) is similarly encumbered by Admetos by solarc direction, while directed Hades is on her KR/VU midpoint.  Overall, she is likely to experience an unusual amount of blockage, delays, and scrutiny, while transiting Admetos will be on her Sun and Moon, by transit, on Inauguration Day -- a very somber and deadpan time for her, and not likely one of joy and celebration, for whatever reasons.

    If Kamala persists on the ticket, those wanting a Democratic president in 2021 need to campaign hard, and had better be ready with a well-organized "Plan B" to contend with a potential Trump victory.

    And remember that the German Thiel and Transnational Anonymous and Teepotty political psyops may come up with all sorts of gimmicks (like QAnon, etc) to manipulate and confuse the electorate or even the vote counts before January of 2021.

    I cannot urge the Democratic Party more strongly and urgently to dump Ted Lieu and his stealthy Transpacific cohorts, as top priority, since anyone claiming to be a national security specialist while opposing scrutiny of overseas communications of immigrants and new citizens is either a fool or else working for some other government and functioning as a mole -- and I suspect the latter is the case, given how Americans trying to purchase information on China, inside the USA, are grilled by Chinese vendors for their "objectives", as if Americans are now living in a Chinese police-state, while valid reports of rampant Chinese passort fraud are branded as "conspiracy theory" by pushy and grossly over-represented Chinese lobbyists ready to scream out crocodile-style at the slightest report of their stealth tactics and political machinations.  When foreign-born criminals can have their sentences reduced by claims of "anti-immigrant hate/discrimination", there's a huge global NE=HA=ZE=VU political corruption problem festering -- one that is now "inclusive" of the Japanese military bases recently revived by a Japanese Prime Minister who refuses to acknowledge Japanese responsibility for Pearl Harbor casualities, murders during the 1940s Nanjing/Nanking Massacre, the enslavement and abuse of "comfort women" in Japanese-military-run enclaves and regions, the barabaric torture and abuse of various Allied POWs captured by the Japanese military, and Japanese espionage and subversion operations in the Pacific states and territories of the USA -- as if "they didn't happen", and couldn't be happening again right now. Covered in crocodile tears over US national defense measures in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which logically did save even larger numbers of American lives from Japanese murder, as well as, some analysts claim, Soviet controls in Japan in 1945.

    With the Vulkanus cluster being where it is now geodetically, naivete about East China Sea organized crime and covert operations, and how much they are integral to East Asian politics at top levels, can be truly dangerous as well as inimical to US national security.  So, get someone besides Ted Lieu or other immigrants in charge of US national security ops, so that the unfolding USA full Pluto return does not spell the Death of America via stealth and subversion that also resembles the tactics of the Sino-Japanese manipulated and motley "Cultural Revolution" agents of the 1960s-70s, and which are no less problematic than the resurrection of their Eurofascist/Neonazi counterparts.  (Note that the Moonies also set up a branch of "Cultural Revolution" and fused into the picture, and Lin Piao/Biao, who orchestrated that start of the "Cultural Revolution" was a proponent of overtures with Japan and Taiwan, using the familiar "Mao Tsetung" images as covers for something Mao himself did not approve of.  Leaving American government open to such Sun Tzu type political deceit, potential double-agents and foreign meddling in American politics now is Stupidity, pure and simple, regardless of which political party they might be using as vehicles to "Redefine America".  And if the city of Alameda will not submit to renewed military controls from Washington DC, then federal agents need to occupy Alameda County and further make sure that America's schoolchildren are not being taught to salute foreign flags or "believe" foreign-generated historical revisionism, or anarchy or US national collapse may be on the pathway ahead. Broad and reasonable bipartisan scrutiny of state curriculum and school licensure is in order.  There is too much risk idealism now about the treachery of Asian, as well as German, stealth politics, with Russian collusion not impossible as global alliances morph and mutate.  Remember the Hitler-Stalin pact that turned into a brutal fight to near death preceded of phony olive branches and unverified talk of "world peace" that functioned as disarament prior to near global annihilation. 

    The areas of US Pacific states most vulnerable to foreign interference in 2021 are at 2:06 Fixed Ascendants, and all locations at 32nd harmonic (11:15 multiple angles) from there, and that includes Seattle WA, Portland OR, the OR-CA coastline border, and all locations NNE of there and including British Columbia and Alberta; as well as the coastline from Monterey Bay to Point Arguello and areas NNE of that stretch that also include Carson City NV and even south San Jose and Sacramento -- with special attention to incoming political elements from the East China seacoast, New Delhi, Cairo, Istanbul, Durban, Peterburg (Russian Navy), and Kiev.  Also vulnerable are still the Colorado River Valley from Yuma to Needles to Las Vegas and NNE toward Salt Lake, Yellowstone, Lewiston MT, and into Saskatoon and Prince Albert in Canada. Foreign meddling around Native American reservations could be problematic. On the Atlantic coast, Long Island eastern Maine are vulnerable... including coastline subversion at all locations mentioned, all where Coast Guard vigilance is vital.  The entire Bering Strait region in Alaska (near 25 Scorpio Ascendant), stretching from Cape Lisburne to Nome, and ENE to include the Colville River basin and adjacent coastlines, is vulnerable, even if remote, stressing the critical nature of roads and airports leading there, indicating that Arctic surveillance is important.  Also vulnerable in Alaska are Ascendants near 17SG, to including the Alaska Peninsula region, Kodiak Island and the area from the Kenai Peninsula to the Canada/Yukon border from the Gulf of Alaska and Yakutat northward to the Yukon River valley. There could also be related problems of subversion around the Prince of Wales and northern Queen Charlotte Islands regions.  These areas must not be overlooked for possible foreign subversion of any possible sort, especially political or para/military, even via martial arts fronts, noting that operations in Anchorage still deserve vigilance, just as the nearby Moonie fishing fleets and Moonie weapons trafficking via Kahr Arms affiliates and fake churches with guns "blessed" via agents of a cult created by Japanese intelligence years ago, since then rampant in Korea and the Chinese diaspora all across the Pacific, with tentacles even nested all around Greater New York City.  Moonie operations in the USA were first rooted in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area via friendly Tanaka Japanese nuzzles with Richard Nixon that have led to a huge mess that spread from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and likely dalliances in other minor political parties, claiming immunity due to race, immigration, or "religious" status. This explains part of the proliferation of weird Asian cults since the 60s and 70s (including Rajneeshis and Falun Gong and Krishnas) that function as fronts for covert foreign political, and with Kahr Arms and the "Sanctuary Church", paramilitary, operations.  Those familiar with the Moonies know how they shift labels and identities and fronts after detection, morphing into new "churches", "temples", or "culture centers", even setting up charter school and private college operations to indoctrinate prospective new cult adherents for "Asian Change".  When the Moonie fusion into the Greater New York region began is a subject for study as is their links to the Soong and Chao family presence on Long Island.

    Val Demings as Vice Presidential candidate (drafted Aug02, with updates):

    The Covid/Corona Virus as well as the Asian (now including East China, India, and Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey) and Russian and Ukrainian (at Peterburg, Kiev, and Yakutia (nuclear bases?) and Amur regions of Siberia, power buildup are all accounted for by the Very potent but subtle, if not passive-aggressive Neptune=Hades=Zeus=Vulkanus cluster in effect throughout 2020, and continuing, minus Neptune, into 2021.  It also correlates with increased power of oil lobbies, potential biochemical and drug-related Anything, and air and naval power including submarine... while None of the most potent 4th or 1st harmonic power within the continental USA.  In North America, only the eastern Gulf of St Lawrence and the Anchorage-Kenai-Fairbanks longitudes in Alaska hold power potent enough to counterbalance; and if those North American bases are under control of Asian double-agents (as some may be), it does not bode well for any American resistance to an Asian Century global takeover that could even include Russia. Ted Lieu is hiding something under his inexcusable and telling protests over surveillance of Transpacific communications, and any German military bases along the 'Eastern Front' with Russia are subject to Germany's nationalist ambitions and interests, which are formidable.  This makes the USA Very Vulnerable to double-agent infiltration and subterfuge, let the crocodile tears and water buffalo dung and phony action movies flow as they may.

    Domestically, the fusion of Black Lives Matter with foreign motley "People of Color" lobbies and operations is of grave risk to national security, and so it is wise and in the interest of the American public to Not allow Immigration Lobby Advocates (Asian Law Caucus, etc) to use domestic civil rights issues as camouflage for foreign subversion, as has happened in the past and is happening now, and where Americans of African ancestry can be made the scapegoats for something or someone else.

    Rationality and caution and calm in Democratic Party policy is vital in order to avoid chaos in the making, and this means rectification of real social injustices affecting Americans without turning it all into imported alphabet soup and phony foreign claims of refuge/sanctuary concealing foreign covert operations (which appear to be manifesting recently).  You can own the biggest guns and missiles in the world, but if double-agents can sneak into the arsenal or control-room at night and steal or disable them, or own or control the ammunition supply, they are worthless for self-defense; and with Vulkanus now pointing its poweful arrow at key US port cities on both the Pacific and Atlantic, this is no time to play kindergarten games with American politics, or put foreigners or rookies on the front-lines of national security.  If politicians will defend immigrants before long-rooted American citizens, especially American Veterans, it should be clear that there is a very serious problem already in the making; especially where foreign-run lobbies are already controlling sectors of the US coastline, and foreign contractors are manipulating US national security data.  Peter Thiel, Pramila Jayapal, Jack Ma, Ted Lieu, and all 'naturalized citizens' should be Thrown Out of US national security and government functions Now, ASAP, regardless of nominal party affiliation, with no time to waste in doing so.  American government and security ops need to be fully controlled by Americans of unquestionable, deep-rooted American upbringing.  America by or under German or Asian rules is Not America, and should not be construed as such, if Americans are to avoid chaos and disasters in coming years.  Inviting foreign guests to visit in the living room should stop being turned into letting them take control of the house and run the kitchen (as recently happened to at least one au pair host).  (And as for the Mormon-hosted foreign president proposal, the secretive history of the transnational Mormon Church, even having morphed as it has over time, with its own currency and paramilitary, will readily explain why that could manifest in the first place.)

    America saw some positive changes during the Obama years, but also some risky mistakes in foreign policy due maybe to excessive naivete, and it's time to reassess what happened and put the party back under the control of leaders who know and feel America deeply at its historical roots, and part of those roots are that the USA was Never a 'conservative' political entity at its roots, although it has compromised with wealthy and conservative elements at times, causing social tensions or even clashes.  However, when 'progressive' or 'liberal' is 'redefined' and overextended into foreign control and overshadowing or co-option, it's not America anymore, and the foundations of the nation are at risk of crumbling into chaos and anarchy. Such "change" may appeal to the idealistic folly of a few, but it could cause extensive misery in a society already destabilized by foreign Vulkanus shoving subtly at America's doors or slithering in at night through unmonitored pathways.  Such manifestations are not an exaggeration of what a NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is capable of, or even the reduced but still problematic HA=ZE=VU cluster already in operation in 2019 and continuing into 2021 and even a 2023 gradual phase-out.  The costumes, the drugs, and the 'virtual reality' 'dream world' phenomena are all risks of things slipping in that can cause huge messes (HA=VU alone, in worst cases). 'Driverless cars' means someone else is controlling where you go. Whoever might ultimately be the candidate, distance from, and exclusion of, foreign cults and lobbying interests is absolutely vital to the survival of American democracy and national independence of foreign colonizing interests.  It's not too late to correct any errors.

    Another comment on Vice Presidents: I made the mistake, maybe, or not, of not announcing this sooner. Charts without birthtimes are difficult to assess in full, although sometimes there are indicators so strong, even though missing the MC and AS and Moon, that are noteworthy.  I still will not call who the "best" candidate for Vice President for the Democratic Party would be, but will risk saying that there are very strong indicators of success at election and inauguration time for Val Demings. This is not going as far as yet saying that Val is "the only one", but her chart clearly shows good winning potential. Val may also be distant enough from Asian or European lobbies to keep them from interfering in her political work; something vital while Vulkanus foreign lobbies continue to press hard on America's boundaries.  After noticing those indicators, I proceeded to look at her chart via uranian methods and, as backup, also looked at confirmation via some traditional methods.

    There are also functional categories, such as police officers, pertinent to Val, that may be more important than gender or ethnicity, and this has been in focus due to the critical "bad cop" issue that must be solved -- for what society can survive intact when the public loses confidence in its policing forces?  Throwing out the police force because of the bad apples clearly invites anarchy, which is not a viable solution in a peaceful society; and most Americans likely want the bad apples Out, so the "good cops" rule. Val knows this issue well and has addressed it.

    First I will look at her directed and transiting indicators for Inauguration Day, the day that matters most, since I have pointed out before there can be "winning" indicators for all candidates on election day who accumulate a significant percentage of votes, for they are all winners, but some more than others.  In contrast, Inauguration Day shows who is "the one", although it can be ambiguous if the "losing candidate" receives some other honor or influential position on that same day, making them a "winner" in other ways.  Reality is that life is not so simple that everything is cut-and-dried.

    On Inauguration Day, 2021Jan20, these solar arc directions show in Val's chart on the 90 dial, looking also at 32nd-harmonic clusters (at 11:15 multiples), noting that, absent MC or AS or MO (i.e. without birthtime), the most critical personal planets are Sun, Mercury, and Mars, while the Lunar Node also is of significance for socially relevant events, and Kronos and Vulkanus (including their midpoint) are the main indicators of political office, and Zeus is the indicator or major choices or election:

    dVU=rSUPL (directed Vulkanus equals radix Sun): Development of personal political or executive power; Outstanding personal events or accomplishments. Push to the top, for highest potential performance.

    dAP=rMA: Apollon is often an indicator of widespread and usually favorable recognition, and an expansion of horizons, as well as increase of activities or work responsbilities.

    dPLKRPO=rNOVU: Val has natal Pluto and Kronos and Poseidon in cluster, now directed to the Lunar Node. Pluto with Kronos pushes for highest potential, and the highest level within reach, and Poseidon strives for objectivity, i.e. real "truth".  It can indicate transformations related to titles or social dignities.  I will not overlook that Hades is also there, but therefore natally also in cluster, and perhaps no chart factors other than Kronos or Poseidon or Pluto (each one alone, even) are prone to bring out the higher level of Hades, which is redemption through service and an almost visceral understanding of those in need or disadvantaged. Note how this indicates a natal PL=KR=PO disposition combined with Hades.  This is a woman who has the potential for high-level spiritual understanding, and with Hades, something she probably feels at an instinctive levels in her social interactions.  On Inauguration Day, it comes into alignment with the Lunar Node, i.e. her personal connections in public settings.  Such a combination is almost that of a nun or religious devotee, something she holds in common with Elizabeth Warren whose Inauguration Day indicators are also strong, especially per transits.

    Note, moreover, that all this triggers Val's natal Vulkanus, with the potential to boost her into a position of executive power -- in addition to the directed Vulkanus on her Sun. I have seen no other chart so far as clearly indicative of inauguration, although a birth time yielding MC and MO could contra-indicate but are missing without a birthtime for Elizabeth Warren; and I will here proceed to Val's Inauguration Day transits.  Note that if we look at traditional astrology factors like zodiacal signs, we see a Pisces Sun, which is an indicator of universal service and devotion that is only warped by dogmatism or addiction problems or other forms of escapism from reality.  With natal MA=KR, Val strives for the best in her work, strives for earned respect, and with Hades at its highest potential can be meticulous and unswervingly dedicated to service.  Traditionally, her Moon is in Leo unless born in early hours of the day (and then Cancer); yet near a Noon birthtime, MO=HA and so there is a humility that takes the edge off any otherwise Leonine indications, not to mention a Mars in Taurus that is so pragmatic that it has no time for drama or frills, and yet it =UR in 16th harmonic ("squared" on the 90 dial) and therefore is no stick-in-the-mud, and is willing to try new ways, invent, and go with the times, and guided by uranian intuition of knowing what to do in an emergency.  I will try to backtrack and go into similar detail on other charts, but I cannot dismiss her remarkable fitness for the functions required, per her chart, as well as the way she approaches political issues in videos of her in the context of legislation, as well as interviews.  Maybe a birthtime for her would explain why she comes across as someone who truly respects all people, regardless of their social condition -- something I would also say of Elizabeth Warren.  I suspect Val's birthtime would show a strong Cupido and/or Neptune configuration of some sort on her MC, and note that in her natal chart she has NE/CU midpoint on Vulkanus, i.e. shaping the way she handles political power, i.e. with compassionate social sensitivity.  When she speaks of her law-enforcement collegues as being "family", she probably means it from her heart... there is no flowery gushiness likely to slip out from her ME=VE=SA natal cluster, as she is prone to say what she means and mean what she says, and that to applies to political actions as that clusters with Vulkanus via 11:15 (32nd harmonic) angle/"aspect".

    Her SU=PO shows potential for great personal objectivity and the ability to see the facts as long as dogmatism or prepackaged "beliefs" do not obscure, and that =KR in addition indicates her personal drive to see the highest truth perceptible... she would probably make an extraordinarily objective judge, and her personal humility, signified by natal MA=HA, yields an unusual combination of fitness for political office. 

    Val's chart explains why she is more capable than most of being "cool under fire", without getting thrown off-balance into tirades, which may be necessary to handle what a candidate may be up against before November 2020.

   As America prepares to complete its first Pluto return, a momentous event, it needs leaders who have Pluto functioning at the highest level, i.e. Eagles and not Scorpions, Ascent and resurrection, not Hell breaking loose.  If we look at Pluto in her chart, and used 2-degree orbs for 16th harmonic clusters (1 degree for 32nd), we can quickly see on a 90 dial her Pluto =SU=MA=ZE=KR=PO, meaning a Pluto that is personally embodied in her essence, directed systematically toward the highest truths and principles with striving for objectivity.

    If elected, I suspect she would play a central role in Pres Biden's policies, and a composite of their charts, even without the birthtime-sensitive factors, shows potential for major joint accomplishments, even when slowed by intrigue or walls that will crumble under scrutiny and thorough investigations.

    Val's experience in Florida politics may give her inroads into cultivating US relations with Latin America -- something that is vital to survive the hardball competition coming at our country for the last 10 years or more from Germany and the ambitious Transpacific Asian Century network to wrest control of the global economy, obviously, by any means available.  The realities of Globalism Demand stronger ties with Latin America and Canada, and the competitors know that and have done all they know to undermine it with various tricks -- not unlike during World War 2, when the previous round of global fascism tried to bring the American house down, and details of which were once on the FBI website along with information on East Asian Axis subversion in California, for some reason, needing clear explanation, recently removed.

    At this time, Americans need to be proud of our institutions and have a thorough enough understanding of them unclouded by foreign propaganda that is flooding the internet recently and attempting to destroy Americans' confidence in who we Really are, at the roots; with the unfulfilled promises of our constitution and national past, despite the flaws that foreign agents are so ready to pick out and showcase while they shift America's industries, and even government (!) into foreign hands.  Some call it "investment", others "inclusion", and still and others call it what it really is: Colonization, i.e. regression back in time, prior to national independence and democracy combined with resurrection of the World War Fascist Axis power alliances now, despite 1945, dominating the world and conning and tricking and bribing, even shoving, Americans into submission and humiliation of natives, even in the halls of a government that began in recently years to look increasingly alien, combined with obnoxiously pushy immigration campaigns orchestrated from foreign capitals and banks. This is something that people who don't know 20th century history from an America perspective don't understand.  The dismantling and underfunding of public education, pushed largely by competing foreign lobbyists, has led to a national crisis, including a replacement of Americans by imports taking over critical national infrastructure, even national security, jobs, making US national security and national defense an oxymoron, while immigrants in Congress protest surveillance of new citizens, known throughout history to be the most likely sources of national security subversion, time and again.

    Ignorance of US national history, or its "redefinition" by foreign agents and their outlets, has led to serious problems, and it needs to be reversed.  Much of the mess began when the Moonies landed in California, ushered by a charming visit of Japan's Tanaka to Nixon, and their cults proliferated, escalated under Reagan and Bush. Other and earlier messes come from still-extant remnants of the Nazi propaganda machine, who together with the Japanese and Chinese allies, manipulated America through multiple high-casualty wars in Asia that made them into rich spectators now rising to global dominance as America swims in confusion and full of their foreign agents that need to be thrown out of government offices, if not deported.  Fake passports have been rampant in Chinatown for at least the last 20 years, via foreign agents wormed into US government offices, allowed there by the naive or fawningly compliant (including via foreign cults) or those taking bribes.  The impact of the Moonies and offshoot cults and politically-arranged marriages and office-staffing cannot, by now, be underestimated.  The problem goes even further back to the end of World War II when the Axis powers arranged strategically for 'war spouses' for people in powerful positions or their offspring to function as agents of influence. In the days of Metternich, it was called "rule by marriage", and it never stopped.  Should it ever reach to the White House, America would be like France at the fall of Napoleon; who despite his demonization by adversaries, manifest the first democracies in much of Europe. America could similarly lean to failure if such problems are not addressed, and addressed now, with a deaf ear to veritable crocodile tears about 'anti-immigrant' stances or 'xenophobia'. Immigration lobbies like the slick Asian Law Caucus are playing dirty games, and they must be nipped in the bud, ASAP.  The ALC is now poised to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement and turn it into another immigration wave fused with recipes for civil unrest, using Black/African-ancesty Americans as pawns in a dirty global power struggle game.  It will be up to the Black/African American community to say No -- while the badged rookies targeting Black Americans for their skin-color need to find another profession and quit underminin public confidence in police forces by compulsive or thoughtless actions. One huge mess happened when a police agency Very Unwisely hired a "White" South African to police a largely "Black" district, and it was another example of how immigrants should not hold government positions, a problem that explains Numerous instances of corruption, misapplication of laws, and blatant injustice. The native citizenship requirement for US Presidents needs to be not only maintained, but extended to All government agencies; and I would predict that such a measure put to the national ballot would pass, unless it's delayed to the point where immigrants run the country, which is called Colonial Government or Occupation Government, not far away in some coastal states already.

    When American schools teach children that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are were "Old White Men" whose remnants need to "Get out of the way", you know you are looking at a foreign-led invasion and revolution, which current geodetic alignments show the very real possibility of manifesting; via points of entry I have pointed out many times before, likely via stealth and potentially using concealed weapons arsenals.  "Civil Wars" have often been orchestrated in part by foreign powers seeking to destabilize targeted nations, sending arms into countries they intend to take over at least part of.  Kahr Arms (Moonie run) is a likely example; fits the points of entry,and interestingly lined up with some Falun Gong hubs; both with some ties to radical islamist networks. Americans would be wise to not idolize the "Uighurs", so close, in various ways, to the Taliban network, even if tricked by Chinese or Japanese lobbyists into backing them.  There are American legislators, even military leaders evidently, who clearly don't understand the intricacies and scheming tactics of Asian nationalist political lobbies, but need to do so, urgently, for it's another world and a different ballgame with different rules.  Read an unadulterated translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War, or perish in the onslaught of guerrilla tactics.  One translation is the 2002 printing by Shambhala publishers in Boston and London, and it may help explain why America lost both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has rarely come out on time in Greater Chinese political games emanating from any one of the Chinese-run government, states, or enclaves. Some historians even claim it was the framework for Machiavelli, brought to Europe by Marco Polo after his forays into Asia, and clearly emulated by Metternich.  One cannot win a competition without understanding how opponents think; and never assume they will always play by the same rules you do. 

    As for Val Deming, I am looking only at the astrological indicators and the state where she now holds office, plus her stances on Congressional issues. Top American leaders in the Democratic Party will need to assess all the factors involved, but I would not count on a Biden inauguration with Kamala Harris as Vice President; whereas one with Demings or possibly Warren or maybe others I have not yet surveyed in full appear more likely to win. With transits of Vulkanus approaching her Sun, and Pluto triggering her natal KR/VU midpoint, with directed VU on her natal MA.PL cluster, Hillary might be a winner if not for her reluctance to even run, There's a reason why her most strident critics are among the most nasty and mean-spirited politicos and commentators in the USA. Having such winners appear alongside weak candidates is not enough to insure inauguration, as the chart of the candidate is a deciding factor in election and inauguration outcome.  I find my observations convincing enough to state this after the decision made on August 11, but other data from other analysts is also to be considered.  If Harris persists as candidate, it's going to take some enthusiastic campaigning and voting on her behalf, with clear plans for the eventuation of Trump being re-elected -- as well as more intensive public scrutiny of why he would have Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao in his cabinet, and his cozy relationship with Jack Ma; not to mention ties between Chao and CAPAC advocates in the Democratic Party, which geodetic analysis may help illuminate more clearly.  Whatever the case, Chao and CAPAC want to Buy Up America after clearing the path to do so, and are doing it gradually, while the Thiel and Schwarzenegger and Merkel ties are poised to do the very same if they can, as they have done in Europe.  

    Where is America, and why aren't Americans, unquestionable and undiluted Americans, running it?  Pluto at its worst can mean fusion, absorption, or boundary-crossing by other countires; and with Vulkanus on the Ascendant, the foreign powers are potent, even if cloaked in Neptune and Hades secrecy and stealth tactics; speaking of witch, note the geodetic alignments of new data added for Wendi Deng (and her influence on Fox media), of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his global tentacles, and how American media has fallen rapidly to Asian control since Ajit Pai came to town.  Note also the conspicuous absence of mention of Yahoo's Jerry Yang during scrutiny of internet and tech control monopolies, and of who is controlling the technology flourishing due to Covid/Corona lockdown, including the burgeoning Asian and German videoconferencing platforms, including China's Eric Yuan's "", that are recording the various facets of daily interactions of Americans, and merged into lucrative and potentially culturally and politically powerful education and other servicing contracts.  Such technology could make previous concerns about internet privacy pale by comparison.  Why are the tech and media companies in the USA increasingly owned or run by foreign-born individuals?  Is use of foreign-made technology in American schools paving the way for foreign meddling in American education?  Ask Ajit and friends, and the supposedly All-American Presidents who installed him, along with Japanese and Chinese and German-born powerbrokers in military and national defense functions.  The foreign meddling wave was started around the time the apparently mesmerized George Bush, known for his curious visits to Atsugi Airbase in Japan, and old family ties in Germany during the Nazi era, announced his "New World Order" "vision" speech.  Is the revival of the World War 2 Axis machine such an incredible concept to study?  Bill Clinton was said to have released the data on Axis Fascist operations impacting the USA as he left the presidential office, and that the rush to make sure Bush Jr became president was partly to shred the most critical documents, and yet it appears that Clinton did not read the data on Japanese military operations affecting the USA, while the ascent of Donald Trump into office was followed by removal of long-posted data on Japanese subversion of the USA on the FBI website, followed by Japanese troops brought to San Diego, the US Pacific Fleet under control of a Japanese-born officer (Harry Harris), while geodetics show that the shutdown of Alameda Naval operations in the 1990s coincided with the rise to influence of the Asian nationalist CAPAC network across California.

    Is America being "Redefined" to be Asian?  Which continent are we living on?  Are there "Kahr Arms" or affiliated "Sanctuary Church" operations now in a city near you?  Is the German Wehrmacht/military still running operations on US military bases near you?  Where is America?  Not a funny question to ask as Pluto makes its return in the USA 1776 chart, but that Pluto does point geodetically to Chongqing, Vienna, Jakarta, and Capetown, and Schwarzenegger's daddy was not drafted into, but volunteered to be an Austrian Nazi prior to "Anschluss", raised his little boy to immigrate into America, while his daddy's various geodetics interestingly line up with those of Reagan's Austrian secretary Helene von Damm near Hollywood, the Nazi-trained Chinese "San Min Chu Yi" military youth corps (enter Chinese fascism), the founding of the Samsung Corporation, the Uighur paramilitary uprising of 1937 in Xinjiang, the 1938 declaration of (Fascist Axis) Martial Law in Tokyo, the 1939 Nazi rally in New York's Madison Square Garden, Sudeten German annexation, the Chinese Fascist collaboration governments in Hainan and Fujian/Fukien, and the 1938 proclamation of the Global Fascist Axis "New Order".  Interesting coincidences possibly pertinent to Schwazi's dalliances in Hongkong, and the popularity of Nazi paraphernalia in Hongkong stores reported in the early 2000s.  It is said "Chinese citizens don't understand what the Swastika means among "white people", which is more pure water buffalo dung. It should be remembered that if "The Moonies are Liars", that the Moonies were created by Japanese Fascist covert operations remnants including the Sasakawa network that gave an award to Japan-born US Pacific Fleet Commander Harry Harris.. And that one must not only read Sun Tzu's Art of War, but also the data on East Asian Prosperity Sphere covert operations globally, for they smell too much like what's unfolding now in US Pacific coast cities. Perhaps more critically, one should ask why the FBI would remove related data from its website after Donald Trump took office, as well as how much the Moonies are now fused in Democratic as well as Republican (and possibly other party) organizations. Americans have forgotten the history of foreign subversion of the USA as the push to "Redefine America" has begun, and that may need urgently to "Change" before Americans are changed into someone else's colonial subjects, naive to how brutal and stealthy our uncivilized enemies have been in the not so distant past, and how they remain similarly brutal and stealthy, but this time walking American streets because fools, or double-agents like Ted Lieu, fight to stop the federal government from monitoring them. "When push comes to shove" has taken on a literal meaning, including under Ed Lee's lingering "Future of America" plan.  Ed may be dead, but his spirit survives and lives on through his devotees and cheerleaders, who cross all party lines and are getting rich from Silicon Valley tech and regional rent hikes and "owner move-in" evictions starting 20 years or more ago. And when you see the Schwarzenegger set hoisting Korematsu institutions into power, there's an additional warning of rats in the kitchen and foreign annexation just like his daddy facilitated in his native Eastern Reich.

    Such messes could reverse before America completes its Pluto return during the next presidential term, if the right choices and international alliances are cautiously made, as today's social engineers can use telecom technology to implement changes rapidly; and the less American control there is over American lines, the more America could be turned into someone else's silly putty.  People can whine like transnational-media-programmed puppets about xenophobia all they want; the "resettlement" programs have been largely disastrous as practiced, whereas legitimate refugee crises could be handled in other ways causing fewer problems, and creating less risk of foreign subversion posing as refuge. And the foreign subversion is now real and rampant despite what foreign-run media outlets inside the USA portray. Without the funding for govt control of vital national security functions, the country is wide open to external control and subversion, and the foreign pushes for privatization (notably those of Wendy Lee Gramm/Enron and Elaine Chao/Foremost-Evergreen-NeptuneOrient trade control networks and manipulees, in addition to the Austro-German Hayek Austrian School zombies) have been slowly turning America into their colonial underlings. Americans need to study how those living under East Asian Axis military occupation were literally criminalized or arrested for criticizing their incoming colonial overlords.  It could happen here, and may have already started, including arbitrary private/corporate measures to censor information about foreign subversion; noting that such measures were already in place inside the European Union several years ago, written into treaties the public was not always informed of.

      Hades passing out of orb of its cluster with Pluto in a few years may lead to resolution of such problems, and while that may not succeed before then, the "inclusion" of Neptune in the picture in 2020 is relatively short-lived, so that some current political deceit and treachery may be unraveled in January 2021, with much of the smokescreen in 2020 coming from the Marshall Islands (Moonie hub), confusion in Denver due to foreign manipulation that may involve drug-trafficking, eastern Iceland, Kashmir, and the India government in New Delhi, now in a political mess that involves clashes among various parties including those historically tied to WW2 Axis Fascism in various ways, and which geodetics indicate may have survived, in part, in the Adaman and Nicobar Islands, a historic stronghold of Japanese Fascism and located between Burma/Myanmar and Indonesia, and reported not long ago as being under tight control by secretive pirate networks keen to exclude foreign observers.  Meaning don't expect India-rooted politics to be any more "nice" or artless than those rooted in East Asia.

    Pay attention to the geodetic lineups of the often functionally paramilitary "CAPAC" and its possible historical roots in Asian Fascist networks, despite its current and calculated "progressive" veneer, intent on bringing California and Seattle under Asian dominance while spewing venom about stereotyped and vilified American "white men in the way" of Asian "change" and "redefinition" of America, even using US military media to forment a weird sort of foreign-backed, functional "coup d'etat" while claiming to be "victims of discrimination".  That's one thing that Does need to change so that necessary and justified civil rights laws are not turned into gimmicks for the tricks of clever foreign agents.


2020Jul28:  Vulkanus Matters.

    The Covid/Corona Virus as well as the Asian (now including East China, India, and Muslim Brotherhood turf in part, and Turkey) and Russian and Ukrainian (at Peterburg, Kiev, and Yakutia (nuclear bases?) and Amur regions of Siberia, power buildup are all accounted for by the Vulkanus=Zeus=Neptune=Hades cluster in effect throughout 2020, and continuing, minus Neptune, into 2021.  It also correlates with increased power of oil lobbies, potential biochemical and drug Anything, and air and naval power including submarine... and none of the most potent 4th or 1st harmonic power within the continental USA.  In North America, only the eastern Gulf of St Lawrence and the Anchorage-Kenai-Fairbanks longitudes in Alaska hold power potent enough to counterbalance; and if those North American bases are under control of Asian double-agents (as some may be), it does not bode well for any resistance to an Asian Century global takeover that could include Russia. Hindus and Japanese or Chinese in control of North American security operations?  Ted Lieu is hiding something under his inexcusable and telling protests over surveillance of Transpacific communications, and any German military bases along the 'Eastern Front' with Russia are subject to Germany's nationalis ambitions and interests, which are formidable.  This makes the USA Very Vulnerable to double-agent infiltration and subterfuge, let the crocodile tears and water buffalo dung flow on by as they may.

    Domestically, the fusion of Black Lives Matter with foreign "People of Color" lobbies and operations is of grave risk to national security, and so it is wise and in the interest of the American public to not allow Immigration Lobby Advocates (Asian Law Caucus, etc) to use domestic civil rights issues as an camouflage for foreign subversion, as has happened in the past and is happening now, and where Americans of African ancestry can be made the scapegoats for something or someone else.

    Moderation in Democratic Party policy is vital in order to avoid chaos in the making, and this means rectification of real social injustices affecting Americans without turning it all into alphabet soup.  You can own the biggest guns and missiles in the world, but if double-agents can sneak into the arsenal or control-room at night and steal or disable them, or own or control the ammunition supply, they are worthless for self-defense.

    America saw some positive changes during the Obama years, but also some risky mistakes in foreign policy due maybe to excessive naivete, and it's time to reassess what happened and put the party back under the control of leaders who know and feel America at its historical roots, and part of those roots are that the USA was Never a 'conservative' country, although it has compromised with wealthy and conservative elements at times.  However, when 'progressive' or 'liberal' is overextended into foreign control and overshadowing, it's not America anymore, and the foundations of the nation are at risk of crumbling into chaos and anarchy.  That may appeal to the youthful folly of a few, but it could cause extensive misery in a society already destabilized by foreign Vulkanus ramming at America's doors or slithering in at night through the open vents.  Such manifestations are not an exaggeration of what a NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is capable of, or even the reduced HA=ZE=VU cluster already in operation in 2019 and continuing into 2021 and even a 2023 gradual phase-out.  The costumes, the drugs, and the 'virtual reality' 'dream world' phenomena are all risks of things slipping in that can cause huge messes (HA=VU alone, in worst cases).

    Cultivating US relations with Latin America -- something that is vital to survive the hardball competition coming at our country for the last 10 years or more from Germany and the ambitious Transpacific Asian Century network to wrest control of the global economy, obviously, by any means available.  The realities of Globalism Demand stronger ties with Latin America and Canada, and the competitors know that and have done all they know to undermine it with various tricks -- not unlike during World War 2, when the previous round of global fascism tried to bring the American house down, and details of which were once on the FBI website along with information on East Asian Axis subversion in California, for some reason, needing clear explanation, recently removed.

    At this time, Americans need to be proud of our institutions and have a thorough enough understanding of them unclouded by foreign propaganda that is flooding the internet recently and attempted to destroy Americans' confidence in who we Really are, at the roots; with the unfulfilled promises of our constitution and national past, despite the flaws that foreign agents are so ready to pick out and showcase while they shift America's industries, and even government (!) into foreign hands.  Some call it "investment", others "inclusion", and still and others call it what it really is: Colonization, i.e. regression back in time, prior to national independence and democracy but this time via resurrection of the World War Fascist Axis power alliances now, despite 1945, dominating the world and conning and tricking and bribing, even shoving, Americans into submission and humiliation of natives, even in the halls of a government that began in recent years to look increasingly alien, combined with obnoxiously pushy immigration campaigns orchestrated from foreign capitals and banks. This is something that people who don't know 20th century history from an American perspective don't understand.  The dismantling and underfunding of public education, pushed largely by foreing lobbyists, has led to a national crisis, including a replacement of Americans by imports taking over critical national infrastructure, even national security, jobs, making US national security and national defense an oxymoron, while immigrants in Congress (Ted Lieu, etc) protest surveillance of new citizens, known throughout history to be the most likely sources of national security subversion, time and again.

    Ignorance of US national history, or its "redefinition" by foreign agents and their outlets, including imported or foreign-hosted university 'think-tanks' and professors, has led to serious problems, and it needs to be reversed.  Much of the mess began when the Moonies landed in California, ushered by a charming visit of Japan's Tanaka to Nixon, and their cults proliferated, escalated under Reagan and Bush. Other and earlier messes come from still-extant remnants of the Nazi propaganda machine, who together with the Japanese and Chinese allies, manipulated America through multiple high-casualty wars in Asia that made them into rich spectators now rising to global dominance as America swims in confusion and full of their foreign agents that need to be thrown out of government offices, if not deported.  Fake passports have been rampant in Chinatown, alone, for at least the last 20 years, via foreign agents wormed into US government offices, allowed there by the naive or fawningly compliant (including via foreign cults) or those taking bribes.  The impact of the Moonies and offshoot cults and politically-arranged marriages and office-staffing cannot, by now, be underestimated.  The problem goes even further back to the end of World War II when the Axis powers arranged strategically for 'war spouses' for people in powerful positions or their offspring to function as agents of influence. In the days of Metternich, it was called "rule by marriage", and it never stopped.  Should it ever reach to the White House, America would be like France at the fall of Napoleon; who despite his demonization by adversaries, manifest the first democracies in much of Europe. America could similarly lean to failure if such problems are not addressed, and addressed now, with a deaf ear to veritable crocodile tears about 'anti-immigrant' stances or 'xenophobia'. Immigration lobbies like the slick Asian Law Caucus are playing dirty games, and they must be nipped in the bud, ASAP; no time to waste, as the Hordes have Arrived and are trampling, if not directly then by proxies or mercenaries.  The ALC is now poised to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement and turn it into another immigration wave fused with recipes for civil unrest, using Black/African-ancesty Americans as pawns in a dirty global power struggle game.  It will be up to the Black/African American community to say No -- while the badged rookies targeting Black Americans for their skin-color need to find another profession. One huge mess happened when a police agency Very Unwisely hired a "White" South African to police a largely "Black" district, and it was another example of how immigrants should not hold government positions, a problem that explains Numerous instances of corruption, misapplication of laws, and blatant injustice. The native citizenship requirement for US President needs to be not only maintained, but extended to All government agencies; and I would predict that such measure put to the national ballot would pass, unless it's delayed to the point where immigrants run the country, which is called Colonial Government or Occupation Government, not far away in some coastal states already.

    When American schools teach children that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are were "Old White Men" whose remnants need to "Get out of the way", you know you are looking at a foreign-led invasion and revolution, which current geodetic alignments show the very real possibility of manifesting; via points of entry I have pointed out many times before, likely via stealth and potentially using concealed weapons arsenals.  "Civil Wars" have often been orchestrated in part by foreign powers seeking to destabilized targeted nations, sending arms into countries they intend to take over at least part of.  Kahr Arms (Moonie run) is a likely example; fits the points of entry,and interestingly lined up with some Falun Gong hubs; both with some ties to radical islamist networks. Americans would be wise to not idolize the "Uighurs", so close, in various ways, to the Taliban network, even if tricked by Chinese or Japanese lobbyists into backing them.  There are American legislators, even military leaders evidently, who clearly don't understand the intricacies and scheming tactics of Asian political lobbies, but need to, urgently, for it's another world and a different ballgame with different rules.  Read an unadulterated translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War, or perish.  One translation is the 2002 printing by Shambhala publishers in Boston and London, and it may help explain why America lost both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has rarely come out on time in Greater Chinese political games emanating from any one of the Chinese-run government, states, or enclaves. Some historians even claim it was the framework for Machiavelli, brought to Europe by Marco Polo after his forays into Asia, and clearly emulated by Metternich.  One cannot win a competition without understanding how opponents think; and never assume they will always play by the same rules you do. "Confucius",by comparison. 


2020Jul05 (updated Aug06): US Vice Presidential Candidate Choices:

    I was about to publish this on Jul04, when it seemed important to watch the Independence Day speech by President Trump.  First, it is clear that global political interests are set on creating a schism between 2 extremes in the politics of the USA, and it is not unlike what occurred during the divisive and turbulent Vietnam War era, in more ways than one.  In both cases, US policy in the East Asia was critical, and largely driving American domestic politics to an inappropriate degree; and the explanation of this has been hinted at before, while I will try to include a summarization of it below, all in correlation with geodetic lineups and repeating cycles. All while noting that the Vietnam and Korean wars both were fused not only with Cold War anticommunist politics but also Asian nationalist fusing into American domestic policy... Too Much. It is for this reason that any and all political parties in the USA running candidates for US President should be heavily scrutinized for attachment to or manipulation by political lobbies rooted outside the USA or in foreign nationalist advocacy organizations, including CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, which the Ted Lieu circuit has recently protested surveillance of for possible transoceanic communications of critical importance to US national security (including both economic and political stability). Of equal significance has been and is the Schwarzenegger machine, often rubbing noses with Angela Merkel as well as the Sony Corporation network that have made his movies, and the roots in Nazi/Fascist Axis politics are not at all irrelevant or "old stuff no longer applicable". Adding to the complexity is the weird "Antifa" movement, which is rooted in budding Nazi Germany and was created with Nazi moles as a mousetrap to ensnare, monitor, and destroy opposition to the Nazi Party plan for the future of Germany and the World (which also included collusion with Japan and alliances it was able to drag along during the World War 2 era).  Where and how China fits into all this is complicated by the complexity of a (by American standards homogeneous) culture covering vast territory, and then and now again, polarized into segments by feudal economics that never died despite ups and downs since then.

    A survey of the "Men Behind the Curtain" tables on this website, explains in more detail how the pieces fit together when one studies how political and financial backing for the various radicalized players (both rightist and leftist and co-opted) line up with each other and with global political and financial power hubs (indicated by city and/or strategic operation centers including military bases), and that includes forces in Russia as well as the ambiguous Ukraine polarized by radical extremists at both ends of the spectrum.

    Note that as Vulkanus power has been amassing along the East China Seacoast in territories of China as well as Taiwan and Japan's insular Ryukyu military bases, and the Philippines (sometimes torn between the economic and military and subversion pressures of countries to its north, and its own national interests). Indonesia ("capital" of the decades-long "Bandung" global conferences to create an Asiacentric global economy using post-WW2 Asian mafia gold stashes, where Pluto hovers now) may well be under a similar dilemma, as may be a struggle to control the mineral resource fields and operations of Western Australia.

    Whatever the choice made by Joe Biden, it must not be any affiliate of the Asian Law Caucus or "CAPAC", as Trump's announcement of an election-time "Obamagate" that will showcase Democratic Party naivete about the inordinate influence of Asia-based interests on American politics, if Biden is to succeed, or if the USA is to survive intact; and the same is true of the Germany-based lobbies behind Schwarzenegger and Thiel.  It's time for America's love affair with foreign politicians to come to an end, or disaster awaits at the conclusion of the Pluto Return in the 1776 USA Chart, a few years from now.  The Globalism and Lodging of Foreign Interests has gone way too far overboard -- German and Japanese and Chinese military ops in the USA need to Go... Out the Door and back across the oceans.  This has been exacerbated recently by 2 important events.  One is the "drive-through citizenship" program of the "CIS", an agency mistakenly created by the, in turn, mistakenly-created and oxymoronic Dept of "Homeland Security" by the Bush-Chao Administration, which appears to be inordinately staffed with 1st and 2nd-generation immigrants.  What was set up as "Homeland Security" appears to have often, though not always, done more to weaken US national security via poor scrutiny of foreign affiliations, and note the significance of its creation under Bush Jr and his cabinet advisor, the Taiwan-born Elaine Chao (now in her Fifth Term as a member of the US Presidential Cabinet, despite being a foreign native, and more on that later).  A second recent event is Canada's expansion of a functional sanctuary program for Chinese claiming to be Hongkong citizens -- always difficult to verify due to decades of treacherous Chinese passport fraud on both sides of the Pacific, which could have worsened after the creation of the "Homeland Security CIS", one of whose stated purposes is to "expedite" foreign visas, naturalization, and passport procedures, now to the point of dubbing immigrants as citizens in their cars in a drive-through line, including handing out passports like halloween candy, "Redefining America" bit by bit", although started around the time of the creation of Homeland Security in 2001 (and needing scrutiny of the "Panjiva" creation/programming used to eventually facilitate corporate seaport trade interestingly aligned with the Chao financial empire.

    Trump's scrutiny of the "Social Justice" movement is unfortunately rooted in the unwise fusion of domestic civil rights issues with immigration advocacy, whereas they are often in direct contradiction in both political and economic terms, and this wrong turn was made as the SPLC and temporarily at the NAACP. The publication of information on East Asian Axis (as well as already familiar Nazi) subversion operations after its declassification by President Clinton made it clear that Tokyo-led "East Asian Prosperity" Fascist espionage and subversion operations tried to harness the NAACP to hostile (Nazi-allied) wartime subversion operations in the USA. Chinese collusion with Japan at this time was not uncommon, and any such manifestations within US borders would be an interesting topic for study; noting that it all contributed to Nazi objectives and the undermining of US Pacific Defense operations at Pearl Harbor, the Aleutians, Guam, and the Philippines, and defense of Australia and New Zealand.  The reports make it clear that the NAACP did not "bite the bait" for long, if much at all, but the cheese was was on the traps, and this has vital implications for todays "People of Color" alliances often run by the Asian Law Caucus and/or CAPAC (including those initiated at the Berkeley Asian Pacific Political Alliance's "Third World Liberation Front") in order to drag US domestic civil rights issues into their transnational agenda smacking of the WW2 East Asia Prosperity Sphere's ambitions in US Pacific territories as well as states.  A similar, recent fusion of Asian nationalists and their pushy Immigration lobbies into the SPLC has led to a similar mess, complicated by new leadership who have mixed the extraordinary legacy of Morris Dees on US domestic civil rights issues with foreign lobbyist propaganda tied to foreign economic and political expansion into Washington DC and US national infrastructure. More Moonie stuff in new attire. (All may not know that Moonies posed as Maoists and ran their own concurrent version of a 'Cultural Revolution' in the USA and other countries, infiltrating nominally 'Maoist' organizations, and in collusion with a sham "Japanese Red Army". This may still be going on today.)  Xenophobia and racism are two different phenomena with often different characteristics... they are Not the same thing -- whereas charges of xenophobia and racism and now "exclusion" have been utilized by slick foreign lobbying networks to divert scrutiny of foreign subversion or even dangerous and sociopathic criminal operations, including those of the Shrimp Boy Chow, Leland Yee, and Ed Lee networks..  One key example is when (way, way overdue) prosecution of Asian mafia in San Francisco for weapons and drug trafficking where described as "racial profiling", and pressure was applied to stack FBI investigations with more sympathetic operants.  Hopefully, such efforts did not succeed (and they unfortunately may have), but it is an example of foreign lobbies and their slick lawyers continually bending US laws to facilitate subversion and potential anarchy and terror operations.  No doubt, Asian mafia fusions with CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus operations will be a focus of any "Obamagate" that unfolds at election time and/or afterward.  For this reason, continued collusion with CAPAC or the Asian Law Caucus by Any American political party is unwise, and the now-ongoing USA Pluto Return may make this clear, as will the exposure of the roots of the sleazy Tea-Party-fused "Vienna School/Von Mises" political and economic machines.  That points to Schwarzenegger and the Von Mises Institute operations (the latter with interesting ties to David Duke in the KKK).

    IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION, as Trump's July-4th speech should have made clear, Americans need to stop using terms like "fascist", "communist", "rightwing", "leftwing/ist", "evil" Trump or Obama or Hillary-type personality icons, and focus on POLICY, period.  What are the issues and how do the candidates and parties address them?  Forget the party, the personality, the ideology or "-ism", as targets of dogmatic rants, and just focus on what is practical and humane. PLUTO is calling on America to do this, and Pluto always warns us to look beneath the surface for the inner workings and quit wasting time on shallow external appearances, or else there could be problems, serious problems.  A move into a new era and still-unfolding millennium does indeed call for dispensing with the shallow and the unfair, and going for the root causes and operations of all reality if Real Progress is to occur. And repeated observations of Pluto since 1930 have indicated that the dangers of Pluto are shallowness, crass materialism, greed, dehumanizing brutality, resignation to primal and unconscious emotions, and the risk of schisms into extremist polarities that lead nowhere but into chaos or even mass destruction.  Talk to your neighbor or relative who does not agree with you and Try to REASON with them on practical concerns... don't degenerate into cheerleading chants, because the future of America is Serious Business, something else Pluto is about.  Brass tacks.  America is Big, and if it explodes, so may the world.

    Geodetically, it is clear that whoever controls Wall Street, Long Island, and New England, where Pluto is and will be overhead during the Pluto Return resolution, and will substantially determine the course of America for the next 250 years.  If that's foreign, America will be someone else's colony, or clump of colonies, and the old Axis powers of the last century clearly want and need the "Lebensraum" and natural resources that America (and Canada and Australia also) have.  Russia may also seek vengeance for how it was wrecked in the early 1990s, thinking America did it all when in fact Germany and Japan were the main operators.

    It may be significant that "Mayor Ed Lee" died right after telling the world to "Come to San Francisco and see the Future of America", because it would reveal how he and his Asian mafia network, over a period of 20 or more years, have confiscated a chunk of America's coastline and prize real estate, and turned it into a foreign-run colony -- for his cohorts realized that such a visit would reveal the Asian "Sun Tzu" style organized crime strategy move to overtake and "redefine" America by stealth, starting at the west coast and moving eastward.  And so, please do come to San Francisco and see what has happened, and visit the entire city, every neighborhood, and not just the showcased tourist spots, and see what America under CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus rule is like, and that includes seeing how America's Silicon Valley is now Asian, and Sacramento is on course for the same.

    Much of it has been done by real-estate assessment and market manipulation, trying to turn America into a "Nation of Renters" paying rent to foreign landlords -- there's the capitalist China model in action.  It fits Vulkanus 22.5 to Hades in Cancer (in the Golden Triangle; drug and gun money buying real estate).  Equally potent has been lobbying, in part successful due to an Asian-run "People of Color" movement that leads to Asian control with mostly crumbs thrown to everyone else on board; and continuing Japanese-led WW2 plans for the Pacific Coast of North America.  The "Asian Law Caucus" lobby to staff the halls of government with Asian-nationalist advocates has now expanded to a similar "Asian Medical Caucus" to put America's hospitals and health clinics under Asian control, and staffed with Asian medical practitioners where expedient.  All part of Ed Lee's "Future of America" plan.  Asian-themed charter schools (Korematsu, etc) reorient America's youth with revised history of the USA and promotion of "redefined" American icons like "Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken", and one will find among the revisionists those rooted in the old Asian Fascist machine of World War 2 as much as anything "leftist", despite their current pretenses.  Anyone who comments on this is accused of "xenophobia", "anti-immigrant" attitudes, or even vilified as engaging in "hate speech".  Perhaps the only solution is for Americans from states to the east to move to California and populate it before it falls permanently into the orbit of the Asia Prosperity Sphere, or of the pseudo-progressive-imagery Schwarzenegger-led motley German global empire that quietly runs the EURO Union power machine based in German banks and the German military, including "Nazi Greens" that infiltrated and co-opted the Green movement around the time Petra Kelly was neutralized by an old Nazi circle in Germany, noting that today Pluto is amassing money and power in the Vienna as well as the Chongqing/Chungking (and Jakarta/Hanoi/Saigon/Kuching) longitudes (capable of controlling America's finances for the next 250 years, and moving toward Hongkong, thus of vital global significance in coming years).  This means that America needs to be alert to financial ambitions coming not only from China, but also from Malaysia and Indonesia, and Vietnam on the rebound... and Vienna (maybe including German money shifted there)... and stop bending over backwards to let foreign influence overtake American infrastructure.  American money in Honolulu will also play a critical role in the next 250 years, and if that money is rooted in Asia (as much of it is and has been), so will be the US economy on into the future if Americans from coast-to-coast do not firmly claim Hawaii.  Vietnam, maybe still seen as an impoverished and war-disabled country, may be falling under Chinese or Japanese control, or both, and Saigon is the port city for the vast Mekong River region that winds in to the Golden Triangle shared by Burma, Thailand, Laos, and China. Saigon has long been a largely ethnic-Chinese city in an otherwise ethnic Indochinese-populated country, and the same is true of the Golden Triangle areas south of the Chinese border, including north Thailand.  Cambodia has been overtaken by Chinese mafia, especially after the Chen Chili gangster network was turned out of prison and on the loose there to run the "Peace Palace" and take over the Angkor Wat ancient wonder of the world for Chinese mafia.  The potential power of Greater China (including Taiwan and Singapore and Hongkong) over the US economy and infrastructure of the next 250 years should not be underestimated, by any means); yet, nor should the potential power of Vienna and the old Habsburg-banking empire that stretches into Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Germany, and the old Austrian Empire holdings in Hungary, Czech/Slovakia, Poland, and the former Yugoslav countries.  (Watchers of post-WW2 Nazism/Fascism have warned to heed remnants of the quirky Pseudobuddhist empire of Austria's immigrant Baron von Ungern built up in the Far East and stretching from Siberia to Mongolia, China, and Tibet; and aligned with Japan and Manchurian Russian Fascists in World War 2 -- who may be on the rise again in Peterburg, Kazakshstan, and areas of Siberia north of Manchuria today.)  If and how that remains significant may be worth study.)  The banks of Vienna may stretch into Russia and/or Ukraine and create the East European economic power bloc that Austria once controlled and wants to control again... a revived fusion of the old Habsburg and Oldenburg-Romanov empires, in part via the Russian Orthodox church, is just as possible as a resurrection of Bolshevism in Russia, and the never-ending German ambitions to control Ukraine, and Russia's minerals, industries, farmlands, and living-space (i.e. Hitler's Dream, partly accomplished by Katarina/Catherine the Great/von Anhalt) must never be forgotten as one assesses events in Eastern Europe.

    Americans had better get familiar with world history and politics (and not from biased and self-interested Asian or Euro nationalist sources) in order to survive in the immediate and distant future.  And understanding of how Metternich and Sun Tzu and Machiavelli operated can no longer be safely relegated to the sidelines as irrelevant history... they must be understood as the Guidebooks of foreign empires clearly out to Make America Squirm Again as it did briefly in the WW1, WW2, and the Vietnam War era.  There must not be any more Pollyanna or dream/fantasy/make-believe foreign-policy makers in Washington DC as America finishes off its Pluto Return during the next few years, or America is in Trouble that we may all see more of on the streets, and hopefully kept from invading our homes via domestic anarchy.

    Finally DOMESTIC CONTROL OF PORTS, INTERNET, ALL TELECOM SYSTEMS, AND MEDIA OUTLETS, are vital.  Fools need to quit SELLING OUT to foreign interests and controls, or America could collapse, and pay attention to where foreign agents are facilitating it.  That need not require permanent or full national isolationism, but clearly, more if it is needed until the USA weathers the Pluto return concurrent with foreign Vulkanus power pushing in on Seattle and New York, the Mexico border from Laredo to Brownsville, and the Canada border with the USA where Manitoba and Ontario converge as well as Hudson Bay coastline in Manitoba, from Churchill to York Factory.  That requires heightened, not relaxed, border and immigration security for the next few years.  Passport fraud, especially among the Chinese diaspora, has been so common that it would be wise to require all people acquiring US citizenship for the last 20 years to re-apply and be recertified by US State Dept or military Passport Inspectors, not motley "Homeland Security" quacks that may include immigrants helping friends and family flood in.  A little healthy "xenophobia" may not be such a bad thing, as has already become evident in much of Europe recently.

    The crippling of US infrastructure by the TAX CUTS PUSHED BY CHAO-CONNELL only follow up, per geodetic indicators and historical data to the Enron-affiliated WendyLeeGramm-Rudman economic program started during the Reagan Administration, also tied to the old Flying Tigers Chinese mafia network of Anna Chen Xiangmei Chennault, reported to be one of the witches who brewed the Watergate Hotel scandal and mess along with the Sun Myung Moonie cult, and the "Yellow Bird" Asian mafia network in Houston.  This all paved the way for a gradual East Asian takeover of US infrastructure, continually facilitated by the Sun Myung Moonies and their more recent 'Falun Gong' branch/offshoot sniffing out real estate acquisitions.  The port of Houston TX will need tight domestic surveillance and controls as Vulkanus moves toward the Ascendant there via 8th harmonic angle.  US Navy surveillance may be far more necessary than "walls" in deterring any foreign encroachments that arrive through Mexico, reiterating that Mexico may only be the "useful" conduit of transnational subversion and/or crime that innocents in Mexico are caught up in. Thus, it is in the interest of Mexico to cooperate with US national security operations, and the USA needs to make it worth the cooperation.  Mexico has a long history of being used as the vehicle and fall-guy of foreign subversion operations against the USA, and that includes during WW2 by both Germany and Japan, as well as by Russia at various junctures in time.

    An entire, disinterested and objective, book could, and should, be written on Chinese collaboration with the Axis Powers and their organized crime networks in World War 2, and their relevance to today, and yet one will have to wade through the plethora of lies and calculated disinformation manufactured by skilled Chinese propaganda sources, both in print and now on the internet, where Chinese agents are quick to falsify data on their covert "secret society" operations and political figures.  Through decades of inadequate military defense, China developed sophisticated propaganda, psychological warfare, and guerrilla warfare tactics that made it (and Japanese interests as well) victorious in Korea and Vietnam, and yet rooted in Sun Tzu's book of covert warfare tricks.  Drugs pumped into US troops in Vietnam, age-old Sun Tzu guerrilla warfare strategies in Korea and Indochina, and elaborate and effective propaganda campaigns in the USA, defeated US military objectives in Vietnam.  Could those same tactics be used inside US borders?  Not an impossibility.  Look at the geodetic lineups for relevant events and organizations then and now, and especially note how Japan also played the operations quietly from the sidelines, both then and now.

    Some say America ultimately lost World War 2, and maybe to that should be added the wars in Korea and Vietnam.... and look at how that overlaps with the Sony-powered Schwarzenegger "Grassroots Revolution" and "Redefine America" networks, nested in both major US political parties.  This is No Time to "Tune in, turn on, drop out", or smoke another reefer and drift off into dreamland while the guerrilla operations invade, and they have and are indeed invading daily, said in a nonpartisan and factual spirit on that issue.

    The Democratic Party needs to Drop the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC and Schwazi's tricky "bi-party" overtures like hot potatoes, and the Republican Party needs to do the same, or Elaine Chao is about to become the de facto Dowager Empress of America, her affiliated banks already promoted by CAPAC politicians in the Democratic Party as well as Republican.  Pay attention to Chao's Highway 60 project that ties Norfolk Virginia and Los Angeles-San Diego together with Phoenix, Fort Knox, McConnell's machine in Frankfort KY, and Walmart control hubs.  Those ports connect the heartland of America to the Chao Dynasty's shipping lines (that should be nationalized and given to the US Navy to own and run) at America's Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  A Highway 60 turnoff also leads to the ports near Yuma on the Gulf of California and down to the infamous Port of Guaymas in Mexico, which served as a Japanese subversion base of operations in World War 2, by the way.

    Trump will win via patriotic rhetoric, despite the Germans and Chinese and Hindus and other foreigners in his cabinet and close around him; and Biden would be wise to show that he is the patriotic candidate truly For America, and that requires purging his campaign of immigrants and immigration-advocates and second-generation American rookies and foreign agents.  If Any political party gives in to manipulation by foreign interests or agents, the Pluto Return may be the Death of America, period, and not just 'as we know it', for agents of foreign powers want so see what remains of America to all blow up in a radioactive cloud of smoke or in a deluge of immigrant repopulation, or to take over America's streets and banks and industries and govt agencies, and efforts to do both have clearly already been underway.  Faith-based Dream-world policies and 'virtual reality' and purportedly 'driverless vehicles' run from remote computers, and America's internet and telecom technology corporations run by foreigners will clearly build and seal America's coffin, while 'American Pie' is redefined as Peter Thiel's Apple Peels, 'Chinese Apple Pie', and 'Ajit Pai' while any puppet of foreign interests occupies the White House again.  Keeping America Alive is going to require Real Americans in control of New York and Boston and Honolulu, and, via 8th harmonic, Los Angeles and San Diego, where the Pluto Return manifests most potently, yet recently occupied by Japanese troops, and heavily under the control of the Asian nationalist "CAPAC" until they are thrown out of power, and that's up to both the Democratic and Republican parties to do, together as one nation.  Note that CAPAC roots are largely in Honolulu, and that Fully American (no 'hyphenated' or dual-citizen) Pluto money and power in Niihau and Kauai and up and down the Bering Seacoast of Alaska (where Moonie 'fishing fleets', Putin's Taekwondo ships roam?) will also determine the course of America for the next 250 years.  The Pluto/Economic instability in America now is being manipulated and undermined from both China and Austria and Germany, Japan and Korea, and possibly also from Malaysia and the 'Golden Lily' Bandung network in Indonesia, and such impact could last for the next 250 years, as could financial manipulation from Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, or the Argentine Patagonia region with its controls over the globally-critical Cape Horn.  Japan's Military Bases are added to that foreign mix as Vulkanus moves into its East China Sea island bases.  Will South Korea be serving American interests or unite with North Korea, or Japan even moreso as the "Kims" of the North are slowly "turning Japanese"`and schmoozing with the Japanese-created Moonie political cult.  This is No Time to reduce US military presence globally, and not as a war machine but as a force for global vigilance and surveillance, fully divorced from foreign manipulation or controls, but ready for effective defense against encroachments on America.

    It may well be time to consider dismantling 'Homeland Security' and returning its functions to long-established and deeply-rooted US national defense agencies set up at the birth of the USA, unless the American public wants more chaos and anarchy under a makeshift quick-fix agency full of foreign moles and holes ready to pick America apart like invading pirates, as if that has not already started.

    See also the following entry, posted at nearly the same time.


2020Jun25 (updated Jul05): Critical US nationwide issues surfacing recently:

    Before starting I note amusement at the continuing efforts of a glib longtime cohort of the Astrolabe cokesnorter and stockbroker network to anonymously attack most everything I write with smarmy sarcasm, wasting intellect on fox-like snipes that impress only the shallow and intoxicated.

    These are some very criticial issues that have recently surfaced, or have made themselves more evident:

    1) For how long this has been the case is not clear, but this is of vital importance to people with US academic degrees seeking employment, possibly going back as far as 2000 and the odd political coup in Washington DC that merits continual study and put a motley crew, including Elaine Chao and friends of Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger, in the driver's seats of Washington DC.  If you are applying for positions that require university transcript verification, make Sure you order a copy for your own review, and double-check with those receiving transcripts to make sure they are getting the correct information.  This may point to one more example of the problem of transnational corporations with transnational interests taking over US infrastructure functions, which began escalating in January 2001, and this could accelerate, until remedied, due to the federal tax cuts that, maybe by intent, have forced privatization and takeover of US infrastructure by private and and/or foreign entities. 

    In the year 2000, a corporation called "Parchment" began pooling and functioning as the distributor of US university transcripts.  Who owns that corporation and where it is based is not clear, but geodetic lineups may give a hint.  It has been discovered that transcripts sent out from Parchment have been altered, whether intentionally or unintentionally, even to the point of distributing transcripts indicating that people did not complete degrees which they did in fact complete.  There have also been problems with Parchment, which has been functioning as a sort of national "clearing house", sometimes refunding orders after delays, rather then sending out transcripts, which could destroy opportunities for time-sensitive job applications.  Some universities have ceased using Parchment and returned to direct dispatch from the university itself, as a result, as their involvement can sabotage or manipulate job placement procedures, whether uninentional or intentional.  In one specific case, in place of indicating completion of the degree, what was substituted by "Parchment" was a supplmentary page of unclear origins replicating a typical letter sent out early in a degree program indicating which courses remained incomplete. Parchment transcripts have also indicated the wrong university where undergraduate degrees were obtained.  Thus, the potential employer would be left with the impression that the degree was not complete, in which case (American) applications are normally tossed aside, and/or there is no time to call applicants and verify.  Or applicants may have assumed that the Parchment transcript was correct when it was not, and that applicants had made false claims of degrees on their applications.  After all, 'Parchment' sounds so 'official'.  The geodetic alignments for the founding of Parchment are worth noting, as those include transnational (and foreign to the USA) corporate complexes known for collecting and then controlling American national records databases, including for banking and medical matters.  Such power gives substantial control over US national infrastructure operations, and the potential to cause confusion on a nationwide scale.

    Add to this is the fact that, in the current transnational market in the USA, there are foreign-based private lobbying networks, even in public universities, that advocate for placement of foreign applicants as university teaching assisants or medical practitioners, and in some cases the lobbyists are university faculty members from overseas.  What this means is that applicants from the lobbyists' native country are likely to be given priority in university placement, whether as graduate students or graduate teaching assistants or practitioners (e.g. medical school fellows) -- i.e. foreign applicants may be shoved ahead in line.  This can lead to physicians-in-training being selected based on country of origin rather than academic or practical qualifications.  Having worked in offices processing such applications, I am well aware of the serious implications.  Increased globalization, as well as demands based on domestic hiring quota practices applied to foreign applicants, has logical implications, and may explain oddities otherwise inexplicable.  What results is the opposite of native applicants being given priority in placement.  Where Vulkanus has been hovering at the geodetic MC in recent years appears to be clearly relevant, and its recent and current angle to Hades is of course relevant, specifically, to medical (as well as pharmaceutical interests and medical equipment) issues. When the problem began is not clear, but possibly as early as 2000, when Parchment was founded.

    2) Also relevant to the current geodetic alignment of Vulkanus (politics and influence) is the fusion of domestic race-related political issues to include both truly disfranchised as well as wealthy "people of color", and I tend to comment that all people on planet Earth are people of one color or another, and that "white" is a historic term that might deserve to be thrown into the dustbin of history, as it tends to be abused by racists of all races, whether in sympathy or opposition.  In addition, the terms "colored" as well as "white" polarizes domestic politics, and are reminiscent of old Dixie and Apartheid politics, for in reality, all people are shades of colors all along the same spectrum, and the are in fact no literally "white"/colorless people in existence, and probably never have been.  What's more significant is what refers back to where Vulkanus is on the geodetic MC now, and how that explains where the current politics of race is largely emanating from... East China Seacoast areas, and Egypt and Turkey and South Africa, as well as India in the 8th harmonic... notice how the capitals and metropolises now aligned with Vulkanus fit right into national interests pushing the "people of color" politics in the USA while including along domestic minorities found politically useful as "allies", and how legal restitution for truly disfranchised populations are being used to gain privileges for "colors" already more than privileged and overrepresented, including those globally economically in competition with the United States.  It is important to include this in assessments.  Moreover, in the event of warlike situations or intense global competition, there is risk that real and problematic foreign subversion be casually dismissed as racial discrimination or profiling, allowing subversion to fester and grow. These matters very much in the here and now

    3) Further representative of the problems of the potential, and manifest, political corruption and intrigue of the still-in-effect, by 2 degree orb,  Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 angle (and to continue through 2023), potentially exacerbated by continuation of hypocritical claims by transnational organized crime networks of discrimination based on racial profiling, specifically pointing to East China Sea, India, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, as well as Ukraine and the western frontiers of Russia, as well as other locations with 1 to 3 degrees of fixed signs (and 16 to 18 degrees of mutables) on the geodetic MC.  Within the USA, the only potent counterbalance will come from Anchorage and sparse population areas near its longitude, and lesser 8th harmonic power from longitudes near Denver's and Cheyenne's and Roswell's, yet unlikely to be a match for the foreign 4th-harmonic locations, i.e. Shanghai in particular, with power from Taipei, the Ryukyus, and Cairo (with increasing Saudi presence including via the new Suez canal joint operations) now phasing into increasing global influence.  Thus, unalloyed US national security operations in Alaska as well as in eastern Atlantic Canada are now Vital to the USA as well as Canada; and the increasing global power and influence from Cairo and Turkey (and India) may put Israel under significant pressure until such time as Vulkanus reaches Tel Aviv, toward the mid-2020s.  Meanwhile North America is No Match without staunch and unquestionable support for counterbalancing US national security interests from Canada and British Naval bases in Atlantic North America and the Falklands. Sincere and verifiable alliances with India and Kashmir, as well as China and Japanese naval ops in the East China Sea, are now critical to the countries of the Middle East, as are those with South Africa.

    As pointed out before, US alliances with Argentina are also vital and critical, and have significance for sea traffic going around Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego that may escape the attention of many but be of vital global significance nonetheless, and the same may be true for Guyana, a country often overlooked but vital to Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico traffic and ports.

    For Americans to overlook these critical locations on the globe is pure naive or overly idealistic folly and potentially dangerous in terms of national security as the USA undergoes its 1776 Pluto return and while Vulkanus continues to bear down on the geodetic Ascendants of Seattle and New York City (and Montreal in Canada).  In other words, ignore the Pollyanna "xenophobia" rhetoric, and Get Real about the dangers as well as the advantages of life in the very global 21st Century.  Meanwhile, global waters remain rough until the end of HA=VU in 2024, and vigilant investigation and skepticism, repairs, and risk precautions are necessary to make it through the storms.  2020 election changes may not be adequate to resolve global problems, although they might help, regardless of outcome, since we are already midway through the long Hades=Vulkanus 16th-harmonic challenge, with some experience and observations under our belts, and widespread vigilance among the competent toward current problems.

    Of course, the whole world is affected by the HA=VU configuration, but, for the USA it is most critical due to vulnerabilities of a Pluto return, where money/investments from rich Chongqing/Chungking and Vienna can turn the world upside down, and the USA, in particular, upside down if Wall Street is not kept under American control.  A crippled national budget risks throwing America to foreign takeover via privatization, much the way Europe has fallen to German banks and corporations now likely to be shifting money to Vienna (Schwazi Land Flexyapowa).  That means that if America does not, in response, "flex its power" over the Schwazi-Merkel-BND-Siemens-Thiel circuit as well as the ambitious Chongqing Lobby of Chao and family friends, the US economy could tumble.  So stop playing the xenophobia-shame game and take back control of the steering wheel before the Schwazi-Merkel launched German-Japanese (remote-controlled) "driverless car" drives America off a cliff, or before Chao's control of America's air- and seaports turns America into Shanghai sweet and sour soup.  There must be a way to wrest control of the ships going in and out of America's ports under Greater Chinese and Ottoman-Saudi-Emirati captains.  It may be that the only US national infrastructure with the budget to do it is via the Department of Defense, and if that's in any way under the control of foreign contractors or double agents, America is doomed to fragmentation or stealth invasion and takeover, redefined into something increasingly alien.  Pushes for "diversity" in US military or govt involving double-agents or dual citizens is of grave risk.  There are real people wearing those halloween costumes, even if their identity, or where they come from, may not yet be clear, and Hades may well correlate with Halloween Treat or Trick (and note Hades in Cancer, meaning Cook Your Food well).  2024, a long four years away, is the light at the end of the tunnel, so don't throw any more caution to the winds yet, and a single election may not be enough to fix all, or too many of, the messes yet.  Extremist polarizations between the legitimate American political parties means no one has the right answers yet, and Pluto can in worst cases go to extremes before resolutions of outcome.  (Note also the infiltration and co-option of the Green Party by German military agents, no doubt relevant to Schwazi's ploys. The Green Party slammed radically toward the right when Petra Kelly died under mysterious conditions.)  Pluto transformations can be quite slow, but thorough, and can revitalize the extant just as likely as throwing it all in the trash.  Those who are under the delusion that America as a political entity is an inherently 'conservative' country are so far off track from reality that it stinks, as are those who are claiming that injustice is built into the system... those makikng such claims, whether extreme right or left, haven't read enough books to know what they are talking about, or else come from or "believe" the propaganda of another country and don't know the history of the United States and its founding institutions, as warped as they may have been made by the misguided from time to time over the last 250 years.  Or the unsubstantiated claims about American history are simply foreign propaganda broadcast on American media recently overtaken by foreign investors to a disturbing degree.

    Add to that the controversy over slavery, a dehumanizing global phenomenon, about which many are curiously overlooking the centuries of brutal Arab slave trade, the indentured servitude of Chinese culture, the brutality of Japanese feudal orders, and the various forms of human trafficking that have spanned the globe, and still do, and still scout for inductees today. The ugly truths about slavery in the USA have to be faced and acknowleged for what they really were, but to ignore the same thing emanating, past and present, around the globe is not only ignorant, but dangerously risky. "Dubai Ports" has historical significance for the slave trade of the past as well as the present, and how does that relate to how it got into Washington DC legislation or decrees?  Has anyone talking about the history of slavery in America taken a good look at the various human-trafficking operations across Asia over the centuries and still today?  Apparently too few.  That doesn't excuse any of it, anywhere, but it does point out what's real and pertinent in the here and now, including which foreign corporations are running the prisons under scrutiny.  People have been known to trade one slavemaster for another sometimes worse despite the alluring pimp-like overtures, bribes, and propaganda; and even the old Rulebooks point out the correlation between the HA=VU combination and slavery, in worst-case scenarios. Is it xenophobic hate speech to even bring up the issue of foreign slave trade and human trafficking still unfolding today, even?  What about the sleazy pimps who round up the "Asian girls" for sale?  Are those forbidden topics?  Or the connection between the Shanghai and Taipei Tong mafias and the 22.5-linked Golden Triangle drugs and guns and pimps, and even gun clubs, or Moonie-cult-run "Kahr Arms" customers on America's streets now?  American institutions, despite any of their foibles over time, look pretty good by comparison, overall.  But you might not know that when foreign propaganda floods US media outlets taken over by foreign agents and corporations, due to globalism and its shadowy side, a topic that deserves serious investigation ASAP...  like who has taken over America's internet and tech industries in the last 10 years?  Pay attention to that, or you may see your own country fade away like a globalist-manufactured dream turned into a nightmare.  It all depends on choices, the wisdom, and the pragmatic realism, of those in power.  America doesn't need 2 fools at opposite extremes as the only choices on the ballot.  There must be a rational choice for a rational outcome, and an unquestionably American president; no alloys or foreign puppets or screaming stage-players or token symbols just to look good.  Otherwise, watch America fall into colonial status under foreign rulers or their manipulees.  If in the worst case that does happen, there are another 4 years to rectify the situation, but they may not be bright and cheery 4 years for most Americans.  Study carefully how Schwarzenegger the show-dog and Thiel boy got to where they are, and how Chao and the Asian Law Caucus have gotten to where they are, for they are altogether the Revived Fascist Axis; and once that is understood, the path out of darkness and toward America's return to being America will become more evident.  Trump hasn't got what it takes to do it; his slogans are on target, but his policies don't match, and his makeup is wearing thin.  The foreign lobbies and lobbyists need to be thrown out of Washington and every major state capital, and that's a tall order, but doable.  America has to be run by smart Americans, for America and not some foreign-manufactured BS 'dream act' in 'virtual reality' on a 'cloud'.  Study the now core-reactivated and returning Pluto configurations in the USA 1776 chart to see how to do it, as well as the configurations of the Precessed transiting Pluto to the USA's natal positions.  It's going to take something like a jump-start out of the sludge, like Roosevelt died in 1933, and Reagan-praising Obama spouting Hoover's buzz-phrases and guided by advisors from Chicago or Stanford pseudo-liberal corporatist schools don't know how to do it either.  Based on Pluto's geodetic lineup, the right answers will come from NYC or New England, where America started, as well as from Los Angeles, 45 degrees to the west, from the camp opposed to Schwarzenegger (and maybe at UCLA), regardless of whether it involves the green rhetoric tricks he spouts about or not.  It will have to involve an American Green plan, not a German or an Asian one, and Canadians are welcome to participate as long as they aren't puppets of controllers or "gurus" from overseas.

    Will popular interpretations of Nostradamus have anything at all do with this or anything else?  Not to view Nostradamus as the final word on anything, the following is noteworthy, based in part on the interpretation of Henry Roberts and his descendants, claiming that all years indicated by Nostradamus require adding 32 years.  I will here consider both possibly dates, and "Nos" indicates in Century 10, quatrain 72, 

a calamitous global revolution in the 7th month of 1999, which would be 2031 after adding 32 years, involving the "King of Angolmois", which an interpret as a historic region of France of little significance today, and which Robert interprets as an anagram for "Mongolois", i.e. King of the Mongols.

    What occurred in July 1999 included two major events of global significance, pertinent to the conjectured "Mongolois" interpretation.  One is the opening of the "Menghui" website of the Falun Gong cult.  Menghui happens to be the last 2 characters/syllables of the Tong Meng Hui, a Sino-Japanese organized crime network that co-founded the Kuomintang Party in Tokyo (note, in Japan, as well as Singapore and Honolulu, not China). 

    Other globally significant events in July 1999 include a coup d'etat/hostile takeover of the Pacifica Radio Network that produced the "Democracy Now" TV and internet news-commentary channel popular among the American left, and the release of the film "Blair Witch Project".  

    If and how any of these events interrelate or not, to the "Shanghai Cooperation Organisation" (SCO) treaty between Russia and China, which recently expanded to include India and Pakistan, appears to be noteworthy, as may be Nostradamus's other quatrain supposedly referencing an eventual invasion and takeover of Europe by Russia (Century 10, quatrain 86).  Regardless of current or future ideologies, Russia and China are still sworn to mutual defense in event of attack, as was the case when McCain ranted about a World War 3 after returning from a programming session at the German-run Halifax Conference.  What has followed since then is a possibly intentional flood-wave of immigrants from SCO countries into Canada and the USA, even into govt posts, and certainly into tech industry and internet controlling offices, all facilitated by disgustingly naive American politicians and businessmen.  Perhaps the intent was to stop a world war, but one did not occur in 1999, whereas the 32-year adjustment  moves that to 2031.  Will the USA then be so full of agents from Asia that the course of events will contradict, or simply alter, the intuitive vision of Nostradamus, or will it be supposed that everything Nostradamus wrote was silly gobbledygook?

    Whatever the case may be, it would be foolish to underestimate the destructive capacity of both Russian and Chinese missiles should a potential or intended "world war" be seen as a solution to today's global problems.

    If there is a war in 2031, where will the astrological lineups be?  

Vulkanus (top control) power will be near 7 degrees Scorpio/Fixed, pointe to preoponderating global power in orb of Moscow, the Pusan military base in South Korea, Yakutsk in Siberia, Jersualem and Beirut, areas of Alaska along the Yukon border, St Johns Newfoundland, the southmost tip of Brazil, NATO facilities in French Guiana, and Japanese bases in the Ryukyu Islands.

    At that time, Zeus (ground operations) will be in orb of 29 Libra/Cardinals, i.e. locations where Vulkans has been recently, including Shanghai, Taipei, Peterburg, Kiev, Istanbul, Alexandria, and Durban.  Moscow may start a war and use China as cannon-fodder, solving its overpopulation problem in rather unpleasant ways.  Centuries-old references of Mongolia can also refer to China, especially Qing dynasty remnants, as well as the Mongol/Kazak/Cossack traditional warrior component of the Russian Empire.  It is not likely that Russia will risk invading Europe without good cause; and Nostradamus interpretations have tended to indicate that any Russian victories, although devastating, will not last for long, due to the supposition that the USA will have revitalized, and will drive the Asian hordes back to Asia. It's in the whole world's interest to begin preparations now. Based on the various indicators, it's important to stop the potentially disastrous mass relocation games, which are causing more than solving problems, although anarchists and sadistic action-movie addicts may get their sick kicks out of it. Mandatory integration and forced "inclusion" and "diversity" may have worked well in isolated geographic regions, but on a global scale, with its vast contrasts and disparities, it's just leading to fragile chaos of a sort that "revolutionaries" and assorted excitement-craving anarchists may actually want.  Real life, with real people, is Not a video game.

    Pluto will be in orb of 11 to 13 Aquarius, and money to fund such a war, should it actually occur, may come from Japanese Yakuza (rich global war tech money), Nazi remnant colonies in Brazil (maybe), Yukon private gold money, or the Caucasus-Iraq-Arabia oil axis, with probable plans to stay out of the line of fire and watch the big superpowers "duke it out".

    In a global world, where countries still exist in reality, despite imaginary dreams, some countries may want others destabilized, and mass population influx may be one way to do it, or even pave the way for colonization and takeover, such as apparently has already occurred.  Note again the related Vulkanus key global power  in Shanghai, Cairo, Peterburg, Durban.  Are they playing a role in the chaos on American streets now?  Or on the streets of Europe?  Notice the similarities to the street riots and rhetoric of the 1960s. Connect the dots, and study the stars (of every type) and their movements. If you think all the Nazis and their chummy Asian fascists died off, you need another cup of coffee, and to throw away your opiate pills.

    Now, how many people still think that the changes Ronald Reagan brought to America were a good idea, regardless of his foreign policy?  Geodetic lineups for him and his bureaucratic circle are very instructive, and they point to the extended Moonie network, too often.  And now we deal with the consequences, and look at the streets, and banks, and real estate conglomerates while Hades hovers over the Golden Triangle, and moves toward the Bering Strait "dream land bridge", where Golden Triangle related intrigue, or traffic, is likely to manifest soon if not already.  Get ready to monitor the Alaska Highway traffic for hidden cargo.


    2020May21 (updated May30): The Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus cluster of the 2020 annual universal chart and the mess in US politics clearly points to the EastChinaSea and Shanghai-Taipei region, as well as Turkey, Egypt, and longitudes near St-Peterburg Russia, Kiev Ukraine, the Manchuria-Siberia border region, and Durban South Africa.

    Comments in the astrological community with problems in the USA involving China were accurate to a point, but oversimplified.  The oversimplification likely due to a lack of understanding of East Asian history and politics, and of US Pacific coast politics, the latter of which is right in the middle of the 2020 elections, as it was in, at least, every election starting with 2000 (and lesser but significantly since 1980 when the Moonies and C&H Sugar pushed Reagan t he food and nutrition deregulator).  NE=HA=VU can involve, and is involving, potent political subterfuge and passive-aggressive tactics, Sun Tzu style, and quickly elucidated once one reads an unadulterated and unbiased translation of Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Lessons from study of psychological warfare tactics in the Korean and Vietnam/Indochina wars, Chinese propaganda, and even Japanese WW2-era propaganda tactics, are invaluable in unraveling what is going on not only domestically in the USA, but globally.  What's important is that innocent people from East Asia not be blamed for what the rich and powerful oligarchs, and even gangsters and spies, from that region of the globe are doing.  It was an error for East Asians in North America to hold to the oath of silence and solidarity about Asian mafia tactics, and yet known retaliatory tactics likely stopped the still-urgently-needed investigations unhampered by interested parties.  The use of brainwashing and "love-bombing" Moonie-variant cults appears to be amid the chicanery, and this fits both NE=VU as well as HA=VU, as both can refer to hypnosis, including of the political type.  Look to the locations indicated by geodetic alignment on the geo MC for central control centers of operations.  The Shanghai-Taipei-Ryukyu region is among them, and even conjunct in the early degrees of Leo.  Martial arts schools, long known as covert fronts for espionage operations, match the recent Leo "Flex Your Power"-type themes.

    A study of the geodetic lineups of organizations and power personalities makes clear that, within the USA, both the Moonie-Falungong as well as the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus are pulling strings.. and that Elaine Chao is fused "across the aisle" with them, as well as some interests in mainland China, despite differences in political party alignment inside the USA, or in official policy stances.  Those alignments also indicate that continued past polarizations between mainland China and Taiwan and Japan are likely half theatrics, much as were pretended Chinese power-elite support for the Allies against Japan in World War 2.  (Review the 'One World' Chinese ploy with Wendell Willkie, who had been boosted into the 1940 election largely by Nazi money, and how many Chinese oligarchs sided with Japan for the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" that was desired then and today is nearer manifestation than ever before.  Geodetic alignments also confirm how that has developed over time.) 

    A key point here.... if the Democratic Party wants to win the 2020 election, it needs to dump the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobbies, and immigration-increase policies, from central roles in the campaign, ASAP.  As for Asian votes, you're not likely to know what those really are at the voting booth anyway.  Note most recently, US federal money scarce due to Shanghai Elaine pushing her fawningly obedient husband to reduce taxes on the uber-rich including her imported nouveau-riche immigrant friends, the Chao network's US (yes, US) Chao federal Transportation office for highways that link critical US financial centers, including the Fort Knox gold hub, via quicker transportation to and from US port cities (this includes US60, running from Virginia Beach to Fort Knox to Walmart administrative offices to Colorado River ports, as well as to Los Angeles via Interstate 10), ready to load and unload to and from her family empire's commercial ship lines. That highway needs to be staffed 24-7 by federal agents if not military or unquestionably 100% American electronic surveillance.

    Others have noted how the polarization over "Old White Men" and the tired "conservatives versus liberals/progressives" babble of the media screamers has played right into the Asian Century divide-and-conquer global push for commercial and political supremacy that Germany has also sought recently with the help of German agents in America like Thiel and Schwarzenegger, while naive American politicians have let all of them ride roughshod over the American public.  Pluto has been long known, on a socio-political scale, to warn of destructive internal schisms at historic roots, and the extremists of both the right and left, whatever they might be calling themselves now (including fake "antifascists", Euro and Asian), operate mostly in the interests of foreign-orchestrated sabotage and manipulation, such as was the case during the ugly US national schisms of the Vietnam War, the early WW2 era, and the US Civil War era, in each case exacerbated by foreign agents on US soil seeking to weaken US national unity against foreign subversion.

    This will be a core political hot potato as the November elections approach, and the more Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC people the Democratic Party allows to run the show, the more likely Trump is to win, due also to the strange unconditional love for him his key voters have despite Chao in the center -- and yet there remains the secretive Germany/PeterThiel/Schwarzenegger motley cabal doing much the same thing, with clear past collaboration from Merkel, all amid the NE=HA=ZE=VU global political chicanery.  As America's Pluto returns, where is the America in the middle of all this?  Have we forgotten who we really are, while being told we are being redefined into something else/new?  

    Pluto is big money, and the big money that shapes America's future came from about 17-19 Cardinals (including precession adjustment factors) during Pluto opposite the USA Sun around 2017-2018, when the choices made by leaders in Washington DC (or the assorted moneychangers of Wall Street) decided the course of the US economy for some time to come, whether the economy of New York (and who in the world controls it), China's elite in Chongqing and Hainan Island, Cape Town, Stockholm, Budapest, or Benghazi; and yet another shift could occur at the USA Pluto return, when Pluto is between 27:30 Cardinals (non-precessed) and about 0 degrees Aquarius (precessed return), from 2022 to 2024, and this will rule America's larger national economy, fundamentally, for the next 248/250 years. What locations will be involved?  Pluto will at that time be in orb of Vulkanus (literally opposite, between 2 and 4 degrees Leo). This will revolve around the longitudes of Shanghai and Taipei and Manila, and either the USA is on top, or Greater China and the Philippines are on top, and as things are now going, America is losing control to the Asian wing.  Western Australia's mining regions can play a vital role in the balance of power, meaning that Australia's control of its own resources there, and its alliances with the USA will determine vital global dominance issues for the next quarter of a millennium, and Britain and Canada's control of the Atlantic will also be vital to the outcome.  This is why I have said that a bolstering of the original Atlantic Pact of 1940, as well as of ANZAC alliances with it, is critical to the USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia for decades to come.  Chinese power, economic and political, Must be contained, unless Western civilization is ready to buckle under and submit.  Thus, figures like Chao and CAPAC are Major issues now, not trivial or to be dismissed as 'xenophobia' or 'racism', as the Asian lobbies are pushing to happen, and have succeeded at so far.

    Russian and Egyptian and Turkish power will also come to the forefront in a critical role, and the global alignments there need to be clear.  Russia and Turkey already know how to equivocate over the issue.... the Russians know their geodetics, too, as do the Germans, and Germany has quietly bargained with Russia to gain the upper hand while playing the old Cold War game of pitting it's most powerful competitors, the USA and Russia, against each other.  Roosevelt knew this, and was ready to slowly cut deals with Russia. Britain apparently knew the risks and how to do so in a more balanced way... the British military recently warned Washington DC that a "World War III" with Russia was a potential disaster for the world and especially for Europe.  Russia does not lose wars -- like a rugged bull with a Taurus geodetic MC that weathers the bitter cold unfazed, even temporary failures are soon overcome, grounded fixedly in the Earth.. and the same is true of all the Middle East. The best that can be expected is to keep it from trampling over the fences around it, only to find that it truly wants peace and to live in harmony with its environment, once left alone and unthreatened.  Yet, the Shanghai Pact is ready to unleash if common Pan-Asian interests feel threatened.  America's counterbalance remains firm alliances with the British Commonwealth, and German attempts to undermine that ultimately sabotage Germany's own national interests, as history has shown time and again.  If Germany does not take a back seat, it will once again be defeated after any attempts to push for control outside its borders, and the results will be disastrous domestic collapse and destructioin, and national humiliation.  There are those in Germany who know this, but others who think they can win this time.  Not so, per Nostradamus or the cyclical patterns of history.  'Der Fuhrer' is not meant to lead outside Berlin or Vienna, and the same holds true for its old Ottoman allies.

    Chinamerica for real?  Ottoman America? The next question then is who will own or run Wall Street?  The transnational lobbyists may be just as thick there as they are in Washington DC, and conveniently close to the Chao's Lattingtown Long Island network and the Moonie cult operations up the Hudson River that include a Moonie Kahr Arms "blessed gun" sales control center.  Is "Inclusion" including foreign spies?  Americans might need to quit polarizing over political candidates, and instead sober up, calm down, and discuss the issues and policies instead of throwing eggs at ridiculous domestic political stage personalities who may sometimes only be quisling-type foreign puppets anyway.  Control from Asian Hollywood?  Asian Wall Street?  German banking residuals?  The 2020 election is about who becomes US President, not who wins the Broadway or Hollywood (same thing, essentially) acting contests.

    More detail later (and below) on how Reaganomics and other Privatization-economics (Libertarian, Von Mises, Chicago School) have been driven (clearly indicated via geodetics) by the Asian Prosperity Sphere economists (e.g. Phil's Wendy Lee Gramm network tied to the old Flying Tigers China/Moonie Watergate machine) as well as German banks that have come to run the Frankfurter Euro Union.  It's an old global machine that hated Roosevelt for making the US economy dominant in the world, and making honest Americans like and trust each other again despite all the WW2 Axis infiltration and subversion operations.  Now, also, be careful that alliances with the well-meaning but disturbingly naive Peter Pan Trudeau administration in Canada does not bring his favorite Aga Khan guru cult into Washington DC as it as been mistakenly brought into Ottawa, noting the the Shanghai Treaty Organization now includes not only Russia and China, but also India and Pakistan, the perfect recipe for an Asian Century surprise to pop out of the birthday cake for USA Pluto return and trample the table down.  America needs Canada's moral support, not funneling of more Asian Century infiltration.  The potentially treacherous Vulkanus cluster has been on the geodetic Ascendant around Seattle as the obnoxious Pramila Jayapal MBA stalks and Microsoft is turned over the Asian rule possibly tied to current Vulkanus 8th-harmonic power in New Delhi, aligned with the Hindufascist BJP's Narendra Modi rallies at CAPAC Mineta Airport in Silicon Valley, and yet the Vulkanus power influx in California has likely been seeping in at the geodetic Ascendant of San Luis Obispo Bay or infiltration at Fresno.  Roots of CAPAC power may go all the way back to Mineta's mayoral office in San Jose and Asian nationalist operations brought into that city then.  Asia won and America lost Silicon Valley, and it's time to rebalance the power in America's favor. That means that tomorrow's techs need to be fully-trained Americans, not imported Asians, and that's in American's vital national security interets. Shut down Facebook's "Fwd.US" program and instead put aptititude-competent American kids in intensive and effective training programs, rewarding the talented and sending those with other aptitudes to do something they are more qualified and suited for.  The same needs to be done all across the USA, and the greedy need to quit thinking America can compete globally without making truly affordable education available for every single talented and motivated young person to rebuild America now. The country cannot really afford to neglect the unutilized talent of America's brightest young people.  Every rising economy on the planet makes education affordable to free for its most gifted and appropriately talented youth, and that is why they are the rising economies. Every young persons should undergo periodic, reliable, aptituded tests, with results records in databases controlled by the US government.

    (As a related issue, it recently came to my attention that foreign-owned corporations were handling American university graduate transcripts and scrambling the data -- whether due to incompetence, or in order to favor foreign applicants is unclear, but some universities are now returning to processing their own graduate transcripts and are dropping the unnecessary corporate operations where data can get scrambled, intentionally or not.  In one example, transcripts sent out by by corporate database operation made it look like the individual did not complete their degree and still had requirements that were in reality completed over a decade ago.  So, not only votes can get scrambled on big computer databases, but so can grades and records of university graduations and degrees.  He who control computer database, control society, when everything on computer cloud in dream world.)

    Locally in California, the Korematsu network (interestingly promoted by Sony's and Merkel's Schwarzenegger) is advancing the Asian Century plan, fusing public schools with idolized evaders of federal agents, and Korematsu teaching youth about the delights of "Mommie's Chinese Apple Pie" and "Japanese Fried Chicken", free dinners at Asian restaurants, redefining iconic American food dishes as Asian, fitting interestingly into the concept of "Redefining America", along with Asian-run historical revisionist operations like the now-Japanese-edited National Geographic, the now-Singapore-owned American President Lines shipping empire (Sold!), lobbying organizations to increase the preferential hiring of Asian medical workers, and the "Forward.US" importation of Asian computer technicians to run America's vital national-security-critical internet information-network operations. Japanese-run operations are likely to now be run from Ryukyu Island bases in the East China Sea, or possibly from remnant Japanese operations along the Chinese seacoast or in Manchuria, with Chinese operations evidently fused as they have been historically. These would be the hub locations of Chinese fascist collabortive governments in WW2, possibly involving some of the same old families, and possibly with agents in the USA all along. (Any CAPAC? And what ties to the Nazi network in Germany? APACL at the "American Security Council"?)  Republicans as well as Democrats have paved the way, and the most popular "third parties" are foreign-run, i.e. the German-run Greens and the German/Asian run Libertarians advocating for privatization that usually leads to foreign takeover, to assist in "Redefining America".  With the Pluto return on the horizon, America either revitalizes within and is reborn, or it gets redefined by some very stealthy and ambitious foreign lobbies rooted in the machines that put Adolf Hitler, and Hideki Tojo and his Shanghai friend Wang Chingwei and Manchurian Emperor Pu Yi in power.  If the Democratic Party goes any more foreign, it loses the election or loses America, or both since Trump appears to love his Elaine Chao almost as much as Mitchy does. If you think imported overlords are going to treat Americans as anything other than naive colonial subjects, think again after taking a look at California today and for the last 20 years. The destruction, or foreign takeover, of US public education is one of their keys to success, and "Zoom.US" is a Chinese-created internet platform with a useful "US" suffix, but it's not really us; it's America Shanghaied. Even Blackwater was trained by Japanese paramilitary trainers under Yasuhiko Aoyama. And the "Guy Fawkes Anonymous" fad was created by the Japanese "8chan" network.... interesting clue on where the sometimes-affiliated Julian Assange childhood cult may have come from, or what manipulated Eddie Snowden during his stay in Kuomintang-run Hawaii.  More globalism, anyone, or is what he have already more than Enough?  This is not kindergarten, and every culture on the planet has its slimy gangster network elements, now likely having a heydey under the NE=HA=VU cluster even bolstered now with ZE, and here's another issue: supposed "security systems" in America neighborhoods infused with Asian organized crime are being installed by martial-arts aficionados wearing the Black Dragon logo of the organized crime network (described in detail, among others, by Sterling Seagrave in "Lords of the Rim") that has run the Shanghai-Ryukyu seacoast for decades, worked with the postwar German Nazi underworld in WW2, and helped create the Sun Myung Moonie brainwashing cult... which means mock security to no security in neighborhoods towered over by dubious "Asia Pacific Research Center"offices that have taken over Alameda and San Francisco counties... California is on the verge of full Asian mafia takeover, if not already almost there, and CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus are more than complicit.  Does this in anyway fuse with the Schwarzenegger network's "Grass Roots Revolution" plan?  Is Peter Thiel involved somehow?  Merkel's forays in Malaysia and India?  The fragile but once-effective WW2 global Axis alliance has been revived.  Smart young American tech people on the streets around Silicon Valley have said, "They say we lost World War II".  Naive people in Alameda trying to keep the US Naval operations, minus CAPAC, from returning from Washington DC are making a huge mistake, unless they want California to be run by the Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere now fusing in Hindu interests to implement the "Asian Century" plan envisioned in the 1980s by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi -- it's no longer not only infeasible, but it's In Action.  Geodetics, and local evidence, make it clear that that's who installed the "Sanctuary" political machinery, and is hamming up the Trump versus Anti-Trump rhetoric to trick the public into aligning with a full Asian takeover, with rhetorical "Inclusion" of spies and moles and Pacific island independences movements to topple US defense bases.  Look at the geodetic lineups, if you don't think that's what's happening, and pay attention also to how the primeval opportunist, and Son of a Kaiser's Hun, Schwarzenegger's quirky transoceanic tactics and his meetings with Merkel fit into it all. (And note how that Asian Century power might also be shared in Cairo and Turkey for a Vulkanus team near both 0 Leo and 0 Taurus. Add the power of the Russian Navy at Peterburg and any joint SCO bases in China, and All Asia, indeed the "Pan-Asia" echoing Graz Austria's Von Ungern's "Dream Act", and the iconic Huns and Mongols join hands to trample Western Civilization.  Europe and America's only counterbalance bases are an Alaska rid of Asian double-agents, a Tahiti controlled defiantly by a strict US-France-ANZAC alliance, Western Australia's mineral-rich Kalgoorlie region devoid of Asian Century controls, and Anglophone-controlled Canadian, British, and US bases from Western Greenland to Labrador and the Gulf of St-Lawrence, to the Leeward Islands, Guyana, and the Falklands... and cooperative governments in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and powerful Argentina, all vigilant toward Asian Century takeovers.  Yet, Germany has proven untrustworthy at the helm, time and time again, in its unrelenting and stealthy drive to control the world... you don't turn the nursery over to the bullies unless you want chaos under Arnold and the Bam-Bams.  Washington DC was warned in the 1980s to not let Germany and the East Asian Prosperity Sphere remnants take over after the Soviet collapse, but too few listened, and so we see the USA in economic chaos, the UK and France crippled by Germany's stealthy pseudoliberalist and cryptofascist/neofascist "Euro" schemes, Roosevelt demonized by Japanese and German nationalists and their fools inside the USA, Herbert Hoover the pathetic Fool and transnational-banking-puppet idolized despite the massive disaster he created out of ignorance and primeval greed that led to the 1929 global crash and the rise of Axis Fascism, and people in power today who are too naive or infantile to see that and instead dazzled by "Dreams" and the treacherous deceit and quicksand of the "Virtual Reality" doublespeak fantasy/myth.  "Virtual Reality" was already recognized at Berkeley in the 1980s as a transnational neofascist hoax and a path to the collapse of Western Civilization into Fantasy and downfall, like a junkie lost in opiate-induced dreams and stumbling into death, blinded to Real Reality, mesmerized by an Asian-manufactured "Zoom world" wherever not addicted to Asian opiates.  The NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster now in effect, with Vulkanus power in the East China Sea at both Chinese and Japanese bases is thereby illustrated.  Now, where do Russia and Turkey stand in all of it?  What deals are they cutting with either Japan or Any of the Chinese diaspora countries, and where do the Philippines stand as Duterte struts the streets of Manila?  This is no time to be naive about the implications of an Asian takeover of California, and yet no time to be naive about the Neonazi underpinnings of German influence now, either... or about Schwarzenegger's states "Grass Roots Revolution" vision, regardless of how crazy one might think Trump's Chao/Thiel/Alibaba utterances and policies are.  Someone with a functioning 100% American brain and soul needs to take charge in Washington DC (and Vulkanus's Anchorage and Denver; and Pluto's Sino-Japanese-run-Honolulu, and Boston Banks and LasVegas Casinos increasingly under foreign control), or the USA is at risk of collapse during this USA Pluto return.  Some have aleady noted how the Chao-Alibaba/GreedyThiel induced Tax Cuts on the rich have paved the way for an Asian takeover of US infrastructure via privatization, and the results are obvious in California already.  Neither Vienna nor Berlin are the answer.  Only purely American financial and political influence will keep America intact, and the public will have to wade through the electioneering propaganda to discern which candidate will supply that in reality, despite campaign theatrics and rhetoric. Another German- or Asian-run "Tea Party" cult show is not going to fix things.  The only solution is level-headed Americans who are experts at crisis management, the history of foreign affairs tactics, and who are devoted to humane values and the principles of democracy, and yet strong and resilient.  This is no time for rookies or "hyphenated Americans" with foreign backing.  At this Pluto return, America is either revitalized  and fortified at its roots, or at risk of being shattered by invaders and thrown to the four winds.  Strangely like World War II, America's only chance for weathering the storm rests in a firm and strong and unadulterated Atlantic Alliance under Atlantic control (requiring a strong and undivided Britain), a French Resistance rooted in the mutual goals of the American and French revolutions, its control of Tahiti, and control of Hawaii from Washington DC and not the capital cities of the Chinese or Japanese diaspora (including Honolulu, the site of the Pearl Harbor disaster that too many Americans slept through).  That means Cancel Korematsu fusions into America's public schools, and throw the Moonies Out of government before California fully Belongs to foreign interests.  Get the troops from Washington DC in Alameda and San Francisco and San Diego; throw Japan's and Greater China's agents and cults out of the state, Deport Now; and do the same in Anchorage and Honolulu, Seattle, and Oregon.  Otherwise, the trouble is already brewing, and the riots now breaking out were launched with celebratory fireworks in the background, which should be a warning signal of the transnational nature of the polarizations over the death of George Floyd, which the Asian Century lobby is already exploiting in the many media propaganda outlets they already control.  Foreign powers want the real Americans turned against each other, and that's very clear in coastal cities where foreign agents abound... you can even see them gloat over the chaos that threatens the safety and security of America's citizens.  Some have even gone as far to call the situation a Stealth Invasion, and that is the case, it has been clearly facilitated by foreign and double-agents, some with big money, much apparently controlling real estate/property in America, potential launching-pads for subversion of any sort.  Add that to operations like the Moonies' Kahr Arms sales network, and what could be a more obvious potential source for chaos on America's streets?  Look further into the roots of the Moonies and their cult permutations, one of which is probably the Falun Gong, now trying to Impersonate America via its treacherous "Epoch Times" propaganda rag.  Interestingly, geodetic power alignments show up between Falun Gong operations and Xi Jinping's wife, and the Falun Gong's theater productions promote the resurrection of the Chinese Empire.  Their billboards have towered over the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area during the past year, and their cult zombies punctuate the streets in their weird face-covering hats that evade identity-detection by overhead surveillance cameras, and their weird rituals include what matches descriptions of the ancient "Gong Tau" electromagnetic-field chi-manipulation rituals. (Following incidents of Americans being functionally interrogated by Chinese merchants in the USA over innocent purchases of maps of China by American history or political science students.)

    Maybe the only time Shrimp Boy Chow told the truth was when he stated that Mayor Ed Lee was just as guilty of what Shrimp had been accused of.  People of Asian ancestry are no longer an innocent minority in the San Francisco Bay Area; rather, intermixed, are clear agents of Asian governments and corporate interests.  Some are interests portraying themselves as the alternative to the Trump government in Washington DC, and also falsely accusing anyone who does not agree with them as being in favor of a Trump administration.  In otherwords, a big sector of America is being offered the option of either a Trump-led political machine, or an Asian-mafia-run, or a Thiel-German-Schwarzenegger option.  No sensible American option is being offered yet, and this is why both the Democratic and Republican parties need to dump both the Asian and German nationalist politicians and lobbies attached to foreign interests, and offer instead a viable All-American option that will rebuild America as American rather than "redefine" it as an Asian or German hybrid colony or colonies.  The parallels to to 1929-33 during the Hoover-Roosevelt contest are remarkable, and just exactly what cycle or cycles is/are repeating now or recently?  One of them is the 90-degree return of Hades to nearly the same degree but in 'square', gone from Aries in 1928 to Cancer today. In 1928, the economic effect was on corruption involving manual labor and the concentration camps.  Today, in Cancer, its focus is on real-estate monopolies and rent exploitation.  In 1928, Aries pointed the banks of the Rhine River region in Germany, and today to the Shan States Golden Triangle region of Burma and China, along with the recently privatized PetroChina oil fields.  Ties between international narcotrafficking money and today's transnational real estate markets are well-known, but the same may also be true not only of the oilwells of inland China, but possibly also the nearby nuclear power technology hub that was built up in the mid 1960s when the "Cultural Revolution" cult was launched in Beijing (to the dismay of some ruling circles there, by the way).  The question remains if Golden Triangle drug/opiates (and today meth drug products, including "ecstasy") was involved in the development of China's nuclear power and weapons industries, and if it was all contained within the official borders of mainland China or not, noting that the same longitude also points to the old "Tannu Tuva/Touva" colony of the weird Austrian Czarist cult leader, Baron Von Ungern of Graz Austria and his interesting parallels to the new Schwarzenegger political empire (on very friendly terms with the Merkel machine).  This leads to the question of what German underworld ties are there to the Golden Triangle opiate/meth drug and now weapons-production network.  Enough guns and drugs for a "Grass Roots Revolution" operation in the USA?  If so, a study of how WW2 Fascism took root from the beginning, and unfolded from there, is in order.  There are political analysts who have written recently on the weird parallels with the Baron Von Ungern operation and his strange fusions into sham/pseudo/diluted Buddhist-themed cults that fascinated the ruling classes of China and Japan for centuries.

    Were the first 10 episodes of "Man in the High Castle", as they were originally (before the later trivialized episodes under different producers), warning of a USA under Axis Fascist occupation, produced as a warning of what was planned and could be unfolding at some level?  The parallels are noteworthy, and it was a warning of what to avoid happening.  The American economy and education system must be strengthened and fully aligned with American, not foreign, interests, or the USA could turn from being a melting pot into a Melted Pot dripped away into Korematsu & Chinese-Zoom or Schwazi "Grass Roots Revolution" oblivion, into pages of history written by German or Chinese or Japanese historical revisionists already active and propagating "The Future: America Redefined" with the Japanese National Geographic on the coffee table, Japanese Fried Chicken for dinner, Chinese Apple Pie for dessert, Elaine Chao as the waitress, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sauerkraut bunny helping Terminate America with Sony phony/sham defense contracts that fools signed America up for. "Fast Track" deals -- don't they always have the same outcome?  Either the real America gets revitalized, or else America gets redefined into some weird and foreign-controlled... nationalized park lands and privatized govt contracts sold to foreign corporations or governments.  The Hoover-aligned crowd did it and it caused a Great Depression and the rise of the Nazi/Japfascist machine, but dummies forgot, because liars still claim that Hoover created FDR's programs, that FDR was inhumane because of camps for Japanese-Americans during rampant wartime sabotage and collusion, and fools still believe it. America's youth need to Get Smart, not get high, seeking entertainment that informs instead of numbing the senses and mind, because the global competition for jobs that keep America strong and secure is intense.  If it comes from Stanford or its "Research Institute" psy-ops it's probably not real, and and just more transnational corporate social engineering head games for guinea pigs, "virtual reality" that's Not reality, but manufactured dreams, i.e. fantasy. It would be interesting to know how much clout the Shanghai-Ryukyu Black Dragon mob has there now, with a little help from Japanese Marines brought up from San Diego to huddle with their CAPAC and Asian Law Caucus friends.  If your martial arts, yoga instructor, or internet provider isn't American, it's time to switch now, and not be shamed for it.  Either California gets reclaimed for the USA, or it may be forever gone, because that's where it's been heading, and the Tanaka-introduced Moonies cult permutations lay the groundwork, the Manchurian Falun Gong cult followed up, and the joint Asian military "Asian Pacific Research Center" is ready to finish it off with the Asian Century "Doomsday for America" plan.  Someone had better put a leash on the Korematsu cult school pushers, and find out what's at top levels of the San Francisco Bay-Berkeley Alameda County school district that ushered them in.  Parts of that network are so close to the Oakland Federal Builiding as to almost be able to control it, and security systems run by the Black Dragon Society may only cover up rather than resolve the issue, Transnational-run Trump stage show or no Trump stage show, the competing transnational interests linger still, until contained. The Elaine Chao and Jack Ma and Peter Thiel shows (plus maybe "Chinese for Trump", and its murky origins, call the shots.  It's not smart to be naive about it. Look at the geodetic alignments when the Alameda Naval Base was shut down before -- it was the rise of CAPAC and its control of Alameda for an Asian Pacific, unless it's rolled back.  Japanese troops in California may reinforce that order, and partly-Honolulu-based CAPAC is too Asian nationalist to want to preserve nationwide American interests -- it might be want to see America "redefined" into what was planned when the Pan-Asian Prosperity Sphere was planned prior to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Aleutians, and US naval defense facilities in California and Oregon -- not to mention Australia's port cities.  An underfunded US government, or a privatized Australian one, may be just what they want, or takeover via transnational privatization, like Dear Elaine and her friends (like Penny Ying Yen Wong) want.  What the new Asian mob doesn't grab, Arnold and Angie and the Deutschebank crowd will be glad to confiscate.  Hades is still in Cancer... real estate is clearly part of the NE=HA=ZE=VU picture. America for Sale, no American left a dime to buy it, and will-o-the-wisp Zuckerberg at Facebook will obediently import more foreign technicians to control the books and records and manage American society via electronic monitoring...  until such time as non-partisan, literally democratic, US government interests take full control.  Meanwhile, Facebook looks like a weird Asian/German blend, alphabet soup with alternating alphabets and faces that are only masks, and very pushy and acquisitive ones as well.  Zuckerberg is only the doggie in the window.  Whole controls his leash?

    And if you think the "China Lobby" (actually an Asian blend rooted in the old Pan-Asia and East Asia Prosperity plan of WW2) is confined to the Pacific coast or New York, note how they have fused into the US midwest via Walmart and Homeland Security points of entry, and into the Deep South via the old Soong dynasty phony religious Chinese and Korean Bible-sales network that helped build up the Falwell and southern TV-preacher empires.  Elaine Chao is the process of buying the Heritage Foundation whole, and may use Fort Knox Gold to do it, with a little help from Honeybun McConnell it's Bye Bye American Pie, and the Levy was drained off to Shanghai.  The New Eurogerman Reich and the Asian Prosperity sphere are "Lovin' It", while all that's left for America is gristle and Putin's smile, Silk Road drugs, Canada mesmerized by a Hindu cult, and Britain tangled up in a Euro-orchestrated spider web while the Euroreich tries to bribe Ireland and Scotland into leaving London open to another Blitzkrieg attack, and Paris trampled under German jackboots during a German-Russian pact.  Germany has never been fit to rule Europe, as history has proven time and again, but the naive of today forgot and think Merkel's ploys (in tandem with Sony's Hollyvood Scharzenegger) are the real deal.  Anyone on Washington who still believes their lies needs to retire and re-read American history textbooks, if they ever read one in the first place.  And if they didn't, then they don't belong in US or any other US state government, at all.  This isn't Germany, or China, Japan, or India, and God (the non-denominational God that America's founding institutions wrote of) willing, it won't ever be.  There are too many cooks in the kitchen already, and a danger of botulism in the cauldron brew. No Asian cults, no German paganism, No More Foreign Spy Fronts contaminating America, or else there are troubled waters on the horizon.  Relinquishing too much control of local conditions to those from afar has already proved to be a bad idea.  They want your land, your job, your intellectual property, and now even your friends and family via cult induction if they can.... everything.  If America does not wake up, US Pacific states are on the verge of becoming irreversible Asian colonies, and control of Silicon Valley and Hollywood alone, not to mention US Pacific seaports, is a recipe for the Termination of America; and Elaine's Tax Cut for the transnational rich could end up being the Death Blow to America unless something is done to reverse it.  Who's in Charge of Fort Knox now, and what relevance does it have to the Bushes at the old National Association of Manufacturers headquarters in nearby Louisville?  Kentucky is more important to US national security than the ordinary American on the street might think, but odds are the Elaine's multi-partisan Asian Century network knows it, and knows it well.. and yet, so does Greater Germany, just as they both did when they courted Wendell Willkie for the "One World" plan and Chinese "allies" cut secret deals with Tokyo and even sold US weapons sent to them over to the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to kill American and ANZAC soldiers.  General Stilwell knew, it so the Chinese demanded he be terminated if America wanted their dubious "assistance", which was known by many to be false and to be watched like a hawk.  Fast-forward to Ted Lieu protesting US surveillance of his native countrymen living in the USA, and the picture should be clear by now.  There is problematic deceit and sabotage now in Guam, on Wake Island, and around the Ralik Chain in the Marshall Islands, and potentially in Vanuatu and the southern half of South Island in New Zealand, possibly tied to either Chinese or Japanese covert operations.  There is also risk of subversion western Papua New Guinea, and in the York Peninsula southward to Melbourne in Australia, and moving toward Tasmania.  Drugs could be part of the picture, even narcotrafficking fused with weapons distribution.  I've already mentioned similar risks in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  While the same energies may be shifting toward western Kiribati and northward in New Zealand toward the Cook Strait. Vigilance is needed toward any possible covert operations coming from Any country in the East China Sea region or even the Philippines or Indonesia south of there... applies to foreign-funded cults or paramilitary operations, and cries of "xenophobia" need to be scrutinized carefully for authenticity, just as they should be all across North America as well as in Europe and South America.  NE=HA=ZE=VU is capable of some very potent and well-organized armed covert operations, guerrilla activities, and undeclared stealth warfare, and especially at night and/or implemented via air or naval or even submarine operations.  It's not something to be safely ignored, and a study of WW2 and pre-WW2 Axis covert operations makes it clear how potent they were in the past, and could be even moreso today.  A strong and tightly-controlled US Navy and Air Force absolutely are vital now to US national defense, with No ports abandoned to potential foreign infiltration or manipulation.  That includes close monitoring of dockworkers and land-shipping transportation operations to and from seaports and airports. Elaine Chao and her chums in Washington DC, or anywhere in America, are a Huge US national security Risk, as Ted Lieu has to know if he knows or cares anything about the security of Americans against foreign invasion, including from his native land of notorious intrigue and corruption.  He should have No Access to Anything related to US national security... None, and if legislators can undergo impeachment trials, it's time for one to start.

    It may be that all the recent stink over WW2 Japanese internment camps is due to awareness that investigations into Asian political subversion is underway, and logically so after the arrest of Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow for weapons trafficking, which Shrimp indicating that "Mayor Ed Lee" was involved in some of the same crimes.  That well explains the mess, and the "Change" that San Francisco underwent during "Mayor Ed's" rule as both City Manager and Mayor.  And it may well be related to the "Change" movement initiated when Elaine Chao was in George Bush Jr's cabinet during the birth of the Dept of Homeland Security, merely picked up and carried on during the Obama years.  It's "Change" that some of us don't "Believe" is good for America, but it's Great for the revived Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and maybe its revived Nazi counterpart in Greater Germany, which runs the Euro-currency economy.  Look, for example, how many grossly overpriced cars with German labels on them are made in Chinese sweatshops, possibly shifting to cheaper labor operations now in southern Asia as Germany's politicians and oligarchs nuzzle around the Malay Archipelago and continue to cut deals on the Indian subcontinent. Germany's global empire did not disappear in World War 1... it only disappeared from the maps but kept on growing by "unofficial" means.  For example, German occupation of Belgium and France and their colonies gave Germany the "Mittelafrika" colony it wanted, spanning central Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, and including the rich gold and diamond mines of the Congolese Katanga region, including German Cameroons, Tanganyika "Trust" Territory, Southwest Africa, and "neutral" and compliant Portugal -- not to mention German political or economic alliances in Turkey, Egypt, and South Africa.  The German Empire Never Disappeared, except on the maps replaced by functional puppet governments.  The same is true of the Japanese Empire in control of the economies and political systems in Korea and Japan, except the Soviet colony in North Korea that fell aroudn 1990 and turned into an almost comical but not funny North Korean Japanese yuppie puppet state with "Anonymous" Kim Jong-un as the fantasy star-wars captain.  East Asian military intelligence agencies are masters of hypnotic mind control, such as created WW2 kamikazes, and Moonies, and Soka Gakkai zombies, and they are today brainwashing naive Americans in California and possibly elsewhere to follow orders to "Change" America into their idea of "The Future".  Be alert to their fusions into the "Virtual Reality" and "Bluetooth" industries, which are fertile ground for brainwashing and reprogramming, and which could feasibly be fused into "Zoom" technology.  None of that technology in the USA should be left to Asian or German or any other foreign control; and all of it should probably be made illegal, if that is possible. Otherwise, it should be avoided, which is challenged by replacement of real-time meetings by Chinese-created-and-long-run "Zoom" technology meetings -- and with US govt funds curtailed by ChaoConnell's tax cuts, US infrastructure is at risk of being hijacked and controlled by Asian money attached to the interests of foreign capitals and corporations hungry to take your job and your home, as has already occurred too many times during the past 20 years.  Facebook has even helped them co-opt websites... this one was subjected to such an attempt a few years ago, stopped only by government intervention into Facebook's inexcusably lax security policies on anything not in their obviously German- or Asian-oriented interests. Part of why savvy American (what's left of them) tech people remarked on how "We lost World War 2 after all".  Now the question is, is it lost forever, or did we just have to wake up and notice the guerrilla tacitcs?  Your job and home could be next, unless the political climate changes course.  As the billboard in the subway read a few years ago, "Your dream job is somebody's else's dream job".

    America needs America Change, not Global Change. The return to national autonomy has already started globally, because real democracy involves what has been historically called "Home Rule", meaning government directly responsible to local consitituents, meaning no more Davos G7/X crap, and a resumption of gradual intermixing and fusion of the world at a natural pace, and the end of "fast-track deals" reminiscent of people shoved into cattle-cars and relocated like "hummingbirds" as the Ed Lee's slick Asian Law Caucus would have it.  It should be illegal for greedy rats to hold political office, and they seem to be flooding in with corrupt globalism and bandwagon follow-the-leader "Change" movements.  America may soon all be paying rent in Germany or East Asia, as the World War 2 Axis would have had it.  The song "This Land is Your Land" may be turned into the hymn of a fallen empire, unless something is done, and fast.

    "This land is your land,

    this land is my land,

    from California

    to the New York Island;

    from the Redwood forests,

    to the Gulf Stream waters.

    This land was made for you and me."

    (Does not translate; don't try it.)


2020Apr28 (updated Aug12):  More on Vice-Presidents and "Lockdown" overlaps with global disasters that can end if the right, and reasonable and level-headed, people take over leadership and steer the ship back on track the way smart and socially-conscious leaders like FDR did.  Those who have demonized him (usually foreign agents and their disgusting dupes) have led America into the same danger-zone once again.

    The previous entry of March 31 (below) has been substantially updated and supplemented. It's vital for Americans to stop playing naive about risk in foreign entanglements and immigration issues, or the risks may be grave. Put Pramila back in her basket with her snakes, Ted Lieu back in his fortune-cookie factory, and Arnold back in his Alpine hell-world with the post-WW2 Nazi colonies. Hollywood is being overtaken by Arnold's foreign agent friends. Get Washington DC back in control of Alameda and its parameters, ASAP, no time to waste, as the foreign-run cults are growing in impact, and it's wise to do in Hawaii, Alaska, and up and down the Pacific coast from top to bottom, with no hybrids in the mix. Canada is wise to do the same in BC.  Let hackneyed cries of xenophobia go in one ear and out the other. How many more cults and weird public incidents, and how much more foreign real-estate hoarding and foreign political lobbying does it take to smell the coffee?  There are bad apples in the basket from the boat, and some of the biggest ones have been there for decades.  Quit playing Pollyanna.  Now, to fill out in detail later... I have found no clear birth time for Elizabeth Warren except one published rectified time that is unconvincing.  What is noteworthy is that she has numerous powerful transiting lineups in the 90 dial that would be favorable for holding a high-level political office in January 2021.  My perception is that her campaign was poorly run and put her in a bad light; i.e. it was the campaign and not her that failed earlier in the year, and any joint efforts with Biden should shift to different alliances, paying close attention to the geodetic locality alignments of the potent NE=HA=VU cluster now.  But the Democratic Party should not let anyone under CAPAC control run with Biden, and he should be fully cognizant of their treacherous machinations on the Pacific coast and in Hawaii and maybe Alaska... certainly the Moonie "fishing fleets" with who knows what below deck (such as Ted Lieu's friends he doesn't want spied on?)

    Democrats will lose if run by CAPAC or other Asian Lobby elements, often bi-partisan, aisle-reachers, and indifferent to American political party politics, and it will be a hot political campaign issue, high-risk.  This is no time to take risks on ambivalent transnational involvements, overt or covert, in government campaigns, agencies, or contracts.  How American was and is the Dept of Homeland Security?  Warren might make a strong vice-presidential candidate, if she won't kowtow to Asia... look at the 90-dial lineups involving her Sun and natal and the potent transiting Vulkanus and Kronos, and which locations among the Vulkanus lineups are affecting every candidate running for US President. Yet, Hillary might also, and she too must not kowtow or it will lose the election. Let Pramila and imported friends scream and yell and speak tongues as they will.  America's independence and US government accountability to America's population and democratic institutions are on the line in a time of potent globalist machinations and chicanery and transnational subversion, especially as Zeus is also at 11:15 angle and fused with the NE=HA=VU now, and this applies to every single canditate in the presidential a well as congressional elections, national, state, and local.  When America's longtime veterans are bumped for immigrants, something is severely wrong in government.

    Foreign global power hubs outside the USA continue to include the old G7/8 network set up by German politicians, as well as the Shanghai Treaty Organization rooted in China and Russia but now extended into India and Pakistan; and now overt or covert Japanese alliances (APACL, Moonies, etc) building up with Japan's remilitarization, Vulkanus reaching their East China Sea Ryukyu bases, and recent Japanese troop operations and affiliations in every Pacific state including California, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon while foreign Vulkanus power presses down on Seattle, Portland, New York, and also Vancouver and Ottawa and Puerto Rico, and Laredo and Brownsville in Texas, and Winnipeg and Fort Nelson in Manitoba. Too much Asia and Europe and not enough America in America.  No candidate who doesn't recognize this is not fit to handle the USA's upcoming Pluto return without creating a disaster, and that means focus on Policy and not Trump's empty hot rhetoric while he takes orders from Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel like a screaming Quisling puppet handing America over to Asian and German or other foreign privatizers and contractors, which Democrats must not do either. Canada's national security all around Hudson's Bay is also vulnerable, including remote coastlines -- any US or Canadian location near Ascendants at 1:30 Fixed, 16:30 Mutable, and even 9 Cardinal and 13 Fixed (in 8th harmonic) and 20:15 Cardinal, 5:15 Mutable, 12:45 Fixed, and 27:45 Mutable, where each nation is vulnerable to foreign covert operations, including covert submarine or drone operations in every state and territory and military base.  These locations (some of which mentioned in earlier blog entries) remain of Critical US national security significance throughout 2020, allowing for at least 1 degree orb to either side. Every US election since 2000 should make it clear how vital it is to be aware of foreign lobbying, influence, and meddling in US elections and its potential impact, now more likely than ever to be covert and maybe even involve drugging or narcotrafficking networks, including pill dispensation.  As political analysts warned in the late 1980s, pay attention to which transnational agencies were involved in the Russia shift of the era around 1990, and their potential to create a similar "quiet revolution" in the USA, or Canada, now, including via subtle but potent Neptune and Hades-type means in 2020. Wherever drugs, legal or illegal, are in the picture, watch out.

    With America's Pluto return in orb, the impact can last another 250 years into the future, and if it's Not American, it's Not America anymore.  Geodetics make it clear that we all need to scrutinize closely what's in the fuzzy-outlined "Sanctuary" movement and operations, and yet take appropriate action with regard for humanitarian values and resultant karmic consequences... there are almost certainly transnationally-manipulated cults and psy-ops in the picture there, like recurrences of Jonestown and Symbionese-era as well as Survivalist, Neoconfederate, and McVeigh-type zombie cults in some states, manipulated from overseas and designed to create domestic chaos favorable to foreign subversion or takeover.  We need urgently to know what people like East China's Ted Lieu have to hide when they protest US surveillance of foreign interchanges, and who inside US borders are making fake passports and IDs on the sly, such as what was happening among US passport contractors all the way back at least to the early 2000s, including around Chinatown-run operations and apparently also involving foreign-run puppet cults and Russian agents already in motion.  The current NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster is absolutely No Time to be naive about the potency and scope of international espionage, intrigue, and covert operations, including political as well as fake-church "religious" or "faith-based" cults and fronts. Clearly, the 'Anonymous' masked operations are involved among other elements, and those use innocents who are unaware of what 'adventure' they are being lured, or even bribed, into.  

    There have been cultish instances where Americans are brainwashed to carry out operations clearly run by foreign agents and agencies, including, but logically not exclusively, those from the Greater East Asia diaspora... people tricked into messes and used as fall-guys/gals, even in remote interior areas of the USA.  In California alone, Yakuza-mob-affiliate networks are installing security systems therefore of dubious value and capable of covering up Asian mafia operations that may be fused with covert military or paramilitary ops, as Asian ops often are, and that includes near to Asia-Pacific Research Center operations near federal buildings.  Those naive about the potential for subversion, including psy-ops and brainwashed cults, among sometimes cultish 'Sanctuary' operations, are utter fools. Those allowing foreign agents and operations on US soil are fools.  They are all capable of creating chaos and anarchy Now, and already beginning, and they involve body-slamming, false frameups, and false defamation campaigns against critics, among other tactics. Americans need to stick together, no matter how much polarized by often foreign-run domestic campaigns including those promoting chaotic immigration and border-melting policies (slammed into action as 911 was unfolding, by the way, like Jayapal's operations).  The presidential campaigns need to stick to criticism of policies and stay away from warlike personality demonizations divorced from addressing Why, logically, it is that candidates are supposedly in error based on specific actions or policies... no more Evil Trump, Crooked Hillary, or Bad Obama kindergarten playground prattle.  We need to talk about Why a policy or leader is right or wrong, not whether they resemble God or the Devil.

    Continued democracy requires reason and sensibility... a cool head in hot times globally. The ability to explain what you think and why you think it. This is not the time for parties or playground games or peepee-doodoo namecalling games; it Is the time for deeper principles and awareness, seeking of wisdom.  No more party dogma. Speak to the issues, like survival, security, and the preservation of democracy and humane societies.. like Roosevelt did.  Basics. Food on the table and the fair deal that America's founding institutions promised. Start creating stability and stop creating chaos.  "Think globally and act locally" continues to be a sound and possibly perennial guideline. Complete isolation is not viable, but neither is sloppy chaos, caution thrown to the winds, or imported wolves in sheep's clothing all over the living room.  It's time for moderation between the extremes, as is usually the case under Pluto transits like the Big One that America is undergoing now and for the next several years.  It's going to take a smart and savvy Roosevelt-type to do it. Nothing less, and No Bozos or rookies, for sure. Hoover and Stanford game and pretenses are not only Not going to fix the current mess, but have in fact made it the mess it is.  And solutions coming from overseas are in the interests of overseas. CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus have some Very Very Slick lawyers and MBAs importing voters via immigration and "sanctuary" to increase their influence and "redefine America" as something other than American, and the same is true of Peter Thiel's more quiet Pangermanist lobby that appears to have been teamed with Schwarzenegger for New World Axis and some weird German-manufactured "Grass Roots Revolution" that sounds like his daddy's Nazi involvements.  America is being dismantled just like Russia was in 1990, when some but not enough media of that era warned us, but too few listened, and now we have Trumpets blaring discord, or nonsense, and a national budget sabotaged by the Greater Chao network's Charlie McCarthy puppet from Kentucky.  Seriously, no joke, the Foremost shipping lines need to be nationalized by the US military, noting how our national US President Lines were sold to Singapore while America's head was turned and Japanese were taking over San Diego and Anchorage, and a Sino-Japanese alliance consolidated full control of Honolulu via CAPAC agents needing to be reeled in and scrutinized heavily by Washington DC.

    The current administration showed Saturn front and center in the 2017 inauguration chart, and that was either the sobriety and stability hopefully coming from American monitors in the White House like John Kelly, or else the shallow materialism and greed of Saturn at its lowest functioning level by the obvious.

    Americans who left California due to the messes of recent decades need to organize and return, for America's sake. A big challenge will be to raise the money together to buy back the real estate grossly inflated by CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobbyists and real estate vultures, and Thiel's and Schwarzenegger's friends in Greater Germany... the rich, greedy Immigrants trying to take over America, the Real immigration problems. If that's not done, California may be sold down the Pacific current and ready to float away to the new Shanghai-Tokyo Axis "rising in the East" while the sun sets in the American West, all facilitated by CAPAC agents in Honolulu quietly echoing the "Give Hawaii to Japan" cult of the WW2-era Japanese Fascist machine.  If the Democratic Party doesn't quit yielding to Pramila and friends, America may all go from No Child Left Behind (which has interesting geodetic lineups) to No America Left Behind.  Asia is Not the Answer for America.  The cute Buddhas and spicy restaurant dishes are only the surface of something much uglier underneath, and they are losing their appeal rapidly, as their entrepreneurs and investors trample America underfoot; while similar problems emanate from the mistakenly idolized Germany's Merkel, Thiel, and Schwarzenegger. It's Vulkanus combined with Neptune-Hades stealth in manifestation, sharpend by Zeus added in 2020. This will become more clear by 2021, when Neptune passes on out of the cluster, and hopefully that's not too late to fix. I just noticed how the nice-sounding "Hate Free Zone" movement was started by the Pramila Jayapal network in Seattle as the fallout from 911 was unfolding on Washington, out of fear of American public backlash on potentially complicit agents, and it escalated into aggressive immigration and naturalization pushes still continuing almost non-stop, while the Vulkanus at Shanghai unites by 8th harmonic cluster now with New Delhi and Kashmir, and and China's Xi Jinping vows to continue with Deng Xiaoping's "Asian Century" policy, still touted at recent Asian economic conferences, and designed to unite China with India, Taiwan, Japan, and Middle East allies -- all while Vulkanus has been pressing down on Seattle under the force and clamor of CAPAC lobbying.  The parallels with the WW2 fascist Pan-Asian plan, and extension of the East Asia Prosperity plan developed in Tokyo, Manchuria, fascist-friendly Beijing and Shanghai, along with a Pan-Pacific plan that smelled like today's microwaved TPP, are noteworthy.  Don't wake up too late to see the light, as Schwarznegger sallies to Hongkong and his cohort Merkel to Malaysia and Tokyo, and also the New Russia's Putin, to cut deals we intentionally aren't given the details of.... while most of America sleeps, mesmerized by the tricks and meddling of foreign "advisors", or doesn't pay attention to what's happening on the other side of the planet, which is not safe to do anymore.

    Americans must not  be naive about how the rest of the world has its politics, too, and some of it well-seasoned with very old and practiced recipes that the foreign advisors in Washington may not tell America about when it involves their foreign homelands, and East China's Ted Lieu shames America for wanting to know what his cousins back home with American investments are talking about as the Transpacific plans unfold and Americans in California have been slowly knocked over like bowling pins or shoved out onto the street for the last 20 years as the Asian Law Caucus lobbies manipulate the real-estate market and bring in Transpacific replacements.  Asia would love to own and control California, as would obviously also Germany (i.e. "driverless car" meetings at the Nazi-friendly "Four Seasons/Vierteljahschaft" hotels, Thiel's plan to replace US currency, the Merkel camp's "Fast Track" deals), next supplemented by the pivot to Pramila and CAPAC networks' takeovers of Seattle and Silicon Valley. 

    What happend to America?  Even California's statehood is being threatened with "independence" movements manipulated by foreign powers, and if that happens, the ripple across America really will be like an earthquake for the whole USA. Trump or No Trump, don't trade him for an Asian or a German dupe run by those (e.g. Thiel, Chao, JackMa) who accompanied him into office.  The Democratic Party had better offer nothing but America for the election, and mean it, or a mess may lie ahead, as an imported or "redefined" substitute won't be good enough to stop national collapse due to trickle-down, naive sellout to foreign interests or slick imported lobbies peddling Artificial Everything and Virtual Imagery with plastic masks and neutralizing drugs that are really not all that "cool" after all.  Both extremes are literally and truly "unsustainable" for America, so the election will hopefully not be a show of polarized extremes run by foreign manipulators and cheeleaders, but sensible American policy that will keep America intact and smart enough to roll with the times ahead without being rolled over like has been happening already as Vulkanus has been pushing at the borders like slippery house-flippers and stock-traders.  That's what Pluto requires... change without surrender, which hasn't happened much yet, and it looks like transnational data- and internet/telecom/news-controllers have made it that way on purpose. An important question is: Did Asian interests want the massive tax cut to pave the way for them to privatize and take over?  Did Germany want the same, as it has done reapeatedly across Europe since the "Lisbon Treaty fast-track" launched by the CDU/IDU network attacked to Frankfurt banks?  Today's problem is not "US Imperialism"; it's Slickly Repackaged and revived Neo-Axis-Power Imperialism and colonization from both Asia and Europe, planned at Davos on the G7/X meets. Why people on the street talk about how maybe "We lost World War 2" after all.  It's not too late to fix that, but it can't be done by foreign advisors, or by domestic rookies, and it's not going to be done by the complict EU/Euro Union, or by the Rising East China Sea mafia.  It's going to take deeper analysis of the last 30 years since Bush made his deluded speech about globalism and a "world order" while apparently mesmerized like Obama seemed to be as Shinzo spoke his droning speech in CAPAC-run Honolulu, with its cryptic ties to Berlin, part of which have long manifest as the "APACL" and via the (Un-)"American Security Council" offices in Chicago, long infested with agents of the old WW2 Axis machine.  That's part of how Fascism came to post-world-war America, the rest being old Fascist interests in the stockmarkets and foreign Chamber of Commerce offices (founded by German interests then spread to Japanese and Chinese) of New York and California.  Now, who is not too shallow to recognize that and stop it?  Roosevelt would know how, could probably look at the situation now and say "I told you so", but notice who has turned America's saving lifeguard into some kind of demon, worried about surveillance of foreign agents rather than the protection of deeply-rooted Americans from calculated foreign displacement by foreign agents disguised as "immigration rights advocates".  That's one of the parallels with the Vulkanus of Asia around 120E longitude and Eastern Europe and the Near East around 30E longitude pressing down on Greater Seattle and Greater New York (as well as Ottawa) where 0 Fixed on the geodetic Ascendant.  New Delhi and Kashmir are aligned, in alliance, 45 degrees west of Shanghai and the East China Sea bristling with Chinese and Japanese agents and covert operations; while agents in Iceland, the Nordostrundung of Greenland, the far-west of the Horn of Africa and its offshore islands align at 45 degrees with whatever is occupying longitudes near 30E (Russia's western borders, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, the Lake Tanganyika region, and eastern South Africa).  Only fully American and/or truly America-friendly forces around Anchorage and Tahiti (at 150W), and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Windward Islands, Guyana, Manaus, the Chaco, the Falklands, and eastern Argentina and neighbors, can defend America from being overtaken by foreign interests and further sliced up like the symbolic and infamous pizza-pie that was used to represent China 100 years ago.  

    The overall global picture at this point looks like an attempt to make the planet spin in reverse, a concept that can only create chaos and disasters.  Whose "way forward" is really forward, and whose is in actuality backward into the WW2 Axis global plan of German and Japanese and fence-sitting Chinese banks?  With Neptune joined throughout 2020 with the covert-politics and potentially treacherous HA=VU, in orb for the last few recent and the coming few years, this is a time for profound reflection and planning rather than radical surges away from anything carefully moderated by cautious and rational assessment based on measurable data.  "Dreams" are simply too high-risk now as the power of always-global Vulkanus remains obscured in the clouds of Neptune and the shaded depths of Hades. Meanwhile, all those astrological-point MC locations, unified by 4th, 8th, even 16th harmonic, around the globe, may be merged somehow as one, all to be analyzed not only for what power seems obvious,but also what operates covertly and in the back rooms of the corridors of global power, now as much (or more?) transnational corporate as political.  What is being assessed simplistically as the power of "China", which covers a lot of territory including overseas enclaves, may more accurately be the transnational Chinese maritime mafia networks described by Sterling Seagrave and others, and those hold power from the Shan States of Burma to Singapore to San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, and even Long Island at the Chao family neighborhood hub that has its hotlines to the East China coast that may be what East China's Ted Lieu and bi-partisan CAPAC don't want scrutinized.  Do it anyway, or perish, America, and don't go to Germany, Japan, or CAPAC's "Asian Pacific" double-agents and their private contracts for filtered information designed to protect the interests of their friends and family first -- It may be a big part of what's wrong in Washington DC as well as Sacramento and Olympia right now and recently. Don't let the borders blur unless you want to risk big trouble (HA=VU when operating in the low zone, capable of going even lower, and more literally.) That may point to potent and potentially high-impact submarine operations, the potential power of which is illuminated, among other possible places, in Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan", where landing fields and weapons could merge from under the ocean on large submarines and take aim at targets. It notifies us to appreciate our Navy personnel, and make sure there are no double-agents on board, ready to transmit information anywhere around the East China Sea, or Egypt or Turkey or murky operations along Russia's western borders or the Lena River basin that may include questionable foreign alliances or be under foreign control, ready to send what they find her back home.  Foreign ops in America are already luring and manipulating the naive and unwary into obedient servitude, including as "spiritual devotees" and "trained meditators" programmed with foreign intelligence messages lured by free food and phony "spiritual practices" (e.g. like Falun Gong and similar motifs)... it's gone that low with NE=HA=VU in action, and foreign naval operations may be in the middle of it.  Japanese Marines around San Diego? Vulkanus has now moved in orb of the Ryukyus as well as the China coastline and the environs of Taiwan.  Why does Ted Lieu want to stop US surveillance of Transpacfic communications?  Asia-run CAPAC operations in every US Pacific state and territory may explain. They may be quite potent, as may be those of Turkey and Egypt, while those of western Russia and Ukraine have probably been under vigilant watch for the past century, or else should be, if not.

    Within North America, also watch for foreign operations hidden among the southern Appalachians, east Florida and Georgia, east Ohio, and areas of Ontario with access via Detroit or Lake Erie, Cuba from Habana to Cienfuegos, and western Panama that could be further linked in South America to Ecuador and western Peru, Guyana and Surinam, the Selvas, or the duplicitious Moonie-network-infested Paraguay-Uruguay region.  All these areas where Hades and Vulkanus, and in 2020, Neptune, join hands may hold answers for part of why the world is a mess now, in addition to antique petro-pollution fallout, not dismissing the possibility that both Russia and China may today be substantially under Fascist control, and that goes back to the 1990 plans of the Moonie-enamored and German neofascist-enamored, and thereby confused George Bush, who may have replaced Communism with Fascism rather than Democracy, out of naivete still disturbing the corridors of power in Washington DC.  Today, Putin and friends love their Russian Fascist icons, and the story and scope of Chinese Fascism is difficult to tell due to its ability to lie as well as shut down any American who tells Greater China's dirty fascist history, intertwined in Sun Tzu Chinese politics on all sides. This is why Chinese-American journalist Henry Lieu was murdered in cold blood on American soil by Asian mafia thugs. Seduction, bribery, brainwashing, and mind-control are among the most powerful weapons of East Asian politics, as will be evident to anyone who reads reports on WW2 in Asia.  Kamikazes were created via mind-control, and foreign agents in the Stanford Research Institute and the Asia-Pacific Reseach Center (in some cases running American social services on the Pacific coast) have been doing in in America recently.  Projects like the "Korematsu Schools" need to be shut down, and Schwarzenegger's role in them, and affiliations at USC with his "Global Institute", need to be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb, as they may yield insights into the current NE=HA=VU US national quagmire while entire economies around the global are in lockdown.. Vulkanus can mean "Checkmate" when forces of power clash.  Clearly, look for that in Anchorage as the US military wrestles with the Moonie contingents there including Moonie shipping lines which may double as East Asian covert operations fronts, as Moonie operations usually do, as do martial arts schools often as well.  Watch also for Moonie-affiliate operations around the Queen Charlotte Islands and adjacent coastline in British Columbia, possible now moving onto Vancouver Island and toward Victoria and Vancouver, capable of funneling into Greater Seattle or even Portland.  May be tied to covert ops run from either China or Japan's East China Sea bases. I've encountered what may be one of them already.... Game-players, covered up and maybe working with agents in California, mostly likely around San Diego, where Japanese Marines recently landed (33:45 from Anchorage, and 11:15 from the Pacific northwest coastline from Vancouver Island down the coast to Eureka CA, areas interestingly targeted by Japan in WW2), and where Asian political cults are so powerful and woven into infrastructure (sometimes including military) that no one keeps them from manipulating America via puppet-strings. Look for Sony as part of  the picture. This is why Alameda needs urgently to be reopened under All-American control with no high-risk potential double-agents advocating for an "Asian Pacific".  Otherwise, California may be flung into the Asian Pacific Orbit for 250 years, with Honolulu long already under CAPAC control.. look at the geodetic lineups for Hawaiian government events and politicians, and the connections to interests in WW2 Asia are clear. 

    Many Americans, including Californians, have forgotten why Washington DC sent troops and settlers to claim California in 1849-50.  It wasn't just about gold, and it was one of two of Seward's "follies" that weren't so foolish after all if the USA was to control the Pacific coast of North America and its subsequent potent role in the US economy and global balance of power on all levels.

    The importance of this cannot be overstressed, even during "Lockdown", and especially under so-called and ambiguous "Sanctuary" rule, as global big money and power and property change hands in ways that could be highly detrimental to America and Americans for the next 250 years of Pluto retracing its original steps once again.  It's wise to see the Asian nationalist agent propaganda versions of what America is all about for what it is.. the don't really know or understand, anyway, and may not really care to as long as California's, Oregon's, and Washington state's Silicon Valleys, Pacific ports, and rich agricultural lands fall under their control and advance the buildup of the "Asian Century" plan to replace America and Americans. It's already started.  Will it be stopped?  It's going to take both parties to unite in national political (political and economic) defense, and then haggle over domestic policies only after that.  Voters need to hear that This is America as it always has been, and it's not going to be redefined by imported gurus or real-estate vultures or fortune cookie lies.

    Neither will answers come from the self-interested nationalists running Berlin or Vienna now, as should be clear from how Europe is now their colonial realm.  America needs to remember when Fascism came from and who were our allies in containing it, for those roots are still alive, less than 80 years ago (not a long time in terms of global power history), and that wealthy top Chinese political and business organizations collaborated with Germany and Japan. Most any in-depth history text will make that clear, and children studying the history of fascism would wise to not overlook that very important part of history even if Chinese sources may deny it up and down. People in the US military knew it and wrote about it, and it was kept quiet for fear that China would openly join Japan and Germany in their conquest for global control.  There were also powerful Russian fascist elements, and remnants of all those parties and political and financial networks sitll survive today.  It's not as simple as the the network news reports for mass consumption.  British historians have been more open about reporting on Chinese Fascism, because they did not have a powerful China Lobby clamoring to hush it all up, for very practical reasons. Also, American leaders knew that powerful and wealthy Chinese interests were ready to work with Japan, regardless of whether the "dispensable" poor and opponents of Chinese oligarchs were massacred by Japanese troops they quietly admired and cut business deals with.  Why things should be any different now is a question to study in depth before walking into Asian power politics with blinders on and no knowledge of anything but Asian cuisine and fake Buddhist imagery (copied from India and Sri Lanka and distorted to accommodate "faith-based" crass materialism and spiritual pretense).  Beware the Falun Gong, geodetically indicated to be Recycled Moonie Cult that also has a branch trafficking guns via "Kahr Arms" operations, and a treacherous bold and deceptive propaganda rag called "Epoch Times" now having the bold nerve to claim it's American, and a propaganda "news" channel called "NDTV", and even some wayward US intelligence agents they have brainwashed to advocate for them, sure to bring ultimate humiliation when they realize they've been made into dupes of one of the most sophisticated psychological warfare networks on planet Earth, and probably based near the 120E longitude, where potentially hypnotic Vulkanus now fuses with potentially stealthy Hades and potentially artificial Neptune.  Pay attention to possible affiliates in the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu, and New Caledonia, 45 degrees to the east near 165E longitude, and headed already into SW New Zealand, and possible fused with operations in Siberia around the Komandorskie Islands and adjacent coastlines, with their mythical "Land Bridge" 22.5 to the east of there, crossing over into Alaska and potentially ready to fuse with "fishing fleets" now probably based east of the Kenai Peninsula in the Gulf of Alaska, and around security-sensitive bases at Fairbanks, where US military should be warned of the risks of invasive and deceptive Asian cults with covert political objectives, and are capable of brainwashing otherwise highly intelligent people via bribery and seduction tactics, i.e. not unlike foreign lobbyists, for decades going back at least as far back as World War 2, when the Japanese Fascist machine used fake "Buddhist" cults to manipulate the unwary, as did Nazi psy-war agents including Karlfried Durckheim. Some of today's Asian cults have nearly complete control over people afraid of "what will happen if they leave" the cult, bribed but also intimidated into submission and sham "spiritual devotion", "faith-based" of course.  Creepy but real, with Hades=Vulkanus compounded with Neptune, where "Virtual Reality" tries to replace Real Reality.

    One issue vital to America now, and I mean the USA that has always been, and not the "Redefined" version claimed overtly to be by extremists like India's Jayapal, or covertly manipulated by China/Taiwan's Lieu or Germany's Peter Thiel, is the toning down of extremism and political emotionalism that only benefits outsiders who would love to see America thrown into a dangerous national schism, whether it be over Trump's or the weird CAPAC gamers' most outlandish statements, or even a national collapse or co-option of infrastructure that would make the USA vulnerable to invasion, whether by infiltration or my overt means.  Immigrants have the right to express opinions, but should not have the right to hold office or make laws, especially in times of national division.  The precendent for that was set in the Constitution by requiring that US Presidents be born in the United States, and that was for a Very Good Reason that should be obvious to anyone who things thoroughly, and it might be wise to apply the law in a broader since to include All political offices -- for it would probably put an end to some of the worst screaming extremism circulating in recent times.  What American in their right would want the USA to be like India or China or Germany or Japan, Korea or Taiwan or Singapore?  Adoption of wise individual policies of other countries is viable and subject to discussion first, and help or advice from other nations in times of extreme crisis seems reasonable; but surrender to foreign takeover in any sense, and to any degree by any foreign agent, is a forfeiture of national sovereignty and the potential end of a national government and its democratic guarantees.  So much for the Hindu Helper recipe America has enough trouble from within to add more dysfunction from alien lands.  Every American needs to be familiar with the history of foreign subversion prior to and during wartime, because the current situation smells of it.  Anyone who would advocate relaxation of cross-border surveillance at this time is either a foreign agent or a dupe of foreign propaganda.  Especially as Pluto makes its return and globally power Vulkanus presses down on the port cities of the Pacific Northwest, the mouth of the Rio Grande, and the air- and seaports of Greater New York City.  Per the planetary pictures, the problematic potential now and the next few years is greater than it was at 911, when CAPAC agent Jayapal's "OneAmerica" was proposed to relax surveillance of those who might have been complicit.  Her natal Vulkanus power aligns, interestingly, with the transnationally troublesome Andaman Islands pirate hub, the Bangla-Burma mess in the Rohingya region, the Sino-Hindu Assam trouble region, the cryptic courts of Bhutan, Lhasa Tibet, and the historic Tuva region of the strange Graz-Austrian Baron von Ungern and his weird pseudo-buddhist cult aligned with the cultish WW2 Asian Fascist Axis machine. "If you got to know it, you probably wouldn't like it", as Hindu Fascism joins the Shanghai Cooperation Organization alliance with China, Russia, and now Pakistan as well.

    Additionally, I can tell you from watching East and South Asian politics for 50 years, Don't Trust ANY of it, Anywhere along the political spectrum, unless you want to see America laid slowly to waste by hypocrisy and intrigue of the sort now correlating with the potent NE=HA=VU cluster being wielded from Shanghai, Delhi, Kashmir, and locations up and down the East China Sea, and possible northward into Kazakshstan and Siberia in 2 degree orb of  both 75-77E and 120-127E (to include both Sepharial and Grimm values, spanning from Shanghai to Korea and including the Ryukyus and Taiwan).  These are areas of potentially powerful transnational intrigue and deceit, in areas Mr Ted wants to protect from US intelligence surveillance.  This is No Minor Issue and no place for America to be in the dark about.


2020Mar31 (updated Apr26: "Asian Pacific" Vulkanus geodetics linked to the "Hawaii Independence" movement and the WW2 "Give Hawaii to Japan" "Friends of Progress" hypno-programmed cult and Asian nationalist organizations. Pay close attention to any overlaps with the "Transpacific" Inouye family political dynasty as well as "CAPAC", and the Chao shipping dynasty's ties to the uber-rich Transpacific Chinese Soong family network in California, New York, the Carolinas, and possibly other states. America's upcoming Pluto return and who controls the ports (and economies) of Hawaii and Alaska (and who controls the Atlantic ports of Canada and the Saint Lawrence Seaway leading to the Great Lakes and Chicago) are of the utmost critical nature for the future of the United States of America as well as Canada, as are who controls the Seattle and Silicon Valley computer industry branches across the USA.             

    Similar in relevance now, although overseas, are who controls the Istanbul and Odessa conduits to Russia and Ukraine; the Amur riverports into Siberia; the far western Philippine Islands, Borneo both Sabah and Indonesia to its south (site of planned new capital of Indonesia), Java and islands to its east; the area around Argentina's naval bases at Bahia Blanca and Tierra del Fuego, and areas north in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela; the Gulf of California in Mexico; the gold mines of South Africa, Zambia, and Katanga; and Suez Canal shipping lanes recently expanded with Saudi money.  The same applies to a lesser but significant degree to locations including the Government of India at New Delhi, Vanuatu, southern New Zealand, all of Mexico south of western Texas and all the way to the Atlantic coast, eastern Iceland, the west coast of Ireland, southern Morocco southward to Liberia and in between, Kazakhstan bordering Xinjiang including Almaty/Almaata, all of Kashmir and neighboring Tibet, the southern tip of India.  Pay attention to who is amassing power in E Iceland, W Ireland, the Canary Islands, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, and the far west of North Africa -- are they America-friendly or not? Are the offshore banking operations of significance located at any of the locations above that could impact the US economy or national security significantly, and include the site of longtime German underground submarine bases in the Nordostrundung in Greenland, Sierra Leone diamonds, and any reported gold-dust operations in Western Sahara and/or Mauritania.

   All these may now and soon have Profound effect on America's next 248 years at root level, with the seeding ground starting Now and lasting for the next 5 years.  Will German-Southafrican (Broederbond?) Peter Thiel's and Elaine Chao's and the Ma family empire of Jack Ma et al, and the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus foreign and "immigrant" alliances continue to control America through Trump administration offices, or will long-rooted Americans regain control of America?  Not if the Democratic Party similarly submits to them as the Republican has since the Hoover Depression era and earlier.  When immigrants take over and run any country or part of it, it's called invasion, or revolution and overthrow.  Did McCain's call for a World War 3 result in foreign guerrilla-tactic blowback?  Has it fused in to any of the motley "Resistance" networks laced with foreign agents?  It looks like vigilant American self-defense is highly warranted, regardless of partisan politicking, foreign lobbying tactics, domestic political naivete, or even moles in Washington DC and America's state capitals.  America must not now risk being anesthetized on opiates or other drugs.. it's the Snooze-ya-lose era, especially with the current NE=HA=ZE=VU, and Plutonian dirty work, often happening at night or while the guards are asleep or Wowed out on drugs or booze or laced food beverages (noting Hades still in Cancer, including continued risks of food poisoning with high-risk relaxation of food-safety standards that were instituted in the first place for very good reasons).  Rise in use of addictive drugs could spell disaster during this period, remembering that Fascist Japan used them as part of their genocidal warfare in WW2, opiating the poor of China resisting its "East Asia Prosperity" plan, starting with those living in Manchuria aka Manchukuo -- and Yangtze-river-carried opium poured through transnational Shanghai and Japanese Taipei, where Vulkanus now amasses global power.  The Japanese military (and wealthy collaborators within China) used methods of undermining opposition sometimes more treacherous than those of the Nazis, especially cults brainwashing opponents into submission, drug addiction, and even biochemical warfare out in public and not restricted to hidden 'concentration camps'; and they wanted "Lebensraum" just as did Nazi Germany and Chinese fascist allies, some of whom scurried inland to Chongqing, watched Japanese atrocities from afar, and consolidated overt alliances with Japan during and after the war.  Japan Fascist troops helped install friendly Chinese collaborators in Taipei after WW2 was over, while American heads were spinning over what was going on, and General Stilwell was disgusted.  China had been in a civil war throughout WW2, and those friendly to Japan were spared or even favored, and built up power in the 1950s onward, even in Beijing during the "People's Republic" period among those seeking Unification with Taiwan, now manifesting in many ways.  Study carefully how the Chao and Soong families fit in to this picture, for they now hold global Vulkanus power via old family networks along the East China seacoasts.  Sterling Seagrave is among others covering such issues in detail, while those complicit often deny it vociferously to 'save face'.  It's at the root of Chinese Fascism, the missing (to many) link in understanding today's global New Fascism, with longtime ties in Berlin and Vienna going at least as far back as the late 1800s and Sino-German joint military training and alliances especially among the Chinese monarchist network including the court of Emperor Pu Yi, Wang Chingwei, Yuanshikai, and even Zhou Enlai's family and more recent mainland Chinese officials on friendly terms with the Japanese-friendly elements in Taipei.  Chinese politics are more often than not duplicitous, a tactic developed in the 19th century in dealing with once-far-better-armed European powers involved in China Trade.  Japan was more of an overcrowded Pirate Nation with relatively limited domestic resources, seizing on China Trade in various ways, both then and now, including resale of Chinese goods with Made in Japan labels on them during the China trade blockade periods -- which is how Japan became wealthy, and China survived sanctions. Hongkong did the same as Japan -- 'Made in Hongkong' usually wasn't really, and 'Made in Taiwan' might not always have been either, for the Chinese and Japanese businessmen in Taiwan secretly traded around the nominal sanctions while snickering at western naivete.  Watch for relevance as Shanghai and Taipei and the Ryukyus build up power, and note the methods and associated value systems. Are such values to become the standard in a budding "Asian Century"?  Read Sun Tzu's "Art of War" as well as Metternich's political instruction manuals, or perish in an era of Globalism that probably cannot be eliminated but can be attenuated and reshaped with democratic and humanitarian values, hopefully, if 'western' leaders wise up and study cultural traditions and history from disinterested sources. Deal cautiously with Fake Buddhas just as shallow as Fake Christians, as well as Pagan sociopaths and Islamist wife-beaters and religious terrorists, wherever religion replaces reason or authenticity, and people of European heritage are demonized as "Old White Men", as if crimes and brutal injustices (including slavery, rampant in Asia, including those who captured slaves and sold them elsewhere) were committed in no other cultures.  We have arrived at a time when Asian cultures need to be put to the screws every bit as much as European for past as well as current injustices and inhumanities, while Asian cults can mesmerize western countries and cultures into submission or even extinction. Such tactics have already started, and the sometimes "charming" but duplicitous Moonies and their alliances, and Falung Gong offshoot, have been key examples of Asian guerrilla tactics.  They are on the verge of overtaking California via state and local governments, in some cases already there, some linked to Chao, and headed for Washington DC to join up the those who "Crowned" Sun Myung Moon "King" aka "The New Messiah", the supposed Saviour of the World,  not all too long ago.  Across the aisle, the "Asian Pacific" networks collaborate. 

    Geodetics show the Moonies likely directly connected to the so-called "Fundamentalist" TV preacher network including the Falwells, the 700 Club, and the Jimmy/Tammy Bakker network which sprang up around the old Soong family connections in the US southeastern states and possibly tied to the Chao branch in Kentucky, even the Vanderbilt network in Tennessee to some degree.  One might not normally suspect Chinese influence on the Atlantic, but it has manifest there nonetheless, via seaports accessible via the Panama Canal, Suez, and the Cape of Good Hope, even Cape Horn and the Moonie colonies in and around Paraguay and Uruguay now also empowered by Vulkanus yet known to be rooted in the lands of the East China Sea.  Watch out for another "Jonestown" trick operation and its ties to the Arthur Chung (Hongkong to London ties?) network.... so warned FBI agent Al Morrison years ago... of Dreams that turn into nightmares (NE=HA) in Koolaid City.  Watch for Jonestown as well as Symbionese-type death cults to resurface, as Neofascist networks infiltrate and run sham "Antifa" organizations and operations, and "Resistance" can mean just about anything, a term so generic and malleable and permeable to Anything from Anywhere while Vulkanus on geo-MC locations hold the current global power.  Who's resisting what?

    As Pluto approaches its first 248-year return in the USA, Americans would be wise to unite around common vital interests, stop the forces of greed, and quit letting in foreign networks sowing domestic schisms and running deceptive foreign historical-revisionist operations designed to make Americans lose confidence in the original, higher values of American institutions, whether they have yet been properly implemented or not.  Somebody from overseas once again wants a Civil War re-enactment among "Old White Men", where arms are already being imported underground, and Americans could kill each other instead of recognizing the enemies traveling in via the coastlines. Continued foreign control of seaports, airports, or any coastlines, including via foreign contractors, is a recipe for upcoming disaster, and geodetics indicate even some rural and not usually monitored coastlines are vulnerable... which I have identified before, and there could even be problems with navigable river-traffic, especially the Colorado, the Rio Grande, the Yukon-Tanana, and certainly the vast St-Lawrence Seaway.  Canadians had best ask what now controls the port of Halifax.  There may be gaping holes where the St Lawrence River first touches US territory near Cornwall and Messina New York.... risk of incoming contraband at US-Canada interchange points there, also near Erie PA, and also near Beaver Island and Mackinac City.  Canada is vulnerable to contraband influx up north around Ivuijivik and neighoring islands, Belcher Islands, Pointe Louis, and the coastline between 55W and 60W in Quebec as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.  With the Moonies selling "blessed guns", the risks should be obvious, but maybe they aren't yet to enough people.  How many of the recent political cults are actually what they claim to be?  As long forewarned, when Fascism - Comes To - America, it will be waving a flag and carrying a cross.  That phrase indicates arrival from elswhere, and disguised as something else.  Fits the Moonies, as well as the Nazi Bund, the Silvershirts, and current replicas, among other weird cults.  Does Trump have them in his administration?  Are there also such moles in the Democratic Party among the naive, or other Republican or Libertarian or even Green elements?  This is no time to be Pollyanna about such issues.  Foreign agents may well be making DC politics crazy now, on purpose, via puppetry, and it may have started with the dubious election count of 2000 and the office of Elaine Chao, among other foreign interests, around Congress, including any transnational involvements at all in setting up and running the Dept of Homeland Security, which could have become more of a problem than a solution.  There should be no room for Any potential double-agents in US national security operations.... None, and especially in such times of national schism and potential instability.



Here I have focused on some clear and serious warning cycles of what risks gaining the upper hand in the next few years to undermine U.S. national stability and integrity.  In mundane astrology, Pluto correlates include domestic and international exchanges, and boundary-crossing issues, and potential schisms over extremist policies, in worst cases.


PLUTO at approx 27:34 Cardinals, or 12:34 Fixed at 8th harmonic / 45-degree multiple angle. (Irregularity of time lapses due to Pluto's highly elliptical orbit): 

    1776Jul04 = US Declaration of Independence.

    1807-1808: Federal law prohibiting importation of additional slaves into the USA (but not always enforced); Birth family connections of Habsburg puppet King Louis Napoleon III, Confederate Pres Jefferson Davis, Confederate Gen Robert E Lee, and Confederate-sympathetic US Pres Andrew Johnson. 

    1848-1851: First railroads open in Europe and begin construction in North America; Anti-monarchist democratic revolutions across Europe, followed by Habsburg gradual restoration of monarchy in France under King Louis Napoleon III (who later helped install the intensely unpopular pro-Confederate-States Habsburg 'Emperor Maximilian' in Mexico; 1st Constitutional Govt of Unified German States; "Clay Compromise" surrenders slavery laws to "states rights"; California statehood established US control of key American Pacific ports also coveted by speculators from China, Japan, Russia, and Britain smelling gold, silver, timber, rich year-round farmlands, and controls over North American markets to the east to be accessible by rail; Taiping rebel govt in China; Unsuccessful Cuban declaration of independence from Spain; Unfoldment of international railroad system (constructed largely by German-military fused Siemens Corporation, and onset of legislative battles over their construction as public commonwealth run by government, or private companies (including some transnationally owned); Birth family connections of railroad executive E H Harriman.

    1895-1898: Sumitomo Bank of Tokyo; Imperial/Commercial Bank of China in Shanghai and Taipei; China's Zhejiang University; German "Realpolitik" Foreign Min Ofc of Prince/Furst von Bulow; Mormon State of Utah Government; Sons of Confederate Veterans organization; City govt of Miami Florida; Spanish-American War; Kaiser Wilhelm seeks controls in Palestine via Turkey; Samuel P Bush's National Association of Manufacturers; Family backing of WW2 Japanese Fascist Navy Admiral and Deloitte-Touche CEO Nobutso Tohmatsu, Nazi/Fascist "Zen" Hypno Psychologist Karlfried Durckheim, Nazi Spy in USA Walter Dornberger, Pro-Nazi King Edward VIII and wife Wallis Simpson, Bush family patriarch Prescott Bush, British Fascist Oswald Mosley, Nazi-friendly Romanian King Carol, Argentine Pres Juan Peron, China Monarchist family PM Zhou Enlai, China/Taiwan First Lady and "One World" advocate Mayling Soong (Mme Chiang Kaishek), Nazi and Chinese 'One World' charmed/dupe Wendell Willkie; WACL/Asian People's Colonization League dupe William Pauley; Hare Krishna cult founder Swami Bhaktivedanta; Russian Fascist General Boris Smyslovsky, Mexico "PAN" Party founder Manuel Morin, and Alcoholics Anonymous Ldr Bill Wilson.

    1946-1947: Formation of Cathay Pacific Transpacific Airlines; Taiwan-based Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; Sony Corporation; Dyncorp California Eastern Airlines; Treacherous Transnational "Stanford Research Institute" PsyOp/PsyWar Lab Offices (which should be Shut Down); US Senate Office of Joseph McCarthy; Carolina Govt Ofc of Strom Thurmond; WW2-Axis-money-backed Juan Peron Govt in Argentina; Puerto Rico Independence Party; Further UN Partition of Palestine after relinquishment of Transjordan; Post-British Governments of India and Pakistan; USC Health Sciences Corporation; UNESCO Constitution; Birth family connections of CAPAC Lobbyist Mike Eng, Satanist Michael Aquino, and Palestinian Legislator Hanan Ashwari.

    1982 (fast and furious): Chinese "Chee Kung Tong" Pacific trade mafia center in Hawaii recognized by US government as "American landmark" under Moonie-backed Ronald Reagan; 4th Constitution of China promotes Chinese Privatization and Chinese Diaspora Unification and Rapprochement with Japan for East Asia Alliance; Reign of Saudi Prince Fahd; Israel made to cede control over Sinai and Suez Canal to Egypt; Brutal Cambodia-Vietnam Cults War; Lech Walesa released from prison.

    2000-2001: Chase Bank (incl Chao/Foremost shipping network) merger with J P Morgan; Controversial US Pres election decided in favor of George Bush with Foremost Chao in economically vital US cabinet post; USHsRep offices of Eric Cantor and of Transpacific pusher Mike Honda; US Transportation Dept under 'Asian Pacific' plan CAPAC Cofounder Norman Mineta; US Constitution defied by sham 'Faith Based Executive Order' allowing Moonie and similar foreign intel-front cults to take control of US infrastructure; Weird Korean "Quest Church" in Seattle and California; George Bush II Presidential Administration network; German Fritz shipping empire merger with UPS postal services; Chen Shuibian govt in Taiwan; Falun Gong cult's mass demonstrations in Beijing; Japanese-hosted 'Anonymous'-mask anarchist cult '2chan' website started up; German-Islamic-Iran rapprochement; 2nd Presidential Term of Vladimir Putin; ***"911"ATTACKS ON NEW YORK AND PENTAGON***; IMF under Horst Kohler; EuroUnion-Mexico Free Trade Agreement; Disaster-seed "No Child Left Behind" US education act provisions; Any possible inimical foreign-mole contracts (incl tech or privatized) moled into FBI operations during Robert Mueller administration need expulsion and termination; US Patriot Act; DHS/Dubious "Homeland Security" Law (aka the "Swiss Cheese Security Act with Foreign and Panjiva Holes and Moles") enacted; The "All Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce" network. 

    2022-2023 on the horizon: Events likely historically resultant of those previous Pluto-to-Pluto contacts above, especially those of 2000-2001; to be heavily determined and shaped by vitally critical current and new US government policy. Subject to remaining influences of forces listed above.  Clear indicators that "Anonymous" cult MUST be unmasked. "Confederate" enactments also risk morphing into civil unrest and need to be contained and/or shut down. US policy toward Russia needs to be run by multi-generational Americans with understanding of the longterm history of US-Russia relations and not possible double-agents or presumed allies with vested interests. The "China Lobby" (including the chameleon-like Moonies) need to be thrown out of Washington DC and America before they create more messes and overtake more of the US economy on the sly... they are about to take full control of California now, fused into all political parties (Republican and Libertarian first, and now Democratic too, working on Greens) by stealth, and as goes California so goes America soon after, following the west-to-east march of the planets across geodetic MCs and Ascendants, globally. (Further indicators that Eurofascism likely started in Iceland and known underground bases built in eastern Greenland ("Thule") that may still be active; and Asian Fascism may have had roots in the German and Japanese occupied Marshall Islands as well as Central Asian locations in Kazakhstan, Kashmir, Hindu Fascist areas, and bordering regions of Tibet and Xinjiang. Indeed, Asian Fascism appealed via the concept of reviving the transnational "Pan-Asian" Mongol Empire (matching today's "Silk Route" concept) and the quirky ideology of Graz Austria's charismatic Baron von Ungern pointed out recently by analysts of current Pan-Asian politics that include Russian elements and Japan.  Enter the Taekwondo-Putin connection and the decades-old attempts of the Nazis and East Asian fascists to co-opt and warp Tibetan Buddhism much like the Nazis and also the Latin Fascists tried to do to Christianity, and Global Fascism to harness Islam.  Historic pre-mass-literacy religious paradigms warped and harnessed to irrational and eventually dehumanized ideologies based on greed and the subsequent will to enslavement and genocide.  Can such ideologies take control of planet Earth again, by the initial stealth and pretense like they did before?  Or will out leaders Get Real about the potentials of both revived Euro and also Asian German and Japanese-hub Fascism and the deals they cut before with Russia, Spain, and elements within China whose sweatshop-owner descendents may well now rule Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, and Singapore, as they often did then and may once again today.  Such elements Know No Democracy such as that of North America or Western Europe...  it's always been an alien concept to them, and if they take control, the obvious results are already becoming visible.  The 4th and even 8th harmonic alignment of Vulkanus with geodetic MCs in recent years, now, and in the future, should by now be evident, as should the same of Pluto... both shifting global astrological Power Points, with Zeus the tool to aim and direct the power.  That means America had better pay sharp attention to military hubs in Honolulu (Sino-Japanese CAPAC control center) and the old Nazi-friendly/cult hubs in Maine, off the coast of Cape Cod, and the Kissinger villa in the Dominican Republic.  CAPAC is running pitbull cults now in California aimed at an Asian takeover already in motion, that could dovetail with the Japanese troop operations in San Diego.  Washington DC had better get the Alameda naval base running again and away from CAPAC control, and Maine and the Dominican Republic under control, or the USA could schism under foreign-run paramilitary cults. Denver and Roswell and the armed Moonie-cult infested Kenai peninsula area in Alaska (recently under Harry Harris) also need to have foreign-aligned elements flushed out and replaced by unquestionably American control.  Canada needs the same in Regina Saskatchewan longitudes and areas north of Maine in Quebec and New Brunswick where attention need to be paid to what impacts St-Lawrence Seaway traffic.  This is America, not Asia, not Europe, not yet and maybe not ever, unless it gets handed over by the naive.


    These issues are so very relevant as Vulkanus enters East China Sea global shipping/trade empire territory and Pluto heads for the Nanjing-Shanghai-Ryukyus region as Pluto makes its powerful and pervasive, iconic approximate 248-year return in the 1776 chart of the USA... and that in turn fused critically at just who controls America's economy and waters via Hawaii near Hilo and the Alaskan oil and fishing industries near Anchorage, as that will be vital for the next 248 years and not just today. What is on the horizon is either America's internal regeneration or America's death and destruction, "redefined" via foreign manipulation and exploitation, lobbies, cults.  Special attention to the Pluto opposition natal Pluto in 1895-1898, where the same global cities (which also include Johannesburg, one of the Peter Thiel family's strongholds, as well as Istanbul the southern conduit of Russia's maritime economy to the world) were involved via 4th harmonic. This further includes ports of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Quebec that had better be under North American-based control unless we are to see North America turned into a land of colonial plunder from China, Russia/Ukraine, Turkey, or the Pangermanist South African gold-and-platinum oligarchy. Also included are Egypt, and the world needs to watch if and how Arabian peninsula or Iranian money are fused into the Turkish and Egyptian economies via investment or alliances.  Every one of these locations should be monitored closely by genuinely American and Canadian economists and politicians, as Pluto can be subtle and stealthy at times, while Vulkanus coupled with its current 22:30 angle to Hades can be equally stealthy.  Hades=Vulkanus alone indicates we are living in an era of stealth politics, and that must not be dismissed as mere paranoia, but rather seen as justifiable transnational, intense scrutiny and caution (also HA=VU), especially when foreign "diplomats" try to push "fast-track" "magic trick" HA=VU deals off on unsuspecting or naive political or economic leaders.

    What has been manifesting around the 0 Fixed longitudes with the HA=VU cluster will be accentuated and finalized in effect near and shortly after the now onsetting Pluto return in the 1776 US chart (at approx 27.5 Cardinals).  America either revitalizes and reorganizes along domestically beneficial lines that uplift all Americans, or it gets redefined by invaders and foreign manipulators/lobbies, so the caution about borders and immigration is fully justified, but has not been handled well due to the effective and propagandistic media and other lobbying in DC and Seattle and Sacramento of the very invaders and foreign manipulators themselves. We are not dealing with witless fools, but clever tacticians, from nations where Vulkanus reigns supreme now, and national caution is clearly warranted.  All domestic security measures must also be carried out with humanity and the dignity worthy of a truly great nation

    Once marginal and relatively powerless in US politics, some foreign economic new-yuppie lobbies have been waving Washington DC around by its tail. Even a brief glance at a world map shows how relatively little of Pacific ocean waters are adjacent to Asia, but "Asian Pacific" organizations now rage in the media-spotlighted and new media-buyout  lobbies from other governments along the Pacific rim, now that there is Big Money being generated by Asian sweatshops, lower-cost production operations, "investments" in Pacific Island, Australian, and North and South American operations, now also including operations in Africa and Eastern Europe. Noticing geodetic lineups with WW2 Asian Axis expansionist policies (largely Japanese but with substantial collaboration from the wealthy of China and the Chinese diaspora) shows clear pointers to the impact of the various Hawaii "independence" movements as well as the more recent California "independence" movements.  These are in turn facilitated by lobbying in Washington DC that paves the way for such tactics including the recently highly successful portrayal of economically and politically aggressive and ambitious lobbies in Asia as victims of discrimination, as power further amasses along the Shaghai-Qingdao-Taipei axis and fuses into the Japanese Ryukyu maritime and naval lobbies.  One noteworthy event was Daniel Inouye's sudden death after revelation of a family member's involvement in Asian nationalist-theme "punk rock" cult induction involving drugging and observation of American victims like lab-rats, replicating the themes of the "Unit 731" human experimentation laboratories in wartime Fascist Manchukuo.

    The American public should not overlook Japan PM Shinzo Abe's casual dismissal of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor naval catastrophe as "people died on both sides", the dismissal of the complex Nanking/Nanjing Massacre during the Chinese civil war as of minor significance (or without Chinese collaboration from Chinese Japan-lovers), or the vilification of the pre-emptive US bombing of Hiroshima amid Japanese brutalities across the Pacific and in Asia, and Japan's development of similar nuclear weapons with German assistance (described in the writings of academic historian Gerhard Weinberg) as well as Japan's intentions to "fight to the death" in case of Allied invasion of the newly-acquired territories of the Japanese Empire.  This is not quaint or trivial or irrelevant history as Vulkanus advances into the East China Sea realm of Sino-Japanese mafia and fascist strongholds fuse with the China Trade empire that stretches across the Pacific, and toward Europe via Chinese Singapore.  And they are fused heavily with the Kuomintang Party's recent substantial even if quiet fusing with today's Communist Party of China.

    It is no exaggeration to say the that the WW2-era East Asia Prosperity Sphere, as well as the coordinated Pan-Asia and Pan-Pacific plans have been revived and are now operating efficiently, including via aggressive, sometimes passive-aggressive, lobbies in Washington DC, Sacramento, and other capitals around the Pacific Rim.  A major key to understanding the Chinese-Hindu fusion might be understood via the long-concealed strategies discussed when Chiang Kaishek met Hindu Fascist Chandra Bose in India in the 1940s, and for their implications outside China and Asia.  Geodetic alignments for that event (of "9/11/1942", by the way), further interlace with Pan-Asian agreements stretching from Japan to China to Iran and the Arabian peninsula oilfields.  Pay attention to how those are again manifesting today, and their relevance to the historic "Asian Century" speech of Xi Jinping's admitted econonomic role model Deng Xiaoping and the various "Asian Century" themed econonomic conferences of recent years.  Further watch how German agents Merkel and Schwarzenegger have recently sallied into Asia and weave their webs of global economic and political tactics in Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Historic German ambitions in India and Indonesia, especially during the Hitler era, should not be forgotten.

    America is surrounded by all this and yet many politicians across the USA have still dismissed it smugly as "xenophobia" or "old stuff" even though it is all of grave threat to US national stability and survival, especially as the Asian nationalist lobbies push for a "Redefined America" and their friendly German plan to get the part of the bye-bye American Pie that the New East Asia Prosperity Sphere doesn't.

    Do Americans as a whole realize that the "Asian Law Caucus", highly active in both the Republican and Democratic, as well as some "third", parties is primarily and fundamentally an overall highly successful advocacy group for increased Asian immigration?  It goes far beyond domestic civil rights issues into the realm of gerrymandering and functional colonization, and was central in San Francisco mayor Ed Lee's "Future of America" and "Hummingbird" domestic resettlement plans coupled with aggressive cronyism that had been unfolding for at least 20 years, involving the Asian "Project 2049" and "8020" expansion, migration, resettlement, and economic plans.

    It should be quite seriously asked if the policies pushed in the background by the Elaine Chao network in the Republican Party are not deliberately coordinated with those of the CAPAC network in the Democratic Party to coordinate for a full Asian takeover of the US economy, as Greater China's Chao and Jack Ma boosted Trump into power; and yet there's Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger once, or still, in the picture, too.  Is there concerted German collaboration in the picture in any way, and if so, what is the exact plan?  Studying Schwarzenegger's connections over time as well as recently might yield a key to the answer.  Do they connect to Peter Thiel's network, and if so, how?  Bringing Japan in the picture as well, it bears uncanny resemblance to WW2 Axis ambitions in the USA.

    What role is the "Korematsu" movement in California, including takeovers of public schools, and furthered by Schwarzenegger at one point, playing in all this?  What's getting discussed when Schwarzenegger meets Merkel, and what really drives their Japanese co-produced "Driverless Cars" and where to?  Over a cliff?

    Is foreign backing for incompetent figures in US political offices being globally promoted to embarrass and humiliate America at home and in the eyes of he world?  Could America have, and/or have had, Quisling presidents manipulated into power by foreign government agents and machinations just like various other nations have had already?  Who sits next to aspiring presidents before and during elections and inauguration?  This really matters when global Vulkanus power presses on America's key national and coastal Ascendants, and Pluto, which nearly always involves exchanges, and core relationship issues with others, returns to its natal position.  Is America at risk of being reduced to the colony, or colonies, or rising global powers?  It smells like it's possible if the right people don't take charge of Washington DC and the nation's key state capitals, and wake up before it's too late.  Franklin Roosevelt was a great teacher through example of what to do in times of national crisis.


2020Mar25 (edited and substantially updated Mar29 and Mar31): Corona Virus update; Indicators for Hillary; Russia stuff.

    China is not the first country to have similar virus victims, although there is also data on the SARS virus to study, for possible relevance. The US CDC often gives only the months without exact dates of outbreaks. Geodetic alignments can be estimated to the 1/2 degree and yield possibly pertinent information about source regions of the current epidemic, if only the month is known, use positions for the entire month and consider neighboring sectors as possible also. Those point to the East China Sea and its coaslines and islands of China, Taiwan, and Japan, but not Wuhan, and yet also Russia/Siberia along the Amur River, and those may or may not related to the virus, and note that No astrological data on such global issues should be studied without additional reference to non-astrological data from scientific sources, and the context of each related event should be considered.  I have placed geodetic alignments of Pluto, Zeus, and Vulkanus in the "Behind the Curtain" table for study of any possible political implications.  Note, for example,interestingly, that the MERS Coronavirus epidemic hit Saudi Arabia around 2012 (per CDC data) at about the same time as the Attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, giving them similar geodetic alignments. Is that of any significance or not?  If so, what cities do the planetary-type factors align with, and are those of significance?  Was the prior MERS outbreak in Jordan of relevance? 

    And, speaking of Benghazi, what are the non-birthtime-dependent indicators for Hillary Clinton on Inuguration Day in 2021, should she decide to run and be elected alongside a new president?  I will not say that such indicators are adequate without reference to a precise birthtime and therefore MC for her chart, but the transits show Vulkanus on her Sun, and if she was born "early in the morning ... after arrival at the hospital at midnight" as a newsclipping of unidentified date (but sounding like a newspaper birth announcement) indicated, the Kronos is also on her Moon on Inauguration Day.  It seems logical that, since she won the popular vote in a past election, and has already undergone the slings and arrows of whatever dirt opponents could dig up on her, that she may still be popular enough to be a winner; and those transiting indicators on her two "lights" (as traditional astrology once called them), are in her favor, for whatever that might mean, without knowing her MC. With her natal MA=PL also =SU (and MO if born anywhere near 01h00) she has the natal Plutonian power to match up to implement America's upcoming Pluto return in 2023-24. What I would say with such a birth time is that Hillary needs to give herself plenty of tightly-controlled breathing and reflection space in major undertakings.. no more letting State Department appendages or foreign nationalist-affiliate lobbies from afar advise her into messes she might regret later on... Her Poseidon near Neptune on the the 90 dial shows she has the clarity to make the right decisions if only left alone to her own perceptions, avoiding any sort of phony spiritual cults or metaphysical speculations that might try to influence her, and in uncontaminated spaces and full sobriety. That means telling the lobbyists and unqualified "experts" and what some foreign traditions themselves call "foreign devils" to take a hike and don't come back. This is about America, not some other place and its interests or poor little people outside America's borders until Americans in trouble, including veterans, are well taken care of.  And with Pluto, it's about America's roots and whether they continue to grow, or get uprooted and pruned or killed off to make them look like something else, or even die or hobble into submission.  There are foreign interests that would clearly like to see the latter happen, cluttering the hallways of government offices with one charm or lie or the other. Some don't hide it well, and some do.  

    A healthy amount of authentic patriotism in both parties is due during a Pluto return. Allies are those proven time and again, and not those entrenched old foreign oligarchies who wanted to turn America into a brainwashed colony within the last century while playing dubious winky-nudge flirtations or delivering hypnotic "meditation" speeches or mantras or dubiou "fast-track deals" now.  Neither Germany nor Japan nor any of the skillfully diplomatic Chinese states have magically transformed into our most loyal allies now; pay attention to what they say and do with everyone else when they are elsewhere and not courting us in calculated lobby-fests.  On guard with Russia goes without saying, and they do have ample nukes and missiles-on-wheels that are dangerous to deny, and that British military warned us is nothing to "play chicken" with... so there's nothing wrong with finding mutually pragmatic common ground with Russia without going overboard into gullibility or risk.  And note that Russia's near-neighbors Germany and Japan, as well as China, will be, and long have been, jealous to see America and Russia form any sort of cooperative agreements, as history has demonstrated time and again, for American-Russian cooperation of any sort turn little Germany and Japan into blobs on the map among relative giants they are afraid of, especially if mutally friendly giants in any way. Franklin Roosevelt knew that, and it won World War 2 against nearly insurmountable odds. But the Stanfords and Hoovers and are longtime puppets of Germany and Japan and various Chinese interests and so might advise otherwise, or sabotage dialogue with Russia as they did when Hillary was trying to head the double-agent undermined State Dept. There are those in Britain and France who probably understand the risk with Russia quite well, being longtime masters of global empires and intelligence, and closer neighors to Peterburg and Moscow; and they were our loyal allies in times of deadly trouble, even if critical for good reason when we mistakenly let Germany or Japan or China sway our policies after World War 2. 

    There were German and Japanese nukes and missiles in the making in 1945, and America was saved from destruction and/or reduction to colonial submission to foreign interests, by both Roosevelt's wise decisions, some of which Truman perpetuated.  Those still matter, a lot more than the opinions of foreigners in the US State Dept who should be in the lands of their birth and not in US govt agencies, and that matters in an innately radical Pluto return where America either splinters into factions often manipulated by foreign subversion operations, and collapses into potentially destructive chaos, or returns to its deeper roots and strengthens them as a unified bulwark for another 248 years after throwing the double-agents out of government, as a wise Pluto would do.  America is not lacking in smart people of its own to shape foreign policy, especially today with such ready access to global data, or in people capable of all national security-related functions, if only the appropriate education were accessible for those with the aptitude.  We should NOT implement the potentially subversive "Fwd.US" program promoted by "Facebook" et al, but instead make education readily affordable to American youth or adults tested for aptitude as capable and talented.  Bringing more foreign technicians into US national-security tech functions is extremely High Risk and self-sabotaging, and Facebook's arbitrary support for such a high-risk program proves it is unfit to be involved in anything related to US national security -- in addition to its blatant and blanket disregard for the security of individual American citizens despite public and sometimes official objections. The challege of a major Pluto transit is to correct the fundamental mistakes of the past without committing suicide or getting destroyed by antagonists who must be clearly recognized for who they are and what they can Do. Pluto is about boundaries and exchanges, and the ability to reject and rout out corruption and internal sabotage.

    The influence of organizations like "CAPAC", with ambiguous transnatonal affiliations and regional independence movements with the United States and its territories, should come under increasing scrutiny for foreign meddling in, or sabotage of, US national affairs, and recent events are justifying this, even as far back as 20 years ago via such as incidents as passport counterfeiting/fraud interlaced with privatized US passport offices possibly run mostly for profit -- where national security documents were thrown to the four winds, even across oceans.

    Geodetic lineups clearly indicate that Russia was indeed "remade" around 1990, but eventually remained intact, other than its Islamic and Caucasus oil border components, and so still includes a mosaic of pieces of what it has always been after the big circa-1990 changes were over and foreign interference was flushed out along with Yeltsin (and a self-protective policy America would be very wise to consider now).  We can learn from our enemies as well as our friends.  Putin just recently sought to bring remnants of the old Communist regime and the Orthodox Church, once mortal enemies, together into a new alliance.  This was a clever move to consolidate Russian national unity, and the USA would be wise to do something similar in terms of forming alliances or at very least for rational dialogue between right and left to stop destructive polarization, especially in a time of revived "Confederate" network that may well be backed by foreign agents, as it was in the 1860s.  Russia now flies the old Czarist flag in most situations, and has revived some Czarist institutions as national traditions. This may be a message for America to do something similar, as puerile polarizations over petty differences have caused severe internal problems in the USA, and foreign lobbies Do exacerbate those differences, even where they are superficial and childish, have been and are obvious to the keen observer. They include demonization of current fellow American political figures as cartoon boogeymen or devils, using childish personifications like fairy-tale characters, like "Crooked Hillary", "ObaMao", "Trump as the devil", instead of identifying specific flaws or actual characteristics or policy weaknesses during constructive debates. Thoughtful and rational, sensitive, constructive and factual criticism may be one of the best methods of reconciliation. Even "crazy" people will sometimes listen to reason, eventually. Radical and extremist vilification critiques usually provoke radical and extremist responses. (The treachery of deceptive foreign relations is another set of complex issues with additional cultural dynamics, especially in cultures not known for genuine frankness, and with different standards for diplomacy, and honesty).  Putin et al recognize something that America should also now... that petty, childish polarizations rather than objective critiques over flaws and policies lead nowhere but down for everyone, and Putin and any other competing foreign powers know how such petty internal squabbles can destroy a country from within.  Americans might be wise to study what foreign interests might, for example, be promoting the Confederate motifs or the various state "independence" movements designed weakening America by fragmentation, and some of these are identified in the "Behind the Curtain" table on this website. America needs to focus on bridging differences internally with other Americans, while sensible personal values not based on party or ideological dogma, at such a time of silly internal squabbles that put a 6-year-old to shame, and then afterward worry about bridges to foreign lands after our own country is again stabilized. Otherwise, all of America is headed for homelessness among foreign-dominated streets.  This is also part of a Pluto process where we either reorganize and reintegrate internally to "develop our God-given potential", or splinter and scatter and weaken by excessive entertainment of foreign guests and dalliances outside while our home is in disarray and at risk of internal collapse.  All have much to learn from other people and nations, positive and also negative, but when we let them take over and run things, as has been happenng, it leads to gradual colonization, enslavement, or looting, all at risk of happening further, and already set in motion, transoceanically. Look at who's buying up America, block by block.  

    America subjugated, or nearly subjugated, to other nations is in the memory of those who remember American history, but not in the memory of those who don't remember it or never knew it in the first place. It can happen again if lessons about the dysfunctions of the past are not learned, and review of the Pluto-return cycle may shed light. History is a lesson for the wise, to learn what mistakes to avoid this time around. And those who never knew history in any depth are at very high risk, or worse, as national leaders in times ahead, for dreams are not reality, and rarely manifest close to what has been imagined. It's time for another strategy. Virtual reality is an oxymoron for fools, a commercial gimmick, and cheese for blind mice. Running a country is not child's play, and real life is not a movie. Reality hits hard when the show, or the dream, is over and the lights are turned back on, especially if a transport truck full of armed foreign soldiers is rolling down the streets of our neighborhood and headed our way while the lights were out and the movie was playing.

    If America had gone to war, as McCain was swayed into advocating at the German-orchestrated military conferences hosted in Halifax, we could be going through far more problematic natural catastrophes now from nuclear (or chemical) warfare while NE=HA=ZE=VU, such is its potential, and that means that we need to make sure no one thinks that such a "world war" is still feasible now without the same probabilities. America can thank the Obama administration for stopping that nightmare in the context he administered, but now America's internal issues are different as Plutonian transformation proceeds into more inward-focused development of our innate national potential and internal regeneration, not redefinition into something alien and chaotic run by immigration lobbies attached to foreign nationalist interests obvious to those not too superficial or naive in foreign affairs. 

    Does anyone remember what America's first foreign war was after the War of Independence was over?  If not, they need to read their history books as lessons about the mistakes of the past. Even geographic patterns repeat in cycles in some ways, as geodetics points out.  And if any American thinks Franklin Roosevelt was evil because of internment camps called for by his military advisors, and to which he assented reluctantly and expressed reservations about, they are dangerously confused dupes of German or Japanese propaganda lies largely unchanged over the decades, and back in circulation again with the resurgence of their fascist elements cloaked in new garb.  The internet is now full of falsified historical data and deliberate historical revisionism, including in Wikipedia, started by German nationalist, and then spread to Chinese and Japanese nationalist, 'editors' and 'historical revisionists', so that encyclopedias and reference histories written by degreed historians or eyewitness reporters (which I have strived to stick with) are vital for understanding of how things got to where they are now, and what cycles could recur in uncertain times, economically or politically, domestically or internationally.  One thing is clear... German and Japanese, Russian and Chinese strategists, all, are watching everything big America does and thinks by every means of surveillance available, and they are ready to alter or intercept wherever they can, as they have already begun to Do. And most British and French have not forgotten who saved them from turning into nationwide concentration camps, twice during the last century. 

    The Pivot to Asia to avoid the pushy Merkel-hosted plan for colonial control of North America turned from what appeared at first to be a viable alternative to the EuroUnion's pushy "fast-track deal", into another manipulative game involving Germany's old fascist ally Japan as well as stealthy long-time Chinese fascist allies that too many have forgotten about, Merkel's trips to the critical Malaysia region encompassing (predominantly Chinese) Singapore, and her agent Schwarzenegger's dalliances around China and Hongkong, making it finally clear that Schwazi was sent to America as a an Austro-German agent to Mess with, or mess up, America like he messed up California.  Who sent him?  Geodetic alignments give hints. It's WW2 Axis Fascism in Sony Holly-weird costumes and for some reason cultivated at the USC private college (not part of the Univ of California system), for reasons also to be studied. The imported new fascism may look different from the old, but smells the same and plays the same old duplicitous tricks and schemes as before, all the way to Sony movie-industry fused Korematsu charter schools and free college degrees in Germany teaching Nazi coverup lies, and today duping both Republicans and Democrats who should know better but apparently don't. Now the Japanese wing is at it too, aided by access to California's streets starting with the San Diego training inlet, and their CAPAC branch in America, and one appropriately named "Doomsday for America Fuku-yama" at the Asia Pacific Military Research Center with offices in Sanctuary Oakland CA, conveniently next to the Federal Building near where BART stations, not long ago, had posters of the Manchurian Armageddon preacher Harold Camping ranting about the end of the world on the way to his deathbed. Is this what "redefining America" means?  Putin the pragmatist, schooled in "Realpolitik" while in Germany, will likely flip to whatever is needed as things morph, and he Does have friendly ties in Germany and has recently courted Japan and was programmed by Taekwondo trainers from a school heavily infused with Asian intelligence operations.

    First of all, get the foreign troops and agents out of America now, before our country turns into anything like Manchukuo under Japanese occupation, as described in Professor T A Bisson's "Japan in China", a highly instructive book on Japanese war and subversion tactics that smell too much like now, as Vulkanus power shifts into Japan's military bases off the China coast and right next to Taiwan, whose fangs in California are sunk decades-deep via Kuomintang operations (now chummy with Beijing and always tied to Tokyo foundations, often via Honolulu), all the way to control of the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market and tax assessors' offices, and the Shrimp Boy Chow, Leland Yee, and Rose Pak networks, arms of the current East China Seacoast Vulkanus powerhouse often shared with Japan, and possibly today more than ever, behind closed doors while they made, install, and control surveillance cameras worthless in protecting anyone from the objectives of the installers.  As for Korea, Japan has its fangs sunk deep there, both in the south and once again in the north as Kim Jongun is easily bribed with foreign tech gadgets and dreams of a yuppified Pyongyang with real barber shops and Gangnam hypno-trance music that leads people lockstep off cliffs just like "driverless" cars and "virtual reality" on remote control.  Confucius say, "He who control technology and internet control society. And Guru know this, too", while "Poppies will make them sleep", said the Wicked Witch and her opiates peddlers, who have long abounded in East China seaports tied to the Yangtze River headwaters near the Golden Triangle (both where the HA=VU cluster linger now).

    If America does not figure out a way to take California back from transoceanic investors soon, it may be gone forever to control from foreign capitals, as they are swooping in fast, and there goes a huge chunk of America's economy and vital national security ports... wake up before it's gone, and get out of the way and let federal agents do their jobs in routing out foreign subversion, or America my be running the global race on a 3-legged horse who can't understand English, or may not even want to, eventually throwing it into Last Place as the new German and Pan-Asian Empires take over and quietly court Russia and wait for it to blow up New York and Seattle just like Hitler and Tojo wanted when they found out America was not going to let their many spies and subversion agents take over Washington or Sacramento.  (T H Tetens, in the 1950s and 60s, delineated in detail how Germany manipulated US Cold War policy for German benefit, which may be what Eisenhower was discovering when he shut down McCarthy and labeled the Axis-manipulated Military Industrial Complex; and simultaneous Japanese (and "Manchurian") tactics may have been, and may still be, similarly problematic.)  FDR was in US Navy intelligence with extensive connex to British Intelligence, and knew what to do, but today's fools are not yet a match, duped by German and Japanese and Chinese disinformation, as Tetens described.  FDR knew a phony foreign spy or mole or lobbyist when he saw one... the first step without which other efforts are futile. Geodetics show FDR was aligned with elements in Russia opposed to Stalin, but had to appease him to implement changes slowly, and he knew the Nazi machine was still alive in Germany after 1945 or poised near its borders. As for the United Nations, today's balance of power is nothing like it was then, and dealing with it requires major updates... the old superpowers didn't change in essence, but the new and budding ones did substantially as the European colonial empires were dismantled, and China and Russia rose from centuries of underdevelopment under decrepit feudal social orders.  Roosevelt knew well how duplicitous and brazenly hypocritical Chinese politicking could get, while many in Washington, and even Sacramento, today are apparently lost in trivial chatter, free food, and superficial appearances of foreign manipulators flooding the halls of American government.

    How much did Lincoln know about the foreign meddling that kept the Confederacy going?  Or Seward's (and FDRs) knowledge about foreign plans to capture and control America's Pacific coast as well as post-Seward-era US Pacific island territories that Japan and China coveted and saw instead as part of an "Asian Pacific" or "Pan-Pacific" Empire under the thumb of Tokyo and its allies.  What did Chiang Kaishek discuss with Hindu Nationalist leaders during his obscure Feb 1942 conference in India?... there's one that's hard to find verifiable information on and yet may shed an interesting light on current Transpacific and so-called "Indo-Pacific" affairs.  Either Save California for America, or it may be forever gone with the tides or annexed to other nations, as the wise in Washington DC foresaw the possibility of in 1850, when California was made a state largely to keep it from falling under foreign control.  Note the geodetic alignments for the "Calexit" and other California separatist movements, including to the Asian-Pacific lobbies... while Shanghai and Taipei, maybe shared with Japanese Navy in the Ryukyus (which have long held sway in Taipei, in one way or another), replace DC as California's control center.

    Also to note, when Ed Lee was running San Francisco, banks that Elaine Chao was on the board of stomped out other banks and credit unions around San Francisco, so there was very likely some "reaching across the aisle", or under the table, between Elaine's club and the CAPAC-affiliated Asian Law Caucus, and the only "party loyalty" may be to blood brothers in the old country. All while real-estate was gobbled up and rents skyrocketed and people pushed out of their jobs and homes.  Does that explain the CAPAC caucus crocodile tears over surveillance of naturalized citizens?  Logically so.

    Recite "xenophobia" until you're blue in the face.. it's a term already become so hackneyed and politically abused by the Asian Pacific gerrymanderers and real estate vultures/gougers over recent decades as to be meaningless and even nauseating.  It could logically be that a sort of guerrilla-style invasion has already occurred, part of it waving "resistance" banners, capitalizing on discontent with Trump. Read Sterling Seagrave's books for the history of how that same tactic has been used before in newly-colonized areas of the globe. Brian Lapping's 'End of Empire' describes the scheming nature of Singapore (a little island revolving around a Chinese stock market exchange, and site of key Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party founding/planning meetings), and Malaysian politics, Sun Tzu on steroids. If you think Asian politics are really like Jesus or the Easter Bunny in Sunday School, or that Sun Myung Moon is the New Messiah, you'd better watch Eddie Haskell in action a few more times.  As one spy once said, "the James Bond portrayal of Asian espionage tactics is based on reality unrecognized by much of European cultures... and a warning". The year 2020s NEHAZEVU cluster where it is makes that especially pertinent to the here and now, today. And that may linger for a few more years until it's resolved, while geodetics indicate that British, freed of EuroUnion restraints, and Israeli intelligence, both highly experienced in handling intrigue and danger near their borders, will unravel the mess.  That's when HA=VU goes out of orb, America finishes its Pluto transformation, and several years of political fog finally clear up.  But it won't happen without intensive scrutiny of competitive global powers ready to overwhelm or undermine the USA. Meanwhile, the world is eggshell city, where the political (VU) underworld (HA when at worst, and it is often) holds sway (VU) for just a few more years.  Korea may also need to go through radical changes that may include flushing out the Moonies and their underlying and deeply-entrenched Yakuza network, and that may mandate US and British, even Israeli, surveillance over Korea, under the thumb of the Japanese underworld for at least 100 years, and old Manchukuo-affiliated remnants from China with Shanghai Sino-Japanese mafia overlapping with corruption in Taiwan.  Korea itself is too drowned in those lingering messes to do anything on its own without western controls and surveillance -- America should not relinquish any naval bases in the Pacific, and in fact should escalate unalloyed control and surveillance, as there are already Asian nationalists in America set on ending US controls in that region and advocating for 'guerrilla warfare' where either China or Japan will step in where America hasn't.  As mentioned before, every brand of politics and treachery are now wearing or warping the "Resistance" label, as it is generic and can mean just about anything including things it does not look like, and in the case of bandwagon cult infusions, may not consciously know.  There is risk of a revival of "Symbionese" type cults in the USA, i.e. radical right disguised as left, and foreign disguised as whatever fits the local situation, as in Moonie-like chameleon networks versed in the tricks of centuries-old Asian covert operations and passive-aggression tactics that made the Korean and Indochinese wars a quagmire.  They're on a roll now with the Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao-Ryukyu based NEHAZEVU cluster, and if they control the surveillance technology, they'll cover for themselves while everyone's asleep on imported opiates and pot.  Brainwashing political cults, some "faith-based" and pseudo-religious, are again in circulation like they were in the 1970s, along with the screaming radical ones, where the radical "Antifa" network is sometimes actually run by fascists leading the naive into traps, and where Japanese and Chinese fascism are denied or dismissed as conspiracy theory and something that only "Old White Men" do.  Not so, in the past or now, even if the tactics were sometimes different and more stealthy, which is how the NEHAZEVU combination can manifest. Finding solutions is not for the shallow or easily bored.  Geodetics show where the trouble is brewing, and the China Sea is boiling and has tons of agents globally... the Chinese regional "Project 2049" is unfolding now at a running pace, and coupled up with the larger "Asian Century" alliance, coming to a neighborhood near you, including via universities.  Yet, neither Merkel nor Putin have given up either.  The North Atlantic alliance is once again the answer, per geodetics.  Love those Brits and Canucks and Ozzies... smart ones they are, with deep roots in Democracy, not mechanistic 20th century genocidal war governments trying to dress up like angels and pushing high-pressure "fast-track" cypto/neo-fascist trade deals full of hidden clauses.

    I would say a birth time is needed to be more certain Clinton is winner material, but the Sun and Moon pictures look good if she works in the background, and solitude, which a VP can do more easily than a president, devoted to America and not "China Lobby" manipulators.  But whatever she does, it won't be Milquetoast, but a rare blend of empathic sensitivity that may not show on the surface, which is how most Scorpios operate.  And then there's her husband and his insights, experience, and brain, and I doubt that many of 2020's voters care who had sex with whom as long as they know how to run a country, say something logical once in a while, and consistently work for the interests of the general public.

    For any reader who owns a copy of Special Uranian, I will be restarting a minimized mailing list with periodic notices about practical method applications and highlights from this blog, and are a verified Aureas program owner, then contact me at

    A reminder that I have been working with Aureas in France, and Ruth Brummund in Germany, but we all have our own world views grounded in where we come from, and rarely identical. Chinese and Japanese interests have tried to latch on to what I'm doing, but that's not where the good astrology originated, and never has. A closing thought about Vulkanus in the Shanghai corridor, either America takes over and tells the CAPAC and Elaine Chao what to do, or they will continue to tell America what to do, regardless of which political party is in office.  The Sino-Japanese Chao and CAPAC networks have made their excessive billions from American trade and real estate, and now it's time to take our country back from them before they take our country from us -- and the same applies to the lingering Deutschebank railroad network that pulled the puppet strings of the old Robber Baron network from Germany, then the Hitler and Merkel and Kissinger-Thiel network, and now home repossessions by foreign banks.  Let's make America American again.  You can't do that with China or Germany or Japan running the campaigns in the background.  I have yet to summarize how German banks stole American Railroads and now Chinese and Japanese-run banks have stolen America's shipping trade, or how both attempted to fuse in and control America's aircraft and automobile industries.  The railroads were designed to be an American commonwealth utility but Deutschebank successfully connived into putting them largely under their control via back-door tactics and American figurehead presidents.  There's a history of the USA much deeper than the one the transnational CIA, which Truman distrusted from the start, concocted in the 1950s with the former Axis powers too often pushing the pen, and it's in references older than that and which must be preserved before America is lost in the invading tidal waves banging on its shores and about to inundate Washington and San Francisco and New York, even Anchorage, unless Americans study how they did it and turn the tide back  At this point, a top priority needs to be strict US govt or military control trade routes from Shanghai to Honolulu and Anchorage to the Pacific coast, with No Asian control of any of it.  That means retake American President Lines and tell Neptune Orient where to get off, remember Pearl Harbor, and make Anchorage and Hilo all American again. Work with the British and Israeli Navies to keep South Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean from falling under the control of the the old German Broederbond or extremist Islamist networks that may revolve around the Muslim Brotherhood, and rout the remaining Axis Fascist network out of South America, which most natives there would probably be quite grateful for as long as we do it respectfully and don't steal their democracies and let them conduct business and government the way of the local populations.  Otherwise, Asian and continental Eurofascism are poised to secure control of the Uruguay, Parana, and Paraguay river valley, including by Asian stealth tactics in and around Uruguay and Paraguay and their borders... and watch how the Russian navy from Peterburg tries to manipulate all of it and the attempted revival of the Ottoman Empire. 

    When the dinosaur Oil Kings of our planet finally fall due to overdue obsolescence, a new global economy will emerge, and America had better be ready for it, which means get the oil mentality out of Washington, and start producing the new, safe, non-nuclear, replacement technology in American factories owned by Americans, as I pointed out several years ago before the current climate crises manifest.  And "Pivot" back to America, forever, before the world pivots its heels into our hearts and souls and turns the upcoming Pluto return into the Death of America.  That requires taking control of Honolulu and Hilo, away from CAPAC and Moonies, getting the foreign agents and their cult puppets out of Point Barrow and the Kenai Peninsula, and Fairbanks as well as Anchorage, and putting the former and privatized Naval and Air stations in Maine back under American control, and getting control of the eastern Mediterranean in tandem with decades-proven-trustworthy allies.  Privatization has proven to ultimately be a dismantling of US government and its takeover by crafty foreign rats, while the Libertarian network are their dingbat puppets ready to be drugged and anesthetized to the point of total submission to the Golden Triangle and Arab League narcotraffickers, and their cokehead, pothead, acid head, and opiate addict dupes handing America over to drugged-out stealth invaders, another side of NEHAZEVU that will continue via HA=VU alone another few years.  

    Meanwhile, in 2020, control of the narcotrafficking trade, including what is sneaked in via the hulls of transnational ships tied to the long-running China opium circuit and narcotrafficking running through Egypt and Turkey, Kashmir and Calicut, the Marshalls and Vanuatu,and the Guadalajara-Durango-Benavides longitude, is Vital to the survival of a safe and secure world for everyone. US agents need to secure tight control all around Big Bend National Park, now and in coming years, just in case, as there may be something more potent there than one might normally assume... a very critical border area along with the area from Laredo TX all the way down the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico, which may mean there's funny business in Tamaulipas that could be coming from anywhere in or through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, including covert ops and drugs, maybe even via the Panama Canal, the relinquishment of which looks like not such a good idea after all, as foreign interests overpowered Panamanian.  The harsh reality of global power has proven that if America doesn't carry the big stick in the Western Hemisphere, someone from the Eastern Hemisphere has, and will again.  Meaning that the Monroe Doctrine might be a lot more desirable for everyone than Nazi or Russian and Chinese or Japanese mafia control of Latin America, which has already been tried, and sometimes succeeded.  It's just up to American powerbrokers to be fair and humane and clamp down on the mean-spirited transnational corporates and desensitized and sadistic coke-snorters on a Wall Street that was never American in the first place and gives America a bad reputation.  Wall Street always has been the conduit for foreign controls over the US economy, from Day One and its roots in Central European imperial banks, and now shared with if not recently taken over by Asian banks of similar demeanor.  The USA was not founded to be run by Wall Street even if 1950s transnational CIA propagandists figured out how to make Americans and the world think otherwise. Hoover's Great Depression is the main example of what happens when transnational-bank-run Wall Street controls the US government rather than the other way around, or when Stanford and Chicago economists tell Washington what to do. Wall Street and Stanford and Chicago universities are and always have been the tentacles of foreign banks in the US economy, and often dictating it only because people in Washington DC let it happen.  If you "believe" that populism is a "bad" thing, it's not going to change for the better.  Meanwhile, Singapore and Shanghai are among the aliens poised to take over, and they're already on a roll, controlling the "Asian Pacific" shipping lines if America doesn't take back control from them.  It may take and Act of Congress, and apparently that won't happen under any president under the thumb of the "China Lobby", whether Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or any other label they might concoct and mesmerize the American public with.

    Lastly, if there is a German-Russian alliance revolving around Peterburg and/or Kiev or even Istanbul or Cairo, in the making, it could be every bit as formidable as the Shanghai-Qingdao-Taipei-Singapore (22.5 apart) global economic cartel.  Washington has to boot CAPAC out of control of the US Pacific fleet to do it, and study how they got in control in the first place, which is evidently via intensive lobbying, cults, and bribes, Sun Tzu and Gangnam style. Carefully scrutinize Japan's military and psy operations rooted in Hokkaido (22:30 to the east) and Korean Pusan (11:15 in the middle), where the Vulkanus power is subtle and naval (NE), covert and underground or underworld-fused (HA), and mechanized or militarized (ZE).  The same principle applies to the power in Peterburg, Kiev, Istanbul, Cairo, and now Kashmir and Delhi in the rising componet of the Asian Century circuit.  This can be attenuated in 2020 with thorough investigations and counterbalancing from unalloyed American operations from Anchorage and Fairbanks, while the Hades and Vulkanus components will linger until around 2023-24.., there's so much sewage to flush out of the lines until then.  Canada can help if they are willing to also abandon and expel the mesmerizing and exotic foreign cults in their infrastructure.  There's no real magic in the snake-bowl even if the snake dances to charming music. The Halloween parties have to come to an end before the tricks get treated and fixed. Political analysts have said for years that the Asian Century network has had the Bushes dancing like puppets on strings, reinforced by Atsugi "visits", and their successors to a lesser degree because their drinks were spiked at their parties and the lobbying tactics perpetuated... i.e. relayed foreign subversion.  That must be fixed and reversed or America may be doomed to a future of subservience to foreign tricksters (especially when they run the campaigns and staff the intelligence and port security services, including via contracts).  It's time for Voodoo politics to end along with Voodoo economics, but it may take another 3 or 4 years to clean out the dirty cobwebs and put the addicts in effective recovery programs and get the many cult inductees into deprogramming.  This has been happening globally and not just in America, and German intelligence has clearly been just as problematic, maybe via strongholds in South Africa, Romania, Finland, Turkey, and Cairo,and now Russia and Ukraine are likely set for something similar.

    It's up to the world's firmly-rooted democracies to stop the world from going neo-fascist (European, Asian, or any other sort), and that requires logic and sobriety and readiness to investigate below the superficial, no matter how pretty the screen-images look.  The fascists want the public on drugs instead, dumbed-down or asleep.. always have and may continue to do so, and everything privatized and under corporate control, thereby minimizing or eliminating controls by locally and publicly-elected and accountable officials.  With NEHAZEVU, drugs and politics are going hand-in-hand, and that will continue even after 2020, until the HA=VU component is out of orb in about 4 years from now.  An alliance of disinterested western democracies needs to invade the Golden Triangle, a centuries-old cauldron of intrigue and machinations, and put it under intensive global surveillance forever, for that mafia network is almost ancient.  Until then, it will be one of the machines that drives Asian Century expansion powered by drug and gun dealers, which includes the Moonies and Kahr Arms dealers walking the streets of America every day and manipulating the public via their network of phony cults fused with the East China Sea mafia and its global shipping empires that includes the Chao network's, which noteworthily rose to power in Washington during both the Bush administrations. Only the biggest of fools will write that off as simple xenophobia or racism, for few Americans know the true history of the Far East that they should, from disinterested sources not trying to "save face" for the "old country" afar.  Fascism was, and is, Asian as well as European, and actually far more diverse and complex and widespread in Asia, where more charming and subtle but just as ultimately brutal and deadly.  Meanwhile, there are way too many Asian lobbyists in the halls of American government and now taking over schools to program America's youth to be colonial subjects, think America's history is all evil and nasty and to be replaced by something else more amenable to foreign capitals and commercial hubs. Geodetic analysis makes clear how much dysfunction in American society and history has been created or bolstered by foreign meddling and sabotage, and issue that must be addressed as America either makes its first 240-year-old Pluto return, or otherwise foreign Pluto makes America turn the wrong way, owned by Shanghai (including Chao's and CAPAC's financial network) or Peterburg Russian mafia, Peter Thiel's Johannesburg mafia, or the restored Ottoman Empire fused with Arabian peninsula money. To stop that, Anchorage (and northward) and Hilo Hawaii must become new commercial centers for America under unalloyed America control and Moonies and foreign nationalists tied to foreign capitals thrown out, meaning no more "Asian Pacific".  Fully American cooperating with fully Australian interests in Western Australia will be vital.  Respectful and fair alliances with Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, and shipping-critical Tahiti need to be cultivated. A joint US-Canadian investment in old AT&T facilities in Nova Scotia need to be cultivated, along with resouces directly north of there.  At 45 angle, the US government needs to develop national resources in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico without destroying the earth's eco-balance, and that means Teapot Dome (a story never fully told as it should have been) needs to be put back under US government control, and the configuration stresses via 22.5 angle the urgent need for America to get the Golden Triangle under control once and for all, where we control it instead of it controlling our economy or society.

    The Chao and Singaporean shipping lines Must be Nationalized by the US Government, or their network may replace the the US Government, as it is trying to do now.  One can learn much from both the Roosevelt (actually related) administrations and what Washington and Franklin and Jefferson actually did overall rather than what lying German and Asian historical revisionists and propagandists (including those at USC and UConn) are writing about them on the internet. Does it fuse with Schwarzenegger's recent gaming tactics after he huddles with Merkel and friends, and then Japanese and Chinese agents?  It's almost subversive, and definitely foreign in origins and objectives, not to mention crude and barbaric like the Huns that Kaiser Wilhelm instructed German agents to emulate via trench warfare.  So, what is Schwazi's "Grass Roots Revolution" plan, exactly?  The geodetic lineups at the time he announced it may give some hints. He's "from" Vienna and loves that Japanese and Chinese money, which sells Kahr Arms guns for "Grass Roots Revolutions" like the one he has proposed for "Rebels With a Cause".  He's another Hitler if he can, charming but sociopathic, and geodetics show the lingering Nazi Bund and contemporary "America First" cult's connections to his family power network.  His money for Wiesenthal was probably a calculated bribe handed over from Berlin or Vienna during huddles with the duplicitous Merkel machine, and intended to access or control the center's data for "other purposes".

    Both parties in Washington can take back America together only if politicians and other leaders stop thinking of no-one but themselves and glorifying selfishness and greed, and instead turn Congress into a joint venture to heal America and help everyone instead of play one-up control games... the core lessons of Pluto, and the doctrinaire ideologues have to abandon the beliefs and instead go for pragmatic compassion for Americans., and the worry about the rest of the world after America is back in order again.  I will not back down on past assertions that America is now being, and has been during recent years, dealing with potent foreign subversion that the public is refusing to acknowledge due to clamoring lobbyists from the countries doing it.  Much of it is indeed coming from the Shanghai and Taipei, as well as Istanbul and Cairo and Johannesburg longitudes (Vulkanus), and other from Berlin and Vienna and Singapore and Chongqing banks (Pluto in the 2010s), the money soon moving also to Shanghai/Taipei/Istanbul/Cairo (Pluto in coming years).  If Canada's economy also falls under Asian control, the "Asian Century" will manifest in full, possibly in collaboration with Peterburg, unless North America strikes up allliances with Russia and South Africa.  The Philippines will be caught in between, and its fall to either China or Japan or Russia will be highly problematic for North America as well as Australia and New Zealand. Shanghai could become the world's financial capital, and where Peterburg goes depends on who runs Moscow and which alliances it forms.  An alienated Moscow is not in North America's interest, but it is in the interest of East Asia, while Germany's expansionist ambitions may go nowhere, as Russians are unlikely to once again submit to German control for long (as it did under the last ethnic German Czars, allied with Berlin and Vienna).  North America's continued pre-eminence in the global economy will depend on continued influence and consolidated alliances in the Philippines, the Caribbean, and South America.  Thus, functional alliances in Latin America that match today's ideological and economic and political climates are vital to the USA and Canada, as well as to Britain; while the rest of the world continues to cultivate alliances there, knowing full well that they weaken American competition.  All of the Americas, from the North Pole to the South Pole, are natural allies rooted in deep historical common denominators separated by the oceans from Europe and Asia, while the "Land Bridge" and "Beringia"-related theories promoted by Asian nationalist and sometimes Russian lobbies has been repeatedly rejected by Native American tribes as deceptive propaganda, even though still aggressively promoted by Pan-Asian lobbies engaged in other forms of historical revisionism including recent "Chinese apple pie" and "Japanese fried chicken" attempts to co-opt and "redefine" American traditions and advocate that America is innately Asian.  This is a vital issue during the upcoming Pluto return for the USA, especially as Asian interests might love to "have" that Alaskan gold and oil and warming lands for resettlement and real estate speculation, just as Japan and its WW2 allies did 75 years ago and possibly continuing into the present.

    The USA can go through a radical transformation with the upcoming Pluto return, and, being in Capricorn, it's about overcoming crass materialism and turning to a nation of builders with again, led by sober professionals rather than mall rats with tinkertoys, and that requires unswering support for public education at all levels. Education must also be made motivating and pragmatic and not just drudgery or irrelevant theory.. students need on-hands application as much as possible, even if only problem-solving discussions, and this can unleash the higher Pluto in Capricorn potential.


2020Mar23 (updated Mar27): Refer to reliable sources on Corona Virus symptoms and treatments:

    To address first, one foreign news commentator implied that American elder voters are not concerned about the health of younger Americans, and this is ludicrous.  What he was assuming was based on the recent popularity ratings for Bernie Sanders.  Elder voters lived through a time when branding oneself or others with the word "socialist" in any form would lead to political blacklisting and blackballing, McCarthyist blocking including career blacklisting and public humiliation of individual citizens including professionals.  Most younger voters have not experienced that, at least consciously, and most, apparently, do not see "socialist" as a dirty word or a severe risk anymore in political issues, whether that is the actual reality or not.  That probably accounts for most of the age differences in voting patterns, not elders' indifference to the wellbeing of young people, seen by most older Americans as our country's future and so actually very important, in addition to the increased level of empathy and understanding that normally occurs among aging adults for the challenges faced by young people trying to do something constructive in life.

    In the USA, the website has been posting reliable data on corona virus issues, as has the website for topic-specific information. Government news and health service websites in other countries may also be among the most reliable (,,

    It is noteworthy that locations publicized as being the most heavily impacted by coronavirus problems are where the 2020 annual universal chart (Capricorn solar ingress of 2019.Dec) NE=HA=ZE=VU (in worst cases, intensive, high-impact, or politically-significant viral infections) cluster is within 2-degree orb of the geodetic Ascendant in 32nd harmonic (direct or at 11:15 angles/aspects of 31:33=01LE33)... Korea, Italy; US states of Washington, California (11:15 away and near line NE from Point Arguello to Yosemite and area around Walker Lake and Carson City NV, making these vulnerable to political subversion), and Greater New York City.  However, Wuhan, location of the first reported cases, does not fit this pattern, for reasons that might be interesting to study.  Locations where that same cluster is on the geodetic MC may possibly and logically refer to the actual origins of the virus, possibly transmitted via food (and as speculated by some doctors, in the case of China) later consumed in the locations of virus outbreak. For example, food sold and consumed in Wuhan may have come from areas to the west or to the east (East China seacoast, or inland along the Yangtze river valley).  In any case, it seems logical, with continued Hades in Cancer, that everyone boil water and eat foods cooked at high temperature (boiled or baked or pressure-cook boiled) to kill bacteria, just to be on the safe side. Eating raw foods may not be a good idea anymore, especially if you don't know where it came from or how it's been stored. Food from anywhere on the globe where Neptune, or especially Hades (at 8:55 Cardinals), are now, may warrant thorough cooking, and this includes eastern Burma, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in China; Florida and western Cuba and Panama; eastern North Sea coast regions in Europe; Mediterranean coast regions north of Tunisia and Algeria; Atlantic coastline regions south of the Equator in Africa.  Notice the overall pattern of coastal fishing regions, maybe worthy of further study.

    Otherwise, please refer to official sources for reliable information specific to the virus. I am trying to restrict here to correlations with clear astrological indicators and information from reliable resources on health data.

    Coronavirus has now proven to be global and no single nation or population should be targeted for its transmission, although it seems logical to study the reported areas of origin and reasons for its outbreak in those locations, and any suppression of news of outbreaks elsewhere. Similarly for organized crime issues... it is not reasonable to blame entire national populations for the manifestation of organized crime within those nations.  All Germans are not Nazis, all Italians are not Mafiosi; all Chinese are not Coronavirus carriers or Tong gangsters; all Japanese or Koreans are not Yakuza gangster thugs or fascists; all politicians are not utter fools or puppets of pushy foreign or domestic or hybrid lobbyists they've been bribed or manipulated by (even if too many are); all religious devotees are not mean-spirited hypocrites or holy-war pitbulls; all Americans are not politically naive about global politics anymore; all astrologers are not quacks.

    In closing, one issue that should be clear to Americans due to events of recent years.... political leaders should be chosen for their knowledge, experience, and concern for the interested of the American public, not primarily for their ethnicity.  America is in crisis, and this is no time to play board game tallying tactics, or to change the fundamental rules of the game when there is already too much chaos in motion.  America's Pluto return is on the horizon and already brewing, and as during personal Pluto returns and other major angle/aspects, slow as they are, the changes themselves can change course several times before there is a clear path forward.  The butterfly breaks out of its chrysalis slowly and bit by bit, changing its outer form time and again before emergence and flight, all while the wind changes and the lunar cycles and sunrays vacillate, and the tides go up and down, time and again during that long transitional period.  The upcoming election is critical for the future, but not the end of the Pluto return yet. Whatever the temporary outcome in January 2021, there's more time for various changes after that.

    Note in mentally estimating precession factors for transits:

    1) Always subtract precession from transits, or else add precession to the natal positions.

    2) While the precession is one full degree at age 72, it can be quickly estimated (with a 3-minute margin of error) and so visualized on a chart by this simple rule of thumb for personal as well as historical events:

    approx 4' for every 5 years of age.

    approx 8' for every 10 years of age.

    approx 42' for every 50 years of age.

    approx 124' for every 100 years.

    These are for visual estimates in timing only, when data is not readily available on charts or in ephemerides, noting the possible 3' leeway.


2020Mar14 (updated and corrected Mar23): More on Presidental Election: 

    Since first posting this blog entry, I received an inquiry about Amy Klobuchar, whose certified birth time is published (1960May25 at 00h56 in St Louis Park MN).  While her remarkable natal chart shows powerful empathy (MC=MO=NE=PO) and an ability to read most any situation objectively (Poseidon) as long as ideological dogma or emotions do not interfere, combined with an accentuated vital radiance and resilience (SU=PL) that would be an asset to America in service to the country, I see no strong indicators of her advancement to high office via either directions or transits on or near 2021Jan20.  However, directed Venus and Jupiter are on her MC.MO cluster on that day, and so it may be a noticeably happy day for her... and whatever that might possibly imply.  Although she would be an ideal Vice-President in terms of character and qualifications, I would not feel confident that she can win inauguration status in 2021.

    This leads me to look at the chart of Elizabeth Warren, as both Democratic candidates have indicated inclination to choose a female cohort. Elizabeth's birthtime is listed as unknown, although a time of 13h51 was at one time posted and claimed to have been a rectification.  That time fits what is publicly known of her: in 32nd harmonic MC=KR=PO and = Chiron, referring to her high intellect and objectivity and drive to teach. Her natal ME=MA=CU, indicating a sharp mind and strong social conscience are assets to somone considered for the backup to the President.  IF that time is correct, there are however no strong indicators of ascent to high office on inauguration day, but that time is not certain.

    We can also look at pictures involving natal Mars on inauguration day for what one will be putting into action at that time. For Elizabeth, that does show  =t(PL=ZE=KR) as well as d(=PL=AP), which could apply to most any professional ascent on or near that date.  I would make no prognosis until a time is ascertained.

    Kamala Harris has also been proposed as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate, and 21h28 on 1964Oct20 in Oakland CA is claimed as her birth time from a birth certificate.  Her natal SU=MO=MA=UR=PO shows strong will and courage and drive to implement progress and and legal and social equality, while Poseidon shows objectivity as long as ideological dogma does not interfere; and she will indeed fight for what she sees as morally and universally true and correct, with a focus on the future. However, I see no strong indicators of her ascent to higher office on inauguration day of 2021.

    As in the past, no known verifiable time is known for Hillary Clinton, and so I could not speculate effectively on her success, if she were to consider candidacy.

    I have found no birthtime for Stacey Abrams.

    There are too many other potential candidates to sort through effectively at this time.

    I can add other candidates under consideration as time permits, once the choices are narrowed down.  Meanwhile, these examples may help others diagnose using similar methods.




    Addenda to the following: There are additional configurations that I have not addressed below that might bring more clarity in identifying probabilities of who is most likely to be inaugurated as US President in 2021, and hope to follow up on that later.  Meanwhile, you may read on the normal primary methods used below.  After  Vice-Presidential candidates are chosen, those can also shed light on the event if their birth-times are documented, as their charts should show somewhat similar indicators on the date of inauguration.  Directed and transiting pictures on the Sun, for example, and natal pictures triggered by the directed and transiting Suns might also show to be indicators, especially if they show references to the start of a high political office Kronos or Vulkanus or combinations of the two. Again, astrology is not all there is, and two or more candidates may show such indicators; and candidates not entering the presidential office may enter similar political offices elsewhere, in which case indicators may be similar.  All data must be weighed out and compared before arriving at any sort of conclusion.

    Since no documented birth times for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden have yet, to my knowledge, been publicly available, I do not think a clear assessment of their potential for election or inauguration can be made with any degree of certainty. The non-astrological factors, including free will and environmental variables, render any astrological prognosis an element of unpredictable chance. A thorough rectification of each chart might render more certainty, and that requires time and careful precision in handling multiple data  That said, following is a summary of how an assessment might be approached. I have read and re-read this entry several times to be as accurate as possible under the circumstances of my health condition affecting mental focus, and accuracy. For orbs, I am using 2 degrees for all 16th-harmonic clusters (angles/aspects which include conjunctions, squares, oppositions, semisquares, sesquiquadrates, and 22.5 or 22:30-multiple angles) and 1 degree for 32nd harmonic (11.25 or 11:15 angles).

    Apparently there are 4 birth times in wide circulation for Bernie Sanders, and yet the transcription of a 2019 Cosmopolitan magazine interview of him claims he may, possibly, have cursorily verified a Scorpio Ascendant.  If that transcription is correct and the inference is correct, then that narrows his birth time to either the two pertinent reported times of either 11h43m40sam or 12h27pm (both within a half-hour of noon), discounting the other 2 times that give a different rising sign not in agreement with his brief remark in the recording of the magazine interview. I am not giving the past requested permission by agents or affiliates of Astrolabe software to quote me on anything at all, for any reason or at any time, due to their past predatory actions exemplified during the repeated hacking attacks of 2005 that nearly wiped out all computerized functions and operations of the Uranian Beacon/Astrology Institute.  For those interested in investigating those incidents (precise timing of which were wiped out during the multiple hackings), I have included the approximate dates in the "Men behind the curtain" geodetic tables. I do not assume Astrolabe agents were the sole participants in the hackings, but Astrolabe agents and affiliates were clearly were among the primary beneficiaries of the hackings, as were Wicca affiliates and what appeared to have been illegally armed mercenaries with expertise in computer technology. Fusions of Uranian Astrology with the German national "BND" intelligence service may or may not be relevant, as may be my previous involvement in whistleblowing on the grossly corrupt, and now I realize probably German, Chinese, and Japanese plans to privatize the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF, where I worked) as well as the Mount Zion medical educational facilities via a "merger" with the Stanford University private corporate operations. Agents of the "Magi Astrology" Shaolin-monk-idolization network might also be considered as involved due to their attempts around that time to horn in to egroups and assimilate uranian astrology techniques into their hodgepodge of astrological gimmicks and glamorized nonsense. Now, I proceed, asking that if anyone sees any of the technical information here lifted and reproduced elsewhere, please contact me at and let me know. I would certainly like to know, and astrologers should be forewarned, of anyone involved the incidents I have described above.


    In Uranian Astrology, IF birthtimes are near precise, the clusters (and 16th, including 4th, harmonic midpoints as well) on the MC should correlate clearly with the individual's adult profession/s; whereas the same on the Ascendant should describe childhood environs shaping personality and which continue through adult life).   

    The reported 12h27 time gives Bernie Sanders a cluster, with 2 degree orb for 16th harmonic, and 1 degree orb for 32nd harmonic, of MC08VI31=ME=MA=KR (=JU=PL=VU in H32).  This is someone who can be very blunt but also skillful and dignified enough to communicate eloquently, and very much preoccupied with financial and legal matters, at which he is capable of excelling.  However he can speak compulsively if in haste or emotional upset.  The 11h43m40s rectified time (AS16SC42) also gives MC27LE04=JU=VU but in addition =AR=MA=PL, with the Mercury out of orb.  The similiarities are due to the MCs being close to but not exactly 11:15 apart.

    Temperamentally, the 12h27 Mercury picture with MC in VI seems more appropriate, as Bernie is a markedly conscise communicator, with a sharp mind, in his professional presentation.  

    In contrast, the 11h43m40s alternative with MC in LE is someone likely more unreservedly expressive, proud and fiery than Bernie's usually humble Virgonian manner of public presentation. The 11h43 Mars-focused Leo MC time also implies someone who likely grew in a military-like environment (MA=JU=SA=VU) or even around military officers -- while the 12h27 time Virgo MC shows an environment (Ascendant) more like =AR=VE=HA=VU, being something like compassionate people devoted intensively to public service to the needy, and generally unpretentious although influential.

    The significance of both of these reported birth times assumes that Bernie does indeed have a Scorpio Ascendant.

    What matters here most, however, are his pictures for inauguration day in 2021, assuming that either of the Scorpio-Ascendant birth times are near precise.

    The 12h27 MC in VI time shows solarc directed JU=PL=VU on his MC at that time, and transiting NE=PL=KR there as well, which look favorable for inauguration, if that is the correct time.

    The 11h43 time, the Mercury MC in LE, shows solarc directed NE=HA, and transiting NE=HA=VU, where the power of Vulkanus is heavily diluted by a Neptune=Hades combination... possible but not strong and potentially plagued with problems afterward, possibly due to opposition subterfuge, or to health problems.  However, it does not seem to me that this birth time is likely, in any case.

    Note that I am presenting these as influences and trends, not fated indicators, as with any astrology and the problem of 4 different birth times makes it very difficult to make a prognosis of any certainty.  Directions and transits are passing influences, but at the onset of a major event are imprinted on the character of what unfold from that event.  I did not comment earlier because of the overwhelming number of considerations involving multiple candidates.... too many factors and uncertain birth times to juggle and intercalate at once without fumblingYou can also look at pictures on the Moon for emotional state on a given date, or Mercury for nature of communications and reasoning on a given date.

.  For Bernie, a 2-hour margin of error in birth-time leaves minor variation in pictures involving the Moon. Radix Moon = directed (SU=NE=HA).. possible public appearance, concerned with health issues -- and he is focused on public health care policy; reinforced by transiting Hades on his natal Moon.  If inaugurated, his concern for public health and social problems will be front and center.  If not inaugurated, Bernie has already stated that wherever the elections go, he has rallied his supporters together and has made the American public aware of what a big sement of America's youth think, which matters a lot for the future.

    Next for indicators for Joe Biden, who is said to have reported 08h30am on 1942Nov20.  Note that this may or may not be a rounded-off time, and I have seen no verified recorded time for him, either, and so there is also a degree of uncertainty involved.  For 08h30am exactly, there is solar directed Vulkanus and possibly also Kronos if the time is a bit imprecise, and transiting NE=KR and add Pluto in H32 if orb stretched a bit beyond 1 degree for it.

    It's a tough call when there is no known recorded birth time and times given may be estimated.

    Biden's Moon will be clustered with directed MA=UR=CU=HA=AP, meaning he will be set to go into action quickly although possibly impaired by secrecy (or cults quite possibly, since too rampant in Washington and other state capitals, in all political parties) among organizational associates, and yet capable of success through ability to implement openness. The current NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster accentuates the potential power of political cults and they seem obvious, and the geodetic MC locations triggered by that cluster indicated who is running the cults, and it puts the Moonie network in the spotlight, in turn evidenced by many recent events.  It will be beneficial for Biden to call for openness and willingness to hear criticisms from the start, to investigate ambivalences and evasiveness, and he can use technology successfully in whatever he initiates at this time. US military and investigative agencies need intensive focus on unraveling the political cult problems in all parties, often manifesting in spacey or else or fanatical behavior patterns. Transiting HA=VU will also be on Biden's Moon, indicating readiness to organize and move boldly, but potentially undermined by secrecy or even health problems, or cults around; he will benefit from vigilant investigation of any ambiguities, and also be ready to act boldly on medical issues.  Corona has made clear the urgency of public health for all. 

    Vulkanus is also approaching Biden's MC, giving him another boost.  However, Neptune will soon also be there, and so, if inaugurated, he should be already prepared for the typical opposition party Watergate-style tactics of digging up personal secrets to try to weaken his public stature via rumors and smear-tactics.

    I will not call which Democratic candidate is most likely to win, since they both have strong indicators, and just as strong as Trump's in some ways.  Therefore, my conclusion is that, Americans should vote in November as if their life depended on it, because it may, and I cannot call the best Democratic candidate because birth times are not documented, and the most likely indicated times both show strong indicators for inauguration.

    Analysis of the Vice-President charts might lead to different conclusions.

    I will not retract my statements on the urgency of containing foreign meddling in American politics ASAP, and will dismiss the hypocritical claims of "xenophobia" as either a hackneyed tactic to divert or manipulate and sabotage investigations into such currently vital and critical matters, or as the dangerous naivete of disinterested parties.  America cannot stay afloat or functional with first- and second-generation immigrants running it... America not enough in the soul or the upbringing of the immigrant to understand the country adequately to administer it effectively. This is why "birtherism" (not a bad thing) was stamped into the US constitution.  Remember that the first push to overturn that constitutional provision was part of a drive to make Terminator Arnold Schwarznegger (aka Baby Huey) president, whereas the state of California government after his playpen was rolled out of Sacramento was described as "a mess".

    Note also that some immigrant elements in both major political parties obviously wanted to create a financial crisis via tax cuts on the uber-rich that would in turn create another bonanza for transnational lenders coupled with more foreign takeover via privatization, and it shouldn't take long to figure out who in the transnational banking circles fits -- it echoes the previously-in-motion epidemic of transnational-banking mortgage foreclosures and real-estate seizures, land-grabs, and population displacement by (fill in the blank).  (While Hades is in Cancer, no less, emanating now from the Golden Triangle Narco hub and privatized Petro-China (vast Chinese oil reserves) regions.)  There's too much at risk now to play United Nations or foreign pirate-ship games in our halls of  government when our country is in crisis and close to the edge. Merkel and Shinzo, from the 2 main Axis powers, revived again, speaking in our US Congress should have sounded clear alarms to the public that our houses of government are being thrown to foreign jackals, fascists in disguise, by the dangerously naive.  Germany wants control of Europe and the World again while Putin is plots his ambiguous schemes, and the Asian Century lobbyists and venture capitalists and Japanese and German troops are walking American streets and going on land-grab sprees, almost buying up entire cities block by block,, and nobody in Washington DC or the state capitals is stopping them, despite the loud speeches about "border walls" by trump. While Americans are shamed for "xenophobia" and immigrant Elaine Chao and friends and family get mega-rich daily from pushing the buttons of government and wrapping "Old White Men" around their fingers, Who's in charge?  The Sino-Japanese Shanghai Green Gang heirs are wielding Vulkanus over the whole planet and signing treaties with Russia and India. Either London's democratic traditions, or Germany's lockstep dictatorship will control Europe, while Paris is now run by a  German puppet/quisling. Vulkanus by 22.5 angle now amasses in Strasbourg and Bern.. it's up to France and Switzerland, and the more democratic Pluto banks of Stockholm, Budapest, Warsaw, and/or Athens to keep Continental Europe from going German militarist, as Vulkanus via 22.5 angle will soon be moving into Germany, when we may see another "Rhineland Remilitarization" that will again be no match for Russia's hordes and missiles and nukes if war breaks out. China and Japan have never had functional democracy for any period of time and so don't know what it is other than a 'western' concept created by 'foreign devils', and so cannot dispense it as global powers, regardless of their over-glamorized and empty ancient philosophical rhetoric not manifest on the streets of daily life. Instead, there are overcrowding, high suicide-rates, short-life products, and noisy streets with "inclusive" drugs and guns to dispense around the planet in an "Asian Century" plan that looks as dismal as the overpopulated streets of Shanghai or Delhi if implemented. The only real Buddhists in China live in isolated monasteries, while the official policy of the 21st century is "prosperity" and "to be rich is glorious", a Sino-Japanese Kuomintang China waving faded communist flags until they are no longer popular.. followed by the restored "rising sun" flag motif copied after Japan, on the horizon, and a cyborg Mao clone in a business suit called Xi Jinping -- and India is still stuck in a brutal caste system with religious civil wars on the streets.  They want California and are getting it daily, with help from friends and family and the still naive, now expanded to a 'Pan Asian' onslaught from New Delhi, Istanbul, and Dubai Ports. Silicon Valley is going under, and despite his empty speeches, is not only not stopping it but is facilitating it with his "New American" moment speeches while he virtually invites Japanese troops to march on Sacramento.  That must change.

    The greed of oil companies has brought our planet to the brink of destruction and now attempts to put Putin and the Saudis and PetroChina on the throne. Trump as well as the radical Anti-Trump screamers are surrounded by some kind of Jonestown-like zombie cheerleader cult, and yet are all doing exactly what Chao and CAPAC and Putin and Merkel and Shinzo want them to do.... to destroy ("redefine") American once and for all... to Make America grate like Swiss cheese or top rahmen, ready to collapse and melt down under outside pressure.  A few missiles from Russia or China it's Bye Bye American Pie, so somebody with some sense and a level head and an American soul had better in command of the Congress and the Armed Forces in 2021, or America's Pluto return could self-destruct.

    The wrong people have been put in control of the internet following willingness to shift to international controls, and trying to micromanage everything from American legislators down to people's daily lives, and Mark Zuckerberg is only the skittish doggie in the window for sale while the real controllers operate in the back room.  Offshore banks may be a huge part of the problem, and I have intercalated them into the geodetic list wherever I have encountered the data. Note the goedetic indicators that the last round of global fascism launched some of its key "blitz" operations from unsuspected offshore bases in obscure locations including 'neutral' countries serving as launch-pads... and relied heavily on submarines (about which read Mark Felton's "The Fujuita Plan" as well as Tony Matthews' "Spies for Nippon").  Russia's ICBMs are on wheels and can roll anywhere in their country, fast, before launching, and don't expect the Chinese to not copy them, especially due to the "SCO" Shanghai Treaty organization that now includes agreements with both India and Pakistan... before Trump signed a treaty he thinks he can trust.  Watch Germany's nationalist extra-Euro meetings and treaties in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia as well as Russia.  It was the Dream of the German radical right (what quietly runs Merkel) as late as the 1960s to form a German-Russian alliance and joint Empire... "forecast" in Lefeldt's "Methodik" and in line with "Realpolitik" stealth policy as well as German-Russian business treaties during the Soviet era.  The world has never been two-dimensional like the old Cold War paradigms that Germany's and Japan's post-war agents fooled America with for years using false intelligence (described by T H Tetens, for example), and how Japan got rich from selling heaps of cheap Chinese-made technology at Japanese prices.  As Mae Brussel used to point out, the "Third World" was a plan by the post-war Axis powers to manipulate and use impoverished countries via their own form of colonialism, and that is exactly what has happened, followed by a tilt toward Asia via the Bandung/Golden Lily offshore gold, and control by the Asian fascist "East Asia Prosperity Sphere", "Pan Asia", and "Pan Pacific" paradigms manifesting now and rolling into California spouting "People of Color" rhetoric and the fall of the evil "Old White Men"... and how the hypothesized "Land Bridge" theory is used to justify Asian mafia taking over Native American casinos and real estate.  All while America's National Geographic goes Asian Fascist S&M.

    Everyone in the world does not play nice even if their grinning traveling salesmen try to make it look that way, with NE=HA=ZE=VU in orb in 2020, it may be get worse than ever, before it gets eventually better.  HA=VU does not phase out of orb, globally, until 2023, which means the need to be prepared for Sun Tzu and Merkel-Machiavellian politics widespread until Vulkanus passes beyond Turkey's, Egypt's, German Ukraine's and Imperial Russia's capitals and enters Israel, and Vulkanus leaves most of China as well as Taiwan... and the Vulkanus in Alaska gets closer to the Canadian border and away from the Moonie fleet strongholds around Anchorage, and Fairbanks if they have been let in.  That will also be when Vulkanus leaves most of Argentina and Paraguay and heads for control centers in Newfoundland, Suriname, and French Guiana.  

    The worst intrigue of the next few years will likely be where 6 to 13 degrees Cardinals is on the MC... Shan States drug/weapons mafia, Samoa longitude, Russia along the Bering Strait "Land Bridge" zone (where Asia may try to claim America), Cuba-Caymans-Jamaica-Panama-Ecuador-WestPeru and neighboring Colombia, eastern borders of France and Benelux into Switzerland and western Germany and Italy; Tunisia-EastAlgeria-WestLibya, Central and East Niger and Nigeria, China's Qaidam oil region and south to the Shan States, and the gold-rich Russian-fascist Tuva region in Russian Siberia and areas of Mongolia south of there. Hades can be oil or drugs, the money from which may be the lifeline of covert power politics including politicians and business leaders via drug addictions or just strategic drugging.  Cocaine-meth-guns, like has terrorized Chicago recently, may head eastward toward Detroit and Cleveland and Miami, and mix with weird underground political cults, maybe transnational and intended to destabilize, like those of the 1960s-1970s, if theses are not watched for. The imported Asian pseudochristian Kahr Arms and fake churches, and the oil problem, and the influx of debilitating opiates, are already glaringly evident.  These problems must be reversed ASAP, difficult to due among social chaos and "anonymous" people weaving in and out.  NE=HA Dreaming must not degenerate into denial of urgent and critical realities.


2020Mar12: Vulkanus, the Shanghai Mafia, and the 2020 election:

    This is not to single out China, as the Shanghai mafia network has long been a fusion of Chinese and Japanese underworld wealth, with a tinge of Deustchebank German money rooted in Shanghai and Qingdao since the 19th century, plus the Japanese financial and political and mafia/yakuza power in Taiwan that never ended.  California is one step away from falling under full control of what is likely an affiliated Asian mafia network, embodied in part in the Asian Law Caucus, CAPAC, the Chee Kung Tong (noting Hongkong and Taishan are 11:15 to the east of there, and the Shan States Golden Triangle is 22:30 to the east), and FBI investigations into Asian mafia corruption in the USA are undoubtedly bound to Asian mafia manipulation of the US economy and political system.  This means that Democratic candidates may fail in the elections if they identify with CAPAC or Asian Law Caucus advocates as the election campaigns and investigations proceed.  Trump is also entangled with the same network via Chao and Ma (following the Chinese political tradition of pandering to both sides to be with the winner no matter what), but his party has the big bucks and lockstep party loyalty to write it all off as race discrimination rather than the foreign subversion that it is in reality.  American voters across the USA, however, have seen the effects on the streets of everyday American cities rather than the gilded halls of government flooded with disgustingly hypocritical foreign lobbyists.  This is no time to gamble on deals with Asian underworld networks or their sycophants, as the days of Peter Pan views, among the public, of global politics are over, or should be.  Americans are gradually seein who's taking over as the economy and government hobble in chaos, and who's lobbying to make that happen, and yet the equally treacherous German lobbies of Schwarzenegger and Thiel and groomed-to-lie Merkel are no less problematic.  America needs to reel in the strays and put America back under American control, and the broad general American public probably knows it.  The same is already happening in Europe, from left to right to center.  Immigration is not a left or right or progressive or conservative issue... it's just an economic and sociological reality.  Immigration has always been a policy to bring in cheap labor when corporations want to lower wages and increase profits, and that is every much a part of immigration lobbying as is any authentic asylum policy. Among its first concerted promotions was by the imported Chamber of Commerce, bred in German banks and now with a major Sino-Japanese component as well, who may be the primary promoter now.  Construction companies, shipping companies, and now tech and medical industries, want cheaper labor for higher profits, and immigration is one of their vehicles. Tensions could rise if immigration is not attenuated to where there is no more reason for controversy. Legal immigrants have spoken up against lax immigration controls that bring them undesired results and problems.  The history of San Francisco, alone, for the last 20 years has been the overpowering Asian Law Caucus and historic Tong/Kuomintang-run lobby to import a voting and economic base to take over the SF Bay Area, and that followed a similar phenomena in the Los Angeles area in previous years.  The results are California's electoral votes and massive economy thrown to favor increasing Asian power that echoes slowly across the USA, and joins up in Kentucky and New York with the Chao empire. It's not something that most Americans are likely to go for again.  A Wall-Street-investment-driven economy is what brought the almost sinister, dehumanizing social gentification and Market Crash of 1929, created largely by German and Asian Fascism manipulating Washington DC and some state capitals, and it could happen again.  When Presidents don't know enough history to recognize that Hoover nearly destroyed the United States out of a combination of greed and ignorance, and that while his positive words charmed American back into national self-respect after the Vietnam and Watergate messes (also revolving around Asian lobbying interests), Reagan's economic policies were nearly as disastrous... even George Bush, often too blind to Asian and German lobbying tactics, recognized them as "Voodoonomics", and yet fools are seeking to restore and even accelerate them.  Cocky Asian nationalists complaining excessively about Roosevelt's Japanese internment policy are demonstrating a disgustingly narcissistic self-interest as well as crocodile tears accompanying Japanese marines stalking the streets of California now.  Americans who were killed in World War 2 are no doubt rolling over in their graves in disgust, while the Korematsu schools teach American children about the "Evil Old White Men" and "US imperialists" as Tokyo Rose snickers from her grave and Pan Pacific Fascism rolls down the streets of America, ready to meet up with Deutschebank's agents coming from across the Atlantic -- Schwarzenegger and Thiel gloating in the middle over the naivete of American politicians and moneychangers who have set it up to happen.  America is at risk of being run by an interesting network of first- and second-generation immigrants who lack the upbringing and soul connection with, and deeper understanding of, America's soil and roots -- and that's a recipe for disaster, as are the foreign-run political cults, right and left, that have politicians and voters screaming fanatically in programmed lockstep while the newbie legislators haul all their friends and family to America to transport Asia's dismal overpopulation and land-shortage problems.  Trump's inauguration pictures are very strong, and everyone in America needs to be prepared for the final election results, including electoral college votes, and not be ready with a "Plan B" for any possible outcome. And if Shanghai-longitudes power continues to escalate, get ready to live like people do in East Asia... overcrowded, scraping to survive at minimalism, vulnerable to another coup or "cultural revolution" at any moment, and subject to a government that only goes through the motions of pretending democracy.  The Asian Century plan is on a roll and discussed repeatedly at regional conferences across the Pacific while myopic politicians in Washington and state capitals aren't looking beyond the end of their noses. The Asian nationalist lobbies are using American civil rights laws to invade legally, and the Asian Law Caucus knows how to do it, and have been doing it.  The results are not pretty, and Germany playing the same game is an equally undesirable substitute. Those who run the internet/FCC, infotech companies, banks, and stockmarkets are who are running America now, because Americans naively voted for Reaganomics (reheated leftover Hoovernomics) and got it.  

    Get American kids tested and in school and trained to run our country again, ASAP, or we will be 13 colonies again, but this time fighting off 5 foreign kings instead of one. Seize Foremost Shipping Line, the American President Lines, and Evergreen Shipping, and put them under US government control and operated by Americans.  Throw out the foreign port controllers and put Americans on site to run and guard our ports against foreign infringement and manipulation.  It those don't happen, the upcoming Pluto return could be a disaster.  It's the last chance to undo the mistakes made at the Pluto square Sun a few years ago. The Pivot to Asia, hoped by the public at the time to be a turn away from German Euro-imperialism, ended instead hijacked by Asian lobbyist expansionists skilled at strategy and slick tricks and armies of agents, and with ready access to America's online infrastructure data now run by Hindu and East Asian imports together, on American soil. Where's the America in America now?  Who's in charge?  The answer to Mondale when he said that in the 1970s was "Kissinger and the Moonies", now called Bush's New Global Order, which was a "wrong turn at Albuquerque", and which Trump is implementing without knowing what he's doing, as long as he looks good in the mirror and the audience claps.  His rhetoric is nationalist but his policies are evidently run by foreign advisors or dupes of foreign cults... and yet a Democratic equivalent of such foolishness is not a solution, either.  America must be run by Americans, no Seimens or Sony or Hindu Helper, or it may, Foremost, self-destruct when Pluto returns in a few years, and fall fully under the control of the Shanghai mafia. The alternative may include some sort of confederation with Canada, which is logical in the globally interlaced times we live in, but if Shanghai, or Peterburg, or South African mining money gain more control of Canada, America may be reduced along with Canada, to colonies under foreign dominance, something on the verge of happening already, if firm regional autonomy is not developed in opposition to stealthy and "diplomatic" foreign expansionism developing now.  All this has to be tallied in with the global viral health issues that now appear to be exclusive to no single country or region... it's another issue, and an important one for people of every nation.  How do we all live together without trampling over each other like greedy animals?


2020Feb22, updated Mar07 and Mar11 and Mar23: US 2020 Presidential Election; Overall picture and positive potentional of NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster:

    First off, I hope none of this will stop people from voting as they would without having read any prognoses of potential winners after candidates are chosen, since astrology alone may not able to predict election winners, although it is capable of prediction the odds of winning in a way similar to statistic predict probability only. I was once criticized for claiming an individual would win approval for set up of an education program, based on strongly favorable astrological indicators.  However, I did not look at locational factors.  The individual did not win the first approval for the school, but after a short time did win approval for a similar education program with an already established school on the opposite coast of the USA.  Furthermore, it should be reiterated that astrological influences, and even individual free will included, are not the only factors in the universe impacting people or events, and that other factors (sociological, health, political, locational and environmental, etc) may in all cases have the potential to alter what appear to be inevitable outcomes per astrological indicators.  However, astrology does indicate tendencies and probabilities, always subject to modification by other factors.

    As I recall what I have learned from Ruth Brummund and others, Kronos and Vulkanus clusters and midpoints, whether as natal factors contacted by direction or transit; or as directed or transiting factors in any combination, are primary indicators of ascent to political office, especially where both Kronos and Vulkanus, whether natal, directed, or transit, are in the configuration.

    Note that the old Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook of Planetary Pictures, long treated as a sort of uranian astrology 'bible' of sorts, contained Witte's observations of planets and factors up to Kronos only and was written prior to 1940; and that Lefeldt wrote the interpretations of Apollon through Poseidon (including Vulkanus), as well as Pluto, by 1946 (translated into English afterward).  This means that Witte's interpretations of astrological factors he worked with (and presented in the old Witte-Lefeldt Rulebook) excluded Vulkanus (as well as Apollon, Admetos, and Poseidon).  However, after Witte's death, Sieggrun and Lefeldt noted and wrote that Vulkanus was seen as the main indicator of political power, whereas Kronos was and is correlative to social ascent and titles, sometimes government-issued and based either on personal accomplishment or inherited status, or both.

    Ms Ruth Brummund gave examples in her German-language "Uranische Techniken" book, but supplemented them later on with clarifications or corrections.  I will adhere, in principle to her method overall, mostly because it makes sense and shows convincing results.

    Here I will make summary observations and leave it up to the reader to investigate for themselves, noting that the Special Uranian program by Aureas, available from me at for US$260, provides the most clear and unambiguous means to research the method, as it was designed specifically and almost exclusively for such methods (rather than adjuncts or afterthoughts to mainstream traditional astrology). I will be posting inauguration-day charts for Trump, Biden, and Sanders in a separate article.

    Summary of observations on US 2020 Presidential Election:

    I am here presenting what I see in the charts, not what I would like the election outcome to be, which is important for an astrologer to do in order to be seen as credible.  Note that many predicted Hillary Clinton would win the presidental election, and she did so per popular vote, but was not sworn into office as president 2 months later. Clinton's popular vote advantage was indicated by strong solarc direction indicators to her Sun, regardless of which time of day she was born.  That manifest as a popular vote win, but not inaguration into office.

    Ruth pointed out to me that study of the inauguration day indicators are as important (if not moreso, I think) than the election day indicators. As we see examples of elections where results are altered electronically or by other means, it seems to me that the inauguration indicators are most significant.

    I will therefore look primarily at inauguration indicators, and others may look at election day indicators if they choose.  Also note that verifiable birth times are not known for all candidates, and therefore MC positions may not be known with any accuracy and so have to be ignored; this makes for a marginally reliable prognosis.  The Sun is normally referred to as a primary indicator when the MC is not known with accuracy, and will always be of significance in describing the candidate's state of mind and physical conditions on the date of inaguration or election.

    I tend to go lightly on the charts of election dates for an additional reason, that being that, especially when elections are a close call, victory can show in the charts of all candidates with a sizeable percentage of votes even if not the ultimate winner, and this makes attempts to predict further complicated.... with close elections, candidates may all have winning indicators, while one "wins more" than the other.  On the other hand, inauguration day indicators may show more clearly what the personal condition and state of mind and activities are of each candidate at that time... and yet this may be complicated if the "losing" candidate begins or continues a a different political, or other, office on or around the date of presidential inauguration.

    First, I would indicate that the time of Donald Trump is known and the inauguration day directions and transits are highly favorable to him, although there is Neptune also in a potent natal Kronos.Vulkanus cluster directed to his MC at that time, and Neptune as part of that cluster (also in his natal chart) can have various meanings that those familiar with Neptune's nature can speculate on.  I would say that in many ways, Trump is, and will remain, a sort of figurehead, although superficially loud and brash, controlled by others due to his impressionability or well-concealed uncertainty.  In other words, there are and will be wo/men "behind the curtain" and those likely Thiel, Chao, Jack Ma (if still around) and their political machines (i.e. all largely foreign, and some bipartisan in terms of political activities).  Because of the indicators for Trump, is may be wise for the Democratic candidate to plan accordingly for such an event, and if the candidates are more than one on election day, it may assure Trump's victory (as have third-party candidates done several times in the past).  It was surprising to me that Trump would survive his first term due to very, very slow-moving transiting Admetos on his Sun, considering his advanced age plus high-strung behavior, that could cause near-terminal (Admetos) heart (Sun) problems.  However, that transit, by precession, does not conclude until near or shortly after inauguration day in 2021, and on inaugration is coupled with a Mars.Uranus cluster, and he may not necessarily survive a second term. However, he may, if strongly determined and resilient (also an Admetos characteristic).  Thus one should consider the significance of his Vice-President.

    That being said, there may be equally strong or stronger astrological indicators for other candidates... the charts will show.

    More to be posted later on the US Democratic candidates.  Meanwhile, you may begin to investigate with the techniques summarized above.

    (Let me here note that I have withdrawn all permission to use any of my material by Madalyn Hillis Dineen, as she has used it to promote her and Gary Christen's Astrolabe/NCGR-affilate buddy network many times, with clear knowledge of its blatant competition with my past work and continuing objectives.  I sent 2 messages indicating such, over the past 14 years, and both were ignored, with no response or acknowledgment, and so I must state this here, publicly.  Dineen, Christen, and Astrolabe have continually used the resources of the NCGR to squash or isolate selected competition for their monopoly over uranian astrology issues, in very brazen and obnoxious ways.  Their buddy network further expanded into a second software company project that began replicating my past work with intent to obscure and isolate while my health was gradually failing.  Furthermore, I deny permission to use any quotations from me in the former New Zealand egroup formerly run by Steve Lee, as they are reported to have been acquired as property by the Christen/Astrolabe NCGR monopoly.  This is necessary since Dineen was at one point brazenly using my interpreted material to promote her business associate Christen's software programs while I was attempting to launch the Aureas Special Uranian program project, and while other high-impact setbacks occurred including wiretapping my internet lines by what appeared to be mercenaries living on the floor below me, who were also armed.  The situation appeared to be infused with something bordering on gangster tactics, and there were several intersections with elements of the Wicca cult.  Leaders of the NCGR, later fused with Astrolabe via incorporation tactics, colluded in covering up these incidents, and soon reported having acquired data very similar to what was pirated shortly before then.  There were other incidents of abuse of NCGR organizational resources to quell interests competing with those of Astrolabe, including events staged in proximity to my surviving operations despite their headquarters on the Atlantic coast.  Note that their tricks could be played on others in the future, and it should be an indicator of the fitness of the NCGR to dispense astrological certifications, which should be based on strict examination procedures and devoid of the apparently innate cronyism of the NCGR, and its bribes, if those certifications to have any validity. The same applies to all astrological organizations, as efforts are made to again make astrology a respectable science.  For example 'honorary certifications' should be marked as such and not intermingled on the same level with certifications based on examination passes, just as is the case with 'honorary degrees'.  Otherwise, astrology remains immersed in the scorn of the conservative scientific community and other critics.  It should be studied why the American Federation of Scientific Astrologers reduced its name to Federation of American Astrologers years ago, and compare all of it to the quality of astrology generated in continental Europe, much of which follows scientific models even if the scientific establishment still rejects it. It is not an indicator of the competence of Americans with astrology, but rather the dysfunction of, and corruption within, astrological organizations in the USA, and sabotage of credible astrological research, until those problems are resolved.  Such issues were apparently once raised at Kepler College, whose losses have been clearly due to the cronyism of semi-competents and bribe-takers shoving some of America's brightest, and academically disciplined, astrologers to the side or out the door.  The objective of Johannes Kepler (for whom the college was named) was to treat astrology as a science and cast out primitive superstitions and philosophical speculations cluttering up its scientific potential for accuracy.  Johannes Kepler would likely reject anything less.  This has been and can be done with a sense of ethics and humaneness without dogma.  American astrology is, and has been, capable of the accomplishments of European astrology, but such capability has been repeatedly sabotaged by interests, the source of which being still not clearly identified.

    Over a 15-year period, more problems here arose from the German BND-affiliate network long fused into the Hamburg School in Germany, and more recently an ambitious Chinese or Sino-Japanese network interested in copying uranian astrology -- looks like connections to the "Magi Astrology" network that idolized "Shaolin Monks" as much as some Asian martial arts schools fused with Asian military intelligence networks, also idolized in Chinese mafia networks.  Additional mess atop the Astrolabe games, whether independent or quietly complicit... "spies everywhere" as the Mighty Sparrow song goes.  Uranian astrology began with use by German spies and military-related operations, bringing along subversion tactics and various passive-aggressive tricks all the way to literal witches in halloween costumes, not cute after halloween is over or the children grow up. I've strived to bring the power of uranian astrology to democratic cultures to do something other than develop warfare tactics or build materialistic fascist societies in the present and the future... and yet know how to deal with those elements until they transform into something more livable and humane.


    Making lemonade from lemons in the climate crisis: While it may be very unwise to ignore the negative potentials of the potent 2020 NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster, as they have already manifest (described in earlier posts, and including potential guerrilla warfare tactics, largely from outside the USA and likely, if not already obviously, directed from the East China Sea or Peterburg Russia, Kiev Ukraine; the Istanbul-Alexandria-Cairo-Juba stretch in the Near East and NE Africa; any obscure military operations in Siberia near 122E (including Arctic coastline); double-agent or foreign operations around Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska longitude; quirky elements in Duterte-run Philippines or Central Indonesia; transnational-hub Tahiti maybe full of spies from most anywhere, and vital to Pacific Ocean security; Guyana; the Parana and Uruguay and Paraguay river regions in South America; eastern South Africa; key regions among others, now coupled with New Delhi India and Kashmir locations via 8th harmonic.  No risks for US or Canadian national security should be taken with foreign nationalist networks with primary allegiances focused outside the USA, as those already show signs of hostility toward the government in Washington DC and/or fundamental US government institutions, regardless of who happens to be president at the moment and what their policies are. Note Vulkanus at 0 degree conjunction in the East China Sea locations, an area long-known for political theatrics and duplicity polished over the century to be potent cult psywar weapons (i.e. Moonies, Falungong, various "Cultural Revolution" and religious cult motifs, etc) . A NEHAZEVU combination is fertile ground for Quislings/Puppets, as has been the longer-term HA=VU in effect already for a couple of years or so; and the Vulkanus locations would be the top power-sources for such covert operations. Neptune and Hades in the cluster indicates that such intrigue feeds on public drugging, confusion, apathy, and absorption in (artificial) "virtual reality".  The NEHA combination alone also extends to falsification of history (NEHA), and it is time for Americans to re-read legitimate American historical documents and dispense with foreign-manipulated/distorted interpretations (including foreign historians) that appear to be already in circulation, even proliferating and teaching revised 'American history' in US universities. (If they want to present alterative views, there are freedom of speech and information outlets, but not to control departments or classroom curriculum... this is already happening, and is at risk of foreign subversion especially where there are connections to foreign military or intelligence organizations. This is a seriously problematic issue.)

    That said, to address the deteriorating climate issues, another NEHA manifestaion, and to add to the earlier-mentioned positive potentials, large-scale programs are already being set up to build environmentally-friendly new energy projects. Complex solar power technology projects are already being explored and experimented with in Australia, but also blocked and sabotage by competing nuclear and fossil-fuel financial interests. Oil and coal workers need to be offered viable alternatives as other technologies unfold.  -Possible- good news is that the NEHAZEVU cluster may dissipate in December 2020, but it can cause more high-impact, serious aquatic, wind, or other climate (or viral) damage before then, and the same locations mentioned earlier as potential paramilitary/guerrilla infiltrations are the same locations subject to major seastorms or even tsunami-like manifestations, so that preventative measures may be wise. For North America, that points to the Vancouver-Seattle-Portland stretch in 4th harmonic, and in higher harmonics near Anchorage and the Colorado River Valley (Yuma north to Las Vegas) in 16th harmonic, and Modesto and Reno, and Albuquerque and Denver, in 32nd harmonic..

    Rapid action in setting up clean-air technology could attentuate much potential damage in 2020, but inaction in this area is probably not wise, as HA=VU alone can indicate "timeless" high-impact damage leaning toward permanent, already manifest in problematic coastline rises and ice-cap meltdowns. 2020 appears to be the year to act now on the problem or see severe long-term damage or deterioration, and so calls of Greta Thunberg and others of like concern for climate breakdowns were and are timely and of historic importance. (Similarly HA=VU can also indicate "timeless" political regression globally, if not handled carefully.)

    Another technology that could resolve many problems is combined/multipurpose ocean turbines that could simultaneously desalinate and detoxify water, transfer it into dried-soil regions, attenuate ocean-current turbulence, and generate electricity in with combined or complementary technology.  In climate emergency periods, these could function as military operations also serving to guard coastlines for inflow of contraband.  America may need this more than drones bought from Chao's and CAPAC's stealthily greedy lobbying networks in Washington DC -- subject to double-agent problems, as would be Siemens/German offers from the Thiel and Schwarzenegger networks (which geodetics show to be intended heirs to the German-run Kissinger/G7/8 machine).  For the USA, the technology and operations need to be unquestionably All-American, as attempts to conceal Transpacific communications are already being lobbied for at a time when that is more unwise than ever with the East China Sea Vulkanus. And as for Thiel, he and Merkel have both played the "no it's them, not us" game, trying to make America think we need Germany to control Asian subversion, countered by the opposite games from Asia, and the picture looks much like the last Germany and East Asia Prosperity Sphere alliance of the 1940s, trying to confuse America over who's running the subversion operations, whereas both are, and in stealthy collusion.  The answer was and is "both, and in alliance".  Roosevelt was smart enough to see through it, whereas dingbats of today appear to be asleep like too many were when Pearl Harbor was bombed, or when Poland was blitzed into destruction and subjugation, paving the way for global war and genocide following highly duplicitous "diplomatic" foreign propaganda and the inability to recongize it.  Up to then, many in Washington DC (and even London and Paris) thought maybe Hitler and Tojo were nice guys with some shared good ideas... only to find out their plan was to gradually exterminate Jews, Russians, and East Asian resisters who were not compliant to Fascist Japan and Manchu policy... and then ultimately to develop technology to destroy the USA with early-prototype nuclear bombs and ICBMs (as described in declassified documents summarized in part by Gerhard Weinberg, and by Mark Felton who also described the "futuristic" sophistication of Japanese submarine technology and diabolical psychological warfare tactics).  Descriptions of these latter plans were classified until recent years, logically in order to get German and Japanese collaboration in the Cold War against Russia and China, and were declassified after the dismantling of the communist regimes there, and yet reported by some to have been destroyed in part as the 2000 presidential election coup was unfolding, obscuring the American public from knowing that top people/families in Washington DC had been duped by German and East Asian fascist agents after World War II.  Whether Eisenhower, a non-partisan pragmatic statesman disinterested in partisan politics or dogma, yet knew it or not, this was the "Military Industrial Complex" problem he warned of... and it was not American at the core, other than American puppets, but was rooted in the old Nazi/Fascist global machine joined into the Cold War against Russian and Chinese communism; and the Manchurian/Japanese-designed Moonies, indifferent to anything but the continuation of the Asian Fascist "Pan-Pacific" and "Pan-Asia" plans, redubbed the "Asian Century" plan, were in the middle of all of it, unsuspected due to their phony religious veneer (a tactic used by Fascist Japan throughout WW2), including religious and political cult brainwashing proficiency (Described in detail in the writings of Michael Sayers, T A Bisson, Sigrid Schultz, John Spivak, and T H Tetens).  US government agencies mistakenly threw out welcome mats to such insidious foreign intrigue operations, as appears to be happening again. The Moonies were heavily involved in much of Watergate, helping run the Watergate Hotel, and manipulated Nixon, who became their fall-guy; and then campaigned to end the investigations because it would have revealed that Watergate was to a substantial degree an imported intrigue and subversion operation (also involving the Chinese Flying Tiger Chennault network), which could, and may be happening again.

    The Bushes remained dupes of the Moonie network, and so Elaine Chao and friends and family entered the US Capitol, while California gradually fell under the control of Asian political and financial lobbying networks heavily invested in real estate and steadily bringing California under control via land ownership, gerrymandering, and political and business office capture targeting financial affairs first, coupled with selective rent-gouging favoring Asian immigration and Asian-owned businesses, all largley bi-partisan or more correctly indifferent to American political paradigms or institutions, or interests. And putting Chao's affiliated banks in increasing control of California's economy via Democratic (Ed Lee/AsianLaw/CAPAC machine) as well as Republican Party politicians. The Asian Prosperity Sphere plan of the 1940s is manifesting as the Transpacific/Asian Century takeover.  And yet the similarly treacherous Germany/Austria-based Merkel/Schwazi/Thiel plan (now add old Boer/Broederbond money) is no different in its ultimate effect, which is Subjugation and Colonization of America, already underway... put down your cellphone videogames and take a look around, or you may forever "rest in peace".  There is a window in time now, in the 2020s, as the USA Pluto return is on the horizon, to possibly reverse such problems, but it may take a lot of money and organization and wisdom.  Either the foreign policy mistakes disadvantageous to the USA that were launched by the Atsugi-impacted George Bush I in his speech on his global "vision", and unthinkingly continued since then, to various degrees, are reversed, or the USA may be headed for a dream-clouded "redefinition" that amounts to chaos and collapse.  In the 1980s, media warned of Bush's blind spots to alliances with untrustworthy foreign powers and nazi/fascist-remnant agencies when bringing down the communist empires, and those were likely perpetuated by Bush II out of ignorance if not indifference. And Chao's network appears to have been involved via her presidential cabinet offices.  The risk was Fascism taking over, and American blindness was to the sugar-coatings of German and Sino-Japanese political intrigue... sugar-coatings where Shinzo denies Japanese war crimes and Chinese fascists deny their extensive collaboration with Japan during their civil war (and against their own fellow Chinese citizens), or Germany claims to be some sort of imaginary "reformed phoenix" rising from the ashes of a serial criminal war machine nested in its oligarchy, banks, and military/intelligence machine... the Real problematic foreign "Military Industrial Complex" fused with a similar machine in Japan and its allied component sprinkled among the political machinations of Chinese diaspora agents. Roots of this might be explained by the specifics of why John Kennedy wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces". These issues must not be overlooked by hypocritical cover charges of "xenophobia" or of racism; nor should their continual funding of political subversion programs and cults inside North America. Those who have forgotten the subversion tactics of the Axis powers (Euro Or Asian) during the buildup period to WW2, and their relationship to post-1945 political cults in the USA, need to study their history, or the USA may be at severe risk of destructive or foreign-run radical left or right "revolutionary" anarchy and/or cults designed to carve up America for foreign takeover.  Foreign-created and manipulated cults appear to already be in the making, hidden among excessive and chaotically destabilizing immigration policy, which must be regulated and attenuated in a civilized way, criticizing the lax and excessive immigration policies and not the innocent immigrants themselves, victims of political and corporate neo-slavery games.  The associated risks of social anarchy are otherwise too high.  Immigration must not be given free rein to escalate, and importation of skilled tech and medical workers, very unwisely, hands control of vital US infrastructure and information operations over to foreign interests.  What is instead needed are large-scale, and carefully aptitude-prescreened computer technology and medical training and other vital technology and skills programs for American citizens committed to American interests, which may require government (not private 'contracted') supervision to serve American, rather than foreign or 'transnational' interests.  This can be done without creating war or problematic tensions, if handled with wisdom (where is it?), and should be done despite protests from the excessively abundant foreign lobbying agents (CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus, etc)  in Washington DC and US state capitals.  Otherwise, the USA is (already) at risk of being reduced to a foreign-run colony or even a collection of foreign-run colonies, which is regression rather than progress.  Americans need to review the various reasons for western expansion policy at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, during the building seedbed of competitive globalism now unfolding further, and the motive for the first promotions of large-scale immigration by big commercial interests... immigration=cheaper labor... Wall Street, born of foreign Austrian Imperial interests clutching on to the newborn US economy, once European and now largely Asian as well, Doesn't Care.  The transnational Robber Barons have taken over and are running America and Americans into the ground. Americans have forgotten the lessons of Chinese ambitions to control California goldmines, Federal push for California statehood to keep foreign interests from dominance, Siemens Deutschebank's (recent Pluto-power) theft of America's public railroad system using Credit Mobilier as a "Tarnung" front, of Teapot Dome transnational privatization of US Navy oil reserves vital to national defense, of Herbert Hoover's ignorant subservience to the foreign banks that built World War 2 Fascism, of the Japanese role in creating and manipulating the Chinese Kuomintang network (current Vulkanus power-plus in overdrive), and of the pseudoreligious Soong family's ambitions (who brought Elaine Chao's family to America) to manipulate America into submission to Chinese and allied Japanese interests... and their direct links to the treacherous Moonie and Falun Gong cults wrapping webs of deceit around America's neck and allied with immigration advocacy legal networks tied to cheap-labor economic interests.  To those who understand Asian propaganda tactics, it's more obvious, and to those who don't, they'd better start learning, and a good place to start is Sun Tzu's "Art of War", and classical handbook to passive-aggression and stealthy guerrilla warfare tactics claimed to have guided Asian wars and warriors... the kind that turned the Vietnam war in to a disaster for America, and now could turn America into the disaster zone, in "Blowback II".

    Government officials in the USA are already being Too often and readily influenced by foreign agents and operations from Germany/Austria and East Asia, as well as from Russia, and it is becoming problematic in proportion to current chaos and confusion... Too few have studied how the subversion operations of the Axis Powers as well as competing Communist networks operated.  Wherever American politicians proceed without such understanding, US national cohesion and functionality for American needs and purposes, are (already) at grave risk; and this is clearly indicated by the Vulkanus bearing or critical US national and local geodetic Ascendants.  Too many political leaders are very unwisely dismissing such critical issues as xenophobia, racism, or anti-immigrant 'conspiracy theories'.  Revolution is being imported, daily, and often via double-agents in the halls of government, and the bulk of that 'revolution' is a fascist one, designed to serve foreign nationalist interests and transnational corporations indifferent to the well-being of Americans, as has already demonstrated, despite their false 'diplomacy' and tactics.  The East Asian Moonie network is at the core of the culprits; as is also a sometimes-allied German subversion network revolving around Germany's Thiel and Schwarzenegger, both chummy with wink-nudge Merkel, and they are playing highly-deceptive games with immigration and "sanctuary" themes and operations.  Control of media and tech industries, as well as government offices, by either of those allied networks is a potential time-bomb that could destroy the United States; and they are fused in to all established political parties as moles, some at top levels.  This should not trigger another "McCarthyist"-type operation if handled sensibly, and it will likely, most often, affect immigrating double-agents attached to foreign-based interests.  If it's not done, the upcoming Pluto return may be one of America's destruction, rather than its improvement, or internal schisms provoked by foreign meddling, which is what the US Civil War was in part. Both the astrological indicators and recent events bear this out clearly to those who look carefully. America must get the foreign agents out of Washington, and state governments would be wise to do the same, and the process needs to start in the White House and the US technology and telecommunications and postal operations (all vital to national communications security), ASAP, first thing, or the rest may be futile. US Civil Rights organizations need to distance from foreign corporate and immigration-tactic lobbies. One can maintain constructive foreign relations and alliances without going overboard into dangerously blurred political boundaries, of which there are already far too many. International cooperation can be implemented at a reasonable pace, with no more "fasttrack" anything, a pace reserved only for the most dire national emergencies such as military attack or major cataclysms.  Things need to be done quickly but one step at a time and without excesses.  It requires level-headed leaders, with deep roots in America, not screaming fanatics who fly off the handle or go into rages or people who were brought up with the values of countries and cultures far-removed from America's roots.  Pluto is returning to its 1776 location, and America will either develop more of its innate birth potential, or fall into schisms, or worse, created by foreign investment/colonizing interests already grabbing up big chunks of America's infrastructure and "redefining" it according to foreign rule/s.


2020Feb15 (edited/updated Feb18): East China Seacoast Vulkanus and the old Moonie network:

    The Vulkanus lineups elucidate this mess:  Gov Jerry Brown was among the few to publicly stress that the Moonies are "Liars", and his telegraphic remark has implications that are of far heavier (Vulkanus) weight than the fleeting moment when he made it during an attempted interview by the Moonie "Washington Times" propaganda rag, (which George Bush Sr eerily endorsed in one of his more starry-eyed dream states), which geodetics show as the likely sire of the Falungong "Epoch Times" propaganda rag).  Add to this the award given by the Moonie and Yakuza-affiliated "Sasakawa Institute" to recent US Pacific Fleet commander and now US Ambassador to Korea, the Japanese-born Harry Harris.  All while Vulkanus power on the geodetic MC in the Shanghai-Taipei-SakishimaIslands enters America via the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island and the Kenai Peninsula, all south of Anchorage and where the Moonie "fishing fleets" linger (vith 8th harmonic) in addition to the Vancouver-Seattle-Portland stretch in 4th harmonic, and the San Diego region in 16th harmonic where the Japanese Marine training hub was and may still be.  The new Jan 2020 administration in San Francisco city govt risks being their vehicle if not carefully monitored by US military intelligence ops from Washington DC.

    The image the Moonies long painted of themselves was as an anti-communist ally during the Cold War and Indochina War, but time made more obvious this was subject to variatioins indicating they were and are simply a colonizing Asian Nationalist spy and paramilitary network extending the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan (now a component of the Asian Century plan) into the present and tied at roots to the old Japan Fascist and Manchukuo-NorthChina-Shanghai Chinese Fascist network that have flipped over to alliances with the North Korean government and also moled historically into the old "Maoist Cultural Revolution" cult.  So many young Americans were duped and manipulated by these cults during the Vietnam War era, when it was likely also tied to the "Japanese Red Army" (i.e. sham "leftist" cult fronts) and the old "Symbionese Liberation" armed cult and  Soka Gakkai networks (noting that the WW2 Japan Fascists brazenly and hypocritically spouted "World Peace" as they took over the most populous regions of China, and other countries, and slaughtered thousands if not millions of Chinese and Southeast Asian natives. (All this may be related to issues pointed out below.)

    And then the Bushes, almost like cult puppets, "hailed" the Moonies, while only Gov Brown of California (among the key Moonie launchpads in the USA) and a few other political leaders called them out as 'Liars', but the clencher is.... geodetics (and other observations) verify that the Moonies may well be central in running the current "Sanctuary" and mass-immigration operations in California.  This does not mean that there are not genuinely concerned Americans giving legitimate refugees refuge... but it does indicate that there are moles with commercial or foreign political interests in the mix and the Moonies may plan to use the "Sanctuary" program to implement their Asian-neofascist/intel objectives already showing as what look like "free meal" events often accompanied by political indoctrination talks and activities, promotion of prescription opiates as well as "marijuana clubs" and even "sex therapy" programs that include promotion of sado-masochistic "therapy" (fitting the Fascist undertow) and idolization of "dissidents" (like Fred Korematsu) "resisting" US government and military and security operations and functions.  In other words, the Sanctuary program is creating a mess due to lack of caution and careful American supervision in its implemenation, and its vulnerability to consolidation of Moonie political/economic expansion or even other foreign political cult operations.

    If federal immigration programs exclusively target impoverished Latin American immigrants, there is risk that such operations will be diverted from and overlook containing the Tanaka-initiated Moonie operations (now reinforced by the "Kahr Arms" gun-running operations some of which operate phony "sanctuary" labeled and gun-blessing "churches") and possibly facilitated by the ongoing passport- and ID-counterfeiting operations that have been manifesting at least since the early 2000s, in part via privately-contracted US government passport production operations and facilitated by elements of the Ed Lee "Future of America" machine.  As pointed out before, a resolution of that problem will require re-inspection of all US passports issued to foreign-born citizens for the last 20 years, particularly involving any private-contractor run operations, with intensified security over certified passports, strict qualifications placed on passport agents and inspectors, and cancellation of passport validity until certifiable records from foreign countries can be produced and re-inspected, with no loopholes (including "fast-track/rush" production while inspectors are in agency meetings, which has occurred before). The ability of applicants to arbitrarily pick and choose whether they want "China" or "Taiwan" printed on their passports has created a chaotic mess of tracking possible foreign agents or double-agents and "diplomatic" duplicity in the USA at least since the early 2000s. Expect politically-driven cries of "xenophobia" or even of racism by the perpetrators if such a recertification process is implemented... but it is Necessary and Vital... Now.  Otherwise, America is at risk of falling under control of the "Asian Century" plan outlined by Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi in the 1980s, and still openly advocated by Xi Jinping and other Asian leaders at recent "Asian Century" themed economic and political conferences, as much as it is of surrender to the equally deceptive Merkel-machine run German colonial submission plan running Euro politics. A quiet China-Japan fusion also appears to be critical, as do German alliances with both Japan and the Greater China states, which Schwarzenegger appears to be in the middle of.

    "Asian Pacific" nationalist advocates have no more rightful place in American politics, especially in US national security functions (intelligence ops, defense functions, postal and telecommunications operations) than do members of the German American Bund or any other European Nationalist advocacy organizations (Nazis, White Power, etc) inside the United States. Immigration is a distinct function from US domestic civil rights, and must be separated ASAP or there is grave risk to US national security and cohesion, just as there was during the violence of the 1960s-70s as well as during the extensive subversion operations of the years prior to and during World War 2 when Japanese agents infiltrated the NAACP.  There must be no room for fuzzy definitions or redefinitions of "American" if stability of the United States is to remain extant.  Foreign contractors need to be expelled from all US national security functions.  Otherwise the extant NE=HA=VU cluster risks chaos in America perhaps replicating and spreading from that recently seen in Chicago and the various transnational terrorist events on US soil that have been very real and deadly.

    This is no time for Any political party in Washington DC or any US state to be naive about these issues, and no time to block legitimate US national security surveillance of overseas communications of immigrants into the USA. Government must not be manipulated by foreign pro-immigration lobbies (not referring to legitimate immigrant civil rights protection within the framework of US law).  EastChinaSea-Peterburg-Kiev-Ankara-Cairo-NewDelhi Vulkanus influence, very visible and politically-placed now on the US Pacific coast, is powerful and it remains pointed at the greater Vancouver-Seattle-Portland and also New York City areas, even if outside the cities in the suburbs, and the same applies to greater Anchorage, San Diego, and Laredo-San-Antonio-Austin-DallasFortWorth, Columbus/FortBenning Georgia, and the entire Lake Michigan shoreline in Michigan.  For Canada also the James Bay shoreline and Hudson shoreline north of there in Quebec as well as Montreal and Quebec City. NE=HA=VU operations, now also mixed with ZE indicate potential for paramilitary infiltration via coastlines was well as nocturnal aerial operations, possibly including "guerrilla operations".  Add that to cults like the Kahr Arms Moonies, Jihadist cults, or Neonazi cults (all actually Axis-allied historically), and there could be major disasters.  Americans need to quit playing kumbaya with manipulative foreign subversion cults that may have lots of money for bribing but are treacherous, ambitious, and looking to induct puppets, as that's already underway, and anyone who dismissed the idea as xenophobia or racism is a Fool.  The same applies to Neonazis as well as it does to fraudulent Asian political, lobbying, and religious cults, including immigration advocacy networks run by foreign financial and political networks doing "Lebensraum" politics. The subversion is made possible via continued, or increased, transnational control of US telecommunications media, and lax genuine US-govt controls over them and national security and defense operations all weakened by the Chaoconnell tax cuts, deregulation of legitimate US govt controls, privatization of postal services (which handle vital US national security documents essential to US national integrity and stability, or their operation by potential double-agents); and internet controls, surveillance, and censorship by transnationals and transnational interests and corporations... that's how America is being dismantled ("redefined") and destroyed without bullets, up to this point, unless the Kahr Arms machine is activated against America.  Foreign and foreign manipulated cults inside the USA are mocking American institutions and the people who created them, "redefining" and distorting American history, in which case Pay Attention or else the infrastructure holding America together may crumble and die.  Some recent bad decisions made in Washngton DC about transnational policy and may need to be revoked and reversed, and this can be done without reasonal threats to international relations that really matter and are of real and authentic value.  The unwarranted optimism and the naivete of the last 4 decades, starting with Nixon's manipulation by Tanaka and the Moonies, then with Reagan transnational political as well as WendyLeeGramm-Rudman economic policies, may need to be rolled back if America is to survive.  Privatization has often led to foreign takeover accompanied by breadcrumbs thrown to its ushers, initiated by the Wendy Lee Gramm-Rudman Act fused with transnational interests at Enron, and coupled with Deutschebank and BND (Neo-Gestapo) shenanigans from the other direction.  The Hoovernomic mess of 1929-1932 should have taught America that foreign investment trickery and deregulation and neutralization of government leads to economic disaster for America, but the Libertarians and the Reaganauts and Babybushers didn't understand that or else didn't care as long as whisky was for dinner and cocaine was for dessert.  The truth is that Privatization has been killing America, and may deliver the final death blow soon unless something is done soon.  It may, for the moment, require diversion of approved Military Budget away from unnecessary weapons (like Chao's and other Asian-business-driven drone program) and overseas offensive operations and, for sure, lucrative foreign contractors, and instead on resolving domestic economic problems and solutions, and this may well be feasible if only the resources are managed more effectively, and definitely without the foreign-born and even second-generation "advisors" (including Asian Law Caucus agents) who are too absorbed in their foreign family interests and foreign upbringing values to do what's right for America, or even really understand America, its nature, and its needs.

    In times of such national instability, the United States cannot risk becoming a United Nations gameboard. There has to be an element of rational and humane nationalism and nativism to counterbalance the recent excessive surrender to foreign lobbying and pressure games... no more bowing to calculatedly charming Merkels or Shinzos or other lobbyists or "expert advisors from afar" who have installed pseudo-nationalist puppet quislings in American govt via the most skuzzy tricks out of the bags of Metternich, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu, all of which Americans need to study in order to survive the ugly underbelly of recent HA=VU global guerrilla politicking and of the larger 2020 NE=HA=ZE=VU 32nd harmonic cluster reading to wield its passive-aggressive power plays through the year that already include use of foreign-run political cults and voluntary public drugging into submission and impotence (already promoted at foreign-cult-run and/or political lobbying fused into "meal programs","seminars", and "cultural events"), some even going as far as to "help" you "plan" where your assets go when you die at "senior meals" programs run by foreign interests.  The Falungong is in that mix of foreign treachery and intrigue.. geodetics show as a descendant of the Moonie network veering off into pseudobuddhist and even ecumenical and interfaith themes... literally invading religion-hypocrites.  Honorable multi-generational Americans of Asian ancestry should have stopped the invading new rich money-juggling and corrupt Asian Mafia generation decades ago, but didn't, or were overpowerd, and now it's a Huge Mess facilitated by Asian Mafia as well as recently imported German (Thiel, Schwarzenegger) overkill in political offices in the USA. The FBI began to address this but was neutralized by false charges of xenophobia and racism, followed by possible infiltration and sabotage of their investigations.

    About the Korematsu drama, there were also Americans of so-called "White" European ancestry interned during wartime, but they couldn't claim politicized charges of racism. All targets for wartime national security policy simply dealt with the ugly side of war, and the unwise policies that led to war and/or justification for it, and Japanese internee families have been compensated financially. Other Americans suffered from Japanese as well as German and collaborating foreign subversion and sabotage, and may be suffering from it now, again.  It looks to me that way, and some of the tactics are similar to those of the past.  A study of them is in order, and long ago I supplied the bibliography on Fascist (Euro and Asian both, intersecting at Sony) subversion in the USA in order to do so.  It's not wise to overlook such issues now, and the current Vulkanus (and Pluto and Zeus) positions only confirm what has already been documented and is observable now to those not drugged or mesmerized by their "virtual reality" and "artificial intelligence" technology, stupid cellphone games, or alluring cults that have them sucked into foreign infiltration and subversion compliance... mixed in among the various Sanctuary operations.  Some legitimate and some not. Life is not simply black-and-white, in the various senses of that term.

    Whatever its early stages, Brexit has the potential to eventually bring positive changes in global and regional politics, after the dust settles and intrigue hopefully is attenuated.  Meanwhile the NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster in effect obfuscates who holds the power in the world, and that will subside after the masks are removed.  It may be that the chart for the original proposal of Brexit will give the best insights of how it will unfold, and it may also explain the origins and methods of opposition to it, with the 2020 chart only being the chart of its initial official "Euro-approved" and thus "Euro-manipulated" implementation.  One might also look at the chart of Britain's initial rejection of European Union membership as a seed of Brexit, as if today's Brexit is a continuation of that nationwide decision.  Many around the world have finally seen that the European Union, as it has unfolded, is not what most Europeans thought they were voting for (and that East Asia is indeed turning neo-fascist with a misleading movie/media-generated veneer).  A more functional and democratic Europe can still be redesigned by more democratic means with less lopsided power held in Austro-German owned banks who fueled both World Wars and their brutal war machines and genocidal policies while the fascist banks of Japan and China did the very same thing and sometimes with even more brutal methods.  Fascists never were, and are not now, all "Old White Men", and some Asian leaders are still praising historic Asian fascist leaders today, and some are even their descendants holding sway in Tokyo and Shanghai and up and down the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea and Manchuria (homeland of Falungong cult leader Li Hongzhi).  And as this all unfolds, it is unfair to blame the tragically innocent Chinese victims of the Corona Virus for what Chinese and Japanese criminal networks are doing transoceanically and daily in terms of human-trafficking, drug and gun-running, and devastating real-estate monopoly-board and resettlement games and financial exploitation that also include victims in China itself, as well as in the USA.  HA=VU Gangsters at the locations of the famed old Sino-Japaneses Shanghai "Green Gang" mafia network that had investigative journalist Henry Lieu murdered in the USA for publishing media reports on.  Henry, a native of China, was also a victim of the Asian Mafia machine where the gangsters of China and Japan fused together and conspired, as they have for centuries all around the East China Sea.. as old as the mythical dragons they have worn as symbols of their underworld power.  Sterling Seagrave's books provide details and historical continuity background, rolling all they way transpacific to the seaports of the US Pacific coast states, and even to the Long Island Chao and Soong family dynasty empires, linked in turn to Banks and real estate empires they bought up around the San Francisco Bay.. indicators of City Manager and Mayor Ed Lee's "Hummingbird" and "Future of America" plans that Facebook has collaborated on.  How many American victims of that real estate vulture and professional and job-elbowing empire have been shoved onto the streets and into "Hummingbird" deportation not to China but to other US states?  There must be a Chinese or Japanese equivalent for the German term "Lebensraum", a policy also enacted by the Asian brand of nazism/fascism in World War 2. Was this part of the Mayor Ed Lee machines's favorite "Future of America" plan?  Looks like maybe so.  Where does the Asian Law Caucus, Asian Medical Caucus, other Asian-nationalist immigration lobbies, and the Shorenstein-housed Asia-Pacific (military and pysops) Research Center fit into the picture?  Washington DC's control of California is being relinquished to Asian capitals, and if something like the restoration of the Alameda and Concord US naval bases to US control are not implemented soon, California may quickly fall under near-full control of governments based in Asia.  Is this what Ted Lieu wants to keep from being monitored?

    Amid all this, the extremist statements and operations of Trump do little more than fuel foreign-led opposition cults (sometimes using phony "Resistance" labels) to him and create their appeal to the politically naive.  After all, it was the foreign-born/entangled Elaine Chao and Jack Ma and Peter Thiel who put Trump in office and who apparently manipulate him and his policies to the advantage of their foreign power-bases.  Trump must prove otherwise if that's not of major significance. Then, Trump's foreign "advisors" and cabinet member's bipartisan friends and family networks in California stir up a radicalized Anti-Trump cult network, like an orchestrated movie or stage-play, and America loses while the Asian Century and Euro Union win out and Take Over, and "America Lost World War 2 After All", as young Americans are already discussing.  Surely, the British must be seeing this unfold, although Trudeau appears to be counting the clouds while Canada floats away to the tune of snake-charmers and of "gurus" in the Bahamas who seem to have him in a hypnotic trance-dance that resembles how Obama acted at Pearl Harbor while charmed by Shinzo's droning speech, or how the rulers of Russia were reported to have behaved when Rasputin charmed their empire into collapse (and whose cult had and has a temple near Raiza Gorbachev's home town).  While no reliable birth date has been found for "Puti", and may never be found, there are known dates of his first meeting with the Russian royal family in Peterburg, and the geodetic lineups do indicate the -possibility- that he was indeed controlled by Japanese agents and was an early psy-war vehicle around the era of the Russo-Japanese War, and which implied that the Japanese military may have been already quite adept at use of cult psychology in the early 20th century, before World War 1.  Ironically, the Japanese later had to oppose the Frankenstein monster they had created in Russia and that made way for the Russian Revolution and Soviet government.  Thus, Japan's suspected covert operation failed in the same way they did in 1945 after Japanese devastation of Pearl Harbor while Japanese diplomats proposed phony "World Peace" (a tactic phrase also used by the Nazis prior to the Blitzkrieg of 1939) in Washington DC to put America to sleep, in anesthesia, for the kill. Japan's "World Peace" cover policy then proceeded to implement Nazi-like genocide policy inside China, the Philippines, and other SE Asian countries.  Roosevelt had been notified of a possible attack on Hawaii, but none expected it from the relatively unmonitored northern aquatic expanse, where there were only Japanese submarines with seaplane landings (details in Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan") and Japanese fishing-boat colonies along the coastlines and island of British Columbia and possibly Alaska -- with interesting parallels to the Moonie Cult fishing fleets around the Gulf of Alaska (now subject to Vulkanus on the geodetic Ascendant in 8th harmonic at 17 mutables) and southward, while Vulkanus is simultaneously on the MC in 4th harmonic in the same region due to the northern latitude.  There is a possiblity of a current or coming power-struggle between American and Asian-based (including Moonie) ships in the Gulf of Alaska region, logical if the US Navy implements a needed containment of Moonie or other Asian national ships, all complicated by Moonie cult-manipulation of Americans (including politicians) and Harry Harris's backing by the Sasakawa Moonie and Asian Maritime Mafia network.  This is No Time to have Japanese naval/marine agents strutting around in charge of California or in any other US state. The days of committed opposition between Chinese and Japanese interests are probably over, as Sino-Japanese reconciliation and collaboration was intended in the Chinese and Hindu-publicized "Asian Century" plan of the 1980s, and now by the expanded SCO/Shanghai Cooperation Organization; and divisions between China and Japan were already waning if only partially extant during WW2, as US military leaders in China and historians of East Asian history noted.  Then, Japanese Fascist wartime troops helped settle Chiang Kaishek's government on Taiwan.

    What sort of legitimate US National Security lets foreign troops (Euro or Asian) roam around American seaports or American streets? NONE.

    The Internment Camps in the USA were deemed necessary by the US military for several reasons, and Roosevelt is reported to have agreed only reluctantly and with periodic regret. Japanese claims about Tokyo peace envoys not knowing the Pearl Harbor attack was planned have been questioned, for Japan's Nazi German allies-in-the-making had played such tricks already, prior to their brutal invasion of Poland after their later-broken-pact with the Soviets. Numerous reports of Japanese espionage and sabotage in the USA were in circulation, which some Japanese sources deny as authentic, but then Shinzo, only a few years ago, still also denied the severity of the Rape of Nanking/Nanjing, the abduction and enslavement and coercion of "comfort women", and Japanese responsibility for bombing Pearl Harbor (which some reports claim was facilitated by spies already in Hawaii), nearly all of which have almost unquestionable proof.  And reported Chinese Fascist collaboration with Japan in the Rape of Nanking during a Chinese Civil War also remains an open question, for Chinese military leaders conceded to juggling opposition to Japan with internal Chinese Civil War objectives despite various phony treaties and alliances that were typically not worth the paper they were printed on.

    Such issues need to be kept in mind as various slippery lobbyists and propagandists bombard America's media and houses of government, and tallied with the facts, all this complicates a current 2020 32nd-harmonic NE=HA=ZE=VU reality of climate disasters and exactly how and where to resettle people.  The hands of the US government are tied in part by foreign-lobbied (Chao network) US tax cuts coupled with foreign-lobbied plans for privatization of US infrastructure, government functions, and resources (via Chao and cohorts).  China is laid waste by the incompetence or impotence of its mutating national government, its population often sent to the USA with money to buy real estate and privatized infrastructure, and its lobbyists and politicians-in-employ to pave the way, and Japan now joins the same game, while the poor of Latin America struggle to do little more than eat and survive as their native countries are ravaged by violent drug wars, political wars, and climate deterioration.  Meanwhile the recent radical gentrification of American society puts many Americans living barely better off than refugees invited here when there are other locations around the planet that would require less disruptive adjustments for all concerned. One problem seems to be incompetence at social planning in case of emergencies, as well as incompetence at government and greed overriding humanity in the 'business community' to extremes.

    Meanwhile it appears that attempts are being made to "Redefine America" out of existence, and that those are backed by foreign interests intending to slice up America into pieces like was done to China in the early 20th century. That process involved foreign takeover of port cities, rapid immigration into cities of financial and political power, importation of foreign troops, and surrender of ordinary citizens to the machinations of global powers and business interests; and it was due to the greed and incompetence of national leaders, national fragmention, and often stealthy foreign ambitions for territory, resources, and economic control. China's government had become too weak, inept, or corrupted by greedy oligarchs to protect its citizens. Add to that public ignorance and confusion, and disorientation due to foreign infiltration, including via phony "religious" organizations, and foreign-generated propaganda from foreign-manipulated media. Sound familiar?


    America has never undergone a Pluto return, but is about to experience one soon (with 2 deg orb from late 2021 to early 2026).  Whoever controls locations anywhere on the globe at around 27 Cardinals, or 12 Mutables (at 45 angle); and at equinox-precessed 01 Fixed, or 16 Mutables (at 45 angle), at that time, will shape America's future fundamentally for the next 250 years.  Phenomena like the Alaska Independence Movement or any foreign takeover of Alaska could literally destroy the USA by yanking Alaska's vital mineral and strategic resources out from under Washington DC, and one wonders if the AIM was set up knowing that... or why the Moonies hover there, ready to seize Alaska's major cities.

   The longitudes where American control must be made firm range from 146W to 155W to cover both Sepharial and Grimm values with 2 degree orb of effect, and this starting now.  Things like foreign acquisition of Alaskan oil, minerals, other real estate, fishing rights, seaports, or military bases could lead to a literal economic collapse or the USA, as could privatization that leads down the road to foreign acquisition.  Americans in Alaska... Be on the Alert and don't let politicans or corporations sell Alaska off to foreign interests. This includes longitudes of Anchorage, Kodiak Island, Mt McKinley, Tanana, and the Colville River valley up north.  William Seward was indeed no fool, after all, when he secured Alaska away from Russian control (which Canada also sought) or warned of the consequences if Washington DC did not secure California as an American state aligned with Washington DC. Proto-Globalism was already in its infant stages at that time as the Industrial Revolution was unfolding, and the USA was seen as an emerging superpower joining the field of far older and established Asian and European superpowers (China, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, and the Pangerman Habsburg-Hohenzollen Network).

    The same applies to the area 45 degrees to the east, and one may wonder how Theodore Roosevelt understood the importance of putting the mineral-rich Rocky Mountain region under firm US government control (equally important for the future of the United States, and recognized by the public during the big Teapot Dome controversies, probably transnational like the railroads, that were never really resolved), and this area ranges from 103W to 110W and includes the longitudes of Denver, Albuquerque, Billings, and nearing Tucson.  These longitudes must not fall to foreign financial, political, or military control, or the US economy could be at grave risk.  This includes real estate and mining rights, and oil deposits long vital to US national defense from foreign invasion. 

    To a less but still important degree the same applies to region midway to the aforementioned plus 45 degrees east of there, and that includes 125W to 132W and the longitudes of all coastal regions of northern California (also an oil area) and all of coastal Oregon and Washington, as well as the coastline and coastal islands of British Columbia (which could impact the US economy somehow and was a hub of WW2 subversion from Japan), and which have included busy Japanese fishing colonies for decades (and Moonie affiliated?).  It is vital to insure that the British Columbia coastline is under Canadian or joint US-Canadian, and not foreign control from outside North America.

    And an additional area vital to US national economic security is 81W to 88W, and logically so... the longitudes of vital US industrial and agricultural processing hubs including the Ohio River Valley, Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Mobile, the state govt infrastructures of MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, MS, AL, and GA, the Gold Bars of Fort Knox, and the original HQ of the Bush-family affiliated National Assoc of Manufacturers (NAM).  Foreign troops and operations, including weird paramilitary ops, must be thrown out of Fort Benning, Biloxi, Huntsville, anywhere in Michigan (known for quirky and extremist politics with foreign ties, as has been Indiana one of the later hubs of the Fascist Axis-backed Silver Shirts cult). Note that under ChaoMcConnell, Kentucky state and national historical sites key to US history are being sold off or 'given away' to 'private investors' (a favored policy of Elaine Chao) who may be from ????  Who has the money, transnationally, to buy up Wall Street stock as Wall Street is set up to replace the US government?

    Any foreign operations in any of these regions could trigger US national economic collapse, as could hostile global interests allowed to gain footholds in Atlantic Canada from 57W to 65W, including provincial infrastructures of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, neighoring areas of New Brunswick, the globally critical Port of Halifax (site of infamous Halifax Conferences run by German military!), most of Labrador and Quebec south of it and Nunavut north of it, Goose Bay facilities, western Newfoundland, and strategic Anticosti Island in the strategic Gulf of Saint Lawrence leading inland to Quebec, Montreal, Buffalo, Erie, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Duluth (US Great Lakes Atlantic sea trade).  HALIFAX IS A BIG DEAL FOR THE USA AS WELL AS CANADA.  FOREIGN CONTROL THERE A MAJOR RISK.


    East China seacoast again... Nanking/Nanjing, Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao/Tsingtao, Shenyang/Mukden, Yaeyama and Miyako Islands of Japan (incl Japanese military hubs/contractors and Chao family roots), also western Philippines and Indonesia south of there (Golden Lily money?); Foreign money invested in Western Australia's mining industries.

    Add Ukrainian or Russian western border area money or power (privatization-rich oligarchs?); Money in Finland or Romania (often German or Austrian privatization oligarchs); Turkish money from Istanbul; whatever controls the Egyptian economy (incl Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood Pan-Islamic Privatizers?); South African Gold and Plantinum money in Natal and Transvaal (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein);

    Foreign money invested around Anchorage and Kodiak Island (Moonies?);

    Any offshore transnational money laundered in Tahiti.

At 8th harmonic, also the locations could undermine US economic stability (10 to 18 Mutables in orb):

    Offshore money in in Iceland, Madeira, Canary Islands, Western Sahara;

    Mormon Colonies and foreign or drug money in Mexico incl Chihuahua, Durango, Guadalajara;

    Offshore money in Marshall Islands (notorious Moonie cult power hub);

    Money in Siberia in the Komandorskie Islands, Pacific coast of Kamchatka, and areas to the north);

    Offshore money in eastern Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the SW tip of New Zealand;

    Punjab and northern provinces of Pakistan (Taliban strongholds?), Kashmir, Gujarat, Mumbai, Goa, and Indian national govt infrastructure in New Delhi.

    What illiterate outside the Trump family believes in an "Indo-Pacific" anything?  Neither India nor even the Indian Ocean border the Pacific anywhere, even closely... it sounds like a "VR Virtual Reality" fantasy/"dream" signifying intention of Hindu money to spread into and across the Pacific Ocean.  No one is laughing about this anymore.  Is the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau or Aga Khan?  "Rajneeshpuram North" is no joke.  Things are smelling like the worst of 1960s Asian cult proliferation reruns mixed with Nixon under the spell WW2-Axis remnants including the Sino-Japanese Moonies and the Anna Chennault circuit, who helped orchestrate the Watergate Scandal that Nixon was lured into by greed and rare 'impressionability' and took the rap for.  Many indicators are that Watergate Was a Tanaka/Moonie/ChinaLobby-orchestrated operation, and why they waved phony American flags to cover up afterward and maintain their transpacific hooks in America.  Now they call it 'Sanctuary' and 'Inclusion', introduced by Ed Lee and the Asian Law Caucus Immigration Lobby as the "Hummingbird / Future of America" plan, just as creepy as Angie Merkel's plans, joined by Schwarzenegger and Thiel, to make the USA and Canada into German colonies via Siemens technologies invasion.

    Some segments of the "People of Color" look too much like the last Symbionese Liberation Front run by the Chinese run "Third World Liberation" network, and Obama fell for both Euro and Asian foreign lobbies because he had problematic foreign policy advisors. Sony was just as much a part of the brutal Japan Fascist machine as was Siemens the Nazis.  And then there's Schwarzenegger in the middle of it all... wants to trade places with Trump, but aw, the "birther" law stops "America's Terminator"... the writers of the US Constitution must have seen him coming ahead of time, even if they didn't provide for exclusion of imports in US Congress or the President's Cabinet.

    The USA already had a culture and institutions prior to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.  Americans didn't just suddenly land in New York in 1776 and erect a Statue of Liberty -- which is in reality a French government gift to the USA 100 years later, assembled later in the USA and erected in NYC in 1886, a century after the American Revolution and US Constitution foundations, and it time to bring in non-union labor for the budding industrial revolution factories.

    American families who founded the US government often included those who had been in North America since the early 1600s, over 150 years before 1776, and were of various religious and ideological views, and who debated issues like adoption of Native American languages as the US national language, and many US national founders allowed for slavery only to due fears that the wealthy southern plantation owners would otherwise not join them in driving the colonial troops out of the emergin United States. The USA was not 'born' as an innately racist nation, as some recent imported historical revisionists have claimed out of ignorance of the actual history, or intentional misrepresentation of it, but the emerging US government did have to struggle repeatedly with vested wealthy economic interests mostly in southern states, backed in addition by foreign interests (including the textile industry) benefiting from or linked to the plantation economies; and also fight wars with Native American tribes who did not want new settlers and who were armed in part by foreign interests competing with those of the USA for control of North America.  So, hostile foreign nations and their agents could always scoff at claims about freedom and equality while arming insurgent cults, and some still do today, including imported university instructors out to stir up trouble via globally privatized American universities. Some seem to even relish the opportunity to brand America as more racist than other nations (which is actually the opposite of reality, in most cases), and they do so as foreign interests increase their influence and control in or of US infrastructure, tech industries, real estate holdings, and even institutions of higher education, in situations where Privatization and Investment become the pathway to Colonial Rule over America by foreign interests.  For example, who is now taking control of the American internet and tech industries?  Of Silicon Valley?  Amassing extensive commercial and domestic real estate assets in the USA?  Taking over American banks and industries?  Is it racist to object to foreign takeover of your country and its infrastructure that shapes your daily life?  This is where the "We Lost World War II" comments find some validity.  WW2 wasn't all Germany and Japan... there were also sizeable Spanish and Chinese and Hindu and Italian and Turkish and Egyptian fascist networks, even if lined up behind and working with Germany's and Japan's governments, and ambivalent Saudis and a charming Nazi-run Palestinian Arab army.  There were also Russian Fascists in Manchuria and areas of Siberia to the north of there; and substantial fascist networks in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Cuba, and Guatemala, with some remnants still surviving.  There were Japan Fascist colonies in Mexico, including at Guaymas near the mouth of the Colorado River. The fascist network was global and complex, not confined to Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, and it had gold-rich advocates in South Africa, and a Nazi-friendly colonial government planted in the Bahamas right off the coast of the USA.  Recent US presidents appear to know none of this, but had better learn it if they are to continue any sort of democratic legacy in future years, and not be duped by an old fascist network that never went away even if it slickly remade its public image and is presenting itself as the supposed "wave of the future".  Only in their dreams, or our nightmare ahead if we believe them.

    Confucius say, "He who control tech industry, telecom companies, banks, seaports, airports, shipping lines, grocery stores, transportation regulations, and restaurants, rule country".  And so it is happening. Ask Elaine and obediently devoted and bought, anything-you-say-honey hubby Mitch. A prime example of the old imperial trick of "rule by marriage", which Mme Chiang Kaishek apparently wanted to play on charmed 1940 presidential candidate Wendell Willkie (whose campaign was also Nazi/Japan-backed), and which Watergate's Anna (Chen Xiangmei) Chennault accomplished with "Flying Tiger" husband Claire, while later Economist "Wendy Lee" got hubby Phil Gramm to sign the US government slowly over to Asian and other foreign privatization while convincing Reagan it was the "wave of the future", that future being Elaine Chao in the White House for 5 presidential terms, and the Rise of the Asian Century and Ed Lee's "Vision" for "the Future of America" with Chao's banks bumping the others off in California and taking over.  Will that vision continue to manifest per the East Asian Prosperity plan, or an equally disastrous German Siemens plan?  Or will the melting polar icecaps burn Australia to the ground and make sailing the oceans a game of dodging icebergs at all latitudes and while "visioning" the "dreams" of global oil barons? Or... will someone in Washington DC follow a path like Roosevelt did?  So very far ahead of his time, he had to be smart enough to know how to make the remaining Americans in a foreign manipulated Wall Street abandon their greed-addictions to see reality in order do it.

    Who owns PetroChina Oil (China's vast oil reserves) now that it's been privatized?  Deng Xiaoping said, "It's glorious to be rich" in the "Asian Century" (now feasbile and manifesting, even if it was only in infant stages in the 1980s), and Xi Jinping has vowed to continue his legacy.  There is no more Communist China but flags and posters and propaganda... but rather a revived Chinese Empire in league with Imperial Japan and run by China's Five Families and the Japanese Emperor's Samurai club of kamikazes, and they want California and are getting it by the minute and by the block. Coming to a city near you with Schwarzenegger's Sony productions and no-talent, all-props-and-costumes "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" virtual reality reruns from the 70s and 80s. Greta Thunberg is mad that adults made a mess of things, but she doesn't know that it was only the misguided among adults who, due to greed and powerlust, stopped everyone who had viable solutions and wanted post-oil technology decades ago, so many neutralized with an iron hand or had their careers or lives destroyed by the Oil and Nuclear Energy Barons. Maybe that can change now, if it's not too late. Not all "old people" are mean or greedy, but many of the good with a social conscience have been stripped of their power by the mean and greedy gangsters.  There were other Gretas before Greta, but no one let them speak in media or maybe even live to keep talking.  We could have all been driving or riding in electric cars at least 50 years or more ago, but the Oil Barons and Nuclear Power monopolies would not have their empires destroyed and were able to effectively destroy or neutralize anyone who challenged them. Still we can thank Greta for speaking the truth.  It's going to take busting up the ignorant stubbornness of the oil companies to do it.  The Australian, and Californian, fires are only a warning of what's to come if the post-oil order is not decreed and enacted by people of wisdom and social conscience with enough power to set the changes in motion.

    The NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster could manifest in more positive ways if enacted... like accelerated high-speed water purification projects; large-scale irrigation projects using filtered ocean water; politically mandated extinction of obsolete liquid-fuel technology; intensive research on new wind-power and hydro-power technology; even involvement of military personnel in such projects; intensified investigations to uncover and contain covert and guerrilla warfare operations; some military and defense operations set to peacekeeping functions where feasible (let countries unhampered by idiots in charge proceed in this area); overcoming public health vulnerabilites by organized (and American for Americans) exercise programs and strengthening of immune systems (not raising the costs of gym memberships to make them unaffordable); elimination of toxic aerial technology like abusive drone weapons... drones Must be regulated, not deregulated as proposed by Elaine Chao for increased sales of low-overhead Chinese imports (more worthless clutter and throw-away junk flying around and creating chaos); organization of peaceful and compassionate populist political power; politically facilitated research on more efficient use of wind and water resources and technology; attenuation or elimination of extremist political policies causing discomfort and unnecessary confusion.

    The antiquated Cold War games of forcing economies and nations into global corporatist models need to stop... the Davos and WTO-type mass-social-engineering tactics have got to stop... no one is impressed by a fraternity of power-drunks and media actors dictating laws and regulations about things so far from their privileged daily lives that they don't understand them.... the "G7/8" was founded by German spy Kissinger and a cabal of German prime ministers and spies, like Hitler would have admired.  Germany is a beautiful country with many nice people, and many admirable accomplishments, but it doesn't deserve to play Kaiser and run the whole world and play Hitler again, or try to destroy relatively far-more long-diverse and long-globally-revered America.  Such attempts to trample down America is going to backfire in a way that trying to kill any giant would.... look what happened when anyone has tried to kill Russia over the centuries. Gargantua mashes a lot of people when he falls... he's not Baby Huey waltzing on the Danube. Destroying America now by greedy German and Chinese and Japanese controllers manipulating and monitoring US government telecommunications, scheduling contacts and personal lives, Facebook style, may leave no alternative if America continues to allow itself to be run in the background by foreign schemers and tricksters and cults controlling our infrastructure with tech-media gimmicks and currency manipulation games. Add the very real climate disasters, and potential chaos could unfold if fools tread where angels should be instead, in the halls of power. We must control the technology and make sure it does not control us.  It would be interesting to hear what Roosevelt, who really did Make America Great, ahead of his time, and was a master of political and intelligence management, would think of how America is being run now.  Good things have happened before.  What's stopping them now?  Demonization of the policies of Roosevelt, America's greatest leader and probably most globally revered president, possibly except John Kennedy, because he temporarily crushed the Nazi machine and the Japanese didn't like his internment camps?  Where are America's priorities?  Is America now being run from Vulkanus-boosted Sakishima Island military offices in the East China Sea?  Is that who helped distribute those stupid mass-produced plastic Guy Fawkes masks for bored teenagers, paid mercenaries, and foreign saboteurs?  Asian-run cults are now rampant and their dupes are disgusting. And now Trump has installed Nakasone's JAPaNSA to turn America into a Japanese puppet show, assisted by Japanese Marines in San Diego and remnants of Harry Harris's offices in Anchorage. "Land of the Rising Sun." Asian Century. Asia Pacific Research Center psychological warfare and cult-creation operations about to fully capture and control the San Francisco Bay Area and run it like occupied Hong Kong or Manchukuo in the Fall, or maybe another Symbionese-flavored Cultural Revolution. Who turned America over to Asia?  Was that part of the message in Moonie-mesmerized George Bush's infamous speech of Sep 11, 1990?  Vulkanus then pointed to Wall Street and its founders' roots in Vienna in 4th harmonic, but also to Chongqing/Chungking in the 1st harmonic, the Wartime Capital of China from where Mme Chiang Kaishek wooed Wendell Willkie and proposed her Soong banking-family dynasty's "One World" plan with a unified Greater China "sharing power with America". Her family eventually settled on Long Island near where the Elaine Chao family later moved. It fits the current Moonie motif, and Japan was often thought by political and military analysts to secretly be Mme Chiang/Soong and her husband's ally, in turn allied with Nazi Germany, who helped train her husband's troops.  The slippery and sarcastic Nippon/Japan Telephone Company oligarch in my English class in 1990 grinned almost as if gloating as he repeatedly uttered the name of George Bush for reasons I did not then understand, but do now.  He also tried to steal the answer sheet for the English competency test so his friends could cheat on the university entrance exams. It showed me how some of Asia's top corporate leaders play and win.... They Cheat.  That was not far in time from Bush's Sep 11 speech that year, and the rest is history.  Elaine got a cabinet position in Bush Sr's administration, and then his son's, and then Trump's... a 5-term Dowager Empress in the wings, now in control of America's vast Transportation Systems, ready to set up toll booths with attendants who speak intelligible English, maybe.  And you thought America was being "redefined"?  Some said they wanted it that way, but aren't sure why or how.  They might change their minds. Note the global power-balance points at the upcoming USA Pluto return, when pertinent and Vulkanus will still be about where it is now, although slightly to the east. 

Vulkanus in upcoming years indicates US alliances with Israel and Cyprus will determine if America survives intact or falls to the Asian Century "redefinition" order forever.  This means there is a lot of lingering confusion now in Washington over foreign affairs, related probably to the ongoing HA=VU cluster in orb over the last few years and still in effect and further clouded by Neptune, and that confusion is due to global political machinations and intrigue described in past posts likely emanating from the Shan States and Golden Triangle and Yunnan-Sichuan-Qinghai; Cuba, Panama, Ecuador; narcotrafficking or gun-running hubs around Corsica, Sardinia, and the Algeria-Tunisia border; the Rhine valley, the far western region of Norway; the Holland-German border; Detroit and Asheville and Tampa longitudes in the USA -- where underworld operations have played a critical role in recent global political confusion, possibly involving cults as well.

    We may see a lot of this clear up as Israeli intelligence collaborates, and British intelligence is freed from the constraints of EuroUnion restrictions and/or moles that need to be expelled ASAP. New alliances free of EuroUnion bureaucracy problems may be formed between Britain and other nations in Europe not under German manipulation or coercion. Europe can defend itself from any assumed threat from Russia or the Middle East without following orders issued from Berlin or Vienna, and a British alliance could potentially stop such wars by using its superior intelligence services if they are not ruined by EuroUnion infiltration or sabotage. Germany has for too long been sounding too much like Hitler in drag, and France needs to get leaders who don't cower under their commands like Marechal Petain. That will take the stronger democracies still in the EuroUnion to wrest control from Berlin and Vienna, and it can be done as Pluto moves toward Sweden and Greece and hopefully moderate elements in Poland and Hungary, and via 22.5 across Great Britain, and the Atlantic Alliance of 1940 is restored to its original purpose, re-securing Iceland and Atlantic Canada and South Africa and Egypt and Finland.  Brexit has the potential to swing Europe back to democracy, if it has the right leaders and the rest of Europe will not be dazzled by the bribes of the German banks that own the Euro and wag it around by its tail.  All British parties need to get on board and weigh in on the new Brexit economy, make appealing offers to Ireland, and stop the regional secessionist nonsense within the British Isles -- London can be a powerhouse working for Dublin, and teamed up with east European democracies. London and Stockholm, Warsaw, and Athens, historic allies in democracy, could lead a new and more democratic European Union where Berlin stops playing annoying dictator.

    One of the biggest global economic problems now may boil down to currency manipulation and offshore money; and pay attention to how much Middle Eastern oil money can manipulate the globe economically precisely due to keeping the world dependent on oil-technology. Who stopped the cleaner technology from unfolding under the control of established democratic nations? How many more devastating wilfires, droughts, and floods does it take to clear up the clouds of excessive greed?


2020Feb08: Just in case reckless powerbrokers push for nuclear war -- EuroUnion pushing France to install Nuke Missiles:

    The power lineup of Vulkanus on the MC gives Russia and China, at Peterburg and Shanghai (also Taipei and also Japanese bases north of Taiwan) the potency to inflict immense damage in the event of war, yet the same also true of Ukraine, Turkey and Egypt, any of which may be driven by wealthier or more powerful host states like Saudi Arabia or Iran or radical right/neonazi cults in Ukraine.  What this means for the USA... wherever Vulkanus is on the Ascendant, America (and Canada and anywhere else) would be most vulnerable.  That means that missiles in Kansas and Nebraska (or Dakotas or the Manitoba/Ontario border to the NNE or OK or TX to the SSW would of course logically be targeted, as would Long Island and the Seattle-to-Portland corridor, and so counter-defense needs instead to be moved at least in part to where Vulkanus is on the MC, not the Ascendant.  That means move missiles to the Denver/Roswell longitudes, the Fairbanks longitude (Anchorage is MC=VU is potent but also has AS=VU now in 8th harmonic and so too vulnerable still to neutralization, maybe with the treacherous Moonie fleets (allied with Falungong and maybe other cults/orgs) around Anchorage helping the Chinese or Japanese or both, like Japanese agents helped the Pearl Harbor attack).  Harry Harris was given an award by the Moonie Sasakawa Yakuza organization, and still dimwits in Washington DC appointed him.... that's how far the Moonies still manipulate our government today, posing as supposed Christians or now as Falungong fake Buddhists, and smell the Elaine Chao naval/banking machine amid it all, making Asiamerica if it can. (Condolences for the tragic Corona Virus affecting the poor and innocent, but we can't turn the radar away from Asian Mafia taking over American cities... and states -- and whatever alliances they might have in Russia via the Shanghai Pact or with German transnational interests). Inland states, overall, might logically be the most secure for defense installations as long as roads and airports are tightly controlled and even helicopter traffic and drones monitored too, and yet US coastal cities also need strong vigilance.  Another idea that might be beneficial is to do what the Russians do and put missiles on huge transport trailers that can be moved along the highways and relocated at any time, making their location unpredictable.  This could also be a war deterrent with any potential foe not knowing where counter-attacks could launch from on the spur of the moment (unless the vehicles are wired to transnational technology companies, meaning No defense technology should be made or assembled overseas or by foreign agents in the USA). In any case, American defense capabilities would always be strongest wherever Vulkanus aligns with the geodetic MC in 4th harmonic and less so in 8th harmonic, in any given year and time, unless Vulkanus is also on the Ascendant at the same time (as it is always around Anchorage/Kenai, near 15 mutables, although also capable of being the most potent due to 4th harmonic VU now on the MC there, and this could be resolved by shifting defense operations farther almost due north to Fairbanks and away from the Moonie naval snoops).  Ideally,run defense ops from Fairbanks but able to send out ever-alert and unalloyed (No Moonies, and they have dupes/puppets who are not Asian.) ships from Anchorage, or maybe just nukes in the Fairbanks region for a Nagasaki retort to another Pearl Harbor attack, but sooner this time if anybody tries to mess with US.  Canada's most potent counterforce is now from eastern Labrador and western Newfoundland, and Britain's from Barbados and the Falklands and South Shetlands, and Guyana if fully securable.  Argentina just has to get used to the British Navy off its coast, actually for its own good as the alternatives would probably be worse in the long run.. like Nazis or Russians or Chinese or Japanese.

    And, by the way, any nukes in France now or near future would be vulnerable to destruction and neutralization from attacks, not worth it and only likely to turn Paris or Strasbourg into radioactive rubble while German troops march into Moscow... why they call it "World War 3", the 3rd try that Nostradamus claims will fail again but with destruction of Europe like never seen before, from Russian missiles like never seen before, and they are Real.  Are New York and Seattle and Portland and maybe damage to Anchorage or the agro-fields of Kansas and Nebraska radiated food worth it to America?  Third countries might like it as it gets rid of competition for them.  It still amazes me how few Americans (and Britons in the past) realize how much the neutralization of economic competitors is part of the German EuroUnion strategy.  Today I saw a theater marquee reading "Berlin and Beyond Festival---- Rest in Greece". If that's not a message to Europe, I don't know what is. Europe needs a new organization based in London -- or in Iceland not under German control, backed from Thule Greenland Bases, Newfoundland, Falklands, Barbados, and Guyana, which is what NATO was somewhat when it was formed and before 1955.  Vulkanus geodetics now indicate that today, and years on the immediate horizon, that is the most potent force for Europe And North America now, and it's based in the longest-surving democracies. The continent of Europe needs a realignment with Britain rather than Germany, and Brexit provides the opportunity, yet potential and potent opposition to Brexit does and will always emanate from bullish, and potentially bullying if challenged, Transpluto on the Ascendant of its chart, not only from longitudes of northeast coastal Greenland and the far west tip of NW Iceland, but also the Azores, made somewhat independent of Portugal by EuroUnion treaties and said to be a major offshore banking hub among other things.  This means that Lisbon is a German EuroUnion's prize and any alliances the British Isles can make with Portugal or the Azores alone, and also Cape Verde and Brazil and its Trinidade Islands, would be advantageous. Scotland and Ireland may well come around to finding a new 21st Century Union with England to be highly advantageous... a new British Isles Powerhouse, especially if Iceland as well as the USA and Canada can be brought into mutually-beneficial alliance.  Undermining of British naval operations and Western Hemisphere alliances may always emanate from that same longitude.. at 2:40 mutables within 3 degrees of 26W longitude, even on the open sea, and the same for 154E near Brisbane and Papua's offshore islands and Micronesia and Minamitori and north Kuril Islands; the same for western Pakistan and Afghanistan and 'stans' to the north (Taliban country); 117W pirates around Baja California Norte near the port of San Diego or foreign operations on US soil there (of which there are too many).  Britain will likely benefit from keeping its ships on the alert at all locations near those longitudes, including any potential submarine or aerial subversion including drones now in fashion.  A clear and unquestionable alliance with Portugal could be a prize asset for Britain as long as it is not a conduit for competing double-agents.

    Now I finally hope to move to an analysis of Democratic candidates on Inauguration Day 2021 in Washington DC, and of Trump's chart.  There may be a reason for waiting on this. Trump still has Admetos lingering 22.5 to the Sun in his chart, and he may have been dealing with natural mortality issues recently, even if not publicized, so prepare for what would happen if Pence or other new VPs were president.  Trump's heavy manipulation by foreign agents and campaign backing is a severe risk to American national security, as is the case with all candidates in this era of potent passive-aggressive global politics, especially when candidates are naive to how the strings could control them.  McConnell a prime example... most Kentuckians do not have a lot of experience dealing with Asian mafia/underworld tactics.  But all of America had better read up on it because they are On a Roll and rolling across America, state after state, and don't be shamed or badgered into silence over it.  Germany's games in recent years haven't been much better, and so Britain has made the break, as will Scotland and Ireland when offered better deals.  As already shown, Britain will not be allowed to upstage Germany in the EuroUnion, and Macron is just another Petain puppet, as is the UMP party in general, tied to Clearstream German offshore banking in Luxemburg.

    People ask how America is so vulnerable to foreign manipulation, and the answer is control of telecom and internet and computer production and the economy by foreign investors.  We've turned control of vital national data over to foreign agents and they are wrecking American into destruction, daily, while shaming the public for even mentioning it.  Don't be ashamed of being a birther or nativist... it's Good for America, being overtaken by first- and second-generation immigrants manipulating the American sense of shame for our country's relative geographic isolation.  Foreign exchanges and knowledge and understanding are good, but foreign takeover is a recipe for Disaster, and that includes Kissinger and Brzezinski as well as the Asian manipulators.  Due to today's technology, the USA has no more reasons to rely on foreign sources of data or advice to dictate our foreign policy, and certainly not our domestic policy in any way.  But our education system does have to prepare us to handle all that, ASAP, no time to waste -- as is the case with making American technology to replace old oil-based garbage.  It's countries outside the USA and Canada that have benefited most from an oil-dependent global economy, especially those economies that revolve around oil and what they use it for to do to America.... we've let them do it by not changing technology and giving in to antiquated American oil companies that should have been investing in new technology if they were smart... if it's not too late to fix the mess poisoning our rivers and lakes, polluting the air, and contributing to avoidable climate disasters.


2020:Feb05:  Potential impact of 2020's 32nd harmonic NE=HA=VU; Foreign subversion in US politics and economics -- and Brexit.

     To begin with, some important questions:

1) Was Chinese Trump campaign funder Jack Ma in California while the Rajneeshpuram cult was thriving in Oregon in the late 1980s and are they in any way related via transnational political operations?

2) Why has Trump cabinet member, transnational tax-cut lobbyist, transnational US govt privatizer/contractor, Chinese military brat, and 5-Bank-board member Elaine Chao been in 5 US Presidential administrations, the first under a president who endorsed the Sun Myung Moonie cult's first national newspaper in Washington DC, and whose son runs a church selling Asian-"blessed" Kahr guns on American streets fomenting potential political anarchy?

3) Why are Slovenian lobbies advocating for Trump-approved US government medals to Rush Limbaugh in Washington DC?

4) How can a president who claims to be a Nativist staff his presidental office full of foreign-born politicos and oligarchs as his advisors?  Are Americans paying attention to how much that matters?

5) Did the founders of US constitutional government in 1789 include a clause for native-born political officers because America's founders were primally xenophobic or because they understood the profound implications of foreign espionage and subversion and dual national allegiances?  

6) Does anyone remember who Vidkun Quilsing was and precisely why his name became a global political term?

7)  Is the increasing presence of theater and movie production in political campaigns of any critical significance since 2000, while who is taking gradually increasing control of Hollywood and the movie and theater industries since then?

8) Has anyone paid adequate attention to who and what Sony Corporation is, where it came from, its connection to Schwarzenegger, the Moonie cult roots, and the "Anonymous" face-covering foreign anarchist cult?

9) Has the goodwill and guilt of America to share increasing power with transnational interests in areas of internet technology and global defense agreements been leading to domestic chaos and infrastructure collapse?  Of government chaos or foreign takeover?  Who let the jackals and hyenas and rookies in the American government kitchen?  Is government at risk of becoming a high-school Halloween trick-or-treat party with foreign guests?

10) In Britain too.... what was an "Anonymous" Anarchist cult Chinese lobbyist with the pseudonym "P D James" doing in the Aaron Swartz Facebook campaign and lobbying around Brexit and Corbyn-Johnson campaign issues in London after stirring up protests in the USA in Chicago and St Louis and Detroit around 2016-2019?  What impact are Deutschebank-funded lobbyists having on so-called "Scotland Independence" and Northern Ireland politics, echoing WW2 and WW1 German and other foreign covert subversion in Great Britain and Ireland?

11) Do investigations of long-established foreign-based and verified (weapons/drug/human trafficking/violent/real estate price-gouging) organized crime networks have the right to demand the end or dismissal of investigations as xenophobia, or as racism if the crime networks are not of European ancestry?  Does this not facilitate the festering of organized crime problems and impact?

    One thing seems clear... both the Republican and Democratic, and all new and old other parties in Washington DC (and state capitals) need urgently to be conscientiously monitored for extremist political candidates and parties and organizations in the USA, immediately.  The screamers, anywhere along the political spectrum, need to go, and it's No Time at all for rookies or anyone of questionable citizenship status to be lingering at time of great political division that may be foreign-driven. Foreign interference and subversion appear to be rampant.  Meaning foreign-born players in US national security and top levels of US military and government need to be expelled, in order to maintain US national stability in the future.  Indeed, the only time immigrants dominated US infrastucture, and natives were overpowered, was when there was a violent revolution and takeover of American land and natural resources. It could happen again, if it hasn't already started, and it can be stopped now without bloodshed or violence by being more strict about immigration policy. It's possible that very important fine print or tricky double-entendre clauses in recent international agreements may have been overlooked.  International relations and outreach are now essential in today's world, but 'fast-track' agreements can be extremely high-risk and fraught with pifalls or even calculated deceit.  All agreements must be made by the cautious and wise and sober, not screaming hot-heads, pot-heads, or drunks or the politically naive.

    All this matters as the potentially treacherous NE=HA=VU cluster of 2020 points within 2 degree orb of US entry ports of Seattle, Portland, Long Island, Connecticut, in 4th harmonic; and in 8th harmonic via Prince William Sound AK, and riverport Laredo TX; in 16th harmonic via Yuma AZ, and Cabo San Blas FL and inland transnational military operations at Columbus GA , as well as central upper peninsula Michigan and the southwest corner of Michigan's lower peninsula near Greater Chicago (with possible gradual entry via the St Lawrence Seaway) as well as Niihau and Kauai Islands in Hawaii and areas around the Queen Charlotte Islands (historic Japanese fishing fleet hub) at the Canada-Alaska border, and the Bering Strait between Cape Lisburne and Kotzebue.  Who and what is controlling our US national ports, and are the controls American?  America has a right to request scrutiny of Canada's St Lawrence River mouth for Any cargo human or material, most of which may end up in the USA, just as Canada would have the right to request the same of the USA, and the same applies to the ports of Victoria and Vancouver -- any of these locations including for hidden contraband or stowaways quite possible with Neptune and Hades both in the potent cluster.  THIS IS NO TIME FOR LAX OR AMBIGUOUS OR BRIBABLE OR INTOXICATED PORT SECURITY, using US military installed surveillance technology, none foreign or privately contracted -- all regardless of whether questioned "border walls" are effective or not. US and Canadian naval forces security workers have very important jobs throughout 2020 in particular... no room for Pearl Harbor-type risks again.  The configuration is subtle but potentially potent and highly passive-aggressive.  No room for transnational and potential double-agent manipulation of US national security operations or policy.

    Brexit is a potential return to Britain's central role in global politics and a counterbalance to Germany's shaky and volatile political history and national oligarchy disposition, and a potential new rallying point for European politics and economics, and the recent EUROUnion knows it well and is already stirring up Scotland and Ireland to rebel prematurely against Brexit, before having a chance to see what London can do now for all the British Isles as a possible new and very viable,and potentially globally potent, regional alliance.

    America is already being "redefined" after our nation's approx-once-every-248-years Pluto transit opposite Sun cycle, and Amercans need to pay close attention to who's doing the "redefining", especially as, per the current location of powerful Vulkanus, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, China/Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, and the Moonie fishing fleet around Anchorage, and now Japanese bases in the East China Sea, hold as much power globally as Canada's Atlantic naval bases and British naval bases in the Western Hemisphere now potentially escaping German control of manipulation, while Tahiti's relation to the EURO Union remains critical to the global balance-of-power both politically/militarily and economically.  Russia's military presence around the Karaginski and Komandorskie Islands off the east Siberian coast are critical globally and perhaps most for all of Alaska, whose indicated coastlines need careful surveillance for both the USA and Canada's security. The political status of Vanuatu and New Caledonia are globally critical, and New Zealand will be so in years on the immediate horizon, all imminently important global security and balance-of-power hubs.  This making New Zealand's alliances with Britain, the EURO, China, Taiwan, and Japan all of critical global and not just regional impact, with seemingly remote New Zealand's relationship to the British Commonwealth of Nations and US Pacific interests of essential and vital global significance in facing the surging and also stealthy and wealthy Asian Century and "Asian Pacific" movements, with Japan's revived military straddling the Pacific with newfound Vulkanus power enabled by new bases of operation in California and in ambiguous relationships with Chinese and also German interests including via Hongkong at 11:15 to the west and the Shan States in Burma and Thailand-Chiangmai at 22:30 to the west of both Chinese and Japanese bases off the coast of Shanghai and Qingdao and Taipei.  US military and national security agencies under Asian (or EURO) control are Mega High Risk for America, and yet there is Real Hope of a possibility of a correction of recent errors when America's Pluto return happens at 27.5 Cardinals during the new US Presidental administration of 2021-24 or 2025-28, when America will either return to its natal integrity, or spin off into another orbit in some sense of the word, at which time, via Pluto, East China Seacoast power, Atlantic Canada seaports, British Navy in Western Hemisphere islands, the Muslim Brotherhood, EURO borders with those of the historic Russian Empire lands, and east South African interests, and who control Western Australia will continue to be of vital global significance and determination. Firm US Federal Government power and presence at Anchorage, Fairbanks, Hilo, and the Virgin Islands region, as well as firm alliances around the longitudes of Nova Scotia, the Lesser Antilles, Falkland Islands, the west coast of Australia, and  will be vital to US stability as the Pluto return occurs during the next eight years.  That requires an unquestionably unalloyed US Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force, and no foreign-based double-agent race-card games. The USA and France may benefit from a mutual agreement for operations in Tahiti unmanipulated by EUROUnion or any other foreign policy or machinations.  All this important if the USA is to survive intact and unsullied by transnational manipulations or sabotage, and the same of course applies along the Denver and Roswell longitudes as well as Regina and Prince Albert in Canada, and the Chihuahua-Durango-Guadalajara longitude regions in Mexico.  This is especially important IF the Nostradamus prophecies of another World War are to manifest as is generally assumed, and the time to start is Now. As Pluto joins Vulkanus during that period and not far from 0 Fixed signs, a new global political order can emerge more fully, and determined by which global sector is the most powerful. There is indeed risk of an "Asian Century displacing an American Century", something already rumbling and near full boil in the US Pacific States.  How far it goes depends on the wisdom and allegiances and clarity of those running Washington DC and also Wall Street and the Boston banks, Anchorage, Fairbanks, east Colorado incl Denver, and critical military bases in Colorado, New Mexico and the superficially remote but vital eastern borders between of Montana and Wyoming on one side, and the Dakotas and Nebraska on the other.  It's either American or it's not, with no blurred lines, if America is to remain resilient in facing foreign colonization and takeover already showing symptoms, or sabotage as global "fasttrack" deals unfold.  We must choose our allies with caution and wisdom, not flippant lack of clarity or sobriety, as the future of the world and its stability and democracy is at stake. High-impact changes may occur as Pluto conjoins Vulkanus.  This is no time for fantasy dreams or the potentially disastrous "virtual reality" oxymoron. Beware the treachery of the "Stanford Research Institute" and similar foreign Nazi/Fascist-founded psychological warfare machines, and anything titled "Asian Pacific", another oxymoron seeking approval via bribes and trickery and stealth correlating with the current locations of the NE=HA=VU harmonic cluster, the antidote to which is sharp and fully-American and unalloyed British, US, and Canadian naval and airforce intelligence operations, with no room for ambivalence or ambiguity or questionable identity. That's an alliance that proved itself effective and supportive of democracy in 1945, and is capable of doing so again, whereas other "alliances" are being proposed with countries of little to no democratic history or values. 

    The up side of NE=HA=VU in non-political terms is wind, air, and hydro-power including underwater ocean-current power harnessed to replace dangerous polluting technology. Aerial and aquatic defense technology can become more potent, but only in case of technology carefully-tested domestically, and domestically, not foreign, controlled or "tapped".  No room for rookie globalism or non-time-tested-and-proven alliances in cases of national security.  Life has delivered planet Earth lemons as of late, even if due to karmi mistakes, and it's time to make lemonade from them. Ocean current electic turbines should maybe be given more consideration, while any displaced fish or fish-eggs can be shuttled to safety beforehand, and it may even slow the chaos caused by accelerated global warming, and certainly harness its power for constructive uses.  Wind-power technology might also attenuate disruptive climate-change patterns in the skies above.  The world needs to finally diagnose in depth the overdue problem of petro-power dinosaurs trampling the globe underneath... the Oil tech alliances seeking to retain power for their backward and antiquated objectives.... Who Are They and what do they want?  Petro-China has now joined the club with OPEC and OAPEC derivations.  Will they continue to rule the world or can that be unblocked in favor of Real progress?  "Clean air" and "clean water" become more vitally important issues than ever for the planet under NE=HA=VU, and dumping unnecessary toxins (outside necessary cleaning or waste disposal) in our water supply or our air is utter stupidity, as are people wearing masks and carrying concealed weapons of whatever sort might be available now, including electronic and for sale on the street. And this is No Time to allow past or present transnational identity card or document authenticity to go unscrutinized, whether past, recent, or present, as the NE.HA.VU combination can manifest as political chaos from covert operations.  Require all naturalization and residency documents issued during the last 20 years (when fake transnational IDs have been rampant) to undergo re-inspection and re-application, with no foreign contractors issuing US identification documents. No more cutesy 2chan/4chan/8chan "Anonymous" games, and note WW2-era Japan Fascist and Chinese-collaborator corporations now joining the German or Latin-fascist brands in sometimes literal alliances that could potentially install a new Global Fascist order along with Russian varieties that pulled their strings and quietly fused into the old Soviet and later Russian (and Ukrainian) networks.  The world needs to be careful that democracy, and not fascism, is being installed in Ukraine as well as in Russia as Vulkanus power begins to accumuate there, and the same is true in Turkey, Egypt, the Sudans, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, as well as the Philippines and Tahiti, the latter of which could cement an 'Asian Pacific' empire, as could Moonie/Sasakawa-institute control of Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula or even North American security operations at Fairbanks -- all of vital global importance during the next decade or two or even further. This is no time for the world's population to sleep through via drug psychosis, spiked pot/crack clubs, or oxymoronic 'virtual reality' defacto sleep.

    The "Asian Century" plan of the Deng Xiaoping and Rajiv Gandhi networks of the 1980s did Not end or fade away.  Quite to the contrary, today's Xi Jinping network has vowed to continue carrying it out, and it always did include reconciliation alliances with Japan and focus on the politicized "Prosperity" theme that echoes that of the "East Asia Prosperity Sphere".  These are not mere historical phenoma, but ones advocated still in official pronouncements of Xi Jinping and his power network, and they dovetail right into Fascist Tokyo's and Manchukuo's and Shanghai-Taipei/Taihoku's "Pan-pacific" and today's "Asian Pacific" themes and plans.' They have the Vulkanus power now to implement those plans, and they are doing it, with combined NE=HA stealth also lent to Pan-Turkist Istanbul and Pan-Arab Alexandria.  Post-WW2 Pan-Asian continent-wide alliances were cemented by World Muslim Congresses in 1965 where the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang (now fused and resurgent in Beijing semi-communist corridors of power) met together and planned global policy, which is something way-too-often overlooked, and which may fuse in to Malaysian and Indonesia (Golden Lily offshore hubs) power politics and economics.  Those plans rose in the same power sectors of the Elaine Chao family dynasty's Foremost Shipping Empire, initial installation of the Sun Myung Moonie cult in the USA, and the CAPAC-hub "Honolulu Accords" onset of overt US involvement in the Vietnam/Indochina War,  Oil, war materiel, shipping, and war profits were all in the picture, and the fusion of Asian money into the US economy spun off into what it is today, with the Moonies, the Chao shipping dynasty, and war and oil profits all fused together and today in the middle of the politics and finances of Washington DC until brought under control or phased any and maybe all political parties, whether right, left, center, or third. Foreign shadow puppeteers are in action and winning. Pay attention the recent Moonie-Mormon overtures in Salt Lake City.


2020Jan23: (Critically updated Feb03) Addenda to Jan22 message; Is Washington DC being puppeteered by foreign powers? (Or "Turtles on the fenceposts after invasions")

    As a counterbalance to Vulkanus locations now, Britain should seek a military presence in eastern Iceland, be continually vigilant of the Nordostrundung in Greenland (historic location of German submarine bases in WW2) as well as the longitude of Disko Island in western Greenland, and seek presence on Jan Mayen Island.  These are all long Scandinavian-ruled lands, but may be receptive to a British presence despite any protests from Brussels or EuroUnion Quislings.  Canada is likely to welcome British presence in Newfoundland and Labrador.  These could be vitally important if there is a further revival of Nazism in or even Crypto-nazi policies in Germany.  Strong British presence in Guyana and the Falklands is also important. All from this point forward as the Brexit chart is a new starting point.  Balance in approaching royal affairs is important, as a renewed 21st century alliance with Ireland could be mutually beneficial, and would be a natural alliance with North American governments due to strong, root historical ties... and care must be taken to not alienate areas outside England by excessive attention to the royal family or monarchist institutions, who may indeed need to be taking on a more populist but also sober, open, and trusworthy policies, not coming off as German imperials in Britain, although there are integral Anglo-saxon components of British culture and institutions.  Too much emphasis on monarchy can also alienate potential alliances with France, Spain, and Portugal (all of which also have their Germanic imperial elements of national history).  It may well be that the peaceful side of Britain is the Pisces side (the primarily Celtic roots sector of seafarers and musicians), and the Aries side the warring and imperialistic but also industrious side, and it is the Pisces side that bonds Britain with the other Atlantic nations and is more likely to guarantee peace and a spiritual and compassionate component in national policy, in broad symbolic terms.  This may be necessary to avoid implication in the repeated historic Lebensraum tugs-of-war between a "Greater German Empire" and Russia that hopefully will not recur, but could -- also means that Britain will need to continue with a strong Navy, which may welcome deepening ties with Canada and the USA for peaceful purposes as well as purposes of defense where needed, as in some ways "Britannia" can still "rule the waves" if teamed up with the right allies.

    As for the old "Tories" theme of the American Revolution, it should be stressed that it was the unpopular policies of King George III that triggered the American Revolution as much as anything, not a dislike of the English people or their often similar disgust with King George.  And among the many causes of the War of 1812 was American encouragement of Canada to declare independence from the Monarchy and join the USA in a larger, even if separate, North American federation.  A continued monarchy in the UK was often related to other historic differences with the USA that largely subsided when America came to Britain's aid in both WW1 and WW2 against now resurgent German and East Asian corporate fascism (born in Manchukuo and the East China Seacoast cities under a mix of Japanese and Chinese control). Similar periodic differences with France were also usually due to restorations of monarchy (Second Empire, etc) in Paris rather than differences between national populations.  These are all issues that could come up during discussion of new Atlantic-focused alliances, which have great potential, and the Euro, strategizing quietly but efficiently for dominance of Europe and of the global economy, and some global markets knows it and know it well.  One of the most vital things for coming peace and avoidance of another World War is the readiness of all Atlantic countries to seek direct, pragmatic, and cautious dialogue with Russia and not allow intelligence or lobbying from other nations with their vested national interests, even if quiet or stealthy or deceitfully hypocritical, Metternich and Sun Tzu style, to interfere or distort what is really happening for their own objectives (as has occurred many times before), and apparently requires someone other than Germany or Austria negotiating with Russia on behalf of Europe. Germany needs to occupy itself instead with its wonderful capacity for productivity and invention, and leave European foreign affairs up to other nations with more historically peaceful and democratic, but also ultimately realistic with karmic awareness, temperaments, like Britain and France (real France, not Quislings occupying Paris).

    Prior to nearly every major war of the 20th century, whether in Europe or in Asia, Washington DC allowed itself to be manipulated by foreign lobbies with deep traditions in diplomatic, if not deceptive, strategizing. Germany and Austria (the core of 'Greater Germany') attempted to manipulate policy, sometimes successfully -- and Chinese and Japanese lobbies continued to manipulate the USA in both the Korean and Indochina wars, their established oligarchies having strategized cautiously during World War 1). Americans in Washington have taken charming foreign diplomats and organizations at face value when we shouldn't have.  As a result, America's population was continually reduced by engagement in foreign wars after 1945 which the USA ultimately gained almost nothing from, getting only dead bodies in coffins. Only in 1898 did American military engagement gain territory (from former Habsburg-ruled Spanish colonial governments), and then relinquishing Cuba shortly afterward -- and it should not be forgotten that the Monroe Doctrine was as much if not more for the purpose of containing (then more powerful and wealthy) foreign encroachment in the western hemisphere than to annex an "American Empire", which has never really existed in South America other than via stories primarily from Russia or Germany, who have had pushful even if stealthy competing imperial interests there.  Interestingly, German colonial intentions in South America are rarely mentioned, although information on their substantial extent (and similar Japanese designs) are described in material, including maps, that were once posted on the FBI website (re Axis subversion in Latin America, still continuing today).  These mapped out the locations of German and Japanese subversion operations all over Latin America, including extensive infuence in Peru and Argentina and Paraguay, remnants of which still exist in Peru as well as in Chile (recently in orb of Pluto, with Vulkanus on the MC still in Argentina and Paraguay).

    I may have mentioned the interesting simultaneous backing of Donald Trump by the Chinese interests of Elaine Chao and Jack Ma (and 'Chinese for Trump', maybe overlapping), all while the Democratic party is overly manipulated by the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC (very conspicuous in California, and geodetically and recently tied to bases Honolulu, where Obama seemed too entranced by Shinzo's hypnotic speech and then the famous psy-trance-dance/r from the Manchukuo-rooted Korean CIA's Gangnam District).  Should one consider the possibility that Washington DC has recently been an increasing Chinese Tong or Japanese maritime Yakuza Shadow-Puppet Show as much as anything -- given Vulkanus along the East China Seacoast?  The world must not forget the extensive and duplicitous Chinese underworld's collaboration with Fascist Japan and also Nazi Germany in World War II. Harry Harris was given an award named for one of the founders of the Moonie Cult (the Japan Fascist rooted "Sasakawa Peace Foundation") around the time of taking the US Pacific Fleet command post at Moonie-infested Anchorage, which should by no means go unnoticed... all under Trump's watch before he approved a US government shutdown while remilitarized Japanese troops were in San Diego.  Awfully risky foreign-policy related moves while claiming to be the Guardian of America against foreign encroachment... this is a challenge for him to wake up and change course before America becomes an invaded and occupied nation, all the way, that is, and with the help of businesspeople and politicians that foreign interests have been able to manipulate. It's time to stop inviting more invaders with hostile intentions into the USA (mixed in with "Sanctuary refugees"), and escalate scrutiny of incoming populations while still maintaining high standards of human rights that the world can respect and that are realistically feasible while considering United States national security issues. This can't be done with underfunded security agencies or with ambvilent or foreign private contractors of questionable or even dual allegiances, and/or with people more concerned with foreign national interests than American interests in US government agencies.  That includes postal services, internet services, security and surveillance technology services, and military organizations.  An acquaintance recently went to report on Asian mafia crimes to the FBI and found herself in what appeared to be Asian spying on the way into a building that may have been rented from a foreign company or staffed with foreign agents spying on "snitches", only 3 or 4 blocks from a building housing foriegn Asian military organization personnel across the street from the US federal building; while strangely canny and almost hostile security camera company employees were wearing Samurai buns and black Taekwondo jackets.  It looks like America's national security functions are now about as effective as Swiss cheese, or two-way radios to the East China seacoast, while Japan-born Harry Harris and 2nd generation Paul Naksone remain in critical US govt offices tied with the new but ambiguous and secretive Transpacific TPP that appears to benefit interests in Asia first and Foremost (the Elaine Chao Family Dynasty).  Meanwhile, California continues to fall increasingly under the control of wealthy Asian tech and real estate yuppies that geodetics indicate may have been at the core of campaigns to revoke California rent control laws and make housing unaffordable for everyone but selected "friends and family". Geodetic lineups elucidate a lot of these issues that have resulted in a major demographic shift in recent years advancing Asian immigration (championed literally by the Asian Law Caucus, heavily invested in California real estate) as Vulkanus hovers over the East China Sea coast and connected 22.5 to potentially stealthy Hades over the Golden Triangle (drug and weapons contraband).

    Bill Clinton vaguely addressed such problems, maybe only superficially, in his statement about the "competitiveness" of globalism, but grossly understated the issue and how much -- while his statement about the radical right and left being almost the same did not elaborate on how, over decades, radical left organizations in the USA were and often and are actually shams run or manipulated by post-war German and Japanese (or sometimes Chinese or Spanish) fascist networks (confirmed by geodetic lineups), and sometimes vice-versa (like how authentic or literally American are the Neonazi and "White Nationalist" cults and who really runs them?), confusing the public all along the political spectrum -- or that cults full of people of one sort could actually be controlled by people of another. The icing may look coconut or chocolate or lemon, but the cake underneath may be banana or strawberry or angelfood. (How much has the Moonie cult controlled the Falwell apparatus in Lynchburg VA?) The truth is that, as mentioned earlier, the Old World nations have continued "diplomacy" going by the rules of duplicitous Metternich, Machiavelli, or Sun Tzu for centuries, while Americans are still operating foreign relations by the Book of Pollyanna... which may be OK for missionaries and for enthusiasts of foreign exploration and outreach (as I once was in younger and naive years), but not for US government policy, and certainly not for US military policy. All the guns and bombs and military technology in the world are useless if the people handling them don't know what's really going on, globally, or are imports or under the manipulation or overt control of imported "advisors" or administrators..  The slow-moving HA=VU configuration of recent years has manifest sometimes treacherous covert politics, but with NE and also ZE added in 2020, that could escalate into more camouflage and even concealed weapons lasting until the end of the year. The children of the globally powerful Sun Myung Moonie, the self-styled "Second Christ", and defacto leader of a primarily Japanese political cult, are now peddling cynically "blessed" Kahr Arms.  A recipe for chaos.  Smells like the risk of foreign holy wars brewing on the streets of America -- maybe a component of or at least tangentially related to recent messes in Chicago via conditional political alliances, even if temporary?  It raises the issue of much of the Faith-Based stuff (Moonie and Asian-fused Falwell, Robertson, etc etc) is religious hypocrisy -- for example, note how often the geodetics of Falungong/Shenyun operations line up with those of the armed Moonie network, and fuse with organizations in the USA known for literal militancy.  Are they here to enlighten and entertain, or to subvert and arm those lost on the streets... another transpacific 60s-70s-"Chicago68"-type "cultural revolution" brewing, while the world is already disoriented by a refugee crisis they can hide amidst?  Elements in the USA may have access to the power of East China Sea Vulkanus, and or the money or weapons of Chongqing or Guiyang or even Saigon or Jakarta.  The controveries over Trump -must not- divert Americans from paying attention to issues like foreign armed or foreign-armed cults on American streets and what they are up to despite their sunglasses during cloudy weather and weird wide-brimmed face-covering hats and bonnets that obscure video camera surveillance as they bump into people like the Aum Shinrikyo or Falun culties do. Just what does former Stanford/Gadafi-Libya and PNAC advisor and Asia-Pacific Research Center affiliate, "Doomsday for America" Francis Fukuyama, have in mind for the "Fall of Western Civilization"?  How naive is America being by letting first- and second-generation citizens run US foreign policy?  Too naive, maybe dangerously naive, methinks, and the problematic results are showing in Washington DC and and US foreign policy failures and hobbling within the US economy.. Trying to force change overnight and without strict local controls at an unnatural pace can lead to disasters, and already is. Meanwhile, Japan Fascism has revived along with its Lebensraum and Sino-Japanese East Asia Prosperity Sphere, Pan-Asia, and Pan-Pacific policies, while covertly joining foreign leftist or pseudo-leftist organizations preaching about "US Imperialism", hoping to rouse American guilt and gain impoverished allies in foreign-manipulated pseudo-populist, sometimes militant, "movements".

    Another major problem... the (possibly prolific even if brazenly denied and covered-up) privatized US passport agencies and contracts run by naturalized citizens or foreign nationals... which only compound the problems of what Iris Chang, in her otherwise often-biased Chinese-nationalist propaganda tome, admitted as "Paper Sons", i.e. the numerous people who have emigrated into the USA with false identities for over a century, and still do... should go in the book of "Who's Really Who"... and meaning we don't always know who people really are or where they really come from or why, due to falsified indentification transnational documents or maybe even adopted names.  This complicates and gums up refugee issues and detection of foreign undercover operations -- vital in times of domestic political confusion or chaos, especially when governments teeter or there is talk of 'revolutions' with ambiguous or misleading goals. "Redefining America" leaves a door too far open for various possible outcomes -- We need to know what the redefinitions are supposed to be and can't risk being zoned out on drugs and riding "driverless cars" to ambiguous destinations unknown, or directed by foreign agents who think Hitler wasn't such a bad guy or that the Nanking massacre never really happened. Real life is no dream... that's only the part that happens when you're asleep or not fully aware.. and then you wake up and see reality afterward.

    As for astrology as a whole, I still feel like a voice in the wilderness in calling for approach to astrology via scientific methods and research, even when a majority are persuaded to reject scientific paradigms and instead pick up a paintbrush or fingerpaint instead. The world will be at a loss if astrology continues to shun scientific objectives, as it has so much potential to serve humanity just as other sciences do. If only people would read the analyses of Geoffrey Dean's book with a critical and skeptical eye on his cynical and tongue-in-cheek "conclusions", it would be clear that he was, consciously or unconsciously, teaching us how statistical data can be misleading if not compiled or interpreted effectively or objectively, or just uses stacked data... and yes, one has to contend with astrology-bashing until the grounds for bashing cease to exist, not to mention misinterpreted religious scriptures referring to "soothsayers" rather than astrology per se in the original text and language. My point about Geoffrey is that he showed us how his shallow and incomplete statistical studies lead to the wrong conclusions. And remember that not all astrological factors in a chart are literal planets, and never have been since the MC and Ascendant and Nodes were used, many centuries ago. Misinterpreted religious texts, misapplication of astrology, and lack of acknowledgement of free-will, sociological, psychological, and environmental factors that combine with astrological factors, is likely where the widespread condemnation started. Astrological influence is not and cannot be all there is -- all life is not "fated". And then there's the quote, "Sir, I have studied astrology and you have not."  Today, the cronyism and territorialism of astrology organizations is another barrier to contend with, especially in the USA, despite the continued honoring of the validity of precision astrology in some Masonic circles in powerful places.  Astrologers should not give up due to this, but should refine techniques according to the efficiency of their outcomes, which was the astronomer Johannes Kepler's core objective in dealing with astrology, as evidenced in his writings.  He did not dismiss it as superstitious bunk, or to be free of scientific method, as his writings evidence; but somewhere some astrologers got lost along the way, or decided to use astrology to attempt to prove the assumed superiority of ideologies, or destroy countries, and they took over many astrological organizations, and astrology turned to garbage and away from goals of objective truth. The data I present on this website speaks for itself.. all is subject to critical analysis, as should be everything, with as much objectivity as we can muster if we are to avoid global chaos.


2020Jan21: Use of label "Resistance"; Moonie cult (still around under different names) and Sino-Japanese Fascism; Russia and the Rasputin phenonmenon. 

    1) Various and sundry organizations and cults in the USA are using the label "Resistance" and capitalizing on public discontent with Trump, which some of them also helped boost into power.  The USA is now polarized between equally cultish Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump cults, both of which are off track about which policies are sound and beneficial to most Americans and the future stability of America. Matches the Pluto opposite USA Sun, a transit now fading out. and yet capable of morphing into something else more positive when Pluto conjuncts its natal position, unless our planet explodes from the ignorance of either nuclear war or more fires and tornadoes like Australia has been undergoing... or quakes from melting polar ice-caps and icebergs. Are there people who actually think they can survive on space stations while it all unfolds?

    2) Rumors are circulated that the Moonie cult is a historical relic, probably by the Moonie network itself, which was created by Japanese military intelligence ops, using Korean and Chinese puppets as vehicles, and nested substantially now in California, where they were planted by the Tanaka network in the early 1970s, and now morphed into various other cult branches like the Falun Gong, possibly elements or most of the Nichiren/Sokagakkai network, and very entrenched in political offices, on purpose.  Per geodetics likely fused with the network of Elaine Chao, and with remarkable similarity to how Rasputin controlled St-Peterburg as Russia was heading for the chaos of the Russian Revolution. Rasputin's birthdate is obscured with various claims, but a "temple" worshiping him was or is located in the town that Raisa Gorbachev came from, and books or Rassy report that many in St-Peterburg suspected (around the time of the Russo-Japanese war) that Rasputin was controlled from Japan. The only clear date available is when he arrived at the CZar's court, and that indeed indicates the possibility of control from Japan.  The parallel with the Moonies may be more than coincidental.

    Something else that geodetic lineups reveal indicators of validate some of the various views of events of Chinese history is how often Japan was actually the source of some of the most bizarre and cultish phenoma in Chinese politics.... which makes sense, as Japan long sought to control the resources of China and run it like a colony, and often via manipulation of Chinese power-brokers into collusion via bribes... this tactic is summarized in Kenneth Henshall's "History of Japan", where he is more sympathetic to Japan than might be warranted and naive to the potentially ruthlessness and passive-aggression of Japanese policy, which is rooted in the common Sun Tzu traditions of all the East China Sea countries, why psychological and guerrilla warfare are preferred over physical warfare wherever possible, and often quite effectively.  This includes undeclared wars and even undeclared invasions via gradual infiltration, i.e. colonization without overt warfare. Sterling Seagrave also writes about such a principle in Chinese as well as Japanese foreign policy.  When a foreign power owns most of the land and businesses, it used to be called colonization, and should still be, although the recent and still ongoing HA=VU in secondary 2-degree orb is still in effect and so has obscured secretive policy moves.

    While Americans seem to be confused about where foreign subversion is coming from, look to land and business ownership for clear hints of who's coming out on top while the public is drugged and/or confused by weird and sometimes seductive love-bombing cults such as what the Moonies have long been known for.  Economic desperation adds to their 'attractiveness' where it might not otherwise exist.  It wreaks of feudalism, which is what is being imported to replace democracy, and to Kill America Slowly.  The McChaonell tax cuts for the rich paved the way for the final kill, unless something it done to fix it. Seizure of the Chao dynasty's shipping lines and assets would be a good start that could solve multiple problems.. and then an urgent investigation is also needed into how the American President Lines shipping network, once literally the property of the US President, has somehow fallen into the hands of the Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines and fused with the Chinese "Evergreen" shipping lines.  These are economically vital in times of massive global trade.  Do most people know what Singapore is?  The essence of Asian corporatism and a monument to it, a functional giant Stock Market and Asian global trade port, and one of the 3 cradles of the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party (now fused into and probably controlling the remnant shell of the Chinese Communist Party, which may today be nothing but a halloween costume for sale).  The other two Kuomintang cradles were Tokyo and Honolulu, with a sizeable presence long in San Francisco as well, where the Moonie cult took root in North America.  Critical to understanding Chinese politics and power is not other that the Chinese Communist Party was propped up by the now largely defunct Soviet Communist Party, while the Kuomintang Party was substantially Made in Japan.

    The longer that Americans are shamed into letting foreign-born or second-generation immigrants run or infiltrate US government, military, and infrastructure, the worse things are headed for becoming.  The facts are that America is and always has been a Nation of Natives plus Immigrants, and whenever the Immigrants took over, revolution ensued and the natives were eventually quarantined or killed, typecast or mocked as "old" or "dying" and/or expected to adopt the culture and values of the invaders, and accused of "xenophobia" or "supremacism".  Could it happen again?  Interesting parallel of 1776 repeating in a new cycle, with the Sun at the longitudes of Chongqing/Chungking (wartime capital of China), Saigon, Jakarta, Unimak Island and the Seward Peninsula in Alaska; Bogota, Valdivia/Colonia Dignidad Chile; Vienna; central Libya; Windhoek, Capetown.  Then the upcoming 1776 USA Pluto return at the longitudes of Nanking/Nanjing (capital of pre-communist China), Sabah, Sumba Islands; Anchorage; Trinidad; Chaco region; Bahia Blanca (Argentine navy); St-Peterburg, Kiev, Instanbul, Johannesburg.  What this also means is that Vulkanus has been and is already hammering away at the USA's natal Pluto (finances and other assets and resources), including via "investments" and "global mergers".  Go figure.  Is America being "redefined" or just chiseled into collapse?  Think again about "Vienna School" or "Try Chungking" economics before continuing those foreign lines.. or remember what happened to the natives at the Nanking Massacre.


2020Jan22 (edited Jan23): URGENT/TIME-SENSITIVE for BREXIT; Green Party politics globally, esp after murder of Petra Kelly in 1992; Sino-Japanese Fascism then and now, and rampant identity fraud. 

    I have intended to post this earlier, but delays intercepted,and yet maybe there is a reason for the timing -- While the geodetic alignments for Brexit were more favorable when it was first proposed, they are still favorable for (the upcoming) January 2020 solidification, but Not so for December 31, 2020 (the proposed "finalization" date).  Other than for the astrological indicators, this well might be due to EuroUnion efforts to continue to sabotage the Brexit process and summarized in the "Place in Hell" remark by the German EuroUnion politico living in Poland, Herr Tusk, who knows what the German military industrial complex is capable of doing to others whose "inakzeptabel/unacceptable" policies cross its path. The Austro-German imperial Habsburg-remnant machine that controls the Euro-Union is of course worried about an alternative European model led by London rather than the Reichstag.

    The chart for 2020Jan31 still shows the very favorable PL=KR still in orb of the Geodetic MC for London, whereas on 2020Dec31, that is gone and replaced by a potentially ugly HA=VU, with the Vulkanus based in St-Peterburg and Kiev.  Thus, it is important that Brexit be sealed and concluded in January 2020 rather than at New Years 2021, per the geodetic indicators. The delay until 2021 could leave time for a year's worth of hostile machinations of a possible very covert and passive-aggressive sort indicated by the current NE=HA=VU configuration for 2020, and this means that British intelligence, and indeed all democracies, need/s to be very highly attentive to what is now proceeding at all the 16th-harmonic locations where NE=HA=VU are on the geodetic MC in 2020.  The European Union is indeed a revival of the Habsburg imperial dinosaur (which is what the Third Reich was despite Hitler's hypocritical rants about Habsuburgs), all of whose historic Metternichian tactics need to be reviewed for study, especially those of manipulating other countries into wars for its imperial objectives rather than the interests of the various nations' troops on the battlefield. Pay close attention to who is to gain from wars or other confrontations in Ukraine and/or Russia, and as I have mentioned before, US troops under German command is Not smart for the USA, at all. Listen to German intelligence reports but not without skepticism or alertness for possible disinformation from any foreign source with its own vested interests. (Also consider tactics used in WW2, like diverting attention from one front to weaken effectiveness at another, and that war tactics can also be used in competitive diplomacy.) Study the geodetic indictators for the day that Germany entered NATO, under strong protest from France and the date when NATO possibly changed from the original North Atlantic Pact of the democratic Allies gradually into an organization manipulated by Nazi and post-Reich remnants in Germany. Real and clearly verifiable dangers from Russia of course still need to be considered, but so do the WW1 and WW2 Nazi military machine's drive to make Germany the king of Europe and Ukraine a German client state. In short, German-driven policy running NATO may not be ultimately advantageous to anyone but Germany and its historic drive to control not only the Ukrainian but also the Russian economies. American (and British) policy would be more wise if run by American and British direct dialogue with Russia, and not the duplicity of German/Metternichian politics that was summarized by TH Tetens in "New Germany and the Old Nazis", and Gerhard Weinberg's "Hitler, Germany, and World War II", and more recent policies that have shown policies of Berlin as well as Vienna toward Russia to be highly duplicitous and self-serving while under the umbrella of NATO. Sigrid Schultz (homophobic but otherwise observant and informed), military journalist in Nazi Germany, toward the end of WW2 sounded the clarion call about what the policy of the German military machine was to be in case Germany lost WW2. Also pay attention to which countries have profited nicely from mad global arms races that have fattened the coffers of the global sweatshop factories and merchants of the arms bought by the various Superpowers.

    I hope none of this will overshadow the importance of Britain sealing the Brexit changeover very soon and not a year from now, as Brexit is not only critical for the British Isles but also for western Europe, the world, and western democracy; and other dates between 2020Jan and 2021Jan should be looked at, noting when the advantageous PL=KR will be completely out of 2-degree secondary orb of the London geodetic MC (which it nearly is), and when the potentially treacherous HA=VU configuration will be within 2 degree orb.  It looks like the deal should be sealed 2020Jan31, with room for modifications on dates carefully chosen to avoid the full HA=VU cluster in orb.  Moveover, the 2020Jan chart shows JU=AD also, and in even stronger, orb of the London geo MC, and this means the British economy, while possibly brought to a temporary, but surmountable, sort of deadlock by Euro retaliation against Brexit, Britain can build a very long-lasting via investment in land and mining, both domestically and transnationally -- a sort of prosperity that, while maybe initially meager and trickling in slowly, can endure the tests of time, which implies investment in vital minerals and land.  What comes to mind is South Africa, where a displacement of the old German Apartheid machine holdings by British holdings could potentially insure future control of the global economy by democratic nations rather than nations with minimal history of democracy.  The majority of South Africans may find this policy attractive as well, as it was the demand of London (despite some conservative reluctance) and the Commonwealth government that the brutal South African Apartheid system (officially established in 1948) be abolished, so that the long-German-backed Boer Apartheid machine defiantly withdrew in 1961 from the British Commonwealth and made South Africa a functional German colony under the Broederbond mafia. Britain would also be wise to make sure that the ambitious Asian Century (and overlapping Russian via the SCO Shanghai Treaty?) bloc now trying to take control of the global economy (and disturbingly, the US economy as well) is prevented from doing so, as the result truly could be the Fall of Western Civilization for barbaric, feudal economies. This further stresses the importance of sealing BREXIT NOW, since much deceptive, covert politics in 2021 could put Britain back under the insidious controls that Brexit sought to end.  This is my assessement based on the geodetic indicators plus continual monitoring of international news outlets for the last 50 years, with special focus on German, Chinese, and Japanese politicking since the "Transoceanic Trade Agreements" have been hard-sold and fast-tracked by the 2 main Axis Fascist powers and their cohorts.  And I hope that the politics of the Trump administration will not deter America's democratic allies from forming alliances that could be advantageous once the Trump era is over, and it ultimately will be.  Short-term agreements can be made now, with provisions for modification or alteration at a later date, and some may choose to do, given the current global instability, while noting how highly deceptive global politics as a whole may be in 2021 via the globally-applicable NE=HA=VU cluster... and noting that the recent move of Vulkanus to Japanese island bases in the East China Sea puts a possibly radically new dynamic in the Asia power balance that may or may not be an improvement, given Shinzo Abe's roots in historical-revisionist Japanese Fascism of the sort that bombed Pearl Harbor via surprise attack while its diplomats were in the USA putting America off-guard via its treacherously hypocritical "World Peace" proposals, and which was receiving Nazi Germany's test-level nuclear weapons materiel to use against the USA and possibly its Pacific allies if the USA had not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki first. (Note that the Subhas Bose Hindu Fascist force in India, now revived, was allied with Fascist Japan and Nazi Germany).  Intelligence on this was classified until its release by President Clinton toward the end of his administration, and yet not soon enough, and possibly blocked by the Bush Jr administration for reasons to study... and clearly Clinton did not read all the files right away, or he would have logically made different decisions about Asia policy.  ***The logical reason for the file classification was to insure a US-Japan alliance against the Chinese Communists, and a fear of a China-Japan alliance that today appears to have possibly manifest anyway, covertly... this could be a critical issue uncovered as the current NE=HA=VU is unraveled, likely to happen by the end of 2021, and likely to be obscured or sabotaged by Chinese and Japanese nationalist double agents in the USA, including national security infrastructure, throwing up smokescreens.  In that process, Americans may see a complete review of US agreements with China, Japan, and all governments sandwiched between them, possibly already forming a sort of Revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere, the "Dream" of Fascist Japan and its allies in China, including remnants/heirs of the Manchukuo oligarchy, the duplicitous Wang Chingwei pseudoleftist government, and other Chinese duplicity that several US military agents (among them Gen Stilwell reported on from China)... some even claiming that key Chinese leaders made secret trips to Tokyo, and simply wanted to be on the Winning Side at the end for the war, no matter which.  Expect Asian double-agents in the USA to continue to try to cover this up or distort the history, Sun Tzu style, and even for the long-Sinojapanese-Moonie-manipulated Falwell network cult dupes to comply.  The role of Chinese manipulation of US politics has long been manifold, and Elaine Chao is in the middle of it, as are elements of the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC in all parties.... .their agents and representatives MUST be flushed OUT of US government as well as state governments if the USA and American democracy are to be preserved intact.  Essential reading on the topic is "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon" by Tony Matthews, "The Fujita Plan" by Mark Felton, and the historic "Sabotage: The Secret War against America" by Michael Sayers" and "Secret Armies" by John Spivak.  Those who read these books may demand the removal of Harry Harris as well as Paul Nakasone from both US government and US military operations and functions, and rightfully so.... Too High Risk for US national security.  Signing treaties with Shinzo Abe was pure political idiocy, also true of any American politician or military functionary taking orders from Japan, or any of its allies, which now probably includes most of China despite political posturing with 'Red Chinese' flags designed to manipulate US policy and military expenditures -- as forewarned of in Deng Xiaoping's "Asian Century" statements and Xi Jinping's recent statement of intent to follow suit, plus the recent joint Kuomintang-Communist military parades in Beijng.  America should not forget how Chinese military personnel in WW2 sold US guns to Japan and played both sides, as noted by General Stilwell and others... it could just as easily happen again, if not already, tricking the "stupid white people" who let Sun Myung Moonie and his family cult network take over Washington DC and elsewhere, to the point of acknowleging him as "King" and "The Second Christ", his family cult selling "blessed guns".  Makes Rasputin look like a rookie.

    As for the GREEN PARTY issues, it was reported in international media that in the 1980s, German Green Party leader Petra Kelly was dated by a German agent with lingering Nazi affiliations, and that by time of her death in 1992, Neo-nazi elements had infiltrated the Green Party and possibly exercised a critical role in manipulating the party. Meanwhile, it is possible that the supposedly independent American Green Party set up in 1990 was unable to escape that problem... see the geodetic lineups for its founding, indicating why the pre-1990 Green Party may differ radically from the post-1990 Green Party, even some elements being the near-opposite in terms of both politics and financial and corporate affiliations.  This may explain why some analysts have gone so far as to refer to "Green Nazis" mixed among the Greens of today, as well as attacks on Greens of the era before the infiltration and subversion.  The 16th-harmonic NE=HA=VU cluster of 2021 may indicate more of the same globally and in other politically-sensitive settings.  2020, more that most years in history, will probably be a time of rampant WYSINWIG ("What you see is Not what you get"), as I first mentioned in 1999.  The good news is that intensive investigations by legitimate and unalloyed agencies may be able to dissipate much of this by 2021... but don't expect it to be fixed until 2021.  Meanwhile, hold on to your seats, because 2020 could be a rough ride (as noted by British analysts) full of political intrigue that could resemble a Halloween house of horrors in some cases, with masks, other face-coverings, false identification, and drugs playing a major role in the intrigue and deceit. NE=HA indicates that things people used to think were harmless are not really so, "recreational" drugs could be laced with toxic chemicals, all naval and air forces should be scrutinized for internal intrigue and sabotage, and probably no conclusions should be made on anything of social or political importance where it is absolutely vital, with special attention to the locations, indicated below, where either Neptune or Hades are on the MC (always the case, but accentuated and vital due to the 2020 cluster with Vulkanus, where they are most likely to be of greatest impact via deceit and subterfuge). This means any "World War" talk in 2020 could be based on incomplete or vague assumptions, as could new alliances that should be allowed to stand the test of time.  For the USA, this means sharp vigilance around the Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denver, and Roswell longitudes as well as longitudes of Cleveland, Charlotte, and Miami; and in Canada around Prince Albert, Regina, the Cabot Strait, and Melville Sound.. i.e. no drugging, no dozing, and no long shifts that impair alertness.... it's time to end 12-hour shifts (which alertness can be severely hampered after a couple of days, considering sleep and travel time and decaffeination), and replacement by more functional but equally appealing, and manageable,10-hour shifts 4 days per week, staggered individually to cover the entire week).  In Mexico, similar problems possible from eastern Chihuahua state longitude southward to Colima, as well as in the Yucatan peninsula.

    Double-agents and dual allegiances could be a highly serious problem in 2020, and indeed until 2024, until the HA=VU cluster is out of orb.  The end of face-coverings blocking identity, typical in covert and guerrilla operations, should be mandated ASAP; and if not, expect more problems that subvert or weaken vigilance and surveillance, very important throughout 2020 as covert ops go into full swing globally, and possibly under a guise of pretended "World Peace" themes that are not always sincere and are typical of Japanese Fascist politics, by the way.  Vulkanus is entering the longitudes of Japanese offshore territories and bases, and Japanese military tactics of WW2 need to be reviewed and studied once again, particularly for covert alliance with Chinese elements that belie and sharply contradict official stances.  Time to study the WW2-era Japanese Pan-Asia, Pan-Pacific, and East Asia Prosperity plans for applicability still, and the role of Russian Fascism as well as Communist policies of that era, and the relationship of neighboring countries (especially Austria) as well as Russia and Ukraine and various organizations within western Germany to the former 'German Democratic Republic'. The situation is clearly not as "new and improved" (parroting the rhetoric of the old Axis powers incl Germany and Japan) as intended to lead the public to believe.  Already in 1944, American and other western analysts were warning the public of Nazi plans to go underground and create a new and deceptive face for Fascism, which now includes fake "Antifa/antifascist" organizations that are mere mousetraps leading to ambushes.  The collaboration of some Chinese elements with Nazi Germany and Japan should not be forgotten, and may hold the key to unraveling some of the most insidious of the upcoming political subversion and duplicity indicated by the NE=HA=VU configuration of 2020, as may also the 'neutrality' of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in WW2, Axis operations in Egypt and among the South African Boers, Sinojapanese collusion in Manchuria and the Qingdao region, and lingering historic Russian influence of various sorts in Alaska, as well as collusion with the Axis powers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and neighboring areas of Brazil. The fake "Antifa" theme could become widespread, i.e. nominal "leftist" organizations actually controlled by neofascist agents (as also occurred in the 1960s-70s and of both German and Japanese and Chinese fascist variants... as "The Who" warned in "Won't get fooled again").  In other words, 2020 is a time to put any major decisions on hold, wherever possible or practical to do so... and No More Fast-track Bandwagon Anything.  Cattle droves don't have time to think where to turn and get led to slaughter, and both NE=VU and HA=VU could include hypnosis as a political tactic -- i.e. political cults increasing in quantity. That means "don't believe anything until you see it manifest over time", and that the "new and improveds" are sometimes real, but often come and go with the winds, just like commercials. Psychoactive drugs can be potent and lead people Way off track, and "dream" talk should be dismissed as fantasy until clearly verified over time.  Hades as well as Neptune can correlate with dreams, but Hades more subliminal and more likely to turn into nightmares, and it went into 2-degree secondary orb of 22.5 angle in about 2012 and does not end until about 2024 or so... not yet over, when the public wakes up again more fully to the reality of the effects of covert politics.  Meanwhile, the effects can be traced with the help of analyzing geodetic alignments and watching events at those locations.  Continual reality checks along the way remain vital, and what transpires at Hades (and or Neptune) risk being in blind spots.


2020Jan21: Use of label "Resistance"; Moonie cult (still around under different names) and Sino-Japanese Fascism; Russia and the Rasputin phenonmenon; Probable paths of foreign networks "Redefining America".

    1) Various and sundry organizations and cults in the USA are using the label "Resistance" and capitalizing on public discontent with Trump, which some of them also helped boost into power, creating thereby a cultish extreme polarization of sorts, so that now a segment of the USA is polarized between equally cultish and irrationally fanatic Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump themed cults, both of which diverts people from which actual policies are sound and beneficial to most Americans and the future stability of America. These cultish factors identify, in knee-jerk manner, any policy with Trump or 'Anti-Trump', and thereby abandon reasonability, like maddened crowds at a ball-game. Trump is not really the issue, while who put Trump and his iconic antitheses in power, and what all their policies are in a practical sense. Overly-emotionalized appeals can get in the way, pitting both extremes into a potentially disastrous situation.  It should instead be asked "What are the individual policies?" regardless of which political figure advocates for them. The overall situation also matches the now tapering-out Pluto opposite USA Sun, noting that the effects of Pluto often build up and then dissipate slowly and gradually, with some periodic flare-ups in between, and this has combined with HA=VU, now accompanied by Neptune in 2020 and thus susceptible to further irrationality via drunkenness or drugging or loud music... plus a SA=ZE cluster cluster in 11:15 angle, capable of inflammability if caution is abandoned, like a match put to a fire, with Zeus at 21:22, in orb of Honolulu/CAPAC/Kuomintang organizations now fused with the Beijing government; with the US-Canada border between Maine and New Brunswick, and of Caracas; of Kaliningrad and Budapest; of Benghazi and Bloemfontein; and of Hongkong, where "a single spark can light a prairie fire", as Mao Zedong wrote, and as is manifesting in Australia, where Zeus is at the far western coast of that country, near Dirk Hartog and the North West Cape, in ready maritime access from Greater China, Indonesia, India, Burma, and the cryptic Andaman Islands. The most likely potent accompaniment of Zeus is to come from powerful Vulkanus at critical 11:15 angle, along the East China Sea coastline and including outlying Japanese as well as Chinese islands and also all island south including the Philippines and central Indonesia.  This means that Australian defenses need strength along the far west coast to resist potential incursions from the north or northwest.

    As for the USA chart, dissipating Pluto opposite Sun is capable of morphing into something else more positive when Pluto conjuncts its natal position around 2024, unless our planet explodes from the ignorance of either nuclear war, or natural disasters like Australia has been suffering. Are there people who actually think they can survive on space stations if a world war unfolds?

    2) False rumors are circulated that the Moonie cult is a historical relic, probably by the Moonie network itself, which was created by Japanese military intelligence ops, using Korean and Chinese puppets as vehicles, and nested substantially now in California, where they were planted by the Tanaka network in the early 1970s, and now morphed into various other cult branches like the Falun Gong, possibly elements or most of the Nichiren/Sokagakkai network, and very entrenched in political offices, with strident political stances like the oxymoronic "Gunning for the Buddha".  Per geodetics likely fused with the network of Elaine Chao as well as CAPAC, and with remarkable similarity to how Rasputin controlled St-Peterburg as Russia was heading for the polarized chaos of the Russian Revolution. I am mentioning worst-case-scenario potential, subject to free will and human wisdom and management. Rasputin's birthdate is obscured with various claims, but a "temple" worshiping him was or maybe still is located in the town that Raisa Gorbachev came from, and books or "Raspy" report that many in St-Peterburg suspected (around the time of the Russo-Japanese war) that Rasputin was controlled from Japan. The only clear date available is when he arrived at the CZar's court, and that indeed indicates the possibility of control from Japan.  The parallel with the Moonies are several, symbolically, may be more than coincidental, as are parallels with the rhetoric of the historic Taiping Revolution in China with that of the Moonies. We can hope that no such extremes manifest in 2020, and yet they can if the public becomes inflamed and compulsive.  As noted before, the "mellowing" marijuana could be "laced" with stimulants to create the opposite, and appears to have been, based on observation of its use in public settings.

    Something else that geodetic lineups reveal indicators of validate some of the various views of extremist and hopefully rare events of Chinese history is how often Japan (now accessing Vulkanus power at its island bases near the China coast) was actually the source of some of the most bizarre and cultish phenomena in Chinese politics.... which makes sense, as Japan long sought to control the resources of China and run it like a colony, and often via manipulation of Chinese power-brokers into collusion via bribes... this tactic is summarized in Kenneth Henshall's "History of Japan", where he is more sympathetic to Japan than might be warranted and naive to the potential ruthlessness and passive-aggression of Japanese policy like that manifest in WW2, which is rooted in the common Sun Tzu traditions of all the East China Sea countries, where psychological and guerrilla warfare are preferred over physical warfare wherever possible, and often quite effectively.  This includes undeclared wars and even undeclared invasions via gradual infiltration, i.e. colonization without overt warfare. Sterling Seagrave also writes about such a principle in Chinese as well as Japanese foreign policy.  When a foreign power owns most of the land and businesses, it used to be called colonization, and should still be, although the recent and still ongoing HA=VU in secondary 2-degree orb is still in effect and so has obscured secretive policy moves, and any sort of fast-track globalism is too often going unquestioned.

    While Americans seem to be confused about where foreign subversion is coming from, look to the recent rapid wave of land and business acquisition, especially along US coastlines, for clear hints of who's coming out on top while the public is drugged and/or confused by weird and sometimes seductive love-bombing cults such as what the Moonies have long been known for.  Economic desperation adds to the 'attractiveness' of bribes, where it might not otherwise exist.  It wreaks of feudalism, which is what is being imported to replace democracy, and to Kill America Slowly.  The McChaonell tax cuts for the rich paved the way for the final kill along with further polarized public economic gentrification, unless something it done to fix it. Seizure of the Chao dynasty's shipping lines and assets would be a good start that could solve multiple problems.. and then an urgent investigation is also needed into how the American President Lines shipping network, once literally the property of the US President, has somehow fallen into the hands of the Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines and fused with the Chinese "Evergreen" shipping lines.  These are economically vital in times of massive global trade.  Do most people know what Singapore is?  The essence of Asian corporatism and a monument to it, a functional giant Stock Market and Asian global trade port along the sea route from China to Europe as well as India along the way, and one of the 3 cradles of the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party (now fused into and probably controlling the remnant shell of the Chinese Communist Party, which may today be nothing but a halloween costume with the Kuomintang inside).  The other two Kuomintang cradles were Tokyo and Honolulu, with a sizeable presence long in San Francisco as well, exactly where the Moonie cult took root in North America.  Critical to understanding Chinese politics and power is that the Chinese Communist Party was propped up by the now largely defunct Soviet Communist Party, while the Kuomintang Party was substantially Made in Japan.

    The longer that Americans are shamed into letting foreign-born or second-generation immigrants run or infiltrate US government, military, and infrastructure, the worse things are headed for becoming.  The facts are that America is and always has been a Nation of Natives plus Immigrants, and whenever the Immigrants took over, revolution ensued and the natives were eventually quarantined or killed, typecast or mocked as "old" or "dying" and/or expected to adopt the culture and values of the invaders, and accused of "xenophobia" or "supremacism".  Could it happen again?  Interesting parallel of 1776 repeating in a new cycle, with the USA Sun and the recently transiting Pluto aligned with the MCs of the longitudes of Chongqing/Chungking (wartime capital of China), Saigon, Jakarta, Unimak Island and the Seward Peninsula in Alaska; Bogota, Valdivia/Colonia Dignidad Chile; Vienna; central Libya (critical in the historic Barbary Coast wars, where Merkel is now strutting about); Windhoek, and Capetown.  Then the upcoming 1776 USA Pluto return around 27 Cardinals, at the longitudes of Nanking/Nanjing (capital of pre-communist China), Sabah, Sumba Islands; Anchorage; Trinidad; Chaco region; Bahia Blanca (Argentine navy); St-Peterburg, Kiev, Instanbul, Johannesburg.  What this also means is that Vulkanus has been and is already hammering away at the USA's natal Pluto (finances and other assets and resources), including via "investments" and "global mergers".  Go figure.  Is America being "redefined" or just chiseled into collapse?  Think again about "Vienna School" or "Try Chungking" economics before continuing those foreign lines.. or remember what happened to the natives at the Nanking Massacre.

    In closing, I would warn people to Stay Away from the 'Centers for Spiritual Living', which may have Moonie affiliations and in any case used psychological debriefing tactics similar to Scientology's, and 'love-bombing' tactics similar to the Moonies... very invasive and manipulative, and sugar-coated.  Difficult to track, the first date I can find for them involved a music concert in Arizona (perhaps notably the state where Sedona is located), but there could be an earlier date of significance as its "birth".  Whether inductees are aware of the problematic aspects is another issue... as cult members are often simply manipulated victims.  The cult often plays on themes of denial of manifest reality and 'visions' of things not yet manifest.  If anyone has verifiable dates and sources for them other than those listed in "Men Behind the Curtain", I would appreciate being contacted with them. It took me several years to find verifiable dates for the origins of Scientology, as well, and both point to possible affiliations with the Moonie network, i.e. Japanese intelligence operations with German connections surviving WW2... and some Spiritual Living figure also appear to be affiliated with German military interests, in addition to the Asian factor.

    Increasing foreign control of US telecommunications, internet, security and military contracts... This is what is enabling a foreign-run "Redefining" of America, and maybe why Ted Lieu doesn't want naturalized citizens spied on. Whether foreign-born or second-generation raised by foreign-born parents, some openly attacking or undermining American government and social institutions:

    1) Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzeneggers "global policy institute" at the private Univ of Southern California; 

    2) Army of India and India-born daughter Maneesha Sinha heading the American History section at Univ of Connecticut while 

    3) Microsoft has fallen under the control of India-born Satya Nadella while 

    4) the German military's Siemens corporation has been involved in development of Microsoft Windows via coercive demands due to WTO agreements, since the 1990s;

    5) Sony Corporation, involved in production of Schwarzenegger's violence-worshiping films, and now at critical points in US Cybersecurity operations;

    6) 2nd generation Japanese-surnamed Paul Nakasone appointed Director of the US NSA after Japan-born Harry Harris was made Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, of Pearl Harbor fame, until protests arose;

    7) Increasing foreign control of various telecommunications networks and internet tech companies;

    8) Continual mockery of "Old White Men" founding US government institutions and agencies, and foreign agents and foreign-run agencies continually and literally dramatizing the blunders of the past on domestic civil rights injustices (as was done in WW2 by Japan and during the Vietnam War era by China and possibly also Japan)... yes, Black/African-Americans did help build the foundations of the USA and it needs to be acknowledged in concrete ways without dragging in international political games exploiting and distorting American history;

    10) Organizations like the "Asia Pacific Institute" staffed by Japanese, Chinese, and Korean military personnel on US soil and spying on the US Federal Building in the US Port City of Oakland while giving (foreign-military-funded?) grants to US organizations where psycho-social experiments and propaganda campaigns are being carried out, and where nominally charitable events like public meals are fused with propaganda in much the same way that WW2 Axis powers did;

    11) Historical revisionist organizations set up in American universities, often run by imported or 2nd-generation scholars, some with direct ties to foreign military or intelligence organizations and foreign nationalist fervor promoting "revolutions" in the USA;

    12)  All the while ranting about xenophobia ad nauseum, pushing for accelerated and disruptive immigration and globalist policies, and identifying scrutiny of foreign influence and containment of possible Asian agents as racism while ignoring similar or worse scrutiny of potential European agents under similar circumstances.

    13) Noting that "fast-track" agreements are putting Washington DC into a tailspin, which is complicated by domestic terror attacks with possible foreign orchestration from various continents and "colors" including cults of colors other than the cult controllers.

    All this is going to require level-headed, sober, and deeply-rooted American leadership at both national and state levels.. no clowning around, and a conviction to look at data from all sources, not devoted adherence to data from "trusted allies" who may not really be so and have not proven to be over time and especially in times of trouble.  Is the excess of Hindu presence in the picture related to the weird "Indo-Pacific" fantasy and the recent Hindu controls of Canadian military?  There are clear parallels to the 1988 "Asian Century" pronouncement of Deng Xiaoping (whose policies the current Xi Jinping vowed to continue along with the "Prosperity" plans and "To Be Rich is Glorious"), who was dedicated to China's unification with Taiwan, revival of WW2 'East Asian Prosperity' Japanese agreements, and Fascist Japan's ties to the wartime Hindu Fascist organizations of Bose et al.  Note that Hoover, whose policies nearly made the USA collapse before the Axis powers, was chummy with all those elements until Roosevelt revitalized America and ultimately made it far stronger and more globally respected than ever in US history.  He did so with extraordinary mental brilliance and ready collaboration with the intelligence services of Britain and Canada when Canada was a British Dominion close to London.  Roosevelt knew the Axis powers were out to destroy America if they couldn't subjugate it, but Hoover fumbled and bumbled, lost in the big bucks that foreign banks used to buy him off and manipulate his feeble intellect and hooked on the concept of "rugged individualism" that smacks of Ayn Rand and Libertarian rhetoric and led to rampant gentrification and the collapse of the US economy.

    Serious problems could result from historical revisionism that does not match the facts of American history -- problems long rooted in partisan analyses and now foreign meddling and distortion, underlying lack of understanding and rampant intentional propagandization by foreign 'scholars' and foreign-trained 'scholars' affiliated with foreign political agencies able to confuse Americans about where our country came from, what founding leaders actually advocated for in reality, and how it really developed.  Recently I encounterd an American who studied history at a German university and did not know who Franz von Papen (German military leader during US-Mexico border skirmishes provoked by WW1 German agents, involved in German wartime operations in the Middle East, Reichskommisar of Prussia, Vice-Chancellor and then Chancellor of Germany who hoisted Hitler into power, and key coordinator of German propaganda and subversion operations in the USA during both WW1 and WW2).  How convenient that a German university would leave out such facts when teaching someone training to teach history in American universities.

    Recently I was also stalked by a young Japanese-ancestry scholar who claimed to be an expert on fascism but went ballistic when I began referring to Japan Fascist WW2 operations, which he apparently did not know about, after which he branded me, with amazing orginality, an "Old White Man" and went off kicking around in muted anger.... affiliated with the private Univ of Southern California, where Schwarzenegger's "global policy institute" is hosted.  Smells like foreign historical revisionism brewing on American soil, and I was of course labeled as "xenophobic" for even mentioning it, or even racist for mentioning anything other than European subversion, as though facts about no other brand can be now discussed with hostile dogmatic reactions unfounded in understanding of what actually happened.  This is complicated by private schools now run or manipulated by foreign interests.  Foreigners are telling America what they think it is and should be, which spells not only trouble, but potential deliberate disinformation and trouble-seeking propaganda. People born in, or educated in, China, India, Taiwan, and Germany are teaching young Americans the history of our country, with the potential of highly problematic results and confusion, or worse.  The gates of America need tighter controls, and apparently some rollback, if potentially volatile chaos is to avoided.  The USA can have the most bombs and missiles in the world, but if the gates at home aren't tightly secured, they may be useless when the world gets "competitive", as it admittedly is. And adding the dumping hardened and radicalized prisoners onto the streets without preparing them with civilized social survival skills and outlooks isn't helping the situation.  In 2020, we actually have a NE=HA=ZE=VU cluster in 16th harmonic globally, potentially volatile and chaotic if our social and political leadership is not made more level-headed and reasonable.. which can be done if only implemented.  Public discussion among various views is needed, and the emotionalized rants need to stop.  Parties need to stop polarizing dogmatically and start discussing between each other what the practical issues are and where the common ground is... and leave the alcohol and drugs at home, or avoid theme altogether, to avoid drunken brawls; and the semiconscious groupthink needs to stop.  Study the configurations for yourself, and see how they line up with global conditions in this time of global interconnectedness and and interdependence, where the fast-track dissolving of national boundaries is probably not such a good idea after all, due to the chaotic and destabilizing pace.  This can be done, with Saturn at 20:16 is also in the NEHAZEVU cluster, and that stabilization is most likely to come from the longitudes of these locations: mature and sensible networks in and the US state of Maine and neighboring areas of Quebec and New Brunswick; Stockholm (amid the Euro-Russia polarizations) and home turf of Greta's family; Warsaw and mature Russian elements in Kaliningrad seeking avenues other than war; mature elements in Budapest who want to avoid war; Capetown and environs; mature elements in China around Hainan island, and in Australia near the North West Cape and Carnarvon region; central Java; mature elements in Curacao, LaPaz, and Santiago in South America; Niihau island area in Hawaii; all of which must contain potentially belligerent Zeus and Pluto elements nearby.  These latter locations are vital to effectively stopping or transmuting any potential global chaos spun out of control; and may be joined via 8th harmonic angle by mature and sensible elements along the west coast of Iceland and possibly within NATO; southeasternmost California including military bases there; stabilizing forces in Nevada along the Mormon Utah border, in western Idaho and SE British Columbia; elements near the mouth of the Colorado River in Mexico and the USA; mature elements in Micronesia, the Kuril islands, and Cape Byron and Point Danger in Australia. This will require implementation by sober and experienced personalities aware of the risks of compulsive rage and belligerence, and where there may be the most hope for a secure and productive 2020.  It indicates that more mature and neutral and sober elements within NATO may also help resolve some of the extremist views that have polarized the Brexit process.

    The history of the Mormon church needs to undergo review, including its relationship with the US government from its start, and its recent dalliances with the Moonies.  This history is difficult to find, due to the church's secrecy and influence, but can be found, among other sources, in M R Werner's "Brigham Young" and French historian Leon Lemmonier's "Les Mormons" (in French), based on the author's time living in the USA studying that network. Geodetic lineups for Mormon events and leaders might reveal a lot about where the chruch came from and what it is about... in my analysis up to now, as a remnant of Hanover monarchist power in the USA, somehow warped over time into alliances with the insidious Moonie cult network and advocacy for Schwarzenegger as President of the USA, and eerie concept.  The Hanover dynasty (of King George III and the Tories fighting to contain the American Revolution and what it represented) was, after all, born in Germany, and Utah was Mexican territory when first settled by the Mormons driven out of the USA due to belligerence toward the US government, with their own bank and currency and militia.  George Bush Sr's endorsement of them around the time of declaring his dizzied "New World Order" plan on "911" of 1990, in makes for interesting discussion, especially when followed by Mormon trysts with the Moonies and Bush's almost hypnotic admiration of them and their Washington Times journalistic empire (now apparently extended to the Falun Gong's "Epoch Times"). The impact on local Texas politics might be of particular interest, as might be the original and now reviving (as Vulkanus towers over Shanghai and Taipei) "Oriental Hotel" in Dallas, a CIA activity hub within the USA.  Is there a leak in US national security tunnelling along a hotline to Shanghai and Taipei and Qingdao?  Hmmmm. Ask Ted Lieu, if he will tell you, and if the communications he doesn't want monitored will answer the question. How does the Chao shipping empire fit into the picture, and is there a foreign Sino-japanese shadow government element, in addition to the German one, in the USA?  And if so, what are their objectives aside from crowning Sun Myung Moon the "King" in Washington in 2004, under the watch of Bush Jr with Elaine Chao in his cabinet?


 2020Jan19 (updated Jan21): URGENT/TIME-SENSITIVE for BREXIT; Green Party politics globally, esp after murder of Petra Kelly in 1992; Sino-Japanese Fascism then and now, and rampant identity fraud. 

    I have intended to post this earlier, but delays intercepted,and yet maybe there is a reason for the timing -- While the geodetic alignments for Brexit were more favorable when it was first proposed, they are still favorable for (the upcoming) January 2020 solidification, but Not so for January 2021 (the proposed "finalization" date.  Other than for the astrological indicators, this well might be due to EuroUnion efforts to continue to sabotage the Brexit process and summarized in the "Place in Hell" remark by the German EuroUnion politico living in Poland, who knows what the German military industrial complex is capable of doing to others whose "inakzeptibel/unacceptable" policies cross its path. The Austro-German imperial Habsburg-remnant machine that controls the Euro-Union is of course worried about an alternative European model led by London rather than the Reichstag.

    The chart for 2020Jan31 still shows the very favorable PL=KR still in orb of the Geodetic MC for London, whereas on 2021Dec31,that is gone and replaced by a potentially ugly HA=VU, with the Vulkanus based in St-Peterburg and Kiev.  Thus, it is important that Brexit be sealed and concluded in January 2020 and Not in January 2021, per the geodetic indicators. The delay until 2021 could leave time for a year's worth of hostile machinations of a possible very covert and passive-aggressive sort indicated by the current NE=HA=VU configuration for 2020, and this means that British intelligence, and indeed all democracies, need/s to be very highly attentive to what is now proceeding at all the 16th-harmonic locations where NE=HA=VU are on the geodetic MC in 2020.  The European Union is indeed a revival of the Habsburg imperial dinosaur, all of whose historic Metternichian tactics need to be reviewed for study, especially those of manipulating other countries into wars for its imperial objectives rather than the interests of the various nations' troops on the battlefield. Pay close attention to who is to gain from wars or other confrontations in Ukraine and/or Russia, and as I have mentioned before, US troops under German command is Not smart for the USA, at all. Listen to German intelligence reports but not without skepticism or alertness for possible disinformation.  Study the geodetic indictators for the day that Germany entered NATO, under strong protest from France, and a date when NATO possibly changed from the original North Atlantic Pact of the democratic Allies gradually into an organization manipulated by Nazi and post-Reich remnants in Germany. Real and clearly verifiable dangers from Russia still need to be considered, but so do the WW1 and WW2 Nazi military machines' drive to make German the king of Europe and Ukraine a German client state. In short, German-driven policy running NATO may not be ultimately advantageous to anyone but Germany and its historic drive to control not only the Ukrainian but also the Russian economies. American (and British) policy would be more wise if run by American and British direct dialogue with Russia, and not the duplicity of German/Metternichian politics that was summarized by TH Tetens in "New Germany and the Old Nazis" and more recent policies that have shown policies of Berlin as well as Vienna toward Russia to be highly duplicitous and self-serving while under the umbrella of NATO. The unfortunately homophobic but otherwise observant and informed Sigrid Schultz, military journalist in Nazi Germany toward the end of WW2, sounded the clarion call about what the policy of the German military machine was to be in case Germany lost WW2. Also pay attention to which countries have profited nicely from mad global arms races that have fattened the coffers of the global sweatshop factories and merchants of the arms bought by the various Superpowers.

    I hope none of this will overshadow the importance of Britain sealing the Brexit changeover very soon and not a year from now, as Brexit is not only critical for Britain but also for the world and western democracy; and other dates between 2020Jan and 2021Jan should be looked at, noting when the advantageous PL=KR will be completely out of 2-degree secondary orb of the London geodetic MC, and when the potentially treacherous HA=VU configuration will be within 2 degree orb.  Moveover, the 2020Jan chart shows JU=AD also, and in even stronger, orb of the London geo MC, and this means the British economy, while possibly brought to a temporary, but surmountable, sort of deadlock by Euro retaliation against Brexit, Britain can build a very long-lasting via investment in land and mining, both domestically and trasnationally -- a sort of prosperity that, while trickling in slowly, can endure the tests of time, which implies investment in vital minerals and land.  What comes to mind is South Africa, where a displacement of the old German Apartheid machine holdings by British holdings, could potentially insure future control of the global economy by democratic nations rather than nations with minimal history of democracy.  The majority of South Africans may find this policy attractive as well, it was the demand of London and the Commonwealth government (despite some conservative reluctance) that the brutal South African Apartheid system (officially established in 1948) be abolished, so that the long-German-backed Boer Apartheid machine defiantly withdrew in 1961 from the British Commonwealth and made South Africa a functional German colony under the Broederbond. Britain would also be wise to make sure that the ambitious Asian Century (and overlapping Russian via the SCO Shanghai Treaty?) bloc now trying to take control of the global economy (and frighteningly, the US economy as well) is prevented from doing so, as the result truly could be the Fall of Western Civilization for barbaric, feudal economies. This further stresses the importance of sealing BREXIT NOW, since much deceptive, covert politics in 2021 could put Britain back under the insidious controls that Brexit sought to end.  This is my assessement based on the geodetic indicators plus continual monitoring of international news outlets for the last 50 years, with special focus on German, Chinese, and Japanese politicking since the "Transoceanic Trade Agreements" have been hard-sold an fast-tracked by the 2 main Axis Fascist powers and their cohorts.  And I hope that the politics of the Trump administration will not deter America's democratic allies from forming alliances that could be advantageous once the Trump era is over, and it ultimately will be.  Short-term agreements can be made now, with provisions for modification or alteration at a later date, and some may choose to do, given the current global instability, while noting how highly deceptive global politics as a whole may be in 2021 via the globally-applicable NE=HA=VU cluster... and noting that the recent move of Vulkanus to Japanese island bases in the East China Sea puts a possibly radically new dynamic in the Asia power balance that may or may not be an improvement, given Shinzo Abe's roots in historical-revisionist Japanese Fascism of the sort that bombed Pearl Harbor via surprise attack while its diplomats were in the USA putting America off-guard via its treacherously hypocritical "World Peace" proposals, and which was receiving Nazi Germany's test-level nuclear weapons materiel to use against the USA and possibly its Pacific allies if the USA had not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki first. (Note that the Bose Hindu Fascist force in India was allied with Fascist Japan and Nazi Germany).  Intelligence on this was classified until its release by President Clinton toward the end of his administration, and yet not soon enough, and possibly blocked by the Bush Jr administration for reasons to study... and clearly Clinton did not read all the files right away, or he would have logically made different decisions.  ***The logical reason for the classification was to insure a US-Japan alliance against the Chinese Communists, and a fear of a China-Japan alliance that today appears to have possibly manifest anyway, covertly... this could be a critical issue uncovered as the current NE=HA=VU is unraveled, likely to happen by the end of 2021, and likely to be obscured or sabotaged by Chinese and Japanese nationalist double agents in the USA throwing up smokescreens.  In that process, Americans may see a complete review of US agreements with China, Japan, and all governments sandwiched between them, possibly already forming a sort of Revived East Asia Prosperity Sphere, the "Dream" of Fascist Japan and its allies in China, including remnants/heirs of the Manchukuo oligarchy, the duplicitous Wang Chingwei pseudoleftist government, and other Chinese duplicity that several US military agents (among them Gen Stilwell)  in China reported on)... some even claiming that key Chinese leaders made secret trips to Tokyo, and simply wanted to be on the Winning Side at the end for the war, no matter which.  Expect Asian double-agents in the USA to continue to try to cover this up or distort the history, Sun Tzu style, and even for the long-Sinojapanese-Moonie-manipulated Falwell cult machine to comply.  The role of Chinese manipulation of US politics has long been manifold, and Elaine Chao is in the middle of it, as are elements of the Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC.... .their agents and representatives MUST be flushed OUT of US government as well as state governments if the USA and American democracy are to be preserved intact.  Essential reading on the topic is "Shadows Dancing/Spies for Nippon" by Tony Matthews, "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" by Gerhard Weinberg, and the historic "Sabotage: The Secret War against America" by Michael Sayers" and "Secret Armies" by John Spivak.  Those who read these books may demand the removal of Harry Harris as well as Paul Nakasone from both US government and US military operations and functions, and rightfully so.... Too High Risk for US national security.  Signing treaties with Shinzo Abe was pure political idiocy, as is any American politician or military functionary taking orders from Japan, or any of its allies, which now probably includes most of China despite political posturing with 'Red Chinese' flags designed to manipulate US policy and military expenditures.  America should not forget how Chinese military personnel in WW2 sold US guns to Japan and played both sides, as noted by General Stilwell and others... it could just as easily happen again.

    As for the GREEN PARTY issues, it was reported in international media that in the 1980s, German Green Party leader Petra Kelly was dated by a German agent with lingering Nazi affiliations, and that by time of her death in 1992, Neo-nazi elements had infiltrated the Green Party and possibly exercised a critical role in manipulating the party. Meanwhile, it is possible that the supposedly independent American Green Party set up in 1990 was unable to escape that problem... see the geodetic lineups for its founding, indicating why the pre-1990 Green Party may differ radically from the post-1990 Green Party, even some elements being the near-opposite in terms of both politics and financial and corporate affiliations.  This may explain why some analysts have gone so far as to refer to "Green Nazis" mixed among the Greens of today, as well as attacks on Greens of the era before the infiltration and subversion.  The 16th-harmonic NE=HA=VU cluster of 2021 may indicate more of the same globally and in other politically-sensitive settings.  2020, more that most years in history, will probably be a time of rampant WYSINWIG ("What you see is Not what you get"), as I first mentioned in 1999.  The good news is that intensive investigations by legitimate and unalloyed agencies may be able to dissipate much of this by 2021... but don't expect it to be fixed until 2021.  Meanwhile, hold on to your seats, because 2020 could be a rough ride (as noted by British analysts) full of political intrigue that could resemble a Halloween house of horrors in some cases, with masks, other face-coverings, false identification, and drugs playing a major role in the intrigue and deceit. NE=HA indicates that things people used to think were harmless are not really so, "recreational" drugs could be laced with toxic chemicals, all naval and air forces should be scrutinized for intrigue and sabotage, and probably no conclusions should be made on anything of social or political importance where it is absolutely vital, with special attention to the locations, indicated below, where either Neptune or Hades are on the MC (always the case, but accentuated and vital due to the 2020 cluster with Vulkanus, where they are most likely to be of greatest impact via deceit and subterfuge. This means any "World War" talk in 2020 could be based on incomplete or vague assumptions, as could new alliances that should be allowed to stand the test of time.  For the USA, this means sharp vigilance around the Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denver, and Roswell longitudes as well as longitudes of Cleveland, Charlotte, and Miami; and in Canada around Prince Albert, Regina, the Cabot Strait, and Melville Sound.. i.e. no drugging, no dozing, and no long shifts that impair alertness.... it's time to end 12-hour shifts (which alertness can be severely hampered after a couple of days, considering sleep and travel time and decaffeination), and replacement by more functional but equally appealing, and manageable,10-hour shifts).  In Mexico, similar problems possible from eastern Chihuahua state longitude southward to Colima, as well as in the Yucatan peninsula.

    Double-agents and dual allegiances could be a highly serious problem in 2020, and indeed until 2024, until the HA=VU cluster is out of orb.  The end of face-coverings blocking identity, typical in covert and guerrilla operations, should be mandated ASAP; and if not, expect more problems that subvert or weaken vigilance and surveillance, very important throughout 2020 as covert ops go into full swing globally, and possibly under a guise of pretended "World Peace" themes that are not alway sincere and are typical of Japanese politics, by the way.  Vulkanus is entering the longitudes of Japanese offshore territories and bases, and Japanese military tactics of WW2 need to be reviewed and studies once again, particularly for covert alliance with Chinese elements that belie and sharply contradict official stances.  Time to study the WW2-era Japanese Pan-Asia, Pan-Pacific, and East Asia Prosperity plans for applicability still, and the role of Russian Fascism as well as Communist policies of that era, and the relationship of neighboring countries (especially Austria) as well as Russia and Ukraine and various organizations within western Germany to the former 'German Democratic Republic'. The situation is clearly not as "new and improved" as the rhetoric of the old Axis powers (incl Germany and Japan) are intended to lead the public to believe.  Already in 1944 American and other western analysts were warning the public of Nazi plans to go underground and create a new and deceptive face for Fascism, which now includes fake "Antifa/antifascist" organizations that are mere mousetraps.  The collaboration of some Chinese elements with Nazi Germany and Japan should not be forgotten, and may hold the key to unraveling some of the most insidious of the upcoming political subversion and duplicity indicated by the NE=HA=VU configuration of 2020, as may also the 'neutrality' of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in WW2, Axis operations in Egypt and among the South African Boers, Sinojapanese collusion in Manchuria and the Qingdao region, and lingering historic Russian influence of various sorts in Alaska, as well as collusion with the Axis powers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and neighboring areas of Brazil. The fake "Antifa" theme could become widespread, i.e. nominal "leftist" organizations actually controlled by neofascist agents (as also occurred in the 1960s-70s and of both German and Japanese and Chinese fascist variants... as "The Who" warned in "Won't get fooled again").  In other words, 2020 is a time to put any major decisions on hold, wherever possible... and No More Fast-track Bandwagon Anything.  Cattle droves don't have time to think where to turn and get led to slaughter, and both NE=VU and HA=VU could include hypnosis as a political tactic. That means "don't believe anything until you see it manifest over time", and that the "new and improveds" are sometimes real, but often come and go with the winds, just like commercials. Psychoactive drugs can be potent and lead people Way off track, and "dream" talk should be dismissed as fantasy until clearly verified over time.  Hades as well as Neptune can correlate with dreams, but Hades more subliminal and more likely to turn into nightmares, and it went into 2-degree secondary orb of 22.5 angle in about 2012 and does not end until about 2024 or so... not yet over, when the public wakes up again more fully to the reality of the effects of covert politics.  Meanwhile, the effects can be traced with the help of analyzing geodetic alignments and watching events at those locations.  Continual reality checks along the way remain vital, and what transpires at Hades (and or Neptune) risk being in blind spots.


2019Dec14 (updated/edited Dec22): Geodetic power position correlation with sundry news points:

    The position of the Vulkanus point (whether or not it is a "planet", "node", or just among the repeatedly proven significant points in space, is largely irrelevant to studying its impact) always matters a lot, at any point in time. Thus its position near Shanghai and Taipei and surrounding locations, now is so relevant to current world events.  The same true now of St-Peterburg, Anchorage, Cairo, and Durban.  Most all highly polarized, and for the USA, the foreign Moonie influence around Anchorage is of more importance than ever... can the Moonies overtake US military facilities there via whatever they store on their "fishing fleet", and what is their relationship to Harry Harris and the CAPAC network, so powerful in nearly every US Pacific rim state?  Why did Ted Lieu, born in the current China-coast power zone, object to (what remains of deeply-rooted multigenerational US govt agencies) surveillance of first-generation immigrant citizens?  Study of foreign subversion operations against the US govt have repeatedly indicated that 'naturalized citizens' have been frequently among the worst of anti-government subversion operations. Any 'national security specialist' should know this -- and so why the protest?  Something's fishy.  And yet it is no Partisan issue, as Elaine Chao "hails" from the same Vulkanus power longitudes/sectors and now occupies her Fifth Term in a US presidential cabinet, her family in charge of a transnational naval fleet with direct ties to the old Sino-Japanese Kuomintang-run Chinese Navy with many ties to Japan even throughout WW2, covertly when not overtly, and Rich from Vietnam-war-era traffic and the vast China-trade traffic ever since then.

    Chao pushing the tax-cut-for-the rich via her charmed rule-by-marriage husband could well be seen as part of a foreign coup d'etat in the USA, enacted around the time of Pluto opposite the USA 1776 Sun, with Pluto literally conjunct the Chao-Soong-Kuomintang power-base on Long Island NY, in critical square to Chongqing/Chungking, one of the Chinese WW2-era capitals during Japanese military occupation of coastal China, with which many wealthy Chinese fascists collaborated, against (mostly) the poor of China, whom they set about to subjugate or exterminate by means in some cases more brutal than those of the Germanazis, and in alliance with the global Fascist Axis.

    My question is why the problems due to the tax-cut pushed by her compliant husband is not resolved in part by US military seizure and confiscation of the Chao's naval fleet and its assets, acquired mostly by exploitation of the US economy anyway.  It should be taken over and run by the US Navy and Marines (excluding CAPAC, many clearly double-agents per geodetic indicators, which may explain Lieu's protests).  This should all be done peacefully, unless the Asian-Pacific "servants of US national security" Resist.  What better purpose would the vast assets of the Chao family serve than to be relinquished to the US Navy and Marines to serve America, take back control of the Pacific sealanes, provide jobs for Americans, stop oceanic intrigue and contraband?  The Chao family owes So Much to America in exchange for their 'Sanctuary' here, and that would be the ideal means for them to Give Back to America, and yet it must be done with US in control, not agents of the so-called "Asian Pacific" from afar despite their current claims.  Included with the Foremost and affiliated shipping fleets should also be all Real Estate assets accumulated via the Chaos and their extended foreign-rooted financial network and banks, including any foreclosures on American homes.  That should help resolve the homelessness problem in the USA, and Give America back to Americans.  An allowance can be set aside so that the Chao family live comfortably but frugally until the time of their natural deaths, with no threats or violence involved -- only years of meditation and reflection upon karmic law and issues of conscience.  Seriously, this is one part of a practical solution to America's national economic problems, along with a study of the series I have already pointed out, of the "Privatization" bills pushed successfully in US Congress time and again by the so-called "China Lobby" from the days of Mme Chiang Kaishek's less successful flirtations with Wendell Willkie, to the more successful manipulations of Claire Chennault, Phil Gramm, and Mitch McConnell via application of Sun Tzu's passive-aggressive "Art of War" and "Confucius Society" tactics of colonial takeover that include the "rule-by-marriage" (arranged marriages-for-money-or-influence) strategy also emulated by the Moonies, en masse via mass arranged marriages capable of having been studied ahead via access to US govt data on targeted victims (even before the Facebook private data bonanza).  The Moonie "re-education" programs were set up in California around the time of Japan PM Tanaka's visit to the USA, and they provided campaign facilities for Reagan for California governor before his presidential run, who also ultimately functioned to push their WendyLeeGramm-Rudman 'Reaganomics'/'Reagan Revolution' program to Privatize US government and thus put it ultimately under foreign control.

    Dominant elements of the German government did much of the same to the USA and now EuroUnion subordinates made to 'cry uncle'... the Metternich circuit also played the same game for centuries, at least as far back as arranging for Napoleon to abandon his wife for one arranged by the Habsburg court, after which came his changes in strategy and downfall, followed by the planned restoration of the Habsburg-allied monarchs to the thrones after Napoleon had set up the foundations of democratic governments across Europe and then was defeated by betrayal.  (Here I would note that Hitler's distaste for the Habsburgs was mostly skin-deep if sincere at all, for his policies gave them exactly what they wanted -- but then he was a puppet of the old German monarchist network anyway, as detailed in most biographies of any depth at all, which include how he was groomed ahead of time by the "KuK: Kaiserlich und Koeniglich" machine. Several biographies of Hitler are coverups of how he got in power... the 'lone wolf Austrian artist' is a myth, just like Schwarzenegger being "self-made", as we can now see him trotting around Europe and Asia, and a "Global Institute" created by whatever ran the Univ of Southern California when that mess was created. (Also possibly some sort of Japanese fascist historical revisionist element in the picture there.)

    What's left of America, the one that's been here since 1776 and not yet fully "Redefined" into subjugation and dissolution, is flanked on both sides by restored Imperial alliances based in Berlin/Vienna and China/Japan that cheer at the fall of "Old White Men" in America and rejoice at the ability to exploit all the weak points of the USA and its history in order to install a foreign-manipulated government, on the way to being foreign-run, and to create every possible internal schism among native Americans to possibly even divide the USA in "more manageable" mini-countries.  This would match closely with the claim in the 1980s that the transnational intel and subversion operations that turned Russia chaotic (and polarized and divided) would then be turned onto the USA to do the same, which is what's been happening.... by some supposedly "trusted allies" across the ocean. Are Chao's Russian borderland operations abusing our Peace Corps in any way relevant?  Canadians should be attentive to anything similar planned for them.

    International exchanges for peace and learning experiences are one thing, and vital, but when it turns into foreign submission and takeover, watch out.

    One thing locally that should get nationwide attention is how the well-intentioned and compassion-guided recognition by Pres Clinton of the discomfort of Japanese-Americans in WW2 internment camps has been turned by the beneficiaries into a 'Korematsu-brand' campaign to slander Franklin Roosevelt and cover up massive Asian mafia real-estate takeovers of recent years... and even further into setting up 'Korematsu Schools' where little children are indoctrinated with Japanese propaganda distorting American history. I don't think that's what Clinton intended, but it's what has manifest, and note the role of Schwarzenegger, with his politically-concocted 'honorary college degrees' in pumping up the Korematsu political strategy while advocating for a 'Grass Roots Revolution' and his network for 'Rebels With a Cause'. Smells like foreign subversion and sabotage... as if some wandering 'Wandervogel' was sent by his Stormtrooper daddy on a foreign mission for the 'Grossdeutsches Reich'  and his allies in Tokyo, Taihoku, and the Shanghai Prosperity Sphere colony in Hongkong.  The 'Korematsu School' plan needs thorough investigation, and its manipulees not penalized for being manipulated by the machine that created it.  Not enough Americans have studied the history of Nazism and Asian Fascism to recognize it as it resurfaces, and the calculated disinformation on the topic on the internet (including neonazis and Asian neofascists, "Germany specialists" or "China specialists" (sometimes if not often defacto foreign intelligence propaganda generators), etc, who manipulate Wikipedia articles even as far as intentional and repeated alteration of dates and historical events, plus the neofascist Historical Revisionist websites that now have an Asian as well as a Euro wing -- obscuring authentic reports in more established academic sources that neofascist networks have recently invaded and have tried to neutralize.  I don't know why anyone would have believed that Schwarzenegger had any intention at Wiesenthal to do anything other than to spy, subvert, and destroy Wiesenthal's historical records.  The SPLC has been taken over by some elements that don't know what they are doing, and there is apparent manipulating by an influential Asian fascist nationalist element there now. USC (the private, not public, Univ of Southern California) has hosted a 'Schwarzenegger Global Institute'  that mocks that university's credibility, and may also be hosting some sort of Japanese neofascist historical revisionist 'museum' painting Axis Fascism to be a strictly German or even as an American-rooted phenomenon, dovetailing with the portrayal of Japan to be the victim of World War II rather than a key Pan-Asian wing of a bloody global Genocide terrorist machine. Difficult timing to have to resolve in the middle of an untimely global climate crisis.  All of it needs attention by unalloyed US and Canadian intelligence networks staffed by Americans and Canadians (not 'redefined') who have appropriate background and know what they are doing.  Israeli and Australian sources with expertise on the topics from first-hand victimization by the WW2 Fascist machine may be among the most reliable sources, where they are authentically Israeli and Australian and not impostors.  Chinese (and Spanish) sources are a mishmash of polarized interests that come from a country amid Civil War during WW2 and with fluctuating alliances with both Japan and Germany... and it all Still Matters very much, for while a generation of people may have begun to disappear, the old Imperial, Corporate, and Banking networks that ran the Axis Fascist machine are still around, and their children may or may not be sympathetic.  Today's transnational technology's capacity to monitor and invade people's communications and thus manipulate viewpoints complicates it all, and risks functioning as a vehicle for totalitarian control via groupthink, which was one of the most effective weapons of Fascism, i.e. where people stop reasoning and thinking, but just believe in dogma without questioning the whys and wherefores, as the Shanghai longitude has for decades been a hub of mass mind-control tactics regardless of the government or political leaning, as has the longitude of St-Peterburg, and possibly Durban and longitudinally nearby Johannesburg and Pretoria, one of the roots of the Peter Thiel family's originally German empire that somehow got him into a position of power in Silicon Valley and the US government!  South Africa played a critical role in WW2 Fascism, and of course St-Peterburg and Kiev were in the middle of the fluctuating 'Hitler-Stalin' pacts where the madman anarchist Trotsky, previously imprisoned in Oldenburg-Czarist prisons known for Pavlovian mind-control reprogramming prior to the Soviet era even, also played a strange role. Pavlov and his research was commissioned by and served the Kaisers and Czars before adopted as well by the Soviets, and the Nobel Prize he got came from the Nobel family, who were Czarists in exile in Sweden.  All still relevant to the historical roots of what transpires in Peterburg as well as Kiev.

    The more people submit to mass mind-control groupthink, which includes the proliferating fake religions and even organizationally arranged "meditation" on organizationally-influenced themes or motifs, the greater the risk of a New Fascism. Critical thinking and conscious personal choice at every moment, both remain vital for democracy, and for people not turned into functional machines under external control, Shanghai-style or Peterburg-style, or Johannesburg-style... or enslaved to their cutesy hand-held computers. One fundamental message seems, literally and figuratively, to be to Stop, Look, and Listen before crossing any railroad track, and before getting on any train whose destination you are not certain of.

    Meanwhile, the message of Greta Thunberg needs to be heard and acted on before some radical political movement latches on to her and uses her youthful enthusiasm as a vehicle for something other than what she started out to do... the clean-technology switchover is certainly overdue, but should not be run by neo-fascist corporations exploiting the good intentions of environmental-preservation advocates. American efforts should be run by Americans and set to benefit Americans. It should be asked if Anti-American foreign interests arranged for some of our misguided politicians to be put in office in order to wreck America -- as that was what happened when Herbert Hoover was put in office -- revenge of the Central Powers, whose Axis successors Hoover supported until he (as well as the Chiang's friend Willkie) was forced by the imminence or declarations of war to cease... described in the biography by Liggett and the documented biography by Hamill.  Hoover was a fool who created a mess, and yet Stanford houses an "institute' named after him much like USC houses one after Schwarzenegger... makes a shameless mockery of education and perhaps fulfills the objective of foreign manipulators... to destroy US education and give the competitive edge to those of the foreign agents causing the problem. Anyone still for "foreign investment" in and "privatization" of US infrastructure?  Roosevelt was smart enough to see the resulting problems, but no one since him seems to, and now we have functional Japanese charter schools making children hate Roosevelt because he stopped the Japanese Empire from joining Nazi Germany in destroying the USA. Those interested in current global affairs need to read the books summarizing some of the more devious and treacherous WW2 Axis policies, including the more brutal and diabolical ones as the war came to a close and that seem directly pertinent to the dark side of the underpinnings of today's globalism... declassified right before Bush 2 took office... incl Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan", and Tony Matthews's "Shadows Dancing".  The Germanazis gave Japan the technology to drop nuclear bombs on the USA, and was developing prototypes of ICBMs to strike New York.  And people are calling them "Loyal Allies" now, only a few decades later.  Really?  I'm not advocating for war, but jeezlouise, Get Real. The Dream Act is Not. Extremist and Rush and "Fast-Track" policies need to stop, and real emergencies need to be handled by experienced experts who know how to handle emergencies without flying off the handle and killing or maiming people in the process.  With the upcoming NE=HA=VU (interpreted as possible "Anarchy" in some uranian interpretation references) in 2020, we may all need to be ready for emergencies, not zoned out on "reefer", "acid", or denial pills.  And nothing can be done to fix what young people like Greta are calling for if everyone is asleep or "high", like "wow, man".  The shorelines are melting, the icebergs are afloat, and the NE=HA=VU could mean more accelerated melting and extremes of weather in 2020 that fortunately could begin to subside by 2021, but logically require that Greta's original and unaltered message is listened to, with what is heard translated into calm and organized/planned remedial action.  Kids and adults also better off in climate remediation projects than getting "high" on brain toxins. NE=HA=VU can certainly also translate as potent efforts to remedy climate risk and damages... it can be done, but not by denial or fantasies or lies and deceit generated by competing superpowers or greedy banks and corporations... or by popping psychoactive feel-good/denial pills, taking drugs with Chinese characters imprinted on them, or smoking stinkweed.  Foreign interests are out to destroy America from within, and the uranian indicators make that clear; all local governments in the USA had better let federal agents do their investigations, unimpeded, or the 'Anarchy' potential may manifest .. .and that included foreign agents/agencies creating and/or manipulated cults that wave American flags but are little more than pathetic puppets of foreign intelligence subversion operations, which looks like what a large part of the 'Tea Party' is... its similarity to WW2 Axis subversion ops cults in the USA are many, and geodetics indicate they may point, in part, to the Schwarzenegger "Grass Roots Revolution" and "Rebels with a Cause" network... What's Peter Thiel's role in all this?  Any complicity of Putin's network?  How "Unificationed" are China and Japan and Taiwan (and the Koreas?) now after the Kuomintang-Communist military parades of recent years in Beijing?  NE=HA=VU indicates potential disasters from Top Leaders Asleep at the Wheel, drunk, high, zoned out on prescription pills, or mesmerized by some cult making them believe in dreams instead of focused on the facts of reality. Global power now rests in Shanghai and cities near its longitude, and that includes, and long has to varying degrees, a fusion of transnational interests that are not all Chinese.  With that Vulkanus pointed recently and still to key Ascendants of the greater Vancouver-Seattle-Portland and NYC (and Ottawa) areas, it could be that both the USA and Canada have been Shanghaied, and yet some of that power could also be accumulted in Peterburg, Istanbul, Alexandria-Cairo, Johannesburg-Durban, and/or Buenos Aires and the obscure workings of Paraguay and the global paramilitary operations (including Sino-Japanese and German) it has long hosted.  This is no time to pretend that international relations are all orchestrated by the sweet and innocent, even if that's who they shove out to the frontlines or put in the their storefront windows.  The HA=VU international intrigue of recent years is likely to escalate in 2020 via Neptune added into the picture and manifesting as the aforementioned potential for Anarchy. All people wearing masks and face-coverings need to be scrutinized for political affiliations,and that the corrupt drug (and pharma) trade may be a big part of the problem.  Vulkanus can include high-power and rapid-fire weapons, even nuclear in scope.... and yet can also manifest as tidal waves or various types of devastating storms due to climate dysfunction.  So, Greta's orginal message focused on the urgency of measures to pivot away from antiquated, contaminating energy technology is as globally urgent as the tone of her voice.  Yet already seen is attempts of ignorant scoundrels like Schwarzenegger to latch on and use her as a political vehicle.  It is also time for a Pivot to America in Washington DC -- one that should cross party lines and unite Americans in defense of US national interests carried out by humane policies and not warfare -- focused on real national security and stability in every sense, and Canada may be wise to do the same.  The US Constitutional provision for government officials to be born in the United States needs to be upheld, and maybe extended to all US govt offices, the opposite of what has unfolded during the Hades=Vulkanus of recent years now compounded with a Neptune infusion.  Otherwise, it looks like the NE=HA=VU is indeed a recipe for chaos and anarchy, noting that the configuration is global and not in any one country alone. The world should not forget that the Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Panay and Nanking Massacres were preceded by treacherously deceptive and deadly "World Peace" rallies in Tokyo.  NE=HA=VU is capable of the extremes of political hypocrisy and deceit, potentially using films, masks, drugs, and other intoxicants.  Politicians need to go clean and sober and stay away from the booze and drug parties, or the results for the whole world could be disastrous.  Another potential risk is sabotage of aircraft and shipping technology,so there is no room for ambiguous politics and any related situation, especially military of course.... so slopping mechanic or assembly work and no laxity in terms of quality-control inspection.  To include signs, the Hades remains in Cancer... .food poisoning could become more problematic due to relaxation of regulations and inspections.  Read the expiration date on foods bought, and don't buy food that is perishable if there is no such date on it.  Look and smell for signs of spoilage, and cook foods thoroughly.  Boiling or pressure-cooking may be best since they involved high-heat pervasive cooking.  NE=HA=VU can manifest in worst cases as intensive infection from chemical or viral sources. 


2019Dec10 (updated 2020Jan01): Brexit, the China Lobby, and Impeachment:

     What the people of Britain and Ireland decide to do about Brexit is their business, as it's their county, but I will comment on it just as the BBC has commented many times on US affairs, and usually with good intentions. Here I also come from a deep paternal ancestry in Scotland, and so will now address the stances of Nicola Sturgeon, whose deep love of Scotland and its land and people is admirable, although the potential blind spots in her chart, indicated by Neptune and Hades, are noteworthy and point to Berlin, Munich, and Brussels.  It's amazing how Scotland and Ireland can be dazzled by the post "Lisbon Treaty" German-dominated EuroUnion, as if they are overlooking how Greece and Spain and other countries have ultimately been dealt crippling "austerity" blows, and forced privatization of their national infrastructures (those mandated by EuroUnion policy), in addition to EuroUnion policies penalizing or even criminalizing "nationalism" as well as some types of criticism of the EuroUnion itself.  The only explanation I could see was bribes coupled with the the eternal drive of German nationalist parties and war machines to weaken the British Union by courting Scotland and Ireland, particularly during wartime or intended wartime, hints of which may be found at the German-run Halifax Forums trying to snare the USA and Canada into a German foreign policy agenda like McCain's fall for the World War III plan. (Yet Chinese and Japanese political machines attempt to do the same... like to maybe drag America into another East Asian war zone for partisan objectives of lobbies based there. Washington DC needs to stop listening to foreign agents and instead listen to Americans, so we don't get into another Vietnam War mess or facilitation of a World War for relentless German or Sino-Japanese imperial ambitions.)

    The geodetic MC=PL=KR for London is still in effect in January 2020 via 2-degree orb; even the better 2019 seed-configurations from earlier Brexit initiatives will carry through into Brexit implementation -- aside from scare-tactics thrown out from "place in Hell" Imperial Continental Euro agents and propagandists who probably overestimate their ability to ramrod a revived Atlantic Alliance like that which temporarily shut down German Corporate Fascism in the 1940s.   True to form, the EuroUnion imperial oligarchy played every trick in the book to try to delay Brexit for fear that other countries would follow suit, and set out to court both Ireland and Scotland again to make Brexit look undesirable. Not using the term 'imperial' lightly, it should be noticed that the main advocates of the EuroUnion, as it exists, are the old imperial families of the days before 1918 and the Versailles Treaty, Habsburg and relatives in particular, seeking to restore their crusty "KuK Koeniglich und Kaiserlich" empires.  It will be the upcoming Brexit elections that decide the outcome, but I would point this out about Sturgeon's chart and warn her that if Brexit proceeds, she will likely look like a fool later on if she pushes for Scot independence and separation from England.  Her chart is 1970.Jul.19 at 15h16 (MC23LE59) in Irvine, Scotland, UK, per her BC per the 2014Jul/Aug of the British AA Journal.  Regardless of the time, I here look at the degree and minute of her Neptune and Hades and how they align geodetically with the cities of the world.  NE and HA both indicate likely blind spots, Neptune more things not seen clearly due to idealism or denial or sometimes deceit by others, and Hades more things hidden and more calculatingly secretive, even treacherous in some cases, and where one makes sacrifices or experiences problematic losses.  Her Neptune is at 28:14 Fixed signs, and that points to Emirates, Oman, Dubai or the Russian Urals, or northern Japan, covering both Grimm and Sepharial values; and within continental Europe at 45 Angle (at 13:14 Aries), pointing to Berlin, Munich, and Rome. This also indicates that there may indeed still be potent "Romanov" (defacto Oldenburg and Anhalt) royalist interests still operating within Russia, explaining the revival of Russian flags with "Romanov" coats of arms. Talk about dinosaurs.  Sturgeon has mentioned how England wants Scotland's oil reserves, but so do countries of the Middle East or even Russia or Japan, or Germany or Italy, that may try to court her aside from English interests. (Flashes of Miss Jane Brodie singing praises to the Nazi puppet Mussolini.)  This has interesting correlations with alliances made at the founding of the Scottish National Party, when EuroFascism was on the rise and ready to roar across the skies of Britain.  More significantly, her Hades is at 19:54 Fixed signs, pointing again to western Iran, and also Kuwait, Arabia, Russia between Moscow and the Urals, and maybe Tokyo, and at 45 angle is 5:54 Cardinals (in orb of Brussels and Amsterdam as well as the global-crime-infested Burmese Shan States).  If 15h16 is correct, she has natal MC=NE/HAVU meaning at best that she is unswervingly devoted to her political post and leadership roles, but she is also capable of self-defeating idealism that can lead to disastrous failures and losses.

    At this time, she has Vulkanus but also Neptune and Hades and Lunar Node on her MC, repeating her natal MC midpoint elements in angular 16th harmonic aspect/cluster, meaning her ambitions are currently misguided, confused by Neptunian "dream" idealism as well as possible deceit by others.  I would urge her strongly to stick with advocating to make sure Scotland's interests are represented in London, and abandon the Scotland independence illusion that may turn out to be a nightmare if able to be implemented.  Once the proposed honeymoon is over, Scotland might find itself worse off under governments other than London, certainly less well understood, and probably less respected, as Scotland and England are deeply-rooted in shared old Celtic cultures and bloodlines, as is Ireland, all prior to the Saxon invasion, and still in the soil of the British Isles.

    Regardless of who is President of the USA at the moment, a renewal of the democratic, anti-nazi/fascist Atlantic Alliance between Britain and North America, initiated in 1940, per planetary pictures now, could have a bright future if reliant on the potency of the joint capacity of the more elightened elements of the US and British Navies and those of any other commitedly democratic Atlantic state ready to join.  A renewal of the Union of British Isles on the current realities of greater mutual respect than may have existed in centuries past could be a potent global force, which the German EuroUnion knows well and dreads losing.  What would have to happen then is that private German designs on Russia would be abandoned by Britain and America as treaty-obligarted cannon-fodder or nuke-targets.  The German IDU/CDUs pushy imperial ambitions have gradually put the rest of the world on the defensive again... no one asked for 'German leadership', but only German cooperation as equals, which the IDU/CDU machine, rooted in Nazism even if redecorated in "neoliberalist" pseudo-liberalism, apparently never learned how to do. As Pluto moves eastward and away from Germany/Austria and into Sweden and Hungary and Poland and Greece, it is possible that more moderate and conciliatory and less militant financial (Pluto) powers can gain more global influence, while in the USA Pluto moves from greedy Wall Street to usually more humanitarian Boston (at least in recent times), and in China from Chongqing to Hainan.  The challenge will be to keep real democracy installed in Eastern Europe and out of the claws of either German or Russian imperial ambitions, as has often been the case over time.  There is potential for more financial equalization and less gentrification, depending on choices made by powerbrokers in those locations, eventually, and the balance of power in East Coast China and Taiwan will impact how Pluto manifests in China as well.  However, the 2020 Neptune and Hades cluster with Vulkanus may well start out with intensified global corruption involving drugs, concealed weapons,and covert politics already underway in many ways. Yet, that can potentially, if made manifest effectively, be resolved by the end of the year by intensive criminal investigation, particularly by naval and air-controller agencies, including of course thorough scrutiny of air- and sea-port inspections (all also NE=HA=VU), which are necessary, so don't complain about troops or agents from Washington DC in US cities unless you want to see increases in global organized crime and corruption. However, not much will be accomplished if Chao's Asian nationalist criminal network continues to run US infrastructure, especially airports and seaports... she and all other Asian-nationalist-affiliate networks have got to be ejected, and fast, for they seem more interested in enriching Beijing or Taipei or Tokyo/Singapore/Hongkong/Macau that than protecting Americans from foreign colonization and/or infiltration and control.

    The "China Lobby":  Complaints from vested interests have been made about the term, which has a lot of legitimacy, but which maybe could more accurately just be called "East Asian Mafia", since that's more specific and "inclusive" of the overlaps of Japanese and Korean organized crime networks with the Chinese.  I have intended to write more on this, having started long ago with the Moonies, which are the hub of it despite their disgusting "religious" pretenses and now joined by their "new age" branch/front, the Falun Gong and Kahr Arms overt weapons trafficking branch (selling "blessed" Asian guns in America, and possibly one of the various and sundry cults claiming the label "Resistance").  They are all fronts for covert operations, obviously cultish and Moonie-like, heavily fused with underworld money, and now more than ever with real estate house-flipping and commercial property acquisition unfolding rapidly, using today's land-surveying and land-assessment technology, with the money likely laundered in offshore banks. It's one of the lowest and most vulgar of manifestations of NE=HA=VU ready to manifest in 2020 (along with similarly-operating Russian, Southafrican, and Neo-Ottoman Turk/Egyptian networks).  It's hit California hard already, especially for the last 20 years as the Ed Lee machine unfolded (and still purrs and roars without its dead or imprisoned "leaders", for there are more where they came from) as Hades=Vulkanus manifest within 2 degrees orb..  I will admit that is dangerous for me to write about because of retaliation that frequently occurs, but the problem is now so bad that if the public does not speak up, or is shamed into silence by accusations of racism or xenophobia, the problem will get worse, and has already done so. Plus, I've already incurred their wrath in addition to the earlier (and related?) stealth games emanating from the stealth-sleaze in the NCGR/Astrolabe circuit.  Oddly enough, Chinese-Americans were among the first to notify me of the details of the increasing Asian mafia problems, followed by university professors who lived or specialized in East Asia.  Sterling Seagrave has summarized the roots of the problem effectively in the first editions of his books that have not been edited in newer editions by "editors" functioning as censors. My observations were coupled with living in New Chinatown for 8 years, long enough to see it first-hand, and then hear the complaints by generations-long Chinese-Americans talking about the incoming Hongkong crime network that preyed upon Chinatown residents before spreading outward from there... "Future of America" Ed Lee and cohorts on a roll, and said by some observers to include Japanese Yakuza capable of pouncing domestically after the Japanese Marine invasion during US government shutdown and Trump's announcemnent of a "New American Moment" during Asian-American week he also announced despite his earlier rants against China. Completely irrational and contradictory and yet happened anyway.  Old Chinatown businesses have despaired having their shops cut in half and crammed into 1/2 the space almost overnight by quickly installed dividing walls; or driven to relocation or bankruptcy by huge rent hikes; or having neighborhoods littered with new "massage parlors" and "spas" pimping (electronically bugged?) young girls to those government officials who actually still find them appealing, like proliferating "New American" Tokyo Roses.

    It's a complex story to explain, but perhaps most significant overall for America is the role of Chinese lobbyists in pushing their Privatization scams in American legislative bodies, which started trickling in and down with the 1965 IMF Conference in San Francisco involving lobbying that included the China-trade wealthy Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party, followed by the 1970s lobbying of Nixon via Tanaka and the Moonie bases around San Francisco, then their puppeteering of the mentally-failing but charming Reagan, then the Moonie-cult-intoxicated Bushes, and then Democratic leaders who should know better... it's a Rasputin-type problem in both parties, and maybe in the Libertarians worst of all despite their weird and shallow babbling and roots in the Nazi-run Silvershirts cult that eventually actually fused with WW2 Asian Fascist networks as the Silvershirts spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of the USA (flourishing in places like Las Vegas, wherever the big money is and Mammonism reign), where there were Chinese as well as Japanese Fascists (incl casino mobsters), just as in Asia, and all in alliance with the German Nazis and their globalist plan.  Problems from the Post-WW2 Nazi Network in Germany have been similar in scope, and more often mentioned in published reports on related events.  After WW2, the Sino-Japanese Fascist network was perpetuated in what was relabeled the "Asian People's Anticommunist League" (functioning largely as an Asian colonization league) as it fused with the post-war Nazi underworld to form the "World Anticommunist League" (WACL), replete with its own covert military operations that Reagan infamously courted from time to time while Moonie-enamored Bush ran the CIA,  They were not only anti-communist but also Fascist/Nazi remnants and fused with radical-right extremist and sometimes terrorist governments globally, like Pinochet in Chile and the Stroessner regime in Paraguay, and the brutal and Nazi-aligned Apartheid government in South Africa, and very much fused with both powerful elements running the (Sino-Japanese) Kuomintang, and with the (Sino-Japanese-Korean) Moonies, and some of the more oppressive Middle Eastern governments that met in conferences with the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang, now in virtual control of China via fusion into its 'Communist Party' remnant dream act.  Thus the significance of the "Kahr Arms" operations, and the past continual use of shamelessly fake, so-called 'faith-based' churches as paramilitary fronts... religious hypocrisy at its most brazen.  The mess is fused with the East Asian mafia network, as well as the old Euronazi network, still trying to take over the USA now via agents in both American political parties, including people in the US Congress... Bush Sr actually praised Moonie organizations and "newspapers", like he was brainwashed by them during his visits to the Japanese military base in Atsugi.  It's fused with the Chao machine in the Republican Party as well as phony "neoliberal" elements of CAPAC in the Democratic Party, and with remnants of Nazism in Germany and Austria and neighboring countries. That's part of how Fascism came to America after WW2... in "religious" halloween costumes, Made in Japan, or China or Korea... plus the Eurofascist network of the Peter Thiel family, complicit in Overtaking America via Privatization of government agencies including universities.

    In brief, the historic roots, in addition to the Silvershirts (which the Tea Party has emulated) were in the "One World" plan proposed by Mme Chiang Kaishek to Nazi-supported 1940 US Presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, a Wall Street Corporate Lawyer who funded his campaign by suing the US government for purported "unfair competition" for the Gargantuan Wall Street companies from Roosevelt-initiated and publicly restorative government electrical power utilities and government-built hydoelectric dams.  Mme Chiang (one of the Soong sisters global megabanking-tied family) saw that Willkie was her kind of useful "aging white man", and it was with her family network on Long Island that the Elaine Chao family moved alongside after their immigration from China via Taiwan in the 1950s.  Elaine's daddy was a Kuomintang military officer who built up Asian shipping connections that 'blossomed' into the Foremost shipping company, set up as such in 1965 as the full-scale US participation in the Vietnam War broke out, ready to carry tons of American war supplies Transpacifically. War profits from American wars. In between Mme Chiang and the Chaos was Anna Chennault (born/aka Chen Xiangmei), who eventually ran war hero Claire Chennault much the same way Elaine runs Mitch... whatever you want honey kiss kiss rule-by-marriage/love-your-influence, and the Watergate mess implicated not only Mme Chennault but also the larger Moonie network via their interests in the Watergate Hotel and its electronically-bugged "kiss-and-tell" (or more) bedroom suites.  So this was not widely publicized as Watergate was written off as "something to forget", where sex and politics merge, and in line with the old "Rule by Marriage" policy attributed to Metternich but also apparently known in Asia as well, per at least one historian's claim as tricks of Machiavelli learned from what Marco Polo saw and 'learned' on his Asian adventures.  Meanwhile the Moonies conducted a big American-flag-waving campaign to cover up their earlier treachery and subversion of US government, much as their Falungong tacky offshoot "Epoch Times" suddenly began portraying itself as an "American newspaper" (since they are now immigrants via the Sanctuary programs) purportedly to promote American interests... those would be "Redefined American" or "New American" interests possibly like the "New American Moment" that Trump announces with Germany's Thiel and Taiwan's Chao in his cabinet.

    All part of the "China Lobby" mess or "rat's nests" as the lobbying networks are called, and obviously overlapping with the Moonie cults politically-motivated "arranged marriages" and "recommitment ceremonies" also arranged by the Moonies in case the "arrangements" don't turn out satisfactorily to all parties concerned.  Old World sleaze politics on steroids, escalated during the recent and ongoing Hades=Vulkanus period, and ready to worsen in 2020 as Neptune joins the cluster, unless 100% American investigative agencies flush out the invading rat's nests (sometimes with fake passports bought on the blackmarket) mixed among legitimate immigrants. Honest Asian Americans will suffer only if they refuse to cooperate with sincere and truthful information to federal agents (and not lies or coverups), which means clashing with the Asian nationalist organized crime networks that "punish race-traitors" with things like harassment of relatives, vicious false-rumor-mongering, or cars smashed into their property in the wee hours of the night, among the known tactics.  With Chinese police patrolling Chinatown, it just gets worse, since the "Tong" and "Triad" networks replace local government, and if that spreads to Sacramento or Washington, they may indeed be "Redefined".

    Another Keynote "China Lobby" player, perhaps among the most potently successful has been Wendy Lee (Gramm), the wife of the rather reticent and possibly pliant Phil Gramm, a nominal co-author of the Reaganomics "revolution" (smells like Ron Paul hors d'oeuvres) Privatization plan, obviously written more by Wendy than Phil, since she was the degreed economist.  And then who buys and runs the privatized government agencies and infrastructure?  BINGO!  Wendy's political cohort Elaine Chao, family neighbor of the Soong/Chiang Chinese banking/political dynasty on Long Island, at the end of the line, first pushing hubby Mitch to ram through a tax-cut-bill devastating US infrastructure funding while ready to Buy Up America (America For Sale!) "to compensate" with money from the five US banks she has sat on the boards of (and which Ate the San Francisco bay area when "Democrat" Ed Lee ran things, by the way) plus anything she could snatch out of Fort Knox when the Kentucky guards were asleep, and any foreign or offshore banks her gang network controls or manipulates. Elaine/Lan Chao born 1953Mar26 in Taipei Taiwan, time not found... MA=NE=ZE=AP... pharma? media? and clearly shipping business =HA/VU involving calculatingly covert politics... her power at 24:08 mutables, i.e. in Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji, or New Zealand in the Pacific, and Houston, home of the so-called "Yellow Bird" Chinese mafia network in the USA that may trace back to the nearby Anna Chennault network across the border in Louisiana -- and which maybe trying to sink hooks into Tulsa, Topeka, and Oklahoma to bleed America from within, at its heartland, which could include Chinese investments in America's oil and national breadbasket food industries... America's daily food and gas staples.

    100% unadulterated American investigative agencies had better get on those issues now, because 2020 approaches and some 2019 elections have put the Chao family friends in very powerful places in California next month.  America may need to be Reclaimed rather than Redefined.  Chinese has already replaced Spanish as the second language after English in some new public transportation facilities.  It raises again the question of "why does there need to be a second language at all?"  Think about it.  What's the justification, really, in 2020, as America is already rife with foreign-fueled regional fragmentation that threatens its stability?  Bite off a Chunk of America for Beijing or Tokyo or their Shanghai midpoint?  It echoes what was written in the 1980s, that the foreign covert operations that destabilized Russia at that time were poised to do the same to America next, and it's started to happen.  Will it stop?  Were Chao's East European programs when she ran the US Peace Corps run on behalf of Chinese before American interests?  What role did Germany play in such operations, and are those related to the current German and Sino-Japanese attempts to manipulate and take over US infrastructure, economy, government?  Smells like the answer is yes.  When will Americans reclaim America from invaders with overseas interests?  It's going to take Americans willing to invest in America instead of foreign sweatshops, and a big part of that problem is Wall Street stock-shares "investment" gaming.... the same problem that caused the 1929 Stock Market crashes and the rise of the Global Fascism that created the brutal Nazi and Asianfascist genocide machines that wanted to destroy the USA, Britain, and was literally out to Kill Democracy, claiming it was "obsolete" and "inefficient".  A big problem is how many people forgot what fascism was and how it operated (and that there was also Chinese Fascism), so that it can re-manifest unrecognized, with plastic or otherwise cloaked faces, including those worn by "anarchists" in demonstrations and mass-produced somewhere where plastic kitsch is often mass-produced.  Since when does Guy Fawkes look like Confucius?  Why did the "Anonymous" fad begin on the numbered Asian "Chan" websites?  Why did the "Anonymous" paper "flyer" sheets lead a trail to Chinatown after "Anonymous" masked provocateurs clashed at/with police on American streets, or Chinese agents in "Anonymous" demostrations dart back and forth between Asia, the USA and Britain?  The Halloween games aren't cute anymore when adults wear the masks, and yet they could resurge temporarily in 2020 with the NE=HA=VU clusters.  It will take thorough investigations to see what's been happening and will happen, and it's no time to risk moles undermining those investigations either via "private contracted" computer servers or phone towers/lines or postal services. ENOUGH of the "xenophobia" shaming and lax standards for monitoring population movement during times of political instability... Not Smart.  What is America supposedly going to be "redefined" into? And why?  For whom?  From where?

    Will Japanese elements curtail Chinese corruption?  Well, not likely, for as Sterling Seagrave's several books on East Asian mafia, as well as various Chinese and Japanese history references point out, the overlaps are so many that neither Chinese nor Japanese mafia would benefit from exposing the other or their frequent mutual complicity.  Although there have been official wars between China and Japan, the undeworld networks often overlook the official politics and just look at the financial benefits of collusion, like killing the police on the tracks of either business partner.  Same applies to Korean Yakuza, a functional "go-for" branch of the Japanese Yakuza mafia, and fused from the start with the Moonie cult network (indicated geodetically to possibly be the historical core of the Falun Gong).

    The corruption operates at every level of some Asian societies, where there is no honor, like buying test scores, cheating on exams, falsifying identity.. the recent reports blaming "paper writers" for academic papers for sale in Asia on the internet is actually as much or more a coverup of other Asian students copying or stealing term papers and essays via internet hacking or photocopying and then selling them.  One may find that theft is more of a problem than 'authors willing to sell their intellectual property'.  I can give specific examples of witnessed situations, as well as of passport fraud (also mentioned in Iris Chang's "The Chinese in America", but the details are time-consuming and the point is the vital importance of the current Vulkanus along the East China seacoast and its impact and potentially increasing impact of unregulated migration. Some have recognized that California may be headed to become "New Manchukuo" in 2020 if more intensive scrutiny of immigration and organized crime problems are not undertaken right away, and in view of arms trafficking operations like the Moonie-mafia affiliated Kahr Arms weapons trafficking operations (that Trump family members have hobnobbed with, maybe out of ignorance, or not), ardent immigration push campaigns, and the cult-creation capabilities of the Moonies, California alone risks becoming chaotic in 2020 if the FBI does not proceed as before without being deterred by manipulative claims of xenophobia, racial profiling, etc, and if the Alameda Naval Base is not re-fortified to a level approximating what it operated as before shutdown in the 1990s, noting how much more vulnerable it may be now due to monitoring or moling by double-agents or simple agents of foreign interests.

    Meanwhile, every American legislator in every state needs to review the Privatization policies that involved promotion by foreign interests in order to buy up or manipulate US infrastructure... Who were the Moonies, Mme Chiang Kaishek, Kakue Tanaka, Wendy Lee Gramm, Shinzo Aba, Mme Anna Chennault, the Soong family in the USA, the entire Chao family network, and why is Elaine occupying a fifth presidential term in the US White House without being elected and without having been born in the United States?  So sorry to be a "birther", but such questions should not seem at all unreasonable to ask as Vulkanus Power hovers up and down the China-Trade $Rich$ East China Seacoast, agents of which now also vowing to "make Australia pivot to Asia" as well.  And then study how Herbert Hoover was manipulated by foreign financial interests, including those in Beijing and Tokyo and Manchuria, as he naively led the USA into economic disaster both as Secretary of Commerce under 'do-nothing-and-let-business-run-the-country' presidents, and then as the Hooverville President himself.  It was Roosevelt's policies in-the-planning that he proposed to emulate bits of only after his disastrous 'laissez-faire' gangster-compliant policies were proven as not only foolish, but devastating.  And yet some fools today who forgot or never knew that history, are or have recently idolized Hoover while holding office recently, because too many voters don't know or remember American history, or just follow the party line like lemmings. 

    The German EuroUnion game of the CDU with Merkel as the maid at the door is no less problematic.  Where is the American Money investing in America to move forward with the inevitable?.... clean technology made in American factories and not German or Chinese or Japanese factories. The current climate disasters should make it clear that going with oil-only technology is to go down with the ship, and that nuclear power is unhealthy and high risk as the risks of quakes also increases.  It took a 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl to wake up those who were lost in their Pluto hovers near Stockholm, by the way.  Now she must stick to her original theme so as not to get lured into other calculating political bandwagons that lead her off track or exploit her courage and determination.... it's not easy to navigate the world and the games of adult lobbyists at age 16.  Amazing and inspiring courage, and I think she's proof that we should not overlook the 32nd harmonic (11:15) angles/clusters, where she as SU=MA, where the courage radiates from her heart.

    Will the greedy dinosaurs listen, or continue to trample the earth into extinction?

    As for America resolving the current chaos, foreign control of US internet, phone lines and towers, and postal services have done as much as anything to sabotage US national infrastructure from within, intercepting or maybe altering communications -- the problem with private contracts alone has already, recently, been addressed by the FBI, and it's time for government officials to act.  Who in a democracy trusts a greedy foreign corporation more than their own government?  Certain functions should not be abandoned to control to anyone but publicly-elected officials proven capable of public service, or things could get worse. "" was set up 1995Jan18, not under the Obama administration.  I can say from first hand observation outside the local US federal building that it's mostly Asian nationalist lobbyists lobbying vociferously for "Change change change" like it's some kind of Maoist or Kamikaze or Confucian chant, and some of the changes so far have not been good for the country. Some have and some haven't, but maybe it's time for an end to the typically Asian political drove groupthink pep-rally buzzwords, and instead sober reasoning and discussion and greater depth of thought.  Sensible cultural exchanges in the are one thing that benefits all the world, but imported retro/feudalist groupthink goes along with the dinosaurs.  Meanwhile, as Greta and others have pointed out, there may be no planet for even the dinosaurs to trample unless people get smart and set out for equitably-planned and publicly-beneficial actions. And yet its not time to stop thinking and exchanging ideas along the way, either.  No lockstep Neonazigreen terminator flexyapowa Siemens German military plans, either, if you want an independent America run by Americans.


2019Nov12:Stealth Politics and Globalism: (edited Nov16, updated Dec03 and 2020Jan21):

    The secrecy surrounding the various recent transoceanic 'trade agreements' certainly caught the attention of many, and these have been in line with what are among the worst of the recent (and still ongoing) Hades=Vulkanus cluster, which I have covered many times in previous posts. However, what some but apparently not enough have noticed is how those have manifest in the actions of Merkel and Shinzo, in addition to Putin and the various Chinese diaspora leaders, and possibly among the neo-fascist-leaning Narendra Modi crowd in and from India, as some political analysts have pointed out.  The lower-harmonic Vulkanus geodetic alignments with the geo MC are where the power comes from. The lower-harmonic Hades alignments where the stealth and criminal components come from -- although they intermix and fuse in ways that may be almost identical because of their 22.5 relationship, borne out by many realities over time about Asian organized crime which also via a further 22.5, or 45 degrees west of Shanghai and Taipei, ties the vast Asian narcotrafficking and narco-production cartels to the wealthy in the Pakistan-India border region fused with the Opium Triangle.  The explanation for the German component comes from Pluto's position there recently and now in Austria on the MC, but also apparently from German military and intelligence installations in countries along the Russian border, and possibly fused with Russian operations, official or unofficial, in overt or covert ways, including German puppets in control of East European nations.  This replicates the historic Russian-German buffer-state operations and alliances of both the WW1 and WW2 eras, no doubt ready to operate in the event of anything resembling a WW3 that might try to manifest.  The very same applies in Asia, along the East China seacoast up and down from Shanghai, into Taiwan and possibly the Philippines (Duterte country at the moment, and endlessly subject to the whims of neighboring powers, including the substantial Chinese and Japanese mafia networks there, a curse on Filipino culture. Indonedian Sulawesi/Celebes and southward are subject to similar problems, along with the Australian coastline and all locations directly south of there, all the way toward Antarctica.  The Delhi longitude of India, including north India-Pakistan and Kashmir border areas, is similarly affected to a lesser but potentially substantial degree.

    Back to Merkel and Shinzo, their power comes from bases at those longitudes that also include the Japanese islands off the China and Taiwan coast already known for housing potent Japanese military and intelligence operations, and this is important for Americans to note due to the recent occupation of San Diego by Japanese Marine operations from newly remilitarized Japan. The author's view is that Merkel is a trained operant of the old Imperial German political machine that never died and rests in the CDU/CSU alliance, and Shinzo is literally the descendant of key players of the Japan Fascist war machine, which already long ago professed 'World Peace' right before its Asian-version Blitzkriegs like that on Pearl Harbor while Japanese 'diplomats' offered fake olive branches in San Francisco as Japanese bombs dropped on US territory.

    Additionally, probably not adequately noticed are the many recent overtures between China, Taiwan, and Japan in recent years, including participaton of (Sino-Japanese rooted) Kuomintang officials at parades in Beijing, and the decades-old alliances between Japan and Taiwan rooted in the Japanese colonial government over Taiwan/Formosa.  These are vital and potent forces that don't show on today's maps of the world with the color-coded national boundaries, while they become more clear when looking at the extent of the pre-1945 Japanese Empire that was disbanded only nominally by post-war treaties, if in reality at all, for the post-1945 government on Taiwan was installed by Japanese Fascist troops.  And the Kuomintang party was founded at gatherings in Tokyo (as well as Honolulu, and Singapore) and so was willingly cultivated under Japanese tutelage, explaining the extensive ambivalence of Chinese policy during World War 2, too often forgotten for its impact on subsequent policy. Another factor belying the map colors is Japan's control of the China coast via Qingdao, concessions in Manchuria/Manchukuo, big Taiwan/Formosa, and the tiny East China Sea islands used as potent power-bases along the China-Japan maritime borders often overlooked, still today.

    Much as in Europe, the color-coded maps show boundaries imposed by 1945 postwar treaties are one thing, but the reality of the power-blocs are, since the fall of the Soviet Bloc 'Warsaw Pact' often much the same as they were prior to that date. Note that the same issue applies to the post-1918/WW1 treaties imposed by the Allied Powers, which the Central Powers later avoided successfully in many ways, and which bred the seeds of World War 2 (including the seeds of the Nazi Party), plus the contemporary similar policies in East Asia in dealing with what was seen as a "European War" that simply had to be contended with while not relinquishing local interests -- not to mention schisms in Russia that included Czarist as well as Soviet policies and alliances in the Greater China and the Japanese Empire. Such policies often baffled, confused, or annoyed US military personnel who ultimately had to recognize that China and Japan were going to play by their own rules, not 'western' ones unless expedient, and Russia was not as united as foreign intelligence propaganda claimed.

    A) Merkel, the diplomat par excellence, and yet bound likely by a dedication to serve Germany and her superiors in Germany's oligarchy, has done several things that make American leaders who have praised her as a friend and ally look like her fools.  Some of those leaders were warned, but today's global control of telecommunications, and demand for "diversity" and proof of lack of "xenophobia" in political offices make it so messages sent may not be received or unaltered.. gone instead to or through the German military's Siemens Cloud or some similar Asian 'cloud', literally 'lost in the clouds'.  The door is wide open to foreign subversion in a fantasy world of nonexistent 'unconditional brotherly love' among all nations that certainly is a fine ideal, but not reality yet.  "Dream Act" indeed. Some of the Merkel network's most conspicuous nationalist moves have gone unnoticed by those Lost in a Dream and mesmerized by the pretty sky-blue EuroUnion flag:

    1) Implying at one point that the Neonazis were coming from the USA.  Merkel is not stupid or uneducated in the least.  She and her 'advisors' surely know the history of their own country and therefore that such an implication is bold deceit, unless they learned in school that America is responsible for Nazism -- in which case there is a generational or even current multi-generational problem in Germany due to lack of truth about where the Nazi party came from. Geodetic alignments make the truth clear, despite the partisan assertions, where Nazism all started, as do the more thorough histories and biographies of Hitler and the Third Reich, like those by John Toland and Eugene Davidson. Neonazi cults in the USA have long been cultivated by German or even Japanese agents in the USA. In recent years, a Nazi/Axis Fascist Silvershirts cult base in California was taken over by a Japanese nationalist cult. Per geodetics, what may have been overlooked was possible Nazi backing from the Volga German colonies in Russia, planted there by the German Czarina Catherine/Katarina von Anhalt.

    2) Implying that America was spying on her cellphone.  Ha. Well, while that may have been the case on some level, German spying at every level in the USA has gone on for decades, at least for a century and maybe two via Germany's agents in the USA.  Today's Siemens Cloud as well as Siemens's pushful invasion of Microsoft Windows technology make Merkel's cellphone look like a cry from among the Wolfpack. Siemens was founded by a family of top German military officers going back decades, pre World War 1.   As some have noted, the "Siemens Cloud" is Hitler's Dream come true, the ability to spy on the whole world, and one should also look to links to the South African Boer SUNSAT Satellite as well as the German/Southafrican Peter Thiel family network with fingers in sensitive intelligence operations in every country at stake. Surely Angela is not so naive as to not understand all of this... and yet if she is, she is not competent to be Chancellor of Germany.  Highly intelligent people can indeed have gaping blind spots, which can also make them ineffective or even incompetent for certain functions, but it's not logical that she's doesn't know her official statements are deceptive even if justified in the mind of a servant of the revived Reichstag.

  3) Indignant about "nationalism" of every sort except German.  Not talking so much about rhetoric, but about policy. Merkel a key advocate for the misleadingly named (Tarnung in action) "Lisbon Treaty" as well as continued "Schengen Treaty" provisions for erasing national boundaries, apparently globally and not just in Europe, while putting the "Euro" central bank (the key prize and core of the EU) in Germany, building on the Euro "capitals" in Strasbourg (ethnic German city on the border with France) and Brussels (in a country long controlled from Berlin via the German royal family network, now with German as yet a third official language).  Belgium was always the prize of the German and Austrian emperors, including as "Austrian Netherlands", a key hub of Euromonarchist opposition to Democracy during the French Revolution, 

    4) "Anti-Hitler" versus Nazis who didn't like Hitler.  Commemoration of the so-called "Anti-Hitler Nazis" is commemoration of the Nazis who thought somebody else beside Hitler should have been the figurehead leader of the Nazis, recognizing all his fumbles --- maybe someone less abrasive and more disarming; maybe even a hypno-programmed woman like Ilse Koch of Buchenwald. Remember that American news reporter based in Nazi Germany, Sigrid Schultz wrote in 1944: "Germany Will Try It Again", confirmed in the 1950s and 1960s by German refugee T H Tetens in "The New Germany and the Old Nazis".


    B) Shinzo the barely-concealed cryptofascist:  Crowds have gathered in usually quiet and reticent Tokyo to warn the world that he Is Revived Fascism, and yet American politicians are so ignorant, or mesmerized by his presence, as to not have noticed.  With full Neofascist arrogance, he refused to apologize for Pearl Harbor when there.  President Clinton declassified documents, even if he didn't read them all soon enough, detailing how Japan was developing nuclear bombs to use on the USA before Truman made the decision to bomb Japan before the Japanese bombs were fully developed and ready to use on America, and fully aware that Japanese military and citizens were told to fight to the finish, kamikaze style, in the event of a US-Allied invasion of Japan. Thus, indeed, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did save many Japanese as well as Allied lives, as was evaluated when they were deployed... "on both sides" as Shinzo cynically said at Pearl Harbor... now with his troops apparently walking the streets of California since their occupation of San Diego during the US government shutdown created by interested foreign parties in the Trump administration cabinet manipulating him and others in Washington DC like pathetic puppets.  Some of us haven't forgotten Pearl Harbor, and none of America should, ever.  Forgive is one thing, and move on to current realities (not diplomatic pretenses and deceit), but to forget history and its causal elements is utterly foolish, for historic transnational political deceit, pretense, and sabotage are lessons in bold and brazen hypocrisy and treachery, rampant during the ongoing Hades=Vulkanus cluster of the last few years, and ready to escalate during 2020 when joined by a 32nd harmonic cluster with Neptune.  This is no time to dismiss reports on the rampant political deceit and naivete going on now as "cynicism", for the aforementioned cluster still presses relentlessly on the geodetic Ascendants of at least 2 of America's Vital national security ports, i.e. Seattle and New York, and moving toward Portland OR. Incoming political forces from every location within 2 degrees of 1:30 Fixed-sign geodetic MC, using both Grimm and Sepharial values, need constant vigiliance... Shanghai, Yaeyama and Senkaku Islands, Taipei, Qingdao (noting indicators of a revived fascist East Asia Prosperity Sphere fused with Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang pretenses), St-Peterburg, western Russia border areas and Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and even the Philippines in its current political turmoil and polarization, and central Indonesia south of there.  Who controls Tahiti (and French military agencies there) and the Anchorage region is critically vital to Pacific Rim security.  The same holds true for Argentina, the Chaco region, the Manaus region, and little Guyana, whose Jonestown involvements were indicated by FBI agents in the 1980s already as an area needing deep study and not dismissed as fleeting indicents.  The Moonie cult bases and operations in the Chaco region and Anchorage should be thoroughly scrutinized for foreign/transnational cult activities and operations.  With Neptune added to the mix in 2020, the Moonie shipping fleets around the Anchorage area may be criticall threats to US national security, which calls for thorough American surveillance of all US Pacific ports and coastlines, and weeding out of Moonie/Falun-affiliated or other foreign-affiliated agents from control of US Pacific seaports and coastline control, especially along the coastline of Washington state, Oregon, and the Vancouver-Victoria area in Canada. Add to that the Queen Charlotte Islands region in British Columbia and San Diego county in California. Subterfuge may accompany drug shipments, legal or illegal, oil shipments of oil and other liquids of any sort, with special attention to nocturnal shipments, especially those late at night when guarding may be assumed to be more lax and vulnerable to sabotage including via Sun Tzu guerrilla tactics.  The same issues apply for remote areas of Western Australia along its central and now eastern longitudes.  There is high risk (HA=VU) from laxity or "go with the flow" passivity in any of these areas, and drug-users among military personnel and/or guards should be weeded out meticulously as high-risk problems, including use of "anxiety-reducing" prescription drugs that may induce denial or indifference.  There's no place for "happy pills" in a danger zone, and people who think they need them need to be reassigned to other areas of less critical importance (HA=VU).

    Shinzo Abe, grandson of a key Japan Fascist Manchukuo military officer, who refused to acknowledge Japanese responsibility for the Nanking Massacre (in which treacherous Chinese Fascists also collaborated), and Japanese responsibility for the treachery and terrorism of the Pearl Harbor attacks (also facilitated by Axis Fascist agents in Hawaii), now is partly in charge of Japanese troops on US soil.  Add to that the deep-rooted control, political and economic, of Chinese nationalist elements in US Pacific states, while the East Asia Prosperity Sphere is clearly being revived behind deceptive political posturing, and the US Pacific coast as well as the area all around Greater New York (Sino-Japanese Kuomintang power hub including the Chao family) and it should be clear the Asian Nationalism is a very high-risk national security issue for Americans now, equal to any Russian issues and perhaps moreso due to the much larger presence.  The Moonie cult network, created by Japanese military intelligence ops, has not disappeared, but only morphed once again, and the 'Men Behind the Curtain tables on this website should help identify exactly where and how their Sun Tzu guerrilla-type ops started and have morphed over time.  The author has no doubt that they are now rampant and more powerful than ever, and they are attempting to use elements of the 'people of color' network as a subversion tool in America, just as, per the summaries of declassified WW2 national security documents published by various authors, the Asian wing of the Fascist Axis attempted to do in the 1940s.  Those pushing for rapid and unregulated immigration now are faciliting what could turn into serious nationwide chaos, as if the recent arrests of Asian mafia elements in San Francisco for weapons trafficking is not enough to warrant intensified caution rather than surrender to aggressive immigration promotion by transnationally-interested political lobbies -- and a revival of a drug culture is a recipe for potential chaos, which the NE=HA=VU configuration is capable of delivering via drugs, air, sea, and nocturnal subterfuge.  That's where US national security concerns should be focused as much as anywhere else... and on cults, another potential manifestation.  Washington DC.... Don't focus all your attention impeachment hearings, because there are other problems of equal importance, perhaps more subtle and almost certainly more deceptive.  The author stands by the view that "America is being Shanghaied", on both coasts and via All political parties infused with foreign agents with foreign interests (including some 'third parties').  Trump's greatest liabilities are, ironically per his political rants, agents of foreign interests in his own cabinet, and the same is true of those opposing him. Transnational lobbyists and politicians are playing America like a multicultural orchestra with lederhosen and lutes lulling America to sleep in a dream world headed for corporatist globalism now in control of most media, and capable of manipulating the public via treacherous double-speak political cults that seem to be proliferating recently.

    Invasive data technology like Facebook should be put under full control of US Congress and purged of foreign agents and foreign-born contractors or there could be chaos. Facebook allowed a page plagiarizing the name of my website and snarkily responded that they did not have to remove the 'facepage'... who knows what's real and what's not on their puerile gameboard game?  Foreign-born power-brokers or 'investors' come to the USA and entertain themselves with America like it's a zoo full of animals in cages they control, and that needs to be recognized and contained. Even Ancestry websites have been invaded by transnational elements who, among the speculations of Americans genuinely unsure of ancestral connections, intentionally creatining false relationships while using US Census and other national historical records, data that should also continue to be controlled by US Congress and not 'foreign investors' wanting to play game with America's history while they "redefine" it, including by posting Confederate flags alongside people who were Unionists, and apparenlty intentionally fabricating fake family relationships with foreign agents claiming non-existant American family ties.  The "inclusion" fad, in many areas, appears to go beyond American social unity efforts allowing foreign subversion and advocacy for measures antithetical to US national security like advocacy for relinquishment of US military bases and alliances in areas now critical in monitoring the rising power in the East China Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. Immigration advocacy has gone beyond civil rights protection issues into lobbying by invasive foreign interests, and there is urgent need to scrutinize the difference far more carefully, prudently, and foresightedly, rather than the recent bandwagon pep-rally tactics.  People need to think things through in greater depth, and stop "going with the flow" of what are sometimes manipulative political cults.  People need to go to the library and do their research in solid references before parroting the dogma of group leaders, lobbyists at work or on the streets, or tee-vee blurbs, and if there is no time for it, then remain neutral until more certifiable facts are available. We have experienced political leaders in office who understand issues in ways the general public may not, and rookies entering the scene there may be relatively ignorant of the complexity of issues, not to mention first-generation Americans who usually have relatively little idea of what America is really all about, and have no right to "Redefine America" according to the viewpoints of someone from somewhere else.

    For years, the influence of lobbyists in US (and state) government has been lamented, but rarely has it been noted how often the lobbyists represent foreign and potentionally colonizing-objective interests.  The Moonie/Falun network, not as well understood by the public as should be, are prime example, and geodetics show the Moonie network to have been in the middle of the Watergate mess as well the many pushes before and since then for Privatization followed by relinquishment to control that includes foreign takeovers.  In some cases, the foreign interests have been primarily German, and in others East Asian, going back decades and yet steadily increasing over time by some of the most diabolical methods typical of the tricks of Sun Tzu and Metternich, whose methods formed the groundwork of World War 2 Axis Fascism as well as of hostile foreign Communist ploys, sometimes even overlapping in situations of expediency (the German-Russian and Sino-Japanese-German or Russian pacts of Both World Wars being examples).  Americans too often forget that the rest of the world is not grounded in American ideals of democracy, still sometimes as imperfect as they may be, but rather mutations of monarchism or feudal systems that may or may not include any democratic sentiments at all.  Very few other countries share decades and now couple-of-centuries-old American ideal goals of democracy and egalitarianism to start with, and for the sake of national cohesion and survival, America needs to fix its own historic internal imperfections before turning the USA into an adjunct of the United Nations or suservient to other nations.

    In the past I made the mistake of parroting "America is a nation of immigants" because I taught immigrants and sympathized with their challenges, and heard the stories of the honest as well as saw a few deported for entry under false pretenses, but the fuller truth is that "America is a nation of natives and immigrants" and always has been, and the US Constitution makes it clear the immigrants don't get to move here and become President.  Sorry, Arnold. Just because Sacramento made a mistake at one point by making you Koenig, doesn't mean Washington DC should repeat the disastrous mistake, and just exactly what is your "Grass Roots Revolution" Plan???  Modeled on your Nazi daddy's values, or echoing your past stated admiration for Adolf Hitler?  Just as importantly, who ran your campaign?  Geodetic alignments may give some hints, along with hints of who runs Merkel and Shinzo and various Asian mafia figures wringing their hands in anticipation of more California real estate and political office acquisition.

    January 2020 shows potential for increased corruption and chaos in San Francisco and Sacramento due to the November 2011 election results, and show geodetically to possibly directly due to the Japanese Marine invasion of San Diego, as a precursor and warning, during the US government shutdown affecting the Port of San Diego.  Washington DC had better get unquestionably American troops back in Alameda and San Diego both, and California politicans need to yield to Washington or else risk potential political chaos already showing sparks on the streets, and humiliation for shortsightedness.. and all done while keeping Asian or any other brand of foreign nationalists Out of any sort of national security functions.  America doesn't need any more Tokyo Roses or roaming Kempeitai agents than it does Silvershirts Nazi puppets; and resigning in shame to foreign influences due to shame over "White Privilege" rhetoric is pure stupidity. Are we expected to turn the wheel over to Tokyo or the Shanghai-Taipei mafia or to Arnold and Angie?  Putin is not running the only game in the background while America "dreams" and "smokes a big doobie" and "just believes", or else bathes in overflowing wealth and selfishness.  

    All political parties need to focus back on the realities in the here and now, and leave the dreams for nap time. Watching the video of Shinzo at Pearl Harbor with Obama is highly instructive and worth a thousand words, as is Shinzo's weird drone-speech there as well as his shamelessly stupid but calculatingly charming "goat stories" in US Congress.  Weird but potentially treacherous grandson of Manchurian Fascist military governors, trespassing in US Congress, belittling the Japanese treachery at Pearl Harbor and terrorist murders in Nanking as US ships (e.g. Panay) harbored nearby and the criminal humiliation and abuse of Korean comfort women, while trumpeting the casualties of the Hiroshima bomb that shut down the East Asian Prosperity war machine until it resurfaced in San Diego in January 2018 and was set up to roam the streets of California while Elaine Chao's devoted husband shoved through a bill to minimize funding to keep San Diego safe from invaders and America's streets safe from chaos.

    Is someone under the illusion that Japanese troops will keep Chinese agents in California under control?  If so, they don't know much at all about East Asian history or politics, especially about Sun Tzu 'diplomacy' tactics and pretense.  There is still too little understanding of how Japanese covert operations have influenced China's internal policies almost non-stop since 1945 despite the Communist flag-waving, and the geodetic lineups may reveal some important indicators.  For example, the chaos of China's "Cultural Revolution" lay China wide open to Japanese infiltration including via the fake "Japanese Red Army" lingering Japanese alliances among Chinese politicians including the "Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee", and Chinese opportunists who cared only about the money (the "It's Money!" and who cares where it came from crowd) and nothing about political ramifications. Mammonists, as can be found anywhere else on the globe. Shanghai, where Vulkanus still lingers, is the melting post of Chinese and Japanese mafia money, as are Qingdao and all of Taiwan, and part of Manchuria, tied by 11:15 angle (32nd harmonic) directly to Hongkong.... i.e. China Trade traffic with the Americas, with the Elaine Chao shipping dynasty (now or recently sitting on the board of at last Five major US nationwide banks), rooted in Sino-Japanese Kuomintang military assets right in the middle of it all. 

    That Sino-Japanese financial/political/military network, now in the middle of US nationwide banking and in the Trump cabinet and with arms-reach of Fort Knox, via the agency of Elaine Chao, was proposing their Privatization of the US national transportation network (which can or does include National Security vital US seaport and riverport cities).  What should be enacted, by contrast, is the Nationalization of the Chao shipping empire assets, built largely on profits from US trade, rooted in shipping profits from the Vietnam War, and once confiscated by the US government could begin paying off the US national debt while possibly paying it off in full once the Foremost Shipping Line and other Asian-coopted lines like the now Neptune-Asian-run US President Lines are run by and for the US Navy and accountable to US Congress.  That could end one of the key tools used by the Moonie-affiliated and various Asian "China Lobbies" to wag America by the tail and make America America Again. Trump's transgressions may possibly be only small potatoes by comparison what Chao, and also Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger have gotten away with, and Democrats may be surprised at how often Chao is tied to to Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC interests.  "Asian Century" is a plan indeed, not abandoned, as is German control of Europe via treaties slammed through by the machine that runs Angela Merkel.  These are every bit as disadvantageous to American interests as anything coming from Russia, although the huddles between Merkel and Putin and Chinese and Japanese (and Malaysian) interests in recent years indicate that the rest of the world may not be playing by any of the rules that Washington DC things are the way things are done.  Again, I hope the geodetic lineups will unravel what's going on behind deceptive diplomatic ploys and confusion over what's transpiring in the corridors of power (Vulkanus). That power, combined with Hades and Neptune, both, in 2020, indicates potential of political treachery at a level rare in human history, and which will require constant vigilance and sobriety to navigate through.  Fortunately, it will phase out a the end of 2020, at which time much political intrigue maybe resolved -- but be ready for a year-long escalation to unfold in January.

    Putin and/or Russia may or may not be complicit, but to focus on him or Russia alone as saboteurs of American interests is foolishness. Another book to ponder, in additon to Sun Tzu's Art of War and the books by Sterling Seagrave incluing the first, unrevised and timeless 1995 and still-revealing version of Lords of the Rim, is Li Yutang's "My Country and My People", where Li, a recognized scholar of Chinese cultural traditions and though compared to American traditions and thought. Although written in 1939, it a rare level of depth due to Li's scholarship and time in the USA, and a level of candor now rare due to today's Chinese mafia and lobbyng organizations' pressures to censor publishers to make China "save face".  Interestingly, Li also covers how many in China hoped for reconcilitation after reforms in Japan, to moved toward what took shape as the Greater East Asia Prosperity plan touted by the Asian Fascists and eventually openly by the Chinese Communist Party after Deng Xiaoping "took the helm of the Chinese ship" and advocated for an "Asian Century" that he reported seemed a remote possibility in the 1980s but is feasible now, and was to include India as well as reconciliation with Japan.  This is what is occurring now behind Asian diplomatic pretense, replete with regional conferences still touting the "Asian Century" goal, which matches precisely what is occuring in California via CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, so Wake Up, Hello, America.  Washington state and Oregon may also be in the hopper ready to process and "Redefine America". Spotlight on the new San Francisco government of January 2020... looks like it could be a key cog in the Asian Century plan for America.  So, get those troops in Alameda and across the Bay Area, regardless of political party... this is about saving America, not Democratic or Republican partisan confusion.

    If Anchorage is under Moonie control or surveillance, then Denver has got to the the American stronghold, with Atlanta in the back seat, and Chao's dual allegiances flushed out of greater Cincinnati, near the old NAM Natl Assoc of Manufacturers hub, as well as Atlanta.  This is no time to let foreigners run America anymore, no matter what party they are cloaking themselves in.  America must not be the rest of the world's playtoy anymore, and that means Thiels out of any sort of government or security function, as well.  Americans need to unite and not be divided by foreign elements and machinations, not anymore, Democratic, Republican, or any other party. There's nothing wrong with "Birthers"... in fact, they are vital now for America, as they are for the national stability of any other country on the planet.  And it was Internationalism as much as Nationalism that brought about the World Wars, in various ways.  Transition to globalism must be slow, steady, and monitored step by step in line with public opinion -- while shipping people around in droves is what totalitarian Nazism and Communism did, creating as much havoc and wars as did nationalism hitched to bloodthirst and terrorism.  The Shinzo and Merkel machine veiled neo-fascist plans need to be shoved back, and while many of Pope Francis's his stances have been admirably humanitarian, like defending children from sexual abuse,and the comparison to Ratzinger is relatively benign, some of Pope Francis's positions are naive, like advocating that the poor eat bacteria-exposed dumpster food, that accelerated and chaotic migration is a good idea, or giving in to Japanese tactics to make Japan look like the innocent victim of World War 2.  It will be interesting to see how the errors of the Vatican in and after WW2 will be justified, including the many claims that the Vatican facilitated the harboring of brutal Nazi war criminals in Spain and South America, regardless of the efforts of some genuine Christians among the church to actively counter or neutralize Nazi and Fascist brutality and terror.

    As Jews were among the main, but not the only, victims of Nazi brutality, and were central in exposing Nazi crimes against humanity, there was relatively little information on the brutality of the Asian Fascists, except maybe reports from Australia, and even less on Chinese Fascist complicity with Fascist Japan, which even American missionaries reported on, including in the Rape of Nanking.  Today, in assessing yesterday's and today's fascism, Chinese Fascism must not be overlooked, as it may have actually increased; nor should Russian Fascism and complicity with the Axis powers -- or the "One World" plan promoted by Nazi-backed Wendell Willkie and Chinese Fascists ready to team up with Japan.  Chinese Fascism is in part at the root of the recent Asian Mafia crimes that have been prosecuted in San Francisco by the FBI, where only the tip of a huge transnational iceberg was contained, and which may be related to what was reported, in Chinese, by journalist Henry Liu, gunned down in his driveway in suburban San Francisco in the 1980s; and almost certainly to the facts reported by Sterling Seagrave in his several books on East Asian organized crime, including in the first unrevised edition of 'Lords of the Rim'.  These issues are now of more critical importance then ever as Vulkanus power accumulates in the cities of the East China Seacoast and reach across the oceans including into Washington DC via the Chao family shipping empire, as well as the self-labeled 'secret societies' of Chinatowns across the USA and globally, from San Francisco to Seattle to Los Angeles to Chicago to Houston to New York and elsewhere.  When Hongkong suburb's Taishan China's Shrimp Boy Chow said "he runs this city" in San Francisco, he may have had delusions of grandeur about thinking he was the main one in charge, but the comment was not without profound significance.  Teachers who lived through Leland Yee's control of the SF School Board knew his "anti-corruption" campaign was a fraud, and readers of Seagrave know what a common hypocritical public relations tactic that is in Chinese mafia circles, and should see right though the slimy tactics of the Moonies and their Falun Gong stage theatrics branch.  It's all in correlation with the current East China Sea Vulkanus power tied to the underworld activities of the Golden Triangle mafia and its global paramlitary operations and weapons and drug trafficking, plus add the Neptune angle throughout 2020 shown to be tied to the Marshall Islands (incl Moonie colonies), any islands due south of there, Siberian areas to the north, Golden Triangle mafia possibly operating in or supplying Mexico, organized crime colonies in eastern Iceland, and at the far west tip of Africa that may be tied to partners in Egypt or Turkey.

    Few may be aware of the "Hajj" network ties between the Middle East and China and Japan that began around WW2 and and manifest in the mid-1960s in at the mid-1960s Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Hajj meetings with the Muslim World League, and may be linked to the Taliban control areas along the India-Pakistan border as well as northward into Central Asian borders with Xinjiang... terrorist networks that may now be causing havoc in India, clearly in Pakistan, and in Xinjiang in ways that should not be overlooked in wading through the barrage of propaganda emanting from typically deceptive Chinese organized crime networks located mostly in coastal regions and near the Golden Triangle, and in Hongkong. The world would be wise to not take sides on the Hongkong situation until all the facts are in, so don't jump on any bandwagons that may lead to a gang-infested neighborhood near you, as political propaganda and 'soft power' strategy are subtle and long-cultivated Fine Arts in Chinese and Japanese culture that can cause confusion in the unwary.  Li Yutang's book is among those that explain the mechanics of the cultural traditions, which the whole world would be wise to study as the "Asian Century" advocates rage forward at the Vulkanus speed of light with what one old uranian astrologer equated with the "Five-Year Plan" approach.  Ignore what is transpiring in East Asia now only at your own risk, unless you want to get Mowed Over... at night or while asleep at the wheel, since Vulkanus now couples in 2020 with both Hades and Neptune.  Of course, not all East Asians are complicit, but the gangsters who badger them, and anyone else nearby are, and they run Chinatowns.  It's time overdue to get to the root of the Moonie problem before the Moonies are crowning themselves King or Queen in the United Nations, or cutting deals with the old Eurofascist machine, which may have already started, as in Schwarzenegger's "Grassroots Revolution"?  It stinks so. There may be a time-bomb under the pretty wrapping-paper. And Arnold has his Austrian citizenship still lined up, requiring "special approval" from the Austrian government, in case he needs to skip the country on a "Star Wars spaceship".

    Probably none of the mess will be fixed until Thiel, Schwarzenegger, Chao, and that CAPAC fixtures (the New Pearl Harbor) and the phony 'Tea Party' cult (aping WW2 fascist subversion cults) that Thiel's machine and others similar, are thrown out of US government, for they are the New Fascism (imported, please note), woven into the Trump administration but also quirky and lost elements of the Democratic Party as well, and brought in via govt deregulation and privatization) cloaked in various combinations of deceptive populist-type veneer (Tea Party one example, fake imported and copied German "Antifa" ((part of Schwazi's "Grass Roots Revolution?)) another, and now the foreign-run Jayapal and Ocasio-Cortez "Antifa"-type left-rhetoric-babblers possibly tied to the Hindu guru machine now manipulating the naive and maybe sleepwalking Trudeau in Canada). Geodetics verify that CAPAC is rooted historically in Soong family lobbies including the highly manipulative and wily old Kuomintang/Chiang Kaishek/Soong machine with his heavy-lobbying Soong (Bank of China) wife "Mme Chiang" and their covert Japanese Fasicst allies now manipulating every political party in the USA because we have forgotten who they are; their closely allied Claire Chennault machine through Asian ties of his wife (who functioned much as Elaine Chao does now to Mitch McConnell, and as Mme Chiang/Soong wanted to be to presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, and who has been credited by some as "creating the China Lobby") ... these issues should be familiar to truly American China-watchers).  Much, although not all, of that crypto-imported crap is run from the "Stanford Research Institute" offices nationwide, and/or the Univ of Southern California (private and so bought-off school) via the "Schwarzenegger Global Institute" and a Japanese (and historical-revisionist) element that lingers there with him in the background, likely Sony-affiliated.


    It may take all of 2020 if not longer to get them out, and meanwhile their foreign branches, or controllers, are woven as well into European and Asian politics, but also other foreign fascist interest running the Univ of Chicago, USC, and other private or "privatized" universities now run by "businesspeople" instead of real scholars, i.e. the greedy and shallow rather than the wise, and the same applies to the corruption of US Congress where the wise have been replaced by the greedy, or now puerile imported fools run by foreign money.  The Terminators of America (incl Schwazi, Chao, Thiel, and other representatives of the oligarchies that created WW2 Fascism) have no place in American politics, but they have gotten there via "redefinition of America" and mostly Privatization replacing legitimately elected Government anyway, via stealth tactics, for now and hopefully not forever.  Franklin Roosevelt knew all this long ago, and had 

    The invading Asian Law Caucus, dependent on increased importation of voters to put and keep them in office, are as treacherous as the Eurofascists, although wielding different rhetoric, and they operate through wealthy real-estate cartels, using cults and deceptive political lobbying propaganda that accompanies 'free meals' for the elderly, disabled, and destitute being mowed over by the 'foreign investment' onslaught that is functionally colonizing sectors of some US states.  Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger loves Hongkong... look to the geodetic lineups for his election and political office, back and forth to plot with Merkel, who also flies to Kuala Lumpur now and again to get a German toehold in Malaysia and the sea routes between China and India and Europe as well as Australia.

    2020 may see a historical height of global stealth politics, most effective on the naive, drunk, drugged, or othwise unwary. Don't drink the martinis at political conferences unless you know who mixed them.


2019Nov05 (edited Nov12): Recent FBI Announcements:

    This is a time in US history when the public needs to listen to and digest statements issued by the FBI, including those on the FBI website, which has recently included important announcements on nationwide issues.

    Not that assumptions made along the way are fully conclusive in any investigation, but these are important truisms announced on the website of the FBI, which is obligated to, and often adheres to, assumed requirements to be non-partisan in assessment of facts that may nonetheless implicate political parties or organizations, to focus strictly on issues of US public safety and security, and to serve the interests of the United States and American public as a whole. In assessment of political events and realities, public discussions which are vital to the survival of democracy, the following are important:  

    1) Conspiracy is real, while 'conspiracy theories' may or may not be real -- this paraphrased from a recent announcement made by Robert Mueller. The statement appeared to imply that, while conspiracy theories may be dismissed as lacking evidence and validity, conspiracies do occur and have occurred in reality.  If conspiracy theories are presented, they need scrutiny via analysis of facts and their implications.  This is something that a democracy insures that the public is able to do via public education and objective and sensible provision of facts to the public, something promoted by policies such as California's "Sunshine Law", which democracy all across the USA might benefit from, assuring open government and accountability of public officials to the public.  This is vital during configurations such as the recent and current HA=VU cluster (using 2 degree secondary orb), and will be much moreso in 2020 due to the addition of Neptune to the cluster via 32nd harmonic/11:15 angle/'aspect'.  This is no time to replace critical thinking in public education with religious speculations or theatrics designed to manipulate emotions to overwhelm reason and focus on the the logical processing and assessment of facts, including humane and social considerations.  And no time to take more drugs or pop more feel-good denial pills.

    2) Foreign meddling in US elections has been and is real and not mere theory.  This includes overly abundant lobbying tactics (like friendly but hypocritical nudges, free trips and meals and accommodations accompanying sessions intended to indoctrinate, and "deals" that sometimes prove to be sour, where "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't"; or the fine print below the dotted line contradicts or makes void much or most of what appears above.  

    It seems this should also include the premise that early conclusions on exactly where foreign interference comes from may change as additional evidence is brought to light, and the truth is particularly at risk when foreign intelligence is presented in the self-interest of foreign agencies (intentionally or not). In the course of analyzing global geodetic alignments intensively over the last 5 years, including continual reference to printed encyclopedias published in the USA, France, and Germany, as well as history references written by recognized scholars, military analysts, and investigative reporters, I have seen a pattern confirming the premise that most of the USA's most controversial and erroneous foreign policy moves were due to reliance on data or reports from self-interested and sometimes intentionally misleading foreign agents or agencies, including foreign agencies operating inside the United States. From that I would conclude that this is Not a time to increase involvement of foreign nationals in forming US policy, but rather that it is a time to Decrease reliance on data from foreign nationals and agents -- and that the current fad of blanket promotion of increased transnational participation in domestic government functions in the United States is a Grave Error, of very high risk.  Astrologically, the manifestation of such problems correlates with the recent and current transit of Vulkanus in critical angle to the Ascendants of the USA 1776 chart as well as more recent transits to the geodetic Ascendants of strategical coastal cities in the USA (and Canada also, at about the same time) that are critically vital to US national security... Vancouver, then Seattle and Portland; DC region, then Philadelphia, New York, and Long Island, and soon Boston; Ottawa, and soon Montreal. Recent foreign power impact at these locations should be heavily scrutinized for their impact on US and Canadian national security and public stability.  This can and should be done without promoting "hatred" or animosity, and it does require scrutiny of national allegiances including preoccupation with promotion of interest of immigrant groups, specifically per the geodetically-indicated and verified various CAPAC "Asian Pacific"-affiliated and other Chinese and Japanese nationalist ambitious recently joined by Hindu nationalist advocacy and Ryukyu-region Japanese military agents), as well as European and other nationalist (incl EuroUnion promotion as well as Russian border-region, German or Russian or Ukrainian nationalist) organizations and agents, not to mention Turkish, Egyptian, and South African interests that may in some cases amount to little more than foreign nationalist manipulation of US policy for commercial, economic, and/or political reasons.  

       In analyzing such issues, adequate attention needs to remain focused on the substantial influx of uber-wealthy organized crime fused with Chinese and Japanese money and immigration, particularly since the abandonment of Hongkong by emigres moving largely to US Pacific coast cities.  The FBI was challenged at the time of sentencing criminal kingpins by charges that the identification of a largely racially-defined criminal network, which often advocates politically for racially-defined rights and interests, was engaging in "racial profiling" demanding increased participation of members of the social group under scrutiny in FBI and other policing and investigative functions. Surrender to such demands may provide opportunities for profiled groups to insure lack of bias, but it also allows for profiled groups to monitor investigations, access past records of suspected criminal activities, and potentially cover up or give advance-notice to lucrative criminal enterprises of the past and/or underway, or even use such privileges to smear or frame whistle-blowers and other critics.  When assisted by teams of special-interest lawyers highly familiar with US laws, like the Asian Law Caucus, this can be used also to deliberately abuse and manipulate the US legal system to the advantage of foreign interests, and there is much evidence that this has in fact been done, and continues.

    Of particular interest are the geodetic planetary alignments within 1/2 degree showing correlations between the shutdown (temporary or permanent) and/or privatization of US military and other government facilities (including universities, even), with the Rise to Power of foreign agencies or foreign-backed lobbies encroaching on the operation of those facilities and agencies once intended to serve the interest of the United States and its citizens.  The examples are clear, and I have identified them below at various points in the past.  The reaction is loud clamor from foreign-nationalist networks within the Asian Law Caucus accompanying stealth tactics, or usually more quiet (perhaps due to past identification during wartime), seasoned, as well as stealthy moves by German, Russian, and Ukrainian nationalist networks.    

    What is of urgent importance right now, before the Winter Solstice chart of December 2019 kicks fully in, with its potentially highly-problematic and stealthy NE=HA=VU 32nd harmonic cluster, coming from locations delineated below, is a tightening of reins on immigration as well as temporary border crossing including via boat or plane, along with control of such regulations by agencies clearly divorced from foreign nationalist interests, and this requires a decrease rather than an increase of, or indifference to, foreign nationals and naturalized citizens in US national security functions -- immediately and urgently. NE=HA=VU should be a year of investigating foreign meddling and subversion, not inviting it or dismissing it as "conspiracy theory", because it is not mere theory, as anyone paying attention to recent international events, with intent to objectivity, can see, if factual data on such activities are disclosed to the public as they should be.  It came to my attention recently, for example, that in addition to the rather conspicuous spread of Asian organized crime in California, that affiliated organizations of the McVeigh/Strassmeier Eurofascist terrorist network in center of the USA were still functioning and cultivating diplomatic overtures with (sometimes politically naive or confused) locals, and that a strange "Neo-Confederate" movement was spreading while selling Confederate uniforms and paraphernalia that could be made and sold from most any country on the globe "reenacting" a very sick, dangerous, and deadly period of US history.  Many may not remember that the "Confederate States" movement and operations were egged on by economically-competing foreign interests of that era, not always official government tactics, and geodetics shed light on what some of the sources may have been then, and may be now in the "reenactments"... I have summarized some related points in the immediately following paragraphs.

    At this point, it should also be pointed out again how, as President Gore, elected but never served as US President, pointed out several years ago -- the "turtle on the fencepost did not get there by himself", and now geodetics make clear that this applied not only to George Bush, but perhaps more importantly to Donald Trump as well (in addition to Bush's father, Reagan, Herbert Hoover, and others).  Their common denominator is the presence of family-network representative Elaine Chao in their cabinet as the Shanghai coastal region has become a key global financial, military, and political lobbying power hub, now joined by the Peter Thiel family network (which shows geodetically to be a likely "heir", along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the Kissinger political machine as Palin-booster Henry winds down. Impeaching Trump may achieve little to nothing if Chao and Thiel and their banker- and tech-industry affiliations and agents remain around the White House.  No American political party is absent of their tentacles, as both have "bipartisan" allies from coast-to-coast.  Those judges who defended organizations like "Citizens United" may regret their decisions soon, or at least they should.  The naivete of those politicians and businesspeople who have put blind trust in foreign political machinations, self-interested technology contractors, and slimily "persuasive" influence-peddling (that sometimes borders on "love-bombing" or even NLP fast-sell tactics) has reached beyond the point of disgusting and inexcusable, no party excepted.  NE=HA=VU could see such machinations escalate to the point to where they are impossible to be unaware of by the end of 2020.. .and yet that configuration also gives the power of political investigative agencies to rout out their influence, while there will no doubt be floods of crocodile tears as the transnational criminals claim hypocritically that they are "persecuted", "victims of profiling", etc, etc, as the Moonies and Falunies and their affiliated Gangster networks are widley known for already. A few books on the history of the Far East will make that clear, but all too many Americans have never read any of them. A good start is the books of Sterling Seagrave, almost indispensible as a Tidal Wave of Asian mafia global expansion is already unfolding.  Only fools and the complicit would ignore these realities... the Vulkanus in the aforementioned cluster is lined up in conjunction with the Shanghai-Taipei-Qingdao-Dalian longitudinal axis, the hub of one of the most potent organized crime networks on planet Earth, fused with the Golden Triangle at critical 22.5 angle to the east (and which could fully engulf Thailand, Malaya, and Singapore in coming years.  With NE=HA=VU, the methods are prone to be Stealth, and trigger memories of the era of Vietnam War guerrilla warfare (where America fought wars for Chinese and Japanese benefit.. and one should also note who got the spoils after the Iraq wars. Washington DC has not yet learned that foreign advisors most often advise to foreign benefit).  American cannot compete when dumbed-down on No Child Left Behind, smoking or popping drugs, or mesmerized by hand-held computers to the point of ignorance of surrounding reality. The "snooze ya lose" principle will be glaringly obvious by the end of 2020, but hopefully sooner. Competitors and even enemies want their opponents zoned out on chemicals, smoke, and fantasy dreams instead of verifiable reality.  Walter Mondale was almost prophetic when he answered with nothing but "Who's in Charge?" in debates with leaders who functioned as little more than Manchurian Candidates on remote control -- but the message was sent too soon for most Americans to understand the meaning and profundity of impact. Gore's "Turtle on the fencepost" was a more vivid and possibly comprehensible, thought-provoking image, since 40 years later people who shouldn't have still "believed" that rambling actors on stage were real, or that Herbert Hoover, long known as the most dismal and incompetent failure in the US President's office, a puppet of foreign banking interests who nearly led America into complete collapse and implosion, once again became a hero to fools in Washington DC... they thought he was creating a globalist economics future until Americans from coast-to-coast fell into a dismal depression, in every sense of the word.  It could happen again unless Americans wake up instead of taking more drugs and believing in dream-worlds while America melts and turns into modeling clay for foreign interests to mold and "redefine" as a colony or a set of foreign colonial occupation zones, which is very Retro, not Future. 


Intended to post 2019Oct12, but edited for errors and updated Oct24: The Merkel Machine, Schwarzenegger, old Asian mafia Connections, changes in Post-USSR Russia and their origins and global ripple effect, and recent public discussions on the streets of the USA about how "We Lost World War 2":

    It is not my intent to overlook Russian sources of any of the following problems, where they do truly exist, but I do rely on routine reading of international news reports since the early 1970s, reference to enyclopedias for historical background.  This has been coupled with ongoing study of international affairs and foreign language and linguistic studies involving analysis of the history and culture of various countries and national cultures.  Clearly, Russia is not the only perpetrator in recent global problems affecting the USA adversely, as geodetic alignments will show, always to be verified by objective data and news reports, as geodetic alignments alone are not sufficient evidence without confirmation.  Focus on Russia as a source of problems should not be dropped, but neither should it be or become the sole focus.  Reasons for this are delineated in recent and post-1940s books written by scholars and diplomats such as TH Tetens, Joseph Wechsberg, Charles R Ashman, Tony Matthews, Mark Felton, and Sterling Seagrave. Many reports have verified that some of the most serious incidents in US history revolved around naturalized citizens sent to the USA to spy and subvert, and this should not be forgotten, and anyone with any depth of knowledge of the history of foreign subversion operations in the USA knows this; and if they won't acknowledge it, there is cause for scrutiny of why.

    On the Russia topic, Russia and Russians have been one of the main targets of American scrutiny and suspicion for over 100 years, at least since the onset of the Russian revolutions, and as a result little goes on in or with Russia that is not put under the microscope.  In contrast, we have in recent years seen unwise politicians refer to the German government and military as a "trusted ally" despite the many past German refugees in the US who know better, and the same true of Japan.  Furthermore, there is a now very important lack of American public understanding of the actual politics and military operations of China, both during and since World War 2.  When I went to Chinese bookstores in San Francisco and was refused sale of an atlas and map of China unless I revealed the reason why, it became clear that store-owners had something to hide, for while they had ample access to maps of the United States and individual states for analysis or study for any reason including military, as an American citizen in my own country, I was being refused sale of maps of China to engage in study of Chinese locations and geographic features without disclosing why.  In one case, I walked away without the atlas by refusing to give my name, address, and phone number; and in the other case the question was asked as I was being handed the map, and knew to secure it before giving an answer, although I lived in the neighborhood and was therefore identifiable by the store-owners.  My motive then was nothing but scholarly inquiry and fascination and even admiration for the high points of Chinese culture, and yet, that and subsequent events in following years led me to include locations of Chinese military facilities in my geodetic studies, especially as Chinese nationalist organizations have steadily placed more and more members and advocates in California public and political offices, often focusing primarily on promoting Chinese nationalist interests over those of their country of current residence, the United States. Years of study of Chinese history and politics as an inexplicable obsession at times, in addition to a university course in Chinese history where I read and re-read the texts over the years with fascination, were finally explained as I saw the unfoldment of powerful Chinese and Asian nationalist lobbies in the USA... as if somehow an inner instinct was preparing me for the realities of years ahead.  And so my criticisms of Chinese politics is not due to ignorance, but rather to a considerable amount of study of the topic, mostly substantial independent reading, mixed with a course in Chinese history and analyses of Chinese culture in university muliticultural studies courses, as well as many social and academic interactions and discussions.  I'm a bookworm driven by a passion for knowledge, and not a socializer... my drive is for depth of understanding of profound social realities rather than superficial pleasantries or light entertainment.

    Add to this a previous focus here on German history and culture, mostly independent studies with some university coursework, and French and Spanish history relating to German history, and interactions involving translations that brought surprising, but forewarned, dealings with German military intelligence agents and affiliates.. and a fascination with things Russian as well, to discover the facts beyond the plethora of political propaganda.  A checkered personal academic undergraduate history, motivated in initial years only by knowledge, and foolishly/idealistically indifferent to academic formalities and 'requirements' until I realized maybe too late that the doggie has to jump through hoops to get the biscuit.  Ongoing health problems off and on throughout studies threw an extra big monkey wrench in the works, later complicated by social corruption and neo-cronyism that has contribued to the failures of many, including brilliant American teachers and professors who have lived on the streets, some dying there, having been replaced by people filling foreign-imposed quotas due to 'global' agreements and aggressive foreign lobbying set in motion in the 1990s and now mowing over America and its institutions with confident smirks as Vulkanus weighs heavily on key American chart Ascendants.  Indeed, the USA is looking like the infamous political cartoon of "poor" China as a pie or pizza being sliced up and eaten by foreign powers... starting gradually in the 1980s the tables have turned slowly and the knife is in the other hand, and events in Chinese as well as Japanese politics explain rather clearly why and how.  Americans have forgotten the story of the "One World" plan pushed by Mme Chiang Kaishek on the charmed and amenable 1940 US presidential candidate and Wall-Street/Privatization lawyer Wendell Willkie (with parallels to the Chao-McConnell duo all-to-evident to anyone who has studied that situation, including the Soongs and Chaos as near-neighbors on Long Island NY after "immigration" if not infiltration... summary in the Lasher biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, and "The Soong Dynasty" by Sterling Seagrave).

    Yet, the machinations from Germany and Austria by the Merkel-Schwarzenegger set are no less problematic.  Naive and/or greedy American business and political leaders have simply Sold Out America to foreign interests, so that almost all that is left of the American pizza is stale crust, crumbs, and chunks of meat that have fallen off in the process.  The greed-blinded would rather invest in cheap foreign labor than hire qualified Americans, which was the rotten recipe that led the USA into the Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, via the policies of Coolidge and Harding, with Herbie Hoover at the steering wheel and the imperial banks of Germany, China, and Japan in the engine sucking up the gas from the Teapot Dome oilfields, driving America into the ditch, with the help of recommendations from the Chamber of Commerce, rooted in Germany..  It took a Roosevelt to see what was happening and save America for Americans.  The biographies of Walter Liggett and John Hamill will make quite clear how the disastrous "laissez-faire" policies of Coolidge-Harding-Hoover led to the Great Depression, written in often humorous but true format to take the edge off the psychological depressions that unfolded across America due to the Great Depression.... the WW1 Central Powers and collaborators (including German-aligned elements in both China and Japan) had "won after all" via Hoover's ignorance and cupidity, and Old World politics of Sun Tzu and Metternich and Machiavelli fooled America into submission and near death.  It's happening again via the Chamber of Commerce's "Tea Party" and "Heritage Foundation" trickery, and their foreign-puppeteered Assange and Snowden shows and foreign control or manipulation of American media to turn their heads away from the truth, not to mention the fake, so-called "fundamentalist christian" churches and TV channels long funded by old Chinese, Japanese, especially now uber-wealthy Kuomintang, and German Central Powers and Axis Fascist money that have made fools of naive even if well-meaning Americans and of America itself at times, too many times.  Look at the history and foreign ties of the various "fundamentalist" churches and how they have been used to manipulate American economics and politics into foreign submission; for the geodetic alignments in the "Men Behind the Curtain" article make it rather clear where and how it's happened.

    Clearly, the solution requires authentic pride in and genuine understanding of America's history and institutions rather than foreign-run puppet shows that manifest as the Silvershirts and America First cults of the 1940s and again recently as the sham "Tea Party" and "Libertarian" clever foreign-run psy-ops, as well as others on the radical left, run from locations and by organizations also identified by geodetic aligments.  And note that Asian and German agents are stalking me almost daily in hopes of co-opting that information and twisting it to fit their agendas for an America of "Dying Old White Men" and a combination of "Asian Pacific" and Siemens-Euro plans designed Terminate the USA and its institutions, return it to colonial status replete with invading agents arriving daily, demanding takeover of US political offices,and doing so in all American political parties including via Trump, whose anti-foreign rhetoric is belied by Chao, Thiel, and at one time Ma, pushing the buttons and pulling the strings while Trump dances loudly on the stage.  The solution also appears to be bi-partisan in nature, as Democrats at the same time are pathetically dancing to the tune of the "Asian Pacific" liars and hucksters conquering America via real estate acquisitions and rent-gouging, manipulation of insurance costs, and privatizations/takeover of US institutions and infrastructure; and an apparent but subtle direct collusion between Chao and the Asian Pacific lobbies on the Pacific Coast, all united by Sino-Japanese Kuomintang-Communist collusion, the disgusting duplicity of Shinzo Abe and duplicitous CAPAC-affiliated "coalition ally" cults.  Obama's, the Bushes', Reagan's and in some ways to a lesser but significant degree even Clinton's and Carter's foreign policies have been manipulated by Asian mafia hypcrisy and double-dealing for decades, both parties weakened by slick foreign lobbying networks armed with teams of sleazy lawyers and advertisers, so that America's crust is all that's left while borders fade and cheese oozes in, ready for the oven.  If small-d democrats and small-l liberals don't get off the clamoring immigration-advocacy bandwagon, the USA may be headed for control by transnational neo-fascism presented as the alternative when the impact of the social chaos and instability begins to be too obvious to ignore or pretend away anymore... for it is indeed true that among the well-meaning and honorable immigrant populations are also mixed organized-crime gangsters and religious fanatics who have no fondness for America's founding institutions and indeed mock and deride them.  The "Change" MUST be slowed down to a trickle in 2020 as Neptune joins into the Hades Vulkanus cauldron, or the worst of such a potentially sneaky and deceptive combination could manifest... from most likely locations also indicated below, with some already evident and in the making.

    Also, the history of the Mormon church and its relationship the US government almost "from day one" of the the Momon organization is something I have intended to cover in detail but have not had time or mental focus to do yet, and maybe because its permuations since the 1980s are also needed to understand how that church is now a political force, in turn tied of course to the Romney family and political associates.  If Mormonism (long with its own military and once and maybe still its own bank, and with fortified colonies in Mexico near the US border) becomes increasingly Asian, don't be surprised, as the Moonie cult spy network has been courting and manipulating them for a few decades now and accelerating recently.  If Americans don't wake up to remembering why the US Constitution provided for separation of Church and State, and how foreign interests (like those always running the Mormon church) have manipulated American domestic and foreign policy, we could see the heights of religious hypocrisy and duplicity destroy the United States soon, as the Neptune element fusing in 2020 with the Hades Vulkanus cluster could unconsciously welcome disaster via fantasy beliefs.  Such a cluster does of course also indicate the potential for increased global climate problems including high winds and various types of storms coming from chaotic ocean currents, which may nonetheless taper off by early 2021, and can be resolved more effectively if humans take action to find and implement ways to calm the potential for storms.  Increased drug use clearly is a danger to globally-related political stability and should not be encouraged.  Neptune combined with Hades indicates the negative potential for 'laced' or contaminated drugs or even poisoning by stealth in very worst but plausible cases.  Meaning that anyone who must take a drug would be wise to scrutinize at every point just where it came from and what's in it.  Meanwhile, Hades is in Cancer, so that food poisoning or toxic spoilage or sloppy quality control are also real potential issues to be attentive to.


---- Original Oct 12 post delayed by need for error-editing and further reflection:

    Some have asked me to SUMMARIZE some of the KEY POINTS revealed by the "Men Behind the Curtain" geodetic tables, and I am here trying to do that again at this time within the confines of current urgent issues while sorting out the many global power-connections that have been elucidated by the tables.  The "Pivot to Asia" was high-impact and while in some ways, apparently temporarily beneficial, also clearly in the long run detrimental for the USA, probably explaining the fine print and deceptive language of the TPP.  Pay attention to the role of Arnold Schwazenegger in the Atlantic-Pacific overlaps, his schmoozing with the Merkel machine (i.e. German military intelligence), and his creepy "Grass Roots Revolution" plans. A pivot away from the German CDU/IDU network's obnoxious ambitions for global dominance was necessary, but the problem became just where to pivot to.  It should probably have been to local and domestic self-reliance, but greed got in the way, ultimately manifest in the Chao-manipulated tax cuts on the rich pushed through by her obedient pet poodle and "Old White Man" fool for a pretty face and transoceanically-washed billions for political campaigns, Mitch McConnell lovey-dove, true or not.  Have Americans not yet learned about the "Rule by Marriage" tactic so common in Old World politics for centuries (and arranged at the Moonie mass weddings as well as individually via "diplomacy")?  Apparenlty not enough Americans, including its economic and political leaders. Also study how Oyster Bay turned from a Roosevelt retreat into an Asian imperial dynasty palatial grounds.

   So I will start here and write as I am now able with an extra boost of good vitamins while badly-needed dental procedures are mysteriously sabotaged and delayed in a medical system still struggling with remnants of invasive transnational corruption, and the periodic body-slamming in public by Falungong/Moonie-type culties who know I have not been one to let Asian mafia harassment stop me from publicizing what the Sun Myung Moonie and Falun Gong cult network has done to America under the guise of its phony religious and "anticommunist" claims now made clearly fake by their schmoozing with the North Korean government in addition to their longtime ties to the Japanese Yakuza mob and the lowest sleaze of Chinese mafia networks.  No longer a "religious" person, I would say that if there has been an "Antichrist" manifest on Earth yet, it was Sun Myung Moon and his arms-trafficking children, for the "Antichrist" was to come from the East and be disguised as a Christian, and the two cults sunk their fangs into the San Francisco Bay Area during the dismantling of the Moscow and Beijing communist regimes they and the German BNDGestapo pillaged like vultures afterward, probably meaning the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang played a central role in collaboration with known radical-right German military intelligence operations rooted in the old Nazi network... and what has manifest today is what various news articles of the mid 1980s warned... that the global remnants of the old Fascist Axis network would head to Do the same to America after that.  Well, it's happening.  Can it be stopped?  Maybe. Would Russian interests of today's now politicall diverse Russia collaborate?  Maybe.  

    For history buffs, such a combination of Merkel, Schwazi, and Asian mafia (like Schwazi's movie connections) probably sounds like a revival of the old WW2 Axis network, and the reality is more likely that it's simply a resurfacing of it, as authentic and well-studied Naziwatchers know that the WW2 Axis survived in part through the "World Anticommunist League", which interestingly began as the "Asian People's Anticommunist League" aka Colonization League in still-semi-Japanese-run postwar Taiwan and Korea.  The APACL/WACL almost immediately included a postwar Nazi underworld military element that had to conceal identity, since Nazi war criminals were still "hunted" for years, whereas Japan Fascist and Chinese collaborator war criminals were allowed to run free, for the following reason.  That reason is that the Postwar Allied Powers (USA-Britain-France) were largely afraid of a Communist takeover of China, and so wanted Japan as an ally to prevent that, and were willing to make compromises, clearly unwise ones, to do so.  Whether Japan (or Germany) suddenly flipped from being a genocidal foe who took up Nazi Germany's plans between May and August 1945 to build a nuclear bomb (whereas the USA beat them to the draw) to drop on the USA along with Proto-ICBM missile technology also sent to Japan as the Nazis were "surrendering" in Germany and supposedly all committed suicide (many of whom simply went into hiding overseas) or were put in prison by the Nuremberg Trials (many not for long enough to be unable to resurface in Germany's politics and military intel operations).  Add that to the real threat of Russian (Soviet) missiles and nuclear weapons under development in 1945, crazy confrontations with Russia provoked by Germany's post-1945 Nazi underground psychological warfare and paramilitary machinations, and the USA (and Britain and France) were suddenly in an alliance that included Axis agents who proved rather soon to be subversive, manipulative, and unreliable.  This escalated as Germany pushed its way into NATO, despite protests of France because they Knew more than anyone how treacherous and hypocritical Germany's military and intelligence services had been and were still. (That's another story about how Germany's covert operations in France prior to the German trampling of Paris in 1940 were extensive, pervasive, and had manipulated much of France in diabolically deceptive ways, mocking French intelligence while Britain stood in shock over the fall of Paris as Nazi planes were on the way to pummel London for days on end.)

    Then, Merkel's recent double-edge praise of the "Anti-Hitler hero" among the "Valkyries".... well, they were indeed anti-Hitler, but they were also Nazis who simply thought Hitler "blew it" but they could of course implement his crimes more effectively and undetectably.  Those so-called "Anti-Hitler Nazis" were among the sources of much subversion in Canada and the USA when they were allowed to settle along the US-Canada border around New Brunswick and across from their George Lincoln Rockwell Pet so-called "American Nazi" zombie puppet cult in Maine.  Merkel, of course, could not be where she is today politically and not know the anti-Hitler label was and is a Nazi ruse/trick, and so she has once again been as bold as the old Nazis in her diplomatic deceit and treachery, while it seems she is only doing what she is told will Serve the Fatherland, as all good Nazis have always done if they wish to avoid the possibility of undesirable consequences, so it's "Jawohl, Herr Kommandant" or else. Germany gathers more of our data through the Siemens Cloud (which they have subtly forced on Microsoft via Siemens Windows fusions) than any petty American cellphone company could spy on her chatter with the Gestapo.  However, the Valkyrie trick-comment should finally show Europe once and for all that revived Austro-German Nazism is only trying to look like the Gingerbread Cottage Witch that was ready to shove Hansel and Gretel into the oven, and that Schwarzenegger is her Sergeant Schulz on a field trip away from Stalag 13 to the German-American Bund, the Russian front, or 'friendly' Axis bases in China and Japan, looking for "investment opportunties" for the Fatherland. 

    Old history only???  Well, probably not simply so, as the political machines of Merkel (and Schwarzenegger) have been "groomed" (including Pavlovian programming reported by Germany's still-open media prior to the (partly Kohl-trained) Merkel machine rose to the Chancellor's office and quickly slammed censorship on the German press, then shoved through the cryptic "Lisbonvertrag" or "Lisbon Treaty" to further consolidate German control of the Euro and its Euro Union.  (Note that Lisbon was in a neutral country that nonetheless served, along with its colonies, and other 'neutral countries', as "useful" launchpads for key Nazi operations in WW2. The Nazis loved to intimidate and trample over war-neutral countries they knew they could bully and were terrified of them.)  As the Lisbonvertrag was eagerly pushed and and shoved into effect by Merkel and friends, plans were underway to continue promoting Schwarzenegger as candidate for US President, although all he could manifest of his Dream Act was California governator long enough to sabotage its infrastructure with help of his Sony Japanese Flexyapowa Martialarts-Taekwondo-affiliated agents.  Geodetic power-planet/factor lineups show where the powers converged. As historical background showing in the geodetic lineups thereby shows, those who still believe that Hitler was a "genius" who "created" the Nazi machine need to skip over the many shallow or disinformation histories/biographies of Hitler and read the real ones written by real academic historians before the era of cheap corporate privatization of universities, like biographies of Hitler liked Eugene Davidson's "The Making of Adolf Hitler", and John Toland's "Adolf Hitler", both of which align almost in unison with the 1993 pre-Merkel-era German Bundestag publication, "Questions on German History", which may be among the most objective nutshell summaries of German history to be found, unashamed to report on the dark side of Nazism and how it rose to power, as well as its WW1 and pre-WW2 roots.

    As for the early "Nazi Brownshirts", these have resurfaced in various supposedly "bisexual" S&M cults that sometimes used drugging and hypnosis and sexual seduction tricks to turn fools into literal "slaves", which is nothing new at all, since it goes at least as far back at the era of the Royalist Double Agent Marquis de Sade and his role in intentionally turning the newborn French Republic into an anarchist state for several years, with sizeable financial assistance from the psywar operations of various surrounding, Metternichian imperial dynasties of Europe.  Note that Nazi Brownshirt and Hitlerjugend tactics were also shared with Japan as well as Chinese fascist organizations in the World War 2 years -- no supposedly innocent "Far East". As tax-deductible funding is now offered by Asian and German military organizations to today's LGBT organizations being cajoled and pressured into letting S&M network aficionadoes take over, LGBT people should continue to firmly draw the line, in order to avoid potential infiltration by duplicitous or even covertly hostile political psy-ops. Lessons on the history of how the Nazis moled into the LGBT networks, among others, in Germany or any other Axis power or Axis-aligned political parties should not be forgotten.  The S&M network is a "gray-area" on the fringes that should remain at a distance from control of LGBT organizations, or the intrigue of seduction and manipulation games may cause rather serious problems, particularly when fused with drug use and diabolically deceptive claims about supposed "safe sex" practices that are intended to promote disease or worse.  Such problems could come more into focus with the upcoming, potentially highly-problematic NE=HA=VU cluster of 2020.  More, rather than less, caution is warranted, and the LGBT community should not be demonized for manipulation by false and deceptive nominal "allies" of questionable motive.  It's up to the the LGBT community to screen out deceit while continuing to welcome alliances with sincere outside organizations and individuals.

    When Eisenhower, a largely non-partisan pragmatist and dedicated statesman who avoided doctrinaire domestic partisanship where he knew how, announced the "military industrial complex" to the American public, he unfortunately did not stress enough that it was transnational/global, and primarily rooted in or manipulated by foreign, Old World feudal-nation military/intelligence agents, including those mistakenly brought into the USA after WW2 and put in posts they should not have been in.  This sheds an interesting light on the Korematsu propaganda network now subtly shaming America for defending itself from extensive, duplicitious WW2-era Japanese espionage and subversion, and its direct connection to Sony-hosted, Merkel-collaborating Schwarzenegger and affiliated movie-production operations.  The historic operations are covered in Dies Committee reports, various books from that time period, and in declassified documents per summaries in texts by Tony Matthews, Mark Felton, and others. A longtime treacherous inroad for Axis/Nazi agents were operations of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) that have at times caused outrage by Stanford students who may have not lasted much longer as such because of their protests.  This is no exclusively American phenomenon, by any means -- the tacts are no less diabolical than those of German and Japanese military intelligence psyops have been and may still be -- brainwashing including via drug use, or other forms of 'human experimentation'. (No one should be unaware of the "Unit 731" experiments of the Japanese military in Manchuria, from which sprung the term "Manchurian Candidate" and other deviousness apparently replicated by the SRI -- possibly a participant in creating the fake "Tea Party" cult of recent years.) 

    With the upcoming NE=HA=VU 11:15 or 32th-harmonic cluster of 2020 (fortunately dissipating in 2021), is should not be dismissed that something like the AIDS crisis could repeat in same or similar format (significantly including rampant aphrodisiac drug dispensation or spiking, and contemporary with the Crack Wars primarily targeting the African-American community, although not exclusively). People should not forget that Crack was distributed under guise as Marijuana, spiked with stimulants and aphrodisiacs, and at risk of being again sneaked into marijuana distributed freely by "friendly strangers"... the NE=HA=VU cluster geodetically includes the drugs-mega-prolific Golden Triangle and Sino-Japanese Shanghai Green Gang power base that has for years run the East China Sea from the coast of China to Taiwan to the long Yakuza-infested Japanese Ryukyu islands that are also the site of key Japanese military posts and other operations.  This underlines the highly critical importance of careful US surveillance and containment of Japanese Marine operations accumulated around California ports including San Diego during the January 2018 US Government Shutdown (Note geodetic alignments for that event). Further note which "Asian Pacific" organizations are promoting independence movements in islands vital to US, Australian, New Zealand, and French Tahiti regional territorial waters security and surveillance in an ocean that is reality only about 1/4 "Asian" and that's if one includes Siberia.  Without Siberia, the Pacific is literally less than 1/4 "Asian"... unless annexed to become so, and just exactly what is the allegiance of Hawaii now in such situations?  Is there possibly revival of a "Hawaii Independence" movement such as that promoted by demonstrations involving protestors chaining themselves to the palace gates in Honolulu?  How do Hawaiians view the concept of an Asian Pacific?  On that topic, one should study the history of the "Give Hawaii to Japan" Ellis Jones "Friends of Progress" cult composed in part by Americans brainwashed and run like puppets, Moonie-style, by East Asian Axis agents, and of East Asian collaboration with Tokyo's military intelligence (including operations of the Tokyo Rose propaganda network that often involved non-Japanese brainwashed/programmed puppets).  It was such collaboration that sparked the US military to pressure FDR President Franklin Roosevelt to authorize the controversial Japanese Internment Camps to contain Japanese-coordinated espionage and cults, especially in California due to its vital US Pacific defense operations including those at San Diego and Alameda (mistakenly largely disbanded -- or co-opted? -- in the 1990s).  The State of California needs to carefully monitor the origins and control of the Korematsu Campus schools, rapidly spreading and promoted by the CAPAC "Asian Pacfic" network, so as to insure that Asian nationalist cults do not create increasing threats to US national security and stability.  Innocent and naive Americans are at risk of manipulation, even cult-control tactics typical of Asian military intelligence -- and surrender of control of US Public School operations and events to transnational interests (also including the "Confucius Institute" and any similar competing foreign operations from any country on any continent, Euro, Asian, African, other). This is now critical due to the continued transit of Vulkanus to the geodetic Ascendants of Seattle, Portland, Brownsville, and metropolitan New York. The survival and stability of the United States rests on the knowledge to navigate the complexity of Globalism while keeping American interests and national unity as a top priority -- despite regional differences that must be reconciled in ways satisfactory to the general public, and without kowtowing to regionalist movements inflamed by foreign intelligence operations such as the "UNPO" (largely Euro), and any organization that spouts Asian superiority or an "Asian Pacific", including those that ironically claim Asian superiority and 'persecuted minority' status as the same time, like crocodile tears shed only when submerged out of submarine activity.  To understand the potential of today's "Asian Pacific" power, it is important to read Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan", describing military stealth technology and capabilities of the 1940s that was in some ways advanced for the times, to the point of being able to baffle the US military (and thus, along with extensive subversion operations in California, claim Japanese "victory" at Pearl Harbor in December 1941). "Secret Armies" by John Spivak (discredited by Manchurian- and German-manipulated McCarthyist/Birch elements due to Spivak's foolish affiliation with fake communist and antifascist groups) includes substantial information on Japanese wartime subversion in California, part of which was also posted on the FBI website until near the time of the Japanese Marines US Govt Shutdown occupation of the US government in January 2018, shortly after the onset of the Trump Administration. Add to this the several books of Sterling Seagrave, the first and unedited 1995-97 edition of "Lords of the Rim" being the summary volume, and 2003 "Yamashita's Gold" being perhaps most directly relevant to today's "Asian Century" financial coup network topping the world's financial centers via vast offshore banking, currency manipulation, and now increasing political infiltration and manipulation coupled with demands for increasing political power of Asian mafia networks cynically identifying themselves as "persecuted minorities". 

    The American public should ask their government officials why substantial information about Japanese and German wartime subversion was removed from the FBI website website within the last year or two, as this may be a very urgent issue... and what, if any relevance it has to the Elaine Chao family's Japanese commercial and political affiliations as well as controls over US seaports and airports and national highways via the US Dept of Transportation.  Current geodetic lineups stress the vital importance of such issues of the security of the USA against foreign-origin encroachment, and it sheds a very sharp light on Taiwan-born Ted Lieu's strange and self-interested protests against US surveillance of communications of naturalized/foreign-born citizens (notorious for frequency of foreign double-agents sometimes with convenient dual citizenship sometimes pre-arranged for obvious reasons) that would include Taiwan-born Elaine Chao (resident in California for a while, by the way, while on the board of San Francisco-based banks), himself, Austrian-born Sony/Korematsu-affiliated Arnold Schwarznegger "the Terminator", and US "national security contractor" German-born, South African-nursed, Peter Thiel.  So, "oh shame on Americans" for being "birthers" or "xenophobic", in a time when Washington DC and critical state capitals and infrastructures are being destabilized (i.e. "redefined") by foreign agents born overseas or directly tied to foreign intelligence networks.  Get Real before it's too late, America, before America's children believe that Apple Pie was actually Chinese, Fried Chicken was actually Japanese, Asian musicians created European classical music, Japan was the innocent victim of America in World War 2 (implied by Shinzo Abe while Obama sleepwalked behind him at Pearl Harbor), or that Nazism and telecommunications eavesdropping originated in the USA (once implied by BNDGestapo-Siemens-Cloud's Angela Merkel).  

    For sure, don't ignore Putin and any moves he or China (now run by a Kuomintang-Communist-blend neofascist puppet government) make toward the USA, but for God's sake don't "Believe" in the "Dream" that Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe are America's "allies" and "friends", as the dangerously shallow apparently Do.  2020's NE=HA=VU configuration shows Grave Risks, potently passive-aggressive ones, to US (and Canadian) national security via covert operations including domestic subversion and especially those involving drug distribution as well as nocturnal, aerial (incl drones), and submarine operations.  Are the drugs coming in at night via submarines... or weapons or paramiltary agents?... such a configuration says yes certainly a possibility... and thus relaxation or any possible dilution of coastal and aerial surveillance by potential double-agents is stupid and high-risk.  As mentioned before, all non-Asian Pacific Rim countries should considered the more-than-surface implications of anything titled "Asian Pacific", as less than 1/4 of the Pacific Ocean is adjacent or relatively nearer to Asia. In other words, "Asian Pacific" is only a "Dream" you should not "Believe" in, because it's not real, other than the brazen organizations long using the deceptive term as part of their titles, but it is a concept promoted by Asian nationalists intent on making the rest of the Pacific into colonies full of colonial subjects, a modern continuation of the "Pan-Pacific" plans of the Axis Fascist "Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere" that also allied with the "Pan-Asian" network involving the Pro-Axis network of Subhas Chandra Bose, whose party formed the roots of that of today's India PM Narenda Modi and was (and is?) based heavily in the carefully-guarded and secretive Andaman Islands along one of the the sea-lanes connecting the Burmese sector of the Golden Triangle via the Irrawaddy River to the rest of the globe.  The other Golden Triangle sea-lane is at Saigon, connected to the Golden Triangle, including Chiangmai, via the Mekong River.  Shipping opiates and methamphetamine/ecstasy/crack (and guns?) may be easier to do without detection via ships and submarines than by airplane, since ships have big hulls, submarines can unload offshore, and when US ports are turned over to foreign-affiliated private contractors, most anything could happen.  Oh shame on the "birthers" for thinking of such things, the foreign-lobbyists and their dupes would say.  If you don't think America could be overwhelmed by Opium War tactics, you'd better think again. And if you think Merkel was being "humanitarian" by opening up Europe to unrestrained inpouring of poorly-regulated immigration, you didn't notice that her plan involved both interesting "re-education" centers in Germany followed by Germany's "generous" redistribution plan to "forward" "German-reeducated" immigants to other targeted countries of German military intelligence's choosing.  (The first Palestinian Arab nationalist armies, designed to terrorize Jewish settlers in Israel, were trained by Nazis in Germany, and to forget that is purely stupid on the part of policy-makers and diplomats. Any of Germany's politicos knowledgeable of their own military history almost has to know it.) 

    As for Ukraine, it is once again (as at the outbreaks of WW1 and WW2) at the fulcrum of European political and military power, but this time with Vulkanus there to boot, and thus merits critical global interest, especially by the time-tested/proven democracies of the USA and Western Europe, for the degree of real democracy in Ukraine, regardless of right or left or centrist overt ideologies, could have profound impact on the world's immediate future -- as is the case of what controls Turkey and Egypt and all lands of the East China Sea. as well as Argentina-Paraguay-Chaco-Uruguay (includes armed Moonie-affiliated colonies, meaning possible "Kahr Arms" links).  Unwise alliances with undemocratic regimes of either the radical right or the radical left, or mind-control political cults, could have problematic consequences globally.  This is no time to have US global policy made or run by fools or by foreign-allegianced agents, or by idiots or cult-controlled fools whose "faith" overrides reason.  A World War 3 with missiles set for America's key missile and defense installations and 2 or 3 key seaports, remains a risk, and the USA should begin thinking now of what measures need to be taken if such a risk should unfold, and this can be done without jeopardizing relations needed to maintain peace, economic stability, or tight national security risk management.  The idea of "redefining America" at this time is more high-risk than ever as Vulkanus power is mostly foreign, as it last was, in 4th harmonic (aka 360 dial conj/opp/sq), near 0 Taurus, around 1860, as the Civil War (Confederacy had substantial foreign Vulkanus-power backing from locations similar to those now, and the war brewed for a few years before the war outbreak in 1861, and these include locations at 45 and subsidiary at 22.5 angle), and Mexico soon had a foreign colonial government overtly reinstalled by Habsburg Euro-monarchists that geodetics indicate may have been Habsburg-allied-Czarist at root, interestingly near the time of plans for the Alaska purchase, in contrast, and pushing of Czarist and transpacific Chinese colonial and economic interests out of Pacific North America, which they both wanted to control. It's not often remembered that the Confederate empire included the Arizona Territory connecting the Confederate capitals at Richmond and Montgomery to the Pacific Ocean via Colorado River ports, and aided by marginal Confederate sympathies in southern California plus the ambivalent Mormon networks quarantined by US govt treaty at San Diego by surveillance that may not have been always effective -- and this is history to remember, and certainly to not let repeat.  The 1860-era Vulkanus at Anchorage may mean that area was a fulcrum in Confederate support from overseas (possibly Russian and/or East Asian), and Tahiti was under control of the Czarist-aligned Habsburg puppet monarchy restored in France under Herr "Louis Philippe" of the Charlemagne Kapetinger "Bourbon" Dynasty, in turn tied to the Habsburg "Emperor Maximilian" network in Mexico and the Oldenburg Dynasty that had displaced genetically-genuine "Romanovs" in Peterburg, the Russian capital at that time, and still its key naval port to Europe and the Atlantic now that Ukraine has broken away.  The Emperors of Russia and China of 1860, when Vulkanus as at 0 Taurus, probably did not like "upstart" America claiming the Pacific Coast of North America and overshadowing or excluding their political and commercial agents there, lusting for California and Alaska's gold and other goodies, including what the Germans would call "Lebensraum" for China's abundant population.  Strangely, American histories tend to gloss over foreign backing for the Confederacy, or blame it solely on "the British", whereas any British involvement likely came from Monarchists (rather than British democrats) in bed with the Oldenburg-Romanovs and their cohorts in Beijing.  

    Not everyone remembers that Sino-Russian alliances go back to Monarchist roots predating Communist-era alliances, and continues as admiration for monarchism is restored in China as well as Russia, where the dinosaurs still roam, and apparently still lust for California's gold and the land it nests in, along with the newer Silicon Valley and movie industries that could be used to swing America around by its western terminus and "redefine it" via "hearts and minds" as the old Vietnam-war-era term went.  How the obvious German component fits into this now is via German military or intelligence bases in Finland, Ukraine, and South Africa (where the cryptic and influential Peter Thiel and family once lived)... countries where German corporations and covert operations have long held powerful interests and sway despite regional governments under apparent domestic control, especially in Finland, and among what are often called "Dutch" South Africans who are actually tied to German interests.  There may also be lingering German Nazi operations consolidated in Egypt (and Libya) in WW2; and Rwanda-Burundi, part of the German East Africa Colony never fully relinquished economically or politically.

    As for the the Parana-Uruguay river region of South America where Vulkanus was then and is again now, one should study just who controlled Buenos Aires, Asuncion, and Montevideo around 1860, still colonial despite nominally "independent" governments, and the threads that continue from there into the present. Pointed out before, Argentina's politics are too unstable and unpredicatable for Britain to abandon the Falklands, as most Argentinians should also ponder if they want to see more democracy rather than another fascist coup government... .and the same holds true for South Africa now under the sway of its Boer-leaning eastern cities rather than Capetown.

    Key current "Sanctuary" institutions in California show geodetically linked directly to the Moonie and Falungong and Korematsu power hubs, and possibly to the "Spiritual Living" network, guaranteeing new "Faith-Based" privileges that are in addition largely unconstitutional -- and thus sincere refugee-protecting agencies are interfused with covert foreign subversion operations, as well as labor-cost interests, and must be sorted out carefully and accordingly.  Some clearly include cult-indoctrination programs, which is what the Moonies and Falungong are by their very nature and purpose.  Only the foolish of America would support them, trotting around with their hat-covered faces with sunglasses worn when the sky is covered in fog/clouds all day, and body-slamming known critics on the sidewalks.  This means the California state government needs to get the mess under control to stop the radical Trump-devotees from intervening or even exacerbating the situation. Chao's drive to deregulate drone and EMR technology use is a potential source of rampant social chaos, as already demonstrated by past incidents -- such technology should be under the strict control of American agents of unquestionable national allegiance.  This is no time at all for an "open door" policy, while global Vulkanus still points sharply at the geodetic Ascendants ("windows and doorsteps") of the greater New York, Ottawa-Montreal, and Seattle-Portland areas, secondarily at Brownsville and Corpus Christi TX, (note mostly port cities, i.e. maritime), and tertiarily at the Colorado River estuary area south of Yuma, Needles, and LasVegas Nevada, again maritime, naval (and Asian Pacific or German nationalists running things, duhh?)  The other major US window is all along the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak, and Kenai Peninsula, as well as the Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada, long known for its Transpacific fishing colonies that were problematic in WW2.

    Those many innocently involved with martial arts schools need to be careful to not engage in projects run by them that may be actually covert operations hostile to or competitive with US national security interests... Taekwondo, Judo, and possibly others are known fronts for Asian military operations regardless of their location, and bribe "gifts" should be rejected.  This is part and parcel of a new "globalist" world, the warts and moles in the mix.

    It is my observation, despite no particular liking for Trump, that he largely is the puppet of those who put him in office, mostly Chinese, Japanese, or German in origin, and my hope that Trump himself will realize how much he has been manipulated before he blusters into another erratic or dangerous policy move.. and yet his most vocal opponents have at times been manipulated by the very same, sometimes identical foreign networks (including Moonie and other foreign nationalist). Additionally, I think it should be considered that a transnational alliance rooted in the old Axis Power network wants to see America implode in chaos and civil conflict among Americans, and that rampant population displacement, chaotic immigration, and foreign puppeteering of politicians as well as business leaders is the way to make that happen.  US-rooted national unity is what is called for now... not forced, but by reason, and the willingness to step past old ideological dogma and reach out to mutual pragmatically-focused American interests before getting entangled in foreign machinations from locations of known, repeated historic hostility of either overt or covert nature.  That will require that the hyper-materialistic and greedy will have to share the power and wealth with the less fortunate via taxation to level out society and thus reduce tensions, and the morally-lost will have to be shown karmic truth via example (not suicidal sacrifice) rather than via religious-like condemnation and cold dogma.

    It may indeed be relevant that Vulkanus stands at 90 degree angle to where it did right before the US Civil War broke out, and Americans need to review not only the domestic causes of the war, but how foreign interests manipulated and maybe created the war in many ways -- for foreign meddling and infiltraton is again at a dangerous all-time high.  In the 1850s, part of the infiltration was was foreign labor imported to staff the factories of the burgeoning industrial revolution for lower wages and higher profits for investors, sometimes foreign investors in US industries.  Meanwhile, the Empires of the Old World did not want to see a strong and vibrant America reaching from coast-to-coast but instead wanted the Pacific and its newly-found gold mines to be wide open to foreign control and exploitation.  This is usually covered in history texts, but people forget.  Interestingly, an American California and Oregon and Washington, and Alaska, were vital to America's counterbalance to foreign colonization -- these are facts long recorded in some if not most of America's history texts.  Americans, especially military strategists and Washington DC, knew Russia and China and Japan wanted the Pacific coast of North America from California northward to the Aleutians, and acted accordingly.  Washington DC also knew that the newly-independent Mexico was not holding its own against resurgent colonization by transoceanic powers, and that if the USA did not take control of all the current US southwest, other global powers were flexed to do so.  Should Americans feel guilty for that, or should Mexicans regret US over European or Asian control?  Maximilian's Empire and its impact on Mexico might answer part of that question.  Whatever the case may be there, Maximilian's Court in Mexico facilitated foreign support for the Confederacy, so Mexico under restored European monarchist control had impact on the US Civil War.  The Monarchist empires of the Old World feared the spread of egalitarian ideals espoused by the United States, that had spread up and down the Western Hemisphere and caused colonial empires of the Eastern Hemisphere to yield to new American republics from the North Pole to the South, and Canada united and formed its self-governing transcontinental Dominion in 1867, thenceforward an American ally rather than a collection of colonies under largely European control with Asian interests closing gradually in from the Pacific. The Dominion of Canada, formed 50 years after the 1812 war to reject any more colonial North American submission to Europe, along with the contemporary Alaska Purchase, put North America firmly under North American domestic control, although challenged since then by transoceanic subversion attempts during both World Wars (mostly via enemy transoceanic forays and subversion operations manipulating Mexico or based on Mexican territory.  In WW2, both German and Japanese subversion operations and backing for Anti-US cults, often narco-affiliated, operated in Mexico, including drugged historical revenge cults (so-called foreign-created fringe but mean-spirited 'Mexican Nazi' zombie puppet cults, etc, about as common as Neonazi cults in the USA).

    In 2020, the potentially highly-problematic NE=HA=VU 16th harmonic cluster, the HA=VU cluster already at the core of it, could fuse with the newly-legalized pot/marijuana trade falling under control of foreign organized-crime networks, as it already appears to be doing, and as pointed out earlier, the additional Neptune layer from a very subtle and nebulous and potentially highly passive-aggressive 16 degrees of mid-Pisces.  This points to the Marshall Islands, long a hub of Moonie-cult operations rooted in old Japanese military presence, with the California marijuana trade already 'harvesting' in historically Moonie-cult-hub areas of northern California. Another new area of problem origins could be eastern Iceland with its weird transnational colonies, and the Nordostrundung area of Greenland that has been known as a documented base of German underground submarine operations going all the way back to World War 2.  Within North America, nebulous, drug-related, aerial, or maritime operations can prove problematic in locations all along 104-105W (Denver) longitudes and a couple of degrees east and west of there, so that the new marijuana industry in Colorado risks falling under control of foreign-controlled or -manipulated subversive interests, and this runs in Canada from the Cambridge Bay area of Nunavut south to Stanley, Prince Albert, and Regina SK; to the border between MT and WY on one side and the Dakotas and NE on the other, to Boulder-Denver-Colosprgs-Pueblo CO, to LasVegas and Roswell NM; to areas east of El Paso; to west Chihuahua, central Durango, Nayarit, Jalisco, and Colima... watch for areas where drugs and cults fuse with covert politics (the VU factor fused).  Vital US defense operations along that longitude must not succumb to either foreign cults or neutralizing or disabling drug use.

    Australia and New Zealand would be wise to watch for similar "funny business" around Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and the SW tip of South Island NZ, in addition to the aforementioned Marshall Islands, possibly the most problematic, as well as operations from the Komandorskie Islands and east Kamchatcka in Siberia that could equally affect Alaska and the even the entire Pacific Rim.  Anything that Russia is capable of doing to the north of there should also be inspected.  

    Lastly, similar "funny business" could flow from Kashmir, New Delhi, and Central Asia and Siberia directly to the north.. this looks already possibly visible if cults are fused in with influx from those areas, explaining why I felt a need to do a feature on the Rajneesh cult that caused so many problems in Oregon and California in the 1980s, ruining American lives and careers, and the Sai Baba and Japanese pseudo-buddhist cults growing in San Jose during the same time period. Covert foreign military operations luring and manipulating Americans with pseudospiritual themes to try to recruit foreign intelligence couriers and puppets; and American colleges and universities unwittingly used by foreign covert intelligence operations in exchange for foreign-student tuition benefits.... raw deals for America in the end, careers of American students and even professors forever tainted and ruined, and because rich conservatives are too greedy and lacking in social conscience and awareness to fund American public education for a healthy and strong society, so that such financially-driven compromises are not seen necessary or worth the risk, and politicians manipulated by slippery foreign lobbyists and Moonie-type cults with covert intentions, despite possible pretenses to the contrary, to weaken America and ruin its competitive edge in an increasingly global society, a competitive one despite diplomatic charms.  America's minds need practical education, critical thinking skills, and scientific approaches to every subject, combined with reasoned moral and ethics studies devoid of partisan or parochial ideological and institutional quirks and biases.  Another big risk is the continuation of the "Summer of Love revival" if it is to be fused with drug consumption, and no one should forget that LSD was invented by Nazis and used by Asian Fascists in Manchukuo on "human experimentation subjects", aka "trip guides" treating humans like guinea pigs.  Timothy Leary's Dead, as the song goes, and his mind died long before his body did, thanks to the "acid". Art Linkletter wasn't such a fool after all when he warned young people of the impending disasters of drug cultures, but the Neptunian "trend" was already in motion like a tidal wave sweeping America's college campuses, and America fell into a period of unnecessary chaos and provocateur-induced clashes on the streets while social justice and equality were advocated for. "Chicago 68" was nothing to emulate again, if only the youth of that time knew what it was really all about, and how much foreign subversion was involved at both extremes, not unlike the old 'Civil War' in that way -- America manipulated by foreign agents with opposed interests.  Needed changes can be accomplished with less turmoil and social unrest if only Americans will really hear each other and attempt to build bridges domestically first, and worry about the transnational after the nation is healed internally from its recent, irrationally fanatic schisms, clearly egged on by foreign agents if only people would pay closer attention and think about it.

    The intermediate period between 1860 and today, when Vulkanus was at midpoint between, in 8th harmonic, was around 1932-40, which was the era of polarization between Roosevelt, who made the USA the pre-eminent global power for decades after building an equalizing, cooperative socio-political "New Deal" that brought the USA out of the disastrous policies of the foreign-banking-puppet Herbert Hoover of the 1929 Stockmarket crash, ending in 1940 with the Willkie campaign backed by the German Nazi Party and China's eye-flutting and winking Soong Meiling (Mme Chiang Kaishek) who promised Willkie the world if only he would doze off and go to bed with China.  Roosevelt, America's smartest president in modern times, was already wise to the winky tricks of the Sun Tzu circuit and its China Trade games.  My parents lived through this period and recalled the bitter, almost civil-war-like, national polarization created by the foreign-manipulated Willkie campaign machine, and Lasher's biography of Eleanor Roosevelt recounts Willkie's manipulation by the Soong/Chiang Chinese cabal as well as Willkie's early sympathies and ties to the Nazis despite his later claims of renunciation.  Indeed, NE=VU was within 2 degrees orb of 'square' through much of 1934-1937, when Willkie was launching his career, when Sino-Japanese fusions and regional overtures to a "Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere" were underway, when Japan's invasion of China below Manchuria gradually unfolded and was actually welcomed by Chinese collaborators not targeted by the brutal Japanese wholesale massacres of their civil war opponents... and that was without Hades in the picture, like it will be in 2020.  That period of the 1930s also was right after Hitler took power in Berlin and the Nazis began their nationwide programs in Germany, including return of German troops to the Rheinland in preparation for Nazi invasion of France and the Benelux countries, followed by the continual bombing raids on London when it would not "submit" to "der Fuhrer's" plan for global control.

    In the USA, we were fortunate enough to have a wise, politically-experienced, and global-intelligence-savvy Roosevelt at the helm of America to weather the violent global storm and protect America from the planned transoceanic missile and nuclear bombs-in-development that would have destroyed America's key military and economic hubs if we did not surrender to Germany and Japan's pathetically stupid "Silvershirts" and "Liberty League" and "Give Hawaii to Japan" foreign-puppet cults. At that time, Germany and Japan had so many subversion agents in the USA that internment camps were set up upon recommendation by military leaders, and despite Roosevelt's hesistancy to sign the order providing for them.  My elderly parents and friends living through that time recalled the discomfort that Americans felt about both the national schisms provoked against Roosevelt's efforts to bring the American economy out of disaster and make American society more fair, while warding off more influx of foreign saboteurs entering the country under false pretenses, some sent with orders before immigration to get citizenship and access to vital national security operations and information. We should not forget that such things happen in the world of international intrigue and espionage.  Roosevelt fought tooth-and-nail with New York's Wall Street friends of foreign Nazi/Fascist interests (like Willkie).  Nazi-backed Willkie even funded his 1940 presidential campaign by winning a lawsuit to undermine Roosevelt's government-run proto-clean-energy plan and replace it with his own privately-run projects.  (Smell dirty Schwarzenegger yet?)  Willkie flip-flopped his public stance on America's WW2 participation when war was imminent and he risked wartime-treason charges, possibly due to 'inside scoops' on Roosevelt's plans, just like Hoover (Mr "Chicken-Pot") claimed he wanted Roosevelt's New Deal project plans only after he got wind of them 'through the grape vine'.  The Hoover Institution, named for and set up by Herbie's transnational fascist-friendly "old fishin-hole" machine, is sure to give an alternative pack of lies on what happened, making the pathetic Hoover look like a model president rather than the horrific leadership and policymaker failure that he was, and yet Obama so uninformed of American history to quote Hoover's glorification of "rugged individualism".. something probably due to naive Stanford-programmed advisors and education from Republican Party-run partisan universities primarily for the rich, with their partisan biases not usually permitted by regulations about bias and objectivity maintained in public universities. Plus the deterioration of education since the disastrous Privatization/Voucher School laws and the shamefully illogical and ramshackle "No Child Left Behind" mess.  This lack of understanding about the differences between publicly-administered and privately-run schools no doubt could also be problematic for any other high-profile political figure making plans, regardless of their political party or ideologies, right, left, or otherwise.  More problematic now, with the potentially disastrous NE=HA=VU cluster about to take effect in 2020, is the even more problematic political inexperience and irrationality of Trump, regardless of his sentimental and primal appeal to the confused or asleep or frustrated, and the presence of the foreign-interested Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel networks in the White House-affiliated offices, who appear to have wanted to see an economically Polarized America ready for harvest by foreign vultures if it collapses into chaos.  It's the other meaning of "Disaster Planning", i.e. Planned Disaster by foreign agents and manipulators.  Elaine not long ago advocated to set up a system charging Americans who barely survive every day to pay road-tolls on the way back and forth to do things they have to do to survive as the real estate in their neighborhood falls prey to one of the five or more Mega Banks Elaine sits or has sat on the board of.  Peter, more like a zombie confused by simulatenous, piggy-backed psychosis and narcissistic personality disorder, but clearly obedient to whatever political-financial network his family comes from... geodetics indic possibly part of the German network (clearly, per geodetics and event confirmation)  that has driven the otherwise "mysterious" Henry Kissinger, who obviously was beginning to lose his mind before endorsing Sarah Palin as a US Vice President.  

    Elaine, per geodetics, is also likely tied to the "Asian Pacific" CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobby network that has been virtually running the California Dem Party, and Elaine could have easily schmoozed and fused with during her foray/s to San Francisco, and both linked directly to the old Moonie network based in Japan-Kuomintang intelligence ops that have gradually and successfully now infiltrated and are overtaking the shell of the Chinese Communist Party, which is largely communist-no-more (as confirmed by recent media interviews of Chinese officials), in effect. Voila Transpacifica. This should have been evident at the imposing China National Day military parades in Beijing with Kuomintang officials sitting alongside Beijing officials in Communist Party-issued uniforms. Like Chiang Kaishek pretending to be Mao Zedong, and succeeding at it, for those who still "believe". Geodetics makes clear that was a long process, starting with a few Sino-Japanese Kuomintang moles and/or brainwashed puppets in the Communist Party in the 1950s... Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, the Sham Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution social-engineering programs, Zhou Enlai from an old monarchist family, and then appropriately phonetically-named Deng Xiaoping bearing remarkable similarities to the English words his name sounds like in Chinese.  This and the geodetic indicators explain the otherwise-ambiguous connections of Elaine Chao right into Beijing, the remarkable similarity of Xi Jinping to a cyborg with plastic surgery to look like Mao in a suit (seriously, as Chinese culture programs people to worship their national icons almost like gods in a pantheon, and is focused on robotics and "AI artificial intelligence" development), and Xi's wife appears geodetically to be likely directly tied to the very obnoxious Falungong that loves to block American sidewalks, monopolize America's open public parks, and body-slam American critics like the nuclear-bomb-aspirant Shinrikyo cult were long known for doing.  Those are some manifestations already associated with the Vulkanus along the East China Sea coastlines, the other manifestations being far less entertaining, when one understands what the Shanghai Green Gang and the Yakuza can do, including when they flood into America like a tidal wave, which NE=HA=VU could also manifest as, figuratively or literally, if they haven't already.  A shame that a literal tidal wave would make all the rental real estate that criminal network including the Falungong have shamelessly hoarded, while importing their landed gentry feudal system economy, somewhat worthless at the bottom of the ocean, alongside Shanghai and Ryukyu ancestors long ago washed to the floor of the Great Pacific. Oh, the risks of pillaging a foreign land. 

    How would this explain the gross corruption like the attempted privatization of the University of California in the late 1990s, and the presence of a weird German financial network in San Francisco that may be both Thiel and Schwarzenegger affiliated?  That would be explained by the presence of Vulkanus at the MC of Vienna and Capetown at the time of the privatization "merger", but also at Xian and Nanning, since there appears to have also been a Chinese component involved, and American interests fused at Boston. It's possible the merger was in line with the warped ideological illusions of University of Chicago Hayek-Vienna School economists who were/are basically cultish puppets of the old Habsburg imperial banking network in Vienna (which largely built Wall Street as a tool for keeping control of the US economy after its political independence).   That's another bit of history to cover in more detail later, but it is possible that the Schwarzenegger candidacy was announced after the California governor recall election vote to stop investigations into what actually happened during the merger, despite deceptive Stanford-generated reports distorting what really went on and what the effect of the merger actually was (and claiming Stanford had the financial losses while in fact the truth was the radical opposite).  Why this matters still is its implication for California's educational institutions in the future, possible explanations of how Schwarznegger flexed his Austro-German power over Sacramento, and how Chinese and Japanese vultures carved away at the University of California San Francisco's carcass as it came close to death via Stanford absorption.  Vulkanus on the merger agreement date aligns, interestingly, with the personal Vulkanus of Jane Stanford, as one of the world's premier public (UCSF) universities was nearly reduced to the rubble of a whoyaknow-not-whatyaknow Stanford corporate money games, pills for sale and "health care industry" operations, disparaged by the Cal professors and doctors and interns who could do nothing but cringe and try to survive the mess, or as the Mighty Sparrow would say, 'Capitalism Gone Mad', where genuine scholars and professionals were replaced by fops from wealthy families until the merger was shut down and reversed.  Other universities can learn from the incident, and the University of California recovered its position was one of the top universities on the globe in terms of serious scholarship, inventiveness, and contributions to human progress due the wisdom of Schwarznegger's successors.  Real education is not a game for fools to play, not a Hollywood movie or Vegas show to act out.  This is something Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger may not know because of where they went to school, what they studied, and how they got through, which also means neither of them has any understanding of substance about what real education is, and Thiel's mean-spirited devaluing of education only serves the competing interests of the governments he actually works for, as do the 'educational' programs of Herr Schwazinazi Pudelpumper and his 'Austrian/Hayek/Chicago School' 'Friends' including those at the post-WW2 Nazi colonies in Alabama. The public needs to watch out for what gets taught to Americans in his pre-school programs -- and what's at University of Southern California that has let him set up a global policy institute there.  Something severely wrong in that moooovie.  Related to the historic Silvershirts Nazi/Japfascist cult training hub nearby?  And Schwazi's boosting of the fugitive Korematsu icon into position for their movie-maker schools for America's young and impressionable?  The public needs to look into what could overtake public schools in the plan for a "redefined America", especially as Korematsu spreads rapidly into California's capital in Sacramento for statewide influence.


2019Sep27 -- updated Oct05: Critical current global events: mass population shifts and deceptive immigration politics; Trump impeachment process considerations; who's really running Washington DC; foreign-manipulated domestic America-shaming; Asian fascist now joints neonazi historical revisionism at a similar level with coverups of Pearl Harbor destruction, Japanese nuclear and missile plans, Nanking/Shanghai and southeast Asian fascist massacres, Asian-fascist-coerced 'comfort women', the pre-TPP "One World" Chinese global plan; collaboration of revived Euro and Asian fascism together, and impact on the Americas; steamroller globalism installing fascist economics and politics under false guises (HA=VU increased by =NE during 2020) and neo-opium-wars tactics.

    Preliminary notes: A couple of recent issues maybe globally important:  The reconstruction of the Dallas Oriental Hotel has been delayed, and maybe for good reasons -- it is important to study in detail why the historic multi-story luxury hotel of the same name was torn down only 31 years after it was built, and why -- did it have to do with international intrigue or even organized crime issues?

    Secondly, while Trump has been mean and insensitive in attacking selected immigrant populations, dominant elements in the Democratic Party have been sloppily lax on potentially disastrous immigration tolerance issues, especially on groups that Trump has for some reason not made his targets of attack.  This needs to be rectified before future elections, and many people are feeling alienated by both extreme positions and disinclined to vote at all unless politicians start to address immigration issues more sensibly and with deeper awareness of the impacts on society at large rather than kowtowing to pushy lobbying interests with big financial (and apparently transoceanic political) objectives in mind. There is potential national chaos if more balanced and reasonable policies are not promoted, and the risk of violent covert political cults entering the country hypocritically as 'faith-based'.  While the Pluto opposite Sun in the 1776 chart has unfortunately passed without many needed positive changes beneficial to the country as a whole, and too many detrimental concessions have been made to foreign lobbying interests subtly manipulating Washington DC there remains some hope for resolution at the upcoming Pluto opposition Pluto, which also shows grave risks for national schisms unless more unifying nationwide policies are promoted while invasive foreign interests are pushed back to where they originated... or positive transformation if American returns to its roots and reviews and corrects past mistakes.  This makes clear that immigration must be contained, regulated, and implemented carefully and cautiously, with some remedies of previous excesses possibly necessary; i.e. policy reversals.  Vulkanus on America's natal and critical geodetic Ascendants almost simultaneously does indeed mean very potent force from overseas, and only transnational media propaganda, and slick foreign lobbying, has manipulated the public, legislatures, and business interests, into denial of the realities, while the Hades at 22.5 has provided stealth covers for such operations.  All measures can and should be taken with full respect for legitimate human rights, with the smart handling of slick and covertly greed-motivated immigration lawyers, to avoid futher problems.

    Thirdly, as gender and sexuality issues become more politicized, there are some problems affecting the gay/lesbian minority community with political lobbying from an outside "Q"-identified element of ambiguous origins, manifesting not long after the Anita Bryant campaign was revived in the early 2000s with government grant monies secure by her second husband, including those for 'conversion programs' that may be rooted in those of 1970s, using dehumanizingly manipulative behavioral and surgical techniques. Futhermore, outside financial interests tied in with promotion of foreign-run commercial sex-change operations have been noted, and "Q"-identified outsiders have merged via false faith-based fronts and other lobbies to manipulate elderly gays and lesbians as economic commodities, all the way to promotion of S&M and superfluous antidepressant and legalized marijuana consumption, including to socially-isolated senior citizens who happen to be homosexual. (Some of these even promoted via poorly-monitored university psychology/counseling programs.)  It is as though Gay Liberation has been hijacked and warped by outside interests, and turned into Gay Enslavement and even elder abuse in the case of seniors -- even some of the organizations for gay seniors have been hijacked by outside interests treating seniors like guinea-pigs in social-engineering experiments. The situation smells of past 'Stanford Research Institute' psycho-social experimentation operations, or even the psychological and social-engineering experiments of the Manchukuo Unit-731 programs, and is displacing the need for spontaneous, personalized interactions among all populations of every stripe in need of community-building. The longtime drive among the LGBT community for social integration and acceptance as respected social service workers or dignified professionals is being undermined by highly-publicized sado-masochist "sex fairs" and "festish events" run by outsiders whose objective it seems to be stereotype gays and lesbians as degenerate, and to continue to isolate and alienate them from society as a whole.  Many such events are promoted along with excessive alcohol or drug consumption so that many participants are not fully conscious of actions they are manipulated or goaded into, where outrageous induced behavior is being used as propaganda tools in some sort of weird 'culture wars' media dramatization.  It looks almost like a milder form of the Aids epidemic tactics coupled with crack wars that also affected other targeted minority communities. 

    Newly legalized marijuana should be bought only from known and trusted sources, due to risk of 'spiking' or combination with more addictive or toxic drugs (apparently already underway).


More generic social issues and astro-geodetic indicators:


Too few are paying attention to the duplicity, treachery, tricky hypocrisy of the Merkel-Schwarzenegger duo alongside the ploys of the Russia/Putin networks and the centuries-old and very political Sino-Japanese East China Sea organized crime network that Sterling Seagrave did such a fine job of detailing in his books (still underappreciated gifts to the world), and the several recent Kuomintang-Communist overtures and overlaps.  As indicated earlier, in 2020 Neptune will swing into combine, in 32nd harmonic, with the Hades=Vulkanus cluster of recent years, too add an additional layer of pretense and camouflage before the global corruption indicated by where Hades and Vulkanus and now Neptune on the geodetic MC is routed out.  In other words, it could get worse during 2020 before getting better, and the pot-legalization issue, in addition to opiates addiction, could add part of a new layer in facilitating relaxation of needed vigilance and critical faculties. Look to where Neptune in 2020 (universal/cap ingress chart) is on the MC (18 Pisces/mutables) in 1st, 4th as well as 8th and 16th harmonics... Marshall Islands (Moonie cult and Japanese military power hub), south New Zealand (possible transnational underworld elements or cults there), Texas panhandle and Mexico south of there, intrigue around the Dakota Black Hills, Colorado border with Kansas and Nebraska long known for its old imported Nazi/Axis colonies, Roswell-area foreign military psy-ops, Manitoba-Saskatechwan border, Morocco-Sahara border, far-east Iceland and far-west Ireland coastlines, west Kashmir and areas directly north and south in India and Central Asia incl borders with China, and always look with both Neptune and Hades for nocturnal and aquatic operations including submarine contraband or even paramilitary ops. Neptune, as well as Hades, sometimes aims to drug, put asleep, or destabilize when functioning at their their lowest levels, and they are now combining with the Hades=Vulkanus cluster still within 2-degree orb.  The good news is that such a mess will begin to clear up in 2021, and it will require covert, nocturnal, and aquatic or submarine defense operations to get things fixed, and this means that US (and Canadian) coastline defense operations are now more vital and critical than is usually the case.  I continue to stress that compensation for the shutdown of US Navy bases facilities in Alameda need to be quickly restored, and by unquestionably American means and implementation... no room for foreign nationalist or dual-allegiance advocates in such operations any more. The concurrent rise of CAPAC and Moonie-cult proliferation during the Alameda shutdown should be noted. The geodetic indicators of problems resulting from the Alameda base shutdown point directly to recent sources of anti-US-government organizations and operations, including dual-allegiance and foreign-nationalist advocate organizations that have invaded US military agencies and operations.  Look to the article 'Men Behind the Curtain' for indicators, and they also point to the need for urgent investigation of the cultish Korematsu organization, its infiltration of public school operations, and its ties to Schwarzenegger's ploys that he appears to possibly plan with Merkel such as "driverless car" operations, plans to give German-owned corporations (Siemens/Deutschebank, Volkswagen, BMW, etc) monoplies over vital and necessary new technology wherever Japan or China don't have it.... all to the detriment of the US economy and public. Foreign corporations and politicians benefit from the ignorance of US business and political leaders who continue to promote dinosaur technology in the USA, and thus apparenlty have backed their campaigns to put them in office or in control of commerce organizations.  Schwarzenegger's shameless attempts to exploit and manipulate youth organizations and movements smells like Hitlerjugend in disguise... the dude is evil, and it should be noted who put his 'Global Policy Institute' in operation as well as the geodetic lineups for it... often as much Japanese or Chinese mafia as German.  California schools sucked into the Korematsu umbrella are highly vulnerable to covert manipulation and political psy-ops theatrics already evident.  And the influx of Japanse marines during the weakening of US national coast security during the US Govt shutdown may dovetail with such problems.  These areas of the US Pacific coastline are most vulnerable to covert operations from the aforementioned locations (directed at top from Vulkanus, and covertly per the Hades and Neptune lineups, and this points directly to the old Moonie network now morphed into Falungong and other cult operations).  The following indented paragraphs point out some of the key vulnerable locations:

For 2020, 2 degrees Leo/fixed on the geodetic Ascendant and all locations in 16th (22.5 angle) and even 32nd (11.25) harmonic (and here are included both Grimm and Sepharial values): Seattle WA and Portland OR in 4th harmonic, most potent and including both Asian mafia and radical right extremist cults who planet-wide origins need careful study.  Note that Ascendant is the window to the outside world, and thus locations of likely influx from elsewhere.  Then 11:15 down the coast from Monterey to the north Channel Islands in California, which is largely remote beach areas susceptible to aquatic or submarine operations, including at night, and some may come from CAPAC-nationalist parts of the globe, meaning leave the CAPAC element out unless you want to risk collaboration with foreign ops), and that could include bases set up inland from there if they escape coastal detection, so as to include areas all the way to Nevada, including areas around Modesto, Merced, Fresno, northeast to Reno, Yosemite, Visalia, and Bishop, as well as the vital California Aqueduct in that region, which should be carefully guarded against intrigue. If that should reach further inland, it would include areas within driving distance from Winnemucca NV, Boise ID (i.e. state infrastructure hub), Missoula MT.  Perhaps a bit more vulnerable, in 16th harmonic, are areas in Arizona (possibly via Colorado River operations) and in Mexico all along the northern Gulf of California, most logically vulnerable to covert operations from the East China seacoast and/or Argentina, and this area is within quick access of Arizona and could include locations within driving distance of both Phoenix and Tucson -- then northeast toward remote areas including Grand Junction and the UT/CO border areas, central Wyoming from Rock Springs to Casper, west Montana around Miles City, and also the Saskatechwan infrastructure base of Regina.  Neptune could also include aerial operations, and these could reach any of the inland locations, which in 4th harmonic would also include areas around Kelowna and Banff Park in British Columbia and Alberta incl inland to its infrastructure hub in Regina... even to remote Baker Lake in Nunavut via aerial operations.

    Areas further inland, in America's heartland, at 45 angle to powerful but now potentiall stealthy (due to Neptune and Hades combination) Vulkanus, include those with geo Ascendants near 17 mutables, including areas within a couple of hours driving distance of Laredo, San Antonio, and Forth Worth TX; Lawton and Oklahoma City in OK, Wichita KS, Lincoln NE state infrastructure, remote west-central Minnesota, US-Canada border around Lake of the Woods, Kenora ON. Coastal areas of Manitoba between the Churchill and Nelson rivers, and all the southern Manitoba-Ontario border.  Overall it looks like the potential of foreign interests set on impacting Canada's oil-rich and agricultural breadbasket prairie provinces in covert political ways.

    In eastern North America, the possibly stealthy power-impact of a Neptune- and Hades-aided Vulkanus can affect Montreal, the southern Quebec-Ontario border between it and Ottawa, Adirondacks in NY and western Vermont, western Massachusetts and all of Connecticut (whose coastlines are vulnerable), and eastern Long Island (long known for transnational political intrigue).  Also affected could be the vast entryway to Canada's St Lawrence Seaway via the Cabot Strait, which should not be left to foreign agencies with ambiguous affiliations to patrol, and the same applies to the entryway at the Strait of Belle Isle -- and these can also have powerful impact on US cities along the seaway including Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Duluth, with all Michigan potentially engulfed in control by foreign covert operations that could use the state's facilities for transnational subversion operations.  This should not be brushed off as trivial as Neptune and Hades camouflage global politics fused with major global narcotrafficking, human trafficking, and weapons-trafficking hubs aligned at Hades on the geo MC (at the Golden Triangle, western Turkey, the Mediterranean north of the Algeria-Tunisia border area, and Panama and Canal Zone.

    Another area of the USA especially vulnerable to potent covert foreign operations may be the border area between South and North Carolina, and the western Bahamas (WW2-era Axis powers haven under control of Nazi-psyop-brainwashed Edward VIII), Colombia's infrastructure at Bogota, western Jamaica, and area of Cuba around Manaznillo and Camaguey that could contribute to US-Cuba tensions manipulated by third parties. There is risk of Colombia falling under control of even more powerful transnational narcotrafficking or weapons-trafficking networks.

    In reviewing American historical facts, while the USA has been made to feel guilty over the Monroe Doctrine, the original purpose was to keep European and Asian powers from taking over Latin America and manipulating them against American interests or perpetuating colonialism from those regsion -- interests which nonethless were able to provoke the US Civil War and support the 'Confederacy' in order to split and weaken the United States (a potential 'threat' to the Old World colonial powers that later ran World Wars 1 and 2), and tried to spark a WW3 at the German Halifax conference that effectively had McCain all worked up and ready to fire the first shot on call from Berlin.  Canada should have known better than to let that manifest in the first place on their soil, and Americans should have known better than to let 'foreign experts' from Germany or anywhere else shape US foreign policy... a lesson apparently still not always learned, as late as just a few years ago.  It's time for full US Independence to manifest, including ditching the foreign-policy 'advisors' and meddling imported politicians from overseas, and although Pluto made its last hard aspect to the USA Sun recently, it has yet to make its hard aspect to its natal position, when the mistakes of letting TPP and TTIP roll over America have the potential to be corrected, Pluto-style.  Foreign exchanges are nonetheless important and necessary, but need strict regulation, while letting invaders take over is foolish, including via fine print in agreements that leaders are going to have to read through more carefully and not sign under pressure, drugging, or charming cocktail parties with sleazy lobbyists and hustlers from the lands of Metternich, Machiavelli, and the lands of Sun Tzu intrigue.  In this time of rampant NE=HA=VU intrigue of confusion and corruption may unfold also investigations with those who would create a better world for the future, and it's clear that they aren't coming from Berlin or Beijing or the Japanese Navy in the Ryukyu Islands.  It is indeed true that Western Civilization is at risk, and this happens to conform to the most frequent interpretations of Nostradamus; and it also means that Western Civilization has to clean house if it is to stand up to another invasion of the Huns or the Mongol Hordes, who have already sent their agents in to pave the way for trouble that they are now creating.  There is a global "Asian Century" plan unfolding, and only the foolish and naive ignore it... but so is there a revived but underground rumbling of the old Hun machine in the German military (Siemens).

    About Trump and impeachment focus, has no one paid adequate attention to "who put the turtle on the fencepost'?  It matters, and it matters "big".... it's not just a cute phrase uttered by Elected President Gore.  Upon ascent, Trump was surrounded by Taiwan's Elaine Chao and Germany's Peter Thiel, shortly departing from Austria's Schwarzenegger in an obvious love-hate relationship between remarkably similar fellow travelers. As the idea of impeaching Trump impends, there is grave risk of overlooking the literal, perhaps more problematic treason of Chao, Schwarzenegger, and Thiel (and Jack Ma) -- those who put Trump where he is, and to leave them unscathed while Trump takes the blow as "the Big Kahuna" on the stage might not solve the true root problem.  To "rid" America of Trump could be to remove the symptom, only, while leaving the cause to incur more damage, as some have already noted.  All of America should focus on phenomena like the Schwarzenegger facilitated "Korematsu" indoctrination schools (geodetically and otherwise aligned with old Moonie cult organizations, along with some questionable 'Sanctuary' organizations) that turn critical subversion-rampant wartime evaders of US government agents into heroes -- is the intent to breed more of the same, and does America yet understand the global political source and impact of Schwarzenegger's political career, or his 'Global Policy Institute' at an American-based university despite never having earned a Bachelor's degree other than by "experience credits" from things like Japanese Hollywood productions. Americans from all political parties have shortsightedly endorsed such machinations run from abroad, or laugh at something that should be taken deadly seriously because of its impact.

    Brexit and the Japan game: The Euro-Union has Europe's best and brightest pseudoliberal corporatist propagandists and lobbyists lulling Europe and the British Isles into deals that many on both the left and right are regretting... short-term, fleeting goodies for long-term enslavement, submission, and disadvantage is the usual mode of operation, and long enough to get the unwary to sign on the dotted line, and then Wham come the clever Brussels Edicts ordered by "Hitler in drag" or the charming Witch of Buchenwald, or any other future Disguised Nazi reincarnated.  The most rabid Pro-Euro rebels in Scotland are the puppets of Deutchsbank/Siemens, literally or figuatively, as if Rudolf Hess got further along in Scotland this time around.  The Euro-Union agents are masters of making right look like left, and left look look right, including via bribes and cultish courting, and yet their old East Asian allies are doing the very same thing as well.  These are symptoms of the HA=VU intrigue causing so much world public confusion now, and the aforementioned studies of where Hades and Vulkanus have been on the geodetic MC should enlighten the dark corners of confusion and semi-conscious submission.  Solutions will have to involve looking beyond party and ideological rhetoric and instead on functional policy issues and their long-term impact on society as a whole and not just special interests of the moment.  The PL=KR now on the geo MC of London means that Brexit can be a huge success for London despite the deluge of Euro-propaganda and bribes and deceit (and confusion among manipulees) -- and that configuration means Britain will again "rule the waves", as much as it can in today's altered conditions, via Brexit, which the continental Germany-dominated Euro-oligarchs have always dreaded, and even if the means are not yet clear.  One obvious solution already in motion is the revival of the WW2 Allies pact, where the USA and Australia and now Canada sometimes are reaching out to London to let Britain once again know that the ship will not go down despite any Blitzkrieg attempts.  Fools in Washington and across America have paid too little attention to how the Euro Union oligarch plan is to displace the USA and its currency as well as the Asian markets, and to quietly cut deals with Russia with heads turned to the east while claiming to be a 'staunch ally against Russia' when German political heads turn to the west, rotating back and forth, while much of the world has forgotten the repeated patterns of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the WW1 German-Russian truce, and the last-minute Napoleonic-era Prussian-Russian alliance against France that similary drove Paris into the ground, underfoot, and 1940s London into the terror of the massive bombing raids while Hitler strutted around the Eiffel Tower. Similarly, too many have forgotten the duplicity of Japan, using its hackeneyed "World Peace" rhetoric to prepare Pearl Harbor for near destruction via sneak attack while Japanese diplomats were in the USA "offering the olive branch", and Japanese agents were amassing data on US Pacific coast security and vital infrastructure facilities that led the US military to ask FDRoosevelt to set up the controversial internment camps that Fascists still today use as propaganda to shame Americans into submission or concessions that will be regretted later on (and occuring during the HA-22.5-VU stealth politics cluster), and include the Schwarzenegger-aligned-Korematsu machine in that, for a situation that has led some in California to now say "We lost World War 2" and wonder how people forgot things like how Berlin sent its nuclear-bomb technology to Tokyo right after the May 1945 Nazi's sham "peace treaty" that would have allowed Hiroshima to bomb America with Berlin's help, had America not bombed Hiroshima.  Part of the problem is that Americans tend to forget the history and move on, but the Old World countries tend more to recognize the timeless truths and patterns that still couple with free will to shape reality. In 1932, people thought the Versailles Treaty and the Weimar Republic had forever buried the Deuschebank-Siemens "Drei Kaiser" war machine, but it had only gone underground and reappeared as the Nazi Axis network and created more terror and grief than before. Today, Deutschebank-Siemens built the "Microsoft Cloud" where it stores all internet transactions via Windows 10, due to GATT/WTO provisions that allowed the Siemens German military family empire to push its way into development of US military technology prior to steadily more Windows 95 for increasingly supposedly "driverless computers", like the "driverless cars" that Merkel and Schwarzenegger/Sony and Volkswagen and Moriseki sneaked into America at the Munich-based Four Seasons Hotel.  When Obama praised Siemens and Sony did he know this?  Probably not, and why we thank him for his smart domestic moves but say Adios when he starts trying to run Benghazi-like or Shinzo-compliant US foreign policy. Next!!  Any experienced American political leader, raised in American public schools, and also smart (which doesn't include Bush) during his lifetime would have known this, and our internet and natonal security would not be run by corporations that helped build the former Axis powers machine that wanted to nuke America and send ICBM-prototype missiles to wipe out New York -- what Germany had planned in 1945, prevented only by the May 1945 US-Allied treaty provisions, just like the August 1945 US-Allied treaty provisions stopped Tokyo from dropping nukes on America.  Such history is not so old, not so long ago, and should not be forgotten, although it has mistakenly been, including by people who should know better, and some who maybe learned their history in some other country.  It's time for Americans to stop feeling guilty for being Americans and stop letting foreign interests invade and take over our national economy, institutions (including universities!), and resume the intended goals of 1776 that were not always reached.  These are the convictions that all are created equal in talents unique to each individual, a commitment to Reason and Enlightenment with recognition that church and state must be separated while allowing for freedom of religion outside those parameters, and for the US government to 'provide for the common defense' and 'promote the general welfare', both of which have been grossly undermined by the politics of tragically alzheimered Ronald Reagan, praised by Obama and Bush II both, based on a 'Reagan Revolution' designed by Chinese economist Wendy Lee Gramm, promoted by her subservient husband Phil Gramm and the opportunistic Warren Rudman, and that allowed for gradual foreign takeover via privatization of US government and contracts. People want to know how China rose to global power and there's a big part of the answer, and thanks to the Moonies and other similar "charming" foreign lobbying networks infesting Washington DC and state capitals. Not to mention Germany's agent, Henry Kissinger, cofounder of the G7/G8 gentrifying mess.

    Many are currently too distracted by their toy hand-held computers, new smoking products, prescribed sleeping pills, and a trashed and transnationally-manipulated US domestic news media that has put America to sleep, allowing HA=VU to damage America to its fullest capacity, and that includes the illusory Dream Act proposed during the Bush II era and only continued under Obama.  Obama also praised "Rugged Individualism", the buzzphrase of tired and failed old Hoovernomics that led to Hoovervilles across the USA, but apparently the schools he went to didn't teach about that. Any future American politician of African heritage, and there should and will be many in times to come, are going to have to know their American history and politics much better before they can do America justice, and it would help, even be necessary, if they, and any other candidate of any other ethnic origins, have been raised and educated in the country they have been elected to serve.  There's something serious to be said for 'birtherism' when it's all said and done.  Not that it's the only requirement, but it matters, and it's in the US Constitution for a good reason, just as are separation of church and state.  With the foreign-manipulated "Tea Party" craze, people propagated distorted misconceptions or the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and too few had read them carefully enough to catch the errors.  As a result, America got "redefined" via lies generated by whatever generated things like the "Ron Paul Tea Party" and "Revolution" (which included in part whatever lies the Stanford Research Institute generated from its perpetual, WW2-Nazi/Fascist-Axis-rooted, Lies Factory).  Republicans (whose party was created by agents of Deutschebank and rooted in the "redcoat" monarchists remaining in America after the American Revolution, as may also be said to be largely the case of the Mormon Church, and whose founding leaders were the Robber Barons) may not know the history of their own party, and when quoting the US Constitution need to remember that "promote the general welfare" comes before "securing the blessings of liberty", and Democrats as well as Republicans that before either of those comes "provide for the common defense", meaning protection from foreign encroachment, invasion, infiltration, subversion, and sabotage of the sort that has run rampant recently... even set up charter-like schools that train American youth according to hostile, literally Anti-American, and anti-government ideologies that go beyond the typically American right to question current and past policy and mistakes in the interest of making improvements and living up to constitutional ideals more effectively.

    In relation to this, after reflection, it becomes clear that America is not defined as "A Nation of Immigrants" but as a nation of natives and immigrants, who historically often intermarried.  And note that when the immigrants ruled over the natives, it was revolutionary overthrow of government as manifest in 1776, accompanied by refusal to submit to foreign powers and interests. Let us hope that things never spin out of control to the point that such things should happen again, as they are not needed if only institutions set up in the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, still ahead of their time and even our time now, in fact wise to the point of timelessness in many ways.  Every nation has something to learn from others, but that doesn't mean that submission to takeover is wise or even ultimately practical.  So don't try to Confuse Us with Confucius, Fool Us with Falun, or Manipulate Us with Redefined Flexyapowa Fascism for a 'Redefined America'.  No more Imported Termination by Imported Terminators.  And as a smart billboard advert read a few years ago, "Your Dream Job is Somebody Else's Dream Job", and that sure has proven true to many, including skilled and educated professionals dumped on the streets due to foreign-orchestrated "immigration reform" time and time again, although the "leaders" removed from everyday society don't get it and don't hear it over the pushy lobbyists cluttering their hallways, phone-message machines, and email in-boxes. America has not been "redefined", but rather is being defined out of existence and deconstructed unless people review the errors of the early HA=VU era starting around 2013, and this can be accomplished slowly now as HA=VU wanes toward resolution and fade-out, but likely needing another year to become effective, as Neptune joins, and may exacerbate, the dysfunction in 2020, and where increased drug dispensation may play a central and sabotaging role, as may foreign takeover of the US movie and media industry already underway but capable of being halted and reversed.  Foreign intelligence agencies know well the power of "Hearts and Minds" and their recent push-shoves into Hollywood need to be shoved back out to where they came from, and that includes the Korematsu-Schwarzenegger New Axis machine trying to make stealthy saboteurs look like the heroes they aren't and never were.

    It is the Universal chart of December 2022 that will make room for the real Hope that was only a dream until then, like the light at the end of a tunnel, and many big changes are likely before then, already started as the Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson begins to return to its original purpose and focus on the real meaning of the US Constitution, starting afresh and abandoning the meanderings away from the path during the last nearly 250 years, many of which were manipulated by foreign encroachment and manipulation (Deutschebank Robber Barons, Deutschebank-manipulated Hooverites, and Moonie-Asianmafia-manipulated fools finally beginning to see the light even if only slowly). America will be steeped in 250 years of wisdom by 2026. Trump's radicalism and recklessness, unfolding after Pluto opposition USA 1776 Sun, has pushed America to the wall to search its soul and reasses where it has come from and where it's going.  "Who we are" comes from the roots of our national institutions and history, something many have simply forgotten or never even understood much in depth.  The "Tea Party" of the early 1770s was only a bunch of Anarchists rebelling against the old foreign order with no clear idea yet of what building a new and stable and practical one would be like.  Boston is for parties, New York is for speculation, and Washington is for national stability and sober assessment of a transcontinental nation, and happens to be at 45 angle to the metropolises of the Pacific Coast needing to operate in harmony and for the broad national interest, coast-to-coast.  The resurrection of the Alameda Naval Base may be necessary to accomplish that effectively, along with the increased alignment of bases in Portland and Seattle with Washington DC, and harmonization of Vancouver with Washington as well as Ottawa could make for a strong North American alliance ready for the already pushful competitive thrusts of Berlin and China and Japan with their hustling "fast track deals"; and further alignment of Washington and Vancouver with Canberra can insure that the vast Pacific is not just Asian, and it looks like realignment of Lima Peru with North American interests and away from Japan is vital to bringing South America into harmony for a united Western Hemispheric union ready to withstand the advances of Europe and Asia onto American territory. It's bye-bye Fujimori or a Latin America used as a continued guerrilla-warfare launchpad against North American interests. Understanding the roots of that includes understanding of how fake Japanese "Maoist"-labeled cults were created and maintained.... the "Sendero Luminoso" cult was Made In Japan, as have been many nominally "Maoist" cults and a large part of the "Chinese Cultural Revolution" took orders from Tokyo via Japanese moles in Chinese politics.  There were Chinese leaders who knew it but could do nothing much about it while "political power came from the barrel of a gun".  It will be interesting to see how that unfolds in the immediate future as the chameleon-like Moonies and Falunies import their deadly "Kahr Arms" and drugs into America to stir up trouble and then hoard the real estate as the dust settles, ready to bring in the next shipments, more and more, endlessly until stopped, and easy to do wherever they control the coastlines, day and/or night.  This may be why efforts are now being made to break their recently-increased monopolies over Pacific ocean beach properties. 

    Major Points:  Nothing major, except essential and vital pacts and treaties, should have been or be signed while Hades is within 2 degrees orb of Vulkanus, and that stretches from about 2013 to 2023.  This of course has to exclude urgent treaties made out of necessity, and must always leave room for re-assessment at a later date. The TPP may need yet further revisions if not cancellation. That also means no Euro-type dictatorial and arbitrary treaties that do things like criminalize anyone who is critical of transnational treaty provisions later on, something many Europeans are aware of but which others elsewhere may not know about.. i.e. stealth politics with a mock parliament run by a council of dictators called the "Supreme Council".  This also means that no one should expect new treaties to remain unaltered before at least 2023.  It also means "Brexit" type agreements should be made with room for flexibility and adaptation later on, to avoid hidden problems, and no conclusions should be set in granite before then.  Clearly, if one pays any attention to how German foreign policy has unfolded under the Merkel-decorated machine, largely due to the "Lisbon Treaty" but also previous Euro-Union agreements going all the way back to the Rotehaus/Maison Rouge agreements of 1944 preparing for the possiblity of Allied capture of Berlin.  These are no longer issues that affect Europe only, in these inescapably global times that will never end but can be substantially modified, and the most important thing is that Democracy not be sold off or abandoned, so as to avoid a future of Global Fascist Dictatorship, a real risk now, along with the risk of sugar-coated treachery like how people headed for the WW2 concentration camps were sometimes told they were headed for an ideal living situation, or how the coerced mass-suicide victims of Jonestown were told they were headed for 'Paradise on Earth", or the victims of the Pacific Northwest's Rajneeshpuram were charmed into disaster and self-destruction or destruction of their careers.  Such phenomena could recur, and attentiveness is needed, not drugging or wow-man space-out stuff.  FBI agent astrologer Al Morrison told me about the urgency of studying Jonestown and how it happened, and now as as Vulkanus reaches the geodetic MC in Guyana, I have finally learned more about it and need to relay that information as time permits.  In a nutshell, it was a prime example of political deceit and intrigue involving the disguise of planned disaster and failure as some sort of nirvana or heaven, and it was facilitated by Guyana's Arthur Chung, head of a global Asian Law advocacy network whose roots may have grown into something larger today, and which was focused on expanding Asian nationlist power globally at a time when politics in China were in turmoil and China was developing nuclear weapons as it made overtures toward re-Unification with Taiwan, when the Moonies were on the rise in America, and when neo-fascist organizations were co-opting or impersonating leftist organizations, Manchukuo-psyop-style.  This is not an exclusively Asian phenomenon, as critical components of the Green network were co-opted by neo-nazis after Petra Kelly was seduced by her German-spy boyfriend who was part of a network of people who infiltrated the Greens and turned them to align with the political or financial interests of old Nazi corporations -- and this risks occurring again in the new Green-themed environmental network where children could be susceptible to manipulation by corporate interests, and the potential economic democracy and economic-leveling of a green economy could be stomped down by giant corporate monopolies. Such a problem is already overtaking the envisioned "marijuana trade" economy via large-scale farming by corporations using migrant and other economically-desperate labor pools.  As economies are "deregulated", ordinary citizens are at the mercy of predatory organized economic interests, and so have we adequately learned the history of our own society, or are we facing illusions of dreams that are not likely to manifest as anything other than commercials?  The truth is that we all live in the same reality, and one cannot "create your own" that lasts any longer than it takes to burst a bubble and land back in the real world we all live in together -- as every victim of "their own reality" will discover when their "blackberry" or "ipod" breaks, their "wi-fi" signal drops out, or their drug supply is depleted, and the reality of Manchukuo becomes once again all too obvious to forget this time around.

    To read: In the past, I pointed out that Pres Clinton served America well by declassifying records of Axis Fascist operation affecting the USA, previously classified so as to not 'undermine confidence' in Germany and Japan as they were adopted as supposed 'trusted allies" by some during the Cold War, a mistake that Clinton apparently recognized but also apparently not in time to read the declassifed documents, which Bush et al had time to scurry and conceal and destroy as he bumped Gore out of the way to the White House.  Jewish organizations familiar with the worst of Nazi abuses and crimes had made it a point to make sure the world knew about what the Nazis did and how they planned to continue after 1945, but there was no substantial counterpart to cover Asian Fascist tricks and treachery, other than a few voices in Australia who knew first-hand how treacherous and brutal the East Asia Properity Sphere operations were as they bombed and torpedoed Australian ports and ships. Whether or not the declassified documents survived what some claimed was a Bush-era purge, there are books that have since (or before) covered the brutal policies of wartime Japan and its collaborating Chinese parties and local governments, and I here want to review the names of some of them, as they are essential to understanding the recent and current HA=VU intrigue emanating from the East China Sea and from 22.5 degrees to either side of there, from the Burmese/Thai/Chinese Golden-Triangle Shan states and Yunnan province, and from western Caroline/Micronesia,covert ops in New Guinea, and Tokyo and the NE coast of Honshu, as well as from Sakhalin Island, not to overlook any covet ops within Australia to the south of there.

    The British historian Mark Felton published "The Fujita Plan" in 2006, one of the must-reads for understanding what East Asian military ops are capable of in wartime, and confirming what wartime authors reported but were dismissed as 'communist propaganda' during the dangerously deluded McCarthy era (McCarthy being chummy and charmed by literal Nazi agents).  Felton shows photos of Japanese military covert operations and describes their tactics, almost unimaginable to the mind of people with a social conscience.  Then Tony Matthews published 'Shadows Dancing' in the 1990s, republished later as 'Spies for Nippon'. Both these books based on documented proof, per the authors, and confirming nearly all reports earlier dismissed in the McCarthy era as false, including  the eye-opening "Armies of Spies" by Joseph Gollomb, "Secret Armies" by John Spivak, "Sabotage: The Secret War against America" by Michael Sayers and Albert Kahn, and the sections on Japan in "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" by Gerhard Weinberg.  Those wanting to understand the potential of treachery from East Asia (including Chinese Fascist elements often denied or covered up by the wealthy an influential 'China lobby' network in the USA), should also study the books of Sterling Seagrave, perhaps best summarized in the 1990s 1st edition (minus misleading commentaries and alterations in the elsewhere-published 2000s 2nd edition) of "Lords of the Rim".  Anyone who has not read these books is a the mercy of still-continuing Sun Tzu treachery in Asian politics both in Asia and the Pacific coast of North America.  Note that it is routine for Asian mafia to attack all critics as 'racist', and lately as 'hate-mongers', and yet the valid reports of insidious corruption and almost superhuman hypocrisy, not to mention the treacherous political cults and their mind-control games, are overlooked only AYOR (At Your Own Risk)... "The Moonies" are nothing to laugh about, and their deadly "Kahr Arms" guns all over American streets have Real Bullets in them, the drugs from the Golden Triangle are known to 'pack a little extra punch', and people had better think twice before they vote affiliates into political office in the USA and Canada, especially as the aforementioned are major contributors to massive evictions, population displacement, and rent-gouging, not to mention human trafficking and 'girls for sale' on the streets, sometimes under pious-looking exteriors and "faith-based" front operations. Honest multigenerational Asian-Americans have reported many times on these issues in recent years, but often do so cautiously for fear of retribution.  If people want to "Go Global Fast" they'd better start Reading Up Fast on what they're inviting into the living room before it's too late to do much about it -- because when Sacramento goes, the whole state infrastructure could go with it, and possibly with lots of naive outside help.

    I hope the Clintons, the Obamas, and all other US national leaders in all parties, right and left and center, will read every one of the books I have just mentioned before they move forward with any further global initiatives, because the impact of Vulkanus is Major even if cloaked in Hades and also Neptune in 2020, and mistakes may be difficult to correct later on.  The "Asian Century" plan is Real, and even echoed still at Asian regional economic and political conferences that too many North Americans have been ignoring... it's the conviction that Asia will replace both Europe and America as the world's main power hub, and manifest already along the Pacific coastlines of the Americas, from Alaska to Peru to Paraguay and Brazil.  The aforementioned books are indicators of how that is likely to unfold, and the "Men Behind the Curtain" article an indicator of how an "Asian Century" as well as a revived Euro-Union Axis has unfolded and is unfolding, in ways that Nostradamus has warned could lead to another World War unless halted.  As I've pointed out before, it was the German military's programming sessions at the "Halifax Conference" that got McCain all wound up to risk a World War III, and it's doubtful he would have put forward such an irrational proposal without their persuasive tactics.  The "Curtain" article also points out likely roots of the Halifax forums, along with the equally problematic lobbying games emanating from Asia, although different in character and format, just the the cultures and root traditions and value systems are substantially different.

    Chao's tactic of manipulating McConnell into pushing the Tax Bill breaks that benefit her friends and pave the way for foreign takeover via 'privatization' would get rounds of applause from the circles of Sun Tzu, Hideki Tojo, and Hitler's friends Wang Chingwei and the Shanghai Green Gang.  All without firing a shot, takeover by stealth, "redefining America" via secret friends in both parties, and leaders pathetically naive about how Asian politics operate -- or even how German politics really operate after the diplomatic forays, echoing the tactics of Hitler before 1939, operate.... the charming smiles, smirks and wink-wink-nudge-nudge kisses and treachery of 'agreements' signed with fine print intentionally too tiny to read.  Like Sun Tzu, Metternich and Machiavelli also still live, in spirit, manifest in new bodies and in formats adapted to the times including Hades=Vulkanus times like now, with an added Neptune layer in 2020 to potentially make poo look like pie, and fascism look like a dream, with the help of a little Jim Jones nirvana talk.

    In closing the rent-control bill just passed in Sacramento by big real-estate lobbying interests is an empty shell, since it still includes the "owner move-in" loophole clause that overrides any ultimate rent-control regulations, and and which facilitated a large percentage of evictions in recent years.. it allows landlords to move a relative into the building, even if only on weekends, and thus classify the building as occupied by a family member and thus surreptitiously exempt from rental-property regulations, and Hades in Cancer 22.5 Vulkanus has tied real-estate and also food-production corruption directly to political power, on a two-way street, while property-tax-assessors can manipulate the values up and down to suit the objectives of the moment and those who have the money to pay for the assessments.  Welcome to the world of Transoceanic Global Trade Agreement run by the rich.. GATT/WTO neofascism.

    Don't expect things to get too much better until 2023, after legitimate crime-detection organizations prevail and transnational organized crime can no longer claim that "racial profiling" makes them exempt when their crime networks are maintained primarily along national or racial lines.  Although there is a possibility that the potentially increased treacheries of 2020 may drive the public to wake up to some harsh realities about Globalism by the end of that year, when the fog and clouds roll away.

    Brexit may play a key role in bringing the transnational organized crime networks under control, and it's up to all parties in the United Kingdom to make sure they are represented at the negotiating tables even if they now think Brexit is to their disadvantage.  Per geodetic indicators, I think most of the population of the British Isles may find that Brexit is to their advantage after all, in the long run -- but it is for the people living there to decide -- and I've watched how skillfully deceptive is Euro Union propaganda, especially since Merkel pushed the so-called "Lisbon Treaty", and how persuasive and sometimes covert bullying tactics have been over the years. And elections of the future will put new US presidents in office, so international negotiations can be made keeping that in mind.

    As for Russia, the power is amassing now in Peterburg rather than Moscow, and Ukraine is entering a period of global power representative of whatever government controls it, and that should be kept in mind in dealing with Russian issues.  That could put the Russian and Ukrainian Navies in the drivers' seats regionally, and Turkey's and Egypt's and their intelligence services not without global-scale impact. South Africa's Navy will also sway global issues via its bases in Durban, as will Argentina and even little Guyana.  Western Australia's mining industries near the Kalgoorlie basin may control the whole nation in some ways, obviously economically, and thus have greater political import than they have in most times; and so if that's not Australian, neither are the results likely to be.  It's an Aus national security issue.

    Closing: Cults have been increasing influence. What started with the "Tea Party" craze, cultivated at the Nazi/Axis Fascist-built Hoover/Stanford Reasearch Institute, has diversified into cults along the political spectrum... the "Spritual Living" cult where indoctrination is in different themes but following the Scientology format of debriefing and reprogramming; the "Mumia Abu Jamal" cult espousing a "People of Color" alliance against "Nasty Old White Men" and smelling like the festering prison cells where it incubated; the Falungong cult that seems to have overtaken and displaced the Chinese government it disparaged so that it now functions more fully as a Chinese subversion cult in the USA with its hypnotic rituals manipulating "chi" energy like some sort of weapon; and the "Faith Based Initiative" allowing various and sundry pseudo-religious cult to take over social services for the elderly and disabled and to foray into promotion of drug use and consumption and even sado-masochism as "therapy" for the elderly... yes how sick, that far.  In the 1980s, when the press was more free and open about real events rather than yellow journalism. Descriptions of how foreign intelligence services (including German and Japanese) in the 1980s were underming the Soviet state in Russia and satellite states in preparation for its downfall were mentioned as practice for what was to be done to the USA after that, and it's happening... the weird cults, the drug cultures, the dismantling of government infrastructure, media manipulation and distortion, "dream politics", transnational privatization of government functions, sowing of public confusion, and propaganda facilitating foreign influx and guilt for border controls. A study of that period in history could reveal quite a lot about the nature of current problems in the USA and thus how to get them resolved.  It could involve scrutiny of foreign agents in the USA at that time attempting to drag in and implicate Americans in the mess.  Stanford Research Institute (or "SRI", a nationwide organization no longer exclusively at Stanford, hatched largely by post-WW2 Axis agents, and for years with branches across the USA) may be found to be a key hub of the mess.  The SRI was initially set up using Nazi and Fascist agents as trainers in psychological warfare tactics (psy-ops), one of the main figures being Otto von Bolschwing, who was eventually set for deportation from the USA when it became clear that his programs were directed against rather than to benefit Americans, but died before leaving the USA.  SRI programs involving drugging of subjects, treatment of subjects like "lab rats", and routine deceit of participants in research programs about their actual objectives, and they were still operation only a few years ago despite Bolschwing's demise, with new offices set up not long ago in Nevada and Texas.  Why they are allowed to still operate is a question that needs to be answered to the American public.  A few years ago Merkel made some sort of intentionally deceptive comment about Nazism originating in the USA, which is an old Nazi lie she is too smart to not know is one, and gained some credibility by the continuation of German and Japanese military and intelligence operations still operating on US soil... and it's time to destroy the programs that can be used to bolster such a view.  They are apparently mixed with other legitimate research programs that the SRI has been engaged in so as to make it look legitimate and ethical, but those legitimate programs can be shifted to American control after expunging all foreign intelligence operatives and brought under investigation of legitimate and time-tested US national security agencies so as to verify legitimacy. Watch out for Hitler-adulating Schwarzenegger's "Grass Roots Revolution".. how slimy of him to latch onto young girls worried about their futures in order to promote his pet companies and political affiliations getting the money from the new technology. He's a prime example of why US Presidents (and maybe state governors, too) need to be born in the United States.  Otherwise, Siemens and Sony take over... or have they already started? 

    Hello, American wing of the Pentagon... get those American troops in Alameda, fast, because foreign-instigated trouble is brewing already, and the streets are getting too weird.... Hades=Vulkanus weird, and about to add Neptune in the cauldron for what could potentially be a deceit-filled 2020, complicated by too many people on drugs and "out of it".  The NE=HA=VU configuration of 2020 is indeed a potential signature for chaos, but can be kept positive if people stay sober, go for logical and critical thinking rather than 'belief' and 'dreams', especially imported ones, and purely American US naval and air operations are set to investigating all the political corruption that has unfolded over the last several years, and where they, too, will have to stay sober and undrugged and away from anything that smells like cults... no room for BS or groundless speculation at this time, as it will be enough of a challenge to get to the underlying facts, and no time for 'redefining America, as too much of the global Vulkanus power now is in the hands of other countries so that America is potentially at the mercy of outside interests if the Vulkanus vigilance is not adequate.  With NE=HA=VU there is a risk of shortage of vigiliance, like when idiots shut down US govt services while Japanese Marines were in San Diego... what an idiotic move by Americans involved, and how ideal for Japanese allies and their old Moonie-network-affiliated cults, especially to consolidate power in California via stealth.  The evidence already shows, and part of it sits in Washington DC next to Trump in the form of Elaine Chao and other Asian-nationalist interests.  However, there can be similar problems with power from South Africa, Argentina, the Chaco region, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, or Russia -- and attention needs to focus on the Moonie element in Anchorage and the Denver-Roswell longitude, Saskatchewan in Canada and Chihuahua in Mexico for all those areas are more vital than ever to the stability of North America as a whole as they merge in 2020 with the potential intrigue, confusion, or drowsiness of both Hades and Neptune energies that can weaken vital Vulkanus defenses against "power-over".  Tahiti is subject to the influence of power-plays in Europe as well as transpacific power blocs including those in the East China Sea pushing for an "Asian Pacific".  Look at the map of the Pacific to see how real that is geographically.  The question is why Schwarzenegger would want to facilitate the mess, unless the objective is to destabilize the United States, and or half of him is a Sony puppet.


2019Aug20, edited Sep27: US domestic chaos ploys:

    Portland Oregon no minor national issue... Vulkanus now hammering on its Ascendant as well as Seattle's, and possibly mostly from foreign operations from aforementioned locations where Vulkanus is now overhead on the MC (noticeably pertinent is the East China seacoast from Qingdao to Shanghai to Taipei to Quemoy to the Japanese Yaoyama and Senkaku Islands... in addition to Peterburg, Odessa, Alexandria, Pretoria-Durban, and Buenos Aires, Chaco, and Jonestown's Guyana), and still not only fused with the potential subterfuge of Hades but adding Neptune in the mix for the next year or so, for a possibly highly-deceptive tim