The Universal Chart, cast for 2003 

© Ruth Brummund, Dipl Psych

Translated by L. Blake Finley

NOTE: It has come to the translator's attention that the textual content of some of the original articles sent or posted by Ms Brummund from/in Germany have been altered after the translator received the text translated below. The following text is a translation of the content of the article as it appeared on the date indicated at the end of this translated text, and does not include translation of any alterations that may have been made in the German original since that date.

It is often asked just exactly what the annual Universal Chart is. We ponder now and again that we are all subject to cosmic laws, just as we are to eating, drinking, and sleeping. The Sun brings us light, which is experienced all around the globe. At the poles, summer brings only light, and winter only darkness. How much light is relative to the degree of latitude and the ecliptic. At the equator, the duration of darkness and light is relatively consistent throughout the year.

The Universal Chart is based on the planetary positions on a certain day at a certain time. For everywhere around the globe, these positions are identical. What actually varies with each nation are the MC and Ascendant of its capital city, as well as local time standards.

The cosmic year begins at the entry of the Sun into 0° Capricorn, while the calendar year begins on the 1st of January. Alfred Witte referred to the 0° Ariespoint as the Earth axis of the chart, and to a related Earth chart.

We are all subject to the rotation of the Earth, which is determined by universal influences. In Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the Sun enters the cardinal signs. In Spring and Autumn days are nights are of relatively the same length. However, during the longest Summer days around the 21st of 22nd of June, the Sun appears to move only about 57‘14" – while in the shortest Winter days around the 21st or 22nd of December, it appeas to move about 1°1‘7". This indicates a difference of about 4 minutes of arc, perceptible during the course of life.

This deviation from the mean solar arc is most significant for those born near the Summer and Winter solstices, and Alfred Witte taught us to work with the individual solar arc, since he found it to be pertinent in prognoses.

We are now in the year 2003, and the annual Universal chart began on 22nd December 2002 at 01h14m26s. The chart can be calculated for that same Universal Time, using the geographic coordinates of any capital city to determine is local national effect.

Just as in each chart the positions of the planets at this time in UT are fixed, so can Mercury be no further from the apparently rapidly-moving Sun (at 0° Capricorn) than 28°, and Venus no further than 45°. Thus Mercury and Venus appear from the Earth to fall in either the same or neighboring signs of the zodiac. However, the Moon moves exceptionally fast, moving through the entire zodiac in 28 to 29 days.

With the slower-moving planets, the situation is different. Using the current Universal chart as a reference, we note that Uranus has been in Aquarius since 1995, and leaves it for the first time in December 2003, only to return and then remain for a while in Pisces starting in March 2011. Neptune entered Aquarius in January 1998 and moves on to the next sign in April 2011. Thus both planets orbit through Aquarius together from January 1998 to December 2003. Pluto moves through Sagittarius from November 1995 to November 2008.

Among the transneptunians, we note the following general positions:

Cupido in Sagittarius from Nov 1997 to Jan 2019.

Hades in Gemini from May 1981 to Jun 2011.

Zeus in Libra from Oct 1993 to Dec 2030.

Kronos in Cancer from Sep 2001 to Jul 2045.

Apollon in Libra from Dec 1965 to Dec 2013.

Admetos in Taurus from May 1965 to Jul 2016.

Vulkanus in Cancer from Aug 1961 to Sep 2016.

Poseidon in Scorpio from Dec 1990 to sometime after 2050.

In between the aforementioned fast-moving and slow-moving bodies lie Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which travel through a single sign in only a few years.

Thanks to the work of Ludwig Rudolph, Uranian astrologers are able to work with the 90° dial to reveal the pertinent expressions of the symmetrical midpoints between the planets and trasneptunians.

The dial is first adjusted to point to the Earth axis (0° Cardinals). Here we find not only a rather larger cluster of planets, but also several midpoint structures which include these same planets. This is an unusually powerful configuration.


The energies of the planets clustered with the Cardinal/Aries axis affect all people on the Earth. In 2003, there are opportunities (AP) for privileged circles (CU.KR) to use their influence (AR.KR) to champion peace and concord (VE.AP). Influential families (CU.KR) might gain certain privileges (AR.KR) which could lead to widespread social influence (AR.CU.AP.VU) and even international success (AR.KR.AP). Political parties (CU.VU) might benefit significantly (VE.KR.AP). Arrogance and lust for power (VU) need to be held in check so as not to get out of control (AP.VU) -- Cosmic forces and laws of natural reaction (AR.VU) will also be in the interplay. As the Ascendant at Berlin is clustered with this configuration, these matters are of great significance for Germany.

Adding consideration of the midpoints involved:


Goodwill (VE.KR) and social influence (CU.VU) are of great import, where influential organizations (CU.VU) aspire to equity and peace (VE.AP). However, if certain groups seek to dominate (CU.VU), power may be abused. The consequences of dominance by force (VU), driven by arrogance (AR.KR), need to be continually held in consideration, as cosmic law will tend to create a social counterbalance (CU.VU).


A major problem in implementing peace is indicated by the somewhat antithetical influences of Neptune and Admetos. Solutions could come from dissolution of rigidity and entrenched stubbornness (NE.AD). Natural cosmic forces (AR.VU) may otherwise begin to operate in the form of continual denial, ambiguity, or covert resistance (NE.AD) – in which case, the dissolution of old established conditions (NE.AD) would be left more to chance.

Where drugs or pharmaceuticals (NE.AD) are involved in attaining success (AP.VU), the natural consequences will play out. Efficient (AP.VU) new conditions (NE.AD) are brought about by those who work with the basic reality as it is (HA.ZE). Conscious direction of energies is required to attain true success. Bothersome work and tasks (HA.ZE), and work with waste materials as well as subtle and non-material factors may be carried out with the assistance of machinery (HA.ZE), possibly computerized.  Labor strikes and refusal to work (HA.ZE) lead more likely to instability (NE.AD) and trouble (HA.ZE) than to satisfactory conditions. Significant damages and danger (HA.ZE) are the result of uncontrolled fire or weapons (HA.ZE.AP.VU).


Strength lies in unity (NO.VU) and broad cooperation (CU.AP), thus leading to the mobilization of the public (MO.ME). Significant changes are brought about by reforms (UR.PL) wherein adjustments are made (UR.PL) and self-restraint is exercised (SA.AD).

Young people (MO.ME) who use their energies only to create tension (UR.PL) find themselves at a dead end (SA.AD). These energies will be better transmuted into seeking reforms (UR.PL) in a constructive manner, in which case they would likely be enduring (SA.AD). There may be sudden or unexpected changes (UR.PL) once certain obstacles are overcome (NO.SA.AD.VU). Power lies in unified efforts (NO.VU) to bring about that which will secure overall social harmony (CU.AP).


Ideological debates (ZE.PO) and culturally beneficial objectives (ZE.PO) lead to much social interaction (NO.CU.AP), as do self-reliant efforts (MA.KR). Dialogue among many organizations (NO.CU.AP) of general public significance focus on matters which have broad social ramifications (NO.CU.AP).


Sudden insights and realizations (UR.PO) bring about enlightenment, honesty, openness, and truthfulness (UR.PO) with wholehearted fervor (SU.MA) and enjoyable work (VE.MA), whenever efforts are made in alignment with the current spirit of the times (UR.PO).

We have taken into consideration an overview of the Earth Axis (or Ariespoint -- AR) in the annual Universal Chart, the core indicator of general worldwide trends for the year.

Now to look at indicators for specific countries, we consider the MC and Ascendant of their capital cities, as the national political administration is largely responsible for shaping the destiny of each nation. In most cases, leaders are chosen by the public, and serve the nation with a philosophy and spiritual and intellectual competence in alignment with the welfare of its people. With this in mind, for Germany we would consider how the MC and AS at Berlin fit in with the planetary configurations.

The following table of capital cities, with their MC and AS set for the precise time of the December 2002 Capricorn Solar Ingress, can be referenced for investigating what is pertinent to individual countries.

Data specific to Dec.2002 Universal Chart

(these are not the fixed LM or LA)











Tel Aviv 













South Africa 






01:31 VI 

00:20 LE 

19:08 SG 

17:20 CE 

24:30 LE 

05:37 TA 

19:45 CE 

18:01 SC 

14:50 LE 

21:25 LE 

10:24 SG 

07:39 LE 

04:14 TA 


23:10 SC

22:35 LI

20:07 PI

13:14 LI

07:33 SC

17:22 LE

15:33 LI

24:42 CP

29:38 SC

15:32 SC

27:37 AQ

27:51 LI

13:36 LE

We have already taken note that the Ascendant of Berlin stands directly on the Earth axis. Next, we will look at Berlin’s MC at the time of Capricorn Ingress.

Germany – Berlin

MC = 00LE20 (07:50)


Structured efforts (ZE) may be undermined by continual tensions (UR.AD) due to ambiguity in relations with the disfranchised (NO.HA). Goals may be set (ZE) and subsequently undermined (NE.VU) if reforms affecting the unemployed, and intuitive resourcefulness (NE), are not implemented. Ambiguity in contacts (NO.HA) is a critical issue that may hinder creative solutions (ZE), unless effectively addressed.


Disillusionment (AS/NE) clouds the daily routines of the public (NE.CU) if issues of social insecurity (NE.CU) are not effectively addressed. Significant corporations or other organizations may be dissolved or undergo disappointments (NE.CU). As long as issues of inexperience (HA.AP) and critical emergency situations are not addressed effectively, changes in future conditions (AS/NE) are denied.


Serious dialogue (ME/SA) about organizational and social sacrifices (CU.HA) calls for extensive clarification (AP.PO) of ambiguites (AS.CU.HA).

Lacking unity (CU.HA), problems are understandable, as this leads to the disadvantage of not only a few, but to the whole (CU.HA). Generally, movement takes place only after slow and steady deliberation (ME.SA).

Now that we have considered the MC and AS at Berlin, let us proceed to Washington, and and also take into account the interrelationship of the two capital cities.

USA - Washington

MC=04TA14 (11:44)


The predominance of the USA in relations (NO.KR) leads to change of perspective (PL.PO) and development of concepts (PL.PO) which may be accompanied by covert considerations (PL.HA). However, regression occurs (PL.HA) if presumptuousness leads to arrogance in interactions (NO.KR).


The USA prevails over (MC:Wash.AS:Berlin.KR) and also maintains the sympathies of Germany (MC:Wash.AS:Berlin.VE) due to its outstanding successes (KR.AP).

=VE/AP=MC:Berlin/HA= CU/KR=MC:Ber/PO .

Sympathies increase (VE.AP) as long as Germany steps aside (MC:Wash=MC:Berlin/HA). Important organizations (CU.KR), perhaps political parties, bring about clarification of relations with Germany (MC:Wash=MC:Berlin/PO) if they succeed in resolving any disadvantages due to misunderstandings (HA.PO).

AS 13LE36 (21:06)


The actions of others (AS.MA) lead to extensive dialogue (ME.AP) over tensions with Berlin (MC:Ber/UR). Communication blocks (ME.AD) and ideological resistance (AD.PO) deter movement (ME.AD). Focus on fundamental concepts and basic understanding (ME.AD.PO) is required before reforms are implemented (MC:Ber/UR).


Success in the future (JU.NE) lies in the power of words (ME.VU) to effect spontaneous changes (PL.ZE) while negotiating with leaders in Berlin (AS:Ber.ME.VU). However, disappointments may occur (JU.NE) over continuing war developments (PL.ZE), where power is to be mobilized (ME.VU). Obscure business gains (JU.NE) could play a role.


There may be financial problems (JU.SA) and hindered leadership (SA.KR). If ways to make adjustments (PL.ZE) are not created, things remain as they were (JU.SA.KR). The time is ripe (JU.SA) to leave behind leaders (SA.KR) who are not prepared to incorporate needed changes into their goals (PL.ZE), away from war efforts and instead toward production increases (PL.ZE).

So far we have looked at the relations between America and Germany.

Next, we look at the annual Univeral Chart for Iraq, and its relationship with the previously mentioned countries.

Iraq - Bagdad

MC 01VI31 (16:31)


Dissolution of conditions due to America. Ambiguities, secrecy, sacrifices, instability, and disappointments occur between Iraq and the USA. Consideration of petroleum and other fluid substances are of import.


Increasing social and organizational tensions (UR.CU.AP), upsets in relation to power and superiors (UR.VU). Those in authority must exert use all their power (NO.KR) in order to establish peace, which can lead to risks (UR.VU).


Heartily implemented changes (AR.SU.PL) are often accompanied by unexpected public gatherings (NO.UR.CU).


Tensions with Berlin (AS:Berlin/UR) may continue to increase if readjustments and leadership changes are not implemented (PL.KR). Otherwise, improvements are possible (PL/KR).


Public resistance (MO.AD), annihilation (SA/HA), and illness (SA/NE) lead to losses. Destruction and ruin accompany labor strikes (MA/HA) due to internal decline.

AS 23SC10  (08:10)


Bagdad’s goals and energies (MC:Bag/ZE) are neutralized (NE/VU) due to unrest and opposition (UR/AD). Covert power (NE.VU) brings about unexpected devastation (UR.AD). Vapors and gases undermine efficiency (NE.VU) and lead to continual disruptions (UR.AD). Germany may be somehow involved.

=AS:Wash/MC:Bag=MC:Wash/MO= NE/CU

Unity between Washington and Bagdad is challenged (NE.CU). The American public may be disillusioned over the situation (MC:Wash.MO.NE.CU).


In implementing plans (ME.MA), caution should be exercised (SA.VU), and experience combined with instinct (NE.AP) is needed to find success. Without these, obscure problems in relations arise (NO.HA), and clandestine powers exert influence (NE.VU). Changes among the public (MO.PL) are possible only if every effort is made to sacrifice for realization of objectives (NE.VU).

Since Zeus, along with the MC of Berlin cluster with the AS of Bagdad, many energies are strongly activated through mutual midpoints, indicating many parallels between the two countries.

Next, we could proceed to investigate the MC and AS of other national capitals. Above, we have given examples of how much core information can be derived with a limited number of factors.

In addition, the fixed geodetic Local Meridian and Ascendant (LM & LA) could taken into consideration. To look for more specific monthly timing of events, we would look to New Moon charts. Transits shown on the 22.30° Graphic Ephemeris will also reveal information about yearly trends.

Hopefully, I have clarified to you the value of the annual Universal Chart. And let us hope that the alignment of Venus and Apollon with the Earth axis signifies the eventual manifestation of international peace.

To use these techniques, as well as those requiring the fixed LM and LA, the New Moon, and the 22.5° Graphic Ephemeris, Ms Brummund has cooperated with Aureas Software in Europe and Blake Finley in the USA to design the 'Special Uranian' program for on-screen computerized work.  The program also includes interpretations from Ms Brummund's authoritative 'Brummund Rulebook'  (Click here for further information.)

-- Article written in Hamburg, 2003

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Ruth Brummund