Geodetics and Political History

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This article was substantially updated in 2004 and 2015.


This article deals with research and evidence based on the Geodetic system, first inspired and triggered by a lecture on Geodetics by Joyce Wehrman at a Spring 1983 NCGR conference in Oakland, California, and by subsequent studies of Local Ascendants and Meridians as presented by Ruth Brummund.  Summaries of the system can be found in the bibliography of this article. Core data of this article was published in the CAO Times in 1984, and a geodetic world map similar to the one below was circulated at an NCGR conference in northern California in 1984.

The Geodetic system is based upon the premise that the MC at Greenwich = 0° Aries. Therefore, the MC at any location at longitude 90°E is 0° Cancer. The MC at any location at longitude 90°W (360°-90°=270°) is 0° Capricorn, and the MC at 180° (the International Date Line) is 0° Libra.

As you look at the Geodetic map of Earth in Figure 1, you will note that 0° Capricorn MC (Midheaven), running through New Orleans USA, at the mouth of the Mississippi, is always equal to 0° Aries AS (Ascendant); in other words the lines are identical for both. The same is true for 0° Cancer MC and 0° Libra AS, running through Dhaka (Dacca), Bangladesh, at the mouth of the Ganges.  This is in keeping with the equal 30° size of the 12 houses when with when 0° Aries or 0° Libra is rising, no matter which house system you may use. And the reverse is true for 0° Aries MC (through London) and 0° Libra MC where 0° of the cardinal ascendants correspond with the same line only at the equator, thus accounting for the irregularity of the houses with Cancer or Capricorn rising in the non-equal house systems.  With the Sepharial system of Geodetics, the correlations between the longitudinal meridians and 0° Cardinal Midheavens is exact.  With the Grimm system of Geodetics, there is a slight variation that becomes noticeable as we look at locations distant from the 0° Cardinal meridians.  The difference can amount to as much as 2.5° degrees, but is in most cases much less.   The maps below are drawn for the Sepharial system, and adjustments will need to be made for the Grimm system.  The Aureas Special Uranian program will provide the correct Local MC and AS according to the Grimm system.  Note how 0 degrees of cardinal MC run through key World Trade Centers... London world banking center, Dakha and mouth of the Ganges, Port of New Orleans, Port of Fiji.



One of the most clear and interesting illustrations of how Geodetics work is illustrated by the political events in Germany prior to and during World War II ...

1934.Aug.03: Hitler assumes the titles of Chancellor and President of Germany. He also breaks the treaty of Versailles and rearms Germany: Transiting Hades = Berlin geodetic MC.

1939.Sep.01: Hitler invades Poland, closing the "Polish corridor" which separated East Prussia and Danzig from the rest of Germany: transiting Hades=18AR16.

1936-1945: It is quite interesting to note that Pluto started sweeping across the Geodetic Ascendant of Germany, beginning at the southwest tip at about 29° Cancer in 1936, near the time Hitler invaded and remilitarized the Rheinland while breaking its mandatory disarmament by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. Hitler's remilitarization exemplifies Pluto in Leo in its most infantile form (in its early degrees, and as Pluto had just been 'discovered'). Pluto continues across the Ascendant of Germany throughout the Second World War, and on 1945.May.08 crosses the Ascendant along the German/Polish border as the Nazis are defeated and Germany is divided into sectors under foreign occupation while being rebuilt economically. It is interesting that Nazi Germany has traditionally been used to symbolize the energy of Pluto functioning at its most primitive level.

1945.Apr.24: Opening of first United Nations conference, as transiting Pluto is at 07°54 Leo, very near 180° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of San Francisco.

Notice also that transiting Neptune starts sweeping across Germany opposite the Midheaven starting at 06° Libra in 1945, at the end of the war, and concluded at the eastern border of Germany in 1949 at the time of the establishment of the German Democratic and German Federal Republics and the contemporaneous establishment of the German-Polish border along the Oder-Neisse line with Neptune opposing the 14° Aries Midheaven there. Germany dealt with much dis-illusionment during this 4-year period.



1932: As Transpluto is 90° from the Ascendant in both Shanghai and Hsinking, Japan sends troops to Shanghai, and helps set up the Axis Fascist state of Manchukuo at Hsinking.

In reality, China was split all during the World War 2 about whether to ally with the Japanese or the British-French-American alliance.  Chinese Kuomintang leader Chiang Kaishek had Nazi military advisors train his army, and sent his adopted son Chiang Wei-kuo to train in Nazi Germany and help in Hitler's Austrian Anschluss -- and Chinese Kuomintang soliders under pro-Axis Wang Ching-wei joined with the Japan Fascist party, who had restored the Chinese royal family to the throne in Manchuria, and promised the future glory of a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".  Such double-dealing and waffling among the Kuomintang, along with involvement in large-scale opium trafficking and massive underground corruption, led to reluctance by other Allies to give them a leading role in the United Nations... the issue was indeed quite controversial... and the Kuomintang's fall from power in Taiwan in 2002. Today, the Kuomintang is negotiating for business partnership with the increasingly wealthy Chinese Communist Party.

Note that while Pluto was conjunct the Ascendants of Germany for the duration of the rise and fall of the Third Reich, Pluto was in 90° angle to the Ascendants of the Japanese Empire (which included Korea or "Choson" at that time), beginning at the border with China (which had included Manchukuo prior to Japanese invasion), and ending near Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities destroyed by atomic bombs, bringing an end to the covert warfare of World War II.



1950-1953: China invades Korea: transiting Hades is at 180° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of the western end of the China-Korea border, moving to an area near the eastern end of the North/South Korea border a the end of war in 1953; this indicates that many of the Chinese operations were secretive in nature, and possibly motivated in part by a drive to reclaim past Chinese influence in Korea and/or in reaction to past Japanese operations in the region. Using the Grimm system, Hades was on the Ascendant from the western end of the North/South Korea border, moving toward the southeast corner of South Korea during this period. Note that North Korean and allied Chinese military had overtaken and occupied nearly all of South Korea at one point during this period.  Korea has long been sandwiched between both aggressive Chinese and Japanese colonial interests.

During this same 1950-1953 brutal war period, Transpluto moved along the Sepharial Geodetic MC over the North/South Korea border -- Transpluto was at the MC of western end of the Demilitarized Zone (North/South border) when the North invaded the South on 25.Jun.1950, and finally at the MC at the eastern end of the Demilitarized Zone (North/South border) in 1953 when the war ended on 27.Jul.1953. Using the Grimm system, Transpluto was moving over the (eastern) Sea of Japan coastal areas during this period.

1994: Pluto crosses the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of the northwest corner of North Korea about the time of the death of its first and founding Premier, Kim Il Sung, followed by major changes across North Korea Pluto moved eastward across the Ascending degrees. In the Grimm system, Pluto was closer to Seoul in 1994, referring to changes in South Korea due to Kim's demise.

Despite the dissolution of the Japanese empire, close political and economic and infrastructural ties have been continued with South Korea and Taiwan.

Yet other noteworthy transits over the geodetic angles are illustrated by historical events in Palestine/Israel:



The restoration of the Jewish state in Israel in 1948 is another example of a geodetic Plutonian transformation ...

1945-1948: Large-scale repatriation of Jews into their historic Israeli homeland. Pluto begins transiting over the Ascendant of the southwest border in 1945 and ultimately over the northeast border tip of the country upon the inauguration of the State of Israel in May 1948.  Conflicts are complicated by British commitments made to both Jewish and Arab interests in the region.

1967: The Arab-Israeli war of 1967 takes place as Transpluto goes over the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of the northeast tip of Israel (at the Syrian border, in the Golan Heights). Using the Grimm system, Transpluto was on the Ascendant along the Israel/Egypt border, including Gaza, at the eastern end of the Sinai peninsula.

Surely these are not mere coincidences... yet there must be other triggering factors, since the transiting planets are always in aspect to some Geodetic angle or another; but the above events were of particularly significant import in the pages of world history.  Historical Geodetic work by Harry Suthann in the 1930s indicates that planetary latitudes and/or declinations help pinpoint the location of such events.

In addition to the remarkable coincidence of transiting planets over Geodetic angles noted by Ms Wehrman, I collected the following list from my own observations as well as from other writings on Geodetics (see bibliography):

1776.Jul.04: At the US Declaration of Independence, transiting Pluto is at a 90° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of Philadelphia (where the Declaration of Independence was made).

1860: As the Abraham Lincoln is elected president of the United States, slavery is gradually legally abolished in the United States... Apollon (symbolizing freedom and equality) is transiting 90° to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of the US capital at Washington DC.

1912.Jan.01: Declaration of the Republic of China: Transiting Neptune in 90° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of Peking/Beijing (capital of the defeated imperial government), while transiting Uranus in 180° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic MC of Nanking (the capital city of the new Republican government -- the Neptune transit was earlier noted by Sepharial and other authors.)

1917.March: Russian Revolution rumblings -- Abdication of Czar Nicholas: Transiting Uranus in 180° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic Ascendant of St Petersburg (Petrograd), the Czarist capital.

1917.Nov.08: Russian Revolution officially begins -- Bolsheviks take over the provisional coalition government set up in Saint Petersburg (Petrograd) as transiting Kronos is conjunct the Sepharial Geodetic Midheaven there.

1932-1947: As Apollon (freedom and equality) begins sweeping across the Ascendant of the current-day western tip of India in 1932, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the ancient Hindu caste system makes progress toward breaking down with the onset of representation of all social classes in Indian legislative and religious assemblies. When Apollon reaches the Ascendant in Delhi in 1947, India achieves independence from Britain and decrees official abolition of the caste system.

1949.Oct.01: Declaration of the communist People's Republic of China: Transiting Hades (symbol of populism, or sometimes of failure) in 90° angle to the Sepharial Geodetic MC of the capital of the defeated Kuomintang government at Nanking, with transiting Jupiter in 90° angle to the Ascendant of the capital of the new government at Beijing (Peking), indicating that money was pouring in to the new communist Chinese government from overseas.

1956.Nov.04: Soviet Russian military invasion of Hungary: Transiting Uranus = Geodetic Ascendant of Budapest.

1961.Dec.09: Independence of Tanganyika: Transiting Hades = Geodetic MC of the capital city of Dar-es-Salaam.

1980.Nov. After years of rule under a white minority government, Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) is declared independent of Britain in the city of Harare (Salisbury), where transiting Pluto is in 90° angle to the Geodetic Ascendant.

1991.Jan.16: Bush administration begins bombing Baghdad, Iraq as transiting Pluto is at 19°58, at 90° angle to the Geodetic Ascendant of Baghdad.

This is a random listing of major world events. Many more could be found with additional research. At some point, when other factors which trigger these aspects into action are recognized, an invaluable tool for political forecasting may be at hand.  Political astrologer Harry Suthan suggested in the 1930s that further developing the system using planetary declination and geographic latitude could help further pinpoint event locations.



Geodetics are not by any means limited to usage in research or forecasting of political events. They are used in individual charts to yield particularly significant information, particularly when used in conjunction with midpoints.

Following are some examples. Midpoints (and aspects) falling on the Geodetic angles at any location describe the professional circumstances (MC) and the environmental circumstances (AS) of the native at that location. (Note that an accurate birthtime is not absolutely necessary, since significant information can be obtained without the natal Ascendant, Midheaven, or Moon). Most of the following definitions are direct quotes from "The Brummund Rulebook" by Ruth Brummund.


The Geodetic MC of Berlin falls on these midpoints in Hitler's chart:

Uranus/Kronos: hot-tempered. tyrannical. nervous. despotic. Tension relating to official matters.

Neptune/Hades: cloaked in mystery. extremely secretive. negative in outlook.

Vulkanus/Poseidon: highly knowledgeable. My intellectual or spiritual influence. Cultural director. controlling. overpowering. 

The Geodetic AS of Berlin falls on these midpoints in Hitler's chart:

Nodes/Hades: private. elusive. retrospective; interested in historical factors. Displeasing acquaintances. To reject relations.

Zeus/Poseidon: intellectually agile. persuasive. commanding. Location of cultural work. Persuasion in intellectual debates.

The Midheaven pictures need little further comment. Hitler was a genius as a child, and he used the Vulkanus/Poseidon intellect to sway the masses into an abyss of grave deception (NE/HA). He was well-known for the secretive nature of his connections and his suspicion of political colleagues (NO/HA) while he was in power.



Washington Geodetic MC in Reagan's chart:

Aries/Kronos: To be known as an authority. Skill in one's field. Official.

Pluto/Cupido: gregarious. people-oriented. Involvement in social change. Development of my company.

Mars/Neptune: acts on one's intuitions. works with metaphysical factors. acts as a medium. My indecision. Manipulation. To commit deceit. 

Washington AS in Reagan's chart:

Aries/Nodes: Connection with the general public. All sorts of acquaintances.

Sun/Pluto: enjoys socializing. adapts. prone to change. not always reliable. changes compulsively.  Interchanges in interactions. To confront others' changes or transformations. 

Uranus/Neptune: mediumistic. daydreams. reformist. deluded. confused. Sudden ambiguity in the environs. Sudden disillusionment.

Mercury/Zeus: communicates persuasively. Beginnings of dialogues. To be compelled to speak. compulsive. controlling. dictatorial.

Reagan was known by his admirers as the "great communicator" and an agent of change.  By his critics, he was known for his sometimes muddled comments and superficiality, seeming in some ways to be under someone else's control.  Yet most everyone recognized his charm and skill in social diplomacy, his compulsion to talk, and his effectiveness in implementing changes.



There are other systems in use besides this one which are based on the same idea, but use different reference points.

L. Edward Johndro did extensive research with a system which had a moveable base-line with 29°10' Aries on Greenwich in 1930.

However, he is said to have vacillated between that system and one identical to the one used throughout this article. (see entry under "Johndro" in the LAROUSSE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTROLOGY.)

Johndro's major text on the Geodetics is THE EARTH IN THE HEAVENS, where he explains his system in detail, and has a list of Ascendants and Midheavens for major world cities..

There were also other German astrologers who experimented with various systems of geodetics (see COSMOBIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL Number 22, January 1976).

In 1979, German Uranian Astrologer Ruth Brummund compiled a reference listing of the MCs and Ascendants of major world cities, according to the Grimm system, in ORTS-MERIDIANE UND ORTS-ASZENDENTEN FÜR WICHTIGE WELTSTÄDTE (Local Meridians and Local Ascendants for Major World Cities).  

Comprehensive material on the various Geodetic systems compiled in English in Chapter 11 of MUNDANE ASTROLOGY, written by Charles Harvey, giving background information on all the systems mentioned above as well as others.

NOTES ADDED IN 2002:  Since the first versions of this article, prior to 1995, additional material on Geodetics has developed or was uncovered.  A book entitled Astrolocality Astrology , which includes a summary of information on Geodetics published in recent decades, was published by Martin Davis in 1999.  In addition, Harry Suthann wrote a series of articles entitled Planets over Nations published in the National Astrological Journal (Los Angeles) in 1934 and 1935, correlating Geodetics with contemporary events.



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