The Universal Chart for 2005  

 Uranian Mundane Astrology Analysis 


by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


At this point, gratitude must be expressed to Ruth Brummund, longtime Hamburg Uranian Astrologer, for teaching me her methodology.

For many years in the USA, historical experimental approaches to Uranian Astrology have been perpetuated, ignoring the substantial more recent developments in Germany, which have led to 21st Uranian Astrology becoming a complete system of astrological analysis in itself, no longer just an adjunct method added to classical methods when searching for marginal details.

Mr Finley has studied Hamburg/Uranian astrology since 1979, and German reference texts and publications on the subject since 1981, with a desire to understand the significant evolution of Uranian Astrology since its early years, and has abandoned many of the historical practices in favor of the newly-designed coherent methodology developed by Ruth Brummund.


If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you first read master astrologer Ruth Brummund's Universal Chart analysis for 2003, in order to see how she, who taught me the more streamlined methods of analysis, approaches the Universal Chart -- for her article, click here.

Of the many types of Mundane Astrology techniques in general use, perhaps none gives more clear description of manifest events during a given year at a given location.  In the early 1970s, Ruth Brummund first published a reference listing of Fixed Local MCs and Ascendants for various world cities, which has since been updated and included in the Special Uranian astrology program, which she has worked with Aureas Software in Paris, and the Uranian Institute, in San Francisco, to develop.

In this article I will be summarizing some of the points we have covered in our 21st Century Uranian Astrology classes.  The starting premise is that a chart set for the moment of the exact return of the Sun to 0 of Tropical Capricorn accounts for trends during the entire 12 subsequent months, and as that return occurs every year at around December 21, each Universal Chart is actually based on the natural year, and is cast for a date about 10 days prior to the start of the calendar year.  The Universal Chart is cast for the same date and time as the classical Capricorn Ingress chart, used for many years by astrologers -- but the approach to working the the planetary data does not even approximate what has been done in mainstream classical astrology for the last few centuries, at least. (For history fans, midpoints were used by some astrologers historically, but it is doubtful that they were used in the way they are used here, or with inclusion of the transneptunian points.)

What we call the Universal Chart for 2005 actually does cover the period starting and ending on Dec 21 2004-2005, so that included in our analysis will be the southeast Asian Tsunami of late December 2004.  The Special Uranian program designed in cooperation with Ruth Brummund, midpoint astrology veteran of 50 years, allows us to access highly descriptive and, by astrological standards, amazingly precise descriptions of major events during the year.  Details follow.

Practitioners of Uranische Astrologie or 21st Century Uranian Astrology have tested through the junkheap of old astrology, kept the parts that work well, and added new elements that have proven their practical value in recent times, regardless of whether conventional minds/institutions approve of them or not, doesn't really matter. We focus on what actually yields the most convincing and accurate results, while remembering that in most any other science, whether medicine, physics, biology, or psychology, while some traditions may still remain valid, many of the older methods and theories are often dangerously obsolete and uncognizant of the evolution of more recent human thought. As a result, we no longer see it as being 'esoteric'... the mysteries have been unraveled, and we are making them accessible. Uranian Astrology is not religion, so does not have gurus, or justify reasons for cults. It is frontier science, and frontier science by definition includes work with new ideas.

One of the traditions that 21st Century Uranian Astrology has kept is the Capricorn Solar Ingress chart as an indicator of yearly trends. Yet, so that the actual application and interpretation of the traditional Capricorn Ingress Chart not be trapped within the preconceived notions of classical astrology, we refer to it as the Universal Chart, which begins at the Winter Solstice, that actual original point of astronomical reference for today's Western Calendar. The Universal Chart has a new name because it is used in a new way.

The Universal Chart is usually cast for December 21, give or take a day or two, depending on the year, and can readily be calculated for quick, clear, and functional use on the Special Uranian program produced in Europe by Aureas Software with the cooperation of 50- year veteran midpoint and Uranian astrologer Ruth Brummund, designed specifically to upgrade English-language material from the early translations brought to the USA by Svehla and Niggemann prior to the 1960s to 21st Century standards. It no longer caters to the biases of the fundamentalist sects.

The Universal Chart for 2005 is cast for 2004.Dec.21 at 13h40m32s UT, and we will set the chart location in our example here for London, as a major world center for anglophone readers.

What have been some of the major world events of worldwide recognition so far since the end of 2004.Dec?

1) Tsunami in southeast Asia. 2) Hurricanes and torrential rains in southern North America (including Central America). 3) Terrorist explosions in London and Delhi, among other cities. 4) Social unrest in Paris. 5) Ideological changes in Berlin. 6) Political scandals in Washington DC. 7) Changes relating to the regression and ignorance of ideological fundamentalism on various continents. 8) Weapons buildup in China, Korea, Iran, and other countries. 9) Decisive changes in war developments in the Middle east. 10) Violent clashes in Israel/Palestine. And more positively: 11) Overall worldwide equalization of commerce and economics, affecting China in particular. 12) Extensive social communication via internet technology and other new telecommunications devices.

This list of 12 factors covers many of the most highly-published world news stories so far since the year beginning 2004.Dec.21, and each one of them is very clearly described in the planetary pictures on the Universal Ariespoint axis for the year, using only 16th harmonic midpoints and clusters with +/- 1 orb, as taught by 50- year veteran midpoint astrologer Ruth Brummund.

First, we will look at a list of major news events so far this Universal year, then look at the chart to see how some of the most salient planetary pictures on the Universal Ariespoint axis correlate with those events.

We have already addressed some of these events in our 21st Century Uranian Astrology lessons, summarized below.

Remember to save the Universal Chart cast for 2004.Dec as a Natal Chart, and then you can insert the LM and LA for any city of your choice by using the main menu Natal--NatalChart function.


Explosions in London subways: As this event relates to the government infrastructure (mass transit), we look to the LM and find: Lond.LM=LASA/UR yet the explosions also affected the public environs as well: Lond.LA=ME=SA=CU=MO/UR=KR/AD ME.SA.CU Communal or mass travel/transit. MO.SA.UR Public suddenly comes to a halt. KR.AD Opposition to authorities. According to the Brummund Method of Uranian Astrology, referring to the New Moon charts during the year should indicate the time frame in which the most salient and noteworthy events manifest. Nonetheless, the pictures continue their effect throughout the year, though not always with such remarkable events. And each planetary picture can have various manifestations, all in line with the symbolism of the planets and points involved, just as with traditional astrology, although Uranian Astrology quite frequently yields more specific results.

Public strife in Delhi: Delh.LM=LA=MO=MA/ZE

Disastrous Hurricane in New Orleans: NOrl.LM=LA=VU=NE/KR

Secret weapons production in Iran: Tehr.LM=ZE=HA/VU

Development of underground political resistance in Iraq: Bagd.LA=AD=PLHA/VU But also relative success of a popular political government: Bagd.LM=CU=KR=AP=VU

Intensive commercial expansion in China: Beij.LM=AP=VU=LA/AP

Ideological changes in Germany: Berl.LM=LA=PL=PO

By setting the dial pointer to the LA for Washington DC to see significant events, we find Wash.LA=ARSU/NE and high-level secrecy and scandal rising to the top and involving politicians is indicated there by NE/KR=Wash.LA/VU.

Fundamentalist ideological ignorance unfortunately covers too wide a range of victimization to confine its correlations to a single continent or religion, but shows clearly on the Ariespoint axis: AR=AD/PLHAPO Which fortunately also shows indicators of the eventual possibility of evolution (PL.PO) in that area once narrow-minded ignorance (HA.AD.PO) is overcome. (Note that on Dec 20 efforts to impose 'Intelligent Design' in Pennsylvania schools was declared illegal by the courts.)

Rapid and exciting social telecommunications also cover nearly the entire range of our beautiful and currently fragile planet. AR=MECU/UR

... as does the gradual equalization of commerce and wealth from formerly wealthier countries to once-poor countries where trade and economic expansion is beginning to flourish. AR=VE/AP

Perhaps the message is that the equalization of wealth socially will also bring about greater social harmony and peace. The United Nations, which was founded to further world peace and social harmony, is addressing just those issues today... while those who continually advocate war also seem to be implementing policies that do the opposite. AR=VU=VE/AP Vulkanus often signifies a critical issues of balance of power, and standing one's ground against more coercive forces.

And the numerous powerful aquatic and wind storms around the world in the form of tsunami, hurricane, or torrential rains, would correlate with the NE.VU combination, and we also find MO=NE/APVU in the Universal Chart, Apollon indicating greater spread and scope, as well as multiplicity of occurrences.

A general-reference map for quickly estimating fixed Local MC and Ascendant can be found at

-- San Francisco, 2005.Nov.19, updated 2005.Dec.20


The 'Special Uranian' astrology program was designed in Europe in collaboration with Uranian expert and Hamburg Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Electrical Engineer and Astrologer Francis Santoni, and American Astrologer and Linguist Blake Finley to implement the efficient and research-justified techniques of today's European School of Uranische Astrologie, and is needed to implement the techniques presented here.  The program has undergone substantial changes since its initial release, and has included the text of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations since Summer 2005. (Click here for further information.)