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Le logiciel "Special Uranian Astrology" est un logiciel de conception recente, base sur les directives de Ruth Brummund de Hambourg, specialiste depuis un demi-siecle de l'Astrologie Uranienne et reconnue mondialement. Il inclut des textes exclusifs du " Regelwerk - Neufassung" de Ruth Brummund sur l'interpretation des mi-points. La traduction anglaise est de Blake Finley, Webmaster du site Internet d'astrologie "Uranian Institute" et astrologue uranien depuis 1978. Les cartes graphiques sont esthetiques et comprennent de tres nombreuses fonctionalites qui permettent de faire evoluer la roue de 90° ou la mouvoir par un simple click.  Il inclut des fonctionalites exclusives comme le "Mandala Uranien" de Ruth Brummund ainsi que de nombreux autres outils pour la recherche. -- CONTACTEZ www.aureas.com


NOTE: 'Special Uranian' is a Specialist program for use with current Uranian Astrology techniques, and is not designed for hybrid classical/uranian admixtures still taught by traditionalist astrological organizations fused with older software company interests.  (The program does however, in the current versions, include a 360 dial with easily discernible 30-degree segments, accommodating to those still using the 360-degree chart to perform basic equal-house systems analysis combined with midpoints. In line with predominant German uranian practices, this program does not automatically calculate Solar Returns -- popularized in the USA and France, but can run the method by entering return data from the internet or other programs -- see note at bottom of page*. You can test all functions in the downloadable demonstration version; and if you are using a computer designed for non-European languages, see additional note below.)





This program was originally designed as an all-in-one package to minimize or eliminate the need for paper charts, printouts, and interpretation reference books by including the information and tools in the program -- although some may want to supplement this with a printed ephemeris. The program includes both precision calibrated 360 degree and 90 degree dials that can be used for 360, 90, and 22.5 degree midpoint analysis. It includes on-screen translations of authoritative midpoint interpretations by 60-year veteran astrologer Ruth Brummund, and an on-screen searchable Lexicon of those same midpoint interpretations, with a built-in Atlas of over 200,000 cities (being gradually expanded) and Time Change Files with notes needed for historical local ambiguities (lacking in most astrology programs). It includes a Graphic Ephemeris of your choice of harmonic, and Basic Research Functions.  Unlike other similar programs, these are included at no additional hidden add-on cost. You can run your chart on our Demo version to view interpretations for the 22.5 midpoints on your Sun.

To go directly to the Demo-version download, click here. To go directly to purchasing the program, click here.

This is 21st-century software designed in Europe, where astrology is, overall, precise and more often taken seriously as a science, and where midpoint/symmetrical astrology has evolved far beyond the old experimental historical stages of Uranian Astrology from the English literature of the 60s and 70s still taught as 'current' in dominant American astrological organizations preoccupied with historical astrology.  The new Special Uranian program designers include one of Germany's foremost authorities on the midpoint astrology techniques sifted out after the last 50 years of research and critical analysis, a duo of France's premier astrological software developers and research analysts, and one of America's most broadly-studied (including the original German texts) and progress-dedicated Uranian astrologers with a history of Uranian program development starting in 1984.  Special Uranian has one of the most uniquely precise and multi-functional 90° (can be used for 22.5° analysis) and now also 360° calibrated dials for precision midpoint work right on the screen, setting the dial precisely on planets or midpoints almost immediately, or forwarding quickly to specified dates, time intervals, or degrees-minutes with a couple of mouse-clicks.  You have to see it (in the demo version) in action to believe its remarkable features. Since Version 2, Special Uranian now offers midpoint listings displayed next to the chart as requested, and tables for quick access to essential information for natal or solar arc directed interpretation, access to authoritative Brummund midpoint interpretations at any point during program operation, and a clean on-screen graphic ephemeris.  No antique gadget for casual entertainment gatherings, the Special Uranian has been developed with active participation by serious research-focused astrologers who understand the special character of the more technically- and scientifically-oriented astrology validated by ongoing critical analysis.  The program clears out historical clutter, casts aside classical curios and trinkets, and sticks with what works in today's reality, in preparation for tomorrow, and has built-in features for basic research and an expanding atlas with comprehensive time zone and change data, along with authoritative midpoint interpretations, without having to buy add-ons.


Informationen auf Deutsch

Es gibt auf dem Markt mehrere Computer Programme, die unterschiedliche und mehrere Techniken fur die uranische Astrologie gebrauchen, gemischt mit verwirrenden Optionen, unwichtig fur die uranische Arbeit, fruhere experimentelle Techniken der Hamburger Schule, die spater auf ihren Wert gepruft wurden, uberholte und fatalistische Interpretationen der fruhen Jahre und Uberlieferungen von der traditionellen Astrologie, die relativ unwirksam oder ungenau gepruft worden sind.Im Hinblick auf diese Situation hat die Aureas Software in Paris in Zusammenarbeit mit der uranischen Meister Astrologin Ruth Brummund in Hamburg und dem uranischen Astrologen Blake Finley in San Francisco ein neues "Special Uranian Astrology" Programm entwickelt. 


Note that, due to changes mandated Microsoft since Windows 10, versions numbered below Version 8.7.37 will not run in Windows 10 or 11. Program requires at least 180 megabytes of hard drive free space.  This and other programs may not run properly on 2022-released "ARM" or "energy reduction" modified versions of Windows -- test the program first on the computer you intend to run it on. UPRGRADES to newer versions compatible since Windows 10 are available at minimal cost... please contact finblake@sonic.net for details. 


 Newer versions of Special Uranian were released primarily to accommodate to newer computer technology including touch-screen computer compatibility and functions. Special Uranian Version 10 (released 2016Nov10; updated from version 9.5 primarily to run fully on versions of Windows 10, was similar to version 9.5, except for full compatibility with versions of Windows 10 as of April 2018.  Special Uranian Version 11 was released in order to increase the number of touch-screen options available in newer computers. Contact finblake@sonic.net for pricing and ordering information on upgrades. Prospective buyers should download the latest demo/stration version of Special Uranian to verify compatibility with your computer before buying a copy. (See link near top of this page to install the demo version.)

Folling is a history of how the program has evolved since first released in 2003:


Features included since Version 1 (in Aureas 7.0 group, released late 2003, for Windows 98): 

1) Acclaimed dynamic moveable on-screen calibrated dial for precise visual location of planets and midpoints, and distances between planets -- the many features of this remarkable function not only duplicate the functions of a hand-held dial, but further facilitate midpoint work (and are listed below),

2) Uranian Mandala for holistic psychological chart assessment, with most calculations automatic,

3) Resizable charts and graphs for arranging your screen as you choose,

4) Full-screen display of Chart or Mandala to focus visually on them alone,


Features included since Version 2 (in Aureas 8.0 group, released May 2005; updated for Windows XP compatibility; still runs on Windows 98):

5) World atlas of major cities, along with newly-developed comprehensive international time-zone/change database now surpassing previously more popular references in overall scope and thoroughness, including notes on historic time zone anomalies;

6) Graphic ephemeris in 22.5/H16 mode for Uranian transit analysis (illustration below; other harmonics option in later versions);

7) Basic research functions for study of common midpoint configurations and/or 16th harmonic clusters;

8) A "multi-axial analysis" function for both routine chart analysis and research -- allows you to view up to 9 midpoint axis lists in one table, with option to choose orb (15', 30', 45', or 1 degree); 

9) Uranian Synastry tables for quick recognition of the key 16th harmonic cluster interrelations,

10) Size of characters in midpoint lists and tables now adjustable for easier reading (larger or smaller);

11) Fixed Local MC and Local Ascendant (per Grimm method) insertable into the chart for revealing locational midpoint and cluster analysis (for detailed mundane and relocation analysis);

12) Chart data for famous European personalities already built in;

13) BRUMMUND RULEBOOK: Authoritative midpoint interpretations significantly evolved and expanded since the early Hamburg materials - for both mundane/event and psychological manifestations - among the most thorough and thoughtful available, based on the extended research and experience of German Uranian Astrologer Ruth Brummund (midpoint astrologer since 1956);

14) Among the most clear and functional dial graphics available in any technical astrology program (see examples below);

15) Simplified upgrade procedures for adding new program functions as they are made available.


Features included since Special Uranian Version 8.5 (released Feb 2007; updated for Windows Vista compatibility; still runs on Windows XP):

16) Added optional 360-degree dial for 1st or 4th-harmonic midpoint analysis, and marked in 30-degree segments that allow viewing of the various traditional equal 'house' segments alongside 4th-harmonic midpoints lists (in addition to the existing 90-degree dial;

17) Display/print a graphic ephemeris for any harmonic;

18) Individualized midpoint reports derived from the Brummund Rulebook can be easily printed out and then edited as you choose, to distribute to clients or friends;

19) Useful "Lexicon" dictionary function allows you to search through the entire Brummund Rulebook for keywords or phrases, listing the related planetary combinations; 


Features included since Special Uranian Version 8.7 (released Nov 2011; updated for Window 7 compatibility; still runs on Windows Vista and XP):

20) Inclusion of Grimm fixed locality MC and Ascendant (LM and LA) on charts when selected;

21) Allows choice of True or Mean Lunar Node;

22) Choice of planetary glyphs or 2-letter uranian abbreviations in midpoint lists and tables;

23) Choice of uranian color-coded or black text glyphs, or abbreviations, in midpoint lists and tables;

24) Option to create your own personal midpoint interpretation file via careful editing of an internal text file; (Access to v8.7 Help screens in Vista and Windows 7 requires downloading the respective Microsoft winhelp32.exe conversion file);


Features included since Special Uranian Version 9.5 (released Jun 2014; updated for Windows 8 compatibility, ran on early versions of Windows 10 until Windows updates of late 2017/early 2018):

25) Compatibility with Windows 8 and earliest releases of Windows 10, including touch-screen and tablet-computer technology (and continuing to work with keyboard/mouse desktop/laptop/notebook computers);

26) ATLAS EXPANDED after Version 9.5 to over 200,000 entries, still with ability to add cities manually;

27) Addition of many historic country and region names in atlas, for identifying historic locations;

28) New, optional, simplified data entry format, still retaining the older format as optional as well;

29) Size of characters in new data entry screen adjustable for easier reading (larger or smaller);

30) Optional colored, shaded, and/or patterned backgrounds for charts;

31) New planetary glyph style options;

32) New Brummund experimental multi-synastry/symmetry analysis method using only the Sun positions of group members -- for further study -- may not apply to remote-connection groups not in physical proximity;

33) "Access interpretation" Lexicon/planetary/midpoint dictionary function moved to "Interpretation" menu;

34) Size of Uranian Mandala now adjustable;

35) Size of Uranian Mandala text now separately adjustable;

36) Help screens converted to new format (no longer requiring the post-Windows-Vista winhlp32.exe installation) and searchable via a newer method;

37) User-specified transiting midpoints can be displayed on the graphic ephemeris; 


Features included since Special Uranian Aureas Version 10 (released Oct 2016):

Note that upgrades to Aureas Versions 10 and 11 were required by rapid changes in newer technology, specifically to accommodate to radically altered handheld and touch-screen computer technology and other compatibility issues with Windows 10 and the new computers it has run on.

38) New special-settings full-screen window to use larger buttons on touch-screen computers.

39) Optional and only upon request: while Special Uranian can shows only Grimm LM and LA fixed locality angles on the chart, one can view, in city listings via right-click on a specific planet, point, dial pointer degree only, both the Grimm gLM&gLA, as well as the Sepharial Geodetic sGM&sGA if you request from the Uranian Astrology Institute a substitute file.  This optional file was prepared by Aureas, but must be installed manually by the program user.


Features included since Special Uranian Aureas Version 11 (released July 2019):

Note that, like many other computer programs, Special Uranian will not run in the new Windows "S Mode" (which must be turned off, as is the case for many computer programs; S Mode requires special registration procedures with Windows10).  

40) If you have a touch-screen computer, you can use either your fingers or a "Stylus Pen" to activate program features.  Be sure to test the Demo/nstration version of Aureas 11 to make sure this applies to your specific computer model.

(41) Quickly send a copy of a chart by email IF you are using the Windows default email program.

(42) Quickly send a chart data table by email IF you are using the Windows default email program.

(43) Additional chart font options.


Features included since Special Uranian Aureas Version 12 (released September 2022):

(44) Dial options now include drawing of lines to more quickly spot midpoints on both 90 and 360 dials.

(45) Midpoints on natal A+B+C pictures (option not recommended by Witte in later years or the Brummund Method, but still taught in some astrology schools) can now be identified on the chart.

(46) "Restore last chart used" button allows quick return to previous chart displayed.

(47) "Settings Screen" allows quick access to change paramaters for some functions when selected.

(48) Transit charts can be quickly changed to move forward or backward in optional time increments.


... and still more program features are listed below...

Q:  Why doesn't the Special Uranian program do some of the other techniques that older midpoint programs used by traditionalist Uranian astrologers do?

A:  For the same reason that current scientific research is not based on literature and research from the 1960s or earlier.  Many of the techniques found in other similar programs are obsolete or relatively inefficient, per current research focused on prioritization based on accuracy and usefulness.

Q:  Why doesn't this program match up with what is taught in some established astrological organizations?

A: 1) Because major US astrology organizations are fused with commerical software interests, and their education programs and literature often designed to promote the software programs they sell; and 

2) Because some established astrological organizations are too frequently obsessed with historical approaches to astrology, and/or promote astrology as social entertainment rather than as a science or a public service profession, pander to public assumptions about "pop" astrology, sell outdated astrology books or trinkets they bought or inherited from family or friends, or seek to include every possible variant of astrology over time even if the methods aren't very effective or lucid.


Special Uranian was designed in the true spirit of Johannes Kepler, continued by Alfred Witte, i.e. to approach astrology via scientific methods, weed the antiquated nonsense out of astrology, and stick to current scientifically-oriented methods validated over centuries Up To Today as valid and efficient, and to throw out the trash.


Read what program owners say, below: (under "TESTIMONIALS")


Special Uranian is a new and growing program based on future-directed, scientifically-oriented astrology, and this program sets new standards for midpoint astrological work and research for tomorrow, based on techniques researched and prioritized mostly in Europe since the 1970s.

The original German text of the interpretations in this program, first published in print in 1990, included events, physical manifestations, and psychological attributes. They were developed by Hamburg astrologer Ruth Brummund, Vice-President of the Hamburg School of Astrology during its period of greatest progress in research, and one of the world's most knowledgeable and long-experienced experts on Uranian midpoint astrology. This text was updated in the early 2000s, translated into English, and included on-screen in the program, with a convenient search function to look for specific keywords. Special Uranian also offers these features that most previously popular programs don't:

1.  up-to-date functions for routine analysis and professional practice (by modern standards, not traditional leftovers),

2. integrated functions for informal systematic research so you can verify and study planetary effects and interpretations for yourself in charts of the famous or charts familiar to you, researching as you go and building your own perceptions and interpretations from experience,

3. among the most comprehensive midpoint interpretations (both physical/event and psychological) written by one of the world's most eminent authorities on astrological midpoint analysis, long active in teaching and publishing for the pre-Uranian Hamburg School of astrology,

4.  midpoint analysis tools that allow for both event and personality assessment, equally.

It may be significant that the strongest praise of our program has come from long-experienced and serious midpoint astrologers who are interested in current functional techniques, rather than fashionable or intriguing but inefficient historical curios recently revived due to research grants on the historical development of astrology.

Downloading the demo version of Special Uranian will allow you to read a sample of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations for the Sun in your own chart, offering you the option to compare them to see the difference from older midpoint references you have access to, and see the astrological functions available to you through the program.  For information on how to do this go to the end of this page, or continue to read here for verbal descriptions, endorsements, and background.

Astrological Lexicon search function, using Brummund Rulebook, for "astrolog"; yields related keywords associated with each picture, illustrating helpful context.



Aureas SUP is a terrific, user-friendly program.  I'm especially pleased with the layout of the graphic ephemeris, and the ability to add midpoints to the graphic, the moveable dial, and the ease of viewing midpoints; the instant list of midpoints, distances and half-distances; and best of all: interpretive text for all midpoints in a chart (plus timing).  SUP is indispensable for a Uranian astrologer. Aureas is my favorite for a tri-dial, with the viewable midpoints on any of the 3 levels.  It's my preferred printed dial -- for clarity (spacing of tics), and adjustable fonts and size of the points.  SUP is indispensable for a Uranian astrologer.

-- Gloria Lorenzo, Astrologer, Wyoming USA  

Amazing!  Having all my friends' and clients' charts in the programme allows me for the first time to easily study first-hand how different midpoints manifest in their charts and match with reliable midpoint interpretations.

-- RJM, Professional Astrologer, New South Wales, Australia


I love this program. It is definitely an eye-opener. As one who has studied Astrology since the 60ís, and Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology since 1976,  I truly believe that Uranian Astrology adds a new insightful dimension to charts.

Blake Finley and Ruth Brummund are brilliant. The tools are fantastic. Some features I especially like are the instant transits and the Uranian Mandala which I have just started to try to figure out.

    You need time to explore this program, but itís worth it. The next version should be even better.

The new Brummund Rulebook (translated by Blake) is amazing on the clarity it brings to planetary combinations.

-- Barbara Stein, New York USA


Unbelieveable! Special Uranian V2 is a masterpiece.  The wheel is wonderful and the interpretations are very helpful. More than I ever expected.  I've been at Uranian Astrology (behavioral astronomy) for almost 30 years. This is my dream come true. Checking out where an individual is in his life has always been a tedious process for me. This program (SUV2) makes it not only easy but fun as well.
-- JJM, Clinical Social Worker, New Hampshire USA


After 25 years of use of midpoint analysis in my professional work, I finally see that someone has produced an astrological midpoint analysis program that focuses on essential techniques based on serious and systematic observation and research, and allows for further first-hand research that can be carried out quickly and easily.  The addition of the Brummund Rulebook midpoint interpretations along with this program make it an outstanding contribution to serious astrology for today -- its interpretations are almost unbelievably insightful and accurate, and well-rounded. Kudos to Ruth Brummund, Aureas Software, and the Uranian Institute for this fine work.

-- CKM, Counseling Psychologist, California USA.


This is it... what I have been waiting for after all these years of talk about what Uranian Astrology is capable of.  The Special Uranian program along with the Brummund Rulebook finally does it, with effective and convincing techniques and interpretations.

--- Carolyn Smoot, Naturopathic Nurse, Colorado USA  


I was so worried I would be without the Brummund Rulebook as it almost always answers questions I have about specific charts when RPP does not cover known events or reactions to situations I know have occurred.
    After 30 years of astrological study and practice, including extensive midpoint work, I am continually learning to expand delineations with the help of Ruth's valuable contributions to Uranian Astrology, no serious astrologer should be without the Brummund Rulebook.
-- Elva Howson, Dip FAA, Professional and research astrologer, Victoria Australia


After getting the program, I went through the lessons. Because of the mish-mash of what I'd read from the various sources, I was trying to make things too difficult. The lessons were very clear about what you were looking for, how to get the planetary pictures, visually, but with the program as well. That's why I was so excited that I was able to reproduce the results in the lessons. Because of the accuracy of the program, I was able to pinpoint things that were happening in the treatment of my husband's high blood pressure. This led to more research and I was able to find a treatment that is working for him without the side effects he was experiencing. When you consider that I started with this branch of astrology in January and within 3 months was able to utilize this tool enough to get a real good idea of what was going on is phenomenal. This is why I said it has made a major, beneficial impact in my life. There are at least two people in this world that have benefitted from the years of study and work that you and Ruth Brummund have done. I'm thankful for that and that the Universe answered my prayer to "bring the information across my path."
-- Anadele Roulain, Student of astrology since 1992, Uranian astrology since 1998, Texas USA


The SUP V8.0.30 is GREAT.  I enjoy working with it.  THANKYOU.

-- Uldis Bartoniks, Professional Astrologer, Liepaja, Latvia



NOTE that each individual involved the program development functions as an individual who has their own personal political viewpoints -- the overall objective is to develop scientific astrology, with compromises on or indifference to disagreements on other, unrelated issues. Books published by any participant are the choice of the individual, and may not coincide with political or other views of other participants.


FRANCIS SANTONI is a professor of mathematics, and chief programmer, owner, and manager of Aureas Software, which produces some of the most widely-used French astrological software.  The programs are also available in English, Spanish, and Italian.  He holds academic Diplomas in Electronics, Engineering, and Computer Science. The internal program calculation infrastructure was created by him and then modified by him to manifest what one sees in the Special Uranian program, including some superior precision graphics for practical work that eliminate the need for printed paper and dials for routine astrological dial work. Mr Santoni created the bulk of the extensive and laborious internal calculations and formulae that produce what appears on the screen while you are using the program.


PHILIPPE BADENAS has worked for many years for Aureas Software as a programmer, developing the mechanics of the extensive state-of-the-art on-screen help functions and text explanations for the computer programs, and making various astrological technical programs available in the Spanish language.  His broad background in the technical aspects of both classical and modern astrology has contributed to the development of the Special Uranian program as well as the other astrology specialization and larger comprehensive programs offered by Aureas Software in French, Spanish, Italian, and English.


BLAKE FINLEY began studying and testing classical astrology methods in 1975, and uranian astrology in 1977 while he was a university teaching assistant in astrology. In the 1980s, he underwent a few years of Uranian astrology mentorship, learned computer program editing in Commodore Basic, and began translating German uranian astrology articles into English. Continuing in the late 1990s with a second mentorship under Ruth Brummund, he updated earlier translations with new material, and refined his techniques to reflect Ms Brummund's research. He set up the Uranian Beacon/Institute website in 1999, and has contributed extensive language translation, text editing, and timezone updates to Aureas computer programs.  He holds a Bachelors in French/Spanish, a Masters in Linguistics, graduate study in German for translation, community college teaching certification in Language Arts, and completed the bulk of a doctorate in Education/Linguistics prior to chronic health problems. Like Ms Brummund, Alfred Witte, and Johannes Kepler, Mr Finley sees ongoing pragmatic testing and proof, rather than past/historical assumptions, as the best indicators of effective astrology -- guided by the precept that all sciences evolve over the centuries, and so has and should astrology continue.


RUTH BRUMMUND has functioned as an astrological methods teacher and advisor on which techniques to include in the Special Uranian program.  She began her astrological studies in 1956 with midpoint astrologer Edith Wangemann, and continued in the late 1960s with studies with Hamburg School astrologer/teacher/publisher Ludwig Rudolph.  On the Board of Directors of the Hamburg School of Astrology for over 20 years, Ms Brummund served as a key coordinator of Hamburg School research projects working with Udo Rudolph, and published some of the most useful and pragmatic midpoint astrology references available in the German language (some not part of the Rudolph family properties). She wrote over 30 articles published in the Hamburger Hefte journal.  She holds a Diploma in Psychology, for which her thesis was a study of the uranian factor Cupido. She has continued in the spirit of Johannes Kepler and then Alfred Witte with the quest to weed out relatively ineffective historical/classical astrology techniques, and continue with the most effective and reliable. Ms Brummund chose the English program name "Special Uranian", and decided what would be included and excluded from the program in order to implement the holistic methodology she developed over the course of over 40 years.


NOTE:  Each individual in this collaborative project has their own personal ideological and political views, and the ideological or political biases of any single participant is not necessarily reflective of those of any other participant.  Moreover, the 'uranische-astrologie' website in Germany was taken over by a third party in the early 2000s; German articles previously translated on this website were altered there, and that website may no longer reflect the views or interests of Ruth Brummund, particularly after Ms Brummund advanced into her 90s. (Anna Sanchez was not involved.)

In addition to the Lexicon search function, and interpretations displayed by double-clicking on midpoint listings, a 2- or 3-planet/point combination can be looked up at any time during program operation, eliminating the distraction of having to pick up a book and flip through pages.  The Brummund Rulebook offers among the most comprehensive-yet-succint interpretations available in a reference. (NOTE: Interpretation format will be changing in the future to display all psychological keywords at top, and manifestations below, to reflect the original German format, per the original author's request.)


Version 2 simplified search for countries, states, provinces, and cities, with an Aureas database of world cities, broadened in Version 3. Nonetheless, uniquely thorough time change information is included. Additional notes notify you of many local deviations from standard time missing in most other astrology programs.

A second Level 2 data input sector is used for both synastry comparisons and  data for solar arc directions, transits, New Moon charts, or Universal ingress charts.  When you are working with only one chart, this data is left unused.

The TZ+DST Help button gives you access to additional text and tables covering time change variables.

Locality longitude can be displayed in degrees and minutes, or hours and minutes from Greenwich.

Chart notes can be entered (on both sides of Data Input window) by clicking "Enter Notes" and typing in the needed data.  Return to possible time change data messages by clicking "View Messages".  Above the notes, you can enter up to 3 three-letter codes for research data classification and/or the sex.

For dates and time, you can type in data or use arrow buttons to manually increase numbers quickly.  YMD, DMY, MDY order is altered in your computer operating system to match your preference.

Special Uranian stands out as a program that is both up-to-date with current developments, and has Uranian Astrology as its main focus.  The recently written balanced interpretations by Uranian Astrology experts are more reflective of the realities of today's world than those in other programs offering interpretation texts from the first half of the 20th century when Uranian Astrology was in its early stages of insight.

Note that this is the only software program legally authorized to include the interpretation texts of the new Brummund Rulebook, or the Uranian Mandala for psychological analysis..

*NOTE ON SOLAR RETURNS: (Special Uranian does not calculate Solar Returns automatically, per stipulation of Ruth Brummund, as they are not so popular in Germany and not part of her methodology of natal and life-course analysis.  Ruth has recommended to instead use solar arc directions for the birthday as the personal birthday 'new year', and optionally the Universal (Capricorn Solar Ingress chart) as a transit chart comparison indicating the native's relationship to larger, objective annual worldly conditions for the native per the Global Solar New Year (Universal/Capricorn Solar Ingress), and New Moon chart transits to the natus for monthly prognosis.  However, for those insistent on Solar Returns, popularized by the NCGR's software agents/certification program designers, the data for a Solar Return calculated elsewhere, such as internet or another program, can be entered and saved as a natal chart like 'John Smith Solar Return 2020' and then viewed as a natal chart or a transit-comparison chart, and thus displayed with Special Uranian's precision on-screen dial and midpoint interpretation functions.  

Note, moreover, that Alexandre Volguine, who researched and popularized the Solar Return chart, indicated that its most important use is as a birthday transit chart compared to the natal angles and planets, rather than as a stand-alone chart -- and there is ongoing unresolved debate in any case about whether tropical or precessed-tropical/sidereal charts are more accurate.  Thus one might also use a noon chart for the birthday as a Level 2 transit chart, recognizing that the MC and AS and Moon in the return chart are then generic for the day at high noon rather than the precise personal solar return to the minute and second. 

In summary, one can analyze Solar Returns, in either of the ways indicated, in the Special Uranian program even though it does not calculate them automatically -- and one still has access to the Brummund Rulebook and automated on-screen dial and midpoint lists -- while Ruth Brummund has recommended to use solar arc directions and Capricorn ingress and New Moon charts instead, referring more to how the individual natal chart relates to the objective world conditions experienced by all people in the real world -- i.e. Real World Returns.)



This program is designed fundamentally for use by people able to read English and for computers designed with USA standards.  Some Asian users, for example, have reported that in recent versions, various symbols may show on the screen as intended, depending on where their computer was manufactured and/or the Windows versions being used.  As with all cases, Do Not Buy a copy of this program until you have tested the Demo/nstration version on the computer on which you wish to use it, since, as with most any computer program, no refunds are issued after payment -- it is your responsibility to test the Demo/nstration version first to see if the program meets your needs and expectations.  This is not an unusual stipulation in computer software purchases.


CLICK HERE for more information and illustrations of chart functions and pricing information