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Blog Items (in reverse chronological order; note that I have been dealing with dyslexia problems due to stroke and dental problems and will periodically review for spelling and grammar errors.. you may contact me if you notice any such problems):...


2019Sep27 -- updated Oct05: Critical current global events: mass population shifts and deceptive immigration politics; Trump impeachment process considerations; who's really running Washington DC; foreign-manipulated domestic America-shaming; Asian fascist now joints neonazi historical revisionism at a similar level with coverups of Pearl Harbor destruction, Japanese nuclear and missile plans, Nanking/Shanghai and southeast Asian fascist massacres, Asian-fascist-coerced 'comfort women', the pre-TPP "One World" Chinese global plan; collaboration of revived Euro and Asian fascism together, and impact on the Americas; steamroller globalism installing fascist economics and politics under false guises (HA=VU increased by =NE during 2020) and neo-opium-wars tactics.

    Preliminary notes: A couple of recent issues maybe globally important:  The reconstruction of the Dallas Oriental Hotel has been delayed, and maybe for good reasons -- it is important to study in detail why the historic multi-story luxury hotel of the same name was torn down only 31 years after it was built, and why -- did it have to do with international intrigue or even organized crime issues?

    Secondly, while Trump has been mean and insensitive in attacking selected immigrant populations, dominant elements in the Democratic Party have been sloppily lax on potentially disastrous immigration tolerance issues, especially on groups that Trump has for some reason not made his targets of attack.  This needs to be rectified before future elections, and many people are feeling alienated by both extreme positions and disinclined to vote at all unless politicians start to address immigration issues more sensibly and with deeper awareness of the impacts on society at large rather than kowtowing to pushy lobbying interests with big financial (and apparently transoceanic political) objectives in mind. There is potential national chaos if more balanced and reasonable policies are not promoted, and the risk of violent covert political cults entering the country hypocritically as 'faith-based'.  While the Pluto opposite Sun in the 1776 chart has unfortunately passed without many needed positive changes beneficial to the country as a whole, and too many detrimental concessions have been made to foreign lobbying interests subtly manipulating Washington DC there remains some hope for resolution at the upcoming Pluto opposition Pluto, which also shows grave risks for national schisms unless more unifying nationwide policies are promoted while invasive foreign interests are pushed back to where they originated... or positive transformation if American returns to its roots and reviews and corrects past mistakes.  This makes clear that immigration must be contained, regulated, and implemented carefully and cautiously, with some remedies of previous excesses possibly necessary; i.e. policy reversals.  Vulkanus on America's natal and critical geodetic Ascendants almost simultaneously does indeed mean very potent force from overseas, and only transnational media propaganda, and slick foreign lobbying, has manipulated the public, legislatures, and business interests, into denial of the realities, while the Hades at 22.5 has provided stealth covers for such operations.  All measures can and should be taken with full respect for legitimate human rights, with the smart handling of slick and covertly greed-motivated immigration lawyers, to avoid futher problems.

    Thirdly, as gender and sexuality issues become more politicized, there are some problems affecting the gay/lesbian minority community with political lobbying from an outside "Q"-identified element of ambiguous origins, manifesting not long after the Anita Bryant campaign was revived in the early 2000s with government grant monies secure by her second husband, including those for 'conversion programs' that may be rooted in those of 1970s, using dehumanizingly manipulative behavioral and surgical techniques. Futhermore, outside financial interests tied in with promotion of foreign-run commercial sex-change operations have been noted, and "Q"-identified outsiders have merged via false faith-based fronts and other lobbies to manipulate elderly gays and lesbians as economic commodities, all the way to promotion of S&M and superfluous antidepressant and legalized marijuana consumption, including to socially-isolated senior citizens who happen to be homosexual. (Some of these even promoted via poorly-monitored university psychology/counseling programs.)  It is as though Gay Liberation has been hijacked and warped by outside interests, and turned into Gay Enslavement and even elder abuse in the case of seniors -- even some of the organizations for gay seniors have been hijacked by outside interests treating seniors like guinea-pigs in social-engineering experiments. The situation smells of past 'Stanford Research Institute' psycho-social experimentation operations, or even the psychological and social-engineering experiments of the Manchukuo Unit-731 programs, and is displacing the need for spontaneous, personalized interactions among all populations of every stripe in need of community-building. The longtime drive among the LGBT community for social integration and acceptance as respected social service workers or dignified professionals is being undermined by highly-publicized sado-masochist "sex fairs" and "festish events" run by outsiders whose objective it seems to be stereotype gays and lesbians as degenerate, and to continue to isolate and alienate them from society as a whole.  Many such events are promoted along with excessive alcohol or drug consumption so that many participants are not fully conscious of actions they are manipulated or goaded into, where outrageous induced behavior is being used as propaganda tools in some sort of weird 'culture wars' media dramatization.  It looks almost like a milder form of the Aids epidemic tactics coupled with crack wars that also affected other targeted minority communities. 

    Newly legalized marijuana should be bought only from known and trusted sources, due to risk of 'spiking' or combination with more addictive or toxic drugs (apparently already underway).


More generic social issues and astro-geodetic indicators:


Too few are paying attention to the duplicity, treachery, tricky hypocrisy of the Merkel-Schwarzenegger duo alongside the ploys of the Russia/Putin networks and the centuries-old and very political Sino-Japanese East China Sea organized crime network that Sterling Seagrave did such a fine job of detailing in his books (still underappreciated gifts to the world), and the several recent Kuomintang-Communist overtures and overlaps.  As indicated earlier, in 2020 Neptune will swing into combine, in 32nd harmonic, with the Hades=Vulkanus cluster of recent years, too add an additional layer of pretense and camouflage before the global corruption indicated by where Hades and Vulkanus and now Neptune on the geodetic MC is routed out.  In other words, it could get worse during 2020 before getting better, and the pot-legalization issue, in addition to opiates addiction, could add part of a new layer in facilitating relaxation of needed vigilance and critical faculties. Look to where Neptune in 2020 (universal/cap ingress chart) is on the MC (18 Pisces/mutables) in 1st, 4th as well as 8th and 16th harmonics... Marshall Islands (Moonie cult and Japanese military power hub), south New Zealand (possible transnational underworld elements or cults there), Texas panhandle and Mexico south of there, intrigue around the Dakota Black Hills, Colorado border with Kansas and Nebraska long known for its old imported Nazi/Axis colonies, Roswell-area foreign military psy-ops, Manitoba-Saskatechwan border, Morocco-Sahara border, far-east Iceland and far-west Ireland coastlines, west Kashmir and areas directly north and south in India and Central Asia incl borders with China, and always look with both Neptune and Hades for nocturnal and aquatic operations including submarine contraband or even paramilitary ops. Neptune, as well as Hades, sometimes aims to drug, put asleep, or destabilize when functioning at their their lowest levels, and they are now combining with the Hades=Vulkanus cluster still within 2-degree orb.  The good news is that such a mess will begin to clear up in 2021, and it will require covert, nocturnal, and aquatic or submarine defense operations to get things fixed, and this means that US (and Canadian) coastline defense operations are now more vital and critical than is usually the case.  I continue to stress that compensation for the shutdown of US Navy bases facilities in Alameda need to be quickly restored, and by unquestionably American means and implementation... no room for foreign nationalist or dual-allegiance advocates in such operations any more. The concurrent rise of CAPAC and Moonie-cult proliferation during the Alameda shutdown should be noted. The geodetic indicators of problems resulting from the Alameda base shutdown point directly to recent sources of anti-US-government organizations and operations, including dual-allegiance and foreign-nationalist advocate organizations that have invaded US military agencies and operations.  Look to the article 'Men Behind the Curtain' for indicators, and they also point to the need for urgent investigation of the cultish Korematsu organization, its infiltration of public school operations, and its ties to Schwarzenegger's ploys that he appears to possibly plan with Merkel such as "driverless car" operations, plans to give German-owned corporations (Siemens/Deutschebank, Volkswagen, BMW, etc) monoplies over vital and necessary new technology wherever Japan or China don't have it.... all to the detriment of the US economy and public. Foreign corporations and politicians benefit from the ignorance of US business and political leaders who continue to promote dinosaur technology in the USA, and thus apparenlty have backed their campaigns to put them in office or in control of commerce organizations.  Schwarzenegger's shameless attempts to exploit and manipulate youth organizations and movements smells like Hitlerjugend in disguise... the dude is evil, and it should be noted who put his 'Global Policy Institute' in operation as well as the geodetic lineups for it... often as much Japanese or Chinese mafia as German.  California schools sucked into the Korematsu umbrella are highly vulnerable to covert manipulation and political psy-ops theatrics already evident.  And the influx of Japanse marines during the weakening of US national coast security during the US Govt shutdown may dovetail with such problems.  These areas of the US Pacific coastline are most vulnerable to covert operations from the aforementioned locations (directed at top from Vulkanus, and covertly per the Hades and Neptune lineups, and this points directly to the old Moonie network now morphed into Falungong and other cult operations).  The following indented paragraphs point out some of the key vulnerable locations:

For 2020, 2 degrees Leo/fixed on the geodetic Ascendant and all locations in 16th (22.5 angle) and even 32nd (11.25) harmonic (and here are included both Grimm and Sepharial values): Seattle WA and Portland OR in 4th harmonic, most potent and including both Asian mafia and radical right extremist cults who planet-wide origins need careful study.  Note that Ascendant is the window to the outside world, and thus locations of likely influx from elsewhere.  Then 11:15 down the coast from Monterey to the north Channel Islands in California, which is largely remote beach areas susceptible to aquatic or submarine operations, including at night, and some may come from CAPAC-nationalist parts of the globe, meaning leave the CAPAC element out unless you want to risk collaboration with foreign ops), and that could include bases set up inland from there if they escape coastal detection, so as to include areas all the way to Nevada, including areas around Modesto, Merced, Fresno, northeast to Reno, Yosemite, Visalia, and Bishop, as well as the vital California Aqueduct in that region, which should be carefully guarded against intrigue. If that should reach further inland, it would include areas within driving distance from Winnemucca NV, Boise ID (i.e. state infrastructure hub), Missoula MT.  Perhaps a bit more vulnerable, in 16th harmonic, are areas in Arizona (possibly via Colorado River operations) and in Mexico all along the northern Gulf of California, most logically vulnerable to covert operations from the East China seacoast and/or Argentina, and this area is within quick access of Arizona and could include locations within driving distance of both Phoenix and Tucson -- then northeast toward remote areas including Grand Junction and the UT/CO border areas, central Wyoming from Rock Springs to Casper, west Montana around Miles City, and also the Saskatechwan infrastructure base of Regina.  Neptune could also include aerial operations, and these could reach any of the inland locations, which in 4th harmonic would also include areas around Kelowna and Banff Park in British Columbia and Alberta incl inland to its infrastructure hub in Regina... even to remote Baker Lake in Nunavut via aerial operations.

    Areas further inland, in America's heartland, at 45 angle to powerful but now potentiall stealthy (due to Neptune and Hades combination) Vulkanus, include those with geo Ascendants near 17 mutables, including areas within a couple of hours driving distance of Laredo, San Antonio, and Forth Worth TX; Lawton and Oklahoma City in OK, Wichita KS, Lincoln NE state infrastructure, remote west-central Minnesota, US-Canada border around Lake of the Woods, Kenora ON. Coastal areas of Manitoba between the Churchill and Nelson rivers, and all the southern Manitoba-Ontario border.  Overall it looks like the potential of foreign interests set on impacting Canada's oil-rich and agricultural breadbasket prairie provinces in covert political ways.

    In eastern North America, the possibly stealthy power-impact of a Neptune- and Hades-aided Vulkanus can affect Montreal, the southern Quebec-Ontario border between it and Ottawa, Adirondacks in NY and western Vermont, western Massachusetts and all of Connecticut (whose coastlines are vulnerable), and eastern Long Island (long known for transnational political intrigue).  Also affected could be the vast entryway to Canada's St Lawrence Seaway via the Cabot Strait, which should not be left to foreign agencies with ambiguous affiliations to patrol, and the same applies to the entryway at the Strait of Belle Isle -- and these can also have powerful impact on US cities along the seaway including Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Duluth, with all Michigan potentially engulfed in control by foreign covert operations that could use the state's facilities for transnational subversion operations.  This should not be brushed off as trivial as Neptune and Hades camouflage global politics fused with major global narcotrafficking, human trafficking, and weapons-trafficking hubs aligned at Hades on the geo MC (at the Golden Triangle, western Turkey, the Mediterranean north of the Algeria-Tunisia border area, and Panama and Canal Zone.

    Another area of the USA especially vulnerable to potent covert foreign operations may be the border area between South and North Carolina, and the western Bahamas (WW2-era Axis powers haven under control of Nazi-psyop-brainwashed Edward VIII), Colombia's infrastructure at Bogota, western Jamaica, and area of Cuba around Manaznillo and Camaguey that could contribute to US-Cuba tensions manipulated by third parties. There is risk of Colombia falling under control of even more powerful transnational narcotrafficking or weapons-trafficking networks.

    In reviewing American historical facts, while the USA has been made to feel guilty over the Monroe Doctrine, the original purpose was to keep European and Asian powers from taking over Latin America and manipulating them against American interests or perpetuating colonialism from those regsion -- interests which nonethless were able to provoke the US Civil War and support the 'Confederacy' in order to split and weaken the United States (a potential 'threat' to the Old World colonial powers that later ran World Wars 1 and 2), and tried to spark a WW3 at the German Halifax conference that effectively had McCain all worked up and ready to fire the first shot on call from Berlin.  Canada should have known better than to let that manifest in the first place on their soil, and Americans should have known better than to let 'foreign experts' from Germany or anywhere else shape US foreign policy... a lesson apparently still not always learned, as late as just a few years ago.  It's time for full US Independence to manifest, including ditching the foreign-policy 'advisors' and meddling imported politicians from overseas, and although Pluto made its last hard aspect to the USA Sun recently, it has yet to make its hard aspect to its natal position, when the mistakes of letting TPP and TTIP roll over America have the potential to be corrected, Pluto-style.  Foreign exchanges are nonetheless important and necessary, but need strict regulation, while letting invaders take over is foolish, including via fine print in agreements that leaders are going to have to read through more carefully and not sign under pressure, drugging, or charming cocktail parties with sleazy lobbyists and hustlers from the lands of Metternich, Machiavelli, and the lands of Sun Tzu intrigue.  In this time of rampant NE=HA=VU intrigue of confusion and corruption may unfold also investigations with those who would create a better world for the future, and it's clear that they aren't coming from Berlin or Beijing or the Japanese Navy in the Ryukyu Islands.  It is indeed true that Western Civilization is at risk, and this happens to conform to the most frequent interpretations of Nostradamus; and it also means that Western Civilization has to clean house if it is to stand up to another invasion of the Huns or the Mongol Hordes, who have already sent their agents in to pave the way for trouble that they are now creating.  There is a global "Asian Century" plan unfolding, and only the foolish and naive ignore it... but so is there a revived but underground rumbling of the old Hun machine in the German military (Siemens).

    About Trump and impeachment focus, has no one paid adequate attention to "who put the turtle on the fencepost'?  It matters, and it matters "big".... it's not just a cute phrase uttered by Elected President Gore.  Upon ascent, Trump was surrounded by Taiwan's Elaine Chao and Germany's Peter Thiel, shortly departing from Austria's Schwarzenegger in an obvious love-hate relationship between remarkably similar fellow travelers. As the idea of impeaching Trump impends, there is grave risk of overlooking the literal, perhaps more problematic treason of Chao, Schwarzenegger, and Thiel (and Jack Ma) -- those who put Trump where he is, and to leave them unscathed while Trump takes the blow as "the Big Kahuna" on the stage might not solve the true root problem.  To "rid" America of Trump could be to remove the symptom, only, while leaving the cause to incur more damage, as some have already noted.  All of America should focus on phenomena like the Schwarzenegger facilitated "Korematsu" indoctrination schools (geodetically and otherwise aligned with old Moonie cult organizations, along with some questionable 'Sanctuary' organizations) that turn critical subversion-rampant wartime evaders of US government agents into heroes -- is the intent to breed more of the same, and does America yet understand the global political source and impact of Schwarzenegger's political career, or his 'Global Policy Institute' at an American-based university despite never having earned a Bachelor's degree other than by "experience credits" from things like Japanese Hollywood productions. Americans from all political parties have shortsightedly endorsed such machinations run from abroad, or laugh at something that should be taken deadly seriously because of its impact.

    Brexit and the Japan game: The Euro-Union has Europe's best and brightest pseudoliberal corporatist propagandists and lobbyists lulling Europe and the British Isles into deals that many on both the left and right are regretting... short-term, fleeting goodies for long-term enslavement, submission, and disadvantage is the usual mode of operation, and long enough to get the unwary to sign on the dotted line, and then Wham come the clever Brussels Edicts ordered by "Hitler in drag" or the charming Witch of Buchenwald, or any other future Disguised Nazi reincarnated.  The most rabid Pro-Euro rebels in Scotland are the puppets of Deutchsbank/Siemens, literally or figuatively, as if Rudolf Hess got further along in Scotland this time around.  The Euro-Union agents are masters of making right look like left, and left look look right, including via bribes and cultish courting, and yet their old East Asian allies are doing the very same thing as well.  These are symptoms of the HA=VU intrigue causing so much world public confusion now, and the aforementioned studies of where Hades and Vulkanus have been on the geodetic MC should enlighten the dark corners of confusion and semi-conscious submission.  Solutions will have to involve looking beyond party and ideological rhetoric and instead on functional policy issues and their long-term impact on society as a whole and not just special interests of the moment.  The PL=KR now on the geo MC of London means that Brexit can be a huge success for London despite the deluge of Euro-propaganda and bribes and deceit (and confusion among manipulees) -- and that configuration means Britain will again "rule the waves", as much as it can in today's altered conditions, via Brexit, which the continental Germany-dominated Euro-oligarchs have always dreaded, and even if the means are not yet clear.  One obvious solution already in motion is the revival of the WW2 Allies pact, where the USA and Australia and now Canada sometimes are reaching out to London to let Britain once again know that the ship will not go down despite any Blitzkrieg attempts.  Fools in Washington and across America have paid too little attention to how the Euro Union oligarch plan is to displace the USA and its currency as well as the Asian markets, and to quietly cut deals with Russia with heads turned to the east while claiming to be a 'staunch ally against Russia' when German political heads turn to the west, rotating back and forth, while much of the world has forgotten the repeated patterns of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the WW1 German-Russian truce, and the last-minute Napoleonic-era Prussian-Russian alliance against France that similary drove Paris into the ground, underfoot, and 1940s London into the terror of the massive bombing raids while Hitler strutted around the Eiffel Tower. Similarly, too many have forgotten the duplicity of Japan, using its hackeneyed "World Peace" rhetoric to prepare Pearl Harbor for near destruction via sneak attack while Japanese diplomats were in the USA "offering the olive branch", and Japanese agents were amassing data on US Pacific coast security and vital infrastructure facilities that led the US military to ask FDRoosevelt to set up the controversial internment camps that Fascists still today use as propaganda to shame Americans into submission or concessions that will be regretted later on (and occuring during the HA-22.5-VU stealth politics cluster), and include the Schwarzenegger-aligned-Korematsu machine in that, for a situation that has led some in California to now say "We lost World War 2" and wonder how people forgot things like how Berlin sent its nuclear-bomb technology to Tokyo right after the May 1945 Nazi's sham "peace treaty" that would have allowed Hiroshima to bomb America with Berlin's help, had America not bombed Hiroshima.  Part of the problem is that Americans tend to forget the history and move on, but the Old World countries tend more to recognize the timeless truths and patterns that still couple with free will to shape reality. In 1932, people thought the Versailles Treaty and the Weimar Republic had forever buried the Deuschebank-Siemens "Drei Kaiser" war machine, but it had only gone underground and reappeared as the Nazi Axis network and created more terror and grief than before. Today, Deutschebank-Siemens built the "Microsoft Cloud" where it stores all internet transactions via Windows 10, due to GATT/WTO provisions that allowed the Siemens German military family empire to push its way into development of US military technology prior to steadily more Windows 95 for increasingly supposedly "driverless computers", like the "driverless cars" that Merkel and Schwarzenegger/Sony and Volkswagen and Moriseki sneaked into America at the Munich-based Four Seasons Hotel.  When Obama praised Siemens and Sony did he know this?  Probably not, and why we thank him for his smart domestic moves but say Adios when he starts trying to run Benghazi-like or Shinzo-compliant US foreign policy. Next!!  Any experienced American political leader, raised in American public schools, and also smart (which doesn't include Bush) during his lifetime would have known this, and our internet and natonal security would not be run by corporations that helped build the former Axis powers machine that wanted to nuke America and send ICBM-prototype missiles to wipe out New York -- what Germany had planned in 1945, prevented only by the May 1945 US-Allied treaty provisions, just like the August 1945 US-Allied treaty provisions stopped Tokyo from dropping nukes on America.  Such history is not so old, not so long ago, and should not be forgotten, although it has mistakenly been, including by people who should know better, and some who maybe learned their history in some other country.  It's time for Americans to stop feeling guilty for being Americans and stop letting foreign interests invade and take over our national economy, institutions (including universities!), and resume the intended goals of 1776 that were not always reached.  These are the convictions that all are created equal in talents unique to each individual, a commitment to Reason and Enlightenment with recognition that church and state must be separated while allowing for freedom of religion outside those parameters, and for the US government to 'provide for the common defense' and 'promote the general welfare', both of which have been grossly undermined by the politics of tragically alzheimered Ronald Reagan, praised by Obama and Bush II both, based on a 'Reagan Revolution' designed by Chinese economist Wendy Lee Gramm, promoted by her subservient husband Phil Gramm and the opportunistic Warren Rudman, and that allowed for gradual foreign takeover via privatization of US government and contracts. People want to know how China rose to global power and there's a big part of the answer, and thanks to the Moonies and other similar "charming" foreign lobbying networks infesting Washington DC and state capitals. Not to mention Germany's agent, Henry Kissinger, cofounder of the G7/G8 gentrifying mess.

    Many are currently too distracted by their toy hand-held computers, new smoking products, prescribed sleeping pills, and a trashed and transnationally-manipulated US domestic news media that has put America to sleep, allowing HA=VU to damage America to its fullest capacity, and that includes the illusory Dream Act proposed during the Bush II era and only continued under Obama.  Obama also praised "Rugged Individualism", the buzzphrase of tired and failed old Hoovernomics that led to Hoovervilles across the USA, but apparently the schools he went to didn't teach about that. Any future American politician of African heritage, and there should and will be many in times to come, are going to have to know their American history and politics much better before they can do America justice, and it would help, even be necessary, if they, and any other candidate of any other ethnic origins, have been raised and educated in the country they have been elected to serve.  There's something serious to be said for 'birtherism' when it's all said and done.  Not that it's the only requirement, but it matters, and it's in the US Constitution for a good reason, just as are separation of church and state.  With the foreign-manipulated "Tea Party" craze, people propagated distorted misconceptions or the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and too few had read them carefully enough to catch the errors.  As a result, America got "redefined" via lies generated by whatever generated things like the "Ron Paul Tea Party" and "Revolution" (which included in part whatever lies the Stanford Research Institute generated from its perpetual, WW2-Nazi/Fascist-Axis-rooted, Lies Factory).  Republicans (whose party was created by agents of Deutschebank and rooted in the "redcoat" monarchists remaining in America after the American Revolution, as may also be said to be largely the case of the Mormon Church, and whose founding leaders were the Robber Barons) may not know the history of their own party, and when quoting the US Constitution need to remember that "promote the general welfare" comes before "securing the blessings of liberty", and Democrats as well as Republicans that before either of those comes "provide for the common defense", meaning protection from foreign encroachment, invasion, infiltration, subversion, and sabotage of the sort that has run rampant recently... even set up charter-like schools that train American youth according to hostile, literally Anti-American, and anti-government ideologies that go beyond the typically American right to question current and past policy and mistakes in the interest of making improvements and living up to constitutional ideals more effectively.

    In relation to this, after reflection, it becomes clear that America is not defined as "A Nation of Immigrants" but as a nation of natives and immigrants, who historically often intermarried.  And note that when the immigrants ruled over the natives, it was revolutionary overthrow of government as manifest in 1776, accompanied by refusal to submit to foreign powers and interests. Let us hope that things never spin out of control to the point that such things should happen again, as they are not needed if only institutions set up in the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, still ahead of their time and even our time now, in fact wise to the point of timelessness in many ways.  Every nation has something to learn from others, but that doesn't mean that submission to takeover is wise or even ultimately practical.  So don't try to Confuse Us with Confucius, Fool Us with Falun, or Manipulate Us with Redefined Flexyapowa Fascism for a 'Redefined America'.  No more Imported Termination by Imported Terminators.  And as a smart billboard advert read a few years ago, "Your Dream Job is Somebody Else's Dream Job", and that sure has proven true to many, including skilled and educated professionals dumped on the streets due to foreign-orchestrated "immigration reform" time and time again, although the "leaders" removed from everyday society don't get it and don't hear it over the pushy lobbyists cluttering their hallways, phone-message machines, and email in-boxes. America has not been "redefined", but rather is being defined out of existence and deconstructed unless people review the errors of the early HA=VU era starting around 2013, and this can be accomplished slowly now as HA=VU wanes toward resolution and fade-out, but likely needing another year to become effective, as Neptune joins, and may exacerbate, the dysfunction in 2020, and where increased drug dispensation may play a central and sabotaging role, as may foreign takeover of the US movie and media industry already underway but capable of being halted and reversed.  Foreign intelligence agencies know well the power of "Hearts and Minds" and their recent push-shoves into Hollywood need to be shoved back out to where they came from, and that includes the Korematsu-Schwarzenegger New Axis machine trying to make stealthy saboteurs look like the heroes they aren't and never were.

    It is the Universal chart of December 2022 that will make room for the real Hope that was only a dream until then, like the light at the end of a tunnel, and many big changes are likely before then, already started as the Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson begins to return to its original purpose and focus on the real meaning of the US Constitution, starting afresh and abandoning the meanderings away from the path during the last nearly 250 years, many of which were manipulated by foreign encroachment and manipulation (Deutschebank Robber Barons, Deutschebank-manipulated Hooverites, and Moonie-Asianmafia-manipulated fools finally beginning to see the light even if only slowly). America will be steeped in 250 years of wisdom by 2026. Trump's radicalism and recklessness, unfolding after Pluto opposition USA 1776 Sun, has pushed America to the wall to search its soul and reasses where it has come from and where it's going.  "Who we are" comes from the roots of our national institutions and history, something many have simply forgotten or never even understood much in depth.  The "Tea Party" of the early 1770s was only a bunch of Anarchists rebelling against the old foreign order with no clear idea yet of what building a new and stable and practical one would be like.  Boston is for parties, New York is for speculation, and Washington is for national stability and sober assessment of a transcontinental nation, and happens to be at 45 angle to the metropolises of the Pacific Coast needing to operate in harmony and for the broad national interest, coast-to-coast.  The resurrection of the Alameda Naval Base may be necessary to accomplish that effectively, along with the increased alignment of bases in Portland and Seattle with Washington DC, and harmonization of Vancouver with Washington as well as Ottawa could make for a strong North American alliance ready for the already pushful competitive thrusts of Berlin and China and Japan with their hustling "fast track deals"; and further alignment of Washington and Vancouver with Canberra can insure that the vast Pacific is not just Asian, and it looks like realignment of Lima Peru with North American interests and away from Japan is vital to bringing South America into harmony for a united Western Hemispheric union ready to withstand the advances of Europe and Asia onto American territory. It's bye-bye Fujimori or a Latin America used as a continued guerrilla-warfare launchpad against North American interests. Understanding the roots of that includes understanding of how fake Japanese "Maoist"-labeled cults were created and maintained.... the "Sendero Luminoso" cult was Made In Japan, as have been many nominally "Maoist" cults and a large part of the "Chinese Cultural Revolution" took orders from Tokyo via Japanese moles in Chinese politics.  There were Chinese leaders who knew it but could do nothing much about it while "political power came from the barrel of a gun".  It will be interesting to see how that unfolds in the immediate future as the chameleon-like Moonies and Falunies import their deadly "Kahr Arms" and drugs into America to stir up trouble and then hoard the real estate as the dust settles, ready to bring in the next shipments, more and more, endlessly until stopped, and easy to do wherever they control the coastlines, day and/or night.  This may be why efforts are now being made to break their recently-increased monopolies over Pacific ocean beach properties. 

    Major Points:  Nothing major, except essential and vital pacts and treaties, should have been or be signed while Hades is within 2 degrees orb of Vulkanus, and that stretches from about 2013 to 2023.  This of course has to exclude urgent treaties made out of necessity, and must always leave room for re-assessment at a later date. The TPP may need yet further revisions if not cancellation. That also means no Euro-type dictatorial and arbitrary treaties that do things like criminalize anyone who is critical of transnational treaty provisions later on, something many Europeans are aware of but which others elsewhere may not know about.. i.e. stealth politics with a mock parliament run by a council of dictators called the "Supreme Council".  This also means that no one should expect new treaties to remain unaltered before at least 2023.  It also means "Brexit" type agreements should be made with room for flexibility and adaptation later on, to avoid hidden problems, and no conclusions should be set in granite before then.  Clearly, if one pays any attention to how German foreign policy has unfolded under the Merkel-decorated machine, largely due to the "Lisbon Treaty" but also previous Euro-Union agreements going all the way back to the Rotehaus/Maison Rouge agreements of 1944 preparing for the possiblity of Allied capture of Berlin.  These are no longer issues that affect Europe only, in these inescapably global times that will never end but can be substantially modified, and the most important thing is that Democracy not be sold off or abandoned, so as to avoid a future of Global Fascist Dictatorship, a real risk now, along with the risk of sugar-coated treachery like how people headed for the WW2 concentration camps were sometimes told they were headed for an ideal living situation, or how the coerced mass-suicide victims of Jonestown were told they were headed for 'Paradise on Earth", or the victims of the Pacific Northwest's Rajneeshpuram were charmed into disaster and self-destruction or destruction of their careers.  Such phenomena could recur, and attentiveness is needed, not drugging or wow-man space-out stuff.  FBI agent astrologer Al Morrison told me about the urgency of studying Jonestown and how it happened, and now as as Vulkanus reaches the geodetic MC in Guyana, I have finally learned more about it and need to relay that information as time permits.  In a nutshell, it was a prime example of political deceit and intrigue involving the disguise of planned disaster and failure as some sort of nirvana or heaven, and it was facilitated by Guyana's Arthur Chung, head of a global Asian Law advocacy network whose roots may have grown into something larger today, and which was focused on expanding Asian nationlist power globally at a time when politics in China were in turmoil and China was developing nuclear weapons as it made overtures toward re-Unification with Taiwan, when the Moonies were on the rise in America, and when neo-fascist organizations were co-opting or impersonating leftist organizations, Manchukuo-psyop-style.  This is not an exclusively Asian phenomenon, as critical components of the Green network were co-opted by neo-nazis after Petra Kelly was seduced by her German-spy boyfriend who was part of a network of people who infiltrated the Greens and turned them to align with the political or financial interests of old Nazi corporations -- and this risks occurring again in the new Green-themed environmental network where children could be susceptible to manipulation by corporate interests, and the potential economic democracy and economic-leveling of a green economy could be stomped down by giant corporate monopolies. Such a problem is already overtaking the envisioned "marijuana trade" economy via large-scale farming by corporations using migrant and other economically-desperate labor pools.  As economies are "deregulated", ordinary citizens are at the mercy of predatory organized economic interests, and so have we adequately learned the history of our own society, or are we facing illusions of dreams that are not likely to manifest as anything other than commercials?  The truth is that we all live in the same reality, and one cannot "create your own" that lasts any longer than it takes to burst a bubble and land back in the real world we all live in together -- as every victim of "their own reality" will discover when their "blackberry" or "ipod" breaks, their "wi-fi" signal drops out, or their drug supply is depleted, and the reality of Manchukuo becomes once again all too obvious to forget this time around.

    To read: In the past, I pointed out that Pres Clinton served America well by declassifying records of Axis Fascist operation affecting the USA, previously classified so as to not 'undermine confidence' in Germany and Japan as they were adopted as supposed 'trusted allies" by some during the Cold War, a mistake that Clinton apparently recognized but also apparently not in time to read the declassifed documents, which Bush et al had time to scurry and conceal and destroy as he bumped Gore out of the way to the White House.  Jewish organizations familiar with the worst of Nazi abuses and crimes had made it a point to make sure the world knew about what the Nazis did and how they planned to continue after 1945, but there was no substantial counterpart to cover Asian Fascist tricks and treachery, other than a few voices in Australia who knew first-hand how treacherous and brutal the East Asia Properity Sphere operations were as they bombed and torpedoed Australian ports and ships. Whether or not the declassified documents survived what some claimed was a Bush-era purge, there are books that have since (or before) covered the brutal policies of wartime Japan and its collaborating Chinese parties and local governments, and I here want to review the names of some of them, as they are essential to understanding the recent and current HA=VU intrigue emanating from the East China Sea and from 22.5 degrees to either side of there, from the Burmese/Thai/Chinese Golden-Triangle Shan states and Yunnan province, and from western Caroline/Micronesia,covert ops in New Guinea, and Tokyo and the NE coast of Honshu, as well as from Sakhalin Island, not to overlook any covet ops within Australia to the south of there.

    The British historian Mark Felton published "The Fujita Plan" in 2006, one of the must-reads for understanding what East Asian military ops are capable of in wartime, and confirming what wartime authors reported but were dismissed as 'communist propaganda' during the dangerously deluded McCarthy era (McCarthy being chummy and charmed by literal Nazi agents).  Felton shows photos of Japanese military covert operations and describes their tactics, almost unimaginable to the mind of people with a social conscience.  Then Tony Matthews published 'Shadows Dancing' in the 1990s, republished later as 'Spies for Nippon'. Both these books based on documented proof, per the authors, and confirming nearly all reports earlier dismissed in the McCarthy era as false, including  the eye-opening "Armies of Spies" by Joseph Gollomb, "Secret Armies" by John Spivak, "Sabotage: The Secret War against America" by Michael Sayers and Albert Kahn, and the sections on Japan in "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" by Gerhard Weinberg.  Those wanting to understand the potential of treachery from East Asia (including Chinese Fascist elements often denied or covered up by the wealthy an influential 'China lobby' network in the USA), should also study the books of Sterling Seagrave, perhaps best summarized in the 1990s 1st edition (minus misleading commentaries and alterations in the elsewhere-published 2000s 2nd edition) of "Lords of the Rim".  Anyone who has not read these books is a the mercy of still-continuing Sun Tzu treachery in Asian politics both in Asia and the Pacific coast of North America.  Note that it is routine for Asian mafia to attack all critics as 'racist', and lately as 'hate-mongers', and yet the valid reports of insidious corruption and almost superhuman hypocrisy, not to mention the treacherous political cults and their mind-control games, are overlooked only AYOR (At Your Own Risk)... "The Moonies" are nothing to laugh about, and their deadly "Kahr Arms" guns all over American streets have Real Bullets in them, the drugs from the Golden Triangle are known to 'pack a little extra punch', and people had better think twice before they vote affiliates into political office in the USA and Canada, especially as the aforementioned are major contributors to massive evictions, population displacement, and rent-gouging, not to mention human trafficking and 'girls for sale' on the streets, sometimes under pious-looking exteriors and "faith-based" front operations. Honest multigenerational Asian-Americans have reported many times on these issues in recent years, but often do so cautiously for fear of retribution.  If people want to "Go Global Fast" they'd better start Reading Up Fast on what they're inviting into the living room before it's too late to do much about it -- because when Sacramento goes, the whole state infrastructure could go with it, and possibly with lots of naive outside help.

    I hope the Clintons, the Obamas, and all other US national leaders in all parties, right and left and center, will read every one of the books I have just mentioned before they move forward with any further global initiatives, because the impact of Vulkanus is Major even if cloaked in Hades and also Neptune in 2020, and mistakes may be difficult to correct later on.  The "Asian Century" plan is Real, and even echoed still at Asian regional economic and political conferences that too many North Americans have been ignoring... it's the conviction that Asia will replace both Europe and America as the world's main power hub, and manifest already along the Pacific coastlines of the Americas, from Alaska to Peru to Paraguay and Brazil.  The aforementioned books are indicators of how that is likely to unfold, and the "Men Behind the Curtain" article an indicator of how an "Asian Century" as well as a revived Euro-Union Axis has unfolded and is unfolding, in ways that Nostradamus has warned could lead to another World War unless halted.  As I've pointed out before, it was the German military's programming sessions at the "Halifax Conference" that got McCain all wound up to risk a World War III, and it's doubtful he would have put forward such an irrational proposal without their persuasive tactics.  The "Curtain" article also points out likely roots of the Halifax forums, along with the equally problematic lobbying games emanating from Asia, although different in character and format, just the the cultures and root traditions and value systems are substantially different.

    Chao's tactic of manipulating McConnell into pushing the Tax Bill breaks that benefit her friends and pave the way for foreign takeover via 'privatization' would get rounds of applause from the circles of Sun Tzu, Hideki Tojo, and Hitler's friends Wang Chingwei and the Shanghai Green Gang.  All without firing a shot, takeover by stealth, "redefining America" via secret friends in both parties, and leaders pathetically naive about how Asian politics operate -- or even how German politics really operate after the diplomatic forays, echoing the tactics of Hitler before 1939, operate.... the charming smiles, smirks and wink-wink-nudge-nudge kisses and treachery of 'agreements' signed with fine print intentionally too tiny to read.  Like Sun Tzu, Metternich and Machiavelli also still live, in spirit, manifest in new bodies and in formats adapted to the times including Hades=Vulkanus times like now, with an added Neptune layer in 2020 to potentially make poo look like pie, and fascism look like a dream, with the help of a little Jim Jones nirvana talk.

    In closing the rent-control bill just passed in Sacramento by big real-estate lobbying interests is an empty shell, since it still includes the "owner move-in" loophole clause that overrides any ultimate rent-control regulations, and and which facilitated a large percentage of evictions in recent years.. it allows landlords to move a relative into the building, even if only on weekends, and thus classify the building as occupied by a family member and thus surreptitiously exempt from rental-property regulations, and Hades in Cancer 22.5 Vulkanus has tied real-estate and also food-production corruption directly to political power, on a two-way street, while property-tax-assessors can manipulate the values up and down to suit the objectives of the moment and those who have the money to pay for the assessments.  Welcome to the world of Transoceanic Global Trade Agreement run by the rich.. GATT/WTO neofascism.

    Don't expect things to get too much better until 2023, after legitimate crime-detection organizations prevail and transnational organized crime can no longer claim that "racial profiling" makes them exempt when their crime networks are maintained primarily along national or racial lines.  Although there is a possibility that the potentially increased treacheries of 2020 may drive the public to wake up to some harsh realities about Globalism by the end of that year, when the fog and clouds roll away.

    Brexit may play a key role in bringing the transnational organized crime networks under control, and it's up to all parties in the United Kingdom to make sure they are represented at the negotiating tables even if they now think Brexit is to their disadvantage.  Per geodetic indicators, I think most of the population of the British Isles may find that Brexit is to their advantage after all, in the long run -- but it is for the people living there to decide -- and I've watched how skillfully deceptive is Euro Union propaganda, especially since Merkel pushed the so-called "Lisbon Treaty", and how persuasive and sometimes covert bullying tactics have been over the years. And elections of the future will put new US presidents in office, so international negotiations can be made keeping that in mind.

    As for Russia, the power is amassing now in Peterburg rather than Moscow, and Ukraine is entering a period of global power representative of whatever government controls it, and that should be kept in mind in dealing with Russian issues.  That could put the Russian and Ukrainian Navies in the drivers' seats regionally, and Turkey's and Egypt's and their intelligence services not without global-scale impact. South Africa's Navy will also sway global issues via its bases in Durban, as will Argentina and even little Guyana.  Western Australia's mining industries near the Kalgoorlie basin may control the whole nation in some ways, obviously economically, and thus have greater political import than they have in most times; and so if that's not Australian, neither are the results likely to be.  It's an Aus national security issue.

    Closing: Cults have been increasing influence. What started with the "Tea Party" craze, cultivated at the Nazi/Axis Fascist-built Hoover/Stanford Reasearch Institute, has diversified into cults along the political spectrum... the "Spritual Living" cult where indoctrination is in different themes but following the Scientology format of debriefing and reprogramming; the "Mumia Abu Jamal" cult espousing a "People of Color" alliance against "Nasty Old White Men" and smelling like the festering prison cells where it incubated; the Falungong cult that seems to have overtaken and displaced the Chinese government it disparaged so that it now functions more fully as a Chinese subversion cult in the USA with its hypnotic rituals manipulating "chi" energy like some sort of weapon; and the "Faith Based Initiative" allowing various and sundry pseudo-religious cult to take over social services for the elderly and disabled and to foray into promotion of drug use and consumption and even sado-masochism as "therapy" for the elderly... yes how sick, that far.  In the 1980s, when the press was more free and open about real events rather than yellow journalism. Descriptions of how foreign intelligence services (including German and Japanese) in the 1980s were underming the Soviet state in Russia and satellite states in preparation for its downfall were mentioned as practice for what was to be done to the USA after that, and it's happening... the weird cults, the drug cultures, the dismantling of government infrastructure, media manipulation and distortion, "dream politics", transnational privatization of government functions, sowing of public confusion, and propaganda facilitating foreign influx and guilt for border controls. A study of that period in history could reveal quite a lot about the nature of current problems in the USA and thus how to get them resolved.  It could involve scrutiny of foreign agents in the USA at that time attempting to drag in and implicate Americans in the mess.  Stanford Research Institute (or "SRI", a nationwide organization no longer exclusively at Stanford, hatched largely by post-WW2 Axis agents, and for years with branches across the USA) may be found to be a key hub of the mess.  The SRI was initially set up using Nazi and Fascist agents as trainers in psychological warfare tactics (psy-ops), one of the main figures being Otto von Bolschwing, who was eventually set for deportation from the USA when it became clear that his programs were directed against rather than to benefit Americans, but died before leaving the USA.  SRI programs involving drugging of subjects, treatment of subjects like "lab rats", and routine deceit of participants in research programs about their actual objectives, and they were still operation only a few years ago despite Bolschwing's demise, with new offices set up not long ago in Nevada and Texas.  Why they are allowed to still operate is a question that needs to be answered to the American public.  A few years ago Merkel made some sort of intentionally deceptive comment about Nazism originating in the USA, which is an old Nazi lie she is too smart to not know is one, and gained some credibility by the continuation of German and Japanese military and intelligence operations still operating on US soil... and it's time to destroy the programs that can be used to bolster such a view.  They are apparently mixed with other legitimate research programs that the SRI has been engaged in so as to make it look legitimate and ethical, but those legitimate programs can be shifted to American control after expunging all foreign intelligence operatives and brought under investigation of legitimate and time-tested US national security agencies so as to verify legitimacy. Watch out for Hitler-adulating Schwarzenegger's "Grass Roots Revolution".. how slimy of him to latch onto young girls worried about their futures in order to promote his pet companies and political affiliations getting the money from the new technology. He's a prime example of why US Presidents (and maybe state governors, too) need to be born in the United States.  Otherwise, Siemens and Sony take over... or have they already started? 

    Hello, American wing of the Pentagon... get those American troops in Alameda, fast, because foreign-instigated trouble is brewing already, and the streets are getting too weird.... Hades=Vulkanus weird, and about to add Neptune in the cauldron for what could potentially be a deceit-filled 2020, complicated by too many people on drugs and "out of it".  The NE=HA=VU configuration of 2020 is indeed a potential signature for chaos, but can be kept positive if people stay sober, go for logical and critical thinking rather than 'belief' and 'dreams', especially imported ones, and purely American US naval and air operations are set to investigating all the political corruption that has unfolded over the last several years, and where they, too, will have to stay sober and undrugged and away from anything that smells like cults... no room for BS or groundless speculation at this time, as it will be enough of a challenge to get to the underlying facts, and no time for 'redefining America, as too much of the global Vulkanus power now is in the hands of other countries so that America is potentially at the mercy of outside interests if the Vulkanus vigilance is not adequate.  With NE=HA=VU there is a risk of shortage of vigiliance, like when idiots shut down US govt services while Japanese Marines were in San Diego... what an idiotic move by Americans involved, and how ideal for Japanese allies and their old Moonie-network-affiliated cults, especially to consolidate power in California via stealth.  The evidence already shows, and part of it sits in Washington DC next to Trump in the form of Elaine Chao and other Asian-nationalist interests.  However, there can be similar problems with power from South Africa, Argentina, the Chaco region, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, or Russia -- and attention needs to focus on the Moonie element in Anchorage and the Denver-Roswell longitude, Saskatchewan in Canada and Chihuahua in Mexico for all those areas are more vital than ever to the stability of North America as a whole as they merge in 2020 with the potential intrigue, confusion, or drowsiness of both Hades and Neptune energies that can weaken vital Vulkanus defenses against "power-over".  Tahiti is subject to the influence of power-plays in Europe as well as transpacific power blocs including those in the East China Sea pushing for an "Asian Pacific".  Look at the map of the Pacific to see how real that is geographically.  The question is why Schwarzenegger would want to facilitate the mess, unless the objective is to destabilize the United States, and or half of him is a Sony puppet.


2019Aug20, edited Sep27: US domestic chaos ploys:

    Portland Oregon no minor national issue... Vulkanus now hammering on its Ascendant as well as Seattle's, and possibly mostly from foreign operations from aforementioned locations where Vulkanus is now overhead on the MC (noticeably pertinent is the East China seacoast from Qingdao to Shanghai to Taipei to Quemoy to the Japanese Senkaku Islands... in addition to Peterburg, Odessa, Alexandria, Pretoria-Durban, and Buenos Aires, Chaco, and Jonestown's Guyana), and still not only fused with the potential subterfuge of Hades but adding Neptune in the mix for the next year or so, for a possibly highly-deceptive time of global political subterfuge if the public does not recognize how much deception, cults, drugging, and resulting confusion, contaminate global politics overall at the moment. Cults possibly among the worst problem, from the indicated locations where Hades and now Neptune also are overhead on the geodetic MC, and that point to the Moonie-Falun powerbases among others.  Below I have also enumerated where those likely sources/causes are (i.e. where Hades and now also Neptune are on the MC, primarily in 1st and 4th harmonic).  Drugs and cults over overlap with hypnotic induction and control and are part and parcel of the related problems, meaning people need to stay away from controlling, centralized, authoritarian social interactions, or where drugs are in the picture.  A resurgence of cult presence could be studied into past instances of 4th and 16th harmonic angles between Hades and Vulkanus or (less long-lasting) Neptune and Vulkanus. (Neptune and Hades do also have higher manifestations, but in monitoring for global problems, the lower manifestations need to be watched for and studied.)  Within the USA, corruption and subterfuge may be emanating from areas between Fort Benning to Miami, northward through east Tennessee and Kentucky upward, from Detroit to Pittsburgh, with an eye on drugs both illegal and legal -- and these may be aligned with related problems in western Cuba and Panama, while the area from Windsor to Toronto in Canada may also interface somehow.  The momentary 16th harmonic combination with Neptune at 16 mutables during 2020 will add possible drugs or cults or 'leaks' of some sort from areas east of Denver and Cheyenne, Roswell, the eastern borders of Wyoming and Montana, Saskatchewan infrastructure in Regina, east of El Paso, Big Bend Park and the Santiago Mountains, and southward into eastern Chihuahua and Durango states, and southward, in Mexico. These can team up with existing political subversion and/or operations already in place via Hades and Vulkanus, and can effect national security posts along the Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Cheyenne longitudes.  Remember that Mexico is, and long has been, a conduit for foreign-based operations that often use Mexico also as a fall-guy -- this his documented history in WW2 and WW1 and even Civil War operations against the USA coming from hostile powers also intent on turning the USA and Mexico against each other as part of foreign globalist policy, and this is a bigger issue than ever as Europe and East Asian blocs unite for global dominance while subverting the unity of North America to effectively compete. It should be considered possible that the rush-job to get Canada signed up with the EuroUnion via CETA/ECTA was done specifically to undermine North American unity and competitiveness, as were the fine-print tricks and 'fast-tracking' fused into Transpacific agreements.  Too many appear to still be ignoring the Communist-Kuomintang overtures and fusions in China, the Sino-Japanese collaboration and union (extending to India) intended in the 'Asian Century' plan launched by the clever Deng Xiaoping, today intertwined with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) alliances that include post-soviet Russia and now trying to enlist Pakistan.  On the US Pacific Coast, fools are not paying attention to the parallels of the Asian Century plans and conferences in US politics, and SCO and recent Kuomintang-Communist alliances unfolding as US Pacific states fall under increasing control of Asian nationalist organizations. Such issues should not be ignored, and watch for Sino-Japanese agreements, overt or covert, as Vulkanus power now manifests in the Senkaku Islands and the Japanese sectors of the East China Sea, as well as Japanese and not only Chinese and Russian influence in Both Koreas, North and South -- the geodetic alignments and history of Manchukuo fascist officers in the foundation of the post-WW2 Korean states and intelligence services are both substantial and critical to the present and near future as Vulkanus power shifts toward Korea, and grows in the Philippines and central Indonesia, where Australia needs to be especially attentive. As stated before, the angular alignment of Vulkanus with Hades, and with Neptune in 2020, enhances the potential of covert operations and weird cults that may fuse with drug cultures and trafficking.  The added potential Neptune intrigue in the Pacific would be coming from the eastern Marshall Islands (known Moonie-cult hub and longtime Japanese military stronghold), Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the southern tip of South Island in New Zealand. With NE=HA=VU, and affiliated military or paramilitary ops could involve sophisticated submarine operations, which the Japanese military were known masters of in the 1940s (read "Fujita Plan" by Mark Felton) and could be still.  NE=HA=VU can manifest potent passive-aggressive tactics, often operating in the wee hours of the night, when the drug-and-weapons traffickers often flourish.  Such issues may, potentially, increase rather than decrease in 2020, due to the covert potential of Neptune and Hades combined with Vulkanus raw power, noting that martial-arts schools, globally, have long often are run by or as covert East Asian military operations, although martial-arts practitioners may not be aware of it, and be unknowingly used as puppets.  It's a part of "Change" that the public needs to be alert to... in the Universal Chart for 2020, transiting Pluto will be on the midpoint of transiting Hades and the USA 1776 natal Vulkanus, meaning potential for "change" via covert politics of most any sort, but probably emanating in part from the aforementioned areas where Hades is overhead in 2020, especially from the breadth or Florida northward to Michigan and Ohio, and via eastern Tennessee and Kentucky (McConnell-Chao country), and possibly tied to the Golden Triangle, Switzerland, the Franco-German and Franco-Italian and Algeria-Tunisia borders, with similar problems potential from Ecuador and NW Peru.. and the Cayman Islands. Similar problems also potential from northern Sumatra and western Malay Peninsula, and Samoa. Monitoring of potential covert operations around Atka in the Aleutian Islands, and all islands in the Bering Sea is wise.  Americans, don't fool yourselves into thinking that foreign subversion operations are not thriving already, or that unmonitored influx in and out of the USA is unproblematic.

    The creation of a polarized government in Washington DC may well have been implemented by the foreign money that put various political leaders in office and manipulates them thereafter (incl K-street, J-street, etc), and seeks to manipulate elections, and is poised to Privatize America after campaigning for the weakening of US government infrastructure via reliance on foreign money and contracts. The FBI is now publicizing how much of a risk privatized infrastructure contracts are to US national security.  Could the US stockmarket and and banks be overtaken by foreign interests?  It looks as though that has already started, and pay close attention to how Chao's network has been in the middle of all of it.  It puts Ted Lieu's appeal to cease monitoring naturalized citizens for foreign ties in an interesting and vitally critical light, especially as anyone familiar with the history of foreign subversion operations in the USA knows that the worst incidents have involved double-agents sent to the USA to gain citizenship and access to sensitive US infrastructure and data.... this is covered extensively in books on wartime foreign subversion, and anyone on US national security committees should know it.

    Aforementioned issues that Clinton may have not yet looked into despite his heroic move to declassify information on WW2 Axis subversion operations in the USA have been summarized in books including not only those of Felton and Matthews (both Asian focused) and Weinberg (focused more on Europe), but also those historic reports in both Spivak's "Secret Armies" and the informative "Armies of Spies" by Joseph Gollomb" that also describes in detail how various Asian and European subversion operations were carried out only 70 years ago..  What remains inadequately uncovered are details of Chinese collaboration with Japan in WW2, discounted as 'conspiracy theory' by very influential and wealthy Chinese organizations in the USA that may well have been complicit. Is it possible that while Japanese-Americans were interned in camps, Chinese agents collaborating with Japan ran free?  Given the reports on Chinese collaboration with the Axis Powers, it is certainly a possibility meriting serious study, and may be relevant to today's covert Transpacific politics.  What was the impact on the Korea and Indochina wars by Chinese and Japanese lobbyists, and which organizations from that era still linger?  These are fair, and urgent, questions to ask as Vulkanus global power clearly amasses in the East China Sea, now shifting to Japanese military bases..

    Possibly relevant, Americans need to investigate just exactly what is being taught in the new 'Korematsu schools' springing up in California now, and ask why people who evaded federal agents during times of serious subversion operations against the United States are being presented as 'heroes' or role models for American youth... it smells very weird, especially when rubber-stamped by imported 'Terminators' like Schwarzenegger aligned with highly-political Japanese film industries and Chancellors of Germany. Walter Mondale's warning comment, "Who's in Charge?" still echoes, and addresses the question of just Who are the directors of the political stage-plays?  Geodetic alignments at the time of each past political mystery should help answer that question.

    One interesting observation that each major proposal of privatization of US national infrastructure involved the machination of Chinese agents, going all the way back at least as far as Mme Chiang Kaishek's courting of Wendell Willkie, to economist Wendy Lee-Gramm's proximity to hubby Phil Gramm and ties to the old Flying Tigers network with offices in Louisiana, followed by Chao (neighbors of Mme Chiang on Long Island) backing for McConnell's position in Congress followed by his disastrous tax bill that was preceded by the Chao family annnouncement of a plan to privatize US highways and charge tolls to American drivers... matches all the massive rent hikes after Asian real estate cartels buy up sectors of American cities, one by one. For "Mom", "Chinese Apple Pie", and America,  Add a piece of "Japanese Fried Chicken" and soon we forget the realities of American history.

    Ten and fifteen years ago, merchants in the Chinatowns of the SF Bay Area warned of the incoming organized crime network buying up real estate (including the buildings their businesses were in) 'like hotcakes', and today, any such mention of this is now condemned as 'conspiracy theory', or 'xenophobia' or even 'hate speech' if mentioned by anyone not of Asian ancestry. The gradual and now overwhelming takeover of Silicon Valley and America's tech industry is addressed in a similar manner.  All this now stands at a critical juncture as Vulkanus global political/military power aligns with both Chinese and Japanese military bases in the East China Sea, while Pluto global mone power aligns with Taishan and Hongkong and Macao.  Anyone who can't see or smell the impact must be asleep on opiates or marijuana.. and has it been planned to be that way?  The aforementioned Gollomb book is among those describing how drugging of the public was a key, rampant weapon of East Asian fascism, while the Germanazis did other types of drugging inside the walls of their concentration camps.  Public consumption of addictive drugs appeared voluntary, although aided a 'just a bit' by the physiological addiction factor.

    It's not uncommon now to hear the phrase, "We lost World War II" on American streets, but how well do people understand the implications of that?  It is vital to recall the reports on WW2 subversion operations in order to make sure that they do not unfold again on the disastrious scale that they did in the 1940s, and yet sometimes it seems like it's close.  And, yes that does include memory of the Nazi-Soviet Pact.  Transnatonal intrigue and deceit were (and are?) an essential component, and while the Axis powers tried assertively to convince Americans that they were our allies, time, and the vigilance of smarter presidents like Franklin Roosevelt, with substantial access to Britain's global intelligence archives, knew that German and Japan 'officials' were lying through their teeth and their phony smiles.  How any president today could forget that is a warning signal that we need to drop the "dreams" and review reality. That may be challenged by the upcoming Neptune addition to the extant Hades=Vulkanus configuration, but Vulkanus is capable of remaining vigilant and alert among the fog, if not drugged or asleep or brainwashed, and it will indeed prevail in 2023 when reached beyong the confusion.  It will depend on British and Canadian and US and Israeli intelligence remaining secure from interference or siphoning by intelligence networks from countries with less proven democratic traditions and institutions -- and this will include control and monitoring of the current surveillance technology and attached databases. The all-peace-love world order is Not Real, unfortunately but factually, and cannot be achieved overnight, and certainly not by foolish throwing of caution to the winds.

    The publicly broadcast hearing of former FBI director Robert Mueller contained two important points that need to be Not overlooked.  One was that Any country could do what Russia has been suspected of doing, and that Conspiracies are real and extant, and are not always just 'theories' -- echoing the adage that "politics IS conspiracy" in the literal sense of the word, and no one would be more aware of real conspiracies than agencies like the FBI. To "conspire" is to "think together", to "act in harmony for a common end" per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, for better or for worse (as noted in the other possible definitions of the word).  It means we need political officials who are clearly devoted to the interests of the public, and who can think clearly enough to act on that devotion, including divorce from ideological biases and from myopic or egotistical self-interest. The general public may benefit from unsullied FBI-type training in Critical Thinking that casts personal biases and opinions aside and just sticks with the facts.... especially in these times of transnational media word-salad commercials branded as 'news'. Add that to the radical shift in internet website formats that make it look like kindergarten texts with big pictures, oversized titles, and oversimplified text.  There's nothing wrong with dreaming of better things to come, but to assume those dreams are already realities, when they aren't, can be highly problematic. Some of those problems may come into focus with the NE=HA=VU angular cluster in 2020, where "20/20 vision" could be only a dream that will not manifest until 2022, when the Neptune moves on away from the Hades=Vulkanus cluster, and then then Hades moves beyond 2 degrees orb of Vulkanus, finally, in 2023.  It may take the added machinations of 2020 to get clear on the global political intrigue that has been unfolding for the past several years.  This is no time for public naivete or denial.  Substantial drug networks and cults are likely to be exposed by 2023. Meanwhile, the public needs to remain alert and not snooze, or get lost in "cellphone psychosis".  The "Anonymous" network may no longer be anonymous by 2023, and the public will awake from a years-long deep sleep as criminal-underworld networks in the Golden Triangle, Florida, and the Western Mediterranean, Cuba, the Caymans, Panama, Peru, and the seas around Samoa (which has possibly been corrupted and subverted via Golden Triangle transnational operations in recent years), lose political influence. Subversion problems in the Bering Sea may also be resolved by 2023, and it could possibly follow a change of power in St-Peterburg that ripples across to Siberia. It should be asked if the old "Tannu Tuva" cult regime on the Russia-Mongolia border has been revived, and if so then it will disspate by 2023, and there could be subtantial regime-change in Burma/Myanmar with suppression of the Shan States Golden Triangle drug mafia that overlaps into north Thailand and Laos; and the Florida narcotrafficking network may finally fall from political influence to a substantial degree.  This may correlate with major changes in Washington DC associated with the suppression of the influence of the Golden Triangle and Florida narcotrafficking mafias on US government and business, maybe including the stockmarket and banking networks, and may also entail cleanup of offshore banking corruption in the Cayman Islands and Panama, all of which may or may not be somehow interrelated.

    The coming Pluto return in the USA Chart in 2023-25 (non-precessed and precessed), which follows, will bring opportunities to clean up the messes made or not cleaned up during the Pluto transit over the USA Sun, but it will require a flushing of all foreign and double-agents out of US infrastructure, and a containment or expulsion of all foreign organized crime networks with current influence, politically or financially. An effective effort to do so will probably require objective cooperation from intelligence agencies in Canada and Britain, and that will require their agencies also being cleaned of foreign agents and operants, particularly from areas under 27.5 Cardinals MC... i.e. East China near Nanjing, the Chaco region in Paraguay and Bolivia, the Manaus region in Brazil, western Egypt, western Turkey, eastern South Africa, Finland, Belarus, the Russia-Baltic States border area, the Black Sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria, Brunei-Sabah-east Borneo. west Manchuria and areas of Russian Siberia north of there... and any foreign agents still allowed to operate in the Kalgoorlie mining region in Australia. It's time to start on this now... not wait, and not be deterred by phony rants about xenophobia or "anti-immigrant sentiments".  The Dream is Over and reality is staring the world in the face, not unlike the realities of global climate change that people wanted to wish away with denial games.  In the USA, it calls for Americans to get their heads out of the clouds and unite in the interests of national security regardless of political party sentiments, and look beyond the increasingly annoying foreign puppet and crocodile shows including imported lockstep cults.  This can be done without violating the rights of immigrants... it just needs to be done professionally by professionals and statesmen, not screaming fools or gun-toting drunks in 4-wheelers.  America's global status as a humane democracy is also at risk if the situation is not handled like dignified stateswo/men would.  It should not be allowed to reach a level so problematic that public outrage is the result, and should not be dictated by foreign officials trying to manipulate US policy for their own thinly-veiled nationalistic objectives (as in the ploy that the Merkel machine tried to pull off with German "re-education centers" distributing migrant populations strategically to the rest of the world, like Germany is some kind of master global manager for the rest of the planet). History repeatedly shows what happens when Berlin starts playing the old, recurring "German leadership" powerlust game... the smirky, arrogant smiles or the old Prussian war machine (which includes Siemens Deutschebank, by the way)  turn into Blitzkriegs and genocide -- and yet Japan did the same once it got the chance -- both overcrowded martial-law cultures with periodic natural anarchist outbursts that such suppressive social orders cannot forever contain, and the same is true of China when it goes similarly totalitarian, whether by internal choice or external imposition of fascistic militancy that the USA must be careful to not facilitate via clever, seductive, sham 'allies'.

    Lastly, as the covert collusion of Chinese elements with Japan in World War II showed (and continued to after WW2), one should not be fooled into thinking that Japan will be a loyal "ally" in containing China.  Japan is more likely to try to colonize China once again and run it like a concentration camp without walls, and/or collude with wealthy interests in China to create such an order, apparently already in motion.  Don't be fooled into thinking that either China or Japan will long follow orders from the USA or any European power, for those are ancient civilizations with their own rules and profound sense of national pride and identity that's not likely to ever go away, and certainly not as Vulkanus power rests there like it does now and for decades on the horizon. Vulkanus has left Bejing, but now rests in the powerful Shanghai metropolis, Taiwan, Shandong/Shantung, and the glorious old Manchurian state.  The last time such power rested there, in 4th harmonic, was during the Taiping governments and Chinese global colonization drives, including on the west coast of North America. Note the similarities between elements the old Taiping ideology and the icons and rhetoric of both the Moonies and the Falun gong... microwaved Chinese imperialism fused with subtle Japanese interests.


2019Jul10, updated Aug10: Diversionary Tactics of Neofascist Globalism:

    The geodetic lineups, just as they always have, show where the power manipulating our planet is now, and as, in this and adjacent years, Hades remains within 2 degree orb (which is secondary but potent, while 1 degree is the most potent), that global power is covert, cleverly concealed by deceptive stealth politics of the Metternich/Machiavelli and Sun Tzu sort.  The biggest power players are playing the masquerade and fall-guy strategy of sometimes pointing the fingers at the wrong source in order to confuse the general public, and the globalist transoceanic trade deals appear to contain covert economic and political objectives that various world leaders may or may not have understood the implications of -- if they were even informed about them at all.  The level of stealth politics appears to be at the level of those of WW2 Fascism, and the geodetics indicate that that is what they are rooted in.

    It was Pluto power gathered across the MC longitudes of Germany when the Merkel-brand machine, groomed and trained by Helmut Kohl's network and with tentacles in the USA including Peter Thiel and Schwarzenegger were reviving German fascism with a new, charming or disarming face while the BND/Gestapo was creating sundry Neonazi psy-op cults as scarecrow distractions. As usual, most all of Germany is under central control that must comply and cannot be escaped, as the BND/Gestapo rules.  Just as in the 1930s, and one can review film footage of the Nazi takeover period prior to World War 2, and objective scholarly books on the topic, to see, the Nazis and Asian Fascists charmed and swayed German and East Asian citizens, and the rest of Europe and a few susceptible Americans enticed by slave-labor-camp investment stocks, with highly deceptive images with smiling faces and bribes, into submission or collusion until the horrors of the 1938-40 Blitzes struck and the Nazis poured into Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, etc. The world was similarly deceived about Axis Fascist objectives in Qing imperial Manchuria (which delighted the naive Herbert Hoover circuit).  The Nazi machine was naively assisted by dupes in those countries already swayed in to collusion.  The manipulative Nazi tricks pulled in France were among the most treacherous, and match with what is unfolding once again globally... Right was made to look Left, and Left made to look right (as in "The Who" song), via subversion, co-option, cult brainwashing, even mass drugging/opiation to make masses of people malleable, compliant, or even radicalized, matching the recent radicalized and irrational cults appearing across our planet.  Geodetics indicate that much power behind the Nazis came from the Volga German region in Russia, interfused in Russian politics, and rooted in the German colonies set up there by the German Czarina Katarina ("Catherine the Great"), hailing from the German naval port of Stettin, a geodetically-indicated backing location for Schwarzenegger chum Angela Merkel, by the way.

    As the 21st century unfolded, Pluto shifted gradually to different longitudes, and tight-orb alignments of powerful Vulkanus as well as potentially militant and paramilitarized Zeus unfolded. Powerful Vulkanus's mentioned coupling with Hades at 22.5 angle gave global power hubs a mantle of disguise that made tracking down power sources treacherously obscure, while Neptune alignments also aided confusion where it was abused (covered in earlier blogs).  Vulkanus power was amassing in Eastern Europe under at-times opposed EuroUnion and Russian control but not fully due to continued collusions typical of Russian and German politicos that went on in WW2 and the Cold War and apparently still continue under different labels and party names. All this unfolded while the political climate in Turkey (allied with Germany in WW1, and nominally neutral but assisting Germany in WW2) shifted, and North Africa was radicalized via both the Gadafi and Muslim Brotherhood political cult sects, mixed with the political hodgepodge of Egyptian/Suez region politics, often overlooked but now quite potent due to Vulkanus overhead there, as well as in Turkey now with a growing "Pan-Turkist" movement that stretches from Istanbul eastward into Central Asia and merging with other regional sects from Syria to Iran to Central Asia, and joining up with Vulkanus power-hubs via 8th harmonic in Pakistan, Kashmir, and India, and Chinese Sinkiang. These are, perhaps intentionally via cults and drug-cartel paramilitaries, as Hades at 22.5 angle functions as a sort of 'conjunct' cluster functioning in unison, and this is where covert/stealth/SunTzu/Metternichian politics go into full play.  Hades often prefers secrecy, the covert, for better or worse purposes, and all this has included the Opium Triangle regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent, buildup years; and is now shifting to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, 22.5 between Kashmir, New Delhi, and the Shanghai-Taipei axis as the old "Asian Century" plan of the stealthy and wily Deng Xiaoping Chinese network arrives at full power in Shanghai and Qingdao, fuses with Taipei as planned, as well as with Japanese stealth power in Hokkaido and the northeast coast of Honshu. Meanwhile, similar power in Russia coalesces near the old Russian Fascist bases near Hailar on the Manchuria border, the mouth of the Lena and Olensk rivers, Sakhalin and Okhotsk in 22.5, and the Karaginski and Komandorskie Pacific Ocean bases at 45 degrees from Vulkanus looking over at the Alaska Aleutians and down on Hawaii and the Marshall Islands. As I pointed out before, this puts Anchorge Alaska in the hot-seat (Palin country) as the USA's primary and critical defense post in the Pacific, undermined by Moonie cult shipping lines possibly doubling for political or paramilitary purposes, with America's first Japan-born officer Harry Harris briefly in control of the US Pacific Fleet despite the treacherous history of US-Japan relations that Should Not Be Forgotten. Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Roswell are vital US national security strongholds that need to be expunged of foreign agents and potential double-agents in military and intelligence operations. Too many Americans never read up on the covert collusions of Japan and China in WW2, which are blatantly symbolized the the transnational "Asian Century" plan of Deng Xiaoping, a revival of the WW2 Axis Sino-Japanese East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan, now operating in full swing and matching up with the revived post-WW2 "Prosperity" rhetoric of the current ruling class in Beijing and during its intermittent but potent overtures with Taiwan and Tokyo.  American military strategists should never overlook the substantial covert collusion of Japanese and Chinese elements in World War 2, belying the 'western' view of global alliances of that time, for Asia plays by its own rules, and that included collusion from India in political networks now morphed into the regime of Narendra Modi and his BJP party, whose power historically amassed in the Japanese-occupied Andaman Islands, now a carefully guarded location that may possibly conceal key roots of 21st-century Asian neofascism, as does clearly the perennially treacherous Golden Triangle, including its fake monasteries mocking the true spirit of the Gautama Buddha in a way that is sure to incur the worst of bad karma ('Hell' in Christian terms).  There are interesting parallels between Hades in Cancer and the Golden-Triangle-money real-estate cartel corruption spilling up and down the Pacific coast of the USA and Canada and across the globe in recent years. The global Opiate epidemic may be relevant as politics go 'globalist'. In Europe this might dovetail as the seaports all around Monaco and the Algeria-Tunisia border. Was or is such drug money funding the brutal chaos in Libya and Egypt via transnational cults, just as it did in the WW2 era?  The chronically politically-troubled areas in eastern Congo along the borders with the historic German East Africa colony?  Brewing troubles in eastern South Africa from Kwazulu-Natal northward?  Pluto is now hovering around Hongkong and Macau, where Japanese fascist looted "Golden Lily" gold hoards manipulated WW2 Asia and today's East Asian economies and politics. 

    Meanwhile, domestically in the USA, what is noticeable is the way Asian mafia is swamping devouring California and other Pacific coast regions, once via Moonies in the Republican Party but now in the Democratic Party as well via CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus, while all eyes are conveniently and myopically focused on Trump and McConnell only (ironically with Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel once in his cabinet perhaps making more of the decisions than Trump of McConnell themselves are) with the help of US media increasingly controlled by Asian money and political interests in recent years.  In some ways, Trump seems to be functionining as their catch-all scarecrow and "red herring" while they manipulate America in the background, since they (including Chinese financial mogul Jack Ma) put him in office, perhaps moreso than Putin could even dream of from his faroff Romanov-eagle-bedecked throne in Moscow. And the source of data on Putin needs to be scrutinized for self-interest, especially if from foreign or double-agent sources. Maybe still most significant at the moment is that the American public is solely blaming the mesmerized Mitch McConnell for what his charming wife Chao's vastly uber-rich family/political network put him in office to do as obediently as a trained pit-bull, in a marriage that puts Chao and her vast multi-transnational-bank family shipping dynasty conveniently close to not only Fort Knox but also the historic headquarters of the United States National Association of Manufacturers once and maybe still intertwined in the complications of Chinese sweatshop trade and transport, the Chao family business tied to the political machine that Chao's father represents, fused with Chinese and possibly also Japanese military now empowered by Vulkanus reaching Japan's bases in the East China Sea.  Thus, the chaos in the USA created by radical tax cuts on the wealthy pulls the rug out from under much of US national infrastructure, while money from Asia allows takeover of US infrastructure via privatization and infiltration... not only Chao's plan but building of the Gramm-Rudman act co-hosted by Phil Gramm's charming "economist" Chinese wife in the same network as Chao... "Rule by Marriage" as the classic political adage describes (and possibly applicable to a number of other recent transnational/globalist monstrosities, as naive and isolated American politicians face the "seasoned" realities of global politics and economics). As for historical cycles, how many have noticed the many eerie parallels between Mme Chiang Kaishek's potent manipulation of Wendell Willkie, near the same strategic Fort-Knox/Natl Assoc of Manufacturers gold-and-global-trade hub, the settling of the Chao family near Mme Chiang's Soong family on Long Island, their proximity to Moonie cult hubs in New York, and the 'One World' plan that the Soong Chinese banking empire proposed with Wendell Willkie?  This may sound like old history to some neophytes until they study it and see the eerily uncanny parallels.  As the undying old Chao-Soong-China Trade story comes up to still inadequate public attention and study, the transnational-corporate-manipulated media diverts to the regular and trivial personal sex scandals and other stories so Americans will not notice the Foreign Rats in the Kitchen and the domestic takeover of America via transnational real estate and shipping/transport cartels that may have interesting overlaps with the various banks boards of directors where Elaine Chao has sat, or is sitting.  Probably no other foreign-born figure has had so much covert government influence (though 5 presidential terms now) in US history, except maybe Henry Kissinger.  Meanwhile, Peter Thiel, of carefully concealed origins, has made himself noticeably invisible for reasons that the public needs to understand and study, and one should similarly not overlook the history and influence of Transpacific Jack Ma and his presence around Trump as he rose to power.  Another major media oversight is why Japanese troops were in San Diego during a US government shutdown created largely by Elaine Chao's obedient pitbull McConnell and Trump was making a weird speech about a "New American Moment" that he may have only been reading from a teleprompter, and may or may not be able to explain convincingly -- and the geodetic alignments at the time of the shutdown of the Alameda Naval Base concurrent with the rise of the Asian nationalist CAPAC network and its influence.

    Those familiar with lessons of history know how central a role that foreign-manipulated Quisling puppet governments played in the successes of Hitler and the East Asian Fascists, aligned throughout with powerful Russian Fascist networks; and how similar puppet governments gave Soviet Russia control over Eastern Europe, but few seem to be noticing how the same thing could go on in the USA, as was intended in the 1920s and 1930s, and which was true to a degree with the bumbling Herbert Hoover, and nearly so with Chinese-charmed and Nazi-funded Wendell Willkie.  Is Trump, despite his loud patriotic rhetoric, allowing himself to be manipulated by foreign interests like Chao and Thiel and Ma, present around him as he rose to office?  That is a question deserving serious consideration.  It also follows the view by some that the Trump administration was at one point "the Tea Party on steroids", and that the Tea Party was a near replica of the old Axis-backed Silvershirts cult and Liberty League network created largely by the powers that ruled Nazi Berlin and Fascist Tokyo.

    Also seemingly often overlooked is the role of German, Chinese, and Russian Fascist money in the rise to power of Japanese Fascism -- and the strange parallels between the Sun Myung Moonie cult (Japanese Fascist psy-op) and the Rasputin cult (suspected as a Japanese psy-op) in Russia in the early 20th century... and the continued influence of the Moonie cult in Washington DC and some state capitals, their infiltration into US national security and military agencies, and their promotion of the "Kahr Arms" enterprise and "Sanctuary Church".

    Then, speaking of "Enterprise", Sterling Seagrave, expert on East Asian mafia politics, points out in his book "Gold Warriors" the roots of Watergate intrigues and transnational 'Privatization' schemes (which Chao has been advocating and profiting from both politically and financially) that are rooted in the mistake made by powerful but ignorant radical-right elements in the power and national security structure of the USA who sympathized with the Nazis and Fascists and ironically (or maybe not ironically) gave them Refugee status and Sanctuary not long after World War 2 ended, and who strategically lodged themselves into the CIA and possibly other agencies as Cold War 'allies' who nonetheless often double-dealt with the Soviets and their satellite states. A most conspicuous example is the supposedly "Anticommunist" Moonies and their now-revealed covert cuddlings with Chinese Communist officials, their role in the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" cults, the "Japanese Red Army" cult and their alliances with Palestinian organizations, and repeated interfaces with the Kim family dynasty in North Korea. They laugh and snicker and gloat at the naivete of American politicians and American ignorance of Sun Tzu "Art of War" guerrilla politics, and they are nested in the halls of US government now perhaps more than ever.... they even manipulated Bill Clinton into parroting subtle Japanese Fascist propaganda lies, usually beneath Clinton's intelligence and wisdom, about Franklin Roosevelt during his 2019 Fourth of July speech while the Moonie-duped Bushes looked on and smiled, and Clinton quoted his promise to never speak ill of the Bushes, thus concealing their central and patethically ignorant role in planting the seeds of the disaster that now pervades Washington DC, Made In Japan. This may be why Barbara Bush threw up her hands, stopped medical treatments, and let herself die when she did... fighter and survivalist that she was, and descendant of a Real US presidential family, she probably realized what a fool her husband had been, and did not want to live to see the disasters created by his blunders.  One of them was his manipulation by the "Enterprise" post-war Axis fascist network that Seagrave describes in his book "Gold Warriors", which explains much of why America finds itself now in a domestic partisan polarization created by remnants of the WW2 Axis that may even be lodged in part in Russia now (especially in the Volga basin), and clearly survived in Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Manchuria, and the Shanghai-Taipei axis,at 0 fixed signs, where global power is now amassed.  If America's power base around Anchorage and Fairbanks and Beechy Point, or Canada's power base around Newfoundland, are allowed to fall under influence of the Moonies or Muslim Brotherhood or Pan-Turkist network, or intertwined cults from Kashmir, North America could fall to an Asian Fascism that could destroy both the USA and Canada and replace them with an Asian feudal nightmare with charming sham gurus -- and the groundwork for that has already been laid and is being nurtured by Fools nested in every political party, with no exceptions (and including the Greens and Libertarians).  The foreign Pirates have landed and are marauding and bribing and charming the halls of North American government with their exotic charm designed to overcome all that America and Canada have stood for since their births. It started with Tanaka's charming of Nixon, the influx of Moonies into the USA, and rooted in the ambiguous Mme Chiang Kaishek's charming of Wendell Willkie during the rise of the East Asia Prosperity Sphere. Their 'Asian Century' plan, thriving although denied by them now as still on the agenda, stinks, and it ironically manipulates Trump despite his absent-minded jingoism -- and has a strange fusion with the Schwarzenegger Globalist network that has yet to be revealed. Americans need to restore confidence in America and tell the foreign advisors, double-agents and moles to get lost, as we have our own means to defend our own interests now, if only we would use them instead of the self-interested foreign German and Japanese and Chinese brands. What needs to be studied in retrospect is how the Moonies have systematically manipulated Nixon, Bush, Reagan,Trump, and then Carter, Clinton, and now pervasive in California politics -- and the answer may rest within the CAPAC network and the Asian Law Caucus and the skill with which Asian, like the German and Russian, intelligence networks create and run political cults in countries they seek to control, sometimes successfully.  The most critical impact would obviously be from the intelligence networks that are allowed to run the streets in countries they have convinced as being 'allies' in schemes to destory their (including American) governments and replace them with Quisling regimes controlled from overseas.  When you see their troops on your soil, the warning signals should be obvious, for your country has been invaded, and your government is subject to their infiltration and controls  And when foreign agents are allowed to infiltrate your security agencies, it's gone Too Far, and you are on the way to living under foreign occupation.

    Clinton clearly needs to read the records on WW2 Axis operations that he had declassified, because he obviously hasn't yet or he would not have made the comments about Roosevelt that he did in his July 4 speech this year, and All of America needs to know why many of the FBI reports on Japanese subversion operations in the USA were removed from its website after Trump went into office and then gave his weird 'New American Moment' speech while Japanese Marines occupied San Diego after Elaine Chao's hypno-pitbull McConnell yanked funding that guaranteed adequate US military surveillance of where the Japanese troops were "doing their thing", whatever that was.... will we ever know?  They appear to maybe be set to assist to "Redefine America" as America's leaders are under the spell of a rabidly Anti-American nationalist Shinzo Abe and his "Nippon Kaigi" neofascist Asian Nationalist cult that had Obama in a trance state at Pearl Harbor during their joint appearance there.  Japanese historical revisionism is now reaching a level of frequency that Germanazi historical revisionism long attained via organizations like the "IHR".  Did Schwarzenegger's "gifts" to the Wiesenthal Center include bugs in its buildings and access to its records to find out what they knew about the political network of his ancestors that he was praising in his early magazine interviews, before he was told that it was not politically expedient if he was going to be running for political office, or heading a creepy 'Global Policy Institute' on US soil for whatever he's cooked up with Japan's Sony Zaibatsu, Angela Merkel, and the BND Gestapo -- it smells like the reaheated WW2 Axis alliance with new gimmicks, indeed planned once again at the Four Seasons Hotel, following the Nazi Party's footsteps like his daddy would want.

    Meanwhile, in addition to Schwazi's infiltration of the Wiesenthal institute's databases, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), once one of the most noble and efficient of US civil rights advocacy under its founders, has been slowly turned into an oxymoronic clown show under Mark Potok and the German and Chinese and other foreign agents he let in to meddle in its databases and strategies for their foreign objectives... he's effectively defusing its original purposes, hopefully without knowing what he's doing, fusing domestic civil rights issues with treacherously ambiguous and sometime duplicitous and hypocritical immigration policy issues aligned with foreign interests.  Anyone who would trust German government data for tracking Nazis is an idiot ignorant of how after 1945 the Nazis have run the white-collar Christian Democratic Party while creating sporadic overt 'Neonazi' parties as diversions, deadly but still diversions from the core Nazi oligarchy, and always overlapping with Russian, East Asian, and Hindu Fascist networks.  If the "American Nazis" act like idiot cult puppets, it's because they are, and the Asian Fascists morphed into the Moonies and now Falungong culties, with disgusting pseudo-religious fronts are now even fusing with charter schools and promoting Asian nationalist and fascist propaganda.  People on the American 'left' don't realize that while Timothy Leary's brain was fried with LSD, Noam Chomsky, similarly brilliant to start with, is spouting political rhetoric that makes no sense, something like "Fascism is not reviving", a statement proving that he is currently lost and confused -- per what the geodetic lineups show and recent events confirm.  It's just that the fascism has a different veneer now, and 'the left' has aligned itself out of confusion with the post-WW2 fascist underworld fused into Mideast politics as well as the Moonie and immigration advocacy network, which have shown some interesting alliances recently, especially in Hawaii. Anyone who thinks Berkeley is still a stronghold of the "left" needs to wake up to its control by the Moonies and their manipulation of the "People of Color" network and infiltration of nearly everything in the city, now a virtual annex of Stanford and the regional Asian machines.

    Apparently not many are yet paying attention to how, 100 years ago, nationalism in Europe was the vehicle for promoting democracy and destroying transnational oligarchies (e.g. Russian, Austrian, German, Turkish) but has somehow been promoted by the confused as synonymous with fascism, for the dominant 'Globalist' forces of today are fascist and out to destroy, dismantle, or subjugate the USA and Western European democracies, the very objectives of WW2 Axis Fascism as well as Soviet and Chinese Communism and their "Down with US Imperialism" drives.  In WW2, Fascism was transnational corporatism, hostile to democracy, often but not always with a nationalist veneer, depending on which country was intended to be the dominant one.. and it often involved mass transport and immigration strategies like those being implemented now.  People are forgetting "Lebensraum" policy and how it operated for the Axis powers and against the Allies -- and how it matches the mass immigration and labor policies of today, and how it was also implemented in Asia even though the German term is the one most frequently used to describe it.  Its similarity with policies of the Asian Law Caucus in California now are too many to overlook, although in a more subtle and softer form up to this point, and is being implemented without overt invasion unless you consider the recent Japanese San Diego occupation during US government shutdown, maybe too recent to study the ramifications of -- but potentially risky to overlook or ignore.  And what are its connections to Schwarzenegger's promotion of Korematsu (now creating schools in the USA) and his ties at Sony Zaibatsu, and the promotion of the bill to "redefine" the US Constitution allow the foreign-born to become US President around the time the Moonies were having joint events with Mormon elements also promoting that bill in Congress (Hatch et al).  Who's running USC now and let Schwarzenegger set up an 'institute' there with qualifications of a Bachelors degree attained in part with 'life experience' credits and 'honorary degrees' handed out like academically-irrelevant pieces of paper as political gestures?

    Meanwhile, the USA is enmeshed in a crazy political polarization fueled by Elaine Chao and Jack Ma and Peter Thiel installing, and maybe still manipulating Trump, in Washington, above and beyond what Putin might be able to do from his distant Moscow offices and overseas agents under surveillance so tight that it squeaks. Then Schwarzenegger lolloping around the Russian border after meetings with his Pangerman compatriots Merkel et al as well as Chinese diaspora agents as he fulfills his contracts with Sony in Tokyo and supposed 'Driverless Cars' on remote control. Imagine the disasters of a globalism under his reign.  Note Chao's preoccupation with Russian border states during her control of the Peace Corps -- does she represent East Asian designs on Russia that Americans should know about, and how much do the US military and intelligence services rely on potentially Asian-nationalist elements within CAPAC, or BND/Gestapo agents who might stack the data to favor their ancestral affections?  While polarization among Americans is a grave danger, so is neglect of the activities of foreign double-agents, perhaps moreso.  It is urgent for American government agencies to be allowed to monitor and control US borders, and activities of both non-citizens and naturalized citizens within US borders, regardless of the strange self-interested pushes of people like Taiwan-born Ted Lieu to minimize surveillance of naturalized citizens, the source of some of the most problematic subversion and sabotage in the USA, and the Asian Law Caucus pushing immigration at a rate that is destabilizing America.  Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, no matter how "dated" that history be.  The voices of moderation now seem to be swamped by radicalist views that are not good for the country, whether that be on foreign or domestic policy.  Too few are offering solutions that take into consideration the views and needs of the majority of America's population, and hothouse immigration most definitely is being used in some states to impose foreign control by stealth.

    Clinton needs to read the WW2 documents he declassified and then reflect, and quit slandering Roosevelt.  And the NAACP needs to get itself unentangled from foreign influences and manipulations, as those are what has caused it to become vilified and criminalized in the past, while the same now applies to the SPLC, no longer run by the noble and wise souls who founded it.  There is grave risk of American institutions nationwide being subverted and twisted by foreign interests for whom the USA is not a top priority.


2019Jun21: Current rapid global pushes:

    Most all of the following correlates directly or indirectly with the previously-mentioned and current geodetic alignments to the USA's border areas and capital (Washington DC) and national power-cities of Seattle and New York City, pointing to hubs of US computer tech industries and the Wall Street stockmarket, in addition to the impact of recent Pluto opposite the 1776 USA Sun -- rich underworld Pluto opposing the Heart of America from (in 4th harmonic) China's burgeoning historical capital Chongqing economy, Singapore's globally dynamic stockmarket and Kuomintang financial network hub, the vast economy of Indonesia's Jakarta, Vienna banks and exported neofascism and privatizing ideologies, oil-rich central Libya and whatever controls it now after the 'Arab Sprung', transnational cocaine's Bogota, and the South African financial centers of Cape Town, while so many of their advocates clamor throughout the USA for their brand of 'diversity' and 'inclusion' to 'Redefine America'... into What???  What kind of 'Change' are we being railroaded and goaded into?  Is it American Change, or is it Invading Change?  Such as question should not be off the radar as Pluto (recently opposing the USA Sun) should draw our attention to shared resource issues and fusions and exchanges with other entities; and Vulkanus on key USA Ascendants corrleates with Power pushes from others around US.  And all such external energies may push for Plutonian schisms such as the 'Civil War Re-enactments' replete with guns as the Moonie Kahr Arms enterprise market them like animal crackers on America's streets, and the Asian Law Caucus and "Asian Pacific" CAPAC clamor for a 'Resistance' to militantly polarize against Trump and 'Old White Men' (what have incidentally been the backbone of US government and infrastructure since 1776), instead of long-established and long-knowledgeable Americans come together despite radicalized polarizations and address passing political schisms as unresolved but resolvable issues of Policy rather than Personality.  Also being overlooked is the foreign money from locations above that have financed or otherwise manipulated (including cults like insidious underground-bolstered Moonie political and financial network and the uber-rich post-WW2 German fascist/nazi global financial and political network, noting that Vienna was the hideout for many post-WW2 nazis, as was South Africa).  How much of this foreign money put Trump in office, noting his accompaniment by Elaine Chao and Peter Thiel and Jack Ma on the way to, and past, the White House steps.  And All US political parties have been vulnerable to the same, with the now Very Rich CAPAC and ALC networks manipulating Democratic Party politics in subtle but potent and highly deceptive ways, the old Nazi network manipulating the Greens since the days of Petra Kelly's engagement with her German military partner, and the creepy connections fo the cultish Libertarian party with its roots in the Liberty Lobby and Liberty League once backed by WW2 Axis Fascism.  

    The US Post Office, in the news for 'privatization' plans vulnerable to foreign takeover, is a vital American institution, established by Benjamin Franklin, and which carries vital national security documents daily (government documents, driver license and social security records, national security business contracts, and documents that shape the daily lives of ordinary citizens as well as national leaders daily.  (This changed in part when the Nixon cabinet eroded government control via the USPS conversion in the 1970s, but the Post Office remains a US govt institution at its historical core, even if partially eroded via foreign contracts from time to time).  The same true of our national internet structure, which is intextricably international in overall composition, but which needs national security controls in certain ways for the same reason that the postal services do, as carriers of vital national security data and transactions... something at risk when double-agents are allowed in.  Perhaps at no point in the nation's history were such issues as important they are now, according to the astro-geodetic indicators, evidenced by all the transnational corporate globalist rush-job "Fast Track" contract pushes that, perhaps intentionally, don't give national leaders time to read all the fine print and consider the ramifications of, and have strange parallels with high-pressure real-estate closures and foreign house-flipping as America's houses, and America's House in Washington "flip" in various senses of the word.

    Geodetics show that most of the "Privatization" bills in US Congress have involved agents of Chinese and possibly also Japanese interests, all the way to Economist Wendy Lee Gramm possibly being the 'power behind the throne' in the Phil Gramm household, and this leads to the transnational financial power network of Elaine Chao's family, which includes the 'Soong dynasty' of the notorious and globally entrenched Soong political banking family, and Asian elements in the old 'Flying Tigers' Chennault network that wormed into US military networks.   Just as at least one historian (incl Laurence Bergreen among others) pointed out, Machiavelli may have learned some of his tricks from reports or data brought back by Marco Polo or Sun Tzu advocates from his forays into the territories of the Kublai Khan and his neighbors, and some of those then relayed to Metternich. There are also German and Austrian machinations in the mix, manifest most conspicuously via German/Austrian and their EU's pushes for transnational 'agreements' with the USA and Canada -- to few in North America are paying attention the fact that while Europe and East Asia (now bringing West Asia and Africa into their fold as well) are building regional power blocs to compete or contain North America, and South America, subtly, US and Canadian leaders have been asleep at the wheel, or as in the case of Bush Sr, manipulated by the Moonies and his German family friends while setting up the original NAFTA plan, which Clinton tried to trim down as he could at the last minute after Bush throwing the baby into his lap.  Trump's weathervane approach is clearly going to need continual monitoring and supervision by more experienced and stable US statesmen, and the recent and long-overdue charges against Chao should be throwing her out of office in a vitally critical national-security-related Transportation Dept, with transfer of her 'domain' to US Congress deciding such vital issues, at least for the time being.... US national ports, highways, airports, under the control of someone born in Taiwan and with big financial ties on mainland China as well as Japan???  I think Americans need to think that one through real fast, like urgently and without delay.

    Meanwhile Chao's covertly-affiliated bi-partisan "Asian Law Caucus" (and note it is not Asian-American even, but just Asian in title) portraying themselves as the "American" alternative to Trump is just more Asian Sun Tzu trickery, power slipping in the back door along with the Ed Lee machine's brazen "Future of America" plan straight from Pluto in Singapore and Chongqing and Vulkanus from the East China Sea Chinese and Japanese military bases and intelligence operations centers, and in collaboration at one point with dingbat manipulee sleepwalker Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook network of various controlling transnational interests including Peter Thiel and possibly Zuckerberg's wife's political affiliates.  It is they pushing for more foreign agents in US and state governments, and votes on the rolls via hothouse immigration ploys, coupled with slick shaming ploys with shamelessly manipulative 'xenophobia', 'inclusion', and 'diversity' propaganda tactics rather typical of Asian politics, which is clear to those who have over the years studied Asian poltics and propaganda ploys. One interesting quick study of Asian propaganda strategies, and here I am not endorsing the publishers but simply the content, is the two Taschen publishers books of replications of Chinese propaganda strategies posters over decades, from the Maoist era to the sometimes radically-opposite post-Maoist era... one called 'China; Portrait of a Country', and the other 'Chinese Propaganda Posters' -- and objectivity may require ignoring the sometimes distorted commentary and instead just looking at the photos of propaganda events and reproductions of the posters to understand how Chinese propaganda operates. I would reiterate, for objectivity, to ignore the Taschen-hosted commentaries in those books and just look at the propaganda artwork and content of the photos.  And then survey Japanese propaganda posters of the WW2 era, including for the grand 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' (where the Japanese military eventually betrayed and murdered many of the cleverly-seduced Chinese 'allies' and 'business partners') while noting that the recent 'Anonymous' mask movement was launched on either the cultish 2chan or the 4chan Japanese psy websites, and attention is needed to who controlled the cult Julian Assange was raised in, on Australian soil, and the agents he has been manipulated by globally.  And it is important to see not only Assange, but also Bradley/Chelsea Manning, primarily as manipulees of foreign intel psy-ops and not as conscious 'leaders' of any sort. Some of Manning's most vocal support has come, indeed, from East Asian joint military intelligence organizations, some of them operating on US soil, including in California near the early Moonie hubs and other foreign intel operations.  To vilify either of Assange or Manning without scrutinizing who put them up to the controversial things that they've done is to let any related problems fester further, and the problems may indeed be duplicitous double-agent operations in the USA, even possibly double-agents in US national security or military intelligence agencies setting them up as scapegoats from the beginning.  When people in any national security function offices identify more with the country of their family origins than the country they now live in, national security agencies need to be on guard and on the alert, as is the case when foreign-born national security agents protest surveillance of foreign-born agents. Asian nationalist groups are no less problematic than has been the German American Bund or other "White" nationalist organizations, especially when those organizations have little to no connection to American political institutions and principles... so this is not a 'racist' issue, since it extends above and beyond racial considerations, but Does include national allegiance considerations.  Thus, "Redefining America" is a loaded concept rife with potentially gaping holes in literal US national security issues and measures.  While Pluto on the USA Sun and Vulkanus on critical geodetic Ascendants are no minor issue at all, note that where Pluto and Vulkanus are on the geodetic MC globally and domestically are the potential problem-source areas to regard with vigilance and scrutiny, noting again that Vulkanus just moved into highly critical and relevant Japanese territory as it reached Japanese military/intel ops in the Senkaku Islands off the China coast, and that Japan has retained much control in Manchuria and possibly in Shanghai and Qingdao/Tsingtao despite post-WW2 changes.  That means Japan as China should now both be on Amerca's radar screens, as should the many recent regional moves that replicate those of the old East Asia Prosperity sphere plan, and this is no idle rhetoric.  We now have too many in Washington DC and the state capitals charmed by foreign nationalist lobbying ready to chop America up and devour our nation like vultures sitting on a fence at our borders, on land and on sea, and maybe some in submarines like those that the Germans and Japanese were notorious for in past wars, due to the current Vulkanus alignment with Hades, plus Neptune in 2020 for possible added disguises and evasions from locations mentioned below. Add to that now the Vulkanus in Istanbul and Cairo, as well as Kiev and Peterburg, paying attention to who really runs Egypt now... is it autonomous or a client state of a wealthier regional power?  Has the Turkey-Iran-Pakistan CENTO treaty been revived, and how does that related to the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to include Pakistan as well as India along with the original Russia and China?  Resolving these issues requires some smart and level-headed 100%, yes that's 100%, snicker as the double-agents and their dupes may, Americans making the decisions in Washington DC... and no more imports or people attached to foreign interests, unless Americans are willing to risk a collapse of US national infrastructure (which Taiwan-born Chao is in a position to be able to implement).  Meanwhile, getting America on smoking pot and eating mushrooms and disorienting prescription drugs is just what duplicitous foreign agents and their importers and corporate affiliates and organized-crime and narcotrafficking networks want. Dumbing-down America by sabotaging its public education institutions (including via their voucher schools) was not enough for them -- now importation of foreign agents to run vital US infrastructure functions, and distribution of mind-numbing drugs is their next step, with Vulkanus now tied to Hades in some of the world's most prolific narcotics-producing hubs. The USA is not the only country subject to the same problems, but the critical configurations to the USA (and Canada's) Ascendants and Suns make them among the primary targets of any potential subversion and sabotage from the potentially highly potent HA=VU configuration.  Snicker and giggle about that at your own risk.

    Lastly, I should also add or review potential problem areas coming from Neptune on the MC as all this transpires.  Neptune is less potent and potentially virulent than the lower sides of Hades or Pluto, but it can tarry into the world of problematic deceit, pretense, and/or confusion, also to drugs or cults in worst cases, and/or additional covert ops.  Therefore potential problem-source areas this year (remembering that Neptune moves faster than all those previously mentioned) are around 14 mutables in 2019, then shifting toward 16 mutables in 2020 where it can be particularly treacherous due to its 22.5 angle to Hades, coupling their potential for deceit, and both aligned in addition with Vulkanus.  This means that 2020 could be a year of global political deceit at levels unprecedented in recent times.  Neptune thus can add a level of intrigue and evasion to already extant subversion from locations already described here numerous times, and events at Neptune are laying part of the groundwork for that.  Those potential Neptune secrecy, or even drugging or cult, zones are in the Marshall Islands, notorious as a Moonie-cult power hub possibly rooted in old Japanese and/or German military and colonial-govt operations there. Other current Neptune source areas could include th area between the Komandorskie Islands and Kamchatke Peninsula in Russian Siberia; Vanuatu and New Caledonia, maybe sneaking in at the SW tip of New Zealand's South Island; eastern Iceland including foreign settlements and/or cults there; the westermost coastal regions of Africa in Sahel, Mauritania, Gambia, Senegal, and the Guineas, as well as the Canary Islands; Kashmir and the Delhi longitude in India including its national captial (and could India be under the control of a cult?), plus the border regions between China and Central Asia plus Russia ot the north of there; Uzbek and Kazakh may be particularly vulnerable to cults and narcotrafficking, as may be the infamous Goa drug culture and 'trance' psy-op circuit in India that has transnational impact; Maldive Islands; and critically for North America, the Mormon Colonies region as well as Guadalajara-region naroctrafficking and cult areas in Mexico that include regional coastal tourist spots; US national security/defense operations around Colorado Springs and Denver could be sabotaged by cults (most especially the Moonies and their many fake "church" and other organizational fronts... this and Roswell are Abosolutely VITAL to US national security and stability; Saskatchewan infrastucture and Prince Albert area Canadian security operations are vulnerable to the same.  Some of these may include NORAD defense operations.  That means Get the Moonies OUT NOW, and tell the druggies to get another job, and no Asian Nationalist or Euro Nationalist agents in the picture.  It's got to be All About America there, or major problems could unfold, even subtle from covert subversion ops, Neptune and Hades expecially at night. For both Canada and the USA, people need to start scrutinizing just exactly what the Aga Khan network is and what it's doing in North America in the first place, and how much influence does it have on Trudeau and his choices of Canada's government cabinet.  The world is in disorienting disarray now... this is no time to invite anything unnecessarily disrupting or demanding rapid change or readjustment.  Everything needs to be transparent, as unambiguous as possible, devoid of speculation, and Grounded in Reality, not fantasy, dream acts, or any changes that are not clearly pre-tested, proven, and thorough planned an monitored.  Especially in 2020, when NE=HA=VU, and global politics and power-balance could sink into an abyss of confusion, evasion, or deceit.  In addition, there is potentially unusually high level of problematic aquatic and atmospheric storms on a global level, and preparedness for such events will be vital, and drugs and cults and weird religious speculations and blind 'beliefs' are obviously very high risk in such times.  There may be an urgent need for grounding, in every sense of the word... particularly at the Neptune locations just mentioned.

    The USA will need to continue guarding border areas and coastlines (and rivers) including those where there are no 'walls', in the mountain areas up and down the Rio Grande on either side of Laredo, along the Texas-Mexico border, and all along the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island where the Moonie shipping fleets linger in Alaska; the Queensland coast from Mackay to Rockhampton to Fraser Island, and from the SE region of South Australia eastward into Melbourne. Aquatic operations may be the most critical; also in Mexico along the coastlines to either side of Acapulco; influx at Cape Verde Islands, and all up and down the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland and Labrador; the coastal areas of southern Baffin Island all along the Hudson Strait and the Ungava Quebec coast south of it.  India and Kashmir may be both a source and influx area, where mid-mutable MC and Ascendant concur; thus influx from the Maldives or Central Asia that may even escalate there, in a county notorious for exotic cults that can be deceiving. A new wave of drugs may now funnel from the Acapulco region northward to Laredo and into the USA, and possibly be of origins outside the western hemisphere even.  The Moonies in the Marshalls or cults around the Pakistan-India border could be a source, but so could eastern Iceland or the far coastal regions of Africa, and there and Pakistan-India border regions happen to coincide with recent relgious-extremist cult operations. Canada also needs to monitor areas on and across from Vancouver Island for similar potential invasions including boat and submarine traffic.. an area for it's version of a Coast Guard need to watch carefully, including potential collaborators on land (and same true of US and Australian coastlines mentioned).

    It may be that analysts of recent transnational cult and terror operations have ignored the historic alliances between East Asian and West Asian fascist axis organizations and governments. For example, the old Kuomintang-Hajj alliances with the World Muslim League need to be reviewed, as do the East Asian Axis operations along the western borders of China with Central Asia, and the many collaborations, overt and covert, between the Kuomintang and Japan in World War II.  In fact, the Sino-Japanese collaboration in WW2, and Middle Eastern collaboration with the Axis powers, may hold the key to resolving many mysteries of today's global terrorist, narcotrafficking, and political intrigue operations, including the various cults emanating from those regions.  Many recognize that China's most potent political weapons have been brainwashing cults, but few may recognize that the same is true of Japan and some of the Islamic countries.  Many may also forget Middle Eastern collaboration with Germany and Austria in both World Wars 1 and 2, and how those may have perpetuated into today, something that several writers on post-WW2 fascist/nazi underworld networks have reported on many times.  What has been relatively ignored is the Sino-Japanese fascist collaboration and their ties to allies in the Middle East and also India (which included today's Pakistan and Bangladesh and the Andamans and, functionally, Burma/Myanmar ), as those may be quite significant now. All the while, the recent fusion of the Kuomitang and Chinese Communist Party explains so much of the recent confusion over Chinese politics and economics, and I have included several fusion points in the geodetic analysis tables in 'Men Behind the Curtain' to help unravel the current intrigue brewing in and from the Chinese disapora territories.  Don't let them 'play the race card' and get away with it, and don't blame innocent Chinese for what the pervasive mafia networks are doing... but also don't risk staffing investigations with ethnic Chinese, as the old mafia networks are notorious for buying off, blackmailing, threatening, or even destroying their neighborhood observers. Investigations Must be carried out by clearly disinterested parties if they are to be effective, and for God's sake quit giving the Asian mafia networks autonomy by letting the do all the policing of the ethnic neighborhoods, as that just leads to the crime and corruption worsening, and there is risk of double-agents or victims of blackmail relaying what the police know to the criminals themselves.

    One example of current problems is, for example, that in the SF Bay Area, sectors of public schools now idolize evaders of US security agencies and operations like Fred Korematsu, instead of honoring honest journalists like Henry Liu for blowing the whistle on Asian organized crime and corruption having profound effect on the USA -- and so, what is going on in California politics that honors evaders of US national security interests during wars against their family's native land, while ignoring the valor and courage of Asian-Americans brave enough to report on the corruption emanating from the land they escaped from?  And why have legitimate and uncensored translations of Henry Liu's reports on Asian mafia corruption not yet been published for public perusal by non-Asian readers?  Are Asian interests in the USA so powerful as to be able to censor reports on Asian organized crime networks?  It appears that the answer to that question is a resounding 'Yes', and that needs to Change, if anything does, as Vulkanus power clusters all along the long-corrupt and piracy-infested East China seacoast in both Chinese and Japanese territory, and even trickling down to their tentacles in the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as possible affiliates in Manchuria and even Siberia.  Global power is agglomerating there daily, and Australian national control of areas directly south of there are vital not only to Australia's security, but to global security concerns of All nations, especially in cities where Asian diaspora mafia networks congregate and operate. That includes the Moonie and affiliated Falungong cult networks that, for example, run free on the streets of America, and now feasting on the US real estate market, sometimes via officials they have launched and bolstered into US political offices.  They already cynically cry 'xenophobia' and 'racism' as they are investigated and busted, and that must not be allowed to deter the investigations and containment of what may today be one of the the most powerful cartel of organized crime networks on Planet Earth.  Keep your eyes open, and don't go to sleep on the opiates, pot, 'shrooms, or imported mind-numbing prescription drugs or shelf-drugs on the streetcorners. 'Opium Wars in Reverse' is a concept to consider, and fusion of Asian, or any other foreign-based mafia into America's schools, media, or national or public security functions should send out a resounding nationwide alert. When agnents of foreign interests co-opt and feature All-American icons and warp them into "Chinese Apple Pie", "Japanese Fried Chicken", or "Korean Barbecue", and when Mozart and Ravel are portrayed as being best played by Chinese or Japanese or Korean musicians, it should be noted as both weird and politically significant. The Asian Law Caucus, with strange parallels to the transnational Chinese lawyers' network promoted by Jonestown facilitator Arthur Chung, and possible Moonie and Falungong infusions, runs a rich and globally powerful political propaganda machine that is about to overtake California government and infrastructure, and Californians as well as all Americans need to pay attention. It is likely another manifestation of Vulkanus power now agglomerating all along the East China seacoasts and pounding at America's doorsteps.  That same Vulkanus is also shared with Russia's naval and spy operations at Peterburg, and Ukraine's at Kiev and Odessa, as well as Istanbul's and Cairo's... but consider which of those already has had its foot inside America's door for many decades and is even woven into America's politics in a web that will be difficult to untangle.

    Asian mafia networks know they are now under scrutiny, and thus the often distorting and exaggerating clamor over Japanese internment camps -- the criminals are afraid of the backlash should dedicated Americans sort them out of the infrastructure and take them to court. Interestingly, this may be related to the clashes in Hongkong now over prosecution of organized crime networks, and it brings back into focus the question of what the *#! Sony's payboy and German covert-ops affiliate Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing in America, and who the heck gave him a global policy institute at the University of Southern California?  Overriding foreign interests??  "Who's in Charge" as Fritz Mondale used to say when he looked at Ronald Reagan, to which Reagan seemed unable to answer, as the Moonie-charmed George Bush used his US intelligence connections to help his little foreign friends fuse deeper into US infrastructure and set up their lucrative Transpacific shipping lines and airlines getting a percentage of every one of the billions of items shipped from Asian sweatshop factories to American retail stores and auto showrooms, as Elaine Chao was installed for the first of her five administrative terms in the US White House cabinet in between her forays back and forth to the Fort Knox gold reserves and the five or more Banks where she has sat on the boards of directors.  A real overt Queen of an Empire would marvel at her power and influence over a nation she immigrated to and managed to overtake almost like an occupied colony under a colonial occupation government.  Trump's clumsiness, the selfish cold-heartedness of his policies, and their often direct opposition to his stated objectives, are easy to find fault with, but America must not overlook who put him in office and who walked with him from the election booths to the White House doorstep -- Russians are questioned as being in the picture, but Elaine Chao, "Ali Baba" Jack Ma, and the mysteriously-rooted Peter Thiel wer among the oligarchs, if not the key oligarchs, who hoisted Trump into power and apparently have often told him what to do.  The very clever Asian mafia rivals the German double-agents like Thiel and Schwarzenegger in California, all wanting the public to side with them to build a government opposed to Trump, who now controls Washington DC, and whom they helped put in power.  It appears that the polarization in truly American domestic politics has been created by foreign interests ready to take over or displace American institutions over which Trump is only the temporary figurehead. Transnational control of internet and telephone, and sometimes postal, communications media facilitates transnational takeover, meaning that the sincere intentions of the past for international power-sharing has turned into what is beginning look like an invasion and takeover of America, "redefining" it.  That means it's time to reassess and correct past mistakes based on good intentions that were naive in trusting foreign interests.  This is being recognized in Europe already, as Germany has taken over Europe in ways that Hitler, or Japan's Tojo, would have seen as a "Dream Act" manifest in reality.  National protectionism and boundaries do not have to manifest with hatred or violence -- rather, a peaceful and rational and systematic effort to restore national boundaries is underway, and the more irrational either its advocates, or its opponents, become, the worse the problems could be ahead.  Americans and everyone else should be allowed to feel that it's OK to be proud of their nationality within their own nation, and recognize that when that pride in their nation of origin is retained after immigration there develops a problem.  In other words, nationalism is healthy if it's kept in the pertinent nation, and potentially problematic when it is exported outside national boundaries, and problematic when it extends to political or even religious hypocrisy, political manipulation, or other passive-aggressive political tactic typical of the current Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 8th-harmonic-angle configuration, and which could, potentially if not addressed properly, worsen in 2020 as it snowballs into an 2020 year-long Neptune=Hades=Vulkanus configuration that could escalated the religio/"spiritual" hypocrisy, the used of drug cultures and hypnotic cults for political manipulation or subversion, and covert political operations, particularly by sea or air, aerial (NE) operations being most likely those in the wee hours of the night (HA)... even those like the Japanese operations of WW2, which coupled submarine operations with aerial operations via seaplane technology (which may have been at least part of how the Pearl Harbor attacks were carried out, and also likely included the Japanese balloon-warfare operations, all of which involved at least some Chinese and Korean collaboration).  I would lastly remind readers of the substantial covert Asian military intelligence fusions into Martial Arts schools in the USA (and globally), and the psychological training components of some of those martial arts practices.  It should be asked if martial arts trainees can be made into unwitting puppets of Asian military intelligence agencies, most of which are highly adept at Sun-Tzu-like psychological and cult guerrilla warfare, and which could proliferate as Neptune joins the Hades = Vulkanus cluster in 2020.  Moonie-cult operations in the Marshall Islands, in particular, should be scrutinized for problems, as should any strange transnational cults in eastern Iceland or along the Far West African coastal areas, Canary Island, and Madeira, from where many Nazi covert operations were launched in World War 2, obivously naval, submarine, and or air.  Did Germany also adopt the Japanese submarine-seaplane combination tactics described in academic historian Mark Felton's book "Fujita Plan"?  And how much of the records of WW2 Axis operations declassified by President Clinton get published before the Bush administration's cabinet destroyed them?  Did President Clinton get the opportunity to read all of them?.. and I think the answer to this may be "No, he didn't", especially after hearing his 2019 July 4th comments on Franklin Roosevelt, which echoed the distortions of Hoover's and Japanese WW2 propaganda.  It is British and Australian historians like Felton and Australian historian Tony Matthews who got hold of them and published them, or who published what the British and Australian military or public knew already and more openly.  How many Americans, for example, know that troops of the East Asian Prosperity Sphere bombed and sabotaged Australian port cities?  And that many of the reports of their sabotage and attacks on US Pacific coast cities have been verified, although lobbying agents in the USA still to this day crank out coverup propaganda, and even threats to anyone who continues to publicize them -- and the American public must know why FBI data on Asian Fascist Axis subversion operations were removed from their website after Trump became president, Japan-born Harry Harris was put in control of the US Pacific Fleet, and Japanese Marines were allowed to occupy San Diego while the Trump cabinet arranged for a US government shutdown minimizing US government surveillance of the area occupied by the Japanese troops, which may be aligned with current Asian Law Caucus and CAPAC-affiliated propaganda campaigns in California and possibly elsewhere -- in turn possibly joined with the old Moonie political-mafia cult and psy-op network.  These issues need to be answered Now by objective and disinterested non-Asian-minority US government investigations and reports, and not be blocked by any possible Asian nationalist moles or agents infiltrating US national security agencies.  This is also particularly important for Any US government agency in Hawaii, where some key Homeland Security and US Pacific Fleet offices are located, and which geodetics show to be largely under Asian control even since 1959 statehood.  Asian-advocacy lobbies must not be allowed to manipulate America and its national security issues any more than the German-American Bund or any other lobby of any race or nationality could do in the past or today.  Domestic nationalism is a good thing for national self-defense, but foreign nationalism on foreign soil has proven time and again to be potentially highly problematic, regardless of what those like Taiwan-born Ted Lieu or his political cohorts claim. This is America. Ted Lieu and Elaine Chao need do their politics the American way, or be put out of office, because America is not ready to be drug into and regress to East Asian feudalism and Sun-Tzu guerrilla sneak-tactic politics radiating from the East China seacoasts and the Moonie-cult-infested Marshall Islands (or even Vanuatu or New Caledonia if they are nested there).  Many Americans have Had It with the cute Chinese finger-puzzles and the overly abundant Japanese cult games.  Get with America, not On America, or but* out of our politics with imported foreign tricks.  Same goes for the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peter Thiel network, and whatever powers their similarly undermining covert German/Austrian-nationalist operations. The geodetics are clear... the USA had better tighten the borders and drive out the spies and saboteurs now, or there's serious trouble ahead, maybe even chaos on the streets with Moonie Kahr Arms and whatever Hitler-adulating Schwarzenegger has been instructed to implement in his "Grass Roots Revolution" plan.  The foreign-manipulated and foreign-run elements of the 'Resistance' network appear to include both German agents and Asian agents advocating for pushing the US military out of Pacific island military bases -- meaning there's a foreign element ready to exploit the US domestic polarization over Trump's blunders, which could lead to foreign takeover disguised as a supposedly domestic "revolution" or "change" in the USA.  What's with the "Asian Pacific" organizations that are overtly claiming the vast Pacific as some sort of Asian territory?  All of America would be wise to pay closer attention to those claims, and what goes on in those organizations -- and Clinton, especially, needs to scrutinize them more closely before he makes more blunders like he did in his 2019 US Independence Day speech vilifying Franklin Roosevelt just like the Japanese Fascists did in World War 2 with Axis Fascist propaganda that that has since been discounted... something is wrong there and needs to be reviewed urgently. 100% Americans need to secure control of the USA before foreign-aligned manipulators and liars and saboteurs Take Over US government and infrastructure... the position of Vulkanus on so many US Ascendants, plus recent weird political events and treaties aligned with foreign interests, make this clear, regardless of deceptive transnational media hype and aggressive foreign lobbying in Washington DC and state capitals that needs to come to the attention of the American public and be recognized as what it is -- crafty Foreign Manipulation of American governments that needs to be recognized and thrown out of US government and attempts to manipulate America's leaders to other nations' covert designs, whether from Russia of China or Japan or Germany or Anywhere else. Americans need confidence in our government restored, and this cannot occur with continued foreign manipulations and machinations, including those disguised as American when they are not, and especially with weird Asian 'just believe' cults scooting around our halls of government claiming phony 'freedom of faith' privileges. Freedom of religion is in the US Constitution, but so is Separation of Chruch and State and mandated native-born people in executive offices, for obvious reasons that seem to have been intentionally obscured or neglected in recent times.  So if people want to get back to the Constitution, there are 3 good places to start, because those have been systematically subverted in recent times as people try to "Redefine America" or "Make America" into something that it never was and shouldn't become.  The challenge of Pluto is to deepen innate potential, not be externally managed and mutated into something "redefined", and one should ask if the proposed "dreams" are the American Dream, or something alien or even designed to "Terminate" America.

    Maybe the Pluto opposite USA 1776 Pluto around 2023 is the chance for America to get back on track after the recent forays into Alien Wackotopia with Japan-Chan Halloween masks and cellphone robotic illusions. Upcoming here is a needed review of where the Assange LSD Doomsday Hamilton-Byrne Cult came from and any possible links to the Fukuyama Doomsday cult fused into the Hoovernomics network near Stanford's SRI psy-wars base. Everyone needs to ask how Hoover's disastrous policies as Secretary of Commerce led to the 1929 global stockmarket crash that accompanied the rise of what became WW2 Fascism, and then somehow got synthetically sanitized to become a supposedly successful model once again, about which Hitler and the Japanese Fascists would be delighted while historical revisionist Shinzo Abe mesmerizes US presidents at Pearl Harbor to forget that Japan wanted to destroy and neutralize the USA and its Pacific defense capabilities 80 years ago, and was developing a nuclear bomb when it was stopped by the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  "Dated" information?  Well, the Japanazi Yakuza would have you think so, as they would prefer that you forget, or not notice, what they are up to with their old Fascist Axis partnerships rooted in banks and corporations that not only never died, but are now powerful than ever and spread into the hearts of America, Canada, Britain, and France more than ever.  The glitter and plastic are so pretty, but when they fall off, the ugly underneath will become obvious. Expect that plastic to melt by 2023.  Meanwhile, the whole world must not fall asleep or believe in dreams that are only deceptive imagery.  The 'Cultural Revolution' and 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' were doomed to ultimate failure before, and will fail once again, if the most frequent interpretations of Nostradamus manifest later on, as will a projected revival of the Third Reich in Germany, already under way if only people pay attention to the political undercurrents beneath the smiling faces reminiscent of those of Hitler and his cabinet, who allied with Russia's Stalin so far as it was convenient, collaborated extensively with Japan, and nuzzled with sympathetic elements in China who became powerful after 1945 in both the Kuomintang and Communist parties.

    Geodetics helps resolve the question of where the Trotskyists stood, and they favor the view that he was a puppet of the old Czarist machine, brainwashed during imprisonment, and programmed released to create mad chaos around the world.  And while Rasputin's birthday is a mystery, the dates of important related events tend to support the old hypothesis from his era that he was a Japanese-controlled cult puppet programmed to sow chaos in Russia even among the Czarist organizations that the Japanese Facists later claimed allegiance to.  Similarly, Sun Myung Moon is known to have been a Rasputin-type Japanese military intelligence puppet and tool for infiltrating and manipulating the governments and infrastructures of other countries, and their success still bears its mark in Washington DC, perhaps more than ever, and in some US state capitals as well.  That bears substantial correlation with Vulkanus now hovering at the Senkaku Islands military facilities as Japanese militarism is revived.  Nostradamus seemed to indicate that it would ultimately fail, but only after something correlating with a World War III in which Europe would fall to Asian hordes while America is simultaneously neutralized for some reason or other that may be relevant.

    Meanwhile, Vulkanus does also continue to amass at St-Peterburg, Kiev, Cairo, Durban, Buenos Aires, Asuncion, Manaus, the mouths of the Lena and Olensk rivers in Siberia, and had better be 100% American at Anchorage and Denver and Roswell if further foreign sabotage of US national security is to be eliminated. This is clearly no time to play footsies with lax immigration games. Nor is it time to further sully America's reputation with inhumane treatment of migrants. All American parties have got to carefully and cautiously join hands and Get Real to face the future, which will be reality, not dreams.  Roosevelt was too smart to have let the recent messes happen, but other politicians thought they were smarter, whereas it is now clear that they aren't.  He and his policies made America truly greater than it ever has been, and that will not be accomplished again with policies that are the opposite. For any American to slander him now is a mark or stupidity or else dangerous confusion.  He and his wife devoted their daily lives to the wellbeing of Americans, with compassion and spiritual wisdom, and it is disgusting to see any American leader now disparage them and even quote old Germanazi and Japanazi propaganda slandering them or their policies. Roosevelt was a professional military man and statesman, a master of US military intelligence, with substantial understanding of British global-wide intelligence.  He was no idiot unsuited for office as the President of the United States, no dupe of German or Japanese politics, and wisely cautious in dealing with the Sun Tzu intricacies of Chinese politics. He knew the rest of the world did not play by American rules, and he often understood what their rules were.  It's too bad that no one to this day has matched up to his brilliance and expertise and ability to make the USA the worlds pre-eminent global leader, and so he should be respected with admiration, not slandered with parroted lies from Tokyo Rose or Metternichian German and Austrian military intelligence ploys that have never died, and have only been polished for greater sophistication over time.  Geodetics also indicate that he would have helped make changes in Russia that might have avoided the problems that have unfolded there since his time.

    On this July 4, Americans should be grateful that we had a president like him, for if we hadn't, we were headed for submission to Berlin and Tokyo, which could happen again if smarter and more wise and knowledgeable people don't take the reins in Washington DC again before the Pluto opposition of 2023... people who are kind but not stupid or sloppy, and people who love America and all its warts, unconditionally above anywhere else, and yet offering goodwill to all nations who will genuinely reciprocate.  Otherwise they are not fit for any political office anywhere in the country.  That may be the message of higher Pluto as it reaches opposition to its natal position, in close orb 4 years from now, when America could see a major transformation, hopefully for the better, and dependent on wisdom in Washington, not playtime, inexperience, or foolishness. Confucius and Tokyo Rose are not the stuff America is made of, nor foreign propaganda ploys like "Chinese Apple Pie", "Japanese Fried Chicken". Global climate change is unfolding rapidly, and if America does not strengthen its roots, it could wash away in the tides of global chaos.

    There are some other distorted myths about US government institutions that cropped up in the early 20th century along with the Axis Fascism that gained sympathy among lost souls and selfish sociopaths in the confused politics of the 'roaring 20s', and those need to be reviewed in the context of what the US Constitution actually indicated, as those distortions of the 1920s, the Hoover era, have still apparently not been effectively identified and corrected due to the Elephants on Wall Street.  The USA has a history that has, overall, been far more progressive, egalitarian, and humane than most of the rest of the world, despite its history of slavery and destruction of indigenous cultures that nearly every other country also includes in local permutations.  Many leaders sought to end slavery in the 1700s but failed due to commercial interests blocking political changes -- interests that were part of the seeds of the US Civil War.  The Granger movement sought to build an American commonwealth economy that FD Roosevelt was the first to successfully begin implementing as he turned America into the world's pre-eminent leader -- whereas Hoover's foreign-manipulated policies led America to one of its lowest points in its history, in several ways, despite the Hoover Institution's historical revisionism.  The final draft of the US Constitutional convention started 2 months before the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, and was signed only 2 months after it, with little possible knowledge of how it was to unfold beyond its first 2 months.  The ideals of the American and French revolutions were so similar as to be a natural pair, although differing histories of the 2 countries led to different paths of development at times. Possibly inadequate attention has been paid to how the unpopular policies of King George III, both within Britain and its colonial empire largely subject to royal rather than parliamentary controls, led Americans to revolt -- the American Revolution was more a rebellion against the abusive policies of King George than the British public or even British Parliament.


2019May14, updated Jun07 and Jun14: Transpacific Politics and the Asian Mafia of East-China-Sea Vulkanus 22.5 to Hades in the Opium "Golden Triangle"; and Problems of the Trump Era.

    (As I update this on June 13, I would comment that the Democratic Party is set to lose upcoming elections if it continues to let the DNC be run by the narrow interests of immigration-policy lawyers -- for that is largely what caused Hillary Clinton to lose her campaign for US President.  If that lesson has not been learned, there is high risk of another similar loss. Add to the earlier bibliography of WW2 Fascist Axis subversion operations British historian Mark Felton's "The Fujita Plan" and compare it with current events in US Pacific states, not forgetting Australian historian Tony Matthews's "Spies for Nippon", and Michael Sayers's "Sabotage: The Secret War Against America",  both of which include information on how Axis agents attempted to cynically manipulate US domestic and national security policy, and how these, along with extensive Japanese subversion and sabotage operations in the USA, triggered the controversial Japanese internment camp policy advocated by US military officials and complied with reluctantly by Franklin Roosevelt due to their national security recommendations. That information may be as much or more pertinent today as it was when it was written, and today it's spelled, in part, "Moonies", "Asian Law Caucus", "Falun Gong", and "Elaine Chao"). 

    As if it weren't problematic enough that Nazism was quietly reviving in "Greater Germany" while Germany-enamored Putin sitting under his German-Oldenburg-Romanov flag has been doing whatever he's doing in Moscow and Peterburg, there was a fleeting glimmer of hope when Obama did the "Pivot to Asia" rather than succumb to the insistent lobbying of the Angela Merkel machine -- yet another equally serious problem arose when the BND/NeoGestapo/Merkel's cohort Schwarzenegger "officially" condoned his fellow-traveling Fred Korematsu crowd of US government law evaders/"Resisters" and Roosevelt-bashing doublespeakers aligned with the "Transpacific" revival of Asian Fascism that pushed to the top in California politics via the Ed Lee-entangled so-called "Future of America" machine.  The Asian brand of crypto/neo-fascism could outdo the German (or Russo-German?) brand via its many tentacles wrapped around the US economy and lodged into US infrastructure, and via its cleverly-crafted pseudo-liberalism/"neoliberalism" that has cloaked an Asian corporate takeover push in tandem with Elaine Chao's network in the Republican Party. This has roots in a series of Asian/Moonie lobbying pushes starting as far back as the Reagan era to Privatize US government that geodetics show as a strategy pushed by Asian, and also some German, corporate and banking interests to take control of the US infrastructure, government agencies where able to, and the US economy via privatization. And the Moonie lobbying started earlier on Nixon.  It is this that is choking America into submission now via not only some of Republican Party indifference to most anything outside its narcissistic greed policies favoring the rich, but now also the manipulation of the Democratic Party by Asian neo-fascism cloaked in policies of "inclusion", sham "color" politics, revived exploitation and abuse of immigration policy, and distorted crocodile-tear tales about Japanese internment camp 'victimization' as somehow equivalent to (de-facto-Japanese-allied) Nazi forced-labor and extermination Concentration Camps.... while long-present FBI data on WW2 Japanese subversion was recently removed from its website for reasons needing to be explained, and revived Japanese global military operations are launched in San Diego USA while US national security operations to monitor them were made lax via "US government shutdown" and weird "New American Moment" BS uttered by incompetent and confused political officeholders in Washington DC.

    While many Republicans were often sympathetic to the sham-religious East Asian Moonie cult covert operations network due their hypocritical "anti-communist" stances, the Democratic Party has, gradually and increasingly since the 1980s, been lured and bribed into fusion with Republican oligarch interests largely by bipartisan appeals from Japanese and Chinese interests -- via the concurrent Yakuza-Tanaka visit and planting of the Moonie "re-education" cult in the USA that blossomed into the Privatization pushes launched via their Wendylee-Gramm-Rudman Act largely designed by Gramm's influential Korean-Hawaiian economist wife Wendy Lee (not to be confused completely with Rupert Murdoch's fellow-traveler wife Wendi Lee, although there could be some ties there). Few Americans are paying attention to the fact that Post-Maoist "communist" China has gradually returned to functional control by the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party, founded in increments in Tokyo, Honolulu, and Singapore (outside China), fusing the old Chinese Tong mafia network with the Japanese Yakuza and some western democracy-themed imagery that has put many a European and American unstudied in East Asian history in a quandary.  Reading Sun Tzu's "Art of War" is fundamental to understanding how East Asian politics and history (including WW2 Asian-wing Axis Fascism as well as Vietcong-era strategies) operate, and the principles are those of guerrilla warfare tactics in practice.     

    Today, too few pay attention to the Elaine Chao Republican network's relationships and common interests with the CAPAC Bipartisan cabal (recently trying to overtake the California Democratic Party) that was a possibly a covert fine-print component of the Transpacific TPP, or to the recent Communist-Kuomintang alliances/mergers in China, or, perhaps more importantly, the history of the Kuomintang Party as a joint Sino-Japanese organization recently reported as the single wealthiest political party on Planet Earth (w assets in Cayman Islands, Bhutan, etc?), and now functionally in control of the shell/remnants of a 'Chinese Communist Party'.  Moreover significant is the Kuomintang's strong base in Honolulu, where some of its initial planning meetings took place (while others in Tokyo and Singapore). These are likely all relevant to the "TPP sign-now read-later Fastrack" lobbying, the eerily stiff and obedient silence, immobility, and deference of Obama during the speech of historical revisionist and functional East-Asian holocaust denier Shinzo Abe (whose father was the Manchurian Fascist "Manchukuo" Economic Minister), whose troops Trump cabinet appointees, in the Republican Party, then let occupy San Diego during the government shutdown when US port guard security was likely understaffed.  Ironically, it was under Trump, with his hyper-patriotic banter, that Japan-born Harry Harris was put in charge of the US Pacific Fleet, half-destroyed in WW2 by Japan in 1941, and Ajit Pai put in control of US internet -- Should people be trying to 'redefine American history' that soon, or are Americans (including some politicians) ignorant of US history just dangerously naive?  Seems risky, as does the very idea of "Redefining America". A most serious problem seems to be a lack of any depth of understanding of American history by recent national leaders.... not to mention the ignorance of the "investment-economy" cause of the 1929 Stock Market crash that put Germany and Japan close to the top of the world in terms of global control... oh, and how does that correlate with what's going on now?  Or school privatization and vouchers that ultimately do nothing but create more gentrification and Dumb Down America. 

    Add Japanese control of China developing prior and during World War 2, and now developing again.  Anyone with any depth of understanding of the history of the Kuomintang or of Chinese politics would not risk trusting Japan as an 'ally against China'... all it would take is to read the statements of Republic of China cofounder Sun Yatsen on Japan, echoed in ways by Deng Xiaoping, whose policies the current and conveniently Mao-lookalike cyborg-like Chinese President Xi Jinping and his 'Prosperity' slogan echoing both Deng Xiaoping's 'Asian Century' plan and that of the Sino-Japanese Axis Fascist East Asia 'Prosperity Sphere' jargon, with cutesy little cartoon figures that resemble those created by the Japanese in the 1930s.  I'm not here implying that all East Asians are somehow evil, but that East Asian politics have been rotten and deceptive to the core for decades if not centuries, by American and even old European monarchist standards, and designed to intentionally confuse what their xenophobic and Asian-supremacist views led them to collectively call "foreign devils" less than a hundred years ago.

    Most anyone halfway-read in Chinese history knows what a huge component of it is Sun-Tzu-guided smoke-and-mirrors and political posturing, considered "the way things are done", sometimes "Anonymously", in a culture that has developed largely separately from European culture for centuries, and rarely is interested in emulating other cultures other than via superficial facets of a European culture deemed by them to be generally morally or intellectually inferior' and now run by mean 'Old White Men' with a few women on the front lines who risk being charmed into submission by centuries-polished 'diplomatic' chinoiserie as they liberate themselves from male dominance.  The point about the multiplex 1929 Great Depression global economic crash is that it was due largely to a 1920s economy in the USA and England driven and manipulated by investments in German and Japanese corporate access to cheap sweatshop labor in their neighboring countries -- and the parallel to what's happening now is glaring, if only people look beneath the surface of the transnational corporate media and political hype including that of the "Lisbon Treaty Euro Union".  Where Russia sits amid all this remains as unclear as the intentional secrecy Russia has always used to protect itself from the rest of the world -- as has Japan, perhaps moreso, with Japan's Scorpio Ascendant and Moscow's and Peterburg's Scorpio IC that also happen to manifest in the Arabian peninsula and most of Egypt and Turkey where Vulkanus now also 'reigns supreme' and is flanked via 22.5 to Hades (oil and drugs among other things underground and underworld) recently in Algeria and Tunisia and now moving into Libya, as well as 22.5 to Iran and the Emirates. In the Middle East, therefore, as much attention should be paid to Turkey and Egypt as to Iran, as well as any ties between them, such as a possibility of revival of any element in any form of the old Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-Iraq CENTO or 'Baghdad Pact' Treaty alliance.

    For those shallow readers thinking that what you are seeing is just China-bashing or 'xenophobia', it is important to read statements of East Asian politicians and of recognized authorities on Chinese and Japanese history, such as the following quotes by political leaders that those who have 'saved face' for China do not often mention to us 'foreign devils':


    "'In discussing nationalism, Sun used a term that connoted ethnicity (minzhu shuyi), the ism of race, instead of the more political guojia zhuyi, the ism of the nation-state.'... Indeed, Sun did imagine the country's struggle against imperialism as a form of resistance against the threat of miezhong (racial extinction) in which the "white" race would triumph over and obliterate the "yellow" race.  (from Orville Schell: Wealth and Power, China's Long March, p. 131).


    The Kuomintang party was founded via various meetings in Tokyo, Honolulu, and Singapore, with the obvious compliance of a very xenophobic and vigilant Japanese government, and included as an essential component the old Chinese Tong organized crime network (as did also the Chinese Communist Party).


    Sun Yatsen "allowed himself to nurture hopes that the Chinese and Japanese might unite against "the West" in a pan-Asian brotherhood (Schell: Wealth and Power, p.126), and although this seemed ludicrous following concessions to Japan in the Versailles Treaty, the treaty was also seen as a mutually manipulative gimmick and battle of wits to stack the global balance-of-power, and duplicitous Chinese politicians like Wang Chingwei and other, mostly but not all Qing Dynasty remnant, strategiests cut deals and openly collaborated with Japan in World War 2, as the communists claimed Japan-military-trained Chiang Kaishek did on the sly (and suspected by American military leaders including Joseph Stilwell) while such collaboration manifest overtly in or after 1945 when Japanese troops installed Chiang Kaishek in Taiwan.  It is possible that Japan-friendly Chinese saw the Sino-Japanese war as only a temporary phase that Japan would outgrow, while some Chinese did indeed also seek a Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere that would simply exterminate communists and their organizations and then leave time to negotiate more egalitarian terms with Japan.  The Kuomintang-Communist alliance of the WW2 era was seen by many only as convenient for manipulating and confusing US and European policy and military assistance to China -- something also recognized as such by some American military personnel on-the-ground in China at the time and watching the machinations of the various Chinese politicos.


    While the Chinese Communists accepted aid from the Russian Soviets, they were nearly always attentive to making sure that all operations held Chinese interests first, eventually leading to the Sino-Soviet rift of the 1960s, particularly after the wealthy Chinese took their money and ran out of Communist China. Similarly, Chinese and Japanese Fascist were backed by old Russian Czarist Fascist wealth gone underground. Any perceived Russian attempt to hold financial assistance over China as a control device ultimately caused China to lock horns with Russia. Then, some Americans who once saw the early 1970s rapprochement between the USA and China as good for American interests now see it as having been mistaken in ways ultimately detrimental to US interests as the winding puzzle of transpacific Chinese diaspora financial and political strategizing, and Germany's global rise, gradually unraveled into Chinese nationalist (right and left, as well as German, curiously enough) manipulation of the US economy and halls of government.  This became more evident as Chinese nationalist businesses and agencies in the USA proved to be secretive, territorial, and prone to conceal inner motives and operations -- while at the same time having access to US national security information via involvement in database development and management, and surveillance technology implementation and records, as well as increasingly fuzzy and ambiguous relationships to Japan and the two Korean governments now exchanging whatever they are exchanging. All the while, Corporatist 'globalism' was unfolding, with some curious parallels to the 'One World' plan presented to Wendell Willkie by Chinese lobbyists including Mme Chiang Kaishek around 1940. The appearance of the foreign-born Elaine Chao (in 5 US Presidential administrations now) in US presidential cabinets at the time of controversial and contested political elections of the Bush family, and her transpacific network's financing of Mitch McConnell's political career, have been key examples of the mess that has developed from the many ambiguous US-Chinese agreements that were historically preceded by the "One World" plan. Willkie was heavily lobbied by both by Nazi German as well as Chinese interests helping him launch an infamously bitter mud-slinging campaign against Franklin Roosevelt. Some of this is described in the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Joseph Lash. The Chinese 'One World' lobbying included Mme Chiang Kaishek, whose family lived near the family of Elaine Chao after the latter's move to the USA, on western Long Island and a convenient stone's throw from Wall Street and later Moonie cult colony hubs around New York City, some now peddling Kahr Arms (Made in ???) amid the current curious US national political schisms including "Civil War Reenactmen" as Chinese economic and political power inside the USA are on a roll.  Some analysts have claimed that their role in the Watergate scandal, especially in conjunction with the Moonie cult, were underestimated -- and the parellels to transpacific political and financial events of recent years are too many and too potent to be ignored or dismissed casually as 'xenophobia' or 'American nationalism', whereas the problem is instead Asian nationalism with some curious fusions to German interests manifesting through Schwarzenegger's political scheming with Merkel, reminiscent of German Kissinger's orchestration of post-1972 US-China relations and decades-old close German-Chinese economic ties via either of the curiously intertwined West and East German economies, with further quiet German economic collaborations with Russia and China thus continued through the Cold War. All this may have served as interesting cornerstones of the current global order unfolding, one that has the USA in a tailspin in many ways, apparently due to American naivete, or American hyper-susceptibility to foreign manipulation, in handling US foreign affairs.

    What were the details of the "One World" plan presented to the Willkie Republicans by Kuomintang circles via Mme Chiang Kaishek; how much do they parallel today's transpacific agreements, and was proximity to the National Association of Manufacturers offices in Louisville Kentucky relevant then and now???  With now Sino-Japanese East China Sea Vulkanus tied to Opium Golden Triangle Hades money bearing down on Washington, these questions, including Moonie involvement in Watergate, maybe never resolved, right here on American soil, need to be answered every bit as much as what Putin is doing from faroff Russia or via his relatively scanty affiliates in the USA.  I'm not here proposing that Russian subversion be ignored in any way, but that it may in some ways be only the scarecrow (or indeed the "red herring") outside our front door while the real crows and piranhas from Germany and Asia are tearing up the kitchen at the back door we are ignoring, for reasons to be investigated thoroughly. Are problems arriving via Mexico actually coming from Asia or Europe, with Mexico only the conduit as was the case in WW1 and WW2?  Are there too many foreign fingers in the kitchen 'helping' to cook US foreign policy targeted for disaster?  That's very possible.  The USA may in fact need a little more nationalism, and rational and soberly realistic but humane policy on immigration, than has been manifesting in recent years... global Vulkanus power is now held overseas more than within the USA, and Japanese control of the Anchorage longitude of the US Pacific Fleet and US Pacific ports is a recipe for surrender to foreign colonial power-over of US cities and national infrastructure.  Duh.... like, should that be anything other than obvious?  Openness to foreign exchanges and global realism are important and sometimes beneficial, and almost necessary, but it looks like some politicians and business interests have tipped the American boat over too far in that direction, and the ship is at risk of sinking, or pirate invasion, unless a Smarter American Captain takes control of the steering wheel in Washington. No more rookies, and no more extremist, unbalanced policies, please. Politicians in each party must recognized that their opponents say something making sense at least periodically, and replace the emotionalist criticism of personalities with rational criticism of policy, as Britons are now being asked to do across the Atlantic.  We must not let Foreign Powers push our buttons anymore.


Part II, added 2019Jun07: What are the real problems of the Trump administration era?:

    Those skeptical of the significance of the current geodetic lineups of slow-moving Pluto and Zeus and Vulkanus are probably decreasing in number, and it may be clear that I am partly, in marginal, agreement with some of the more high-profile astrologers in the NCGR who have been most problematic commercial-software-interested competition for me since the start of the Uranian Beacon/Institute, in terms of US national security issues, and that is the current critical and problematic impact of stealthy Chinese nationalist interests in US infrastructure, although I would extend that to include a Chinese-Japanese-Korean network that is functionally restoring the East Asia Prosperity Plan of the Fascist Axis of World War 2, and which included a complex alliance, both then and now, with the Chinese Communist Party.  Those who 'believe' in the storybook official-map based history of World War II in Asia (very peritinent still to today, if only one looks at where and how the various banks, corporations,and political parties morphed in mostly external fashion from then until now).  

    World history books often have presented an oversimplified view of Asian Fascism, partly due to lack of public understanding of Asian cultures and history, and partly due to past diplomatic policies that whitewashed (or yellow-washed, pick your term, same process) the faults and treachery of (particularly East) Asian politics and diplomatic hypocrisy that have created the inefficiency of US-Allied policy in East Asia in World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam-Indochina War, and still today, now cluttering the hallways of US and American state governments. These have included the Moonies, K-pact, J-pac, and even Asian nationalist lobbies now fused into US military and national security agencies.  The German nationalist factor, fused into Euro-Union politics via the Merkel-Schwarzenegger-Thiel network, which I have mentioned often in the past, remain just as problematic, but I was in the past not attentive to the revival of the Euro-Asian Fascist alliance that has been revived, nor to the revived Kuomintang-Communist alliance in China and its ties ot Japan and Korea (which manifest the Moonie cult, among other cults and lobbies).  These are the manifestations of Vulkanus now in the East China Sea and its adjacent coastal cities (which include major naval and intelligence bases of all countries in that region), now exerting a rather conspicuous force in US politics and economy, especially in US Pacific states. While the potentially stealthy and wealthy Pluto (used by all astrologers and recognized by the astronomical establishment) has manifest in the power-buildups in recent years in Germany and Austria, Singapore, central China and its financial and political tentacles in the Indochinese countries, and now aligned with Vienna, Jakarta, and headed for Stockholm, Budapest, and Warsaw.

    The shift of Pluto from Germany to countries east of it could signify more dialogue with Russia, and new regional influence in Ukraine, as the 'Cordon Sanitaire' countries of Eastern Europe will not be so keen to provoke Russia into hostilities, as they have no buffer like German does -- in fact the are the buffer for Germany. In the USA, Pluto is moving from Wall Street to Boston, and in Canada from Ottawa to Quebec, and North American policy may also shift according to the different financial and political power and perspective in the upcoming Plutonian cities.

    Generally, in East Asia, the Plutonian power is shifting from the  organized-crime/narcotrafficking/human-trafficking strongholds of the Golden Triangle region and the Singapore stock-market colony toward the Saigon, Indonesia central government, the eastern Malaysian states, and the Chinese military and financial strongholds on Hainan island.  This may also lead to less inclination for potentially globally-disastrous military confrontations, away from the stockmarket-driven pushes of Singapore and Wall Street and the Colombia narcotrafficking economy, and more toward policy that is more likely to be peace-seeking, and hopefully more considerate of public wellbeing than driven by investor-driven economies and global policy.  Yet,all public vigilance is required for that to happen, for the Vulkanus influences are operating simultaneously and shifting from

Shanghai and Taipei toward Japanese naval bases and Korea, Peterburg toward Moscow, Kiev to the Crimea, Istanbul to Ankara, the Libyan border to Cairo, from Cape Breton and Goose Bay to Newfoundland within Canada, from the Chaco region to the national capital Asuncion in Paraguay, from east Venezuela to Guyana, from provincial Argentina to Buenos Aires, from the western Lesser Antilles to Barbados, from Kodiak and Anchorage to Fairbanks and Cordova-Valdez in Alaska (and hopefully away from Moonie-infested infrastructure toward American interests). Power-balances in cosmopolitan Tahiti could make a big difference, including French balances with Euro-Union regulations. Australian government/military/national-security interests may prevail over recent private transnational interests in the Kalgoorlie mining district.

    Other global power-shift changes are likely to occur in the 8th harmonic. For Vulkanus this means secondary global power-shifts from the western to the eastern sector of the Moonie-cult-infested Marshall Islands, from Kamchatka to the Komandorskie Islands in Siberia, from the Bismarck Archipelago to Vanuatu, from New Caledonia to New Zealand, from E New Mexico to W Texas and from Boulder to Colorado Springs within the USA, from from Prince Albert to Regina in Saskatechewan in Canada, from inland to the far eastern coastal regions in Iceland, from Madeira and the Canary Islands to mainland west-coast Africa incl Liberia and Morocco, from Chihuahua to Guadalajara in Mexico, and from Pakistan to India, and from Russia and Central Asia north of Pakistan to western China in the areas north of India.

    Attention should not be diverted from the profound impact of FBI data on Japanese subversion the USA being removed from the FBI website shortly after the beginning of the Trump administration, followed by the appointment of Japanese-born Harry Harris to head the US Pacific Fleet until public outrage was expressed, followed by the occupation of San Diego by Japanese Marines during a subequent US government shutdown. The potential impact of such events should not go unnoticed by ANY citizen of the United States of America.  Nor should the recent Kuomintang-Communist overtures and alliances in China and Taiwan, the stated intent of Xi Jinping to follow the subtle and gradual China-Japan alliance plan of Deng Xiaoping along with the revival of the politicized 'Prosperity' theme of the WW2 Fascist era, nor the heavy fusion of the Kuomintang in US politics and economy including via the Moonie family cult churches and the family of Elaine Chao -- the latter of which put Mitch McConnell and partly, Donald Trump, in office.  All of America needs to ask why Taiwan-born Elaine Chao has been in the cabinet of 3 presidents and 5 presidential administrations -- and its relationship to the Privatization of US government bills and coups initiated overtly by the Gramm-Rudman act of Chinese economist Wendy Lee Gramm's relatively passive husband -- for what appears to be happening is that Privatization of US infrastructure is leading to takeover by Chinese, as well as some German, foreign financial and political interests.  The German factor comes in part from the Siemens-Deutschebank ties of Trump, and all of it joins at Arnold Schwarzenegger's political ploys, the Sony Corporation, the Bush family's fascination by the Moonie cult and Schwarzenegger, the role of German-born Peter Thiel in it all, the attempts to legitimize foreign-born politicians in US government, and the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank now often instead called the Asian branch of Deutschebank.  It's all Killing America, yellow-washed as 'Redefining America' via 'diversity' and 'inclusion' as political buzzwords to cloak political and economic invasion, takeover, and displacement of America and Americans with something that's not really American, no matter how much it's tried by foreign interests to 'Redefine' America.


2019Apr18 (edited Apr27, updated May02): Reviewing the unpredicatable Brexit moves; Russia, China, Washington DC, and the various brands of 'Globalism':

Before proceeding, tensions between Ireland and England, and between Scotland and England were stirred up during both WW1 and WW2 by wartime enemy agents on the Euro mainland and possibly also during the violence of the 1970s, and risk inflaming again.... notice key Scot independence advocates working for Deutschebank... maybe no accident.  In 20th century World War wartime, Germany wanted the British Isles fragmented and disunited, and so, as mentioned before, it's up to London to give the rest of the isles good reasons to stay in alliance, meaning not making Scotland or Ireland or Wales feel like second-class partners in an English empire... it can be done, and may be vital for the future.

    Also maybe mentioned before are the geodetic indicators of who inflamed the US Civil War, particularly because of the recent 'Confederate Re-enactment' events replete with Confederate flags and uniforms dug up from the dead (or imported??).  The foreign motives for creating Civil War in the USA were to weaken our country and stop it from becoming a transcontinental nation to compete with the old European and Asian empires (now gaining an upper hand nonetheless, due to political failures in the USA to protect US national sovereignty), whereas many may have forgotten that California statehood was part of an effort to make sure that other foreign powers did not take control of California or the Pacific Coast of North America, as it seemed possible with the demographics and economics of that time (which are not totally dissimilar from today's).  Not to mention the Mormon factor and its strange history and alliances (some of which are still strange, like with the Moonies as of late).  As for immigration issues, the historian Dr John Walton Caughey, who wrote a California history text used for years in the state's public schools, described the various migration waves in California from both overseas and domestically, and the central pragmatic economic factors involved, and that information can shed a lot of light on issues not now being addressed in pop media that should be addressed, since the Robber Barons are once more riding high and joined now by imported, new Robber Barons from new locations on the rise. Immigration, beyond the small percentage of legitimate refugees, is about wage rates, the suppression of organized labor, and corporate indifference to much of anything else, while the 'little people', from wherever they may originate, are the pawns on the corporate and banking board room chessboards.

    Corporate machines like Facebook trying to make Brexit look like a radical-right plan since Brexit's all-spectrum proponents include a few wealthy and media-accessible radical-rights among others in the left and center concerned primarily about British national autonomy (from the Frankfurt and Luxemburg and Liechtenstein banks via Brussels that run the Euro) for various reasons, and Facebook tied as much to German agent Peter Thiel and some allied Asian interests as much as puppet-boy Zuckerberg (told to look like a leader for the camera). And Windows 7 will phase out in early 2020, leaving nothing but mandated Siemens-Cloud (German military/BND) systems on the internet... Hitler's dream come true, while Tojo's dream cooks up similar schemes from the other direction that include what looks like all China as a Manchukuo-like puppet state aligned with Tokyo, with help from Korea and Moonies trained from the beginning by fascist Manchukuo officials and officers. They have agents in America still, gaining power in California.  Meanwhile, where are the Americans to serve American interests and not sycophants of German or Chinese or Japanese lobbying (or cult?) interests?  Are there any still with the power to retain US national autonomy, or is America dying via mass invasion called 'redefinition'?  Something to think about and observe the evidence of.

    This is a time to review the duplicity of WW2 Nazi-aligned Global-Axis Asian corporate/banking politics that are roots of some current Transpacific operations. Smell the Sony, as only one example, and note how naive recent political leaders have been inexcusably (due to their positions) ignorant of such vital and critical historical roots.  This is probably due to their reliance on foreign lobbyists, representing foreign interests, as advisors.  It makes for Chaos and Anarchy on America's streets, since functional and democratic globalism must unfold at a slow and steady pace, not rush-job high-pressure contract-signing like manifest in CETA and the TPP, as examples. Politicians and/or business leaders manipulated by the overabundance of foreign cults and slick lobbyists are equally problematic. Things like the public impact of global warming and immigration regulation are urgent and time-sensitive, whereas global economics are the games of powerbrokers that need regulation and rational public discussion first rather than dictatorial coups.  All of it needs a free and open internet with the public being conscious, rational, and broadly-informed in their input -- not cultish wingnuts screaming pre-programmed dogma or theory of any persuasion... a lesson still to be learned as the world digests Hades in Gemini. 'Right' and 'Left' may become somewhat irrelevant as the world exchanges views and experiences rationally, with awareness that we are all on this giant floating ship-in-space together, even if in different parts of it, and this is why I have emphasized that the "faith-based" crap is a disaster waiting to happen and it needs to Go.  The world already has Far Too Many ideological fanatics/sheeple 'believing' instead of reasoning.  Religion is a pre-literate-historical-era phenomenon made for storytelling to the illiterate sheeple -- and can be no more ethical than rational discussions -- note the many bloody holy-wars and various tortures of 'infidels' and 'non-believers', and misunderstandings due to 'beliefs' ungrounded in verified reality (that includes verification of replicated effect as well as verification of causal or or solid physical factors -- such as is the case with much of psychology or sociology, or sciences prior to awareness of realities like electromagnetic fields).

    In noting that Pluto is now hovering and going retro and direct around 22:30 Cardinals, I plan to eventually review how its potentional could still be tapped into by London over the next year or so, and Kronos does move somewhat slowly as well... so there are a few, but only a few more opportune times for London to tap into the beneficial rays of geodetic MC=PL=KR and thus ultimately come out way ahead via Brexit (which Pluto with Kronos Can Do), but no more such advantageous configurations after Spring of 2020, and periods when Neptune is also in the mix are probably not so advantageous.  The best chances for London appear to be bolstered alliances with former British empire countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia, all with deeply-rooted democratic traditions, and allies against the last wave of Euro-Asian global corporate fascism that nearly overtook our planet 1940-45.  Other alliances will come from European nations similarly concerned about German monopolies and the revival of another Reich that could quietly and strategically align with Russia (already trickling?) via their deeply-rooted imperial oligarchies still quite powerful and making the showroom politicians dance like puppets.

    About the USA and Russia and China, there is very grave risk of focusing on Trump's Russia connections to the point of not paying attention what's unfolding in the East China Sea (possibly more important and critical, and almost certainly equally as much) and its close connections to the Chao multi-bank family empire/machine in Washington DC (and Long Island and some in San Francisco via bank takeovers), from a region also connected to the Golden Triangle via 22:30 angle Hades in effect now and for a while, locally in the USA to Moonie cult (incl Kahr Arms) hubs inside the USA and the exploitation by cheering Asian nationalist lobbying hubs of a hyperemotional and irrational US national polarization over "Trump versus Antitrump" and the cheesier and more vociferous elements of the "Resistance" and "Change" movements, as well as the 'People of Color Alliance' at risk of being co-opted by Asian nationalist lobbying groups in much the same was it was (in milder forms) during World War II, and then more conspicuously during the Vietnam War era, which is when the Moonie cult (with hubs close to US Jonestown bases) took off in full force in the USA, entering via San Francisco and possibly New York (Soong-Chao network) as well, and then spreading nationwide.  Per geodetics, the Moonie and/or Chao network exploited Vietnam war profits, possibly the massive related commerical shipping operations, the polarization of America over the dysfunction, tragedies, and crises of the war the led to violent clashes on American streets, on top of the Cold War justifications for the war in the first place. And now over a Trump-Antitrump polarization manipulated by lobbying in Washington?  One extreme is triggering a potentially catastrophic war in East Asia, and at the other extreme is surrendering to the passive-aggressive (sometimes more overt) push for an 'Asian Pacific', and so many concessions that the US economy is undermined or co-opted (like has started to happen recently, already). The parallels to the disastrous Coolidge-Hoovernomics of the 1920s are many, including a North American 'Investment economy' revolving around transnational sweatshops (then run mostly by the Axis powers, including literal Euro slave labor camps and Asian indentured-servant operations). 

    The East China Sea includes Japanese military operations in the Senkaku Islands now empowered by Vulkanus on the geo-MC, Japanese operations that have remained on Taiwan since the 1890s, and increasing Japanese global power due to remilitarization and Vulkanus movement eastward to more Ryukyu islands between Japan and Taiwan, and then to Korea and the main islands of Japan... in addition to power from east-coast locations in China.  The Philippines are also in play, and could be polarized, especially with Duterte at the helm, and this brings Australian national security concerns, as well as American (due to close Philippine ties), even more into the picture.  What is noteworthy now, this year, is the proximity of Vulkanus to Shanghai, Taipei, Dalian, Qingdao, and Manila.. and the Senkakus and heading for the Ryukyus.  Duterte's rise could be linked to foreign interests bolstering him to polarize with the USA or Australia or both, as could be the bolstering of the Sultan of Brunei, and the latter is where power from Islamic Turkey or Cairo could enter, including Muslim Brotherhood and the Pan-Turkist and old Pan-Islamist movements in new costumes... in addition to secondary and subservient influence from Iran, Dubai/Emirates, or the Yemen-Oman border region (Alqaeda root territory) at 22:30 fixed MC -- and it is not impossible that they in turn have alliances with or backing from St-Peterburg Russia or Kiev Ukraine or the Romanian navy or Finnish border elements. Iran is likely subservient to the now Vulkanus-bolstered powers at 0 fixed MC (Cairo and Istanbul, maybe Peterburg), and not so much vice versa.  Remember that Iran has its own internal variety of viewpoints even if suppressed, a unique culture, and an often sophisticated and highly literate population with many international contacts. If focus is on Tehran while ignoring Turkey and Egypt and Russia, problems could ensue, and the 'Ayatollahs' could actually be functioning sometimes as the puppet or scarecrow of powers amassed at 0 fixed MC (30E longitude, or even 120E) rather than the other way around as some might think.  Transnational, including Transpacific, paramilitary ops in Paraguay and Brazil (at 60W) could also be in the mix in global problems, and even Guyana if it becomes radicalized and/or aligned with any of the global power hubs above, with many root ties to Chinese money and power via early power politics (incl lingering Jonestown and Arthur Chung network elements).

    As perhaps mentioned before, more attention might need to be focused on WW2-era Japanese backing for Uighur and similar separatist movements in China and Central Asia, and on the defacto Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Hajj network that attended World Muslim League conferences in the 1960s and possibly later.  Americans putting full trust in either Chinese or Japanese intelligence data are utter fools, and any opportunity they have to manipulate American intelligence data should be clamped down on quickly.  Control and access to the Panjiva Homeland Security database interfaces could be a component in this issue, and the various "Asian Pacific" organizations, by their very name alone, should be a clue of a conspicuous Asian nationalist bias in a region that is less than 1/4 primarily adjacent to Asia.  And as for the People of Color movement, all should be paying attention to how people of 'other colors' are treated in Japan or China, and in America after their takeover; one should not forget that Fascism had and has its Asian version as well as its Euro version, as is manifesting more each day as of late.  Yet, adequate investigations could tone that down by 2023, whereas hanging more unwarranted halos over slippery Asian mafia (including lots of fake religion, 'faith-based' hypocrisy) is sure to lead to severe problems in the future. 

    As mentioned before, current Vulkanus placement indicates that North America's only equally potent hubs of needed counterbalance are in US and Canadian navy facilities around Anchorage and northward, and the Cabot Strait and Newfoundland and northward, with no major US or Canadian metro areas other than Anchorage, the risks of Moonie infiltration and subversion at Anchorage including via its shipping lines (and affiliated "blessed" Kahr Arms operations); Britain's vital control of the Barbados and Falkland regions as a counterbalance to the SCO/Shanghai Treaty alliance (Russia-China-India-Pakistan, with their relations to Japan to be carefully scrutinized). Secondary US power rests in Denver and Roswell, and thus to be monitored thoroughly for foreign meddling and manipulation there (including foreign troops allowed there); and the same applies to the Prince Albert and Regina latitudes in Canada; to the Chihuaha, Durango, Tepic, and Guadalajara longitude in Mexico.  Agents from Russia, the East China Sea, or the Paraguay longitudes could prove problematic there, as well.  Britain knows it (and maybe continental Europe as well) cannot withstand counterstrikes from Russia's potent nuclear arsenal, and needs to be able to temper or operate independently from German nationalist/lebensraum pushes from the Deutschebank-centered "Kaisers' Hun" machine that drives the EuroUnion, which still lusts for Russian oil, minerals, and cropland, as was the case in WW1 and WW2.  Peaceful and meticulous negotiations are wise, with no fine print unread, but overconcessions could cause problems like those manifesting the USA via the real and destabilizing chaos of unwise and unmonitored immigration policy that could prove a highly serious problem if not handled soon with great care and attention -- and unwise policies enabling foreign takeover via 'investment'.  This means that for upcoming elections, the Democratic Party needs to get off the all-immigration-carte-blanche bandwagon pushed primarily by Asian nationalist/corporate networks like CAPAC and the Korematsu/Asian Law Caucus, and instead assure the safety and humane treatment of immigrant populations along with the simultaneous protection of US native citizens in facing  what is becoming a chaotically destabilizing and often displacing immigration policy.  Among the most tragic situations is that of the disfranchised and impoverished populations of Mexico and Central America who may come to the USA only to escape the social hells created by transnational narcotraffickers from outside their countries lusting for Mexican oil and gold and silver.  And the Moonies, who have long manipulated the Republican Party, have now wormed into the Democratic Party (and other third parties), largely via various old and new phony 'faith-based' religious or 'spiritual' cults, and are wagging America by its tail in a most disgusting Hades-Golden-Triangle way (as it also did in the Indochina War era when the Moonies set up colonies in the USA).  In turn, the same foreign interests are exploiting the ugly old 'black versus white' race-polarization clashes like those in the southeastern and midwestern states by fusing them with immigration policy issues where there is only minimal or tangential relevance. Competing foreign intelligence agencies now know how to monitor, assess, and manipulate US domestic conditions and policy in thorough ways that can turn the USA chaotic domestically (such are recent problems in Chicago and St Louis)... and people should be noticing the parallels to both foreign subversion during the Vietnam War era.. as well as during World War II, noting that, geodetically, Germany's borders then spread eastward beyond Kaliningrad, and Finland and Romania were virtual German puppet states at various points, and the Near East was swamped with Nazi/Axis agents poised to take control of its oilfields and sea lanes, all the way to old Muslim Brotherhood connections.  What's so crazy is that transnational racially-defined cults in the USA with roots in WW2 Axis fascism are passing themselves off to the public as leftist/progressive organizations, and Americans are not noticing or remembering very pertinent history.  Pay close attention to Schwarzenegger's Hollywoodish "Grass Roots Revolution", and to which transnational corporations and foreign intelligence service connections built his (as well as Peter Thiel's) careers, while never neglecting how Taiwan-born Elaine Chao got to be on the board of about 5 US national banks and in the cabinet of 5 US Presidential administrations, snooping and chattering around.. and how she is connected to the CAPAC/ALC lobby in the Democratic Party.  Minnie Mouse was a cute little character created and manipulated by someone else, and she was only a screen image sent out by the projector machine.  Elaine's daddy was a Chinese naval officer who once patrolled the East China Sea, and may still.  Read Sun Tzu or be overcome again by guerrilla tactics like the US military was in Vietnam.  

    Some people read books while others party and decay, opiated or smoked to the grave. Real life is not a dream, no matter what some confused and drug-peddling lobbyist-manipulated politicians say. Pay attention to who runs Stanford and similar foreign-policy and psychosocial engineering projects (including the various nationwide offices of SRI/TCI).   Reading Bisson's "Japan in China" and Gollomb's "Armies of Spies" help learn how victims of 20th century fascism were opiated, literally unto death.  The Asian wing of WW2 Fascism also had a Lebensraum policy, which could manifest again if Asian Fascism is revived.  It's real, recorded history, including that of the treacherous Yasuji Okamura and his operations both during and after World War II -- the history of the Nanking/Nanjing Massacre is complex and maybe not fully understood in terms of European or American interests in World War II -- China was in Civil War while the world as a whole was in a war with different dimensions, methods, and objectives, which US military officers are on record as having noted, and the lines between China and Japan blurred substantially.  The borders blur again as China privatizes, despite embassy or UN Sun Tzu-type posturing for outside observers. Don't get fooled again. Foreign lobbying in Washington DC has often done little more than weaken the USA and made it less competitive globally, and that includes policies that have demoralized, impoverished, and marginalized Americans in their own country so that foreign interests can push or sneak ahead in line, and they have time and again.  

    Vulkanus global power now is coupled with Hades to sometimes be highly passive-aggressive, and the geodetic lineups show where and how.  If moderate, experienced, well-read, and level-headed people don't take over Washington DC, there could be problems still ahead as Vulkanus still bears down the Greater Seattle and Greater New York City regions.... and Ottawa as well, and now headed for Portland OR, Massachusetts, and Montreal within the next several years. Areas of Europe now vulnerable to foreign machinations are Holland, SW Germany (possibly via Danube or Adriatic traffic), the Swiss-Austrian border, and eastern Italy.  What's taking over Libya may be rooted largely in either Turkey or Egypt, official or non-official, which interestingly enough restraces the western historic reaches of the Ottoman Empire as there are Ottoman revivalists in the old Turkish Empire nations.

    Americans need to honor our immigrant as well as native heritages, but also be aware of politically and economically destabilizing acclerated immigration overkill and the fact that unmonitored or unregulated global migration can bring about havoc, and that involuntary or 'shanghaied' mass migration and resettlement were part of the slave-labor policies of the Third Reich and its Asian Allies, as well as collaborating Russian Fascists who welcomed the Nazis into Russia with open arms. Immigration is a complex issue with many human factors involved, including regional factors at both departure and destination, and the human part must not be forgotten if we are to live in a civilized society. That doesn't mean one should let in people with covert political or subversive intentions, conscious or cult-manipulated -- and covertly-manipulated political cults are now rampant during the recent and ongoing HA=VU angular cluster.  Political cults could even be the substitute for overt armed invasions, as they have been before, and the irrationality and costumes of phony religion are a common front for cults.  

    This is no time for Pollyanna politics -- especially not with Hades aligned with Vulkanus.  Caution is fully warranted, and hey-ya-join bandwagons of any stripe are High Risk.  Things get better around 2023, if objective investigations are intensified and the public doesn't just intoxicate itself and drift off into a dreamland of no return.  People need to be exercising, discussing, reasoning, and listening to opposing views, and throwing away the dogma and easy-answer buzzwords and mantras.  One truth about life is that the stupid lose, so Get Smart and don't walk around in a daze.  Snooze-ya-lose. There's always the objective consensus reality beyond the psychotic 'reality' that people think they create, only inside their heads, and you have to stay alert in times of trouble like those that HA=VU have brought and will continue to until about 2023, if the smart and objective prevail.  It's not going to be the Euro Union or Asian Mafia permutations or religious cults that fix things. The world has to get back on track with the thread that was unfolding before they rose to power, rooted strangely enough in the founding principles of the USA that have been forgotten or distorted over time.  Thinking needs to replace believing, because "believing" means you don't know, and don't know why, so you need to think about it more instead of less, and stay as alert and awake and informed with sober and objective facts as possible.  America must not drift off into a dreamworld, or it could get shipwrecked, and/or pirates could take over, if they aren't already on board.  Don't forget the facts of America's history, including its wars and the threads that continued afterward.  Too few Americans have paid attention to foreign policy factors over time, and that leaves us lost without a compass and unprepared when the globalists trample in from other continents, especially the aggressive ones who want to buy up real estate at the speed of light and jack up rents to send overseas, or buy up American enterprises, pay low salaries to Americans, and ship the profits back to where they came from.  It's happening on a large scale, so smell the coffee before your neighborhood looks like a Monopoly board, if it doesn't already.... that potently passive-aggressive Vulkanus is tied to the sometimes stealthy Hades in the sign of Cancer... meaning homes, agricultural land, and food markets, now hovering in the Golden Triangle and western China Proper, and headed for the Singapore stockmarket to trade the real estate stocks, while the very same is true in western Germany, home of the original Chamber of Commerce.  Pacman's chops are chopping.  Within the USA, the corruption likely festers in the southern Appalachians and Tampa and Detroit, moving toward Cleveland and Miami.  By 2023, the roots of the corruption will become evident enough to get under control, but that will require uncorrupted investigative agencies operating in the public interests, not corporatized agencies aligned with the very corruption itself. With Vulkanus in Leo, watch especially for ties between real estate corruption and martial arts schools tied overtly or covertly to foreign political and/or military operations... macho stuff.  And don't be surprised if the (ethnic German) Oldenburg-Romanov dynasty is restored in Russia, even if by covert means, starting in Peterburg, and in alliance with German interests.  Putin and friends already have a Romanov flag in the background when making their speeches, while they have their obedient soldiers marching around with fraying, leftover red 'commie' flags.  The same is happening in China, where instead of Czarist flags there are what look sometimes almost like Japanese cyborgs dressed in stylish Tokyo suits, with imperial dragons and Moonie-affiliated red-rayed rising suns back in fashion.

    Possibly related Hades corruption is fusing into the USA from Tampa north to Detroit and Canada north of there, and west Cuba and the Costarica-Panama border,spreading eastward in the next few years, and the money may be laundered, now more than ever, in the Caymans. Cuba will be vulnerable to an increase in organized crime as it goes for privatization, which is usually the way that unfolds anywhere it happens.. fascist mafiocracy.  By 2023, that will be more clearly evident to the whole world, and Reaganomics will either die, or could take over the whole planet including criminal investigation agencies and we could live in a Global Fascist world due to being drugged, ignorant, and naive about the realities of big money and global economics..  Right now, weird brainwashing groupthink cults (what the 1930s fascists and 1970s anarchists used quite effectively) are doing what the drugs don't to anesthetize the public before takeover.  The FBI are now identifying Chinese and Russian culprits, but they'd better not overlook the slick Japanese and German factors, or we are in trouble ahead.  Geodetically, that's Vulkanus entering Japan's western, military-impacted, China Sea islands, and Vulkanus 22.5 to Germany's western industrial/banking power districts and quite possibly tied to rising power in Peterburg and Kiev, possibly via the old Germanic Oldenburg-Romanov power network. What could manifest in Russia is the first nationwide literal Russian Fascist government, unless something is done to stop it.  It's quite possible that Communism was replaced, step-by-step and by stealth, by Fascism rather than Democracy when the Soviet government faded.

    America has a lot of democratic and egalitarian traditions that were written out of histories in the Reagan era and never fully manifest due to transnational corporate power-over tactics... and a deeper study of American history makes clear the corporatism and Wall Street in America have always been transnational and largely of foreign origins, starting in particular with Euro imperial banks (now joined by Asian) on Wall Street, then the Deutschebank investments in railroads and attached real estate that had orginally been designated as a public utility and public lands, advocated by a "Granger" movement that was quickly either destroyed or harnessed and co-opted.  US histories published before the 1950s often cover the details of these, but after the transnational corporatist machine that Eisenhower perhaps inaccurately called the "military industrial complex" took over, that history was marginalized or cut out, denied.  Deutschebank transcontinental railroad controls were disguised as "Credit Mobilier", which was actually a French name for a branch of the German Darmstadt Bank that was established during the Imperial Restoration in Paris around 1852.  And, as for the Chinese railroad workers and gold-miners, many if not most were slaves ('indentured servants') sold or 'rented' to the railroads by the oligarchs of Imperial China, and the California 'Tong Wars' were largely between the Chinese slave-labor and the slave-masters who immigrated with them to make sure they didn't "get loose", and both elements remained thereafter. Now the big-fast-money gig is real estate trading and rental properties, and Golden Triangle drug trafficking and prostitution and porn, all covered over by paid, bribed, or blackmailed political offices and phony money-laundering churches (sex-obsessed Moonies etc), and often involving Japanese or Korean Yakuza collaboration so powerful it's about to overtake Sacramento.  That's who generates all the "Evil Old White Men" political rhetoric, because it's who they want to replace in a "Redefined America".

    A crippled US Treasury from radical tax cuts for the rich is exactly what the Chao/Moonie/CAPAC machine wanted and manipulated obedient McConnell (the Chao machine's 'Pit Bull' they put in office) to enact, followed by the Chao Dynasty's plan to privatize (i.e. colonize) US infrastructure and have its moles/friends in the Democratic Party (CAPAC, Moonies) primed to offer the money to compensate, in exchange for heavy debts and or more privatization compensations.  Don't be surprised if there are direct alliances between the Chao Dynasty machine in the Republican Party and Democratic politicos tied to Asian business interests, setting up America to be Sold to the highest bidder like an enslaved nation, maybe to be carved into smaller ones.  Germany, however, has been playing the same game in Europe and attempted it on America, and wait until the Russians get in the game, and America is snoozed out on pot and opiates, like Opium Wars in Reverse.  All, interestingly, while everything FD Roosevelt did to truly Make America Greater than any other president did, is being maligned and slandered precisely because he was far smarter than any president since him, by long shot, and the Fascists hated him because he knew their game and beat them at it until he 'conveniently' died in Nazi double-agent Prince Bernhard's spa before the Treaties of 1945 with the Nazis and Japfascists (Shinzo's forebearers) were signed.  And so now those who would still subjugate or kill America rant about Korematsu and distort and exaggerate the facts about the Japanese internment camps while the Nazis revive real-holocaust revisionism, all interfaced with Schwarzenegger's Sony acting plots and bribes paid to the Wiesenthal Center to see if they will bite the bait and die in the traps set up for them.  Note that there is now an Asian Fascist historical revisionist wave replicating tactics of the Germanazi historical revisionists, being some of Shinzo's revisionist/denial stances on the Nanjing Massacre, Korean Comfort Women, Japanese responsibility for Pearl Harbor, Japanese nuclear bomb plans preceding Hiroshima... all while remilitarized Japanese troops train in San Diego as Trump shuts down US government agencies that could monitor or control their activities on US soil, and 'Sanctuary Cities' risk going overboard to harbor saboteurs or spies while justifiably protecting the human rights of legitimate refugees of goodwill.  All politicians must acknowledge that there is indeed foreign subversion going on, and that there are indeed foreign organized crime networks operating inside the USA, or legitimate refugees and immigrants will continue to suffer unjustified vilification.  Some immigrants and naturalized US citizens have already spoken up to say they are in favor of US government controls over unregulated immigration that facilitates criminal or subversive activity, in part because it puts them under unwarranted suspicion -- while any decent human being from anywhere will speak up against real abuses of human rights or wellbeing inflicted upon anyone, including multi-generational Americans of any and all races. The position of Vulkanus shows that Asian power-peddling on the US mainland Pacific coast is entering primarily via the Seattle region and possibly Portland, and may be directly tied to Golden Triangle narcotrafficking money... and it will soon move across California's northwest border, where transnational narcotrafficking money is already trying to corner the legalized marijuana market via 'pot farms'. None should ever forget that criminals often mix other addictive drugs into marijuana in order to increase sales via addiction, and the Golden Triangle shifted much of its opium-growing operations over to meth/amphetamine/ecstasy production several years back, and pot+meth=crack. Those taking the risks to smoke marijuana would be wise to scrutinize carefully exactly whom and where it came from, and there are risks involved that the general public should be made more aware of, especially as HA=VU indicates possibly direct fusion with political underworld corruption, "whether it's chicken or egg". Smart young people, and adults, should be getting "high" on the endorphins from exercise, even if it's just calisthenics, short runs, hikes or weekend cycling trips, aerobics, or swimming, rather than the fuzzy-brained hallucinations of pot that go "like nowhere, man".  Eat a vegetable -- don't be one -- because Vulkanus is in Leo, and the 'fittest' are indeed the most likely to 'survive', and enjoy doing it.  Remember the history of the Opium Wars, and that they could happen Anywhere, in a global world. Snooze-ya-lose.


2019Apr11: Brexit review and America's dilemma -- Summary of months of geodetic analysis, updated Apr14:

    It's up to the people of the United Kingdom to decide what is to unfold from Brexit votes and initiatives, but one thing possibly not mentioned before is that the originally planned Brexit dates had Pluto 22:30/22.5 and also Kronos 11:15/11.25 the London geodetic MC, and thus were probably an ideal time for a favorable Brexit, with the highest possible potential for national independence and attainment to unfold -- regardless of political party positions.  Longer delays past Spring 2020 will throw these out of alignment with London, and give time for opposition foreign interests to scheme and plot to come out on top, instead, or just keep Britain in check.  Futhermore, a longer wait puts Neptune 11:15 in the mix while Pluto moves away, and ruins the favorable configurations. The dates keep getting changed so it's complicated to re-assess each proposed date.  The date for the best outcome may have already passed on, but Pluto may go retro and return while Kronos is still in orb, while Neptune (always "iffy" and high-risk) could interfere. As a non-UK-citizen who has watched news on the EU almost daily since the so-called "Lisbon Treaty" went into effect, I personally don't understand why anyone in the UK would want to remain the EuroUnion, but apparently it is making offers to Scotland and Ireland to manipulate the course of things, and I would only remember that history repeats itself, that the EuroUnion is run by the same financial networks that create the Third Reich,and that the Nazi Party took power by strategically portraying itself an and extremely deceptive manner, routinely breaking agreements and treaties by surprise, replete with party purges and surprise Blitzkriegs.  As in the USA, with its different and unique issues, national unity against foreign lobbying and machinations is probably the most important issue to consider.  Will a "no-deal" Brexit mean that Britons, rather than the EuroUnion, will decide what future policies are?  Why would an independent UK want the EuroUnion to dictate any further?  For as long as the goedetic MC of London =PL=KR, the odds favor London in an extraordinary way, and this will fade away if the wait is too long.  The UK, meanwhile, still has opportunities to develop beneficial transoceanic ties and advance at the same time.  Canada and the USA need to also pay attention to what kowtowing to the EuroUnion has brought North America in the long run.... which is Global Competition with American resources privatized by foreign interests (i.e. colonization),, and the same applies to the now mega-powerful East China Sea multinational alliance bloc (nearly in control of California now, and long in control of Hawaii) and whatever could unfold in St-Peterburg and Kiev.

    Moreover, it was similar Globalism that led to the rise of the Axis powers in the 1930s, pushing ultimately for similar policies (deregulation for big money interests, economic centralization, etc).  Brexit is in the interest of the preservation of global democratic traditions, and whoever rules London, Washington, Canberra, or Wellington at the moment is still subject to still relatively-democratic governments, whereas the sham-democracy, imposed only in name by post-world-war treaties of the old Central European powers is camouflaged fascism, and not likely to change in any other way than cosmetically.

    If Britain yields to the Metternichian duplicity of imperial central Europe, with its sophisticated and polished propaganda machine, global democracy could die. It is up to all UK parties to unite, for Ireland to form renewed ties with the UK and go for an "Irexit", and draw other European democracies out from under the control of the Deutschebank Euro Union.  Decisions and choices of alliances in London will affect the whole world, and the Austro-German run EuroUnion oligarchs know it and so strategize accordingly. The new West-European-centered alliance will likely team up with Sweden and other East European countries equally uncomfortable with Berlins power games (include those funneled through its Belgian and Luxemburg client states. A reorganized western-based Europe can defend against any Russian ploys that may arise, especially if supported by the USA and Canada.  The Deutschebank-Euro oligarchs know this,and so have scurried to isolated and divide the UK, and push through high-pressure rush deals with Canada and the USA, wherever they could.  The German-run Union is set for an ultimate clash with Russia when the Russians realized they have been deceived and manipulated primarily from Berlin.   When the HA=VU global impact configuration (including German power linked to covert ops in Spain and possibly Morocco; as well as East China Seacoast power linked to the skillfully treacherous Golden Triangle, and Paraguayan-region operations tied to covert ops in Ecuador, Panama, Cuba, or intrigues in Miami) goes out of orb in 2023, a lot of the devious political gaming of recent years will become obvious.  Meanwhile the focuse needs to be on investigation of criminal underworld operations in the aforementioned Hades locations (Spain, Morocco, Golden Triangle, Panama-Ecuador-Cuba-Miami).  One problem is the possibility that the Nostradamus prophecy of a World War III could still unfold, and with Hades in the picture, it could just as easily manifest via guerrilla warfare as much as more overt traditions of formal war declarations and open battlefields with identifiable uniforms.  The surrender to religious fusions into politics has probably been a Huge mistake, as there are antique 'holy wars' of every sort/ideology/religion quietly brewing around the globe, and the literal drugging and opiating of populations clearly aligns with where Hades is overhead now, and controlled from where Vulkanus is overhead.  Entire populations could be anesthetized into a dream state of vulnerability to easy attack, and that's already started.  Drugs are being used as a guerrilla warfare tactic already, just as they were in the Vietnam War and the Asian wing of World War II. Descriptions of Asian Fascist World War 2 tactics (including subversion methods) still have a lot to teach us today about what could happen in a worst case scenario, and apparently already is in some locations.  The tactics of European and Mideastern fascism should also not be forgotten, for they too have revived, including religious pretense of the most disgustingly hypocritical sort, for no one is anymore "saved" or "blessed" than anyone else.

As for the USA:

    While all this goes on, India and Pakistan are now part of the Russia-China Shanghai Treaty Organization, and China is under radical transformation via business agreements that defy the skillful and practiced Asian political posturing of Sun Tzu traditions as the quiet, sometimes overt, Kuomintang-Communist agreements unfold in practice: More Chinese Passive Aggression Tactics... and the Kuomintang was formed in part in Japan, and run in part from Japan, so China may be now run largely by a Sino-Japanese government, as planned by Deng Xiaoping (and earlier Liu Shaoqi and before then the East Asia Prosperity Sphere), whose policies Xi Jinping has vowed to replicate and amplify, even as far as echoing the "Prosperity" theme.  And so Americans should ask if "Americans for Prosperity" is "Americans for Asian Prosperity" via privatization of US infrastructure by Asian money.  Enter Elaine Chao, manipulating snoop in 5 US presidential administrate "White Houses" now... why is no-one addressing that huge problem, including her manipulation of Mitch McConnell?  Is she off the hook because she's ethnic Asian, a woman, and an immigrant?

    "America is a nation of immigrants" does not mean "America is a nation run by immigrants", although that is what is manifesting (Chao, Thiel, Lieu, Kissinger, Schwarzenegger, and the list goes on... as America falls into schism and chaos, quite possibly by design of the transnational lobbyists and agents more interested in where they came from).  The US Constitution clearly provided that no one born in another country could be US President, and maybe that should be applied to other political offices as well, as it does in many countries... no more pot-head-cool "birther" jokes as the reality of Invasion described as "redefinition" unfolds. There are many logical and humane solutions whereby immigration can be restricted without violating human rights or abusing immigrant populations... but no one seems to be advancing them, while instead polarizing into extremist positions which range from irrational and hateful anti-immigrant to stupidly naive and dangerously lax anything-goes pro-immigrant.  One problem is the lumping of all immigrants into one category without acknowledging the varied populations and their broad cultural differences... and the difference between real refugees and devious foreign agents entering under false pretexts, all of which exist in reality. Then there are the greedy transnational corporations who want cheap labor and don't care either way, manipulating political office-holders like disgusting puppets or bribed sycophants.  Look across party lies for bipartian Asian nationalist lobbying networks. China Seacoast Vulkanus lines up exacly with the five-presidential-term presidential cabinets Elaine Chao Chinese military family and lobbying network, as does the same Vulkanus overbearing down on NYC in the same suburbs as Moonie cult operations and the old Soong family landholdings, as well as Falungong real estate operations and the Kahr Arms gun peddlers.  Why is this not discussed in US media?  Is it because the Moonie network was controlling UPI for a number of years, along with Washington Times and God knows what else. Then look to that network's increasing fusion into computer and chip production, Silicon Valley, and the CAPAC/nationalist Asian Law Caucus network.  Sometimes it looks very much like the radical Trump versus "Anti-Trump Resistance" were created by the same bi-partisan foreign lobbying network to subtly polarize America and exploit the polarization for foreign objectives, including privatization of government functions and infrastructure following tax reductions.  Chao and family and friends manipulate McConnell (whom they put in office financially and via lobbying games) into defunding US govt infrastructure while Chao takes over critical US infrastructure agencies, Japanese Marines occupy San Diego during a US government shutdown, and Schwarzenegger schmoozes alternately with the Korematsu club and Angela Merkel -- with Peter Thiel and Siemens spying on all of them (allied or opposed?) via their private US national security contracts that the Chao network don't already control (quite possibly including the core code for the databases (incl Panjiva?) that the US Dept of Homeland Security is reported to have once used to store United States National Security data).  Then, Thiel and Chao ushered Bush into office and sat next to him at meetings vital to US national security, while the CAPAC/ALC lobby and Moonie-Falun-affiliates have lobbied and manipulated Democrats to do their will in terms of lax border controls and immigration chaos.,, stealth invasion, replete with "sanctuary" for members of disgustingly phony churches doubling as subversion or lebensraum/real-estate acquisition operations.

    The solution for the USA is probably similar as that for the UK... tighten up the borders, respectfully investigate immigrants for overseas subversion (political or economic) intentions, while treating all with respect for human rights, whether they be immigrants or native citizens impacted economically or otherwise by immigration. That may not match with the goals of ruthless transnational corporations, but their interests in immigration need to be more clearly scrutinized, as some may be the driving force beyond real and legitimate refugee issues.... as should the degree of hostility of governments in the countries of origin, and the possibility of people obtaining one of the thousands of forged passports and other documents that have flooded the planet for years. Those issues are known to be real by people who have dealt, to any substantial degree, directly with immigration or immigrant issues, regardless of how some media or politicians lie about it either intentionally or out of naivete or lack legitimate reports or data on the issues.  A huge problem is private contractors, or intelligence data, from other self-interested countries.

    Lastly on Assange and Manning... both have been youthfully naive puppets of foreign intrigue, and making either of them into the sole scapegoats for the stealth operations that have manipulated them will serve no purpose other than divert from the real sources of their information and operations. (The alleged rape charges against Assange are another issue to clarify and deal with with separately.)  Even if A & M were consciously complicit, they are only two little specks that have fallen from larger networks, in a dynamic typical of Hades=Vulkanus, i.e. calculated stealth global politics, and in entries below I have already indicated which related cycles are repeating from the same or similar locations, readjusted for the sometimes relatively minor changes over time, in terms of the global power politics underlying surface changes.  "Globalism" began largely with pre-World War II Fascist roots, with some roots even earlier in the World War I political alignments including banks, corporations, and royal dynastic networks that power today's Globalism, the men and now also, female puppets of theirs, behind the curtain.  Much is to be learned from the geodetic alignments, which German military intelligence (i.e. Siemens et al) were using at least as far back as World War II, and possibly World War I, for war and colonization planning, including pre-invasion and subversion tactics.  As both the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as World War II in Asia, proved, guerrilla warfare is the Asian norm, and Sun Tzu describes how America ultimately lost in Korea and Vietnam, while Japan and China won out. Similarly, Metternich, who may have been familiar with Sun Tzu's tactic books, maybe via Machiavelli, tell us much about how the Austro-German war machine has done what it has for the last 100 years at least... and German-born Kissinger won't tell you the tricks, but instead try to put Sarah Palin types in the White House so he can watch them dance to his tune, while he paves the way for China and Japan to take over the Pacific and invade North America while his fellow native Germans in Siemens and Deutschebank get the other half.

    Where are the Americans in America?  Looks like not really in control.  Who has sold our country off to be chopped up like China was a hundred years ago?  Or be embroiled in re-enacting a Civil War?  Who's pumping the guns into Chicago and Oakland and the McVeigh/Strassmeir network so they can watch American citizens kill each other?... it looks like they arrive with drug shipments, some of them from the Golden Triangle, and not adequately scoured along US coastlines, which may be hard to monitor if submarine operations are involved outside port cities, which is how enemy operations sometimes unfolded during both World Wars and the periods prior to them... and Hades matches with underwater,subterranean, or cloaked and hooded anonymous operations.  Obscured spaces, basements, tunnels, especially nocturnal, and submarine operations (and even caves in some cases) are likely components of potent Vulkanus operations when Hades is within orb of a critical angle to Vulkanus.  People living along the coasts need to remain alert and call government security agencies about anything unusual going on there, and the crowded coastlines of urban Seattle and New York need particular surveillance, as do the most likely (per geodtics) target areas around Yuma and the Colorado River and east of there that lead ultimately not just to Mexico but to the Pacific Ocean via the Gulf of California; areas between Kotzebue and Cape Lisburne in Alaska are especially vulnerable; as is the entire long coastline from the northern Alaska Peninsula to Kodiak Island (Moonie fleet hub area) to Seward and areas east of Cordoba... a lot of territory to cover; the Queen Charlotte Islands and nearby coastline in British Columbia (also a possible Moonie hub, with longtime Japanese fishing fleets present).  Additionally, Cabo San Blas and the Apalachicola River in Florida and Georgia are vulnerable; as to a lesser degree are the coastlines along the border between the Carolinas, areas around Port Arthur-Beaumont Texas, the Texas border between areas west of Del Rio to east of Piedras Negras, areas around El Paso-Juarez, and the California coastline north of San Luis Obispo up to Carmel.  With Hades, the objective is often to calculate how to avoid detection... Stealth operations.

    This is a time to discuss exactly why the US military recommended to President Roosevelt the Japanese internment policy, with hopes that such extreme measures will not be deemed as necessary again.  The policy did not occur because Roosevelt was a "mean Old White Man" or because US military leaders wanted to risk the USA looking like an inhumane country, regardless of what Asian Fascist, or Asian Neofascist, propaganda has claimed... but it was because, per contemporary reports, East Asian Fascist subversion had reached high-risk levels to where the Pearl Harbor attack was facilitated by substantial collaboration from double agents in Hawaii, as were attacks on mainland Pacific coast facilities were aided by data gathered by double-agents in the USA.  These issues were reported in greater detail on the FBI website until Trump took office, for some reason, and the public needs to know why that stopped, not long before Japanese Marines occupied San Diego during a US government shutdown and Trump stressed the arrival of some sort of "New American Moment".  Did he even know what the meaning was, or was it just a phrase he was told to repeat?  The old five-big-US-bank Chao family connections (incl at golden Fort Knox and Wall Street sniffing out the big money)  to Chinese collaboration with Japan in World War II for the 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' also need to be scoured for significance.  Putin may well not be the only foreign problem we should be looking at, although his cozy relationship with German politicians (and corporations?) should be considered whenever grilling his activities. As should be the implications of the recently revived Kuomintang-Communist alliance, and the more recent joining of India and Pakistan, for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization pact. Thus, a "Pan-Asian" alliance is developing, just as it did prior to World War II, and it included some Russian Fascist elements as well.  We are living in a Global era now, and the 6 o-clock news on local events trivia plus blurbs on London and the petty personal lives of the Windsors isn't going to provide much insight into what could unfold and affect us all any day, as governments are shut down while foreign troops rush in and "occupy".  Californians should be watching exactly what the Korematsu-Sony thing in the schools, ushered in by Schwarzenegger at Moonie-cult strongholds is all about, and the Merkel-Schwarzenegger-Moriseki-Volkswagen-Kia German-Japanese "driverless cars" program launched at Stanford and Munich-based Four Seasons locations. And why is Ted Lieu so worried about surveillance of overseas communications naturalized citizens (which includes himself)?  Vulkanus in Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao, and the Senkaku Islands.... and Manila... what's with Wacky Duterte?  Who's pulling his puppet strings?  Pay attention to the geodetic lineups for the Kuomitang-Hajj delegations to the World Muslim Congress in the 1960s, and the China nuclear programs, while Germany was cutting military agreements with the Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait; who keeps the Sultan of Brunei in power, and the history of the "Nonaligned Movement" and the Bandung Conferences, all of which may help explain what's unfolding now in the East China Sea and the US Transportation Dept's 5-term-White-House imported/immigrant Chao family discussions. Is that xenophobic or just a report on the realities behind all the deceptive lobbying and 'diplomacy'?  This is no time to dismiss these issues as petty xenophobia or 'fear-mongering', as they are real and potentially deadly.  Is America being redefined, or just butchered for the kill?  The Axis powers were ready to do it in 1940, and the parallels now are many... as is verification of what some news outlets reported in the late 1980s... that Russia was being invaded and dismantled for collapse by covert German and Japanese and Chinese operations, and that the USA was next on the list if the plan succeeded.

Also remember that the "Antifa" was and is a sham lure, run by the global fascist machine that brainwashed and manipulated Leon Trotsky, and it is designed to lure and kill anyone who bites the cheese, so they are not any sort of solution, to say the least.  Look to Roosevelt's strategies for ideas on preserving democracy, as he's the only one who beat them, although he's now been slandered by the Hooverites and the teary-eyed Japanese fascist crocodiles distorting the history of the detention centers and neglecting to mention that Japan was preparing to nuke America, using plans handed to them by the Nazis, if we hadn't ended the war by nuking them first.  The message was that people high up in the US military knew what they were up to.   And note that Britain supplied us with much of the intelligence needed to win that ugly war... temporarily, anyway, as it now looks like maybe we didn't after all.  The German and Japanese fascists both had mind-control mastered to where they ran "quisling" puppets in various countries, and Hoover probably qualified for that "honor" at one point, as did the parents of others who have since sat in the White House.  Some historians claime that MacArthur was brainwashed after the war, during his stay in Japan, and this is why Truman pushed the eject seat on him... that he was ready to attack China and thus pit the USA and its still war-crippled allies against China and its ally Russia, and Russia had nukes ready to shoot already by then.  China had them 15 years later, and has them now.  Geodetic alignments show some interesting indicators on how they might have gotten them with help from other countries we might not have suspected at that time... countries that might have wanted to see the USA and Russia and China destroy each other and make way for what Germany and Japan (and some Chinese partisan allies) wanted all along, and may be getting now via extensive lobbying a meddling in Washington DC... meddling that needs to be stopped before America ends up in a mess.  Flush out the Moonie-cult network and the German spies, or disaster may lie ahead.  Trump has so far outlived transiting Admetos 22,5 his Sun, but Admetos does take on last swipe near within orb in March 2020.  It's amazing that he has survived the earlier transits of the same.. his dAS=PL now, and dUR=MA and dHA=NE=ZE and dVU=SU are now within 1 degree orb... the second "teflon president?"  Hollywood was in New York before it was in Hollywood, and Reagan was in Chicago before he was in California, and before Sony started creating the bipartisan Schwarzenegger-Korematsu-CAPAC propaganda machine with help from the Bushes and with strange alliances with the Merkel 'Christian Democratic' machine, plus Shinzo the hypno-droner. It smells like reheated WW2 fascism served on new dishes and some spices to cover up the poison and decay inside.. like the imported rotten garlic in the grocery store bleached to look fresh until you cut it open and see the rot... that's the low side of Hades politics we have to endure for another 4 years until the investigations stop being sabotaged by criminal moles and enemy agents that the criminals are demanding to take part so they can sabotage the solutions.  A study of the history of 20th century Chinese, Japanese, and Korean political and business corruption and intrigue and deceit can be highly instructive in finding solutions.. as can be the same in Russia, if one can wade through all the deceptive and contradictory versions of Russian history, all of which geodetics help elucidate and disambiguate.  There's hope in 2023. The USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia, need to focus on setting up a new system and paradigm for the future, and stop being tricked and manipulated by Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, and Taipei.  Russia, ever the distrusted pariah, will then adapt to what unfolds, and like the Taurus nation it is, will be happy to adapt as long as people quit trying to shove it around and take its assets -- and it does have nukes, and plenty of them.  And don't believe that the "Asian Century" plan has been "abandoned" because it fills the streets and alleyways of California now, and is on a roll inland, with curious boosts from Merkel and Schwarzenegger that have yet to be fully explained. It may be the Hitler-Stalin pact syndrome that could end up in a calculated Blitzkrieg on foreign territory.  Things are not always done the way they are in America.  Despite all the global hand-holding, there are still different sets of rules operating in different locations, and we are all going to have to learn how to understand and navigate each one of them in order to survive.  As pointed out before, some cultures have never known anything But feudalism... they never got to the real functional full-blown democracy stage of evolution, and slavery still quietly exists -- and that should be kept clearly in mind when choosing allies as well as neighbors and political leaders, or there may be some unpleasant surprises. This can change eventually, but it hasn't yet, and isn't likely to overnight, and will probably not manifest on a global scale until around 2042, when Vulkanus reaches the last, maturing, half of Leo, and Hades enters Leo to temper egocentric tendencies with humility and more social conscience, along with Cupido in Aquarius to cultivate a planet-wide spirit of more social egalitarianism, which will require improved, pragmatic, and effective universal education systems to be functional.


2019Mar30: US National Unity:

    Comments made by manipulees of transnational lobbyists aside, the geodetics are clear that the United States (and Canada) are now under greater threat of foreign power-plays and manipulations than at most periods of US history, and at a level that has not been so intense since the 1850s (decade prior to Civil War) when Vulkanus was also at 0 Fixed signs, although also at a lesser but potent period of foreign pushes and pressures when Vulkanus was 45 degrees from there at 15 mutables, around the mid 1930s, when Fascist Axis operations were at an all-time high (shown geodetically to have come largely from Europe as well as Asia, including:

a) Japanese-run Marshall Islands and Kuril Islands, and from Europe via bases in the nominally-independent Iceland, as well as from the Canary Islands, known to be a base of Axis subversion submarine operations under nominal control of the Nazi-friendly Franco regime in Spain), as well as possibly from the reported underground Nazi submarine bases in the Nordostrundung district of Greenland or the 'Rio de Oro' Spanish Sahara.  Thus it was common for the WW2 Axis to launch operations from colonies or nominally 'neutral' allies in hopes of avoiding detection -- and the same could occur again. Entries below indicate likely locations of control of subversion operations now... indeed via allied or client states or functional although not literal colonies.

and aligned as well via 8th harmonic (45 or 135 degrees) to:

b) Japanese bases in Taiwan, Manchuria, Qingdao, and Shanghai; any Axis-aligned interests in Anchorage Alaska and Tahiti (known for global tourism interchanges); any Axis interests in the Newfoundland-Labrador Crown Colony not under the control of the Canadian govt in Ottawa; German colonies in Nova Scotia; operations in the Lesser Antilles and Guyana and eastern Venezuela possibly affiliated with the Edward 8 Nazi-dupe network; ethnic German colonies in Paraguay and Argentina and possibly around Manaus Brazil; Axis-aligned agencies in the European-Russian border regions, Nazi-manipulated Finland, Broederbond-controlled areas of South Africa, and/or Muslim Brotherhood controlled bases in Egypt and Turkey.

Note that today, and in the 1850s, the relative potency of group "a" above and group "b" above are likely reversed, but both groups still relevant during each mentioned period.

    About US national unity...  Asian lobbies rooted in the old Japanese and Chinese fascist machines, run from coastal bases of both the Chinese or Japanese Empires (which they still are, in effect) along the East China seacoast are still alive but different in external appearance, as well as German and Austrian and possible Russian or Ukrainian agents in the USA are clearly trying to build up a false "Anti-Trump opposition" while advocating measures that would weaken US surveillance capacity in the Pacific -- while demands for increased German control of NATO puts it at risk of organizing for German national interests (including via the Euro Union) that are clearly in competition with American economic and political interests. Too many fools have fallen for the false propaganda compaigns of Germany and the Euro Union (which Germany dominates), and this is why Brexit is manifesting... the wise among Britons have awakened to the problem, and are probably also attentive to the many forays of Merkel at all into Putin's territory, plus Putin's affection for things German that could make for a German Russia (if that is not already largely manifest). California needs to be far more attentive to political ties of increasingly wealthy and powerful Asian mafia networks, including those manipulating local politics with race-policy strategies and their perennial and often highly deceptive political cults attached to Asian nationalist interests.

    I will again stress that there have been numerous Kuomintang-Communist alliances made in recent years so that the China versus Taiwan Chinese schism may now be only cosmetic and as camouflage to confuse the once more globally-powerful nations, including the USA; that the post-WW2 Taiwan government was installed by Japanese troops, and that the Kuomintang Party was founded largely in Japan, with Japanese agents looking on attentively and possibly infiltrating or manipulating, while the Russian interests manipulated the Chinese Communist Party, as verified geodetically. The recent alliances between the Sino-Japanese Kuomintang Party and the remnants of the Chinese Communist Party should not be overlooked or dismissed as in any way trivial.   Australians and New Zealanders should likewise note these issues in formulating Pacific policy.  (The Pacific is shared by Asian, Philippine, Australian, New Zealand, and North American and South American coastlines... there is no "Asian Pacific" other than that subservient to the interests of Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, or Pyongyang, and promoted in their propaganda).  

    Back to what is happening internally in the USA, quite possibly manipulated by the gross overabundance of foreign lobbyists in Washington DC, and in state capitals, is a "civil war" type atmosphere accompanied with mean-spirited "White" versus "People of Color" rhetoric, which Asian and German nationalist agents in particular seem to promote, for their national interests, much as they did in the pre-WW2 era when the various Axis subversion operations were unfolding on US soil, and when the injustices of race policy in the USA were exploited as a tool of national destabilization rather than actual rectification of the injustices for a unified United States.  One conspicuous historical example was when Japanese nationalist agents attempted to infiltrate the NAACP and Native American organizations (described in part in the Tony Matthews book "Shadows Dancing / Spies for Nippon", although they were rebuffed by Americans of African ancestry and Native Americans who were smarter than them). The now often-mentioned and unfortunate injustices and discomfort of the Internment Camps for people of Japanese ancestry were a response to extensive, documented Japanese espionage and subversion operations on US soil, especially in along the USA's Pacific coastlines, as well as resistance by people such as Fred Korematsu to US wartime national security measures, and which some references report were a policy recommended by US military agencies and approved by FD Roosevelt reluctantly -- with concern that the Axis powers would use them as Anti-American propaganda, which they did in fact, and appear to want to do again.  The differences and different motives between the Internment camps for ethnic Japanese and the Nazi concentration camps must not be overlooked, if and when they must be discussed, as they have been more than once in the US Supreme Court.  Conclusions need to be based on facts, not US national guilt feelings, with recognition of the degree of damage done by such policies -- and the events must not be used to justify or facilitate Asian nationalist lobbying or real estate or commercial encroachments, or transnational privatization or 'school voucher' programs in the United States, or political manipulation of American schools for foreign nationalist objectives, from anywhere, from any continent, as the result could be highly problematic for America's future stability and global stature.  This is not the first time that such issues have arisen. Sensible and reasonable balance is needed, based on thorough investigation of root issues, including historical causal factors.

    What is clear is from the geodetic alignments is that popular assumptions about British meddling in the US Civil War were actually from bases aligned with the extended Hanover or Saxe-Coburg royal family-controlled colonial governments, and in the 1930s from the court of Edward 8, a Nazi dupe ejected from the throne for that reason, although he continued to operate from the Bahamas, no doubt under US and British surveillance... Eddie had gone astray to lick Hitler's boots upon command.

    The recent "Confederate Re-enactment" events appear to possibly be stoked by foreign interests or agents at the locations mentioned above, which could also extend to locations at 22.5 angle, including the Mormon colonies, central Arizona and Utah, eastern Idaho, western Montana, eastern Alberta, and regions to the north and south of those locations, all known for radical foreign-aligned cults; nothern Japan and Sakhalin island; the Attu-Kiska region of the Alaska Aleutians as well as the tip of Siberia across from Alaska.  Russia is huge, and do not assume that all political machines there aligned with either Moscow or with Putin -- and that has always been the case, throughout history.  At 22.5 to the source areas could also be lesser forces from the Volga German region of Russia, central Iran, Emirates/Dubai, and the Yemen-Oman border region.  Ask who's supplying the uniforms and paraphernalia to "Re-enact US Civil War".  Geodetics show alignments for those events in the USA also show alignments with the German Andreas Strassmeir-trained paramilitary McVeigh-affiliated "church" cult on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border and the historic "Missouri Confederate Government in Exile" base in Texas.

    It is probably not wise to risk allowing foreign subversion operations to ooze in along with Sanctuary programs, and thus they should be managed with great caution and effective surveillance... and the attempts to use accelerated immigration to stuff ballot-boxes is a trick used for decades by the Asian nationalist immigration agencies in California, and it's a trick that has often been effective.  One should not forget that one of the joint objectives of the WW2 Axis Fascist powers was to find "Lebensraum" for overcrowded nations, which involved mass population relocation programs, with an eye on mass real-estate acquisition programs paving the way for planned resettlement... and that the programs were driven by justifications of questionable validity or authenticity.  In other words, the Nazis and Asian Fascists lied more often than they told the truth, and though it was justified, where "the ends justify the means" was, and is, an integral component of Fascist policy.

    Hades 22.5 to Vulkanus, within 2 degrees), for several years now and ending in 2023, explains the global political treachery of recent years, and one can be comforted in knowing that it will eventually end around that time.  As pointed out before, it will be Britain, Canada, and Israel who clean up the mess.  This may not seem possible at the moment, but it will occur, although it is being delayed by the unspoken fine-print clauses of the treacherous Transpacific agreements, and possibly as well as by similar provisions of the ECTA/CETA agreement that the Euro Union high-pressure hard-sold to Canada.  By 2023, the world will finally see how the objective of Berlin is to make the Euro Union the new German Empire and bring Russian under German control, including via German bases in Eastern Europe.  

    Note that IF interpretations of Nostradamus are correct (and I mention this as an aside and more speculative), Germany will fail, as the Russian "bear" will strike back with devastating blows, aligned with both Asian and African allies, leading to a Global War that could literally destroy most of Europe -- and that North American will not intervene if unwise provocation of Russia and its allies is enacted.  Britons probably know this and it is one of several reasons for Brexit, other the (what should be obvious to the attentive) the subservience of the Euro Union to the banks in Frankfurt (that could turn Europe into a giant fire for a "weenie roast" where Europeans are the weenies mesmerized by the twirling stars on the Euro flag). 

    The world needs to be aware that India and Pakistan recently joined the "Shanghai Pact" that has long been between Russia and China, meaning that their agents may collaborate now on global projects.  It's all a mess due to the G7/G8/Davos plans set in motion by Kissinger and 2 German Chancellors and Asian cohorts, all blinded by their greed and powerlust.  Nostradamus seems to say that their clever ploys lack wisdom, and that North America will lead coming centuries, if only it can eject the moles and spies and lobbyist scum cults keeping it trapped in domestic chaos and confusion, and less competitive with the rising power of, and control of the internet and computer technology by Asia; and the Metternichian ploys of the old Germanic War Machine perenially blinded by its delusions of being a 'master race destined to rule the world', a problem also common in India, China, Japan, and maybe some weird cults in the Middle East.  The Nazis told Iranians and Hindus that they too were part of the Aryan club, and that may linger -- while Japan has long had a curious sense of national superiority that seems almost comical until the swords stop lopping heads off or the opiates flood the streets to bring about a slow death to targeted victims, or the marijuana sends populations into a state of psychotic impotence. The "bad" side of Hades, that extends to covert operations, particularly those in the depths or night, or underwater as in submarine or via tunnels.  Idealism is nice, but when political leaders are consumed by it, there is grave risk and potential resulting danger coupled with naivete.  As one analyst put it, "Politics IS Conspiracy, in every sense of the word... Get Real".  Read some Sun Tzu and Metternich, the handbooks of the powerbrokers, if you think othewise.


2019Feb22, updated Mar24 and 28:  Happy Birthday, George Washington!.. Recap in focus.

    How much more obvious does it have to be?  Trump, with whatever intentions he had, was put in office by someone else, as it was impossible for him to do alone, like the "turtle on the fencepost" that Pres Al Gore mentioned.  This should be obvious via Trump's many rookie behaviors and statements.  He rode through his campaign and into office flanked by Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao, both foreign-born uber-rich narcissists, and functional agents of foreign financial and/or political agents, with tentacles manipulating America's banking system and telecommunications/tech lines and operations, Thiel rooted in the old WW2 German fascist economic network, and Chao rooted in its Asian counterpart (which was in ways as much Chinese as Japanese, as both a study of history and the geodetics reveal, possibly (or more) fused with the Moonie/Falungong network).  The old adage didn't say "When Fascism manifests in America, it will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross", but it said "When Fascism COMES TO America", and it has come transoceanically in the form of the revived WW2 Axis Chao and Thiel networks, which now extend "across the aisle" from the Moonies and old Nazi ties in the Republican Party to the CAPAC and Schwarzegger-promoted Korematsu network in the Democratic Party as well, and which exercises what has been termed "Friendly Fascism... Fascism with a Friendly Face", much as the Merkel-coated neo-fascism in Europe that Brexit is trying to escape from, and that Putin may be quietly poised to dance with if and when "the time is right". Geodetics verify that the "Asian Law Caucus" is joined at the hip with the Moonie cult (now peddling Kahr Arms on America's streets, segments of which playing on the "White" versus "People of Color" paradigm). Geodetics show that the entire Moonie/Asian Law Caucus mess (also likely involved in creating the deceptive Jonestown cult psy-op), now co-opting public schools for "Korematsu" programming where fugitives and anti-law rebels are idolized for presentation to youth. Their objective: Divide and Conquer America, and concept matching with Vulkanus on key American (and Canadian) geodetic Ascendants... this cannot be genuinely be construed as an era lacking in foreign power threats, even if some truly and sincerely believe in dreams instead of reality.

    The transnational banks and corporations involved have mastered the ability to flip between parties and take on the veneer of whatever party seems popular at the moment, monitoring the pulse of public opinion by scouring the internet for every detail of people's lives, including the transnational "Facebook" data volunteered to them by a company bristling with foreign interests.

    In California, long said to be the indicator of America's next phase of development, Governor Brown wisely, even if semi-consciously, warned the public that The Moonies are Liars, and so they apparently took that as a cue to amp up their strategies, morph their images and organizational fronts again, and thus they gained more control than ever by the time he left office via CAPAC, the Asian Law Caucus, and the Falun Gong (whose expensive-to-publish full-color propaganda sheet "Epoch Times" shows geodetically to probably be a branch of the Moonie cult's Washington Times propaganda machine)  The Moonies an Falun Gong are Asian Fascism redecorated. Their objectives are an 'Asian Pacific', just like before, and interwoven with 'Asian Pacific' organizations, aligned with the redecorated network of the Schwarzenegger neonazis who have bribed and hypnotized and tried to put the soul of Simon Wiesenthal to sleep.

     Will Governor Newsom preserve the wisdom that triggered Brown, consciously or not, to remark on the gargantuan power of the Moonie cult network (possibly launched with the 1970s visit of Japan PM Tanaka to California, and that came with the cornerstone of the Asian Law Caucus) that extends all the way "across the aisle" to Elaine Chao's royal court, strategically planned to surround Fort Knox while she has sat on the board of at least 5 major US national banks in the USA?  Geodetics point out that her family's shipping line may have built its initial riches on Vietnam war materiel and transport operations, and then on the massive China Trade unleashed by Kissinger's co-orchestrated China Policy decorated with Moonie-charmed-and-manipulated Nixon (who was ultimately undermined by Moonie orchestration of the Watergate mess that knocked him out of power, and this may be why the Moonies clamored for a pardon... in order to cover up their effective manipulation of Washington DC, and Sacramento.  The power of the Chao family is rooted in part in the old Kuomintang-Communist military alliance that has been revived and is taking over Beijing and runs the East China Sea together with Japan and its perennial Korean colonials, among whom  the Moonies now team up with the North Korean regime and are selling 'Kahr' arms on America's streets.. The roots and nature of the overlapping Moonie network should have become obvious to the radical-right extremists working with them when they started chumming with North Korea and imported "blessed" guns into America to create potential domestic anarchy or "revolution".  How many noted that the Moonies created their own replicated/cloned version of the "Maoist Cultural Revolution" to manipulate American leftist politics, and set up their initial operations in California as "Re-education" centers, fused with the sham "Japanese Red Army", now fusing into California schools via the Korematsu network.  This explains why Chinese-Americans in the 1980s would tell other Americans that "there is no difference" between the shadow governments in Taipei and Beijing... that they are the same machine with different flags designed to confuse and manipulate American policy in the Far East, and Transpacifically. This also means that China-Japan "conflicts" have also possibly been staged to manipulate other nations' Far East policies.  Sterling Seagrave, in the first edition of his "Lords of the Rim", a must-read for anyone dealing with East Asian politics or business, either one, pointed out that when it comes to underworld organized crime, China and Japan and Korea are often joined at the hip, continuing the old "East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" plan (that included infiltration and intended annexation of Hawaii and other US Pacific territories).  What has unfolded gradually since the 1970s (Tanaka's visit and the foundation of Moonie operation in the USA) is increased Japanese influence in and control over China via transnational privatization, evidently at times using psy-war tactics developed in Manchuria in the 1930s and 1940s, where they could and can even clone radical cults to create things like the fascist "Japanese Red Army" as well as phony "Maoist" and "Cultural Revolution" organizations Made in Japan. Chapters in "Japan in China", by Berkeley professor T A Bisson, describes the level of sophistication of related WW2 Asian Fascist psy-war and human experimentation operations in Manchuria. The political schisms in China have been due not only to Chinese infighting, but also to Japanese infiltration and skillful psychological warfare tactics, of which they are practiced masters, and so beware the Korematsu-type schools springing up to indoctrinate young Americans for an Asian Pacific and an Asian Century.

    The historical revisionism of organizations such as the lying Neonazi "IHR/Institute for Historical Review" is being replicated in the Asian realm and into Japanese neofacism, where the internment camps for Japanese during World War 2 are being equated, falsely, with Nazi concentration camps by deceptive borrowing of the phrase "And then they came for me" to apply to those under suspicion of collaboration with the Nazi/Axis global genocide and enslavement machine. It's been accomplished due to the fact that Americans have forgotten their own national history, all the way to forgetting that the Tea Party protested British and not American taxes, that both the Real Tea Party of 1773 and the Pilgrims were pre-1776 and pre-1789 phenomena predating the US government and constitution; that Russia was (ironically as it may seem now) among America's most potent and effective allies in the World War 2 defeat of Germany and Japanese governments that intended to destroy the United States (and maybe Canada as well) with pro-ICBMs and other nuclear weapons before we bombed Japan first instead.  In other words, In 1945, Japan was preparing to nuke America, like it bombed Pearl Harbor, and US military intelligence, and maybe Truman, had to have known it.. per documents declassified in the 1990s but still not widely known to Americans, and summarized in the "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" of Gerhard Weinberg, published in 1995.  The reports were kept from the public probably to build a supposed alliance with Japan against Communist China, an alliance which was and is dubious, more than ever.  In other words, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed before Japan could bomb American cities, assisted by the technology given them by Germany after the 1945 "Peace Treaty" signed After Hitler's death. Regardless of party of origin, "Birtherism" is a cutesy and unwise transnational pop media term used to disarm Americans against foreign subversion and infiltration. Furthermore, the "Arnold Bill" in US Congress to make it possible for people not born in the United States to become US President was pushed by affiliates of the Mormon Church, whose history most Americans have also forgotten... it was time and again a declared enemy of the US government, issued its own illegal currency, had its own illegal militia on US soil, and recently formed an alliance with the Japanese-created Sun Myung Moonie brainwashing cult that has business offices and "churches" where the Korematsu schools are springing up (and may be closely affiliated with the Falun Gong).  There's a big part of the fascism coming to America and waving a flag, joined by other deceptive organizations in every America political party that has gained significant votes, including the Libertarians (rooted in the Nazi-backed Liberty League), and the Green Party after it was infiltrated and manipulated by the post-WW2 Nazi power network.

    This means that it's time for real Americans to stop this Trump versus Anti-Trump, "White versus Color" foreign-manipulated clown show, and for our national leaders to sit down and have sober and reasonable (as hard as that may be for some to do while opiated, stoned, or drunk) discussions with the American people about policies that benefit America, that maintain a resilient and healthy and educated population, and without slippery foreign-run lobbyists cluttering the hallways and pounding on political leaders' doors and phones and email inboxes.  No thinking American of any depth would yank tax money away from US govt agencies and propose privatization by potentially foreign governments while the country is in economic disarray, but Mitch McConnell has done so at the prompting of the rule-by-marriage Asian network that put and probably keeps him in office, the same being true of the similarly charmed (by economist Wendy Lee) Phil Gramm the grand privatizer of the 1980s while the Moonies more overtly manipulated Reagan and Bush; and the treacherous arranged marriage between Schwazenegger and his wife whose father was manipulated the the Nazi-backed WW2-era "America First" network that lingered after the war.  Note the interesting geodetic alignments between Schwarzenegger's father and WW2-era Nazi subversion organizations and operations in the USA (and is the appearance of Werner Thiel in the list of coordinators of Nazi covert operations in the USA of significance or pure coincidence?)             

    Perhaps most momentarily significant, immediately and on a nationwide scale, is the number of US government agencies put under the control of Taiwan-born Elaine Chao, at the side of bumbling Bush Jr when the "Dept of Homeland Security" was created, early on using a database that was later used to facilitate private "Transpacific" trade interests funneling into the Chao family empire (in the USA cozy with the old Soong family oligarchy around NYC), with Ashcroft's Evangel network (shown geodetically to possibly be manipulated, or even created, by Sino-Japanese as well as German interests in the Assembly of God network).  Why is it that early "Homeland Security" databases like "Panjiva" are now being used to facilitate transnational trade interests from overseas, mostly via shipping lines and seaport control and highways paved for transport trucks?  Only last year, it was Elaine Chao who proposed early on the privatization of US transportation infrastructure, and then got the Dept of Transportation directorship after her Thiel-shared puppet Trump took office, where her long-trained pet McConnell of Fort Knox land paved the way for privatization by dismantling the economic resources to keep US government agencies under American control.  Meanwhile we are told that "America is being redefined", which apparently includes ""American" is being redefined" to include double-agents from other countries, unimpeded by identity checks or US government passport control, apparently including invaders and new foreign imperial overlords devouring the US real estate market. Facebook was set up largely by functional German agent Peter Thiel (verified geodetically), and Zuckerberg's wife may, consciously or not, provide a convenient conduit to the East Asian wing of the new global fascism that Peter Thiel clearly represents.  (Thiel's geodetics indicate probable direct links to the German BND/Gestapo.)  As for the Vulkanus indicators, forces in Istanbul and Cairo (now aligned with or under Saudi sway), and Johannesburg and Durban (Thiel's second homeland, where his German daddy held influence within the old Apartheid machine) fuse at points with the Sino-Japanese Shanghai Green Gang mafia network (as it long has), based in Shanghai and Taipei and possibly Qingdao and Manchuria. The US Pacific states were prepared for a fall to revived Axis Fascism via the appointment of Japanese-born Harry "Honshu" Harris to run the US Pacific Fleet from Anchorage (where a major Moonie-cult shipping fleet operates from), and the presence of a revived "Japan Marine Corps" in San Diego while Trump declared a US Government Shutdown that deactivated US government-controlled monitoring of them, and announced an eerie and unexplained "New American Moment".  Did Trump even know what it meant, or was it just his speechwriters or a transmitter in his ear?  The remote Alaskan ports near the Yukon, where his father built the family financial empire, are interestingly close to Japanese colonies that were built up before and during World War 2 and may have facilitated Japanese subversion operations in North America.  And the Democratic Party is equally vulnerable, as Obama seemed to be standing asleep or entranced when Shinzo Abe delivered his noticeably hypnotic and drone speech at Pearl Harbor, where he refused to apologize for Japan nearly destroying about half of the US Navy Pacific Fleet by its 1941 sneak attack, Japan-born Honshu Harry Harris ran today's Pacific Fleet from Moonie-cult encircled Anchorage offices, Asian mafia in America has continued to harass any American who has spoken of such issues, or questioned the wisdom of lax border or port controls -- while Ted Lieu condemned the surveillance of naturalized citizens (the long-known most likely candidates for double-agent subversion operations).  Is anyone paying attention to how America is being handed over to imported Neofacism and foreign control via privatization and the chopping away of US government?  Does Trump know what he is doing?  Will the Moonies and their Falun and CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus permutations be flushed out of America or allowed to continue infiltrating and manipulating?  Will Thiel's sneaky German friends be flushed out of government or US infrastructure functions, or be allowed to continue manipulating?  Notice how Schwarzenegger is in the middle of it all.

    These are all points that real Americans with an understanding of American history need to sit down and hash over before the country continues into more hysterical polarization and chanting cults, and what is needed is sane dialogue between Republicans and Demcrats to drop their doctrinaire party ideologies and instead focus on what's good for America and all its citizens... and quit giving in to the clamoring and overly-abundant foreign lobbies trying to sway Washington or any of the US state governments to foreign nationalist interests outside US borders but disguised as globalism or deceptive foreign-aligned "diversity" agents.  That includes ignoring appeals to stop surveillance of naturalized citizens, repeatedly reported to be the main source of double-agents on US soil, some even naturalized citizenships planned overseas beforehand.  (Read books on espionage networks in wartime, if you think that's an exaggeration. Key Nazi agents had been groomed in Germany beforehand to become US citizens in order to gain access to data and political and/or financial influence, and the routinely shared data and methods with Japan.. about which read "Shadows Dancing / Spies for Nippon" by Tony Matthews, as well as the Weinberg book on Germany and Hitler, "Armies of Spies" by Joseph Gollomb, and other books listed on the international newslink webpage on this website.)  There is an active foreign-manipulated effort now in the USA to dismiss all these issues as "fearmongering", "xenophobia", or even "hate", and yet they are all not only valid points explaining current political chaos, but vital to US national security and stability... and they all interestingly intersect at the machine puffing up huffnpuffy Schwarzenegger and the CAPAC immigration campaigns, and covertly benefiting the Chao family shipping network, and by extension the old Moonie-Falun cult network complex now entrenched and nested, to an alarming degree, in American politics. Forget not that Schwarzenegger and Merkel have often conspired over the last couple of decades, and that the hosted the phony "driverless car" program to drive selected Americans over a cliff or across the yellow line via remote control, and then take our place; and Schwazi is not only cozy with CAPAC, but ushered the slithering Korematsu into a position of "honor" (and and issue that Clinton needs urgently to rethink, as does the Wiesethal Center question where the money Schwarzenegger bribed them with actually came from, and why).

    All this fits the Vulkanus from overseas bearing down on the Ascendant of the USA Sibley Chart from Shanghai, Taipei, Johannesburg, as well as St-Peterburg and Kiev MC geodetic locations (and from key and now German-manipulated NATO, as well as Japanese military bases via 8th and 16th harmonic, incl Brussels, mysterious East Iceland, Julianehab Greenland, and Osaka-Kobe Jaapn).  This global power is pressing on the Ascendants of Washington, later Seattle and New York (and Ottawa and headed for Montreal!), coupled with the potential stealth of Hades at 22.5 angle and nested in the Golden Triangle and the Rhine River Valley (including Luxemburg Clearstream offshore billions, the Euro Union power hubs in Arnhem and Strassburg/Strasbourg at the German border and gateways into western Europe), as well as Nigerian oil, Tunisian oil and drug money, whatever similar assets may flow through western Sumatra, and the Miami and Cuba and Panama narcotrafficking hubs, plus possible contraband entering the USA between Detroit and Cleveland that may be linked to the other locations just mentioned, and maybe on the sly since Hades, when bad, may operate that way.

    Most detrimental to the USA would be an Anti-American alliance between German-manipulated NATO and either St-Peterburg or Kiev as they morph, or Japan, bases in Indonesian Papua, Belau/Palau, Anti-American fringe organizations in the Philippines or Taiwan or coastal China.  The promotion of an 'Asian Pacific' coupled with movements to diminish the capacity of US military presence or bases in the Pacific should attract the eye of legimitate US national security agencies unalloyed with foreign double-agents -- especially where 'Asian Pacific' agents rail for reduction of surveillance of associated immigrant populations. There's much,much more to California history pertaining to Asian immigration that just the Japanese internment camps or the Chinese exclusion acts... there are the reasons why such measures were even considered in the first place, and include the Tong Wars in California, the importation of literal slave labor displacing the jobs of American workers, Chinese targeting of gold mines for economic expansion, and extensive East Asian Axis espionage and subversion up and down the Pacific coast of the USA (and Canada and Mexico), including in Hawaii, prior to and after Japan's attacks starting with Pearl Harbor and occupying Aleutian island bases in Alaska.  Why is it that the Korematsu stories and mockeries of Nazi concentration-camp themes just so happen to concide with CAPAC/Korematsu takeover of California's economy and political infrastructure?  Is there more to come?  Will Schwarzengger continue to play with them, or flip to a more overtly German nationalist approach?  Will the US Pacific coast be "invaded" by real-estate acquisitions versus over military operations -- just as eastern US states were overtaken by German-bank (incl Deutschebank) real estate acquisitions?  Is America being Bought (and sold?) instead of literally Invaded?  Have Americans been dumbed-down via privatization and takeover of American educational institutions and media outlets?  It looks like "maybe so".  Are American ready to be colonial subjects again... or are we already?

    Transnational exchanges are a good thing as long as they do not turn into foreign takeover, which appears to have begun, at a level where America and Americans are disparaged, shamed, and/or pushed out of their jobs and homes by foreign networks crying crocodile tears and distorting American history with clever propaganda/advertising schemes.

    If American defense posts in Anchorage or 45 away in the Denver or Roswell areas are asleep or foreign-manipulated, America is in Big Trouble on the horizon, and the same holds true for Canada if defense posts on Cape Breton, in Goose Bay, or 45 away in Prince Albert or Regina or way up in Cambridge Bay are weakend by drowsiness, drugging, or even cults (and that goes for the American locations as well).  This is No Time to Dream or Just Believe in fantasies that take people off track from the truly potentially problematic realities manifesting.  This is absolutely no time for opiate addiction or turn-on-dropout marijuana psychosis.  The parallels to the dizzy confusion of the 1930s era, globally, when the world was also distracted with new pop technology and inane fashion and silly pop culture distractions, are noteworthy, as are the parallels to the 1970s era of US domestic political and social chaos and anarchy. The devastatingly noteworthy duplicity, then destruction, of the Pearl Harbor attack and the Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland didn't take long to manifest, built up in cleverly calculated stealth... all while East Asian Fascist, as well as collaborating Nazi agents, bustled up and down the US Pacific Coast (and Atlantic also).  Information on the Japan operations was removed from the FBI website after Trump took office, for reasons that need urgent study. Don't be under the illusion that it would be impossible for such events as those launching World War 2 to happen again.  If California is controlled by Japanese Marines in San Diego, California and the whole of the USA would be wise to implement immediate counter-measures, and that may mean a need to reinstall the full capacity of the Alameda base with an All-American staff and no possible double-agents in the mix.  Local citizens need to be on the watch.  California doesn't need any new Japanese Red Army or Maoist cult clones to combine forces with the pervasive and cold-blooded Moonie-Falungong provocateur presence... and hopefully "California for ALL", doesn't refer to California for the Asian Landowners League that's already fused into CAPAC and putting the state under its control via every political party and trick amenable to its clever machinations possible emanating from the foreign-military/spy infested "Asia Pacific Research Center" daily spying on US government and national security offices, and fused with the "CAPAC" network".

    Both the radical right and radical left in American politics have made unwise foreign alliances that have ultimately manipulated or destroyed American democracy. Naive Americans in the radical right, some already manipulated by WW2 Axis organizations, brought Nazis and other Axis agents into America after FD Roosevelt died, and Dwight Eisenhower neglected to mention that the 'Military Industrial Complex' was run or manipulated by that very post-WW2 Axis/Fascist network and not really an American phenomenon.  The radical left made unwise alliance with Communist powers destructively hostile to the United States, despite propaganda to the contrary, as well as phony-leftist cults actually created and run by the former Axis Fascist powers (including via the Moonie network, which created things like fake Maoist organizations, and old Nazi networks that created fake nominally-socialist/communist organizations that led people with various intentions into Traps, as did the foreign radical-right networks like the Heritage Foundation -- among whom Elaine Chao is actively involved, and which Schwzenegger is an agent of, both in clever disguise, and Peter Thiel with possibly intentionally ambiguous roots overseas).  Schwarzenegger's cozy meeting with the crafty Angel Merkel network are not to be overlooked. (Note that Austro-German agent Schwarzenegger paved the way for the Korematsu schools.)  None of the treacherous mess is American at its roots, and none of it will ultimately serve America's needs or interests in the long run, and it's not intended to.  It's the "Military Industrial Complex" that Eisenhower noted but didn't realize was foreign/imported at its roots and not essentially American.  There's also a poorly-educated generation of Americans across the USA who still don't know that Reagan was a Moonie-cult-manipulated stage-puppet whose speeches were memorized like he memorized movie scripts, and one of whose campaigns was launched from a Moonie cult resort. The Moonies were and are No Minor cute or innocuous cult on the fringes to be laughed off... they are today woven into the warp of American politics coast-to-coast, and the 2 most overt manifestations are the Chao-network Republicans and the functionally bipartisan CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus lobby; and Schwarzenegger and Thiel and Siemens-Deutschebank reach across the aisle to bridge them to German Neo-Fascism still. Interesting to note is geodetic roots of the Schwarzenegger and Thiel sub-machines in the G7/G8 Global Forums machine set up by Germany's Henry Kissinger and 2 German Chancellors/Prime Ministers while meeting in Washington DC.

    The Oklahoma City catastrophe of the 1990s was not just a dustbowl event in the middle of nowhere, as Americans on the seacoasts might think, but a powerful transnational effort, at least in part and maybe more, to destroy records detailing WW2 Axis Fascist operations in the USA that are now being recycled, and that the paramilitary trainers for the operation included the son (Strassmeir) of an open Nazi apologist who was and may still be a member of Germany's parliament.  Why this important point has been discounted as marginal is something that should be a public discussion along with the surrender of America's Pacific states to a so-called "Asian Pacific" military network fused with CAPAC and East Asian national military organizations allowed to run wild on US soil for some years now, and the freedom of German agents to weave in and out of US national security operations.  The question "why?" needs to be asked, and cannot be effectively anwered by politicans naive enough to team up with the likes of Shrimp Boy Chow in sham "youth rehabilitation" programs, which effectively leads to the proliferation of street-gangs programmed to escalate importation of East Asian contraband onto America's streets... a potential time-bomb that could echo coast-to-coast while the Chao network puts America's transportation infrastucture (and Fort Knox gold?) under private control from whoever has the money, whether it's from drugs, guns, or just counterfeit.  What's been set up under increasingly powerful Asian mafia in California is for individual as well as businesses to pay skyrocketing rents to them, and next comes the money at the toll booths, if the Chao-affiliated get their way.  That's Vulkanus power in Shanghai and Taipei linked to the Hades machinations of the international Golden Triangle mafia.  Smell the coffee, America. before it's too late and the damage is worse.

    Peter and Elaine have their own agendas, and Trump's head is spinning in confusion, as are those of some of his opponents. American Smart Power Wins in the end, over Euro-union or Asian or Russian power, and Americans had better make sure the smart power we are allied with are really our allies and not covert foreign nationalists out to break down the "American Empire" they have long resented and make even more Americans squirm, or die like "old white men", because it looks like that's how it's manifesting so far.  FBI agent Al Morrison of the CAO Times warned me to study the origins and operations of the Jonestown cult so it doesn't happen again, and I waited until it became urgent.  Its joint roots with the Moonies and Asian Law Caucus are conspicuous via geodetic indicators, plus observation and study of how they have unfolded, now bi-partisan and more (including fusion into third parties like the Tea Party, along with German banking interests like Thiel's).  What has been evident so far is how many points where the Jonestown cult overlapped with the Moonies, including the locations of their cult centers in northern California, and its ties to the Arthur Chung transnational lobbying network and the Asian Law Caucus; and how those overlap with East Asian covert intelligence psy-operations... and how American concepts of right and left in politics has relatively little meaning or congruency in Asian politics, where it's just all about money and financial pragmatism, where "western" ideological arguments and labels are a "western" invention that can be played to manipulate "western foreign devils".  Another important point revealed and/or confirmed by geodetic alignments is the close ties between East Asian and Middle Eastern and South Asian financial and political networks (geodetically pointing to the Muslim League network).  Indeed, the WW2 Fascists in that part of the globe advocated for a "Pan Asian" empire, and it included Russian elements (including its Von Ungern pseudo-buddhist appendage) who may have ultimately been tossed out the window once the empire rose to its full glory... and Iran and its Sumka-rooted network.  

    Russia's power lies in its rich mineral wealth and agricultural potential now weakened by the independence of Ukraine, which has also minimized Russian control of the Black Sea routes between western Europe and the northern countries of the Middle East, as well as the Caspian oil fields.  Attention should be directed also to how much German control there is now of Ukraine and how much that serves the interests of the rest of the world, or not... and how Turkey and Romania and Bulgaria control the aquatic corridors from the Black Sea and Caucus to the rest of the world. All the aforementioned power-grabs are going on while the general public is put to sleep by hand-held computer-tinkertoys (often used to play stupid video games) and opiates and pot and inane pop-culture gimmicks while the big-money powerbrokers steamroller over the ordinary individual on the street and dismantle both political and economic democracy, lower wages, increase stock profts, and run the world like a stock market, which is precisely what the WW2-era fascists implemented and planned to expand.  They're doing it.  Herbie Hoover was their dupe, the first key Manchurian Candidate in America, whether as token Secretary of Commerce or token President.... and they made the Market Crash when Hitler and Tojo rose to power and Germany and Japan and the Shanghai mafia set out to control the world, like they are doing now.  Are there other Hoovers in power now, doing the same thing again?... an important question.  

    In Brexit, if it goes through, there is potential hope for democracy breaking the stranglehold of the Euro bank network in Germany and Luxemburg, regardless of which political party is pushing for it at the moment, and if Nostradamus had any legitimacy, there will be, ultimately, and what will ultimately fade away are the old Asian Dragon and the Euro Nazis, instead of the "Old White Men" that established America's institutions. For that to happen, the "Change" will not be Asian, the Dragon will finally go the way of the Dinosaur, and Fascism (Euro or Asian) will not prevail in the end, even if it has gained so much ground recently and seems to be taking control of Planet Earth. Democracy will also require overdue powersharing with women and loyal, long-rooted, American minority groups whose love of America has been proven over time, not feigned at the immigration offices.  Wait for the HA=VU cluster, within 2 degree secondary orb, to end, when the current global smoke and thick fog will be clearing.  A lot of positive things can happen between now and 2023.  One will be the Real American Dream revived rather than "redefined", and extended to established and loyal multi-generational but disfranchised Americans who couldn't access it in the past.  That means that the national schism that led to the 19th century Civil War will gradually fade away, despite recent attempts to revive it, as will the reasons for the schism, which included substantial foreign support and subversion from foreign interests that has been too often overlooked in seeking to understand why a "Civil War" happened in the USA.  It was only in the interests of foreign powers to see Americans killed, as was also the case in the Vietnam War, and would have been the case in the "World War 3" that McCain was programmed to champion like a puppet after his meeting with German lobbyists at the German-run "Halifax Conferences", where Americans were to be sacrificed for revived German and Asian Fascist empires even if McCain didn't realize it. Study the history of Saudi alliances, and to how much Saudi control there is now of the Egypt and Sudan governments as Vulkanus power amasses there, as they control the Red Sea traffic lanes between Asia and Europe, as do Yemen and Djibouti and Somalia, subject to foreign control... no minor global issue.. and how they connect to Muslim Brotherhood or similar agencies in Cairo or Alexandria.. or Istanbul, the historic emanating point of the original "Caliphate" plans while Germany, Austria, and the Manchu dynasty in China were all allied for World War 1.

    Americans need Americans who know what they are doing in control of Washington DC, not foreigners or rookies or personal empire builders.  No more Schwarzeneggers or Lieus or Chaos or Thiels... or Kissingers or his puppet dupes.

    Per geodetic indicators for upcoming elections, well-meaning politicians backed by crooks or foreign interests will not solve the problems... it's going to take backing from American moneyed who still have a social conscience and love America and its people before all else including cheap imported labor, and we may see relative indifference to party labels and more attention to demonstrably-evidenced policy intentions.  Policy, not personality.  Actions, not actors.  The partisan bickering and personality popularity contests will have to go to the wayside, and that includes the juvenile Trump versus Anti-Trump high-school varsity contests and pep rallies. Critiques of politicians need to be based on policy and control issues, and not so much on irrelevant surface personality features.  The focus needs instead to be on the Stability of America as it implements pragmatic progress, not fleeting "change" fads that can lead to anywhere including serious chaos, anarchy, or foreign takeover, as they often already have started.  The precessed transiting Pluto on the USA Sun has now moved past close-orb, and that's when the final stages or the metamorphosis occurs, as Pluto transits wrap up... it's not a shallow or fleeting thing, but it's where America becomes not something else, but becomes more of what it always has been, digging deeper for more refined potential that was always there in its original ideals and institutions, ahead of their time still, but not yet manifest.  That will probably necessarily require the implementation of equalities and civil rights for Americans that America's leading founders intended, but compromised in the past to appease the dissenters of the moment often backed by foreign money intent on dividing America into 2 or more countries, or national implosion.  The idea that America was founded as a "conservative" country or as a theocracy is blatantly contrary to basic reality, but this is not understood by the marginally literate who don't know the actual history of their own nation, or think that the mention of God has to mean religion or theocracy, which it specifically did not, and emphatically precluded.  Nor is it understood by those who 'just believe' ungrounded political propaganda.  That means that the "Faith Based Initiative" is fundamentally unconstitutional.  The United States government was not founded by religious pilgrims in 1620.. it was founded primarily by American scholars and democrats in 1776, over a century-and-a-half after Plymouth Rock Pilgrims.  The end of slavery was proposed and advocated for actively by "Old White Men" in 1776, but compromised to keep southern plantation-economy states from forming a separate nation, and this resurfaced in 1861, with foreign help fearful of a globally competitive America.  At least one Native American language was even proposed, by "Old White Men", as the US national lingua franca, to establish a unique US culture and outlook.  The US Post Office, in which Benjamin Franklin was actively involved, was a cornerstone national American institution designed as a government agency to both serve US national interests and maintain US national security objectives under US government control.  The War of 1812 was largely about US involvement in making Canada independent of British rule, and minimizing foreign control of the new Louisiana Territory that insured US control of vital (as indicated by geodetics) Mississippi River Valley global trade.  And American control of the Pacific coast states also became a critical issue in the 1861 Civil War, to stop foreign takeover of the Pacific Rim and subsequent weakening of the US economy via an "Asian Pacific", and curtail the return of Hapsburg imperial control over Mexico via the Maximilian & Carlotta dynasty installed from Europe. America's first war was with the Barbary Pirates from the old Islamic Caliphate. History sometimes repeats itself, adapted to current conditions. The Obama Presidential Center is at risk of becoming a conduit for increased Asian mafia control of the Pacific states, if he is not careful to go out of his way to divert it from that direction and stop the "Old White Men" demonizations manufactured by Asian and Asian-manipulated cults also trying to manipulate him and gain more inroads into control of the United States.

    To retain American national autonomy, just as Americans must not be dazzled and entranced by the lies of the Merkel-Schwarzenegger-Thiel psy-ops and the pretty sky-blue Euro flag, they must also not be again dazzled by the pseudo-spiritual Asianisms and cults that nearly created American nationwide chaos in the 1960s and 1970s Vietnam War era, coupled with drugs imported from the Golden Triangle that also neutralized US troops in Vietnam, leaving the East Asia Propersity Sphere to rise to where it is now via the circuitous machinations of Sun Tzu politics, when Pluto was planning its first Fiji Parties, and the Moonie "re-education" cult and Asian Law Caucus were born.

    Chao had McConnell push for the disastrous tax cuts on the rich, including foreign million/billionaire oligarchs on American soil, like her Chinese military intel-stealth family, and then further pushed the Asian plan for privatization of more US infrastructure.  Why do encroaching foreign interests need troops when they have double-agents running the target nation and controlling its leaders via cults and bribes?  One should ask. Meanwhile, "blessed/faith-based" Kahr Arms weapons are going into the hands of religious fanatics in a church run by a cult known to be an arm of joint Sino-Japanese-Korean military intelligence operations.... and could end up in the hands of culties of Any "Faith", cloaked or not.  America's founders warned of the dangers of centuries-old religious mania, and so made provisions for Separation of Church and State, and yet around the 1980s, when the Moonies and their "Messiah" rose to prominence in Washington DC, Americans forgot that and went retro to pre-1776 and Asian traditional values instead.  Moonie smirked and grunted and sputtered his unintelligible utterances, and was later crowned "king" in Washington DC while his Neo-Nazi cult allies in the Singlaub wacko circuit wreaked havoc in the American heartland, Arnold and Angela and the Thiel network arrived in America to turn chunks of the US economy over to Siemens and the old allies at Sony, and marginal cults pushed for a Constitutional Amendment (the "Arnold Amendment") to make non-US-born hustlers US President, while nativism and "birtherism" was mocked.. and almost everyone forgot the history of the long-subversive and long-foreign-aligned and subversive Mormon "church" machine. It's all coming to roost now.  If America wakes up and recovers its true roots in humanitarian values and the Age of Reason while also acknowledging a God of no particular religion, if any religion at all, and thus the importance of spirituality in practice rather than dogma and ritual only, and stops destroying the government by handing it over to agents of foreign covert operations, there really is hope, as Nostradamus seems to have indicated, where neither Euro nor Asian fascism ultimately prevail, and America becomes more of the beacon of hope than it ever was before while neutralizing both Euro and Asian nationalist imperial ambitions (neither one nor the other, but both).  It requires that Americans take off the Hades-symbolized hoods and veils of various cults and and see the light beyond the current confusion generated by the Hades=Vulkanus mess, which will finally be on on its way out in 2023, and that means 2 more national elections, not just one. The answer was not provided by Arnold the agent of Hanover in 1776, and is not provided by Arnold the Austrian Agent and Terminator Hun now, nor by the newer tricks and games and shadow-puppetry of sophisticatedly clever and treacherous Asian politics (revealed in the writings of Sterling Seagrave as well as the various books on WW2 Asian Axis subversion operations).  The higher side of Hades=Vulkanus means that political investigations will sort out the mess, and the whole world will sort out and overcome the dysfunction of past, slowly, step by step, with no instant cures.  Putin is not the only demon to scrutinize, by far, and yet one should note which foreign leaders schmooze with him after US dialogue with him was sabotaged by the Bolschwing-Nazi manipulated Stanford foreign policy advocates.  Meanwhile, there is still a lot to be sorted and overcome, while the globe contends with the melting of the polar caps and resultant erratic climate that could reshape the surface of the world.  As mentioned before, the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Israel will ultimately triumph when the smoke clears, the Asian narcotrafficking and sweatshop and human-trafficking economy is halted, and as some have put it, the world is about the Us and not the Me, about democracy and humanity and compassion, and not crass materialism or rabid antique religious delusions and "holy wars".  Meanwhile, Asian Fascism must be no more ignored that its Euro wing, for they are both raging again but in modified format, 2.0 or 3.0 or more. America should unite and oppose both, sort our out differences the American Way after that, beware especially of elements advocating for abandonment of US bases, and form alliances with nations with a proven track record of democracy and social justice, not societies of Fascist traditions plastered over with slick new propaganda campaigns or pretty swirling flags. Meanwhle there's another 4 years ahead of cleaning up the Hades=Vulkanus political treachery and deceit, and more may manifest before then, even though the midpoint is past and it's uphill, very slowly, from here on, and possibly not without periodic slips and regressions.  It is Urgent that the covertly global-impact and drugging Golden Triangle be cleaned up, as will the Clearstream money laundering network in Europe, and any remnants of the Marseille narcotrafficking network that may be involved in human trafficking as well, and "funny money" revolving around Monte Carlo, the Algeria-Tunisia border, and corrupt transnational oil interests in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.  Miami crime, narcotrafficking in particular, will have to finally be brought under control, as it may be at the core of current political corruption in the USA, per Pluto hovering there.

    Meanwhile, Americans may need to remember that there are no literally "white" people, although it is a favorite term of extremist ideologies and organizations of both 'right' and 'left' and images thereof.  The reality is that we are all literally "people of color", whether it be peach or cream-colored, red-tinged, mahogany brown.  Even the "whitest" of people have a reddish or pinkish tinge in skin color.  It makes the Colored-versus-White prison-gang-like paradigm look ridiculous, from any angle -- as does the stupidly simplistic propaganda trick that makes people think Trump got to the power fence-post, or has stayed in power, all by himself... and that can't be done from Moscow, but it can be done via slipper foreign lobbyists and agents swarming around Washington DC like Watergate rats traveling from most anywhere on the globe.  It may be the right time to finally understand, in today's climate, what happened during Watergate, and geodetics give us some hints, if it helps America reunify and helps Americans retake control of Washington DC.  It may blow the lid off some current political paradigm fads that have been turning American politics into scrambled eggs falling off the plate, while opiated and THCed into the "Far Out", no longer cute or "cool" or safe for consumption or free of additives. Invaders want Anarchy to clear the pathway in. Vulkanus continues to bear down on Seattle and New York City, as well as Del Rio and Anchorage and the Alaska Peninsula, tied to the potentially stealthy Hades. Canada is vulnerable at Ottawa and the BC/AB border and Wager Bay, as well as via Dawson, Port Nelson, and near Cape Chidley... these areas must not go attended when it comes to surveillance, or problems could ensue. The same true for the San Diego area, where Asian ops from East China Sea zone could overpower local bases and infrastructure, possible via stealth.  Eastern Canada needs special attention to ops based in Egypt and Turkey, as well as Russia and extremist elements from South Africa or Ukraine (also applicable in New York).  The public needs to be alert to these issues, as well.  The world is not all play-nice kindergarten... there are bad apples in the bunch, mixed among the sweet, and sometimes combined.  When HA=VU, it's no time to play Pollyanna, and it is time to Investigate for Facts below the surface.  Geodetics make it clear, regardless of erroneous party stances, the powerful foreign threat to US national stability is now Real and To Be Treated as Real, but in a rational, sensible, and studied way, not via oversimplification or distortion of facts by trendy buzzword phrases and poster campaigns. The situation is not a Video Game, but involves real lives, real blood, real potential deaths, real neo-lebensraum politics, real cheap-labor-supply politics, and real national security issues.  Both the Republican and Democratic party are due for urgent review of policy, review of foreign self-interested alliances and their proven track-records over time, the balance of international exchange with domestic control, a toning down of ungrounded idealism and ideologies, and and abandonment of partisan politics for unity for American national interests, including stability and security for Americans before scattering American assets to the winds, including US government agencies and functions to foreign investors such as the likes of Elaine Chao, Peter Thile, and Arnold Schwarzengger control.  Having an American-born President is in the Constitution for reasons to be meditated upon, and it should probably be extended to all US government agency functions from the State Department to US Military contractors to any agency controlling of shaping domestic economic policy, for one should remember what invaders would be "here after" first and Foremost, as should be already evident.  Control of the ports, highways, and airports are at the focal point of a foreign-trade-based economy, and control of the US Department of Transportation is globally recognized as the key to such a national economy, as the Chao family and their political/economic network Well Know, as do the Germans running the Euro Union and of similar strategy and objectives. The naivete of political and economic leaders on this issue is beyond disgusting.  And disgust is what it takes to unravel the corruption of the dynamic Hades=Vulkanus angle now in effect but due to unravel over the next four years.  Let's hope it's not too late for America to recover its national integrity before then.  Rational and sensible Americans of every political stripe have to talk to, and listen to, each other before that can happen.  Geodetics could serve a constructive role in that process, if used objectively, but the cronyism of the Wall Street circuit, or the control by entrenched German or Chinese or Japanese intelligence agency manipulators (or 'contractors'), has to end for that to happen. Once an advocate for more extensive international cooperation, I soon saw that some foreign agencies only saw it as an opportunity to attempt to control and manipulate, and acted accordingly, sometimes surreptitiously. Thus it became clear that sometimes diplomacy is rife with calculated and clever deceit, and that now includes the CAPAC/Korematsu-Schwarzenegger network, which smells like a Moonie-Neofascist mix coupled with the propaganda potential of a foreign-controlled Hollywood on American soil, intent on 'redefining America and American' by financial networks rooted firmly in World War 2 Fascism, with a few temporary allies duped into confused and mesmerized collusion.  No one was more skilled at psychological warfare than the military intelligence wings of the WW2 Axis powers, which fused in an confused the treacherous Stanford Research network via the Von Bolschwing Axis club, which included Japanese and Chinese agents, long ago... and virtual foreign-run cult factory set up on American soil in the 1940s, and part of the network that created th Silvershirts cult that served at least a partial prototype for the recent Sham Tea Party of the Pauls and their deluded 'Libertarian' network (rooted as well in the Nazi-backed "Liberty League")  The Stanford factor goes back, in turn, to roots in the Deutschebank network that fueled the Robber Barons and Stanford's financial empire, and later the Nazi machine in Germany; Hoover's later collusion with the Chinese and Japanese Imperial Banking networks, as well as the German Schroderbank offices in London, all of which created the World War 2 Axis genocide and enslavement machine. Don't be fooled by the costume changes, and do pay attention to increasing foreign control over the US computer industry, offered in good faith to create a global balance-of-power, but now pirated and hijacked as the power turns against America.  This is being rapidly facilitated by importation of foreign programmers and technicians to shape and control the computer infrastructure that now powers America, so don't be foolish about the ramifications, as American institutions are now being mocked, ridiculed, and even destroyed.  The idealism of the past may well have been excessive, although humanitarian values should not be abandoned if democracy is to be preserved.  The pressures is indeed now on America to implement the principles of true social justice and Enlightenment humanism that it was founded on, while not being tricked by foreign mockeries that use American concepts to manipulated, infiltrate, or even invade with hidden motives... as appears to be in motion already. The internet has brought wonderful advantages to the public, but also the ability of foreign agents to make counterfeit copies of everything American, including American political and social concepts distorted to the interests of competing (and sometimes victorious) foreign interests indifferent to America's citizens. It means the immigration thing has got to be more effectively controlled, with more in-depth public study of the ramifications of immigration conducted step-by-step and monitored, not opened like floodgates. Transnational commerical interests may not care what happens to Americans, and even laugh at the results of unregulated immigration and population 'flights' as people are almost 'replaced' by whatever transnational corporations think will increase 'investor profits'... and that's the very same game the Nazis and Asian Fascists played that resulted in the global market crashes around 1929.... hothouse immigration combined with slave-labor abuses, directed in part from Germany and Austria by German and Austrian banking houses.  Who has forgotten this?  It's important to remember.  Very important.  But maybe not for the shallow or complicit. Fascism was and is just as much Asian and European, and while the 'Pivot to Asia' was hoped to be a switch away from Euro Fascist manipulation, it was instead cleverly co-opted to become an equally problematic rise of Asian Fascism.  We've given them control of the information and internet technology to do it, and someone needs to think of solutions for that, before it worsens.  There was and is also a Hindu Fascism, by the way, and they may have begun colluding with the East Asian network again in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s, even to the point of fusing increasingly into US universities, as some professors were noting at the time.  Once fused into US intelligence data managment networks, America is ripe for foreign-orchestrated chaos collapse, whether run from Europe or Asia or both in collusion for a common objective.... smell the Stanford puppets and agents in the mix, for there lies one of the keys, and note where Stanford Research offices are spread across the USA, in universities or elsewhere.


2019Jan07 (updated Jan21): Supplementary geodetic overview, part 2, and the Powers of the Past and Tomorrow (Will they Change Places, or Change Within?  Certain Geodetic Global Influence Locations are Fixed and will not Change.)

    Focusing again back on the political power points of Vulkanus, Zeus, and Pluto for the shift into 2019, and Brexit. Brexit is neither right nor left, and its future depends on who in London shapes its future.  If you think of how the Ariespoint is the chief indicator of global events, then think of where it aligns with the MC.  That points to London and Accra Ghana at 0 Aries (Spring seeding time); New Orleans, St-Louis, Guatemala and San Salvador at 0 Capricorn (the winter solstice and new year point); Fiji, and remote Wrangel I, Howland I, and Amchitka I (at 0 Libra); and Dhaka Bangladesh, Thimbu Bhutan, Gyangze Tibet, and the lands of the old Czarist Yenisiyek Governorate and Tannu Tuva (Lands of the Long Hot Summer, Sweatshops, Gulags, Baron von Ungern, and the East India Company).

    The Nazis are reported to have used geodetics substantially in World War 2 strategy, and routinely shared intelligence data, and possibly methods, with Tokyo and their partisan allies in China, Spain, and Argentina.  Thus, the Nazis knew that capturing London, and maybe New Orleans and St-Louis was one of the keys to Germany's global dominance.  Whether the East Asian/Pan-Pacific Prosperity Sphere honchos knew this or not, they gravitated quickly to capture the 0 Cardinal MC areas when war broke out.  Germany's Nazi thugs tried to control Britain via Oswald Mosley's Fascist cult and control of King Edward 8, and in the USA they sought control via the Chamber of Commerce offices in St-Louis (controlling Mississippi-Ohio-Missouri River commerce) and Oil industry offices in New Orleans (which continually fought with or tugged on Huey Long and his successor, Paul Cyr, during the WW2 Axis era).  The Axis powers knew the vital importance of the Mississippi River valley, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to the stability and security of the United States.  In Canada, Prince Albert was the namesake of the German prince who manipulated Queen Victoria via the "rule by marriage" strategy of Metternich; while the Nazis' dupes King George 8 and Wallis Simpson set up camp in the Bahamas after leaving London.

    The Nazi-aligned East Asian-Pacific thugs immediately went for and captured Aleutian islands near 0 Libra; while Howland I and Fiji were held fast by the USA and British Commonwealth forces. The Asian Fascists gained control of Burma/Myanmar and the Andaman Islands, and launched forays into eastern India and (now-called) Bangladesh, and alliances in Bhutan and Tibet and Lopnor/Turfan-E.Xinjiang and the old Tuva "Von Ungern" network in Siberia are to be studied, and Japan's struggle for control of Mongolia may have been more than a minor victory. Divided and ambivalent China, often noted as double-dealing with Japan during the war, sought and got the Chennault base near New Orleans (which played a big role later in China Lobbying in Washington DC, including via Chennault's Chinese wife) while it virtually handed over eastern China to the local Japanese-run Axis offices.

    It would be interesting to study if and how Germany's old colonial-remnant footholds in Togo interacted with Ghana/Gold Coast during that war.  

    You might ask how all this relates to today, if that's not already obvious except to the shallow..

    All partisan and left-right party labels aside, and focusing on national survival, Brexit is Britain's key to breaking from the control of the German yoke that has lured and then choked it and other European nations into submission, as was nearly the case when Edward VIII and Hoover were licking Hitler's boots and betting on a Fascist Manchuria. Europe can remain united against any hostile interests without following orders from Berlin or Vienna. Post-Brexit Britain will likely be met with keen interest in alliances in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, unless the revived and now globally-dominant oligarchies in Berlin (Euro Union) and Tokyo (Transpacific Pushers in substantial control in Taiwan and the post-communist East China seacoast, with maybe power-holds in Manila) are taking control of the world, as they planned around 1940. Putin and Russia are another story that may be interfused, but to focus exclusively on Putin and Russia is to ignore the Revived Fascism of Germany and Japan and their tributaries and allies. It should be noted how much gradual and near complete Privatization of now largely-nominal "Communist" China has led to Japanese (and some German) economic (and/or political) corporate takeovers, and where international intelligence data is coming from to sway America away from paying attention to how Greater Germany is strangling Europe into submission, and how Japan is advancing into China, and maybe the Philippines and Indonesia, this time unofficially, although the Japanese power-base would operate through offices and alliances in Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, and Taiwan, whether official or not, with possible obscure but powerful bases in Japanese-controlled islands off the China coast and economic bases in Manchuria. Same for the Philippines and Indonesia.

    Note the clamor by Asian nationalist organizations overseas and "Asian Pacific"affiliates in the USA for US Pacific island independence movements that would undermine US or Australian military power in the Pacific, including focus on control of Bougainville and its "independence" movement, and rich, affiliated Moonie-front operations in Micronesia and the Marshalls.  Watch for pushes for more Asian continental control in the Marshall Islands (incl Chuuk/Truk independence), Vanuatu, and New Caledonia, as these could readily function as arms of control from Shanghai and Taipei, or Tokyo, or all three in alliance, offices and agencies.  This is why I have stressed the need to scrutinize the "Asian Pacific" pushers that so strongly resemble the Asian Fascist and Pan-Pacific pushes of the WW2 era.  How could Obama have overlooked this vital issue?  His reliance on Stanford and Chicago university advisors may explain it -- some maybe well-meaning but from two of the main hubs of Eurasian Fascist infiltration and manipulation, and money ever since the 1930s or earlier (and note Stanford branch offices at Washington and Princeton Universities).  A "belief" (ungrounded) that the WW2 Axis machine died in 1945, in either Berlin or Tokyo, and/or other influences from his time living in the Indonesia of the de-facto pseudo-leftist and neo-fascist Bandung Conferences that planned to use WW2 Fascist Golden Lily money to build a new Asiacentric global order that also involved recapturing China, which has been done via the new/revived Kuomintang-Communist alliance and the Chinese "Prosperity" program launched by Xi Jinping but not him alone.  That Chinese crypto-fascist push (fascists waving communist flags) is rooted, as Xi acknowledged, in the policies of Deng Xiaoping, who introduced the "Asian Century" plan now manifesting, even if covertly, via the Transpacific agreement. Generally speaking, while American kids are sent out to play baseball and football and do drugs, most Asian kids are kept at home to read and study and sharpen their mental skills. Deng's policies were further rooted in policies of Lin Biao and Liu Shaoqi that both aligned China with the Bandung Golden Lily financial network and built up China's nuclear weapons programs. Thus, as Earth moves into the information age, guess who has developed the skills and technology to win?  The dummies lose, and so it's time to quit playing money games with American education and instead make it accessible to all, to make America strong and competitive on all levels and not just physically-manifest -- give the kids aptitude tests and incentives to develop their natural talents.  America Must have Smart Power, and that means Smart American Power, not imported double-agents able to co-opt America's potential to budding foreign empires. The successes of California have been due not only to its abundant natural resources and center-position in the Asian trade routes, but also to still relatively free universal education, which was sadly and unfortunately tampered with by vouchers and school privatization, and note very carefully who has pushed and benefited from them, including foreign interests dumbing-down America, sending public school money overseas, and foreign companies manipulating public school construction contracts while using foreign slave-labor under threat of deportation if they "Don't Obey", and then sending the profits to Asia or some other continent.  And so America reels in turmoil and is outsmarted by those clever enough to manipulate us during layover stops back and forth to their rising homelands.  What happens when your foreign policy is run by foreigners.... which used to be called colonialism, and probably still should be.

    Overall, back to geodetics... what does this mean?  Throughout time and history, whoever controls the Cardinal Point MCs (and MCs at 15 Fixed) globally, controls the world. That includes banking and corporate hubs at those locations.  For the USA, it may be surprisingly important to some that who controls St-Louis and New Orleans financially and politically is of global significance. Are finances there controlled by American or foreign interests?  Pay attention to the roots of the Chamber of Commerce in Germany, historically, and also later the Chinese diaspora, including the "Pearl of the Orient" Singapore, a virtual Chinese and Japanese Stock Market colony.  The fall of the British Empire was the groundwork for an "Asian Century", even if that was not the intention as it occurred.  Secondary but powerful locations at 15 Fixed -- 45 degree or 8th harmonic from 0 Cardinals -- are perpetually vital to Global control and power, and include the Cape Farvel/Farewell/Julianehab region of Greenland, vital to monitoring Atlantic ships of any sort, and the Nazi network must have known this; the SaoLuis/Maranhao-SaoFrancisco-Santos longitudes of Brazil; the South Orkneys for monitoring ships between the Pacific and Atlantic around Cape Horn; Juneau as capital of Alaska government, and Inuvik at the mouth of the Mackenzie River leading to Canada's Northwest mineral resources; Olga near Vladivostok, and Yansk at the mouth of the Yana River in Siberia; the Osaka longitudes and their Japanese naval power; western West Irian in Indonesia and its control of sea-lanes between China-Japan and Australia; remote areas east of Darwin and Alice Springs that could function as infiltration points into Australia, and Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island; Palau/Belau and Yap in Micronesia, also along sealanes between East Asia and Australia; Tahiti and surrounding islands at the crossroads of Pacific sea traffic (as well as the Galapagos Islands at 0 Cardinals, monitoring the west coast of the Americas and access to and from Asia). In the Mideast, perpetual 15 Fixed global-power points are at Berbera and Mogadiscio in Somalia, Aden Yemen (Red Sea and East Africa trade traffic), and the Comoros and west Madagascar for Asian trade with South Africa; also Baghdad Iraq, Tbilisi Georgia, Volgograd, Saratov, Kanin Peninsula, and far western Franz Josef Land in Russia. 

    Note, in addition, how 0 Cardinals and 15 Fixed correlate with the labeled "Cradles of Civilization"... the Ganges, Babylonia, Yucatan, Ghana, the Garonne and Ebro valleys in Europe, the Caucasus valleys between the Black and Caspian seas, and Native American cultures along the Mississippi River valley (all which makes the Asian "Land Bridge" theory a constructed and self-interested Asian propaganda Myth spread by the likes of the Moonie cult and its disgusting pseudo-religious and now sometimes militant and armed permutations). 

    The direction of Brexit is already being contested between differing interests, but focused on British autonomy from continental Europe, and how this manifests is related to Vulkanus, not in Britain, but in Barbados, Falklands, Regardless of political party or personality, Brexit is in Britain's, America's, Canada's, and Australia and New Zealand's interest, and the Transatlantic and Transpacific agreements Are Not, if only the fine print had been read very carefully, and obviously wasn't... or the agreement terms were flat-out deceptive.  Those trade treaties will restore the WW2 Axis opiate-induced "Dream" if continued, and they must be rewritten by American (North and South American) if they are to benefit Americans fairly.  Note again that the Chamber of Commerce is rooted from the start in foreign interests that it will serve primarily, even if a few greedy Americans get kickbacks. German and Chinese and Japanese (and Russian) Fascists laugh at how stupid Americans and Canadians can be when not alert and caught off-guard, and Britain was hoodwinked by submission to the will of the Euro, and now realizing it.

    The witches of Buchenwald/Berlin and Tokyo and Shanghai have cooked up some alluring lies to distract the rest of the world from it, and Germany and Russia (and Japan) could end up in an alliance at a moment's notice, whether via Putin or a change of oligarchs, and Russia is already signed up with China via the Shanghai Pact, with lots of Japanese and German corporate presence in China due to privatization.  So people playing games on the Russian border by German rules had better review the history and current situation before they make foolish mistakes.  The Fascists of Berlin always dreamed of a German-Russian Empire, and they may get it, if allowed to, and in which case they will turn on the rest of Europe, if that has not already manifest. In every world war, Berlin has sought to Kill the French Republic autonomous from the old German imperial machine that controlled Paris via "L'Autrichienne" and cohorts and replicas -- and destroy Britain's democratic institutions and ability to compete with German imperialism. 

    In short, if Britannia does not Rule the Waves, and New Orleans or Anchorage or Juneau or Tahiti fall under foreign control; then St-Peterburg, Odessa, Cairo, Bruderbond Durban, the Fascists in Buenos Aires, the Moonies in Alaska, and other Fascist collaborators in the Middle East will.... are already in the process of doing so, if only one opens one's eyes and looks around to see them operating daily.

    London's power now rests in its Atlantic naval bases and backing from Canada's, and this is precisely why the agents of the Euro marched to Canada to wrest the TTIP agreement in a Rush Deal, and lull the German Halifax Conference participants into naive submission, even to the point of nearly getting McCain to commit America's military might to a German plan to take over Russia and make it their colony while blaming America for it.  If that sounds incomprehensible, then read about the German dreams published over the years of making the wealth of the Urals and Caucasus the property of Siemen-Deutschebank and Schroderbank and the Kaiser or Chancellor of the moment.  US policy in Eastern Europe could make that manifest, if US policy makers are not attentive, or even in control of US forces there. Siemens-Deutschebank and its agents in the USA know this, and know it well.  They didn't want Hillary to succeed in initiating what FDR Roosevelt planned... to establish dialogue between Washington and Moscow that could bring about a peaceful global order where the two superpowers agree to agree or disagree, but at least talk to each other instead of letting German or Chinese or Japanese agents or propaganda manipulate the interactions to German or the East Asian Prosperity Sphere's nationalist objectives. Some but not all Canadians have understood this for decades. America's mistake was believing the lies of WW2 enemies in Berlin and Tokyo who would have destroyed the USA with the nuclear bombs and ICBMs they were in the process of developing before the USA did, and which Einstein warned us of.  If Washington had not bombed Tokyo, Tokyo would have bombed Washington with technology given them in part by the Nazis, who went underground and supported Japan from May to August 1945 -- and Berlin had ICBM prototypes almost ready to wipe out New York.  After 1945, Berlin then flipflopped and 'shared' its technology with Moscow while pretending to be a "loyal" US ally.  Smell the coffee, baby.  The Kabaret show ain't real, and the "Anonymous" masks are Made in Japan and China.  Too many foreigners making US foreign policy for too long has created repeated disasters, and CAPAC smells like more of it.  Fools call that "xenophobia", and others call it Reality, not a Dream.

    It's time for American politicians to quit bickering over their greed and vanity and start retaking control of US domestic and foreign policy, or the invaders are going to carry everything America has off to where they came from, largely in the form of inflated rents paid to new transnational real-estate owners/investors.  It's already been going on for over a decade, with American leaders either drunk or high or dreaming or mesmerized by some foreign Moonie-type lobbying cult or other, or all four -- and manipulated by the Axis Fascist machine Revived and Redecorated with pseudo-liberal "neoliberal" dogma.  Fascism never intended to do anything but Destroy America in the end, after the charming of the Hoovers and Fords and Bushes and the Wally Simpson circuit and their greed and powerlust instincts turned into the Pearl Harbor Blitzkrieg, and otherwise seize US national resources, land, real estate, gold reserves, by every means available, and wealthy and powerful two-faced Soong "One World" Chinese Fascists from Harbin to Shanghai to Hongkong were working with them, and still are.  "Remember Pearl Harbor" was said for a reason other than just war morale.. there were lessons about duplicity and "diplomatic" treachery that should not ever be forgotten, although some fools have.  Shinzo it not your friend, and neither is Angela... pay attention to what they've done to their neighbors and "trusted allies" recently, for it smells like Japanese and German imperialism with a facelift. And, yes, there could again be Russian collaboration with them when it is expedient. Americans too often forget that, during times of global economic/power-balance shifts, American views or alliances may be only secondary or marginal considerations in the policies of other nations, and too little is understood of how Asian politics operates.  Read Sun Tzu's "Art of War" or perish, as many already have... it's related to the opium wars influx and other drug and weapons trafficking that is weakening or killing off Americans daily, as real estate is wheedled out of Americans at the speed of light.. just as happened during the Vietnam war, and take note of the geodetic alignments of the Immigration Bills in US Congress with such phenomena, and you might see political parties in Washington unify more on national security policy rather than polarize to irrational/dogmatic extremes over single issues like immigration to the point where it seems like Congress doesn't care about anything else.  Immigration is promoted as much by cheap-labor-seekers and union-busters (in construction, nursing, hotel and restaurant industries, even teaching and accounting, and now computer tech US infrastructure developers and controllers) as much as by human rights advocates, as most anyone who has worked with immigrant populations knows.  It's up to the public and legislators to be able to tell the difference. Meanwhile, foreign corporations are laughing at how naive Americans can be, while chanting "xenophobia" when they or their stupid political puppets don't get their way. America risks being "re-defined", all right, and in part by politicians who don't understand international history and affairs well enough to handle Globalism... or are working for foreign interests in the first place, consciously or not.  The United States risks being chopped up in pieces and carried off in chunks, even more than it has been already... Vulkanus can function like a Blitzkrieg, whether armed, or carried out in stealth via a 22.5 angle to Hades in Cancer focused on land acquisitions, whether real estate or agricultural, and in worst cases on peddling drugs for drug-hungry addicts.  It's part of the reality when the Dream Cloud fades and one sees more clearly what's happening at ground level.  The Shanghai-Taipei mafia has been allied with the Golden Triangle drug-pushers For Many Decades, and it's a big part of how America lost the Vietnam War. The Tricky-tricky controlled Tricky-Dicky, who was readily charmed by either "Reverend Moon" or the Fake "Cultural Revolution" and the crypto-fascist "Japanese Red Army" front, as some still are.  America risks another wave of post-WW2 (both) Asian and Eurofascist-created cults like those of the 1960s and 1970s, which promoted drug-consumption and sex-addiction cults as part of their indoctrination and manipulation tactics.  Drugs from or through Cuba, Panama, and the western Mediterranean around 7E30 could also tally into that picture, and Nigerian oil money is at risk of falling into the hands of corrupt global power networks in Durban, Cairo, Istanbul, or anywhere near 31E00.  The newly legalized pot trade in the USA and Canada is at risk of falling under control of the aforementioned transnational narcotrafficking hubs, and even "laced" (intermixed) with opiates or methamphetamine or both. The drug consumers need to know where their drugs came from, but addicts often get sloppy on those issues, and it could lead to another wave of "crack wars" to destablize America's cities.  Problems far more serious than worries about "xenophobia".  Too many people are taking a far too shallow view of what's going on globally now, and sometimes polarizing to the extremes of "haters" versus naive fools, with too few dealing with the realities in operation.  People have got to Think instead of just "believing" like mantra-chanting sheep, or there's trouble ahead.  Within the USA, whoever controls cities along the longitudes running through Anchorage and Denver, also to the north and south of them, also control the whole country, and those cities need to be among the Top Priorities of US National Security. Too much focus on "walls" risks ignoring coastal transport issues, and seaports may be more of a risk than land borders, so pay attention to who's in control of the ports, and what foreign interests are trying to control them, and the US Coast Guard needs unwavering support from the US government and Americans. All naturalized citizens should remain in a special category for national security considerations, as has historical reports have consistently proven to be the case, and the wisdom of putting naturalized citizens in political office needs to be the focus of a serious and thorough study,starting with US government reports on wartime infiltration and subversion operations, and the number of spies who were sent to the USA with plans to obtain citizenship privileges as a crucial component of the operations.  Reports on WW2 subversion operations alone should be enough to make a lot more people think twice about putting naturalized citizens in political office, and allowing them to hold appointed offices in Washington DC.  Don't hate or mistreat immigrants, but don't be stupid about national security risks and the bad apples in the mix, or the labor-cost issues and lebensraum policies of overpopulated countries driving immigration drives, either, because they are all relevant, and all matter as human rights issues from every angle and for every individual affected.


2019Jan07 (Updated Jan25): Supplementary geodetic overview w focus on vital US National Defense & Surveillance Operations:

    Focusing here back on the political power points of Vulkanus, Zeus, and Pluto for the shift into 2019.

    Vulkanus is the blacksmith, the power-wielder, the maker (or breaker) of nations.  In terms of major world metropolises, that is now in the hands of cities outside the continental USA, in the most powerful 1st and 4th harmonics, with a lesser 8th harmonic boost from Denver, Santa Fe, and Cheyenne.  If power in those cities, and nearby longitudes (Colorado Springs, Roswell, etc)  is not thoroughly aligned with US interests but instead run by transoceanic interests, America is susceptible to collapse and shift toward, interestingly, what happened to China in the 1890s... a country like a giant pizza pie, or "Chinese apple pie" being sliced up into sections and consumed by foreign powers and their yuppie investors in Singapore, Hongkong, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc.  Such a scenario has been set up by McConnell (Charlie McCarthy), i.e. his Chinese handlers/controllers/funders in the uber-rich Chao dynasty, which now holds the power of the joint Kuomintang-Communist naval forces bristling along the East China seacoast.  And to ascribe them only to Chinese interests is an oversimiplification, since there are also Japanese bases in that region, critical ones long focused on China and fused still into Taiwan, which was Japan's colony since about 1890, and which installed the Kuomintang government there in the late 1940s.  What occurred then must be assessed not only by official flags and mapped national boundaries, but also by the power behind the scences.  This goes back to the foundation of the Kuomintang in Tokyo, where it was a nominally Chinese party hosted from its outset by Japanese interests. (The Chinese Communist Party has a similar relationship with Moscow.)  Strangely enough, that means that there is no purely China-focused party in China today... only parties tied to either Russian or Japanese interests. Nonetheless, that Kuomintang-Communist fusion now holds major global power via direct 1st-harmonic power, at 0 Leo, in Shanghai, Taipei, and Qingdao, with power also in Manila, subject to whatever larger global power holds the most sway there. Note that in these lists, some are national capitals and others not. Some are commercial power hubs, others military power hubs, and the energy manifests according to the resources and operations at the location. The other metropolises where Vulkanus has 4th harmonic power amassed include those mentioned before... St-Peterburg, Kiev, Istanbul, Cairo shifting from Alexandria, and Durban shifting from Johannesburg/Pretoria.

    It is not true that America holds the upper hand now globally, and America's power has been undermined by power at the other locations mentioned, via infiltration or lobbying/organizational sway,or subtle but potent background control via control via computer data contracts that ultimately control operations, as well as control of internet and telecommunications lines and transmitters.... factors more critical now in the 21st century than in past.  Thus, Russia may have additional tech power from any tech operations around 120E, as may Australia and Indonesia.  Australia's power oddly rests in the remote west around some of its richest mining regions on the Kalgoorlie longitude, and if it loses those to foreign interests, its national defense power is severely weakend.  The same is true for the USA if its strongest global power locality now, the longitude of the US Pacific Fleet offices in Anchorage and/or any operations directly north of there, are weakend by foreign control or meddling, and the Asian-intel-run Moonie cult shipping fleets and other operations there could be a major threat to US national security, as could they fusion into US Pacific Fleet command.  Thus, it is time overdue to flush the Moonie cult Out of US national security agencies and operations, for they served Asia First, over America.  It is similarly time to assess CAPAC for the same... are their priorities America, or Asian expansion into or over America?  That can be determined by a deeper study of that "Asian Pacific America" organization, and a study that is urgent and vital, and should not be delayed.  The late 1990s nominal shutdown of the US Naval Base in Alameda correlates geodetically with the rise of the WOHOPTO Mafia, "Project 8020", and CAPAC power, as if CAPAC replaced the US Navy in Alameda, and this is an urgent issue with the recent Revived Japan Marines drills in San Diego during the US government shutdown of January 2018, which weakened US government surveillance power in port cities.  So, who's taking over?  Americans in Anchorage and Denver?  or Asian interests in the East China Sea?  This vital question needs asking urgently, and is to be tallied with already visible evidence.

    The other major 4th harmonic Vulkanus power locations are near Canada's Atlantic Fleet control bases around the Gulf of St-Lawrence and Newfoundland and Labrador.  How are they affected by the Halifax port control agencies and the German-run Halifax Conference offices?  Is Canada's fleet thus under Canadian, or other control outside North America, and will it defend North American interests in the face of global competition?  Directly south of there is Britain's naval bases and offices in and along the longitudes of Barbados and the Falklands.  Are they effectively coordinated with those in Canada, or are they too under sway of the Halifax Conference power complex nested in the German-run EuroUnion (often operating via Brussels and Strasbourg/Strassburg)?  Remarkable power is also amassed in remote Tahiti, and how much is it now under the control of France, or of the German Euro-Union complex?

    Russia's power may lie in remote bases (missile, tech weapons centers, etc) as much as in St-Peterburg, made evident by Russia's military capability of moving missiles around on wheels from location to location, plus whatever new electrotechnical weapons it has at its disposal and which can be launched or controlled from most anywhere including remote areas of Siberia around 120E or lesser (per 8th harmonic) facilities around 75 E, which draws India (and Pakistan and Kashmir) into the global arena as a secondary global power, recently joined in alliance with Beijing and Moscow via the SCO Shanghai Pact.  Thus, the Asian Century powers line up, and can include further alliances via the 32nd harmonic Vulkanus power along Japan's northern coastlines and Hokkaido.

    Not to be overlooked are any bases in the Marshall Islands (Moonie-cult infested) and French New Caledonia (also subject to German EuroUnion controls under Macron-Petain).  America must make sure the Marshall Islands facililtes cannot be swung to East China Sea nationalist interests via CAPAC or other similar dominance, while Australia needs to monitor closely what is transpiring in Vanuatu as well as New Caledonia   Southern New Zealand can exert substantial influence in the global power-balance via bases in its far south.

    The Komandorskie Islands, east of Kamchatka, are something for US forces in Alaska to remain vigilant of, as well as any Arctic bases directly north of there, as well as 32nd harmonic power from Sakhalin up to Okhotsk and toward the far nother Novosibirski Islands... all critical to Alaska as well as American-Pacific-Coast security.

    The recent policy of allowing possibly too much local autonomy has led to foreign nationalist elements in CAPAC, for example, to protest surveillance on naturalized citizens, a normal and also vital component of national as well as state security operations.  America as a whole needs to bring the immigration-policy extremists at both ends of the spectrum together at the table with level-headed people in the middle to discuss in greater depth the pros and cons over immigration policies and their impact on social stability and the interests of All of America's citizens.  Extremist pro-immigration positions appear to swayed by foreign nationalist interests, economic or political or both, and pro-immigration lobbyist networks (Asian Law Caucus, etc) need to be assessed for ties to economic as well as political interests overseas, including offshore monies. The manifestation of the CAPAC or ALC-affiliated Korematsu schools need urgently to be assessed for radicalization of students with rhetoric about "Old White People" and "White Supremacy" designed to advance Asian nationalist expansion into North America more than American civil rights protections, as it is a potential source of organized, foreign-manipulated social unrest if not monitored and assessed carefully.  City and county autonomy may need to be reeled in to revert to more statewide controls, on at least some levels.  In some cases, Transpacific Asian Mafia lobbying appears to be overriding government controls, or even co-opting and manipulating them via infiltration and demands for disproportionate representation, while stoking tensions with Washington DC to radicalized extremes and in ways the state government in Sacramento would have the wisdom to not do.  The problem may be summarized in what was written several years ago -- that China is dumping its criminals on America -- and sensible longtime Chinese-American citizens in Chinatown can speak about it only under their breath, for fear of retaliation. Indeed, critics of Asian mafia corruption have already been harassed on the sidewalks. Asian mafia corruption and criminal operations are often using other less well-to-do minorities to run their drugs and sell their prostitutes, and this has spun out of control in correlation with the rise to power of the Asian Law Caucus and chaotic immigration patterns.  It can be resolved by reeling in the CAPAC and ALC lobbies.  The similarity to Japanese and East Asian Axis Fascist subversion operations of the World War 2 era are more than noteworthy, and they include creation, manipulation, and control of radicalized neo-fascist and crypto-fascist cults including some with pseudo-leftist themes.  This correlates with the Hades=Vulkanus configuration of covert politics using primal addiction psychology, and geodetics point to the possible link to Kuomintang-Communist fusion psy-ops long common along the East China Sea coastline along with Golden Triangle drug money and possible paramilitary operations. At this time, perhaps more than ever, the Golden Triangle mafia networks Must be brought under control by a concerted international effort... if anything positive can manifest from globalism, it should be to bring global drug-production centers under control, rather than those drug cartels running governments or even paramilitary operations including psy-op cults in cities around the world.  It has gotten to the extreme point recently where even social service programs for the elderly and disabled are being run by marginally-competent people promoting recreational drug use, increased consumption of prescription opiates, and even in the most extreme cases, sado-masochism as recreational behavior, interestingly combined with advocacy for increased immigration.  This would fit precisely with interests of the Golden Triangle mafia network and its ability to lobby, or even control, politically -- and the revival of the old East Asian Fascist network with updated themes and tactics.

    Earlier entries cover the current and recent aligments of the power factors (all slow to move but potent, and thus concentrating for months or even years at specific locations.  However, in closing, a review of secondary but significant 16th and 32nd harmonic points of Vulkanus power impact on North American cities in effect at this time.  The 1st and 4th harmonic impact already has clearly manifest, in part, as powerful lobbying groups with radicalized cults and possible associated paramilitary affiliations.  The most powerful 1st harmonic impact would be in western Europe and northeast Africa at 0 Leo Ascendant, coming from the East China Sea coast at 0 Leo MC.  This could mean that the radicalized cults causing problems in western Europe and NE Africa are possibly being orchestrated from Chinese seacoast military/intel agencies, or east-central Siberian or central Indonesian agencies if they have such capacity. A study of who controls Indonesia now, and what transpires along 120E in Siberia, would shed light, in addition to the East China Sea factors.

    If there is a direct one-on-one first harmonic pertinence, then impact on the Seattle region, now spreading into Portland, this the bulk of impact may be coming from 0 Aquarius MC, i.e. most likely, radicalized Chaco region and Argentine cults, and possible cults from Guyana, the Brazilian Selvas, or often-speculated bases in Antarctica south of there, and those would include anything in the Graham Land peninsular region south of Chile and Argentina. This would account for major influxes into the lower-48 US Pacific coast via Washington state and northern Oregon coastlines, remembering that Hades with Vulkanus can indicate submarine and nocturnal operations, not infrequently stealthy, as Hades can be calculated secrecy.  However, entries at that point could also likely come from 'squared' 0 Scorpio in on the Tahiti-Anchorage (Moonie fishing fleets) longitude, or the opposed East China sea line.  One interesting link between all of those is the notoriously corrupt and mafia-infested Kuomintang/APACL/Moonie central control offices in Taipei, as well as Shanghai and Qingdao under whatever controls them now after the Xi Jinping coup pushing "Prosperity" themes like the WW2 Fascists, along with a pledge to the legacy of Deng Xiaoping who was devoted to an Asian Century unification of China, Taiwan, and Japan.  Don't believe their lie about that plan being abandoned, despite typical Chinese shadow-puppet shows to throw people off on what Hades=Vulkanus is doing there now... it's a Shen Yun Show run by Transpacific real-estate vultures dressed in pretty colors and hypnotic stage plays.  Interestingly, Seattle was Ed Lee's old stomping grounds.  The other direct 1st harmonic correlations... St-Peterburg, Kiev, Istanbul, or Johannesburg-Durban at 0 Taurus MC may be the most likely to strike at Ottawa, New York, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chaco region, and the Rio de la Plata.  This creates a circle with other locations so that its possible that influxes into South America then, in turn, flow into North America, with South America as a conduit, and it interestingly points to longtime Fascist Axis hub areas in South America.  Zero Taurus MC may be areas of particular focus for immigration problems in New York and Ottawa and Canadian government, and note that secondary 8th harmonic alignments point to Kashmir and New Delhi at 15 mutables.

    Following more indicators for Canada and the USA, in 8th and 16th and 32nd harmonic... these locations are or remain most vulnerable (including submarine ops, paramilitaries, or weapons importation).... coastlines between Santa Cruz and Lompoc, especially between Monterey and Santa Maria. This can include rural coastal areas where operations may not be as easy to sight.  Next is a very vulnerable point around the mouth of the Colorado River, including the Yuma area and any location to either side of the river mouth in Mexico.  On other levels, inland it points to possibly increased strategic lobbying in Salt Lake City, with possible foreign cults involved, and this has interesting recent manifestations in Moonie cult events held jointly with the Mormon Church hierarchy.  Billings Montana may be vulnerable to foreign cult infiltration, as may be Prince Albert Saskatechewan, from aforementioned source locations.

    Any Russian issues could come from the possibility, to study, that Moonie-cult collaboration with some Russian power blocs have blossomed since the political chaos of the 1990s, especially since Putin is an enthusiast of Taekwondo, long known as a periodic front for Asian intel and subversion operations internationally.

    In addition, Vulkanus will continue to affect the border areas of Texas around Laredo, some unwalled due to mountains, and yet accessible via the Rio Grande river.  Yet, inland areas must also be watched, especially foreign lobbies in Austin, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Lincoln, and Sioux Falls, that may seek to expand the transnational real estate grabs drowning California into the US oil and agricultural production centers of the central states and America's Breadbasket region, including major agribusiness centers.  This could be more of the already obvious Asian mafia takeover of the California economy, edging toward totality, and facilitated by the crippling tax cuts of the Elaine Chao family empire's puppet boy Mitch McConnell (with amazing similarities to the relationship between Mme Chiang Kaishek and Wendell Willkie for their "One World" plan).  The aggressive and well-planned foreign land grabs could also extended into Winnipeg Manitoba and the aformentined line that runs through Salt Lake City to All of the Colorado River valley up and down western Arizona, and lands to the NNE in western Wyoming, central Montana, and west central Saskatchewan.

    Interestingly, the next harmonic line goes near Fort Knox, the Chao dynasty's prize catch, the Louisville HQ of the National Association of Manufacturers (which the Moonies likely lobbied via manipulation of the Bushes, Indianapolis and thus all Indiana maybe up for foreign land or resource grabs, western lower-peninsula and central upper-peninsula Michigan, Tennessee via Nashville govt, and Alabama via Montgomery as well as Birmingham.  The Chao/Asian push economic calamity pushed via their puppet McConnell may force America to sell of its land to survive economically.  Does Trump understand this?  Does he get a cut and so doesn't care?  Is Chao his key advisor?  Or Thiel, representing the post-Apartheid privatized economy still run by the Bruderbond and its Pangermanist imperial network of friends?  Czars behind Putin?  Has the SCO Shanghai Pact flipped totally from Communist to Fascist?

    Next is the aforementioned Vulkanus push on NYC, and that impacts all New York state via Albany as well; and Montreal in addition of Ottawa.  Note that whoever or whatever controls the St-Lawrence Gulf also controls its namesake Seaway, and foreign agents or sleeping guards at the river mouth affect what enters the Seaway to Montreal, Buffalo, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Sault Ste-Marie, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and then the big Chicago.

    I know these don't fit well with the "Dream Act" (actually introduced under the Bush Admin with Chao also in the cabinet), but then Dreams are Not Real.  People eventually wake up from them, and then see the stark realities, and hope they weren't robbed while they were asleep, or their house cleaned out and carried away.  Wake up, America.  The Golden Triangle opiates and pot only last so long, and the street-sweepers are on a roll.

    Where are the American leaders who know how to represent American interests, or even want to?  In Moonie dream-land?  America needs yet another Change, a change toward American instead of foreign interests.  Not Chinese, Slovenian, German, South African, Russian, or Middle Eastern interests, but American interests.  Who's in charge?   Get America in full control of Denver and Anchorage, Roswell and Santa Fe and Cheyenne, or it may really be Bye Bye American Pie.  The China Lobbyists are already pushing "Chinese Apple Pie" for American holidays, plus the idea that the US Capitol dome and that of the Great Hall of China are alike.  But take a look at the domes.... Not.  Another dream to wake up from.  Better secure Fort Knox before it's annexed to Neofascist Transpacifica, or to Merkel/Thiel/Schwarzenegger's Neofascist Transatlantica.  Looks like Putin has a little help from other countries tearing down the USA -- or is that missing from their intelligence reports that we actually Believe?  The Bush/Chao-introduced, and for some reason picked up by Democrats, 'Dream Act' is turning out to be a Nightmare. Time for the leaders to change to a new plan, grounded in American Reality. Nancy Pelosi's geodetics show that she will have to contend with attempts by the Asian nationalist lobbies, including those in Elaine Chao's Moonie-allied network, to sway her to their plan for America as a functional Asian colony, which fits with the Chao via McConnell plan for forced transnational privatization after tax cut government budget reductions. The CAPAC Dream Act was actually launched by the Moonie-cult chum and foreign-president "Arnold Amendment" proponent Orrin Hatch in 2001. It looks like the Moonies are trying to manipulate both parties, and maybe even to escalate the party clashes and government gridlock to benefit interests in Asia, which is approaching near full control of US Pacific states.  Note the CAPAC geodetic alignments in relation to the shutdown of the Alameda Naval Base:


Alameda Naval Air Station shut down 1997Mar25.  These events were in the same Vulkanus and Zeus and Pluto sectors,rising as the base faded away:


It may be time to review why the base was closed and if the reduction of US military presence was a good idea -- noting which transnational interests rose as the base closed:

2019Jan03: Latest geodetic overview (updated Jan06):

    A periodic review of data and correlation in the 'Men Behind the Curtain' geodetic alignments reveals new or recurring patterns with each glance back over the table, and addition of alignments for recent events as they unfold.  So many of the current problems globally include a resignation of both the USA and Canada to the treacherous "deals" proposed by the German-run EuroUnion (via Merkel et al.... she's not the only one), and the new East Asia Prosperity "Transpacific"/"Asian Pacific" pushers like Shinzo and the Chinese and Korean hustlers. Aside from, and in addition to whatever Putin and Russia are doing, the pattern becomes more clear every day that the world is dealing with Revived WW2 Fascism, in which Russia could of course be or become complicit, depending on what unfolds there  The widespread public confusion is due to the Hades=Vulkanus 22.5 cluster that has been in effect, and will remain in effect, until 2026 per an extended 2-degree secondary orb of influence.  The HA.VU combination is one of potential (and obviously manifest) treachery, fascism, calculated political secrecy, drugs as a political weapon, that have manifest -- although the positive side would be genuine populist politics in the positive sense, if that can be attained and scrutinized for authenticity.  The challenge with Hades is always the ability to discern deceit and hidden motives, and act according to understanding of karmic law of social cause-and-effect rather than primal selfishness. Add to this the perpetual need of Vulkanus for balance-of-power and level-headeness.

    I would here like to address some of Obama's weaknesses, while acknowledging his positive contributions to America's wellbeing, before proceeding, as some have proposed him as a continued leader in the Democratic Party.  Now that his term is over and other leaders have taken the reins, it's time to point out the flaws that need correction.  The greatest of his weakesses is inflated idealism, a bloated Neptune, and one exploited by transnationally-connected political allies who rode his coat-tails. The shift away from Merkel's early lures (also to Hillary when she was "in the ring") to make America another German colony as an adjunct state of a/the German-run Grossdeutsches "European Union" was smart.  However, Thiel, Schwarzenegger, and other German double-agents in the USA were alert to then fuse in on and manipulate the alternate "Transpacific" "Pivot to Asia" by quietly directing it to Germany's old corporate-banking allies in Asia. Due to the naivete of US political and some military leaders of the past and maybe the present still, double-agents and other functional operants of foreign interests are now fused into US infrastructure at every level, perhaps moreso in corporate and banking circles than in government and military operations.  Critics have been dismissed as "xenophobic', "racists", or even recently as "white supremacist" for objecting to the often CAPAC-driven Asian wave of mass business and real estate takeovers putting, sometimes, something close to entire state economies under control of interests in Asia (as has been much the case in Hawaii for some time, there possibly including political infrastructure).  American political leaders (and Canada possibly via Trudeau and others) have facilitated the global power shift with the best of intentions combined with a high-risk naivete of how Asian politics operate underneath the surface diplomacy. (Sun Tzu's Art of War is "the book" usually followed in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Golden Triangle countries, Chinese Malaysia, the Chinese enclave of Singapore, and the world's Chinatown machines.  Read it or perish slowly, as many already have.  It's Guerrilla warfare tactics on steroids, and what lost the Korea and Vietnam wars.)

    The shift away from Merkel was smart, but the shift to Asian corporate and financial invasion of the USA was not... the Pivot to Asia accords went Too Far East, and thus strange changes are occurring in California that look almost like a stealth invasion and takeover, manipulating and hiding, in part, inside the "People of Color" movement and attempting to turn it into a vehicle for Asian imperial expansion into North America. Along with it, in their propaganda campaigns, American nationalism is being shamed and vilified, while Asian nationalism is being praised and promoted to the point of nausea, and Asian imperialism is also operating as demands for "inclusion" and "diversity" that go beyond the long needed equalization of American social classes based on race, overboard into Asian dominance seeking to overpower fundamental American political institutions. To do this, the Asia lobbyists magnify every civil right abuse in American history to where they present themselves as an alternative oligarchy for suppressed minorities.  If Washington DC does not manifest the equality of opportunity promised in found US government documents, the Transpacific Mafia is ready to exploit those themes, and are already doing so aggressively, including via Asian nationalist political lobbies including CAPAC and the Asian Law Caucus. Ed Lee was a combination of a cloned "Mao" of Asian neo-fascism and the Asian Jim Jones (although Kuomintang-Communist alliance Xi Jinping is presented as an even more conspicuous Mao clone.)  FBI astrologer Al Morrison wrote me that investigation of the Jonestown dynamic was to be studied thoroughly and not dismissed as a fluke, and that led me to only years later discover the role of Asian transnational legal advocate Arthur Chung in Jonestown, and the proximity of the Jonestown prototypes in California to the Moonie cult colonies north of San Francisco, and the several parallels to Ed Lee and his operations.  And the results of Ed Lee's reign being, more than anything, a combination of mass real-estate coups and transnational acquisitions followed by rapid inflation, mass gentrification, and mass Asian immigration pushed agressively by both the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus network and the Moonies (celebrating ALC victories with mass weddings and "family unification" political rhetoric).  Vulkanus over the East China Sea is Moonie Power escalated to a global level, in addition to the cyborg-like Plastic Mao lookalike Xi Jinping privatizer network in Beijing, another wave of Chinese "socialism with Chinese characters" or "characteristics", political posturing along the Taiwan Strait to manipulate US Pacific policies with more political shadow-puppet shows like the "Cultural Revolution" manipulated by Japanese intelligence, old Chinese Fascist networks rooted in the Qing dynasty machine, and assorted Chinese factions hoping to get falling crumbs from the perennial rich warlord/landlord class.  Reading Sun Tzu will explain if that doesn't make sense, and geodetic alignments of various events in Chinese and Japanese history are highly revealing... and evidence appears to be true that Japan had MacArthur duped after hosting and flattering him in Japan for a few years, wining, charming dining, and manipulating, Sun Tzu style (how Mme Chiang Kaishek, Soong Meiling also operated on her "One World" campaign to make Wendell Willkie the kind of puppet that political family cohort Elaine Chao has succeded in making Mitch McConnell into.. and maybe even Trump at times).  Indeed, Soong Meiling's "One World" Plan may be a cornerstone of the Transpacific TPP.  No one on the planet today who does not understand what Sun Tzu, and recent times' Sterling Seagrave, wrote is likely to survive on today's global political landscape -- and an understanding of the similar political strategizing advocated by Klemenz von Metternich will explain how the Merkel-ornamented circle of German neo-fascist comrades overtook Europe while looking like "Mummy", for a while anyway, and are reaching out tentacles that compete with those of  revived WW2 Pan-Asian Fascism that was to revolve in part around Asian control of Hawaii, now remarkably close to CAPAC.  Those books should be required reading in every college in America, if our country is to survive, and ASAP, because the Fascist Neo-Axis is moving fast, whether Putin is part of it or not.  This is no distraction from Putin, as he surely knows all of the aforementioned, and will play his chess-pieces accordingly.  If the Nostradamus warning-prophecy is to manifest, which it may or may not, depending on choices of people in high places, Putin will side with Asia, as the SCO Shanghai Pact has already manifest.  However, neither America nor Britain should let Germany run the Russia policy for us, because Germany has long had its own ambitions to control Russia, described in German literature repeatedly, including by Hitler and 'friends', and yet Germany does not know how to conduct diplomacy in a way that lasts because it is inherently a frustrated imperial power, with virtually no history of democracy, and a militant centuries-old oligarchy that is what drove so many German refugees out of the country (including the mass immigration wave of German small-d democrat refugees to the USA after the failed 1848 German revolution).  Note that the majority of German-Americans were staunchly Anti-Hitler because the same machine that put him in power had nearly ruined theirs and their lives 80 years before -- even if a handful of naive Americans of German ancestry were dupes of the "Bund" cult run by Nazi agents including those who were sent early on to get citizenship while functioning as agents with US citizenship privileges.  Well-planned foreign subversion programs frequently include citizenship 'naturalization' in order to dispel scrutiny and operate under less scrutiny, and this is common knowledge among students of military intelligence, making Taiwan-born Ted Liu's advocacy for relaxing surveillance on naturalized citizens an indicator that he either is dangerously ignorant of US national security issues, or complicit in foreign subversion operations, and shouldn't be making US national security policy.  Particularly when US passport and ID fraud is such a problem, and still lingerging from times before newer measures were taken.  His stance there is only one example of how utterly stupid it is to vote naturalized citizens into political office, for there is too much risk of lack of understanding of the issues of their adopted land, and too much risk of functioning as a double-agent, even if via appeals from their native"homeland".  In fact, CAPAC is overdue for thorough investigation of double-agent activity.  Take a look at some of the disasters at state government level from electing people who don't know the state at the visceral, and probably essential, level.  Pay attention to the individuals and their affiliations and lobbying vulnerabilities, and organizations, who advocated for the non-native US Presidential office amendment (aka the "Arnold Amendment"), and before America considers "Change", the history of the Mormon church and its relationship with the US government is also long overdue for review, especially with the recent joint Mormon-Moonie joint conferences that should be raising every eyebrow in America.  What's that about?

    Pluto now lingers around the geodetic MC of Vienna (and Wall Street, largely created by Vienna banking houses), China's Chongqing, and South Africa's Capetown, after several years of Pluto-cracy over Germany during Merkel's glory, and although Vulkanus is now aligned with St-Peterburg, it is also aligned with the relatively new European Ukrainian govt in Kiev, the naval ports of Romania under ethnic-German Klaus Johannis, eastern Finland (long under heavy German sway, and a WW2 Nazi puppet-state), and the eastern end of South Africa (also long under heavy German sway via Afrikaaner Bruderbond alliances that German-born Peter Thiel's family networked with during his Apartheid childhood there).  Note how, thus, the Vulkanus of the East China Sea and of eastern South Africa backed Donald Trump and rode into office with him, and Elaine Chao, sitting at his side.  As Fritz/Walter Mondale said to the Alzeheimers-affllicted actor Ronald Reagan, "Who's in Charge?", on of the hallmark statements of recent American history that should probably not be forgotten at every turn of administration in every seat of government, as is also the case with the often-used "Rule by Marriage" trick policy of Klemenz von Metternich that is also used at a more "plebian" level via the Moonie-cult weddings arranged between Asian agents and Americans in critical political or high-finance jobs.

    With Hades-22.5-Vulkanus, constant vigilance is needed against political intrigue that is at a critically high level that is only periodic in human history, and thus Not to be ignored or dismissed as 'conspiracy theory'.  Anchorage intelligence operations cannot risk being undermined by Asian nationalist CAPAC elements, and Canadian Cape Breton area operations risk undermining from Hindu fusions with the SCO Shanghai Pact or other East China Sea Asian nationalist interests.  The good news, especially for young people, is that the current HA=VU it is only a phase that will not last forever, and so there is indeed Hope for the future, but not if we turn on to opiates, pot, or inane media distractions, and drop out.  Every study of history should be for thorough understanding of how it is a causal factor in the present.  All the world needs to be Alert and Thinking through the duration, and it doesn't fully end until the 2-degree orb is past in 2026.  More good news it that it is halfway over and on the wane, so the last several years were the worst, started in America by Obama's well-meaning naivete in foreign policy (including reliance on Crypto-fascist Stanford-affiliate offices nationwide), especially toward Asian mafia, and then by Trump's lack of political experience.  Trump could now redeem himself by publicly acknowledging now what his true deficiencies are, and engaging in sincere cooperation with the Democratic Congress, shedding his ego, and really listening to what his critics have to say in terms of the national interest of Americans at every income-level including those he may have no understanding of.  All he has to say is, "I made some mistakes and I am ready to listen to those who disagree", but he has to really mean it, and do it.  That means Democrats have to stop beating him like a disintegrating scarecrow, and focus on Who Put Him There and who tells him what to do when he doesn't know what to do.  Trump has to be recognized as a human being with foibles, and not a monster in a bad dream, and not a turtle who got on the fencepost by himself.  The Democratic Party is shooting itself in the foot by continuing to be a party far too focused on immigrant rights, as the failures of the Hillary campaign proved...  but should continue to advocate for those legitimate human rights protections for immigrants without ignoring the many native citizens of the USA affected by immigration.  There's too much foreign money lobbying Washington, probably non-stop, and every other state capital, especially foreign real-estate vultures driving up rents and sending the money back home to where they came from, including to build up foreign powers competing with the USA economically.... again note Golden Triangle Hades in Cancer teamed East China Sea Vulkanus, and how in the most sinister cases, crack wars are created to drive down property prices before foreign acquisition by people from the narcotrafficking hubs. Is your rent building up Greater China or Japan or Germany while American flounders economically?  Remember that those 3 countries, and others have limited history of democracy, and are ruled by a landlord class to whom all else in the country pay rent, and they've been eating up American property like Pac-Man after years of starvation, and all looking for "Lebensraum". The USA, Canada, Australia, or Russia will meet their real estate needs, and inflated mortgage loans and repossessions, and real estate law lobbying, speed up the process.  Some of America's cities already manifest the casualties.

    Anyone now dispelling World War 2 Fascism as irrelevant history, or its revival now in disguise as pseudo-liberalist sugarcoated Merkel and Shinzo games, in addition to more overt Neo-Nazi, Nippon Kaigi; Black Dragon and White Dragon Societies; Chee Kung Tong; and other Chinese and Japanese Nationalist cults, sometimes operating out of marital arts schools or via fake religious cults like the Moonies and Falun Gong/Dafa), is a fool.  The bibliography I have posted, with the help of investigators of post-WW2 Fascism/Nazism) helps identify the history and roots of those networks, noting that the "Antifa" network is fake and manipulated at top levels by Nazis and Fascists themselves and should be avoided.  To pin all the problems uniquely on either Germany or Japan or Chinese Fascist networks (now infiltrated into the Chinese Communist Party to the point of probably being in full control, and an essential part of the Kuomtinang-Communist alliance) as being the only one of the lot is to err, as geodetics point out -- as is to ignore the existence of a long-extant Russian Fascist network (that played a central role in creating the WW2 Facist Axis). Expanding Saudi power now reaching into Egypt and Libya and now in alliances with Turkey, are also to be noted. Herbert Hoover was naive to the roots of the global Fascism that is reviving, unless he was complicit, and so his straggling worshiper-"advisors" are likely to lead America right into the neo-fascist trap, if they haven't already, just as Hoover himself nearly led America into the first Fascist trap before Roosevelt took charge, using his vast personal and family exprience with American statesmanship.  After Roosevelt's death, Fascist/Nazi dupes around Hoover and cohorts still lingered, and thus America is in the mess it's in now, lured and manipulated by the redecorated organizations run by or created by post-WW2 Axis powerbrokers. T H Tetens wrote on the early stages of that deceptive transition period, and Sterling Seagrave's books, inadequately recognized pearl-like gifts to humanity, wrote on the Asian fascist/mafia wing that ever California politician should have read by now, due to the state's geographic position, and the first (and not the 2nd edition, watered-down with added naive commentaries sounding like Chinese propaganda) of "Lords of the Ring". In addition, those who have idolized the Empress Tzu-Hsi/Cixi, because she was a woman, are equally foolish, as she was ultimately as treacherous and heartless as the dynasty she represented, and her heir the Manchurian Emperor Pu Yi was similarly treacherous, even if outsmarted by the Japanese military intelligence machine that is now fully revived and recently was "training" (who trained whom?) in San Diego while a "US Government Shutdown" weakend San Diego US port security at a possibly disastrous level.  The timing on that couldn't have been worse, and so who did it and why? Could it be happening again?

    All of it is so directly related to the Vulkanus position along the East China coast (including Japanese surveillance or defense posts), 22.5 to Hades in the Golden Triangle, an East Asian transnational mafia hub intimately linked to rising Asian power now in the USA, Canada, and globally... further linked to Kashmir and New Delhi, 22.5 to the west and thus in 8th harmonic union with the East China seacoast global powerball, fused with the Elaine Chao family shipping empire in addition to anything from China or Japanese military/intel ops along the China coastline.  The possible Japanese fusion should not be underestimated since the Japan Fascist Army installed the Kuomintang government in Taipei as the World War 2 Fascist Axis was nominally 'ending' (but only went underground).  Thus, substantial Japanese control of the Taiwan government and military may have never ended since the 1890s.  Then there's the SCO Shanghai Pact and Russia's potential to swing to whatever alliances keep it in the most advantageous position, as was manifest in both the WW2 and WW1 flipflops. China did the same. Russia and China saw the world wars as a European and Japanese game that was not intended to serve their interests either way, and so they played by their own rules. In the event of a catastrophic World War 3, the same is likely to happen again, but this time the weapons can blow up the world at a moment's notice, and not only does Nobody Win, but nobody is left to win... No Child Left Behind, indeed.

    However, an equally preposterous policy of dreaming that calculating nationalist competition from overseas does not exist anymore, could lead to No American Child Left Behind. The extremist polarizations in Washington between warmongering and "peace at any price" need to stop, and some balance needs to occur, and that means both extremes need to calm down, stop, and listen through what the other has to say as along as what is said is presented both in sincerity and a rational tone.  As for alliances, America needs to remember who its proven friends were when the chips were down, not risk "redefining" those to ally with the foreign WW2 national oligarchy networks who would have blown our country to smithereens if they could have.  That doesn't mean dispense with diplomacy, but the don't play with snakes, either.  All the "dream" talk has put people to sleep for foreign national takeover, already clearly manifest if only people would wake up and look instead of smoking a doobie and making "peace" hand gestures that look like surrender signals.

    People who haven't taught foreign university students are put under surveillance for possibly foreign subversion affiliations, and it is not uncommon for those to be found, with various appropriate measure taken afterward, and this occurs in nearly every country on the planet. Foreign subversion is real, and sometimes it is not detected until after people get through the gate. It's part of reality, and can't just be dreamed away. 

    Did anyone notice when the Falun Gong newspaper ran full-page ads on how the Dream Act was going to provide them with 'Dream Homes' in states where the average local citizen can't afford them?  How were they to be getting those Dream Homes?  A topic for intensive study, with Hades in Cancer over the global-drug-rich Golden Triangle 22.5 to Vulkanus along the East China Sea coast regions and the Manchuria-Russia borderlands where "Master Hongzhi Lee" hails from and where Shen Yun ticket sales help buy those homes in America for the cult members, or for their illustrious "Reincarnated Gautama Buddha" cult leader.  Even liberal hubs like Berkeley are now so flooded with Asian fascist mafia that billboards for the swastika-bedecked Falun Gong's "Shen Yun show" tower over the city's main thoroughfare.  Leland Stanford would be delighted to have finally made his dream to control Berkeley come true, with Hoover finally annexing chunks of California to the East Asia Prosperity Sphere of Hitler's allies, as the old Asian Fascist "Friends Progress" lobby finally achieves its objective to "Give Hawaii to Japan" via CAPAC, and the FBI website removes maps of World War 2 Japanese subversion operation locations California.  Like Schwarzenegger, the website contractors said "Aw, that's just old Nazistuff".  Yes, it is.. and if you don't want to see neo-fascism grow, it's wise to not dismiss it as old, irrelevant "stuff", because it still smells the same even if it doesn't look the same.  Ignore it at your own risk.  It's not just a video game, and "dreams" aren't going to dream it away any more than the opium that Japan put its enemies to sleep with in WW2, or the pot that Asian mafia are now seeking to monopolize production of via cheap-labor sweatshop farms, so America can "tune in, turn on, and drop out", and Toke for Tokyo Takeover. 


The rights to the song "Bye bye American Pie" were sold to an unknown buyer on 2015Apr08, 

5 days after the Moonie cult's 2015 Mass Wedding ceremony; 

7 days before the Falun Gong "Victory Day" Parade;

14 days before the 3rd international Bandung Asiacentric Global Economics Conference; 

21 days before Japan's Prime Minister took the podium in US Congress and gave a mesmerizing monotone speech that held the US Congress spellbound, on WW2 Japan Fascist Emperor Hirohito's birthday;

about 26 days before the Kuomintang-Communist Unification meet between the 2 Chinese party leaders;

about 34 days before the "Transpacific Fast Track Authority" was railroaded over US Congress;

about 34 days before the Siemens/German BND Global Cybersecurity Conference opened in Romania;

about 37 days before the Asian "Students Lobby for Fair Admissions" demanded alteration of US university admissions quotas to allow more Asian students into American universities.

Vulkanus was at 27:53 Cardinals, in orb of Beijing in Sepharial geodetics, Shanghai and Taipei in Grimm geodetics. 


    Bye bye, American Pie, indeed. Some of our "leaders" have surrendered our country to Global neo-fascism, and the 64,000 dollar question is "How and Why?"

    It looks like it's in the Moonie-Shinzo kool-aid, the Merkel-Schwarzenegger-Siemens-Thiel brew, the CAPAC/Liu naturalized-citizen security-exemption bill; the corporate mess that made up the nascent Dept of Homeland Security mess; Siemens Thiel and CAPAC control of Silicon Valley, and whatever Hindu-flavored machine was put in control of Microsoft and the internet during the Obama administration.  Note that third parties are equally manipulated by foreign interests (Greens are German, Libertarians rooted in WW2 Axis Fascism with a facelift), and only the Democratic Party is rooted in founding of the United States (despite the parties' name-changes over time).  The Republican Party was the pro-royalist lobby in 1789 injected with money from Siemens-Deutschebank railroad capital and later fused with the Moonie network that now has reached its tentacles into the Democratic Party as America is "Asianized". "Refining" America means "Asianizing" America in line with objectives of the old Bandung Conference "third world" network built on Asian Fascist Golden Lily money. Global Neo-fascism leads us to believe the only other alternative is Siemens-Deutschebank control, so there is supposely No American alternative.   It's up to American money to create the alternative that is neither based in Asia nor the New German Reich, or Russia, or any country but America. We can ask Canada to join, but will probably have to adopt policies to the left of what has been the norm after Roosevelt was killed in Prince Bernhard's "health spa" and the crypto-nazi Thomas Dewey almost became president.  Britain will have to recover from crippling demand of the EuroUnion. If America can steer back to policies that united it with Canada and Britain and Australia in World War 2, there is Hope. Australia seems to be the beacon at the moment, but is subject to ruining by Asian pushes and pressures on it.  Otherwise, the kissing up to Merkel or Shinzo or any Chinese concoction is a sure-fire path to the collapse of national sovereignty, and Trump's tax-reduction policy on the rich was the opposite of what needs to happen, and risks throwing the USA into a period of chaos.  When the rich become so greedy they don't care what happens to the poor, a society collapses and empires fall, for the power of the rich rests on the backs of the poor, as it has throughout history.  Plus, it should be seriously considered if Trump is actually run by Chao or Thiel or both, by subtle means and in ways Kelly was prevented from detecting.

    Putin may well be subverting US government operations, but he's sure not the only one, by far. "Shame on you" for having "xenophobic" thoughts about this, said the fools and the complicit. "All the world is peace love dove and if you don't Believe it you are a Hate-monger, an evil Nationalist, or a "White Supremacist" for mentioning Asian mafia subversion, and if you don't want to be called any of those, then shut up." So goes the current "trending" line. God forbid anyone not comply with "trends".  How much more obvious does it have to be that America has been Overrun and Occupied by transnational interests outside our borders, and facilitated primarily by "naturalized" double-agents in the form of Thiel, Schwazenegger, Liu, Chao, and others of their slippery ilk?


2019Jan02: Chinese New Year.

    Vulkanus at Fixed Signs.  Chinese New Year starts Feb 5th, not Jan 1st. 'Same domes in both capitals'. National Association of Manufacturers headquarters in Kentucky.  Revived Kuomintang-Communist alliances reunify China and Taiwan oligarchies. Year begins with puppet shows and plenty of Chao. Vulkanus 22.5 Hades over Golden Triangle, with power in East China Sea, Manila, central Indonesia,and western Russian Yakutia, or else Kalgoorlie mining region in Australia.

    In Europe and Africa, Vulkanus over St-Peterburg, Kiev, Cairo, and Durban, 22.5 to Hades over Luxemburg, Bilderberg, and Tunisia.

    In America, Vulkanus over Guyana, Chaco Region, Buenos Aires; Barbados, Falklands, St-Lawrence Gulf; and Moonie-ship-encompassed Anchorage, or Tahiti under Merkel's Macron, 22.5 to Hades in west Cuba and Panama, Ecuador coast, Miami, Asheville, and Cleveland.

    "Asian Pacific"advocates cheering for independence of US administered Pacific islands while pushing for CAPAC "Reuniting Families" immigration expansion with relaxed laws legalizing Golden Triangle drugs. HA=VU Shady politics where narcotrafficking, human-trafficking, and global politics intersect.

Asian-Pacific weapons technology "shared".


2019Jan01:  Important point missing from recent posts, based on overviews of geodetic alignment patterns; Hades=Vulkanus intrigue continuing until 2026 but which will gradually fade as gradually identified and publicly recognized.  WITH HADES=VULKANUS, THIS IS -NO- TIME TO IGNORE POLITICS AND LET THEM FESTER UNDERGROUND, FOR THIS IS WHEN GLOBAL (AND ANY AND ALL NATIONAL, ALL INTERRELATED) CORRUPTION THRIVES DUE TO PUBLIC IGNORANCE AND NAIVETE. Vulkanus is power-technology as well as politics, and Hades is the subconscious as well as primal instincts.  It is highly risky and foolish to turn a blind eye to politics now, and even more risky to blindly "Believe" in ANYTHING.  Only the very shallow would not recognize this, and that does not exclude spiritual issues, for what is real in those realms is perceptible to anyone who doesn't turn off their heart along with their mind.  Who cannot sense the spiritual profunding of a mother nursing her pups or kittens, the visceral smell of fragrant flowers that permeates one's lungs, the bright sunshine that drives birds to sing and flowers to bloom, with rustling of tree leaves in the wind, or the rippling touch or loving words of a love one?  Those are realities, not beliefs, and each one of them connects us with the subtle realities of spirit, as does compassion for the unfortunate living on the streets in times of brutal economic gentrification of global banks now 'redefining' the global order along with nations it wants to bring to heel in the same way Hitler and the equally sociopathic Asian Fascists did already once before.

    The reopening/revitalization of the Alameda Naval Base should pointedly Exclude CAPAC, whose primary national objectives need urgently to be questioned, in the very same way that US bases under substantial German control should be eliminated. PUT CAPAC ON HOLD, MAYBE PERMANENTLY IS A GOOD IDEA. LET NO FOREIGN MILITARY OR CONTRACTORS OF ANY POWER HOSTILE TO THE USA AT ANY TIME ANY LONGER RISK CONTAMINATING OR MANIPULATING US NATIONAL SECURITY. That also means no German military units either.

    The geodetic alignments of the general Closing of the Alameda base in 1996 are quite revealing, indicating the rise of power of the Moonies and German operations in the European Central Bank, which fits interestingly with Merkel-friend Schwarzenegger's endorsement of the Korematsu network building up schools to indoctrinate American kids with neo-Moonie-type Japanese propaganda while turning those who have "resisted" US Federal agents into heroes.  Smells weird.  Is weird.  The Alameda shutdown correlates geodetically with the setup of the Moonie cult's "UNIFICATION.Net" website; the setup of the (presumably at least partly German but may not all) Canada-and-Great-Lakes security-critical Halifax Port Authority to control St-Lawrence Seaway traffic into Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago; the setup of the Moonie cult's "" website, presumably one of the key revived East Asian Prosperity Sphere's operations; launch of the Fox News channel and the Bluetooth headset project; and the launch of the "Confederate/Civil War Reenactment" events (with possible links to the McVeigh cult), and the Shutdown of the Interstate Commerce Regulatory Commission which would monitor foreign sea traffic along America's inland Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio rivers waterways as well as the Great Lakes, and monitoring of America's highway and rail trafficking.  How much more obvious can foreign subversion of the USA be?  Add to that the launch of the "America China International Investment Company", and when we include Pluto and Zeus placements also in this sector, it also includes Declaration of the Taliban Emirate in Afghanistan, the hijacking of the LGBT Janus Society and turning it into the S&M BDSM-focused "Society of Janus" named in reversed, from Gay liberation to Enslavement of gays, and the apparenlty related Nippon Kaigi revived Japan Fascist network, the Magi Astrology, network, Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, and historically, the Austrogerman puppet Benito Mussolini, the S&M Wiccan High Priest Gerald Gardner, and the Japan Fascist Kempetai Spy Director, Opium Racketeer, and Singapore Fascist Army Commander Kenji Doihara.

    So, ENOUGH of the trendy and stupid "Xenophobia" babble, which they promote, for the following reasons. The Nazi infiltration and co-option of the America First movement of circa 1940 (which nominally opposed war) is a historic example of the type of problems that could develop or have already.. it was set up as an anti-war organization and then co-opted by Axis Fascist agents.  Such a situation must not be allowed to happen again, whether right, left, or center... it is an illusion that America can now throw its doors open to transnational fusions without foreign takeover.  Transnational alliances may be needed in today's or tomorrow's world, but must be approached gradually and cautiously, one very careful step at a time, and under continual surveillance and scrutiny all along the way.... not by signing massive transoceanic Change agreements full of fine print, intentional secrecy, and refusal to disclose the terms of government transnational agreements to the public.  The European Union, especially since Merkel/cohorts' placement on its German engine hood, has proceeded in secrecy and with arbitrary moves not disclosed to the public of Europe, sometimes of Germany, until the results manifest and economic or social or political chaos unfolds among the general public.  This is also how the Nazi and Fascist parties took power decades back, and in their case under similarly and largely false pretenses. Such tactics not be allowed to further unfold in the United States.  The author is of the view of others watching closely.... that Trump has been used by foreign-born 'advisors' hoisting him in power as a myopically self-centred straw man, a manipulable political rookie who talks jingoism loudly but is run by outside interests he doesn't even see beyond his nose, and in the author's view, those are represented by Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao, at his side from campaign to installation.  Thiel represents carefully concealed German interests (in the land of his birth) that show geodetically as Siemens/BND/German military; while Chao represents Chinese and possibly also fused Japanese and Korean interests (in the land of her birth and its allies, now merged into and largely controlling mainland China, land of her father's birth, where he was a Sino-Japanese Kuomintang military officer who built a shipping empire using those connections, and which may have profited from Vietnam War shipping of war-related goods).  Bipartisan CAPAC, now trying to assert full control over California, shows its true colors by demanding that naturalized citizens (the most likely double-agents throughout history.. and including Thiel, Chao, and several CAPAC members/supporters) not have overseas communications monitored for political content, and Democrats have Very unwisely ignored ties between the Republican Chao and the CAPAC camps, and unwisely 'believed' the lie that the Asian Century plan has been scrapped, even if it may have been renamed, because Anyone paying attention to the unfoldment of Greater Chinese and Japanese and Korean global affairs since Deng Xiaoping's announcement of the Asian Century plan would see that it has not only been continued, but grown into a huge Elephant in the rooms of Congress, and of some state legislatures. Geodetic alignments point directly to it, even though Chinese agents scour the internet to cover it up (and follow me in public because I continue to publicize it).  These issues, and ignorance in Washington of Merkel's objectives, are due largely to three major problems.  

1) One is US government (and maybe military) reliance on foreign intelligence data bent to foreign interests  That's a huge problem. 

2) The second is the control or manipulation of US foreign policy by naturalized citizens, known over the centuries as the most likely perpetrators of double-agent activities and views.  (So much for stupid trust in the foreign "Heritage" network that Chao is among promoters of... Duh).  

3) The third is lines of communication controlled by foreign corporations or powers or a fusion of the two, including via Private Contracts (sometimes "private" in every sense of the word).  

    These problems must certainly be focused on in relation to Russian affairs, as the FBI has already directed the nation to follow now by reference to similar Chinese problems. Focus on potential or extant Chinese problems should cover ALL nations of the Chinese diaspora (incl Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, other predominantly Chinese-run enclaves), as the several Kuomintang-Communist agreements of recent years have clearly indicated, but possibly ignored due to double-agents in the USA "advising" American officials determining how to handle Asia, and the rampant presence of Asian political cults of every pop theme available, from restaurant to martial art to shamelessly and disgustingly sham buddhist themes. Over time, it has become clear, especially after studying geodetic alignments, that CAPAC has functioned as a vehicle for Asian Nationalist manipulation or even control of US infrastructure including communications, government, and economy/finance in ways not dissimilar to how the German-American Bund did in the 20th century, and how the Merkel-ornamented German military/intel machine is now.  It used a be problem manifest mostly in the Republican Party, for decades via the Moonie and German Kissinger network, both using religious hypocrisy as a weapon, but how now spread to the Democratic party via CAPAC and related networks, and a key base of operations appears to be in Hawaii, per the geodetic indicators including power alignments of the various Hawaii Constitutions and pre-state territorial governments that provided Asian nationalist footholds in American politics.  Shaming Americans for nationalism while brandishing foreign nationalism is their trick that has succeeded so far. And note that both Asian and German nationalist agents have, at very least for the past 18 years, scoured and altered Wikipedia and other internet content to cover up their manipulations by altering articles, even to the point of downloading private internet pages and re-posting them with their propaganda and or censored versions.  NOTE: that this has been possible to relinquishment of interent and other telecommunications media to foreign interests manipulating them for covert nationalist objectives, time and again, and facilitated by American naive trust in functional double-agents and other hypocritical foreign interests -- and to the recent rise of the Hindu component of the Asian Century network in the US computer tech industry.  Some day, in an ideal world, global, transnational trust and honesty may possibly manifest... but it's not manifest yet, not even close, other than in the kind of treachery exercised by Germany and Japan in their various 'diplomatic agreements' that led to global conflagration and blitzkriegs, which made any posited American foreign policy blunder pale by comparison.  Don't turn your back on Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, or their close allies while going after Russia... and pay attention to their overt agreements and cryptic overtures with Russia, as the European 'Eastern Front' has periodic smells of a new Hitler-Stalin Pact, that actually echoed the strategies of Czarina Catherine von Anhalt "the Great", whose hometown, as well as Schwarzenegger's hometown, aligns geodetically with Angela Merkel's Vulkanus power base, by the way, correlating with their recent collusions in Europe over Russia policy.  Also note the old Graz Austrian network behind Baron von Ungern and his role in developing part of what became the WW2 Asian wing of Axis Fascism (as pointed out by Peter Levenda).

  If you don't read international media, you may not be seeing it, for reasons to be studied, including how much of US media is foreign owned and/or manipulated.  Which also means that premature global fusions already set in motion could be America's undoing, as many who have engaged in transnational collaborations can tell you.  Recent trendy claims of 'xenophobia' and 'nationalism' must in every case be treated as propaganda fashion-babble until all the related facts are investigated.... Many cultures do not have a history of the kind of openness, or democracy, that America does.  Remnants of Feudalism are Real and actually at risk of taking over the planet in attempts to further build up a 'New Fascism' "with a friendly face" as clarions warned in the 1980s.  Now that George Bush Sr has Met his Maker, it's time to scrutinize his foreign policy blunders both in the CIA and the White House for grave errors (mostly unreliable and treacherous foreign covert alliances) that are a key contributing factor to the current chaos in Washington DC)... errors echoed since the 1990s by foolish Democrats as well as his loyal Republican allies.  Roosevelt was smart enough to know not to ally with Euro and Asian Nazis to contain Communism, but Bush ignored the wisdom of his far more knowledgeable predecessor. America was warned, but largely ignored the warning, and now look what unfolded.  Half of those global Nazis were Japanese mixed Chinese and Korean elements, and many of today's Democrats are dangerously blind to that fact, as are Republicans -- the latter party having had the largest number of the relatively few but sometimes potent Nazi sympathizers in America (both North and South), as the FBI posted somewhat detailed accounts of until Trump took office.

    Here's hoping for a Happy New Year, not a Nazi New Year, neither Euro nor Asian Nazi.  It's going to take more objectivity and wisdom, and recognition of how serious the situation is, in US and state governments to clean up the messes, and the 2019 Universal Chart does favor that, but can only manifest with smart and sober decision-making as it may not be fast or easy to do.  The booze and cocaine have to go, as do the double-agents strategically chiding Americans for 'xenophobia' to try to further advance foreign incursions and functional invasions, economic or otherwise.  It's up to the governments to clamp down on immigration controls, with assistance but not high-risk control from long-established legitimate immigrants who came her to love and emulate America, not attack and seek to change its institutions.  

    The Vulkanus on the 2019 Universal/Ingress chart Ascendant (i.e. "others") for Washington DC is still potent and even potentially overpowering, as it has recently proven to be, and the best solution lies in the indicators on the 2019 MC "inner self" with Saturn, Kronos, and Apollon..... being government by wisdom, sobriety, genuine and proven professionalism and experience, and the cooperation of long-established American business interests to drop their ideological quirks and short-sighted ideologies of exclusive self-interest, and instead think of the needs of the nation as a whole, as Roosevelt requested and got in times of similar internal national crisis.  Vulkanus in the Ascendant points out that foreign interests want to overpower America and created schisms, and that Vulkanus emanates from the East China Sea (where Chinese Japanese and Korean interests merge and collude, for centuries in the underworld networks despite official stances as well as in the East Asia Prosperity Sphere plan that re-manifest as the Asian Century plan)  Vulkanus push is also coming from Russia's old imperial capital and current military stronghold St-Peterburg, Ukraine's capital in Kiev now bolstered with foreign agents and proxy troops; Cairo long containing the Muslim Brotherhood hubs and increasing Saudi fusions; Durban and whatever remains of the old Apartheid machine that retained control via mass privatization prior to 1995 plus whatever exists more overtly.  Add to that more likely true allies like Canada's Atlantic Naval Fleet if not subservient to India (now officially a member of the SCO Shanghai Pact with China and Russia, but with other elements long aligned with the Kuomintang via the Ramgarh network); and Britain's Atlantic fleets around the Falklands and Barbados (now probably more critical than ever to retain and control tightly).  Plus America's main Anchorage/Pacific Fleet power base to oppose foreign incursions, at grave risk of failure if controlled or manipulated (or blocked or intercepted) by the long-standing Moonie cult's shipping fleet and its many intersections with CAPAC (clearly indicated by the geodetics, i.e. covertly more attached to radical-right than leftist or centrist interests, as can be understood by a deeper and unbiased study of Asian politics instead of the glamors of Asian 'meditation', restaurants, and pretty holiday decorations.) Geodetics make clear the the Falun Gong is a 'New Age' Version of the Moonies, a major vehicle for Asian takeover of California's far more substantial and lucrative real estate market, made more lucrative via the Ed Lee network's land-inflation and mass rent-manipulation games)... and the Moonie/Falun "Epoch Times newspaper" is an offshoot of the Moonie Cult's acquisition of the UPI.... the Hearts and Minds game that too many are ignoring due to the hackneyed "xenophobia" clamor. The reality is that Asian-origin Mafia is taking over California, pure and simple, as Blowback to Jerry Brown's identification of the Moonies (big part of the Asian mafia core) as Liars, and they account for much of the corruption he has denounced, while Schwarznegger's German spy network accounts for much of the rest of it, and both wings converge at Korematsu, leading to CAPAC and the historic roots of the WW2 Axis military and financial network.  Putin must not serve as a distraction from equally serious problems, or the messes may increase, and one should carefully note the source of data on Putin and Russia for possible foreign manipulation of US focus and priorites like the big crook pointing to the little crook..  Nor should Trudeau's disturbing propensity to stare off into space or otherwise have a blank look while he skips back and forth to his Asian "advisors", which is Canada's business, but eerie to see from across the border as Facebook-backed "ForwardUS" imports more unneeded but lower-paid Asian technicians to fused into controlling and shaping (and "redefining?") America's vital infrastructure information technology network, while Taiwan-born Elaine Chao proposes more privatization of US infrastructure and then gets Trump to echo it like a trained parrot/parakeet. The message to America's youth is "take a lower salary or we'll replace you with imports".... the age-old immigrant labor game.  Trump went into office as a raging nationlist but is more often enacting globalist policy with America flags pasted on it, pushed along by "naturalized citizens" (Thiel, Chao, etc) who came here to TAKE OVER, and they have been succeeding, like Vulkanus on the Ascendant 22.5 to Hades would want to do... Stealth politics a la Sun Tzu and Metternich are Killing American Democracy, and bribed opportunists, cult-zombies, and other fools in Washington DC (and state capitals) are letting them do it.  MC=SA=KR=AP in 2019 in Washington does provide hope, but it's not going to happen with CAPAC or the Moonies or the Peter Thiel network (maybe descended from Kissinger, and covertly allied with Schwarzenegger and Merkel and Sony Corporation) running things. Obama should have know this, but either didn't, or complied anyway.... and so What's with That?  It's a political naivete that should not lead the Democratic Party into 2019.  CAPAC has Got to Go, and need to put under a microscope along with the Moonies and their probably many overlaps... and the same for the Halifax Conference and Schwarzenegger and Merkel Powerlust and all German lobbying networks.  America can only survive the intrigue with revived and authentic nationalism rooted in functional policy, and a willingness to help Canada wake up from its Hindu snake-charmed trance that is now splling into America due to apparent temporary Asian takeover of Ottawa that puts the Canadian Atlantic Fleet in grave danger of neutralization in facing Asian nationalist advances, while the Halifax Conferences put both Canada and the USA at risk of subjection to the whims of the Merkel/CDU/IDU machine that Schwarzenegger colludes with when he isn't playing for Sony (in a mess that Bush Sr facilitated while under a Moonie spell).  The advantages of today's technology are undermined by the skill of sociopaths and neo-fascists to manipulate and abuse it. The only solution may be more ideologically-unbiased critical thinking, less groupthink and robo-think, and a fusion of studies of ideologically-unbiased and undogmatic studies in ethics in schools, all urgently needed, not No-Child-Left-a-Brain rote memorization of fragmented words and events. The handheld computers are being perverted into gimmicks to hypnotize with video-games and cheap youtube adverts rather than promote rational thought, and that must be somehow altered, away from mass hypnosis or "cellphone revolutions" that could bring chaos to America, like fake tea parties or 'meditations' that are actually hypnotic brainwashing sessions.  Watch how much of that crap emanates from Nazi Otto von Bolschwing's and Asian Fascist friends' "Standford Research Institutes" from coast-to-coast, across America.... factories of ideological doublespeak, and brainwashing and "redefinition" tricks.  Obama's a nice guy to did some nice things,but he's took hooked on some sort of CAPAC-affiliate bandwagon that is reading to suck America into the Pacific Ocean and drown it.  The problem for them is that America is full of Pearls that the Swine only chew up and then excrete before they move on to the next country to manipulated and destroy. Merkel's machine is no less problematic...look at Schwarzenegger's "accomplishments".  America, and California and others as individual states, need to understand Putin and other Russians collude with them at various junctures, which Americans would know if they read international media, with a critical eye, instead of dawdling over local news trivia, but too many Americans don't, and that has to change if the United States is going to survive, healthy and intact, into the future.  There must be no surrender to either Russian, German, or Japanese or Chinese ploys including those enacted via CAPAC and the treacherous drug/gun/human-trafficking Chee Kung Tong mafia network whose interests they often serve.  Politicians need to get their noses out of the cocaine and lobby-cult networks and start looking as the harsh underlying realities of what's been unfolding due to poorly-thought-out global changes that were hustle-pushed ont America by the Merkel and then Shinzo networks, who may be functioning in tandem, may have fusions with Chao's family empire that colludes with Beijing's "redefined" imperial government that now has its own "Commonwealth of Nations" much like Britain once did, and like Japan has repeately aspired to.  The "Asian Pacific" idea is as grave a threat to American national integrity as Putin or German machinations are.  Americans have forgotten that America is nation of immigrants (except Native Americans) who arrived to learn to become American, not invade and take over and impose foreign cultures and values.... and carefully watch Asian nationalist network attempts to co-opt and manipulate Native American groups to Asian objectives, including their "Alaskan Land Bridge" theory, and moves that echo WW2 Japanese subversion programs to infiltrate and manipulate organizations representing American minority rights and interests in ways similar to how the Nazis tried to use the German American Bund.  Neither continental network succeeded much, due mostly to Roosevelt's wise intervention, but had he not become president, Hoover was ready to line up behind Manchukuo like a Manchurian Candidate and bark like a programmed Shiba Inu and "Gun For the Buddha" (as the Kahr Arms Moonie affiliates or other Asian robo-cults might do).  It's time to review the history of often-overlooked "Japanese Red Army" as a Japan-Fascist sham leftist cult not unlike the Nazi-co-opted "Antifa" network -- as its remnants could function as part of the CAPAC network, and may have already begun.  The result could be neo-Symbionese-like or Manson-like, Jonestown-like, or other Kamikaze-like cults, another potential risk of Hades=Vulkanus, still within 2 degree orb until 2016.  Smart people need to stop joining marginal organizations that require or extract lockstep obedience, or they may find themselves being puppets of foreign subversion networks without realizing it.  Hades, when operating at its lowest level, is calculatingly manipulative and primally strategic, like a predatory wolf, and people need to know or remember that in the recently-ended 20th century, the Axis Fascist military trained its troops to literally operate like predatory animals.  In fact, first World War German military instructed its operants to behave like Huns... the term was initiated by the German military itself, not those whom it later attacked in wartime, when widespread use of biochemical warfare was unleashed, while by the second World War the Japanese military and allies filled the streets of targeted areas with opiates when the "Red Swastika Society" picked up the addicts' dead bodies from the streets at night (see Bisson's "Japan in China"), in collusion with Chinese Fascists who helped identify those to target for elimination.  Don't be fooled into thinking that such things are not relevant to what now transpires.  The hypnotic American drug culture of the 1960s and 1970s, that caught so many idealistic but naive young Americans unaware, served as a tool to neutralize America's youth into dissipation of energies and weakend ability to compete in an already globalizing economy.  In away, it functioned as a proto-"Blowback" from the Axis alliance to get back at the America that played the central role of temporarily defeating the Fascist imperial expansion machines in Berlin and Tokyo.

    Geodetically, for the onset of the drug culture, we might look at the date of the Leary-drug-promo event (realizing that Leary, although intellectually brilliant, was a naive puppet who psychological nature was manipulated, and LSD was invented by the Nazis) of the "Summer of Love" kickoff with Leary and the Hare Krishnas 1967Jan29 in San Francisco. The format was not unlike the Goa Rave events of recent years, noting that Goa was long a Portuguese enclave under control of the long-standing and entrenched Nazi-compliant Salazar government in Portugal.  Zeus (military/tech/ground operations) of the 1967 Leary launch was the longitude of Sedona AZ as well as old Nazi Thule Society hubs in Iceland and Moonie-infested Ponape Micronesia (noting that Japanese-psy-op-trained Sun Myung Moonie arrived in San Francisco in 1965) -- and Leary's natal Vulkanus (political/administrative backing) also aligned at the same locations, so look to Sedona and its roots in old Nazi new-age networks and Japanese Micronesia psy-ops including the Moonies. Vulkanus (political/administrations)of the 1967 Leary Summer of Love launch aligned with Chicago and the Chicago-68 provocateur clashes; and overseas with Japan Facist and Hindu Fascist strongholds in the Andaman Islands, Bangladesh, Assam, and possibly Bhutan; and/or Post-1945 Nazi colonies/ops in Ibiza or co-longitudinal cities in Algeria or the Spanish mainland; also possible collusion in Yucatan, Belize, El Salvador, or Honduras.

Leary's financial backing came from the Miami and Cayman Islands and Kirtland Mormon longitudes in the USA; and/or from Golden-Triangle Chiangmai and the port of Phuket in Asia; and in Europe from the Wewelsburg Nazi Mysticism circuit, German naval port of Bremen, and Nazi bank holdings in Lugano.

Learys'military backing came from outside the mainland USA, possibly foreign ops in Fairbanks Alaska; from Shanghai or Taipei or jointly via the budding and often covert and duplicitous China-Taiwan Unification movement; from Eastern Europe longitudes of Nikolayev and Smolensk (with possible Russian or Ukrainian collusion); from the longitudes of Buenos Aires, Paraguay to the north, or the Jonestown network in newly-independent Guyana.

Pluto finances behind the Leary LSD launch came from longitudes in Texas where Post-1945 German military operations were allowed to interface, and Acapulco Mexico; and/or from NATO-affiliated operation in Jan Mayen or Lisbon or Galway longitudes, Franco's Galicia and Ifni enclave with likely Post-1945 Axis money-laundering, or any stable operations in South Africa's Gough Island.  The "Men Behind the Curtain" article will show alignements with other relevant past and current events, organizations, and public personalities.

    At the moment, the geodetic alignments (geographic, historical, and current) of all US government shutdowns of 2018 are possibly the most urgent matters to focus on.  Putin can only do so much from his seat in Moscow, but Germany and China and Japan have agents circulating all over the USA and daily manipulating American politics and economics that should make American politicians, and some military people, hang their heads in shame over their naive incompetence.  Most certainly, foreign-manipulated political cults are making politicians around the world dance to their tune, as has the Merkel-affiliated machine in Europe.  America, domestically, has let itself be duped into a potential collapse due to surrender to foreign advisors, agents, and military/intel agencies, governments, and flat-out bribery and seduction. Those on the All-Immigration bandwagon are as stupid as the mean hatemongers the battle with. National borders and foreign policy has turned into a weird drama of extreme polarization where neither extreme makes sense, which serves the purpose of those supporting unconditional and unregulated immigration and its potential to create national chaos.  The same is happening in Europe, and note which countries snicker and chuckle as it unfolds, and America's wealth pours into Asia, sometimes Europe -- and American politicians care more about immigrants than about their longtime neighbors, family, and friends.  When the United States becomes a country that attacks "Old White Men" as the enemy, you know you've got another stupid Tea Party on the way, maybe this time on the left instead of the right.... and smelling more Asian mafia/subversion than anything else, and cooked up in prison cells, or the cold planning rooms of Manchukuo revived, where Japanese, Chinese, and Russian fascists all gathered, sometimes visited by "guests" from Germany.  The policy of continued privatization of US national infrastructure and communications and data functions will only lead to even more chaos across the country, and it's the Chao shipping dynasty's, the Siemens/Cloud-aligned Thiel family plan, and a plan advanced by their stupid "Libertarian" zombie puppets like car-window fake doggies whose heads constantly nod in agreement with them in their supposedly "driverless cars". 


2018Dec31-2019Jan01:  URGENT geodetic threads to follow in the NEW YEAR 2019:

    Several threads appear to connect dots, and these need to be studied:

    1)  After review of the related geodetic power-factor alignments, the 'Transpacific' and 'Transatlantic trade deals' look to be little more than the globalist plan of the WW2 Axis powers/banks/corporations to pick up where they (apparently but not fully) left off in 1945 when the peace treaties were signed, but now called G7 or 8 or 20 or WTO corporatist, materialist regimentation of the old WW2 Axis plan with pretty 'dreams' and illusions, or blatant lies, pasted over the traps of the global plans. Stanford-type pseudo-liberalist social rhetoric covering a plan for regressive oligarchy and socioeconomic gentrification hypocritcally called "reforms" and cheesy "libertarianism" in one country, or so-called "christian democracy" in another.  The bottom line is the restoration of a feudal order internationally with only a few at the top and everyone else at the bottom --  where rich rule, and everyone else must grovel to survive.. it's regression to the 17th century.  The onset began with Pluto inside the orbit of Neptune, but when Pluto came back out, little changed, and economic regression only worsened, overall, with a few reversals.  This manifest in various institutions globally... in the USA in the "Vienna School" variants of the old Habsburg Austro-German Empire (Hitler's defacto roots) that ultimately degenerated into World War 2 Axis fascist economics.  Ready allies for that were found in the Japanese and Chinese Empires, and those have been revived and allied once again.. Imperial Germany now chokes Europe with its "Euro" and secretive dictatorial Supreme Council that tells Britain what to do and how to do it, and now controls France like a puppet state. The neo-feudal "EU" order is covered over in lies and fake political rhetoric that only restores the Habsburg and Hohenzollern royal dynasties and their banks and corporations to power, while all the world's problems are blamed on Russia, even if part of them are verified by FBI studies as the cause -- all of them are not.  America has been dumbed down and tricked into submission either it (which founded and runs Wall Street) or else its Asian counterpart in Tokyo, now largely in control of China via the (Sino-Japanese-rooted) Kuomintang-Communist alliance,  Liberal democracy and equal-opportunity economics have been slowly strangled to death, while a public dotes foolishly over new imperial-like media figures and icons like subjects in a revived kingdom, or slaves in a totalitarian society -- hoping for a 'good king' or 'good queen' instead of a publicly-elected leader truly focused on the cultivation of the Enlightenment humanistic ideals that the USA was founded on, but since demonized and despised by weird "churches" and fake "faith-based" cults cultivating "obedience to God and King/Queen" or the the Cult Leader of the season.  How the world has regressed to this point goes back to policies set in motion by Reagan, the Bushes, Thatcher, and the their sneaky Moonie and Habsburg "Vienna School" and Moonie friends who have used the tricks of Machiavelli, Metternich, and Sun Tzu to push the world backward in time.  The underlying problem is blind greed and powerlust, combined with dogmatic ideological illusions. What's unfolded is socio-economic regression with a neo-technocratic veneer.  As western democracies have fallen, one by one, they have been replaced by the Imperial Dynasties of Central Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and now the obnoxious Caste System of India in the mix... plus whatever stew Putin or others are cooking up in Russia.  Trump's populist rhetoric has led primarily to bolster such a mess, as did some of Obama's, presumably out of naivete -- both of them lacking the experience and depth of knowledge to polish and run America like the relative genius Roosevelt did, with a recipe that baked a beautiful pie that resolved dire social and economic problems, slowly but surely and with humanity and social conscious (and don't even start with the phony Japanese internment camp rhetoric).  Roosevelt earned the admiration of most of the world -- except the Germand and Japanese Nazi types he had to contain, but which have been gradually restored by the ignorant followers of Hoover the Nazi Axis banking empires' dupe.  (Read Walter Litggett's and John Hamill's biographies of Hoover to understand what really happened under his presidency and prior functional reign as 'Secretary of Commerce' under 2 "'goin' fishin'" presidents put in power, in part, by Germany and Austria as revenge for their humiliation in 1918.  Roosevelt understood all this, but those after him eventually forgot, and are foolish enough to think it doesn't matter anymore.  That includes Trump and Obama both, both rookies in a tough game.  There has to be Another Way Forward, and it necessitates fixing Both of America's 2 main parties, not introducting a third, if America is to remain stable... because 3rd parties are Too Often attached to foreign interests even more than the Reps fused with Deutschebank interests from its inception, and the Dems recently manipulated by the Asian Century mobs that also have Canada under some weird spell at the moment. Snake flags and snake-charmers are not the answer... nor is Redefinition with Dreams.  Unlike many countries in the world, Americans can usually criticize the government and own history, as they should be able to do per Constitutional rights, but beware of foreign powers or other competitors exploiting those criticisms to advance subversion or even invasion (as was aggressively attempts during the Indochina/'Vietnam War and World War 2) using the tricks of Sun Tzu and Metternich.  Over 1/2 of planet Earth still has No substanial democratic traditions, and therefore none to import or 'blend' with in the dangerously ambiguous Dream World plan pushed with opiates and pot, much like the 'East Asia Prosperity Sphere' illusion of WW2 Asian Fascism that usually ended in public massacres, death marches, genocide via opium addiction, and sneak submarine and aerial attacks while broadcasting tales of rising suns and illusory 'world peace' attained via opiate consumption.

    If you study the geodetic alignments for related names and events, the patterns emerge of who has been linked to what and where -- including polarities that manifest in various geo-sectors at certain points.  Today's technology is both "a blessing and a curse", depending on who pushes the buttons and crunches the data. Computer databases control the world in ways that Hitler and Tojo only dreamed of, but aspired to with the early computer prototypes they planned to utilize for what is unfolding now.  People are not remembering that Hitler was just as charming and baffling as Merkel before the Blitzkriegs began, or that Tokyo sneak-attacked Pearl Harbor while its 'diplomats' were charming the naive in San Francisco -- or that the Axis Powers started World War 2 with coverup stories of literally-stated "World Peace" to allay and weaken America's defenses at the moment of attack.  These are historical realities -- not "cynical" dreams, but maybe younger people today weren't taught about them per "No Child Left Behind", internet disinformation campaigns, or educational foundations in countries sympathetic to the Fascist Axis.   

    Trump appears to be run like a puppet by the Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao networks, in alliance as they were in the persons of Hitler and the Tojo-Wang Chingwei Axis alliance, as the geodetics verify,  Putin may be the red herring who collaborates with both of those networks wherever they are useful, or whenever his is not under the sway of his beloved Berlin youth vacationland away from the drab streets of Moscow.  Thiel shows geodetically to be clearly a representative of the Siemens/Deutschebank/German military intelligence complex, true to his land of birth and maybe of his Apartheid South Afrikaan elementary education as well, and of which Merkel is a key tool, and accompanied by the relatively stupid but well-trained Schwarzenegger Sony propaganda-actor and his bipartisan allies in the Korematsu/CAPAC/Moonies.  It's a transnational machine that had the Bushes and then, ironically, Obama, duped, as it runs Chicago and Stanford Universities (Republican Party strongholds now manufacturing the despised so-called "neo-liberal" (i.e. pseudo-liberal) rhetoric that is confusing America as intended -- i.e. crass corporatist greed policy dressed in social-liberal window dressing a la treacherous "Stanford Research Institute").

    America's continued failure is insured by more shallow and incompetent people in the White House, and the only way out is someone at least as smart, wise, and as thoroughly knowledgeable as Franklin Roosevelt, and as well connected to British Intelligence data (now trapped and possibly even meddled in by German EuroUnion control games).  It seems ironic that a US-UK alliance is at the core of what destroyed Fascism for a while, until one realizes that the Britain of the brutal and power-mad dictator King George III in 1776 was not the Britain of today, due in part to a level of public literacy that did not exist in the 18th century, and a transformation demanded by a public admiration of the past successes of American and French democracy.  And the decline of public literacy, not inherent but created by stupid government policies like voucher schools and "no-child-left-behind", is a major contributor to America's current problems.  The regression of America accelerated in January 2001 when a lost and unqualified Bush was accompanied by Elaine Chao as the harbinger of the Asian Century takeover of America later joined by bi-partisan 'Democrats' in the CAPAC machine trampling over California now, charmed and entertained by how stupid and gullible Americans can be when at their worst, and joined by the German military intelligence network that runs the Merkel-Schwazenegger-Thiel global machine.  Certainly, Britons must see this. Australians apparently do, and Canada is (hopefully only temporarily) asleep by some sort of odd, cultish Asian national infiltration that is rapidly putting Canada under Asian Century control... it started around the time of the big Hongkong migration.

    Geodetics show that the rise of Asian mafia power in North America took off like a rocket after the Chee Kung Tong nationwide 'leadership' coup in San Francisco that hoisted the Raymond ("Shrimp Boy") Chow Hongkong-Taishan gangsters into power, further assisted by a Chinese and maybe joint Japanese "Wahmee" Casino mafia coup in Seattle that may have helped bring Native American casinos under increasing Asian mafia control -- which grows daily due to clever lobbying tricks of the CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus network that shames Americans with accusations of xenophobia and racism, and manipulation of US civil rights laws that hoists their criminal network into ever-greater power and influence at almost lightning-speed.  This is no doubt facilitated by increasing CAPAC control of the internet, competing one minute but collaborating the next with a similar German network in their joint effort to bring America to heel, and not impossibly in uneasy alliance with Putin or other Russian elements.  The Kuomintang-Communist alliance in China now brings the Russo-Chinese SCO/Shanghai Pact under substantial control of an old Sino-Japanese network at the root of the Kuomintang's founding days, with deep roots in Hawaii that provided Japan tips for the devastatingly "successful" (for them) bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Geodetic power-factor alignments show how these have interlaced yesterday and today, including to treacherous Korematsu network now trying to fuse into US public schools and radicalize students with co-opted "People of Color" domestic civil rights rhetoric.

   Did Americans and Canadians who proceeded to sign the TPP and Transatlantic Trade agreements know how stacked they were to benefit the old Axis powers corporate/banking network?  Not necessarily, due to all the secrecy, fine print, and high-pressure sales pushes of the vested German, Japanese, and Chinese interests -- and American economic crises created over years by wealthy Chinese and Japanese import/export and shipping interests.  How China and Taiwan fit into this, with possible decades-old Japan-collaborationist elements in China that preferred Japan as their ally in World War 2 while official policy was as an (routinely questioned by US military leaders) ally of the USA and its more proven allies.  Such an economic network may now well be in control of China after recent years of "change we can believe" as opposed to the change we now shouldn't believe in anymore. However, the Sino-Japanese collaboration of World War II actually rests in the foundations of the Kuomintang, in part, in Japan.  (Look at geodetics for the "Change" campaign to see how asleep Americans were on that one.  Time to go from "Change" to "Change Course" as we awaken to the ancient Sun Tzu Tricks revived for the 21st Century via CAPAC and other Asiatic interest fronts.)  The most overt and wealthiest pro-Japanese Chinese Fascist bases, in the 1940s, were in Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, and Taipei (the latter a part of Japan under its strict military control), and that, usually very wealthy, network survived after WW2 on the mainland as well as Taiwan via covert fusion into both the nominally Communist and Kuomintang Party networks who formed alliances and thus overlaps at various points, and are in one single larger global network now. That network had supporters in the diaspora including in the USA who may have continued covert Axis collaboration while identifiably ethnic Japanese were put in internment camps in the USA for monitoring and control.  This left Chinese Fascists still free to roam America's streets while blaming only Japanese for the East Asia Prosperity Sphere's march forward.  Geodetic alignments of today's CAPAC and Ed Lee's Asian Law Caucus point directly to that network.... it is most likely infused with a substantial number of foreign-born double-agents, even in the US Congress, now notably and assertively calling for the ludicrous policy of US national security agencies not spying on naturalized citizens for connections in their country of origin.  Hmmm.  Note the concurrent 2018 Japanese military presence in San Diego during a US Government Shutdown, Demands by Ted Liu to scale down or stop US monitoring of transpacific communications at such a vulnerable juncture, the removal of a map locating Japanese spy operations in California during WW2 from ready access on the FBI website, and Donald Trump's dizzily cryptic "New American Moment" mantra/ speech while all this was transpiring.  What "New American"?  What "American Moment"?  We need explanations, especially now that the US government is shut down again. The culprits are bi-partisan, as is often CAPAC, unified primarily by implementation of an "Asian Pacific", whether that's by Republican Moonie operants and dupes with "blessed guns", or Democratic "Asian Pacific" Asian nationalist operants and dupes.  Too many Americans don't understand how treacherous and hypocritical Asian politics and business practices can be.  Reading Sun Tzu's " Art of War" will help understand, along with T.A. Bisson's "China in Japan", Tony's Matthews's "Spies for Nippon", and Sterling Seagrave's books (esp Lords of the Rim) on Asian organized crime/politics fusion that make Machiavelli and Metternich look tame by comparison.  Cultures that for years did not have European weapons technology (in the past, anyway), developed sophisticated psychological-warfare and guerrilla methods that left Americans in the Korean and Indochina Wars in a quandary, including pumping drugs (pharma or street) in from the Golden Triangle to cloud minds and weaken bodies along with propaganda that encouraged dream states, illusions, idolization of leaders as imaginary demi-gods, and lock-step chants and physical routines like we are now hearing in domestic America politics. For those who have paid attention to things like the 'Cultural Revolution', the sham 'Japanese Red Army", WW2 'Kamikazes", the 'Great Leap Forward' illusion created by Pan-Chinese infighting and manipulation, these issues should be obvious. 

    Today, the "Moonies" are a prime example, now long-nested in San Leandro CA, for example, via their Pacific Restaurant Corporation front plus churches and possible real estate investments, and fusions into the first "Korematsu Campus" invasion of the California Public School system and of the Democratic Party via the "CAPAC/Asian Law Caucus" network that Ed Lee and friends further ushered into America at rapid pace.  Dupes are already lined up to be run like Kamikazes for the revived Japanese and Chinese empires and their "Asian co-prosperity" push.  And some Americans stupid enough to rally with them..

    This means that Obama and other American politicians have made a Huge mistake aligning with CAPAC, which clearly, if one only looks, and also sees the geodetic alignments for, is ushering Asian control from across the ocean into US infrastructure, with Sun Tzu-style phony warm fuzzies, bribes, and a collection of cults that include Moonie-cult permutations like the highly passive-aggressive "Shen Yun" Falun Gong cult.  Geodetics confirm that their expensive-to-produce full-color-print "Epoch Times" propaganda rag is the result of the Moonie cult takeover of UPI, and for a long time was advertising the "Dream Act" as a bonanza for Falun Gong members in terms of real estate acquistions. It looks like "Enter Asia, Exit America", along with Ed Lee's "Hummingbird "fly away" relocation program" for population displacement.  Trump is no less foolish for letting the Elaine Chao Chinese military/shipping/transportation empire determine his policies, and any indicators of an "across-the-aisle" Chao-CAPAC alliance would have deeply profound implications for America's future political or economic autonomy.

    At the moment, the aggressive Asian cult takeover of the San Francisco Bay Area should be a top priority for containment, and yet is impeded by extensive and deep CAPAC infiltration of military, policing, and investigative agencies, plus politicians Bought Off with their real-estate and Asian trade billions.  The invasion was invited by subtly coercive 'invitations' and bribes, manipulations of US national guilt over historic race policy, or blackmail mixed with co-opted "People of Color" rhetoric bent to objectives of foreign infiltration, plus alliances with highly controversial mid-eastern immigration policy.  Note how Schwarzenegger facilitated all of it with his declaration of the Korematsu holiday, while darting back and forth across the Atlantic to confer with Merkel, as well as across the Pacific to collude with Asian mafia networks who talk his lingo and love his tacky 'Terminator'-themed films. All these issues correlate with the current geodetic power placements of Pluto and Vulkanus, which put the pieces together.

    2)  Meanwhile, Merkel intentionally feigned worry over her cellphone to trigger increased German takeover of transnational telecommunications (Siemens and historic affiliate Nokia), which has manifest the Siemens (German military from the get-go, since birth) "Cloud" (another "Dream"), and her strange program to invite immigrants but put them in German "re-education" camps (something the Moonies set up in America upon their arrival), while the history of World War 2 as well as World War 1 should remind us of Achmed Huber, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Austro-German schemes with the now-reviving Turkish Ottoman "Caliphate" Empire to take control of the Middle East and surround Jews headed for their Israeli homeland in a sea of manipulated guerrilla-war hostility and provocations learned from Nazi military trainers.  German-Japanese collusion in overt, guerrilla, and psychological warfare tactics goes back to the programs set up by Karl Haushofer (who some say sought to harness geodetics to the attainment of a vast Pan-German Empire to reach around the globe from subjugated Atlantic Europe, across vast Siberia, to the Pacific coast at Vladivostok and the Bering Strait).  German-Japanese military collusions continued into the psy-war realm with Count Karlfried Durckheim and the militarization of pseudo-buddhist themes. In addition, there was the Pan-Asian Fascist plan of Graz Austria's egomaniac narcissist Baron von Ungern parked in Mongolia and "Tannu Tuva" later extended into "Manchukuo" (now revitalized with Vulkanus power) with both Chinese and Japanese collusion.

    Today these have eerie echoes in the alliances of Schwarzenegger's multiple rendezvous with Merkel, and the repeated geodetic alignments of Peter Thiel's various financial operations with Siemens Corporation (i.e. German military) operations and Schwarzenegger's campaign and operations.  Meanwhile, Elaine Chao works the other end with plots to privatize (i.e. takeover) US infrastructure agencies, all the way to plans at one time to charge the poor of America tolls on road use, which should keep them trapped both financially and physically, and drive up the cost of transporting domestic goods so that imports -- brought in on her family's ships -- would prevail).  Those smirky little "think they're smart" grins should not go unnoticed... but neither should the blank stares of "useful" political puppets looking off into space as though a tape is playing the words on their lips.  No American left behind may be watching Fort Knox if armored trucks arrive to carry American gold to the nearest port to China or Taiwan, or the guards may be opiated on Golden Triangle imports.

    3)  Perhaps most urgent at the moment is to remember that Trump's cryptic (and does he even know what it meant?) "New American Moment" speech around the time Japanese military troops were in San Diego while the US government was "shut down" (and reports of that time indicated US port guards off duty as a result)... and its relationship to the aggressive presence of CAPAC in California politics.  That includes the "Korematsu" network (evaders of US national security agencies) idolized by Schwarzenegger as a California state holiday in his name -- What kind of hero and role model is that for American high school kids?  The juncture of Merkel-colluding Schwarzenegger with the Neo-Japan-Fascist elements in Korematsu-CAPAC must not go unnoticed, and more than Elaine Chao's personal and family dalliances with the SCO-member Chinese government and parties and possible even across-the-aisle into CAPAC.  CAPAC's Pramila Jayapal, MBA, is their non-standard-brand vehicle arriving into political prominence around the time India and Pakistan joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (with Vulkanus now over Kashmir and New Delhi via 8th harmonic, echoing Shangai/Taipei/Qingdao and Cairo and Istanbul and St-Peterburg, and Kiev).  That puts Putin, long friendly with Merkel and other German leaders, and enamored of his fun days in Germany away from the more stoic and frugal streets of Russia, not to mention the Russian Czarist flag he so proudly stands next to during speeches while media presents him as a staunch Communist.  What was Putin's relationship to the cabal of gangster pirates who pillaged the streets of Russia as the Soviet empire was collapsing?  Are America's streets set to degenerate similarly?  International media of the 1980s wrote of the Soviet empire's fall while warning that America Was Next in what was probably a German-Japanese-Chinese subversion operation to use technology to make larger 'empires' crumble and fall to their control... and so we see Taiwan's Elaine Chao and Germany's Peter Thiel sit to each side of a political rookie struggling to understand how to run a country.  Trump, to be authentically as patriotic as his speeches, will dump Thiel and Chao and their networks and cooperate with a bi-partisan All-American (no snoops or double-agents like Ted Liu or "Pramila" or Schwarzenegger or Thiel any of the Asian or European con-artists that have manipulated other US presidents and politicans of all political parties) alliance to instead bring America back under American control, whatever that takes, and shove the foreign invaders out of the US political system.  If it doesn't happen, America is headed for the graveyard of collapse, and the geodetic alignments make that clear.

    4) Anything "Stanford", long a hub of foreign subversion in the USA, and a center of psychological warfare now contaminating US domestic politics for foreign objectives, needs to be thrown out of US government, and that includes SRI/Stanford-affiliate branches across the USA (incl in Dallas, St-Louis, New Jersey) in various, usually private, universities, and flush with US government contracts that send American money to Japan, Germany, China, possibly elsewhere, to serve foreign interests.  The Stanford-led privatization of the University of California was among the first tricks played to bring America's resources, physical and intellectual, under foreign control for foreign abuse, and there were likely other similar games played in other states.  Peter Thiel is among those in on it.  Was BND Agent/puppet (like Thiel) Schwarzenegger run as a candidate in the gubernatorial-recall election to cover it up?  Geodetics show their clear alignment with German BND military-intelligence operations (at the center of which are Siemens operations).  The "Pivot to Asia" was seen as a road out of that mess, but after the BND quickly and cleverly co-opted the Pivot to Asia plan, what emerged was a revival of the WW2 Axis on both coasts, and in Asia as well as Europe, and Obama looked asleep and inanimate as Shinzo Abe stood at Pearl Harbor and refused to apologize for Japan's sneak attack (until later forced by public opinion or diplomatic advice to do so later on), or for the Nanking Massacre (where geodetics seem to confirm the frequent claim that Chinese collaborators were given the signal to get out of town beforehand, like Yasuji Okamura, leaving anti-Japanese Chinese to be slaughtered.)  The Japanese military knew it, but to acknowledge it would uncover many other secrets about Chinese collaboration they don't want told, like the story of Okamura's collaboration with Chinese after WW2, the sham "Japanese Red Army" cult that may have played a central role in the horror psy/hypno-cults (Symbionese, etc) in California in the 1960s, other clearly Japanese intelligence mind-drug experiments on Americans after WW2 (incl some woven into the Berkeley Square 'Punk Rock' scene where kids were fed drugs and them manipulated like lab rats), and almost certainly are fused in with the cults pushing the CAPAC agenda now and radicalized with hostile rhetoric about "Old White Men" and "White Supremacy" that usually only appeals to radicalized prison gangs in privately-run prisons, but is now preparing to indoctrinate teenagers in CAPAC-Korematsu schools.  The message to the kids is that running and hiding from the US government during rampant, hostile wartime espionage and subversion (including submarine shelling of US and Canadian lighthouses and Navy port facilities) is a heroic thing to do.  Is that to be written off to "cultural differences" and dismissed as "xenophobic paranoia" in the way that foreign propaganda would want?  Have people forgotten who the Tokyo Rose propagandits were and what they did?  Americans shouldn't, any more than dropping the significance, methods, and impact of the Nazi German American Bund or Silvershirts cults. Foreign subversion can no longer be protected by playing the race card.  There were Japanazis and Chinazis just like there were Germanazis and Franco Quislings... and Still Are, redecorated in contemporary motif.

    5) A study of Chinese Fascism may hold a major key to unraveling what's going on, as it appears that Chinese Fascists are manipulating the theme to make it look like it didn't exist -- as has been the case for decades.  The government in Beijing held up pictures of "Chairman Mao" (popular among the Chinese poor) as the idol even when he wasn't really in power or controlling things.  This is why he ultimately denounced the tactics of the "Cultural Revolution" that used his picture to make it look like he was in control when he wasn't, and while Jiang Qing tried to play on his vanity, whether successfully or not.  By the time Nixon arrived, Mao's mind was gone... he stumbled toward Nixon as if in a dream state,maybe ill or opiated, not knowing who was before him, where communiques would have to have been written for and not by him.  The nominally "Communist" government in Beijing was always infused with remnants of the old Qing Dynasty imperial government and double-agents for the Kuomintang party on Taiwan, as well as Manchurian-programmed dupes of Japan (on both sides of the Taiwan Strait), and these have routinely fused into Chinatown politics in the USA and elsewhere.  The clever complexity of Chinese politics makes western politics look simple-minded and innocuous.  Why when an American can go into a Chinese shop for maps of China and be denied unless willing to submit their name, address, and telephone number.  Henry Liu's murder was only one of many examples of how Chinese agents operate on US soil routinley, and maybe even pervasively in or near Chinatowns... and Certainly in CAPAC and the presumptuous, nationalist. mouthy "Asian Pacific" organizations banging the drum for foreign powers and demonizing "Old White Men", and fake charges of "White supremacy" that are nothing more than manipulations of guilt to pave the way for submission to more Asian mafia incursions... and that trick has been successful to a point where more people need to take notice.  Sun Tzu in action, and described in Sterling Seagrave's books.  One can now see the American Pacific states increasingly Annexed to a slippery "Asian Pacific" empire engineering by the slick "Asian Law Caucus" that Ed Lee helped set up to follow up on the Sino-Japanese "East Asia Prosperity Sphere" "Pan-Pacific" plan that was only temporarily halted, or maybe just slowed down, in 1945.  And note that, per Schwarzenegger's ploys, they are still "Friends of New Germany", and today expanded into alliance with the Russo-Chinese and now also Indo-Pakistani "Shanghai Cooperation Organization".  Yes They Can make America fall into submission if the USA, including both major US parties, America must Change Course Now, during the Christmas holidays before January 1, get the Alameda Base reactivated under 100% American control, no diluted elements, to counterbalance the Japanese invasion of San Diego and whatever network Harry Harris set up in the Moonie-shipping-encircled Pacific Fleet Command offices in Anchorage, and whatever CAPAC runs in Hawaii to the point that it evades Washington DC, which it may substantially.  Canada should theoretically be America's ally in the process, but it looks like Justin Trudeau may be too "nice", and spacey, to keep the Asian Pacific from absorbing and losing Canada in the fog of Asian cult worship, and pot smoke putting people to sleep in the way that Japan flooded China with opium before the attacks... read "Japan in China" by T.A. Bisson to know what could recur anywhere Asian Neo-Fascism sets its targets, and maybe aided by a Putin mesmerized by Taekwondo programming, charmed by fuzzy German Gift puppies, and recently in negotiations with Tokyo as well as Berlin.  While Americans are naively trusting the influx of foreign influence and control, Germany is plotting a further iron grip on Europe and expansion into Russia that could trigger a World War 3 that Germany's Halifax programming sessions had McCain talked into making America the fall-guy of, and while Mideast terror rages with more potential access to American streets than ever, Trudeau now lives in Aga Khan Dreamland. Britain may be awake enough to Proceed With Caution before it becomes a full-fledged German puppet-state like France is being made into slowly, if it can be.  Brexit is probably a good idea if it is carried out with wisdom, and not on Euro-Union terms... Britain needs a clean break, and its true old allies in times of disaster will likely be there for her, especially if Trudeau is awakened from his dangerous sleepwalking. Merkel is a Fake while dutifully following the orders of the Siemens/BND "Deutschland uber Alles" plan, and which Putin sometimes looks like he would start singing at the snap of Pavlov's fingers.  Meanwhile, Korematsu is trying to get little Kamikazes ready for attack, to "Redefine America" for Japan and Schwarzenegger's global network.  There has to be, and must be planned, Another Way Forward.  As Hillary Clinton once said, "America is Already Great", and America just needs to remember that fact, and who made it that way.... Old White Men and the Slaves who lay the stones of the White House along with the women who bowed to them but ultimately claimed their rights, bit by bit, the American Way. Meanwhile, Kamikazes did nothing but Attack Pearl Harbor, plot the Japanese annexation of Hawaii and other US Pacific territories, occupy parts of the US Aleutian Islands, and follow clever plans for Asian invasion of the US mainland while clamoring to divert American attention away from double-agents up and down the US Pacific coast while collaborating with Nazi German American Bund offices nearby, and attempting to infiltrate US minority-rights organizations to see if they were naive enough to bite the cheese on the trap.  

    Note that as Trump took office with Peter Thiel and Elaine Chao at his side, Someone invited Japanese troops into San Diego, and a map of Japanese subversion operations in California went missing from its website... a map that had been there for a number of years.  Why did that happen?  Private contractors?  Foreign private contractors?  CAPAC lobbyists?

    Asian cults are now in high gear, like never before, more radicalized than ever, and the Moonie Kahr Arms distributing guns on American streets, "blessed" by "faith-based organizations".  Better make sure none of those get into the hands of kids programmed in schools run by Asian cults or Asian nationalist lobbying groups... or any other foreign nationalist lobbying groups of Any continent or color (including the peach-toned skin of so-called "white supremacist" cults).  When the dream clouds dissipate, one sees that there is in reality no such thing as a literally "white" man or woman... only ghosts of the imagination of those with ideological delusions of supremacy, or of those who hate them and want to bring them down.  Another reality that must be recognized, regardless of what Trump does or doesn't say.... there Are ethnically defined foreign organized crime networks, some armed and extremely shrewd and passive-aggressive.  This Is Reality obvious to anyone in a major US city, and he appears to have paid too much attention to the weakest ones who are relatively powerless, rather than the strongest and most potentially problematic ones that have not been scrutinized enough, and they align now under Vulkanus.  Chinese, Japanese, Bruderbond, Muslim Brotherhood, Pan-Turkist, Kashmiri, Thulist cults in Iceland and Greenland underground enclaves, Marshall Island Moonies, and whatever might linger in Sulawesi and the Sunda Islands, Philippine underworld, Tepic region of Mexico, and Chaco and central Amazon international paramilitaries aligned with those at aforementioned locations. Guyana could breed another Jonestown.  These can now blend via 22.5 angle with Zeus paramilitary networks in the Golden Triangle, Samoa, the Bering Strait coasts of both Russia and Alaska, Aleutian Islands occupied by Japn in WW2, the area between Hawaii and Midway Island, Panama and west Cuba and Florida and Asheville, the Ecuador-Peru border, Nigeria, the Algeria-Tunisia border, Japan's Pacific coast, Papua-Indonesia border regions, west Vancouver Island and northward, south Yukon border with NWT, Angmassalik Greenland bases, the far east Horn of Brazil, UAEmirates, Socotra, central Iran, and areas north of there in Russia. 

    America is a nation of immigrants who came here to Be American. The drive to displace American with their traditions, or "redefine America" was proposed only prior to deadly wars and foreign attacks. It's time for Both major US parties to strike out on a new direction together, with a focus on honoring American values and traditions, not attaching America to German or East Asian banks and corporations as has been done in recent years.  The United States has vast resources and they should be managed by Americans and for Americans, not somebody else, for they are surely looking out for their own interests first and Foremost, despite their diplomatic ploys.  Most immigrants who came to America to align peacefully and with respect do not object to this, and will not object... while those who want to Privatize America to take control away from Americans are Not To Be Trusted At All.  The evidence for that is already obvious to anyone paying attention to what's been going on.  A little dose of healthy and peaceful nationalism is not only a good thing, but the only smart thing to do when so much of the world still operates in nationalist terms, even the German nationalists running Europe like a federation of badgered states, like Russia has done its 'satellites' and 'integral regions' for years.  The only wars Americans need to fight is against invaders, not with each other.  We can work out our internal differences if we only listen to each other and stop the stupid trend to irrational fancies and rally-programmed rages instead of rational and critical thinking and discussion.  Making America more stupid is only what the invaders want... pay attention the foreign corporations backing the decay of American schools.  And if foreign lobbying organizations (e.g. CAPAC) overtake public schools, America gets gradually programmed for colonial submission to outsiders.  This Pacific Is Not Asian, and it had better not try to become that way.  Put America back in control of Alameda... Fast, or things could get really weird.  America is already being trampled over and trampled on with programs like "ForwardUS" and the "Family Reunification Act", and it's a Mess.  CAPAC is in the middle of it, and that points to Pramila, Liu, Thiel, Schwarzenegger, and other imported agents of "Redefining America" who have almost consistently created what were later described as "A Mess", and sometimes too late to fix.  Where are the politicians advocating for Americans, for American control of America, for enriching rather than diluting America, and that means policies to do it, not just election-time rhetoric contradicted by policies that do the opposite. And there's no more time for people who just believe in dreams... that needs to be replaced by Thinking about Reality and finding reasonable solution, not lost in dreamland smoking pot or popping opiates while everyone around gets trampled into the ground. That's what led to Manchukuo.  It's in T.A. Bisson's book.  Japanazis and Chinazis were no less treacherous than the Germanazis, and their ideological descendants are now On a Roll and mowing over the planet after they throw up clouds to confuse the public with fake movies and rush-job contract signings that give America away to the Wolves in sheep's clothing.  Take a good look at what's happened since January 20, 2001, Elaine Chao's seat in the White House, and impending Schwarzenegger Coup, the rise of CAPAC, and Peter Thiel's rised to full-fledged status as a functional German military intelligence agent.