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Websites: The Uranian Institute; Das Uranische Leuchtfeuer

ASTROLOGICAL PRACTICE: Practicing Astrologer since 1977, student of Uranian Astrology starting in 1978.

STUDIES IN ASTROLOGY: Independent study of astrology since 1975; starting with texts by Michael R Meyer, Alan Oken, Marc Edmund Jones, Sakoian & Acker, Stephen Arroyo, and Dane Rudhyar. Began studying Uranian Astrology in 1978; later mentorships under Iaen V K Sullivan and Ruth Brummund. Continued in independent studies of astrology with materials by Esther Leinbach, John Soric, Alexander Ruperti, Roger Jacobson, Joyce Wehrman, Sepharial, L Edward Johndro, John Sandbach, Ronn Ballard, Alfred Witte, Ruth Brummund, Ludwig Rudolph, Sylvia Sherman, Demetra George, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Donna Cunningham, and Martha Lang-Wescott.

OTHER INDEPENDENT STUDIES: Hinduist, Buddhist, Qabalistic, and Egyptian Hermetic, including works by Patanjali, Sri Aurobindo, C P Ranasinghe, Alice Bailey, Chogyam Trungpa, Gareth Knight, C C Zain / Elbert Benjamine.  Introduced to Brotherhood of Light (Zain) study in 1977; membership since 1988.  Independendent Jungian studies, including works by C G Jung, Jolande Jacobi, and Murray Stein.  Extensive independent reading on global and US history, in addition to university elective history studies, and history integral to foreign language and linguistics studies.

FORMAL EDUCATION:   M.A. in Linguistics 1989 California State University--San Jose; Certificate in Second Language Pedagogical Linguistics 1989 California State University--Sonoma; Certificate in Second Language Education 1990 University of California Extension at Berkeley; B.A. in French language, minor in Spanish, 1984 (in absentia), Missouri State University (Southwest); 3 years post-Masters studies in Linguistics & Language Curriculum, University of Kansas. Graduate studies include educational and developmental psychology; psycholinguistics; test development & design; computerized instructional design; French literature, linguistics, and translation; German for graduate-level reading and translation. Undergraduate and graduate foreign language and linguistics studies, as well as electives included substantial component of international history. (Click here for Blake's academic CV.)

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Periodic and substitute teaching of English to international students at community colleges and adult schools in urban and suburban San Francisco, and University of Kansas, from 1989 to 1997; Teaching intermediate level French at University of Arkansas, 1995;  Organizing and coordinating small astrology study group in Berkeley, California, 1981-82;  Student assistant team-teaching beginning astrology at Missouri State University (Southwest), 1977. 

PUBLICATIONS (click underlined articles to read)

Geodetics and Political History, C A O Times v 6 n 4, 1985.

Uranian Book Guide, Astrology West, v 3 n 10/11, 1985.

Observations on the Symbolism of Hades, translated into German by Brigitte Klose and published in the Hamburger Hefte as Die viele Gesichte des Hades,  I-89 and II-89. [This translation is derived from an earlier English-language article which was altered without my approval before publication in the "Uranian Forum".  An updated, revised version of this article appears at http://www.uranian-institute.org/bfhades.htm

The Transneptunians as a developmental sequence, Uranian Beacon, Sep.99; Journal of the Seasons (NZ), in press.

Synopsis of "A Study of the underlying principles of Hades": Uranian Beacon, Sep.99

The Vertex as a functional chart point: Uranian Beacon, Sep.99

Geodetic angles and relocated angles: Uranian Beacon, Oct.99

Geodetic map of the planet Earth: Uranian Beacon, Oct.99

Pluto inside the orbit of Neptune, Uranian Beacon, Mar.00

Astronomical Data for Transneptunians of Witte and Sieggrün: Uranian Beacon, Jun.00

Uranian Astrology in the 21st Century: Federation of Australian Astrologers' Journal, Sep.00; Journal of the Seasons (New Zealand), Mar.01

Sign rulerships and astrology today. Uranian Beacon, Jan.01.

Alfred Witte: Ahead of his time but in sync with today: Uranian Beacon, Jan.01

An Explanation of the 90-degree dial: Uranian Beacon, Sep.01

Planetary Glyph Symbolism:  Uranian Beacon, Nov.01

Geodetics and political astrology. Uranian Institute, Mar.02

Astrological Reference Points and the Lunar Nodes Uranian Institute, Mar.02

Money and Astrology, elucidated via Uranian Methods:Uranian Institute, Mar.02

Astrology in the 21st Century Uranian Institute, Oct.03

Energies of the Uranian Mandala Uranian Institute, Dec.03

Working with Midpoints in the 22.5° mode Uranian Institute, May.04


A Lexicon of Kiowa vocabulary (in progress).

TRANSLATIONS: Udo Rudolph: America and Russia: A Comparison: from Hamburger Hefte. Ruth Brummund: The Brummund Rulebook - 2nd Edition: a midpoint astrology reference for the 21st Century. Ruth Brummund: The Brummund Technique Book (in preparation; excerpts can be viewed here). Numerous other articles on Uranian Astrology by Ruth Brummund, posted on the Uranian Beacon/Uranian Astrology Institute website..

OTHER SKILLS AND INTERESTS: Computer Operator for 8 years at University of California at Berkeley. Early Commodore computer program development of programs for traditional Hamburg School astrology techniques. Student of qabalistic tarot since 1975. Eclectic non-sectarian Buddhist aspirant. Creator and webkeeper of the astrological websites "Uranian Astrology Institute/Uranian Beacon" and "Uranische Leuchtfeuer" since 1999, and "L'Institut uranien" since 2003.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Among Blake's paternal ancestors were immigrants from Scotland to what are now the northeastern states of the USA, several of whom served in George Washington's Continental Army, and several of whom in turn migrated gradually across the USA to California by the early 1850s (i.e. "California state pioneers"), while half of his mother's 19th-century US immigrant ancestors from the Hamburg region in Germany were among the many 1848-era democratic refugees from the 2nd Reich, whose descendants later risked or lost their lives to battle Hitler's Axis Fascists Nazi machine.  Blake's parents moved to coastal southern California shortly after their marriage but were eventually resettled in Missouri due to military orders following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  While in the US Midwest with his parents, Blake made continual international contacts through university connections, hobbies in geography, cartography, international news media via shortwave radio and subscriptions to various foreign publications, multiple transnational pen-pals on every continent except Australia, and exchanges with international students during foreign language studies.  Astrology triggered his interest in the early 1970s, and university studies gave him access to books needed to calculate astrological charts, starting in 1975.  His enthusiasm for languages and multicultural studies led to undergraduate studies in French and Spanish and Russian, interspersed with extracurricular studies in astrology.  In 1977 he began producing typed astrological analyses for clients, and was hired as a teaching assistant of astrology for a "mini-physics" course at a local university, where he assisted a triple-Leo anti-astrology physics professor whose fixed objective was to disprove the validity of astrology -- an interesting challenge, yet not unfamiliar to an unconventional thinker facing the conventional. In 1978 Blake obtained his first uranian astrology literature, including lessons by Charles Emerson and reference books from the Hamburg School and the School of Cosmobiology.

Pluto transiting over his Sun in 1979 brought a return to his parents' California dream, manifest as a move to Berkeley, where the most state-of-the-art astrological texts were available in local bookstores, including Lewin's Books, Shambhala Books, and nearby Fields Books in San Francisco.  As the 80s unfolded, Blake attended astrology meetings organized by Yvonne Lewin at Lewin's Metaphysical Books in Berkeley.  Within a few years he was fortunate enough to make contact with Iaen Sullivan, MSW, an experienced and successful maverick uranian astrologer with an eager international clientele, and gained access to astrological software to shift energies used to calculate and read the old hand-drawn charts over to modern research and interpretation of instantaneous on-screen data.  Blake studied and observed the Witte-Sieggruen transneptunian factors carefully and cautiously for six years (1978-84), particularly because of the negativity of the older literature, before including them in his readings for clients in 1984.

In the 1980s Blake organized an astrological study group in his home, and started corresponding with Udo Rudolph of the Hamburg School in Germany, began university coursework in German, and was granted translation rights to Ruth Brummund's Revised Rulebook (Regelwerk-Neufassung) by Mr Rudolph and Ms Brummund, despite persistent 3rd party interference from fiercely competing astrologers in the USA.  Ms Brummund's book, in a 1979 first, and 1990 substantially expanded second edition, had become the new interpretation standard for progressive uranian astrologers in Germany, integrating a welcome new psychological component, far less negative and fatalistic than earlier uranian or Hamburg School astrology books.  The resulting master reference work is published in English as the Brummund Rulebook in searchable electronic format in the Special Uranian astrology software program produced by Aureas Software programmers in France.

In the mid-80s Blake began graduate studies at UC Berkeley and again fit astrological and translation work in between classroom textbooks dealing with language teaching methodology, psycholinguistics, and developmental and educational psychology. After beginning studies in linguistics and language education at Berkeley, he continued studies at Cal State Sonoma and San Jose, with attainment of a Master's in Linguistics, and completion of the bulk (3 years) of a PhD program in Education and Linguistics in the US midwest that came to a halt with challenging events related to the AIDS crisis affecting a partner, and its social and political and career impact.  After graduate coursework including German reading and translation, followed by work in database development and maintenance, and teaching English for international students and French, interspersed with astrological study and research during breaks, he established the Uranian Beacon website in San Francisco in 1999 to promote the substantial unpublicized recent developments in Uranian Astrology.  Blake's consultation and study with German astrologer Ruth Brummund led to a radical shift in his perspective on astrology, and the Uranian Beacon was significantly modified and renamed the Uranian Institute for Astrological Study & Research (Uranian Astrology Institute) in December 2001. (It has no affiliation with the Institute for Uranian Psychology, which has also used the name 'Uranian Institute'.)

The English translation of the Brummund Rulebook, included in the new Special Uranian astrology software program produced in conjunction with the Aureas astrological software company, modernizes midpoint astrology.  Mr Finley has had the good fortune to develop communicative links with a few of the finest progressive and future-directed astrologers on the planet and is striving to integrate humanistic and innovative developments into the field of astrology so that it continues to upgrade and evolve as a tool for the personal growth and empowerment needed to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's world. For more information on the program integrating the aforementioned astrological knowledge and experience, click here