Sensitive Points (A+B-C), 

Sums (A+B), 

and Midpoints (A/B)

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NOTE: It has come to the translator's attention that the textual content of some of the original articles sent or posted by Ms Brummund from/in Germany have been altered after the translator received the text translated below. The following text is a translation of the content of the article as it appeared on the date indicated at the end of this translated text, and does not include translation of any alterations that may have been made in the German original since that date.

The topic of sensitive points was previously discussed in Hamburger Hefte issues IV/88 through II/90 and up to this point has not been fully resolved.  For this reason, I will attempt once again to clarify this issue.

Franz Stark, in Astrologie unter der Lupe (Astrology under the Microscope) writes: "The astrology of the ancients was interpretation of destiny and psychology rolled into one".

From Dr Christian Schubert-Weller in Wege der Astrologie (Astrological Methodologies), we read: "Likewise the many Arabian Parts, of which the most familiar is the Part of Fortune, are a result of arithmetical calculations."

Such points of destiny were recognized as "sensitive points" by Alfred Witte, as his thoughts about innovations in astrology developed and evolved over time.

In the technical journal Astrologische Rundschau, Alfred Witte wrote several articles from 1919 to 1924 on the topic of sensitive points.  Hermann Sporner collected these articles, and they were published by Witte Verlag in the Der Mensch anthology.

At the end of page 39 of this book, Witte writes: "Note that it is significant which planet is added and which planet is subtracted."  Then, on pages 54 and 165, there is a schema of 6 transpositions of 3 factors with the remark: "Where the planets are a, b, and c, the sequences can be:

   c, b, a  |  a, c, b  |   b, a, c     

a, b, c  |  b, c, a  |   c, a, b "

However, when we equate the letters to numbers and give the value of 3 to a, 4 to b, and 5 to c, we come up with the following sensitive points:

5 + 4 – 3 = 6   |   3 + 5 – 4 = 4   |   4 + 3 – 5 = 2

3 + 4 – 5 = 2   |   4 + 5 – 3 = 6   |   5 + 3 – 4 = 4

The results of the equations in the first row are repeated in the second, since for example both 3 + 4 and 4 + 3 lead to a sum of 7; thus the overall claim is ambiguous.

If we proceed to Witte's statements in his discussion of his November 1921 article "Die unbekannte Geburtszeit" (The Unknown Birthtime) with Alexander Baradoy, found on page 255 of Der Mensch, we read: "To all students (of Hamburg School methods) I can only advise the purging of all redundant factors, such as sign rulerships, fixed stars, sensitive points, and planetary dignities and detriments, and subsequently pay more attention to the interrelationships of the planets."

In 1923 and 1924 the findings on Cupido and Hades were published, and further presented at the Fifth Astrological Congress in Hamburg in 1926.  Thereafter, there are no more known writings by Alfred Witte.  After the Rulebook was seized by the Nazis in 1936, Alfred Witte remained, according to reports of colleagues, under covert observation.  Even when he attended astronomical symposia, he was followed by an agent.

He did, however, have one true and loyal colleague.  This was Ludwig Rudolph, with whom he was able to exchange thoughts and objectives relating to his astrological system.  And these intellectual treasures will live on through us and our successors, and help us all to attain increasing lucidity.

Over the course of the years, the concepts of sensitive points, sums, and symmetrically aligned planets (midpoints), have been applied as the bases for investigations in the Hamburg School not only in isolation, but also in combination with each other.

Sensitive points, as well as sums, are points calculated points based on radix factors.  They can coincide with the axes of individual radix points, in which case the sensitive points are composed of 2 midpoints which would show on the axis even if one were not looking specifically for sensitive points.  Most often, however, their position must be marked separately in the chart.  Sums will always need to be added separately, if they are indeed to be considered.

As mentioned earlier, in working with the sensitive points, the individual factors can occur in varying sequences; thus the Sun could be in the minus position, since technical work is carried out on the body.  Another might say that Mars should be in the minus position, since the body is stressed during the surgical processes.  Still another might put Uranus in the minus position, since a certain technical procedure is implemented in working on the body.

Next we address how to verify these statements.  We need to find a combination that is unquestionably accepted by most astrologers as suitable for explaining a surgical operation; and combinations of Sun, Mars, and Uranus seem to be widely accepted as appropriate.









1923.Nov.14 at 03h11CET/MET

Pisz, E Germany (now in Poland)

21E49 x 53N38


radix MA



radix MA





Stomach abscess removal

1930.Dec.28, Solar Arc   07:30

d 02:41 -- d 02:11  =VU d 01:41  =VU=NO

Removal of abdominal cysts

01.Oct.54, SA 31:16 = 08:46

d 03:57 =SA=CU=ME=AD d 03:27 =SA=CU d 02:57  SA

Triple Heart Bypass

1995.Aug.13, SA 72:55 = 05:25

d 00:36 =HA=NO

d 00:06 =HA=NO=VE

d 22:06  VE

Here the Sensitive Points are within a degree and manifest uniquely.  For this reason, all 3 planets in all possible midpoint combinations are investigated.



00:26 + Arc =       d 07:56  MC/HA = AS/ME = AS/SU

                           d 09:12  SU/JU = MC/CU = AS/SU

                           d 05:51  SU = NE = UR = AR/AS = AS/HA = SU/HA



11:26 + Arc =      d 18:56 MC/VE

                          d 20:12 MC/UR = UR/PL = MC/VU

                          d 16:51 MC/AP = ME/UR = UR/CU



17:11 + Arc      d 2:11 MC/ZE = HA/AD = MC/KR = MC/MO

                       d 3:27 MA/KR = MC/MO

   d 0:06 AS/ZE = AS/KR = AS/MO

The MA/UR axis points to Hades, and the many connections with the personal points and also the Sun (the body) are significant.










1922.Dec.10 at 08h43 CET/MET

Hamburg, W Germany

10E00 x 53N33



r           --




 = PO




 = HA

1st Hip Surgery

1984.Sep.01 Arc 62:44 = 17:44


d 01:43  UR d 15:57  CU d 16:59  JU.SA

2nd Hip Surgery

2000.Jul.20  Arc 78:50  = 11:20


d 17:49  SA.AP d 09:33  SU.VE

d 10:35  PL.ZE.KR




19:29 + Arc =     d 14:43  MO = MC/AD = SU/PO = AS/JU

                         d 08:19  MC/AS = MC/ME = AS/UR = MA/CU

From 2000.Jul.27 to Oct.06 more operations were performed.  The latter Solar Arc value amounted to 11.32.  The subtracted Sun falls outside the range, while both the others lie within an orb of about 1°.  We proceed next to the adjusted midpoints: 



0:48 + Arc =  d 18:32 MC/PL = UR/PL

                    d 12:08 AS = AR/UR = AS/KR = MC/PO



6:10 + Arc d 1:24 MA/UR = MA/ZE = MC/VU = AS/MA

                d 17:30 MC/VE = MC/PL = AR/AS = AS/HA


In this chart, all operations were performed either on the hip or the knee.  The MA/UR midpoint is not linked with the Sun (the body).  However, the Lunar Nodes, as the symbol for body joints, stand together with Hades, an indicator of illness. Due to overburdened joints, motion is restricted.  This shows also through ME/AD, and we have here a further example that the midpoints are highly significant.










1962.Oct.01 at 23h25 CET/MET

Zurich, Switzerland

08E32 x 47N23


r           = SA, CU




= NO


Stomach surgery

1987.Oct.01, Arc 24:48 = 02:18

d 14:14  = NO d 04:16  = VE.PL d 16:52 = MC.KR

Stomach surgery

1997.Sep.22, Arc 34:46 = 12:16

d 01:42  = VU.MA d 14:14 = NO d 04:20 = VE.PL

Intestines unblocked

2000.Oct.05, Arc 37:45 = 15:18

d 04:44 = VE.AD d 17:16 = MC.KR.ME.UR d 07:22 = SU

Intestines congested:

15.Apr.01 Arc 38:17 or 15:47; d 5:13 VE.AD; d 17:45 KR; ME d 7:51 SU

Here each sensitive point stands in isolation.  For this reason, we proceed to the next step and look at midpoints.



21:21 + Arc          d 01:07  VU = AS/AD = MC/SU

                           d 11:09  CU = MC/AD = SU/PO = AS/VU

                           d 14:11  NO = SU/ZE = MC/SA = AS/SU = CU/KR

                           d 14.38 MC/SA = UR/CU = AS/CU = AD/VU = VE/PL



16:23 + Arc          d 18:41 JU/UR = AS/KR = AS/ME = AS/UR = MC/AP

                           d 6:09 MC/UR = MC/ME = MC/AS

                           d 9:11 AR/UR = UR/VU = MC/MA

                           d 9:38 AR/AS = AS/VU



13:13 + Arc   d 15:31 SU/MA = MC/NO

                    d 2:59 MA/PL = MA/AD = MC/CU

                    d 18:31 AS/KR = AS/ME = AS/UR = MC/AP = ME/JU = PL/CU =

                    d 19:03 ZE/KR = AS/JU = MO/HA = MO


Already in the first axis we find all three planets linked.  Hades linked with Vulkanus emphasizes the intensity of the risk.


We can further investigate, working with the sums of the 3 planets, to establish what significance they might have.


SU + SU 16:32 MC = SU/PL = UR/PO

MA + MA 9:00 SA/AD = AR/KR = MC/MA

UR + UR 13:42 AS/SU = SU/JU = MC/SA

Here we find hardly any indicators of any of the several operations.

The overall results are noteworthy.  We can see that for each individual, during each surgical procedure, personal points such as MC, AS, SU, MO, and NO are involved significantly.  However, as each operation is performed at a given age, the data for each person shows a different sensitive point triggered each time.  From a critical standpoint, one might therefore assume that the operation was performed on various parts of the body.  If we compare these sensitive points with one another, we find few parallels, and this shows up in our data list. 

Still other sensitive points would be associated with earthquakes.  More factors are to be considered in investigation of this topic, such as SU, SA, UR, PL, HA, AD, and VU.  Three of these might be selected for inclusion in the sensitive points: Uranus, Admetos, and Vulkanus, which altogether symbolize a sudden outburst of enormous power.  The sensitive points would specifically be AD+VU–UR, and VU+UR–AD, a well as UR+AD–VU.

These investigations revealed that each natal configuration will be triggered at the age corresponding to solar arc.  With prediction, it is however left to chance that the events should occur in the exact manifestation we verify by hindsight.  Neither sensitive points nor sums are needed to account for the events.  The manifestations of a given planetary combination can vary according to circumstances, for example:

MA+SA-SU can mean: Difficult physical labor, Dealings with physical problems, Separation from a man, etc.

One should therefore be appropriately warned before undertaking to use the calculated sums and sensitive points.  Reconstruction and investigation of these results yourself will show you what the most efficient methods are.


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