The Universal Chart for 2006  

 Indicators of the Real Sources of Terrorism on our Planet

© by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics


At this point, gratitude must be expressed to Ruth Brummund, longtime Hamburg Uranian Astrologer, for teaching me her methodology. For many years in the USA, historical experimental approaches to Uranian Astrology have been perpetuated, ignoring the substantial more recent developments in Germany, which have led to 21st Uranian Astrology becoming a complete system of astrological analysis in itself, no longer just an adjunct method added to classical methods when searching for marginal details.

Mr Finley has studied Hamburg/Uranian astrology since 1979, and German reference texts and publications on the subject since 1981, with a desire to understand the significant evolution of Uranian Astrology since its early years, and has abandoned many of the historical practices in favor of the newly-designed coherent methodology developed by Ruth Brummund.




Some of you may have received a Uranian Newsletter sent out with similar, but not identical content. This version includes further details using the 2006 Universal chart to pinpoint regions of large- scale financial corruption in international relations, and areas of importance for Washington, Berlin, Paris, Canberra, Bangkok, New Delhi... and locations where the corruption is mostly likely centered and festering at this time.

Americans seem to be lost in a daze about what is going on in our country and why. With Neptune on the Ariespoint axis, the whole world in fact seems to be in a daze at this time. But Moon and Uranus are also on the same midpoint axis this year… we may wake up from the dream, particularly in the USA as the fixed Local MC at Washington also partakes of the planetary picture involving AR.MO.UR.NE.

A very likely explanation for at least some of the recent chaos in the United States comes from a technique Ruth Brummund has been teaching me that has long been used by her and trusted colleagues in the School of Uranische Astrologie which broke off from the Hamburg School after political problems there, using the Universal (Capricorn Ingress) chart with midpoints and transneptunians.

A general-reference map for quickly estimating fixed Local MC and Ascendant for the cities mention in this article can be found at  You may want to click to open up this map in a separate window for reference while studying this article.

Many astrologers working with the Witte-Sieggrun transneptunians have recently been talking about the current close alignment of Pluto with Hades. It can, of course, have positive effects, but can also be a source of subterfuge and primal-level corruption and manipulation. The technique I learned from Ruth was the observation of midpoints involving the fixed Local MC (LM), per Grimm, of a capital city on the regularly calculated Ascendant for another capital city of the country involved. In this case, midpoints between Pluto or Hades and the LM of a capital city would indicate from where the PL.HA energies come, affecting the Ascendant at Washington, the capital city where national policies are made and impacted. The international capital cities indicated by the LMs in this configuration are unfortunately, for the most part, not places where the higher nature of Pluto and Hades have traditionally manifest. In fact, they are countries NOTORIOUS for political corruption, underworld/mafia activities, rampant espionage, as well former Nazi military connections. And, with the exception of one, these are ironically (?) not the countries the current American mass media publicizes as being the threats to our Homeland Security…. the following may explain why.

First, for validation of this technique, let's look at indicators for this past year.

In 2005

2005 Wash.AS = LM./PLHA at Guantanamo Cuba, Lima Peru, Medellin Colombia, Kittyhawk-CapeHatteras US North Carolina

The scandals at Guantanamo may possibly be interrelated, per following indicators, of large-scale narcotrafficking corruption in Latin America -- to be investigated further -- like who owns and operates the prisons and other operations in Guantanamo, in this era of private contracting? The recent removal of President Fujimori from office in Lima Peru is intertwined with a narcotrafficking scandal involving Vladimiro Montesinos and Colombian narcotraffickers, and news reports indicate that local Interpol agents protected Fujimori as his plane recently flew over Lima. Medellin Colombia, a well known world narcotrafficking center, has had special implications for the USA during the past year -- the Medellin drug cartel was a major source of funding for the Iran-Contra scandal corruption of the 1980s that put President Jimmy Carter in an awkward position, strategically just before election time. Coastal North Carolina (territory of Iran-Contra apologist Jesse Helms, now Elizabeth Dole): Not far from Washington DC, point of entry for substantial illegal narcotics shipments from Latin America. Not all of these events at these locations have been as widely publicized as might have otherwise been the case, due to involvement of corrupt high United States government officials in a position to hush things up. Cuban Mafia in Florida likely involved.

In 2006

The astrological configurations for the new Universal Chart for 2006 verify that common characteristics of the indicated locations are potential dangers to the USA in 2006. To seek a resolution, we need to analyze to see what those common characteristics are. The 2005 configurations pointed to issues revolving around substantial underworld drug trafficking and political subterfuge… and the 2006 configurations seem to point in a similar direction.

The LM (around 1°20' of Fixed signs) of these capital cities form midpoints with the Pluto-Hades alignment on the Ascendant of Washington:

- Asuncion Paraguay - Montevideo Uruguay - Taipei Taiwan

Being a longtime student of international cultures, languages, and politics, I immediately saw the connections. Each one of the cities has strong connections with Nazi or Neo-Nazi parties or alliances with them -- and again with international drug trafficking (yes, including Taipei Taiwan, usually skillfully whitewashed), and Montevideo and Taipei with the economic interests of ultra-wealthy and politically influential cult leader Sun Myung Moon.

Dial set to the Ascendant in Washington, Midpoints between PLHA and the fixed LM shows from what sources substantial covert corruption is coming.  In the illustration, LM is Buenos Aires, where Nazi Lt-Colonel Adolf Eichmann further extended his empire after the fall of Hitler (+Asunción+Montevideo, the latter a money-laundering center for the powerful Sun Myung Moon cult), LM2 is Taipei (Moon cult also influential), (all these international weapons and narcotrafficking centers) and LM3 is Cheyenne WY (+Denver +Colorado Springs CO).  These would be locations directly affecting Washington and therefore the federal government.  In addition, related problems point to cities at LM 23 to 25 SG, including Dallas-ForthWorth-Houston TX, Tulsa OK, Topeka KS, Omaha NE, where there are both active Neo-Nazi groups and methamphetamine trafficking (often interlinked).

Asuncion and Montevideo were major havens for Nazi war criminals after World War 2. Revelation several years ago of massive Nazi money in Swiss banks, along with the current success of German corporations that were part and parcel of the Third Reich clearly indicate that Nazi power and money are still around, more substantial than ever, but clearly far less overt. Nazi money has been among the mainstays of political regimes in Paraguay and Uruguay since 1945. Perhaps more significantly, old Nazi money is intimately tied up in Latin American narco-trafficking and weapons trade. Read on Klaus Barbie, Josef Mengele, Alfredo Stroessner, Franz von Papen, Adolf Eichmann. Make no mistake about it, these cities are the homes of some extremely wealthy people (on an international scale) who have made their money in ways most of us would have ugly nightmares about. It's the drugs that numb these people to their own inhumanity.  Juan Maler (aka Reinhard Kopps in San Carlos de Bariloche Argentina as of 1993 funneling money to Neo-Nazi groups via his bank in Luxemburg, publisher and distributor of Nazi literature). In addition, substantial money-laundering by the Kuomintang-associated Sun Myung Moon cult has been reported in Uruguay, where lax banking laws allow such readily.

Taipei is the capital of the Kuomintang, the wealthiest political party (and defacto financial network) on the globe before it divested, starting in 2000, to take on a 'low profile' as Kuomintang offshoots, after reports of its corruption were leaked to the press and caused a huge scandal in immediately prior years in Taiwan. The Kuomintang played both sides in World War 2, having Nazi military advisers, sending soldiers to assist in the Nazi annexation of Austria. Like the old Nazi network, one of its major sources of income has been narco-trafficking and weapons trade. Read on Chiang Kaishek (Chiang Jieshi), the Green Gang, the 14K Triad, Wang Chingwei (Wang Jingwei). While long claiming to be vehement anti- communists, the Kuomintang has recently made a new economic alliance with the Communist Party of China, now that it is rich. Surprise!! The Kuomintang mafia will be hard to get under control because of its extensive presence in US government agencies, including the San Francisco Homeland Security Office, its widespread use of Chinese churches as money- laundering operations immune to scrutiny, and its access to the means to legally produce black-market identification cards and documents. The Kuomintang also sells guns on the street to San Francisco high school kids, imports Methamphetamine and popular derivative drug Ecstasy from the Opium Triangle, strategically overstaffs the voting polls when time to count the ballots, and has strong ties with the Korean Sun Myung 'Moonie' cult, and 'saves face' via its duplicitous 'church' fronts.

Other cities with LM at 31°20', forming the same planetary pictures on Washington's Ascendant on Dec 21:

- Harare Zimbabwe - Kigali Rwanda - Kiyev Ukraine

Harare is home to Robert Mugabe, whose regime is notoriously corrupt, and whose henchmen's behavior is typical of longterm Methamphetamine addicts, and where the old White Racist regime of Ian Smith no better. Kigali, Rwanda lies within the boundaries of the old German East Africa colony, which the Nazis sought to recover during World War 2, where German colonials have continued to live since the late 1800s, and which is the site of a Voice of Germany international radio transmitter -- this country is at the hub of ongoing tribal and racial tension in neighboring Uganda and Congo-Zaire. Active pro-Nazi parties in Ukraine (and neighboring Romania) started during Nazi occupation in World War 2, and are at it again, and the political controversies have already made international news during the last few years. Proximity to oil field ports on the Black Sea coast may well be quite pertinent. Nazis love oil.

Now, cities with LM at 16°45' Mutables, at a 45° angle to the cities above, therefore also partaking of the same pictures with Washington -- most of these hit home:

- Regina Saskatchewan - Denver Colorado - Cheyenne Wyoming - Anchorage Alaska - Dharmsala India (is that on the list? no, can't be!)

Major chapters of Neo-Nazi groups in each of these cities except Dharmsala (possible connections with Taiwanese Kuomintang Mafia and/or the elusive Falun Gong cult?). Could the North American cities be the inroads of the Nazi element into the USA and Canada? Probably, according to the astrological factors. Search the internet for information on the National Alliance Party in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Anchorage; the International Nazi Party in Cheyenne; and Neo-Nazi groups in Regina involved in court cases over weapons possession and racial violence. Dharmsala, India is the capital of the Tibetan government in exile. Hopefully this is the positive side of Pluto.Hades, not an indicator of Kuomintang mafia connections -- or remnants of the fascination the Nazis had for warping the mystical practices of Tibet into something less than spiritual or benevolent. The Dalai Lama has made statements about his resistance to the idea of him or Tibetan Buddhism being used a political tool -- but does he have the power to do anything about it, if it is? Why did he feel the need to bother to make such a statement?

The major challenge in getting the North American groups (both Neo- Nazi and Kuomintang mafia) under control is their very active involvement in the Information Systems field (where accounting records and government data are kept) and invasive presence on the internet. I had a work assignment a few years ago, directed to investigate international crime, and it certainly appears like the Neo-Nazi groups are not just a bunch of programmed idiots, but programmed idiots controlled via drug addiction and brainwashing by a very wealthy underworld political machine -- one that maybe even hates our country and wants to get even for what we did to them in the past. The highly duplicitous Kuomintang mafia, probably more actively involved in Information Systems networks in coastal regions, has a different face, and usually only sells the drugs and guns to the addicts and criminals, while staying sober themselves, and 'saving face'.

Meanwhile, our national infrastructure is being sold off to private interests and our government is being put in debt to ultra-wealthy private banks, some tied in with these two extremely wealthy international organized crime groups. You are invited to investigate, but from what I know, the astrological indicators only confirm and link pieces of information that have been around for at least the last 20 years but generally blanked out by the mainstream American press.

In any case, these capital cities are places from where Pluto.Hades combined energies will affect the American people during the coming year. The rest is to be carefully investigated through logical critical thinking. Government investigative agencies on the West Coast need to be filtered for possible collaboration by Kuomintang associates who would cover, either voluntarily, or under coercion, for corruption controlled from Taipei, which is rampant now already now in many Pacific Island nations, as the media there will attest.

GERMANY:  The same configuration as for Washington in 2006, applied to Berlin: AS = LM/PLHA for LM at 47.00 and 02.00. Fortunately for Germany, KR is also at 2.00, so the German government will probably master the problems. [For the USA, the corruption may be too embedded within our own infrastructure, and thus more challenging to weed out and resolve.]  Here are the capital cities that maybe Germany should focus on and investigate: Belmopan Belize, Paris France, Aldjazair Algeria, Niamey Niger, Porto-Novo Benin, Lagos is no longer the capital of Nigeria, but it is the largest city. Baghdad Iraq, Adan Yemen, Muqdisho Somalia, Riyad Saudi Arabia, Dhaka Bangladesh, Adelaide South Australia (neo-nazi Adelaide Institute). It looks like the Arab terrorists are actually more problematic for Germany than for the USA. Lagos is the former capital of Nigeria, where there is lots of oil, and there is a large Islamic population in the north of the country. Also in Algeria and Niger. In Paris, it is not likely that the problem comes from the French government, but there is a huge Arab population that may be connected with hostile political interests in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh. Australia also gave asylum to many Nazis after world war 2, descendants perhaps still politically active.  All this indicates that Dr Merkel should be extremely careful about her policies toward Iraq, particularly before Germany takes measures to control influx of foreign nationals who might take offense.

FRANCE For France in 2006: Paris.AS = LM/PLHA at LM ~72.00 and ~27.30: Bucuresti Romania, Minsk Belarus (possible change of government coming up), Dakar Senegal, Las Palmas Canary Islands, Lusaka Zambia, Tshwane/Pretoria South Africa (Afrikaner Nazi Broderbund nationalist Eugene Terreblanche just released from prison), Islamabad Pakistan, Mumbai/Bombay India, Port-of-Spain Trinidad, Halifax Canada-Nova Scotia.

THAILAND Substantial PL.HA problems in these cities could affect Thailand: Bangkok.AS = 199.16 =LM/PL.HA at LM ~44.10 and ~89.10: Djibouti Djibouti, Adelaide South Australia, Juneau Alaska, London England, Accra Ghana, Dhaka Bangladesh, Saint Louis Missouri USA, Guatemala City Guatemala.

AUSTRALIA Substantial PL.HA problems in these cities could affect Australia: Canberra.AS = 266.24 =LM/PL.HA at LM ~88.15 and 43.15: Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, Kolkata/Calcutta, India, Baton Rouge Louisiana USA, Guatemala City Guatemala, Kokenau Irian Indonesia, Anguruga and Nhulunbuy Northern Territory Australia (across from Papua).

INDIA: With New Delhi at a 22.5 angle to Canberra, problems from the same regions as those for Australia. Does this also mean that both countries are being subverted by the same underworld organizations?  Seems logically possible.

Now, we might also find related activities, which seem to be in several important cases linked with narcotrafficking and militant right-wing organizations, at locations with PL.HA at the LM (within 1 degree of 84.30):

Manhattan-Topeka-Lawrence Kansas: Active chapter of National Socialist Movement in Topeka; Neo-nazi Aryan Nations recently sought to relocate its national headquarters from Idaho to this area near Kansas City. In the early 1990s, there were repeated anonymous murders of Native Americans in the university city of Lawrence, local police never finding causes -- may be related.

Dallas-ForthWorth and Houston, Texas: Where US President John Kennedy was assassinated, many believing it was carried out by organized crime in response to the efforts of him and his brother Robert Kennedy to actively rout out and identify mafia activities, including those connected with narcotrafficking and weapons sales based in South America and connected with Barbie, Mengele, et al. (and continuing still today??)  Today, active chapters of neo-nazi National Alliance and the Minutemen in all these Texas cities. Houston in particular is a heavy methamphetamine trafficking center.

Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska: Active chapters of National Alliance; regional methamphetamine distribution circuit around Omaha in the early 90s; scandal in Lincoln over the weird NAMBLA cult (with a number of Neo-Nazi members) and pedophilia trafficking back and forth to Washington DC.

In addition, PLHA=LM/LA or LA in other US Midwestern cities where are organized neo-nazi groups, where methamphetamine runs rampant, likely with funding from the ultra-right elements of the narcotrafficking mafia:  Minneapolis-StPaul Minnesota (active National Alliance and National Socialist Movement chapters), DesMoines Iowa (major one-time regional methamphetamine distribution center), KansasCity Missouri and Kansas (White Christian Soldiers in Lees Summit; possible relocated Aryan Nations in KCK), Fayetteville and Fort Smith Arkansas (National Alliance in Lincoln, White Revolution in Russellville), Springfield Missouri (Creativity Movement).  However, in each of these cases, it is likely that drug, money, and possibly arms resources are coming from larger chapters in Omaha-Tulsa-Topeka-DallasForthWorth-Houston. 'Fritz Corporation' importers (home offices in Germany) under fire recently for selling Neo-Nazi and pro-KKK books in Walmart stores. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Active chapter of the National Socialist Movement.

Further south, the same configuration applies to eastern Oaxaca and Veracruz, and western Chiapas and Tabasco, at the Isthmus of Tehuantapec linking the Pacific Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico (via the Coatzacoalcos, and the river that divides these states east/west). This would be a logical place to shuttle drugs from Pacific coastal South America into the Gulf of Mexico, avoiding inspections at the Panama Canal.

Moskva, Russia: The corruption leading to the dismantling of the Soviet Union only seems to have only gotten worse since then. The gap between the rich and poor in Russia has widened considerably, and the Mafia dominance has become world famous in recent years. However, is it all Russian? Sicilian Mafia also active in Russia, and perhaps intertwined along with other underworld business interests.  Also a possibility of old Nazi money involved (Nazis being linked closely with Sicilian Mafia Italian Fascistic Party in WW2 and in Buenos Aires and Montevideo).  For more on this, read Barry Lynes: Astroeconomics "Waterfalls of Truth", self-published 1983.

Wellington, New Zealand: Serious corruption involving Chinese Mafia activities in neighboring Pacific islands, including troubled Fiji, has recently been featured in internet news reports from this region.

Katmandu, Nepal: Violence involving "Maoist rebels" as of early 2005.Dec could be instigated by ???.  Mao died a long time ago.

Also note, that local production of Methamphetamine and derivative MDMA/Ecstasy (small labs in obscure areas) are today only a minor source of the drugs. The bulk of the drugs are smuggled in from overseas. Substantial amounts of pure Methamphetamine come from South American sources via Mexico, the actual controllers of the traffic are in southern South America. MDMA/Ecstasy in the USA (which target wealthier clientele) is manufactured largely in Opium Triangle laboratories and smuggled in by South Chinese Mafia (much through Los Angeles). Do web search for: Methamphetamine "Chinese Mafia" for more specifics. The major source of the drug "ice" in Los Angeles is Kuomintang "family" mafia. The United States DEA website has more information on the massive drug problem emanating from Kuomintang controlled areas, which include not only Taiwan but also Hongkong, Singapore, and Manila. Some have referred to the problem as the "Opium Wars in Reverse". Also note that Kuomintang black-market money is what kept the Marcos regime afloat in Manila, replete with the many yellow high-heel shoes. Many East Asians would welcome efforts to get the Kuomintang Mafia under control, but its powerful and well-integrated connections, nepotism, and cronyism in North America are the biggest obstacles to uncovering the roots of the corruption and getting it under control. Much of the Kuomintang mafia money in turn goes into real estate investment, particularly in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and to campaign contributions to those who cover up the skillful corruption.

Our thanks go to the Southern Poverty Law Center website as a source for locating Neo-Nazi, and other KKK and "Christian Right" groups in the United States.

A general-reference map for quickly estimating fixed Local MC and Ascendant can be found at 

-- 2005.Dec.16, San Francisco.


The 'Special Uranian' astrology program was designed in Europe in collaboration with Uranian expert and Hamburg Astrologer Ruth Brummund, Electrical Engineer and Astrologer Francis Santoni, and American Astrologer and Linguist Blake Finley to implement the efficient and research-justified techniques of today's European School of Uranische Astrologie, and is needed to implement the techniques presented here.  The program has undergone substantial changes since its initial release, and has included the text of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations since Summer 2005. (Click here for further information.)